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marmalade cat
29th May 2005, 6:20 PM
does anyone play magic the gathering or duel masters

no ofence to yu-gi-oh but it is getting stupid
p.s. the power of darknes shall rule ;337;

29th May 2005, 6:25 PM
I play MTG, but not DM.

How is yugioh getting stupid? The games are faster and just as fun, and the cards are worth more. YGO is my favorite ^_^.

Eon Chao
29th May 2005, 7:04 PM
Well I play a Myojin Spectrum deck in Magic (I don't care what anyone else says Kamigawa Block rocks). Thing is I have enough decent Magic Players here to talk with so I generally do that and talk about Yu-Gi-Oh here where there are people I know aren't n00bs. Also in terms of Duelmasters I had a go at it but didn't like so picked up Call of Cthulhu (the stars are right) and Legend of the Five Rings (Aikune for Phoenix Clan Champion in Lotus).

I don't want to start a flame war here but why do you think Yu-Gi-Oh has gone stupid?

29th May 2005, 8:08 PM
I have a Zombie deck in MTG. Yes my deck sucks, but it isn't atht bad, and I just play for fun. I only play YGO for tournements, unless it's a draft. There are enough good MTG players where I come from, but there are very few that understand the Metagame and good decks and rules and such for YGO. Including me, though I'm a bit better than everyone else. Fear my n00b YGO skills!

Same thing as Eon Chao, why DO you think that YGO has gone stupid? I admit, it's a bit overplayed, but...

Eon Chao
30th May 2005, 10:52 AM
I think he my feel that way aboutthe whole new set every month recently. And Zombies don't suck in M:tG as one of the guys I play has a kick *** expanded zombie deck.

While we're on the subject of others playing different games does anyone here play Legend of the Five Rings?

30th May 2005, 6:02 PM
Except mine isn't a kick *** expanded zombie deck O_O;... I just have the basics, the onslaught crud, 4 of the warcheif and some removal in magic. That's what I have...

I don't play Lord of the Five Rings, but I know a friend who does.

marmalade cat
30th May 2005, 6:56 PM
the true reason is that it is completely over my head and the 1 rare in every pack that spoils the fun of collecting and with magic/duelmasters/pokemon you dont know whats in and whats not

30th May 2005, 9:26 PM
In everything you get a rae in every pack. There is no game that I know of that DOES NOT give you a rare in every pack. Just because the dont use tin foil doesn't mean it's not a rare. In fact, you get more cards of value in magic than in yugioh. In say, a pack of Dark Revelations, you get a Rare, 3 Uncommons, 10 Commons, and a Tip Card. In magic you a Rare, 4 Uncommons, 10 Commons. You get more rare crud in magic than in YGO... O_o...

Haruka's Swimsuit
31st May 2005, 2:01 AM
I play M:tG, but there's almost no one in my area that plays. Which is the reason I tend to focus more on Duel Monsters(Yugioh).
At the moment, I'm trying to modify the Ninjutsu deck to make it more ninja-themed.
I'm also interested in the Inuyasha TCG, but no one around me plays that either.

Xeno Latios
29th September 2005, 11:28 AM
i play duelmasters!does anyone play dm online?!?!if so what is the link to download the stuff?cause i cant find it!!

Magi of all
30th September 2005, 2:02 AM
I played Magic once with my friend, but was focused on collecting more than playing, co I quit. I once played a game called Magi-Nation. I thought it was the most awsome game ever. It did not sell to well though

Misty's Kyogre
6th October 2005, 1:01 AM
I play Magic and I have an awesome 2xEnormous Baloth/3xBlanchwood Armor Deck.
It pwns!

6th October 2005, 1:55 AM
MTG and YGO...

(((Kuwagata Kross)))
27th February 2006, 8:59 PM
I play Yu-Gi-Oh! and Duel Masters, I personally don't like MTG that much... I love Yu-Gi-Oh! and I think it's gettin' better, specially now they banned all those "every deck has one" cards and Duel Masters is pretty fun.

27th February 2006, 10:22 PM
I used to play Yu-gi-oh! but I don't probaly because no one else was playing it. I don't play duel monsters but I do play MTG. I always seem to get decks when I want tournament packs >_>. I have a cleric deck, burn, spirit, sensylena(sp), Equipment,snake, and a disembled blue and black cleric deck. Sheesh.

Haruka's Swimsuit
27th February 2006, 10:33 PM
I play MTG, but not DM.

How is yugioh getting stupid? The games are faster and just as fun, and the cards are worth more. YGO is my favorite ^_^.

If by "getting stupid," he's referring to what it costs to build a half-decent deck, then I agree.

28th February 2006, 4:39 AM
I sort of know how to play MTG but I don't actually play it.

28th February 2006, 4:45 AM
I play MTG. I only have 135 card's though. One tournament pack and my Golgari Deck. I think my deck just flat out suck's. Yami Ookami taught me, and it's a fun game.

Felix Feral Fezirix
3rd March 2006, 6:58 AM
I play a Pestilence deck as well as a severely modified Selesntya deck, so sue me. I play a pathetic Duel Masters deck, as well as a slightly modified Yugi starter YGO deck.

3rd March 2006, 7:58 AM
I play MTG and played DM until I realised that I could not afford to upkeep two decks, and YGO is quite stupid, but stupid does not mean un-fun.
Seriously, Mystic TOMA-friggin-TO?

3rd March 2006, 8:41 AM
Yes, I play Duel Masters and am very good at playing the game and deckbuilding. I specialize in rush and just getting the hang of control. I also know how to counter a few decks....

I know how to play MTG very well but I can't afford the cards so I play via Apprentice. I only run a Goblin rush deck in MTG since there's thousands of cards to choose from and I only chose a tribal deck.

YGO costs too much. IMHO DM is way better than YGO. There are no ban lists in DM (cos they nerf the Japanese cards before they hit America) and it doesn't require you to be rich to make a decent deck. I once ran a rush deck without any double breakers or anything above a Very Rare, to tell you the truth. The only expensive card (I think) in DM is Bolmeteus Steel Dragon, and that's nowhere near broken.

(((Kuwagata Kross)))
3rd March 2006, 12:16 PM
Finally some else that plays Duel Masters!