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10th June 2005, 5:06 AM
Hey everybody! For people who liked my last story I hope this one is good also. This is the sequel to A Long Oree Story and continues the adventures of Ash, Brendan, May, Wally, Ed, Double-D, and Eddy. This time the story is going to be more twisty and I hope good.

NOTE-This is a pokemon fic yet the prologue barely has nothing to do with pokemon except at the end. This is a Crossover story. DO NOT AND I REPEAT DO NOT MOVE THIS TO THE NON-POKEMON SECTION. THIS FIC WAS APPROVED BY A MOD! Thank you and have a nice day.

NOTE-All chracters in this fic belong to their respective owner except three original robots made much later in the story, and all the music are owned by their respective owners, and the site the such are hosted on.

NOTE-This fic is rated .... I think PG-PG13 cause some times there will be some cussing, and stuff.

Prologue-The Beginning Of Chaos

We see a small down town harbor in a city known as Station Square. Down at one of the piers had a small two floored brick house. On the front of the house was a sign that had said,

“Detective service! We do detective service for some cold hard cash!!”

We now see the inside of the building. The walls were nothing but of the gray color of boredom, dust, and not paid bills. The stairs that was in one corner of the room let into the upstairs which held three different beds. One was very large, like if a pretty tall person needed to sleep there. Another was a medium sized bed for the average guy. The last was very small like for a young child.

We now see a large green, scaly crocodile sleeping on a black office chair on with his feat resting on a large wooden office table in the first floor. His name was Vector. To be more exact, Vector The Crocodile. He was wearing a gold chain around his neck, black/white gauntlet like gloves made for punching, headphones around his ears, red spikes that went like a straight line on his back.

We now see another fellow in the room. He was leaning against a wall near some broken down, and rusted lockers. His name was Espio. Also again to be more exact, Espio The Chameleon. He was an arrogant, silent, quiet, cunning, and smart ninja. He was pretty fast and specialized in stealth. He had a yellow horn on his forehead, and light purple rough skin.

Both looked very bored with what’s going on right now. Nothing, nada, zip, zilch, zero. We now suddenly hear buzzing, and the two front doors bust open and we now hear a large...


We now see Vector yelling and shouting,


Charmy Bee was our third person we see in our group. He was kind, nice, soft hearted, peaceful, loved to have fun and excitement, and was very energetic. He wore an orange vest that covered his chest and goggles that were now on top of his head. He was always known for being a little funny, and usually was cute looking to people.

“Hey Vector! I know where Dr. Eggman’s base is now!”

“WHAT WHERE!?” Yelled Vector who was now shaking Charmy like crazy.

“Calm down Vector. We got all the time in the world to hear this info so relax,” said Espio quietly.

“Sorry guys. I just want revenge on that slime ball that never paid us the cash we earned,” replied a much calmer Vector.

You see everyone. The trio here are known as Team Chaotix. A detective agency that has been lifeless for a while. One month ago they received a package containing a walkie talkie. Because of that package, the trio were finally given a case to prove their detective skills. They traveled through beaches, cities, casinos, canyons, jungles, castles, and even a flying fortress to earn their cash. They also fought a carnival or storm of robots, had to take down two aerial assault airplanes, and even had to deal with six others who blocked there way. At the end they finally succeed but a turn of fate involving an epic battle between good and evil, had let their customer, Dr. Eggman escape without paying the team, and they were once again left broke. The team were infuriated by being tricked, so they sought out to attain the doctor and make him pay up.

“ANYWAY before I was rudely interrupted by Vector, Dr. Eggman’s base was located in the Mystic Ruins guys,” Shouted a glad Charmy.

“Well what are we waiting for? Let’s hit the train and find that scum bag and get our money back,” Replied Vector who was now heading out the doors of the building.

“I have a bad feeling about this guys,” Espio merely said.

“OH COME ON! WHAT CAN POSSIBLY HAPPEN TO US THIS TIME GUYS!?” Yelled Vector. All three were now running toward the Station Square’s train station where they would board the train to go to the Mystic Ruins.

While that was going on...

We now see a very large circular room. All the metal walls on the room seemed to have black charred marks on it, like if a great explosion has happened in the room. We now see a glass container in the end of the room. Inside were the seven legendary Chaos Emeralds. Jewels that could be used for chaotic destructive powers or use for peace and tranquility if in the right hands. Unfortunately they were in the wrong hands. Dr. Eggman’s hands. We see a control panel and two robots were working on them. One was Dequo, a gold colored, tall, cylinder shaped head. The other was Boquo, a short silver, robot, with a bit wider body, and round head. We now see a capsule near the control room. In it was what appeared to be a black hedgehog, with red/black spiked hair, white mark on the chest, and was contained in green preservative liquid. We also see a suitcase and a briefcase. On the suitcase was a label that said, CHAOS DNA. The silver suitcase next to it also had a label. That label had said, PROJECT CHAOS SHADOW.

We now see Team Chaotix hiding in a bush in the dead of night. The group were staring at a large metal tower that had lights showing around it like a casino. Vector then asks Charmy,

“Charmy. Anyone could of found this base. I mean he’s just advertising it like Casinopolis. I’m surprised we haven’t found it till now,”

“Well let’s be cautious guys. We’ll sneak in and get what we deserve back,” quietly stated by Espio.

The group then slowly then started walking toward a long metal bridge that connected Mystic Ruins with Dr. Eggman’s base. The group then made it in and saw a door in the hallway they were in. When they walk to the door a male computer voice says,

“Password please,”

“I’LL SHOW YOU A PASSWORD!” Yelled Vector who started punching the door, and soon it went flying. After that red sirens start flashing through out the whole tower and the words INTRUDER ALERT! Could be heard constantly. The three then made a run for it toward the bottom of the base.

We now see the bottom of the base and Dequo and Boquo are now panicking. Eggman does not look pleased but merly yells,


Both robots then suddenly stopped and then reluctantly saluted. Both went back to manning the controls and setting it up. Eggman merely sighs and thinks about his most recent defeat. He was defeated by eight people. They were Ash Ketchum, May Maple, Brendan Birch, Wally Wood, Double-D, Ed, Rui, and Wes/Eddy. If your wondering about Wes/Eddy...well I guess you better read the story that takes place before it. Sorry but it’s a really big twist and I don’t want to spoil it. He wanted to try a new plan he code named Project Chaos Shadow. He wanted to build his empire in there world and he knew he will stop at nothing to succeed. When Boquo shouts,

“It’s finish doctor,”

“Yes. Should we test trial it first?” Asked Dequo.

Eggman was about to respond when he suddenly hears,


Eggman and his two robots turn around to look who shouted his name. They saw Team Chaotix. Eggman then looked very baffled and shocked. He then shouts,


“We are here of what rightfully belongs to us doctor,” stated by Espio.

“Yeah. You bad man we want our money,” shouted Charmy.

“Yeah you owe us cash that we earned be saving you from Metal Sonic,” yelled Vector.

Both of Eggman’s robots then quivered in fear, but Eggman just evilly grinned and said,


Team Chaotix then looks at Eggman with a confused look and Vector asks,

“What da you mean were too late?”

Eggman then runs toward the control panel and slams his fist into a red button, and he yells,


Then suddenly the seven emeralds then started glowing then suddenly it unleashed a light that covered the whole fortress of Eggman. We only hear this before it happens,

“Oh crud, maybe Espio was right after all. Damn it! Should of taken a day off!” Yelled Vector.

We now see a very different place now. We see the Battle Frontier. It was a peaceful night, seemed no challengers were there. The whole place seemed to be empty, as it didn’t open till the next day. We see each of the Battle Frontier leaders in their office in there facility they owned. Then suddenly each of the Chaos Emeralds then can be seen coming down from space into each of the Battle Facilities.

7 Chaos Emeralds
7 Frontier Facilities

You do the math people. Anyway each of the leaders then saw the emerald in their office. They all then pick it up when suddenly each one summons a huge light that covers the whole battle Frontier.

To be continued...

What happened to the Battle Frontier? To Team Chaotix? To Eggman and his cronies? And what about Ash, May, Wally, Brendan, and the Ed’s? Find out in the first chapter for some of these answers in THE CHAOS EMERALD FRONTIER! Peace to all.

10th June 2005, 9:44 AM
The fic's pretty interesting to read and funny too. I'd love to see what happens later on.

Bayleef Mistress
10th June 2005, 3:40 PM
yay! great! this has a good start. good description, good spelling, grammer. you'll do great on this fic! i love it!

10th June 2005, 9:11 PM
Thanks everyone! I'll put the first chapter up tonight! Thanks!

11th June 2005, 2:06 AM
yay!i can't wait for the next chapter!dose eggman still have his pokemon?

11th June 2005, 3:45 AM
Nope. He might get new ones.

EDIT-I'll try to get the chapter up as soon as possible, because my friend came over to my houise and wanted to hang out with him at his house, and I'm sorry for any delays.

11th June 2005, 2:22 PM
Chapter 1-Back in Peach Creek just to here weird news?

We see seven people walking down a road toward a small suburban area. The seven are of Ash Ketchum, May Maple, Wally Wood, Brendan Birch, Double-D, Ed, and Eddy. The gang were heading towards a town called Peach Creek. The suburban area was the home town of the Ed’s. The Ed’s apparently were homesick and they asked if they could go home from the others. They agreed since they too would be homesick so they decided to visit the Ed’s hometown first. We now see May sluggishly walking and complaining,

“How much more we got to walk?”

“As much as it takes to get back in the cul-de-sac,” snapped Eddy.

“I can’t wait to be back in my old bedroom and visit everyone,” shouted a cheery Double-D.

“I can’t wait to see the candy shop and get some jawbreakers boys,” shouted Eddy.

“Umm Eddy. Can jawbreakers become mutant monsters and take over the world?” Asked Ed.

Eddy then simply slapped his face and the others laughed. Brendan then asked,

“So anything special about your so called cul-de-sac?”

“Yeah any gyms to battle in?” Asked eagerly by Ash.

“Or contest halls?” Asked by an equally leaguered May.

“Or labs?” Shouted Wally who was also eager to get to Peach Creek.

The Ed’s then looked at each other nervously. Then Eddy then begins speaking,

“Well umm well you see we don’t have any labs or gyms,”

“Or contest halls,” added Double-D.

“Or zombies,” added Ed.

Double-D and Eddy then stared at Ed for a moment then Eddy continued with,

“Our cul-de-sac is just a normal suburban neighborhood anybody would just live in,”

Brendan’s, Wally’s, May’s, and ash’s face then turned into disappointment but then Ash smiled and shouted,

“Come on guys we can still have a good vacation there. Anything special about your home town?”

The Ed’s then looked at each other with confused dazes. Then they shrugged there heads and the others then anime fell. Then we hear May say,

“Oh well I guess normal is alright especially after what we’ve been through,”

The group had a cracy adventure about two weeks ago. The group ended up back in time, got beat by old people, drove golf carts, ate people’s hair, beat up crime bosses, disco dance and karaoke, flew a rocket but crashed into chocolate cake, got bit by old people teeth, got n a hot tub where one of them puked hair all over, and met a guy who looked like an egg with two feet and a head. The group just all wanted to relax and so they continued.

We now see the group entering the cul-de-sac of Peach Creek. The place had a junkyard, garbage dump, small hoses, neat sidewalks, a clean park, a farm, shops lined up next to each other, and a lot more. He Ed’s then ran toward the candy shop and the others followed. When they got there they saw a large BIG person. He wore a red sweater, had BIG blue jeans and was pretty tall. We now hear Eddy say,

“Hey Fat Albert! What up?”

The man then turned and faced the group nad he had a very BIG grin. He then said,

“HEY HEY HEY! What up Ed’s! Long time no see man!”

Ash, May, Wally, and Brendan then looked like they’ve seen the biggest fat guy the’ve ever seen. They looked like O_O. Then we see Albert saying,

“Who the new homies behind ya?”

“They’re with us Albert. Say hi guys!”

“Hi Albert my name is May,” Quietly stated by May who was nervous to see a man that huge around her.

“Hey man the names Brendan,” shouted Brendan who was trying to act gangsta.

“Names Wally and nice to be here,” quietly stated by seeing the size of Fat Albert.

“Hi I’m Ash the champion of Hoenn,” Bragged by Ash who liked meeting new people.

“Oh that’s cool and all. Ell see you guys around cause me and my Snorlax need to eat our favorite things now,” exclaims Fat Albert.

He then tosses a poke ball near him and out comes a standing Snorlax. The pokemon was a huge thing and both Snorlax and Fat Albert looked equally fat, and tall. Albert then takes a large jawbreaker out of his very wide pocket and places it in the Snorlax’s mouth. The Snorlax then begins smiling and started to break dance. Albert then placed a jawbreaker in his mouth and started to break dance to. Then both then started to moon walk out of the sidewalk moon walking on the empty street. When Fat Albert is far way enough, May then says,

“Well there’s a nice guy,”

“Boy that boy is big. What does that guy eat?” Asked Brendan.

“Well I hope none of us become like him,” replied Ash.

“By the way you eat Ash you’ll become the next Fat Ash,” chuckled Wally.

“Hey! Watch it! At least I get some exercise and unlike some people I’m also a better trainer,” replied an annoyed Ash.

“Good trainer? Please you got lucky in our final battle,” replied Brendan.

The three (Ash, Brendan, and Wally) then started arguing at each other till May steps in and said,

“Break it up boys. Come on guys can we just relax?”

The boys then immediately then stopped and looked at May with an embarrassed face. The guys then apologized to each other and then they looked around seeing that the Ed’s were nowhere in sight. Then the candy shop doors open and a large spherical lump can be seen in each of their mouths. Then Ed then has a relieved sigh, and says,

“Jawbreaker good,”

Eddy then notices the others have no jawbreakers then toss each a large white sphere and says,

“Try it. It’s really good guys,”

The others then reluctantly then put the sphere in their mouths they actually loved the sweet flavor it gave off. Then the group then smiled and gives two thumbs up. The group then continued walking down the sidewalk. They were walking by the park now and they saw two little kids playing with a Teddiursa. One of the kids was a red haired girl with a pink shirt, and blue jeans. The other was a kid with a metal ring around his mouth, blue shirt, and white pants. The two then stop playing and the girl screams,



Ed then runs inside the park and hugs the girl. The others just simply follow and we see the girl saying,

“Ed you’re scaring me,”

“Baby sister!? Ed you never told us you had a baby sister?” Shouted Brendan.

Sarah then shouts,

“I’m not a baby while I’m at it,”

“So hi my names May what’s yours?” Asked May gently.

“My names Sarah. My best friend is Jimmy and we have to go home now. But do you want to be friends?’ Asked Sarah.

“Oh brother,” mumbled Eddy.

“Sure I love to be your friend,” replied May.

As Jimmy, Sarah, and the Teddiursa started to walk away. The Ed’s just sighed and they continued to walk around the neighborhood. They soon came across a farm and Eddy and Double-D knocked on a door on a house near the farm. Soon a tall boy with blue hair, yellow/red single striped shirt came in the front. He then said,

“Ed boys? Oh ho long time no see yes?”

“Hey Ralph just came by to say hello,” greeted by Double-D.

“Yeah meet our new pals,” said Eddy.

Ash, May, Wally, and Brendan then reintroduced themselves again and Ralph then shouted,

“Oh ho! So you are friend with Ed boys? Good for you, now I must be attending to the work in the farm now. Must feed the Grumpig, Miltank, and Blaziken, so bye Ed boys and new friends,”

He then shut the door and soon they were walking toward Ed’s house. While walking they met with Johnny. A boy who had bald hair except some fizzes of black hair. He wore sandals, white T-shirt, and blue jeans. He was carrying a piece of board with red painted eyes, and a blue mouth. There was also a Seedot near him walking. The others just quickly walked by the guy since there last encounter wasn’t exactly good. They then heard a shout saying,


Eddy then turned around to meet up with a great pal of his. Andy Larken was one of the greatest gangsta praksta anyone ever knew. He, Danny his sidekick, and his Sableye were known for playing good pranks on people. He wore a white T-shirt with blue jeans, and sunglasses. Danny his little shorter sidekick wore a brown/orange striped shirt, brown pants, and glasses. We now him about to shake hands with Ash, and Brendan when you could hear,


Apparently Ash and Brendan fell for the electric buzzer trick. Andy then asked May to take a flower from him and once she did, she got water sprayed on her face. He then told Wally to close his eyes and once he did, Andy tossed a cream pie at his face. He then made a ran for it and shouted,

“Bye guys hope you like my tricks surprise!”

The Ed’s were laughing as if they’ve been tortured by being tickled. They were laughing for so laughing all you could hear. We now see a boy with a green shirt, red cap, black shorts riding his bike. He was riding by the Ed’s and just screamed out,


He then rode off with his bike. When the Ed’s stopped laughing Eddy said,

“Anyway let’ sleepover at Ed’s house tonight then Double-D and then mine’s,”

The others looked really annoyed of what happened before but they just reluctantly followed. When they got to Ed’s house they went down to the basement to see Ed’s house. The whole room had some furniture like a bed, some bean bag chairs, a table, and a TV. In the bathroom was nothing but a giant tub of...

“GRAVY!?” Shouted May, Ash, Wally, and Brendan.

“Hey would do you expect? It’s Ed after all,” replied Eddy.

The group were tired so they hit the bean bag chairs and Ed says,

“Let’s watch TV guys,”

He then picks up a remote and we now see a King Kong movie with a giant Slaking on a building holding a girl. When suddenly...


The group then looked confused and they were now interested of what was going on. The TV is now showing a reporter with red hair, wearing an orange suit with a microphone. Scarlet then says,

“I’m here at the Battle Frontier and some mysteries things have been going on here. Mr. Scott can you please explain the situation in your own words of what’s going on,” she now gave the microphone to a rather chubby guy who wore an aqua colored shirt, with poke ball symbols on it, and wore sunglasses. He was panicking and crying. He then took the microphone and then began to talk.

“I’ll be glad to Scarlet. ALL MY BATTLE FRONTIER FACILITIES ARE MISSING! EVEN THE FRONTIRER LEADERS! I worked so hard to get this place ready but now it’s just a pretty normal island,”

Scott then continued sobbing, and Scarlet then picked up the microphone from his hands and then stated,

“Well there you have it folks. Battle Frontier is officially closed till further investigation is known of where the Facilities. WAIT! I’m receiving more news. Ahem... Folks apparently the facilities have been spread out in the Kanto, Hoenn, and Johto region.
That is all,”

Then Eddy then turned of the TV and stared at everyone. Everyone was just as confused of what they just heard. Ash then broke the silence,

“Well things like that don’t happen everyday,”

“What an interesting turn of events,” questioned Double-D.

“You think they’re joking?” Asked Brendan.

“Then they wasted a lot of time over this joke,” replied Wally.

Eddy then turned the TV back on and they continued listening to the news. Then they even heard more shocking news. The reporters are now interviewing each Battle Frontier leader. They are asking how did this happen. Each leader then pulls out a Chaos Emerald form their pocket in separate places and said that’s what happened. Eddy’s eyes suddenly saw $_$. He then yells to the others,


May then stares at the TV screen and then replies,
“Haven’t we seen a green one of those jewels?”

The others look at her and Ash then says,

“You’re right May. I think we saw *gulp* Dr. Eggman use that jewel to escape,”

They all shuddered after hearing that name. Then Double-D then questions,

“Do you think it’s possible that he’s back?”

All just stared at each other in silence. They all had a fear that Double-D might have been right.

Then Ed then said,


“Ed shut up so I can think?” Shouted Eddy.

To be continued...

Flaming Lip
11th June 2005, 2:43 PM

Length: 7/10 It could be longer.

Originallity: 9/10 It certinly is original

Descriptian: 6/10 Another big hit to your grade, you MUST be a little more descriptive, but don't describe it all at once, let it flow in...

Grammar, Spelling, Word Choice: 7/10 Much better than the last fic, are you running this through MS word?

Plot, Charecter: 8/10 The plot is okay and the charecters are protrayed well...

37/50 = 74/100


On par with your last one.

Bayleef Mistress
11th June 2005, 3:15 PM
yay! fat albert! that was a good chapter! just watch your spelling a little bit.......

11th June 2005, 5:13 PM
I guess I got to work on some stuff. Oh well I guess a C rank is better then a D rank I suppose. Thanks Bayleef Mistress. The next chapter I'll put up soem time tommorrow.

Bayleef Mistress
11th June 2005, 5:48 PM
that reminds me, i have to work on the 3rd chapter of my fic.....well, good luck on yours! *gives two thumbs up*

12th June 2005, 4:47 AM
Chapter 2-When Chaotix, Rocket, and the gang meet...things get CHAOTIC!

We now see outside the house of Ed and three familiar fellows looking at a window that showed the basement. Both were wearing a white shirt with a big red R imprinted on them. They also wore black slacks and gloves. One had red hair that was like sticking out like a point. Her name was Jessie and she was bossy, tough, ruthless, a glory hog, and had a crazy thing over her hair. The next person was known as James. He had blue hair, was kind of a coward, collected bottle caps, was more good then Jessie and that is pretty much all I can think of. The third member of the group was a pokemon known as Meowth. He was cream colored, had a curled tail, and a Brooklyn accent. The three were watching the gang in the basement watching the news and Meowth then said,

“Well you look at dat?” Them twerps ave seen them nice rocks,”

“If we could only get those seven jewels we could make a ton of cash Jessie,” shouted James.

“Keep it down you two. You don’t want the twerps to catch us do you?” Whispered Jessie who was now covering James and Meowth’s mouth.

“I say we sneak in while they’re snoozing then ask those twerps where dat rock is,” whispered Meowth.

“Good idea,” whispered Jessie. The three then sneaked away and hid in the forest till the time was right.

We now see Chaotix. Vector, Espio, and Charmy were all what appeared to be in the woods. Vector first woke up and screamed,


Espio immediately wakes up and covers Vectors big mouth and whispered,

“Quiet Vector. We don’t want to bring attention to ourselves,”

We now see the Rockets and they suddenly stop and James then asked,

“You hear something guys?”

The others merely shrugged and they continued to walk into the woods and wait till the time was right to strike.

We now go back to our chaotic trio. Vector was now surveying the area they were in. He was looking around when suddenly he felt something bite his tail.


He then sees a little blue alligator with red spikes on its back, was chewing on Vector’s tail. Vector looks very annoyed and was about to punch the little fellow till he realized he couldn’t bring himself to do it. He then picked up the little guy and said,

“Yo don’t be biting my tail alright?”

The little guy just nodded its head and sprayed water on Vectors face. Vector once again his anger but just laughed and said,

“I like this guy. He’s got spunk,”

We now see Espio looking around the area. He is watching the area till something taps him from behind. He turns around and notices no one. He then closes his mind and starts to think. He then soon tackled down an invisible creature. He stares at a confused lizard, with red and white stripes, and a tail. It then says,

“Kecle! Keckle!”

Espio then feels sorry for knocking it down and says,

“Sorry. Here let me help you back up,”

Espio then helped it get back on it’s feet and it then smiled happily replying,

“Kecle! Kecle!”

Espio now smiles and pets the lizard like creature. Vector and Espio talk to each other then Espio asks,

“Do you know where Charmy is?”

Vector just merely shrugs. Then both hear a ton of buzzing. They both look to see a bunch of bee like creatures with two large spikes like hands. Then they both cry out,


After a half hour or so...

We now see Vector and Espio all bruised up and annoyed. Charmy is now with them along with a Beedrill. Vector had a Totodile near his feet, and Espio had a Kecleon near him. Apparently each member found a new friend. We now see Vector yelling,


“But Vector we don’t even make any money,” replied Charmy.

Vector then remembers and then cries out in frustration. Then we see Espio see the three Rockets on the move. Espio then suggest,

“Perhaps we should find some means of civilization around here,”

Charmy and Vector then agreed and they decided to follow the three fellows they saw. They quietly sneaked away. The Kelcleon, Totodile, and Beedrill seemed to follow the three without them noticing. We now see the three Rockets slowly sneaking into the house. They are carefully now opening the window near the basement. Jessie went down first...too bad she got stuck. She then whispered,

“Well what are you waiting for you two? Push me into the room already,”

James and Meowth then started pushing her down and eventually she fell into the room right into her back. James was about to go in when Meowth just dived right in and fell also on the floor. Then James then crawled in falling in. Then they began by singing there famous motto,

“Prepare for trouble and make it double!”

Then all seven woke up in the floor in there sleeping bags and screamed,


“Let us finish our motto twerps, sheesh aint that enough to ask?” Shouted Meowth.

“To protect the world from devastation to unite all people within our nation,”



“Team Rocket's here to fight fight fight! Meoqth that’s right! Wobuffet!”

“What are you doing here you low life Rockets?” Shouted Eddy.

“How dare you call us low lives? I’ll have you know we planned this scheme from the beginning!” Shouted Jessie back.

“What scheme?” Asked Brendan.

“To find out where those jewels are and you better tell now or there will be consequences!” Shouted James.

“What jewels? I don’t know anything about jewels right Ed?” Asked a nervous Eddy.

“But Eddy didn’t you say you saw those pretty rocks before?”Asked ed.

“Ah ha! So you twerps do know!” Shouted James.

Eddy gave a cold glare at Ed and muttered the words,

“Nice going lumpy,”

“Go Seviper and use a wrap attack on those twerps!” Shouted Jessie.

Out came her dangerous snake and it quickly wrapped the seven members of our gang and then James toseed out his pokeball which held Cacturne. James then said,

“We can do this the hard way or the easy way. Take your pick.”

We now see Chaotix outside the basement window watching what was going on. Then Espio then says,

“Perhaps we should help them,”

“Well we are detectives so that does make us law enforcements so why not?” Stated by Vector. The three then crashed into the window and everyone looked O_O when they saw the three.


Everyone was silent and was surprised. Then again you be if you saw a talking alligator, chameleon, and bee. Then Jessie whispers into James ears and asks,

“James, are these new pokemon?”

“I’m guessing yes and they can also talk like Meowth can,”

Both then turn there attention to the three detectives and then Jessie and James then the toss a pokeball at Vector and Charmy. When it hits Vectors you could see a big mark on his face now and he shouts,

“What the heck was that all about?”

“Yeah you bad people take this,” shouted Charmy who started to sting Jessie and James.

“OWWWWWWWWWWWWW!” Screamed both Rockets.

“Good now Vector you and me will save the civilians, while Charmy keeps those kidnappers busy,” whispered Espio.

“Good plan now let’s go!” Shouted Vector.

First Espio did a spin dash into Seviper causing it to lose its grip, then Vector ran and picked it up and tossed it at Jessie and James. Both were knocked down cold. The others breathed a relieved sigh, and May then says,

“Our pokeball are upstairs guys if we get them we can get also get rid of Team Rocket,”

The others then ran but Vector shouted,


The others looked baffled then Vector shouted GO so they just went to Ed’s fridge to see if there were any bubble gum. They soon found some experimental grape-flavored gum of Double-D. Meanwhile the battle was going on in the basement still.

“Cacturne pin missile the light purple one!” Commanded James.

Cacturne then began shooting spikes at Espio but then Espio suddenly became invisible and managed to flip out of the way in time. He then launched some of his ninja stars at Cacturne which knock it back into James, Jessie, Meowth, Wobbufet, and Seviper. Then Ash came down and shouted CATCH! He then tosses a huge piece of purple gum at Vector.

“Thanks kid now its time for my special magic trick!”

He then starts chewing the gum and Team Rocket are confused why Vector is chewing gum instead of pummeling them with his fists. Then suddenly Vector is done chewing and spits out five large bubbles of gum at Team Rocket. When it made contact with them...



The Rockets went flying because Vectors fire breath was put in those bubbles he put in and they were bubble gum bombs he used to blow Team Rocket out of the house. The others came down and May shouted,

“Thanks for the help,”

“Who are you guys or pokemon or whatever?” Asked Brendan.

Vector just chuckled a bit before answering with this statement,

“Well kids it’s a long story. Well Charmy, Espio we better go out,”

The three were now walking past them to the stairs when Ash shots,

“You want to stay with us at this house tonight?”

Vector turns around and replies,

“Naw we’ll be find, come on boys,”

But Charmy and Espio stood where they were.

“You guys coming or what?” Asked Vector.

“Vector we don’t exactly don’t have any shelter or safe place to stay in so we might as well stay here,” replied Espio.

“YEAH! PLUS I WANT TO STAY HERE I WANT TO HAVE FUN FUN FUN!” Yelled the ever exciting Charmy.

“Alright, alright we’ll stay with these guys tonight, sheesh Charmy you got to ease up on the sugar you know?”

“OH BOY OH BOY OH BOY! I Love to meet new people,” shouted Charmy.

May then thought, (Aw he’s so cute!). Eddy then asks,

“You people are paying for this window you know? Because I aint working with Double-D and Ed just to pay for something I didn’t break.

Vector then notices the window he shattered earlier. He then apologizes,

“My bad. As soon as I get enough cash I’ll pay up,”

“So Ed are you allowing our....special guests to stay here tonight?” Asked Double-D.

“Cool mutant alligators,” said Ed.

“I’ll take that as a yes. Well boys lets get some sleeping bags and get a nice nap,” shouted Vector.

Then a Totodile, a Kecleon, and a Beedrill came in from the windows and headed to our three detectives.

“Can I keep him?” Asked Charmy who was now petting the Beedrill on the head.

“Fine. But since you’re having a pet, you got to be responsible. Alright?” Replied Vector.

“YEAH!” Shouted Charmy who was now hugging his Beedrill.

“I suppose you are going to keep that little fellow Vector?” Asked by Espio.

Vector is looking near him to see the Totodile from before staring at him. Vector then smiled and then answered,

“Why not? Besides I think this little fellow likes me. What about you Espio?”

Espio also looks and see the Kecleon from before and then he also smiles and then answers,

“Someone has got to help raise these creatures to be strong so yeah why not?”

“You guys then need to put those pokemon in a pokeball then,” stated by Wally.

“A what?” Asked by the detectives.

“Here let me show you,”

Wally then takes a three pokeballs and tossed one of them at the Totodile, Beedrill, and Kecleon. When the balls then stopped shaking, he told the detectives to pick it up. The detectives were still baffled of what happened. When they picked them up, Ash then told them to throw it and when they did the pokemon then reappeared. The Chaotix detectives then exactly knew how it worked right now.

Everyone then hit the hay that night. At the middle of night we hear Brendan whispering to Eddy,

“You really aint worried? That Vector guy and his partners don’t make me feel so good,”

“Who knows? But at least they beat Team Rocket pretty badly so I guess we can trust them they’re law enforcements like Officer Jenny, except there just detectives with crazy attitudes,”

They then fell asleep and that was that. But meanwhile...

We see a very dark office and a man sitting on a chair staring out the glass window. He is listening to a song on his headphones. Thinking to himself things while listening to the song.

The story begins
with whose gonna win
knowing the danger that lie within
aboard the Ark
A genius at heart
wanting to unlock the mysteries of life

(My story is gonna make me win)

I’m the Eggman
that's what I am
I’m the Eggman
I got the master plan

I’m the Eggman
that's what I am
I’m the Eggman
I got the master plan

(My master plan is finally going to make me rule)

I'm plotting my schemes
where ever I go
they're perfect in every way
I love to destroy, the blue one you know
he's the obstacle that always gets in my way

(No Sonic in this world means I’ll succeed)

I love playing this game by my rules
I will conquer the world with my tools
all my machines are made for destruction
I will build my empire
I will succeed and you will see
with my machine there is no retreat

(The Eggman Empire will be finally established)

I’m the Eggman
that's what I am
I’m the Eggman
I got the master plan

I’m the Eggman
that's what I am
I’m the Eggman
I got the master plan

I’m the enemy
I will succeed
my mission I must complete
my name is Eggman, don't forget my name
if you ask me again I will tell you the same

(Soon everyone is going to bow down to me!)

I’m the Eggman
that's what I am
I’m the Eggman
I got the master plan

I’m the Eggman
that's what I am
I’m the Eggman
I got the master master plan

I’m the Eggman

Goody goody, good, good, good good,

Good bye, good good bye, good good bye,

(Good bye peace, hello CHAOS!)

We now hear evil laughing from the one and only Doctor Eggman.

“My master plan is going to finally work. As soon as we find the Chaos Emeralds,”


To be continued...

Jiraku Backfist
12th June 2005, 5:12 AM
Hilarious!Post the next chapter as quick as possible!I can't wait to find out what's next!

12th June 2005, 5:36 AM
Thanks! I'll work on another chapter in the morining and probably finish in the late afternoon cause i got to go visit my sister in collge in the afternoon of today,.

Bayleef Mistress
12th June 2005, 5:46 AM
cool chapter! i like chaotixs' new pokemon!

12th June 2005, 1:21 PM
The next chapter will be up sometime tonight. I got a quetion. Do people like the idea of Sonic and Pokemon together? Because I think it's good to combine things you like and implement them in a good way.

I bet people here rarely see fics where we see a team of chaotic detectives working with a bunch of kids just to get some emeralds and stop an egg shaped madman?

12th June 2005, 1:28 PM
that was good!cool new pokemon

Silver Arrow
12th June 2005, 7:13 PM
that was good!cool new pokemon

Uh Espio, Charmy and Vector ain't Pokemon. Their from Sonic Heros (I think thats the game?)

13th June 2005, 12:00 AM
Chapter 3- The First Battle Frontier Fight!

We now see the gang on a boat heading toward the first supposed facility that was located somewhere in Rustboro city. Apparently we now see Vector asking,

“So where are you kids going exactly anyway?”

The others briefly hesitated a bit before Eddy was saying,

“Were going to ....to....to get some battling?”

Vector just blankly stared at them, but smiled and went back to relaxing on a chair. When the group finally reached Rustboro city they saw a large tower that stretched to the sky. Double-D then tells the group,

“The first split up battle facility. The Battle Tower!”

“Let’s go in and win that jewel!” Screamed Eddy.

“JEWEL!?” Screamed Espio, Vector, and Charmy.

The group then ran in the giant tower. They are now at a receptionist table and they are asking for the rules of the establishment. The attendant then replied,

“Well first rule is that only one of you may challenge the Gym leader, second...

“GYM LEADER!? Since when did Battle Frontier leaders became gym leaders?” Asked Brendan.

“Since the Battle Frontier has split up into several different areas. Now the second rule is you must bet something valuable to have a fight with the Gym leader here. Three if you’re wondering why, because the only thing the gym leader has here is a valuable blue jewel. Four is you may only use three pokemon and five is who out of your group is willing to go?”

They all stared at each other hoping to see who can score the first win for the team. Ash then answered,

“I’ll do it this time,”

“Good plan, now if you kids don’t mind me and my associates would like to train our....pokemon. Yeah that’s it,” Asked Vector.

As he is walking out Eddy is pulling his gold chain and said,

“Not so fast detective. We need something to bet so cough up your gold necklace, and MP3 player.

“But but but?” Replied Vector.

The group then stared at the detective and he was now sighing and then he said,

“You better win kid cause I like lookin gangsta alright?”

Ash then smiles and replies,

“Don’t worry detective Vector I will,”

Vector, Espio, and Charmy. Are now about to leave the building to train their pokemon when suddenly Double-D then shouts,

“WAIT! I have a gift for each of you!”

The detectives then turn around and close their eyes with their hands out. Double-D then hands each one a piece of paper. Vector then says,

“What’s this for?”

“It’s to help your pokemon get stronger. It’s a list of attacks your pokemon can use in battle. So they can practice alright?”

Espio then nodded and says,

“Vector a strong warrior must also have knowledge of the situation. Just how a detective must know where to search and look,”

Double-D was astonished of what he heard. He then said,

“You be really good at a Haiku detective Espio,”

“It aint nothing special really. You need someone to be the brains of the group,” he replied chuckling a little.

“I know exactly how you feel,” staring at Ed and Eddy.

“Yeah! I CAN’T WAIT TO TRY NEW THINGS!” Shouted Charmy.

The three then ran outside the tower and went to train in the city of Rustboro.

We now see Ash, May, Brendan, Wally, Double-D, Ed, and Eddy now in an elevator moving to the top of the building. We now see May asking,

“So Ash what pokemon are you going to use?”

Ash then put his hand to his face and started thinking. He then replied,

“I think I’ll use Swellow, Crawdaunt, and Pikachu in my battle with the leader,”

“Good choices. You do know how to put a balanced team do you Ash,” asked May.

“Ash then blushed from embarrassment and Eddy whispered,

“Oh brother,”

When they got to the top of the tower and the doors opened. They saw a very large polished, clean arena. They then saw someone all the way across the room who was filling out some forms. The person wore a purple/white suit that covers her whole body. She had purple hair, and was pretty quiet till she noticed the seven.

“Oh I’m sorry. May I help you all?’

“Were here for a battle lady,” shouted Eddy.

“Eddy don’t be so rude,” replied May who quietly stomped her foot on Eddy’s feet.

Eddy then yelped in pain and tried to not to punch her, but he did, then Brendan tackled him. Then Wally, Ash, Double-D, and Ed fell in also. Everyone was now beating each other while the leader looked baffled. She then yells,


The gang stopped fighting and they all got of off each other. Then Ash then answered,

“Sorry for the trouble Ms. ..... who are you?”

The leader then laughed and replied,

“It’s alright. Anyway I’m Salon Maiden Anabel,”

“You work in a salon and you’re a Battle Frontier leader?” Asked Brendan.

“Well I do like to go to the beauty shop a lot to get my hair and nails done,” replied Anabel.

“OH ME TO!” Shouted May.

“Really! What else do you do there?” Replied Anabel.

“Well I also get a facial massage, back rub, mineral water treatment...

Five minutes later...

We see the two girls still chit chatting to each other then Eddy then pushes May and then answers,

“Okay were done with this stuff. Anyway my pal Ash here wants to have a battle here with you,”

Anabel then slaps Eddy in the face and Eddy shouts,


“For being rude to a fair lady like May. Didn’t your momma teach you some manners boy?”

Eddy then stared at her and coldly replied,

“I was born an orphan lady. I only had adoptive parents in a small cul-de-sac called Peach Creek,”

Anabel then looks sorry and merely replies,

“I’m sorry. I had no idea,”

Eddy then smiles and then replies,

“It’s alright. Anyway can you battle my pal here now?”

“Oh sure of course. What are you wagering though?”

“Were wagering a gold chain necklace and a MP3 player,” answered Ash.

“Sorry you need to wager a little more then that. Perhaps some money?”

The group then stared at Eddy who once again looked ******. Wally then asks,

“You know it was going to happen sooner or later,”

“So cough up the cash so we can start watching a battle,” Brendan added.

Eddy reluctantly tossed out his premier ball and out came his Meowth. He then said,

“Time for the one and only payday attack!”
His Meowth’s charm then started to glow and after some focusing, large amounts of gold coins came piling up the floor. Then Eddy scooped them all up and placed it on one side of a balance. He then puts the gold necklace and MP3 player from before and also places it with the money.

Anabel then says,

“Good luck and don’t be crying if you lose all your stuff because no one beat me in a Battle Tower challenge here yet and I’m not about to lose this nice jewel I found,”

She then pulls out a blue Chaos Emerald and places it on the other side of the scale. The others stare in awe as the jewel is shining and glittering as if it was a holy jewel from the heavens. Then Eddy whispers into Ash’s ear,

“Win that jewel and don’t make me lose my cool,”

Ash and Anabel then walked to opposite sides of the battlefield while the others sat in couches to watch the battle.

“Ready Ash?”

“Ready Anabel,”

“Go Alakazam,” she shouted.

“Go Crawdaunt,” shouted Ash.

Both pokemon were out on the field now. Staring at each other.

“Smart Ash but not smart enough,”

“What do you mean?”

“Alakazam use thunder punch now!”

“Dodge it and use bubble-beam,”

The Alakazam was charging toward it and held a fist with lightning toward Crawdaunt. But it jumped out of the way in time and used bubble-beam on it stopping the attack.

“Now use crab-hammer,”

“Counter with fire punch Alakazam,”

Both pokemon then lobbed with each other with their fist, or claw and nothing damaged each.

“Alakazam lets try an ice punch,”

“Dodge and use another crab-hammer Crawdaunt,”

Alakzam then tried another charge but it once again pounded the floor when Crawdaunt jumped in the air and then socked Alakazam in the mouth,”

“Quick use faint attack Crawdaunt,”

“Get up quick Alakazam,”

But Crawdaunt then briefly glowed with dark energy then rammed into Alakazam for the finishing blow. Anabel then returned Alakazam and complimented Ash by saying,

“No wonder why you were league champion. But this fight isn’t over from a long shot. Go Breloom,”

As soon as her mushroom boxer pokemon came out she ordered,

“Solar beam,”

For some reason Breloom quickly fired a powerful orange beam at Crawdaunt and it went flying. It then fainted and as Ash was returning his Crawdaunt he asked,

“How did your Breloom use a powerful attack like that so fast?”

“Look at the ceiling Ash,” Anabel replied.

Everyone looked at the ceiling. Apparently the glass ceiling let sunlight from the sun came pretty fast. Like a green house affect. Eddy is now thinking (Why didn’t I think about that? Darn it).

“Smart move Anabel. Go Swellow,”

He then tossed out his pokeball and out came his large red/blue/white bird. It then stared at Breloom who was also staring back at it.

“Another solar beam,”

“Dodge it with quick attack and then use wing attack,”

Breloom then fired another beam of sun energy, but it merely hit the wall as the swift Swellow quickly flew upward then came rushing past Breloom with its wing spread out.

“Let’s try a leech seed on it,”

“Use hyper beam to break the leech seed Swellow,”

The Breloom then started shooting seeds with vines on them toward Swellow but Swellow then fired small bursts of beams at the seeds destroying them.

“Keep using solar beam till you get a good shot,”

“Keep dodging it,”

The Breloom then kept firing sun powered beams toward Swellow but because of its incredible speed, reaction time, and accuracy, it flew in the room dodging every shot.

“Use sky uppercut on that Swellow now,”

“Use double-team now,”

Breloom then stopped firing and then leapt at the air to punch Swellow but it then made copies of itself and it simply punched a fake and fell in the floor.

“Use aerial ace quick!”

Swellow then quickly dive-bombed into Breloom’s head and it went flying looking fainted. Anabel then recalled her pokemon and said,

“I’m very impressed, but you still got one last test. Go Snorlax!”

Her last pokemon was a very fat one. She then shouted,

“Use shadow ball,’

It then spat out a large black ball so fast it crushed Swellow and it went down hard. Ash then recalled his pokemon and then sent out his Pikachu. Both were ready for the last fight of the Battle Tower. But meanwhile that was going on, we see Vector outside reading a piece of paper. He then says,

“Try a water gun attack,”

His Totodile then fires water at his face. Then he says

“We got to work on you not shooting me. Anyway try a bite attack,”

His Totodile then bites his tail and he yelps in pain. Vector then picks him up and says,

“Well maybe I should avoid using those attacks,”

We now see Espio with his Kecleon. He and Kecleon are now meditating to relax to calm their body and mind. (That what Espio said at least). We now see Espio saying,

“Good. Now I want you practicing slashing that bush behind us without using your eyes to look,”

The Kecleon then slowly got up and smelled its surroundings. It then scampered over to a bush and started slashing at it. Then when it was done the bush was down for the count and was nothing more then shreds. Then Espio came over and then said,

“Well done,”

We now see Charmy and his Beedrill playing tag in the city. We now see Beedrill tackling Charmy and Charmy then shouts gladly,

“Nice tackle. Now it’s my turn to tag you!”

Both continued to chase each other in the street, and the detectives just continued training their pokemon in case of emergencies in the futures where they might need to fight along with them.

Back to the Battle Tower and we see Ash and Anabel ready to fight with their last pokemon. Ash’s Pikachu and Anabel’s Snorlax. The dust was setting and Eddy was chewing off his nails while the others were cheering for Ash.

“Snorlax use shadow ball to start things off,”

“Pikachu use a thunderbolt to counter it,”

Both pokemon then launched their attacks at each other. When the ball of shadow collided with bolts of electricity, the attacks caused an explosion and everyone had to wait till the smoke cleared. Then both trainers commanded new attacks,

“Use body slam!”

“Use quick attack to dodge it all,”

The Snorlax then began jumping toward Pikachu like crazy. Pikachu had to continuously run to dodge the assaults, but eventually Snorlax landed a hard one against Pikachu.

“Good now force your weight down it more,”

“Pikachu use a thunder attack now!”

The Snorlax then forced more of its weight to crush Pikachu but as soon as the huge volts came down on Snorlax, Pikachu managed to escape since Snorlax lost its grip on the floor.

“Use hyper beam Snorlax!”

“Pikachu finish this battle with volt tackle!”

The Snorlax then began building up an enegy beam in its mouth and Pikachu then began charging up its own attack. When both attacks were fully charged up both unleashed the attack. Snorlax then fired a pure beam of energy but Pikachu was too fast and then volt tackled the fat tub and it finally went down hard. Anabel then returns her pokemon and she then says,

“Good job. That was the greatest battle I ever had Ash,”

“Thanks. That was the toughest battle ever. No wonder you’re a Battle Frontier leader,”

We now see May running over and hugging Ash.

“That was a great battle Ash,”

Ash was now blushing like hot sauce and Wally and Brendan looked really ****** off when she hugged him.

“Umm thanks May,”

“WOO-HOO! WE WIN! BOO-YEAH!” Screamed Eddy who was now jumping in delight.

“Well since you’re the first person to defeat me I want you to have this jewel I found to show you beat me in a fair and square battle,” Anabel who was now handing Ash the blue Chaos Emerald.

“This jewel will show you’re the first to succeed in defeating me,”

“Thank you Anabel I’ll make sure to keep it safe,” replied Ash.

Then suddenly the elevator behind the gang were Vector, Espio, and Charmy.

“HOWD IT GO KID! YOU LOSE! PLEASE MAY WHAT I’M SAYING BE A LIE!” Yelled Vector who was now shaking Ash. Ash was just getting dizzy then he replied,

“No you’re stuff is safe Mr. Vector,”

Vector then notices his gold chain necklace, and his MP3 player and he grabs it and puts his stuff back on him. Eddy also grabs the gold coins from the weight. Anabel is looking very confused but Wally covers her mouth and says,

“Our friends like to wear Halloween costumes,”

Then Espio asks,

“What was so important that you had to bet Vectors stuff for anyway?”

Ash then shows him the blue Chaos Emerald, and Charmy screams,


“A CHAOS WHAT!?” Shouted May, Ash, Brendan, Wally, Double-D, and Eddy.

“Let me explain kids. You see these Chaos Emeralds are very powerful tools. They can manipulate time and space, cause mass chaos, or peace. It all depends on who controls them,” replied Vector.

“How do you guys know about them then?” Asked Wally.

Vector, and Espio looked at each other unsure whether to tell. But Charmy then talks,

“Well they came from the world we came from. And this bad doctor we know did a bad thing to us and made us separated from our own world,”

Vector then yells,


Charmy now has some tears in his eyes and then May then backed him up saying,

“Hey go easy on him. He’s a lot younger then you and besides I find nothing wrong with your tidbit of info,”

Vector then looks embarrassed and then replies,

“Sorry Charms. Just don’t go all excited like that alright?”

Charmy then wipes away his tears and replies,

“I forgive you Vector,”

“Anyway I guess we better go after the seven Chaos Emeralds and get them before Eggman does,” stated by Espio.

“Even more the reason to get Chaos Emeralds! To save the world from an egg shaped madman!” Shouts Eddy in delight.

“Well I guess we got the first one. YEAH I GOT A CHAOS EMERALD!” Yelled Ash who was now doing his victory pose holding the blue Chaos Emerald in the air.

“Pi Pikachu!”

To be continued...

Don’t worry if you think this fic will be short. I promise to make it at least 25 chapters long or more!

Flaming Lip
13th June 2005, 1:59 AM
Length: 7/10 'Tis a bit short, so I am a tad unsastisfied

Originallity: 10/10 Good as always

Descriptian: 7/10 Tis better, but remember try not to break the flow, slip it it in slowly

Grammar, Word Choice, Spelling: 9/10 Much better, no huge mistakes

Plot, Charecter: 8/10 Plot=not that great, charecter=well done.

40/50= 80/100=


Not bad.

btw, Chaotix were in a game before Sonic Heroes, Knuckles Chaotix is where they first appeared.

Bayleef Mistress
13th June 2005, 2:06 AM
good chapter! which blue emerald did he get? the dark blue or light blue? (just wanted to know) and thanks for supporting my fic ;)

13th June 2005, 2:10 AM
I know that. I just prefer them being detectives. B rank? Thanks! Question. What do you mean by let it flow in? When you dscribe something don't you ....decribe it???

If the plot looks uninteresting now I guess that's alright. But i do plan some different charcter scenario in some chapters. What I mean by that? You'll see in chapter 5.

EdIT-The dark blue one

Flaming Lip
13th June 2005, 2:14 AM
I was saying that instead of having a sentence devoted to descrinbing, do this:

Anna flicked her long skyblue hair away from her face and drew a long shining blade. "Come on" she sneered, a smile streched across her pale face.

See how it is not foreced. Just placed in a normal sentence.+

13th June 2005, 2:22 AM
Boy that sentance seemed to beat out all my description I've made so far. I'll try to do that from now on, except I'm not good at that sort of stuff. Oh well I'll try for all the people.

Bayleef Mistress
13th June 2005, 2:52 AM
i'm not either. just try your hardest! i don't really care about spelling, grammer etc...i'm focused on the story!

13th June 2005, 4:04 AM
Your right! *Hugs originallity also* Maybe It's just the story I'm only good at it. The description part will always be a thorn in my side no matter what. Really I suck at decribing things. I know I can;t decribe as good as many writers out there and I'm just going to have to deal with this flaw.

The next chapter will be tomorrow. Thanks Flaming Lip, but I think I'm just going to have to do it my way if I want to put my chapters by my promised time.

14th June 2005, 12:37 AM
Chapter 4-The Good Thing Of Being A Detective

We now see the gang going outside and Ash proudly holding his blue Chaos Emerald. He is smiling and Eddy is shouting,


"Don't get cocky boys. We still don't know how to get to the next Frontier facility fast before Eggman finds out about them," stated May.

“She’s right Ash. Besides don’t be so confident in yourself. You got lucky that you won that Chaos Emerald,” replied Brendan

Ash then stopped and glared at Brendan. Then Ash then says,

“Why don’t you try the next facility Brendan? Let’s see how you do against the next Battle Frontier leader?”

“Ok I will Ash. And I’m going to win that Chaos Emerald while I’m at it,”

Brendan then stuck his tongue at Ash. Ash then stuck his back. Both were now taunting each other with funny faces. Vector then steps in and says,

“You kids need to chill. We get the Chaos Emerald when we do. Sheesh kids these days. always got to have competition,”

“So where exactly is the next facility that was spilt up?” Asked Wally.

Double-D then goes thinking and thinking. He then replies,

“I think it was in Lilycove city where another facility from the Battle Frontier was seen,”

“Well what are we waiting for? Let’s go and win another Chaos Emerald!” Eagerly barked Eddy.

“Too bad we don’t have any means of transportation to get there,” replied Espio.

“We could always run but then again the kids really can’t catch up so we’ll have to think boys,” Vector replied.

Everyone began to think how to get to Lilycove city. They all thought till Ed shouted,

“We can fly like chicken guys,”

“Ed you moron. Don’t you notice we don’t have wing?” Replied Eddy who was now walking over to Ed ready to slap him... When Charmy said,

“Well actually I have wings that can fly,”

Eddy then added in,

“Ok besides Charmy. But really do you really expect me to fly like a chicken,”

“Uh huh uh huh,” replied our gullible little Ed.

Eddy then was about to shout when Double-D grabbed Eddy’s hand and shook his head in disappointment. He then said,

“Perhaps chickens cannot fly but we can try a different way to fly?”

The group then stared at him and Brendan then asked,

“What other ways cane we fly Double-D?”

Double-D then looks unsure but proceeds to say,

“Well I was thinking if we can merely borrow a helicopter from the Devon Corporation then maybe they would let us go?”

They all stared at him as if he was crazy but Eddy then said,

“Better then just sitting here doing nothing,”

So the group then went to Devon Corp to see if they would allow them to borrow a transportation device. May was thinking (Well we did save their equipment before, so I wouldn’t see why Mr. Stone wouldn’t let us have a favor or two). The group then finally arrived at the magnificent building of Devon Corp. The building glowed under the sun which at the time was going down. It was pretty tall and a couple stories high. The group then went to the receptionists and asked,

“May we see Mr. Stone?’

“Go right ahead. After all you kids are the one that helped his corporation,”

The some members of the gang went into the two split elevators. When they reached the top they saw an old man who was in his early 60’s writing out some documents. He had a purple suit with black lines going down it. Like a pinstripe suit. He wore a nice blue tie and a white top hat. He had silver like hair that would glow when hit by light. He then notices them and says,

“Oh well what a nice surprise! It’s good to see you kids again. I saw the Hoenn league finals and was just blown away of how well you kids have done,”

“Hey Mr. Stone! Where here to say hi and other stuff,” replied Eddy.

“Thanks for the comments Mr. Stone,” replied Ash, Brendan, and Wally who now store at each other after the comment. Then we see Espio whispering to Vector,

“Boy this guy sounds like the president back in home,”

“Well that’s what we get for living in Station Square since it’s located in the state of Maryland,”

“Maybe he has a brother?” Asked Charmy.

“How can he have a brother who lives in a different world then he lives in?” Asked Vector back.

Charmy just shrugged and Vector then sighed and continued listening to the others talk. We now see Mr. Stone asking,

“So what can I do for you today? All of Devon Corp are in your debt after you saved our technology from Team Aqua in the past,”

“Well thanks for the comment. You see we need something of yours like a....

But Eddy was cut off when Double-D covered his mouth and replied,


“Oh you guys need tickets to go somewhere? No problem I have enough money for you kids any day,” replied Mr. Stone happily.

“Well not exactly Mr. Stone,” said Wally.

Mr. Stone then looks a little confused of what Wally said and asks,

“Then what exactly do you need?”

“We need a helicopter?” Replied Ash weakly.

Mr. Stone then raises an eyebrow and asks,

“Aren’t you kid’s kind of too young to pilot a helicopter?”

“Not me sir,” replied Vector.

He then walks in front along with Espio and Charmy and Mr. Stone is now frightened and screams,


“Relax president...I mean Corporate owner. We are just wearing some costumes at a costume shop. Aint it spiffy?” Asked Vector.

Mr. Stone then calmed down and replied calmly,

“I’m sorry if I didn’t like your costumes. They just look so real and...well I thought I was dreaming a little,”

Vector smiles and replies,

“It’s alright. Anyway I’m old enough to pilot a helicopter plus I have my license to prove it,”

Vector was now showing his badge, license to drive cars, helicopters, jets, planes, and all sorts of stuff. Mr. Stone then calmly replies,

“You and your associates must be a good force in your police squad,”

“Well actually we just have our own private eye, but yes I was trained by officers before and we were required to learn how to maneuver vehicles and such,” Vector calmly stated.

Mr. Stone then smiles and says,

“Since you’re trained in piloting this vehicle I there by give you authorization over one of our helicopters we own,”

He then calls his receptionist,

“Lily I want a nice Bobcat model of a helicopter tomorrow morning in the roof of this building,”

He then speaks to the group,

“Since detective Vector is willing to be your pilot then you may keep the helicopter that I’m giving to you tomorrow. Okay with you Ash?”

“Sure. We’ll pick it up tomorrow Mr. Stone,” Answered Ash.

“Thanks for the visit kids,” said Mr. Stone when the gang went to the elevators now.

We now see the group emerge out of the building and Eddy is saying,

“Alright now that’s done with *yawns* why don’t we go to a hotel and hit the hay?

The others nodded since they too were tired from the day and all so they walked to a hotel. Before getting in Wally turns around and says,

“Don’t we better disguise those guys?” Who was now looking at our three chaotic detectives.

“Hmm maybe we need to get them some new duds,” May merely said out aloud.

“Wait here and we’ll come back with some clothes for you detectives,” shouted Ash who was running with May, Brendan, Eddie, Double-D, Ed, and Wally were now running to a clothes shop.

Ten minutes later...

We now see Eddy, May, and Brendan carrying what appeared to be a black trench coat and a black top hat. They then tossed them to the detectives. Thankfully each one had their own size so size wasn’t really a problem. Each detective now wore a black trench coat along with a black hat. Ed then says,


“Wow this thing actually looks good on me,” replies Vector.

“Wow I like it May. It feels so comfy and cool looking,” exclaims Charmy.

“Oh thanks Charmy,” said nicely by May. “I do have a thing for the right clothes,”

“Yes. This clothing does look like detectives now. Thank you Double-D for the attire,” bowed Espio.

“Why thank you detective Espio! It really looks good on you,” replied Double-D.

“Thanks Eddy,” said Vector in a pleased voice.

“Got to help a guy who also thinks about the right stuff A.K.A. money!”

“Also you need some sunglasses and a bandana covering your face also,”

Vector was given a red bandana, Espio was given a light blue bandana, and Charmy was given a yellow bandana. They then put on their shades and the gang then walked in. When they walked in people were weirded out by seeing that one guy had a very long nose or mouth (Vector). Some where astonished to see that one had a horn like thing bulging out of his bandana (Espio). The remaining were surprised to see that one of them was like hovering in the air while wearing the clothes (Charmy). Eddy once again payed. This time for two rooms. One for the detectives, and the other for themselves. The gang then went down stairs for some food at a buffet and the team of chaotic detectives was now tossing out their pokeballs ready to train again.

“So what about hold on *chewing* the next Chaos Emerald? What’s the Battle facility there?” Asked Ash who was now chewing on chicken wings.

“I think hold on *slurping* that’s it’s the Battle Dome,” replied Double-D who was drinking a soda.

“Well I think hold on *yum yum* I’ll do well in the Battle Dome. Just what are the rules though?” Asked Brendan who was eating steak.

“I’m don’t know hold on *sucking* what the rules are Birch so all I got to say is good luck,” replied Wally who was sucking noodles from his chicken noodle soup.

“Well I know Brendan here can hold on *Chewing* can beat that leader can’t you Brendan?” Asked May who was now eating macaroni and cheese.

“Of course I can *swallow* I mean after all I didn’t get silver for nothing,” said a grinning Brendan.

“Uh huh yeah whatever just make sure you hold on *eats* win that Chaos Emerald because I can’t wait to get them all,” replied Eddy who was now finishing up his spaghetti and meatballs.

Everyone then finished their food and went out to get desert. They then eyed a special cake. A card near it said,

“Try our new cake. Chocolate jawbreaker cake!

Then May and Eddy screamed out something different,


Both immediately then fought over the piece of cake. They both grabbed the chocolate cake that had mini chocolate jawbreakers, and a very large one on top. Both took the whole cake wanting to try it themselves.

“Let go of my jawbreaker!”

“Let go of my chocolate cake!”

Then Double-D and Ed then tried to help pull Eddy, while Ash, Brendan, and Wally then pulled May. Once again it was tug-of-war. The chain looked like,


He gang then kept playing tug-of-war over the desert. We now see the three detectives entering the room with their pokemon following them. The gang then accidentally let the cake go flying out of Eddy’s and May’s hands and it lands on...


Apparently the three detectives got hit by the cake/jawbreaker desert. Then they all taste it and says,

“This is sweet! Yet then again WHY THE HECK DO WE GET HIT IN THE HEAD WITH A PASTERY AND CANDY!? Screamed Vector.

Vectors Totodile was just eating jawbreakers with its big jaws, while Espio’s Kecleon and Charmy’s Beedrill were eating away at the chocolate.

Later that night everyone was in bed, dressed in warm sleeping clothes, and snoozing away in the hotel. Everyone was also squeaky clean and was tired after the day.

To be continued...

Next chapter will be a little different then others. Why? You’ll see once I get that chapter up.

Flaming Lip
14th June 2005, 1:29 AM
Length: 7/10 Still to short

Originallity: 10/10 Great

Descriptian: 7/10 lacking

Grammar, word Choice, Spelling: 7/10 during the part where they were eating you should've put a '-' or a ',' before they said 'Hold on'

Plot, Charecter: 9/10 Plot suffers, but charecter makes up for it,

40/50 = 80/100=


14th June 2005, 1:54 AM
I must say you are good at crossovers. Fat Albert was random and hilarious. o.o

Found a few grammar errors here and there. First make sure you capitlize all proper nouns, sometimes you didn't do that, like Ash and stuff.

Kick the description up a bit like FL says, nothing much but might as well go back and touch it up here and there.

Characters are really good, keep up the good work!

Also your fic is really funny, like your other work, it can be random at moments but thats the kinda guy I am. =P

14th June 2005, 4:09 AM
Thanks people. I'll try to post another chapter the next day. Maybe I need some help. Descriptuon seems to be my worst category. I mean I can describe but not like a author. Perhaps I need someone to *gulp* help beta my fic?

It's just I want people to know that I wrote that. Not someone else. Should I get a beta? Like PM someone before posting a chapter to see if I got any mistakes?

Bayleef Mistress
14th June 2005, 3:40 PM
If you want the story to be your own work, than you shouldn't. Besides, I think its still good! :)

Flaming Lip
14th June 2005, 8:44 PM
If you want the story to be your own work, than you shouldn't. Besides, I think its still good! :)


It is still his work even if it gets beta-ed, in fact it shows that Wes cares enough to make it better...

I'll be happy to beta for you... I can spot mistakes and such... P.M me if you are intersted.

Beta does not equal writer.

Beta: is an editor, all proffesonal writers have editors

Writer: the person who writes the story


Wow I went through a post without one forced sarcastic remark-

Well that was ruined quickly --;

14th June 2005, 9:35 PM
Are those characters from sonic? they sound familiar! Ok, an original concept thus far, but there seems to be too much speech! Action speaks louder than words! Describe your stuff a bit more, and don't rush things too much. I will not rate your fic now, but I will after I get into the flow of the whole thing. good luck!

14th June 2005, 9:47 PM
Yes they are Sonic characters. I figure I do a story of my two favorite game series and combine them in a good way. Yep decription seems to be still sticking on me like gum that is very very sticky. (In a bad way).

Bayleef Mistress
14th June 2005, 10:20 PM

It is still his work even if it gets beta-ed, in fact it shows that Wes cares enough to make it better...

I'll be happy to beta for you... I can spot mistakes and such... P.M me if you are intersted.

Beta does not equal writer.

Beta: is an editor, all proffesonal writers have editors

Writer: the person who writes the story


Wow I went through a post without one forced sarcastic remark-

Well that was ruined quickly --;

yeah, quicker than i can beat the elite four on my ruby version.....and that's pretty fast!

anyways, of course there is a difference. yeah, Wes cares about his fic. and just because pro writers have editors doesn't necissarily mean that ALL writers need an editor. he was asking for someone's opinion and.......

well, i better stay out of this before i get in trouble. anyways, just do what you think is best, Wes.

15th June 2005, 1:31 AM
Chapter 5-Eggman’s Partner

We now take a break from the Hero side of the story, and take a look at the Dark side of the story. We see Dr. Eggman going down some stairs and his two henchmen Boquo, and Dequo following right behind him. The two robots were confused where Dr. Eggman was planning to go. When they reached the end of the garage they saw Dr. Eggman in his trusty old Egg Mobile. The circular sphere, with the paint of silver across the sides, and black on the bottom, was designed to hold Eggman’s weight, which was pretty big. He then shouted,

“Well? Are you two loaf-heads coming or not?”

“Sorry Doctor,” replied Dequo as the gold robot scrambled to jump in behind him.

“Yes very sorry but where are we going exactly?” Asked Boquo the silver short robot that also jumped in.

Eggman then laughed,

“Heh heh heh. Were getting some help from this organization I was researching while I was here,”

Dequo then simply said in a confused voice,


Boquo also simply said in a confused manner,


“Just watch and learn boys,” replied Eggman.

The floor then began to rise to the roof. Once it reached the top of his fortress, he slammed a red button, and the Egg Mobile then started to fire up its engine and Eggman machine was now activated and ready to go. He slams a blue button and his machine is now moving away from his island.

One hour later...

Eggman descends upon a quiet dark city known as Viridian City. We now see Eggman and his goons in the Egg Mobile while looking down at the quiet city. They saw people around so the decided to land the Egg Mobile on top of the Viridian Gym. We see Eggman get off and stare at the city. He then shouts,

“Soon the Eggman Empire will be established and all these citizens will bow down to me. Dr. Eggman!”

Dr. Eggman is now laughing like a madman. Boquo whispers into Dequos ear,

“Do you think the doctor gets a bit...eccentric?”

“Well he does have a thing for world conquering but no. I think this is his typical self and all,” replied Dequo.

“Stop blabbing and start following!” Snapped Eggman.

The two then saluted after the last remark. Eggman and his two cronies then went down the ladder that was on one part of the building. When they went down they walked to the entrance of the Gym but two guards incased in gladiator armor commanded,


Eggman then grins and sarcastically says,

“Oh I’m so scared. Here take an egg!”

He then hands both guards a white egg. Both look very baffled why they were given eggs. Soon the eggs exploded and what was released in their face was knock out gas. They both muttered the words,


Before hitting the floor. Eggman then whistles and walks past them and into the Gym. Dequo and Boquo stare at the knocked out guards and wonders if they will wake up. Then one of the guards slightly moves a little and they both then scramble after Eggman. We now see a bright office and a man talking to two Rockets. He was dressed in an orange suit, had slick brown hair, a cool green tie, and a very tough look. He was saying,

“So let me get this straight. You two think you know where the location of these gems you tell me of. Correct?”

We now see Jessie and James replying back with,

“Yes boss. The twerps we always chase knows where these jewels are and we want to repay our debt by going after these seven jewels and to prove we are useful to Team Rocket,”

“Well if you two prove you are useful then maybe I’ll help pay you members more often. Anyway get out of my office now because I need to do some thinking,”

Both Jessie and James then reply,


They both march out of the office and close the door. They then meet with Meowth outside who is impatiently tapping his foot. He then asks,

“Well? What now?”

Jessie and James then start to think. Then James replies,

“I think we’ll head back to the Hoenn region tomorrow and go to Lilyclove city to buy some supplies or in our case steal. Then we’ll start searching for those pesky twerps and get those gems,”

“Brilliant Jimmy boy. We’ll soon be rolling in dough,” shouts out Meowth.

The trio then leaves the office but not before encountering an egg shaped man and two robots following him. But they really didn’t care at the moment, as they were too busy with there strategy. We now see the man known as Giovanni in his office who is now closing his eyes and thinking to himself about the jewels. Then suddenly he hears,

“Sorry to bother you sir but a Dr. Eggman wants to see you,” voiced a telephone in his office. Giovanni then looks confused. He did not know any Dr. Eggman and wondered why this man would want to see him. He then replies,

“Send him in,”

After that was immediately heard, Dr. Eggman and his two henchmen Boquo and Dequo then walked into his room. Giovanni then raised an eyebrow after seeing the man but didn’t respond. Then Eggman talks,

“Mr. Giovanni, I’m here to help you attain world domination,”

Giovanni is now interested of what he hears and asks,

“And why would you help me?”

“Because we both have a project if combined that could help us take over the world,”

Giovanni is now looking surprised to hear that and shouts,

“How do you know of my Mewtwo project?”

“I have my sources. I have my own project I code name Project Chaos Shadow. I want to become... partners,” replies Eggman.

“Partners? Well if we were partners what would you need of me?” Replies Giovanni in an uncertain tone.

“All I need is DNA of this Mewtwo creature then I could create the perfect ultimate life form in this world,” replied Eggman.

Giovanni is looking uncertain. He then asks,

“Do you need anything to know for this project of yours?”

Eggman then grins and said in a certain tone, “Only the DNA and everything about the creature, project, and information would be good,”

Giovanni then looks a bit more confident. He then asks,

“If you make this so called perfect ultimate life form then you’re saying that we could rule the world?”

“It’ll be as easy as pie,” replies the evil grinning doctor.

The leader of Team Rocket then sighed. He then smiles and then offers his hand out to Eggman and asks,

“Partners Dr. Eggman?”

“Partners Mr. Giovanni,”

Then from behind Eggman’s back you could see him crossing his fingers. Dequo then whispers into Boquo,

“What exactly is project Mewtwo?”

“I myself am not sure Dequo,” replied Boquo.

“Well since I’m beginning project Mewtwo again I’ll send my documents and info, plus the DNA when it is ready Eggman,”

“This is the beginning of a master plan,” replies Eggman. This time Sonic can’t stop me and I’ll finally rule the world, thinks Eggman.

Then Eggman and his two robots then left the office and went back to the Egg Mobile and went back to his island fortress. We now see a bright control room and his two robots are shooting questions every so often about project Mewtwo. Eggman is getting irritated and yells,

“WILL YOU TWO RUST BUCKETS SHUT UP FOR A MOMENT! I’ll explain what it is then. I was researching Team Rocket by-”

“But how did you research them if they are a secret organization?” Asks Boquo.

“Yes. I never heard of it till now doctor,” adds Dequo.

“It’s called hacking! Don’t you wonder where I obtained the info about the G.U.N. military about where they held Shadow at?”

Both robots merely shrug and Eggman then slaps his face. He then continues,

“Anyway I read this report about this creature called Mewtwo so I researched more. Turns out that Mewtwo is one of the strongest Pokemon that was ever created,”

“Does that make him stronger then Shadow?” Asks Dequo.

“Or Chaos?” Asked Boquo.

“I honestly don’t know. But anyway I figure we add this creatures DNA along with Shadow’s and Chaos’s DNA then I could create the perfect ultimate life form and take over this world,” replied the bad doctor who’s grin was very big right at this moment.

“But what about Mr. Giovanni before?” Says Boquo.

“Isn’t he your partner?” Adds Dequo.

“Nope. It was just a lie to get all the info and DNA needed for my own project. It was like tricking that bone head Knuckles except without Knuckles. Now all we do is wait for him to give the goods and we split on him as soon as we got it all,” replies Eggman who was now laughing again.

Boquo and Dequo were both glad to hear that Eggman had control all over the whole plan But then they ask,

“What about Team Chaotix?”

Eggman then immediately stops laughing and starts to think for a moment. Then he replies,

“Hmm I’m sure those detectives will not ruin my plan. Besides I did get away without paying them like I promised,”

Both robots then nod their heads. They all remembered that faithful incident that happened recently. The most recent meeting between Chaotix and Eggman went like this.

We see a prison room and the three detectives were there, staring at an Eggman who was now sitting on the floor. We now see Vector interrogating Eggman with a question,

“Well then who was it? Who locked you up here for trying to conquer the world?

Eggman is quiet for a moment or two, He then replies,

“It was...

Eggman then stops talking unsure whether to tell who really locked him up. Vector then asks once again, only with more feel and volume in terms of noise.

We now see a very huge metal battleship. A tall figure is standing on a rod at top of the ship. A blue, hedgehog, a red echidna with spiked gloves, an yellow fox with propeller shaped tails, an pink hedgehog with big hammer and red shirt, a big fat, purple striped blue cat with a frog on its shoulder, a cream colored rabbit with big ears, another hedgehog this one being black with red and black striped hair, a bat with suit and wings, a robot that was big, red, and black with some shades of green and yellow. Are now seen staring at the figure. The figure standing on the rod then says,

“All living things kneel before your master!”

He then summons lightning with his metal claws and blows the tower up he is on. Then a hurricane of metal started surrounding him. That was when Chaotix and Eggman arrived to the scene watching the madness begin. The creature then finally turned into a metal monster and roared ferociously. It had dark blue coloring, the face of a dragon, claws as huge and sharp as swords, spikes that shot out of his back and was very powerful.

The blue hedgehog then asks,

“What is that thing?”


Everyone that knew that name was so baffled, and shocked to see what Metal Sonic has done to himself. Eggman then explains,

“It's useless! Metal Sonic has combined your data with the power of Chaos and is super strong! We can't defeat it!”

He then cries out in frustration as his ultimate creature turned against him. Team Chaotix then shouted,

“It ain’t useless till you meet our crew Eggman! We have a nice surprise for this party and we ain’t giving up!”

Team Chaotix then shows everyone the Chaos Emeralds they collected, and Eggman then replied,


Then the blue hedgehog then spoke,

“Don’t worry. I Sonic took Metal down before I can do it again!”

The following plan was get. Team Sonic, Sonic The hedgehog, Miles Tails Prower, and Knuckles The Echidna, enough time to charge up using the Chaos emeralds. While the others, including Vector, Charmy, and Espio, had to distract Metal and try to help by damaging him. After a long battle, Metal gets furious and decides to take the battle to the sky. He then forms large metal wings and soars roaring his anger out. That was when Team Sonic transformed into their super forms and fought with Metal.

After that battle Metal Sonic then lost to them all. The calamity finally stopped and everyone succeeded in what they wanted. Well not really with our three detectives. After the long battle with Metal Sonic, the three detectives noticed something.

“Well, I guess that's it for this case,” merely said Vector out loud.

“Guess so,” stated by Espio.

“But Vector what about our money?’ Asked by Charmy.

“OH MAN I ALMOST FORGOT!” Screamed Vector.

The three then turned to face Eggman who was already running away from the three. They then chased him but when they managed to corner him at the edge of the battleship ready to beat the living daylights out of him. Dequo and Boquo showed up in the Egg Mobile and Eggman immediately jumped in and made a serious run for it.

We now go back to present day and Eggman merely shouts,

“If Chaotix are here, then I’ll be ready for those punks,”

The two robots then are walking away when Eggman grabs both and shouts,

“Where do you think you’re going you two?”

“To sleep?” Replies both robots.

“Find. But tomorrow you two will have a special assignment to work on,”


“Yes assignment,” replies Eggman.

To be continued...

17th June 2005, 11:57 PM
Chapter 6-Rumble in the Battle Dome

We now see the morning sun slowly creeping its way toward the sky. The hotel rooms are now being bathed with the golden sunlight. Everyone was rubbing their eyes to the sun and we hear everyone mumble,

“Good morning,”

We now see everyone in their usual attire and we now see Eddy knocking on the detectives doors saying,

“Any sleepy heads in there?”

The hotel door opens and everyone’s eyes are bulging at the moment. Apparently detective Vector was wearing a light blue bathrobe holding a teddy bear in his left hand.

“Yeah what are you kids looking at?”

“Umm nothing Mr. Vector,” May shot out quick out of her tongue. Everyone apparently was trying to sustain the laughter but seeing Vector with a teddy bear really amused them.

“So what do you kids want anyway?” Asked the private eye.

“We need you guys to drive the helicopter, remember? Because we aren’t exactly old enough for this task,” replied Wally’s smart mouth.

“Alright. We’ll be ready in ten minutes,”

In that amount of time we now see the three detectives come out of the door fully dressed in their new clothes. Then we see Vector place his shades and bandana over his face and says loudly,

“Well we going or not?”

Everyone then began to walk toward the elevator and wait to be carried down. We now see a very different place. It was also morning and we see a small room with two separate beds. In one lay Dequo. The tall robot was now yawning wearing a sleeping cap. The other that also wakes was Boquo who also wore a sleeping cap. Both robots yawned as they wake up only to have their door open and to hear,

“Well sleepy heads. Today is the day you two begin your task at hand,"

“Well what is it doctor?”

Dr Eggman’s mouth starts to open as he grins at the thought of what he planned today.

“Alright loaf-heads. Your mission today is to find me a Chaos Emerald in a city called Lilyclove,”

Both robots then went confused. Did Dr. Eggman already know all the locations of the Chaos Emeralds? Or did he simply read a newspaper article about something? Boquo then asks,

“Umm doctor? Why are we looking in this city?”

“Doctor. Do you already know the locations of all the Chaos Emeralds?” Asked Dequo.

Eggman then kicked both robots and simply yelled out,


“Sorry doctor please continue,” replied Dequo.

“Very sorry,” added Boquo.

“Where was I. Oh yes. I read an article this morning and it says about a man named Tucker showing off this jewel he found. Your mission is to retrieve that Chaos Emerald from him and do whatever it takes to get it. Understand?”

Both robots then think for a moment or two. Then they ask,

“Can we have some back up?”

Eggman then raises an eyebrow and thinks for some moments. He then hands them both a remote and shouts,

“Fine. These remotes should send in some robots of mine whenever you need them. Only use them when necessary. Understand?”

Both robots then saluted and nodded, and soon marched out the door. We now go to Devon Corp where on top of the building laws a very nice looking helicopter. It is painted perfectly white with stripes of blue, red, and green. It is shining like a star. Our gang is pleased to see such a beautiful aircraft being handed toward them. Then Eddy yells,

“Well what are we waiting for? Let’s get on that and start moving,”

Everyone boards the helicopter and we see the detectives in the piloting room. Charmy is now shouting,


“Be careful Charmy. We don’t want any accidents while to happen like a crash with you being hyper and all,” replied Espio.

“Whatever fellas. Let’s go because the sooner we go the faster we’ll get that Chaos Emerald,” shouted Vector and started up the engine.

The helicopter starts to shake. The propellers start spinning rapidly like the blades of a blender. Wind blows a lot and the vehicle then started moving upward toward the sky and then started hovering over Rustboro and was heading to Lilycove City.

An hour later we see a magnificent big City near the ocean. The city was famous for having a Gym, contest hall, department stores, and now a Battle Facility. The helicopter then lands near the beach and we see Brendan getting out and shouting,


We now see Wally whispering to Ash,

“Too bad his ego is so lame,”

Both then chuckled after that. Brendan then sarcastically replied,

“Oh I’m so confident that my ego is going to burst and I’ll lose like some wimp right?”

Both then even chuckled even more before hearing Brendan cry out in frustration. May then laughed a little then merely said,

“Easy boys. I think Bread Boy here can win that emerald,”

“Bread boy?” Asks everyone.

“I think I heard Fat Albert mutter in his mouth, “Hmm that Brendan boy has hair that reminds me of some nice subs I ate. Maybe it be cool if I call him Bread Boy,” well I think Bread Boy would be a nice change of pace for a nickname. Don’t you think Bread Boy?”

Brendan then looked confused for a moment or two. The girl he loved had a bad nickname for him yet didn’t want to disappoint her so he merely said,

“Umm yeah sure May. I guess Bread... Boy can work,”

Vector is now whispering to Espio,

“Boy he reminds me of Knuckles when everyone called him knucklehead,”

“I see what you mean,” whispered Espio back.

The Ed’s weren’t really as patient as everyone else. Then Eddy shouted,


“Yeah the kids right. We better move on alright?” Asked Vector.

They all then nod and head toward the Battle Dome in the city, when they arrive they see a large dome like building. It is huge and has the colors of white and red. It has huge windows in the front of the building and is glowing in the sun like a giant Poke Ball. We see the gang walk in the building. They walk to a receptionist desk and a women sitting there asks,

“How may we help you trainers today?”

“I would like to battle the leader of this facility and what are the rules for the battle?” asks Brendan.

“Certainly. Anyone may fight with the Battle Leader as long as they bet something as valuable as a jewel and here is a pamphlet on the rules of our facility,” replied the receptionist who handed Brendan a pamphlet.

He then sat on a couch in the room and read the following rules out loud,

“One-You may only choose three Pokemon. Two-Your opponent and you can examine each other’s Pokemon before the battle. Three- is you may only choose two pokemon for the battle. Four- good luck in all battles trainers,”

Then he stares at the pamphlet and then complains,

“Hey wait a minute! Ash didn’t get his opponent to look at his Pokemon till the actual battle. How come I have to do it?”

“Because life has no mercy upon your soul and because it just is Bread Boy,” replied Wally.

“Grr,” mumbles Brendan in frustration.

Vector sees this and decides to help by giving some advice.
“Hey kid, don’t worry. Let me tell you a story of a friend of mine that he told me about,”

Everyone in the room then is silent and focuses their attention to Vector. Vector is now rubbing his bandana and then begins to talk.

“Well a pal of mine named Knuckles had a tough time in the past. He said he was guarding... let’s say a very big emerald. One day he was snoozing and relaxing, nothing big so far right? Then he meets this...girl that attempts to steal his emerald. Then Eggman shows out of nowhere and then also tries to steal right? Then Knuckles then has no choice to break the Emerald shattering it in a ton of pieces and separates in a lot of different places,”

Brendan still looks frustrated of what he heard so far. Then he asks,

“Didn’t Knuckles also get frustrated of what he did? I mean it be pretty hard to find them all don’t you think?”

Vector then chuckled a bit and then continued his story.

“Well of course he was annoyed. But he dealt with the odds and succeeded. He managed to find that emerald so don’t worry man, even if your foe has a strategically lead. So relax man,”

Brendan then looks pretty glad after hearing that story. He then says to the others,

“Your right detective Vector. If Knuckles can deal with the odds then I can also,”

Then we see Brendan then running toward a door and the others follow. We now see them in a battlefield looking around. All the audience seats were filled and the spot light was on the whole stage. They then see doors open on the other side and a man who dressed in a purple and white jump suit came walking out. His hair was as purple as Espio’s skin color, and a gold belt was on his head locking his hair in place, and his hair stuck out in the corners of his face. His suit covered his torso, and below and there was three silver-like wings on each side of his suit. He is moonwalking and dancing to large stereos with pop music on. When he gets on stage and then says,

“Well hello everybody! My names Tucker and I’m ready to battle today’s challenger!”

The audience then cheered for him. Brendan then steps up to the stage and says,

“I’m here for a battle and I’m willing to bet this jewel of mine,”

He then motions Ash to toss up his blue Chaos Emerald and he then catches it. He then proceeds to say,

“I’m willing to bet this for yours,”

Tucker then takes a purple Chaos Emerald out of his pocket and shows it to our gang. The second emerald captivates everyone since it sparkles even more then the first and it looks really beautiful. We now hear Eddy running towards Brendan and now whispering in his ear,

“Win that emerald and I’ll make sure we Ed’s won’t make fun of your status as a trainer never again,”

Need Realplayer and wait for the music to come up. For people who played as a certain red echidna will know this song well from a certain Battle game and it’s original.

We now see Vector and his pals walking over to the CD player. Charmy takes the disk out and decides to switch it for a certain song describing a pal of theirs.

We now see Tucker releasing his three Poke balls and out came a Swampert, Charizard, and a Salamence. His three Pokemon looked really tough and were ready to fight. Brendan then tossed out his own Poke balls and out came, Swampert, Magcargo, and Tropius. Tucker then exclaims,

“So I’m not the only one with a Swampert. Hmm I think I know the two to pick for battle,”

Tucker then recalls all his Pokemon and so did Brendan. They then tosses their first Poke ball and out came, a Tropius, and a Salamence.

“Well let’s get this party started!” says Tucker.

“Tropius use magical leaf now,” commanded Brendan.

“Dodge and use take down now,” commanded Tucker.

Tropius then begins firing a barrage of leafs that sparkled toward Salamence. Salamence just tries to move out to the side but the leafs followed and dealt damage. Salamence then went charging toward Tropius and Brendan then shouted,

“Sweet scent quick,”

Tropius then released a very sweet odor through the whole room. Everyone that smelled the scent was having their eyes too droopy for a moment or two. Including Salamance who now was missing to hit Tropius due to the sweet fragrance. Brendan then sighed as his Pokemon nearly avoided a beat down, and then ordered,

“Alright so far so good. Now use stomp attack,”

“Salamence counter with your flamethrower quick,” ordered Tucker.

Tropius then went charging and when it got near Salamence it made its foot go above Salamence’s head and was ready to slam it down when Salamence fired bursts of flames at Tropius torso making it fall back with a charred torso.

Tucker then shouted,

“Finish it of with fire blast Salamence,”

Brendan then thought fast what the next move should be. He then yelled out,

“Synthesis now!”

As the ball of fire struck Tropius, it was then bathed in green light then after the assault, it looked like no one ever damaged it in the first place. Then we now see Tucker shouting,

“Use brick break now!”

“Dodge and use bullet seed Tropius,” ordered Brendan.

Tropius then was being chased by Salamence as the dragon pokemon tried to land a good brick break punch on it. While flying through the air Tropius shot bullet seeds back at Salamence who also had a hard time dodging. It eventually fell because of some shots and hit the floor but was still ready to fight.

“Use sunny day Tropius,” commands Brendan.

“Use a flamethrower while it’s using sunny day Salamence,” orders Tucker.

Salamence then waits for Tropius to use an attack where Tropius would send up a fiery weather ball toward the roof where sunlight would come from then. Salamence then fires an onslaught of flames toward Tropius. Brendan then yelled,


The Tropius then fired a beam of sun energy at the flames destroying them and then the energy beam pounded Salamence and it then finally had its head fall in defeat. Tucker recalled his pokemon and commented with,

“Boy. I guess being the son of a researcher does have its strategy perks,”

“Thanks. You’re pretty good in battle also,” replied Brendan.

“Alright come out Swampert,” shouted Tucker.

“When his Swampert came out he immediately ordered the attack,


The Swampert then shot out an icy/cold wind assault and Tropius fell down frozen and out of the round. The audience then grew excited as their battle leader now made things more even. Brendan then recalled his Tropius and took out a Poke ball and his own Swampert came in the place. Eddy was once again chewing his nails off, the detectives just relaxed listening to the music they put in, and the rest of the gang was cheering for Bread Boy. Brendan then commands,


“Use protect Swampert,” commanded Tucker.

Brendan’s Swampert then pounded the floor sending the ground toward Tucker’s but it then used an invisible shield to protect itself from the blast. Then after the attack Tucker then shouted,

“Use ice beam now!”

“Use your own protect and fire back with a toxic attack,” ordered Brendan.

Tucker’s Swampert then launched a beam of ice toward Brendan’s but it just repeated the move that Tuckers used before and was once again protected. Then it fired a poisonous glob toward Tuckers and was inflicted poison.

“NOOOOO! I’ll play dirty also, use your own toxic Swampert,” Yells Tucker.

Brendan then smiled thinking of a plan to delay his opponent long enough to win. He then shouted,

“Use hydro pump on the toxic it spits out Swampert,”

Tuckers Swampert then fired a huge poisonous glob of poison toward Brendan’s but it then fired a large amount of water and the poison was washed away into nothing. Tucker then thinks of something quickly and orders,

“Use mud shot,”

“Use water gun toward each mud coming toward you,” commanded Brendan boldly.

Tuckers then fired a volley of mud toward Brendan’s Swampert, but it countered the move with a shower of water. Tucker was getting frustrated and decided to let Brendan’s Swampert attack his own. Brendan was then confused but said, “Okay use brick break now!”

Brendan’s Swampert then is coming towards Tuckers ready for a powerful punch when Tucker then shouts,

“Now use counter!”

Tuckers Swampert then surrounded itself with a force field and when Brendan’s made contact...


Brendan’s Swampert then punches itself in the face and fell on the floor. It was still willing to battle but struggled to get back up. Brendan then mumbles,

“Oh crap,”

Tucker then regains the advantage. He then ordered one last move, which was,

“Use earthquake and end this fight!”

Tucker’s Swampert was about to pound the floor but suddenly it fell in defeat. Tucker then realized that the poison had overtaken his Pokemon. He then recalled his Pokemon and everyone in the stage had an uproar. Then we are seeing Eddy screaming,


Everyone then came up to congratulate Brendan. May then hugged him and whispered,

“You did great Bread Boy!”

Brendan then blushed and simply mumbled,

“Thanks May,”

“Great strategy Brendan. Excellent tactics,” compliments Double-D.

“So does that mean we own two of those pretty rocks?” Asked Ed.

“I knew you can do it kid. Give me five!” Asked Vector who was now raising his gloved hand.

Brendan then raised his hand and gave a high five. We now see Wally saying,

“Alright Birch I guess you’re still pretty good. Even though I still think you just got lucky,”

Ash then adds,

“Sorry about earlier and joking ‘bout you,”

Brendan was all smiles and then replied,

“It’s alright guys. We all after all a team,”

Then we see Tucker walking toward Brendan and he then says,

“Well done Brendan. That was one of the best battles I ever had. No wonder you’re second place in the Hoenn league,”

“It isn’t much really. Thanks for an awesome battle,” replies Brendan.

“Since you beat me fair and square then you earned this jewel also,” said Tucker as he handed him the purple Chaos Emerald.

The gang then walked outside and we now see Brendan yelling,


“Too bad you’re going to give that jewel to us,” replied two voices.

The group them looked up ahead to see Jessie and James who were waitng for them outside. Both groups then stared at each other in silence.

To be continued...

Thanks Flaming Lip for all the help and advice so far! Also thanks everyone else for the support.

Bao Zakeruga
19th June 2005, 3:19 AM
This is the best fanfic I've ever read.Keep up the good work!

19th June 2005, 3:27 AM
Thanks! I'll try to get the next chapter posted as soon as possible. Around Monday or earlier if I could work in peace from my parents who are constantly giving me chores every moment.

Kazuki Mirai
19th June 2005, 7:03 AM
You sure are good with crossovers. O.O And the foreign guy in Ed, Edd, n Eddy is called Rolf not Ralph.

19th June 2005, 3:05 PM
Thanks! A lot of people tell me that! Some chapters i focus on some group of charcters, then some chapters I like to focus on another group. This last chapter was more on the Pokemon characters.

Next chapter will focus more on the Sonic characters because... well you guys will see.

Bayleef Mistress
19th June 2005, 3:52 PM
Something about sonic! Yeah! I've gone coo-coo for the little hedgehog. I got Sonic Advance 3 like two days ago. You're doing better on your chapters, especially on the length. Just proofread a little bit and correct the puncuation and spelling errors. I downloaded one off of the internet for free. Once I find the link I'll give it to you. It has a spell check dictionary.

19th June 2005, 4:03 PM
Thanks Bayleef Mistress! Thanks to everyone who is trying to make my story better.

Here's something for all to think about while waiting for my next chapter.
Do you think Eggman has any tricks up his sleeve for our trainers?

Bayleef Mistress
19th June 2005, 4:18 PM
That stupid robot machine on Sonic advance 3. You know, the zone 5 boss. I hate that machine! Anyways, maybe a bomb.

19th June 2005, 4:22 PM
Maybe, maybe not. But people who play most Sonic games should recognize some contraptions of his. I think I better stop chatting and go back to working on my next chapter. Sorry.

Bayleef Mistress
19th June 2005, 5:20 PM
That's okay. Maybe he'll use that wallclimber thingy...............anyways, I want everybody to read my sig if its not too much of a burden...............

20th June 2005, 2:49 AM
Chapter 7-A Carnival Of Pawns

“TEAM ROCKET!” Screamed everyone except the detectives.

“We decided that taking those jewels from you would be much easier then finding them on our own so hand them over twerps,” barked Jessie.

“We want those jewels now so don’t mess with Team Rocket,” shouted James.

“Yeah we want them rocks now or thing’s aint gonna look good,” added Meowth.

We now see Boquo and Dequo walking around the city. Then Boquo then asked,

“Now what building was where the man named Tucker was last seen in Dequo?”

“I think it was somewhere called the Battle Dome,”

The two robots were then still talking but they didn’t know that they just bumped into James and Jessie. Then everyone stared at each other while they were all on the large concrete floor with the sun high in the sky. Then Vector yells,


“EGGMAN!” Yelled everyone else except the robots and detectives.

Both robots then panicked and then ran into each other. Boquo shouted,

“Team Chaotix! They already found us?”

“Wait Boquo,” said Dequo. “We have an emergency just in case something like this happens remember?”

Both robots then pulled a remote out and pressed the button. Nothing happened so far. They pressed again and nothing happened. They kept pressing yet nothing happened. Jessie was just getting impatient and she barked,

“I don’t know what is going on here but we have no time to waste now hand over the-“

She was cut off when the Egg Mobile appeared and Eggman was in it.

“EGGMAN!” Screamed the detectives.

“Well, well, well. If it isn’t those brats and those annoying vigilantes,”

“Dr Eggman! You’re back?” Asked Ash.

“We beat him before, we can beat this punk again,” added Brendan.

“Yeah what can you do this time doctor?” Asked Wally.

“Guys I don’t think its best to taunt him because I think he’s getting really angry right now,” replied May.

“You’re right I’m getting mad but have a carnival!” Shouted the bad doctor.

“A what?” Asked by Eddy.

Then suddenly red robot birds surrounded the place and they all dropped what appeared to be small robots with the face of Eggman. They all wore some casino attendant suit and they all held a joust in their hand. Espio then immediately yells,


Everyone, even Team Rocket, left the concrete arena and only Vector, Espio, and Charmy there ready to fight. They then tossed out their pokeballs and stared at the Egg Pawns that surrounded them. Vectors Totodile was on his head, while Espio’s Kecleon and Charmy’s Beedrill were right next to the two. Eggman then yelled,


All the robots then started to charge toward the three. The three then started attacking with their own attacks. Vector was firing his flame breath, while his Totodile helped by water gunning some robots. Espio and Kecleon had to deal with a different wave of bots. Espio launched a multitude of ninja stars, while Kecleon attacked with its cut attack slicing some Egg Pawns in half. Charmy and his Beedrill focused tackling Egg Pawns into other ones which resulted in some explosions. All the detectives continued their assaults when we hear May ask, hiding in a bush with the others,

“You boys had to taunt Eggman did you?”

Ash, Brendan, and Wally looked very embarrassed at the moment. They knew because of their taunting they increased the risk of them in danger. We now see Eddy whispering into Double-D’s ear,

“Dr. Eggman has killer robots!”

“I honestly don’t know why but I have a feeling they don’t call him doctor for nothing,” whispered Double-D.

“Maybe we should eat an apple a day, and keep the bad doctor away?” Whispered Ed.

“Quiet boys I’m trying to watch,” replied Eddy.

The fight was still going and detectives and their pokemon just managed to defeat the first wave of robots. Eggman then commented,

“Not bad! But let’s see how you deal with this!”

He then blew a whistle he held and more robots were coming. From the sky more Egg Pawns came. Now they held spiked shields and machine guns. Vector then muttered,

“Uh oh this isn’t going to be pretty. Hey kids!”

He then got the attention of our gang and Ash shouted,

“What is it detective Vector?”

“Get as much bubble gum as you can from a store or anything and remember I prefer grape!”

The gang then went running toward the Lilycover department store. Jessie and James decided to follow them and see what exactly was going on here. We now go back to Chaotix as the detectives are only dodging the machine gun fire waiting for the right opportunity to strike. We now see Espio taunting all the robots saying,

“Come and get me suckers,”

All the Egg Pawns then suddenly started running toward Espio. Then he jumped in the air and performed his leaf swirl move. He basically made a tornado around the enemies by spin dashing around them very fast and all their spiked shield then went away. Then Espio quickly told the others to unleash an offensive assault with their pokemon. Charmy’s Beedrill then fired pin missiles, Vector’s Totodile fired water gun, while Espio’s Kecleon fired thunderbolt toward the bots. When the water and electricity all the bots got fried and the pin missiles just made each one explode. Eggman then yelled


We now see the gang arrive at the department store panting and out of breath. Then a store clerk comes up and asks,

“How may I help you?”

Eddy then grabs the worker and whispers,

“Need bubble gum. Tons and tons of bubble gum. Get me grape and if they have it cotton candy flavor. NOW!”

The worker then rushes off to find the bubble gum. They are all panting and tired from running all the way here. Then Wally asks,

“Maybe we should stock up on bubble gum for future reference since Eggman looks like he has a ton of machines that are made for destruction,”

“Yeah. How does that guy do it?” Asked Brendan

“Well we better get that gum as soon as possible then we can stop Eggman in the time being,” replied Ash.

Five minutes later...

The worker then returns with seven bags of gum and placed a bag in each person’s hands. Then the clerk ran the prices and then said,

“How will you be paying this? Cash? Check? Credit card? Rain check? Trade ins-“

But the group just ran outside and Eddy managed to toss a bunch of bills at the guy as they ran. They were all running down the street when suddenly they bumped into Jessie and James. And they all dropped the tied bags on the floor.

“Thanks twerps we’ll be taking them sweets to ‘ave a nice bite on,” stated Meowth.

The Rockets then each grabbed some bags of gum and made a run for it. The gang then started chasing them. Back to Chaotix who were now dodging bombs being dropped by flappers. Basically Egg Pawns with no feet and wings instead to hover. They had to dodge the blast till the gum was back because these were protected with titanium armor and only Vectors bubble gum bomb assault can damage them. Eggman was happy watching the fight knowing he had the chance to defeat them he laughed,

“So long pests. You’ve three have been a thorn in my side since you wrecked my plans for my evil theme park a long time ago,”

Vector then shouted,

“Well actually it’s the other way around since technically you ruined our theme park so were not responsible for angering Metal Sonic. Well maybe we are but you get the idea,”

“The only idea I’ll get is when I see you three blasts to bits. HAHAHAHAHAHA!” Laughed the very bad doctor.

Back to Team Rocket who then ran into a wall since they weren’t paying attention while running. They dropped the bags of gum and were knocked out cold. We now see the gang catch up and Eddy saying,

“Thanks for the gum, now its time for us to run!”

The gang then hurried back to the detectives while Team Rocket also followed in pursuit. We now see Chaotix dodging the blast from the armored flappers. Eggman is now smiling but it then turns upside down as soon as he sees our gang. Eggman then jumps out of the Egg Mobile and punches Ash right in the face and takes his bag of gum and jumps back on the Egg Mobile. He then shouts,

“Too bad I got the goods so Mr. Vector over there can’t get his gum. Heh heh heh,”

“Ash you alright?” Asked a concerned May.

You can see a large bruise where he was punched but Ash slowly nodded his head and then fainted. Everybody got angry and then they tossed their bags of gum toward Vector. Eggman then screams in terror as he realized the gang had more gum. Vector then smiles and says,

“Now for my first trick I’ll show you kids how to make burnt scrap metal!”

He then placed some gum in his mouth and started chewing rapidly. Everyone watched as he blew the huge purple grape flavored gum toward the silver armored flappers and when they made contact...


All the flappers blew apart. Eggman grew angrier. He then blew on the whistle even harder and more robots came. This time he decided to go for an aerial assault with his falcos. Robots that looked like small red birds that can shoot small blasts of cannon fire. Charmy then yells,

“Let me and Beedrill handle these guys!”

Charmy then flew in the air and started taunting the falcos. They then started to chase him and firing red energy but Charmy’s maneuvers through the sky was just good enough to dodge them. He then shouts,

“Okay Beedrill use pin missile when I lure them close enough alright?”

The Beedrill nodded its head and started to charge up the pin missiles and waited. Charmy then flew past Beedrill and it started firing at the falcos destroying them.
Eggman then whistled more robots and this time they were Camerons. Turtle like robots that with a cannon on its back that could fire electric shockwaves. Espio then moved like the wind and said,

“Hey turtle bots! You guys are so slow that you can’t even beat a snail in a race!”

The Camerons then turned their attention toward Espio and started charging up their attack when suddenly all of them blow up because of Espio’s Kecleon who used fury swipes on each robot to slice them. Espio then comments,

“You have done well student,”

Eggman’s face was getting redder now. He then whistled again and this time robots called Klagens. They were jelly fish like bots with one eye and could suck up and hold people. Vector and his Totodile grinned because it was turn to beat up some robots. First Vector used some bubble gum to burn some of the Klagens. Then his Totodile fired water over all of them short-circuiting them. Then Vector started body slamming them and his Totodile started head butting at some. Soon they also blew up in bits. Eggman had a face fully red and whistled one last time so hard it broke and screamed,


“WHAT!” Screamed Brendan.

Suddenly one giant armored robot fell. It was an Egg Hammer. They were big, strong, tough, and held huge hammers. They were part of Eggman’s stronger bots. Then the metal giant slowly walked toward the gang with its hammer raised.

“Wow that’s one big robot!” Exclaimed Wally.

“And that’s one big hammer!” Also exclaimed Brendan.

“I say we run for it and hope we don’t become pancakes!” shouted Eddy.

“I concur!” shouted Double-D.

The group then made a run for it. But Brendan noticed May and Ash were still back there. Brendan yelled,


But May still kneeled over Ash who barely moved after getting a hard punch to the face. She then whispered to his ears,

“Come on Ash. I know you’re in there. Please wake up!”

Eggman just grinned as his giant robot neared Ash and May. He then yelled,

“I hope you kids like being scrambled egg! HAHAHAHAHA!”

The robot then was right next to the two. It then raised its hammer ready to strike the two, and May just covered her head and closed her eyes and hoped this was not the end. It was about to pound the two when suddenly...


The Egg Hammer then stopped and looked behind it. Apparently the detectives were attacking it. Then Charmy shouted,

“Pick on someone your own size fatty!”

The Egg Hammer then started toward them ready to crush them with its giant hammer. Then Vector shouted,


“Ready,” replied Espio and Charmy.

They all then screamed out the words,


Beedrill, Kecleon, and Totodile then began charging up an attack. Beedrill started charging up a hyper beam, Kecleon was charging up a solar beam, and Totodile charged up an ice beam. Then all three attacks went into each other and formed one giant power beam that blasted the Egg Hammer. Apparently it went like,




The robot was destroyed in the explosion from the force of the attack. Everyone then closed his or her eyes to not see the smoke. After the smoke cleared we now see Boquo, Dequo, Eggman, and the Egg Mobile all charred up and dizzy. Dequo and Boquo were dumbfounded while Eggman just coughed out some smoke and shouted out loud,

“Don’t get too excited boys. Those were the easy ones!” Heh heh heh! This isn’t the last you heard of Dr. Eggman!”

He then hit the engine and the Egg Mobile slowly flowed upwards then headed south of where they were. Eggman had lost big time and now was forced to retreat. They all ran up to Chaotix and we hear May say,

“Thank you detective Vector, Espio, and Charmy. Without you guys me and Ash would have been scrambled eggs and I don’t want to be like that when I grow up,”

“Man you guys are so cool! I wish you battle with us sometimes,” asked Brendan.

“You showed that loser what you’re made of! Now that’s what I call cool!” Shouted Eddy.

“Spectacular performance in the saving our lives,” stated Double-D.

“Maybe you guys should compete for the Chaos Emeralds form now on,”

Vector, Espio, and Charmy smiled after hearing all the great comments about them. But then Espio said,

“Thank you but it was the pokemon not us that also helped,” who now patted Kecleon on the head.

“Yeah without them we would have lost,” added Charmy who now petting his Beedrill.

“Well kids I guess we better help your friend there,” asked Vector.

They all stared at Ash who was still unconscious. Vector then carried Ash and replied,

“He better not make my new duds dirty because I like this black trench coat along with the shades and red bandana,”

They all walked toward the hospital and they waited for Ash to recover. While waiting everyone was chewing on some gum since they had so much of it and was blowing the purple and sky blue spheres only to pop them with their fingers later and to begin chewing again. Eventually he came out with some bandages on his left cheek. May then ran up to him and shouted,

“Ash you’re okay!”

Ash just blushed and Wally and Brendan just got jealous at the moment but were remained silent.

“Thanks. What happened after I got knocked out?” Asked Ash.

“Vector and his pals blew up that robot then beat up Eggman and saved you and May,” replied Eddy.

Ash then walked over to Vector and offered his hand out and said,


Vector then replied,

“No problem kid,”

Then Ash just then shook with Vectors gloved hand and that was the end of that day. The gang decided to take a break and head back to the hotel and everyone just had a quick dinner and went to bed for the night. We now see Team Rocket at the charred battlefield where the Robot Carnival fight took place. Then we hear Mewoth simply yelled,


To be continued...

Sike Saner
20th June 2005, 6:21 PM
Well, I finally got around to checking this out! Having not had the experience of reading this story's predecessor, I was not expecting the Eds - what a pleasant surprise! And I was definitely not expecting Fat Albert, let alone Fat Albert breakdancing with a Snorlax - that was just frickin' sweet. I love randomness... :D

"I'LL SHOW YOU A PASSWORD!" Yelled Vector who started punching the door, and soon it went flying.

"This is sweet! Yet then again WHY THE HECK DO WE GET HIT IN THE HEAD WITH A PASTERY AND CANDY!? Screamed Vector.

Vector is getting the best lines here, he really is.



Eggman then jumps out of the Egg Mobile and punches Ash right in the face and takes his bag of gum and jumps back on the Egg Mobile.

My brain went straight into instant replay mode with this - again and again. Punch, punch, punch... :p Now, don't start thinking I'm anti-Ash or anything - it's just that where the frell else are you going to see Ash getting socked in the face by Dr. Eggman? It's just an image too delightfully weird to let go of...Punch, punch, punch...

Eddy was once again chewing his nails off, the detectives just relaxed listening to the music they put in, and the rest of the gang was cheering for Bread Boy.

Brendan "Bread Boy" Birch - nifty. :p

"Because life has no mercy upon your soul and because it just is Bread Boy," replied Wally.

That was just awesome.

This is both quite original and quite fun. I look forward to more. :D
And feel free to bring back Fat Albert!

20th June 2005, 6:27 PM
Thanks! I might bring him back in a future chapter! If you want to read the prequeal to this story it should be in the shipping fics second page.Don't worry I already finished that one a long time ago.

Bao Zakeruga
20th June 2005, 10:59 PM
Another good chapter.This story keeps getting better and better!

Twilight Absol
21st June 2005, 3:49 AM
Hmmm.... Just read the first chaptered and it was okay, the combining of the games seems to form a somewhat original idea, and the 3 main characters that I've seen are original indeed. However, I notice that you have a common mistake in your fic.

You don't need capitalized letters after an ", and in the cases that I've seen, they are definitely not needed. Another thing I would like to point out is the abusage of the " We now see...." Like any other word, too much of it gets repetitive and annoying, so I reccomend lowering the usage of the phrase or stop alltogether....
This fic is pretty average, with a few great ideas that can be taken farther and to a greater extent. I think you can do better, and certainly improve in some areas....

21st June 2005, 3:57 AM
The phrase "We now see"??? I suppose but I also want there to be like a narrator (Me) guiding the next event though. I guess I'll try to lower those words a little. What exactly are those ideas that I can further develop?

22nd June 2005, 1:22 AM
Okay, lets see...

Description: Nice...not too bad!
Characters: You do well at keeping the anime characters true, that's always a plus.
Plot: Interesting...although I was expecting the current Houen party to meet up with Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles.

Rating: ;025; ;025; ;025;

Not a bad start!

22nd June 2005, 2:31 AM
Hmmmmm not a bad chapter, fun to see the Chaotix use their Pokemon! Anyway I noticed many Sonic elements.

A) The mention of Eggman's evil carnival and how the Chaotix stopped him once before. A refrence to Knuckles' Chaotix.
B) When Metal Sonic got angry and betrayed Eggman. A refrence to Sonic Heroes.
C) Team Blast, from Sonic Heroes.
D) The Egghammer, from the Sonic Advance games.

Anyway nicily descriptive. And always very funny. And you keep the characters very close on how they are like to their cartoon/anime/game.

22nd June 2005, 2:51 AM
Thank you guys! But also thank Flaming Lip! Without him betaing my fic it wouldn't be as good! The next chapter will be up when Flaming Lip is done betaing it. Give him some credit too!

Well the Egg Hammer you're thinking of is a bit off. You know the giant robots in SH that hold the giant hammer? Those are what those guys are called. (Found out that in the GHZ). But maybe you'll see Eggman use some "old inventions"

Metal Sonic also got angry in Knuckles Chaotix in the final boss battle. You know him becoming.... big and red? Thats what I was really refering to but yeah Heroes also.

Thanks to you guys and to Flaming Lip!

Bayleef Mistress
23rd June 2005, 7:58 PM
I like the humour! Just proofread. That's probably the only thing you need to work on. Take as much time on your chapters as you need to. Don't let people rush you on your fic. I've noticed punctuation, spelling and capitalization errors, but I like the plot, humour, character personalities, and description in this story. Keep up the good work and try proofreading more often!

23rd June 2005, 11:00 PM
Time for another chapter! Thanks to Flaming Lip and me!

Chapter 8- Break From The Chaotic Action!

We now see our gang eating some eggs and sausage for breakfast. We now see Ash stuffing his face,

“Well what are we going to do today?” he said

The others then stopped and thought for a couple of moments.

“Well maybe we should all just relax and take a break for a day. I mean yesterday was pretty...chaotic,” suggested May.

“But what about the Chaos Emeralds? I mean we got to get them before Eggman right?” Replied a nervous Eddy.

“Relax Eddy. We still got plenty of time to get them. Besides I think we showed him whose boss yesterday,” answered Brendan.

“Well actually Vector, Espio, and Charmy are the ones who saved our hides Bread Boy,” added Wally.

“But he did get us the Chaos Emerald so we got to give him some respect guys,” replied Ash.

“Well what now?” Asked Double-D.

They all stared at each other in silence. Then Ed said,

“Shopping, catching, sightseeing, and sleeping?”

“Wow lumpy here actually thought of something good for us to do,” replied Eddy.

“Well I guess I’ll go shopping,” answered May.

“We Ed’s will go to the Safari Zone then,” answered Eddy, and Double-D.

“We boys will just have a look around town I guess,” replied Brendan, Wally, and Ash.

While the gang was talking, we see Chaotix at another table each eating some breakfast. Vector was just chopping down on some boiled eggs and drinking coffee, while Espio was drinking some green tea, and chewing on some toast, and Charmy was eating some waffles with a ton of syrup on all of it and held a mug of chocolate milk.

“We were so close boys! We almost had Eggman and could have got our cash back!” Shouted Vector.

“Relax Vector. Look at the bright side we have two Chaos Emeralds right?” Replied Espio.

“Yeah. Plus let’s have fun while were here. Never hurts to have fun right?” Asked Charmy.

“I suppose boys. Its also fun to get your cash back,” replied Vector.

Vector then had one boiled egg left to eat. But instead of eating it he smashes it with his right fist. But it turned out that egg wasn’t boiled and it splattered over the other two detectives. Vector just grinned and shouted,

“But it will be fun to cream Eggman and…at least I didn’t eat a raw egg!”

Everyone then left the hotel and when outside they all separated up into four groups. Chaotix were heading to the beach to relax and sleep on some beach chairs, the Ed’s went to the Safari Zone, May just went shopping at the department store, and Ash, Wally, and Brendan decided to just walk around the city to see anything interesting was going on. Meanwhile....

Were now looking at a bright control room where Eggman is by himself thinking about what’s his next move. He then said to himself,

“Well I now know that Chaotix are in this world. But what about those pesky brats? Perhaps I should use some of my old inventions on them. But which one?

Eggman continues to think to himself when suddenly you heard something crash in another room. Eggman then gets up and walks to find out what just happened. We now see a little fellow named Bokkun who had strawberry short cake on his head. He had yellow eyes, a dark purple and black body and was pretty short. Eggman then was in the kitchen and yelled,


Bokkun then got nervous a little and merely replied,

“No doctor Eggman I’m eating ... raspberry short cake,”

Eggman then sighed and replied back,

“Good. Anyway would you like to help me?”

Bokkun then started to nod his head like a bobble head doll. Bokkun then said,

“Can I have this raspberry cake?”

“Sure just make sure you save me a slice or three,” replied Eggman who went back to the control room.

Bokkun then continued to eat at the strawberry short cake. He then said out loud,

“Boy for someone who has an IQ of 300, Dr. Eggman sure acts really dumb sometimes right?”

We now go back to Lilycove city and we now see Ash, Wally, and Brendan at a café drinking some soda. Ash and Brendan were just showing off their Chaos Emeralds to everyone that came near them Wally our white shirted nerd was really getting annoyed or should I say jealous. People only said,

“Wow that’s a nice jewel!” or “You guys really beat those Battle Frontier leaders! Awesome!”

Wally had enough of Ash and Wally being popular and then he talked in a sarcastic voice,

“Oh I’m the best just because I got lucky and I have two shiny jewels,”

Ash and Brendan then stared at him. Wally was just sipping on his Sprite Remix when he noticed they were staring at him. Wally then replied with,


“Wood you have got to be kidding me. Come on you know that only the best trainers can get these emeralds and beat those leaders,” replied a chuckling Brendan.

“Sorry Wally but you’re not exactly the best trainer,” replied Ash.

“NOT THE BEST TRAINER! I was third in the Hoenn league! I’m a good trainer!”

“Oh please Wood I can beat you in any match any time, any where, any place,” mocked Brendan.

“Oh yeah? Well then I’m going to try the next Battle Facility and get its Chaos Emerald, plus I wager if I get that Chaos Emerald then you guys will have to.... clip Ed’s toe nails and massage his feet for a week!”

Ash and Brendan then just shuddered after hearing that. You think they would of learned from what happened from the last argument but then again they both grinned and Brendan replied,

“Fine with me, but if you lose against the next leader then you have to deal with your own consequence,”

“Deal!” Shouted the three boys.

The three boys then shook hands and that was that. They all then continued sipping their sodas in peace. Elsewhere we now see the Ed’s in the Safari Zone. They all seem to be searching for a Pokemon to catch in the tall grass.

“How hard is it to find a single Pokemon to catch?” Eddy said

“Well with what we’ve seen so far, very hard Eddy,” replied Double-D.

“Hey guys I think I found a Pokemon we can catch!” Shouted Ed.

“REALLY WHERE ED!” yelled Eddy who was now shaking Ed.

Ed then pointed his right index finger south of where the Ed’s were. They then saw a Miltank. A cow pokemon with pink skin, with a cream colored belly, four udders were sticking out, black hooves, and a tail with a black ball on the end. Eddy then whispered to Double-D,

“Wow Ed here is actually pretty smart lately. I’m guessing a piece of scrap metal hit lumpy during that Robot Carnival fight and made him smart for a little bit,”

“Well I might as well catch it,” replied Double-D.

“You catch it? No Double-D I’m catching it,” whispered Eddy back.

“I only have one Pokemon Eddy and that would be my Kadabra and I need more and you know that,” shouted Double-D back.

“So do I Double-D and Miltank are supposed to be rare in this region so I’m catching it!” Barked Eddy.

“No I’m catching it!” Shouted Double-D.

“I’m catching it!” Replied Eddy.

“I’m catching it Eddy!”

“I’m catching it Double-D,”

The two continued arguing. We now see Ed throw out his Pokeball that contained his Slowbro. He then said,

“Umm can you use an umm water gun on that umm Miltank?”

The Slowbro then slowly nodded its head like a bobble head that was busted and dusty. It then fired water toward the Miltank. After that the Miltank then began attacking with water pulse. The Slowbro then took the hit and just stared at Miltank. Ed then said in a stupid tone,

“Umm can you use a umm yawn umm attack,”

The Slowbro once again nodded its head slowly. It then shot out a dull sound wave toward the Miltank that made it slightly drowsy but it was still awake and ready for battle. It then launched a attract attack blowing a kiss toward Slowbro, but since Ed’s Slowbro was so oblivious of what happened so it was unaffected by the attract. Then the Miltank fell asleep and Ed then idiotically said,

“Umm Slowbro use umm.... umm...hey guys!”

We now see Eddy and Double-D on the beating each other up in a dust cloud. Once the dust cloud pulled away you could see Eddy biting Double-D leg and Double-D pulling on Eddy’s hair. Double-D then answered,

“Yes Ed?”

“What’s that attack where when a Pokemon goes asleep the other Pokemon could eat its dream up?”

“I think it was a dream eater attack,” replied Double-D.

“Thank guys,” said Ed.

Double-D and Eddy just continued to beat each other up while unknown to them that Ed was trying to catch the Miltank.

“Umm use a dream eater attack okay,” said Ed kindly and slowly.

Slowbro once again nodded and then slowly focused with its mind toward the sleeping Miltank. Then Slowbro could be seen glowing and so did the Miltank. Soon the Miltank then fell in defeat and Slowbro then won and was pleased it done well. Ed then took a green Safari ball out of his jacket pocket and tossed it gently and merely said,


The Safari ball then hit the Miltank and started shaking. After three hard shakes it stopped and Ed walked over to pick it up. He then shouted,

“Woo-hoo! Guys look I captured something!”

The other two then stop fighting and look at Ed who is holding the Safari ball in his hand. They drop their jaws and stared in awe. Ed the stupidest member of the Ed team actually caught a rare pokemon before them. Then they tackled Ed and fought over the Safari ball.

Meanwhile May was in the mall sitting on a bench now. She was thinking to herself what to buy, and what to get. She decided to take a break and eat some strawberry short cake she bought when...


May looked up and saw Bokkun heading toward her with a small television set. She then wondered who that guy was. When Bokkun finally ran toward her, he stopped and put the television set in front of her, and then slowly said,

“Dr...Eggman...has....a message...for.... you guys,”

May looked confused at the moment and then asked,

“Who are you?”

“My names Bokkun the cute guy that delivers the messages for Dr. Eggman and.... is that strawberry short cake?”

May then notices the plate she is holding the pastry that makes Bokkun go nuts over. She then nodded and asked gently,

“Do you want to try some?”

The small robot immediately nodded its head and grabbed a piece of cake. He then replied,

“This is so good and sweet! Thanks... what’s your name?”

“The names May and you’re pretty silly for one of Eggman’s flunkies!”

“Hey what’s that supposed to mean? Anyway I better deliver that message!”

He then turns the TV on and you could see the one and only Eggman. He then began saying,

“You brats better say out of my way! Because we don’t like you interfering with my master plan! This is your first warning. I went easy on those detectives before and next time I can go much harder! Bye-bye for now!”

The message then stopped and Bokkun then handed May the TV. May was just baffled why she was handed the TV. Then suddenly it exploded in her face and she now had a smoky face. Bokkun just laughed and laughed and said,

“Boy I haven’t seen some one fall for that for so long. Ahahhahaaha!”

May was defiantly not pleased of what happened. She then said,

“I hope you like a taste of some cake!”

Bokkun then stopped laughing and merely replied,


Then May tossed the rest of the strawberry short cake toward Bokkun and it landed right on his face. He then wiped it off and cried, and whined and shouted,

“You’re no fun!”

He then made a run for it out of the mall, and May just smiled and chuckled a bit. She then sighed and decided to end her day shopping and to meet up with the others. Meanwhile that was all happening, we see the detectives arrive at the beach and here Charmy yell,


“This would be the perfect place for a nap,” mumbled Vector.

Vector and Espio just set up some beach chairs to sit and take a nap on, while Charmy had fun on the beach. They all called out their pokemon so they could also have some fun out on the sun. Espio and Vector took a nap with their shades, top hat on, bandana covering their face and nice fancy gloves. Charmy played tag with the pokemon and surfed on surfboards and made sand castles and what not.

We now see everyone back in the restaurant eating dinner that night. When everyone was at the table May then asked,

“What happened to you guys?”

Apparently the Ed’s all beat each other up and now looked very bruised, muddy, grass stained, and annoyed. Eddy just angrily replied,

“We Ed’s decided that if anyone of us needs more then one Pokemon then we can borrow from each others for now on. What about you May? Your face isn’t exactly clean at the moment,”

“Well let’s just say exploding TVs aren’t also. Looks like Eggman sent us guys a message today and we have to be careful for now on when we meet that guy. Well what about you guys?”

Ash, Brendan, and Wally just stared at each other smiling. Brendan then said,

“Me and Ash made a bet with Wood that if he lost against the next Battle Leader then he has to clip Ed’s toe nails and massage his feet for a week!”

“And if I won they would have to do it for week!” Replied Wally.

“Here that Ed? Your going to get your feet pampered for a week!” Shouted Eddy.

While they continued talking of what happened to them that day we see the detectives relaxing in another table happily eating their dinner. Vector was chewing on some T-bone steak, Espio just had sushi and sushimi, and Charmy just ate vanilla, and chocolate ice cream with sprinkles, and hot fudge.

“You’re right boys! Maybe a nice break could relieve some of my stress,” shouted Vector.

“Well tomorrow we’ll go to where the next Chaos Emerald is and hope those kids can win the next emerald,” replied Espio quietly.

“Well boys let’s just finish our dinner and hit the hay alright?” Asked Vector.

“YEAH!” Shouted Charmy who loved to eat sweets.

After dinner everyone then went back to his or her room. Took a nice shower and slept for that day. We now see Eggman in his office that resides in the top of the tower. Bokkun was also in the room and waited for a response from the bad doctor.

“So you gave the message right?” Asked Eggman

“Yep. I gave it to one of those kids like you asked me to,” replied Bokkun.

“Good. Now onward to unleash a machine for those kids because I think I know where they’re headed next,” replied Eggman.

“You got a machine ready for them already?” Asked Bokkun.

“Yes and this time I hope nothing back fires on me when I use this machine for crushing those brats!” Replied Eggman

Eggman then laughed like a mad man, that was glad to know that he picked the right machine for going after our trainers.

To be continued...

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Thanks! Double-D sometimes fights on the show if he really gets annoyed and angry. Its rare though but hey Eddy's has got to get someone to sock at!

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Chapter 9-Seven Large Long Steps For Wally’s Big Chance!

We now see the helicopter flying above the sea heading toward its next destination. Everyone was inside excited for their next chance to nab a Chaos Emerald.

“So Double-D where exactly we going to anyway?” Asked Eddy.

“I think the next facility that was split up was in the city called Celadon,” replied Double-D.

“CELADON! That’s back in the Kanto region!” Shouted Ash.

“And your point is?” Asked Eddy.

“That’s where I used to live. In the Kanto region. After we get the Chaos Emerald here can we go to a place called Pallet Town because I would love to visit my mom again,” replied Ash.

“Find with me. How about you guys?” Asked Eddy.

They all then nodded their heads and Wally then shouted in delight,

“Yeah I can’t wait to win that next fight and get myself that Chaos Emerald!”

“Remember the bet Wood. Because we know that you’re not going to do well since only the best in the league can win these nice Chaos Emeralds,” replied Brendan holding his purple Chaos Emerald proudly.

Wally now had a look of determination like never before. May then asked,

“Wait doesn’t Celadon have a department store?”

Eddy then raised an eyebrow after hearing that. He then shouted,

“No way girl, I ‘m not giving you more money. It’s my Meowth not yours.”

“Pretty please Eddy?” Replied May who just did a whimpering Poochyena look and stared at Eddy’s cold greedy eyes. Eddy then tried not to look at it and ignored it as it wasn’t there. He then couldn’t resist anymore and replied,

“Fine but on one condition May,”

‘Yeah Eddy?” Asked May.

“Train your Skitty to use pay day I mean really it’s not that hard to get it right girl,” replied Eddy.

“Thanks,” commented May.

“Yeah whatever,” replied Eddy.

The helicopter then neared the beautiful city. The whole place was pure, clean, and had lots of trees and flowers growing in the side walk. The helicopter parked near some woods and everyone then got out. The detectives were really relieved to go to a peaceful city. Especially Charmy since bees like the fact the city had a lot of fresh flowers.

“So what’s the Battle Facility in this city anyway?” asked Ash.

“I think it was the Battle Pyramid,” replied Double-D.


“Well Wood I can’t wait to see you rub it in you when you lose and when you have to rub Ed’s feet and clip all his nails off one by one,” smirked Brendan.

“We’ll se about that Bread,” replied Wood.

Vector then whispers into Espio,

“I like that kid’s determination. He reminds of ... Tails,”

“I can tell that kid always believes in himself even when times are hard. Exactly like Tails,”

We now see the gang walking and they see a huge golden pyramid near the center of the city. It was shining even more bright due to the sun being in the sky and boy did it look magnificent. They entered and found the receptionist room to only have torches and a lady in the receptionist table. Wally ran up and asked,

“I’m here to battle the leader of this facility,”

When he asked, the whole placed shaked a little but Wally paid no attention because he was so excited for his next battle.

“Sure but you must first read the rules and bet something valuable to enter,” replied the receptionist that handed Wally a brochure on the rules of this facility. He then sat down on a bench and began reading the rule out loud,

“One-You may only chose three pokemon. Two-You have to reach the top of the pyramid. Three-You have to find your way to the top with a small flashlight since all seven floors are dark. Four-You might encounter wild pokemon placed in the Battle Pyramid and you can choose to fight them or not. Five-The three pokemon that you select must not be in their pokeballs but instead follow you while you ascend to the top of the Pyramid. Six-Good luck to all trainers participating!”

Wally then has a face of stress. He then quickly reads it again and shouted,

“Wait a minute! I have to go through seven floors, with a flashlight, and deal with wild pokemon trying to weaken my team while the whole place is pitch black dark!?”

“Well good luck Wood and I hope you got your foot cream ready because you and me know Ed’s feet aren’t exactly.... good,” whispered a chuckling Brendan.

“Thanks that really helps Bread,” sarcastically said by Wally.

Vector saw Wally’s stress and decided it was now time for another story for them to the gang to listen to.

“Hey kids! I got another story I want to share and you green hair pay special attention to this story,”

They all sat on a bench paying attention to Vector.

“Let’s see I’m don’t remember exactly since it’s been a while but a guy we know called Tails had to do something very daring without his best friend Sonic,”

“And what would that be?” Asked Wally.

“Diffuse a bomb that’s going to detonate in your home town in a very limited time limit or else say hello to a very big explosion,” replied Vector.

“WHAT!?” Yelled everyone.

“Relax now let me continue. Tails was a nice guy, but he was always shy and quiet. Till he met Sonic. Sonic always helped Tails when ever he needed it. Tails was always being helped by Sonic. But one day Sonic wasn’t there to help Tails and Tails had to stop Eggman by himself so he mustered up the courage and took his chances. I bet you got help also too Wally right?”

Wally then slowly nodded. He then remembered the memory that too place a while ago. He was in school always being bullied by people because of his green hair. Till one day he met May who stood up for him and became friends with her. She even showed him how to catch his first pokemon that was a Ralts. Wally then sighed and asked,

“I guess help is a bad thing right?”

Vector then shakes his head. He then replies,

“It never hurts to have help. But sometimes you just got to do things by yourself and see the best of your ability. Believe in yourself kid. I believe that you can succeed and get that Chaos Emerald so head on and believe yourself kid. You’ll do well,”

Wally then smiles after hearing that and decides to take the challenge. He then signs up and decides to go through the stairs to start his Battle Pyramid Challenge. When suddenly,


Wally then slips when he heard that and runs back toward Vector and asked,


“You can borrow my MP3 player and listen to this special song I downloaded in alright?” Replied Vector.

Wally takes his MP3 player and places the headphones in his ears. He then motions Brendan to let him bet his purple Chaos Emerald. After that he takes out three pokeballs and tosses them on the floor. In one came out a Magneton, another came out his Gardevoir, and last came his Altaria. His pokemon followed as he went up to the first floor. Vector then said,

“Good luck kid, and we boys are going to take a walk around town to get a good look alright?”

The three detectives then walked outside and started walking around town. We now see Wally in a pitch black big room and he then said,

“I hope this battery can last me the whole time while I’m stuck here traveling,”

He then turns the flashlight on and a dim light then escapes and is now shown around him. Wally then thought,

“The Battle Leader here sounds pretty tough. I got to keep my pokemon strong but how? I can’t have them fighting wild pokemon since that will tire them out. But wild pokemon here will attack my own pokemon. Hmm ...WAIT I GOT IT!”

Wally then whistles to his pokemon and they are now paying attention to him. He then shouts,

“Guys when other pokemon are trying to attack you just let me take the hit alright?”

His pokemon then looked at him with very confused and concerned expressions. Wally then laughed and replied,

“Don’t worry just don’t attack them. Plus I got some candy bars for me to eat if I get tired out. Plus it’s only for today since we got to get you guys safe for your match with the leader of this facility,”

His Magneton, Altaria, and Gardevoir though their trainer was crazy a little but they just agreed. Wally began walking with the flashlight and then he already encountered, a Jolteon and a Manectric. They both then charged toward his pokemon but Wally just jumped in the way and took two hard tackles.


He then made a run for it and so did his pokemon. He began running but then bumped into an Electabuzz and a Ninetails. He then muttered,

“This is going to hurt,”

Thankfully both pokemon just used a weak attack on him. A thunder shock and ember. Wally was burned but he didn’t care and just managed to find the staircase to the next floor, and made a mad dash with his pokemon. As soon as he got to the second floor Wally said tiredly,

“Well maybe this wasn’t my best ideas but its better then tiring my pokemon,”

Wally then continued to walk with his pokemon trying to get to the next floor when suddenly he encountered a Seviper and a Crobat. He then ran for it but both pokemon managed to bite his *** and he then screamed,


He then ran faster and so did his pokemon. He then bumped into a Weezing and it did not look happy.

“Nice Weezing. Nice Weezing. I don’t hurt you, you don’t hurt me okay?” Asked Wally nervously.

The Weezing didn’t look that happy and soon it began sucking in some air. Wally just ran for it and it used an explosion attack and luckily he barely just made it. Wally then sighed and relieved he made it so far. He then uses the flashlight to look for the next exit. While walking he seemed to bump in to a Gulpin and it then just used a pound attack on his face. Wally just picked it up and tossed it aside and kept on searching. He then found the stairs and when he got to the top, he then said in a confused manner,

“How the heck is this place full of wild pokemon anyway?”

He just continued walking through the dark floor. He was now in the third floor and was going through the dark maze even more. Wally then started to get tired from all the attacks he took but he kept on going because he believed in himself. He then walked when he then saw a Gengar and a Dusclops. Dusclops unleashed shadow punches toward Wally’s pokemon, and Gengar also unleashed some shadow punches. Wally once again jumped and took the spiritual fists and then after taking a bunch of punches he runs with his pokemon to only bump into a Houndoom and a Marcargo. He then muttered,

“I don’t think being hot right now would be good.”

As you expect they attacked and Wally just had to once again take the hit. This time both pokemon used ember and his hair got, burned a little. He had to constantly roll on the floor to get away from the Houndoom and Macargo and to put out the flames. After getting to the fourth floor, Wally’s hair is now charred with only some green sticking out.

“Sometimes I think I ‘m way over my head," shouted Wally. “Oh well I can handle just for today right guys?”

His Altaria, Magneton, and Gardevoir just stared at their trainer as if he was crazy from all those attacks. Plus they were concerned for their trainer’s health and well being but agreed nonetheless. Wally then continued walking and was really taking it easy now. He then encountered a Vileplume, Roselia, and a Butterfree. He then slowly backed away but it was too late as the pokemon launched stun spore toward his pokemon. Wally told his pokemon to get as far away and he jumped and took the stun spore that well... stunned him.

“Great just great. Now I’m going to have to crawl to the next set up stairs,”

Wally was now really going slow. He fell on the floor and struggled to crawl forward and was soon crawling very slow like a baby. He eventually got to the next floor but it was really slow. We now see the three detectives outside walking around the city. They stop walking when they notice the words Game Corner on a small building. They go inside and you could see rows of bright slot machines.

“Let me go let me go! I want to play!” Shouted Charmy who was being picked up by Vector.

“Fancy place,” commented Vector.

“When there’s light there shadow careful,” stated Espio.

“YAHOO!” Yelled Charmy who ran to play on the pinball machine.

Vector decided to play slots and Espio just looked around the whole place. He then noticed something interesting when he saw a poster with a big red R on it. He then called Vector and Charmy over to look at the poster. They stared at it and Vector then said,

“I hate crime that’s why we got to make them cry,”

He then punches the poster and hits a red button. Then a wall flips over to reveal a secret entrance and the prize givers run out of the Game Corner.

“Something’s not right about this place. I say we investigate what’s going on here,” stated Vector.

The other two then nodded their head in agreement and went through the secret passageway only to find it was a staircase that leads toward the basement.

Back to the lobby room where the rest of the gang are waiting. They are all reading magazines called, “How to wait patiently without going nuts?” While that is happening the floor seems to be shaking a lot.

“What’s the deal? I mean with the floor shaking and all that? It’s like someone’s building something underground?” Complained Eddy.

The others just shrugged since they didn’t know what the heck was happening underground anyway. But since they were more focused on waiting they really didn’t care. May just thought, “I hope Wally is all right,”

We now go back to Wally who was on the fifth floor now sitting on the floor really tired. He then took out three candy bars, and was about to take a bite out of each one when a Plusle, Minun, and a Pikachu jumped and grabbed each of the candy bars. Wally then bit his finger instead and yelped up in pain.

“You have got to be kidding me!? Might as well move while they’re distracted though,”

Wally then once again started to get back on the move ever so slowly. His flashlight was almost out of juice and soon it just faded away. Wally still managed to get to the sixth floor but was now limping because of him being really tired at the moment. He couldn’t see but he just crawled with his nails bringing himself closer to the stairs. Then he heard a large cry of a Skarmory and he just looked at his pokemon and just barely stood up and protected his pokemon by blocking them. Then a Skarmory then used a take down on him and he just fell and was knocked back to a wall. His pokemon then unleashed their strongest attacks on the Skarmory fainting it. Wally then struggles to get back up and weakly said,

“Birch was right. I’m nothing but a loser that got lucky and just won third. I can never do this by myself. I feel so... weak. Don’t think I can make it. No... May I will... miss you,”

Wally then collapsed on the floor and fainted. His pokemon then surrounded him and pleaded in their own language that he be alright. Vectors MP3 player then hits the floor and hit the play button. Suddenly the purple Chaos Emerald in Wally’s pocket started to glow and covered the whole area. Wally then heard,

“Hey Wally it’s alright! I believe in you!”

Wally then slowly opens his eyes and sees May in front of him. He then realizes that he’s sees that he’s in a place fully pink and only May and him were there. Our white shirted, green haired, guy then replies weakly,

“May is that you?”

May then began singing a song. (Well that’s what the Chaos Emerald is showing at least to him).

When all alone in my chair, I just go about wishing
I wanna be strong, I really wanna be trusted
When all alone in my bed, I just go about yearning
I wanna be cool, I also wanna be like him

Wally then thought, "Exactly! Thats what I want to be. Trusted and cool,"

But that's not something I can do so easily
This is not simply my way, my style
Gotta get a hold of my life

Wally also then thought, "Maybe I have to do things myself more,"

Wanna fly high
So I can reach the highest of all the heavens
Somebody will be waiting for me so,
I have got to fly higher

Gotta keep goin'
Everything is a brand new challange for me
I will believe in myself
This is the only start for me

Wally though, "I got to make a name for myself too,"

When all alone in my sleep, I just go about dreaming
I see myself there, having the same adventure
If I just follow you, I will never see the light
Now is the time to find my way through this life
I'm trying so hard to be strong

Wally then started tearing up in the eyes and merely thought, "I remember how you always helped me back when we were kids. Now I have to try,"

Wanna fly high
So I can reach the highest of all the heavens
Somebody will be waiting for me so,
I have got to fly higher

Gotta keep goin'
Everything is a brand new challenge for me
I will believe in myself
this is the only start for me

Wally then thought, "I can beat this challenge!

Many friends help me out, in return I help them
Certain things I can do and there are things that only I can do
No one's alone!

Wally then thought, "Your right May! I’m not in this alone, especially if I know you are suppoting me,"

I wanna fly high
So I can reach the highest of all the heavens
Somebody will be waiting for me so,
I have got to fly higher

Gotta keep goin'
Everything is a brand new challenge for me
I will believe in myself
This is the only start for meeeeee, meeeeeeeee, meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

After May finished singing the song. She just smiled and blushed and merely said,

“I believe in you Wally! Never give up and keep trying because I know you can win! Just know that I'll always be there to help and support you!”

Wally then suddenly felt all rejuvenated and slowly stood up. Wally just smiled and said,

“Thank you May. If there something I like about you, it’s that you’re always willing to help me and because you’ve been so kind and gentle to me.”

May just smiled and was leaning for a kiss now. Wally also then leaned for a kiss when suddenly purple light engulfed the whole place. We now see Wally kissing his Gardevoir. When he opens his eyes he realized that and screamed,


He then stopped kissing and looked around. Apparently the whole room was in a purple light and looked at his pokemon. All his pokemon looked at him like if he was a maniac.

“Umm just forget everything you saw there and let’s get to the top of this pyramid so we can fight the Battle Leader alright?”

His pokemon just followed him as he scaled up the final stairs toward the top of this pyramid. His Gardevoir was blushing all the way since it was a girl.

To be continued...

Will Wally beat Pyramid King Brandon? What will the Chaotix detectives discover? And what about Eggman? Find out in the next chapter!

Bao Zakeruga
24th June 2005, 10:03 PM
That chapter was hilarius!Especially the part with Wally and his Gardevoir.

Sike Saner
24th June 2005, 11:58 PM
"But it will be fun to cream Eggman and...at least I didn't eat a raw egg!"

Ah, continuing your tradition of giving Vector the most entertaining lines, I see. ;)


Bokkun then got nervous a little and merely replied,

"No doctor Eggman I'm eating...raspberry short cake."

Funny stuff...aww, Bokkun is just adorable...

Wally was just sipping on his Sprite Remix when he noticed they were staring at him.

Out of curiosity, what flavor of Sprite Remix was it, exactly? There are and have been several.

Points for giving Ed a Slowbro - a perfect match, indeed...

"Umm Slowbro use umm...umm...hey guys!"

Imagine if Slowbro had actually tried to use a "Hey Guys" attack... :p

Ed then took a green Safari ball out of his jacket pocket and tossed it gently and merely said,


There's another one for the ol' instant replay: "Catch?" "Catch?" "Catch-Catch-Catch-Catch-Catch?"... :p

They are all reading magazines called, "How to wait patiently without going nuts?"

Yeah, I cancelled my subscription to that one just last year. :p

Ha-ha, Wally kissed a Gardevoir!
But Gardevoir liked it... *shudders*

You sure put Wally through the ol' wringer there...I look forward to seeing what agony you might inflict upon him during the upcoming battle. ;)

25th June 2005, 12:09 AM
Thanks! Next chapter will be pretty good I promise! It'll be pretty how can I say......


Heh heh. Well I better go back to working on it.

Will Wally get a nice break? Well judging by that CHAOTIC note...

EDIT-I'm not sure to tell the truth. I never drank it before cause I pretty much only like the regular one. But let's just say... is there a grape flavored remix? Let's just go with that.

EDIT-My bad! Next chapter wil be a two parter! Part one will only explain the battle with Wally but don't worry I'm working on part two right now!

26th June 2005, 1:34 PM
Chapter 10-Two Big Battles Of The Pyramid! Part One! Wally’s Chance To Win A Bet!

Wally and his pokemon have now made it to the seventh floor. Wally takes a look around in the final floor and quickly returns al his pokemon back in their pokeballs. The room was bright due to many burning torches that stood on the side. There was a battlefield ready. White paint showed the width, height, and length, boundaries, and trainer’s positions on the hard rocky smooth floor.

“Hello anyone here?” Asked our green haired, white shirted, and black pants friend.

“Yes and welcome for your Battle Frontier leader fight,” replied an mysterious rough voice.

A man then revealed himself. He wore a green shirt, green pant, a big black belt to hold his pants up, red collar, milk chocolate brown hair, and s tough disposition look.

“I’m leader Pyramid King Brandon and I’m very impressed so far. Your pokemon barely has any scratches. Thy must have been trained pretty well to deal with all the wild pokemon,”

“Well actually if you haven’t noticed I kind of bit... forget it,” replied Wally.

“So let’s battle shall we? Oh what is your name while I’m at it?” Asked Brandon.

“My name? Well its Wally Wood sir,” replied Wally.

“Wally? Haven’t I heard that name somewhere? Sorry of my rambling but let’s battle now,”

“Sure but don’t we need to bet something before the battle?” Asked Wally.

Brandon then looks slightly embarrassed, and then he pulls out a green Chaos Emerald out of his pocket. Wally was just awestruck by the Emeralds amazing beauty and shined look. He then muttered,

“Go figure. Me getting a green Chaos Emerald,”

Wally then took out his purple Chaos Emerald and responded back with,

“I’m willing to bet this for your emerald,”

Both trainers then place the jewels back in the pocket and stare at each other before the battle.

“Ready?” Asked Brandon.

“Ready!” Replied Wally.

“Go Arcanine,” shouted Brandon as he tossed his pokeball out.

“Go Altaria,” shouted Wally who also tossed out his pokeball out.

When Brandon’s pokeball was released, a huge canine with orange fur, and black stripe. It was getting ready for battle against Wally’s Altaria.

“Go use roar now!”

“What?!” Said by a shocked Wally.

Brandon’s Arcanine then barked a very intimidating roar that was enough to send Altaria back in Wally’s pokeball. Suddenly another pokeball came out and it was his Magneton.

“I’m guessing you wanted to get a type that Arcanine can beat right?” Asked Wally.

“Yep. Now Arcanine attack with flamethrower!” Ordered Brandon

“Quick dodge it Magneton and use toxic!”

The Arcanine then unleashed an onslaught of flames toward the Magneton but it merely moved upwards and shot poisonous chemicals toward Arcanine, but Arcanine then just leapt backed to dodge it.

“You’re going to have to do a lot better then that to take my team down. Now Arcanine use extremespeed now!”

Then the Arcanine went as fast as wind and rammed into the Magneton repeatedly. Wally was getting nervous but then he shouted,

“Use screech as high as you can!”

Wally then covered his ears quick. His Magneton then let out one of the most awful screech that sounded like cats coughing up hairballs, with old lady’s coughing up pickles and heavy metal combined, that made Brandon’s Arcanine covering its ears with pain in the ears. Wally then smiled and quickly said,

“Great job! Now use thunder wave while it’s down so you can paralyze it!”

His Magneton then shot out waves of static electricity toward the Arcanine still covering its ears. It now got up ready to unleash a bite attack but it couldn’t move due to its paralysis.

“Great! Now Magneton now let’s try lock-on!”

“Arcanine try extremespeed to get out of your paralysis quick!” Ordered Brandon.

Arcanine then tried to move but its whole body struggled to move barely an inch. While it struggled, Magneton then focused with its three eyes toward Arcanine and had its target with one hundred percent accuracy so it make sure the next move would hit. Wally was now grinning since he knew he finally had a chance to win the first round. He then shouted,

“”Now let’s try zap cannon!”

“Arcanine use fire blast quick to finish it off now!” Ordered Brandon.

Wally’s Magneton then began charging up a devastating blast of electricity, but when suddenly in a stroke of luck, Brandon’s Arcanine managed to launch a ball of fire that collided with Magneton and well it then slowly fell fainted in defeat. Wally then returned his Magneton and merely said,

“Good try buddy. Have a nice rest,”

“Your strategy was good but a mere paralysis can’t stop all my Arcanine’s attacks,” commented Brandon.

Wally then began to feel nervous. He started to think, “Maybe just maybe... no I can’t think like that. I didn’t get that vision for nothing so. I’m going to believe in myself and keep trying.” Wally then tossed out another pokeball and out came his Altaria ready to battle.

“Ok Arcanine now use your fire blast once more,” commanded Brandon boldly.

“Okay Altaria use sing quick,” ordered Wally.

Wally once again covered his ears as his Altaria began singing a peaceful lullaby that can make anyone go to sleep if heard. Arcanine tried to fire the blast of fire but, it then began dozing off into sleep.

“Arcanine wake up now! Come on you’re not going to let one single song make you nap like a baby are you?” Shouted Brandon.

Wally smiled and now shouted,

“Great job so far Altaria! Now use sky attack!”

The Altaria then flew upwards and started to glow like a phoenix, while Arcanine is snoozing like a Snorlax. Soon Wally shouted,


Altaria then dive-bombed into Arcanine causing massive damage and soon Arcanine woke up realizing what happened. It then growled ferociously toward Altaria.

“Great job! Now use mud slap toward Arcanine!” Shouted Wally.

“Arcanine use hyper beam towards Altaria now!” Commanded Brandon.

Arcanine started to charge up the powerful blast of energy and Wally then shouted,

“Change of plans! Use protect instead!”

As Arcanine fire the beam of pure energy toward Altaria, it then made a barrier of energy to protect itself and no damage was done what so ever.

“Finish Arcanine off with dragon claw Altaria!” Shouted Wally.

Altaria then few towards Arcanine and slashed at it with its talons and made it yelp in pain. Then finally it went down hard. Brandon just recalled his Arcanine and smiles.

“Not bad. But let’s see how you deal with my Gyrados!”

Wally just tried to look brave as Brandon sent out another tough pokemon to beat. When Brandon's pokeball hit the floor, out came a blue sea serphant with cat-fish like whiskers and a intimidating look.

“Gyrados fire ice beam at that Altaria now!”

“Dodge it quick,” ordered Wally.

Gyrados started firing the icy beams towards Altaria who swiftly dodged the icy rays. Wally was now nervous and thought, “There must be an attack that’s powerful against Gyrados but what? Hmm.... I GOT IT!” Wally then called toward his Altaria who was still dodging the blasts of ice,

“Altaria use sunny day quick!”

“Oh no you don’t! Gyrados stop and use rain dance!” Ordered Brandon.

Altaria nodded and stared at the ceiling, then fired a gas like ball with heat, like qualities toward the ceiling of the room to create artificial sunlight. However Gyrados also fired a gas like ball only with liquid like properties. When both weather attacks met, they just cancelled each other out.

“Quick use ice beam Gyrados,” commanded Brandon.

“Counter it with flamethrower Altaria,” ordered Wally.

Both attacks of fire and ice collided and resulted into nothing more but steam and water. Wally then thought, “Shoot. I can’t use solar beam fast if he’s just going to cancel sunny day with rain dance. I’ll just have to wait and delay the time with another sing attack,”

“Altaria use sing,” shouted Wally.

Wally then began covering his ears again as soon as his Altaria was serenading Gyrados to sleep. Wally was about to order his next attack when Brandon said,

“I suggest you use perish song while you got the chance,”

Wally stared at Brandon confused. Then he asked,

“And why would I want to use that move?”

“Because I think you rather knock my pokemon out at least before I knock your out for you,” replied Brandon.

Wally just looked confused still but responded with,

“I think I can beat you without hurting my Altaria in the process. Sure I have a chance of knocking out Gyrados but then again I care for my pokemon so I don’t think I’ll be using that move anytime soon,”

“Suit yourself,” replied Brandon.

“Now Altaria use sunny day,” shouted Wally.

When Altaria began using sunny day, Gyrados just woke up! Brandon then snickered and said,

“I should of warned you that my Gyrados was a light sleeper but oh well too late. Gyrados finish this with blizzard!”

“LOOK OUT!” Yelled Wally.

His Altaria suddenly turned around and was trying to get away but it was too late. The icy/snow assault has hit and it went down. Wally ran across the field and caught it in his arms he then said,

“You did great buddy. Have a nice rest,”

Wally then returned his pokemon back in the pokeball and sighed and walked back to the trainer’s position. Brandon then said, “Like I said, you could have had a chance to knock out my Gyrados along with your Altaria if you just used perish song. Oh well you missed your opportunity. A lot of people lose against me when they miss an opportunity.”

Wally then grew more nervous this time. He started to doubt himself but he then remembered what he promised so he stopped and just sighed. He then tossed out his last pokeball and out came his Gardevoir. As soon as it came out it winked at him and he was rather embarrassed because of that. Brandon raised an eyebrow but just said,

“Well good luck and let’s begin. Gyrados use bite on it now!”

“Just jump on Gyrados’s back when it’s about to snap you with its teeth, and use rain dance!” Shouted Wally.

Gyrados then went toward Gardevoir about to bite at it with its massive teeth but it gracefully jumps in the air and lands on Gyrados’s back. Then it summons a liquid like gas toward the ceiling of the room and soon clouds form and rain starts to pour and drenches the whole room with tiny droplets. The torches that brightened the room were still going up just more dimmer and smaller. Gardevoir then leapt off and went back on the floor.

“Since you gave my Gyrados the advantage, I might as well take the opportunity to end this battle. Go and use hydro pump Gyrados,” ordered Brandon.

“Quick jump as soon as you see the hydro pump coming, and use thunder on the water it shoots,” shouted Wally.

Gyrados then began to charge up a very powerful jet of water to fire. Soon it fired where Gardevoir was standing but once again it gracefully jumped and began charging a very powerful lightning strike with the help of rain dance. Brandon then realized this and yelled,

“USE –

But he was cut off from saying the move protect as soon as massive bolts of lighting strike the water that Gyrados was still shooting and it was then in for a shocking case of... well shocks. It then fell defeated, and Brandon then returned the pokemon and said,

“Well you are a very good trainer, but are you ready for my last pokemon? Go Metagross!”

Wally has another relieved sigh and smiles thinking about May. He then said,

“Well you’re pretty good also. Definitely one of the hardest battles I’ve ever had,”

“Well let’s begin. Metagross use pursuit!” Ordered Brandon.

“Counter it with shadow ball Gardevoir!” Shouted Wally.

Metagross then shot out small balls of dark energy that started their pursuit toward Gardevoir but it then unleashed shadow ball at the small dark energy balls and each attack just cancelled each other out. Wally then shouted,

“Use hypnosis Gardevoir!”

“I’m not going to fall for that sleeping trick again! Metagross close your eyes and just use earthquake!” Shouted Brandon.

Gardevoir then began staring at Metagross’s cold metal eyes with its hypnotic daze, but failed to work due to its eye being closed. Then Metagross just jumped into the air and as soon as sit landed, the ground shook and it was coming toward Gardevoir and knocked it back a little. But it still stood ready to fight still. Brandon then said,

“Now let’s try meteor mash!”

Brandon’s Metagross then raised it’s upper right steel leg and it was encased in more steel looking like a meteor then he hopped toward Gardevoir with it’s other three feet ready to smash Gardevoir but Wally shouted,

“Now jump across it, and use shockwave while in the air!”

Metagross was about to pound the floor where Gardevoir was but Gardevoir once again leapt high gracefully in the air and did a 360* spin and used a shockwave attack toward Metagross. Metagross then pounded the floor and the extra steel just flew off. Wally then shouted,

“Now use reflect, and light screen all around you and Metagross!”

Then the Gardevoir started making mirrors orange and yellow all around the arena. Soon the whole arena looked like a giant clear box where you can see the inside. Brandon was just confused why Wally would tell his Gardevoir to do this. Wally then said,

“Good now use double-team!”

Suddenly Gardevoir made many fake images of itself. But due to the mirror walls of orange or yellow cause many and many reflections of Gardevoir. Brandon was just flabbergasted of what happened. Wally just smiled a little and said,

“Okay now keep on using shadow ball till Metagross is down for the count!”

All the images started charging up a shadow ball though only one of them was real and there was really only one shadow ball being tossed. Brandon then said,

“Metagross try to get out of there quick with brick break!”

Metagross then went through crowds of images running toward one of the mirror walls, but a shadow ball fired and hit Metagross, but it was still going. It then raised a claw and winded it up and let loose bashing the mirror wall with brick break, and it soon shattered into billions of pieces. Then only one Gardevoir was shown now. It was standing against a mirror wall staring at the Metagross outside on the opposite side. Brandon then yelled,


Wally then smiled as he just thought of a way to win. Metagross then began charging up its hyper beam, and Wally said,

“Just stay there Gardevoir. I know a way to win,”

Metagross then finally charged up the beam and fired it, towards Gardevoir but as it was about to hit, Wally screamed,


Gardevoir then teleported out of the glass house, and teleported behind the glass wall it was in. When Gardevor teleported, the hyper beam hit the glass and it went straight back towards Metagross and well... it fainted. Brandon then recalled his last pokemon and clapped his hands. He then said,

“Take a bow. You and your pokemon did great in this battle. Never had a battle like this ever!”

Wally and Gardevoir just bowed and his Gardevoir then winked at him again. Wally then recalled it back in its pokeball fast, and then walked over to shake hands with Brandon.

“Thanks! I also dedicate this battle to a friend of mine if you don’t mind,” asked Wally.

Brandon smiled and replied,

“Well young Wally good luck in whatever you’re doing right now and you deserve this jewel to how that you have beaten the Battle Pyramid and I acknowledge you a great trainer as well,”

Brandon then gave him the green Chaos Emerald and Wally grin was bigger then ever. He then yelled,


When suddenly the whole pyramid started shaking like crazy and Wally lost his balance and slipped on the floor. He then stood up and shouted,

“What’s going on here?”

To be continued...

Why is the Battle Pyramid shaking? What about Chaotix? Find out in part two, in chapter 11!

Sike Saner
27th June 2005, 1:39 AM
His Magneton then let out one of the most awful screech that sounded like cats coughing up hairballs, with old lady's coughing up pickles and heavy metal combined, that made Brandon's Arcanine covering its ears with pain in the ears.

That's inarguably the most interesting description of the Screech technique ever...Although, according to SpongeBob, pickles don't screech - they squeak. :p

I thought that your description of Meteor Mash was interesting, too. And I liked the Light Screen/Reflect/Double Team combo, plus the way Gardevoir used Metagross's own Hyper Beam against it.

I look forward to seeing what's decided to butt in on Wally's victory...

Bao Zakeruga
27th June 2005, 3:15 AM
That was an excellent chapter.I really liked the description.

27th June 2005, 6:45 PM
Chapter 11-The Two Big Battles Of The Pyramid!-Part Two! To Crack A Giant Eggshell Just Use The Power Of Teamwork! (Yeah I know it’s corny but couldn’t think of anything better)

While Wally was battling Pyramid King Brandon the chaotic detectives Vector, Espio, and Charmy were investigating the game corner in which they happen to stumble to find a secret passageway. They are now sneaking down the staircase they found wondering what’s the deal with the place. When they got to the bottom hey saw a door, but you can see there were scientists in the other room because of the see through glass. Espio then said,

“I’ll take a look of what’s happening while you two stay here,”

Vector and Charmy just nodded and stood there. Espio just performed leaf swirl and was now invisible to the naked eye. He slowly opens the door and takes a look around. The whole place seemed to be a giant basement with scientists all about. But one man stood out for Espio. He wore an orange suit, green tie, slick brown hair, and a very tough disposition. He then said,

“Alright Rockets! We must begin project Mewtwo again! This time our mission is not to create Mewtwo but to regain all the lost research all those years ago, and to obtain the DNA of the legendary Mew so we can create something so much greater!”

One of the scientists then asked,

“What is this creature that we are going to create then Mr. Giovanni?”

“We are going to create this perfect ultimate life-form that will help Team Rocket conquer the world!” Replied Giovanni.

Espio is now very curious of what was going on here. He then slowly walked back to the door and opened it real gentle when no one was looking. He then went un-invisible and said,

“Vector, Charmy. An organization known as Team Rocket wants to take over the world by using this so call project Mewtwo to create a perfect ultimate life-form,”

Vector then stared at him in disbelief. Charmy then said,

“Maybe we should tell the police that the bad guys here want to take over the world guys,”

“Charmy we are the police! Were detectives remember? But maybe we should tell the local law enforcements around here to handle this since we are so busy looking for the Chaos Emeralds remember,”

“I agree. I’m sure that the local law enforcements could handle these men,” stated Espio.

The three then walk back up to the stairs and head out of the Game Corner. They then head to the local police department and drop off a note saying,

“Dear local law enforcements,

We have gone to the Game Corner today in your city Celadon and have found out of a secret basement within the facility. We have investigated the area and found out that a secret evil organization known as Team Rocket are working on a project known as project Mewtwo to rule and conquer the world with. Please investigate the area we have inspected and please take this note wisely.

Detective Vector, Detective Espio, and Detective Charmy."

However when the officers picked received the notice, Officer Jenny just said,

“Whoever wrote this notice must have a crazy imagination,”

So they pretty much just threw the note away in the trash thinking it was just a joke and nothing more. Back to the Battle Pyramid and Wally was now in the lobby with his friends. Apparently the shakings have stopped.

“Well Birch, Ketchum what do you got to say now?” Asked Wally holding his green Chaos Emerald proudly.

“Umm...I was just joking Wood! Right Ash?” Replied Brendan nervously.

“Yeah Wally we weren’t going to make you clip Ed’s toenails or massage his feet if you lost right?”

But Wally then said,

“We bet, you deal with the losses,”

Ash and Brendan then anime-fell as soon as they heard that. May then hugged Wally and shouted,

“Great job Wally! People should give you more credit!”

Wally just blushed like a cherry, and replied,

“Thanks May! I also thank you since without you I wouldn’t be the great trainer I was today,”

May just blushed a little and replied,


Then suddenly the whole Battle Pyramid started to shake like crazy again. It was like if giant hands were punching the floor beneath them and they all then held on to a bench. When all the rumbling finally stopped Eddy shouted,

“What the heck is going on here?”

All the others shrugged when they heard Eddy asked that. Then the receptionist said,

“Hey kids! If you want to know, some people came late last night and went to the basement. Then after that they weren’t seen and then these construction noises could be heard. Check out what happened to those guys alright?”

The others weren’t sure but Ash said,

“What if those guys are trapped? Perhaps we should take a look,”

The others reluctantly nodded but Eddy just replied,

“This better not be bad for us!”

While the group still discussed what to do, Jessie, James, and Meowth were watching them from the outside in front of the glass entrance doors. Then the gang walked to a door that was part of one of the staircases toward the basement. The trio then followed stealthy afterwards. The gang then reached a storage room but on the wall on the opposite side was fully open, like if a drill busted it down.

“Well are we going or not?” Asked Ash.

The gang reluctantly followed and so did the Rockets. Then they were walking down some metal staircase and at the end they found a wide stone door locking their way.

“Well looks like no ones home let’s go,” shouted Eddy who started to back away. But Brendan just grabbed him to stay. Then suddenly the door opened. They walked in and as soon as they did the doors shut. Then Team Rocket screamed,


Then suddenly our gang turns round and sees them. Ash then immediately said,

“Pikachu use thunder-“

But he was cut off when large music was being played.

Then they all notice they are on a huge metal shaped donut with a very large hole in the middle. They all take a look and see that the bottom is filled with tons, and I mean tons of quicksand. They realize they are on a huge metal donut like arena that’s being hold by cables. They also notice that there are a lot of pulleys connected with the bottom of the metal arena, that could help someone get out of the quicksand if they could grab on it.

“Where are we?” Asked May.

Then suddenly on the other side of the room another stone door opened and there was Eggman in his Egg Walker, with Boquo and Dequo, and Bokkun also there with Eggman.

“EGGMAN!” They all screamed.

“Heh heh heh. You kids like my latest arena! Very catchy don’t you think,”

“Dr. Eggman what are you doing here!?” Asked a shocked May.

“To get that Chaos Emerald of course. Now hand it over green hair so your lives will be spared,” replied the rotton doctor.

“NO WAY! I’m not giving up this Chaos Emerald without a fight Eggman!” Replied Wally back.

“Very well. But prepare to fall under the Eggman Empire! My guardian CRUSH THEM!”

Then suddenly the whole place started shaking again, and everyone grew nervous except Eggman and his cronies. Then suddenly a giant rocky hand come grabbing on to the metal arena and soon out came a huge standing rock robot known as the Egg Golem. It was huge! It looked like a giant statue of a pharaoh with huge hands, body, legs, and head. On the Egg Golem could be seen a metal device with coils around, on top of the head. The gang and Team Rocket just dropped their jaws and said,


“Yes I know very impressive. But enough talk. Egg Golem I command you to destroy them!”

The Egg Golem just nodded and began raising a fist. Then Eddy screamed,


They all began running for their lives, and just managed to avoid a serious punch. Wally’s thought, “How can we beat this giant robot? There must be a way... GOT IT!”

“Hey guys I think I know a way to beat this thing,”

“HOW!” Screamed the other who still ran while they talked.

“I think we need to attack the metal part on its head so it can no longer be controlled by Eggman guys,” replied Wally who was still running away.

Eggman was just smiling not paying attention to our trainers. Dequo and Boquo just held pom-poms and cheered and kept on repeating,

“Go Egg-Golem! Go Egg-Golem! Go-Egg Golem!”

Bokkun couldn’t help but feel sorry for one of them. May since she gave him some strawberry short cake and the fact that she called him cute. Plus he also thought she was kind of pretty.

“Give it up brats! Just hand over the Chaos Emerald!” Shouted Eggman.

“Never! Pikachu use thunderbolt on the Egg Golem’s head!’ Shouted Ash.

His Pikachu then shot out bolts of electricity toward the Egg Golem’s head but the Egg Golem blocked the electric bolts by using its hands to block the way. It then began getting its fist ready to punch them. Eddy screamed,


They gang and Team Rocket just ran back around their side of the donut arena hoping to avoid the punch from the Egg Golem that stood in the middle of the hole with its feet in the quick sand. Wally then shouted,

“We need to use physical attacks if we are going to beat that thing. But we need a distraction,”

“Well who wants to distract for us?” Asked Eddy.

The other just stared at him, along with Double-D and Ed.

Eddy could then tell what was going to happen next, and he sighed and said,

“Find we Ed’s well split up in one group and distract the Egg Golem while you guys attack,”

The Ed’s went on running towards one side of the arena while Ash, May, Brendan, and Wally ran toward the other side. Team Rocket just stayed where they were watching the two groups.

“Hey you big egg head! Why don’t you catch me instead?” Yelled Eddy.

The Egg Golem then turned to face the Ed’s and it then began cracking it knuckles ready to deliver some punches. Ed then said,

“This reminds me off the movie with the mummy that wanted to suck out the people’s brains and use them for hats and-“

“RUN BOYS!” Screamed Eddy.

The Ed’s had to then dodge the massive fists by running away but not where Ash, Brendan, Wally, and May were. Ash then said,

“Alright Pikachu. You have to jump on to the Egg Golem’s back and climb your way to the head. Once on you have to use iron tail on that machine that’s on top of the Egg Golem’s head alright?”

His Pikachu nodded. Next it jumped on the Egg Golems back and scampered its way to the top. Then it unleashed an iron tail on the mechanism and caused a small explosion. Then Pikachu leapt off and jumped back into Ash’s hands. Eggman then yelled,


The Egg Golem was now focusing on Ash, May, Wally, and Brendan. Then Brendan muttered,


The Egg Golem was now ready to punch again so once again they ran for it. Eddy on the other side then took out his premier ball and tossed and said,

“Go Meowth!”

His pokemon then came out and was ready to fight. Then Eddy shushed for a group huddle with the other two Ed’s.

“Alright boys I thought of the perfect plan to beat this giant hunk of junk. It’s like this video game I played called ... Pikmin Two,”

“Pikmin Two?” Asked Ed.

“Yeah you see the strategy was for one of those fights was to have one captain to distract while the other attacked. Then you would keep switching to offensive or distractive till the creature you fought was defeated,” replied Eddy

“You sure this will work Eddy?” Asked Double-D.

“Of course it will. Now Meowth, whenever the Egg Golem’s back is seen you grab on and climb to the top and when you reach that metal machine on its head use your iron tail alright?”

His Meowth then nodded and since the Egg Golem was focusing on Ash, May, Brendan, and Wally now, Eddy’s Meowth then jumped on the Egg Golem’s back and started to claw its way to the head of the giant machine. When it reached the top it performed iron tail upon it head and also damaged the control mechanism then leapt off and was caught by Eddy. Eggman was now getting furious but just remained silent. The Egg Golem was now focusing on the Ed’s once more.

“If we keep this up then maybe we can take this thing down,” thought Wally.

“Pikachu ready for another try?” Asked Ash.

His Pikachu then nodded and repeated the same maneuvers as last time. Then Eddy’s Meowth did the same and now the Egg Golem had four hits to the control mechanism on its head. Eggman then shouted,

“Boquo, Dequo, Bokkun! Go after someone to grab so the Egg Golem can get a good shot for a punch or grab or such,”

The three bots saluted and went running after Ash, May, Brendan, and Wally.

“Uh oh we better go on the move now,” shouted May.

The four began running away from the three bots that chased them.

“Come back here!” Shouted Boquo.

“Yeah we need the tune ups!” Shouted Dequo.

But Bokkun then “accidentally” tripped Boquo and Dequo and just said,

“Sorry but that was funny ahahahahahaha!”

“When we get back to the base we’re going to make sure to get all the strawberry short-cake before you do Bokkun,” replied Boquo.

“Yeah we’ll make sure to take every last crumb before you get a taste at strawberry goodness,” replied Dequo.

Bokkun then looked at the floor and mumbled,


The robots then started the chase again after our heroes. We now see the Egg Golem trapping Team Rocket between its big hands. Then the Egg Golem slams its head down where they are and Jessie, James, and Meowth then muttered,


Then Bam! The three took a serious beat down. They now look like pancakes on the floor and the trio then said,


Ed, Double-D, and Eddy were also running along with Eddy’s Meowth. Then Double-D said,

“We need to attack the mechanism sometime or else we’ll never stop running!”

“But how do we do that without being squished like flat pancakes because now it’s focusing on us!?” Replied a running Eddy.

“Maybe we should... toss stinky cheese at it guys,” said Ed who also ran.

The other two just stared at him as they ran. Then suddenly Ed took out a horrible moldy bad smelling pungent cheese and tossed it at the Egg Golem. But he threw it too high and instead it lands on the other side of the arena and Wally trips over the cheese. Eggman then shouts,

“Capture green hair and crush him!”

Then the Egg Golem suddenly grabs Wally with his two giant fists and starts to squeeze Wally. Wally then cries out in pain and May screams,


Then we see Eddy strangling Ed and all he said was,

“Why the heck did you toss stinky cheese in the first place!?”

While the Ed’s are arguing, Ash’s Pikachu and Eddy’s Meowth both managed to get to the top of the Egg Golem’s mechanism once again and thy both used iron tail on the control mechanism and once again do damage to the Egg Golem. But the mechanism was still up but just barely. But the Egg Golem still had Wally in a tight squeeze then Eggman said,

“Now throw him against the wall and keep doing it till I feel the need to stop!”

The Egg Golem then tossed Wally hard against the wall. May was in shock of what was happening. One of her closest friends was being beaten and she could do nothing but just watch in horror. Wally struggles to get back up but the Egg Golem just picks him up again and tosses him against the wall. With each new blow Wally grew weaker. Then Eggman said,

“Good, now toss green into the quicksand so later I can fish out that Chaos Emerald. Nighty night green you’ll be having a permanent dirt nap soon! HAHAHAHAHAHA!”

Soon the Egg Golem picked up Wally and tossed him right into the quicksand headfirst. Everyone screamed,


Wally was trying to move to get out. All he felt was the sand going in him, making him weaker. He struggled to move when soon he lost consciousness and fainted while in the quick sand. May then screamed,


She then jumps toward one of the pulleys and lowers it down toward the quicksand. She was now trying to reach Wally’s hand that was sticking out of the sand. Everyone was appalled what Eggman did. Then Eddy shouted,

“Ash let’s take this hunk of junk down for good!”

“Yeah. Pikachu use one last iron tail now!” Replied Ash.

“You too Meowth!” Shouted Eddy.

Both pokemon then jumped toward the Egg Golem one last time and scamper to the top of the head. Then they unleashed their iron tails destroying the control mechanism. Soon the whole Egg Golem started to shake like crazy then eventually it started sinking in the masses of quicksand Eggman placed in the bottom of the room. May was still trying to reach Wally’s hand that was still slowly sinking into the quicksand. She then finally reaches it and slowly pulls Wally out. She held him over her back and pulled the pulley once more and then once they got up. She yelled,


Eggman has a very angry face since his creation this time was destroyed. He then yelled,


He then starts charging up a power beam from his Egg Walker’s laser cannon attachment, and Eddy then said,

“Why can’t we get a decent break?”

To be continued...

Sike Saner
27th June 2005, 8:20 PM
However when the officers picked recieved the notice, Officer Jenny just said,

"Whoever wrote this notice must have a crazy imagination,"

So they pretty much just threw the note away in the trash thinking it was just a joke and nothing more.

...EAT SHOE, JENNY! *throws shoe*

But Bokkun then "accidentally" tripped Boquo and Dequo and just said,

"Sorry but that was funny ahahahahahaha!"

:D More Bokkun, please!

"Yeah we'll make sure to take every last crumb before you get a taste at strawberry goodness," replied Dequo.

That is my favorite threat, ever.

"Maybe we should...toss stinky cheese at it guys," said Ed who also ran.

Ah, good old reliable Ed. :D Let's have more of him, too, please!

Eggman then shouts,

"Capture green hair and crush him!"

INSTANT REPLAY TIME! Oh, I'll put a nice beat to it, too! "Capture green hair and crush him!-crush him!-crush him!"... I'm such a spaz. :p

"Why the heck did you toss stinky cheese in the first place!?"

The question of the century.

That was fun. But, oh, crap, what's Eggman about to do?...

27th June 2005, 8:54 PM
Nicely done thus far, Wes. Simple and coherent wording, plus a plot that is original enough.

Do take note of your choice of words, though. Your descriptions are a bit weird at times, and I am not sure if that is a good thing at all. Take care and good luck for the enxt chapter. If you want me to rate 4-5, you gotta earn it! convince me!

27th June 2005, 9:01 PM
Thanks everyone! Can you like show me like which descriptions are weird? Lke what do you exactly mean? But thanks still!

27th June 2005, 9:06 PM
His Pikachu then shot out bolts of electricity toward the Egg Golem’s head but the Egg Golem blocked the electric bolts by using its hands to block the way.

just an example. Pretty weird, dont u think? PM me to continue. I do not wish to Spam!

29th June 2005, 12:38 AM
Okay, soon I'm going to be ready to present chapter 12. As soon I'm done wth it of course.

29th June 2005, 2:00 AM
Chapter 12-Hospital Compassion And A Small Eggman Bout

Eggman then fired a massive blue beam of energy from his Egg Walker, and shouted,

“Get a load of this!”

The gang then jumped out of the way in time just to avoid being cooked by the large beam and the wall it hit was blasted into small rocky pieces. Then Ash said,

“Well how we going to get out of here guys alive? The stone door is still shut and Eggman has us trapped in here only to be killed later?”

They all thought now on how to get out. When suddenly Eggman shouted,

“Get a load of-get a load of-get a load of this!”

Eggman then fired a bunch of small rockets out of the rocket launcher connected with the Egg Walker on the side. Ash and Eddy then yelled,

“Use thunderbolt on those rockets now!”

Meowth and Pikachu then unleashed some electrical bolts toward the rockets coming toward them and then they went poof! The others sighed when they saw that, well except Wally due to him being brutally beaten, and drowning on quicksand. Then suddenly Eggman shouted,

“We can do this the easy way. Just hand over the Chaos Emerald. Or the hard way which involves all you annoying pests having me to give you kids an early grave,” Take your pick,”

“Doctor. You could have killed one of my best friends because of what you did before. I don’t think we’re just going to give up the Chaos Emerald Wally worked hard to earn so our answer is NO!” Shouted an angry May.

“Very well, but know I don’t give up without a fight. Get a load of this!”

Eggman then started firing large bullets one at a time, from his large cannon. A bazooka that was also part of the Egg Walker’s arsenal of weapons. The gang ducked as a large flaming bullet just streaked past above their heads and hit the wall. But Double-D then thought,

“That’s it!”

He then whispered to the others,

“I think I know a way to escape guys,”

“Well what is it sock head? Don’t leave us hanging!” Replied Eddy.

“I think if we can make Eggman break down the stone door with his weapons then we can escape,” whispered Double-D back.

“Good plan now let’s run toward it!”

The gang then started running toward the stone door they went through before and started taunting Eggman. While that happened Team Rocket finally got back on their feet and started running toward Eggman hoping to also beat him up. Eggman noticed this so when Team Rocket were right near him, his Egg Walker had a boxing glove come out that punched the three to crash into the gang. The three rockets then muttered,


Then Eggman was charging up a power beam from his Egg Walker and muttered,

“Nighty night kiddies! Heh heh heh,”

Then Eggman fired the beam, and Eddy shouted,


They all jumped out of the way only to see the beam destroy the stone door leading them back to freedom. Eggman then screamed as he just realized what he done. Then Team Rocket screamed,


They then run through the metal stairs and run out of the Battle Pyramid only to run into Vector, Espio, and Charmy. Then we see Vector and Espio, and Charmy ready to ram into the three sending them flying screaming,


Back to the pyramid and Eggman starts charging up one last blast. First the Ed’s ran out, then the Ash and Brendan, and finally May who held Wally over her back was about to run when Eggman shouted,

“Too late kid!”

Eggman then fired one last power beam and May covered her eyes hoping this wasn’t the end. When suddenly Wally’s green Chaos Emerald in his pocket glowed and managed to create a green barrier around the two and Eggman’s power laser... back fired. May then opened her eyes and saw that Eggman, Boquo, and Dequo, and plus his small Egg Walker was fried to a crisp. Eggman just coughed and hacked out some smoke and said,

“Hmp! You kids just got lucky, but next time you all won't be so lucky!”

He then runs off in the Egg Walker to the other stone door and broke it down with a boxing glove, and ran for it in a metal tunnel that led to an escape pod. Boquo and Dequo also followed him as they went running. Bokkun also followed, but stopped to look back at May who smiled at the little fellow for helping her and the others in the battle. Then he went chasing and said,

“Wait for me Dr. Eggman!”

May then carried Wally over her shoulders and ran out of the arena and was back outside with the others. They then ran to the hospital and along the way Eddy tossed a bunch of dollar bills toward our detectives and told them to rent two rooms at a hotel in the city. Then Vector said,

“Boy everybody’s in a big rush these days. Our world their world,”

“Well Vector we should get going,” stated Espio.

“Hey look a garden fellows!” Shouted Charmy.

They then stared at a building that said gym, and they decided to go in for a look. Back to the gang who arrived at a pokemon center. When inside Nurse Joy asked,

“How may we help you today?”

“Nurse Joy! My friend Wally really needs help! He’s been brutally beaten and was suffocating on tons of sand! Please you have to help him!” Shouted a tearing May who held Wally over her back still.

“Oh my! We’ll start treating your friend right now!”

Then Nurse Joy called some Chansey over and they then put Wally in a stretcher, and pushed him into an emergency room. The others just sighed and waited in on the benches for a while. Later Eddy said he come back with something. He left but came right back with a bag of gum, and he and the others just chewed on some gum. But not May. She thought,

“I hope Wally’s alright. I remember the first day we met back in school when we were little kids,”

She then started to sleep and her mind then drifted into the past. She was young and glad to meet new people. She was in the playground playing catch with some girls when she first saw him. Wally Wood. She saw him on the ground whimpering, being bullied by a couple of other boys, hurting him and teasing him all just because he had green hair. May then walked over and said,

“Why don’t you pick on someone else?”

Then the other boys responded back with,

“Hey Wally! You’re letting a girl stick up for you. That’s pathetic!”

“Yeah. You are some weakling that’ll never succeed in anything!”

“Yeah green. You are nothing more then a freak of nature,”

And with that the boys left. May could see Wally was sad, and was trying to hold back tears he held in his eyes. She then said,

“Hey it’s alright. Don’t let those bullies bully you,”

Wally then looked at her and replied,

“Thanks. But no one wants to be my friend. All they want to do is hurt me or make fun of me. Ever since I moved here last week,”

May then smiled and said,

“I want to be your friend?”

Wally then wiped away some tears and said,


May then helped him off the ground, and said,

“Really, now come on you want to play some catch?”

Ever since that day in 1st-grade, started a great friendship of Wally and May. Back to present day where it was now night and everyone except May were getting tired of waiting. Then Eddy shouted,

“We’re going to the hotel. May you coming?”

May just replied,

“No I think I’ll stay here,”

“Suit yourself,” replied Eddy who went out of the pokemon center. Double-D, Ed, Brendan, and Ash followed and headed to the hotel the chaotic detectives rented the rooms for the night. May just sighed and started once again to reminisce about past times. This time this year when she and Wally met in her father’s gym. Back in Petalburg after meeting Brendan and Ash they visited her father at the gym. After meeting him someone also visited.

“Umm hi can someone here help me learn how to catch a pokemon?”



Then both ran to each other and hugged. Ash and Brendan had no clue who he was, neither did they like the fact that he was hugging May. Then May said,

“Sure I would like to help you Wally,”

“Thanks May,” replied Wally.

“Here you can borrow this pokemon I have till you capture your first pokemon Wally,” said May’s father Norman who walked over to hand Wally a pokeball.

“Thank you sir,”

Both ran out of the gym and headed toward some grassy routes. Both were searching for a pokemon to catch when suddenly May said,

“Hey Wally! I think I found a Ralts for you to catch!”

“Really? Thanks! Those pokemon are supposed to be rare around these parts,” replied Wally.

Wally then tossed the pokeball he borrowed and out came a Zigzagoon. He then said,

“Umm what now?” Asked Wally.

“Tell your pokemon to use an attack like tackle on Ralts,” replied May.

“Gotcha. Umm Zigzagoon use a tackle on that Ralts,”

The Zigzagoon then nodded and went charging towards the Ralts tackling it. After that the pokemon then let out a small growl back at Zigzagoon but it just ignored the growl and kept staring at Ralts.

“Okay now use another tackle on Ralts,”

The Zigzagoon then once again tackled the Ralts and May then aid,

“Great now you have to toss an empty pokeball at it and hope you caught it,”

Wally then nodded and replied,


He then tossed it at the Ralts and soon it was caught after a bunch of shaking. May then hugged Wally and replied,

“You did great Wally!”

Wally then blushed but smiled,

“Thanks May,”

They both then walked back to the Petalburg gym and that was that. May was still thinking of the past when she then heard,

“Miss. Would you like to see your friend right now?” Asked Nurse Joy.

“Oh of course I would!” Replied May.

She was then led down some hallways and found Wally’s room. Wally was in a bed, with some white sheets over his body, sleeping peacefully. May then asked,

“Is he alright?”

“Don’t worry. We’re glad that you brought his here as soon as possible. How did he get hurt this bad anyway? I’ve never seen a patient like him who was brutally beaten, plus drowning on quicksand,” replied Nurse Joy.

May then remembered how the Egg Golem did all that damage toward Wally. She then said,

“A couple of bullies did this to my friend. They first beat him up, and then tossed him into some quicksand,”

“Oh my that’s terrible. I feel so sorry for your friend!” Replied Nurse Joy.

“Yeah me too. Me too,” replied May.

“Well I’m going to leave this room now because I have to check on some other patients,” said Nurse Joy as she walked out of the room.

May then sighed and sat down on a chair near her friend. She smiled now that Wally was out of danger’s way. She then held his hand and slowly and gently held it. Then suddenly she saw Vector’s MP3 player around Wally’s neck and she decides to take a look. She then notices the song “Believe In Yourself,” and May suddenly realizes she knew the lyrics to the song. She then decides to sing for Wally and then puts the song on a lowest volume and starts singing the gentle tunes for Wally.

When all alone in my chair, I just go about wishing
I wanna be strong, I really wanna be trusted
When all alone in my bed, I just go about yearning
I wanna be cool, I also wanna be like him

But that's not something I can do so easily
This is not simply my way, my style
Gotta get a hold of my life

Wanna fly high
So I can reach the highest of all the heavens
Somebody will be waiting for me so,
I have got to fly higher

Gotta keep goin'
Everything is a brand new challange for me
I will believe in myself
This is the only start for me

When all alone in my sleep, I just go about dreaming
I see myself there, having the same adventure
If I just follow you, I will never see the light
Now is the time to find my way through this life
I'm trying so hard to be strong

Wanna fly high
So I can reach the highest of all the heavens
Somebody will be waiting for me so,
I have got to fly higher

Gotta keep goin'
Everything is a brand new challenge for me
I will believe in myself
This is the only start for me

Many friends help me out, in return I help them
certain things I can do and there are things that only I can do
No one's alone!

I wanna fly high
So I can reach the highest of all the heavens
Somebody will be waiting for me so,
I have got to fly higher

Gotta keep goin'
Everything is a brand new challenge for me
I will believe in myself
This is the only start for meeeeee, meeeeeeeee, meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

After May was done singing, she smiled knowing that a friend of hers was going to be alright. Suddenly Wally’s eyes started opening real slow, and he weakly replied,

“May... is that.... you,”

“Yes it is Wally. Are you okay?”

“I’m fine...but I feel like... such a loser. I let myself get beaten. I’m nothing more then.... a weakling,”

“Don’t say that. Come on you’re a great trainer Wally. You even beat one of the Battle Leaders plus earned a Chaos Emerald,”

“I know... it’s just... that sometimes I feel... scared and weak that everyone can make me feel so... inferior to them,”

“Don’t worry Wally. We all get scared sometime. Besides even if people think you’re a loser, know that I’ll always think you’re a winner,”

Wally then smiled and replied,

“Thanks May,”

“No problem Wally,”

Wally then notices she’s the only one and then said,

“I guess everyone’s else is in a hotel,”

“Yeah I wonder what’s happening to them right now?” Asked May.

In the Celadon hotel we see Eddy shouting,

“What do you mean a Mr. Vector, or Espio, or Charmy never paid for our rooms?”

“Easy Eddy. Perhaps they went somewhere and they’ll probably head here soon,” replied Double-D.

“But I wonder where?” Asked Ash.

“Well you did say the Kanto region was your home so do you know any places that they might have gone here?” Asked Brendan.

“Well last time I checked there were a department store, game corner, and gym. Nothing more special I can think of,”

“Maybe they came to smell pretty flowers and eat them with Clamperls and tofu,” answered Ed.

The others just stared at him and Eddy said,

“Okaaaayyyy. I think we need some gum to chew on while we’re waiting for the others to get back,”

Then they each took some cotton candy or grape flavored gum and once again started chewing. Back to he outside and we see the front of the Celadon gym. Suddenly the door opens and our three chaotic detectives seemed to be kicked out of the gym and a lady wearing a komodo, with black hair shouted,

“And stay out, and have peace on your minds!”

She then shut the door and we see Vector dusting off his black top hat and said,

“Nice going Charms. You had to take a bunch and when I mean bunch I mean tons of flowers did you?”

“But Vector they all smell so nice, plus I didn’t know there were owned by that lady,” replied Charmy.

“No matter. We have to go to the hotel remember?” Asked Espio.

The three then head to the hotel and meet up with the boys there and pay for the rooms and head to the restaurant. Meanwhile we now see May humming a quiet song while Wally was listening in peace. Apparently Wally now needs his sleep, and May just was also tired that night. She then left a note on a table near him, that said,

“I’ll come back to visit tomorrow. One of your best pals May! ^_^”

She then slowly walked out of the room and before she walked out through the door, May just turned back to see our green-haired, white-shirted, and black pants friend sleeping in the hospitable bed, in utter harmony and silence. She smiled and walked out and headed to the hotel to meet up with the others. Our group were eating and slurping on some spaghetti and Eddy mumbled,

“So what do we do now?”

May then ran into the room and said,

“Sorry guys for being so late, what I miss?”

“Nothing much. Except we checked in and eating dinner,” answered Brendan.

“What took so long anyway? It’s not that hard to wait for someone,” asked Ash.

“Unless... May and Wally are sitting in a hospital, K-I-S-S-I-N-G! First comes love, second comes marriage, and last comes some kids,” shouted Eddy.

Eddy was now laughing crazy and May just looked embarrassed and replied,

“Whatever you say, from your immature mind,”

Ash and Brendan then stepped on one of Eddy’s feet since they didn’t like that joke, especially about May and Wally married and all. Especially the love part. Eddy then yelped in pain and held his mouth from muttering some pretty nasty words. After that everyone headed to bed and that was the end of that day.

To be continued...

29th June 2005, 6:48 AM
Hey! I do not play sonic, but I do know the characters!

Ok, that was a pretty neat chapter. It was pretty light hearted most of the time, with a smattering of emotion towards the end. Not too bad on that front at all.

Your spacing could use some work. At some parts, it is a little flawed. Let me show you.

“Why don’t you pick on someone else?”

Then the other boys responded back with,

“Hey Wally! You’re letting a girl stick up for you. That’s pathetic!”

It is not exactly wrong, but can be improved. Stick the text together with the accompanying speech at times.

Your characters thus far are very easy on the mind, and induce laughs from time to time. Do differentiate them a little more, htough.

All in all, nnice work so far, with room for improvement yet. Take heart from the good work thus far and good luck for the next chapter!

29th June 2005, 1:07 PM
Thanks! I'll try to work on some stuff a little more!

Sike Saner
29th June 2005, 6:16 PM
Eggman then fired a massive blue beam of energy from his Egg Walker and shouted,

"Get a load of this!"

I was going to Instant Replay this...

They all thought now on how to get out. When suddenly Eggman shouted,

"Get a load of-get a load of-get a load of this!"

...but you did it for me! :p

Eggman noticed this so when Team Rocket were right near him, his Egg Walker had a boxing glove come out that punched the three to crash into the gang.

INSTANT REPLAY! Punch, punch, punch...
Why does "surprise boxing glove" always make me laugh? It shouldn't. It's not funny. It would suck to get hit by such a thing! Ouch...

...Ah, I'm still going to laugh. Punch, punch, punch... :D


Feel free to have Team Rocket blast off as as many times as you please in the future. :D

"And stay out, and have peace on your minds!"

What is it about this that I like so much, exactly? Not sure, but I hope to get an opportunity to say this line somewhere myself soon...

I enjoyed this chapter, particularly Vector, Espio and Charmy getting into trouble at the gym... :p

29th June 2005, 7:37 PM
Chapter 13 is coming soon! It's going to be a bit shorter then previous chapters due to me thinking they've spent way too much time in Celadon city already.

29th June 2005, 8:11 PM
Chapter 13-Foot Treatment, Gambling Problems, Eggman’s Next Plan

It was now morning and May already left to visit Wally who still had to heal due to him being beaten by a giant robot. Ash and the others had just got up and yawned and such.

“Well what do we do today? I mean Wally has to heal and we can’t go after the next Chaos Emerald till he’s better so what now?” Asked Eddy.

The others then thought in silence and then Ash replied, “Well we could just stay here for a couple more days I guess,”

The detectives are now seen in the restaurant eating some food along with their pokemon. Vector and his Totodile are eating some steak with eggs, Espio was eating toast and so was his Kecleon. And Charmy was eating some cereal and so was his Beedrill.

“So what are we going to do today anyway Vector?” Asked Charmy.

“I’m not sure boys. I wonder what our former client is up to though I give anything to pound that mustached moron!” Replied Vector.

“Well Vector maybe when we get the next emerald in the next city we’ll meet tour former client again,” stated Espio.

The detectives continued to talk and eat along with their pokemon. Then later they went out, and trained their pokemon in some near by woods. Back to the hospital and May just found Wally in his room still sleeping like he was just born. May smiled and whispered in his ear,

“Hey Wally! Sorry to wake you up!”

Wally’s eyes slowly opened and he smiled seeing May’s face. To Wally seeing May could take all the pain away (in a metaphorical sense of course).

“Hey May!”

“Wally then slowly rose out of the hospital bed and just sat in it. He then said, “How is everything going?”

“You know nothing much really. It must stink being copped up inside all day?” Replied May.

Wally just let out a disappointed sigh and responded,

“Well when you’ve been beaten to a pulp, and swallowed a ton of sand then yeah I guess it does stink. Especially if you have to stay for a week all by yourself,”

May then responded with, “Hey it’s alright. Don’t worry I’ll come to visit everyday!”

Wally smiled and then replied, “Thanks May. You’re a true friend,”

“May just blushed after hearing the comment and said, “You’re welcome Wally!”

The two kept on talking that morning about things and such. Then eventually May said,

“I have to go Wally. But don’t worry I’ll promise to come back o visit tomorrow,”

Wally nodded and understood. But he then said, “May can you do me a favor?”

May then smiled and said, “Sure what is it?”

“Can you give this note to Ash and Brendan for me?” Asked Wally.

May smiled and took the note from Wally’s hands and she said, “It will be as easy as winning a beauty contest ribbon!”

She then walked out of the room and headed off to find Ash and Brendan. Meanwhile... back in Eggman’s base, we see the doctor trying to think of a new plan to get the Chaos Emeralds. His three henchmen Boquo, Dequo, and Bokkun were just all taking a nap on separate chairs when suddenly Eggman said,

“I think we need a change of strategy boys,”

His three robots then woke up and stated to pay attention to him. Boquo then asked, “A change of strategy doctor?”

“What was our first strategy to begin with anyway?” Added Dequo.

“Quiet you two. Now my new strategy is to capture that girl in their group,” replied Dr. Eggman.

“Why?” Asked both Boquo, and Dequo.

“Because one I’ve noticed that in our past fights with those kids that three of these boys have a crush for that girl. Two is if we capture her then we can use her for a ransom and we can get more Chaos Emeralds that way. And three more Chaos Emerald means we can have a better generator for creating my perfect ultimate life-form that will help establish the Eggman Empire!”

“That’s great doctor but how exactly are we going to capture the girl?” Asked Dequo.

“I mean you do have some machines ready right?” Added Boquo.

Eggman then flashed a grin across his mouth and responded,

“Yes and now we play the waiting game and wait for the perfect opportunity to strike,”

Then Eggman notices that the four of them need some food. He then said,

“Oh yeah I forgot. Boquo and Dequo you rust buckets got to make some lunch. I wonder what those brats are up to right now?”

Back to Celadon city and we once again see Ash, Brendan, Ed, Eddy, and Double-D sitting on a table outside a café sipping on some drinks. May runs there and said,

“Hey guys. Bread-Boy, Ash someone has a note for the two of you,”

Ash and Brendan then stared at the note she held and then they held it and read the following message, “Just because I’m in the hospital, doesn’t mean I for got about our little wager. Good luck! Sincerely Wally,”

Ash and Brendan’s face looked horrified. They then screamed,


It was now night and we see Ash and Brendan putting foot cream on their hands. Then Eddy slowly took of the shoes off of Ed and you can see that his toenails were full of dirt, hair, mud, ketchup, mustard, and mayo. Then his feet smelled like a Muk’s with added horrid smells. Then Eddy said,

“We got to run, so I hope you can deal with all this funky funk!”

Eddy, Double-D, and May then ran out of the room and shut the door fast and put their ears against the wall to listen. Ash and Brendan looked like they were going to puke, and they then held their nose and mouth. Soon they started massaging Ed’s feet and they both said,

“I do anything to be in that hospital right now,”

Then after all the rubbings of Ed’s crusty feet, they both held nail clippers and started to clip Ed’s toe nails. Every time they clipped a toenail, it would either hit them in the eye, accidentally go in their mouth to be swallowed, or just damn stinky, they both cry out,


Eddy, Double-D, and May outside can be seen laughing over their big predicament outside the room. Eddy then said, “I’ve never seen someone suffer this much! It’s so damn hilarious!”

“I concur! This is rather amusing,” added a chuckling Double-D.

“Yeah I bet Wally would get a great laugh if he saw this,” added a laughing May.

After Ash and Brendan were done, they left the room and they both said,

“I think we should get some deodorant,”

Eddy, Double-D, and May then said,

“Should? More like need cause you guys need some soap fast!”

Everyone then hit the showers that night then went to sleep. Next day we see everyone waking up in their sleeping clothes all peaceful and such. May then came to visit Wally again, who still had to heal due to his injuries. They talked about many things like,

“So May? Do you really think that I earned this Chaos Emerald?’ Asked Wally who stared at the green emerald he held.

May smiled, and replied “Come on Wally. You have to give yourself more credit. Besides if I won against one of the Battle Frontier leaders, then I try to be more confident,”

Wally just laughed and then May asked what was so funny. Wally then said,

“You know you’re right. Maybe I should try to give myself more credit, and try to be more outgoing. Thanks May. You’re also a great trainer. Maybe you should try for the next Chaos Emerald,”

May then blushed and said, “Really? You think I do well for the next battle facility. Okay sure why not? I’ll try for the next Chaos Emerald”

Both continued to talk and have great conversations and such. Cue to our chaotic detectives who were walking back to the Game Corner to play some slots and pinball and such. Vector was on the slots and then he pulled the lever. He was watching it spin till it stop and he got nothing. He tried once more and got some coins. Vector was then getting addicted to playing slots, and Chamy was getting addicted to playing pinball. Espio just sighed and watched the two get crazy over the games.

That night Ash and Brendan had to do the horrors of the foot pampering for Ed again. It was like a horror movie where you could only hear blood curdling screams. The next few days pretty much went the same. Eventually Wally was ready and back on his feet. Vector well... just read the following,

“Come on I gotta win something big sometime!”

This time Vector got three skulls and got nothing again, Vector was getting frustrated and annoyed. Espio said,

“When a great warrior has no luck, then they must stop risking valuable possessions and move on,”

“What are you? A book written by Shel Silverstein?’ Asked Vector sarcastically.

“I’m just saying that maybe we should stop playing these games and head back to the hotel to meet with the kids alright?”

“Find just one last try,”

Vector then pulled the lever one last time and he got (Drum Roll Please).....................
.................................................. ............... Three faces laughing at him. Vector was not pleased and he then gave the slot machine one big punch. Then suddenly the three laughing faces turned to three sevens and tons of coins were coming out. Then Vector screamed out,


Back to Ash and Brendan on their last day of foot massaging. Ash then said,

“You know after a while the smell is not that bad right Brendan?”

Brendan stared at Ash for a couple of moments and then replied,

“Ash. That’s your insanity talking okay? I think mine is going to take over my head soon so let’s just get this over with,”

The two once again massaged Ed’s feet and clipped his toenails. Ed’s toenails grow back pretty fast don’t they? It was the last day they were going to stay in Celadon City and everyone was actually glad to get out fast. Plus Wally boy was now better and ready to roll with the rest of our crew.

To be continued...

Sike Saner
30th June 2005, 6:32 PM
Then Eddy slowly took of the shoes of Ed and you can see that his toenails were full of dirt, hair, mud, ketchup, mustard, and mayo. Then his feet smelled like a Muk’s with added horrid smells.


Then Eddy said,

“We got to run, so I hope you can deal with all this funky funk!”

"Funky funk"...I like that. :D

Then after all the rubbings of Ed’s crusty feet, they both held nail clippers and started to clip Ed’s toe nails. Every time they clipped a toenail, it would either hit them in the eye, accidentally go in their mouth to be swallowed, or just damn stinky, they both cry out,



Vector then pulled the lever one last time and he got (Drum Roll Please).....................
.................................................. ............... Three faces laughing at him.

That was funny. Wah-wahhhh... :p

Back to Ash and Brendan on their last day of foot massaging. Ash then said,

“You know after a while the smell is not that bad right Brendan?”

Brendan started at Ash for a couple of moments and then replied,

“Ash. That’s your insanity talking okay? I think mine is going to take over my head soon so let’s just get this over with,”

Yeah, seriously. Methinks the fumes were getting to them here...

Ed’s toenails grow back pretty fast don’t they?

This made me laugh, too. I like to hear the voice of the narrator.

I had been awaiting the "Torture by Feet of Ed". Thanks for delivering. :D

30th June 2005, 10:55 PM
Thanks! I'm working on chapter 14 right now! Also yep I sometimes like for me to explain some stuff.

Bao Zakeruga
1st July 2005, 1:38 AM
That chapter was gross.

2nd July 2005, 12:49 AM
Chapter 14-A New Member-Maybe Or Maybe Not

Our gang are now riding in the helicopter being driven by Vector toward their next destination. We now have May all excited for the next Battle Facility since it was her turn to try. Eddy was having doubts and then said,

“You guys sure May should battle for the Chaos Emerald? I mean she’s a great coordinator and all that, but she never battled really in any gyms and never battled with the best in the Hoenn League,”

Then Wally, Brendan, and Ash then stepped on his feet and then Eddy then said,

“Ouch! Okay she can battle against the next leader if she wants to. Sheesh,”

“Where is the next Battle Frontier facility anyway?” Asked Ash.

“Hmm I think it’s in a city called Ecruteak and the Battle Facility there was the Battle Arena,” answered Double-D.

“Aren’t we going to visit Pallet Town guys,” asked Ash.

They all stared at him with a look of uncertainty and Brendan replied,

“We have to get the Chaos Emeralds first before Eggman Ash. Last time Wally could have had a permanent dirt nap in the sand or Eggman could of have stole his Chaos Emerald. Who knows what that madman is up to?”

Ash reluctantly agreed and saw Brendan’s point so they just waited for the helicopter to land in the next city. Eventually they arrived in what appeared to be a small town. The place was full of towers and small buildings that made the place look like rural Japan. The detectives all yawned and they said,

“We’ll be in the helicopter if you kids need us, because we detectives need some sleep after the last few days of us three at the Game Corner,”

Ash, May, Brendan, Wally, Ed, Double-D, an Eddy then walked out of the copter and looked around. The whole town had some people walking around and not much activity in the peaceful town. The group started to walk around when suddenly someone called out,

“Well if it isn’t Eddy and May. The coordinators I know,”

The group turned around and saw the one and only Drew. The guy wore a black T-shirt, purple jacket, and aqua colored pants. Eddy’s eyes then turned into pure rage and anger and he screamed,


Eddy then made a run for him, but Double-D and Ed held him. He only complained,

“Let me out this arrogant punk or else you two won’t be getting any jawbreakers anytime soon!”

But the two just held him as he still squirmed to get out. Let me explain something for people who don’t know this. Eddy is a coordinator for tough contests and a very good one while I’m at it. He has won five tough yellow contest ribbons and even won the tough competition finals last year and even has a nice trophy to prove it. Apparently Eddy wasn’t exactly with good terms with Drew ever since they met.

“Well Eddy like any of our past meets, you once again can never be better then me. Why? Because you always win in those so called tough contests, when the real challenge is in making great beauty and having grace which apparently you don’t have,” said Drew.

“Well Drew what are you doing here anyway?” Asked May.

“I was just in the neighborhood teaching kids about how contests work and such, and showing off my glamorous attacks to the kids here. How about you May? Why are you guys here?”

“Eddy said we were here to battle somebody for a pretty rock in a place called Battle Arena I think,” answered Ed.

“ED! You don’t tell jerks about our info. Especially arrogant ones,” snapped Eddy.

“Well who’s battling then?” Asked Drew.

“I’m battling Drew,” answered May.

“Well looks like I got myself a show to watch before heading to my next destination,” replied Drew.

And with that he just flicked his hair and started walking toward our group. Eddy was not looking pleased one bit, but he just dealt with it. They all walked to a small building that looked like a dojo for martial arts. When they entered they saw what appeared to be, a women wearing a karate uniform with black, and red large lines going down the middle, and along the end of the sleeves also. She had blonde hair that went down toward around her head, and wore blue pants as well. She was standing on a small arena that looked like where people could fight.

“Hey are you the leader of this facility? Asked Brendan.

She then smiled and said,

“Yep. I’m Arena Tycoon Greta and I guess one of you wants to have a battle with me right?”

“Yep that would be me May,” answered May.

“Well good luck and I hope you don’t go home crying because I never lose, and made a lot of people’s money go to me if you know what I mean. Also I advise you read the rules of this facility before battling,” said Greta who handed May a pamphlet that explained the rules of the Battle Arena. They all sat on a bench and waited for May to begin reading. She then started,

“Rule One-You can only choose three pokemon. Rule Two-Each trainer may only use three attacks for each pokemon. Rule Three-If one trainer has knocked more of your opponents pokemon then they have won. Rule Four-If no pokemon are knocked out after three attacks, the judges decide that round in terms of mind. Skill and body. Rule Five-There are three rounds total. Rule Six-You can’t switch out any pokemon once they are chosen. Rule Seven-Good luck!”

May just stared dumbfounded as she just re read the rules. Then she then said,

“Boy these matches must end pretty soon,”

Eddy then looked kind of shocked after hearing what the rules of the facility were. He then stared at everyone else who looked as surprised as he did except Drew. Eddy then said,

“You don’t look so worried about this fight do you?”

“Well in all my time I know May I know she can handle special battles like these so a battle Frontier fight will be no different then a Beauty contest fight,” replied Drew.

“Whatever you say,” added Eddy.

“So what are you willing to bet for this nice jewel I found? Asked Greta.

She then pulled out a red Chaos Emerald out of her pocket and dang was it nice! It sparkled like a glowing rose from the movie, “The Beauty And The Beast.” Eddy’s eyes then once again saw money and shouted,

“Win it!”

May then asked Wally if she could bet his green Chaos Emerald for the fight. Wally agreed and gave her his green Chaos Emerald and then said,

“This is what I’m betting,”

They both walked up stage and stared directly at each other. Then suddenly hey both held a pokeball and tossed it. Out of nowhere three judges showed up and started watching and taking notes on some notepads. Greta’s first pokemon was a Heracross and May’s was a Blaziken.

“Begin round one!” Said one of the judges.

“Blaziken use fire blast quick,” shouted May.

“Heracross use earthquake,” ordered Greta

Blaziken then fired a ball of fire toward Heracross hoping it would hit, but Heracross then leapt in the air and shook the floor sending the floor toward Blaziken and made the ball of fire go poof, and it then hit Blaziken with a large bang! Blaziken then slowly stood up and was still ready for battle.

“Okay now try flamethrower now,” asked May.

“Use protect now!”

Blaziken then shot a stream of flames from its mouth heading toward Heracross but it created a temporary shield that made the flames into nothing. May was getting more tense and nervous but she still held her cool. Both trainers then ordered one last attack,

“Heracross use brick break,” commanded Greta.

“Blaziken use aerial ace now,” shouted May.

Heracross then ran towards Blaziken ready with a fist strong enough to take down brick walls, when suddenly Blaziken back flipped then dive bombed into Heracross with its claws causing utter defeat for it. Both trainers returned their pokemon and since May’s knocked out Greta’s first, she won round one. Greta then said,

“Not bad. You got pretty lucky there with that last move,”

“Thanks! Boy battles like these are pretty short aren’t they?” Asked May.

“A lot of people tell me that but yeah I have to admit they’re pretty short,” replied Greta.

Both trainers then lobbed a new pokeball and this time, Greta had out an Umbreon, while May had out her Beautifly.

“Commence round two!” Said another judge.

“Okay Umbreon use confuse ray now,” ordered Greta.

“Beautifly use aerial ace quick,” shouted May.

May’s Beautifly then headed straight toward Umbreon ready to dive bomb into it when suddenly the Umbreon’s eyes started glowing and stared right into Beautifly. Then soon Beautifly became confused and then dive bombed into the floor instead.

“Good now use toxic Umbreon,” commanded Greta.

“Beautifly try to get up and use string shot so you can hold Umbreon down,” asked May.

Beautifly then struggled to break out of its confusion and it then shot string at itself making it trapped in it. While Greta’s Umbreon then fired poisonous sludge from its mouth and landed directly on Beautifly.

“Oh no! Beautifly try to get up one last time and use silver wind,” exclaimed May.

“Umbreon just in case just use protect!”

Beautifly struggled through the web of silk like string it was in, but finally managed to break free and flew through the air and flapped a wind that looked like sparkling silver toward Umbreon when suddenly like Heracross made a temporary barrier around itself and made the attack do nothing. Then the judges yelled,

“STOP! We will now judge the two pokemon based on mind, body, and skill,”

The three judges then started scribbling down some stuff and everyone just waited for the results. Then one judge held his notepad, and under May’s name was a big black X. Under Greta’s name was a big red circle. The other two judges pretty much had the same thing. May then sighed and as they returned her pokemon Greta said,

“Well nice try,”

Both then lobbed their last pokeball and out came Greta’s Shedinja and May’s Skitty. Eddy then cried out,


“Start the final round!” Said a third judge.

“Skitty use ... double-slap,” asked May.

“Shedinja use scratch attack,” ordered Greta.


Skitty then jumped in the air and was ready to slap Shedinja around a bit, with its tail, but it merely went through the pokemon like if it was really never there. Then Shedinja scratched at Skitty with its halo above its head. Skitty just yelped a little but still stood ready for battle. Eddy yelled,

“May can you not be so... dim?”

“Alright honest mistake and Skitty try shadow ball”

“Shedinja dodge it and use return now!”

Skitty then shot a dark spiritual ball towards Shedinja but moved to the side and nearly dodged the blast. Then it moved toward May’s Skitty and unleashed another scratch with its halo causing pain once more to May’s Skitty.

Eddy then slapped himself in the face and the others just hoped for the best. Drew just watched with curiosity as the battle was soon coming to a wrap. May then asked,

“Try a faint attack Skitty!”

“Use fury swipes now,’ commanded Greta.

Skitty then glowed with dark energy before trying to tackle into Shedinja, but Shedinja got its halo ready and it swiped at Skitty a couple of times before one of the judges shouted,

“STOP! Now to judge the final round!”

The three judges then started to write some stuff in the notepads they held and soon they were done. They then held the final scores. May once again got big black x’s and Greta got three big red circles. Everyone then was silent then Eddy said,

“Well.... that was....unexpected....,”

Greta then said, “Well I’m sorry May but you lost and according to the rules you have to give up your green jewel that you bet for mine earlier before the battle,”

May silently walked toward Greta and handed her the green Chaos Emerald she bet for the red Chaos Emerald and shook hands with Greta’s and then walked of the arena. They all slowly walked to her and Eddy said,

“Well... you win some...you lose some,”

They all then took a deep sigh and went pretty much silent. Then Drew said, “You know May. You could still try again. I mean do you guys have two jewels to bet for the other two?”

Then Ash and Brendan each pull out their Chaos Emerald they earned before and nodded. Then Drew said,

“Well May? Are you willing to try again for success?”

Then May smiled and then replied to everyone,

“You know I’m willing to try again till success comes my way Drew,”

“Well what are we waiting for? Heal you pokemon hen let’s head back here after that,” shouted Eddy.

The group then headed towards the pokemon center and waited for the pokemon to be healed. After the pokemon were finally done being healed, they ran back to the Battle Arena. Once back inside May asked,

“Can we have a rematch? Plus I got two gems to bet so don’t worry about it,”

Greta agreed and the judges then came back with their notepads and the battle was about to begin again. The rest of the gang then watched from the side, for the battles to begin again.

“Begin round one!” Said one of the judges.

“Go Heracross,” shouted Greta.

“Go Blaziken,” shouted May.

Both pokemon were on the field again, then May then quickly shouted,

“Blaziken use three aerial ace’s right now!”

Greta was about to command her attack when May’s sudden burst of aggression startled her. May’s Blaziken then quickly leapt in the air and dive-bombed into Heracross, then repeated the process twice more catching Heracross off guard and making it faint in the process. Both trainers returned their pokemon and May has won round one.

“Well May looks like you decided to be a little more aggressive this time around. That’s good because aggression is a big part of the Battle Arena,” complemented Greta.

“Thanks. I realized I can’t take this as a contest battle and as a real battle instead,”

“Well so far so good. But let’s see how you deal against Umbreon again,”

“Commence round two!” Said another judge.

Both trainers then tossed another pokeballl to the field and May’s Beautifly and Greta’s Umbreon were once again ready for battle.

“Beautifly use silver wind quick!”

“Umbreon dodge it and use toxic!”

Beuatifly then flapped winds of silver towards Umbreon but it never fit due to its reaction and movement. It then launched once again poisonous sludge that hit Beautifly directly.

”Beautifly try to use another silver wind quick!” Asked May.

“Umbreon once again dodge and this time use confuse ray like before!”

“Oh no! Beautifly just close your eyes and use silver wind then,” replied May.

May’s Beautifly then nodded and closed its eyes then flapped winds of silver once more, but Umbreon once again dodged the blast of silver like wind, and stared into Beautifly ready to confuse it with its mind but was unaffected.

“Beautifly try one last time with silver wind!” Shouted May.

“Umbreon just dodge it,”

May’s Beautifly tried one last silver wind but once again Umbreon dodged it. Then their was some silence after that then Ash said,

“Is the match over?”

“Not quite. I think Greta has one move left she can use if she wants to,” answered Double-D.

Greta just remained silent and both pokemon just went into a staring contest while they waited for her to command her last move. No one said anything but merely waited as she was being quiet. Then suddenly Beautifly fell in defeat and everyone was surprised except Drew and Greta. Drew then said,

“Well you better try to dodge toxic whenever it comes your way,”

May then returned Beautifly and replied, “Yeah I’ll try to keep that in mind next time,”

Both trainers then stared at each other before tossing out their last pokeball for the final round. Eddy was chewing off his nails, Ash Brendan, and Wally just watched with hope, and Drew just watched with curiosity as the battle once again is nearing its finale. May’s Skitty and Greta’s Shedinja were back out again ready for the last round.

“Start the final round!” Said a third judge.

“Shedinja use cut,” commanded Greta boldly.

“Skitty dodge it quick!”

Shedinja was headed towards Skitty with its halo ready to do a serious cut with it, when Skitty then flipped in the air and jumped over the cut assault and just landed over the other side of Shedinja.

“Shedinja attack with dig now,” ordered Greta.

“Skitty try jumping all over the place to dodge the dig attack.” Asked May.

Shedinja then used its halo to burrow under the arena floor and moved mysteriously like a game of Clue. May’s Skitty looked like if it was bouncing around like if it was on a pogo stick then Shedinja popped out of the ground but hit no Skitty. Greta started to look nervous but then smiled and said,

“Well May looks like you learned from what I did last round except you’re making me waste the moves this time. But let’s see how you deal with Shedinja’s last move,”

“Thanks and Skitty use shadow ball three times fast!” Replied May.

“Shedinja use hyper beam now!” Ordered Greta.

Shedinja then started charged up a blast of pure energy while Skitty spat out three spiritual balls of energy. Then Shedinja released the blast and both assaults collided and BOOM! After the smoke was gone you could see that Skitty was barely standing up plus covered in smoke, while Shedinja was down for the count! Both trainers returned their pokemon and both went to shake hands with each other. Greta then commented,

“Well May that was a great match. I guess you learned that for a different battle, you got to play by those different rules,”

“Yeah can’t take everything the same I suppose,”

“Well for proof of the first person to beat me in battle, here are the two jewels you earned,” replied Greta as she handed May a green and red Chaos Emerald. May smiled then handed Wally back his green Chaos Emerald. They all surrounded her and gave the usual comments. Drew then walked over and handed May a red rose. He then said,

“Well May looks like your pokemon did another marvelous performance out there,”

May just blushed and replied, “Whatever you say Drew,”

They all walked out only to meet up with our chaotic detectives. Eddy then asked,

“What are you guys doing here?”

“Were here to check up on you kids, what else we going to do all day?” Replied Vector.

Drew then whispered into May’s ear and asked, “Who are these guys?”

May then grew nervous and stammered out, “They’re...umm... Eddy’s uncle, older cousin, and younger cousin... yeah that’s it,”

Drew then turned to stare at Vector, Espio, and Charmy and merely shrugged. Eddy then shouted,

“Let’s head to a hotel,”

They all nodded and started walking but that’s when Eddy noticed Drew was walking with them. He then shouted,

“Oh no, you are not coming with us. May please tell me that he cannot come?”

May then smiled a little and merely said,

“The more the merrier,”

Eddy then looked like he was going to shoot himself but he merely just put his black sunglasses on and walked silently. May then stopped and took out her red Chaos Emerald and yelled out,


Then she was suddenly interrupted when suddenly...

To be continued...

What’s about to happen? Find out in chapter 15!

Sike Saner
2nd July 2005, 1:55 AM
YAY! Drew's here! :D Also, I noticed a little more narration, that was nice. And I liked Shedinja using its halo as a weapon.

...But what the FRELL dares to interrupt May's victory pose?

2nd July 2005, 6:35 AM
im loving this so much especially the eds being in it iv been here all day please bring in shadow pleassssssssseeeeeeeeee and chaos too pleasssseee im begging ya *stares* ;rukario;

Bao Zakeruga
2nd July 2005, 11:52 PM
I wouldn't mind seeing Shadow,but I'm not sure about chaos.

3rd July 2005, 1:14 AM
i like chaos also what happened to brock and max?i really digrated myself there but ya i really liked your fic ;rukario;

3rd July 2005, 3:20 AM
In my story Brock never traveled with Ash and Max is at May's home right now.

Reguarding Chaos and Shadow well you guys might see them but that's way later. However do note the word, MIGHT! So I'm still not sure.

3rd July 2005, 4:00 PM
Chapter 15-A Mini Boss Rush

This chapter was kind of hard to do due to me having to combine Sonic like fights with Pokemon like fights so this chapter I hope is really good.

When suddenly a familiar trio appeared and sung,

“Prepare for trouble!”

“And make it double!”

“To protect the world from devastation!”

“To unite all people within our nation!”



“To blast of at the speed of light and to fight fight fight! Meowth that’s right! Wobbuffet!”

”TEAM ROCKET!” Screamed our trainers.

“Hand over what you twerps call the Chaos Emeralds right now!” Ordered Jessie.

“Yeah now hand them rocks over twerps,” added Meowth.

“And this time there’s going to be no interruptions when we get-“

Suddenly James was cut off when a large black armored tank fell from the sky, with streaks of gray, and silver appeared about ten feet away from them. Everyone stared at what appeared to be a giant black armored hand and Drew then asked,

“What just happened?”

Then suddenly the hand shot out and grabbed May! Then the tank slowly turned backwards with its many small wheels on the bottom and it was Eggman! The detectives screamed,


Apparently Eggman’s Egg Mobile was now part what appeared to be a tank with a giant metal fist behind it holding May. Eggman, and two of his flunkies Boquo, and Dequo were there.

“Doctor am I seeing double are is there two green hair kids?” Asked Dequo.

“Dequo is right they must have another member joined,” added Boquo.

“Quiet you two. We got our hostage now its time for us to get out of here like a banana split. Bye kids hope you like the Egg Hammer Tank Ver.2! If you dare to chase me!”

May just screamed, "HELP!"

The tank then started rolling back and it looked like Eggman was now trying to escape Ecruteak and make it back to his base. Vector then yelled,


The detectives started chasing him across town and the boys just while Team Rocket were once again ignored and they just sighed in disappointment. The problem was that if they got to close the hammer would squish them real bad. Vector then shouted,

“Come out Totodile!”

He then tossed his pokeball and out came his little blue crocodile pal. The detectives then started chasing and now Eggman was now on a newly built bridge that he made that led all the way back to his base which is very and I mean very far away where they are right now. Then Vector said,

“Okay Totodile use your water gun and ice beam and make it like a rail from the floor and near the tank alright?”

His Totodile then nodded and shot out half water and half ice from his mouth and formed what looked like an icy rail. Vector then jumped on and grinded on it with his shoes and grinded away while the ice behind fell. At the end of the icy rail Vector the leapt high into the air and slammed Eggman on the head with his body. Eggman then yelled,

“YEOWWCH!” As if his eyes suddenly popped out of his head for a moment or two.

Then Vector leapt back where Espio, Charmy, and his Totodile were and shouted,

“Leave this one to me boys!”

The three then started to go running after Eggman again and his Totodile repeated the same maneuver as before and Vector once again leapt and pounded Eggman once again on his head when the giant hammer wasn’t above. While that was happening our boys were following right behind on the large street and Drew asked,

“Anyone knows what’s going on?”

“It’s a long story and chase now, talk later,” answered Brendan.

Back to Chaotix as Vector landed his fourth hit on Eggman’s head Eggman then yelled,


Then suddenly the giant hammer pounded the floor a lot faster and stronger now sending waves of the floor towards Chaotix. The three then jumped over the waves of the concrete floor and Vector shouted,

“Totodile start shooting the ice beam and water gun attack in mid air alright?”

His Totodile standing on his head nodded and it then jumped and shot another icy like rail towards the Egg Hammer Tank Ver.2 and Vector immediately jumped on and slid across fast and times his jump right and pounded Eggman right on the head with another body slam of his. Eggman was starting get really annoyed about being pounded on the head. Meanwhile back to the boys who were now trying to keep a distance from the waves of the floor, and Ash shouted,

“Guys we have to do something I mean we just can’t Eggman get away with May,”

“Ash its way too dangerous with the hammer and all. Besides I’m sure that Vector can handle that fat punk,” answered Eddy.

Wally, Brendan, and Ash just sighed and looked real worried. Drew still kept a confident face yet he also worried for May. Then the boys watched the chasing battle between the detectives and the Egg Hammer Tank Ver.2 and followed when the floor wouldn’t it them. Back to Vector who successfully pounded Eggman on the head for a seventh time because of his neat grinding skills and his Totodile’s talents in attacking. Boquo then said,

“Doctor the Egg Hammer Tank Ver.2 can’t take any more damage!”

“If Vector hits us one more time your machine going to be defeated sir,” added Dequo.

“Grr that does it! Let’s see how you can hit me detective if the hammer is going to block every move once I make it go super fast!”

Then the giant hammer then went super fast and pounded the floor like every two seconds. Vector backed away and moved back were the others are and asked,

“Got gum?”

Ash, Brendan, Wally, and Eddy each handed him a piece of purple flavored piece of wrapped gum and Vector said,

“Now its time to save your friend starring Vector! Detective superstar crime fighter hero!”

Vector then tosses the gum into his mouth and starts chewing and then he said,

“Alright Totodile one last time make an icy rail for me to grind on with ice beam and water gun! Plus make this one a little bit longer,”

His Totodile then made one last longer icy rail and Vector kept on chewing when he just got on and at near the end of the icy rail jumped high into the air and spat four large thick purple bubbles of gum at the Egg Hammer Tank Version 2. and yelled,

“Say hello to my little sticky friends!”

When the four huge thick bubbles hit the Egg Hammer Tank Ver.2 it went like....


The tank then blew into parts, the giant hand that held May also broke off letting her be free, and the Egg Mobile just rise out of the machine as its extra tank armor fell off. Vector said,

“Take that Eggman!”

The boys ran over and saw that May was free and Ash shouted,

“May are you alright?”

She smiled and replied, “Yeah thanks to detective Vector and boy did that hand have a tight grip on me but I’m safe now,”

While the group talked they didn’t notice Eggman was holding what appeared to be a fishing pole with a huge metal claw at the end. He then use it to pick up May and then the Egg Mobile made another run for it while May was floating in the sky and she screamed,


The chase started again and this time Eggman seemed to head back to the middle of the town and his machine then crashed through a huge metal door of what appears to be a warehouse. When everyone finally caught up Charmy shouted,

“We got you you bad man!”

Then suddenly the metal garage door busted open and Eggman was on a new machine! It looked like an orange totem with five blade like pillars with spikes covering all around them at the top fifth totem had looked like two guns where you could fire cannonballs with and Eggman’s Egg Mobile along with Eggman and his cronies were also on the top. Plus the Egg Totem had a mechanical arm holding May right above in the air.

“I always have a backup plan you annoying pests! Meet the Egg Totem and now it’s time for me to escape once more!”

May then screamed, “HELP!”

The Totem started moving back and just went through thee building like a knife, with its treadmills on the bottom. Then Eddy shouted,

“You have got to be kidding me!”

Charmy then took out his pokeball and threw it in the air and out came his Beedrill and he then shouted,

“It’s time to rock and roll!”

He and his Beedrill then flew upwards into the air and chased after Eggman in his Egg Totem machine. The rest followed on foot, and Drew asked,

“Eddy your younger cousin is flying you do know that right?”

Eddy then stared at Drew as he ran and asked, Younger cousin? Who told you that?”

“May did. She said those guys were your uncle, older cousin, and younger cousin right?” Asked Drew.

Eddy then stared at Drew with a blank expression and then replied, “Um yeah you see my younger cousin has an umm jetpack under his trench coat that allows him to fly and hover in the air. Yeah that’s it,”

The group then continued chasing Eggman across town. Back to Charmy who now was dodging cannonball fire from the Egg Totem. Then Charmy said,

“Beedrill use your sludge bomb on those cannonballs while I get Eggman alright?”

His Beedrill nodded and whenever cannonball were shot Charmy’s Beedrill fired sludge like bombs at them making them explode on contact while Charmy then flew over Eggman’s head and well stung him and Eggman once again yelled,

“YEOOOWWW!” As if his eyes popped out of his head again for a couple of moments.

The battle raged between Chamry, his Beedrill against Eggman and his Egg Totem. Back to the gang who caught up to the street and saw Charmy’s nice aerial maneuvers. Then Wall shouted,

“Go Charmy and take down that Eggman for us!”

Vector and Espio watched and they both muttered, “Charmy was always good at flying.” Charmy was dodging cannonballs and Beedrill was blasting them away while the Egg Totem moved backwards sill holding May captive. Meanwhile we have Team Rocket following right behind them quietly and then James said,

“Boy that man has much better machines then the machines we buy,”

“Yeah he’s also a lot better then handling the twerps then we do,” added Jessie.

“How bout we steal some machines of that fatso from now on fellas?” Suggested Meowth.

Then Jessie and James nodded then remained silent as they watched the fight. Eggman was now getting stung for a fourth time and yelled,

“Humph! Since it looks like I can’t make my escape without you pests beating me up, so if it’s a fight you want, and then get a load of this!”

Eggman then suddenly started to move the tank towards the boys and then made one of the totems go far and tried to hit Ash with a spinning blade like totem disk. Ash just ducked right in time just to hear the blades rip above him before returning back to the Egg Totem. Ash just sighed as his head wasn’t chopped off. Then suddenly Eggman then fired another orange spinning blade like spinning disk towards Brendan and this time he just jumped right on and also sighed. Then he jumped off as the disk went back to the Egg Totem. Eggman then shouted,

“Want more kids?”

Then suddenly when Eggman was not paying attention that Charmy stung him again. Then he decided to fire cannonballs toward the Ed’s now but Charmy’s Beedrill used sludge bomb against the cannonballs and made them go poof! Then Double-D then said,

“Boy Charmy your Beedrill is very well trained,”

“Yeah it saved our hides while I’m at it,” added Eddy.

“Cool,” was all Ed said.

“Thanks now to give Eggman another sting,” replied Charmy who then stung Eggman on the head again.

Eggman was getting madder and then now launched another disk of blades toward Wally and Wally then quickly lay on the floor as he just saw the blade go whizzing above his face, he just sighed as the blade didn’t hit him.

Then Charmy stung him but Eggman didn’t care and then fired another spinning blade like disk this time towards Drew. But Drew just watched as the disk went above his head never hitting him and Eggman just realized he hit the wrong button for the second to highest totem. Then Charmy stung him again and then Boquo said,

“Doctor this machine can’t take any more damage or else we lose again,”

“Plus Charmy seems to have the advantage with his innate ability to fly,” added Dequo.

“Fine were just going to have to blast Charmy right out of the sky then!”

Eggman’s Egg Totem then started firing cannonballs like crazy in the air. Charmy being the talented flyer he was dodged them all. Then he said,

“Beedrill use a rage attack on Eggman!”

His Beedrill then nodded and started to get angry and focused its anger towards Eggman and you could hear Eggman mutter, “Oh no.” His Beedrill then flew right in front of Eggman’s face and started punching him a lot with its spiked hands. Then Charmy flew over and rammed into the top totem. The one with the two cannonball guns instead of the blade like spikes and it then started to wobble. Then Charmy shouted,

“Beedrill use tackles on the top totem quick!”

His Beedrill then nodded and went back for a running start and then tackled into the top totem and soon it was going a lot more wobbly. Then soon Charmy then rammed into the top totem and soon it fell down hard. Then the Egg Totem broke into pieces and May managed to squirm out of the mechanical arm and was once again free. Eggman was now on his Egg Mobile again not looking pleased one bit. He then once again caught May with his fishing pole claw and made another run for it.


“YOU THINK!” Answered the gang who were still chasing after Eggman in the Egg Mobile.

Then Eggman entered an abandoned warehouse and the gang then waited outside. Then Eddy said,

“Now what?”

Then suddenly the whole building fell apart and we now see what appears to be a giant blue and orange wheel! It had three platforms spinning around the machine. One what appeared to be a large cannon ready to fire anytime. Another appeared to be Eggman and his two cronies in a glassed case where Eggman is seen over some controls and the last showed a giant hand holding May who once again screamed for help. Then Eggman spoke into a microphone,

“Meet the Egg Wheel! I always save the best machine last for a getaway so see you later alligators! No offense to you Vector though,”

“None taken even though I’m not an alligator,” answered Vector.

The chase began again as Eggman began moving the wheel. This time Espio tossed his pokeball and out came his Kecleon ready for battle. Espio then said,

“Guys let me take point from here on,”

Vector and Charmy stopped chasing and only watched. Drew then shouted,

“Aren’t you guys going to help us save May?”

Vector sighed and replied, “Espio said he needs to do this one by himself. Besides don’t worry he’s a very fast and trained ninja. He can take down Eggman like if he was nothing more then a balloon filled with hot air,”

“Well you heard him so let’s just relax now,” shouted Eddy who along with Double-D and Ed sat on the floor of the concrete street.

Ash, Brendan, Wally, and Drew however decided to chase after Espio and his Kecleon to try to save May. Vector then yelled, “WAIT IT MIGHT BE DANGEROUS!” But they ignored the warning and went chasing after our trench coated chameleon, with a black top hat, and blue bandana covering mouth detective. Back to Espio and his Kecleon who were chasing the Egg Wheel through the streets of Ecruteak. Eggman then shouted,

“You detectives never give up do you?”

Espio hen leapt into the air and slammed into the fist holding May captive with a homing attack and replied,

“No we don’t doctor,”

Eggman then flashed a grin from his face and replied, “Really? Then get a load of this!”

The cannon started firing what appeared to be black bombs that explode after a certain amount of time. Espio then shouted,

“Kecleon use blizzard on those bombs quick!”

His Kecleon then nodded and shot an icy/snowy assault towards the bombs being shot and made then go poof! Then Espio ran and pounded the fist holding May once more. Eggman the fired another round of bombs but his Kecleon just made them go poof with its chilling attack and the fist was once again pounded.

Back to our four boys who now saw the fight between the moving Egg Wheel and the chasing detective then realized they had to rely on Espio to save May since they really didn’t want to be fried. They just chased from a safe distance. Back to Espio who managed to pound the fist for a fourth time and then Eggman shouted,

“Time for a change of weapons. Boquo, Dequo! Switch the normal Kiki bombs into the special red explode on contact style!”

The cannon then started firing red bombs and then Espio shouted,

“Kecleon jump quick and use aerial ace on that cannon!”

His Kecleon then jumped high in the air to avoid the blasts of the bombs and then dive bombed into the cannon damaging it, and then Espio slammed into the fist once more slowly making the fist lose its grip of May. Meanwhile back to Team Rocket who now followed, Charmy, Ed, Eddy, Double-D, and Vector who were going after the others now and James whispered,

“I can’t wait to steal one of those machines from that Eggman guy,”

“Wait till we actually get one before celebrating,” whispered Jessie back.

The three then continued silently to chase them and now back to Espio who just landed another hit on the fist, while Kecleon dive bombed into the cannon once again causing damage also. Eggman’s machine soon then started to crack up with electricity and Eggman shouted,

“Grrr, that does it! Fire the huge bomb now!”

While the Egg Wheel was still moving it fired one large white bomb and Eggman then held a detonator and said,

“Bye Espio! Have a nice flaming time!”

He then pressed the detonator and then a huge BOOM! The gang then caught up and waited for the smoke to clear and Eggman stopped and watched as the smoke cleared. Then Eggman’s jaw fell as he saw Espio behind his Kecleon still standing there very much well alive and without a single scratch. He then shouted,

“How did you survive? You should have been blown to bits!”

Espio smiled and replied, “Well Eggman my Kecleon used protect right before the blast so we weren’t affected. Can’t say the same about you once I blast your machine,”

Then Espio then leapt into the air and homing attacked into the cannon destroying it and then launched a ninja star toward the metal fist holding May and she was now free. She then jumped off and met with the gang who all met up now. Eggman then shouted,

“Oh no you don’t!”

He then makes the wheel move towards hem but they just side step out of the way and the Egg Wheel crashed into Team Rocket and then its starting to move back when Vector shouted,


“Ready,” replied Espio and Charmy.

Then the three screamed out, “TEAM BLAST!”

Charmy’s Beedrill then started charging up an hyper beam, Espio’s Kecleon then started to charge up a solar beam, and Vector’s Totodile then started charging up an ice beam. Soon all attacks went into each other then went straight towards the Egg Wheel making,




Eggman, Boquo and Dequo flew off in one direction while Team Rocket flew in another. We hear Team Rocket scream,


Then we hear Eggman scream, “CURSE YOU HEDGEHOG I MEAN DETECTIVES!”

And with that both Eggman and his two henchmen, and Team Rocket flew out of sight and with that the gang all just sighed.

To be continued...

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Bao Zakeruga
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That was in my opinion,the best chapter yet.

Sike Saner
3rd July 2005, 7:49 PM

"Say hello to my little sticky friends!"

One of my favorite Vector lines thus far.


"YOU THINK!" Answered the gang who were still chasing after Eggman in the Egg Mobile.

While the Egg Mobile was still moving it fired one large white bomb and Eggman then held a detonator and said,

"Bye Espio! Have a nice flaming time!"

We hear Team Rocket scream,


More blastoffs, please! :D

Then we hear Eggman scream, "CURSE YOU HEDGEHOG I MEAN DETECTIVES!"

But hey...he blasts off pretty good, too, doesn't he? :p

It was also quite nice to see Charmy and Espio (especially Espio!) get some time in the spotlight.

4th July 2005, 4:58 AM
Length-wise, it was a good chapter. The characters are as quirky as ever, and perhaps that is why they are likeable.

To blast of at the speed of light and to fight fight fight!

Would Tr really speak like that? I know that they do not really care about being blasted off, but I am sure that they do not exist just to get blasted off.


There were many instances of this. Why capitalise all letters within speech? I know that there is emphasis, but doing it so often is not good!

Also, there was some missing punctuation, mostly missing commas.

All in all, a pretty good chapter, and I can see why you like it. Give us a better one next time!

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Thanks! Can I ask for any more mistakes in a PM tomorrow? Since I gotta go to sleep and all?

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Special treat being it 4th of July! Why? Well read the chapter and find out why. Also this chapter is going to be a nice real treat for those who played Knuckles Chaotix. Why? Well if you don’t know let’s just say two of Eggman’s old henchmen are coming back. Credit to Vortex who helped me remember what these two old characters looked like.

Chapter 16-Nightime Meetings

Back to Team Rocket who were still flying in the air after that blast off but suddenly land on a private jet! Lucky break for them! The three then slowly crawled into an open window and fell into some chairs. They then have three Rocket agents staring at Jessie James, and Meowth and Jessie yelled,


A blonde haired women wearing a black grunt uniform with a big red R on her shirt replied,

“The question is what are you doing here?”

Both women then stared at each other furiously. Butch was also there and him and James just watched the arguing going on between the two. Then another grunt who wore a black rocket uniform with a cap with pink lines around the edges and around the uniform then calmly said,

“Hey guys let’s not fight alright?”

Then Jessie stared at the women who just talked and replied, “Who is she?”

The women then replied, “Oh my bad! Hi my names Domino please to meet you Jessie!”

Jessie then shook hand with her and everyone then sat down on a chair and then James asked,

“So why are you guys here aboard this jet anyway?”

Then suddenly they all hear a door open and close and they all look behind and see Giovanni carrying a black suitcase. He then sits on a special office chair across a table while the five just sat in regular jet seats on the other side of the glass table. He then noticed James and Jessie were here and shouted,

“I thought you two were not invited and only elite rockets may join this event?”

“Sir I think they crashed the party if you know what I mean,” answered Cassidy.

Jessie then stared at Cassidy with eyes of hatred but remained silent and said, “Yes we may not have been invited but were here now so deal with it Cassidy!”

Jessie then stuck her tongue at Cassidy and she just stuck hers back. Then Giovanni shouted,

“Enough of this immaturity. I didn’t call you rockets here to argue. I call you all well must here because of important news!”

Domino then shushed the two then the meeting started.

“Okay now we Rockets are here to discuss the latest rocket news. No one knows of this except my scientists and you five so don’t tell anyone,”

The five grunts then nodded and then Giovanni continued his giving of the news.

“We are starting project Mewtwo again! But this time I’ve enabled the help of someone to help create something much more powerful then Mewtwo. He claims it to be what he calls, “The Perfect Ultimate Life-From!”

Then Giovanni stopped talking and waited for some responses. Then James asked,

“Umm sir who is helping Team Rocket?”

Giovanni then smiled and answered, “This man,” as he then pulled out a sketch of Dr. Eggman! James and Jessie eyes widen as they saw the picture and they both screamed! Everyone else stared at the two and they yelled,


Giovanni then raises an eyebrow after hearing this. He then asked,

“Have you seen Dr. Eggman on your travels?”

James and Jessie stare at each other unsure whether to tell or not. Then James replied,

“Umm no sir it’s just because... that guy really needs to work out more and yeah that’s all,”

Butch then snickered and mumbled, “What a dope. All he does is collect bottle caps and junk for Team Rocket,” James overheard this and shouted back, “I’ll have you know those bottle caps are not junk but rare valuables!” Giovanni then yelled,


Everyone in the room fell silent. Then Giovanni then said,

“Stop arguing so I can finish. Now Dr. Eggman said he wants to combine his own project that he call “Project Chaos Shadow,” with our own project Mewtwo to help create a creature that will help Team Rocket conquer the world!”

Then he remains silent again waiting for anymore questions and such. Then Domino raises her hand and asked,

“So this Chaos Shadow thing and Mewtwo combined is going to help us rule the world?”

“Yes and we are now heading to Eggman’s base to discuss some matters,” replied Giovanni.

Jessie and James stared at each other and simply gulped and hope nothing... chaotic would happen to them. Back to Eggman’s base and Bokkun was in the kitchen eating what appears to be strawberry short cake. He is taking big bites out of it and their was one piece left when suddenly he heard Eggman shouting so he put the cake back in he fridge and started wailing like a baby. Then Eggman, Boquo, and Dequo enter the room and Eggman shouted,

“We were so close! If we captured the girl we would have some Chaos Emeralds right now but once again those detectives just have to get in my way,”

Then Eggman notices Bokkun is wailing and shouted, “What are you blubbering about?”

Bokkun then pretended to cry and whine like a baby and shouted, “Boquo and Dequo ate most of the strawberry short cake!”

Boquo and Dequo shouted back, “We did not! We even made new cake for us to eat!”

Bokkun then shouted “Oh yeah? I even have the video tape to prove it,”

Boquo and Dequo then looked a bit intrigued and said, “Show the tape to us and the doctor and we’ll see who’s right,”

The four then went into a room with a large plasma screen TV and Bokkun then put a video tape into a VCR and it was starting to play. We see Boquo and Dequo in the kitchen eating strawberry short cake.

“Boy this will teach Bokkun not to trip us up,” said a mumbling Boquo.

“Boy this cake tastes great! Maybe we should eat some more?” Suggested Dequo.

Both robots agreed and continued eating slices of strawberry short cake. Then Bokkun then stopped the tape and said, “See Dr. Eggman? They ate all the cake!”

Then they all went back to the kitchen and Eggman checked the fridge and saw only one slice left. Then he shouted,

“Bokkun is right! You two loaf heads only left one piece left!”

“That can’t be doctor we made a new cake for us to eat,” answered Boquo.

“Yeah Bokkun must of-“

“SILENCE!” Yelled Dr. Eggman.

“Bokkun has shown more proof then you two rust buckets combined so I say he can have the last slice of cake! While I’m at it you two are going to the torture chamber to get a little lesson from Bomb and Heavy!” Yelled Eggman.

Bokkun then grabbed the last slice of cake and stuck his tongue at Boquo and Dequo who were being dragged by Eggman to get beat by Bomb and Heavy.

Bomb was a little sphere like robot that was half red-orange on the bottom and half gray on the top with yellow gloves and metal arms and legs. He also had a fuse on his head that could make him blow up any time but go back together since he was a specially made robot made by Eggman. Bomb wore black shoes with a red grange stripe across his grey metal shoes and was rather loyal to his master (That be Eggman).

Heavy was what his name implies, heavy. He was bigger then Bomb and he had two large black metal feet. He was silver robot, with black appendages, and wore red boxing gloves and was pretty tough. He was also loyal to Eggman as well and worked well with Bomb. His specialty was crushing his foes and beating them up with his fists.

Boquo and Dequo are now tossed in what looks like a large prison cell and then Eggman shouted, “Oh Bomb and Heavy! You got some company!” Bomb and Heavy then woke up and then Bomb responded back, “Yes master Robotnik? What is your command?”

Eggman then smiled and shouted back in delight, “Oh nothing much except you two have some new friends to hang out with tonight so have fun!”

Eggman then shut a metal door and we see Boquo and Dequo quivered in fear. Then Heavy said in a large monotone voice, “Hey Bomb we have some new punching bags from master Robotnik. Let’s cream them!” Bomb then got his fuse lit ready and added, “Yeah Heavy let’s teach these two what we can do,” Then both robots slowly start towards Boquo and Dequo and the two cowering bots then screamed, “AAAAGHHHH!”

Back to Eggman who was now sitting in his office chair in his office in the highest part. He was thinking of his next plan to capture May so he could hold her for ransom for some Chaos Emeralds when he heard a something land on the top of his fortress. Eggman then walks into an elevator to find out what was going on. He then gets out and see Giovanni and five rocket grunts behind him. He then shouted,

“Oh ho! So Mr. Giovanni I didn’t expect to see you anytime soon. What brings you to my base?”

“Doctor Eggman I’m here to give you this suitcase of details and a status report of how project Mewtwo is going so far,”

Eggman then flashed a big grin across his face and replied, “Really? Well come into my base so we can discuss everything,”

Eggman then waited for the six to come in the elevator and then they went in the base and went to his office which was just below the roof. They all sat on some chairs and Eggman then sat on his office chair and said,

“So Giovanni how is the Mewtwo project going anyway?”

“So far we managed to recover all our lost information all those years ago and here it is,” replied Giovanni who handed Eggman a suitcase.

Eggman then flashed a grin across his face and took the suitcase with glee. But then he asked,

“That’s good so far. Anything else like the DNA?”

Giovanni then responded, “Our scientists are still working on the process of finding and creating the DNA but don’t worry we have the best scientists on the job,”

Eggman then stood up and then shook hands with Giovanni. Then everyone in the room could hear the faint screaming of Boquo and Dequo who now apparently who were trying to get away from Bomb and Heavy. Then James asked,

“What was that?”

Eggman then replied, “That? Those are my two henchmen Boquo and Dequo in the torture chamber with two other henchmen known as Bomb and Heavy,”

Cassidy and Butch then raised an eyebrow and then Cassidy then said, “Bomb?”

“Heavy?” added Butch.

“Torture chamber?” Asked both James and Jessie.

Eggman then flashed a grin and replied, “You all want to see?”

Giovanni, Butch, Cassidy, and Domino were intrigued by what they heard but Jessie and James were just frightened like if they watched the scariest horror movie ever. The group then went into an elevator and went into the floor below which was the control room. He then led them to a metal door and opened it. They all went inside and saw a large cage where Boquo and Dequo were being chased by Bomb and Heavy ready to beat the crap out of them. Then Giovanni and Eggman laughed at the site. Then Giovanni then asked,

“Doctor may I give you two temporary... guests?”

“What do you mean?”

“Like two of my grunts right here?” Replied Giovanni who now stared at James and Jessie.

Eggman then knew what Giovanni meant and then grabbed James and Jessie and tossed them into the huge cage. Then Bomb shouted,

“Thanks master Robotnik. We will have a fun time once we give your guests a booming time!”

“Yeah master Robotnik. A heavy metal time indeed,” added Heavy.

Jessie and James also cowered and they along with Boquo and Dequo ran around in circles in the giant cage and hoped they wouldn’t get beaten. Then Giovanni then shouted,

“I’ll get you grunts in the morning!”

And with that Giovanni left the room. Cassidy smirked and shouted, “Hey Jessie have a nice booming time!” “Yeah James have a nice heavy metal time while I’m at it,” added a snickering Butch.

Then Butch and Cassidy left room but Domino stared as the robots chased the four lackeys, and shouted,

“Good luck Jessie! Nobody deserves to get hurt from Team Rocket!”

Then with that she left the room leaving Bomb and Heavy in joy as their master left them with four beat them up toys. The two grunts and two robots just kept running the whole time during that night avoiding Bomb and Heavy as best as they could. Eggman was now sitting on his office chair and stared out at the window wondering what to do next. Then someone flips the platinum screen TV on and then it said,

“Tired and bored? Always busy and working hard? Doing things and not getting appreciation?

Eggman then turned his chair around and replied, “Yeah so?”

“Then come on down to Lavaridge Town! There’s tons of fun in this sunny fun place! You could be in hot springs, sand baths, and even eat the town’s famous delicious lava cookies! Plus there’s a volcano near town where you can admire the beauty and grace of it all! So come to Lavaridge for your vacation alright!”

The advertisement then ended as Eggman shut off the TV and said to himself,

“Volcano? That’s it! I’ll cause some chaos to relieve some of my stress lately! “

Then he yelled through out the entire base through an microphone,


Were finally back to our heroes back in Ecruteak who were now in a restaurant in a hotel they rented for the night.

“So those guys don’t come from our world right?” Asked Drew who looked at Espio, Charmy, and Vector.

“Well to be more exact dimension, your side of reality, planet, but world works,” added Vector.

“I see. Well that’s cool. Anyway May did you know there going to hold a contest in Lavaridge town tomorrow?”

May then looked a bit surprised when she heard that and asked, “Really a contest? What type?”

Drew then smiled and replied, “You know our usual beauty contests and such. Want to head there?”

May was about to speak but Eddy interrupted, “Sorry Drew boy but we are too busy looking for the Chaos Emeralds right now so I say no for everyone,”

Drew then sighed and replied, “Oh and I forgot to mention that there will also be a tough contest in Lavaridge Town as well,”

Eddy then eyed him suspiciously and then shouted, “Yeah right. You got any proof?”

Drew then smirked and replied, “Yep just let me turn on the TV on this room to show it,”

Drew then walks over to a TV hanging in a corner and turns it on and flips it to the coordinators know it all channel. Then we see the host Vivian in her usual attire holding a microphone ready to talk.

“Hi everyone! My names Vivian host of all contests! Tomorrow in Lavaridge Town there will be a beauty contests first then a tough contest so coordinators if you’re near by drop bye and take a chance! Good night everyone!”

Then Drew shut off the TV and said, “Believe me now don’t you?”

Eddy looked real annoyed and then shouted, “You got lucky with that! Anyways since there’s going to be a tough contests I might as well go since I was the best in that,”

The group then all finished their dinner and was about to head to their rooms when suddenly they heard fire works! They all rushed outside and saw the beautiful display of colored explosions fill the air with excitement and thrill of the event. Eddy then shouted,

“Fire works? Well that’s cool,”

“Guys can I go on a rocket then visit the planet of the bacon men and have the marrow sucked from our brains?” Asked Ed.

Everyone stared at him as if their eyes just popped out or something. Then Drew said,

“Eddy your friend there is a bit... out of there if you know what I mean,”

“Yeah well he’s a nice guy so don’t be going I’m better then anyone else here alright?”

The gang just watched the fire works booming and exploding in the sky. We see Drew standing near May and the Ash, Brendan, and Wally disgust in jealousy. Speaking of booming... well let’s just say Bomb and Heavy gave Team Rocket and Boquo and Dequo a couple of knuckle sandwiches along with a couple of booms for dessert. Bad for them but then again when you fail, deal with Bomb and Heavy.

To be continued...

Bao Zakeruga
5th July 2005, 4:52 AM
That was a good chapter.Is May still going to go on a date with one of the guys?

5th July 2005, 7:15 AM
A pretty good chapter. I felt that it was one of your better chapters. There was more description in this one, which is always soemthing I love to see. Speech is present, but is not stifling, and the characters are quirky as always.

I see that Giovanni has made a pact. Would he not actually be harbouring intentions of stabbing his partners in the back once he gets to his destination? That would sound like the Giovanni I know. Perhaps you could hint about that if you were going down that path. Just hint, not state.

Then suddenly they all hear a door open and close and they all look behind and see Giovanni carrying a black suitcase. He then sits on a special office chair across a table while the five just sat in regular jet seats on the other side of the glass table. He then noticed James and Jessie were here and shouted,

What is up with this paragraph? There is both present and past tense within!

Domino then shushed the two then the meeting started.

Why use two "thens"? It spoils the flow.

Other than those two instancs, mistakes were minor and I gave them a miss. Good work and keep it up.

5th July 2005, 12:29 PM
Well actually its Eggman who is going to stab Giovanni in the back (Not literally). Its explained in chapter 5. Also I won't be able to uopdate as much since I'm starting camp today just to let everyone know.

Really? I thought I just put past? Where was the present ? Can you show me? Please? Also thanks for reviewing.

Sike Saner
5th July 2005, 8:58 PM
James overheard this and shouted back, "I'll have you know those bootle caps are not junk but rare valuables!"

Aw, James defending his bottle caps is always adorable. ;)

Cassidy and Butch then raised an eyebrow and then Cassidy then said, "Bomb?"

"Heavy?" added Butch.

"Torture chamber?" Asked both James and Jessie.

Eggman then flashed a grin and replied, "You all want to see?"

:D That might just be the coolest thing Eggman has ever said or done.

"Guys can I go on a rocket then visit the planet of the bacon men and have the marrow sucked from our brains?" Asked Ed.

Best Ed quote thus far!

Holy crap, Domino's here! YAY! And the Bokkun scene was just frickin' adorable. Ew, though...when Eggman was watching the commercial for Lavaridge, I at first feared that he was fancying a dip in the hot springs...AUGGH, that's a visual no one deserves!

6th July 2005, 2:59 AM
Thansk everyone! I fear about me being hear in the future though because my father is threatening to get rid of my internet service because of the phone bill. I just hoe I can finish this story before that happens and that is going to be very hard since this story is prety long and all.

6th July 2005, 4:59 AM
Revewing! Sorry I took so long...

Okay I reviewed Chapter 15 and 16 for ya lol.

Now I regonize the mechs from Sonic Advance 2 in Chapter 15, yay for me! And you bring the Pokemon Teamblast back! Something I think you added thats really neat, Wes... the Pokemon have their own Teamblast.

Some occasional little typos, but we all gots them. Meh, wish I would pick on them more.

Yay you added Bomb and Heavy, I was actually wishing you would. Bomb and Heavy are making their returns lol (they have an episode in the third season of Sonic X). And Eggman and Giovanni teaming up is very awesome, two evil genious... can be bad for our heroes.

I like the Charmy time in Chapter 15, he needs his moments, and you really do get his character down well, your good at that, really good. Even some of his lines, and Eggman's too.

6th July 2005, 10:42 PM
Chapter 17-Beauty Day For Eddy?

Our gang arrived to Lavaridge Town courtesy to our chaotic detectives of course who flew them there. Our group were walking down some streets when someone shouted,

“HEY HEY HEY! Hey Eddy! What up dog!?”

The group turned and it was Fat Albert! Eddy then shouted, “Hey Albert, what are you doing here man?”

Fat Albert could be seen holding a whole box of lava cookies and replied, “I came here for some these fine cookies cause they taste so good with its fine smooth blend of sugar and spicy they just make your taste buds go crazy you hear me?”

Eddy then replied, “I hear you dog, anyway see you later alright man?”

“Cool,” replied Fat Albert who still held his box of lava cookies and walked away now.

Ash, May, Brendan, Wally, Ed, Double-D, Eddy, and Drew just kept on walking till they reached the contests hall where the beauty and tough contests were held that day. They all walked in so Eddy, Drew, and May could sign up for their respective contest. May signed up first, then Eddy was about to sign up when,

“So Eddy picking a tough contest?” Asked Drew.

“What’s it to you beauty boy?” Snapped Eddy.

“I bet you’re afraid to enter a beauty contest are you?”

“Why would I want to be in some wussy contest where I can be in a contest where I can show how tough my Meowth is?”

“Because you’re afraid that you’re going to lose and be humiliated by the audience that’s why,” intimidating answered Drew.

Eddy then had a face all red but then shouted, “Oh yeah well.... well....FINE! I’ll try a beauty contest but...

Everyone then raised an eyebrow and May asked, “Eddy? What are you planning to say?”

Eddy then laughed and replied, “But Drew here has to sign up for the tough contest or else I’m not going to the beauty contest,”

Drew then thought it over then replied, “Find with me. Shouldn’t be too hard to win that contest,”

Then Eddy signed up for the beauty contest and then Drew signed up for the tough contest and with that the coordinators got out one of their pokemon ready to train for their contest. Eddy being completely new to beauty contests had no clue how to train his Meowth for the contest. He then shouted,

“Double-D? You know anything about these kinds of contests?”

“Hmm well in beauty contests you have to appeal to the judges with moves from your Meowth that will show great exquisiteness, grace, magnificence, majesty, radiance, splendor, elegance, -“

“IN ENGLISH DOUBLE-D!?” Yelled Eddy.

“Bascically just show off your pokemon’s beauty skills. Didn’t you ever watch May’s pokemon contests back when ever she went to one?”

Eddy starts to act nervous then said, “To tell the truth I just fell asleep in every time in the bleachers so no?”

Double-D then sighed in disappointment and then Eddy, Double-D and Ed ran to a store in town looking for anything to help Eddy for his contest. They returned and Eddy was seen reading a book called, “How to win a beauty contest for dummies?” May and Drew then laughed at the site of Eddy reading the book and Eddy merely yelled,


This only made May and Drew laugh harder and then Eddy said,

“Why do I always deal with something annoying?”

“Cause you have lots of friends Eddy?” Answered Ed.

“Let’s just practice in the meantime?” Replied Eddy.

The coordinators just practiced with their pokemon till it was time for the first contest which was at ten o clock AM. We see Eddy and May go in the locker room only to meet Jessie who this time looked like she was beat up, and a ton of smoke over our clothes.

“Umm wouldn’t you wear a costume to disguise yourself from us?” Asked a curious May.

“Is like they want us to blast them off,” thought Eddy.

Jessie then shouted, “I’ll have you know we Rockets had to go through a horrible ordeal last night so we figured that if we had to deal with you twerps we might as well be brave,”

“What is this so call ordeal anyway??” Asked Eddy.

“We Rockets got beat up by two robots known as Bomb and Heavy. It was horrible Heavy kept on punching us, while Bomb kept exploding on us. It was horrible! Anyway see you twerps later for the contest,” shouted Jessie.

We shift towards a large battlefield where three judges are present and our host Vivian is present in front of a large audience. She then talked,

“Hello everyone! My names Vivian and I’m your host! Today we are going to witness great beauty and such when our contest is going to begin. Our first contestant was the winner of this years tough contest finals in the Grand Festival and also won five tough ribbons. Today he’s trying for a beauty ribbon and everyone now say hello to Eddy!”

Then Eddy slowly walked out, with his sunglasses on, holding his premier ball, and was ready for the appealing round. People cheered as they recognized him as the winner of the tough contest finals and kept chanting, “EDDY!” Eddy just smiled and shouted,

“Let’s get this party started! Come on out Meowth!”

He then tossed out his premier ball and out came his cream colored cat in silver sparkles. Then Vivian shouted, “Begin!” Then the clock started with three minutes and Eddy shouted,

“Alright use sunny day to start things off,”

His Meowth nodded and then shot out of its mouth a gas like ball wit heat inside and soon artificial sunlight came pouring through the roof and the crowd were pleased to see some sunshine. Then Eddy shouted,

“Alright now use pay day and make a giant dollar sign directly on the middle!”

His Meowth nodded and focused once more then started shooting coins out of its head and started forming what appeared to be a giant golden dollar sign that glowed under the beaming sun. The judges then remarked how beautiful the display was so far. Then Eddy shouted,

“What can be more beautiful then money? Heh. Anyway Meowth use blizzard to freeze all the coins then use icy wind to blow them o the audience,”

His Meowth then let out an icy/cold wind assault on the golden coins then soon each coin was encased in ice. Then his Meowth blew them over to the crowd and you could just see the money sparkle under the performance. Then Eddy quickly shouted,

“Now use hidden power to break all the ice so the audience can have some free cash!”

Then Meowth quickly leapt into the air and energy balls came out of it and hit every piece of ice that encased the money and soon it was a shower of money and sparkle for the audience and the time ran out. Vivian then commented,

“Wow a spectacular performance! Eddy seemed to rely on what he calls pizzazz and sparkles of cash and ice with a little help from the sun to show his performance. Plus it seems the audience is very pleased with the performance but then again like Eddy said, money is a very beautiful thing! We now go to our judges and let’s see what they think,”

The first judge rated it ten point zero, then the next judge also rated it ten point zero, and the last judge also rated it ten point zero! Eddy then jumped in glee and shouted, “Oh yeah!” The judges commented that they never saw a performance like that ever. He then ran back into the locker room and shouted,

“Oh yeah! Maybe I’ll win a beauty ribbon after all,”

May and Drew then met up with him and they were both impressed May then said, “Boy Eddy I though you were only good in tough contests but that was a really great performance you put out there,”

“Well I have to admit for a beginner in beauty contests you’re pretty good. But definitely not the best like a true master of the graceful arts,” added Drew.

“Whatever I passed, I made the crowd and judges happy, and moving to the next round. Now for me to get a jawbreaker,” replied Eddy who ran off to find a candy shop around town.

15 minutes pass...

May, and Jessie successfully make It to the next round also, along with a mysterious cloaked figure. Then the semi final round was about to begin and Eddy was facing this cloaked figure person.

“Ready? Begin and good luck!”

Eddy put on his sunglasses, tossed his premier ball, and was sucking on a big jawbreaker, and muffled,

“Ready Meowth?”

His cream colored cat then nodded and now they waited for the cloaked figure to toss his pokeball. It was a Ditto. Then the mysterious figure then shouted,


Then his Ditto glowed and turned into a copy of Eddy’s Meowth, and then Eddy thought, “Wait a minute.... it can’t be. Can it?” Eddy then shouted,

“Teach that duplicate what you can do with a blizzard attack!”

“Use aerial ace to dodge it and to dive bomb into that Meowth Ditto!” shouted the cloaked figure.

Eddy’s Meowth then breathed out an icy/snowy assault of frozen fury but Ditto then leapt into the air and dive bombed right into Meowth causing some minor damage. But Eddy bar then slowly decreased a bit after the assault. Then Eddy shouted,

“How about you use a...taunt attack. Use taunt!”

Eddy’s Meowth then started taunting Ditto by saying how it’s a chicken in its own language. Then Ditto charged ready with a scratch attack when Eddy shouted,

“Now use protect!”

Meowth then had a small barrier appear in front of it, and then the Ditto bumped into the wall and hit itself like if it ran into a brick wall really fast. Soon the cloaked figure lost some points as well.

“Good now use fury swipes quick!”

“Dodge and use iron tail Ditto!” Shouted the cloaked figure.

Eddy’s Meowth was charging towards the fallen Dittto when suddenly it leapt into the air and hit Eddy’s Meowth hard with its tail that felt like iron. Eddy then lost some more points and started to get nervous. He started chewing his nails off, but then thought of an attack to end this battle right now. He then shouted,

“Use payday quick and start giving that duplicate a taste of some cash!”

His Meowth began focusing and soon started firing gold coins out of its charm and soon started to hit Ditto like a machine gun, pelting it with coins. The cloaked figure then shouted,

“Use your own payday quick!”

But Ditto was being overwhelmed by the money and soon was covered in money and looked like it lost. The figure then returned his pokemon and the match was over. He then took of his cloak and everyone gasped! It was Bannai! Then Eddy shouted,

“Wait a minute you’re that guy that tried to steal one of those trophies back in the Grand Festival aren’t you!?”

Bannai just smirked and replied, “You think? But now its time for me to make my escape and meet with the rest of my team,” and with that he threw a smoke bomb and was soon out of sight. Eddy just went back to the locker and just waited for his next match.

15 minutes later...

He was back out on the field again and saw that May was his last opponent. He then shouted,

“Guess you beat Jessie right?”

“Do you think she can beat me?” Replied May.

“Well folks we are now down to our final round! The princess of beauty May versus the king of tough Eddy and good luck!! Shouted Vivian.

May and Eddy then got their pokemon out and it looked like May used her Skitty for the whole contest. Eddy then though, “Feline showdown it is then!” Then Vivian shouted,


“Skitty use blizzard!” shouted May.

“Meowth use your own blizzard” shouted Eddy.

Both pokemon then let out a frozen blast of ice and snow and both got a taste of their own medicine. Then May shouted,

“Use sunny day quick then solar beam!”

“Use rain dance to cancel out the affects quick,” shouted Eddy.

Skitty then fired a weather like gas ball that made artificial sunlight come poring out of the roof while Meowth then used a disco fever dance to bring some rain instead. Eddy’s points lowered a bit but Eddy hardly noticed and then shouted,

“Use thunder now,” shouted Eddy.

“Use protect then use your own thunder,” shouted May.

Then Eddy’s Meowth shot out massive bolts of electricity towards May’s Skitty then it summoned a barrier making the attack useless then fired back with its own bolts of electricity which managed to strike down upon Eddy’s Meowth. Eddy then thought,
“Damn! I never knew these beauty contests fights are that damn hard! I have got to try a different attack besides ones that are only going for the appeal factor if I’m going to win,”

Eddy then shouted, “Alright use slash quick!”

People were a bit surprised to hear Eddy use that kind of attack for this kind of contests and so were the judges so they lowered his score a little more. Looks like Eddy was trying to win fast, furious, and strong before he lost all his points. His Meowth then ran quick and slashed at Skitty fast with its claws. May then thought, “So Eddy is trying to win that way? Then better teach him that’s going to cost him big,”

May then shouted, “Just keep dodging those attacks Skitty!”

Eddy’s Meowth just kept on trying to do physical attacks and missed and well Eddy didn’t really notice the scoreboard and such. Then Double-D shouted from the audience,

“Eddy I advise you look at your score before ordering ANOTHER ATTACK!”

Eddy then looked at the score and yelled, “HOLY CRAP!” His score was just a pinch away from him losing. He then shouted,

“Use payday on Skitty now Meowth!”

His Meowth then stopped the physical assaults then started shooting the golden coins like a machine gun out of its glowing charm and soon was pelting May’s Skitty with it the golden change. May then saw her points were rapidly going down then thought,

“There must be one attack Skitty could use fast but what?” May then saw the golden coins pelting her Skitty then she made one last attempt and yelled out the attack,


“Whaa whaa what!?” Suddenly replied Eddy who was startled over the yell and slipped and fell on the floor.

May’s Skitty’s tail then started glowing and before you know it managed to shoot one gold coin that knocked Eddy’s Meowth on the head. Then Eddy lost all his points and May won the contest. Eddy jaw just dropped and was about to shout when he decided, “Forget it,” He then put on his sunglasses and returned Meowth back in his premier ball, and went back to the locker room. He met up with the rest of the gang and merely said,

“Well I gave it my best shot so whatever. I think I need to go to the candy shop again,” as ran off again. When he came back he was in utter shock to see Drew holding a yellow tough contest ribbon. Eddy was about to say “You have to be kidding me,’ when Drew shouted,

“Shocked? You bet you are but then again when you’re younger and study in a coordinator school that teaches you about every type of contest there is, you really wouldn’t be shocked,”

May then came and she was holding her blue beauty ribbon she won and then Eddy was whining, “Why? Why? Why?” Then we see Eddy moping around and then Ed said,

“Oh cheer up Eddy. Turn that frown into a clown... face ... thing....duck?”

But Eddy kept whining then Double-D shouted, “Cheer up I mean what you lose anyway?”

“My pride, my time, my chance for a tough ribbon, my ego, my-“

But Ed just walked over and gave Eddy a couple of smacks around his face. Then Eddy shouted,

“Thanks I think I needed that,”

The group the met up with the detectives and they all went to a hotel for the night. While having dinner Ash asked,

“Well what are we going to do? Go back looking for the Chaos Emeralds or stay one more day here?”

Everyone then answered to stay one more day. Even Eddy wanted to take a break so then Wally asked,

“Well since the contest is over Drew, don’t you think you should be going?”

Drew then flipped his hair and replied, “Well maybe there will be more contests and I do need a rival so I don’t think I’ll be leaving anytime soon,” who now stared at May.

Ash, Brendan, and Wally then really looked irritated but just kept their mouths shut. Eddy also looked annoyed but at the moment didn’t really care and just ate his Mac and cheese in peace. When May heard that comment she briefly blushed and the gang all just sighed. Then Double-D said,

“How abut we ride the cable car tomorrow to see the volcano and enjoy the view? Next we’ll then go to the hot springs to relax then a comfy sand bath at the end of the day then we’ll go to the next place for the Chaos Emerald?”

Everyone agreed to his suggestions then they all headed to their rooms, took a shower, and went to bed. But...other mysterious things are happening while our trainers are asleep. We see a man looking from the top of Mount Chimney staring towards Lavaridge Town. He then quietly said to himself,

“Soon this town will learn the consequences once I finish my grand design, and nothing will stop my plan I have so far,”

Then someone runs up behind him and shouted, “Sir everything is secure and Bannai succeeded in finding the meteorite. When shall we start the plan?”

The standing figure just smiled after hearing this and shouted,

“Tomorrow morning we’ll start it,”

And with that the man gives a cold hearted laugh that could be heard around the whole mountain. Meanwhile... back to Egman’s base where the rotten doctor could be seen sketching out a plan with a pencil. After a couple more sketches he then shouted,

“Perfect! I know the perfect machine to use for my next plan! Now to teach some people how deadly and unmerciful the Eggman Empire can be once I start blowing up the right thing. Soon people may not know it, but this will be the first strike of my Empire and soon the people of this world will bow down to me! The great Dr. Ivo Robotnik!”

He then laughs like a madman and Boquo and Dequo said rather low,

“Boy does the doctor has a rather big ego for a guy who constantly loses to a blue hedgehog and his friends,”

To be continued...

Sike Saner
7th July 2005, 1:17 AM


Heh heh. A little overenthusiastic? Perhaps, but I had been so eagerly awaiting that! :D

"What's it to you beauty boy?" Snapped Eddy.

..."Beauty Boy"! *giggles* Hah-ha, now Drew has a new nickname which he can't escape!

"Is like they want us to blast them off," thought Eddy.

Lord knows I wanted them to... :p

Skitty then fired a weather like gas ball that made artificial sunlight come oring out of the roof while Meowth then used a disco fever dance to bring some rain instead.

*sigh* These days, life is just determined to forcibly remind me of Miror B. at every turn, isn't it? ;)

Eddy then looked at the score and yelled, "HOLY CRAP!"

LOL...Yep, there's yet another one for the old Instant Replay...

Then we see Eddy moping around and then Ed said,

"Oh cheer up Eddy. Turn that frown into a clown... face... thing... duck?"

I f you know how my brain works, then you know that the result of that was that I immediately pictured an actual "Clown Face Thing Duck". Looked a bit like a mutated Ludicolo...

A fair number of funny moments, plus the RETURN OF FAT ALBERT!!!, as well as the very wise decision to keep Drew around. Very nice.

8th July 2005, 2:57 AM
Chapter 18-Hot Headed Trouble

Our gang along with the chaotic detectives were now riding cable cars and headed towards the top of Mt. Chimney for a nice view of the whole town plus to seethe magnificent volcano. When they reached the top Vector then commented,

“This place reminds me of Red Mountain,”

“Red Mountain? I’m guessing it’s a mountain like Mt. Chimney that also has a volcano right?” Answered Brendan.

“Yep plus that was a fun place to fly around and to have some nice fun!” Shouted Charmy.

“Well let’s take a look around here,” answered Double-D.

The group then continued walking when suddenly they saw around the volcano a bunch of people wearing red and black magma uniforms with this machine near the edge with a meteorite in it. Then the leader of the group Maxie was preparing to use the machine for something when Charmy accidentally shouted out,

“Who the red and black cult?”

Then suddenly their cover was blown and every Magma agent turned to stare at them. Vector then muttered,

“You really should take a stealth class with Espio you know and... nice red day isn’t it boys and girls?”

All the Magma agents stared with fury but Maxie then shouted “Hold on! I’ll teach you all the consequences of meddling in our grand design!”

Then all the magma agents then lined up as their leader walked toward the group. He then shouted,

“So who’s going to battle me?”

Eddy was then about to put a jawbreaker in his mouth when suddenly a gust of wind made it fell out of his hands then the sugary sweet then rolled like those huge tumble weeds and it fell in the lava melting away into nothing. Then Eddy screamed,

“Oh man, I was hoping to have that jawbreaker,”

“You! I’ll battle you since you gladly volunteered,” shouted Maxie.

“I did?” Replied Eddy.

Everyone then nodded and then he stepped forward, put on his shades, and gripped his premier ball and both trainers just stared. Everything was dead silent and the only thing heard was the wind breezing past and dust being seen that just turned into nothing. Then Maxie tossed out his pokeball and Eddy tossed out his premier ball and out came Maxie’s Mightyena and Eddy’s Meowth. Eddy was cocky as ever but also had a fear since he knew his Meowth had a disadvantage since it knew no fighting moves or bug moves plus Mightyena were pretty tough pokemon.

“Use poison fang,” ordered Maxie.

“Dodge it and use iron tail,” shouted Eddy.

Mightyena then got its fangs ready to bite with a venomous feel when Meowth then leapt right when it was about to bite and whacked at it with a tail as hard as iron. Mightyena just shrugged of the assault and continued to stare at it opponent.

“Use your crunch attack now,” ordered Maxie.

“Use thunderbolt quick,” shouted Eddy.

Mightyena charged with its huge teeth ready to clamp on Meowth and stay on it with its huge teeth when Meowth launched bolts of electricity and hit right on but Mightyena just kept on going and managed to crunch its teeth within Meowth’s tail and it then leapt and yelped in pain.

“Keep holding on,” commanded Maxie.

“Use shockwave to get Mightyena off,” shouted Eddy.

Migtyena still kept crunching on Meowth’s tail but soon it let out a shockwave through out its whole body that caused Migtyena to lose its grip and we can see a very big bite mark where on Eddy’s Meowth’s tail. Then Eddy shouted,

“Alright try... your bite attack on Mightyena your self,” shouted Eddy.

Then Meowth quickly leapt into the air and managed to bite Mightyenas tail which causes it to get angrier. Then Eddy shouted,

“Good now use fury swipes quick!”

“Use body slam now,” ordered Maxie.

Migtyena then leapt in the air and tried to slam into Meowth with its body but due to Eddy’s Meowth’s swiftness it quickly dodged it and then swiped out towards Mightyena a couple of times then Migtyenaa yelped in pain but was still going strong.

“Finish this battle with hyper beam,” shouted Maxie.

“You finish it with cut,” shouted Eddy.

Mightyena began charging a beam of pure energy but then Meowth then leapt high into the air, with one paw out and striked. Then soon Migtyenaa fell in defeat. Maxie recalled it and then shouted,

“Not bad for a person who only has one pokemon,”

“How did you know that?” Snapped Eddy.

“Well for someone who competed in the Hoenn league should really know that people all over the world can be watching and you did pretty well with a team of one. But let’s see how you deal with my last pokemon. Go Camerupt!”

When his Camerupt appeared Eddy started laughing. Next thing was that Maxie then asked,

“What is so amusing to you?”

Eddy then continued to laugh and managed to say, “Water pulse,” then his Meowth managed to shoot pulse like sound waves of the water factor and hit Camerupt on the spot and well... that was fast. Maxie recalled his pokemon and rushed over to the machine that held the meteorite but it was gone! Then Maxie turned back to stare at the crew and noticed Charmy was holding it. He was about to retreat with his grunts when suddenly...

A giant metal armored sub fell into the volcano from the sky. Then Eddy shouted, “Now what?”

Then suddenly the sub started blasting the inner walls and made them flow with lava! Then Maxie shouted,

“Maybe my plan will happen after all,”

The group was just confused on why a metal submarine fell into the volcano. Suddenly some armor covering a dome shape on the top reveals Eggman and his two henchmen at some controls. Then Ash simply said, “Not Eggman again,”

“What are you up to this time Eggman?” Asked and shouted Brendan.

Eggman then grinned and shouted into a microphone,

“I’m here to cause some chaos that’s what and this time the people of Lavridge are going to burn. More like BURN BABY BURN!”

Eggman then shot out spiked bombs toward the walls and lava started to flow up a little. Then the gang panicked but that’s when Vector shouted,

“Hey, Charmy up for a little mission?”

Charmy then nodded and knew what he had to do. He then flew in and hovered above the lava. Eggman then started firing the spiked bombs toward him but Charmy merely dodged it. Soon Eggman then shot out a normal black bomb and kicked it into the Egg Lava Sub (Name of this machine I think) It caused some damage but Eggman wasn’t really paying attention. Then he fired another round and once again Chamy dodged it. Maxie watched from above and shouted,

“Magma troops our dream might happen after all if that sub manages to blast enough explosion to the volcano. Retreat towards the helicopter and let’s watch from afar,”

All the Magma agents then retreated to a red helicopter and now watched the battle that took place in the volcano. Eggman was still firing like crazy towards Charmy but just kept on missing, then shot out some normal black bombs which Charmy kicked right back. Eggman wasn’t really paying attention so he just kept on firing. The gang watched from above and then Wally then asked,

“You do crazy things like this everyday?”

“Well we’re not your normal average detectives, plus the three of us are pretty what people tell us... chaotic,” answered Vector.

“Well let’s just hope Charmy can deal with this heat, cause we don’t want our day or Lavaridge being.... burned,” shouted May.

The rotten doctor was now trying a new strategy after his ship was bombarded by some
black bombs. He then sunk the sub below and decided to sneak attack by popping out from under the lava to hit Charmy. Charmy just flew upwards and knew had to dodge the sneak attack. When the sub rose Charmy got on it then Eggman was confused here Charmy was. Then Charmy shouted look up and the doctor then saw him and shot a bomb of the wall hoping it fall back and land on Charmy but he quickly flew out of the way only to make Eggman damage his own sub. Then the battle then rages once more.

Eggman then grinned and then pressed another button within the Egg Lava Sub. Then suddenly the Egg Lava Sub the rose and floated on the lava now. Then a large metal vacuum cleaner came out near the bomb launcher, and started sucking up some lava. Then he shot the lava out of the volcano trying to aim for the rest of the gang who were watching the battle. Eddy screamed,


The ten then all jumped in different directions and the lava managed not to scorch them. Back to Charmy who managed to kick some bombs back into Eggman’s sub but Eggman wasn’t really caring. Eggman then thought, “Even though that blasted hedgehog managed to destroy this machine in the past, taking down Charmy shouldn’t be this hard,”

Eggman once again fired another round and Charmy then dodged them. He then began vacuuming up lava and started to target Charmy when Charmy yelled,

“Hey Vector can you get your Totodile to use water gun over me while I fight?”

Vector then tossed out his pokeball and out came his little blue pal.

“Hey Totodile would you mind doing a water gun attack but like keep it like a drizzle over the volcano opening?”

His Totodile then nodded and began to act like a sprinkler, drizzling the volcano opening so Charmy could get some moisture in him. Steam was seen poring out of the lava like a tea pot boiling over a stove. Eggman then began firing the spiked bombs once more but they merely hit the lava exploding then fired a round of normal black bombs but Charmy once again kicked them back into the sub. Then Boquo shouted,

“Doctor the sub is over heating due to the explosions that Charmy is knocking back to us,”

“Soon we night lose. Perhaps we should switch the bombs into red explode on contact style?” Suggested Dequo.

“Fine, then take out all the regular kiki ombs and switch the red style then,” ordered Eggman.

Soon the sub began firing red version of the normal bomb and Eggman shouted,

“Let’s see how you defeat me Charmy if you can’t make my own projectiles damage me no more,”

Charmy merely dodged the explosives and lava spots afterwards and shouted,

“Espio can you help? Can I borrow one of your-“

But before Charmy finished, Espio then leapt into the air and tossed a ninja star for Charmy to catch then Charmy caught it and started to try to aim for the cannon firing the bombs. Then when Eggman yelled, “Get A LOAD OF THIS!” Charmy then threw in right inside the cannon and the whole sub started to shake like crazy. Eggman then muttered,

“Oh boy this is not what I wanted,”

The whole sub continued to shake like crazy till it suddenly topped. Then a giant lava geyser blows the Egg Lava Sun in the air and a large explosion was seen. BAM! After the smoke cleared we see a deep fried Eggman in a charred Egg Mobile, with a side burnt Boquo and Dequo with a hint smell of lava, sulfur, and earth. His burnt mustaches were pure black and charred and his whole face was red. He then yelled,


And with that the Egg Mobile slowly moved away from the mountain while sputtering out a ton of smoke like if had a very nasty cough and was soon out of sight. Maxie then shouted,

“Let’s move on fellow Magma’s. I have no idea who he was but I salute for what he tried to do!”

Maxie was seen saluting toward where the Egg Mobile was while the red helicopter moved away also soon out of sight. Then our gang all sighed and Charmy shouted,

“Yeah that was fun! Can I try again?’

Then all the other males, in the group yelled, “NO!” Then Vector commented,

“Great fight you put up there Charms. How about we detectives go back to the hotel and I’ll get you a cold sweet ice cream sundae for each of us three alright?”

“YAY!” Yelled out Charmy who then went with the group back down the cable car and then the detectives went back to the hotel while the rest of the gang went to the hot springs. When our gang arrived they immediately switched into their swimming clothes and dived right in. Needless to say they were glad to be in a hot spring then a hot grave.

“Boy does that guy never give up. I mean really how many machines does that guy have waiting for us ready to kill us with anyways?” Asked Eddy whose sunglasses were being fogged up by the hot water.

“Well let’s see he had a carnival of robots waiting to strike us down, a giant statue like robot that beat Wally badly, a tank that tried to captured May along with a giant hammer, a totem with treadmills that also managed to captured May along with spiked totem disks, and cannonball fire, a giant fast wheel that once again tried to capture May, along with a large cannon that shoots bombs, and now a submarine that has huge metal think armor that enables it to go in lava, and magma, along with an arsenal of explosives that could of made Mt. Chimney erupt if Charmy didn’t stop him,” answered Double-D our sock headed genius.

Ed then looked really dumfounded at the moment and said,

“My brain hurts Double-D? Did you say that the doctor guys has a lot of killer robots like that scientist in that movie that made that giant green dude say, “Graa Graa?”

Everyone then stared at Ed and Double-D just replied,

“Umm well put Ed, I think?”

The group then continued to relax in the pampering waters o the rest off the afternoon. Back to the detectives as Charmy has a face full of whipped cream, chocolate syrup, and small nuts as he held a spoon full of vanilla ice cream and shouted,

“Oh boy oh boy oh boy! This tastes so good! Can I have another round?”

Vector and Espio are seen drinking a milkshake and Vector replied, “Why not? I don’t think Eddy would mind this since after all we saved them kids a lot. Hey waiter give my pal here another sundae will ya?”

Charmy then shouted in delight and whispered, “Can I have sprinkles?” Back to the gang who were now in a sand bath staring at the sun going down towards the ocean.

“Look at me guys I’m the sand man,” shouted Ed.

“We know Ed, we know,” replied Double-D and Eddy.

“Boy is this a great way to end the day or what?” Asked a cheery May.

“You bet,” answered Ash, Wally, and Brendan.

“Yeah I suppose sometimes you just have to relax,” replied Drew.

“Well let’s go back looking for the Chaos Emeralds tomorrow. I think the next facility was seen in Azelea Town,” shouted Double-D

“Ooh can I try for it now?” Asked a pleading Ed.

“No you can’t,” replied Eddy

“Pretty please with sugar on top, strawberries, jawbreakers of every flavor, money, with a copy of Evil Tim, with a nice egg, with a urban Ranger badge, with Chunky Puffs with chocolate mucus and brains, with finally a very big Wingull feather?”

“Okaaaayyyyy. Ed I think you are reading way too many comics, but my answer is still no,’ replied Eddy.

Ed just kept pestering Eddy about this and the others just laughed at his weird comments. The they all went back to the hotel, took a shower, then headed towards their respective bed in a very large room they all shared and said good night. But back to Eggman who was now sitting in an office chair with all the air conditioners in the base at the coolest as the doctor and co really needed to chill after that burning incident. Then Bokkun showed up in the room and shouted,

“Hey Dr. Eggman! I think I know where a Chaos Emerald is”

“Really? Where then?” Replied the hot headed doctor.

“I was traveling through this town right? Then when I went in this cave like well place that people called “The Slowpokes Well,” I saw something glow like a Chaos Emerald through a small crack in the wall. Problem is I don’t have a drill and we need a drill machine to get it so want one?”

Eggman’s frown then turned upside down and shouted in a glad tone,

“Of course. Tomorrow I’ll get the Egg Cart ready to drill down that wall so we can get ourselves a free Chaos Emerald in peace. Maybe those brats won’t show up so then nobody is going to stop me. Since you gave good info, your reward is another free slice of strawberry short cake!”

“YAY!!” Yelled Bokkun who then ran to the elevator and went down a floor and ran into the kitchen to grab a slice of cake along with a knife, fork, plate, and napkin under his mouth and started to chow down on the sweet dessert.

To be continued....

Next chapter will have.... special zone like moments for some. What do I mean? Find out next chapter!

Sike Saner
8th July 2005, 5:09 AM
"Oh boy this is not what I wanted,"


Some new classic Eggman moments, there.

"Pretty please with sugar on top, strawberries, jawbreakers of every flavor, money, with a copy of Evil Tim, with a nice egg, with a urban Ranger badge, with Chunky Puffs with chocolate mucus and brains, with finally a big Wingull feather?"

And there's another classic Ed moment...Ah, but Ed's just a reliable source of magic, always has been. :)

So, okay. We've seen Team Magma. I wonder...can we also expect an appearance by Team Aqua? (I hope I hope I hope I hope!...)

8th July 2005, 9:56 PM
Chapter 19-Special Stage Zone Dreams For Some And A Mysterious Nightmare For One

Our group of trainers could be seen sleeping through the dark night where everything was as silent as a silent movie. That’s when Ash suddenly woke up, and started to talk to himself quietly and slowly. He then quietly said,

“Why can’t I sleep? Is it...because of something?”

He then looks around the room and then notices that everybody else is sleeping peacefully but then he notices May. The girl that he loved and thought,

“What if... I can’t protect her? What if something... dangerous is going to happen to her? No I can’t think like that. I have to try to sleep in peace,”

And with that he fell asleep and his eyes were just closed seeing only now pitch black and such. Then suddenly his blue Chaos Emerald starts to shine and soon covers the room in a blue light but only Ash was affected. Ash was still sleeping when suddenly saw large white flash and arrived in a new area.

Ash then finally opened his eyes and saw that he was on what appeared to be a light brown and dark brown like checkerboard except it stretched endlessly. He then saw three different types of spheres around the whole place. One was a sphere that was blue, another was red, and a white sphere with red stars on them He then heard a voice,

“Run through all the blue spheres,”

Ash then suddenly shouted, “May is that you?”

He then heard, “Run through the blue spheres, never touch the spheres of red, and the marks and sphere upon the white ones,”

Ash was just confused as ever and only mumbled, “Okay but how hard can that be?”

Then one sweet voice that was of May’s only whispered, “Trust your instincts and never give in to chaotic challenges that lie ahead,” and with that he started running forward. He then noticed he was wearing red shoes, with a single white stripe on them, with a yellow buckle on each side of the shoe. He also noticed he never stopped running and decided to go after some blue spheres. When Ash went running past them they then turned red, and Ash then quietly thought,

“Never touch the red spheres, and when I run through all the blue spheres they turned into red spheres, so I definitely have to be careful,”

After running past twenty spheres Ash then came across some blue spheres that were surrounded by the white spheres with the red star mark. Then suddenly his shoes went faster and bumped into the spheres but nothing of failure came and he just well went back a little,

Ash then noticed this and tried to keep what each sphere’s purpose was and then went through a line of blue with ease. For Ash this was definitely getting the idea of the concept but yet at the same time, the challenge grew harder as he ran faster. Then he ran though another row of blue and then noticed four rows of four blue spheres and started to run around them and suddenly when he was about to run into a red sphere that was around the whole lot, and soon as he ran past the sections last blue sphere they turned into gold rings. Ash then thought,

“When I run around the perimeter of the blue spheres all around, they turn into... gold rings?”

Then Ash continued running around the whole place collecting blue spheres and dodging red spheres and such. When suddenly when he made it to the last blue sphere, they all just popped out and Ash was now only running towards somewhere. Then he saw the blue Chaos Emerald and he then grabbed it and a huge white light then covered the whole area. Ash then suddenly woke up and then took out his blue Chaos Emerald out of his backpack and stared at it. He then thought,

“Was that a test? For what? And I wonder whose shoes I was wearing?”

Ash just stared at his Chaos Emerald confused and such and that’s when he suddenly saw what appeared to be a blue hedgehog running at a very fast speed, wearing red SOAP shoes, spiky blue hair, and green eye. Then Ash thought,

“Who is he and why does he run so fast?”

Then the vision disappeared from the blue Chaos Emerald and Ash decided to go to sleep and wonder about it later. Brendan was now sleeping when suddenly he fell out of bed and hit his head on the floor.

“Ouch,” muttered Bread Boy.

Brendan then got back up on his bed and was about to sleep when he noticed May and thought,

“May the girl I met back in my dad’s lab. I just wonder what our future holds for us all, since everything is unknown to me”

Brendan then closed his eyes and soon his purple Chaos Emerald he had started glowing like Ash and before you know it he ended up dreaming about another special place. Brendan suddenly woke up and saw he was on a surfboard going down what appears to be a very large tunnel that was hovering in space. He then also noticed that the surfboard was red, and had a curve of green on the top. He then noticed he was wearing red shoes with a small metal part on them, along with green socks. Then Brendan shouted,

“This is freaky yet extremely cool at the same time,”

Then he heard a voice, “Collect the rings that you pass by. The more you have the better,”

Brendan then has a confused look on his face, and merely asked, “May?”

“Don’t worry and just collect the rings but avoid the tools of destruction so good luck,” replied a voice that sounded like May.

Then suddenly he started surfing through the cool neon tunnel and thought,

“How am I going to fit all those rings within my pocket?”

Brendan then surfed toward some rings they turned into light and went in him. Then Brendan thought, “This is going to be easy,” then suddenly he crashed into some spikes, and then he shouted, “Okay maybe not that easy and ouch,”

Brendan was surfing and doing tricks to grab all the rings he could and tried to dodge the bombs as best as he could. Then suddenly he saw a ramp and then surfed a crossed and flipped in the air grabbing rings and yelled,


Brendan was getting more excited as the challenge then grew harder as more spikes could be seen on the tunnel hovering over space where you could see through with it being purple like glass and all. Then Brendan jumped and flipped in the air and grabbed some more rings then suddenly he saw his purple Chaos Emerald waiting at the end of the tunnel. He then leapt into the air one more time on his board that was free falling through the large tunnel like hole and grabbed it then suddenly woke up. Then Brendan thought,

“I have no idea what just happened but man was that awesome! Maybe I was being tested but for what?”

Then Brendan took out his purple Chaos Emerald and turned to stare at it. Then suddenly he saw a red echidna gliding through the air, with red dread knocks, with a white crescent mark on his chest, wearing gloves that seemed to be two spikes on each one, wearing the shoes Brendan dreamed he was wearing of.

”I wonder who that guy is?”

Then suddenly the vision disappeared and then Brendan thought, “It be cool to have gloves like that guy,” then went to bed.

Back to Wally who then got his bed, went to the bathroom, went back to his bed, and was about to fall asleep when suddenly he saw May a girl that he adored. Wally just sighed in peace and went to bed thinking about If he can actually tell May his real feelings for her without losing her forever. Once again something funny happens with his Chaos emerald. His green Chaos Emerald then glowed and covered the whole room and suddenly Wally wakes up to see himself standing on top of a blue aircraft with yellow a single yellow stripe and with huge white bold words, “TORNADO 2!” Then Wally shouted,

“I hope this is a dream because I definitely don’t want to fall off of this thing,”

Then he noticed the plane was being piloted by none except it was being auto piloted and such the he heard, “Pop all the balloons and avoid the dangers in the sky,” Then Wally noticed he was wearing a white shoe, with red on the back, along with what appeared to be a metal anklet strapped on both shoes. Then Wally shouted,

“May you’re here with me?”

The Wally heard, “Trust yourself, never give up, believe in yourself, and try to pop as many balloons as possible with ring marks on them,”

Then the plane started flying and balloons could be seen in the distance with ring marks. Then Wally thought, “How the heck am I going to pop them?” Then Wally notices the propeller on the Tornado 2 and then shouted,

“Wait I can use the propeller to pop the balloons once I catch them with my hands,”

Balloons then started to come close toward the plan and Wally had to walk around carefully around the top of the plane and managed to grab some balloons then tossed them in front of the propeller below. Then they popped and turned into rubbery shreds. Then Wally cheered when he suddenly saw what appeared to be spikes being held and hovered by spikes in the sky. He then immediately jumped down as the points just whizzed past and brushed his green hair and he just sighed in relief. Then another batch of balloons just came and Wally slowly walked fast then grabbed the balloons then tossed and made more rubber. Then this time the hovering spikes had to make Wally jump high to avoid being knocked off the plane then Wally shouted,

“Man does flying in today’s skies have a lot of traffic,”

Wally then managed to pop tons of balloons in the sky, while dodging all the spike that hovered due to propellers then suddenly he sees his green Chaos Emerald in a cage floating in the sky due to propellers and the plane was about to get it when suddenly a large red floating battleship came hiding out of the clouds. Wally then muttered,

“What is that thing?”

The large battleship was then opening up a large hatch and began charging a very big beam. Then Wally in a desperate attempt then jumped into the cockpit and tries to fly towards the cage faster. Then suddenly the large battleship fires the massive beam hoping to hit the Tornado 2 then it hits but Wally jumps in the air and grabs the cage then he wakes up. Then took out his Chaos Emerald and stared into it. He then saw an orange fox, using its two tails to fly, and was also wearing those shoes. Then Wally quietly said to himself,

“Who is that? Well its, kind of cool how he can fly with his ... two tails?”

Then the image disappeared then he went to sleep wondering about this predicament. Then finally May has the last dream since she also had a Chaos Emerald. But her dreams are bit different then the rest. She was in what appeared to be a space station and looked around. She saw a young women with blonde hair, near some controls and a black hedgehog in a capsule whose eyes were in fear. She then heard,

“Shadow... promise me that when you get to Earth that you’ll give them all a chance to be happy,”

Then she reluctantly pulls a switch and then the black hedgehog then screamed,


Then the capsule holding the black hedgehog is now gone seen only to be heading to Earth. May watched as the events happened then suddenly a metal door opens and people with swat uniforms holding guns, and with a three letter initial G.U.N was seen on their body armor and one of the men then yelled,


Then a horrible scene happened. May watched in shock as she saw one bullet come out of that gun and hit the young women, and now lied there un moving. Then suddenly her eyes then saw large white flashing lights that then took her to a different place. She then opened hey eyes and saw what appeared to be a burning alter and a very large green emerald in the middle of it. She slowly walked in fear and shock then sees a young girl, wearing a tribal outfit, on the ground. May then ran and asked,

“What happened here?”

The young tribal girl then struggled to get up and weakly replied,

“I tried to... stop them... they came and my father... I didn’t know it was going to end up this...this horrifying ....I must try to end all this chaos and madness quick before the world... is overwhelmed by anger hatred, and rage,”

Then she slowly stood up and walked slowly towards the giant green emerald resting on the alter. May was about to stop her when suddenly she was sightless for a couple more moments when light over came her again.

She then saw herself in a dark lab where many people were working on something. She walked around and then saw a creature she has never seen before. It was in a large capsule and was human shaped. It also had a feline resemblance and unknown liquid was in it. Then suddenly the creature eyes slowly open, revealing that the creature was now awake and focused. It looked around then stared at the scientists that gathered around. Suddenly the capsule broke and the creature then started to get out of control. It seemed the creature had some sort of psychic power as it used its mind to make the whole lab explode and May closed her eyes as a blast of fire was coming towards her.

May then woke up in fear and saw that her face was full of sweat and that her whole body was trembling in fear. She then asked herself quietly,

“Who is...Shadow? Maria? G.U.N.? That girl? What was that huge emerald? And what was that creature that I saw?”

May then felt fear slipping down her spine and tried to ignore and ignore. But she hardly swallowed her fears and pain; she couldn’t feel sorrier for the innocent lives she saw lost. It was like if life was tangled up all inside her ready to burst at the wrong moment only to bring sorrow. She then decided that some sleep would put her at peace so May just went back to bed, with nothing on her head.

To be continued...

Sike Saner
9th July 2005, 4:51 AM
"Ouch," muttered Bread Boy.

*snort* I had almost forgotten about the whole "Bread Boy" thing! :p

Ha ha, the Blue Spheres stage! Love it!

Dren, though...that sure got a lot darker all of a sudden...And you know how I feel about that! :D *laughs evilly* I'm quite interested to see what could follow that...

9th July 2005, 1:36 PM
Well not all chapters can be funny so yeah some chapters are going to be more serious then others. Next chapter were going back to funny but rest assured that these guys didn't have these dreams for nothing...

9th July 2005, 10:45 PM
Chapter 20-Trip Down Memory Lane And When The Well Had Easy Trouble

Our group were now back on the helicopter ready to head to Azalea Town where one of the facilities was split up and where another Chaos Emerald. They then arrived and stared at the quiet town. Then they all walked in and found the Battle Palace. A small red building with gold shingle atop the roof. They walked in and then Eddy asked,

“Okay who’s going to battle today?”

“I will,” answered Ash, Brendan, and Wally.

The three then turned to stare at each other then hey argued on who’s going to battle. Soon Eddy and Double-d tried to calm them down but then they joined the argument, then May and soon they were all on top of each other beating the crap out of each other, except Ed. Ed then walked up to the receptionist table and asked,

“Umm can I battle the.... the....the?”

“Battle Leader?” Answered the receptionist.

“Uh huh,” answered Ed.

Then the receptionist replies, “Sure but come back tomorrow since we’re busy today,”

Then Ed shouts to the others, “Hey guys I’m going to battle the leader guy.” Everyone then stops and we can see Eddy holding Double-D by the hat and then drops it and screamed like if you could hear it across the whole world,


We see Eddy outside very quiet and everyone stared at him. Then Eddy said,

“Well... looks like we can’t cancel your challenge lumpy so were just going to have to train your pokemon I guess,”

“Hey Eddy remember the day when we met the rest of the gang?” Asked Double-D.

“Oh yeah I remember that day,” replied Eddy.

A trip down memory lane for a couple of paragraphs or two. Back to a long time ago well not that long. Anyway let’s see the scene right now. Ash, Brendan, May, and Wally were walking through a large forest trying to get to Rustboro City. They were walking through Petalburg Woods as the sun was coming down they then encountered Devon researcher who was surveying the area.

“What are you looking for? Asked May curiously.

“Me? I’m just here looking for my favorite pokemon Shroomish that’s all. Where you four trainers going?”

“To Rustboro so we can earn our first badge,” answered Ash proudly.

“Good for you,” replied the Devon researcher.

Then suddenly an Aqua grunt appeared behind him and shouted, “Hand over your research notes now!”

Now to switch scenes to a very different place. Peach Creek to be more exact. Apparently Ed, Double-D, and Eddy were running through some woods and Eddy shouted as he ran,

“Come on Double-D! My grandma can run faster then you!”

“Well sorry if I didn’t know this was customer appreciation day and that they weren’t giving free jawbreakers at the candy shop,” replied Double-D.

“Hey Eddy look a big hole,” shouted Ed.

The three then stopped running and noticed their seemed to be an unfinished road as a muddy pit was below them now. Eddy then shouted,

“Now how are we going to get there in time?”

Double-D then surveyed the area fast then shouted, “Think I know a way to get there Eddy in about five minutes,”

“What is it then sock head? Don’t leave me hanging!” Replied Eddy in an impatient manner.

Four minutes later...

The Ed’s were seen sitting n a tree that was tied to the ground with a string. Then Double-D then said, “I think my coordinates should have us land in the candy shop in no time fellas,”

“Okay Meowth cut the rope now with a scratch attack,” shouted Eddy in delight.

His Meowth then nodded and from the position it was sitting on the tree went to the back and cut the rope. Then the three along with Meowth went flying in the air.

“YEEEE HAWWWW!” Screamed a very excited Eddy.

“WOOO HOOO!” Screamed Ed.

“I THINK I WENT A LITTLE TOO FAR!” Screamed out Double-D.

Back to Petalburg Woods where Brendan was seen ready to battle with the Aqua grunt with his pokemon when suddenly,

“WERE GOING TO CRASH!” Screamed Eddy and Double-D.

The three then crashed on top of the Aqua grunt and looked very dizzy at the moment. Ash, May, Wally, and Brendan had a look of confusion and surprise. Then the Aqua grunt shouted,

“My back! I’m getting away from you guys for now!”

The Aqua agent ran off towards city and then the Devon researcher shouted,

“Thanks! Here take a great ball for each of you!”

Then gave Ash, Brendan, Wally, and May a great ball and ran off into the city as well. Eddy then shouted,

“Wait a minute!? We did all the work! We should have got those great balls!”

“Eddy we got more important things to worry about like where are we? Asked Double-D.

“Umm I don’t know if you boys notice but you’re kind of blocking our way,” quietly said by May.

“Who are you guys?” Asked Wally.

The Ed’s then noticed Ash, May, Wally, and Brendan. Then Eddy shouted,

“Us? Well let’s see I’m Eddy and I’m the cool leader of the group who the best at everything,”

“Please Eddy anyone can see through that joke. My names Edward or what everybody refers me as Double-D,”

“And my names Ed the guy that everybody call an idiot,”

“And were known as Ed, Edd, and Eddy! The guys that make scams for quarters, buy jawbreakers, do crazy stuff, and are what people say but just a lie dorks! Ta da!” Shouted Eddy.

Ash, Brendan, Wally, and May were just speechless. Brendan then whispered into the other three, “These guys are nuts.”

“Hey I heard that!” Yelled Eddy.

“Jawbreakers? Didn’t those candies like go out in the seventies or something?” Asked Wally.

“I also heard that!” Yelled Eddy once more.

“Well anyways can you tell us where we are?” Asked Double-D.

“Well right now you guys along with use are in Petalburg Woods. Where do you guys live?”

“Peach Creek but Petalburg Woods? Man Double-D you must have made the catapult go pretty far for that,” shouted Eddy.

“Well we better head home guys,” replied Double-D.

The three along with Eddy’s Meowth started to walk away when suddenly Eddy shouted,

“Hold it boys; let’s not go home so soon yet,”

“What do you mean Eddy?” Asked Double-D.

“I mean I’m getting bored pulling scams now just to rip off the pigeons that always managed to find out and beat the crap out of us so for a change let’s go on a trainer journey with these guys,”

“But Eddy what about baby sister?” Whispered Ed.

“Don’t worry and to tell the truth Ed I think your sister is going to be actually fine without you. Plus you can call her with my Pokenav or Double-D’s anytime so don’t worry. So umm... what’s your names?” Shouted Eddy.

The four others then introduced themselves and then Double-D shouted,

“Ash? Wait you’re that great trainer in the Johto and Kanto League right?”

Ash grinned and then held out a peace sign, but then Eddy muttered, “Too bad he lost so early,” then Ash just anime fell and shouted,

“I heard that!”

“Doesn’t your town have any thing where you can become trainers?” Asked Brendan

The Ed’s just stared at each other and shrugged. Double-D then explained,

“Well being a trainer in our town really isn’t popular. I mean sure we battle with each other, train our pokemon, and catch some but we all just like to stay in our cul-de-sac because well.. it’s just a great place to live in,”

“Anyways can we join your posse?” Asked Eddy.

Then Ash, Brendan, Wally, and May went in a group huddle. Brendan the said,

“I say we don’t because as Eddy said himself ... people call those three... dorks,”

“I once again heard-“But Eddy’s mouth was just held by Ed’s and Double-D just shushed Eddy.

“Well why not? I mean the more the merrier plus they stopped that Aqua grunt for us,” whispered May.

“Plus they got us each a free great ball so that works for me,” whispered Wally.

“I guess it wouldn’t hurt so I guess they can join us,” whispered Ash and with that the Ed’s have been with the gang since then. Then Drew commented,

“So that’s how you guys met them,”

Back to the group then Ash suggested, “Alright today were all going to help Ed train for his battle tomorrow alright guys?”

May then said, “Ahem,” and Ash then was embarrassed and added, “And May too.” Then Eddy shouted,

“Know anywhere good and filled with wild pokemon Ash?”

Ash then thought for a couple of moments, then replied, “The Slowpoke Well has a lot of wild pokemon that Ed can train at so why not head there?”

The gang then walked around town and found a well with a ladder. Then they each went down one at a time and arrived in a very big cave.

“Alright Ed get your two pokemon out and let’s get ready to train them,” shouted Eddy.

Ed then tossed out two pokeballs and out came his Slowbro and Miltank. Then suddenly a Slowpoke walking by saw the Slowbro and then the two pokemon started to talk. Then Ed ran over and petted the Slowpoke and shouted,

“Can I keep him?”

“Sure I guess,” replied Double-D.

Then suddenly the whole ceiling was crumbling and shaking and Brendan shouted,

“What’s happening?”

Then suddenly the ceiling broke and a red drill cart fell down! It was none other then...

“EGGMAN!” Screamed our trainers.

Eggman along with Boquo, Dequo, and Bokkun then noticed the gang then Eggman shouted, “Not you pests again. No matter we are going accord to plan still,”

Then he drove the cart which had a big drill on the front and started drilling against a wall. The others weren’t sure whether to just watch Eggman drill down the wall so he could just get what he wanted or stop him. Then they got in a group huddle and Eddy whispered,

“What do we do about Eggman?”

“I say we let him get what he wants so we don’t have to deal with him,” whispered Drew.

“Well Ed does need to train so yeah let’s just let Eggman get what he wants,” whispered Ash.

They all watched Eggman in his machine drilling down one of the cave walls then suddenly the wall finally blew and it revealed on the other side....


“Look at it this way doctor at least its shaped like a crown that you could wear,” suggested Dequo.

“I bet it fit your head perfectly,” added Boquo.

Then Eggman got off the Egg Cart and took what appeared to be a King’s Rock and placed it on his head and shouted,

“How do I look?”

“Like the conqueror of the world doctor,” replied his three henchmen.

“Will I didn’t come here to waste my time for nothing so...I say we go drilling for some pests!” Shouted the rotten doctor.

Next thing Eggman decided to do was go back on his Egg Cart and was headed straight for our gang! They jumped out of the way only to see the Egg Cart crash into a wall. Then Eggman backed it up and shouted,

“Eat drill!”

Eggman was now charging the Egg Cart towards Ash but Ash managed to jump out of the way as the Egg Cart then crashed into another wall. Then we have Eddy pull out a walkie talkie and shouts into it,

“Big V come in! Big V come in! The egg is here! Repeat the egg is here! SAVE US! DO YOU COPY!?"

Back to the helicopter where the detectives could be seen when Vector’s red walkie talkie shouted that message. The three then woke up and Vector shouted into the walkie talkie,

“Roger that. Big V, over and out. Come on boys let’s crack that guy right now!”

Back to the gang who were managing to avoid being rammed and drilled by the Egg Cart. Eggman was ready for another ram in his red cart with a big drill in the front when suddenly everybody heard,

“Were here to save the day!”

Espio, Charmy, and Vector then arrived and then laughed at Eggman who was only wondering what the heck they’re laughing about? Vector then stopped laughing and shouted,

“Sorry Eggman but Sonic, and Tails told us how easy it was for them to trash this thing it wasn’t even funny!

“Yeah they said how easy it was to pound your head,” added Charmy.

“Even I don’t need my ninja skills to take you down doctor,” added Espio.

The three then went back to laughing at him and Eggman was seen getting angry. He then tried to ram the Egg Cart into the detectives but they each merely jumped and body slammed into the doctor’s head. Ouch that’s has got to hurt. The doctor then once again tried to ram into the three with its drill but they merely slammed on his head ouch. Then again they slammed on his head and his three henchmen noticed that the machine was about to...blow. Then Eggman in one last attempt to take someone down fired the drill at Eddy, who then screamed,


He just closed his eyes and hoped for the best then noticed no drill hit him. He opened his eyes and saw that the drill was hovering in mid air and stopped moving. Eddy was confused and shouted,

“How did it stop?”

Then Ed shouted, “Now give the bad doctor his drill back with your psychic attack” His Slowbro slowly nodded then using its psychic powers made the drill crash into the rest of the Egg Cart and the machine then exploded! BOOM! Eggman, along with his three henchmen in the Egg Mobile were seen crashing through the ceiling then heading to the sky and Eggman then quietly said to himself,

“Perhaps I should stop using that Egg Cart and use a much better Egg Mobile model,”

Then he was seen out of site and only the King’s rock he was wearing fell down and landed on Ed’s head. Then Eddy shouted,

“Ed you saved me I mean you of all people saved me. Wow lumpy that was some strong Slowbro you got,”

Ed then group hugged Double-D and Eddy and replied, “Thanks guys,”

“Thanks Ed but could you let go of use cause we can’t breathe,” asked Double-D.

Then as Ed let go the King’s Rock on his head landed on the Slowpoke that he petted earlier and then suddenly it started glowing. Everyone then watched in amazement as the Slowpoke then turned into a Slowking! Eddy then dropped his jaw and shouted,

“You have got to be kidding me? Lumpy here is that damn lucky?”

Then the Slowking then stared at Ed and then Double-D shouted,

“Ed perhaps you have a new friend since you saved his home from being demolished,”

Ed just looked dumbfounded and replied, “I do?”

“Well you did help that Slowpoke evolve, saved his home because if that drilling machine managed to do any more damage to the walls it kept ramming into, then this place would be saying by bye, and was nice to it so yeah you got yourself a new friend Ed,” answered Wally.

“Cool,” replied Ed who now petted his Slowking.

“Well monobrow let’s get training” Shouted Eddy.

To be continued...

10th July 2005, 2:19 AM
i liked how the eds jioned the gang to bad they didnt get thier jawbreakers....................................aga in lol ;rukario;

Sike Saner
10th July 2005, 4:28 AM
My favorite line in this chapter:

"Eat drill!"

Uh-oh...in terms of lines, Eggman is becoming the new Vector...

It was nice to have that little Team Aqua cameo there. I hope that's not the last of Team Aqua's presence in this...

10th July 2005, 10:22 PM
*twitch* must wait for new chapter *twitch* must resist stupidity impulse ;143; ;201-l; ;374; ;351-r; ;201-u; ;381; :025ball: :surfpika: :snowlax: not resisting well*twitch*

Bao Zakeruga
10th July 2005, 11:35 PM
Of all the people who I expected to get a Slowking,Ed was the last one.Is he gonna get anymore pokemon?

10th July 2005, 11:50 PM
Maybe? Well he is pretty slow in the head and we'l..the Slowpoke family probably fit him best. Anyways I'll try to put the chapter as soon as tomorrow. Sorry guys but I was bitten by mosquitos today and now the pain is interfering with my work. Sorry and hopes the itch cream arrives soon.

11th July 2005, 1:28 AM
sweet!!! sorry about the mosqito bites thats gotta itch ;rukario;

11th July 2005, 3:51 AM
Thanks! It's alright thought they still itch like crazy...

11th July 2005, 7:55 PM
kinda off topic but did ya ever think of making your banner a link to your fic? ;rukario;

11th July 2005, 11:00 PM
your fics are awsome! Im reading both of your fics, and I made an account just to say how much I like em! I also told two of my friends on a probaords fourm about this!

;280; ;280; ;280; ;280; ;280; Five ralts up!

12th July 2005, 3:25 AM
Chapter 21-Lumpy Monobrow Idiot Ed Vs Battle Leader Palace Maven Spenser

It was now the next day and Ed was seen walking to the Battle Palace with everybody except the detectives right behind him. They were slowly walking and it was like a silent western movie when a gun duel was about to happen. Then Eddy shouted,

“Ready for your big battle today Ed?”

“Yep,” replied the lovable oaf.

“Let’s see I fed all your pokemon good vitamins such as calcium, carbos, iron, and zinc. They were fighting against a lot of wild pokemon, and they practiced all their moves, battled ours, and-“

Double-D was then caught off when Eddy shouted, “Plus I fed each and every one of them some special rare treats I bought! Think of them like sweet desserts that make you stronger!”

The group was helping Ed train his pokemon all day yesterday to prepare for his big battle against the leader of the Battle Palace. They all then walked in the building walked through some doors and hallways and then saw an arena surrounded by water. They saw an old man across the water all the way on the other side of the room. He had a beard as long as a spike. He had two Unknown symbols on each of his arms that looked like an A. His eyes were closed but looked like he could see perfectly. He wore a blue monk’s uniform with a black belt tying his waist. Then he shouted,

“So you hip and cool people want to have a battle with me right?”

“Yep my pal here Ed wants to have a battle with you... what’s your name?” Shouted Eddy.

“I’m known as Palace Maven Spenser but if you young people want, Spenser,”

“So Spenser my friend Ed would want to battle you for your jewel that you own,” asked Double-D.

Spenser takes out what appears to be a silver Chaos Emerald that shined like a shooting star. It was like a statue made out of pure silver only in a jewel form. Ed then muttered, “Pretty and shiny.”

“Well what are you willing to bet for this then?” Asked Spenser.

Eddy then pulled out a magic hat and started waving his hands in front of it. He then put a hand in and pulled out a red Chaos Emerald and yelled,

“TA DA!”

He then gave it for Ed to hold and then Spenser asked, “Good and do you know the rules of this facility?”

Then everyone fell silent. Then Ed shouted, “Umm... no?” Ash, May, Brenda, Wally, and Drew just anime fell and Eddy and Double-D then yelled,


Spenser just chuckled and shouted, “Don’t worry I’ll explain everything for you so don’t worry,”

Everyone then just sighed and then Eddy asked, “What’s the deal with the pool of water around the battlefield? I mean you want Ed and you to swim there before the battle?”

“Let me explain. You see in the Battle Palace, the trainer never calls out an attack. Instead you let your pokemon fight their opponent by themselves with no commands from the trainer, you may only use three, and the trainer just watches and trusts their pokemon to battle without their help. Are you ready?”

The gang then went in a group hug and Eddy whispered, “Well Ed what pokemon are you going to use?”

Ed the put his finger on his chin and started thinking ...thinking....thinking...”Nope don’t even have a pie,”

Everyone else then sighed and Double-D asked, “Well you have a Slowbro, a Miltank, and now a Slowking. Would those three work out for your battle Ed?”

“I think so,” replied Ed.

Ed then tossed out his pokeball to the battlefield and out came his newest member of his team, a Slowking. Spenser then tossed out his first pokeball and out came his Crobat. Then Eddy then whispered,

“For extra insurance you don’t mess up, I’ll put some tape on your mouth,”

Then Eddy held a roll of duck tape, and then wrapped it all around Ed’s mouth so he made sure Ed with his big mouth would shout out an attack for his pokemon to use. Then Eddy shouted,

“Be quiet Ed and if and if your pokemon win that Chaos Emerald there a fine piece of pudding skins for you alright? So shut up and let’s watch!”

The battle started and Crobat was seen using double-team to split into many images of itself while Slowking tried to use hydro pump on one of the images but missed. Then all the images was seen ready to spit out a toxic blast of poison when suddenly Slowking used its hydro pump attack to propel itself forward to the ceiling to dodge the blast from the real Crobat then while coming down used a psybeam attack towards one of the images but turned out to be nothing. Then Crobat used sludge bomb but was phased out by Slowking’s water gun assaults. Then Eddy commented,

“Wow all that training really did pay off,”

Then Slowking tried to use a water pulse attack but the waves were just dodged as Crobat went into the air and flapped against the pulsing wet waves with its gust attack. Then it tried to use a bite attack upon Slowking but Slowking managed to use head butt and bashed right into Crobat’s teeth! Then Eddy shouted,

“Ouch! Looks like Crobat is going to have to see the dentist after this battle! Man Ed I never seen your pokemon battle this good!”

Then Crobat tried to use another toxic when Slowking was seen concentrating and suddenly Crobat stopped the toxic attack with a disable. Then Crobat tried double-team again trying to stall for time that it could use toxic again after the numbness wears off. But then Slowking fired ice beam and spun it around in a 360* spin and hit every image along with the real Crobat. Then it was then slammed against the wall then fell into the water and looked incapacitated. Then Spenser returned his pokemon along with Ed and commented,

“Boy that was some impressive battling you got there sonny. Do you train your pokemon everyday?”

Then Eddy took of the tape and Ed shouted, “Yep yep yep yep yep yep-“

“I think he gets the idea Ed,” answered Wally.

“Not bad maybe you should try for a contest,” answered Drew.

“Wow Ed I have to admit your Slowking did great in that battle! Maybe when others give you a chance just maybe you get to show how good you really are in battle,” suggested Ash.

“Anyways time for the next round. Say hello to Mr. Duck tape again okay?” Shouted Eddy.

“Hello Mr. Duck-“ but Ed was jus cut off when Eddy wrapped duck tape around his mouth again. Then he along with Spenser tossed out another pokeball. In Ed’s was a Slowbro. Another evolution member of the Slowpoke family but everyone probably knows about that. In Spenser’s pokeball out came his Slaking. Then Eddy whispered,

“Hey May. Your dad uses a Slaking right? Do you know any info since I think I forgot about my battle way back with him,”

“Well...you see guys...umm...I don’t exactly have the best...memory?” She weakly replied.

Eddy just slapped his face and then sad, “Well Ed let’s see what your Slowbro can do,”

Then the second battle began and Slaking then started to run toward Slowbro with its fists ready to use slash but Slowbro managed to use dig and dug in the hole just to see Slaking miss. Then Slowbro then popped out and fired hydro pump which made Slaking trip into the hole. Then Eddy laughed like crazy and then utter silence followed. Then Eddy shouted,

“Wow that was awkward,”

The battle then raged again as Slaking then jumped out of the wall and slammed the ground with earthquake sending the floors towards Slowbro and Slowbro then merely hopped over each wave like if it was playing jump rope. Slowbro then shot out water pulses towards Slaking but the lazy pokemon managed to take the hit. Then it then fired shadow ball and Eddy eyes just grew big as he watched the spiritual ball coming towards Slowbro. Then Slowbro used dig once more to dodge the spiritual projectile. Then it popped right behind Slaking and fired a hydro pump making Slaking being pushed then suddenly it slips in a hole...again. Then Eddy once again busted in laughter only to have everyone stare at him. He then stopped and mumbled,

“Geez can’t anybody laugh these days,”

“NO!” Yelled the rest of the group except Double-D and Ed who just shrugged. Then Slaking jumped out of the hole and looked really ******. Then again you be if you fell down a hole and hit your head twice hard. Then it started charging up what happened to look like a hyper beam. Then it quickly fired and hit Slowbro on contact! Then Slowbro then did look real weak from the attack but then fell asleep using its rest and soon felt rejuvenated but still asleep. Eddy then sighed and thought,

“Smart choice,”

Then Slaking was seen then started forming shadow balls and kept bombarding Slowbro with the spiritual spheres. Then it ran with a fist crackling with electricity ready to use thunder punch and managed to sock at Slowbro hard while it slept. Then Slowbro fell and looked like it lost big time. Both trainers returned their pokemon and then Spenser commented,

“Not bad but perhaps you should train your Slowbro to use different evasive actions then just digging. But not bad still,”

Eddy then took the tape off Ed’s mouth and Ed shouted, “Ookie dokie Mr. Artichoke!”
Everyone just anime fell when they heard that. Well except Double-D and Eddy who just slapped their faces and put the tape back on Ed’s mouth back on fast. Then Ed and Spenser tossed out their last pokeball ready for the final round. In Ed’s out came a Miltank and in Spenser’s out came a Lapras. Lapras then fired ice beam towards Miltank but then it jumped and dodged the chilly beam and then used rollout towards Lapras and managed to land a pretty hard hit. But Lapras held its ground and managed to use hydro pump to blast Miltank back a little but like Lapras held its ground. Then Eddy muttered,

“Boy this is going to be a hard fight to watch,”

Then Lapras then fired spat out a toxic but when it hit Miltank, Mitank just picked up its tail and started shaking it like a cow bell and then the poisonous toxic then vanished. It clearly used heal bell to get rid of it and then proceeded to use an earthquake attack which knocked Lapras right into the water. Then Lapras fired another ice beam but Miltank then dodged the beam of ice and used, thunderbolt on the water surrounding the arena which managed to shock it. Then Lapras leapt back into the arena and started to charge up a hyper beam. Then Eddy shouted, “Oh snap!”

But Ed’s Miltank was also seen charging a hyper beam and when both blasts were released and collided, they seemed to made each other go out like a birthday candle. Then Lapras tried to use hydro pump but Miltank just jumped and used another rollout attack which to me personally looks like a spin dash attack from the show. Just saying but anyways Miltank managed to roll into Lapras hard again but Lapras still stood. Then Eddy shouted,

“So far so good!”

Then Lapras then dived into the water and started to swim underwater. Then it suddenly popped out and used blizzard and the harsh assault of ice and snow hit Miltank at full force! But then Miltank got up and flipped in the air and it was seen that its tail was glowing ready to pound Lapras with an iron tail. It then swished it tail and slammed what felt like a ball of iron at Lapras who now fell and remained fallen. The battle finally ended and Ed came out victorious. Then both trainers then returned their pokemon and Spenser commented,

“Not bad young one. You have so much potential so use it while you’re young alright?”

“Aye aye captain Spenser,” replied Ed whose duck tape was finally token off for the last time. Then Spenser tossed the silver Chaos Emerald and it just hit Ed on his head and fell in his green jacket pocket. He then took it out and shouted,

“Okay I got a shiny rock everybody!”

Then Eddy whispered “Psst it’s called a Chaos Emerald,”

“Shiny rock!” Replied Ed.

“Chaos Emerald!”

“Shiny rock!”

“Chaos Emerald!”

“Shiny rock!”

The argument continued till like the late afternoon. You be surprised how stubborn Ed and Eddy can be over such a little thing. He others can seen asleep against the wall and then Eddy shouted,

“Ed the world is a sphere! It’s not flat!”

“Flat like the flat jacks I eat,”

“WILL YOU TWO SHUT UP!?” Screamed out Brendan.

Then everyone walked out and Eddy then heard his Pokenav ring. He then shouted, “Who’s calling me?”

He then took it out of his backpack and opened his Pokenav and whaddya know? It was Andy Larken back from Peach Creek!

“Andy? Why are you calling me?”

“Cause didn’t you hear? The whole cul-de-sac is throwing a huge party back at Peach Creek High! I’m here to invite you guys for the big bash. You want to come?”

Eddy’s then started seeing confetti, party favors, free stuff, music, dancing, kids to scam, and a dancing floor. Then he shouted back,

“Oh heck yeah! We’ll come tonight back in the cul-de-sac!”

Then he shut his Pokenav off and the others just stared at him. Ed only said, “What?”

“Eddy you do know we too busy for social events like these and we need to concentrate on-“But Double-D was interrupted when Ed screamed out, “PARTY!” Then Brendan shouted,

“Well I guess it wouldn’t hurt,”

“Plus we may get to know the rest of the cul-de-sac better so yeah why not,” added May.

“Plus I’m interested to see this so called, “cul-de-sac,” that you guys claim to be so great about,” mumbled Drew.

“I guess so I mean after all Ed did managed to win against Spenser and get another Chaos Emerald so I don’t see why not,” answered Ash.

“See Double-D? You just have to enjoy life more then constantly work. All work and no play makes Eddy a very dull and sad boy,” shouted a gleaming Eddy.

“I suppose I guess,” replied Double-D.

The group then went into the helicopter and begged Vector to drive them to back to Peach Creek.

“It’s going to be night soon you understand right? So if we do go there I want no damn complaints about nothing understand?”

They all understood and then Vector then lifted off and was heading towards back to Peach Creek.

Two hours later...

Our gang arrived around eight o clock P.M. and then they all walked to meet up with Andy who was standing against a pole waiting for them. Then Eddy asked,

“So where’s the big shindig?”

Then Andy cracked a smile and replied, “None fool!”

He then started laughing but immediately stopped and replied, “But seriously the party should be set up sometime this week. I’ll tell you guys when it’s ready but till then just wait.” And with that Andy ran off and then Vector asked,

“So where we going to stay?”

Eddy, Double-D, and Ed started thinking. Then Ed shouted, “The detectives could stay at my house?”

“Then I suppose the rest of the gang can stay at my house I suppose,” suggested Eddy.

“Then I’ll meet up with you guys tomorrow,” replied Double-D.

Then the chaotic detectives followed Ed to his house, next was Double-d heading to his house, and Eddy with Ash, Wally, May, Brendan, and Drew just followed eddy to his house. Eddy opened the floor and there was his house. Then Eddy shouted,

“Make yourselves at home,”

Then everyone then headed to separate bathrooms and flushing noises were heard. Then Eddy thought “Guess everyone shouldn’t have drank that orange juice I bought,” Then everyone took a quick shower and waited for Eddy to make some food. He was cooking pizza and wore a chef’s hat along with two fake black mustaches. Then Ash commented,

“That smells great! I wish it was done though,”

“Yeah you’re a great cook Eddy!” also added Brendan.

“Yeah I wonder how we get along without you cooking,” added Wally.

“We all probably be starving every time we camp then,” added a chuckling May.

“Hmm well what I’ve seen so far you definitely know how to make your food without spoiling it,” added Drew.

“Well I’m the man with the plan,” shouted Eddy who got slices of piping hot, cheesy, slices of pizza with pepperoni, mushrooms, pineapples, and chicken, out of the oven and placed it in the middle of the blue and white checkered table. Then yelled, “DIG IN AND RELAX!”

After diner they all went to bed. Well problem was Eddy’s bed was the only one there as Eddy found a sticky note earlier that said,

“Dear son if you are at home at the moment,

We both took a vacation and all our belongings with us. That includes our bed so you and your friends can’t be jumping and bouncing on them with your dirty shoes.

Sincerely Your Loving Parents,”

Now how would they all fit on one bed? Well since Eddy was the host, and Ash, Wally, Brendan, Drew, and May were the guests....

It’s now dark at night and everyone are in their sleeping attire sleeping in Eddy’s bed except...well Eddy who just had a blanket on the floor and a pillow who just looked real annoyed. Then he mumbled to himself,

“I wonder...I just wonder....if I’ll ever...meet her. My future self did and well I just wonder if I’m going to? Whatever better go back to sleep,”

To be continued...

12th July 2005, 6:17 AM
awesome awesome awesome i liked how slobro fought when i read that team chaotix i couldnt help but picture that lmao i still think you should add the other teams ;rukario;

Sike Saner
12th July 2005, 7:52 AM

Chapter 21-Lumpy Monobrow Idiot Ed Vs Battle Leader Palace Maven Spenser

I do declare that that is your best chapter title ever. :D

Ed the put his finger on his chin and stareted thinking ...thinking....thinking..."Nope don't even have a pie,"

Then Eddy then whispered,

"For extra insurance you don't mess up, I'll put some tape on your mouth,"

Then Eddy held a roll of duck tape, and then wrapped it all around Ed’s mouth so he made sure Ed with his big mouth would shout out an attack for his pokemon to use.

Yeah, like the "Hey Guys" attack... :p

And, of course:

Then everyone then headed to separate bathrooms and flushing noises were heard.

It was inevitable that I would enjoy a chapter containing that much Ed. :D Chaos Emeralds will forever be "shiny rocks" in my mind because of him and you. :p And say...Rollout rather does look like a Spin Dash...

13th July 2005, 12:31 AM
Chapter 22-The Serial Toucher And The Ed’s Bad Luck

Eddy was sleeping peaceful on the floor and was about to yawn and wake up when suddenly May, Ash, Brendan, Wally, and Drew’s feet ran all over his back. He then shouted, “My back is not a carpet!” Then each frantically ran around the room looking for something.. He then shouted,

“What the heck are you guys looking for anyways?”

“My hat! It’s missing,” Yelled Ash.

“My Bandana! It’s also missing,” added May.

“My headband! It’s also missing,” added Brendan.

“My inhaler! It’s also missing,” added Wally.

“My roses! There missing,” added Drew.

Then Eddy suddenly yelled, “WHAT!?” Then they all bumped into him and yelled the same thing in his ear. Then they all quickly put on their regular clothes and ran out to Ed’s house. Eddy then saw Vector, running around and yelled,


Then suddenly near the top of the house Ed’s little sister screamed out, “MY DOLLY!? ED DID YOU TAKE IT!?”

Ed then ran out of the house and crashed into the rest of the gang and Ed quietly said, “I think the stuff is missing,”

“Gee you think Ed?” Sarcastically replied the rest of the gang.

Then they went to Double-D’s house and ran to his room. He was seen sulking in a corner with a fake skull head and kept saying,

“The order of organization has been ruined.” Then Eddy walked over and slapped him and asked,

“What you lose?”

“My...my...my magnifying glass! It was horrible Eddy!”

Then Eddy put his finger on his chin and started to think for a little bit. He then exclaimed, “WE HAVE A SERIAL TOUCHER ON THE LOSE!”

Everybody went silent after that. Then May said,

“That’s not exactly...what I wanted to hear,”

“No I mean someone been stealing stuff around here. Don’t worry guys we Ed’s are on the case!”

Soon everyone gathered outside as they saw Eddy on top of a fire hydrant speaking into the bigger side of the cone. He then spoke,

“Attention. There is a serial toucher on the loose!”

Then everyone who heard slightly panicked after hearing that from Eddy. But then Eddy shouted, “We have everything under control! Just relax people!”

“And what are you three dorks going to do about it?” Questioned Kevin.

“We DORKS are going to solve this case and find everyone’s stuff!” Yelled back Eddy.

“I pay to see that,” replied everyone else back.

The Ed’s then ran off to think. Then Ash, May, Drew, Wally, and Brendan then chased after the three to see what they were going to do. Then when they finally caught up they saw Ed was tied in a bunch of strings tied up to the ground. They then stared as Ed was being covered in string and then Ash asked,

“What exactly are you guys doing?”

“Were setting up something the toucher can’t resist. When he walks by and touches Ed we’ll know who are crook who’s been touching everyone’s stuff,” replied Eddy as he made more strings spin around Eddy.

“The rest of the gang raised an eyebrow and Brendan asked, “Don’t you think this plan is kind of...dumb?”

“When the going gets dumb. The dumb get going,” shouted Ed.

“Ed the phrase is the tough gets going. Not the dumb gets going,” replied Double-D.

“Quiet someone’s coming,” answered Eddy as he and Double-D dove in a bush right behind. Then Johnny holding his buddy Plank was walking by and saw Ed sitting on the floor. Then Johnny shouted,

"Hey Ed! Whatcha doing? But Ed remained silent and then Johnny walked over and commented, “Nice haircut Ed! Can me and Plank feel it? Then he felt his hair a little and used Plank to feel it as well. Then Eddy whispered,

“Ed’s been touched! Release the alarm!”

Then Double-D released a string and a loud bell as shook along with a bunch of signs coming out that now pointed at Johnny with words saying, “TOUCHED!” Then Eddy and Double-D jumped out of the bushes and Eddy shouted,

“Ah ha! Stop your touching ways Dr. Touch!”

“Woah! I don’t know what that was all about but I’m running away from you guys!”

Then Johnny still holding Plank started to run for it while the Ed’s were in pursuit and the gang just watched just what happened. Then Drew shouted, “What just happened?” The others just stared at him with a blank face and Wally merely said, “Weirdness?”

Back to the Ed’s who were running after Johnny in the sidewalk. They then saw Johnny run down a corner but Eddy ran off to a lamp ole and his behind it. Then Double-D and Ed just crashed into the lamp post. Then tried running again but...crash. Again and....crash. Then Eddy walked out and grabbed Ed on his feet and pulled him to hide behind the lamp post. Then Johnny was seen running and the Ed’s stretched their legs out and made Johnny trip and fall. He then shouted,

“Go on without me Plank! Save yourself!” And with that he tossed Plank as far as he could but just fell on the floor as well. A half hour later...

Ash, May, Drew, Wally, and May were watching one of the weirdest interrogations they ever seen. They were in a garage and all the lights were closed. Suddenly one light opened and it was focused on Johnny who was tied to a chair, and with wires stuck on his face. Next to him was Plank who was also tied to a chair which to me seams stupid since he can’t even walk! Ahem anyways Ed then said,

“Nice hair cut Johnny!”

Then Double-D was seen over a computer and gave Eddy a thumbs up. Then Eddy put on his black sunglasses and started to pace around in front Johnny then finally stopped and said,

“So Johnny boy? Have you been... touching lately? Like I don’t know like umm... touching?”

“I have no idea what you are talking about,” replied Johnny weakly.

Then in Double-D computer it only said inconclusive which meant that the lie detector they set up on Johnny showed he was telling the truth. Eddy then slapped his face and walked in front of Plank now. Then Eddy said,

“So Planky? I bet you’re the brains of the group right?

Eddy just stared at Plank who remained silent since he couldn’t even talk! But then Eddy shouted, “Want to do this the hard way I’m seeing.” Then Eddy raised his right hand and slapped Plank on the face only to scream out,


This only made Ash, May, Drew, Wally, and Brendan burst out at laughter and May shouted, “Eddy I think you got wood problems.” “I have to admit that if you’re good at something it’s amusing us,” added Drew. “Yeah Eddy I mean it looks like Plank beat you at your own game,” added Brendan. Then Eddy shouted,

“Shut up alright! At least I don’t have weird hair, hat issues, hair of an old man or grass, and go nuts about it,”

This only made the gang laugh more. Then Double-D shouted, “The final results are in!” Then Eddy and Ed crowded the computer and then saw the words, “UNKNOWN!” Then Eddy shouted, “Time for a little water.” Then Eddy ran out of the garage and later returned with a water gun. Then he slowly started to let the water gun drip over Plank and Ed slowly and quietly said and repeated,


Everyone watched as one drop fell on Plank’s head one at a time. Johnny then was seen looking uncomfortable after the wet drops. The gang watching then raised an eyebrow after seeing that looked like his bladder was ready to explode. He was seen crossing his legs now and looked like he really needed to go to the bathroom. It was like if his whole body was filling u with water that reached to his eyes. Then he suddenly screamed,


Eddy then cracked a smile and shouted, “Case close boys,” Drew, May, Ash, Brendan, and Wally just were shocked by the whole thing. Then Drew said, “For a dork, he manages to find a crook.” Then May added, “That was........” Then Ash added, “Okay guys I think we better head back to Eddy’s house,” Then Brendan added, “Johnny is one weird person,” Then Wally finally added, “How the heck watching a piece of wood with water dripping on it make you want to use the bathroom that fast anyways?”

An hour later...

The Ed’s could be seen holding a jar of quarters outside the candy store. Then eddy shouted, “We now got our cash. It’s nice to do things the old ways. And away we go-“

“JUST A MINUTE EDDY! I found my dolly and it was never stolen after all,” yelled Sarah who happened to be near by.

“It’s true and here she is,” added Jimmy who now held a Plusle plushy.

Then Double-D said, “Umm Eddy after further inspection I came across my magnifying glass in my house,” and now took out a small magnifying glass out of his pocket. Then Eddy looked real confused. Then Eddy questioned, “Wait a minute. What about May, Ash, Brendan, Drew, and Wally’s stuff?” Then they arrived and they said,

“Umm Eddy we umm kind of found our stuff,”

Then they went back to his house and the Ed’s were the only ones in front of the candy shop. Awkward and utter silence followed when Eddy broke the silence when he shouted,

“Just screw it. You know our motto boys,” The three then shouted, “A chance for a jawbreaker is a chance of a lifetime,” The three were about to walk in when suddenly the three detectives walked by and met them.

“We thank you for trying to find Vector’s personal music player,” stated Espio.

“IT’S CALLED AN MP3 PLAYER! Anyways I noticed you three tried to do some detective work. Not bad for three young men kids but thanks,”

“Yeah pretty cool! Can I have some candy?” Asked Charmy.

The Ed’s then walked in the store and got some sweets for themselves and themselves. When they came back out Ed handed Charmy a large rainbow lollypop, Double-D handed Espio a bag of marshmallows, and Eddy gave Vector some grape flavored gum. The detectives then walked off and headed back to Ed’s house and then the boys were finally at peace. At a different place Johnny could be seen stuck in a wheel being pushed by Sarah and Jimmy. Then Sarah said,

“That Eddy thinks he knows everything. Don’t worry Johnny here let’s give you a lift!”

Then Jimmy and Sarah tried to help Johnny get to his home soon and pushed him down a hill where he was spinning like a very fast pinball. Back to the Ed’s who were seen sitting on the concrete sidewalk in front of the sidewalk sucking on jawbreakers. Then Double-D questioned, “Do you think Johnny should be apologized and we should give the kids back their money? Eddy then sucked a little more at the jawbreaker and replied, “Naw. You know what they say a little childhood drama builds character,” Then Ed suddenly said, “Pinball?” The other two only said “What?” Then suddenly Johnny accidentally rams into the three and the jawbreakers fall out of their mouths and start rolling down a sidewalk. The Ed’s screamed,


They were seen chasing after the jawbreakers in the late afternoon light, and Eddy shouted as he ran, “Quick grab them quick!” Too bad they eventually gave up and just sat on the sidewalk looking real bored. Then Double-D shouted,

“Hey Eddy. You wouldn’t have any gum at the moment would you?”

Eddy then hands Double-D a piece of gum and then Double-D asked Ed to chew n it for a little bit. Then Double-d took out a long string and stuck the chewed sticky gum on the end of it. Then Eddy was rather curious now and asked,

“What are you trying to do Double-D?”

Double-D pointed what appeared to be a quarter under a sewer grate. They then took turns trying to get the quarter out.

Two hours later...

Eddy on the very verge of going nuts tried one last time to pick up the quarter with the gum. Then he slowly leveled it down and got the gum to stick on the quarter. Then he slowly made it rise and finally (When I mean finally, I mean FINALLY!) pulled out the quarter! Eddy then held it in the air in pride and was about to run off when suddenly...a Wingull flew by and grabbed it with its talons. Eddy just dropped his jaw and yelled,


Then the Ed’s ran after the Wingull and it led it to a construction yard where the Ed’s then slipped on some cement and then fell in a pool of cement. Then suddenly a flock of Murkrow surrounded the area and stared at the three cement boys. Then Eddy in a nervous tone whispered, “I don’t like bird pokemon,” Then they suddenly started to dive bomb into the three and Ed only screamed,


“NOT PAIN AGAIN!” Screamed out Eddy.

“NOT AGONY AGAIN!” Added Double-D.

Then Double-D and Eddy screamed out,


The next morning...

The gang woke up to find the three in a very uncomfortable situation. It looked like the Murkrow pecked at them everywhere hard. And I mean EVERYWHERE! Then the three cemented Ed’s started to jump up and down trying to say they are hungry. Then Johnny walked by and dropped a cake near Ed and whispered,

“In the cake there’s a hammer you could use to break off the cement,”

And with that Johnny ran from the moment. Then May whispered to Drew, “Should we help them?” Drew then whispered, “I think this is way too funny to not help so I say we don’t,” And with that they walked away. Eddy then screamed out what could be heard as,


Then the three Kanker sisters were near by and saw the three. Then Lee Kanker said, “Hey girls. Looks like our boyfriends wanted to give us a gift,”

“Aren’t they dreamy,” added Marie Kanker

“Let’s take them home for our honeymoon!” Added May Kanker.

The three Ed’s could be seen trying to hop away in their cement prisons but the girls quickly grabbed them and brought them to their trailer home. Along the way each Ed could be heard screaming trying to get out, but the Kankers just thought they were just trying to serenade them with their voices. They also seemed to took the cake and ate it and Marie commented,

“Aww you shouldn’t have,”

The Ed’s were tortured in their cement like prisons. They were forced to wear make up, perfume, and they were being bombarded with kisses! Let’s just say they might need a little more luck.

Till nine o clock P.M. that day...

The rest of the gang were waiting inside Eddy’s house. Then suddenly Eddy came back and looked very dizzy. He also had an aroma of many; different smells and his whole shirt and face were full of red kisses. He then fell face flat on the floor and started to sleep.

To be continued...

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Then Double-D and Ed just crashed into the lamp post. Then tried running again but...crash. Again and....crash.

Ha-ha...yet another instance of built-in Instant Replay!

Then Eddy shouted,

"Shut up alright! At least I don't have weird hair, hat issues, hair of an old man or grass, and go nuts about it,"

Then Wally finally added, "How the heck watching a piece of wood with water dripping on it make you want to use the bathroom that fast anyways?"

Philosophers have pondered that question for countless ages.

Then they suddenly started to dive bomb into the three and Ed only shouted,


Next family get-together, I'm just going to start randomly saying that and see what happens. :p

A chapter focusing on the Eds was a good idea. Plenty of occasions for some nice weirdness. :D

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Well let's just say nex5t chapter our gang are going to once again deal with chaotic troble. But this time not from Eggman. Oh no a lot worse then that! Let's just say ghost pokemon aren't the only spooky wonders you find in the world...

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Chapter 23-Ghosts? Your Joking Right? You Mean Ghost Pokemn Right? Right?

After a couple of days Andy told Eddy the party was being held tonight and there is going to be a lot of fun stuff like Eddy imagined. Plus Eddy found out that the party was for a girl that joined the neighborhood while the gang was on their journey during the Hoenn league. The girl was supposed to move to the Orre region today and this was supposed to be a leaving party for her. The party was supposed to start at eight o clock P.M. and it was now five o clock. Everyone gathered at Double-D’s house and Double-D merely said,

“So I guess we are going in soon huh? I wonder who is that new girl we didn’t meet since we were traveling with you guys,”

“Who cares? Since we never scammed her we might as well prank her and get something out of it,” replied Eddy.

It was now eight o clock P.M. and the group was now in Peach Cree High were the party was. They found the gymnasium and everybody was already there. Fat Albert could be seen being a DJ, a disco ball in the ceiling, everybody dancing, and a table with a wide assortment of food. Eddy then looked around and then saw her. Then suddenly his jaw dropped and muttered to himself,

“I have to be dreaming but is that who I think it is!?”

And it was someone they have seen on their last adventure. Only this time much younger. It was Rui! Only this time since this story takes place in the present and not in the future she was about the same age as our heroes. I guess I should explain some things about the story that takes place before “The Chaos Emerald frontier.” NOTE-These contain spoilers from my last story and unless you want to find out your self by reading my last story then don’t read the following paragraphs! Read on if you want but know you were warned!

In my last story called “A Long Orre Story,” the gang (Not including Chaotix just to let everyone know.) Anyways in that story the gang ended up in the future which made them arrive in Orre. How they ended up in the future? Let’s just say it involves, a jawbreaker, a Skarmory, and frightened Celebii. The gang then eventually met a fellow named Wes and a gal named Rui. They also went on a crazy adventure to take down a criminal organization , also found out that a man named Dr. Eggman led it. Plus a lot of funny stuff happened, such as old people beating the Ed’s over oatmeal (Don’t ask long story), jawbreakers going bye bye, Eddy falling into an electric fence, Eddy getting bit by old teeth spat out (also don’t ask), Ed’s flying in a rocket then crashing into Ash, Wally, Brendan, and May’s chocolate cake, (also don’t ask), and Ed eating a afro.

Okay another paragraph. During my last story we had a bit of Colosseum shipping about. And Advance, Hoenn, and New Rival I suppose. But the main one was really Colosseum shipping. During my last story their was one important surprise toward the end. BIG SPOILER JUST TO LET PEOPLE KNOW! On the night when the gang found a way to get back in their own time, Wes told Eddy that he was.... his future self. Basically that Eddy and Wes were the same person. Just that Wes was the more older, mature, and serious self. Shocking isn’t it? Any way that same night Wes and Rui also confessed their lover for each other yet now that the past is changed will let’s just say Wes made a wish that his younger self would hopefully meet Rui one day and now back to the story.

“Hello Eddy? You there? Who are you looking at?” Asked Double-D.

Eddy just then saw what appeared to be a rainbow feather sticking out of a corner of her hair. It shined like the glow of Ho-Oh and it then made Eddy suddenly remember the feather that Wes gave him that was exactly like. He then also pulled a Ho-Oh’s feather and put it on a corner of his hair. Then put on his sunglasses and thought,

“Maybe future me wanted me to meet her?”

Then suddenly she walked over to the gang and asked, “Hi! What’s your name?”

Eddy then briefly blushed and sputtered out, “Umm it’s umm Wes! Yeah that’s my name!”

The others stared at him with a weird look. Rui just asked, “So want to dance?”

Eddy just blushed himself and if you could have saw his eyes that were behind his sunglasses they were seeing hearts! He then agreed and went for a little dance. Everyone just stared at him and then Brendan thought, “Looks like the future caught up with the past.” Then they all decided to enjoy the party. Two hours later...

Everyone was having a good time when suddenly all the lights went out and everybody just gasped. “Someone turn on the lights,” shouted Eddy. Footsteps could be heard and flicking but no lights turned on. Instead Double-D then turned on a flashlight and shouted, “Everybody still here?” Then a bunch of yells could be heard and then Fat Albert then shouted,

“Yo since this party going to be crashed I say we do something else,”

“Like what?” Yelled everybody else.

“How about tell...ghost stories”

They all sat around in a big circle and then Ed started. “Once there was a spaceship heading to the planet of earwax to find nose gold, when suddenly giant space mutant space robots attacked their ship and made them crash land on their home planet and the three had to survive the deadly assaults of these machines while in the end only one survived as the other two became traitors and dragged them across the floor and they screamed out-“

“ED! STOP IT! THAT WAS TOO FREAKY!” Yelled the others.

“Well my turn. I hear this school is built over a cemetery. Legend has it that at midnight every night ghosts would come out and scare the living hair of off you. They say people have seen blue flames in this school at night and such,” said Andy.

“YEAH RIGHT! There are no such things as ghosts. Maybe ghosts pokemon but not ghosts!” Replied Eddy.

“Eddy I mean Wes your theory pretty much contradicts itself. I mean if there is spirits of pokemon then can’t there be of people as well?” Suggested Double-D.

“Well I dare you Ed’s stay here at midnight and longer,” shouted Kevin and Andy.

“For a quarter!” Yelled Eddy.

The others couldn’t believe what they were hearing but Rui just laughed a bit and thought how Wes or Eddy (depending on your outlook) was nice and funny a little. The rest of the gang reluctantly agreed and now everyone else waited outside except the gang. It was now midnight and then Ash shouted,

“Ok let’s go now!”

They then walked to the front door and tried to open it but then it wouldn’t open. Then suddenly the front doors locked! “Were trapped!?” Shouted Brendan. “I’ll never understand why a quarter could make some people do such idiotic things,” shouted Drew. “Just a set back...I hope,” replied Eddy. Then they all ran to the back doors but also found they were locked. Then Wally shouted,

“Looks like were stuck here till morning,”

“Till morning!? I’ll die of boredom before then!” Screamed out Eddy.

Then suddenly all the hallway lights were shut off and it was dark. Only the moonlight showed some light through the hallway they were in and soon the gang was getting nervous. Then May whispered, “I don’t like this guys.” Then Double-D suggested,

“Perhaps we should split up to find some additional flashlights?”

“Find. We Ed’s will be in one group while you guys are in another,” shouted Eddy.

And with that Ed, Double-D and Eddy went in one direction while Ash, Brendan, Wally, Drew, and May went in the other. While some... spirits were watching. A small white ghosts with yellow eyes and big teeth watched and quietly laughed and then disappeared. It then went underground and other small ghosts of its kind were there. Then suddenly one very big ghost with a rainbow like tongue appeared and laughed and grinned showing its big teeth and then pulled a card out of its mouth that said,

“Ready to scare fellow ghosts?’

“Ready when you are King Boom Boo,” replied the smaller ghosts.

The ghosts all then laughed like crazy and then disappeared from the underground chamber they were in. Back to the trainers who were walking around. Then suddenly a loud moaning could be heard and May suddenly jumped up and shouted, “What was that?” Then Drew replied, “Probably the wind. I never knew you be scared of something so easy May.” “Drew I’m not scared it was just weird that’s all,” replied May back. They continued walking when something screamed,


The gang all then jumped up in fear and ran for it. Some ghosts appeared when they were gone and laughed like crazy. Back to the Ed who were waling around and Double-D shouted,

“Boy I never knew the school at night could be this....unnerving,”

“What are you scared Double-D?” Asked Eddy.

“No it’s just... a bit suspicious,” replied Double-D.

While Eddy and Double-D discussed the matter, Ed was staring around and saw what appeared to be a pumpkin in front of them. He then motioned the others and they stared what appeared to be a jack o lantern. Eddy raised an eyebrow and said, “Wait it ain’t Halloween?” Ed reached over to pick the small pumpkin up and a fuse was seen on it and was now lit. “A PUMPKIN BOMB!?” Screamed out Double-D. Then suddenly it exploded and the orange stuff was all over their faces. Then Ed licked some of it and said,

“Needs gravy,”

Then suddenly they found a card on the floor that said, “Get out or be a meal fitting for a king!” Then Eddy shouted, “I say we run for it!” The Ed’s just continued running and screamed at the top of their lungs. The ghosts were laughing like crazy as well. Back outside and the kid waiting noticed the scream and Jimmy said, “Maybe there are real ghosts in there?” Kevin was still doubtful and shouted, “Those three dorks are probably just faking it,” Rui had a look of concern and thought, “Maybe but I just hope Wes is alright.” Back to our trainers and Ash walked around and shouted,

“I wonder how Haunter is doing?”

“Who?” asked the others.

“One of my old ghost pokemon I used to have. The last time I saw him was back in Saffron City,” replied Ash.

“And this relates to our situation now because?” Asked Brendan.

“Because something similar to our situation right now was how in first met Haunter so maybe there is ghosts here?”

“Well who knows? I just hope we can find those flashlights soon,” replied Wally.

They continued walking when suddenly some lockers fell over and a couple of crashes could be heard. They turned around and saw what has just happened. They all looked like they were scared as if someone held a gun to their head. They then suddenly heard laughing and turned around and saw what appeared to be ghosts. Then they dropped their jaws and shouted,

“Those are the ghosts? Man they are so small I’m not even afraid no more,”

They then laughed at the small ghosts who in turn looked disappointed. Then suddenly they grinned and yelled, “KING BOOM BOO! WE FOUND SOME TASTY TREATS!” The gang stopped and then May said, “Say what?” Then suddenly the giant blue lipped, rainbow tongued, and sharp teethed ghost appeared and held what appeared to be a blue fire ball. The gang screamed and made a run for it. Wally screamed,

“This is all a dream! Nothing more then a nightmare gone horribly wrong!”

Back to the Ed’s who walked around and heard the screaming and Eddy shouted, “What the heck is going on around here?” Then suddenly the rest of the gang crashed into the Ed’s and Brendan yelled, “RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!” Then the Ed’s saw King Boom Boo with his teeth open and then they ran too and Ed screamed,





The chase began as King Boom Boo tried to chomp at them with his massive teeth and they ran like crazy. Back outside Rui could be seen really worried and said to herself, “I hope they are okay,” Back to Eddy who grabbed his Pokenav and called Andy while running. Andy picked up his Pokenav only to hear,


Andy with a confused expression then replied, “Eddy? You okay? And no the doors aren’t locked. Do you need me for anything?”


Andy then walked to the front doors and noticed they were locked. He then called to the rest of the kids, “I’m going to check on those guys,” And then he tossed his pokeball and out came his Sableye. He then shouted, “Use brick break on this door,” Then his Sableye nodded and punched the doors with fists strong enough to break brick walls and it went down. Then Andy and his Sableye ran in and decided to look for the gang. Back to the chase and Ash shouted,

“Stop! I’m tired of running! I say we battle this ghost!”

When King Boom Boo heard this he stopped and had to admit he admired his courage. Then Ash took out one of his pokeballs and out came his Sceptile. He then shouted,

“Use leaf blade on King Boom Boo!”

Sceptile leapt into the air and slashed at King Boom Boo with a bladed leaf but it did nothing and King Boom Boo merely laughed. Then he went inside a classroom and came out with a chalkboard and then he ate all the chalk and spat it at the chalkboard and the message it spelt said,

“HA HA HA! YOU MERE MORTALS CANNOT DAMAGE ME! AS I’M A SPIRIT AND ONLY ANOTHER SPIRIT CAN DAMAGE ME!” Then King Boom Boo rammed into the chalkboard and it hit Sceptile hard on contact. Sceptile still stood and Ash had to think. Then he thought, “How do you beat this thing? What are ghosts afraid off?” Then suddenly Double-D shined his flashlight at King Boom Boo a little and you could see that King Boom Boo hated it. Then Ash shouted,

“Sceptile use sunny day at the ceiling quick!”

Sceptile nodded and quickly shot a gas like ball of flame towards the ceiling and artificial sunlight came pouring out and King Boom Boo could be seen in a nasty mood. Then Ash shouted,

“Try leaf blade again!”

It then jumped and leaf bladed King Boom Boo who just got furious. Then he summoned small ghosts holding what appeared to be an hourglass with a symbol of the moon on one side and the sun on the other. The small ghosts quickly flipped it to become the moon side and the sunny day effects wore off. Then King boom Boo breathed blue fire onto the floor and the flames were coming towards wear the gang was. Then Brendan tossed his pokeball and out came his Swampert and he quick shouted,

“Use hydro pump on those blue flames quick!”

His Swampert listened and fired a turbulent big stream at the oncoming flames and they were washed away. King Boom Boo then came chasing again with his huge teeth and they once again ran for it and now they were all on the roof. The roof was a very big area and they went on one side while King Boom Boo busted out on the other. Then he tossed what appeared to be blue fireballs but Brendan’s Swampert managed to use water gun on each one fast. Then Andy finally arrived and shouted,

“Is that what I think that is!?”

King Boom Boo turned his attention towards Andy and his Sableye. Then he tried to ram into his Sableye but his Sableye managed to jump high and use a shadow punch on it. King Boom Boo then stared and Sableye stare back. A ghost versus a ghost pokemon showdown! This should be interesting. King Boom Boo started by tossing another blue fireball but Sableye used nightshade and both assaults hit and turned into nothing. Then King Boom Boo used its giant flame breath but then Brendan told Swampert to use rain dance and after a couple of disco fever moves rain started poring out of the skies making the flames diffuse. Then Sableye used another shadow punch at it and it took another blow.

“Good Sableye so far so good! Now try to dodge the attacks,”

King Boom Boo now tried chasing after Sableye with its massive teeth but since Andy trained his prankster Sableye very well it was very fast, slick and cool when running. Eventually king Boom Boo got tired and Sableye once again unleashed another shadow punch. Then King Boom Boo summoned what appeared to be a large jack o lantern with a lit fuse on it and tossed it at Sableye. It blew causing pumpkin, seeds, and fire coming out. But Sableye still stood, just not as strong. Then he summoned a lot of small ghosts and shouted,

“Bring me a tasty treat!”

The ghosts nodded and then disappeared and reappeared on the other side of the roof. The ghost’s hand then extended and grabbed May! She struggled but the ghosts had a tight grip on her. Then Ash screamed, “NO!” He then ran and grabbed May and the others behind him tried to pull May as well. It was now another tug of war thing only this time to try to avoid being ghost food. King Boom Boo then had another pumpkin bomb and tossed it toward our gang but luckily Ash just kicked the bomb right back and it exploded all over King Boom Boo! Ouch! Then Andy yelled,

“Alright take down that ghost with shadow ball now!”

Sableye then fired one powerful spiritual ball and it hit King Boom Boo who crashed into his smaller ghosts and were now knocked out. Then the gang ran downstairs and ran out of this school and then everybody headed back to their respective homes, the Ed’s forgot about their quarters and they could only hear the ghost’s laughter.

The next day...

Rui was seen ready to go to a bus holding some of her stuff in her backpack and waved to everybody before heading off. Rui just thought,” Wes...I have a feeling we’re going to meet again one day. I can’t explain it but it feels if I’m going to see you again and well from what I seen. You’re a nice guy.” Eddy could be seen waving his own Ho-Oh’s feather towards Rui and the others didn’t bother asking about it since they knew the truth now. That Eddy turned out to be Wes. About the whole future and past person thing at least.

Eddy then quietly thought, “Maybe we will meet again one day. Maybe the future isn’t all that bad now,”

The gang then went back to the helicopter and then Vector asked,

“Geez what was with you kids screaming up all last night!? It sounded you kids all saw a horror movie like “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre” or something. We detectives could barely sleep so we had to went to BlockBuster and the only movie they had was “Ghostbusters”

”Yeah it was about some guys capturing all these ghosts with all these cool gadgets like a vacuum cleaner,” added Charmy.

“What did happen to all of you anyway?” Asked Espio.

The gang looked at each other and then May replied, “Never do stupid things for quarters,”

To be continued...

Bao Zakeruga
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I wonder if that's the last we've seen of those ghosts?

Sike Saner
17th July 2005, 6:56 PM
~If this is a double post, I will remove one of them. There were some mild technical difficulties on this end.~


They all sat around in a big circle and then Ed started. “Once there was a spaceship heading to the planet of earwax to find nose gold, when suddenly giant space mutant space robots attacked their ship and made them crash land on their home planet and the three had to survive the deadly assaults of these machines while in the end only one survived as the other two became traitors and dragged them across the floor and they screamed out-“

"Nose gold"...Yeah. Nose gold to go with those "shiny rocks" from earlier, I suppose. Good ol' Ed...


That's just another one of those things that's particularly funny out of context.

I love Sableye, by the way. It was very pleasing to see one here. Oh...and don't think for a minute I didn't take notice of Fat Albert's presence. And you how I feel when Fat Albert appears. :D More Fat Albert, please!

And no, never do anything stupid for quarters. Not unless there's at least 20,000 of them involved... :D

19th July 2005, 2:11 PM
Chapter 24-The Aquatic Chaotic Day

Our gang was now stopping in another city before heading toward the next Battle Facility where another Chaos Emerald could be earned. They stopped at Lilycove again and decided that to relax from the scary events that happened before. The Ed’s decided to stay at a café drinking soda and to talk about scams, jawbreakers, and other stuff. Ash, Drew, May, Wally, and Brendan decided to spend the day at the beach relaxing away and to have some fun in the sun. The detectives just went back to training for their little pals and what not. But a mysterious person was watching them. He wore a black and white striped shirt, blue pants, and a blue bandana over his hair. He had blonde hair and on his bandana was a Aqua symbol. He was watching them and used his binoculars to focus on Ash and his blue Chaos Emerald. He then radioed on his walkie talkie,

“Isabel repeat Isabel. I have located the blue orb and also have recorded it on picture. I’m heading back to the base to meet leader Archie and tell him of my info,”

“Roger that, and go back to Aqua base now,”

The mysterious Aqua grunt then ran towards the harbor and jumped in a motor boat and started the engine. He later arrived in a base located on a deserted island where the rest of Team Aqua waited. He soon ran into the base and ran to leader Archie’s office. Hen he arrived and the grunt shouted,

“Leader Archie I have found the location of the blue orb!”

A man wearing a black outfit, a blue bandana, and Aqua symbol necklace replied, “Really? Do you have any evidence backing up your story?” Then the blonde haired grunt smiled and handed Archie some photos. It showed Ash holding his blue Chaos Emerald in pride and then Archie’s eyes widened with excitement. Hen he replied,

“Odd? I thought in the ruins we explored that the blue orb was a bit more of a blue sphere shape, then a jewel shape. No matter we shall prepare to capture that jewel right now. Do you know where this boy is right now?

“He’s at the beach right now sir,” replied the grunt. Archie then had an evil grin appear on his face and he then replied, “Excellent! A sea strike! We will strike at the perfect weak spot they are in,”

Meanwhile….back in the base of Eggman where he was seen in a garage looking at his newly armored Egg Mobile. It had on the back what appeared to be a holder for small white bombs and on the bottom of the Egg Mobile was a huge orange propeller that looked like if it was designed to blend an area of water. Then Boquo and Dequo came by and they reported,

“Doctor there is readings for a Chaos Emerald in Lilycove City in the beach area,”

Dr. Eggman then flashed an evil grin and replied, “Perfect timing. Time to test this newly equipped Egg Mobile which was designed to drown anyone that gets in my way and if those pests are in the water in that ocean surrounded city…say hello to a wet grave and prepare to swallow a lot of nasty stuff!”

Eggman and his two lackeys jumped on and a glass covered the top and soon the floor moved bringing the newly designed Egg Mobile to the roof and fired the engine and soon was headed for Lilycove City. Back to our anime group who were now all sitting in a folding chair staring out towards the big blue beautiful sea. They were sighing with relief and they were all in a clam, relaxing, and glad mood. Then Ash said loudly,

“It’s great to have some peace and not chaotic events happening to us all the time right guys?”

“Yeah sometimes you just want to get away from it all. You would be at peace, relax and let the cool breeze go by you, let the sun warm you, and sleep like if you were on a cloud,” replied May.

“Wow that sounded like if you lived in true harmony or something May,” replied Brendan.

“Well like people say. I’m kind of like an angel,” replied May.

“Except without the wings, the holiness, the white costume, and being dead. But yeah kind of like an angel,” replied Drew.

“Well I’m just glad we got away last night from that big creepy creep,” added Wally.

They all continued to relax when suddenly they heard a loud rumbling and felt a lot of shaking. Then suddenly a large blue submarine appeared in the ocean water and out came leader Archie who stared at our group. Then he yelled, “Hand over the blue orb now!”

The gang was confused what he meant. Heck they were even confused why Team Aqua even showed up! Then Archie yelled with more force, “Hand over the blue orb now before I have to take you all down one by one!”

They all grew nervous and didn’t even know what to do. Then Ash took his blue Chaos Emerald out and shouted,

“You mean this?”

Archie’s eyes then grew with frustration and eagerness and he yelled, “YES! THAT IS WHAT I WANT!” Then Ash with a look of determination shouted, “Well you are going to have to take it from me!” Then Archie leapt off and walked toward the beach. Then using his foot marked out a big battlefield on the sand. Then walked over to one side and waited for a challenger for the fight. Then Ash suddenly walked up and decided to take the challenge. It was quiet for a couple of moments as the cool breeze past everyone and as the sea moved gently like a baby being gently cradled. Then Archie took out one pokeball and tossed it and out came his Crobat. Then Ash’s Pikachu ran up to the side of the field and the battle was about to begin.

“Use sludge bomb now,” ordered Archie.

“Dodge it and try quick attack,” shouted Ash.

Crobat then launched a array of sludge bombs towards Pikachu but using its high speed dodged the blasts of poison and rammed into Crobat fast on contact. Crobat however looked like he never was hit. Then Archie ordered,

“Use air cutter now,” commanded Archie.

“Try thunderbolt Pikachu,” shouted Ash.

Pikachu then shot out a bolt of thunder but Crobat merely took the hit if it were just a little static and then it launched sharp winds at Pikachu who took the hard air cutting but still stood. Archie then shouted,

“Now use poison fang now,”

“Pikachu try to dodge it with double-team,”

Pikachu then nodded and focusing created many more images of itself but since Archie trained his Crobat very well, Crobat had a very keen sense of accuracy and could easily identify which one was the real one. Then with its venomous fangs flew and bit into the real Pikachu releasing the venomous poison into Pikachu. Ash then shouted,

“Are you alright Pikachu?”

His Pikachu weakly nodded then Archie shouted, “Alright now finish this battle with aerial ace,” Ash then in a last attempt shouted, “Use volt tackle!” Then his Pikachu charged up massive amounts of electricity and then tackled into the dive bombing Crobat and BAM! Crobat was down for the count! Too bad Pikachu really looked tired as well. Archie recalled Crobat then tossed out another pokeball and out came his Sharpedo. Then Archie shouted, “Hydro pump now!” His Sharpedo fired a big blast of water towards Pikachu and it was pounded back and then fainted. Ash rushed over to catch him and said, “You did a great job. Take a break alright?” Then he walked over to May and asked,

“Would you mind holding Pikachu for me?”

May then replied, “Of course,” then Ash gently gave Pikachu to May and walked back to his side of the battlefield. May then thought, “Ash really does trust me.” Then Ash tossed out his pokeball and out came his Sceptile ready to battle.

“Use ice beam Sharpedo,” ordered Archie.

“Use solar beam Sceptile, shouted Ash.

Sharpedo fired a beam of chilly ice toward Sceptile but Sceptile countered it with solar beam and since the day was very sunny, and with the sun out, the solar beam didn’t require to charge. Both beams ht and countered each other’s affects.

“Use take down now,” ordered Archie.

“Use your own take down Sceptile,” shouted Ash.

Both Pokemon then used take down upon each other but it looked like Sceptile took a harder blow due to Sharpedo’s rough skin. Then Archie commented,

“STOP! I want to talk a bit,”

Ash then heard it and replied,” About what?” Archie then grinned and replied, “You trainers I can tell are strong. So why not help use that talent to achieve...a dream.” Everyone then asked, “What dream?” “To rid the world of land and to only let the ocean thrive on by itself forever!” Yelled Archie.

Then Brendan coughed out “cough Looney cough,” then Archie snapped, “So you decline my offer? Then prepare to be crushed in battle! Sharpedo use crunch now!”

‘Sceptile quick use bullet seed,” shouted Ash

Sharpedo then tried to crunch down with its massive teeth but Ash’s Sceptile managed to fire like a machine gun at Sharpedo pelting it with grass like energy. Then Ash shouted,

“Finish this battle with leaf bladed quick!”

“Use blizzard now,”

Sharpedo launched a snowy/icy assault but Sceptile fired a massive beam of sun energy that broke through the assault and hit Sharpedo and like Crobat from before, down for the count! Archie recalled it and ran back to the sub. Then he shouted,

“Fire the net over them now!”

Then suddenly the submarine fired a huge net that captured Ash, Brendan, May, Drew, and Wally! Then Archie shouted “This is the hard way!” They all struggled to get through but now they were in the water trying to swim against the net. Then Ash shouted, “This just can’t be the end!” Then suddenly Eggman showed up and tossed what appeared to be a black bomb on the submarine. It caused a small explosion which released the net the gang was in. Archie stood furiously and shouted,

“Who are you and why do you interfere with my work?”

Eggman then flashed an evil grin and shouted, “I’m Dr. Robotnik! The greatest scientific geinous in the world! Also known as Dr. Eggman! I’m here to get what I want!”

The gang now floationg in the water stared and then Wally shouted, “You’re always up to no good. Now what do you want?”

“I want that Chaos Emerald of course. Now hand it over before you kids are going to have to make me fish it out later,” replied the rotten doctor.

Archie just watched in curiosity and decided to let Dr. Eggman take control of the situation. Then Ash responded, “No way Dr. Eggman!”

Eggman then just replied, “Humph! Very well but prepare to swim for your life!”

Next Eggman lowered his Egg Mobile to the top of the water and the propeller started to move. The gang had no idea what it did then suddenly they all felt they were being pulled by the flow. Then suddenly a whirlpool was created and they were all in it! Then Eggman’s machine started dropping the white bombs from the back into the whirlpool. The gang then tried to swim as far as they could. Luckily the blasts missed as they saw blasts of white water come up. Then Eggman stopped the propeller and moved around the area and started dropping more bombs into the sea trying to blast the gang. The Ed’s were then seen on the beach then Double-D shouted,

“Not good! Not good! Not good!”

Then Brendan shouted, “Get help quick!”

The Ed’s ran off to find the detectives. In the meantime the group tried to swim away from the blasts. Then May shouted, “Guys how are we going to survive till then? Eggman is going to eventually tire us out and we’re going to be drowned or blown up!”

The group quickly thought. Then Brendan reached for one of his pokeballs and tossed it in the air and shouted, “Come on out Swampert!” But the Eggman’s Egg Mobile suddenly shot out a metal claw and grabbed the pokeball before Brendan’s Swampert could be released! Then the rotten doctor shouted,

”You pests are going to have to think a lot better then that! I don’t have an IQ of 300 for nothing you know!”

Then Boquo whispered, “Too bad Sonic and Tails defeated the doctor in this machine,”

“Yeah all those years back when the doctor was still trying to repair the Death Egg back on Angel Island,” whispered Dequo back.

“HEY! Silence you two rust buckets!” Snapped Eggman.

Then the machine started the propeller again and soon another whirlpool was created and the gang was swirling in it, trying to escape the deadly water vortex. Then Ash suddenly went under and he lost consciousness. The gang all was suddenly distressed and Eggman stopped and held a black bomb. Then May quickly dived under and grabbed Ash and tried to bring him back up quick. Eggman then tossed the black bomb where they were and waited for the blast to happen. Then May suddenly saw the bomb about to blow and quickly dived under more and the blasts above luckily didn’t hit her or Ash. Then she went back up and tried to swim fast towards the shore along with the rest of the group. Then Eggman shouted,

“Everybody has just got to make me do things the hard way,”

Then Eggman started the propeller again and the gang was once again swirling in the ocean water vortex. Brendan then shouted, “I definitely don’t want to go glub glub so we have to get back on land somehow.” “Too bad were trapped in a whirlpool!,” replied Wally. They were all thinking then suddenly Drew tossed out one of his pokeballs and out came his Flygon. He then got on and shouted,

“Come on guys let’s go!”

They all got on and then Brendan shouted, “See ya! Don’t want to be ya!”

They flew back to the beach and then Drew ordered, “Use hyper beam Flygon!” Then Drew’s Flygon nodded and began charging a big blast of energy towards Eggman’s machine. Eggman shouted, “Oh really? Here get a load of this then!” Then Eggman made his machine go underwater. Then they had no idea where he went. Then suddenly his machine popped right out of the sand and then he tossed a black bomb at Drew’s Flygon when it was about to unleash hyper beam. BOOM! Ouch! Looked like Flygon took a heavy hit. Drew then recalled Flygon then Eggman activated the propeller again and now they were trapped in a sandstorm. Then suddenly they heard,

“Anybody call for egg scramble?”

Then the three chaotic detectives finally showed up. Eggman then got angry and shouted, “So Espio, Charmy, and Vector? I see you three still haven’t caught me yet,”

“Nope but by the time were done blasting that thing to pieces, you’ll be sorry to ever mess with the best! Come on boys fly formation! Shouted Vector.

Espio then jumped on Vector shoulders and then Charmy got on top of Espio shoulders and now they were in what they call fly formation. Basically Charmy made them go fly high. They then got near Eggman and Vector leapt off and pounded Eggman’s propeller attachment. Eggman then started to get mad and remembered how Sonic and Tails busted this machine. Tails flew and Sonic caught his hands and when they got near Sonic leapt off and pounded his machine with a spin attack. Then Eggman shouted,

“Humph! Well let’s see how you deal with this!”

Then he stopped the propeller and started dropping the white bombs from the holder on the back onto the beach. The gang made a run for it while the detectives safely dodged the blasting sand and pounded Eggman’s machine. Then while that was happening three certain Rocket agents happened to see what was going on.

“James look! It’s the twerps!”

“And it looks like that Eggman guy is also here,” added Meowth.

“Along with Team Aqua,” added James nervously.

“Come on! This is our perfect chance to get something! We have to pay our debts and the only way we can do that is if we steal those Chaos Emeralds from the twerp!

“But Jessie those three detectives are also down there and you know how they have beaten us badly in the past!” Replied James

“No buts! We are Rockets! Were bad and were going to get that Emerald without becoming sad!” Replied Jessie.

The three then slowly snaked down to the beach area to grab Ash’s Chaos Emerald in his pocket. The gang continued watching the battle between the doctor and the detectives. Like usual the detectives had the lead. May still holding Ash who was still unconscious from being under water for too long. Then suddenly a black gloved hand took out of his pocket his blue Chaos Emerald but without them noticing.

“You three aren’t going to steal that Chaos Emerald!” Yelled May.

“Oh really? We’ll have to see about that!”

Then Eggman noticed the Chaos Emerald Jessie was holding. Then he made the metal claw drop Brendan’s pokeball and then snatched it right from Jessie hands!


“Ha! So what! All’s fair when you’re an evil genius trying to conquer the world!”

“That didn’t even rhyme,” shouted the Rockets.

“Who cares? Now bye bye to you three!” replied the rotten doctor as he tossed a black bomb towards the three and BANG! They went flying! And only screamed out,


Eggman merely laughed and shouted, “Now that those fools are out of the way, time to take more fools down as well!” Then Eggman started the propeller which spun more sand and now created a sand tornado! This time the gang was now in a tornado and Wally shouted, “Eating sand isn’t really good!” Then while the tornado spun, Eggman lit another black bomb and tossed it trying to make it fall in the tornado to blow the gang up when Espio shouted,

“Not today doctor!”

Then he managed to toss a ninja star at the bomb at mid air and it exploded just before falling into the tornado. Then Eggman went back to dropping the white bombs and sand like geysers went flying everywhere trying to knock the detectives back down. But the detectives were pretty good at dodging then all three slammed into Eggman’s machine and man did all the extra parts blew off. Then the Chaos Emerald could be seen falling and it fell into the sea and slowly drifted toward the bottom. Eggman only yelled,


And with that the bad doctor and his two recruits in the Egg Mobile retreated out of the area and headed back to his base. Archie merely watched the whole scene and then he shouted, “So that was never really the blue orb was it?”

Then Vector yelled back, “Does that Chaos Emerald look like a blue orb Mr. Water fanatic? Sheesh first people who go ga ga over fie, and earth and that junk and now people who love the sea and ocean and blah. Get a life will ya?”

Archie merely responded back, “Since we haven’t found what we wanted then I guess we might as well leave. However if you trainers impede which means hinder our way to our dream just know their will be consequences!” And with that he went back in the sub and then the Aqua sub could be seen going down and hidden. They all sighed in relief and then suddenly Ash woke up and asked, “Where am I? Am I dead? Because I think I see a beautiful angel in front of my eyes.” May blushed and responded back, “Oh how nice Ash!” Brendan and Wally could be seen with jealousy coursing through the veins. So did Drew just not as easily. Then the Ed’s arrived and Eddy shouted,

“Well at least were back all back in one piece,”

“We? Where were you three anyway?” Asked Drew.

“Umm......................I don’t know,” replied Ed.

Then the rest of the gang just anime fell, except the detectives along with Eddy and Double-D who just slapped their faces. Later it was the night and the gang was seen in a restaurant eating dinner. Eddy then asked, “So let me get this straight. Team Aqua came, Ash beat the leader in battle, Eggman came, Vector, Charmy, and Espio beat him up pretty bad, and Ash’s blue Chaos Emerald fell in the ocean. Okay I guess we gotta go fishing for it tomorrow I guess,”

“I’m just glad I got Swampert back,” added Brendan.

“Well maybe we can go diving for it,” suggested Ash.

“Great idea! Except where are we going to get the equipment for it?” replied May.

“Hmm well maybe they sell some in the city,” suggested Wally.

“Too bad they cost a lot,” added Drew.

“Well...we could always ask... Professor Oak. I mean he does study pokemon so maybe he would have some equipment we could borrow?” Replied Ash.

“But isn’t he kind of old for diving?” Asked May.

“Well that is true but Gary said he did want to become a professor and since he is younger maybe he can do research that his grandfather can’t do an maybe he needs diving equipment for underwater research?” Suggested Ash.

The rest of the gang just thought then Brendan replied, “Makes since I guess.” May then replied, “Well sure plus I love to meet the neighborhood.” Then Eddy said out loud, “Well we Ed’s can’t go,” The gang stared at them and Wally asked, “Why not?” Then Double-D explained, “Well you guys got to relax and well... we three want to unwind a bit and well...-“

Eddy the interrupted with, “What Double-D is trying to say is we need some fun in the sun. Alright?” The rest of the gang agreed and continued eating dinner. The detectives could be seen on another table relaxing and then Vector shouted,

“I wonder what are we going to do tomorrow boys?”

“Well I guess we could check out the museum. Never hurts to know some facts,” suggested Espio.

“Plus we can go to the beach again after that,” added an excited Charmy.

Everyone then finished dinner, took a shower, and went to bed and that was a wrap for that day. Meanwhile...we see the doctor back in his office chair thinking while Boquo, Dequo, and Bokkun sat on three smaller chairs on the opposite side of the office table. Then Eggman yelled,

“Alright let’s see. I think tomorrow I’ll send a special robot to deal with them,”

“Which one?” Asked his three curious henchbots.

Eggman only grinned and replied, “Don’t worry you three are going to see him tomorrow. I’ll tell him to go after some of those brats tomorrow,” and with that he only evilly laughed.

To be continued...

Bao Zakeruga
19th July 2005, 3:44 PM
Good chapter.I wonder who the robot is gonna be?

20th July 2005, 2:33 PM
When Will The Next Chapter Be Up!?

20th July 2005, 2:44 PM
I'll still working on it but as soon as possible I'll try.

21st July 2005, 9:40 PM
im back ;rukario;

22nd July 2005, 5:11 PM
Wow...as if this adventure couldn't get any crazier...you throw in Groudon and Kyorge for good measure!

Well done!

22nd July 2005, 5:15 PM
Well I'll just say that Eggman can't be the only bad guy in my story. Plus maybe some more then Groundon and Kyogore.

22nd July 2005, 7:39 PM
will matel sonic be in it?

22nd July 2005, 7:58 PM
I'll let you guys think about that. The next chapter will be put up tomorrow.

22nd July 2005, 11:22 PM
Awesome Story, it is cool how Ed beat Spenser.

23rd July 2005, 2:01 PM
Chapter 25-When the Heroes Met The Zero...More Like The Chase Master!

Ash, May, Drew, Wally, and Brendan were now in Pallet Town. Looks like the Ed’s just stayed back at Lilycove City and the detectives just relaxed there too. First taking the five to Pallet first in the chopper of course. The detectives said they would pick them up whenever they’re done with what they got to do. Back to the gang and Ash shouted,

“It’s great to be back home!”

“Well let’s find Gary and let’s see if we can borrow any diving equipment from him,” replied May.

The gang then started walking down a dirt road to get to Pallet Town. Quiet place I guess since no one was walking besides them. Meanwhile...a small house was down the road. There was a women wearing a hat, brown hair, pink shirt, purple pants, and was she was peacefully watering some plants in her garden. Then suddenly a Mr. Mime with an apron holding a broom was also outside seeping the front porch. Then suddenly she heard,

“Hey mom! Guess whose back home!”

She then turned around and she saw Ash and the group. She then dropped the pail and ran and hugged Ash and shouted in delight, “It’s great to see you home son! Oh I see you bought your friends over! “

The rest of the gang introduced themselves, and then his mom replied, “Nice to meet you all! Would you like to stay over today?” Ash then quickly replied, “Sorry mom but we can’t because we have to... go see Professor Oak and well you wouldn’t happen to know where he is right now?”

Delia then looked disappointed but then she regained her smile and replied, “Well I think he was visiting Cerulean City along with his grandson Gary. Well if you need anything just let me know.” Ash and his mom just hugged again and soon they were off.

Three hour later...

The gang was seen in the Viridian Forest trying to find the exit. But they weren’t the only ones there. Apparently Boquo, Dequo, and Bokkun were also in the forest and they seemed to be searching for the gang. Then Bokkun shouted,

“I wonder where the kids Dr. Eggman wants us to find are anyway?”

“Perhaps they are some where but where?” Asked the other two badniks.

While both groups were talking and walking they just both accidentally bumped into each other. Then long, unusual awkward silence followed juts before the following words,


“So why are you three here?” Asked Brendan.

“Cause Dr. Eggman gave us an assignment and were here to take that girl from you boys,” replied Boquo.

“Yeah the doctor needs Chaos Emeralds and now hand her over!” Added Dequo.

“No way...what’s your name?” Asked Drew.

“Boquo, Dequo, and Bokkun,” Replied the three robots.

“Well you three aren’t going to do any snatching! If you try anything we’ll get our pokemon out and that won’t be good for you three,” angrily replied Wally.

“Oh yeah well watch this,” replied the three robots who each got out a remote and pressed the button on it. Nothing happened. They pressed it again and nothing happened. They just kept pressing buttons and yet nothing happened. Then Ash shouted,

“You three were saying?”

Then suddenly a green, black boxing glove robot, with a mean disposition fell in between both groups staring at our heroes

“Meet one of the famous E-Series model robots! Meet Zero!”

Then a red reticule light was seen focused on May then suddenly it shot out one of its gloved hands and grabbed her! Then the robots made a run for it and the gang chase in pursuit. Boquo, Dequo, and Bokkun just ran along with Zero, the Bokkun could be seen holding a small red walkie talkie and shouted into it,

“Dr. Eggman! Dr. Eggman! We got the hostage!”

Dr. Eggman could then be seen on top of the Viridian gym along with three small jet packs on the rooftop and was sitting in his Egg Mobile waiting. He then replied back into his own walkie talkie,

“Good now head back to the rendezvous point and then head back to the base,” and with that Eggman just waited. Back to the crazy chase and it looked like the badniks had a hard time to get out of the forest since they had no idea how to get out. The chase still happened and May shouted,

“Let me go you hunka junk!”

Apparently Zero ignored it and followed the others robots. The boys from behind still chased and then Wally shouted,

“There has to be a way to slow them down,”

“But how? Zero is pretty fast and tough while I’m at it,” added Brendan.

“Well he’s a robot and to take down a robot...you need to take out the metal,” answered Ash.

“Well first we should try to stop them. Go Roselia!” Shouted Drew.

Out came his contest star and then he shouted, “Use razor leaf on those badniks now!”

His Roselia nodded and then unleashed a barrage of sharp leaves which managed to hit the robots. They badniks only shouted in pain but kept on running. Then the chase continued and then Ash shouted,

“Pikachu use tackle on Zero now!”

His Pikachu nodded and then sped up and tackled into Zero. But Zero just kept holding on to May and kept making a run for it. The gang still chased the robots and the chase was still on! Cue to Team Rocket as James and Jessie are walking through the forest looking pretty beat up. James then muttered,

“Are we there yet? You think we get to Viridian City by now,”

“Quiet James...hey is that those robot losers we seen before?” Replied Jessie/

“And it looks like one new robot loser joined them and it looks like he’s holding one of the twerps,” added Meowth.

“And they are running towards us, and some of the twerps are also chasing them,” added James.

Then suddenly Boquo, Dequo, Bokkun, and Zero just bumped into the three, then the rest of the gang who continued chasing after the badniks. Then the Rockets decided to follow and find out what was going on. Back to the chase and then Drew shouted,

“Use another razor leaf Roselia,” and which that another barrage of sharp leaves battered the robots who didn’t like it one bit. Then Zero could be seen getting more...red a bit. Then Ash shouted, “Try another tackle Pikachu,” Zero just got knocked down and soon steam could be seen coming out of his metal head. Then the gang realized something. They were just making Zero madder. Then suddenly Zero tossed May for Boquo, and Dequo to catch. The other two just quickly ran to a tree and tied her up with a long rope. It looked like Zero wanted to fight before going on. The Rockets then crashed into Zero and he looked very angry.

“Nice robot we’ll just be on our way,” replied the three Rockets who were slowly backing away.

Then a red reticule light was focused on the three and before you know it they each got a knuckle sandwich from Zero. Ouch! The three went flying back and slammed into a tree where a bunch of apples fell on their heads. Then Zero had the same red light targeted now on Pikachu and Roselia.

“Dodge it,” shouted both trainers as both pokemon nearly got hit by the black metal fist. Then Zero started to jump unleashing electric shockwaves from below. “Like a game of jump rope...except you want to live,” shouted Brendan. Zero kept pounding the floor and then tried to use another lock on and punch sequence but both pokemon also avoided it.

“Pikachu use thunder wave on Zero now,” shouted Ash. His Pikachu then let out a wave of stimulating, paralyzing, wave of electricity that managed to hit Zero which glowed electric blue for a bit, before his metal head opened a bit and a small coiled generator could be see in it.

“Roselia use razor leaf quick!” Drew shouted and then his Roselia unleashed an array of sharp leaves that hit Zero on contact and seemed to deal some damage. Zero regained his sense of thought then closed his head and started to fire out his metal fists like crazy and randomly for a bit. The gang had to jump, dodge, or simply stand still to avoid the crazy punches then Zero calmed down and decide for a new attack. His arms extended and flowed with electricity and tried to spin around to damage them. Another game of jump rope except this time an actual metal rope. They jumped over each hand and when Zero finally stopped, Then Ash quickly shouted for Pikachu to repeat thunder wave and once again Zero got paralyzed and then Drew told his Roselia to use razor leaf and Zero once again got damaged. Then the robots decided to go back to running. Zero grabbed May and along with Boquo, Dequo, and Bokkun continued running but meanwhile....

Cue to a very different place. Then again to be more exact a different dimension of Earth! A showdown was about to begin on Angel Island. A heavenly island that floats in the sky and where the Master Emerald rested. The guardian of the Master Emerald was a certain red echidna named Knuckles. Now he was dealing with a certain purple furred, half wolf, half weasel, cowboy hat wearing, low life treasure hunter/ bounty hunter known as Nack. His nickname however was known as Fang... Fang The Sniper!

“Well I usually expect bat girl to try to steal my Master Emerald but boy I haven’t seen you for a long time Nack,”

Nack just flashed a grin and replied, “Well knucklehead long time no see as well. Now if you don’t mine I’ll be borrowing that jewel from you and taking it to the auction they’re holding at city hall in Station Square today,”

Knuckles then cracked his knuckles and replied, “Well let me feed you a couple of knuckle sandwiches instead,”

The battle then began. Knuckles charged toward Nack but Nack shot out what appeared to be a smoke bomb that covered the whole area in smoke. Then he slowly sneaked toward the Master Emerald and hugged it and muttered, “Your going to make me a lot of money you fine jewel you,”

But Knuckles then came and tapped Nack on the shoulders. Nack turned around only to have a fist in his face. Nack then tossed a kicked him and gave him his own knuckle sandwiches. Before long after a long battle they both looked tired. But Nack then smiled and grinned,

“You know what? I’m just going to grab that Master Emerald right now and get away from here,”

Then he ran and grabbed the Master Emerald and was about to get away when suddenly Knuckles shouted,

“Don’t take that Master Emerald! You don’t understand its full potential!”

Nack only ignored it and replied, “I don’t believe these emeralds are that powerful. That’s a rumor to keep people from not wanting them. I know that this thing is going to make me a lot of cash,” Then Nack kept running for it. Knuckles then chased him but suddenly Nack slipped and fell and the Master Emerald fell in front of him...along with a metal circular platform that had the words imprinted, “Chaos Emerald Finder/Master Emerald,” Then suddenly when that metal plate hit the Master Emerald the Master Emerald glowed and charged the metal plate which now opened a small vortex and Nacky was sucked in and then the portal closed. Knuckled just took the Master Emerald and placed it back on the alter and quietly said to himself,

“Well Nack that’s why you don’t want to steal things that can cause you some chaos,”

Cue back to the chase and now the robots could be seen in Viridian City and were heading back to the roof of the Viridian gym. The gang still followed and then they saw Eggman waiting on top of the gym. Then Drew shouted,

“Roselia use sleep powder on Eggman and his goons!”

Then his Roselia shot towards the roof blue powder and Eggman shouted, “What the heck?” Then suddenly he fell and so did his robots asleep. Then the gang climbed up the stairs and May shouted,

“Thanks guys! And Drew well...umm thanks,”

The gang then noticed they were still asleep and the Egg Mobile wasn’t used so let’s just say they found a faster way to get to Cerulean City. When they got there they managed to find Professor Oak and Gary researching at a river.

“Hey guys,” shouted Ash.

“Ash? What a pleasant surprise! What bring you to here?” Asked Prof. Oak

“Well you see...Gary you don’t happen to have any diving equipment do you?” Asked Ash

“Well yeah but I was about to go help gramps with his research. How long do you need it?”

The gang then got in a huddle and whispered to each other. “So Ash let’s see your Chaos Emerald fell in the ocean in Lilycove City and we need to go diving for it. Well I say about a day,” suggested Brendan.

Then Ash answered and explained why they needed the diving equipment. Then Gary replied, “Well I’m still not sure. Gramps what do you think?”

“Well from what they told me this is pretty important that they get this...Chaos Emerald as soon as possible. I suppose research could wait a day,”

Then they were given diving equipment enough for five people. Then they left on the Egg Mobile and put it back on the roof while Eggman, and his robot cronies still slept. Then they called the chaotic detectives to get them and then they waited for an hour and then and they were finally back at Lilycove City.

It was now night and everybody was talking in a restaurant. Wally then asked, “What you Ed’s do and from the looks of it all of you have....sun burn,” The Ed’s all looked like a pink Miltank and then Ed poked Eddy who only muttered, “Ow,” Double-D then explained, “Always bring sun screen with you,” Everyone continued eating and talking. But meanwhile Nack was seen waking up on the roof of that restaurant. Then he mumbled,

“When I get back I’m going to teach that knucklehead the meaning of knuckle sandwiches. Where am I anyway?”

Nack then jumped off the roof and looked into the glass window. He then saw money in his eyes as soon as he saw what he thought he saw. He saw Ed juggling his silver Chaos Emerald and then quietly muttered,

“Well if I hit the jackpot! The Chaos Emeralds are here! No wonder I couldn’t find them on the radar for so long!”

Back in the restaurant and Vector, Charmy, and Espio were sitting down eating some food. Then Vector mentioned,

“You know I just realized who has that arrogant personality of Nack back at home,”

“Who?” Asked Charmy.

“That Drew guy. They both seem to be...arrogant. Especially when Nack brags how good a hunter he is when he never gets anything!”

Then Nack outside noticed the chaotic crew and he then yelled out loud, “SAY WHAT!”
Nack then realized his mistake and made a run for it. Everyone in the restaurant looked outside and wondered who screamed out those words. Then Espio stated,

“Was that...Nack?”

The other two were just confused as he was and just shrugged his shoulders. Back outside where Nack hid in an alley and then he shouted,

“So them detectives are also here? Well this is my chance to take down those guys so they won’t be chasing me no more. I Fang The Sniper will take them down and get that Chaos Emerald from that group!”

To be continued....

Bao Zakeruga
24th July 2005, 1:24 AM
A good chapter,but kinda short.Which sonic game is Nack from?

24th July 2005, 1:37 AM
And now the plot thickens...

Just curious, do Sonic and Tails make an appearance? Or did I overlook their appearance?

24th July 2005, 5:29 AM
awesome chappie i think knuks shouldve been sucked up too ;rukario;

Sike Saner
24th July 2005, 8:14 PM
I've just finished reading Chapters 24 and 25.



This time the gang was now in a tornado and Wally shouted, “Eating sand isn’t really good!”

That one in particular...I don't know. It just hit me in such a way as to provoke a giggle.

Well, I had hoped for more Aqua presence, and what do you know, there was some. Now I'm hoping to see more of Knuckles. That'd be pleasant.

24th July 2005, 8:28 PM
Thanks guys! Nack comes from Sonic Triple Troble and speakin of triple troble...our gang are soon going to have to deal with that!

EDIT-Sonic and Tails have sadly not showed up yet. But will they? I'll let you guys think about it.

Silver Ryu
25th July 2005, 4:42 PM
I like this fic, it's really good. Although I was a little put off at first because of the Ed, Edd, and Eddy characters, (I can't stand that show) but I really don't care anymore. Interesting idea, a Pokemon and Sonic crossover. Hey, about the Pokemon characters being compared to Sonic characters, who's May supposed to be? Speaking of which, when are the main Sonic characters going to appear?

27th July 2005, 6:24 AM
Wow, great fic! You inspired me to write my own Sonic/Pokemon crossover, but it's nothing compared to your fic! Keep up the good work. (I am a huge Sonic fan too, and its awesome that you put Fang/Nack in!)

27th July 2005, 12:45 PM
I've never felt so....happy! I actually inspired someone! Thank you! I'll also read your fic as well!

27th July 2005, 5:21 PM
Chapter 26-Double Trouble? More Like Triple Trouble!

It was now morning and the gang just woke up in their hotel rooms took a shower and headed to breakfast. Vector, Espio, and Charmy were all eating some toast and then Vector shouted,

“Boys we haven’t caught that rotten cheapskate yet no?”

Espio and Charmy were quiet. Then Espio replied, “Not really Vector and I could you see you’re a bit steamed about not getting our money,” Vector then shouted back, “Well I want my hard earned cash! That fat blob owes us money and I want it!” Vector then pounded the table and jelly from his jar of jelly that was under his face went flying all over his red bandana. He then wiped it off and muttered, “Sweet yet annoying,”

The rest of the gang sitting on the other table listened and then Double-D quietly stated, “Lets try not to make Vector mad today guys. He looks really agitated,” Ed then asked, “What does agitated mean Double-D?”

“It means infuriated, tense, anxious, apprehensive,-“

“Or in English annoyed,” interrupted Eddy who then chewed on some toast. The rest of the gang seemed to agree and then they got up, paid the bill, and headed toward the beach to get diving. The Ed’s decided to go fishing and the other five just put on the diving equipment and the detectives just waited sitting on a beach chair.

Ash, Brendan, Wally, Drew, and May were now all suited up in a blue rubber diving suit and with an oxygen tank on their back, connected to a mouthpiece that gave air, they dived into the ocean and they began searching.

“Wow it’s so beautiful,” shouted May as they swam above a coral reef that was shining from the sunlight from above. They were all swimming and continued to look underwater for the Chaos Emerald but meanwhile...

Nack was seen on top of a rooftop holding his trusty old regular classic western hand gun and then he then shot out a bullet at the sky and blew the smoke off and shouted to himself,

“Time for a little trouble,”

Then he put the gun back in its holster on his brown belt he wore. Then he jumped off the building and started to walk on the street and quietly started to think about the Chaos Emerald he saw and how much he could sell it for. Meanwhile back to our two Rockets Jessie and James who once again hit the dumps. They were seen walking down a street and then Jessie shouted in frustration,

“It’s no fair! The only reasons the twerps are beating us is because of that Eggman who always seem to interrupt us when we try to steal those Chaos Emeralds,”

“”Well actually Jessie them twerps have been beating us even before that Eggman fella even showed up,” reminded Meowth.

“Hey all we have to do is try to get that Chaos Emerald first. Besides Dr. Eggman also has none of the Chaos Emeralds. Plus why don’t we try again we are after all Team Rocket members!” Reminded James who tried to cheer them up.

“Yeah Jimmy boy here is right. The only way we can get them Chaos Emeralds is if we keep trying,” added Meowth.

“Well fellow team members let’s keep on going for them,” responded Jessie and three Rockets continued to keep walking in the city. Back to the Ed’s who were sitting on outdoor chairs on the beach and each of them holding a fishing rod. Eddy held what appeared to be a very strong rod, with the latest equipment on it that was as super as the rod itself. Double-D welded an average regular normal good fishing rod. Ed welded what appeared to be a broken down, dusty, cracked old aged rod. They were all fishing and suddenly Double-D caught a bite!

“PULL SOCK HEAD! PULL!” Yelled Eddy in excitement.

Double-D with all his strength pulled the rod and finally he caught...a shoe. “That’s a good one Double-D! I’m sure you can train that shoe how to walk,” shouted a laughing Eddy. Ed then took the old show and wore it on one of his hands and shouted, “I’m the claw! Fear my clawnesss!” Eddy then suddenly had a bite on his line and started to pull and he got...a shoe as well.

“You were saying Eddy?” Asked Double-D.

Ed then took the shoe and placed it on his other hand and then he shouted, “Now I’m the claw when one plus one equals a one on a bun!” Then Ed’s own line started to be pulled and he grabbed on with his shoed hands. Then Eddy muttered, “He’ll probably put the third shoe on his head and call himself captain rubber shoe,” when Ed finally pulled it out… out came a Feebas! It was now flopping around in front of them for air. Eddy then took out of his pocket some pokeblocks and offered some for the Feebas. The Feebas then had its mouth all on one of Eddy’s hand and he yelled out,


Finally after enough shakings the Feebas then lost its grip and fell back on the beach ground. Then Eddy kicked it and it went all the way to the ocean and then Double-D shouted, “Eddy! You kicked Ed’s catch back right into the sea!” Eddy then replied, “So? Feebas are one of the weakest pokemon I’ve ever seen,” Then suddenly the Feebas started glowing and soon it turned into a Milotic and then Double-D replied,

“You were saying Eddy?”

“Can it Double-D just can it,” answered Eddy. Then suddenly Ed had another thing on his line and it turned out to be a shoe. He then put it on his head and shouted,


Eddy and Double-D only chuckled for a bit before going back to fishing. Back to the rest of the gang and they were still underwater searching for the Chaos Emerald. Then Brendan shouted,

“Hey guys take a look at this!”

They all then swam where he was and they then all saw what appeared to be an old sunken ship in the water.

“Great job Bread Boy,” commented May. They all stared at the ship and then Wally asked, “What do you think is inside there?” They all then continued to observe the ship that was in front of them in the dark ocean depths they were in. “Only one way to find out,” shouted Ash gallantly. They all then swam in from a broken hole and soon they were in. The place was very much forbidden and as they swam around in only to be frightened when they saw skeletons of people who drowned in the sea.

“Hey guys look what I’ve found!” Shouted Drew. They all then swam near him and they saw what appeared to be another room but in that small room laid a treasure chest! Plus right near it was Ash’s blue Chaos Emerald! “Well looks like we hit the jackpot,” shouted Drew in delight. When suddenly the wall on the other side busted open and a giant Magicarp!

“Team Rocket!” Yelled the gang

“How can those twerps tell so fast now? No matter cause today Team Rocket is going to succeed,” shouted James

“Well hello twerps. Today we are going to succeed and you can’t stop us and today were going to take some bonus cash to help pay our debt,” yelled Jessie from a microphone in their Magicarp sub

Then suddenly the sub had two claws come out and one grabbed the treasure chest and the other grabbed the blue Chaos Emerald. Then the sub backed up and they started to pedal away! The gang then chased them only to get back on the surface of the ocean and then they saw the sub near the beach and the Rockets made a run for it in the city. They quickly changed clothes and soon the chase began. The Ed’s and the detectives also helped to chase and soon it led into the city.

“Get back here you common crooks! Don’t make me any more mad,” shouted Vector.

But the Rockets ignored it and kept on running. Then Vector tossed his pokeball and out came his Totodile and then shouted,

“Use ice beam on there feet now!”

His Totodile nodded and fired an icy beam that managed to hit Jessie and James shoes and soon they started slipping but they still were running or in this case slipping away from them. Then suddenly May and Drew tossed out one of their pokeballs and out came Roselia and Beautifly.

“Use stun spore on them now,” ordered both trainers. Both pokemon released the powder of stun spore and now Team Rocket could barely move. Ash was about to shout out for his Pikachu to use thunderbolt on them but then Meowth shouted,

“Alright twerps here take the stuff,” and with that they dropped the items they stole. Double-D just walked over and grabbed Ash’s Chaos Emerald and Eddy along with Ed carried the treasure chest and eagerly ran back to the hotel wanting to open it and see what was inside

But Ash was still about to shout out thunderbolt when Meowth shouted,” Can we at least do our motto?”

The gang reluctantly agreed. Then they started,

“Prepare for trouble!” Shouted Jessie and James.

“And make it double!” Shouted them once again.

Then suddenly they were interrupted when everybody there heard a gunshot. Then a voice shouted, “More like triple trouble,” Everyone was just confused but then Vector shouted,

“It can’t be! I recognize that voice its none other then-“But Vector was interrupted when Nack jumped off the roof of the building right between the two groups but only stared at our heroes.

“The names Nack. But I prefer you all call me Fang...Fang The Sniper! And while I’m at it you two pathetic crooks call yourself crooks? What a lame motto while I’m at it as well!”

The gang was just astonished again like the first time they met Vector, Charmy, and Espio. Then Ash shouted, “What do you want?” Nack only grinned and shouted, “Where’s the guy with the monobrow. He has something I want,” Then the gang realized he knew about Ed’s Chaos Emerald and then knew he wanted it. Then Vector shouted,

“Back off Nack,”

“Ah Vector, Espio, and Charmy. The three bumbling chaotic detectives I know back home. Well detective what are you going to charge me for?”

“For endangering and threatening minors that’s what ya loser hunter,” replied Vector.

“Well detectives I see. Very well get ready to have some holes in them new duds you private eyes are wearing,” and with that Nack took out a bullet and slowly took out the other one and reloaded his gun. The gang were now afraid and then Espio shouted,

“Let us handle this. You guys go back to the hotel and wait,”

The rest weren’t sure but then Vector shouted, “Look this thing is personal between us and Nack. Plus we wouldn’t want you guys to get hurt,”

The rest of the gang were still unsure but then Vector only barked, “GO!” and with that they quietly walked back to meet with the Ed’s who were waiting back at the hotel. Trouble was about to begin and Nack was very well known for that. The three Rocket agents behind Nack were still paralyzed just hoped they wouldn’t get hurt when the detectives were about to battle the hunter.

“Ready for the fight of your lives?” Asked the greedy treasure and bounty hunter.

Vector, Espio, and Charmy just nodded their heads and the fight between them started. Nack decided to go easy at first and then fired his first bullet toward Charmy who only narrowly dodged the blast thanks to his aerial maneuvers. Then Espio quickly tossed one of his ninja stars toward Nack but Nack being a sharpshooter, plus an excellent hunter shot the ninja star right in mid air and it fell on the floor useless. Then he shouted,

“Espio. Ninja boy well you know I could blast those things easy as pie. Heh hey where Vector go?”

Then suddenly he felt something burning and saw that his brown cowboy hat had a flame on it! He then quickly took it off and stomped on it with his black boots. Then when the flame went out he put his hat back on and then saw Vector standing on top of a lamp post and shouted,

“You flame breath really stinks you know that?”

And Nack quickly reloaded his gun and then shot out the lamppost only to have Vector jump away in time and to have his own bullet miss and blow the glass on the lamp post. Nack then quickly fired another shot where Espio was but Espio only then jumped and flipped like if he was in the Matrix and the bullet just narrowly hit him. Then he commented,

“Humph. Well looks like I’m going to have to go harder on you guys and where’s that Charmy?”

Then suddenly he felt a large pain on his back and shouted out in pain. Then Nack realized Charmy just sting him and Nack could be seen getting more annoyed. He then decided to run into a building. The chaotic detectives followed as he just ran into the Lilycove department store.

“Where do you think Nack went guys?” Asked a curious Charmy.

Then suddenly a gunshot was heard and a bullet just whizzed past the three detectives faces. Then everybody could be heard panicking after the shot. Nack who was on the other side of the mall only grinned and said to himself,

“A little trouble can go a long way to become chaos,”

People were pushing the detectives like crazy and they only barely moved. Another gunshot was fired and glass was heard being shattered. People were now acting chaotic and now were trying to get the exits as fast as possible. Back to the hotel....

The rest of the gang were all sitting down on a couch and it appeared they were watching what appeared to be the TV and soon they heard,

“BREAKING NEWS!!” The Lilycove Department store is in massive panic! We now had over to Scarlet Garcia at the scene.

The TV then switched to the outside of the Lilycove Department store and Scarlet held a microphone and responded,

“I’m here live where it seems many people are running out of the mall and we interviewed some earlier. Some people said it started when someone with a cowboy hat ran inside but they said they couldn’t tell who it was since he ran pretty fast but all they saw was that. Also we are now going to see security tape footages of the mall to see what is happening right now,”

The gang all knew Nack was causing this trouble but they could do nothing and hope that the detectives could take him down. However they weren’t the only ones watching the news...

Apparently the news was everywhere but the most interesting person who also watched was none other then our main bad guy himself. Eggman! He and his three henchbots were sitting in base’s living room and they were watching that scene along with the rest of the gang and Eggman was observing the battle along with the gang.

Back into the mall where everybody left. Only the detectives and the hunter was left in there and then Nack shouted,

“Heh goes to show you three that a little trouble can go a long way to become chaos,”

Nack then took out an empty shell then reloaded his gun with another two bullets. Then he shot out the two lights and some of the mall went a little dimmer. He then reloaded and shot two plant pots near the detectives and then reloaded once again. The detectives then split up and then Nack shouted,

“Now call me Fang,”

Fang then started running after Espio first. He saw Espio go into an elevator and was about to run in but the doors closed and he just ran into it! He then saw another elevator and decided to find Espio. They both arrived in the same floor and it appeared to be a vitamin shop. Espio turned invisible and hid under some counters of vitamins boxes. Fang shot randomly hoping to get a shot at Espio, but all he did was bust some vitamin boxes and dust powder coming out. Then Espio quietly released his pokeball and out came his Kecleon. He then whispered an attack

“Use your flamethrower on his hat,”

Then his Kecleon suddenly jumped and shot out a flame that got on top of Fang’s hat. He then took it off and started too stomped on it like crazy. Espio and his Kecleon quietly sneaked toward an elevator and went a floor. Fang eventually got the flames out and put back his now charred cowboy hat. He then went in another elevator and selected a random floor. He got a merchandise store and saw Charmy there and soon fired two shots at both the lights to make the whole room dark.

“Let’s see how well you do in the darkness,”

Fang had a very keen sense of accuracy and had very good eyesight so even if the place was dark he could still shoot his target well. Fang then shot another bullet but miraculously it just went over Charmy’s head by a couple of inches. Then Fang fired another shot and it seemed that it barely went over Charmy’s head. Charmy quietly took out his own pokeball and out came his Beedrill. He then whispered,

“Use brick break on his face,”

Then suddenly his Beedrill flew right in front of Fang and he only shouted, “What the-“when suddenly his face got a serious punch in the face and only to fall backwards and crash into the counter. While he stumbled Charmy and Beedrill made there way into an elevator and soon they were also gone. Fang got back up and mumbled,

“That punch felt strong enough to break down a brick wall,”

He then got back up and went in an elevator and went back down to the main floor of the department store. He then shouted,

“This is getting annoying,”

Then he saw Vector but Vector shouted, “Use water gun,” and his Totodile unlashed a torrent blast of water towards Fang. Fang quickly shot two bullets but they were blasted away from the water and Fang was hit and slammed against the wall. He then shouted,

“Another day Chaotix!”

Fang then ran out of the mall and that was that. The detectives did a victory pose holding a peace sign and then Vector shouted,

“That’ll shut up him up for a while,”

The detectives were victorious against Nack but they knew this was just the beginning of many encounters with the hunter as they knew he would do anything to get a hold on a Chaos Emerald. The detectives went back to the hotel and started to think of the current situation. The rest of the gang wee now in front of the treasure chest they found earlier, and Eddy shouted,

“I can’t wait to open this chest,”

They all then pulled the rusted lock off and then they opened it to find…(drum roll please)…………………………………………………………….shoes.

Ash, May, Drew, Wally, and Brendan just anime fell while Eddy and Double-D just fell and then Eddy shouted,

“They consider shoes treasure!? That really bites!”

Ed then held the chest and shouted; “Now I can be the shoe! Fear my shoes cause they are very classy!”

The others just merely laughed but then Ash said, “Do you guys think Nack is still going to go after Ed’s Chaos Emerald?”

“Kid. I’ve known Nack for a while and knowing him he’ll never stop trying for a Chaos Emerald and since we now that he is here we are all going to have to deal with a lot more trouble then before,” answered Vector.

The three detectives just went back to thinking and they wondered how the heck he even got here in the first place. The gang just thought about how to deal with the new adversary that stood in their way of getting the Chaos Emeralds. Fang The Sniper.

Meanwhile…back in Eggman’s base who was very intrigued by the turn of events that has just happened. The robots who watched were pretty surprised as well to know that Nack was back. Then Eggman evilly grinned and shouted,

“Things have just gotten more interesting!”

To be continued…

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Great chapter! Are you going to have Fang use any of his mech things from Triple Trouble? That would be cool.

28th July 2005, 2:40 AM
Maybe maybe not. ^_^.

28th July 2005, 2:50 AM
Oh, also, if you feel like it, maybe you could give Fang an australian accent? In the Archie comics, he had one, so yeah. But don't go out of your way to do so, I just thought it would be a cool idea. BTW, thanks again for reviewing my fic.

28th July 2005, 2:51 AM
Maybe. Some future scenes I guess.

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awesome awesome awesome awesome overload *hole front explodes,flys into wall making huge gash* ..........im stuck...like a salamander ;rukario;

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Thanks guys! I would like to take the oppertunity to thank everyone so far who had red my story. THANKS TO ALL!

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Sike Saner
30th July 2005, 3:08 AM

He then wiped it off and muttered, “Sweet yet annoying,”

Hmm, I've known several people who could be described that way...

Ed then took the shoe and placed it on his other hand and then he shouted, “Now I’m the claw when one plus one equals a one on a bun!”

Wow. Even for Ed, that's...wow.

They all then pulled the rusted lock off and then they opened it to find…(drum roll please)…………………………………………………………….shoes.

It's funny that their "wah-wahhhhh" moment came courtesy of shoes, since I claim to "throw a shoe" at things that annoy me, exasperate me, or generally just tick me off. Every "wah-wahhhhh" moment does indeed need at least one good shoe. :p

A nice chapter, with the fishing scene being particularly entertaining. Gotta love those moments with the Eds!

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adding fang was a perfect idea i still think you should add shadow and chaos though ;rukario;

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I'm almost done with the next chapter guys but I'm still having a hard time writing it. If If I have enough free time tomorrow then the next chapter will be up!

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I'm sorry everyone but something came up and well...the chapter is going to have to be delayed. But heres a spoiler from what I wrote so far...(Highlight if you choose to!)

“Hold it Beauty Boy! I say we have a one on one battle to see who gets to get to challenge the Battle Leader for the Chaos Emerald!”

1st August 2005, 12:45 AM
I have a feeling I know who will battle who...

1st August 2005, 12:05 PM
I like how its going so far when will the next chapter be up?And in the dream chapter
was the cat-like creatre in May's dream chaos0 or balze the cat?

2nd August 2005, 2:34 PM
Special long chapter! A special guest from the FR/LG games join this chapter!

Chapter 27-Luck, and Lucky

The next day they decided to go back looking for the Chaos Emeralds. They then traveled to the next split up Battle Facility and it was back in the Kanto region. The next city according to Double-D’s coordinates was located at Fuchsia City. When they arrived Eddy shouted,

“My turn for a Chaos Emerald guys!”

“Heh you wouldn’t last a second in the facility here,” snickered Drew.

“What you say beauty boy!” Snapped Eddy.

Eddy was about to raise a fist when May shouted, “Easy Eddy. Just try to calm down,”

Eddy just went back to being cool and whispered, “How can you stand that guy? He also drives you nuts,” May just whispered, “He’s not that bad,” and with that they continued walking.

Meanwhile...back in Eggman’s base. Dr. Eggman could be seen with Boquo, Dequo, and Bokkun and a new robot with them known as Lucky. Lucky looked like a golden bell, with rabbit legs, a four leaf clover imprinted on his bell body, with a big metal horse shoe on it, and angel like wing ears.

“Doctor Eggman. How come Lucky gets to go on this mission but not us?” Asked Boquo.

“Doctor Lucky isn’t really that better then us is he?” Asked Dequo.

“First of all he did a lot more better things then you three scrap heaps combined! E-Series model seven hundred seventy seven had proved his worth and usefulness,” Exclaimed Eggman.

Everyone in that room knew that was true. E-series model seven hundred and seventy seven or Lucky was one of Eggman’s most useful robots. Lucky special talent was....well being extremely lucky. One example of his greatest use was when Lucky found a Chaos Emerald in a landfill full of trash. Now that you have to admit is pretty lucky no? Anyway where was I lost in my rambling? Oh yeah anyway Eggman then shouted,

“Alright listen up Lucky your mission is to get me a Chaos Emerald in Fuchsia City. Understood?”

Lucky nodded and responded with,”Beep beep beep beep,” since that was pretty much the only thing the robot was capable of saying. Switch scenes back to our gang who now were in the Battle Pike lobby.

“Alright my turn for a Chaos Emerald everybody,” shouted Eddy in glee.

“You probably lose and make us lose an emerald,” answered Drew.

“Oh shut up screwy Drewy! Heh that’s a good nickname for you! Screwy Drewy. Heh,”

Drew then gave Eddy a fist in the face and Eddy replied, “Note to self-keep my big mouth shut and ouch,” Eddy then replied, “Well screwy I mean Drew think you can do better?” Drew just flipped his hair and answered, “A million leagues better,”

They walked to the receptionist table and soon Eddy registered. He then red the manual and the following rules were,

“One-Allowed up to three pokemon. Two-You choose three paths. Three-Random events happen. Four-Make it to the end to challenge the leader. Five-Good luck and we mean good luck!”

Eddy then asked, “Hmm the challenge is really depended on luck? Hmm well that’s an interesting twist. Good thing I’m dang lucky!”

Everyone else except the detectives and the other two Ed’s coughed out, “Year right,” Eddy then asked, “I so do have good luck!” Drew then shouted, “Really? Tell us any lucky events that have ever occurred to you?” Eddy then snapped back, “My pleasure Screwy...forget that last word. Anyway I once found a four leaf clover! Now you guys have to admit that is lucky!”

Then Double-D answered, “Too bad you threw it away only to let Johnny find it and for a couple of moments later found a five dollar bill on the ground,” The rest of the gang who didn’t know that just anime fell hard after hearing that. Eddy then shouted,

“Gee Double-D. You just had to spoil my fun,”

“Now that was pitiable heh,” replied Drew.

Eddy then looked extremely frustrated and yelled, “Well how about you enter too Drew? Yeah let’s have a race the first to get that Chaos Emerald!”

Then suddenly the small robot Lucky walked in and everybody just stared at it. Then May shouted, “Aww that’s the cutest robot I’ve ever seen,” Then Eddy shouted, “Cause that was the only cute robot ever invented. Wait a minute....robot!” Then Vector shouted, “So Eggman thinks he can get some puny lackey to get a Chaos Emerald? Heh this will be fun to watch,”

It looked like Lucky asked to sign up by pulling out a sign that said, “May I please sign for the challenge?” He was now entered and then Drew registered. The three then lined up behind the door that led into the rest of the Battle Pike Ash Brendan, Wally, and May thought Eddy was nuts but heck they knew it was his personality so they just let him do his challenge. May then walked near the door and took her bandana off and shouted,

“On your mark...gets set......GO!”

She then threw her bandana down and Drew and Eddy opened the door and ran in. Lucky just slowly walked in after our two racers. They came across a large room with three doors and the two humans and robot just stared at the three and a women was in the room.

She then said, “The door left is having a wave of nostalgia around it while the door on the right has a distinct aroma of pokemon and the door in the center has a trainer. I sense the presence of people.”

Eddy then shouted, “Yeah right! Look lady I trust my own luck and I think you’re lying about there being a trainer in that center room,” and then Eddy just opened the door in the center and went inside. Drew just chose the right door and Lucky just walked toward the left door. Eddy wearing his usual black sunglasses was walking down a hallway when suddenly he saw a trainer blocking the door. Then he muttered,

“I hate Drew,”

Drew was walking down his own hallway and saw some wild pokemon like Rhyhorn around. He then snickered and tossed out his pokeball where his Roselia came out and he snickered, “This should be a piece of cake.” Lucky was walking through his hallway and saw what appeared to be a girl sitting on the floor with a white hat with a red silhouette of half a pokeball, aqua colored shirt, and red skirt. Lucky walked near here and said,

“Beep beep?”

The girl noticed and responded, “Hello. Oh your wondering what I’m doing here? You see I was walking around this city hoping to get my next badge when suddenly I noticed this building and realized that this was one of the famous Battle Facilities of the Battle Frontier. I went in but you see I’m kind of nervous to go on since I found out that luck is what you really need and well....I’m not really lucky and well I’m kind of afraid of going on,”

The trainer then sighed and Lucky then pulled out a sign that said, “I’m very lucky!” The trainer now studied the robot and she thought, “This cute robot wants to go with me?” She then replied, “You want to go with me?” E-series model triple seven a.k.a. Lucky nodded. The girl stood up and shouted, “Okay then. My names Blue. What’s yours? Lucky then pulled out a sign that said, “Lucky,” Blue then petted Lucky and replied,

“Okay you little cutie! Let’s get to the next room!

The next hallway....Drew with his Roselia seemed to make it and he shouted, “Heh looks like Eddy still being delayed,” then suddenly in another door Eddy busted in with his Meowth and shouted,

“At least I made it,”

Then another door opened and Lucky and Blue walked out. Then Eddy shouted, “Who’s she and why the heck does that puny Lucky charm get a gal?”

Then Blue just walked over and slapped Eddy right in the face! Eddy just muttered, “Ow,” and put back on his black sunglasses that fell off when he was slapped. Drew then asked, “Well miss what’s your name?” Blue then replied, “My names Blue and I see I’m not the only one trying to win the Battle Pike challenge,”

“That still doesn’t explain how the heck that tin can -” Shouted Eddy.

Blue just gave Eddy another slap in the face and he once again muttered, “Ow,” and then she replied, “Don’t make fun of Lucky! He happens to be the cutest robot I’ve ever seen in my whole life! Besides he’s good luck and the Battle Pike happens to be a place where you need luck for,”

“Since that is the only robot you ever saw in your life,” thought Drew.

“You actually believe that robot is good luck? Just because it has some parts on it that are supposed to bring good luck doesn’t mean it isn’t,” replied Eddy.

“Well let’s just see about that,” replied Blue.

The three then went into a different door along with Lucky who also followed Blue. Meanwhile....a certain hunter wasn’t happy about his last fight with our three detectives. Nack was in an abandoned garage in an unknown location where he was seen building something with no lights on and he muttered to himself,

“When I get my hands on them blokes I’m going to make sure them mates are going to be sorry to mess with the best treasure and bounty hunter ever!”

Nack then went over to a tool box and pulled out a wrench and continued building this mysterious machine. He then shouted,

“Once the Marvelous Queen is finally built here those blokes won’t know what’s going to step on them!”

And with that Nack kept building his machine known as the Marvelous Queen and that was that. Back to our gang and the three participating trainers along with Lucky. Eddy then thought,

“Maybe that robot is lucky....why does she get it!”

“So boys believe me now?” Asked Blue.

Eddy personally knew that robot was lucky now but he just shouted, “Dumb luck!”
Drew just flipped his hair and mumbled, “Who cares really?” Then Blue just replied, “Dumb or not it’s still luck!” The trainers then went through another three doors and meanwhile....back to Eggman’s base. The doctor was now what appears to be a lab and he is placing a test tube in a holder and on the test the were the words,


“Once we have all the Chaos Emeralds I can begin work on this magnificent project that will establish the Eggman Empire and I Dr. Ivo Robotnik will rule the world! Now all we have to do is wait for Lucky to find all seven Chaos Emeralds,” shouted out Eggman.

Eggman then turns his head to stare at the capsule holding the Shadow clone in captive green liquid and muttered, “Soon the perfect ultimate life form will rise! I must check on Giovanni if he has the Mewtwo DNA yet!”

Eggman then got out of the chair he was standing on and went into an elevator and went to his office in the top of his evil tower like fortress. He was about to reach for the phone when suddenly he heard an explosion in a lower level of the tower.

“What was that?” Shouted our now curious mad genius.

Eggman then went back to the elevator and went down some floors. He then arrived in the floor the explosion happened and he saw Boquo, Dequo, Bokkun, Bomb, and Heavy in his private disco room where the five were seen dancing disco style to the music and a bunch of Egg Pawns behind them wearing fake afros were dancing.

“Why are all of you dancing?” Asked Eggman.

“Just for some fun!” Shouted Bokkun in delight.

“We thought some exercising would be good for us bots!” Answered Dequo.

“Yes we do need the occasional enjoyment,” added Boquo.

“Master Robotnik may we have permission to dance?” Asked Bomb and Heavy.


All his robots in the room then stopped dancing and saluted in position after his sudden outburst. But after his anger Eggman cooled down for a bit and thought, “Wait? Why am I angry? I got one of the best E-series robots working for me to get a Chaos Emerald right now! I suppose they can continue,”

Then Eggman shouted, “Carry on with your antics but what was that explosion earlier I heard?”

Bomb then stepped forward and shouted, “That would be me master Robotnik,”

Eggman then went back to the elevator and was soon out of sight in that room. The robots then went right back to dancing like no tomorrow. Back to the Battle Pike and the four then made it to another room at the same time. Drew then shouted,

“Heh looks the next room belongs to the Battle Pike leader and I’m going to challenge her,”

Eddy then got frustrated because he wanted to win that Chaos Emerald not Drew. In a desperate attempt he then shouted,

“Hold it Beauty Boy! I say we have a one on one battle to see who gets to get to challenge the Battle Leader for the Chaos Emerald!”

Drew then just flipped his hair and responded. “Why challenge me in something you’ll lose pathetically in?”

Eddy could be seen tightening his fists and replied, “What are you scared Drew? Face me like a man boy and we’ll see who’s talking!” Drew just reluctantly agreed and his Roselia then went in front of him while Eddy’s Meowth went in front of him. While that happened Blue and Lucky quietly sneaked past them and headed to the next room.

Blue and Lucky arrived what appeared to be a large room with a battlefield painted along the red tiled floor. Then they heard a voice,

“Hello and welcome. I see you made it all the way here. You must be pretty lucky. I’m known as Pike Queen Lucy. What is your name?”

A woman with black long hair, with two red dyed slices of hair on each side, wore a purple shirt, black pants and black shoes.

“Thanks! My names Blue and I would like to challenge you to a battle,” asked Blue.

“Okay and what are you willing to bet for this jewel?” Asked Lucy who pulled out what appeared to be a gold Chaos Emerald! It was like a star! Except jewel shaped. Blue’s eyes widened with interest and she responded,

“That jewel is so beautiful! If I beat you I get to keep it?”

“Yes. It proves you’re the first one who ever beaten me. Sadly everyone that tried failed so far and well I got to keep what they betted,”

Blue then thought, “But what can I bet? I don’t have anything as valuable as that jewel?”

Then she answered what she thought and then Lucy replied, “Perhaps that lucky robot that accompanied you that has proven to be very good fortune for you?” Blue then stared at Lucky and replied, “I’m not sure. Without Lucky I wouldn’t have never made it. Lucky what do you think?”

Lucky then pulled out a sign that “Don’t worry! It is okay!” Then Blue replied, “Sure,”

Both trainers took a position on the filed and both threw a pokeball revealing their first pokemon.

Lucy had out her Shuckle and then Blue had out her Ivysaur. Lucy seeing her opponent had an advantage swapped Shuckle out for her Seviper.

“Seviper lets start with a bite attack,”

“Ivysaur try to use vine whip quick!” Blue shouted.

Ivysaur then unleashed a bevy of whips from its two vines whacking at Seviper. But Seviper still continued to move and managed to bite into Ivysaur causing some pain for the creature.

“Seviper keep biting so you can wear it down,” shouted Lucy.

“Ivysaur quick use your sunny day then solar beam quick,” shouted Blue.

The room soon got a lot more sunny with help from some artificial sunlight and soon Seviper was blasted off from help of a solar beam. But Lucy just shouted,

“Seviper use flamethrower quick,”

Then as quickly as she ordered the move it fired a straight shot of flames and directly striked Ivysaur who was burned pretty badly.

“Oh no! Ivysaur try a stun spore quick,” shouted Blue.

Ivysaur then shot out a yellow powder that managed to descend upon Seviper but then it fell due to the intensive burn from the previous flamethrower. Blue recalled her Ivysaur and shouted,

“Guess I have to work on my battling skills a little more,”

Lucy then recalled her Seviper and replied, “Well you could start working on to make your pokemon have more variety in its attacks but it’s alright. Let’s proceed to the next round shall we?”

Both trainers agreed and then they both tossed out a new pokeball. In Lucy’s out came Shuckle and in Blue’s out came her Butterfree.

“Shuckle let’s start with a toxic attack,” shouted Lucy.

“Butterfree use your gust attack to blow it away,” shouted Blue.

Blue’s Butterfree then unleashed gusts from flapping its wings and made the toxic attempt a failure. Then Lucy shouted,

“Try to use sludge bomb,”

“Use rain dance quick,” shouted Blue.

Blue’s Butterfree started getting some salsa in its steps and before you know it clouds started forming and it rained like crazy on the battlefield! The sludge bombs was washed away into nothing and then Blue shouted,

“Try sunny day then poison-powder”

“Use dig Shuckle” shouted Lucy.

While those two were battling…

“Roselia magical leaf” shouted Drew.

“Use fury swipes on them leaves Meowth then that Roselia” shouted Eddy.

Roselia launched a flock of magical leaves but then Eddy’s Meowth swiped at each leave slicing them before they could strike and then rushed at Roselia attempting to swipe at it with all its fury with its sharp claws but Roselia just gracefully jumped away in time.

Back to the other battle now. Blue’s Butterfree was now trying to use a poison powder and Shuckle unleashed a toxic. Both attacks hit each other so now it was a test to see which pokemon would survive longer from the poison in them now.

“Shuckle try sludge bomb again,” shouted Lucy.

“Butterfee use psy-beam against it,” shouted Blue.

Shuckle began to spat sludge bombs at Butterfree again but Butterfree then began
expelled a bam of psychic energy through its eyes and soon it overpowered the sludge and Shuckle was blasted! Then Shuckle fell and that was that for that battle!

Both trainers returned their pokemon and then Lucy commented,

“Not bad. You have to be lucky sometimes when trying to win some battles,”

“Here that Lucky? You’re being applauded,” replied Blue who seemed to make the robot jump up and down in jubilee. Then both trainers got out their last pokemon. Lucy had out her Milotic while Blue had out her Clefable.

Meanwhile…back to Eggman’s base. Eggman along with his five other henchbots were all sitting on chairs all looking bored. They were all just staring at the ceiling when suddenly Bokkun shouted,

“This is boring! Ho long does it take for Lucky to get a Chaos Emerald anyway?”

The rest of the bots agreed then Egman shouted, “Then we’ll go check on him! Bomb and Heavy stay here and watch the base!

Bomb and Heavy then saluted and replied, “Yes master Robotnik,” Eggman then ran to the elevator while Boquo, Dequo, and Bokkun scrambled after him. They then went down to the Egg Mobile got on, waited and soon they headed to Fuchsia City to see if Lucky got the Chaos Emerald yet.

Back to the Battle Pike room where Blue and Lucy were in and the battle was already going on.

“Milotic use your ice beam on that Clefable quick,” ordered Lucy.

“Counter it with an ice beam quick,” shouted Blue.

Milotic shot out a beam of ice toward Blue’s Clefable but then it unleashed a mass of flames and when both attacks collided head on the result was nothing more then steam and water.

“Quick use your hydro pump and finish Clefable off,” commanded Lucy.

“Try thunderbolt quick before it uses hydro pump,” shouted Blue.

Clefable nodded and shot out a bolt of thunder towards Milotic but Lucy seeing this then shouted, “Use mirror coat instead!”

The thunderbolt was then reflected back when a mirror protected and was about to shock when Blue at the last second shouted,


Clefable then used its own energy shield to get away from a shock fired back by a cheap shot! Once again we check in the previous room and….

“Roselia use your stun spore,” shouted Drew

“Oh no you don’t screw! Meowth use rain dance quick!” Ordered Eddy.

Drew’s Roselia then shot out the same spores that could paralyze if enough hit its target up in the air so it slowly descended upon Eddy’s Meowth. But before it could land Meowth did some break dancing and soon rain clouds came in and rained away the stun spore.

Back to Blue’s battle and it looks like her Clefable isn’t doing well. Lucy then yelled,

“Time to finish this battle! Milotic use hyper beam!”

Blue then thought, “If Lucky’s on my side then I hope this attack works since I need all the luck I need for it,” Blue then shouted,


Clefable then started to wave its fingers left to right constantly while at the same time Milotic was charging up one powerful hyper beam. Finally Clefable stopped and finally the metronome attack was unleashed. It was.... (Drum Roll please)....................


Suddenly the whole room started to get chilly and icy and when I mean icy I mean icy cold breath strong enough to make something frozen in direct contact cold! Milotic was then about to fire hyper beam but BAM! It was frozen like a giant icicle you would see in the Ice Cap Mountains!

“Wow.....that was real.....lucky,” Lucy responded astonished by Blue’s lucky streak.

Blue also couldn’t have believed it but after that she then shouted in joy, “I actually won! Wow!”

Lucky then also jumped up in joy and then Blue walked over to the small cute robot and gave him a hug! Aww how cute! *Slaps self and says to self* “Back to reality!”

Both trainers returned their pokemon and walked over to each other and shook hands. Lucy then commented, “Well for proof you have beaten me I a fair battle. I officially declare you to be the first person ever to beat me and to show that here is your well deserved gold jewel!” Lucy then gave Blue the gold Chaos Emerald and Blue smiled and replied,

“Thank you! But also thank Lucky! He gave me the courage to go on!”

“Well maybe you should have that robot along with your travels,” suggested Lucy.

Blue then said good bye and she along with Lucky walked back to the previous room only to see Drew and Eddy playing a game of tic-tac-toe on the floor with a marker.

“Dang it! Stop choosing the middle will ya?” Shouted Eddy.

“Boys I thought you two were battling?” Asked Blue.

“Apparently we both had our pokemon knocked out at the same time, so now were trying to see who’s better in tic-tac-toe,” replied Drew.

“Well see you two boys! And look what I got for beating the Battle Leader!”

Blue then showed her gold Chaos Emerald and then Eddy shouted, “NO WAY! You beat us both!?”

Blue then just smiled and shouted, “Yep and now I get to keep a beautiful jewel,” She then walked past them with Lucky trailing behind. The boys then chased after her.

Back to the lobby. The rest of the gang were seen sleeping on some couches when suddenly they all woke up right now to hear,

“Please I’ll do anything for that jewel you won!”

Then Blue, Eddy and Drew came in. Blue then replied, “You know what? I really don’t need this jewel now that I think about it. I have all the luck I need in a little cutie robot so if you want it that bad here take it,”

Blue then walked over to Eddy who had his hands out but instead she gave him a hard slap on the face! She then walked over to Drew and gave him the gold Chaos Emerald.

“Thanks. Where Vector, Espio, and Charmy go guys?” Asked Drew.

“They went to go get us some rooms at a hotel. Well let’s go out to meet them,” suggested Wally.

The gang then walked outside only to see Eggman, Boquo, Dequo, and Bokkun in the Egg Mobile.

“Lucky did you get the Chaos Emerald,” asked the rotten doctor.

“AH HA! I knew that robot was too good to be true,” exclaimed Eddy.

Lucky then pulled out a sign that said, “No. They got it first,”

Eggman was not pleased to hear that and replied, “You didn’t? No matter come get on,”

Lucky then pulled out another sign that said, “No I won’t join you ever again. You just treat us robots poorly and I think I’m much happier right now,”

“”I don’t know who you are but you aren’t going to take away my new friend,” shouted Blue.

Eggman then shouted, “Humph. You want to be a traitor Lucky? FINE! While I’m here-“

He then turned his attention to our gang and shouted, “Here’s a warning for you pests! Interfere with me obtaining the Chaos Emeralds in the future and you’ll have to face the consequences!”

With that he went out of the area and that was that. Then a boy with black hair, wearing blue jeans, red vest, white shirt, and red cap shouted,

“Hey Blue! Ready to go?”

“You bet Red,” she blushed when she saw the sight of him since she had a crush on him. Eddy then mumbled, “Great. People named after colors. What’s next green?”

Then suddenly a guy with a black shirt, purple pants, and blonde hair appeared and shouted, “Well if it isn’t Blue and Red. The loser patrol!” “Great not you Green,” mumbled Red/ Eddy then just mumbled, “Yep I seen everything,” Then the three heard him and then Green walked over and gave Eddy a punch in the face, then Red, and finally Blue who gave the hardest slap yet! Ouch!

“Well see you two losers later,” shouted Green who walked away.

Blue and Red along with Lucky followed him. Back to our gang and Eddy was pretty dizzy and shouted, “Today is just not my day,”

To be continued…

2nd August 2005, 3:18 PM
I liked it when you you used some manga charecters

2nd August 2005, 11:01 PM
The first half of this chapter is serious while the second half is really really funny! Trust me!

Chapter 28-Dreams-The Serious And The Comical Ones

The gang were in a restaurant eating dinner. Eddy could be seen having band aids on his face from previous…slaps and punches. He the mumbled,

“My face feels it needs more ice,”

Double-D then gave him a bag of ice and he just held it to his cheek. The others continued talking and then May asked,

“Umm guys. I just thought of it but what are we going to do with the Chaos Emeralds once we have them all?”

The others immediately stopped talking and immediately started to think about this. Then Brendan said, “Good point May. What are we going to do with all the Chaos Emeralds once we have them?” The gang then continued to think and then Ash said, “Well one thing is for sure. We can’t let Eggman get the Chaos Emeralds or else who knows what he can do,”

They all seemed to agree on that. Then Wally asked, “But Ash we need to do something about the Chaos Emeralds. We can’t always be guarding them. We always be walking targets! We have to do something with them sometime,”

“But what can we do with the Chaos Emeralds?” Asked May.

They all thought and thought then Eddy suggested, “Sell them to people who like to guard ancient treasures?” They all thought about it and then Double-D replied, “Actually that idea is pretty good,”

“But shouldn’t we just give the Chaos Emeralds to the right person then just sell it,” asked May.

They all then argued what to do then they decided to all head to bed and think about it in their sleep. They each took a shower, brushed their teeth and went to their beds and they all went to sleep.

Brendan was sleeping and now was experiencing what I call, “Ark accident revenge syndrome.” We now go to his dream he’s dreaming in. Brendan was what appeared to be a city at night. One that he never been in. He was walking around when suddenly he heard,

“Hey Bread Boy wait up!”

He then turned around and saw May crash into him. They both fell on the floor and stared at each other. They both just laughed because of the way it happened. Brendan then helped her back up and asked,

“So May do you know where we are?”

May just shrugged her shoulders then replied, “I’m not really sure but I think this place is somewhere called Station Square. I just really don’t know but anyway I think this city is pretty anyway!”

They both were walking through the city and everything was just normal…till they then saw something out of the ordinary. It was what appeared to be black hedgehog holding a green Chaos Emerald and was standing on top of a fallen G.U.N. military unit while a blue hedgehog was staring back at the black hedgehog.

“It all begins with the jewel containing the ultimate power,” stated the black hedgehog.

“That’s the Chaos Emerald,” responded back the blue hedgehog. “Now I know why there after me! They mistook me for you!” The blue hedgehog then started running towards the mysterious black hedgehog

The black hedgehog then yelled out the words, “CHAOS CONTROL!” Then suddenly the green Chaos Emerald started glowing and in a flash the black hedgehog past the blue one in a blink of an eye and now stood on top of a building.

“Wow he’s fast! Wait it’s not his speed! He must have used the Chaos Emerald to warp,” shouted the blue hedgehog.

“My name is Shadow. The world’s ultimate life-form! FAREWELL!”

And with that Shadow then used the Chaos Emerald and soon the whole place was struck with emerald green light and then Brendan just woke up. He then thought,

“Shadow…ultimate life-form? What was that all about?”

Brendan just went back to sleep and that was that for his dream. Wally then started to sleep and now he too had a dream. Wally now saw himself in the same city where Brendan was except the fact it was raining down hard and it was also night, He then heard,

“Wally! Here we can share an umbrella,” suggested May.

He turned around and saw May running with a large black umbrella. She then got to him and asked, “What are you doing here walking in the rain?” Wally then was confused and asked, “Why are you walking in the rain?” May then shrugged and replied, “I guess I like to take walks. Want to join me?” Wally then blushed and replied, “Umm sure May,”

They both started walking under the umbrella at night. Everything was going normal in the walk till they were around City Hall. They saw what appeared to be a light blue liquid water monster with green eyes; clawed hands jump down from a roof and stare down at police officers hiding behind their police cars. Then suddenly they saw a blue hedgehog run and arrive and now was staring at the liquid creature. Then they heard what appeared to be Eggman’s voice,

“You know nothing fool! It’s Chaos! The god of destruction!”

Then suddenly a flashing white light happened all over the place and finally Wally just woke up and stared at himself. Then he thought,

“Chaos…god of destruction? What was that thing?”

Wally just pondered on it more but grew tired and decided to go to sleep. Now Ash was having a dream. He saw that he was in a lab where scientists where moving about in the laboratory he was in. He walked around yet no one noticed him. Then he heard,

“Ash is that you?”

Next he turned around and saw May and ran to her and then asked, “Where are we May? And how come those scientists don’t notice us?” “I don’t know Ash. Maybe they’re too busy? Maybe were just ghosts?”

They both then stared at the room and walked around and then Ash saw what he couldn’t believe he saw. He saw the clone of one of the rarest pokemon he ever saw in his whole life. It was Mewtwo. Ash Ketchum saw this pokemon in the past and now he was seeing when it was being made! Then suddenly he saw the Mewtwo wake up and stare at him and then a white flash of light appeared and soon he also woke up. He then thought,

“Why did I see…Mewtwo? Why was May with me? Why is this happening?”

Ash then went back to sleep trying to think about the incident. Then we go back to Bread Boy and we now see him have another dream. Brendan woke up and saw himself in outer space in a space station. He then walked around when suddenly a video appeared. It looked like Shadow and that blue hedgehog were racing inside a red metallic tunnel while Shadow kept shouting out,


And yellow spear like energy formed in Shadow’s hands and he kept tossing the deadly blasts of energy towards the blue hedgehog who in turn used its acrobatics and speed combined to dodge the blasts and to keep on going. Then suddenly Shadow shouted,

“I won’t let you interfere with my revenge any longer!”

“Gotta catch me first,” replied the blue hedgehog.

Then long chase continued when suddenly Brendan just woke up. He then asked himself,

“Revenge? Upon who? This is just getting more freaky!”

Brendan then fell asleep again and slept. Wally also had another dream and this time he woke to find himself on to of a building in that same city except the fact that it was sunny and was now daytime. Wally then heard,

“Hey Wally! Come over here and look at the city,” and the voice belonged to May.

Wally then turned around and saw May staring out at the beautiful city of Station Square. Wally then turned to join her and both stared at the bustling city. The cars were moving, people were walking and everything was normal. Then suddenly… all the manholes busted and water came pouring out! Then they both saw all the streets crack up open and water pouring out! Then all the buildings around them then started bursting out with water! May was then frightened and quietly said,

“Wally I’m….scared. What’s happening?”

“I don’t know May. But no matter what happens I’ll protect you,” replied Wally who was also in fear but tried his best to be brave.

Everywhere was overflowing with water. Glass was being shattered then suddenly the building they were standing on was shaking like if it was in a blender trying to make smoothies or something. Then suddenly a large liquid crocodile head came bursting out of the building and roared as loud as the world was shaking. Its liquid eyes opened and green eyes along with black pupils were seen sending shiver down both May and Wally’s spines. Then suddenly a large bright light came out and then Wally woke up in complete fear.

“What was that? Was that…what I saw before? Why am I getting these creepy dreams?”

Wally then went back to sleep. Finally back to Ash who now had one more dream. He saw himself what appears to be an unknown room where he saw what appeared to be an armored pokemon in a large glass tube where it was held by mechanical arms and wrapped around in chains. He then saw a door open and a tall man enter. He didn’t know who it was since the room was completely dark as night. He then heard,

“I thought…we were partners,”

“We are partners. I helped you now you help me,”

“I desire…equal treatment in this deal,”

“You’re nothing more then a creature that all of us humans use and nothing more!”

Then the armored pokemon was then getting furious and then the chains started to break and so did the mechanical arms broke and soon flames erupted in the room. Before Ash could see more he then woke up an asked,

“Why am I getting these dreams? This doesn’t make any sense at all,”

Ash went back to sleep and that was that. Now to make this chapter more funny let’s see what the Ed’s are dreaming about! We go to Ed first and let’s see what he’s dreaming about.

Ed was seen swimming in a giant pool of gravy mixed with chunky puffs, marshmallows, salsa, hair (Nasty yes?), and sponges (Don’t ask). He then got out of the pool and went on to his house and put on his usual clothes. He then shouted,

“Monster movie marathon!”

Then suddenly a giant plasma screen widescreen TV appeared in front of him and started playing old monster movies. Then suddenly he attempted to jump in and he made it into the monster movie. He then asked himself,

“Cool I’m retro man! Fear my….retro!”

He then started running around and saw Eddy and Double-D and stopped and shouted “Hey guys!” Then Eddy asked, “Wait a minute? Why am I in lumpy’s dream anyway? Get me out of here you loser narrator!”

“SILENCE! I can kill you off this story anytime and you won’t be paid anymore jawbreakers!” I just yelled.

Double-D then covered Eddy’s mouth and replied, “Sorry Mr. Narrator sir. You may continue,” “Thank you Double-D! Now where was I? Oh right there!” The Ed’s were now walking what appeared to be inside a pyramid. They were all wearing what appeared to be archeologists clothing except Ed who was wearing toilet paper all around him.

“Mmmmm toilet paper,” mumbled Ed.

“Don’t get any ideas Ed,” replied Eddy.

“Yes. Please spare us from any indecency Ed,” added Double-D.

The three then continued walking down a hallway while Eddy held a torch while Double-D just held a lantern. They were all walking down when suddenly they came upon a sarcophagus.

“What is that? A giant box full of shoes?” Asked Eddy.

“Well actually Eddy it’s called a sarcophagus. Back in the days of early Egypt people would bury their pharaohs in these sarcophagus’s and then they would give all the riches they could along with the pharaoh when he dies because people back then believed the pharaoh would have an after life and…ARE YOU EVEN PAING ATTENTON EDDY?” Told Double-D.

Eddy was seen sleeping on the floor and mumbled, “Yes mommy I know I have to stop wetting the bed,” Double-D then used a ruler he had to whack Eddy on the head who woke up saying,

“I didn’t read your diary May honest! It was Double-D and Ed!”

“EDDY! Are you paying attention to me? And what did you just say?” Asked Double-D.

“Huh! I mean yeah yeah I’m paying attention to you. Nothing! Nothing at all!”

“Well thank you for acknowledging me now where was I? Oh right. The Egyptians also believed mummifying Skittys and Meowth’s as well. Sometimes they are buried with the pharaoh and…EDDY!”

Eddy was once again sleeping and he muttered, “I want my Plusle and Minun plushy wushie,” Double-D once again sighed and then whacked him on the head with his ruler and then he woke up shouting,

“My middle name aint Skipper!”

“EDDY PAY ATTENTION!” Shouted Double-D

“Why sock head why?” Asked Eddy.

“Cause….why do I need to explain this to Eddy anyway now that I think about it?”

“Just do it or I can make in a future chapter that your black sock hat come off and everybody can truly see-“

“Now where was I? Oh yes. The Egyptians built these pyramids and…where’s Ed?”

Then suddenly they both saw Ed open the lid off the sarcophagus and he shouted, “Cool. A mommy!”

“IT’S CALLED A MUMMY!” Yelled the two other Ed’s.

Then suddenly the mummy slowly rose out of its sarcophagus and out came…a mummy! The Ed’s then screamed the thing they always scream in bad situations,


The Ed’s then started running way while the mummy just trailed behind and then Eddy screamed,


I just went away from my computer for a bit and went ballistic with laughter. Then I came back and continued this scenario. The Ed’s continued running when suddenly the three crashed into a wall. They turned around only to see the mummy now slowly coming towards them. Then Double-D shouted, “What does it want with us?” Ed then answered with,


“What about the outer organs monobrow!?” Asked Eddy.

“Eddy the only outer organ left is our skin,” added Double-D

“I hate bad endings,” mumbled Eddy as the mummy was now even closer. But Ed with a spark of bravery in his eyes picked up Eddy’s torch and tossed it at the mummy who was now burning like crazy. Then the mummy burned and was turned into ashes. Eddy and Double-D just jumped up and down in glee but Eddy’s torch then landed on a toilet paper on Ed…Ed then shouted,

“I smell chicken with gravy!”

“No kidding cause your burning you moron,” shouted Eddy.

Then for some weird reason the flames only burned off the toilet paper and not him. It eventually disappeared but then Ed was left without any….clothes.

“ED! THE INDECENCY REMEMBER?!” Yelled out Double-D.

Then suddenly a tall figure appeared behind Ed and it looked like a women except it had Johnny’s face on it and she shouted,

“Edward! What did I tell you of skinny dipping?”

Eddy then freaked out and yelled, “MAKE IT STOP! I’M BEGGING YA PLEASE!”
I then thought it over and guessed he had enough so I replied, “Okay why not? No more dreams for you three since this is near the end of the chapter anyway woo-ha!”

Then Eddy woke up and screamed so loud he woke up the whole hotel! The next morning…

They were all sitting on a large table waiting for breakfast. Then Drew said,

“Sleep well guys? I know I did till someone shook the hotel,”

Then Eddy called for a waiter and whispered something. The waiter nodded and went off and soon came back with two hot bowels of plain oatmeal. Eddy then tossed one bowel at Ed’s face who only mumbled, “Yum.” Then he tossed the other one right at Drew’s face! He then shouted,

“Good breakfast fellas?” I know I will!”

The rest of the gang were just sleeping on their plates and that was that! Looks like Eddy also had Ed’s dream for some plot hole reason! ^_^.

To be continued…

3rd August 2005, 12:52 AM
Wait, wasn't the Marvelous Queen the bike Fang used in Sonic Drift 2? That thing was awesome! Good chapters, BTW. I liked the whole, "Skipper," thing. That was indeed a hilarious episode...

3rd August 2005, 12:54 AM
Yep but I'm using the mech versions from Sonic Triple Trouble. Thanks!

Bao Zakeruga
3rd August 2005, 8:02 AM
Are you planning on making Blue,Red,and Green main charaters?

3rd August 2005, 12:09 PM
will the names of Choas0 and Shadow finilly be reveld to the gang?

3rd August 2005, 12:15 PM
Well I will just later. About the thre manga chracters I'll think about it.

3rd August 2005, 11:45 PM
Hmm...both of these were exciting and a little weird at the same time...

Also, thanks for making Sonic appear! (Now I want to see Tails)

4th August 2005, 12:27 AM
Well I like to make my writing...chaotic in a way! ^_^. Maybe fox boy will apear maybe?

4th August 2005, 12:08 PM
than after tails will you use knhckels?

4th August 2005, 3:43 PM
Don't worry, Everybody will play a part. Maybe not a big part but still a part.

5th August 2005, 4:42 PM
So how do you guys like it so far? I hope this chapter is good.

Chapter 29-The Eggman Express

The gang was now in the TV room seeing what was on the news. Eddy could be seen having a black eye and an ice bag over it. Then again he did toss a bowl of hot plain oatmeal over Drew’s face so I guess the score was even. Anyway they were watching news when May suddenly grabbed the remote and changed it to the “Coordinators Channel” to see if there was going to be any more contests.

“Hello everyone! I’m Vivian and there is going to be a special contest being held at a ski resort in the Ice Cave Mountains near Blackthorne City! In seven days we are having another beauty contest! Plus a tough contest! So far all coordinators who want to participate better hurry!”

The TV then shut off and Eddy then shouted, “Tough contest? I’m there!” Then he added, “And no more damn beauty contest while I’m at it!” Then they all walked out of the hotel and then they were walking around town when they saw something pretty interesting. It looked like a train station and a very very very long track that led across the ocean somewhere. They walked over and then May asked a train attendant,

“Excuse me but where does this train lead too?”

“Oh the train? Well you see we are a special company with a special job. That job is to help connect the regions together and we are finally finished with connecting this train to the Hoenn region. This train leads to Littleroot Town. This is the first of many trains we are building to help people from all over the regions get to know each other better. Plus people can see pokemn not in their home so this is truly a great project!”

“Project? What’s the name of it?” Asked a curious Double-D.

“Project Connection. Our goal? To help connect the regions,” replied the train attendant.

The gang then gathered in a huddle and then Brendan asked, “Maybe we should visit Littleroot Town?” Then Eddy asked, “And why do we need to Bread?” “I think Brendan would like to visit his dad back at the lab I’m guessing,” added Double-D. “Well why not? I mean we all should be able to visit family,” suggested May.

The rest of the gang seemed to agree when suddenly Vector then shouted, “Wait!? We detectives now own a helicopter? Why do you kids want to take a train anyways?”

“Well going on a helicopter is good and all its just well...getting boring,” answered Brendan.

“It wouldn’t hurt I guess,” added Ash.

“Well we detectives might as well park the copter in storage. Hold on,” replied Vector as he ran off somewhere.

Meanwhile that was happening...

We now go back to check on Nack on to see if he has finished his air bike known as the Marvelous Queen. Apparently he did as he now built what appeared to be a yellow circular hover sphere with a comfortable purple mattress chair with what appeared to be a giant metallic pogo stick on the bottom of his machine.

“Heh! Finally done with this beauty! Now to test it and I know the perfect detectives to test it on!”

Nack then laughed as he got on. He activated his machine and before you know it his machine bounced out of the abandoned garage and went bouncing with the pogo stick along its way. Nack wanted to find Vector, Charmy, and Espio fast so he can exact his payback on them while also going after Ed’s silver Chaos Emerald.

“I can’t wait to get them blokes and steal that Chaos Emerald! Heh I’m a bad weasel!”

Nack kept bouncing and bouncing on his Marvelous Queen and kept searching for our gang. Back to the gang and Vector came back and shouted,

“Alright boys and girls! Our sweet chopper is in storage and we’ll now head to the train!”

The gang along with our detectives went to a new shiny brand shiny beautiful train! They detectives went into the passenger cart all the way in the back while our gangs choose to sit in the front passenger car. When our detectives made it in the back they saw a couple of people not much. Vector just sat on a bench and began reading a newspaper he’s holding. Espio just sat on a bench and meditated while Charmy just stared out the window.

The rest of the gang were in another passenger cart and were about to find a seat when suddenly they heard a voice that shouted,

“May? Is that you?”

They all turned and what do you know? It was May’s mom Caroline! Then May then shouted,

“Mom? What are you doing here?”

“I decided to take a vacation and I was right! I had such a fun time there at Fuchsia City! I knew you kids were traveling but I didn’t know you travel this far?”

May then embarrassed then replied, “Umm we went to the famous Safari Zone here?”
Caroline then nodded and understood it. Then suddenly May felt a tap on her shoulder and guess who? Max!

“Let me guess. Mom let you go on vacation with her,” asked May.

“Yes and it was so cool! The safari zone had so many pokemon! You want me to tell you guys about it,” replied the glass wearing, green shirted, and little brother of May.

Then Double-D replied, “Sure.” The rest of the gang except for Eddy and Ed anime fell while Eddy just slapped his face and Ed just stood there doing nothing. Caroline then asked,

“Oh by the way May? Would you mind doing me a favor?”

“Sure mom what is it?” Asked her daughter.

“Since you kids are always traveling around can you kids deliver a package to an old friend of your fathers?”

“Sure I don’t mind mom! Right guys?” Asked May.

Ash, Brendan, Wally, Drew, Double-D, and Ed seemed to agree. Eddy reluctantly agreed but not before sticking his tongue out at May really fast for anyone to notice.

“Okay then. If you want come by our home in Petalburg to pick it up and your father will tell you where to drop it off,” replied Caroline.

They all were about t sit down on a bench when suddenly when two train attendants appeared. One had long red hair while the other had short blue hair. Both wore sunglasses to keep their identities unknown.

“May all passengers please keep all pokemon in their pokeballs at all time,” shouted both attendants.

Then they stared at Ash’s Pikachu and then Ash replied, “But my Pikachu doesn’t like staying in a pokeball,”

Both attendants then flashed a grin and replied, “Don’t worry we have more then one way for accommodating for all pokemon,” Then they took out a glass jar, picked up Ash’s Pikachu, dropped it in and closed the lid! Then suddenly an explosion was heard and shook the train a little and both attendants sunglasses fell off to reveal...

“TEAM ROCKET!” Exclaimed our gang!

Jessie and James were definitely didn’t plan for their cover to be blown. Then the two agents wasted no time. They opened a ceiling hatch and pulled down a ladder and climbed on top of the moving train. The gang went in pursuit and chased them to the first train car which was the conductor’s car. Then Ash shouted,

“Give back Pikachu now!”

Then Jessie replied, “Nope unless you give us a Chaos Emerald or Pikachu here goes for a swim,” and now she held Pikachu over the ocean since that was where the trains tracks were above.

Then suddenly another explosion was heard and the Rockets then slipped and fell on the train with Pikachu flying out of her hands. Then Ash caught the cage Pikachu was in and released him out of the cage. Then suddenly everybody on top of the train then heard what appeared to be a loud whistling sound like when someone pulls the horn.

“Heh heh! Welcome to Dr. Eggmans Express line!”

Then everyone then stared at the front of the train. Ahead of the train they were on was a classic black driving train. Only the past you see in front of old classic trains with the smoke coming out of the pipe and coal being tossed into a heater. That was the type of train they saw. Boquo, Dequo, and Bokkun were seen shoveling coal into the fire. The whole train was running on a bunch of steel silver wheels, some big, and some small. The front of the train had a red symbol that looked like Eggman’s evil grin.

“Today’s mission! To blow up the long train right behind this one!” Shouted Eggman.

“EGGMAN!” Screamed everybody except Ed and Max.

“Who’s Dr. Eggman? Is he one of those people who cure people by force feeding them eggs or something?” Asked Max.

“Is it just me or is Eggman wearing a black suit and a black top hat right now?” Asked Eddy

“Eggs eggs eggs eggs,” added Ed.

“Max. Dr. Eggman is a mad scientist who builds robots and wants to take over the world,” answered May.

“Yeah right May. You have any proof?” Asked a skeptical Max.

“Heh heh heh! I just decided to try more of a military style that’s all! Anyway no more fooling around! BOMB! HEAVY! GET TO BLASTIN THEM NOW!”

“Does that prove it Max,” replied Drew sarcastically.

Jessie and James then immediately screamed, “BOMB AND HEAVY!? NOT THOSE TWO!?”

Then suddenly Bomb and Heavy appeared on top of the Eggman train and now stared at our gang. Then Heavy shouted,

“Well look there Bomb! If it aint Jessie and James! Master Robotnik gave us a fun time beating them down last time didn’t he?”

“Oh yeah Heavy! I can’t wait to go bombing on them losers again!” Replied Bomb

Back to our gang and then May asked, “So that’s Bomb and Heavy. Jessie what was so special about these two robots?”

Jessie and James were silent but then Jessie replied, “Well you definitely don’t want to go near Bomb! He loves to explode like crazy!”

“But wouldn’t that mean he kills himself?” asked Max.

“Well point dexter twerp Bomb isn’t no normal robot. He can-“

“I can go back to my normal self after I go booming! Aint that special! Not many robots of Dr. R’s can do that now can they?”

“What about Heavy?” Asked Wally.

“I’ll answer that question puny. I am a very heavy robot that likes to go rumbling with my boxing gloves I’m wearing and I can’t wait to get some fighting action in! But today I’m just going to be a quarterback!” Answered Heavy.

“Quarterback? You’re going to give us a quarter?” Asked Ed.

The rest of the gang just anime fell while Eddy and Double-D just slapped their faces. Then Bomb replied, “No monobrow! But we’ll give you kids some fireworks! Hit it!

Then Bomb lit his fuse and then Heavy grabbed him. He then aimed at our gang and tossed Bomb where they stood. The gang had to jump back to nearly dodge the blast. Then after that Bomb could be seen coming back together and was as good as new. He once again stood near Heavy and lit his fuse again. The gang then had to dodge Bomb again as Heavy tossed him once more.

Meanwhile...back to the back cart where the chaotic detectives were. Vector was still reading his newspaper,

“Want to make money? Then think of a new product that will help better the Pokemon world! If you have great ideas then head to the Devon Corporation to tell them and you might become a rich man!”

Vector then chuckled after reading it and mumbled, “Heh if it was only easy then we boys be rolling in dough,” Then suddenly they heard an explosion right behind the passenger car which also happened to be the last passenger car.

“What was that?” Asked Charmy.

“Looks like we need to do a little investigating,” answered Vector.

The people who heard the explosion couldn’t have cared less since they were all practically sleeping on the benches they were sitting on and I guess they’re pretty heavy sleepers. Charmy the pulled the ceiling door off and pulled down a ladder. They climbed and now were on top of the train and they saw what appeared to be...

“NACK!” Yelled Vector.

Nack was seen in the Marvelous Queen bouncing right behind the train with the big metal pogo stick bouncing it and held over his right shoulder a bazooka!

“Hey Vector, Charmy, and Espio? What up?! Time for me to blast you mates down and get me that Chaos Emerald!” Replied Nack.

The detectives quickly got out there pokemon out of their pokeballs and took a fighting stance. Then Nack fired a missile while bouncing high but then Vector shouted,

“Ice beam that missile,”

His Totodile then fired a beam of ice that managed to freeze the missile whole and explode in an ice shattering fashion. Then Nack fired another missile out of his bazooka but then Espio shouted,

“Kecleon use your flamethrower quick,”

Kecleon then unleashed a flamethrower that hit Nack’s missile and it was blown to bits. Then Nack fired another one but Charmy just shouted,

“Beedrill use sludge bomb quick!”

Charmy’s Beedrill then fired some sludge bombs and when the toxic bombs made contact with the missile it just then exploded. Nack then yelled,

“You can’t avoid every one of them you know that! You can’t just be booming my missiles forever! Especially when you’re dealing with Fang The Sniper!”

We go back to our gang in front and it looks like they were all getting tired of dodging Bomb’s blasts. After another blast when Bomb reformed right next to Heavy and he shouted,

“Give up losers! We robot brothers aren’t going to go easy on you so make our job easier so we can get our special bonus reward from master Robotnik!”

“What reward can be so good for you two robo heads to get for making us explode?” Asked Brendan.

Bomb and Heavy then stared at each other and then back at our gang and answered, “FREE TICKETS TO SEE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA!”

The gang just anime fell again after hearing that. Then Eddy shouted, “You two are the losers!”

Bomb and Heavy merely chuckled before Heavy replied, “Heh people these days don’t know quality when they see it,” We check on Boquo, Dequo, and Bokkun who were still shoveling coal when Bokkun asked,

“Why can’t we have some fun?”

Then Eggman shouted, “Cause you three are good for nothing! But I always do have a back up plan just in case Bomb and Heavy don’t have enough time,’

“Backup?” Asked Boquo.

“Plan?” Added Dequo.

“Yes. Under this train is a special bomb that will go off one I activate a detonator,” and then Eggman took out what appeared to be a clicking pen.

“A pen doctor?” Ased Boquo and Dequo.

“HAHAHAHA! Ingenious yes?” Replied Eggman.

Then Drew shouted, “You did realize you just told us about your detonator right?” Eggman then shouted, “Heh no matter," Then Bomb shouted,

“Dr. R always comes prepared. You losers are ready to get bombed aren’t you!”

When suddenly both trains stopped moving. Everyone then noticed they finally made it to the Littleroot train station. Then suddenly the chaotic detectives were running and shouted,


Then people started coming out of the train and soon it was empty. Then Nack in his Marvelous Queen was following right behind till he crashed into Bomb and Heavy. The gang just made a run for it and while running Caroline asked,

“What was happening May?”
“I’ll tell you later mom cause it’s not exactly the best time right now,” replied May as she ran.

Only Jessie and James stayed behind and observed them. Then Eggman got out of the conductor’s car and shouted, “Great we were so close and now it is ruined!” Then he started jumping up and down in anger when suddenly he dropped the detonator pen. Then Jessie, James, Nack, Bomb, Heavy, Boquo, Dequo, Bokkun, and Eggman then muttered,

“Oh boy,”

Then a single click was heard as the pen hit the ground. Back outside of the train station and everyone on board seemed alright. Then suddenly the while train station was like...




Jessie and James were seen in one direction and they screamed, “MOST PAINFUL BLAST OFF EVER! Nack was seen flying in another direction and he muttered, “Ouch that hurt...mates,” Then Bomb, Heavy, Boquo, Dequo, Bokkun, and Eggman were seen flying in anther direction and Eggman then screamed,


And with that they were gone like a flash quick as a light. Then Caroline commented, “Well looks they are going to build another train while repairing this train station,” Then Vector shouted, “Bye Nacky! Hope you have a nice time flying!”

“Vector? Does this mean we lost our helicopter?” Asked Charmy.

Vector then notices that the train was blown up and when trains are blown up you can’t exactly come back where it took you from. Vector then dropped his jaw and shouted, “NO! MY SWEET CHOPPER! I COULD HAVE TAKEN IT BACK TO THE DETECTIVE AGENCY! NO!”

Vector then starts pounding the floor with his fists. Then Espio suggested, “Maybe we could just take a boat back to Fuchsia City?” Then Vector stoop up and replied, “Oh...why didn’t I think of that? Hey kids! You don’t mind we go back to get our helicopter?”

“Why not? I mean we can’t drive it legally anyways so yeah you should go,” answered Eddy.

Later that day...

Brendan was seen running in the late afternoon sun and went in to a house and shouted, “Hey dad! Guess who’s here to visit!”

A man wearing a lab coat, brown hair, and had some facial hair shouted, “Brendan? Is that you?”

Then he walked out and saw Brendan. Brendan then smiled and shouted, “Yep! Plus some guests!”

Then Ash, May, Wally, Drew, Ed, Eddy, Double-D, Caroline, and Max showed up and then Caroline responded, “Hello Charles. Do you mine we stay over at your house tonight?”

“Sure why not?” Replied Mr. Birch.

They all then ate dinner, took a shower, and went to sleep and that was the end of that chaotic day. We now switch scenes and we see Nack back at the abandoned garage he was in before. Then we cue to Bomb and Heavy back at Eggman’s base and the three then shouted,

“Them blokes/losers are going to pay!”

To be continued...

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Cool! Fang said mate! Keep up the awesome work!

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Thanks guys! I also just started working on chapter 30! Some twists are soon going to begin in this story...

8th August 2005, 2:47 PM
I can't wait for the next one!

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Thanks! Here's a spoiler of what I wrote so far! Read if you choose too!

“HAHAHA! You’re a fool for challenging Dr. Robotnik to a fight!”

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A cool twist would be to have one of the main characters switch sides.

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Trust me this twist which isn't going to happen till chapter 31 will be a bit...weird.

9th August 2005, 3:09 AM
Chapter 30-3-D Blast-Predictions?

It was still night and now we have another see into their dreams thing. But this time the dreams just get more....creepy then before. The gang were sleeping in their own bed safely asleep but people can have nightmares too. Let’s start with Brendan.

Brendan was slowly waking his eyes up as he heard a large thump. He then woke up and stood up to see himself in some rusty ruins. The walls were rusted, old, and such. The floor was like blue and dark yellow checkered floor. He was walking around and everything was going normal till he was walking toward what appeared to be a knight statue stuck against the wall. Suddenly the floor behind fell and now he was stuck in a small arena with the statue.

“Ok what was that all about?” Asked Brendan.

Then suddenly Dr. Eggman appeared in his Egg Mobile and attached it to the top of the knight’s helmet and now controlled the statue.

“Eggman!? What is he trying to do?”

Then suddenly the statue raised two of the statue’s hands and raised one of them over Brendan. Brendan just jumped out of the way before receiving a serious crushing from the statue hand. “Whoa! Is he trying to kill me?” On the belly of the knight statue had what looked like a cannon and shot out a small boulder that just went past Brendan’s head and nearly squashed him. Brendan then gulped and thought “Yep he’s trying to kill me….or in this case crush me,” Then Eggman shouted,

“HAHAHA! You’re a fool knucklehead for challenging Dr. Robotnik to a fight!”

Then Brendan shouted, “Wait I never challenged you?” Whatever cause I’m going to beat you anyway!”

Brendan then reached for a pokeball from his bag but he just realized something…he wasn’t wearing his bag. Then Brendan shouted “Umm you wouldn’t really hurt a kid right?” Then suddenly Eggman raised another stone hand and before Brendan could jump out of the way it fell…

Brendan just woke up in fear and sweat running down his face. He then sighed and thought, “Good thing that was just a dream. I can’t imagine myself fighting that…statue with Eggman in it,”

Then Brendan fell asleep and that was that for his dream. Now we take a look in Drew’s dream and see what nightmare he got. Drew slowly woke up and saw himself in a small octagon arena and he was standing on light blue and aqua colored checkered floor and notice that the environment was a snowy chilly cold ice mountain. The snow was falling like diamond dust. He walked around when suddenly he saw Eggman slowly descending in his Egg Mobile. But this time the Egg Mobile had eight snow blowers.

“Why does Eggman have his machine with eight snow blowers coming out?”

Dr. Eggman then responded, “HAHAHA! I will give you fool a frozen surprise of a lifetime!”

Then Eggman started to chase after Drew in the machine. Drew ran in the small arena trying to get away from the frozen air being fired out of the snow blowers. Dr. Eggman frozen gas was capable of freezing a person whole! Scary thought egh? Then Eggman went into the air and started tossing out light blue bombs. Drew got away just to see an explosion of ice. Then suddenly he turned around and saw the frozen gas heading towards him ready to make a popsicle…

Drew then woke up in fear as well and then just sighed in relief. He then thought, “Glad that didn’t really happen. If it did I be the best coordinator that be a frozen statue. Heh”

Drew went to dream and that was that. Now to see May’s nightmare. She was now waking up to see herself in a large stadium…full of spring, bumpers, and colorful colors. She then told herself, “Okay where am I?” She stood up and looked around and saw the colorful place and smiled and mumbled, “Cool. This would be a great place for some stress relieving fun!” She walked around and everything was going normal till she found herself in a circle like arena when suddenly Dr. Robotnik was slowly descending upon the arena in the stadium.

“Oh no! Not again,” shouted May.

Eggman’s Egg Mobile had what appeared to be two long sharp claw appendages added this time. One was on each side ready to pound whoever or whatever was in front of it. “HAHAHA! Get ready to be squashed and to be clawed at!” Yelled the evil doctor.

Eggman then activated the appendages and soon they started pounding the floor and May started to make a serious run for it and thought “Okay! Not fun anymore!” May kept running and running but the machine eventually caught up and the appendage raised a fist and…

May just woke up screaming in terror. Everybody then woke up and Eddy just fell out of his bed and hit the floor on his head. He then yelled, “WHAT THE HECK WAS THAT ALL ABOUT!?” May then stuttered when she tried to speak and then Eddy just took out a pair of socks from his backpack and stuffed it right in May’s mouth and shouted, “Good night! Don’t let me hear another fright!” Then Drew, Ash, Brendan, and Wally walked over to Eddy and stuffed a sock into his mouth and replied, “Don’t do that again,” Then May spat the socks out and replied,

“Forget it guys. It was just a dream and well…people can get nightmares so don’t worry. Let’s just go back to sleep,”

Everybody just went back to sleep and Eddy just spat out the socks and replied, “Why couldn’t she have said that earlier?” Then he fell asleep too. We’ll now take a look at the three Ed’s nightmares and what they dreamed about.

The three Ed’s woke up to see themselves to see themselves in a brown and light brown checkered field and near the outer parts were bushes and walls. Then Eddy noticed they were trapped in that room! Then he shouted,

“Wait….never mind,”

“Hmm it looks like this area we are in is like a green grove. Like a tropical area so to speak,” shouted Double-D.

“Hey guys look!” Yelled Ed who pointed his finger at something in the sky.

The other two walked up and then and gasped as they saw who was descending. It was once again an Eggman in the Egg Mobile and this time underneath the Egg Mobile was what appeared to be a large steel spiked sphere.

“HAHAHA! You three pests are about to play a game of dodge-ball! Except once you lose…you lose forever!” Shouted Eggman.

The three Ed’s then just gulped and Double-D whispered,” Eddy I was never good in gym class or any physical education. Do you think we can escape without being….mangled?”

Then suddenly Eggman rose above them ready to drop the spiked ball. Then Eddy shouted, “RUN!” The three then jumped out of the way nearly being squashed by the sharp sphere. Then the Egg Mobile picked it up with its two claws underneath it like if it were playing a crane game. Then Eddy shouted, “Well sock head. How can we even escape since were trapped in this arena!?”

Then Eggman came by again and dropped the spiked sphere and they jumped out of the way in time once more. Ed then shouted, “Why don’t we all run like crazy in circles?” “That is an actually a good idea lumpy,” replied Eddy. The three then ran around in circles thinking they could never get hit that way but then the three crashed into each other right in the middle of the arena and were now woozy on the head. Then Eggman appeared above them in his Egg Mobile and dropped the spiked sphere and…

“AAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH H!” Screamed the three Ed’s who woke everybody up in the room.

The rest of the gang then stared at the three and then May shouted, “You were saying Eddy?” Eddy just stuffed his mouth with a sock and went back to bed.

Then the lights went out again and everybody went back to sleeping. Now for Wally’s nightmare we’ll take a look. Wally was now waking up and saw himself on top of a blue and dark yellow checkered floor...that was on top of lava. There were three other platforms like the one he stood on in each corner of the lava filled room. The middle of the room had what appeared to be a large circular open space made from metal that connected with four pipes that seemed to take in lava.

“Why am I in a volcano in the first place?”

Then suddenly Eggman in his Egg Mobile was seen descending and attached himself towards the middle open space and then shouted,

“HAHAHA! You should have brought sunscreen cause things are about to heat up!”

Then from the main central pipe from a hole opening out came a caterpillar like flame that streamed in the air and went after our green hair hero. He then saw the chance and took a running leap of faith and tried to jump to the next platform. He barely made it and jumped again. The flames eventually disappeared but Wally was growing heat from the intense temperatures.

“If only I could...fly I might be able to get more air in,” thought Wally.

Wally then fainted as he heard another flame shot out coming close to its unsuspecting target....

Wally then woke up in fear and realized it was all just a dream. He then thought, “Why did I just get that...nightmare?” Wally just went back to bed and tried not to think about what just happened to him in his dream.

Now onward to our last dream of the night. Ash Ketchum’s. Ash woke up and saw himself in a place for more....frightening then our previous dreams. He was standing on a conveyer belt and at the end behind him were large lethal spikes that were attached to the wall. Ahead he saw what appeared to be a machine that said, “Spike maker!” Then Ash looked around and saw that the whole conveyer belt was surrounded in utter darkness.

“Where...where am I?”

Then suddenly Eggman in his Egg Mobile descended ahead of him and underneath his Egg Mobile was what appeared to be two missile launchers.

“Dr. Eggman!? What are you trying to do?” Asked a now angry Ash.

The rotten doctor only responded with one of his evil grins and then suddenly the giant conveyer belt started to move and Ash realized he had to keep running. Then the machine ahead started to make spiked boxes. Ash just kept running when suddenly he saw Eggman fire a missile his way. Ash just nearly jumped over it, Ash then thought,

“I can’t keep this up. I have to keep running though,”

Ash just kept on running but he felt weaker and weaker each time he ran and dodged over the obstacles and projectiles but as he ran he went slower and slower and when he couldn’t run no more he just saw a missile coming towards him...

Ash then woke up and asked himself, “What happened?” He then decides to sleep it over and that was that. It looked like our gang each had a different dream of what might happen to them if they were in that scenario. Anyway back to Dr. Eggman’s base and we see Eggman and his five robot cronies behind him in a large room staring at a large computer monitor.

“Computer! Show me a picture of Ash Ketchum!” Shouted Dr. Robotnik.

The computer monitor then showed a picture of Ash Ketchum on one side of the screen.

“Take a look at this pest! Does he remind you of anyone,” asked Dr. R.

Then Bokkun shouted, “Ooh I love charades! Okay umm he does wear a blue sweater,”

The robots then keep guessing out random name and thought it was a game of charades. Eggman then shouted, “NO YOU RUST BUCKETS! Ash Ketchum is like...Sonic The Hedgehog!”

Then suddenly another picture appeared and it was right next to Ash’s. It showed the one and only famous green eyed, blue hedgehog who also has super speed and a thing for justice.

“That pest is like Sonic! He acts so similar you think it was Sonic as a human,” yelled the doctor.

The robots then nodded and then Boquo asked, “But he does lack one thing Sonic has doctor,” “Yes. He lacks the super speed that Sonic has,” added Dequo.

Then Eggman smiled and replied “Good. Now to our next pest! Show me a picture of Wally Wood!”

The picture of Sonic and Ash were then minimized and a picture of our green haired hero appeared. “Does he remind you about anyone we know back home?” The robots thought and thought and then Dequo replied, “Tails?”

“Yes. This boy and that two tailed twit are also very similar,” answered Eggman.

Then a picture of Miles “Tails” Prower showed up next to Wally. “Both of them pests are both...determined like each other. Heck I wouldn’t be surprised if that green haired kid is the Tails of this world!”

“But let me guess. Dr. R. He can’t fly right,” asked Heavy.

Bomb then added, “Yeah he can’t fly because he got no two tails!”

“Yes and that is one weakness of that kid we must also take advantage of. Computer! Show me a picture of Brendan Birch!” Yelled the doctor in an evil tone.

Then the picture of Tails and Wally were minimized and we see our white hair cool Hoenn guy of the group. Then Eggman asked “Who does he remind you off?” Then Heavy and Bomb then shouted out quick “Knuckles!” The three other bots then mumbled, “That was pretty quick,” Then a picture of Knuckles was shown besides Brendan and Eggman shouted,

“Ah yes. There both so similar cause there both knuckleheads. Yet they are both tough as well,”

“But he doesn’t have Knuckles ability to glide,” added Bomb

“And to punch hard! Me and Bomb should know since we used to team up with the chaotix all those years ago,” added Heavy.

The other three bots were just confused. Then Bokkun asked, “Dr. Eggman. Heavy and Bomb were part of Vector, Charmy, Espio, and Knuckles group?”

“Yes. You see a long time ago Bomb and Heavy were sent by me to make the chaotix have a harder time stopping me from one of my older plans. Isn’t that right Bomb and Heavy?” Answered Eggman.

Bomb and Heavy just nodded but they knew they weren’t telling the truth. Because the first time they met the detectives and Knuckles, they actually were pretty good friends with them. In the end after Eggman was stopped the two robots had no choice to say goodbye to their new pals and well come back being a henchbot for Eggman. The two robots secretly wished they could stay with their new friends but in the end they couldn’t.

“Anyway that Brendan kid is also has another fault. Now to move to our next candidate Drew...did that kid ever have a last name?” Asked Eggman.

His five henchbots just shrugged their shoulders and then the picture of Knuckles and Brendan were minimized and then a picture of Drew came up. The doctor then asked,

“Now tell me who does this pest remind you of?”

The robots all thought and thought but they came up with nothing. Then the doctor answered his own question, “Fang The Sniper,”

Then a picture of Fang showed up right next to Drew’s. “Both are arrogant guys who just don’t give up. Plus they both are very good in coordinating. Well for Fang hand eye coordination but they both have good control over their attacks,”

Then Boquo replied, “But he doesn’t have a fire arm correct?”

Then Eggman only laughed and shouted, “Really do you think a kid can own a gun? However if that kid did have a gun he be a great sharpshooter like that annoying sniper. Anyway time for our last person of the night, May Maple!”

The picture of Drew and Fang were then minimized and then a picture of May appeared. “So who do you think is she like?” The robots then thought and then Boquo replied, “Amy Rose?” Then Dequo replied, “Rouge The Bat?” Then Bokkun replied, “Cream The Rabbit?” Then Eggman smiled and answered,

“No. That girl has traits from all three of them pests!”

Then a picture of Rouge, Amy, and Cream appeared besides May.

“That girl has the cuteness and kindness of Cream, the love and strength of Amy, and the beauty and slyness of Rouge!”

Then the robots answered, “Let us answer. She doesn’t have bat wings, doesn’t have a hammer, and a chao that for some reasons can destroy your machines easily correct?”

Eggman then smiled after hearing that. Then he shouted, “I noticed with our past battles that they win because they stick together as a team. However-“

His robots then replied, “Yes?” “However if we separate them then they will fall as easily as pie!” Answered Eggman. Then Boquo, replied, “Divide?” Bokkun then added, “And?” Dequo finally added, “Conquer?”

“Divide and conquer and them fools will lose! HAHAHA!! Now to pick the first target to be divided and stripped of a Chaos Emerald,” answered the rotten doctor.

Then the picture of Ash, May, Drew, Wally, and Brendan were lined up and Eggman then pulled a lever and a light from a spotlight showed on all of the pictures. He then pulled another lever for a drum roll sound affect and one by one the lights went down to finally choosing...Brendan Birch!

“Ah so we get the knucklehead first. Interesting. Tomorrow he shall feel the wrath of the Eggman Empire and this time he’ll be all alone!”

To be continued...

9th August 2005, 3:24 AM

My only nitpick here is that you used Robotnik's English and Japanese names interchangeably...pick one or the other.

Since Robotnik is taking a break from going after Sonic atm...what if Ash gained Sonic's speed? Think about it...

9th August 2005, 4:12 AM
Thanks Flamingruby. I decided to add a poll of which name you guys like better. The name that has the most votes is going to be the one that I'll use more ofen in my story in future chapters. But I can still use the losing name just not as much as the winning one.

Flaming Lip
9th August 2005, 4:20 AM

My only nitpick here is that you used Robotnik's English and Japanese names interchangeably...pick one or the other.

Actually Eggman is only a nickname and is excepted, and same with Robotnik, Eggman often refers to himself as Doctore Robotnik, so that is discounted.

The chapter was okay, but the dreams were pointless. Dreams are normally used for foreshadowing, you just used them to show off the bosses of Sonic 3D Blast. I can imagine all of them facing those robots in the future, but meh...

When will NiGHTS appear (hopefully in a dream that has more meaning).

Also, why did everyone have nightmares? I can understand if 1 or 2 had one, but all of them, its horriblly predictable, and at the same time very unlikly...

So once again...


It needs somework but other wise it is okay.

9th August 2005, 5:19 AM
I personally liked the dreams (probably just because they remind me of all of the great times I had playing Flickies Island), but they did seem kind of unneccesary. What really surprised me though, was Drew=Fang... That was a stretch. I can imagine a future scene...
Fang: Draw!
*Fang and Drew both pull out guns and kill eachother*

Anyway... I also thought of something you should've added: the Eds should be the Pokemon dimension's Team Chaotix! Eddy=Vector (They're both money-obsessed... nuff said), Edd=Espio (This one's a bit of a stretch, but they're both the smart one's of the trio), and Ed=Charmy (They are both naive). I think it would be a cool idea, but whatever. One more thing... *imagines May with Pico Hammer, Cheese, and bat wings* Ooookkkaaayyy....

P.S. Taking a poll of Eggman vs. Robotnik is pointless. Yugi Naka said himself that Eggman's official name is Dr. Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik, so alternating between Eggman and Robotnik is just fine. Hyper Sonic has spoken!

9th August 2005, 12:19 PM
wes will you make a sequle of this fic like some like when the gang gose to the time of

9th August 2005, 12:27 PM
I was planning a sequal....and it does involve time....but two other importatnt things as well...I better not spoil it for now...

10th August 2005, 4:01 PM
Chapter 31-The Rusty Ruin Fight Of Brendan’s Life!

The gang were all sitting in the kitchen eating cereal in a table.

“Pass the Chunky Puffs Ed,” asked a very sleepy Eddy.

Then Ed handed him a box of cereal and he just poured it in a bowl of cereal. He then reached for some milk and poured it in and then was about to reach for a spoon when he just fell asleep in the bowl of cereal with milk.

“So May. Why were you screaming last night?” Asked her mother Caroline.

“Umm well you see I….thought I saw…a ghost! Yeah a ghost!” Replied May.

“Well good to know you’re all alright,” replied Caroline.

“Umm mom about that favor for dad?” Asked May.

“Yes May,” asked her mom.

“Well can it wait a little because we have to go to a contest and it’s really far away and will since I’m a coordinator and all-“

“Of course. I understand. You are my daughter after all. It could wait it suppose. But it would be nice if you can visit your father before heading to your next contest hall,” replied Caroline.

“Sure mom it be great to visit dad,” replied May.

“Well I’m willing to drive everyone to Petalburg today,” offered Prof. Birch.

“Sure Charles. How about you kids?” Asked Caroline.

Then Ed, Eddy, Double-D, Ash, May, Wally, Brendan, and Drew then just remembered how he handled the wheels in his jeep...Brendan then replied,

“Umm dad I think me and the guys are just going to walk. You know for the exercise and all right?’

The rest of the gang then agreed and then Max shouted, “Can I walk with them mom?” Then Caroline smiled and replied, “Sure. Petalbrug isn’t that far away really,”

After everyone was done with breakfast Brendan’s dad then got his jeep out and then Caroline said good bye and they drove off to Petalburg. The gang then began walking and then Eddy shouted,

“Well since we are walking we might as well talk while were walking. Anyone got any interesting info to share?”

Max being the smart boy he is then replied, “Yep I know what we can talk about!” The rest except Ed and Double-D just anime fell while Eddy just slapped his own face.

The next two hours...

The gang finally made it to a Pokemon Center that happened to be near some old ruins where archeologists were researching it. The gang were all inside sitting on a wide table and next thing shouted was,

“Hey guys can we explore the ruins?” Asked an eager Max.

They all thought about it. Then Double-D shouted “Sure! I never saw what happened to the guys till we umm-“

“Crashed that Aqua grunt,” finished Eddy. “And no! We got a schedule to follow! Wait...I said something Double-D would say! I thought I never see the day!”

“Gee Eddy thanks for being real supportive,” replied Double-D

“Anytime Double-D anytime,” replied Eddy.

The rest of the gang just thought about it. They had today and five more days to get to the contest. And since the detectives did say they were coming back with the helicopter well they decided to analyze the situation. Ash then asked,

“Well I’m not sure. It wouldn’t hurt and we do have some free time...hmm well what do you guys think?

“Well I do have a contest in the coming up days and I guess it be better we get to the contest hall sooner,” suggested May

”Ahem. Your contest? Don’t forget about me too,” added Drew.

“Well I suggest we have a vote. Let democracy decide the decision,” suggested Double-D.

They all agreed. Then Eddy shouted, “Find. We’ll all write our votes on a piece of paper then put them in a hat and then count the votes...and since you have a sock hat Double-D...you knew it was coming sooner or later,”

Double-D then suggested how about, “Ash’s cap? You see their nothing special about my hat really right fellas?”

Then Eddy jumped and pulled of Double-D’s hat revealing...Double-D being....bald. The rest of the gang just had the weirdest expression on their face and then Wally replied,

“I though my hair was weird but Double-D....you got no....hair.....wow,”

Then Brendan replied, “Umm....I suggest....getting your hat glued Double-D?”

Then the rest of the gang then busted out laughing. After everyone was done with the votes Eddy then started stared to tally up the votes.

“Let’s see one for go, one for not go, one for go, one for not go, one for go, one for not go, one for go, one for not go, and the ninth and final one that’ll decided the whole thing....GRAVY! WHO WROTE THIS! ED!”

“Yes Eddy?” Replied Ed.

“Why did you choose a sauce for crying out loud!?” Shouted Eddy.

“Ummmmmmmmmmmmmm it taste good,” replied Ed,.

“Ed. What do you get when you have an idiot plus a moron?” Asked Eddy.

“Umm....brains,” replied Ed.

“No you,” answered Eddy.

The gang then all sighed and then Eddy shouted, “I demand a recount!”

Then the others just read the votes and then Max replied, “Yep we have a tie guys,” “Well now what guys?” Asked May. “I say we take a look I mean no harm will come what could possibly happen to us,” suggested Double-D who wore his black sock hat again.

The gang then walked out of the Pokemon Center and headed toward the ruins for a look. When they reached there they then heard someone that just shouted,

“Hey Ash, Brendan, May, and Wally! Long time no see!”

A archeologist ran up to them and shouted, “You guys remembered me? It’s me John!”

“Oh we remember you! Oh and you should meet these five guys! Max my little brother, Eddy, Ed, Double-D, and Drew,” shouted May.

The guy she just mentioned just said hello and then Ash explained to them that John here was an archeologist and researcher who they helped when they discovered some ruins for him.

“Would you guys want to take a little tour through history,” asked John.

The gang agreed and so far everything was going normal. Then when they came upon a wall John and the gang then noticed something weird. John then shouted,

“Wait. I’ve never seen that knight statue before? It looks like someone carved it out and made it but who?”

Then suddenly Brendan thought, “No it can’t be!” Then suddenly the ground started shaking like crazy. Then Ash shouted, “I think we should get away from her,” “I agree,” answered everyone else. They all made a ran for it and Brendan jus followed behind still staring at the statue when suddenly a large metal wire cage surrounded and trapped Brendan into a small rectangular arena and trapped Brendan with the statue.

"What the!? What’s going on here,” yelled Wally.

“Yeah like who set up that trap?’ Asked Drew.

“Look it’s it’s it’s! Stuttered Eddy.

Then Eggman showed up descending in his Egg Mobile from the no wire blocking top of the giant metal wire fences that surrounded Brendan.

John then asked, “Who is he?”

“He is Dr. Eggman. A scientist who builds robots that help him try to conquer the world,” answered Ash.

Brendan then took a step back in fear and thought, “This can’t be happening! This is what happened in my dream!”

The black suited black top hat wearing doctor then shouted, “Hand over the Chaos Emerald knucklehead or else prepare to become a pancake!”

“Can I have syrup and butter with that order?” Asked Ed.

The rest of the gang then anime fell while Eddy shouted, “This is no time for food Ed! Even though I do want a jawbreaker...that’s beside the point!”

Brendan then stared back and replied, “No way Eggman!” He then pulled out the purple Chaos Emerald in his pocket and shouted, “I earned this and I’m not going to give it up without a fight!”

“Ha. A tough unsuspecting fool. Very well but know that today that the Eggman Empire spares no one and has no mercy!

Then suddenly the Egg Mobile connected within the knight statue’s head and soon the two stone hands started to move in a wavy motion like if they were searching for a target to crush with its large weight. Then one of the stone hands went directly above Brendan ready to slam him down. Brendan just jumped out of the way and then he shouted,

“Time to show you why I was one of the top ten in the Hoenn League Doctor!”

Brendan was about to grab a pokeball from his bag when suddenly he felt it was being pulled. Everyone then noticed a hot air balloon with Eggman’s face above the arena and Bomb and Heavy were seen holding a giant magnet together and pointing it at Brendan’s bag. Suddenly six of Brenda’s pokeballs went flying or should I say busting out of his bag and went flying toward the air and now were stuck on the magnet. Then Bomb shouted,

“Loser! Plus you ought a dye your hair...wait Dr. R will do it for you free!”

“Yeah! He’s gonna dye your hair blood red while your dieing! Let the giant stone fists do all the work for your hair treatment!” Added Heavy.

Both robots then laughed and continued to taunt Brendan when May shouted, “You two are the real losers! “Heh some girl is standing up for a boy,” shouted Bomb. “Probably their boyfriend and girlfriend! Heh pathetic,” added Heavy and both robots continued to laugh like crazy. May and Brendan just blushed at that moment when Heavy shouted his previous remark. Especially Brendan since he had a real crush on May.

Then Eggman though, “Heh the boy I’m about to crush has a crush. Heh,” Then suddenly Eggman made another stone fist go above Brendan. Brendan just jumped out of the way again and then shouted,

“I’m going to beat you somehow Eggman!”

“Ha really you knucklehead! What are you going to do? Climb on walls and somehow glide into my machines and punch it? Ha not a chance! Get a load of this!”

Then on the bottom of the machine where a cannon was located started firing large boulders where Brendan was and he just managed to jump and duck in time only to see the stones smash against the wire fence and then turn into dust. Then Eggman shouted,

“I’m losing my patience! So you want to do this the hard way egh?

Then suddenly he made both of the hands go directly above Brendan and they were about to fall when May yelled,


Then suddenly Brendan’s purple Chaos Emerald started to glow and then a large purple light covered the whole area blocking everyone’s view of sight.

Eventually the light was subdued and everyone gasped when they saw Brendan. There was a couple of changes. Some of his white hair was now red, like his red and white hair were like stripes from a peppermint candy. He was now wearing red shoes, green socks, and white gloves with two spikes at the end of each one. He was still human while I’m at it and no he aint part echidna, finally wore a necklace with a crescent moon mark. He then opened his eyes, and shouted,

“Ready for a real fight Eggman!?”

Eggman was just completely bewildered of what he just saw. He then thought, “He...he...that knucklehead actually looks like...like...like...-“

“KNUCKLES!” Yelled Bomb and Heavy who were also stunned of the predicament.

Then Brendan just jumped away from the two incoming fist and just jumped on top of them. He was now stronger and he could now jump higher for some reason. He then shouted,

“Ready for a knuckle-sandwich!? I’ll scramble the Egg for it!”

Then he performed an impossible feat and managed to glide through the with his fists in the front and then punched the Egg Mobile and a tiny crack began on it.

The gang then were more confused then ever. Then Eddy quietly said, “Did I just see Bread Boy flying into Eggman’s Egg Mobile and then giving the machine a hard punch!?”

“He just....just....did an impossible human feat,” added Double-D. “Oh and technically he glided through the air not flew but still...what happened to him?”

The gang were as confused as ever. Then Max shouted, “Who knows? But it does look like he can actually fight against him so that’s good,”

The gang then watched. Eggman not expecting this once again tried to crush Brendan but Brendan who also could run a little faster from the mysterious transformation then before dodged the stone hands and just jumped and glided and gave the Egg Mobile another serious punch. Then Eggman shouted,

“I still have the advantage you annoying pest! Get a load get a load of get a load of this!”

Then Eggman began firing boulders again. Brendan then glided to a metal wired fence and then shouted, “You know what you said earlier of climbing and sticking on the fence? I proved you wrong doc! I love these new gloves, shoes, and my good looking crescent moon necklace! Especially if these gloves let me climb on without letting go anytime till I choose too!”

Then after Eggman stopped shooting boulder Brendan then glided over and gave another serious blow from his gloved fists. Eggman then yelled,


Brendan just smiled and replied, “Fine with me...Robuttnik!”

Then Heavy commented “Oh boy Dr. R is mad,” “Yeah. He looks like his fuse just went off and now he’s a ticking time bomb,” added Bomb.

Then Eggman then made both fists go above Brendan’s head again but he just ran pretty fast, to avoid the crush of the two stone hands. Then got back on them and when they went back in the air, Brendan just glided and gave the Egg Mobile another strong punch. The Egg Mobile now had a bigger crack and then Eggman shouted,

“Humph! I’ll just have to go harder then! Eat rock!”

Eggman began firing the boulders again like crazy but Brendan then just jumped and climbed on the fence and just stuck his tongue out at the doctor. Then he jumped off and glided and slammed another fist into the Egg Mobile. And Eggman knew he was about to lose soon. In one final desperate attempt to crush Brendan he fired two large boulders right at Brendan who seeing this got one of his fists out and knocked one right back into the Egg Mobile and the other into the hot air balloon where Bomb and Heavy were! Then both robots suddenly lost their balance as the balloon was moving out of control and it the magnet holding Brendan’s pokeballs fell.

Brendan seeing this waited and then timing it right, he jumped into the air and caught them and then shouted,

“Bye Bomb, Heavy, and Eggman!”

Bomb and Heavy just crashed into Eggman’s Egg Mobile and a large explosion was seen and then Eggman along with Bomb and Heavy who were now black, charred, and smoky were now retreating out of the area fast in the Egg Mobile and that was that.

Then the statue then fell to the floor in pieces and the three metal wired fences fell and that was that for that machine. Then suddenly another purple light came out from Brendan’s Chaos Emerald and everyone was temporarily unable to see. When the purple light finally was gone, Brendan was just back to his own self before his mysterious….makeover.

“Brendan are you alright,” asked May as she ran towards him and now hugged him. Brendan just blushed and replied, “I’m okay May,” “How did you get so much stronger anyway?” Asked a curious Wally.

“I don’t know. All I know is that I should thank my Chaos Emerald for that instance,” replied Brendan who stared at the jewel he now held in his hands.

“Well Bread Boy. At least you gave that egg a good beating? Get it? Egg beating?” Asked Eddy who waited for a response.

“Well anyway what do we call it?” Asked Max.

“Call it? Call what?” Asked Brendan.

“You know when you gained strength, speed, ability to jump higher, glide, and the accessories,” answered Max.

They all thought and thought. Then Double-D shouted, “I think we should call it Chaos Form,”

“Chaos Form?” Asked the others in confusion.

“Well Brendan needed his Chaos Emerald to transform into…a stronger version of himself and well it does make since if we do call it Chaos Form,” answered Double-D.

They all then thought about it and Brendan answered, “Okay it works for me! YEAH I GOT A CHAOS FORM!”

Later that day…

They all arrived at Petalburg and they all then ran to May’s home and as Ed would put it, they be ready to get their grub on for some food!

To be continued…

10th August 2005, 5:02 PM
well, I did skip a large part of the inner chaopters to see this, but I must say, this is quite well done. Heh, brendand and knuckles merging, crazy idea that actually works.

10th August 2005, 5:07 PM
Not really. Knuckles never even knew about this! It's just that Brendan acts like Knuckles so much that he actually gained his stregth and abilities from his Chaos Form. But thank you still and I appreciate this!

Bao Zakeruga
10th August 2005, 7:40 PM
Excellent idea!Something told me something like that was gonna happen.

11th August 2005, 2:10 AM
Thanks! Well better start working on my next chapter!

Flaming Lip
11th August 2005, 4:52 AM
I hope this doesn't happen with every body, because the suprise is gone I am fine with the Knuckles transformation... Also, I was not to keen on that happening, but so long as it doesn't happen again, or atleast to often.

11th August 2005, 4:56 AM
.....whoops......umm not to ofen just once in a while...also umm....don't worry I'm planning a lot more surprises! I'm aiming to make this fic as popular as all the other good ones here as well and trust me I have LOTS OF IDEAS READY! And thinking of new ones as I'm going along! ^_^!

11th August 2005, 5:35 AM
That was... awkward, to say the least. Interesting, but as stated before, it shouldn't be used excessivly. I still can't wait to see the Drew vs. Fang scene! :D Anyways... There is another thing I'd like to point out to you that needs MAJOR imrovement: grammar. Look at this paragraph:

Then Ed handed him a box of cereal and he just poured it in a bowl of cereal. He then reached for some milk and poured it in and then was about to reach for a spoon when he just fell asleep in the bowl of cereal with milk.

This is what the paragraph should look like:

Ed handed him a box of cereal and he poured it in a bowl. He reached for some milk and poured it in, and was about to reach for a spoon, when he fell asleep in the bowl of cereal.

You see, the first sentence makes no sence. You don't pour cereal into a bowl of cereal. The second sentence is a run on. You need to put commas in, but I am seeing an extreme lack of commas. As a matter of fact, the only time I see commas is before/after dialogue. Speaking of which, every time a new person speaks, you should start a new paragraph. Have two or three people speaking in the same paragraph gets confusing. Also, you are using the word "just" far too much. It is not required nearly as much as you use it. Lastly, I noticed a few spellin mistakes, but don't worry about those.

Trust me, using these tips to improve your fic will make it much better. Sorry, I'm a grammar freak, but please take some of this into concideration. Any, keep up the good work. ^_^

11th August 2005, 4:01 PM
Grammer.....I thought I was good at that...I better becareful when writing my next chapter! Thanks! I can't wait to get it done and show it to you guys! ^_^.

12th August 2005, 12:14 AM
Chapter 32-Becareful What You Wish For! Especially If Harley Makes It!

The gang were all eating some dinner at May’s house and we while our gang was eating Norman (May’s father) then asked,

“So anything interesting happen in your travels everyone? The gang just stared at each other and decided it was probably best if May’s parents didn’t know about what happened and then May replied,

“You know the usual. Traveling, catching pokemon, that sort of stuff,”

“Well good luck to you May, Drew, and Eddy in your respective contest,” answered Caroline.

“Well thanks mom,”

The gang then finished, took a shower, and slept for the night. Back to Eggman’s base and we see the doctor and his five henchbots looking pretty beat.

“Okay. How about we just forget about Brendan Birch and go after a different target,” suggested Boquo.

“I mean it looks like you were beaten pretty bad by that kid,” added Dequo.

“Grr. I would have gotten that brat and his Chaos Emerald. No matter. Forget the divide and conquer strategy and let’s just go back to capturing the girl. If we have her then those fools will easily hand over the Chaos Emeralds they have. If that fails we try divide and conquer again,” suggested the rotten doctor.

Bomb then shouted, “Good thinking Dr. Robotnik,”

“Yeah them losers are going to lose them Chaos Emeralds as fast as me beating someone in Fight Night,” added Bomb.

“Ooh can I play?” Asked Bokkun.

The robots then left to the living room of the base and then Eggman shouted, “Wait a minute!? Wait for me!”

The next day…

It was now morning and the gang were outside sitting on two separate benches in the front porch of May’s house. They were all bored and nothing was new when suddenly they heard shouting from the walkie talkie and Eddy then pulled it out of his pocket and shouted,

“Hello Vector? You there?”

“Who else? Guess who’s got his chopper back?” Replied the detective.

Then in the background you could hear Charmy shout, “I know! I know!” Then Vector shouted, “Quiet Charmy I’m on the talkie!”

“Can I talk pretty please Vector? Pretty please with cherries on top, chocolate syrup, marshmallows, cereal of everything even corn flakes and bran flakes, gumdrops, sprinkles, honey, and a cactus?”

Vector then stared at him with a confused expression since Charmy said all of that so fast he really didn’t get anything he said. “I’m sorry but you really have to lay of the sugar you know?” Replied Vector.

“I think I’ll communicate with them while Charmy tried to explain his reasoning,” answered Espio.


“Come on Vector. I am second in command of the agency you know? Besides I just want to say hi too,” answered Espio.

“There you said hi! Now I’m talking!” Answered Vector.

“No I want to talk too Vector,” replied Charmy.

“I wish to speak to them too you know,” replied Espio too.

The three then can be heard over the walkie talkie beating each other up like if it was a free for all. Then Ash took the walkie talkie and asked, “Isn’t someone driving the helicopter?”

Back to the three who were in the control room and as the dust cloud appeared and then disappeared the three detectives then replied,

“No why?” Then the plane started to tilt and then the three muttered, “Oh no!” The three then ran to the controls and then the three started pulling on one lever together and soon the helicopter and was back to normal.

“Whew! I thought we were toast for sure,” shouted Vector.

Then Ed shouted, “Can I have buttered toast then?”

Then Vector shouted, “Kid we aint toast alright?
“Anyway where are you guys?” Asked a curious Wally.

“I think were…HEY WE SEE YOU GUYS!” Yelled Vector all of a sudden.

The gang then heard the shout and got out of the porch. They then noticed the large white helicopter and then Brendan quietly said, “Well that was fast.” The helicopter slowly and eventually descended in front of May’s house. When it finally stopped, our three black top hat wearing, black trench coat wearing, bandana covered face, and chaotic detectives were back.

“Well kids anything new happen for the past day or two that happened while we detectives took a pretty fast boat ride and got our nice chopper back?” Asked Vector.

The rest of the gang then just stared at each other unsure whether to tell of the events that happened to them while the detectives weren’t with them. Especially when Brendan got his Chaos Form, and the battle between him and Eggman in his Knight Statue machine. Then Brendan answered,

“Nope. You know same old, same old right guys?”

The rest of the gang then answered the same but Vector noticed Brendan and the gang hesitated a little before telling and he had a gut feeling they weren’t exactly telling the truth. Nonetheless though Vector just replied,

“Okay. Anyway I think some of you have a coordinator thing in a couple of days at some ski resort right?”

Then May, Drew, and Eddy shouted, “Yeah we do,” and then Espio suggested, “So are you all ready to go there right now? I think it be better if we did so we do not have to rush at the last moments and such,”

The gang then agreed and Vector shouted, “Well what are you kids waiting for? Let’s go!” “I can’t wait to go snowboarding,” added Charmy.

“Sure just let us say good bye to my parents first,” answered May who ran back in to her house to say goodbye.

“Mom I’m going to my contest right now,” shouted May.

Caroline and Norman then went to hug her and replied, “Good luck! Would you kids mind coming back here when your contest is over?”

“Sure I still have to help my own family too,” replied May.

As she was running Norman then shouted, “Keep an eye on your brother May!”

“I will,” she answered as she ran back. They were now boarded and when inside the helicopter Max asked, “You guys get to go anywhere in this! Wow that’s so cool! But who were those three guys earlier? Are those guys the detectives you were telling me about?”

“Yep Max, I’ll explain everything along the way

Four hours later…

The gang finally arrived at the ski resort located in the Ice Cave Mountains near Blackthorn City in the Johto region. They saw a big huge resort and so much to do! Skiing, sledding, an ice rink to ice skate, snowboarding, and much more! There was even a contest hall near the ski resort where the next contest was going to be held in four more days.

“Wow I can’t wait to try everything? How about you two Espio and Vector?” Asked Charmy.

Vector and Espio then sneezed and then Vector shouted, “Good thing we reptiles are wearing these nice new warm duds cause we really hate the cold,”

“It isn’t that bad right?” Asked Charmy.

Then Vector and Espio sneezed again and replied, “We need to go see if they got any hot coco/tea,” Then Vector and Espio made a run for it to the hotel in the resort while Charmy just followed behind. The gang then walked to the contest hall and then once inside May and Drew signed up for their beauty contest while Eddy signed up for his tough contest.

“Well if it isn’t Drew, May, and….shorty,” shouted a voice.

Everyone then turned to see Harley. Harley was a man, who was very tall, wore a shirt that looked like a Cacturne, and without covering his naval where everyone could see, and had purple like violet hair.

“Hey it’s….cactus boy,” shouted Eddy. “And don’t call me shorty! Be glad I don’t sign up in them beauty contests are I thrash your lead star with mine!” Barked Eddy.

“Harley? What are you doing here?” Asked May.

“What do you think? To enter for a beauty contest of course!” Snapped Harley.

He then walked away from them to be alone. Harley despised May and Drew very much. They were beating him in every contest those two were in, and plus he thinks his pokemon were insulted along with his cookies! While walking he then whispered,

“I wished that May Maple was….turned into a popsicle in this frozen tundra and then taken away by some mad scientist that would need here to conquer the world or something! Then I would only have to deal with one person who insults my pokemon and bakery treats!”

While he was walking away we go back to the base of the Eggman and he was seen in the garage looking at his newest model (To be more exact recycled model) of his Egg Mobile. It was covered in silver armor and connected below with a long silver metal pole was a small circular platform that had holes that were designed to suck in extreme temperatures and release them into a gas that could either burn or freeze whatever felt the gas.

“Heh. That girl is soon going to be a frozen statue once I’m done with her. Then we take her back to the base and we await the precious Chaos Emeralds,” shouted Eggman.

He then jumped on and Boquo and Dequo also jumped in and was ready to get our gang. Eggman also had a backup machine built under this one just in case to make a getaway. Back to our gang and it looked like they were all having some fun in the ski resort playing in the snow. They all kept playing till the late afternoon when the sun was setting and then were about to come in when suddenly Harley who happened to be watching them shouted,

“Do I see an egg shaped man, wearing a black suit and black top hat, in a giant silver hover sphere with a long pole underneath connected to a platform where large amounts of white gas can be seen coming out or am I just mad?”

“Here’s another chance to scramble the egg boys,” shouted Vector.

“Not again. Boy he never gives up,” shouted Brendan.

Eggman was all business today so he just cut to the chase and started moving the machine towards our gang. The detectives then got in fly formation and started to pound his machine but he didn’t care as he was making a direct freeze for May. The gang were running back to the hotel as fast as they could. The Egg Mobile could be seen about to crack but then…managed to freeze May whole and into a big ice cube!

“MAY!” Yelled, Ash, Brendan, Drew, and Wally.

“He… turned my sister into a statue,” quietly said Max.

It was now night as soon as she got frozen and then Harley then shouted, “My wish! It did come true! Thank you man that looks like an egg!”

Then the detectives blew the silver armor off and Charmy shouted, “Take that you bad man!”

But when the smoke cleared it appeared the Egg Mobile wasn’t finished. It now had what appeared to be light and ice blue armor, with a booster on each side of the machine and what appeared to be a large ice blue chain underneath that connected to a platform with spikes underneath it. A metal claw then came out from a side of the Egg Mobile and craned up May who was frozen in a pretty big ice cube and placed her into that platform and then a metal cage appeared and trapped her in it!

“WOO-HOO-HOO! SUCCESS! Now to make it back to the base! So long pests! Get ready to relinquish over your Chaos Emeralds soon if you want your girlfriend! HAHAHAHAHA!” Yelled the evil Dr. Eggman.

The Egg Mobile then made a blast for it and then Espio shouted, “Let me take point! Speed formation!”

The three detectives then started chasing after hi with Espio in the lead and the long ice night chase was about to begin. Harley then sighed in frustration and mumbled, “Those three….new people better not mess up my wish!”

Then the boys in our gang shouted, “We have to do something!”

“But how are we going to catch up with them guys? You do realize Eggman now has his machine go really fast right and the fact we can’t run as fast as the detectives right? Asked Double-D.

Eddy noticed what appeared to be a snowboard shop and then he quietly mumbled, “I am going to hate myself later for this,”

Back to the chase and Dequo shouted, “Doctor. Espio, Charmy, and Vector seems to be chasing us,”

“Should we do something about them doctor?” Asked Boquo.

“Of course we should!” Yelled Eggman who now slammed a button in his Egg Mobile.

A missile was seen dropping out of the machine and caused a large snow blast our detectives just dodged. Vector then tossed out his pokeball and his Totodile came out standing on top of his head.

“Use your ice beam to make an icy rail for Espio to grind on too near that moving machine!” Shouted Vector.

His Totodile nodded and fired a beam of ice and kept firing till it was done making long icy rails. Espio then jumped on and as he grinded the ice behind him fell and soon when he reached near the machine he tossed a ninja star at the chain holding the platform that held the frozen May in a cage and the chains weakened a bit and then Espio jumped and pounded Eggman’s head with a spin attack who only shouted,

“YEEOOOOWWWCCCHHH!” Like if his eyeballs popped out of his head for a moment or two.

The chase continued over the snowy plains as the resort could be seen in the distance and then Eggman shouted, “Eat snow!”

A small cannon on the back of the machine started shooting snowballs at our detectives trying to slow them down as best as possible. A snowball hit Vector on his face and red bandana and mumbled, “Typical just typical.”

While that was happening Jessie, James, and Meowth were in their hot air balloon and it looks like they were trying to get to the ski resort too. Then James shouted,

“Look! It’s those detectives”

“And it looks like there chasing that Eggman fella,” added Meowth.

“And it also looks like the girl twerp is frozen in a giant ice cube?” Added Jessie.

Then we go back and Espio was now grinding on another icy rail made by Vector’s Totodile’s ice beam attack. He then tossed another ninja star but it accidentally flew out of his hands and popped Team Rocket’s balloon….which now was flying like crazy toward the resort.

“WHAT WE DO TO YOU TODAY!” Yelled Jessie and James as the balloon was moving and then soon seen crashed on top of the hotel back at the resort.

“I’m sorry. But it was our duty and also an accident as well,” shouted Espio who just tossed another ninja star at the chain which now grew weaker. Then he pounded Eggman on the head with another spin attack and Eggman once again yelled,

“YEOOOWWWCCCHHH!” As if his eyeballs came out of his head for a moment or two.

Eggman then began dropping missiles from his getaway machine and the detectives juts kept maneuvering over the snowy blasts along with the snowballs. Espio then shouted,

“Give it up doctor! You know we won’t stop chasing you!”

“Do you really think I give up the perfect hostage that can help me obtain some Chaos Emeralds? I don’t think so!”

Then another icy rail was made from Vector’s Totodile and Espio once again attacked the chain with a ninja star and pounded Eggman on the head with a spin attack.

The chasing battle kept continuing and then Espio finally made the platform fall and when it fell the cage broke and so did the ice cube holding May and she muttered,


Then Espio and Charmy got out their pokemon and when there Beedrill and Kecleon were out the three then yelled,


Vector’s Totodile, Charmy’s Beedill started charging up a hyper beam, and Espio’s Kecleon then began charging up a solar beam,. Then Eggman along with Boquo and Dequo shouted,

“We’ll just be leaving”

The Mobile could be seen going at full speed away but then the three attacks then went into one and fired into the Egg Mobile and...




The Egg Mobile could be seen blasting away in its normal armor and that was that. Then the rest of the gang caught up in their snowboards and saw May very weak and cold.

“We have to get her warm soon,” shouted Espio.

They all agreed and they all took her back to the hotel as fast as they can.

An hour later...

They were all in the lobby relaxing. The Ed’s were seen sitting on a couch. The detectives in arm chairs and the rest of the gang near by a fireplace. May was seen holing a cup of hot coco and with some blankets around her. She was now sleeping peacefully and Vector and Espio could be seen with a big red nose.

Then Eddy asked, “So how do you guys feel?”

Then Vector and Espio just sneezed and Eddy replied, “Say it don’t spray it!”

“My aching nose! I need more tissues,” replied the two detectives.

Then Ed shouted, “I’m tissue man! I shall blow your nose!”

“Ed. I think the detectives need to relax and drink some warm liquids. Anything for you two?” Asked Double-D.

“I want some hot coco, the tissues with the lotion since those tissues are the best and softest, and some soup,” replied Vector who then just sneezed again.

“Same thing what he wants except make my drink some tea,” replied Espio who let out a cough.

He then went to the restaurant of the hotel to get that stuff for the detectives. May was now sleeping like if she was in heaven and the rest of the guys thought of something.

“May. We couldn’t protect her. She could have...if it weren’t for the detectives she could have....if she was frozen too long she could have...died,”

The rest of the guys felt really guilty after that. Then Max quietly asked, “May are you okay?” May just woke up smiling and replied, “I’m fine now Max. Really I’m okay,”

Harley walking by saw them and then muttered, “Oh well. At least the Egg Man tried,”

The gang then went to their rooms and took a shower, brushed their teeth, put on their pajamas, and went to sleep. But meanwhile...

We check on our sniper who is seen building something in the abandoned garage like last time. He then muttered to himself,

“Once I’m done building a better model of the Marvelous Queen them blokes are going to be blasted!”

To be continued...

Bao Zakeruga
12th August 2005, 2:43 AM
I knew Harley hated May,but that's just sick.Did they get all the chaos emeralds yet,because I'm too lazy to check.

12th August 2005, 2:54 AM
They only have six and thanks for reviewing!

Flaming Lip
12th August 2005, 6:47 AM
You know, Eggman should win sometimes. It makes things more interesting. I was half expected this too twist the story around, with Eggman getting the Chaos Emeralds, and setting up the plot for the final showdown...

Oh well...

12th August 2005, 4:16 PM
Don't worry! I did say I have a lot of surprises ready! Besides next chapter is going to be a great fun comedy and dancing chapter that you don't want to miss!

Bao Zakeruga
12th August 2005, 10:37 PM
Will we get to find out who May likes?

12th August 2005, 11:08 PM
Very good! You improved a lot! All you have to do is put your mind to it. Also, could I make a request? In a future chapter, could you "pretty please with cherries on top, chocolate syrup, marshmallows, cereal of everything even corn flakes and bran flakes, gumdrops, sprinkles, honey, and a cactus," feature the freaky mechanical-duo, Metal Knuckles and Tails Doll? That would be sweet! Those two really need to be promoted more, especially the Tails Doll... PLEASE think about it?

14th August 2005, 12:51 PM
Thanks guys! I'm having a hard time writing the next chap but don't worry. Reguarding your two reqests Hyper Sonic...maybe I'm not sure.

14th August 2005, 5:15 PM
:cool: Well thanks for considering it.

15th August 2005, 2:35 AM
Just here to tell you guys I'm alomost done with th next chap! Also that it helps to know if you guys can dance in front of the computer because the next chap is a lot more interactive then previous ones. If not but if you have maracas then shake those while reading the next chap! Let's just say the music is reallly really good that it made me dance while reading my chap in front of the computer! Thogh people in the library did stare at me...

Anyway if you are not allowed to dance in front of the computer then don't do it! But anyway the next chapter is going to truely be a great one! I just have that feeling!

15th August 2005, 8:03 PM
Chapter 33-The Night Of Dr. Gigglyman And Samba De Amigo!

The next day everything was normal and it was normal. Nothing special but that night was one of the funniest, laugh out loud, weird times the gang ever experienced! It all started when everyone in the hotel was watching TV for some new comedy show. But meanwhile we check on Dr. Eggman who was seen in his private disco room wearing his regular red suit and his black top hat.

“Hurry up with the equipment! I feel the need to tell the world that I gotta conquer it and make them afraid of me you know!”

Bokkun got into the room with a large TV camera used to record things to show on TV. “Turn on the switch that can broadcast this in every TV in the world! Soon people will fear my empire!”

Then Boquo and Dequo then went up to him and asked, “Are you sure this is a wise decision doctor? This could be risky for our cover,”

“I KNOW WHAT I’M DOING!” Shouted the doctor who then stomped the room so loud when suddenly one of the stage lights fell and hits him right on the head.

“Dr. Eggman are you alright?” Asked Boquo and Dequo.

Eggman then woke up smiling and shouted, “Dr who? I think you mean Dr.Gigglyman!”

“Dr. Gigglyman? I think the doctor got a very hard hit on the head, “Whispered Boquo.

Then Dr. Gigglyman shouted, “Since we’re all in the disco room let’s party and dance like crazy!”

Then Dr. Gigglyman went to a closet in the room and found what appeared to be a CD titled, “Samba De Amigo!” He then tossed it to an Egg Pawn robot and shouted,

“Put it in the CD player and then get all the other Egg Pawn robots! Were going to party like crazy!”

The Egg Pawn then ran off and soon came back with a bunch of Egg Pawn robots and they lined up in two rows behind Gigglyman. Then Gigglyman went to the closet and pulled out a sombrero hat and maracas and tossed it to the robots. Soon everyone got one hat and some maracas. Bomb, Heavy, and Boquo, and Dequo were just lined up behind Gigglyman who with his sombrero hat and free hands and then he shouted,


Bokkun just shrugged his shoulders and hit a switch and now every TV in the world can see that large private disco room.

Back to our gang and everyone in the hotel then complained, “NOOO!” Then our gang noticed Eggman and Ash shouted, “Is that Eggman?”

“He’s...in a disco room...with a bunch of robots...with sombrero hats ...and all of his robots are holding maracas....wow,” answered Drew.

“I wonder what the heck he’s trying to pull?” Asked Brendan.

“The doc is a very very lonely guy........wow,” answered Vector.

Then Gigglyman stated, “Welcome and this is the Dr. Gigglyman show! Were going to dance like crazy! Start the music!”

The music started and all Egg Pawns began shaking their maracas in swish swish pattern. Gigglyman then started to dance and sung, (Dance while reading it makes this chapter much more fun and wait till the song finishes and follow the lyrics then move on to the next paragraph)

Mambo para mi
Mambo lo qiero así

Yo trabajo aquí
Yo no soy feliz
Porque fuera hace calor
Y yo trabajo
Ay... si yo pudiera
Un poco descansar
En este oficina
Ahora yo no puedo estar, óyeme

¿Por qué no?
¿Por qué no puedo?
Esta sí es una locura
Quiero ir a la playa pronto
Bajo el sol que me quema
¿Por qué no?
¿Por qué no puedo?
Esta sí es una locura
Quiero ir a la playa
Es verano, camos
Toca un mambo, por favor

Ritmo de mambo
Mambo de verano
Bailaré contigo
Toda la noche bailaré
Ritmo de mambo
Mambo de verano
Me gusto el verano
Pero yo no tengo que trabajar

¿Por qué no?
¿Por qué no puedo?
Esta sí es una locura
Quiero ir a la playa pronto
Bajo el sol que me quema
¿Por qué no?
¿Por qué no puedo?
Esta sí es una locura
Quiero ir a la playa
Es verano, camos
Toca un mambo, por favor

Ritmo de mambo
Mambo de verano
Bailaré contigo
Toda la noche bailaré
Ritmo de mambo
Mambo de verano
Me gusto el verano
Pero yo no tengo que trabajar

Ritmo de mambo, ay qué sabroso
Ritmo de mambo de mi corazón

Everyone back at the hotel were dancing like crazy in the lobby while our gang were just as confused as ever. Then Harley shouted while dancing,

“I think this man was the best thing ever to ever happen to me!”

“Eggman knows Spanish? Cool,” shouted Wally.

“I thought Miror B’s dancing scared the heck out of me but.....really I think Eggman...or should we all say Gigglyman has went nuts after we beat him last night,” shouted Eddy.

“Maybe we should just dance? You guys have to admit this is pretty funny and good at the same time,” suggested May.

Time to see some reactions around the world. Let’s start with a certain rock Gym leader that lives in Pewter City. He was watching TV with his little brothers and sisters that night and after watching the first performance of Brock just said,

“Guys. Promise me you will never be like this Dr. Gigglyman. Boy is this man lonely,”

“But what about you big brother? You don’t have a girlfriend too,” replied his little brothers and sisters.

Brock then could be seen all silent and embarrassed and anime fell too when he heard that. Now to another different place. Misty and her four sisters also watched the dancing maraca fiasco and the five sisters were like....

“I’ve never seen a person stoop so low for attention,” quietly said Misty.

“That guy and his robots are obviously clowns,” shouted Daisy.

People all over the world watching this were having many different opinions. Then Gigglyman shouted,

“Now that was fun! Now let’s try a different song! Get the song called Salome ready! Everybody let’s get ready to cha cha cha!”

The robots then began shaking their maracas like cracy and Giigglyman was seen dancing like crazy. He was moving all about with big body and kept shouting out Spanish things. If like if it was a trance everyone watching this started to dance and wear sombrero hats and maracas and the whole world felt like a giant fiesta with everyone who just ate some hot spicy salsa! And we go to our gang and everyone was dancing and shaking their maracas!

“Now this is what I call a party!” Yelled Eddy who along with the rest of the gang was wearing a sombrero hat and shaking some maracas.

“You know for a bad guy, Eggman aint that bad,” shouted Drew.

“Yeah to me he seems to act like a child more then a man with an IQ of three hundred,” shouted Ash.

“Maybe that’s why he always loses,” shouted Wally.

They all were dancing and shaking like crazy! It was like the whole world was moving up and down, shaking like if they were in a giant shaker and man did the world have one crazy dance!

“Eggman is one weird and funny former client guys,” shouted Charmy who was having a fun time with shaking his maracas.

“We can’t dance,” complained the other two detectives who were sitting on an armchair with a blanket covering each of the two and them holding a box of tissues. And then pulling out a tissue to blow on their noses.

“Go Gigglyman! Go Gigglyman! Go Gigglyman!” chanted everyone who saw the show.

But meanwhile we check on our sniper who was sitting on an old armchair in the abandoned garage he was seen in looking at a TV and watching the show too.

“Boy I knew the doctor was a bit....wacky but not this wacky! Why he’s even more wacky then them chaotic blokes I used to work with!”

Fang just laughed and laughed at Gigglyman’s dancing antics when suddenly a big idea struck his head!!

“Wait a minute! TIME OUT! I know the perfect customer for a Chaos Emerald now! At least I know who to sell it too! Perfect!"

Fang just continued to laugh. He knew that Eggman always went crazy over the Chaos Emeralds and if he can get the silver Chaos Emerald from our gang he could make a ton of cash. Then he got up and started to break dance on the floor and that was that with him at least.

We also check on a Team Rocket base and every solder, grunt, admin, and agent were watching this party and Domino who happened to be there shouted,

“Why did our boss team up with this guy?”

Butch and Cassidy along with a bunch of other Rocket agents in a living room of the base were just....scared. The dancing also made some members dance like crazy while the more serious members were just confused. Domino decided to call Giovanni and tell him what his so called partner was doing.

The gang were shaking the whole place! Heck all the buildings in the world where people can see this felt like they were bouncing up and down doing the cha cha cha!

“Go Ash! Go Ash! Go Ash!” The people were chanting when Ash was seen break dancing on the floor of the hotel.

“I never knew I was so good at dancing,” thought Ash.

“Hey let us Ed’s have a shot!’ Shouted Eddy who pushed Ash out of the way and now he along with the other two started dancing.

The Ed’s then started to so some break dancing of there own and soon people started to cheer for them. And then later Brendan shouted,

“My turn!”

He then pushed the Ed’s out of the way and started to break dance too on top of his sombrero hat and soon people started cheering for him. Soon Wally pushed him out of the way and he started to break dance too. But meanwhile let’s see some other reactions.

We’ll check on Ash’s house first and see what his mom Delia thinks of our big bad guy of my story who apparently has amnesia and is dancing like crazy. She and her Dr. Mimewere watching the show and Delia just said,

“......Umm....wow.....at least I know who to call for a party!”

Let’s try May’s parents reaction for a little test. Back at their house and both were also watching the show and Norman just said

“Well I think that man last lost his balance in life,”

“Are you sure?” Asked Caroline.

Then Gigglyman was seen shouting “WOO-HOO-HOO!” While he was spinning on the floor with his sombrero hat and then Norman replied,

“Yes Caroline. This man has lost his balance in life yet it amuses us,”

And both of them bursted out laughing at the sight. In the meantime let’s check on a different place. Very different place. There was an abandoned base of Dr. Robotnik in South Island. The home of Miles Tails Prower. In that base there laid an evil, and truly menacing creation known as...Metal Sonic. Metal was one of his masters best and probably still best creation ever made. His goal. To kill his counterpart Sonic the Hedgehog. He despised him in everyway possible.

“Sonic...I’m the real Sonic!”

Metal Sonic looked like a excellent robot that now seemed much more then that. He didn’t follow orders from anyone and not even his creator who also fails to take down his organic counterpart.

“One day...just one day....you’ll cease to exist...my counterpart,” shouted Metal angrily.

He was painted dark blue on his metal and had a jet turbine in his body that made him as fast as his counterpart. He had fists and claws of steel and deep deep hatred toward Sonic. He wore a black cape around his shoulders to show that he was a overlord. He didn’t know why he always lost to his counterpart.

“Why do I fail whenever I try to dispose of my hated counterpart?! Why!?” Metal angrily shouted.

He then went over to a Sonic doll in a corner of the room and grabbed it by the next and soon it pooped out and stuffing slowly poured out. Metal wanted to see blood from his counterpart in his red evil dark eyes. He then yelled,

“One day I will find a way to best you in battle and you will pay dearly from my anger!”

He then clawed at the doll and it was sliced and diced and white stuffing fell out and he just yelled,


He then just threw out the remains of the doll at a broken screen and as the glass cracked Metal just angrily screamed like if he was a dragon ready to cause chaos and destruction. Back to our side of the story and we see the group still dancing and everything was going normal and then we check on Eggman’s base in the private disco room where th whole funny crazy fiasco and the whole room was shaking like crazy and when the room shakes...so does lights connected to the ceiling.

All the Egg Pawns can be seen doing some form of dance while they still shook there maracas. The four lead robots could be seen behind him busting a move too and Gigglyman himself was having a fun time when suddenly....another stage light fell and hit him on the head.

Everybody watching then went quiet and then Ed only said,


“Ouch that has got to hurt,” shouted Eddy who started to laugh.

Gigglyman then woke up and asked, “What happened? And why am I wearing one of my sombrero hats?”

Then Eggman stood up and asked, “Wait a minute....-“

All of his robots got nervous after waiting for his response. Eggman then yelled,


Everyone who saw that just anime fell and then Vector shouted, “Well for Eggman that is kind of a accomplishment...who am I kidding? The doc should work out more though,”

“And why are all of you here in this room?”

“Umm ughh...-“ his four top loyal robots were very nervous what to say till Bokkun shouted,

“You wanted to start a serious diet and you decided to record it on tapes to see how much you lose a day!”

“Really? Well that does explain why I’m here but why are you rust buckets here in my private disco room in the first place?”

The whole room just fell silent and a nervous smile came from every robot in the room. Then suddenly if they were chased by a herd of Tauros in Spain all the Egg Pawns ran in a straight line out of the room all while still shaking their maracas and keeping their sombrero hats and Eggman just shouted,

“You five have got some explaining to do!”

Then Dequo, Boquo, Bokkun, Bomb, and Heavy then could be seen backing away into a wall and Eggman now putting on metal boxing gloves with spikes on the end was shown ready to punch his robots when the TV camera fell in the floor and everybody just got a multi colored screen that said,

“Due to the following scenes being too violent and mature for underage viewers we will just show our music commercial in place for the remaining time the program was allotted to show,”

Then suddenly a music video showed Eggman wearing a sombrero hat smiling and then shouted,

“Want something exciting and flavorful for your taste buds? Then buy Chunky Puffs! The greatest cereal I ever ate and all followers of Eggman will eat! They’re chunky! They’re puffy! And they’re full of nutritious vitamins and such so give your taste buds a cha cha cha of a time! The commercial that was just shown has been copywrited and cannot be copied and reproduced without consent from the creator of the advertisement. We thank you viewers for your time and now we end the program,”

Everyone who watched the show went speechless after that. Then Ed shouted,

“Mmm Chunky Puffs. I want to go in and eat some Chunky Puffs!”

“ED NO!” Screamed out Double-D and Eddy.

Ed then made a run for it and jumped head into the TV screen causing the TV screen to break and the whole TV to and well...broke. Everyone what just saw that in the hotel room just laughed like crazy while some complained how that moron broke the TV and Eddy just shouted,

“Ed! What have you got to say for yourself you moron!”

“That Chunky Puffs got a new flavor! Mmm metaly,” replied Ed.

The rest of the gang had no comment as they all just the same reaction that pretty much explained what they felt like saying. Why did the Ed’s have to join them? The Ed’s were nice guys and all but sometimes they were as chaotic as our detectives. Then a man in a business suit came, pointed his index finger at Eddy and shouted


Then Eddy shouted, “Great just great! Now I have to give more of my hard earned dough! Wait a minute! May your Skitty knows Pay-Day right?”

May then answered back with a simple yes and then Eddy shouted, “We’ll pay you after the contest is over!”

Then the man left and Harley then shouted, “Well see you guys at the contest. Man that Gigglyman is one great guy,” and with that he just left along with the other guests back into their hotel rooms and the gang and detectives were still there.

“Well at least we know Eggman has a...wild side of him,” shouted Wally.

“A very weird wild side of him,” added Drew.

“Yet it is downright hilarious,” added a laughing Brendan.

“Maybe Eggman isn’t that bad. Maybe he just acts like a little kid who wants things his own ways,” added Ash.

“Well whatever. I need some sleep. You guys coming?” Asked Eddy who then just yawned.

“I think we all should head to bed as well,” added Double-D.

“Sure. I have to be well awake for my contest coming in a couple of days and get ready for it to,” added May.

The gang were about to go to their hotel rooms when Eddy and Double-D noticed Ed was still stuck in the TV. They then pulled his legs and when suddenly he popped out and they went flying toward a wall and hit it hard causing a painting to fall on top of the three Ed’s heads and a loud shouting that was heard as,


Eddy just struggled to get the painting off of him while Double-D was calmly trying to get himself out while Ed just stood there.

“Ed! Do something!” Shouted Eddy.

The three were then trying to get the painting off of them and while they did we switch scenes to a home located in the Orre region. A young African American kid with a big head of hair, who also watched the show and when it ended there he then shouted,

“Wow that dude danced great! Maybe I should try the dancing career when I’m older,”

To be continued...

Jiraku Backfist
15th August 2005, 10:05 PM
Hilarious, but kinda wierd. In a good way. Especially the part with young Miror B.

Bao Zakeruga
15th August 2005, 10:08 PM
I can't stop laughing!Poor Eggman,is the laughing stock of the world.

That's a young Miror B?

16th August 2005, 2:47 AM
Yep and while I'm at it I would also take another oppertunity to thank everybody who reviewed my fic so far!

16th August 2005, 5:58 AM
Wow, not even Eggman deserved that. It was seriously a "Sonic X" Eggman moment. You know, the Sonic X Eggman I see as being goofy and what-not, but the Sonic Adventure Eggman is almost pure evil. So yeah, but still! *rolls on floor in laughter* Dr. Gigglyman was probably the best character so far! And also, now that Metal is in the picture, I have an idea involving my request: Metal finds blueprints of Tails Doll and Metal Knuckles, rebuilds them, and uses them as lackys. It could work, maybe. PLEASE think about it. Also, is this Metal Sonic the Sonic CD style, or the Heroes style? Because remember, the caped version of Metal Sonic was reverted back to his original form. But I guess his normal form can have a cape too... Anyway, this is setting the stage for an awesome upcoming battle! Ash and co. VS. Eggman and his bots VS. Fang VS. Metal Sonic (and possibly his henchman ^_^) VS. Team Rocket. This should be one hell of a fight. Keep up the fantastic work!

16th August 2005, 7:12 PM
Thanks and sure I guess...and Dark Rukario I think I also found a way to also to include Doom's Eye into my fic as well! It won't be a big part but nontheless it'll still be a part!

16th August 2005, 10:36 PM
w00t! You rock Wes!

17th August 2005, 12:57 AM
Thanks I know I do! ^_^! But don't expect Metal Sonic to play a part till near the end of the story along with Metal Knuckles and Tails Doll. Same goes for Doom's Eye too.

Kazuki Mirai
17th August 2005, 12:57 AM
Oh my god. XD That is so funny, young Miror B just made a cameo. Good one! *Slaps Wes on the back, accidentally sending him crashing through the wall* It's been long since I review. I just feel lazy to. ^^;

17th August 2005, 7:27 PM
It's alright. I thank everybody who ever reviewed my fic from the beginning to right now and that includes you too. Thanks! Anyway better get back to working on my next chapter!

I'm halfway done so far! Next chap I'm also going to introduce three original chracters as well! Well not exactly original in terms of look...you guys will eventually find out what I mean exactly.

Bao Zakeruga
17th August 2005, 9:03 PM
Will the three new people be main characters,or will they appear now and then?

17th August 2005, 9:14 PM
You guys will see...and who said they were people! But they are original chracters...yoy'll guys will have to wait and see! And about them being main or not...haven't really decided.

18th August 2005, 4:12 PM
Chapter 34-Contest Cold

It was now contest day and Drew, May, and Eddy were ready for their respective contests. But we check on the now our big bad guy of our story. Eggman was seen in his control room staring at a computer monitor with a picture of May, Drew, and Eddy. Then Boquo, Dequo, and Bokkun showed up in the room and Bokkun asked,

“Dr. Eggman? Are you going to go after those kids today?”

Eggman was just silent for a moment and two before responding, “Nope,”

“Wow the doctor must be really annoyed about last night,” whispered Boquo.

“Well he did embarrass himself in front of the whole world,” whispered Dequo back.

“SILENCE! Nope as meaning I need a break! Anyway I plan to send in one of my three new E-Series robots I’ve been working on to deal with these pests!”

“Really? Can we see them?” Asked his three henchbots.

“Sure! I summon E-144! I summon E-146! And lastly E-145! Come forth!”

Then suddenly three E-Series robots came from the door and the three other henchbots were amazed when they saw them.

“Wow! Those three have Chaos Gamma’s design!”

And they sure did except each was differently colored. They all had what appeared to be a rocket launcher over one of their shoulder held by a robotic hand and the other appendage had a cannon for a hand. E-144 was colored light blue (Not like blue like Beta’s) and had cold light blue eyes and a snow crystal symbol on his metal body. E-146 was colored red-orange (Not like Gamma’s color too) with pure red eyes and a flame symbol on his metal body as well. And finally E-145 which was colored bright yellow like a Pikachu (And not like Epsilon’s orange color as well) and had pure yellow eyes and had a thunder symbol upon his metal body.

“Meet the new elemental series of E-Series bots! Let go to the arena in the base to show off their great strength!”

His robots agreed and then he and his robots followed him to the elevator and as they all packed it he mumbled,

“Note to self. Make bigger elevators for bases!”

When they reached the room they were in the stands of a large metal arena. His three new E-Series bots then jumped into the arena and awaited their master’s order.

“Alright! Let’s try you out first E-145 which I hereby codename you Crocker Shocker! Hit those Sonic dolls now!

Then a row of Sonic Dolls suddenly popped out from the metal floor in the other side of the arena and Crocker Shocker replied,

“Yes sir master Robotnik!

And with that he shot out of his cannons an electrical charge that was seen shocking the Sonic Dolls with a devastating force and along with paralyzing them if they could really move. Then out of his rocket launcher shot a small rocket that made all the Sonic dolls blow up in a large shocking electric explosion and then Eggman shouted,

“Perfect! Now that was a good performance! Now for the next E-series bot. E-146 which I hereby codename you Flamer Tamer! Hit those Sonic dolls now!”

Then a bunch of robots with brooms came and swept away the remains of the previous destroyed row of Sonic dolls and then a new row popped out from the metal floor and then Flamer Tamer replied,

“Yes master Robotnik!”

Then Flamer Tamer unleashed fire balls from his cannon which was instantly burning the Sonic dolls to a crisp while doing serious damage and then he shot out of his rocket launcher a small rocket that when made contact caused a large scorching explosion!

“Perfect! Now to get those kids!” Shouted Eggman in glee.

“But sir what about E-144?” Asked Boquo.

“Aren’t you going to test him out?” Added Dequo.

Eggman just evilly grinned and replied, “I will…and I know the perfect real living pests to test him on! Those fools are about to deal with one of the strongest powered E-Series bots ever!”

“But sir just out of curiosity why are these three E-Series robots that strong anyway?’ Asked Boquo and Dequo.

“Is it a big secret?” Asked Bokkun.

“Well why not? These three E-Series robots are powered by three legendary elemental pokemon’s data!” Replied Eggman.

“But how do you even know and what are the three legendaries and how did you get their data?” Asked his three henchbots.

“Well you might as well learn about the world your going to conquer! And how I got those data…well let’s just say that many Flapper robots had a very hard time getting a measly feather off of them without being destroyed to get their DNA which I in turn conversed into data. The three legendaries were called Articuno, Moltres, and Zapdos,” replied the rotten doctor.

“But don’t some of the E-Series robots have to be powered by an animal or in this case a pokemon?” asked his three henchbots.

”I also came prepared with that as well. Each of these three E-Series bots also have a pokemon in them helping them to be powered up as well! And now for E-144’s first mission which I also hereby codename you Chiller Killer! Get these three brats frozen solid!” Shouted Eggman who then held a picture of Drew, Eddy, and May.

Chiller Killer took the pictures and looked at them. Then he tossed them out into the air and from his cannon shot out sharp deadly long icicle spears that just pinned the pictures against a metal wall and replied,

“Affirmative master Robotnik!”

We now check on our gang who were all in the contest hall lobby and the three coordinators were there checking if everything was ready to go.

“Where’s my name on the tough contest sheet! I thought I wrote my name down here!” Shouted Eddy who was looking at some papers clipped on a clipboard.

“Umm Eddy…I think you accidentally wrote your name on the…beauty contest sign ups,” said May who then showed Eddy on another clipboard his name.

“You have got to be kidding me!? Not again! Oh well,” shouted Eddy in annoyance.

“Well good luck in the appeal rounds for you two. Cause you two are going to need it,” said Drew who then walked past them into a locker room.

“Hey wait for us,” shouted Eddy and May who ran after him. Then the rest of the gang just followed in and now we wait for the contest to begin again.

Half hour later…

“Hello everyone! My name is Vivian and I’ll be your host! Today were going to get fabulous astounding performances from many great coordinators! Today were going to start with Eddy!”

Eddy walked in with his usual black sunglasses and he was holding his premier ball ready to toss it. He smiled to the crowd before tossing it and out came his Meowth ready for the appeal. While he was doing it we check on our sniper who has just finished his newest model of the Marvelous Queen. Underneath his air bike was what appeared to be a missile launcher and Fang just smiled and shouted,

“Now to go teach those detective blokes why I’m the best and nobody messes with me!

He then jumped on and sat on his purple chair and soon he was controlling the Marvelous Queen and soon he was out of the garage and his air bike was hovering in the high sky heading for our gang and he then shouted,

“Nack’s gonna give you three blokes a permanent whack!”

Back to our gang and everyone was done with their appeal rounds and we see Eddy holding a jawbreaker sitting on a bench in the locker room with May and Drew staring at him. He was about to put it in his mouth to enjoy when suddenly Harley took it out of his hands to examine it.

“Well shorty I have no idea what this sweet is but it does look rather sweet,” said Harley.

“The names Eddy! E-D-D-Y! EDDY! Get it right!” Barked Eddy. “And give me back my jawbreaker before I sock ya!”

Eddy could be seen really annoyed and then he screamed in horror as he saw Harley put the jawbreaker in his mouth and start sucking on it in one side of his mouth and replied,

“This is really good! Then again I always had a sweet tooth for things,”

Eddy raised a fist and like he said was ready to sock him when Drew just mumbled,

“Heh that low for a candy,”

Eddy just grumbled in annoyance and put his fists away and mumbled, “Heh forget it. Anyway I wonder who’s facing off in the next rounds,”

The four then turned to stare at a large TV in the locker room in a corner and Vivian was on and she said,

“Welcome back everyone! Now we move on to the next round! We have a special twist in this contest!”

“Twist?” Said Drew, May, Eddy, and Harley.

“We now have two versus two team for this round! Two coordinators will team up to fight another team till they are the last team and then the two will face each other. We will now randomly select the first two team!”

And then two red and blue silhouettes appeared around pictured of eight coordinators and then started to randomly move. Soon the blue silhouettes finally stopped and they landed on May and Drew. Then the red silhouetted landed on Harley and Eddy.

“So here’s going to be our first match up! May and Drew versus Harley and Eddy!” Shouted Vivian in her microphone.

Eddy then said, “You have got to be kidding me!? I rather forfeit then be with this jawbreaker stealing jerk!”

“Who also happens to be much taller then you,” added Harley.

“And much taller then me…HEY! Don’t be putting words in my mouth you Caturne co-player sweet tooth!” Replied Eddy.

Then May said,” Guys let’s just all try to relax. I mean don’t you want to get that ribbon Eddy?”

“Of course I do but……oh alright!” Replied Eddy.

15 minutes later…

We check on the battlefield and Drew and May were on one side while Harley and Eddy were on the other.

Then they each tossed out a pokeball and from May comes her Beautifly, Drew’s Masquerin, Harley’s Bannete, and Eddy’s Meowth.

“May the battle begin!” Shouted Vivian.

The four trainers were about to shout out an attack when suddenly E-144 crashed from the ceiling glass and now stood in the middle of the field.

http://www.sonicstadium.org/music/index.php?gid=sonic_battle&pid=mp3 –Click on Boss: E-121 Phi for the music theme for the chapter near the bottom and enjoy! Remember requires Realplayer and wait for it to appear!

“What the!? It’s one of Eggman’s robot flunkies!” Shouted Eddy.

Everyone who did not know what the robot was just simply staring at it while the rest of the gang (Minus the detectives who were in the hotel) just thought, “Not again!” Then Max shouted,

“It looks like that robot has some sort of…ice symbol on it,”

Then E-144 had a light blue reticule light come out from a scanner and it was now locked on to three of our coordinators and said,

“Targets locked on. Begin offense mode now!”

Then it raised its cannon hand and fired a long icy spear that just went above Eddy’s head when he just mumbled, “Maybe being short is good!”

The people who watched this thought it was part of some bonus show so they started to watch more. Then a hot air balloon with Eggman’s face was seen high above the contest hall and Bomb and Heavy were there.

“Chiller Killer is going to show them how cold life can be,” shouted Heavy in delight.

“Yeah he gonna put the chill in kill,” added Bomb.

Both robots then watched. Back to below and Eddy, Drew, and May were seen running away from a barrage of ice spears being shot and then Eddy shouted,

“Why isn’t Harley being shot at!?”

“Cause…he’s really lucky?” Answered May.

“That really doesn’t help us May,” added Drew.

Then E-144 shot ice rockets out of his rocket launcher at the two exits and entrances to the battlefield now freezing the pathways with large amounts of ice trapping our four coordinators!

Then Bomb shouted, “You losers are dealing with one of Dr. R’s best new E-Series robots!”

“E-SERIES?” Screamed the rest of the gang.

“That’s right! The E-Series robots are the best and strongest of Dr. R’s and this is once special one known as E-144 or would we like to call him…Chiller Killer!” Answered Heavy.

“Well were just going to help take down that robot then,” shouted Wally.

“Not so fast puny! Egg Pawns watch them audience now!” Yelled Heavy.

Then suddenly a wave of Egg Pawn robots holding lances and spiked shields came down and surrounded everyone in the audience including our gang.

“Make one move and you’ll all have some heart attacks through your guts,” yelled Bomb. The audience just listened to Bomb and Heavy and just continued to watch. Chiller Killer then continued shooting long deadly icicle spears at our gang and Eddy then shouted,

“I’m tired of running! I say we take this thing to the junkyard! Meowth use your thunderbolt on that robot!”

His Meowth nodded and then unleashed some electric bolts toward the robot but then it jumped into the air and activated its jet booster on its back and then hovered in place and shot out another ice rocket from its launcher toward our gang but Eddy’s Meowth from it’s quick thinking shot out another thunderbolt causing the rocket to blow in mid air causing a icy shower to fall upon the battlefield.

“Surrender yourselves! Resistance is futile!” Shouted Chiller Killer.

“Yeah right! Beautifly quick use your string shot quick to tie it up,” shouted May.

Her Beautifly then shot out a shot of silk like string at Chiller Killer and started to fly around the robot trying to tie it up when suddenly Chiller Killer started to go in the air and started to move around in crazy motion patterns eventually getting the string shot of it. Then it began firing rapidly at Beautifly with its ice spears and May shouted,

“Be careful!”

“Masquerin try to help out Beautifly by using your water pulse against that robot,” added Drew.

His Masquerin listened and fired some water pulse at the robot but then it shot out of its cannon frozen gas that then made the water pulses turn into icy rings that just fell into the floor breaking apart.

“Oh man that thing is tough…but like they say! Fight ice with ice,” shouted Eddy.

“Nobody says that….you just made that up didn’t you,” asked Harley.

“Oh shut up! You and your Bannete aint doing nothing against this robot you know,” replied Eddy.

“Cause it has nothing against me and why make something go after me that doesn’t want to go after me,” answered Harley.

“Come on do something! Were being attacked by a killer robot now that has a rocket launcher that can shoot ice rockets, shoot out long deadly icicle spears that can stab us from its cannon and possibly be frozen solid by that extremely cold gas it can shoot out of it’s cannon for crying out loud!” Shouted Eddy who was now on the run again.

“Well…if you buy me more of them jawbreakers then maybe,” suggested Harley.


Drew and May just glared at him for a little bit and he then replied, “What? Oh….FINE! Help us already!”

Harley then shouted, “Use will-o-wisp Bannete!”

His Bannete listened and then summoned some blue balls of fire and they were then directed at Chiller Killer. Chiller Killer in response shot out its frozen gas which managed to diffuse the blue flames.

“All resistance is futile! Surrender yourselves!”

“We heard you the first time you record player! Meowth try a slash attack quick against that cold metal head!

His Meowth nodded as it ran towards Chiller Killer dodging the icicle spear shots and then it slashed at it usefully leaving some claw marks!

“Now that’s what I’m talking about!” Shouted Eddy.

Then suddenly the claw marks were miraculously healed by liquid metal that leaked out and made the clawed marks as good as new!

“What the!? How the heck did it recover,” shouted a baffled Eddy.

“I’ll tell ya shorty! Dr. R makes all of his new robots have the ability to recover themselves by installing special healing metal liquid to them. Unfortunately the first robot to have that also happened to be a traitor,” answered Heavy who then coughed quietly for no one to hear, “Cough stupid Metal Sonic traitor cough!”

Eddy and the rest of the gang then grew more nervous but then Drew shouted, “I think I know a way we can win guys but the four of us are going to have to team up then,”

“Works for me! I think being a frozen popsicle won’t help my popularity,” replied Eddy who just grinned a little as his sunglasses just flashed with light.

Then Chiller Killer responded “Resistance is futile! I give about approximately one minute for you four carbon based life-froms to comply or else you four will be terminated in immediate destruction!”

Then the four coordinators gathered in a group hug quick and then Harley asked, “So what’s the plan oh so great Drew boy?”

“Well let’s see be quiet and I‘ll explain. You see E-144 or a.k.a. Chiller Killer has power over ice attacks and assaults right?” Said Drew.

“Right,” replied May.

“Well what we need to do is take that element down and you know what beats ice down?” Replied Drew.

“Ice crushers?” Replied Eddy.

The other three just stared at him for a bit and he replied, “What? He said what beats down ice and ice crushers do beat down ice and are useful for chilling drinks like lemonade but whatever continue,”

“Anyway to take down E-144 were going to have to use fire against it. It seems that this robot relies on ice powers but if we can take it down with some flames then maybe we can get out of here alive!” Suggested Drew.

The four continued to chat about their strategies and then Chiller Killer shouted,

“Do you comply to give into the Robotnik Empire or to be eradicated!?”

“We choose....Meowth use sunny day quick!” Shouted Eddy.

His Meowth quickly then fired a weather gas like ball at the clear empty blue sky and then the sun came out showering sunlight over the whole resort.

“Is it just me or is it a little sunny today,” asked Bomb who then grabbed a handkerchief and started to rub off his perspiration of oil of his metallic body.

“Yeah how the heck the sun get out right now? I smell trouble,” added Heavy who in turn to stare at the battle below again.

“Bannete try will o wisp again,” shouted Harley to his Bannete. His Banete then summoned another round of blue burning fire balls at Chiller Killer. Chiller Killer again fought back with icy cold gas but this time the fire broke through and managed to hit him a little.

“Uh oh,” muttered Bomb and Heavy when they saw that.

“Beautifly use solar beam now,” shouted May.

Her Beautifly nodded and began charging up a solar beam and before Chiller Killer could retaliate with an ice rocket from his rocket launcher the beam was unleashed and hit Chiller Killer doing more damage. Chiller Killer then lost his scanners which prevented him to see. He then went nuts and started shooting his icicle spears and ice rockets like crazy everywhere and while our four coordinators ducked and all the things Chiller Killer happened to attack was all the Egg Pawn robots watching the audience causing them to go…in a cold icy boom!

“Oh crap,” muttered Bomb and Heavy.

“Now to finish this robot! Maquerin use your whirlwind attack to slam it against a wall!” Shouted Drew.

Then his Masquerin nodded and using it’s small wings started to flap them like crazy and then a big whirlwind was created and went where Chiller Killer was and then the whirlwind carried him fast and then finally blew him into a wall being slammed! Then the robot started crackling with icy gas came out and before you know it fell in defeat in a limp state.

“You losers got lucky that’s all,” shouted Bomb.

“We’ll be back for you guys later!” shouted Heavy.

Then beneath the hot air balloon came a big magnet and then E-144 was stuck on it and then the two made a run for it and that was that!

To be continued…

Bao Zakeruga
18th August 2005, 5:30 PM
How long are you planning on making this story?Also,what happened to everybody else while chiller killer was attacking?

18th August 2005, 5:36 PM
The Egg Pawn robots were guarding and watching over them till Chiller Killer accidently destroyed them. And how long? .....I'm not enitirely sure now that I think about it.

Sike Saner
18th August 2005, 9:04 PM
Dang, I haven’t looked in this thread in ages…quite a bit has happened since…Highlights:

“I smell chicken with gravy!”

“No kidding cause your burning you moron,” shouted Eddy.

Then for some weird reason the flames only burned off the toilet paper and not him. It eventually disappeared but then Ed was left without any….clothes.

“ED! THE INDECENCY REMEMBER?!” Yelled out Double-D.


“Why did you choose a sauce for crying out loud!?” Shouted Eddy.

Mostly just funny because the word “sauce” makes me laugh.

“Can I talk pretty please Vector? Pretty please with cherries on top, chocolate syrup, marshmallows, cereal of everything even corn flakes and bran flakes, gumdrops, sprinkles, honey, and a cactus?”

Wow, Charmy…that was almost Ed-worthy…

Butch and Cassidy along with a bunch of other Rocket agents in a living room of the base were just....scared.

That’s the same way as I responded to…er, “Gigglyman”…o_0

Then Eggman stood up and asked, “Wait a minute....-“

All of his robots got nervous after waiting for his response. Eggman then yelled,



Then suddenly a music video showed Eggman wearing a sombrero hat smiling and then shouted,

“Want something exciting and flavorful for your taste buds? Then buy Chunky Puffs! The greatest cereal I ever ate and all followers of Eggman will eat! They’re chunky! They’re puffy! And they’re full of nutritious vitamins and such so give your taste buds a cha cha cha of a time! The commercial that was just shown has been copywrited and cannot be copied and reproduced without consent from the creator of the advertisement. We thank you viewers for your time and now we end the program,”

o_0 Er…

“Ed! What have you got to say for yourself you moron!”

“That Chunky Puffs got a new flavor! Mmm metaly,” replied Ed.

Another smile brought to us courtesy of good ol’ Ed. :)

Chs. 30 and 31 provided a nice nostalgia trip for me, being very much the Sonic 3D Blast fan. And Ch. 33…scared me a little. :p While we’re at it, have a cookie for the addition of Harley and Banette. :) Oh, and I’d vote in the poll for Eggman’s preferred name, but…you didn’t provide the option of Gigglyman! XP

19th August 2005, 4:11 AM
Thanks Sike Saner! Anyway I got bad news...I LOST MY TWO COMPUTER DISKS CONTAINING EVERY CHAPTER I WROTE SO FAR! *Wails in horror!* I know it stinks and now the next chap is going to have to be delayed a bit as I want to regain everyworks so far so sorry guys! I''l start working onb recovering my lost data tomorrow morning!

19th August 2005, 5:58 AM
Hey, what happened to the Poke inside E-144? Anyways... That was funny how Heavy was sweating oil! Made me chuckle at the thought. Also... Can't wait for the Mecha Trio, even if it won't be for a while. I also liked the Sonic Heroes reference about Metal being a trator and what-not.

19th August 2005, 6:10 AM
Thanks! E-144 was never destroyed but just defeated. Bomb and Heavy got out a magnet and pulled him away with them when they made their escape. Actually it was Bomb who sweated oil but yeah Heavy also sweated some too. WEell better head to sleep for the night!

20th August 2005, 1:16 AM
Oh... anyways, just out curiosity, do you have Sonic Gems Collection?

20th August 2005, 2:14 AM
Yes but plesae don't talk about it here. Very fun game compliation while I'm at it! If you want to talk about this more PM me alright?

20th August 2005, 5:25 AM
I wasn't planning on saying anything else, but... *looks at your sig* Anyway, can't wait for the next chapter!

20th August 2005, 5:54 AM
Thank you! Well here'a s spoiler if you want it guys...

“Umm Dr. Robotnik you see umm…..well umm…..E-144…umm kind….well…lost?” Said Bomb quietly and nervously.

20th August 2005, 9:24 PM
Please hurry, Wes. You have addicted me and now I beg of you, MAKE MORE. ahem. Sorry. I'm just so starved for entertainment that a good source of entertainment drives me wild. Cool concept, I don't like Ed, Edd, and Eddy much, but you make it work. And Sonic is a fun series as well as Pokemon, so it is a real cool concept. Will Wally and Ash get Chaos Forms soon? I hope so.

Thanks for the entertainment,
E-124 Dragon

20th August 2005, 9:31 PM
Umm thanks! I'll try to get the next chap as done as soon as possible.

21st August 2005, 6:39 PM
computer problems but im back and pleased i guessed right 4 chappies while i was gone sweeeeeet they were awesome i really really really like the chaos forms ;rukario;

21st August 2005, 11:47 PM
Chapter 35-A Sharpshooter Drew Thing!

“We now continue our contest after that deadly interruption,” shouted Vivian who miraculously never got hit by any of the deadly E-Series robot attacks. The four coordinators got back in position and their battle began but meanwhile….

We check on Eggman’s base and he was seen in the large computer room sitting on a chair while Bomb and Heavy were behind him nervous of what to say.

“Umm Dr. Robotnik you see umm…..well umm…..E-144…umm kind….well…lost?” Said Bomb quietly and nervously.

“No matter. Chiller Killer tried his best. Send him to the repair room. I’ll just have to take matters into my own hands again,” answered Eggman annoyed at the fact a little.

“Yes sir Dr. Robotnik,” answered Heavy who then along with Bomb saluted and walked out of the room.

Eggman then sighed and quietly said, “Well one thing was proven good I suppose. That E-144 was as every bit as strong, and deadly as I envisioned when I created him to take down those pests the cold hard way. Hmm now to try divide and conquer once more,”

Then a picture of May, Drew, Ash, Wally, and the three Ed’s appeared. The only missing picture from the computer monitor was Brendan’s. I’m guessing because he has his Chaos Form which lets him transform into a human Knuckles version of himself which was not someone you wanted to fight. He then pulled a lever and a spotlight appeared on all the pictures and then pulled it again for a drum roll sound affect till one by one the lights went out and he finally was left with.....Drew!

“So we get Mr. Arrogant this time egh? Heh prepared to become a frozen statue,” shouted Eggman.

We now go back to our gang and we can see Eddy and Harley in a locker room. Eddy was just watching him suck on his delicious jawbreakers that he was forced to buy for the guy, and he mumbled,

“Stupid Harley jawbreaker stealing bad losing partner.” Then he turned to stare at a TV screen to see the last round which was once again between May and Drew like in other contests.

“Beautifly use your string shot quick,” shouted May.

“Maquerin use your own string shot to counter it,” shouted Drew.

Both string shots fired and connected like two puzzle pieces. Both pokemon then tried to shake the string off and when they did both coordinators shouted another attack,

“Beautifly/Masquein use silver wind quick!”

Both pokemon unleashed a wind of hard silver made from powder released from the pokemon and both blew each other away hard. Then May shouted,

“Use morning sun quick to heal,” shouted May.

“Masqurin quickly finish off Beautifly by using your ice beam,” shouted Drew.

As May’s Beautifly began to regain health by focusing its energy but then it got hit by beam of pure ice and after the attack it fell and then Drew had won the battle.

Half hour later...

“Well looks like I have another ribbon added to my collection,” said Drew.

“If that stupid E-Series robot never came I would have beaten you,” mumbled Eddy.

“Well whatever since we have the rest of the day off let’s relax and stay here,” mentioned Ash.

When suddenly a swarm of fan-girls surrounded Drew and they all went nuts over him trying to get him to sign their autograph and such. Drew just looked embarrassed and decided to run out the contests hall. Everybody followed including the fan girls. He kept running and running when he accidentally slipped down a hill and fell into what appeared to be a diamond shaped arena and then he thought,

“Wait this place looks familiar?”

Then suddenly a long shaking and rumbling was heard and felt around the whole place and before anyone knew it a bunch of metal bars came bursting out of the ground and formed four large barbed wire fences around Drew and everybody including the fan girls questioned,

“What just happened?”

Then suddenly they all heard ice gas being blown and then May just screamed, “DREW LOOK OUT!”

Then he then suddenly saw Eggman in his usual Egg Mobile which this time had eight ice gas blowers connected to his Mobile that was around it, and he was holding what appeared to be a light blue bomb in his hands that had it’s fuse lit and when he was about to toss it where Drew was, Drew just managed to jump out of the way to see a explosion of ice come from the blast.

Then Bokkun, Boquo, and Dequo could be seen in a separate balloon that looked like Eggman’s face and then Bokkun shouted,

“Hey you green haired May meanie! Dr. Eggman is going to make a new popsicle flavor called Loser Drew Dew! So unless you give your Chaos Emerald, then get ready to catch a cold!”

“Not a chance,” replied Drew who then took out of his pocket his gold Chaos Emerald and held it in the air and all the fan girls just shouted,

“Wow he even has great jewelry!”

Then Eggman then yelled, “So you want the hard way egh? Then so be it!”

Eggman then took out another light blue bomb and lit it with a match. Then he tossed it near Drew and Drew once again jumped out of the way only to see an explosion of ice and icicles come out. Then Eggman said,

“Time to test the ice blowers!”

He then moved the Egg Mobile down near the ground and the ice blower started puffing out icy gas that our gang knew can instantly freeze a person whole! Drew decided to run but realized he was trapped in the small diamond shaped arena. Drew still ran and managed to dodge the puffy blasts of icy gas. Meanwhile...

We check on our three detectives who were sitting on a bench outside the hotel. Vector just sneezed and then Charmy replied,

“Bless you Vector,”

Then Espio just sneezed loud and Charmy replied his previous words. Apparently Vector and Espio still had a cold buy decided to get some fresh air while drinking some hot coco/tea. They were relaxing and everything was going normal till suddenly they heard an explosion and then Vector shouted,

“What the heck was that all about?”

“I’ll tell you detective Vector!” shouted a familiar voice to the three.

“Oh no don’t tell me it’s Nack,” said Espio who just sneezed again.

“Okay then. It’s Fang,” answered Charmy.

Espio and Vector just anime fell and then the three saw the treasure hunter in his air bike known as the Marvelous Queen and below it could be seen was a rocket launcher that was connected to it at the bottom of the machine.

“Hello blokes! Prepared to get your daily dose of trouble?” Shouted Nack.

Then the air bike fired another rocket right where our three wasn’t and they jumped away to see the bench blow up in wooden pieces and then Vector muttered,

“I hate that stupid chaotic traitor. Heh to bad when he messes with the gangsta croc he’s gonna eat those words like me rolling in a pool of dough,”

And the fight between them begun but we must check on the others for some moments.
Drew was seen dodging the icy puffs and blasts of ice still but s the battle grew on he was getting more weak and tiring out as well. Eggman then shouted,

“You pests have to make my job the hard way do you all? FINE!”

Eggman then lit another light blue bomb and when he tossed it near a tired Drew May just screamed,


The fan girls started crying when suddenly Drew’s gold Chaos Emerald started to glow and before anybody could know it a large golden light temporarily made everyone unable to see what was happening. When the golden light finally cleared everyone just gasped while the fan girls just squealed.

Drew was now wearing a brown cowboy hat, brown good looking gloves, and had a toothpick sticking out of his mouth and the fan girls just squealed with excitement as they loved his new looks. He now held what appeared to be a pop gun in his right hand an then he just shouted,

“I’m ready to take your machine down Eggman!”

Eggman just once again had the same reaction as he did before when he saw Brendan in his Chaos Form.

“That...That...NOT AGAIN! Grrr you’re still going to become a frozen popsicle!” yelled Eggman.

Eggman then moved his machine near the ground again and began firing icy puffs toward Drew. Drew now in his Chaos Form was now able to run much faster and jump higher to dodge the icy puffy gas attack much easier and then with his now extreme good accuracy and coordination shot out a cork bullet out of the pop gun right into one of the ice blowers shooters. It then could be seen expanding itself with icy cold air and eventually blew off.

“One down seven more to go,” shouted Eddy.

Brendan then thought, “Drew now also has his Chaos Form so that’s good. It looks like his comes from Fang while mine comes from that echidna whose name is apparently Knuckles that I saw in one of my dreams,”

Eggman then tried again with the snow blower method but Drew or should I say Drew the sniper managed to fire another cork bullet into one of the ice blowers and soon it exploded. Eggman then went back into the air and began to toss his light blue bombs again. Drew then fired at each of them in mid air with corks and they only exploded in mid air before they can ever reach the ground. Meanwhile...

The detectives were doing their best to dodge the rockets being fired from Nack’s Marvelous Queen but the three knew he had the advantage since the air bike was fast and can travel through the air pretty fast as well since it was well... a air bike. Then Nack shouted,

“Give it up! You know nobody beats Fang The Sniper!”

“Really Nacky? Well then show us what you got,” yelled the three detectives.

“I will!” And with that Nack then fired three rockets out of the rocket launcher connected to the Marvelous Queen underneath. The three detectives who were now ready in position jumped and kicked the rockets back at the Marvelous Queen and...


Nack could be seen flying and he only muttered, “Ow that hurt mate,” when suddenly something caught his very good eye sight eyes. He saw Eggman battling Drew and the most noticeable thing he then noticed was about Drew. Then he thought, “Wait a minute? That kid looks like a human version of me? What gives? Hmm” and he continued thinking about it as he was blasted away.

We now check on the fight between Eggman and Drew and it looked like he blew off four off the ice blower off Eggman’s machine recently and the machine only had four left each on the corner of his Egg Mobile.


“Whatever you say...Robuttnik!” shouted Drew

“GO GO GO Drew! He’s the best he can beat anyone even mad fat ugly people! Go Drew!” Shouted all the fan girls

Eggman then just had a blank expression on his face after hearing that. Then Boquo, Dequo and Bokkun got out cheerleading stuff and before you know it everyone heard,

“Ra rowdy ra ra! Go Dr. Eggman! He’s the best he almost took out the best blue pest in a space capsule but unfortunately got out by a very lucky move! Go Eggman!”

Everyone had a blank expression after hearing that. Then Eggman said, “Ooookkkkkaaayyyy! I think I’m just going to get that pest now,”

And with that he then turned on the ice blowers again trying to hit Drew with the ice gas that puffed out. But Drew decided to be a little more...coordinated in getting a shot in so when The Egg Mobile got near the ground he fire a cork right into a icy wall. Everyone was watching the cork bullet bounce off the walls and ricochet till it finally shot into another ice blower causing another one to explode. Eggman was getting more annoyed but he was determined to get his target so he then moved the Egg Mobile again trying to get Drew frozen but Drew shouted,

“Looks like your plans are all going to be filled up Eggman...with corks,” and with that he fired another one as he jumped into the air over the ramming Egg Mobile and another ice blower was destroyed. Eggman just gritted his teeth with annoyance and started trying to ram his Egg Mobile into Drew while shooting ice puffs from his ice blowers.

Eddy then thought, “Boy is Eggman getting mad. He looks like a...steamed egg with a mustache and sun glasses heh,”

Drew just merely yawned and fired another fast cork bullet into a ice blower and it exploded and then quickly followed it up with anther cork bullet and soon both ice blowers were destroyed leaving the Egg Mobile defenseless!

“That’s it! Eat ice!” Shouted Eggman who then got out another light blue lit bomb and was about to toss it when May shouted,


Eggman then lost his concentration for a bit and then asked, “What?” Then Drew taking the opportunity shot the bomb with a cork bullet and then Eggman only shouted before the cork bullet hit,

“Get the Advil medicine ready boys!”


The whole Egg Mobile was frozen and only Eggman’s head which wasn’t frozen managed to stutter out,

You –you-you-you-pest!”

And with that the Egg Mobile retreated along with the Eggman balloon...rather slow since some of the engines were frozen and sneezing could be heard from the big bad doc. Then all the barbed wire gates blew and fell and then a horde of fan girls ran and surrounded Drew and Eddy only mumbled,

“Lucky jerk,”

To be continued...