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Shining Mew
6th April 2005, 1:12 AM
Ok, prior to the down time the site had... like 2 or 3 days before, I had made a sticky concerning the attitude and behavior in this forum. If you remember, this was RIGHT after all those spam threads certain members created and posted in. And since my wonderful thread was lost `cause it was too recent, and I decided to make this now instead of over the weekend like I planned, here it is with a few ....improvement.

I want to go over a few things...again.

One of the entire forum's rules is bashing/flaming is not allowed. There really is no need to go off flaming someone and ruining the whole thread. I dont know about most people, but I personally dont feel like reading throught this kind of stuff:

"...wtf are you crazy!??!?! putting -INSERT MOVE HERE- on -INSERT POKEMON HERE- ?!?!?!?! And those EVs man, are you drunk? You suck really... do you ahve any idea what CoMpEtItIvE battling is!?!? Youre a stupid dumb a.ss. You are banned from the thread...LOLZ!!!!!!!"

"lol pwned.. you know nothing you moron"

"Excuse me, I know what Im doing. I bet -INSERT PERSON HERE- on Netbattle and my Wurmple totally PwNeD the Elite 4 so shove off!"

"Lol you fail life"

"YOU SUCK!!!!!"

...No one really cares who you beat or how many years youve played Pokemon or how UUBERLY UUBER your skills are and whatever it is you guys like to do for a page or so until I come on and close the thread and/or tell you to stop. Yeah, so with flaming and bashing...dont do it.


Heres something quite interesting. When people post that they want to use a certain Pokemon because its their favorite. Like... maybe a Kirlia or something not fully evolved. OMFG someone using a Pokemon not FULLY EVOLVED?!?! CALL RIPLEYS!!!!!!!

Ok, they want to use their fav. pokemon and request to not change it, then dont WHINE about it, let them use it. Why do you care? If its a Rattata... who cares let them get pwned. Like if I ever use Bulbasaur, since its my 2nd favorite, I dont CARE if it gets pwned... just gimme a good moveset for it!

"Well I would rate...but that Charmander just makes me cry at night with my pillow .... LOL UNEVOLVED POKEMON!"

And you can WHINE and MOAN all you flipping want....theyre not going to change the Pokemon so just give the moveset and move to the next thread.


Attitudes <3 You guys are amazing. Ive never seen a bigger bunch of arrogant people in my life. Is it sooooo hard to just.. post without adding a comment in there to piss people off? Adding a nice happy smilie goes well too

"oh and btw, dont post anymore -insert user here- , youre terrible and you help no one"

Lol like that wont get them to post angrily causing all sorts of offtopicness.

Is it too much to just rate without the overwhelming sarcasm? No that Im all against sarcasm. Sure go ahead and be sarcastic, I do it, but dont be sarcastic to the point where everyone sees your post as rude.

Its like inb every thread SOMEONE ends up insulting the threadmaker with their happy little attitude posts. Almost every Netbattler strolls around here acting like theyre the best flippin Pokemon player ever made on Earth.


READ the first post made by the threadmaker. If they say they can only use certain things, then don't whine about how they NEED it and you refuse to make a decent set without it. Or, if they dont want to breed, or EV train or look for good IVs, then work with that. Dont make more problems... just respect what they can/cant/want/dont want. And dont go all like this on me:

"Well we are supposed to point out how to improve the team, and by not saying that using -insert whatever here- over -insert whateber here- we are not being allowed to do our job >:O"

Yipee. Now, go rate the team with what options available to them and go moan somewhere else. Thats what the threadmaker has, so deal with it. Its not YOUR team is it? So help them do the best that they can with what they WANT.


Simple enough... I hope I dont have to explain that.


Spam posts. Think before you post please with your comments. If your post over 6 words and somewhat helpful and relevent? For pitys sake atleast aim for over a line of text....

Like, there was one post i killed, went like this:

"This thread is LOL!" or was it "This thread is pointless"

or something.
Yeah, spam, dont do it either


Smilies ..... try not to go

Rate my POLIWAG ;060; ;060; ;060; ;060; (repeat smiley 6548594353 times)

Makes me cry, plus its not allowed.


Stay on topic please.. there was one thread that ended up talking about Hitler? Yeah.... lets stay focused here.


Be nice to the newbies.. everyone is a beginnner sometime so lets not go screaming when they post their UUber-infested team that has the moveset of [Hyper Beam, Cut, Poison Sting, Growl]

If two movesets are suggested for one Pokemon that are both good in different ways/situations,let the thread starter decide which moveset is better for their Pokemon. Yeah go ahead and support your sets and point out soem flaws in the other... but dont go "No, no, no that moveset totally sucks, don't use it!!" Guess what that starts!!!! :o

And people, some of you need to learn to accept critisism and help. Some of you dont listen to ANYTHING. Be open minded please. If you keep rejeting everything people suggest when there is obviously nothing wrong with the suggestions, Ill close your thread ^^ Dont be so stubborn =\


This is my last warning to you all. Anyone who goes around and causes more problems is just looking for a ban now. Really, if I get reasonable, supported complaints ...say goodbye. Not kidding, watch how youre saying things people.

Thats all I can think of atm.

Old Rules Thread

Please READ what the threa owner tells you, if they say no breeding that means they DON'T want to breed for sets. Every posted thread in here should list anything they don't want at the top of their thread just to make it absolutely clear.

Also, when you rate someone's team, don't feel compelled to rate the whole team if you don't want to. Just one or two or whatever is fine if that's all you feel like doing, at least you're still helping them out.

No illegal movesets either.

Also, please note any movesets the thread owner has given, if they say a Tm is already used, don't go suggesting that Tm elsewhere on another Pokemon, it is very annoying.

Please respect what sets are given and remember to thank those who took their time to help you.

If someone posts a moveset that you don't like, please do not flame about it. Just disagree with the moveset, and say you like you're own moveset. However, if you post up a team and everyone gives you advice but don't listen to ANY of them, then chances are you're thread is going to be locked. If I have missed something out, PM me to add it. Thank you .

Well on some topics, I have seen people post the EXACT same moveset on a EXACT topic. This is SPAM. This is messy, and it just means you are posting movesets without seeing other people posting the same set. However, you can agree with a same moveset with a person who suggested the moveset for a particular pokémon, but you have to say WHY this particular set is best.

Shining Mew
16th June 2005, 3:18 PM
ALright heres another something thats been annoying me now. 8D

People posting threads like

1. "Ok gimme a team!!! I have a Pikachu!"

Alright... If youre gunna do THAT kinda thread... atleast have about 3 pokemon with some kind of moveset for them to have a basis for people to help you with. No one feels like building you a whole team

2. "Rate my team!! -insert 6 smilies here-"

*cough* Listing 6 pokemon and asking for a rate is just ....well, spam. You need to post the movesets guys... wtf do you want them to rate? The order in which you listed the "team" ? o.O Come on.

Yeah so keep making those threads and I shall close them :)

any commentaries 8D!

Shining Mew
26th March 2006, 7:12 PM
Ok Ive been noticing a few things lately in here that need to be fixed as you people are not improving.

1. Staying on Topic
Oh my lord. Stay on the damn topic people. Youre in this forum to improve/comment/fix what youre given. Also, Dont come in and start whining that the thread maker shoudl use some other pokemon/evolve is they specifically say they dont want to change Pokemon. Thats not hard is it?

2. Spam
Shoot me. Remember, posting "this is spam, should be closed" IS SPAM Wow! Imagine that... So it going LOLZORZ! and linking to smogon. Brilliant. Theres nothing wrong with linking to smogon but actually include in your post some kind of constructive critisism.

3. Attacking people
YOURE TEAM IS TEH SUXXORZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No. Theres no need to start raving that someone sucks balls if their team isnt as magnificent as they declare it to be. Explain why its not good... for example.. instead of "OMFGZ YOU USED GROWL LOL LOL LOL YOU FAIL AT LIFE ROFL YOU SUCK YOUR TEAM SUCKS AND OMG USE FLAMETHROWER INSTEAD BTW." .... something normal like "Growl is useless for in-game battles, its better to use Flamethrower in that set" or even "Growl is bad. Use Flamethrower"

In other words, dont try to intentionally piss off people by flaunting your arrogance. :)

Im getting tired of all the reports on people posting in here. Turn down the ego parade please. Unless you want to be banned then go ahead and have a festival.


8th August 2006, 11:02 PM
Alright. I combined the threads together. There were too many stickies. @_@;