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29th June 2005, 9:48 PM
Ok, this is my second fic at this forum...not saying it's my second fic ever mind you. I've been thinking about this one a while and I hope you all enjoy.
Some notes though - this story involves a peculiar Umbreon. The story is told through her eyes and the Pokemon speak English so that you can understand the dialogue. ^^ But, if we were to really listen in, it would be normal Pokemon talk. I hope you enjoy the first chapter...second chapter comung real soon. ^^
Umbreona – The Misfortunes of a Shiny Umbreon

The forest was thick, like it always was at the bottom of the mountains. A cool breeze trailed down from the mountain top and brushed through my black fur.

“It’s cold, mommy,” one of my Eevee called.

“Don’t worry, it’s only the breeze,” I answered in a soothing, low voice, bringing the Eevee closer to me.

I have two little Eevee pups. The one that always complains is Eve. She is the younger of the two and loves to be babied. The other is named Umber. He is tougher and likes to venture out alone sometimes, which gets him into trouble. I had another Eevee by the name of Jolter. He was captured by a trainer. I hope that wherever he is, he’s doing okay.

“You’re such a baby!” Umber teased his sister.

“Mom! Tell him to stop!” Eve whined.

“Come on, Umber, stop teasing your sister,” I ordered.

Umber just went on his way. Eve ran up to him and jumped on his head. They were in a play fight already, and it was barely noon. I plopped down and lay in the warm grass in the sun under a large oak tree. I am what you humans call an Umbreon, the dark form of Eevee. My mother always called Umbreona, because somehow she knew I’d become an Umbreon. I’ve lived in the forest all my life. I have black fur and prefer the night mostly. I’m no ordinary Umbreon though. The rings on my ears, legs and tail all glow in different colors, corresponding to the way I feel. I was the only one you could call “shiny” in my whole family. My mother was a regular Espeon and my brothers and sisters weren’t discolored, except for me. We never got to know our father, but we always heard he was a Typhlosion.

“Stop pulling my ears!” I could hear Umber scream at Eve as they played.

I tried not to fall asleep, but soon my rings turned gray and I was out like a light.


About an hour later, Umber and Eve woke me and we began our journey again. Winter was coming and we wanted to go south, following our favorite meals – Spearow. It was getting dark and we hadn’t eaten all day.

“Mom,” Eve started to speak.

I already knew what she would ask for – food.

“I know, honey, first I have to find a burrow so you can hide while I go find something,” I told her.

She knew the drill, but so far no luck. Up ahead, I saw something small and blue up ahead. It was a Swablu. Swablu were easy targets and my children enjoy the taste of bird. My rings started to turn purple.

“Kids, I found dinner,” I told them quietly.

The two of them ran into the bushes on the path. I crept closer to the Swablu, not making a sound. My mother taught me how to hunt and I never forgot how she did it. I froze in place as the Swablu acknowledged my presence. It then turned back to the berries it was nibbling at. I soon resumed my hunt. When I got close enough, the Swablu turned around and realized I was right behind it. I pounced and my claws caught onto on of its wings as it tried to fly away. I slammed it down and used Bite on its neck. It kicked and struggled, but I had it in a way it couldn’t escape. Soon, the bleeding from my claw and teeth marks were enough to kill it. I made sure it was dead, and then called out to my Eevees. Umber and Eve came bustling and ate like they had never eaten before. They tore of pieces of feathered flesh and gulped it down. I sat there, waiting for them to finish. I always let them have first dibs on the kill and then I would eat the scraps. The rings on my body turned yellow, and I happily watched them eat the Swablu. It was all gone by the time they were finished.

“Sorry, Mom, it doesn’t look like there’s any left,” Eve apologized.

“That’s quite alright,” I told her as i liked her face clean of blood.

All that was left of the Swablu were feathers and bloody bones. It had grown quite dark and I heard a Noctowl call out to tell the forest it was night time once again. We got back on the path south. A flock of Spearow passed overhead and I knew we were in the right direction.

“Hey, Mom! Look what I found!” Umber called to me from my right.

I looked to him. He had found a tree trunk that had been made hollow.

“That’s where we’ll sleep tonight, I guess,” I told him.

My rings became yellow. I was so proud of Umber. I knew that if anything ever happened to me, he could take care of himself and Eve. I crawled in a cuddled up with my two Eevee. I licked Eve’s soft, brown fur and she fell asleep. Umber cuddled up to me and fell asleep while using Eve as a pillow. I put my head down and dozed off.


I awoke to the stampeding footsteps of Pokemon from deep in the forest. Eve and Umber awoke with a start.

“What’s going on?” Umber cried out, tired.

I jumped up and took a look outside. At first I figured they would be a bunch of Dodrio and Doduo running for their lives from a pack of Pikachu, like usual. But it wasn’t. This stampede included prey and predators alike. Even powerful Rhyhorn were running, which surprised me. They didn’t run from anything without a fight. Absol, Graveler, Makuhita, Fearow, Primape, Ivysaur, Raticate, Wigglytuff, Beautifly, Girafarig, and other forest Pokemon were all running away from something.

“Excuse me? Excuse me?” I tried to get some information, “Hello?”

“What are you doing standing there?” an Absol stopped in front of me.

She was out of breath.

“What’s going on? What are you all running from?” I asked, trying not to waste her time.

“Hunters, in the area!” she told me, “They’re capturing all the Pokemon they can catch.”

She looked up at my ears. The rings were white in my fear.

“You’re a shiney Pokemon,” she realized, “You better get out of here. There’s no doubt they’ll come after you first.”

With that, she jumped back into the stampede and disappeared in the cloud of dust.

“Mom, I’m scared. What’s going on,” Eve asked, worried.

“Hunters,” I told her bluntly, “We have to go. Umber, follow me.”

I picked up Eve by the skin on the back of her neck in my mouth and started to follow the stampede. Umber was just as fast as me and kept up fine. The stampede soon led us to wide field. The Pokemon spread out. From the depths of the forest came the motor engines of the hunters. They bursted out of the brush and into the field. They started capturing numerous Pokemon with ropes. We ran past a Rhyhorn who was captured in a rope. I tried to make my rings yellow, that way I’d look like a normal Umbreon. But it was no use, as it was slowing me down. One of the vehicles drove right in front of us and Umber and I stopped short. I dropped Eve and gave a big sigh. When I went to pick her up again, a rope tied itself around my neck. I was caught.

So...how do you like it so far? ^^

30th June 2005, 12:24 AM
Oh my god! A fanfic about Umbreon! So cute! lol
I read the whole thing...It's a good idea to give all the Eevee a name..^^
But I somehow feel bad for the Swablu...;_;
It's a really really good fanfic, Encyclopika...I love it!!!
Can't wait to read chapter 2!! Update soon!!!
I wonder what would happen to that Umbreon...

Sweet May
30th June 2005, 12:27 AM
awsome fic Encyclopika................ i love it..... so sweet............ can't wait 4 chapter 2
yay Umbreon........ my fave Dark type^__^

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Aww, I hope nothing happens to the Umbreon and her babies! I would love a shiny Umbreon *_*

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I like Umbreon too. Shiny pokemon are good as well!

Nice, compact, first chapter. Could have been a little longer, but you did a good job. I would have loved for the chapter to continue a little beyond the capture, but I can understand that you wanted to cut it off, to maintain tension, which is fine.

So far, good job, and keep it up!

30th June 2005, 6:19 PM
Love it! Forums went down before, couldnt type over my complete review thing T_T

Oh well, I love it, no complaints for length and all the rest of the Joe Shmoe.

PM me for the next chappie!

-Pichu Gurl ;172;

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Chpater 2 is up...finally! ^^
“Run!” I yelled out.

Umber and Eve ran. I watched as the hunters released two Fearow. They picked Umber and Eve up and brought them back to the hunters. Umber tried to Bite the Fearow, but its skin was too tough for his baby teeth. I struggled in my leash. The hunter said something and then lifted a gray pole in my face. A loud bang, and I was down in seconds.

I woke with a start. I sat up in the dim darkness and twisted my head in all different directions. Where was I? In front of me were bars, parallel to each other and connected to a floor and low ceiling. The ground beneath my paws was cold and hard. My surroundings jumped and I flew with it. I landed on my stomach and undersides as I collided with a crash. I opened my eyes when it was all over and I squinted in frustration. My rings started to turn red. I wanted out right now.

“Looks like we gots ourselves a newbie,” an old, worn voice said happily from somewhere ahead of me.

I came closer to the bars and peered in a similar cage to mine ahead. There lay a Vigoroth. He was leaning against the side of his cage on his back, facing the other side. One of his clawed, white paws was hung loosely over his gut that rolled up in his position. His legs were sprawled out, showing he liked his space.

“What are you talking about?” I asked fiercely.

I hated it when others looked down on me.

“Oh, hehe, that’s just Vero, ignore him,” a younger, male voice said from behind me.

I could tell by the closeness of the voice that we shared the same cage. I turned around and stared straight into the eyes of an Espeon. He wasn’t a normal Espeon, he was discolored. His fur, instead of the usual pink-purple color, was a bright green. He sat on the other side of the cage far from me.

“Who are you?” I asked in my low tones, “And what’s going on?”

“Newbies, always pretending nothing serious is going on…” Vero said to himself.

I scowled at him. The Espeon’s voice made me turn away from him.

“Oh, my name is Even,” the Espeon responded, “And you must have taken the tranqu’ pretty badly…we’re being moved to a market where we’ll be sold by the hunters.”

I squinted in confusion. I had never heard some of those words before.

“A market? Sold?” I asked.

“Ehehehehe,” Vero giggled at my stupidity, “She must be really new.”

“Oh shut up, Vero!” a little female’s voice boomed.

The voice was delicate, but its caster was no pushover. I leaned against the bars to see who was speaking. In a cage facing Vero’s cage was a Pikachu. She was angrily staring at Vero, who didn’t seem to care. She, too, was what you could call a shiny Pokemon. Her fur was almost orange, instead of the usual Pikachu yellow. She shared a cage with a regular Grovyle.

“Listen, I rule this van, so if anyone’s gonna shut up, it’s you Chupi,” Vero said calmly.

“Oh stick it up your ***!” Chupi, the Pikachu yelled, “I wish they’d just kill you already and make you into a coat!”

Vero didn’t budge from the death wish, but I did. What if that happened to me? I’d never see Eve or Umber again. What would they do without me? Remembering them, I frantically spied each and every cage for them and my own.

“What’s with you?” Even asked, almost laughing.

“Where are my children?” I asked, panic stricken.

“Kids? You didn’t come in with no kids,” Vero said bluntly, not turning to face me.

“Quick, did you see two Eevee?” I asked Even and Chupi.

They shook their heads apologetically. There was a lump caught in my throat and I slumped down on the cold hard floor. Tears welt up in my eyes. Even if I wasn’t killed, they had a chance to be. I felt as though my whole life was wasted.

“How old were they?” a sly voice from Chupi’s direction asked.

I looked to her to find the Grovyle now made the conversation his.

“Eve was two months old and Umber was seven months old,” I said, looking down.

“Then don’t worry about it,” he comforted, “They’re much too small and young to make into a coat. It’s a guarantee that they’ll be sold immediately to some wealthy human.”

“I hate humans,” I muttered, looking at the dark gray floor beneath me, “It’s them that’s tearing my family apart.”

“How so?” I heard Even ask.

“Yea, tell us. We got quite a ride on our hands,” Vero jumped in, “We got all the time in the world.”

Chupi and the Grovyle sat down to listen.

“Tell us where you came from. Your family. Because ya know, you, might stay in here a while,” Vero said.

“Yeah, just look at Vero,” Chupi cut in meanly.

“Well, I’ve always lived in the forest close to the mountains,” I started.

“Why the mountains?” Vero asked.

“Two things – I have an Absol friend who lives up there and my family’s favorite meal, Spearow, live near there as well. We were on our way South for the winter and we were following a flock of Spearow,” I answered.

“Oh, yeah, the South…” Vero said dreamily, “That’s where I used to live with my family. Yep, had a couple of kids, a good mate, and my father lived right near by. I always used to talk to Primer, a good Mankey friend. We’d always go looking for the best fruit together.”

“I remember my home,” Chupi started.

“Tell us again, Chupi,” Even pleaded, “Pikachu have quite an interesting lifestyle, ya know.”

“I know,” I said, smiling at memories, “I’d always wake up to the sound of their Doduo prey running in the morning.”

Chupi giggled, “Yeah, I was one of the only females in the hunting pack.”

“Just shows how unique she is,” Vero butt in.

Chupi gave him a scowl and continued as she looked in my direction, “Yep, my favorite hunts were the ones after Stantler.”

“I didn’t know you went after prey that big,” I said, astounded.

“Well, when you have twenty of your best buddies, and a strong leader, you can do anything,” Chupi said, her face turning red as she mentioned the leader.

“Chupi had a crush on her clan leader,” Vero murmured to me, giggling in between words.

“That’s sweet,” I said, smiling at her.

“He was so strong…” Chupi said dreamily.

“A Raichu?” I asked.

“Yep…” she sighed and became a blob of jelly.

“Where did you live, Skeper?” Even asked the Grovyle.

“I lived deep in the tropical rainforests far away from here,” he answered coolly.

“So I guess you’ve had some journey,” I said.

“Yeah, I guess it’s the best way to see how humans get around,” he said, a little bit of annoyance in his voice.

“Funny how humans don’t have no wings but they insist on flying anyway,” Vero said philosophically.

“How are humans tearing your family apart? It sounds like it happened before,” Even went back to the topic that started the conversation.

I looked down, “A trainer captured my oldest Eevee, Jolter.”

“Oh,” Even said, sorry he had asked.

“I’ll never, ever listen to a human and never ever will I get into one of those tiny Voltorbs!” Chupi screamed.

“I think they’re called Poke-e-balls,” Vero said, thinking very hard.

“What’s the difference? I’m not goin in ‘em!” Chupi shouted to him, caught up in her rage, “It’s those damn humans that ruined my life, too!”

We looked at her. Vero had nothing to say, for he agreed.

Tears welt up in her black, beady eyes and she said, “I’ll never see Volten, or Pikpi, or my parents ever again. I’ll die an old, worn out Pikachu in this blasted cage in the dark, alone.”

I had to ask, “How long have you been here?”

“I lost count years ago,” Chupi said, sitting against her cage’s back wall.

It was so dark back there I couldn’t see her anymore.

“The lady has a point,” Vero said.

Even and I looked at him. He picked up his big white paw and wiped his eyes.

“I’ll never see my mate again. I’ll never swing through the palm trees again. I’ll never hug my kids again,” Vero continued.

“I’ll never be friendly to a human,” Chupi muttered.

“And that’s what’s gonna get ye killed!” Vero shouted at her.

“How do you know, you Mankey’s ***!” Chupi let her rage fly out of her.

All Even, Skeper, and I could do was watch as the two went at it for the third time.

“I heard them hunters talkin!” Vero started to answer.

“You’re such a stupid old man!” Chupi yelled, “You can’t understand human talk!”

“I don’t need to,” Vero said, “They said something about a Pikachu, and he was shakin his fire pole. He didn’t seem so happy about you not makin no sale!”

“Tough **** for him!” Chupi said, “Let him kill me. It’ll be the best thing that ever happened to me.”

“But, Chupi,” I said calmly, “Don’t you think you’ll get out of here. Maybe you’ll escape, and you can make it back to your clan.”

“Even if I did,” Chupi said to me calmly, yet sadness evident, “It wouldn’t be the same. They wouldn’t remember me. Volten would be hitched with one of those god damn babysitter Pikachu and I’d be nothing. I’d be rejected and be made to live elsewhere. This is all I know.”

She paused and then continued, “Ya know, we, my clan, was the most powerful Pokemon group in the whole area. No one would mess with us. In the summer, we’d have ourselves a grand feast and invite all of our friends. Me and Charchar would always chase around the Mareep in the canyon. And then in the winter, we’d use the bones from an old Wailord corpse for sleds and ride down those white, winter mountains until it got too dark to see anymore. During a hunt, Volten always let me come along with him to do the dirty work – just me. And I felt so important to him. The day that the hunters came, he tried so hard to save me. But I wouldn’t allow it, I told him to go,” Chupi paused as she wimpered her crying, “I said for him to go or he’d have to go through this hell.”

“I remember my capture, even though I don’t want to,” Vero murmured, “I didn’t even get to say goodbye to my mate, before...before they shot her. And who knows what happened to my kids…they are probably dead from starvation somewhere. And who am I? Why do I still live on past my species expiration date? That ain’t fair.”

“But…do you have hope?” I asked them pleadingly, “Chupi, you’d just leave your life behind?”

“What life?” Chupi started to yell at me, “Sitting here in a cage of metal in the dark talking an old as crap Vigoroth, an overly optimistic Espeon, and a half asleep Grovyle? What kind of life is that?”

“I…” I began, “I didn’t look at it that way.”

“Well, get used to it,” Chupi snapped, “You’ll still probably be here long after we’re gone, uh um.”

She searched her memory for my name, but it didn’t come up.

“Umbreona,” I told her.

“Yeah, long after we’re gone, Umbreona,” Chupi crossed her paws in front of her and retreated back to the back of the cage.

Even walked up to me and put his face close to mine.

“I’m sorry for Chupi’s behavior,” he said softly, “She’s always like that.”

“It’s okay,” I told him, “I understand where she’s coming from.”

The engine stopped and it was quiet. All that could be heard was the sound of heavy footsteps and Chupi’s sniffling.

Vero’s voice broke in, “Guess we’re at the market.”
^^ I like this chapter...let's ya get to know the characters. ^^

5th July 2005, 6:01 PM
Wee! Great chapter! There are so many other Pokemon in this chapter...^^
Can't w8 to read chapter 3!!! ^^

Sweet May
5th July 2005, 7:10 PM
great chapter Encyclopika.... can't wait 4 da next 1^_^

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Hello...I finally got around to reading your fic...it was great! I liked Chupi's atitude. Can't wait for the next chapter. ^^

10th July 2005, 6:29 PM
Even and Umbreona...ooooo...I can see something...

Yaysies! I love Umbreons! O_o Why didn't I say that before?!

I love how you made up the character's personalities from scratch and made 'em stick with it. :)

Poor Chupi....I feel sorry for her.

I can't wait for next chappie!

-Pichu Gurl ;172;

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Thank you all for reading! ^^ Here's Chapter 3, hope you all like it. ^^
Chap 3

There was silence. The footsteps of the hunters coming around the engine and to the outside wall were nearing us. All but Chupi were silent. Suddenly, the wall ahead of me split open to reveal the face of our captor. He was a human who had a black mane that stretched from the back of his head to the front of his face, circling his mouth. The mouth was in an excited grin, showing all of his humanly, flat teeth. I went to shout something, but Vero waved a white paw up, telling me it would do no good. The hunter unhinged the bottom half of the wall down so that he could reach our cages better. With the new light coming in, I squinted my eyes. It had been a long ride in the dark. The hunter grabbed one of the side bars of my cage and dragged it out. With his sudden pull on the metal, Even and I fell over. The hunter lifted us off the bottom half of the wall, now a ramp, and dropped us on the ground. I looked around as he went for Vero’s cage. We were at some sort of large cave. Its walls were made of a flat, gray rock. Vero’s cage was dropped right in front of me and I jumped, startled.

“This is the warehouse,” Vero told me, “This is where they keep us when we make no sale or have just come.”

I nodded, trying to understand. I heard the human shout something to another human. Two more of them came over. I didn’t get a good look at them. They helped our human lift our cages and haul us somewhere else. I have to admit, I was a bit scared. What if they wanted to kill me instead of giving me a chance in those market things? I looked at the others. Chupi had stopped sniveling. Instead, she glared down at the floor of her cage, sitting up against the back wall. Skeper was asleep on the other side of that same cage. Vero was in his “normal” position – back up against a side wall, gut curled up under a white paw. When we were put down, I realized we were in another engine.

“Where are we going now? How long is this going to take? Are we in danger?” I asked frantically.

One of the humans said something to me, but I didn’t understand him. My rings became light green in my confusion.

“Now we’re going to the market,” Vero explained, “You better hope you are bought, 'less you want to stay in this hell hole for while.”

The humans closed the bottom half of the engine and went away to the front.

“I hate humans,” murmured Chupi.

“…Pikachu…no sale…” were a couple of words I understood from the humans in front.

“Hear that Chupi?” Vero asked the miserable Pikachu.

“Hear what?” she asked bitterly.

“They’s talkin’ ‘bout you agin,” Vero told her.

“What are they sayin’?” Chupi asked, more curious than bitter.

“Something about you not making sale,” Vero said.

“Are they going to kill Chupi?” I asked, scared.

I had to admit, I liked Chupi. She was a stand up girl, knew how to survive. She didn’t have shame when it came to speaking, and always spoke her mind. She was independent and not afraid, even in times like this.

“Seen it happen before,” Even murmured.

Vero cut in, “Yep, whenever you hear a Pokemon’s name and “no sale” there’s always death come ‘round the corner.”

“Whatever,” Chupi said, almost not listening to them.

Skeper came into the conversation, “Aren’t you afraid? There’s no doubt they’ll get you this time.”

“I’m not scared!” Chupi yelled at her cell mate, “What makes you so sure? Vero hasn’t made a sale and he’s been here a long time. Much longer than me!”

There was a bump, and we all flew up and came down with a crash each. When I got up, it seemed as though I had been the only one conscious of it. They resumed their conversation as if it never happened.

“Well, it’s all in the way you act around humans,” Skeper said like a true expert.

“Does it look like I give a damn?” Chupi asked him.

Her question couldn’t be answered. The hunters began unloading us again, just as they did before. We were hauled inside another cave, this one bright and white on the inside. Along the walls, other Pokemon sat in cages miserably. The human that was holding Even and I in our cage had a short conversation with one behind a desk in the back. They laughed about something and lifted us so that the new human could get a good look at me. My rings turned white in my fright. The human chuckled, and the other brought us to the wall on our right. He set us down on top of a cage that held two Natu, both of them regulars.

“What kind of cave is this?” I asked, my rings still white.

“It’s called a store. This is the market,” Even told me.

Vero’s cage was placed right next to us. I could see him through the bars. Chupi and Skeper were placed on the other side of us.

“Damned humans,” Chupi muttered.

“What exactly do we have to do?” I asked.

“Nothing, get bought,” Vero told me.

I was confused, “How? What do I do in order to achieve that?”

“Just don’t do anything Chupi would,” Even told me, “Act friendly and kind and don’t bite them.”

“Chupi, I’m begging you,” Vero sat up, “Be friendly. Let one of them humans take you. I know we fight all the time, but I don’t want to see you dead because of somethin’ you could’ve prevented.”

“Oh stop it!” Chupi shouted, “I’ll make my own choices! I’ll never be friendly to a human! Ever!”

“Don’t be so darn stubborn!” Vero yelled back.

“Death is the best way,” Chupi shouted, “I’m not gonna be like you and spend my life chained up to a human’s word.”

That was the end of that fight. Chupi must’ve made a good point for Vero to stop. Skeper had sat around like Even and I, listening in.

A few hours passed, and humans came in and looked in at us. The two Natu below Even and I were taken, as well as a Poliwag, and a shiny Makuhita across the room from us. When the traffic of potential owners became slow, the human behind the desk gave us a bowl of food to eat. When he closed my and Even’s cage, he moved on to Chupi and Skeper’s cage. He opened their cell and tried to slip in the bowl, only for Chupi to try and bite him. He backed up, and out of revenge, closed the cage without giving the food. Skeper looked angrily at Chupi.

“Unlike you, Chupi, I wanted the food,” Skeper said coldly, “I don’t really get your deal, but it’s effecting my time here and is making it worse.”

“Too bad for you!” Chupi growled, her cheeks starting to spark.

I heard the human sigh. He got up once again and went into a back room. He came out with a cage half the size of the cage Even and I shared. He put the new cage on top of our cage. Then he opened Chupi and Skeper’s cell once again. He helped Skeper out and put him in the new cell. He closed both doors, beforehand giving Skeper food.

“Ya know, Chupi, sometimes I wonder 'bout you,” Vero said, “You make your own experience with this harder when it doesn’t have to be.”

Chupi thought for a second and then countered, “Shut your stupid face! Like I need a lecture from an old fart!”

We heard the jingle from the front door. Every head turned to see as two female humans walked in. One was a little human and the other must’ve been its mother. The store owner got up and rushed to greet his customers, hands clasped in a desperate attempt to sell one of us. The bigger female human spoke with him as the little one eyed us in our cages. She stopped at Chupi, who was now calm and sitting at the back of her cage. The little human happily tapped on the cage and woke Chupi up. She growled in hatred.

“Don’t do it, Chupi,” Vero breathed, “Be nice. Be friendly, no matter what.”

Chupi looked at him angrily. She then turned back to the little human and shocked her. It wasn’t powerful, but enough to make the little human back away and cry in fright. For some reason, I felt bad. It wasn’t that human’s fault we were in this hell, in fact, I highly doubt she even knew how we ended up here. The mother rushed over to her child’s aid. She then yelled at the store owner, where he must have begged forgiveness. They left without buying anyone. Pokemon from across the room stared at Chupi in her burst of rebellion. The store owner glared at Chupi, where she gave him an evil grin.

“That’s it Chupi,” Vero said, “That it for you.”

She didn’t answer. The store owner picked up something and started talking into it. He was shouting and talking about a Pikachu. We all knew it was Chupi.

That evening, the store owner gave us back to the hunters. He didn’t want us and probably thought we were all like Chupi. The hunters, we could see, were furious. They took us back and we took another trip to the warehouse via engine. Along the way, Vero and Even taught me knew words. For one, the “engine” was called a truck. And Vero had learned that the “fire pole” was called a gun from a Drowzee who had been in this predicament before Vero.

When we got there, they set us down on empty cages in the warehouse. Chupi came to the edge of her cage and looked at us.

“Well, guys, it was nice knowing you,” she said.

She must’ve known her death was in view.

“What do you mean?” Even asked, “You constantly fought and yelled at us.”

“Yeah, but at least you were never afraid to still talk to me on good days,” Chupi said.

I asked, “Aren’t you nervous or scared?”

My rings turned blue with sadness. She shook her head. Before she could say anything else, a hunter came by and opened her cage. He put a rubber leash on her. He tugged at her and she obediently followed. She looked to me as tears filled my eyes.

“Don’t worry, Umbreona,” I could hear Chupi’s voice getting further, “This is what I want.”

At little after that last word, there was a loud bang, and everything was silent. I heard Even gasp. I went to turn my head to see what had happened.

“Don’t look,” Vero mouthed to me, “Don’t look.”

I crouched down on my belly, my back legs curled up, my front paws on my head. My rings were blue and tears streamed down my face. Chupi was dead, the first of us to go. Even came up to me and crouched beside me. He put an arm around me in comfort. I wimpered. Could this be my fate too?
Ok, another chapter! XD Well, I hope you enjoyed this chapter as bst you could.

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awesome chapter Encyclopika........ i loved it^_^
can't wait 4 chapter 4^_^

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AWSOME fic with the death,and the blood,and the suffering...ah you know what I mean this chapter was the best so far poor chupi*sob*.but party for blood*dances with blood*.I like how you actually put pokemon and their hatred for humans you don't see this alot.

19th July 2005, 2:19 AM
Mean little Chupi, I would be nice. Even though it was short, it was worth waiting for. I liked how you described hair as "mane." It adds to the POVness.

And thank you for the PM!

-Mizu ;144;

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Nice to see Pokemon that hate humans for a change. It would be interesting to see how Umbreona comes to terms with the Pokeball, which basically "enslaves" whatever it captures. Anyways, I bid you good luck. ;)

PS: Gore rules! :D

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Oooh! Despite the slighty over-used Pokemon (eevee + lutions) this grabbed my attention. The characters are easy to understand and react well to their situation. There are a few minor little writing things I found wierd, but they were mostly due to style (the double-spacing, for instance).

I'll suscribe to this thread. Good job, keep it comin'.

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Sorry that I didn't respond eariler...
Just read it and it's awesome! I love your fic, Amanda!
Keep up the good work...^^

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What I especially like about this fic is how you generated their past and related their past to their personalities and thoughts and actions and stuff. Nothing was too rushed, and the color-change-corresponding-to-emotions-rings on Umbreona is cool, I'm guessing yellow for happy right? If I'm correct, then she couldn't have turned yellow while being chased by hunters. Is Skeper that quiet? I don't see much dialogue by him, but I don't mind. Who am I to mess with such a good fic and authoress? ^^

Well there's a more complete review for ya! XD

-Mizu ;144;

29th July 2005, 3:17 AM

Great job, this is the first Fan Fiction that I am actually posting at. It is very interesting how you involved different Pokemon type characters into the story. Still, very nicely done.

10th August 2005, 5:03 PM
Wow...more readers this time! XD Well...thank you all for reading. I have done bios for all the main characters so far at http://www.freewebs.com/amasstuff/ Go there...you'll get inside scoop on other stuff fan based stuff I do. Anyway, here ya go, Chap 4.
Chap 4

As I wimpered, Even tried his best to comfort me. He looked up to Vero. Vero wouldn’t give him the light of day. I picked my head up and saw Skeper. He was quiet as usual, but it seemed as though he was hurt. His ex-cell mate was dead, and it wasn’t so long ago that she had been ranting to us. Why do humans do this? Why couldn’t they just let her go? Tears streamed down my face. I can admit that maybe Chupi wasn’t the nicest Pokemon, but she did have a character to her. I feared I would miss the odd colored rodent screaming at us each day. It would be terribly boring and incomplete.

The next day, we were on our way to a new store. Vero told me that it would be a little while before we got there. I wasn’t expecting a couple days, though. On the way, on the first day, Vero taught me new human words. The black strip our truck was on was called a “road” and the humans were “driving” it.
That night, I lay on my side, feeling very empty inside. My rings were as blue as I felt. That day, I missed Chupi a lot. I know we never really spoke, but I wanted nothing more than to get to know her more. Her fate came too soon. I thought about Umber and Eve as well. How I missed them. I missed their play fights, the way they ate, the way we cuddled in hollow logs at night and they kept me company. They made me feel as though I had a purpose in life. Now, I felt like nothing.

“Are…you gonna be okay?” Even’s voice interrupted my thoughts.

“Not really,” I said honestly.

Why lie about it when it was evident that I wasn’t?

“Well, don’t worry about it,” Even told me, “You’ll be sold to a nice human and-”

“I don’t want to be with a damned human!” I cut him off in rage, “All I want is to get out of here!”

Even backed up to the side of the cage furthest from me. My rings had turned an angry red.

“I wish I could say you’ll get out of here,” Even told me sternly, “but, then again, I don’t want to be found out to be a liar.”

My rings turned blue again and I said, “I’m sorry. I don’t mean to take it out on anyone, but I’m starting to understand Chupi’s final wish.”

“Her final wish?” Even asked, “You mean the suicide pact she made with herself? Anything’s better than that!”

“I don’t know,” I said mysteriously.

“You’re not really thinking about doing that are you?” he asked, very concerned.

“I might,” I said mysteriously again.

“Well don’t!” he cried out, “There are better things. Why would you leave us? We all miss Chupi…I don’t think we want to mourn over you too…especially you being so new.”

I rolled over. I was only playing with him. I wanted to see how much I could drag out of him before I started feel bad. I knew clearly he cared for me, and that’s all the game was supposed to achieve.

“How long have you been here?” I asked him, changing the subject.

My back was still to him. I heard him sit up straight.

“I was the new guy before you came,” he told me, “In fact, I lived in the same forest you did, just a different part.”

I rolled over to face him.

“Really?” I asked.

“Yeah, I was a loner, though,” he continued, “I used to be in a pack. They all thought I was an Eevee with just litter fur. When I evolved, they thought I was weird and dumped me.”

“Huh? Why would they do that?” I asked.

“Good question. Could be jealousy. Could be that I was too different for them,” he said, “So when the hunters caught me, I wasn’t so depressed about it.”

“Oh,” I acknowledged him.

“I don’t like humans…or what they do,” Even told me, “But I don’t really hate them. For me, they really didn’t do anything to me, personally. I’m not saying that Chupi deserved what she got, or that I enjoy this. I’m just saying, I don’t hate them.”

I gave him a confused look. Obviously, our definitions of hate were different. I guessed when he thought of the word “hate”, he thought that meant that whatever was hated should never have existed. In that case, I don’t hate humans. Some of them are nice, and unknowing of the torture we go through, like that little human Chupi scared half to death in the store the other day. I looked down at my paws. I was now lying on my stomach, my two front paws out in front of me.

After a long while, he asked, “What are you thinking about?”

I sighed, “My two Eevee.”

“Oh,” he said, “You’ll see them again.”

He tried to comfort me, but his prediction had a slim to none chance. I had no idea where they were. For all I knew, they could be in a different region.

“Thanks,” I said bluntly.

In two days time, we had made it to the new store. Even and I made a pact that if we got out, we’d get out together. We became close friends. Over that one week period, Vero and Skeper seemed to disappear with Chupi gone. In fact, Vero was taken away by the hunters by the end of that week. We waved goodbye to him. That was the last we ever saw of him. Skeper was bought by a young male human. I felt happy for him. At least he was getting out of here, and like Even, he didn't seem to take anything personally from the humans. Whatever happened, happened, and he just went with it. The day became dark as the sun sank in the sky. The store owner packed up and left.

After the store owner closed up shop, I said to Even, “When do you think we’ll get out of here?”

The store was dark, and the only light we had was a bright road light, that was perched on top of a pole outside the store. Winter had come quick, and the cold from the outside freely came in. I shivered a little bit and moved closer to Even. We were now side by side.

“Don’t know,” he whispered, “Guess whenever it’s our time.”

“What do you think they did to Vero?” I asked.

“Well,” he said, “I guess they put him down…like Chupi.”

“What?!” I couldn’t handle this anymore, “Why? He did nothing wrong!”

“Before you came, he told me he had been doing this for fifteen years,” Even told me, “After all that time, he told me he was surprised they hadn’t done it sooner.”

“Is this what we all really deserve?” I asked, “To constantly be a human’s pawn?”

Even looked down at me as I broke down. All that I had ever done was now a lost past. A lost cause. My rings were blue, once again. Even put an arm around me. I then realized we had a long way to go before that kind of fate. But after all that time, one of us would probably lose it like Chupi, and get an ending much like hers, while the other dragged on in his life until they were disposed of as well.

The next day, Even and I were slow. We just sat in our cage, bored out of our minds. My rings had turned gray in my boredom. A fat, female human came close to our cage and peered in. She had a light, yellow mane and chubby face. Her nose was sort of round and flat. Her body was plump and covered in a pink over skin, which I had learn was called a dress, with white fur on top. She had sparkly rocks that hung on her fingers and ears. She made a high pitched squeal and smiled excitedly. She pointed to me and squealed some more. The store owner looked pleased. He snuck over to my side. I paid him no attention. He then honked a funny little yellow thing with a red ball at the end to the side of my face. My rings turned white in my sudden fright and I jumped up, knocking into a sleeping Even. The humans giggled, and I growled at them as my rings turned red. The female human squealed some more at the show. The store owner opened the cage and tried to get me out. I backed up to Even to show I wasn’t about to leave him behind. The store owner sweat dropped and rubbed the back of his head to the female. She fluttered her hands and the store owner yanked both me and Even out. He then put us into two smaller cages and locked the doors. The humans exchanged green stuff, which, over the week I had learned was called “money”, and she led us outside. My rings turned yellow in my happiness.

“Even!” I shouted, “We’re free!”

I heard Even sigh, “No we’re not. She’s bringing us to her home.”

My rings turned blue. I forgot all about that. My happiness for being out of the store blinded me from the future we would play out from now on. At least we didn’t have to worry about being killed, but now we had to spend the rest of our lives cooped up in some human’s house.

We were yet again in another truck, but this one was much shorter, as well as comfortable. The female human spoke to us. Over the past few days of being in the store, Even and I had learned a good deal of human speech.

“You, my cute, green Espeon,” the human started, “I will name you…Kane.”

Even looked to me and I giggled at him. He shook his head, letting me know he hadn’t adopted the name.

“And you, my star, Umbreon,” the human continued, “I will call you…Paint.”

Even giggled to me and I sweat dropped.

“Oh, you will love it at my house,” she continued, “I have many Pokemon just like you! They are all shiny Pokemon. And you, my little Paint, are the greatest specimen I have ever found!”

Even and I were confused. We didn’t recognize the word “specimen”. I figured it wasn’t good. Soon, the truck stopped, and the human became excited again.

“We’re here! We’re here!” she said bubbly.

I heard her nails scratch the top of my cage as she grabbed the handle and pulled us out with herself included. We faced a giant building with many windows. It was a sand color and made of stone. We approached the front doors that were made out of wood.

“Welcome to my humble home,” she said as the dark wooden doors were opened and she stepped in.

She set us down on the floor, which was made of orange marble. A giant staircase lay out in front of us, as well as doors that led to other rooms. Small trees in pots scattered the white walls.

“Here here!” she called out.

Soon the empty room became full with Pokemon. As she had promised, they were all shiny Pokemon. They approached our cages to have a peek. My rings turned white and I backed up. I hoped they were friendly.
Sorry if this chapter was more of a filler. More action I promise in Chapter 5. Ok, hope you liked it. ^^;;;

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kewl chapter Encyclopika........... i love it either way............. can't wait for chapter 5^^

10th August 2005, 6:44 PM
NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! *no more chapters yet, oi, me wants to read more* lol

Hmm...could there be a Shiny Slowpoke or something? Don't ask why, blame the fact that my best buddy might be moving this summer, and she loves slowpoke, lol...the slowpoke compells you!

Anyways, I really like the story so far :D

10th August 2005, 7:48 PM
its awesome, i loved it, and what a creative idea about an umbreon shiny whose rings change through emotion

11th August 2005, 3:12 AM
Great job so far! I can't wait for the next chapter!

11th August 2005, 3:21 AM
Sheer brilliance! I don't think it's much of a filler chapter, they got sold. Umbreona spoke too soon when she thought they were free! XD

I can't wait to see what happens next! *hopes there is gonna be a Pichu or Cyndaquil or Quilava (shiny) because they are some of Mizu's fave Pokemon*

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Nice chap god filler and specimens sweet BLOOD!!! I hope that there is a black Arbok and a white Seviper.(fear me I will poisin you mwhahaha)

12th August 2005, 12:01 AM
new fic reader. *sobs* you evil person you killed a pikachu. but good fic keep up the good work.

16th August 2005, 8:31 PM
when is the next chapter, please

16th August 2005, 10:20 PM
when is the next chapter, please
Not for a while...sorry to say. I have another fic i write besides this one...and they go one chapter after the other. So right now I'm writing that fic's 12th chapter/episode...afterward, I will start on this one's new chapter. If you want to be on the Pm list, do say so. ^^

24th August 2005, 6:15 PM
Hello! Sorry mods for double posting, but no one answered after I answered BrokenDreams' post. Anyway, here is the 5th chapter. I hope you all like it.
Chap 5

The Pokemon approached our cages and peered in.

“Okay, okay, no need to crowd,” the female human said.

The Pokemon backed up. The human opened our small cages.

“Come out, don’t be frightened,” she said to us.

Even and I came into the light. The area was gigantic and the floor was furry and red. The room had a large staircase leading to a balcony that led to many more rooms. The banister was wooden and shiny.

“Now go along, dinner will be served in a little while,” she said and walked away through a corridor with pink walls.

Two humans, I learned later were called servants, took our little cages away. Her Pokemon approached us again. They looked at us up and down and sniffed.

“Hey, what are your names?” a shiny Furret asked me.

Her rings around her thin body were magenta unlike the usual brown. She looked terribly friendly and has a soothing voice.

“My name is Senny,” she said.

“I’m Umbreona,” I said, “And that’s Even.”
I introduced Even for him since he was busy with two shiny Rattata. They were a light yellow unlike the usual purple.

“I hope you will enjoy your stay here,” Senny said, “Greta is such a nice human.”

“Greta?” I asked.

“Yes, the human that brought you into her home,” Senny told me, “She is very nice. She feeds us. Let’s us live in this big house of hers.”

“And all we have to do is be nice back and be good during the presentations!” said a shiny Dratini.

He was bright purple unlike the usual grayish blue. His voice was small and childish.

“I’m sorry,” I said, “But I’m not interested in staying here for very long.”

My rings turned orange in my seriousness. Senny gasped.

“But-but why would you want to leave? I know, you’ll like it once you get used to it,” Senny said as if she was positive.

“There you go again, protecting the evils of humans,” said a deep male voice from behind Senny.

“Mury, don’t say that. Greta is a very nice human,” Senny said to the shiny Murkrow.

He was a bright magenta color rather than black.

“You seem to forget all the lives we had to leave behind and all the things we had to go through to get here, Senny,” Mury the Murkrow told her.

Senny crossed her short front arms, “What things? I never went through “things”.”

“That’s because you were given to her! You never went through the pains of being poached!” Mury read my mind.

The moment I had met Senny, I knew she had never experienced what Even and I had been through. Many of the Pokemon were looking down at the floor, sadly. They all must have been through it. Mury hopped up right in front of her.

“It’s just because we look different! If my feathers were black I’d still be living in the free skies above this damn city! But no!” Mury ranted, “I have to stay in this barrier. Pokemon aren’t meant to be cooped up in one place. We should be able to fly, swim, and walk free.”

He turned away from her in disgust. Senny looked around for support, but no one would give it to her except the little Dratini from before.

“You two wanna escape, do ya?” Mury hopped up to Even and I, “Well do ya?”

“Yea, yes we do,” Even answered him.

“Then I will help you! I want to get out of here as much as you do!” Mury said, “Anyone else want to help the cause?”

Some Pokemon looked up and thought about it. I knew they all wanted out, but it depended on how much.

“It will be difficult. You might not make it out alive,” Mury told them.

Some went back to looking at the floor. Others still pondered. A shiny Aipom bounced up to him. He too was a bright magenta as Mury was.

“I’ll help sir!” the Aipom said, “The name is Pompom!”

“Nice to meet you,” I said to him.

I already felt good about this. At last, we would be free! Other Pokemon started stepping up. Now all we needed was a plan.

“Hello my pretties!” Greta came out from the corridor she had disappeared in from before, “We have a presentation tomorrow!”

She ruined the moment. Mury sighed. He sounded as if he didn’t enjoy the presentations, whatever they were.

“Even, what’s a presentation?” I whispered.

“I have no clue,” he said.

The next day we found out exactly what this presentation was. It was a giant convention where humans from all over showed off their shiny Pokemon. They made them do tricks or simply sit around and be pretty. Greta brought Even, a shiny Grumpig of hers, and me to the presentation. There, we sat on the pavement in a big park. We were tied to a pole each next to a fountain. Many humans came to look at us. I became fast friends with the Grumpig.

“Hey, you’re the new guys from yesterday, right?” the Grumpig asked me.

She was friendly and had a hyper, go lucky voice. She was yellow instead of the pinky purple Grumpig usually are. For once in a long time, my rings turned yellow.

“Yea, my name is Umbreona,” I told her.

“My name is Rooma. I’ve been with Greta for a really long time,” she said, “and I am so sick of it.”

“Oh?” I asked, wanting to hear exactly why.

“Yea, these presentations are so annoying,” Rooma told me, “If it’s okay, I’d like to help you guys and Mury get out. I don’t know what I can do, but I would like to.”

“Thanks that’s really nice of you,” I said to her with a smile.

“It’s time for your presentation!” Greta came up to me.

She untied me. As she was busy with that, I looked to Rooma nervously.

“Huh? What do I do?” I asked frantically.

“Just do what she says best you can!” Rooma whispered.

Greta pulled my leash and I followed her. My rings were white with fear. Greta led me to a small pink stage not too far away from Even and Rooma. She then set me on top of the stage.

“Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the Ring Color Changer, Paint! The Umbreon!” Greta shouted to the crowd.

They clapped calmly. My rings were still white in my stage fright. I wondered what would happen if I did poorly?

“Eh, what other colors can it project to us?” an older male audience member asked.

“All colors! Paint, make your rings…yellow!” Greta told me.

Yellow only came out when I was happy, so I thought about Rooma and Even and soon my rings were happy yellow. The crowd awed.

“Now, Paint, make your rings red!” Greta ordered.

I thought about her and all the humans that had done me wrong. My rings became an angry red quickly. The crowd awed again. I looked back to Rooma and Even. They were watching me.

“Now the crowd would like to see blue!” Greta told me.

I sighed and thought about my children and Chupi. My rings were blue now. The crowd was impressed.

“Now make them pink!” Greta ordered once again.
My rings turned white in panic and fright. I had nothing to think about to make me feel love.

“Ehehehehe, not white, pink!” Greta said sweat dropping to the crowd.

Even said something to Rooma and she looked as though she thought about something. She then pushed her nose up with her finger and stuck her tongue out in a funny face. I laughed and my rings were pink in no time. I remembered how much I loved my friends. They were always there to help me and support me through this tough time. Even, Rooma, Mury, Chupi, Vero, Pompom, and Skeper. They would always be with me in my memory.

“That was very nice,” a human came up to Greta, “Very nice.”

“Oh thank you!” Greta said blushing.

My rings turned green in my jealousy. How come she was getting all the credit? My feelings were just thrown around just to put on a show for you damn humans. Greta led me by the leash over to Rooma and Even and tied me up again. I sat there, my rings changing from green to red and back and forth.

“You okay, Umbreona?” Even asked me.

“You try going from sad to happy in two seconds!” I snapped at him.

“Calm down. We know humans are stupid and mean,” Rooma said.

I sighed. There was no way I was going to do that again.

When we got “home” I slouched on the large seat I remember Rooma telling me was called a couch. It was pink with a wooden skeleton for support.

“No no, Paint, down,” Greta ordered to me.

I figured she wanted me to get off. I did. My rings turned red. I should be able to lie where I want. I am the one who did the show for her little friends. I walked off. I walked down the corridor to the left. As I strolled down the hall, pictures of Greta and some random shiny Pokemon she owned dotted the walls. I noticed in each picture, except for the ones that included Senny, all of the Pokemon weren’t as happy as Greta. They seemed miserable. I went on down the hall and ended up in a large open room. Many of Greta’s shiny Pokemon lied around on the white stone floor. I spotted Even and walked up to him.

“Hey,” he greeted lazily.

“Hey,” I repeated him.

“Listen you guys,” I heard Mury’s scratchy voice from behind me, “We’s got to make a plan if we wanna get outta here!”

“I know, but what? Greta has guards and servants all over the place watching our every move!” I informed him.

“I know, I know,” he said, “But there is one flaw. You two follow me. C’mon Pompom!”

Mury called to the Aipom from earlier today and it followed. We followed Mury down the corridor I had just come. He stopped right at the end. Soon enough, a bell sounded and Greta got up from the seat she had scooted me from and went to the door. She opened it up and received a package from a human on the other side we couldn’t see.

“Do ya see it? The gateway to the outside! So easily opened to the sound of a chime!” Mury said excitedly.

“Mury, how you gonna do that?” Pompom asked, “You can never go outside. You are locked in a cage all day or in the house.”

“That’s where you come in my primate friend,” Mury said, “One of us has got to ring that bell. I’ll be the one to do it.”

“What are you scheming?” Senny’s voice could be heard from beside us, “If you’re planning to get out, Greta will know all about it!”

“You’re such a tattle tale!” Pompom whined.

“What are you gonna do about it?” Mury asked gutsy, “We are gonna bust outta here! And you ain’t gonna stop us!”

“Oh yes I will! I will inform Greta!” Senny fought back.

“Where do you think that will get you, Ms. Furret?” Mury asked, getting right in her face, “If you spoil this plan, you will suffer until I come up with another plan.”

“Suffer? From what?” Senny asked, seeing if she could catch his bluff.

“All of the other Pokemon that wanted to get out of this dump,” Mury told her, “They will all hate you because you ruined an opportunity for their escape. All we want are our lives back!”

Senny was silent. She didn’t want to be hated, she just didn’t want anyone to get out. She felt that it was expected of her to keep everyone in line, as I figured out later on when pondering her motives. There was silence, and Mury walked away. Even, Pompom, and I followed.

“That damn Senny!” Mury yelled at a late night conference between all of the Pokemon that were in on the plan.

He sat in a small bird cage in a room full of bird cages holding Greta’s flying Pokemon. The land Pokemon had come to be in the conversation.

“She’s gonna tell Greta,” Mury said, “I can feel it!”

“There’s nothing we can do to stop her,” I said, “And if she does, just let her. If things go well, I highly doubt Greta will be able to do anything about it.”

“I don’t know,” Even said, “Greta could make it so she won’t open the door that day. Everyone needs to know in advance in order for it to work.”

“How are you gonna pull off ringing that doorbell, Mury?” asked a shiny Quilava who was providing us with light.

He was a light orange instead of the usual dark green.

“Who else can do it?” asked a shiny Slowpoke, “Mury’s the only one who can and wants to.”

The Slowpoke was mauve instead of pink. And he was right. Mury was the only one who could pull it off. When Greta let all of the Pokemon outside, I had learned from earlier in the conversation, she let them go into a closed up back yard. Although gigantic, the area was closed off by a sturdy, high, brick wall. The Rhyhorn couldn’t smash through it and the Spoink couldn’t jump over it. The only way was to fly, and Greta never let the Flying Pokemon out ever. They would spend their days in cages or locked in windowed rooms. The windows were made out of thick, clear plastic so that the Skarmory couldn’t break through.

“She has thought of everything,” said a shiny, brown Arbok, informing the Quilava further.

“This is what we are gonna do,” Mury started.

He gave us each jobs and told us what exactly we’d do. It would be tough and treacherous. And everyone was counting on me to make the first move.
Okay, there you have it, chapter 5. The next chapter is the finale, and I hope you all stick around to read it. ^^ Enjoy.

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That was my favorite chapter so far after Chupi died ( sob ) my favorite character is Murry.

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That was my favorite chapter so far after Chupi died ( sob ) my favorite character is Murry.

my fav pokemon so far is evan.

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I love umbreon, shiny pokemon, and this story has got both so I love it too.

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Hey what happend? Are you goinp to let the story die? please dont! its to good!

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Chap 6

I lied on my stomach on the cold, marble floor. The house was dark and silent, except for the rustling of sleeping bodies as they tossed and turned. The late night meeting Mury had organized ended a while ago, but I wasn’t asleep like the rest. Mury had told us his plan, and it was all riding on me to make the very first move. He had planned for me to go inside once Greta had put us outside and release Mury from his cage. Then I was to bring him outside and he’d take care of the rest. But why me? I had asked. Mury told me I was the perfect choice. While the rest of us were spending our day lying around, Mury did field work on Greta. He had told me and the rest of the members of the meeting that Greta could not stop talking about Paint, my new alias. She was so happy and proud of a specimen like me, she’d most likely do whatever I wanted, Mury had told us. It sucked being the master’s pet, but fortunately for Mury, I wanted to leave as much as he did. I pondered about this for a while. I turned my head. Lying right next to me was Even, sound asleep. His presence was all that kept me going nowadays. After all my other friends had left, via a new home or death, I was devastated. Even was always there to talk to and comforted me to think I had a real friend to back me up when times got tough. I watched as he slept, not noticing my wide awake eyes upon his soft, green body. For an instant, I felt I needed and liked him more than a friend. Our bond was really strong, and maybe if we both got through this, he’d like to come along with me, Umber, and Eve south. Life without him would be painfully weird, and I had a feeling that Umber and Eve would like him as much as he would them. These thoughts raced through my mind and soon they put me to sleep.

My eyes fluttered open to the daylight that broke through the large window to my side. With my movement, came Even’s wake as well. He stretched and yawned wide. He looked around and then came to me.

“Well,” he said.

“Yeah,” I sighed, knowing today was the day.

I felt I couldn’t let Mury down. He seemed to take pride in his schemes. I picked myself up and walked over to Rooma. She was awake, fiddling with a little toy she must’ve gotten from Greta to occupy her dull life with. I sat down in front of her and she looked up.

“Well, hey there!” she said bubbly and with a friendly smile.

“Hey,” I answered back.

There was no time for a conversation. Rooma told me that Greta sets out food everyday at the same time. It’s always first come first serve, she told me. I called Even over and the three of us walked into a big, white room with large silver objects lining its walls. Rooma had taught me that they were called appliances, and that the room was called a kitchen. A large tray and a couple bowls of some sort of food were huddled together near a big, bay window, facing Greta’s large backyard. Despite Greta’s large living space and nice things, she lived in the city on a large street that many trucks passed by on. We could sometimes hear the trucks pass by, but most of the time, the thick plastic window kept the sound out. I looked down at the tray. It and the bowls that surrounded it were filled with colorful cubes and brown pieces. I looked to Rooma. She was stuffing her face with the brown pieces. When she got to the colorful cubes, she nitpicked for green and yellow ones.

“What color PokeBlock to you like, Umbreona?” Rooma asked me.

My face twisted in confusion, “A what?”

My rings turned light green in my confusion. Even was looking down at the food as I had.

“Where’s the Swablu meat?” he asked.

“Huh? Oh, I’m sorry!” Rooma said, “These are PokeBlocks. And no there is no Swablu meat, Even, sorry to say.”

Rooma held up one if the colored cubes. Other Pokemon came over as well. As Rooma had, they nitpicked through them for specific colors.

“Each PokeBlock has a different taste. I like the sour and bitter ones,” Rooma said, “Those are the yellow and green ones. It just depends on what kind of taste you like.”

“I like eating real food,” I said, “Not this human made crap.”

“I know, I know,” Rooma said as she ate, “When I first came here, I didn’t either. But ya know, when you get hungry enough, you’ll just like everything.”

I didn’t feel so hungry anyway. I just enjoyed hanging out with Rooma. After we escape, I thought, I’ll never see her again. We’ll have to flee in opposite directions.

I heard Greta walk in and start clapping her hands, “Now my pretties! Time for you exercise! Outside! All of you!”

All of Greta’s shiny Pokemon scurried out the door and into the large back yard. The yard covered a large area from the sides of the house and behind it. There was one side yard that was off limits to us, for Greta had a small garden there. They rest of the yard was grass, trees, flowers, and small jungle gym meant for human offspring. I saw Pompom, the Aipom, climbing on it, almost enjoying himself. I walked over to him. I was insecure about what would happen when I start Mury’s plan. The best person to ask besides Mury himself was his little sidekick.

“Hello, Pompom,” I said to the shiny Aipom.

“Hello, Umbreona! You ready?” he asked me with the typical Aipom grin.

I looked down, “I’m not so sure. What if I screw up?”

“Don’t worry!” Pompom said, “It’s Mury who should be worrying that.”

“So, what exactly do I have to do?” I asked, “I know I have to release Mury from his bird cage, but…”

Pompom answered before I could finish the question, “All you got to do is get inside. See that window right there? The one that’s partly open?”

Pompom pointed up to the house. I looked up and saw it on the second floor. It was right next to an overgrown tree branch and slightly open.

“All you have to do is beg to get inside. Just scratch at the door,” Pompom said, “Greta opens the door, you get inside and to that window. I need you to open it wider so I can squeeze through from that there tree branch. Then, I’ll lead you from there!”

“Seems easy enough,” I said.

“Yeah, but you gotta do it at the right time,” Pompom said and leaped off the jungle gym.

He walked over to the kitchen’s big window. We could see inside from where we sat, off to the side so that Greta at the table wouldn’t spot us.

“See that round thing on the wall in there?” Pompom asked me.

I looked for it and saw it. I nodded my head.

“That’s called a clock,” he said, “Used by humans to tell time. For us it just shows us when things will happen. When that longer pointer is on the lowest black spot, you start.”

I looked away from Pompom and to the clock inside. The clock was decorated with black spots all around it, evenly spaced. The long pointer Pompom was talking about was pointing to a black spot right before the spot he was talking about.

“You just wait there,” he said, “It won’t take too long.”

“Ok,” I said as he bounced away.

He climbed up the tree with the over grown branch and stayed in the shade. He kept a careful eye on me as I kept a careful eye on that clock. A few moments went by, and the pointer struck the bottom black spot. I walked to the door Greta had shooed us out of before. The rest of the shiny Pokemon watched me as I made the first move in the plan. I winced and scratched at the door, begging to be let inside. The other Pokemon tried to look casual, tried to make it look like nothing was going on. Greta opened the door.

“Silly me,” Greta said as she opened the door, “I shouldn’t have made you go into the sunlight with all that black fur, my little Paint.”

I rolled my eyes and strolled past her into the hallway outside the kitchen. She resumed whatever she had been doing on the table. I made my way to the main hall by the front door and the large, extravagant staircase. I made my way up those big steps and was finally on the second floor landing. I was tired, but trudged on in my search for that window. I looked in the first room, and to my good fortune, was the window. I saw Pompom outside on the branch. From there, the branch was much further from the window than it suggested from looking at it from the yard. Pompom would have never made the jump on his own. I got up on a wooden box sitting right in front of the window. I put my paws on the window and pushed it forward open. Now there was a small landing for Pompom. He backed up, hinged his legs, and then sprang forward. He reached for the window and caught it with his front, stubby paws. He used his tail to heave himself up and into the small, dark room.

“Ok, next step,” Pompom said, “Getting Mury.”

He jumped down from the box and walked to the door. I followed him out. He strolled down the hall, me following. We got to the end of the hall and a large room full of cages. Most were holding some sort of shiny flying Pokemon. Every single one looked either bored or miserable.

“Hey! There you guys are!” Mury shrieked to us.

“Shhh, quiet, boss!” Pompom ordered.

Pompom used his tail and fiddled with the lock. It popped open and Mury bursted out in freedom.

“What do you think you’re doing?” came a familiar voice.

It was Senny, the shiny Furret and the only one who was happy with Greta.

“We’re getting out of here! That’s what!” Mury shouted.

“Er, boss we really don’t have the time,” Pompom murmured, but Mury was too riled up.

“Can it, Pompom. Look Senny,” Mury said, “I understand if you wanna stay. But the rest of us wanna leave. So do us all a favor and butt out.”

“I’m afraid I can’t do that,” she said, “You are supposed to stay here!”

“Look, maybe you didn’t have a life before here, but I, for one, did!” Mury yelped.

“Greta loves each and every one of us,” Senny said, “She works hard to make us all happy.”

“Kiss my tail feathers, Senny!” Mury shouted, “Greta works to make her *** happy, not us. You really think Skara, over there, enjoys being locked up in that dinky cage except for god damn presentations?”

Mury thrusted a wing toward a shiny Skarmory in a tight cage that barely gave her room to move around. She was a greenish metallic color instead of the usual gray metallic. Senny didn’t know how to answer and Mury didn’t bother waiting for one.

“Pompom release the other flying Pokemon and lead them to the window in two black spots,” Mury ordered.

He then walked up to Pompom.

“And uh, well, it’s been real, Pompom,” Mury said as a good friend, “After this moment, we probably won’t see each other again. Good luck.”

“Thanks, pal,” Pompom said and took his order.

He began to fiddle with the locks of the cages.

“No! Cut it out!” Senny ordered.

“C’mon, Umbreona, there’s one more thing to do,” Mury said, “Get Rooma and Even ready. Get back to the back door. By now Greta should be letting them in for whatever reason she has.”

“And you?” I asked as I made my way down the hall to the staircase.

“I’m gonna go ring the doorbell,” Mury said and flew into the room with the open window. I saw him fly out. I made my way down the stairs, and as sure as Mury had said it, Greta let the Pokemon back in. I met up with Rooma and Even. They were as ready as they would ever be. We wished each other luck. The rest of the Pokemon hid in the many halls surrounding the main hall, ready to make a run for it as soon as Mury tricked Greta into opening the door.

“Are they ready?” I asked Even.

Even had his eyes closed, speaking telepathically with Greta’s shiny Kadabra trio who had teleported outside.

“Ready,” Even said with a smile.

The doorbell rang. We all knew it was Mury, or at least hoped it was. I heard Pompom’s army of flying Pokemon escape through the window upstairs. Greta, too preoccupied with answering the door, was oblivious to the escape of all her flying types.

They would have the easiest time getting out of here, I thought, Pompom too. He would be able to ride one far away from this blasted city.

I turned back to the door, which Greta was getting closer to. All of us were full of anxiety. I saw Senny run down the stairs. We shot glares at each other. She stopped. She knew I knew she would tattle on us and ruin everything. She hesitated, looked to the door, and then at me. She didn’t move. She must’ve understood us, and would allow us, in her mind, to be free. I knew she would stay and probably be lonely, but at least she would not have to regret anything. Greta opened the door, and there, fluttering outside, was Mury. He squawked to us. We all stampeded towards the door. Greta was in shock, but soon recovered.

“Servants! Guards! Maids!” Greta called out, “Get those Pokemon!”

We all ran out. Soon after us, Greta’s guards came rushing out of the house with guns in their hands. Those same fire poles that killed Chupi. I hated them. Them and their damn guns.

“Shoot them all! Shoot them all dead if they can’t appreciate me and what I do! Shoot them all! Except Paint!” I heard Greta yell out.

My rings were white with fear. I was about to lose more friends to the damned fire pole…to the damn human. And now, if caught, I'd have to live with her, alone with Senny telling me "I told ya so." Even, Rooma, and I ran along side each other.

“I have to Teleport!” Rooma said out of breath, “I’m too slow. They’ll catch me.”

“Go ahead,” I said to her out of breath.

“I’m sorry I can’t teleport you guys too,” she said and disappeared into thin air.

The Kadabra trio used Confusion to stop the guards. As we ran, I heard gun shots. They were dead, all three of them. My rings turned a light blue, mixing my fear and sorrow as I ran. We ran past stores and other humans. I saw Mury hovering up ahead. I felt the guards get closer. They refused to shoot since I was so close.

“C’mon! Over here!” Mury shouted and pointed down an ally way.

We took a sharp turn into the ally. The brick walls of the buildings lined it. Garbage and trash cans lay sprawled across the floor.

“Jump over this ledge!” Mury called out.

In the ally was a tall, brick wall that blocked entrance to the other half of the ally. With our keen jumping skills, Even and I jumped on top of the cans to help get over.

“Hey!” shouted one of Greta’s guards.

I knew he was taking aim with that fire pole of his. Even nudged me to go ahead. He followed close behind me. I jumped over the wall. Even came quickly behind, trying to get over the wall. I heard a loud gun shot, and it looked as though something shoved Even over the side. He fell to the ground with a loud “thump”. I gasped when I saw the blood and hole in his side.

“Quick! The other side!” I heard the humans call out.

“They won’t find us,” Mury said, “There’s a fence here. Woah!”

His eyes met Even and he became very sympathetic. We were in between the brick wall we jumped over and wooden fence, blocking a way to the other street. I looked down at Even. My rings turned fully blue and I felt as though I was useless. He gasped for breath, and tried to speak.

“I…” he began.

“No,” I said, “Don’t speak. It will only make it worse.”

The tears streamed down my face as Even’s breaths became less frequent. The lose of yet another friend, another innocent. How could they do this? I went close to Even.

“You were my best friend,” I told him, “Thanks for being there for me…”

He listened, but I knew his focus was becoming less clear. I put an arm around his body and lied next to him.

“I loved you,” I whispered and nuzzled under his chin.

I felt his last breath escape him. Tears crawled down my face just like those demons crawled up and down the streets looking for us. Mury came up to me as a I whimpered.

“I’m terribly sorry,” he began, getting a little choked up, “I didn’t mean for this to happen. My will to get out was a bit too strong. I regret…”

“It’s not your fault, Mury,” I said, “You could have just flown off and left us behind. It was terribly nice of you to help the rest of us out. Thank you.”

He sighed as he was perched on the fence.

“May you run into some kind of fortune, Umbreona,” Mury murmured, “Good luck to you.”

He flew off in the distance and behind a building. He was getting out of here. Where was I to go, though? I looked down at Even’s lifeless body. I couldn’t bare it. He was gone, and I once again, was alone. Was this really what he deserved? I thought not. No one deserves this. I stroked his soft fur. It was almost like he was still there.

If anything, I thought, Even deserves a proper burial.

I got up and started to dig a hole in the ground. I shoved and dug out dirt the best I could. I used my anger to fuel my strength. Thoughts of Vero, Chupi, Even, and the Kadabra trio raced through my mind. Their deaths were not needed! But those humans…so greedy. They think they rule the world. They go around splitting families apart, like Vero’s family. My family. They torture the innocent, like Even. They make us want death, like Chupi. They make escape plans become a part of daily thinking, like Mury. They catch us and make us into their slaves. To forever ruthlessly kill each other in large stadiums…like my little Jolter. Anger, grief, and hatred streamed down my face as the dirt flew up from my paws. My rings turned red, blue, and black quickly. The worst part of it was that we had no power. We were helpless under the human and his fire pole. I stopped digging. I was pretty much underground and was satisfied with the hole. I jumped out. I looked at Even’s body, now stiff in death. My fantasies kept making me see his eyes open and him being alright. But alas, it didn't happen. I grabbed the back of his neck with my mouth and lied him down inside the hole. For a second, I felt like jumping in too. I shook the thought away. He would want me to go on. He would want me to escape. I turned away and started putting the dirt back into the hole. As I buried him, I kept on getting the feeling he was still alive, but I knew it was only fantasy. The fantasy kept on showing me fake pictures of him jumping out of the hole, optimistic and ready to continue our journey out of the human’s clutches. But, I was finished, and it didn’t happen. I wiped away a few tears on my face. I got up and jumped over the brick wall. I promised myself I would never forget him. I would never forget any of the Pokemon I met on this journey.

I had decided to stay in the city a little while. I felt I couldn’t really leave Even until the soil in his grave became hard. I walked down the empty street. My rings were blue as I went over the memories of my journey. My mind would not give Even or Chupi’s death a rest, and my imagination gave me horrible chills about what happened to Umber, Eve, Vero, Mury, Pompom, and Rooma. In a way, I was jealous of Senny. She had everything she wanted and liked the humans. I felt I could never like a human. The snow fell lightly on that god forsaken city. The sky was gray and the ground beneath my feet was cold. I walked past an ally way. Two Meowth were fighting over a couple of fish bones. As bitter as I had become, I couldn’t steal it from them. I moved on. I began to pass a store. It looked cozy and warm inside. Suddenly, I heard a crash and yelling. Out from the door bursted a Flareon. It took a look at me, my rings white with surprise, and it ran off with food in its mouth. A human ran out, shaking a wooden spoon in his hand.

“Don’t you come back in here, ya little bastid!” the human yelled.

He then looked at me.

“Don’t get any bright ideas!” he warned and kicked some snow in my face.

He slammed the door. I couldn’t believe it! I hadn’t done anything, and still the human was as nasty as ever. I ran after the Flareon. He turned down an ally way. I got to the entrance. My rings became purple in curiosity. I looked down the ally. Trash cans lined the walls and steel staircases hovered above, attached to those walls. The snow was a thin blanket on the concrete. I entered. The Flareon turned around. He got into an attacking position – his front paws bent low and his tail high in the air. I backed up, my rings white.

“What are you doing here?” he shouted, “Get out! This is our ally!”

I recognized that voice.

“Umber? Is that you?” I asked.

My rings turned light yellow in hope.

“Mommy?” a small, frail voice said from behind the Flareon.

It was a little Eevee. It was Eve!

“Mommy!” she shrieked and ran up to me.

I hugged her as my rings became full yellow.

“Mom?” the Flareon came up to me to add to the family reunion.

“I’m so glad to see you,” I said as I cried tears of happiness, “I thought I’d never see you again.”

“Us too,” they said in unison.

We let go, but Eve was still next to me, happy.

“Umber, how did you…?” I asked.

“Evolve?” he said, “That human chucked a rock at me…it just so happened to have pieces of Fire Stone in it.”

“Mom? Are we gonna go south together now?” Eve asked me.

I was so proud. She remembered. And I was so happy. We were finally back together. All I wanted to do was leave the horrible memories behind.

“Yes, we are, finally,” I said.

"Yay!" she announced.

Eve and I turned around to walk out of the ally. I didn’t feel Umber’s presence though. I turned around to look at him. He still sat there.

“Umber?” I asked, “Aren’t you coming?”

I was a little confused with his actions.

“Mom…if it’s ok, I’d like to stay here,” he told me, “I have everything I need. I like living in this place.”

“Umber! Stop being so stupid!” Eve yelled.

“It’s alright, Eve,” I said soothingly.

I walked up to Umber. I was sad to leave him behind and my rings showed that in blue hues.

“If that’s what you want, Umber,” I said to him.

“Thanks, Mom,” he said and we came together in a hug.

“You take good care of yourself,” I ordered as motherly as I could muster.

“Don’t worry about it,” he said.

We parted. I felt a piece of me slip away as Eve and I got further from Umber. At least now I knew where he was and that he could take care of himself. Eve and I soon got to the city’s end where the forest shot up from the ground. I breathed in the air of freedom. The cold snow beneath our paws crunched in a musical way. During our walk, Eve had told me her story of how her and Umber stuck together and never lost faith in finding me. I then told her mine version, though sugared up. I promise I will tell her the real story someday. As we walked, I looked up at the gray sky and saw our flock of Spearow pass overhead, down south. I knew we were on the right path once again.
Umbreona - The Misfortunes of a Shiny Umbreon is finally completed on September 5, 2005. W00t!!!! XP I hope you all enjoyed it...although you might have second thoughts when playing your Pokemon games. XP jk...Thank you all for reading! ^^

Sweet May
5th September 2005, 9:26 PM
it was an awesome ending........... your fic is amazing.......... your an awesome author........... the ending was kewl.......... a totally well done job Encyclopika :D

5th September 2005, 9:41 PM
Awwwww, that's sooooooo sad! :(

5th September 2005, 10:05 PM
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5th September 2005, 10:11 PM
Awesome yet sad. Thanks for pming me or else I wouldn't have known it was finished.

Rene Bellosh
5th September 2005, 10:22 PM
Ahh, it's good to see an author willing to make an ending bittersweet. In retrospect, the humans were quite nasty villians, with none of them having sympathetic qualities at all. :p The Pokemon also had believable and varied personalities, it was good how hatred of the humans varied among each of them. In the end, a good and dark take on the experiences of Pokemon caught for someone's collection. ;)

PS: The Human Race does rule the world. Go us! :D

Dark Latios
7th September 2005, 1:18 AM
Reviewing as requested.

Very good fic (and sad ;_;). Your story had me on the edge of my seat, reading intently, and storing everything in my memory forever.

I couldn't help shedding a few tears for Even, Chupi, and all the others that perished in this story... I was hoping Even would live through it all and be with Umbreona. :'(

Anyway, I saw a few minor spelling errors here and there (mostly typos), nothing major though. ^^

Plot was well thought out, very unique indeed. The description was really good too.

Overall nice job. I hope to read more fics like this from you in the future!

*~Dark Latios~*

7th September 2005, 1:49 AM
Thank you, Dark Latios! When I found you at that thread, I knew you'd like it. ^^ Thanks again for you time...it was greatly appreciated! ^^

9th September 2005, 9:06 PM
i'm all chocked up good thing this is on comp. good story.

10th September 2005, 1:03 AM
It was sad but you off Even! :sulks up in a courner: Anyway... it had a fair amount of description,to make up for it :D And you must have good imagination un Umbreon that changes color with emotion!WOW but i feel that
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has Greta tied up to a chair,covers camra with hand, machine gun in other...
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Get your *** outta here, pok*e. If you don't like this fic, butt out, because some people like it. We have opinions too, and I don't like the super happy endings all the time.

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12th September 2005, 9:40 PM
Wow! Thanks so much for your reply, Feleena! I know...I'm concious of how I spelt "Even's" name. Considering it's a Pokemon's name, the spellings are different. I wanted, in this story, you to pronounce his name as "EE-ven" instead of "EH-van". kk? Glad you liked it. ^^
Pok*e...>.> wow...bad day?
Burakki - thanks for sticking up for me. ^^ you are a good friend. ^^

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Mabye you can teach me how to control my anger :D or you can give me tips on how to type up a good fic. But remember this is only if you want to ;)

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It's alright pok*e, not too mention I forgot my P.E. uniform that day and I had no patience. >.<

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29th October 2005, 10:39 AM
Nice perspective on how the supposedly smbiotic relationship between humans and pokemon is so liable to abuse. It almost seems that a pokemon, even though possessing more latent power, is submissive in nature, and a human would exploit that at times? Nice issues raised there, and I personally am glad for a bittersweet ending.

30th October 2005, 7:46 PM
Thank you for finally reviewing!

30th October 2005, 7:54 PM
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It wasn't really supposed to be a great big thing. My "great big" fic is Contest Tie. Stories like this one and now Treehouse Saga, are ones I do off to the side when I need a break. Thanks for the support. ^^

Nicole May
4th January 2006, 12:07 PM
Hmm, I seem to like this fic. It's already finished, but I'm not yet done reading it though... Read only a few chapters, but hey, the fan fic is fun to read.

It seems that this fan fic uses first person, with the mother being the narator and everything. Well, although first persons are amusing, since you get to know what is on that person's mind, the point of view is sometimes limited. It only focuses on what he/she has observed in the environment. Ah well, that's what I just see anyways. Don't mind me... o.O;;;

For now, I enjoyed this fanfic, a mother and sibling relationships! XD

4th January 2006, 8:57 PM
^Oh, boy, you're reading this one! ^^ Hope you enjoy it.

4th January 2006, 9:42 PM
I loved it. Almost like real life senario's.

E-102 Gamma
5th January 2006, 6:43 PM
This story reminds me of a story called "The Last Black Cat" it had most of death.

17th March 2006, 9:00 PM
You were right I did like to read it. You killed Even! ;_; You always kill the boys don't you?(Tree house saga)(name prolly spelt wrong..sorry) But I think you should make a sequal or uh 2..>.>; ^^;; I loved it.. It made me cry. Stuff like this never makes me cry..-_-; Just shows how talented you are! ^^


17th March 2006, 9:27 PM
I knew you'd like it! ^^ Thanks for reading...and nah, no sequels for the Eevee Trilogy fics..but if you liked this, then you're sure to like Esara and the Man of Winter (http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=107848) and Joltarrow the Rogue Fighter (http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=100445).
Thx again!

9th April 2006, 12:45 AM
The story was a good one.I didnt like all the deaths but oh well.

Keep up with the good stories!


21st July 2006, 12:26 AM
Thats the first fic that ever made me cry.
Your fic really touched me...great detail,actual death,no sugary ending,great characters that are very unique.
Overall superb job on this fic Encyclopika.

5th August 2006, 12:37 PM
i like it!!!

umbreon's my fave pokemon right now!!!!

2nd October 2010, 9:22 AM
Love it!!!!!! You rock~!!!