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9th July 2005, 3:52 AM
Okay, this is a revised version of my first ever fan-fiction. Forewarning, this fic contains homosexual material and swearing. Anyone offended by that should keep their smelly noses out of my delicious fic. Now, enjoy!

Chapter 1: Within the Fog, Hidden; Part one

Ventorum Mendel Cupidus stood before the gate to decaying old mansion stoically, his grey-blue eyes not showing even the slightest apprehension. He was a tall boy, about eighteen years old. His soft, full mouth was still; his stubborn chin was set. His blond-brown hair was cut short and messy. He was dressed simply enough; black jeans and T-shirt covered a lean, strong frame. A black side-slung pack hung by his waist. Upon his right shoulder perched a pink fluff ball, one that went by the name of Chibi. Her large ears twitched occasionally, monitoring her surroundings. Her tiny pink wings were motionless above her curled pink tail. Above the young man’s left shoulder floated an evil-looking doll-like creature by the name of Vodoo. His eyes glowed a dim red. His zipper bound mouth was set in a creepy, sadistic grin.

The house itself was less of a mansion than it was a castle. The crumbling shell of a home loomed above the three menacingly, its windows glaring soullessly at the world which had destroyed its former glory. The bushes which had clearly once grown against it were nothing more than shriveled stumps, as though the house’s malice seeped into the very soil around it to strangle the life out of anything that dared to intrude upon its misery. Wood crumbled off the derelict walls, shutters hung on rusting hinges, broken glass sat uselessly in rotting frames. Alone in the mist-filled forest, it was truly a ghost house.

“Well Chibi,” said Ven nonchalantly, “shall we go in?”

“Okey-dokey!” shouted the Clefairy on his right shoulder with a perkiness unrivaled by any other.

“I don’t even have to ask you, do I, Vodoo?” said the boy to the Banette above his left shoulder. The grey ghost was silent, but Ven understood him nevertheless. “Well, I guess there’s only one thing left to do before we go in, isn’t there?” And without another word, he turned to face the forest on his right hand side and boy not much younger than himself came flying out, suspended six feet above the ground by the combined psychic energy of Chibi and Vodoo.

“LET ME DOWN *******!” bellowed the boy, thrashing against the unseen bonds that held him aloft.

“Hi,” said Ven amiably, as though the swearing young man above him was someone he might meet in a coffeehouse. “I’m Ven.”

“I DON’T CARE WHO THE **** YOU ARE! JUST PUT ME DOWN!” continued the boy, punching and kicking at phantom hands.

“You heard the boy, you two. Put him down,” said Ven politely.

“Do we have to?” begged Chibi cutely, “I wanna spin ‘im.”

“No!” pleaded the boy.

“No one is being spun,” said Ven to Chibi and the young man she held captive. “Let him down, sweetie.”

“Okay!” she shouted happily, cutting off her psychic connection abruptly. A moment later, the boy came crashing to the ground.

“So,” continued Ven conversationally, crouching down to the crumpled heap on the ground, “What’s your name?”

“Jake,” said the boy as he tried to get up, stunned temporarily from the fall. “How’d you know I was there?”

“Sounds that escape human ears don’t escape Clefairy. You’ve been following us at a distance since we left town. The next question is why.”

“None of your business!” said Jake, coming to his senses and scrambling to his feet. Now that he was on his own two feet, Ven could get a good look at him. He was a couple inches shorter than Ven, slender and strong looking. His blond hair reached down to just above his sharp blue eyes. His face was almost violently attractive. A diamond stud glittered in his left earlobe. He wore baggy, many pocketed pants for holding things he’d never carry and a T-shirt for a Heavy Metal band by the name of “The Houndooms.”

“It is my business,” said Ven, “because now I have to keep an eye on you.”

“No you don’t, I’ll just walk home myself. Wait a sec, how could you have known your Clefairy heard me? You never said anything to each other the entire walk.”

“When you’ve been with a pokemon for as long as I have, especially a magical one, you don’t need to talk all the time,” said Ven plainly.

“Well, that’s no matter, because I’m going back now,” said Jake stubbornly, turning to leave.

“No, you’re not,” said Ven, grabbing hold of his arm. Jake turned around angrily.

“Let go man!” he said angrily, trying to wrench his arm out of Ven’s surprisingly strong grip.

“No, it’s dangerous. You’re staying with me.”

“Look,” said Jake, “I’ll beat you in a pokemon battle. Then will you let me go?”

“Only if you were to win. If I win, you’ll agree to stay with me, okay?”

“Okay,” agreed Jake. “Now let go of my arm.” Ven released his arm and walked back a few steps.

“Okay, I’ll use Chibi,” he said.

“Yay!” squealed the Clefairy before she leapt lightly to the ground to strike a pose like that of a Charlie’s Angel.

“I’ll use Dark Ring,” said Jake. At the mention of its name, the pokeball at Jake’s side activated, releasing a blaze of white light. It took form and dimmed into a black, fox-like beast decked with yellow rings.

“Umbree!” barked the Umbreon.

“Dark Ring!” began Jake.

“Hold on,” commanded Ven. “Before we start, I’ll choose one move for Chibi to use, and that’ll be it. You, however, can use all of Dark Ring’s attacks.”

“Which move?” asked Jake, intrigued.

“Psychic,” stated Ven plainly.

“Psychic!?” laughed Jake, hardly believing his ears. “You’re gonna use Psychic on a Dark type!? You must be an idiot!”

“Don’t you worry about the Ven. He has tricks up his sleeves,” said Ven slyly.

“Whatever. Okay! Dark Ring! Use Quick Attack!” commanded Jake. At his order, the moon-beast streaked forward in a black blur, heading straight for Chibi. However, immediately before impact, the Clefairy darted quickly to just out of Dark Ring’s path without moving a muscle. The Umbreon passed her so close that her head curl was fluttered by the displaced air.

“Huh?” said Jake, completely caught off guard by the evasion.

“Clefairy moved herself with Psychic. There’s more than one way to use an attack,” said Ven sagely. Jake, refusing to let a fairy get the best of him, quickly adapted his strategy.

“Use Faint Attack this time!”

“Um!” replied the Umbreon dashing forward in another black blur.

“Psychic,” said Ven calmly. And, a foot away from the Clefairy, Dark Ring stopped dead in his tracks. It was a moment before Jake was able to absorb the entire situation, which was that Chibi had, instead of directly attacking Dark Ring with Psychic, caused the earth before her to rise up around Dark Ring the moment he stepped on it, encasing him in a fist of tightly packed soil. For a moment, the Umbreon struggled frantically until his head went limp. The fist crumbled away, leaving him unconscious upon a soft pile of dirt.

“Dark Ring!” shouted Jake frantically. He dashed to the pokemon’s side, desperately trying to find a pulse.

“Don’t worry,” Ven’s hand was on his shoulder, “he’s just unconscious. Lack of air, that’s all. He’ll be fine.” Ven was right; already Dark Ring was beginning to stir. “You battle pretty well, though.” Jake looked up at Ven furiously. The boy smiled unsurely. At that moment, Jake felt all his anger simply melt away. But it wasn’t happiness, merely a lack of anger. It was lonely, empty, and yet soothing. His vision began to dim.

The next thing he knew, he was watching a boy in black shoo a dark blue shape up to the mansion. When the boy seemed satisfied it would not return, he walked swiftly back to Jake.

“How you feeling?” he asked concernedly. Jake looked up at him and realized that the boy was Ven offering a hand to him.

“I’m fine,” he said, batting away Ven’s hand. Dark Ring, awake once more, was pawing at Jake’s knee and whining up at him. “Really I am,” he said, scratching the Umbreon’s head reassuringly. Dark Ring, satisfied that Jake was okay, began to lick his face eagerly. Jake laughed and pushed him away half-heartedly. “Dark Ring, I need to get up!” he said. He began to lift himself up and found that his knees weren’t as strong as he had thought them to be. But before he fell back once again, his right arm was caught by Ven. “I’m fine!” he snapped angrily.

“Don’t be embarrassed, it’s normal to be a little weak after a draining like that,” said Ven with a smile.

“What draining?” asked Jake, steadying himself.

“You were just, I guess the best word for it would be attacked, by a Shuppet. It was sucking the emotional energy out of you. This isn’t good,” explained Ven distractedly.

“How come?” asked Jake, frustrated by Ven’s vague explanations. This guy is really starting to bug me.

“It’s psychologically damaging over prolonged periods of time,” he muttered, gazing at the menacing structure before them. “Well,” he said, abruptly returning his thoughts from the creaking wood and musty air of the house, “we’d better go in.”

“What??” shouted Jake. “You plan on going in there?” At his feet, Dark Ring paced nervously.

“Yes,” said Ven over patiently. Vodoo fidgeted. “What, scared?”

“No,” said Jake defensively, “just got caught off guard, is all.” Jake was not going to give this Ven the pleasure of knowing he was scared to go in the old house. Dark Ring, however, seemed very eager to go into the house.

“Good, cause I’ve got a job to do and I can’t let you go back alone.”

“Why not,” demanded Jake, offended that this boy thought he couldn’t take care of himself.

“Too dangerous with all those Shuppet floating around. They’ll come to you like flies to meat. It’s my duty to remain with you” On his shoulder, Chibi giggled.

“What?” asked Jake irately.

“Duty,” said the Clefairy.

“I don’t like you,” said Jake.

“Come on, Jake,” said Ven, grabbing Jake’s wrist and walking him up to the front of the house. They reached the door to find a door knocker was the likeness of some great bird. Its broad wings extended across the entire width of the door. Its tail reached to the leaf covered porch. In its fierce looking beak it carried a large ring which likewise hung down to its talons. The eyes were the only clean parts of this work of art. They still glittered as they would have in the years in which people still admired its beauty, stroked its unyielding feathers, and struck its feet with the ring it bore. Now they sat like two stars shining in a sky poisoned by brown, toxic clouds.

“Cool,” said Jake, looking closely at the stained masterpiece.

“Ho-oh, the Lord of Heaven, the Great Spirit, the Thunder God,” said Ven knowledgably. “He’s known throughout many cultures. He’s the guardian of peace.”

“Yeah, so?” said Jake rudely, “Looks like a bird to me. Besides, why are you telling me this?”

“Shut up,” said Ven, secretly embarrassed. Man, this kid’s annoying. “Let’s just go in and find out what the problem is.”

“Okay,” concurred Jake. He tried the knob, but it didn’t turn. “The door’s locked,” said Jake, hoping this meant a premature end to their little adventure into the haunted house.

“Chibi,” said Ven casually, extinguishing Jake’s hopes for a reprieve. The Clefairy leapt lightly down from Ven’s shoulder to hover at eye level with the troublesome lock.

“Easy peasy,” she said cutely. Chibi suddenly took on a totally different persona, becoming calm and serious as she floated before the ruined door, glowing slightly. After a few moments she started to hum and her head curl began to move as if in a light breeze. Her humming grew louder and louder until, when Jake didn’t think she could hum any louder, Chibi cried out “It’s done!” and zipped backwards to Ven’s shoulder. Ven grasped the door knob and turned it.

“So, you’re Clefairy’s not totally useless,” said Jake cockily, still smarting from his earlier loss. As a response, Chibi zipped lightning fast onto his stomach and tickled him mercilessly. Jake buckled, trying to cover all himself at once while snatching out at his tormentor, laughing fiercely all the while. Dark Ring darted around Jake, trying to bite Chibi, but to no avail.

“Chibi, sweetie, that’s enough,” said Ven to the Clefairy as a mother might say to her daughter. Chibi leapt from Jake’s torso and alighted, once again, upon Ven’s shoulder. Jake rose, watery eyed and panting from the filthy porch and gave Chibi a dirty look, to which she stuck her tongue out. “Cut it out you two,” said Ven, “Vodoo can only contain so much of our presence.”

“Whad’ya mean,” asked Jake, aware that everything had to be explained to him and not too pleased about it.

“Vodoo is concealing our presence to the Shuppet by stopping our Alpha waves.”

“What waves?” asked Jake furiously.

“Alpha waves! Alpha! As in alphabet!” said Ven, “They’re the waves our brains release. Shuppet smell out Alpha waves. Vodoo is stopping them, for now. It’s harder to contain aggravated Alpha waves, though.”

“Yeah!” concurred Chibi, “Shh!”

“That means you too, Chibi,” said Ven.

“Aww man!” she pouted, sticking out her lower lip and plopping down on Ven’s shoulder in a huff. Ven smiled and stepped softly into the house, making as little noise as possible. Jake followed.


The house was definitely haunted. The air was thick and stale, like congealed blood. The floors were thick with a carpet of dust. Footprints stood out as harsh black holes in the stale white. The floorboards creaked in protest of the strange feet upon them, out of practice from not having to bear such loads in years. Open doors stared blankly into the hall, eerie and soulless. Jake felt as though the very emptiness of the house reached out to eat him alive, pressing on his spirit. He instinctually moved closer to Ven and glanced over at him, he noticed that Ven was pale as a ghost, his sweat soaked hair dark against his ashen skin. Though his eyes were set, Jake saw that his lip trembled. Chibi on his shoulder didn’t look in a much better condition than her partner. Vodoo, however, looked fine.

“What’s wrong?” asked Jake, forgetting to be rude at the sight of Ven’s cold sweat.

“Nothing,” said Ven weakly, and Chibi on his shoulder looked up and gave an equally unconvincing thumbs up.

“You’re sweating,” said Jake, “And your skin matches the floor. Are you sick?”

“Nah, it’s just that there’s no emotion in the air.”


“Emotions usually float around in the air. Emotions are emitted by people, by pokemon, even by plants, to a point. To most people, these emotions are invisible, undetectable. To me, they’re like a smell that’s there so often you stop noticing it. But there’s no emotion in this house. It’s been practically bleached of any feeling. It’s really weird. It’s like I can’t breathe.”

“Maybe we should go,” suggested Jake. “We’ll let someone else take care of it.”

“No. I have a job to do,” said Ven as they turned a corner.

“Job?” asked Jake, “What kind of job involves you trekking through haunted houses?”

“One as a Paranormal Investigator,” said Ven, opening a door on their left and stepping into a dark kitchen.

“A what?” demanded Jake.

“I’ll explain later. For now, shh.” It was clear to Jake that Ven’s nerves were wearing thin. To avoid a confrontation, Jake obeyed. “Vodoo, the entrance, do you see it?” The Banette nodded and glided over to a dark lump in the corner. Ven walked over and Chibi, glowing, illuminated what appeared to be a basement door. Ven crouched down and took something in his hands.

“C’mon, Dark Ring,” said Jake quietly, “Let’s look around.” Dark Ring, his rings glowing like a Harvest Moon, yipped his agreement.

“Stay in the kitchen,” commanded Ven.


It was a beautiful thing, the lock. A black onyx inlaid with patterns of gold and studs of ruby. It was almost alive in appearance, the light emitted by Chibi danced on its surface and in its depths like ghosts. The rubies glittered almost angrily, as though they knew someone was trying to break the lock. The lock was beautiful, but it had no keyhole.

“Well this is interesting,” muttered Ven. Strange, he pondered, this door was not designed with this lock in mind at all. The lock is Onyx, this door is just wood and iron. In a house like this, even the kitchen would have been designed with aesthetics in mind. Well, regardlessly, I’m gonna have to find someway to undo this lock. Destroying the door will cause unwanted noise.

Chibi descended from Ven’s shoulder and began to examine it with her mind. “This lock needs a general aural signature,” she said bewildered, “Well, I think it’s clear that we’re on a collision course with wackiness.”

“What’s a general aural signature?” asked a voice behind him. Jake crouched down at Ven’s left side, looking curiously at the device in his hand.

“Ever heard people talking about your aura?” asked Ven.

“You mean like in yoga?”

“Yes,” said Ven. “Well, everyone’s aura is different. Like a thumbprint. General means that it’ll accept a certain aural pattern as well as a certain level of deviation.”

“Cool,” said Jake. “Can I see it?” Ven relinquished to him the lock. The moment it touched Jake’s hand, its depths writhed with a pale red light and the lock clicked open. For a moment, there was silence as the two boys stared bewildered at the lock and each other in turn. Finally, Jake managed to find his voice. “Uhhh….”

“Well, that’s lucky,” said Ven, forcing cheerfulness into his words. “Shall we go in?”

“Sure,” said Jake, obviously shaken. Ven pulled open the doors and was swamped by the overwhelming stench of anger. His nose ran, his eyes watered, his throat tingled. His hand shot to his nose. Looking down into the passageway, his chest clenched like a vice.

The stairwell was filled with hundreds of Shuppet, writhing about each other like maggots on rotting meat. They seemed shocked, but they were quickly recovering. And they didn’t seem at all pleased.

“RUN!” shouted Ven, jumping to his feet and dragging Jake with him. Jake, quick on the uptake, immediately matched pace with Ven as he bolted through the open door. They dashed down the dark hallway, kicking up clouds of dust as they ran for their lives. Looking back, Ven saw a writhing swarm of blue bodies and glowing red eyes. Red eyes. Red like fire, red like hate, red like blood. Fragments of recurring nightmares floated up from Ven’s subconscious to surface like icebergs, ready to sink his mind, pulling it into Chaos.

Ven stumbled, falling to the ground, inhaling a mouthful of dust. His throat protested, coughs ripped through it like explosions. He tried to lift himself up, but coughs shook his arms, and collapsed back to the filthy ground.

“Get up!” cried Jake frantically, tugging at Ven’s arm. Ven tried again but a new wave of coughs struck him back down. “Get up!” he cried again, trying to lift Ven to his feet, unsuccessfully. “Come on!”


In the interminable seconds in which Ven was limp on the ground, a million thoughts and regrets flashed through Jake’s head. He hadn’t done anything with his life. He never knew his father. He never had his first kiss. He never got to see La Rousse City. It was too late now.

The Shuppet were almost upon them; their wide, mad eyes glaring hungrily at the two boys and their pokemon. Five feet. Ven was coughing again. Four feet. Dark Ring was pressed against Jake’s leg, growling. Three feet. Vodoo was enjoying this. Two feet. Not like this. One. “Aww Hell!” shouted a tiny voice. And then, all was white.

9th July 2005, 3:54 AM
What are you doing? Why aren't you posting in your old topic?

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This is the revised edition, silly human:D Now, no more questions. Read! Or I shall eatyour brains!

9th July 2005, 4:16 AM
Oh good, I was meaning to read this for a while. You should update the link in your sig by the way ;p

Description was good, length was good, the plot was thickening. All good stuff. You have an interesting plot here, original stuff that is pleasantly far from the norm. I like Chibi, she's cool with a capital O. Or something. I look forward to seeing this develop in the future. And will read, rather than be eaten ^_^ Well, except for the next two weeks, due to being on vacation. But that's just by-the-by. Thanks for revising by the way, gives people like me a chance to read it in installments rather than a massive chunk. (Which is what's keeping me from reading DoaNL right now, not enough time)


9th July 2005, 4:33 AM
You gotta read DoaNL. Try reading it on the website, it's in nice, user friendly chapter form. Thanks for the reminder, BTW. I'll do dat right now:D

Heh heh heh, cOol. Chibi appreciates that:D.

9th July 2005, 5:29 AM
Well, I guess I can't argue with your style of doing things.

9th July 2005, 10:25 PM
No, you most certainly can't. Heh heh heh heh *sighs*.................READ!

Dark Assasin
10th July 2005, 12:33 AM
cool it's finaly back the description was great really gave me a better view of things,the battle was 2x as long(which is good),it's good how you gave Jake more of a persona(16-18 and never a kiss what a loser)the chapter like 5x longer,and it's funny[and scary]how you gave Chibi more freedom.

Edit:and Noeler here's the link (http://spectreon.mybesthost.com)

10th July 2005, 1:54 PM
Thank you, I'm much honored. However, with regards to Chibi, you ain't seen nothin yet:D

And another thing, don't be so hard on Jake, there's a very good reason he hasn't had his first kiss, and it wasn't by choice. You'll find that out in Part II of Chapter 1.

10th July 2005, 7:57 PM
If you hadn't noticed, I'm the beta, I've already read it. And just so you don't go all insane on me for not giving a review, it was good.

14th July 2005, 6:32 AM
Thank you, Lord of Stomach Cramps and Sovereign of Bowel Obstruction. It is lovely to discover......uhhh.....stuff. Sorry, ran out of neat words.

Anyway, I'm working on Part II as we speak, or type......Oh well, I'm working on it. It'll be ready in a little while.

Dark Assasin
15th July 2005, 8:29 PM
If you keep writing like this CT your fic will be bumping in no time.Good job with the beta thing indigestable_wad I saw no grammar mistakes nor spelling

P.S:you write some neat names CT

23rd July 2005, 1:42 AM
Thank you, I take great pride in my nomenclatural abilties.

Bumping? Thanks, I guess. You're gonna enjoy the next post, I know you will, I know.

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Website? Link! Yay! Tis about time I caught up with DoaNL, thanks guys <scuttles off to read>

Oh, and I think I agree with you that I'll enjoy the next post. Well, I hope. If what I've seen so far is anything to go on. And I'm glad Chibi appreciates cOol.


25th July 2005, 5:16 PM
As you should be:D

I'm getting closer to the end of Chapter 1. Oddly enough, it's almost as long as the entire story had been before I revised it.......Huh! I guess that means I'll be posting it in further segments. :D

Dark Assasin
27th July 2005, 11:26 PM
Looks, I did'nt enjoy the post that much except for the it will be up soon part. and the longer part too...I think

Mighty Hyena
28th July 2005, 1:51 AM
My first time reading this, so I'm totally new :D But I must say that you've written a great fic that, so far, hasn't shown any cliches (except for that guy with Umbreon, which is the single most overused Pokemon in fanfiction, legendaries not included. Please, anyone reading, quit with the Umbreon! What have they ever done to you?!!). Anyway, the characters are mysterious and soforth and it reads almost like a parody of a horror novel.

Can't wait to read the rest.

29th July 2005, 3:20 AM
Thanks, you're gonna really like how the Umbreon develops later in the story. Not at all cliche.

BTW, the mood of the story changes later on in the story (setting wise, the emotions will still be all soap opera).

I've decided to post the chapter in a few segments, maybe three or four. I won't be on the internet for a little while, so bear w/ me:D;;

Sike Saner
31st July 2005, 1:01 AM
It was inevitable that, ultimately, I would show up to read this. Inevitable! And now that I have, I do declare...that I like it thus far. Quite a lot. So, this is the revised version? Hm, never got to check out the original, myself. Guess that means more surprises for me (I can feel the hot, rancid breath of spoilers against the back of my neck, anxious to spite me... :p )

First off, you recieve a "Pokémon Personality Award" for having good Pokémon characters, rather than just using Pokémon as props. I love a good Pokémon character! And Chibi takes the cake. Take this highlight, for example:

“Too dangerous with all those Shuppet floating around. They’ll come to you like flies to meat. It’s my duty to remain with you” On his shoulder, Chibi giggled.

“What?” asked Jake irately.

“Duty,” said the Clefairy.

Frickin' awesome. How can one not love that? And then, there is, of course, the presence of a Banette; there's a few more happy points for you there, plus a couple more for all the Shuppet.

Good description, too. Example:

Looking back, Ven saw a writhing swarm of blue bodies and glowing red eyes. Red eyes. Red like fire, red like hate, red like blood.

That's just cool. :D That's what I like to see.

On a semi-related note, I was listening to The Alan Parsons Project while reading this. (I nearly always have music on while I read; it's awesome.) I get down to the very bottom just as the song "Sirius" began to play. And danged if Gir wasn't dancing right along to the music there in your sig! :p Try it sometime: That song plus that image. It's both funny and scary...

Anyway, like I said, this is very enjoyable thus far. Rest assured, I will be here for the next chapter. :D

...Oh, dear. I just looked at Gir again with TAPP's "(The Method Of) Doctor Tarr and Professor Fether" playing - the dance synchs up even better with that. Boy, Gir's just having a good ol' time isn't he?

10th August 2005, 2:14 PM
Thanks, Sikey Sanaroo. It's wonderful to get feedback from an excellent author such as yourself (read Origin of Storms, it's awesome). Chibi's personality is derived a lot from Gir's, because Gir is my favorite cute thing. Vodoo is there cause I've always liked Ghost-types and Vodoo seemed to make more sense than Gengar, Haunter, or Dusclops.

Sad to report that I haven't been able to work on this fic for two weeks, due to my being on vacation in Tennessee. However, my vacation gave me time to work out even more story points, as well as the beginnings of a plot for another, interrelated story. Hope I'll get to write that one, too.

Watch as Gir gets down with his bad self, yo!

14th August 2005, 3:14 AM
Well, here's Part II of I don't know how many. It has some sexual content. Reader discretion is advised. Now let's all go to the lobby and get ourselves some snacks!


Seconds passed like hours. Jake was crouched down, clutching Ven in his arms, eyes tightly shut, waiting for the creatures to strike. Surely they should’ve hit by now. But still, nothing. Jake felt and heard Ven coughing again. Tentatively, Jake opened his eyes. The dusty halls and angry eyes were no where to be found. They were in a forest. Fog clung to the ground and crept around trees. The treetops rustled slightly in a gentle breeze. Jake stood up, looking about himself amazed. How did they get out here? Ven finally pushed himself up, brushing the evident dust off of his black clothes. He too looked around crossly, completely unsurprised at the sudden change in scenery but irritated.

“Dude,” said Jake in a whisper, “Are we dead?”

“Course not,” snapped Ven, “Don’t be stupid. Can’t you recognize the forest you live in?” Jake looked around. Ven was right; this fog was the same infernal fog that stuck to his town like slime.

“How did we-?”

“Teleport,” Ven cut him off sharply. “Chibi’s an expert at it. Now come on, we’ve gotta get back to town.” And with that, Ven marched off huffily, leaving an offended Jake behind him.

“Hey!” shouted Jake, jogging to catch up with Ven, who didn’t respond. “Hey! I’m talking to you!” Jake reached Ven and set pace with him. “What the Hell was that? Why the Hell are you being such an ***?” Ven was silent, but Jake could see his face get darker with every word he said. Good, he deserved it. “And what the Hell were you thinking, falling down like that?”

“SHUT UP!” bellowed Ven suddenly, slamming Jake against a tree. He pushed Jake against the sharp, jagged tree bark, squeezing his shoulders like stress balls. Chibi fell off Ven’s shoulder while Vodoo, suddenly visible, swooped down to latch onto Dark Ring’s face. Ven held Jake at arms length, furious storm grey eyes boring into Jake’s brilliant blue, pupils fluctuating like a heart. “JUST SHUT UP! SHUT UP OR I SWEAR I’LL KILL YOU!” He tightened his grip, pushing Jake even harder into the tree. Jake winced. Ven moved his head to Jake’s, intimately close, and whispered, “You wouldn’t be the first.” And with that, he roughly released a shell shocked Jake and stalked off through the woods. Jake turned to watch Ven for a moment before exchanging a confused glance with Dark Ring, whose fur was bristled with anger towards the once again absent Vodoo, and setting off behind him, keeping a safe distance between them.


After an hour of silence, the two boys reached the edge of the woods. Jake hesitated to stand beside Ven, but when he made no attempt to further assault him, he deemed it safe. The town they looked at, Greybowl, wasn’t very much of a town. Nestled in a small valley, it reminded Jake of a nest of mostly dead eggs. Quaint little houses with big porches sat in the fog amongst old, abandoned businesses. Once prosperous under the ownership of a wealthy businessman, Greybowl was a shadow of its former self. It was practically a retirement community; everyone from the bank teller to the sheriff was either balding, graying, or liver spotted. All people under the age of thirty had left long ago. All people, that is, but Jake.

“Dammit!” shouted Ven. Jake recoiled, preparing himself to fight off another attack. Ven looked over at him angrily. Immediately, though, shame crossed his face and he quickly softened “Sorry. I just don’t have anyplace to stay. I didn’t expect that I’d be staying here overnight. I don’t have money for a hotel and it’s and it’s a six hour walk to my house.”

“Oh, well,” said Jake, loosening, “if that’s all, you can stay at my place. It wouldn’t matter if you had money, anyway. The hotel closed five years ago.”

“Really?” said Ven, his face brightened by a smile.

“Yeah,” joked Jake, “this town never gets any visitors anymore, so they had to close it.”

Ven laughed. “Thanks for letting me stay with you.”

“No prob. Now come on, I’ll show you where I live,” Jake said as he started off on a sidewalk in desperate need of repair. A hand on his shoulder stopped him. “Yeah?” he asked turning around.

“Sorry,” said Ven, his eyes avoiding Jake’s. “About earlier, I just lost it. Wasn’t you.”

“That’s okay man,” said Jake, seeing that Ven was honestly sorry and that apologizing wasn’t easy for him.

“YAY!” shouted Chibi. Before Jake knew what was happening, he had a face full of pink, furry Clefairy noisily kissing him. After a few moments of struggle, he and Ven were finally able to pry off the happy Clefairy.

“Sorry for that, too,” said Ven with a nervous smile.

“It’s okay,” said Jake, gasping for breath. Once his composure was regained, Jake resumed his march to his house, Ven and Chibi following right behind him.


“Grandma!” shouted Jake, stepping into the warm, bright interior of a pleasantly scented house. The inner cheer of the house seemed to be intended to battle the outer gloom. Laced pillows and antique furniture were placed throughout the living room while old, black and white photos of decorated the walls. Before a curtained window sat a television set, directly across the room from which sat a large, comfortable couch. “Grandma! I’m home! And we have a guest!”

“Ooh! A guest!” said a kind, wispy voice. A moment later, a small woman with a soft, wrinkled face and grass green eyes scurried into the room, arms outstretched to hug her grandson. “Hello, sweetheart,” she said as Jake bent down and hugged her. “And where is our guest?” Ven stepped out from behind Jake, an eager to please smile on his face. “Oh my, he’s a tall one, isn’t he?” she said flatteringly. “Well, I’m Mrs. Melody Wingsley,” she said with a curtsy completely unhindered by arthritic pains. “And you are?”

“Ventorum Cupidus,” said Ven with a polite bow, not missing a beat. “It’s a pleasure to meet you, Mrs. Wingsley” he finished, offering his right hand for a handshake. “And this is Chibi,” he said, gesturing to her with his free hand.

“Hi!” squealed Chibi, waving furiously.

“Likewise, Ventorum,” she said, accepting his handshake. “And you, Chibi. Such a polite young man you are. Well, come in! Come in! Would you care for some tea?”

“Yes please,” said Ven, wiping his feet on the doormat, which read ‘Bless This Mess,’ and followed Mrs. Wingsley into a warmly lit dining room which she had just entered from, dropping his side pack on a small table right beside its doorway.

“Now, you two just sit right here, I’ll get some tea,” said Jake’s Grandmother.

“Let me help,” said Ven, moving to follow her into the kitchen.

“Oh, no,” she said, “you’re tired from your walk here. You rest.” And with that, she scurried off into the kitchen. Ven and Jake took seats opposite each other at a large, rectangular dining table in the center of the room. At the head of the table, a pale-furred Delcatty slept; its large ears, usually maroon in its species, were a powder pink, and its yellow fur was almost white. Chibi leapt off Ven’s shoulder, sat down in front of the bowl of hard candy in the middle of the table, and began to shovel candy into her mouth.

“Damn you’re polite,” said Jake in a low voice.

“I want to make a good impression,” said Ven in an equally low voice. “Stop that, Chibi. You’ll get sick,” he said to the Clefairy, who had already managed to empty half of the bowl.

“What do you like in your tea, Ventorum?” called Mrs. Wingsley.

“Just a bit of sugar and some lemon, thank you!” Ven called back. “Anyway,” continued Ven in a low voice, “you sound surprised that I’m so polite. Why’s that?” But before Jake could respond, Mrs. Wingsley reentered carrying a tea tray laden with an antique teapot, four teacups, a saucer of milk, a cream cup, and two little bowls, one containing lemons, the other containing sugar cubes.

“Here we are!” she said, setting the plate down and passing a cup of tea to Jake, Ven, and Chibi before placing one before her place at the head of the table. The Delcatty stirred and slowly got up, looking blearily around at the company, making no sign that she didn’t know any one. “There you are, Whiskers,” said Mrs. Wingsley as she set the milk in front of her. Ven smiled at the predictability of the Delcatty’s name. Finally, after serving everyone at the table, Mrs. Wingsley sat down and cradled the warm cup in her ancient hands. Ven sipped politely from his cup.

“Mm!” he said, “Is this Jasmine?”

“Why yes it is, Ventorum!” she said with a smile, “Ventorum Cupidus, that’s a Starian name, correct?”

“Yes, ma’am, it is,” said Ven. “It means ‘To the desires of the winds.’”

“Ahh, the Starians have a flair for names. But you don’t sound Starian. Where do you come from?” asked Mrs. Wingsley.

“Pewter City,” said Ven, a slight sorrow fluttering across his face. Jake suspected that it was from Pewter’s destruction fourteen years prior. Mrs. Wingsley obviously noticed it as well, for she swiftly but smoothly changed the subject.

“So what are you doing down here in Greybowl?” she asked.

“I’m here investigating the mansion up the hill. I got a call from a Mrs. Bellinger.”

“Bellinger! Why, Gertrude Bellinger my neighbor!” said Mrs. Wingsley, delighted by the coincidence. “She and the other girls are coming here tonight to play cards! Care to join us?” she offered.

“Certainly!” said Ven. “I’d be delighted!” Jake snorted into his cup, half out of shock, half out of amusement.

“Are you okay, Jakey?” asked Mrs. Wingsley.

“Yes, I’m fine,” he said, wiping tea off his nose, “Just a sneeze.” Jake could see Ven wasn’t fooled and that he’d probably pay for it later, but he didn’t care.

“Anyway,” said Ven a little irately, his eyes lingering on Jake for a moment before moving back to Mrs. Wingsley, “as I was saying, I’d be delighted to. What’s the game?”

“Go Fish,” said Mrs. Wingsley, taking another sip from her teacup.

“I love Go Fish!” said Ven. “My sister and I used to play that all the time!” Jake snorted again, but was ignored by Ven.

“Wonderful! It certainly is lucky that you came here today. We had an open seat that we needed to fill.”

“Why’s that?” asked Ven.

“One of our group, Mandy Pennysworth, passed away recently,” she said calmly, taking another sip from her tea.

“Oh,” said Ven awkwardly, “I’m sorry.”

“Oh don’t be. She was older than me, and she died peacefully. She had a good, full life. Besides, it’s not as though she’s gone forever.”

“That’s true,” said Ven with a nod.

“What do you mean?” asked Jake.

“Greybowl is right on top of holy ground. Ghosts come here to enter the Realms of Fog. They linger, sometimes,” Ven said a-matter-of-factly.

“Why yes,” said Mrs. Bellinger. “Goodness, you’re quite smart for someone your age. Just like my Jakey.”

“Thanks, Gramma,” said Jake with a smile.

“Look at that smile, just like your mother’s,” she said fondly. “Well,” she said, “You boys run along upstairs. No one’s using the guestroom at the moment, so you can use that, Ventorum. Now, off you go. I’ll clean this up. By the way,” she added as Ven and Jake were leaving, “Go Fish is at seven o’clock tonight.”

“I’ll be there,” Ven said as he picked his side pack up off the small table. He and Jake turned into the living room, walking through its soft interior to a staircase on the other end of the room.

“No one’s using it,” muttered Jake frustratedly, shaking his head as they climbed the stairs.

“What do you mean?” asked Ven.

“No one’s used that room in years. This used to be a bed and breakfast until the entire town went plop. Now, the guestroom remains empty all the time, but Grandma is always telling me not to go in there or to walk quietly because we have a guest,” he said a little sadly as they reached the top of the stairs and turned right. A corridor with four doors along it, two on each side, and a window at the end greeted them. “And she’s always making me clean it. She’s lost it.”

“I wouldn’t be so sure about that,” said Ven as they walked to the end of the hall.

“Whad’ya mean?” asked Jake, turning the knob of the left hand door at the end of the hall.

“Greybowl is like a crossroads. A place where this world meets the other world,” said Ven, stepping into Jake’s sparsely decorated room. All of note was a king size bed, an Umbreon sized bed, a few posters, and a laptop computer on a desk. Dark Ring immediately trotted over to the bed and curled up in it. “Ghosts come here from all over the place. And some believe themselves to be tired. Of course, ghosts can’t actually get tired, since they don’t have physical forms. However, they think they’re tired and need someplace to rest before journeying to the Realms of Fog. I think that your Grandma is one of those people who provides a warm place for them.” Ven sat down on the bed as Jake contemplated this new outlook. For a moment, they shared an awkward silence as Chibi floated beside a poster for the band ‘Swollen Sentret,’ examining it.

“So,” said Jake to break the silence, “Where’s Voodoo?”

“Not Voodoo, Vodoo. Voe-doo, with a long O,” corrected Ven. “He’s around. He’s just not making himself know.”

“Cool,” said Jake, more confused than when he had asked the question. “Uhh, you hungry?”

“Yeah,” said Ven, “a little.”

“I’ll go get you something,” he said, rushing out of the room. Ven looked around for a moment before walking over to the laptop, opening it, and turning it on. The machine booted up for a few minutes amidst a lot of whirring and strange noises. Then, the screen displayed an image of a beautiful, half naked man in a leather thong and collar. Vodoo whipped into existence beside Ven, dancing in midair with glee. Ven panicked and slammed the monitor shut before remembering that Jake would realize that someone had been on his computer were it on when he got back. He flipped it open and moved the mouse, glancing to the door in the interminable seconds in which it came out of standby. And there he was again, taunting Ven from some unknown studio, begging him to punish him sweetly. Ven scrambled to move the mouse to the shutdown command as he heard Jake’s footsteps down the hallway. ‘Do you wish to shut down?’ it asked him. Yes! Yes! He hurriedly clicked the okay button. The screen switched to a screen saying goodbye. Ven heard Jake’s footsteps just beyond the door. He slammed the screen down and stood up just as Jake walked into view, holding a box of crackers.

“Hey man,” he said, unaware of the situation, “All we’ve got are crackers. That okay?”

“Yeah, it’s fine,” he said nervously, fidgeting a bit. Thinking fast, Ven scrambled for a good reason to leave. Finally grabbing one, he spoke up. “Hey, I think I’ll go check out my room.”

“Okay,” said Jake, a little confused. “Hope you like it.” Without another word, Ven rushed out of the room and into the room directly across from it. Jake stared after him for a second, pondering his new friend’s behavior before shrugging the confusion off, pulling a cracker out of the box, and walking into his own room, shutting the door behind him.


Ven stood naked in the shower, hot water coursing down his powerful frame, pondering the enigma that was Jake. Vodoo circled just above Ven’s head, playing with the steam. The background on Jake’s computer had shaken Ven a great deal. Those were precisely the kind of pictures that Ven downloaded onto his computer. In fact, Ven had that very picture on his own computer. He could pinpoint its location on the internet. The fact that Jake was downloading softcore, and if he was anything like Ven, hardcore porn didn’t startle Ven. That’s guys for you, ready for sex at the drop of a hat, or pants, as it were. Porn was normal with guys. What startled Ven was that it was gay porn. Jake hadn’t struck Ven as being gay, and Ven was almost never wrong when it came to identifying another male’s sexuality. It was a surprising bit of information. But Ven was concerned for Jake. Porn was okay, as long as there was some restraining force. Without restrictions, porn could consume your life. And Jake’s grandmother didn’t seem the computer literate type who could monitor the websites Jake visited. Further more, there was a chance that Jake wasn’t aware of his own sexuality. Ven remembered how he had once fooled himself into thinking he was straight, despite the copious amounts of gay pornography he had had on his hard drive. And denial was a dangerous thing to live in. Ven knew he’d have to talk to Jake about this. He may not be his father, but he was Jake’s only connection to the outside world. People needed a little guidance to stay on the right path. But how long would Jake keep a promise he made to Ven? Even if he was honest, without a real authority, Jake would easily slip back into his bad habits. He’d look for loopholes in the promise he made to Ven, he’d fool himself into believing he wasn’t breaking his promise, he might even outright break his promise. This was troublesome.

But on the other hand, if Jake did comprehend he was gay, this could be an excellent chance for Ven. Above Ven, Vodoo began to fly in loop-de-loops through the falling water. If Jake knew he was gay, then Ven may have a possible boyfriend. Jake was hot, no doubt about that. His blue eyes were so brilliant they seemed to bleed off into the white around them, as if the glowed. His face was aggressively pretty, like a vampire from an Anne Rice book, and his personality matched. His slender body looked as fragile as glass, Ven loved that. Vodoo looped faster and wider. Ven only lived a few miles away from Greybowl, and he had other modes of transportation than walking. This town was virtually devoid of teenage life, so Jake would probably jump at the chance to have a boyfriend. Vodoo began to fly spirals up and down Ven. But wait. Vodoo slowed. Ven was being selfish, and he knew it. He was planning to use someone, an innocent minor, almost, for his own selfish desires. Jake was far less experienced than Ven, despite the mere one year between their ages. Ven was no stranger to dating, but Jake almost certainly was. Ven would have to wait.

He turned off the water, opened the glass door, and stepped out onto the cold, tiled floor. The guestroom was situated directly beside the bathroom, with a door conjoining the two rooms, so access was easy. Ven walked across the cold floor to the mirror and began one of his favorite little activities, looking at himself. Ven didn’t believe vanity was a sin; there was nothing wrong with liking the way you looked. And Ven always made sure that he did. An apollo stared out at Ven from the mirror, turning this way and that. Years of mountain biking had given him rock-solid legs and little body fat to speak of. Even more years of grueling training had created a tightly muscled body. The thought of those years caused the mark on Ven’s back to itch. He ignored it. Vodoo’s head rotated on its shoulders like a wheel.

Ven turned from the mirror, satisfied with his appearance, and made his way back across the floor, towards the towel rack beside the shower. He lifted off towel and wrapped it around his waist, just as he heard the door to the hallway open behind him.


Jake stood stock still, shocked beyond words. Ven stood beside the shower, facing the door, wearing nothing but a towel wrapped low on his waist. His muscles glistened with water. And what muscles they were! Things deep in Jake’s stomach wriggled at the sight of such a body. Jake’s mouth was numb, struggling for something to break the awkward silence. After a few moments, though, Ven did that for him.

“Hm, I thought I locked that door,” he said with the air of someone who’d just been walked in on while reading a good book, not someone who’d just been walked in on while half-naked.

“Yeah,” said Jake, forcing the words out of his mouth. “You probably did. That lock is, uhh, broken.”

“Oh, that explains it,” said Ven nonchalantly. “Sorry, if I’d have known, I’d have told you that I was in the shower. Oh well.” Jake was more and more confused as time passed, he had just barged in on Ven and Ven was the one apologizing! What was with this kid? And why wasn’t he asking him to leave?

“Well,” he said, “that’s okay, I guess.” Jake knew he sounded like an idiot, but that’s all he could make out at the moment. Ven didn’t seem to care, though. He just continued about his business, turning around to get another towel to dry his hair with. And that’s when Jake saw it.

A tattoo, big and black, covered Ven’s muscular back. The tattoo was of some dragon running along Ven’s spine. At his shoulders, the dragon seemed to hold out two wings. As the muscles under Ven’s skin moved and flexed, the dragon gained a life of its own, seeming to twist and writhe erotically. Jake couldn’t look away. Finally, after an eternity of tortuous longing, Ven turned back to Jake, rubbing a fuzzy white towel on his head.

“What?” said Ven. Jake realized that he must be staring at Ven like an idiot.

“Uhh, nothing,” he said. However, he couldn’t resist asking. “Dude, what’s that tattoo on your back?”

“Oh,” said Ven, looking over his shoulder briefly. “It’s nothing. Just Rayquaza.”

“Huh,” said Jake, not really interested. “Well, later.” And with that, Jake closed the door and walked downstairs to drown his dirty thoughts with TV’s stupidity.

14th August 2005, 12:17 PM
Fwee, plot development! Not that there wasn't plot development before, it was just more subtle. I liked that part where Ven corrected Jake about Vodoo, because I know that I at least made the same mistake (will now scrub said mistakeness from brain). The part in the shower was good, with Vodoo's actions linking with Ven's thoughts. At least I think that's what you were doing...
Description, dialogue, length etc. are great, so your mastery of writingness is still shaming me with its goddness, but meh. Wait, you've shown us half the chapter so far, right? 'Cos that's a pretty long chapter, I'd say novelishly long in fact. That's good, wish I could write so much. And it's interesting to be seeing different sides of the characters now, that it is. Yar.
Bring on the cOolness!


15th August 2005, 6:39 PM
“No one’s used that room in years. This used to be a bed and breakfast until the entire town went plop. Now, the guestroom remains empty all the time, but Grandma is always telling me not to go in there or to walk quietly because we have a guest,” he said a little sadly as they reached the top of the stairs and turned right. A corridor with four doors along it, two on each side, and a window at the end greeted them. “And she’s always making me clean it. She’s lost it.”
If you didn't notice that paragraph is contradicting itself. Fist Jake says he can't go in there, then he has to clean it.

You are very much changing the story. Don't get me wrong it's good, but there are definitely parts that I miss, like thge sherrif and how Ven was going to sleep there. You also make shure to give us information that practically makes us read Dawn of a New Legacy. If someone hadn't read DoaNL yet, they would be at a loss at many of the points previously made.

Sike Saner
16th August 2005, 4:31 AM
It was practically a retirement community; everyone from the bank teller to the sheriff was either balding, graying, or liver spotted. All people under the age of thirty had left long ago.

Huh, that sounds like my town... :/

Ven stood naked in the shower, hot water coursing down his powerful frame, pondering the enigma that was Jake. Vodoo circled just above Ven’s head, playing with the steam.

O_O I know I sure as hell wouldn't get naked in front of a Banette! :p

Anyway. I liked this chapter even better than the last (even though there were fewer ghosts :p ) - I am muchly enjoying the fire you're stoking between Ven and Jake, and I look forward to seeing where all they'll ultimately go with it (thereby revealing that I'd not read the original version - forgive me... :( ) - of course, I have a fairly good idea...Yes, I'll definitely be sticking around to see this one through. :)

17th August 2005, 12:11 AM
I liked that part where Ven corrected Jake about Vodoo, because I know that I at least made the same mistake (will now scrub said mistakeness from brain).
Actually, Vodoo's name was originally Voodoo, but I misspelled it and by the time I noticed, I had already posted and didn't want to change it. Then, I came to like the oddness.

The part in the shower was good, with Vodoo's actions linking with Ven's thoughts. At least I think that's what you were doing...
That's exactly what I was trying to do! I'm glad you noticed:D

If you didn't notice that paragraph is contradicting itself. Fist Jake says he can't go in there, then he has to clean it.
No, that's not contrary. She'll tell him from time to time not to go in there, when they actually have a guest. When they don't, she tells him to clean it, that way its clean for the next guest. Jake just doesn't realize that there's a difference in occupancy then, so he describs it one-sidedly.

You also make shure to give us information that practically makes us read destiny of understanding.
o_0 Destiny of Understanding?

O_O I know I sure as hell wouldn't get naked in front of a Banette!
Ven doesn't really have a choice, but I know what you mean:D

I'm working on the remainder of the chapter, so it'll be out in not too long:D

17th August 2005, 12:48 AM
Oh, man! I got my names mixed up. I am not fit in the head today. I'm changing it now.

18th August 2005, 2:05 AM
Excellent, excellent.

My writing is gonna go more slowly, now that school has started. My mom doesn't want me on the computer during the week. Sorry. I'll still write, though:D;;

18th August 2005, 10:03 AM
Hm, yeah parents can be annoying like that.
But I personally find that lunchbreaks & stuff at school can be put to useful useness with writing, although I also prefer to make all my stories handwritten first, then type them up (catching most errors in the process, but also occassionally making some).
Anyhoo, enjoy school <snicker>


18th August 2005, 11:45 PM

My lunchperiods are rather full, I don't have that pleasent option. I do write at school, though.

9th March 2006, 1:07 AM

Since its been about a month since I made any additions to "Of the Winds," I'm just gonna scrap this thread. It's just too unplanned. I began the story in something of an episode format, then the rest of it was gonna be some crazy novel with a million secondary and tertiary characters, and that's just not good. Plus, it was in no way feasible, neither with time or with location.

Instead, I'm redoing the story entirely. I doubt that I'll ever post it, or even finish it, especially now that I've admitted it. However, it's a much better story, though it has the same three main characters as it was going to have originally (I never reached the third). Don't get your hopes up, though.