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25th July 2005, 8:57 PM
This is my first episode hope you like it

Episode 1 Evee I choose you

Narrator: In the Pokemon world There are many amazing creatures called Pokemon. Pokemon live with their trainers. Each trainer has a story but this story is about a trainer named Shelby (narrator stops).
It was almost 10:00pm and Shelby was Dreaming of which Pokemon he would choose he finally decided it would be Bulbusaur.
Hours later he heard his mom yell Shelby time to get your Pokemon. He looked one last time at the wall and stared at a poster of Ash Ketchum his favorite Trainer. Like him he lived in Pallet Town. He wiped his brown hair back and stared at the necklace with a feather on it. It deep red glow stung his eye.
It was what he had left of his father.
He got dressed and ran downstairs. “Want breakfast” his mom asked.
“No” he said. “I’m late” he yelled. He dashed too Prof. Oaks Lab. He sprinted up the stairs and something happened that changed his life forever.
A kid named Brain ran up the stairs and tripped him the last Pokemon mine. Brain walked through the doors and came up jumping my Squirtle ha ha.
Tears rolled down Shelby eyes . “ Why did you do that” Shelby asked.
“Because I felt like it” Brain smirked and walked down the stairs.
No Pokemon Shelby thought. “Oh man” he said. He started to walk down the stairs and heard a voice.
“Stop, I might have a pokemon for you” said Prof. Oak.
“Really” asked Shelby. Shelby followed Oak to the lab. He picked up the Pokeball. It opened with a flash of light. A evee jumped out and bit Shelby in the hand. He shook him off and tried to make him get in the ball. But Evee would’nt . “I found him the other day at my door” oak said .
“He must not like Pokeballs” Said Oak. “I knew another time that happened” said Oak. “But anyway you can have a Pokedex and 5 pokeballs.
“Thanks” said Shelby. He walked out and was immediately asked for a battle. It was A contest started against all new trainers first Shelby vs. Anny she had a Bulbusaur and immedeatlly the battle started . “Evee bite it” Shelby yelled. But it wouldn’t it got hit right in the face by a vine whip then its eyes grew dark red and it kept head butting it. “Stop” Shelby yelled but Evee wouldn’t . It looked at Shelby and then ran off. “Wait” Shelby yelled.


25th July 2005, 8:58 PM
Episode 2 Evee I choose you (part 2)

Narrator: Recently on Pokemon Master Journey Shelby had just gotten his first pokemon a evee with a not so very good attitude. After Shelby received this evee he arrived downstairs to find a contest going on. This contest was of the new trainers. Shelby realized that evee wouldn’t listen to it but after some weird happening Evee ran off.

“Wait” Shelby yelled out to evee . Shelby ran after evee followed by his mother , sister and professor oak. Shelby looked in the distance and saw a man grab evee he ran after the man but the man was gone. He then saw his sister catch up to him followed by his mother and then Professor Oak. Behind Professor Oak was Anny the girl with the Bulbusaur. “ What happened” Anny Said.

“They took my Evee” said Shelby .

“Don’t worry” said Professor Oak. “Were going to get him back”.

“GO Bulbusaur” yelled Anny. Bulbusaur came out of its Pokeball with a flash of bright light. ‘ Follow the scent of evee” bulbusaur followed the scent until the reached a small house.

Shelby ran towards the door but his mom grabbed him. “We must be quiet” she said.

They walked up to a window and look in he saw evee on a lab table. He saw that there were five tubes sticking into evee which were colored black,purple,yellow,blue,and red.

“Yes once we inject this elemental liquid thru evees blood stream hey will all react and turn evee into and elemental monster” said one scientist. “To bad this evee escaped last time we did this are we would have gotten done faster” the other one said

Shelby saw the eject button and ran toward the door. “I can’t let them do that to evee”.

Oak and Anny ran after him . Shelby ran thru the door and the scientist looked up. “What are you doing in here” one said.

“Im getting my evee’ said Shelby. Shelby ran to the station but a scientist grabbed him.

“Bulbusaur Razor Leaf” Anny yelled. Bulbusaur let out a razor leaf which broke a tube but the yellow one . the liquids on the floor hit and there was a huge explosion. Shelby fell backwards and hit the button right next to eject which was inject. And everything went black.

Shelby woke up. Looking at himself to find he was in a hospital bed. “You were lucky” said his nine year old sister Helisha. Shelby looked at himself not even a scratch. Shelby got out of the bed and looked at evee in another bed.

Evve opened its eyes and smiled and fell back to sleep . then professor oak walked in. “Shelby im glad you’re ok” he said. “Shelby been knocked out for a few days so the trainers tournament is over” said Oak . Oak then got a stern look on his face “Shelby you’re evee has a problem the last button you hit injected the yellow liquid” . “Now we are detecting high levels of electricity in evee” .

“So is he ok” asked Shelby .

“Yes hes fine” said oak.

“So can we start my journey” asked Shelby. Oak shook his head yes. After a couple of days Shelby waved goodbye to his mom, oak and helisha and started his journey with a new respect for evee which evee also gained for him.

13th August 2005, 9:26 PM
Episode 3 Pokemon Center Stray

Narrator: Last Time on Pokemon Master Journey Shelby got his first Pokemon an Eeeve. But at its first battle Eevee darted off. Shelby followed Eevee. Eevee soon turned out to be a horrible experiment by a evil team . After a huge explosion Shelby and Eevee came out alright. Shelby and Eevee went out on their journey and finally arrived at Viridain City were our next adventure takes place.

Shelby walked into Viridain City with Eevee on his shoulders. After a short journey to viridian Shelby saw the pokemon center and ran to it. Shelby walked in and saw a red haired women. “Id like to heal my Eevee” said Shelby.

The Women turned around “ok” she said she grabbed Eevee and took him into a room after a few minutes she brought Eevve back out and handed it to Shelby. “Here you go”

Shelby took Eevee andlooked over and saw a cage. “ whats that” Shelby asked as he saw a greenish pokemon slaming against the cage.

“That’s a stray pokemon, It’s a Larvitar a Pokemin that we found a little while ago”. “Its owner must have left it” said the women.

“Poor Pokemon” said Shelby. “ It looks so angry”

“ Yeah that Pokemons a trouble maker” said a girl barging through the door. Shelby looked at the girl she was a skinny girl with blue hair a short sleeve shirt and blue jeans.

“Were have you been Amanda” said the women.

“Oh no where mom” said Amanda.

And the Amanda walked off. “My daughter I cant believe her she odd she is supposed to be a nurse like all the Joys before here but no she has to be a ice pokemon master” said the women.

Shelby decided to stay at the Pokemon Center for the night After a long day Shelby walked to his bed room and fell asleep with Eevee by his side. He woke up to a piercing Screech he woke up to find Eevee gone. Shelby ran into the lobby to see Larvitar running outside. Shelby followed Larvitar outside. Followed by Amanda and The Women who healed his Pokemon.

He saw a man and a woemen the woemen had blue long blue hair and the man had short red hair. Both looked adult. “ Hello” they said. Shelby said the had a MA on their uniform and a meowth beside them.

“You’ve got my Eevee” said Shelby.

“This isn’t your Eevee” said the Meowth. “This is our lab experiment” said the girl.

“THAT MEOWTH CAN TALK” said Amanda stupefied.

“Yeah you got a problem with it” said meowth.

“Oh we forgot to introduce ourselves im Mark” said the boy.

“And im Annie and were part of Team Maqua a combination of water and fire organization ” said girl.

“Goodbye” said meowth. Suddenly they jumped into the bushes and a ballon in the shape of a meowth started taking off.

“ No” yelled Shelby. Shelby looked up at the sky and saw them taking off suddenly on the roof Shelby saw a little green pokemon run across the roof and roll super fast straight into the ballon a puncture it. The ballon fell toward the ground and saw evve land in Amanda’s arms. Shelby then saw the green thing falling to the ground at a high speed. Shelby ran toward it and dived. He then grabbed the pokemon and pummeled into the ground.

“Larvi” said Larvitar. Shelby looked at his and saw it was hurt ,

“ Thank you Larvitar” said Shelby. He then saw Team Maqau get out of the air balloon and the saw Eevee use a Thundershock. And it hit them. “WERE BALSTING OFF” they yelled.

Huh Shelby thought how can eevee use a electric attack . Maybe that liquid injected in him made him be able to pull off electric attacks. Amanda and Joy also wondered Shelby then went back to his room and saw that he was being followed by Larvitar. Larvitar Slept in Shelby room last night and the next morning Shelby woke up to find that Larvitar was really attached to Shelby.

As Shelby was getting ready to leave he saw that Amanda, Joy and Larvitar were following.

“Hey Shelby wait up” shouted Amanda .

“Shelby I have a filling Larvitar would like to go with you on youre journey” said Joy. “So here take larvitar” she finished . Shelby threw a ball and it snapped shut.
“YES I caught a larvitar” Shelby said.

Shelby then let Larvitar out to say bye to joy. Shelby then left town with Eevee and Larvitar with him. What more pokemon could Shelby catch. What other journeys await him. Who knows check back on Pokemon Master Journey

To be continued ..

2nd September 2005, 5:56 AM
It's a very great fanfiction, except you kept on spelling Eevee wrong in the first chapter. Puntuation and Grammer is a must also. And please, try to be original. A kidnapped and experimented on pokemon is so commonly used, that it can make my head explode. I am not trying to be mean, but please keep theese in mind whaen you write your next chapter. And by the way, Shelby is a girls nae, so why are you calling it a "Him"?

2nd September 2005, 7:15 AM
this is like the anime only instaed of pikachu its eevee and the girl name in my fic hes named lindsay back off

2nd September 2005, 3:58 PM
I had a fan fiction, but it go deleted due to spam, and grammer problems.Don't let this happen to yo, because I sorta like this fan fiction about the electric powered eevee. ^^

2nd September 2005, 4:12 PM
Weird people. Oh well, good effort. Eevee spelt wrongly, and why is everyone obsessed with the little guy?
I mean, Eevee is cute and has multiple evolutions...
Yet, why is it used to the point of Sue-nage?

Never mind. I'm weird.

2nd September 2005, 10:59 PM
Evcerybody is obsessed with him because he litteratly uses the move "Attract" on everyone in the world who knows about pokemon. Eevee has been my favorite pokemon since I was six years old and now i'm what, like, 22? XD

3rd September 2005, 6:55 AM
Ahh... Doesn't seem to work on me. Gimme a Metagross or Charizard over an Eevee any day of the week.
Cool Pokemon are the ONLY way to go.
Mwahahahahahaha! [/Insanity]

23rd September 2005, 11:16 PM
Shelby is a girls nae, so why are you calling it a "Him"?

Actaully my name is Shelby but thanks for the complements and ill get the next chapter in soon

7th October 2005, 2:58 AM
Episode 4 Pokemon Center Strike

Narrator: Recently on Pokemon Master Journey. Last Time Shelby continued on his journey to the pokemon league. Along the way He ran into a stray pokemon Larvitar after successfully catching it he continues on

Shelby walked down the path to the Viridian Forest when a vibration startled him he pulled a weird shaped thing from his bag. It poke gear with a letter that read I didn’t need this from Amanda.
Shelby picked it up and answered it. “Shelby” yelled Amanda from the other end “GET DOWN HERE” and hung up.
Shelby ran to viridian and saw a massive rally around the center. "What’s wrong" Shelby asked.
“Well” Amanda said. “The nurses are having a boycott because the pay aint good enough”.
“Oh that’s pretty bad,” said Shelby. “So why did you call me”.
“Because I have an Idea,” said Amanda.
A few minutes later Nurse Joy, Amanda and Shelby stood in front of the rallies leader.
“How about a deal” asked Nurse Joy?
“I’m listening,” said the leader.
“It seems as if there’s a wild Sneasel in the woods. If any of your people catch that single Sneasel before any of use do you can have your pay. But if we catch it first you will come back to work and never rally like this again” said Joy.
The woman thought for a few moments “ Ok” she finally said. “We meet back at sundown which is in about 3 hours”.
“Lets go ” shouted Joy. Everyone made a mad rush toward the woods with pokeballs in hand. Amanda and Shelby ran toward the viridian forest. Shelby continued with Amanda but they saw hide nor head of the Sneasel.
“We’ll never find it” said Amanda. Shelby ignored this and continued on. Suddenly Amanda saw something. “Go Shellder” she said.
The purple shellfish pokemon popped out of its ball with a flash of light. And Shelby saw it the blue pokemon Sneasel. Shelby pulled his pokedex out and saw the pokemon flash on the screen
“Sneasel” its mechanical voice said. “The sharp claw pokemon”
“This pokemon has sharp claws which it extends when angered trainers beware” it finished.
“Bubble” yelled Amanda. Shellder shot a small bubble and hit Sneasel. Suddenly out of nowhere a pokeball flyed out aimed at it but Sneasel jumped up. And knocked it back the way it came. Amanda saw her chance she threw the ball and ran up and grabbed it. The other ball flew into a bush with a thud.
“OH” yelled the leader as she stood up . Amanda walked into town with pride as she showed everyone the Sneasel.
Later that evening Shelby walked away once again. “Bye” he yelled but was surprised to see Amanda follow him.
“ I want to be a ice pokemon master now, not a Nurse” said Amanda. “So guess what im gonna travel with you that’s all right right” said Amanda.
“Yeah sure I guess” said Shelby. As they walked out into the horizon.


8th October 2005, 6:19 AM
Your kinda rushed this chapter but atleast it marked the company of a new trainer:D

8th October 2005, 9:30 PM
yeah it was a bit rushed but that was a semi filler and i couldnt think of anything to fill it with but thanks

10th October 2005, 11:05 PM
C'mon, continue! ^^ I want to read more! *puppy eyes*

11th October 2005, 2:55 AM
next chapter soon i promise tommorow or the next day

12th October 2005, 2:49 AM
New Chapters in

Episode 5 Venonat and the bugs

Narrator: As Shelby continues on his journey with his new friend Amanda and his Larvitar. Shelby journeys into the Viridian Forest. A mysterious forest of many bug pokemon. But unaware to Shelby many beady eyes watch intently waiting for a wrong step.
“Are we there yet Shelby” said Amanda as thy walked thru the thick forest.
“Amanda, Were Not There Yet” He shouted! “We have only been walking 10 minutes”.
“Are we there now” pestered Amanda.
Shelby looked down and not talk to the very bored girl. Suddenly a crew of bug Pokemon came out of the brush. There was clearly 2 Caterpies, A Weedle and some strange Purple Bug he had never seen.
Shelby took out his Pokedex and looked at its Data
“Venonat the bug Pokemon
Venonat is a very rare bug. Its eyes act as radars, these high powered eyes can also shoot powerful beams.” The Machine said.
“Well I think ill catch you,” said Shelby. “Pokeball go” as he threw the ball.
It hit the Venonat and started glowing all of a sudden it broke out.
“Why didn’t it work?” asked Shelby.
“You’ve got to weaken it first,” said Amanda.
“That’s nice to know” Shelby replied.
He looked back toward the group of bugs but they were gone. “ Well that was weird,” said Amanda. Shelby continued into the woods until he heard a call. Shelby looked up to the sky to see a magnificent rainbow colored bird fly above. Suddenly the yellow feather around Shelby neck started glowing a bright yellow color. The feathers glowing subsided and the bird flew off.
Shelby looked at the feather wondering what had happened with it. “Must have been the trick of the eye,” he thought.
That night Shelby looked up at the stars. He turned around to see the small bug Pokemon in his bag. Got you now as he whispered to Eevee beside him.
Eevee delivered a shock to the Venonat and KO’d it. Shelby threw a pokeball at it and caught it. “Yes I caught a Venonat” Shelby yelled. Shelby setteled down into his bag and drifted back off to a sleep dreaming of a bright light and his father. How he longed to see him….
Narrator: As Shelby dreams into the night him and his newly found Venonat both have something in common, neither now what awaits them in the coming of a new day.

That was a short one I know but prepare for a long next chapter

Episode 6 Sneak Peek
With the recent capture of his new pokemon it looks as if Shelby and Amanda have caused quite an uproar. It seems, as the whole Forest is angry with him. But the question is will Shelby and Amanda be able to survive the Rage of bug pokemon.

Find out in the next Chapter of Pokemon Master Journey

Ok Questions, Comments

And remember the feather it plays a huge role no more I’ve already said to much

Another spoil
Major event in 2 chapters away dont miss it

13th October 2005, 10:08 PM
Cool!!! ^^ I luff this fanfiction. Are you gonna evoulve Eevee sometime in your fanfiction?

14th October 2005, 1:21 AM
you never know. MAybe maybe not in my originail plan i wasnt but im feelin a little bit leanit so ya never know.

2nd December 2005, 4:16 AM
I noticed you havn't updated in a long time, when will you? I so want t read more! This fiction rocks! Good plot, my favorite pokemon...something that has never been used before!

2nd December 2005, 2:55 PM
Please stop writing such short chapters as it is against the fanfiction rules.

And Persian, you bumped the thread pretty much to say "When are you going to update?" which is also against the rules.

9th December 2005, 5:28 PM
i am going to update after christmas and actaully Dragonfree in Microsoft word is was a page long.

9th December 2005, 7:52 PM
Yet, a page long is not long enough.

The prologue can be a page, but readers prefer regular chapters to be at least three pages long. Don't contradict a mod.