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1st August 2005, 5:00 PM
Hello everyone, I'm back. Due to the popularity of my last novel, The Life of a Hero, Pokemon Master, I have decided to write yet another novel, this one the other side of the story that I had previously written, following Gardevoir other than Darren. This book is copywrited by ERN Inc. as well. I hope that you enjoy this my second fic and please respond so that I can hear what you think about it. Without further ado, here is the table of contents and chapter one for your enjoyment.

Gardevoir, Journey through the Netherworld

Table of Contents:
1. Prologue
2. A New Life
3. Divine Protector
4. The Unexpected Visitor
5. Balance of Power
6. Enlightenment
7. The Ancient Prophecy
8. Unrest
9. The Final Quest
10. Love of a Mother
11. Transfigured
12. A Path of Forgiveness
13. Best of Both Worlds
14. Prophecy Fulfilled
15. Ying and Yang
16. A Constant Reminder
17. “My Friend! It Has Been Too Long!”
18. Epilogue

Chapter One: Prologue
Excerpt taken from Gardevoir’s Book of Life, the last chapter and beyond.

It was then, right then, the moment that I had sensed coming was at hand. The ultimate destruction was about to take place. My loving and honorable trainer, Darren Diamond, was about to be destroyed. There, in the cell that was my pokeball, I knew that it was now or never. The love that bound me to my trainer overcame my will to survive. I knew there was only one way for me to defeat this foe which was before my beloved trainer, and that was to make the ultimate sacrifice.

I had been having revelations for the past month that my trainer was about to be placed in a life threatening circumstance. However, I lacked the ability to communicate with him, as I had never grasped his language other than a few words. I tried desperately to warn him in many ways; affecting his feelings so that he would be afraid, refusing to cooperate, and eventually attacking an entire Pokemon Center staff. However, my trainer’s curiosity overcame all of these things, and he followed that horrible woman into the cave which held the legendary Groudon.

The time has come, I thought as I watched Groudon stand over my fallen trainer. Two large globs of magma drifted up from the floor of the cave and hovered in the air, held up by the power of Groudon. With my powers at full blaze, I forced open my pokeball and launched myself in front of my trainer. The magma fell from the ceiling at an alarming rate, so fast that I didn’t think I would reach my trainer in time.

Using my powers to their fullest extent, I created a shield of energy so strong, that the second I got in front of my trainer, the lava glanced off like a rubber ball off a rock. I was infuriated that anything would even try to harm my trainer, so I unleashed the full potential of my powers, turning my blood into a powerful energy that would give me near infinite power. I could feel my eyes burn with this power, and light shown about me. It was time to get revenge on this beast that had wished destruction on the one I loved the most.

In my mind I formed balls of psychic energy out of the air that was in the room. Groudon could not see these for it did not have psychic eyes. I thrust these psychic balls of destruction at the beast with gruesome accuracy. Groudon did not know what to do, for it was being attacked by an unseen foe. It stumbled and fell to its knees. I did not give up however. I pelted that creature until it could take it no more, and it fell to the ground with a groan of pain.

I could hold the power no longer. All of my blood had been turned into energy to protect my trainer, and I sank to the floor. It was so hard to move, and I hardly felt my head as it slapped against the rock. This was the end of my life, and I knew nothing could save me now. I felt kind hands support my neck and body, and I forced my eyes open to look into the face of Darren Diamond one last time. Exerting the last of my strength, I reached my hand up and touched his face. I had given my life to him, and he was the last thing that I saw. Slowly, I closed my eyes, and let the darkness take me.

The darkness was not harsh; rather it was soft and gentle. I felt it lift me slowly into the air. I still could not move in the slightest, so I didn’t struggle. The power was amazing, and my feelings were instantly calmed. A small burst of energy came to me, and I opened my eyes.

There was nothing but darkness all around. I sensed that I was moving, but I could not see a single thing. I held up my hand in front of my face, and even it was shrouded in this dark and fine mist. As I lowered my hand, I saw a small, bright speck in the distance. It was light, and my body felt as if it had to reach it. I felt something grab my hand and pull me towards the light. When I arrived I saw that the light was a doorway into another world. The Netherworld.

It was an absolute paradise. There was a lush plant life with rivers and waterfalls everywhere. There were people and pokemon everywhere, and it seemed too beautiful to be true. In the distance was a large stone building with large pillars. It was sitting on top of a mountain, and looked so huge that it seemed to be part of the mount it was upon. Although everything seemed to be perfect, but nothing took my breath away until I saw the figure that was holding my hand.
There you go. I will have the next chapter up sometime. Thanks for reading.

Seijiro Mafuné
1st August 2005, 9:24 PM
Wow. Amazing. Keep on it!

Hidden Mew
2nd August 2005, 4:52 AM
I loved your first novel, which was wonderful, and this story seems to have give that same beautiful feeling to its readers. I loved how you described Gardevoir's death, even though it is still sad, as a enlighten experience with happiness, instead of using the wrong idea that death leads to an evil place. By its name, the Netherworld sounds like a scary place, but I'm glad you made it into a place of beauty. I can't wait to read the next chapter. Keep up the great writing and remember, you have a gift of storytelling.
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3rd August 2005, 2:06 PM
;330; Well, I can't think of anything to say. I read up to the Unown puzzle of your last fic(I didn't get bored, I read that yesterday and had to come off), and the battle between Gardevoir and Groudon was amazing enough through Darren's eyes, but seeing it through Gardevoir's eyes, it just took my breath away.
;359; Who's holding Gardevoirs hand?
;373; I agree entirely with S.F., that was amazing.
;307; ZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzz.......

I'm pleased to say Jack is still floating around in the oceans of Astra.

;330; Just finished reading your last fic. BLOODY HELL! Best fanfic ever! It never slowed down, rarely saw mistakes and the ending was amazing! You heard all this, but the Mewtwo bit at the end was amazing. I'm guessing we're going to find out why he/she turns up at the end of this one. Anyway I can't think of any more ways to describe it. Hope this one is as good.

;359; The story about Eve and Darren was really sweet, I loved it!

;373; I agree entirely with S.F. and Cina, since thay nicked all my ideas.

;307; ZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzz.......

Jack is still in the oceans of Astra.
;373; You can thank my Gengar for that, hehe.

3rd August 2005, 8:35 PM
Thank you everybody for your responses. I'm glad that you like how this new book is shaping up. I just finished chapter 2, so here it is.

Chapter 2: A New Life
Beginning Chapter in the Book of Passing

It was my sister. It had been many years since her passing. We had been playing in the forest together when we were young, and she contracted a fever. I took her to the place where my parents lived in the forest, but despite all of the things we tried she got weaker and weaker. One day she finally gave up the hard fight, and drifted away in her sleep. I could remember that day as if it had happened yesterday. Tears had fallen from my face when I saw the body of my sister laid into the ground in the forest where we lived. A small rock was placed at the head of the grave to mark where she lived. But now she was right here in front of me, and happiness flooded into my soul.

“Sister!” I shouted, “I feel the greatest of joys! I feel as if it has been forever since the last time that I have seen you!” My sister smiled, and we embraced. She felt solid and real, not like the spirit she was.

As if reading my thoughts, my sister said, “Yes, we are solid here. This, the Netherworld, is not the place that we rest forever after we have passed our mortal life. Rather, life is an eternal progression, constantly changing. We work here like we did in our mortal life, but it is as if our old life was nothing but a dream. This time doesn’t mark the end of our last life, but rather a continuation of it.”

I tried to soak up everything that my sister was saying, but it seemed impossible. The Netherworlds a place of work and progression? It was so hard to believe. My sister, obviously seeing the conflict in my face said, “Come, you must see the library of history. It will reveal many mysteries to you and you will understand the world around you in a better way.”

She took my hand again and led me to a stone path. My eyes followed to where it led, and I saw it went to the large building that I had seen earlier. It seemed to be the only building that was in the Netherworlds that I could see save for a small house that was near the library.

While we were walking my thoughts drifted back to Darren, my wonderful trainer, and I wondered if he was still in danger. My feelings could sense that something was wrong; I detected a plot of evil against him in the future. It was then that I longed to be with him to protect him from anything that might go wrong. My sister grabbed my hand harder and pulled me. I sensed that I had been trying to go back to where I had come from.

“Sister,” she said. “You let your thoughts out too freely. Here in the Netherworlds we can communicate by thought. However, if you can not focus and contain them, they are sent everywhere so that anyone can hear. Please sister, concentrate on your thoughts.”

I did. I, being psychic, had great control over my mind when I needed to. My sister smiled as she sensed my thoughts disappearing from the air. “Now,” she said, “we go to the library of history.”

A short walk later and I found myself at the base of the large building. I stood in awe of the immensity of it. I noticed that the entire building was open to the air; the whole thing was made up of stone pillars that held a ceiling up, which made the building look Greek in origin. There were enormous shelves of books, so tall that they reached up to the ceiling. People and pokemon worked together in organizing and developing this area. It took me a moment before I realized that I could understand every word that the humans said. Humans and pokemon were communing with each other, it seemed like a miracle.

I was able to keep these thoughts to myself, and my sister didn’t expound on the fact that I had discovered. She just led me through the crowd to one of the large bookshelves. She walked up to a short man that was standing on the base of the ladder who was wearing a uniform.

“Sir, will you find the book of my sister,” she said nonchalantly. “It has recently been completed and we need to find out what her calling is here in the Netherworld.” The short man nodded, took one look at me, and then scurried up the ladder. I saw him scanning through the books as fast as he could, and after about a minute I saw a satisfied look come across his face and he pulled out a large book that was the color of the ocean. I felt a strong feeling of déjà vu come over me as I saw it. The ocean, I thought. The place where I met Darren.

The man slid down the ladder quickly and handed the book to my sister. She took it and thanked him, then guided me to a table nearby. Quickly she flicked through the pages as if she was bored. I saw in the pages times that had in my life; the good and the bad were all there. Finally my sister stopped a few pages from the end and she read the end of my story silently to herself. When she was finished, she reverently looked up at me and said, “You gave your life for him?”

I nodded. She smiled, for she was honored to be the sister of someone who had done something so noble. She turned one page over and looked at the page. I looked over her shoulder to see what she was reading. There was a small message that I couldn’t read because it was very small and the bottom was signed and had a stamp of approval on it. My sister grinned as she read.

“Well,” she said, “It looks as if you are to be the Divine Protector of your former trainer. I guess that is to be expected with you giving your life for his sake.” I took the book away from her and read the small print detailing my work and what I was supposed to do. “That job,” my sister said, “is the most honorable and noble of all work we have in the Netherworld.”

I looked up at her. “What do I need to do?” I asked. I was ready to fulfill my duty to Darren even now that I had passed beyond his reach. He was truly my friend, and I was wanting to help him any way that I could.
There you go. The next update should be up within the next few days. And with that I say goodbye.

The True Champion
3rd August 2005, 9:37 PM
You are a great writer i loved your first fic and couldn't stop reading and one of my favorite parts was the battle between Groudon and Gardevoir but through her eyes is was much more exciting and amazing what she would do for Darren. The first chapter was great and you left me wanting to know who she met lucky i didn't have to wait long. That was great how you describe her sister death and you could see how happy she was. I also think it was very creative how you made that every person and pokemon gets their own book and has a job given to them at the end. And finally my guess for what her job is that she gets to watch over her trainer and help him any way possible.

4th August 2005, 7:45 PM
;330; Cool, well written and makes perfect sense having read your first fic. I don't need to tell you to keep it up, because you will.

;359; AWESOME!!!! Wow, my job is to just give S.F. someone to talk things through with, but a divine protector, wow-o-wow. Even the name gives the job awesome effect.

;373; I agree entirely with S.F. Speaking of jobs, I just tell him an unbiased opinion on everything.

;307; ZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzz

;249-d; I'm back, no thanks to your ghosts! Anyway, judging from what i read everything you have done ever is(Gagged and tied to a passing Suicune).

;245; Great, a rider. I think I will take a swim, just to get rid of him

6th August 2005, 7:47 PM
Here we are, the Divine Protector. Thanks guys for your comments. I had a lot of fun writing this chapter and I hope that you have just as much fun reading it. And here we go.

Chapter 3: Divine Protector

“First,” my sister said, “you must take this and keep it with you at all times.” She opened the book up to the back cover page. Pinned to it was a necklace with a small silver chain that was very fine. The bottom of the necklace held a heart-shaped jewel that had a clear white hue to it.

I took the necklace from the book and put it around my neck. It felt warm against my skin. My sister explained, “This is a crystal that will link you and your emotions directly to your trainer so that you can tell when he is in need of help. It will also guide you to wherever he is so that you can reach him quickly to save him.”

I held the crystal up and gazed into it. “And how am I supposed to get to him when I am here in the Netherworld and he is in the Mortal world?”

My sister smiled. “That crystal will glow a deep crimson when your master is in need of your help, and then you are to go to the portal. Follow me and I will show it to you.” She began to walk towards the place that we came into the library. I looked over the world and saw that she was heading towards the small shack that I had seen before. After a short walk we reached it.

“Inside this door is the portal to the Mortal world. However, it remains locked until your crystal glows, so you must…” She was cut off because my crystal began to glow a deep red color. The door of the shack swung open and a strange force pulled me inside. The floor was a circling swirl of white energy and the room was covered in mirrors. The door shut tight behind me and I felt my body plummet into the energy. I felt warmth around me for a moment and then the sensation ended. I looked up and saw that I was standing in a cave, a cave that looked very familiar to me. I gasped as I saw the ceiling and floor and recognized this as the place where I had battled the legendary Groudon.

I realized that this was the Cave of Origin, and also realized that this must have been why new creatures were coming out of it all the time, since it was so readily linked to the Netherworld. I looked down at my body and saw nothing. I was invisible in this world, so the better to help me save my master.

I felt the necklace begin to pull me forward. Quickly, I followed the promptings of the necklace until I was out of the cave and flying over the ocean. I saw a large rain cloud in the distance. It was circular, and looked completely out of place. I saw the calm ocean water turn to enormously high waves once they were underneath the cloud. A sick feeling came over me and I realized that my trainer was in serious trouble. The necklace pulled me even faster in to the rain.

I had expected the rain just to fall right through me but it hit me just as hard as if I was mortal. There were still things I did not understand about being a Divine Protector, but I figured that things would come as I tried harder at it.
After about a minute I saw a large island in the middle of the ocean with the sun pouring through the clouds on it. On the top I saw the creature which I had given my life to save my trainer, Groudon. Magma was swarming around it and Groudon seemed to be calling out into the ocean for something. A large wave came from the sea and smashed into the island, taking tons of rock with it. I was panicked because I thought that my trainer was on that island, yet that was not the place my necklace was pulling me. It seemed to me I was heading straight for the ocean.

I tried to look through the rain, but I couldn’t see anything. Then, an eruption from the top of Groudon’s island lit up the entire area and I saw a small oil rig in the middle of the ocean. The necklace took me to this place and inside of it. The place was absolute chaos. There were pokemon battles breaking out everywhere. There were people in red suits battling with people in blue suits. I looked around to see if Darren was there, and I saw him up on a podium where two large men were battling. I saw him take a blue stone that was lying on the stage, and then begin to run for the exit. The crystal I had began to burn against my skin and I looked up and saw that the building was collapsing.

I flew towards the ceiling and surprisingly held it up. I threw it away and it was caught by the fierce winds outside. The cataclysmic battle between the two legends was now in full view of everyone there. I heard screams of people below as they witnessed what was supposed to have never happened again. I saw Darren running across the deck towards something. I gasped when I saw that he had dropped the red orb and it was rolling across the deck.

He was almost there when I saw a wave leap over the side of the rig and rush towards Darren. I stood in front of him and with the powers of my necklace warded off the dangerous waters. A ton of debris that the wave had washed up was now between him and the red orb. I rushed to it and used my hands to stop it from rolling off the deck. I looked up and saw the blue orb flying through the air. It bounced and then rolled, touching the red orb.

The two orbs floated into the air and the two battling beasts were instantly calmed. They returned to their slumber almost immediately; Groudon sinking into the rock he was standing on and Kyogre sinking into the ocean that he had made his home. The clouds dissipated at once, and the sunlight dimmed down. Waves that had been as tall as buildings immediately ceased raging and the sea was calm again. The only things remaining from the battle was an enormous island in the middle of nowhere and a destroyed oil rig.

I looked to my master and saw him being congratulated by his fellow humans. They had evidentially witnessed his power that I had known all my life. I noticed something odd however. It seemed as if the world I was in was fading around me. Everything looked blurry, except for my necklace, which I noticed was becoming more visible. In fact, my whole body was becoming visible. I soon was standing in the Netherworld, right outside the shack I had entered only a little while ago.

My sister was standing there waiting for me. I looked at her. “I have so many questions to ask you dear sister,” I said quickly. She nodded and began to explain to me everything about being a Divine Protector.
There y'are. Hope you enjoyed it. Until the next time, goodbye.

Hidden Mew
6th August 2005, 7:59 PM
Those were two perfect chapters. I loved how you gave everyone in the Neathrerworld a book and how you made Gardevoir the Divin Protector for Darren. She is a perfect fit for a protector. I also loved how you added her sister to this story. I can't wait to see your next chapter.
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6th August 2005, 8:03 PM
;330; Really, really good. Deep, emotional and explains the reason that almost all the little chance situations in the first fic worked.

;359; Bloody hell, if that what a Gardevoir does when it dies, I'm wondering what will happen when I have to get Jack from Rayquaza, maybe Gardevoir will help, since Rayquaza looks like it is in an Outrage.

;373; Damn, why am I always third to answer, when everyone else has nicked my points. Well I agree with S.F.

;307;ZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz... ...................

Still the undescribaly gory punishment of Jack continues.......

The True Champion
6th August 2005, 8:07 PM
I agree with what hidden mew said about the Divine protecter and the story works great with the last one its like were Gardevoir went after every time she help Darren. Kepp up the good work i am looking forward to your next chapter!

10th August 2005, 7:37 PM
Yo, I just got done reading your last one and I have got to say that it was cooool. I really liked it. I think you have been doing a great job with this new one as well. Keep up the VERY good work.

Felix Feral Fezirix
11th August 2005, 3:15 AM
You hid so much of what she did and I will bet Felix that you've hidden a lot of *other* stuff too. I can see what your concept of life after death is, because basic psychology says that people write what they want to, and usually what they believe in or what they want to believe in. Whatever. I shall subsribe to this thread likeI did the first! *Adds bookmark* There we go.

15th August 2005, 3:05 AM
Well everyone, I'm back. So sorry that I took along time, but I have been writing a different, non-pokemon related story which when I finish, I hope to publish. *Sigh* the pains of being a writer. Oh well. I have been working a long time to get you this chapter and I hope that you enjoy it. I love writing for you guys and I am gratefull for your responses. You are write Felix, I write what I believe, or at least somewhat. Now without further ado, The Unexpected Visitor.
Chapter 4: The Unexpected Visitor
A Day Later

Cool winds whipped past my body, but I could scarcely feel them. The weather was misty, and the winds made it look as if some unseen being was using them to show how truly fearsome it was. I stood next to my wonderful trainer Darren in a place that I never thought I would stand, at the foot of my own grave.

It was truly a beautiful funeral. All of my friends were there as well; Gyarados, Salamence, Gengar, and Tyranitar. Darren placed my body into the small plot of ground he had purchased. One by one, they all threw a small bit of dirt on top of my lifeless frame until Tyranitar gently closed my grave with a push of her hand. It was finished. My funeral was over, and my trainer was somewhat at peace. I closed my eyes and passed into the Netherworld.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
I had learned a few things since my time in the Netherworld. I learned that my trainer didn’t have to be in absolute danger for me to go to him, but his emotions had to be extreme. My emotions were tied to his, and the crystal that I wore around my neck was tied to me, so whenever my emotions flared, so did the red light in the crystal.

However, I noticed that some of my spirit had lingered with Darren since I had left him. My sister told me that it was common when a pokemon sacrificed for anyone there was usually a tie between them for a while but in time it would wear off.

I could sense through my emotions that he was having strange dreams about my coming to the Netherworld, where he would see my death through my eyes. It was very strange, for although they were somewhat accurate, they were chock full of errors and mistakes. Such is the human mind.

However, I had wondered what I was supposed to do the times that I wasn’t working. Darren didn’t need me all the time, and in the Netherworld I don’t have to sleep, and I had learned that time in the Netherworld went much faster than time on the real world. I asked my sister for her opinion on things that I could do, and she showed me to the library again.

She led me to a different isle than the one that contained my book which, like the other shelves, had hundreds of thousands of books. I stood with my mouth open as she led me down the isle. “Pick one!” She said cheerfully. “They are all books written by those who have lived here. Some talk of their life, some talk of things they’ve done in the Netherworld, and some are just stories made up by the people or pokemon that life here.

I took a small gray book off the shelf and opened it to the first page. I stood in amazement as it seemed the words jumped right off the page and into my head. I not only read the book, but I understood it completely. What seemed to be a boring story about an old trainer who pretended he could talk to a Sandshrew was interesting, just because I experienced it for myself. My sister, obviously satisfied, walked away to get a book for herself.

In ten minutes I finished the book about the old man and the Sandshrew and had just picked up another when I realized, hey! I can read! I had never been able to read in my mortal life, so this was a major excitement for me. I got the feeling that these books weren’t written with words, but rather with feelings and emotions. These books were amazing, and I couldn’t put them down.

After what seemed like hours I heard something behind me. I put down a book that I was reading about a Spheal in a circus and turned around. I saw something that took my breath away.

There was a swirling vortex of dark purple energy swarming in a pillar behind me. I stared at it and saw a white light at the top descend the vortex and rest upon the ground. The vortex of purple matter shrank and covered the light, and then with a brilliant flash it was gone, and in its place stood my old friend Gengar.

“Gengar! It is so good to see you, and for you to see me,” I yelled and I rushed over to him and embraced him.

He grinned and said, “It is very good to see you too,” in a deep base voice. “It had been terrible without you. Darren has been taking it very tough.”

“I know,” I said, but then I realized something. “How did you get here?” I asked him. “I thought you were supposed to be in the mortal world, have you died?”

Gengar let out a blood chilling laugh. “Of course not!” He looked me in the eyes. “Let me explain. When I pokemon dies in life that fulfills its destiny, it comes to this wonderful place.” He looked around and sighed. “However, if a pokemon refuses to take their destiny and dies a coward, they become stuck halfway between both worlds, which is what I am. Trapped. Not until I can complete my destiny, which will take a lifetime.”

A tear came to my eye and hugged him again. “You poor soul. I am so sorry for you.” He seemed to shrug it off.

“Everything is all right. I am on the right track to becoming unleashed from this trap which I am in.” He smiled. “Well, I had better be heading back to the mortal world, Darren let us all out for a while before we head to Blackthorn, I’ll tell the others that you said hello.”

“Wait,” I said before he left. “What was your destiny in your former life?” I was curious, and if he told me I might be able to find a book about him.

“I was a great Aerodactyl in ancient times. I had the chance to stop a large meteor that was coming straight to earth, yet I fled, and because I fled I died in the blast, and it caused the extinction of many pokemon. I have been trapped in this body ever since.” He said it with pain in his voice. “I need to go now.” He said, and before I could say anything he disappeared into his swirling purple vortex. In an instant he was gone, and I stood awestruck.

After gathering my senses I walked to the bookshelf again, searching for a book that could better explain why my friend was in such pain and when his punishment would be over. After a minute I found the book I was looking for, The Failure of Aerodactyl. I opened it up and began to read the story of my friends’ past life.
There you go, thanks for reading, bye!

Hidden Mew
15th August 2005, 4:25 AM
That was an excellent chapter. I just love your work. I understand what you said about the stress of a writer. I'm taking too long to write the next chapter in my story. Anyway, I'm glad you introduced another one of Darren's pokemon in the story. It is sad and amazing that Gengar was an Aerodactyl at the same time. This chapter was well worth the wait. I can't wait until your next chapter.
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15th August 2005, 9:42 AM
Very good i cant wait for a balance of power

15th August 2005, 4:50 PM
An extremely well-written story, although if you ask me, the emotional backlash we all suffer after reading something like this rather undermimes the fact that it is a pokemon fic.
So it becomes more of a novel as opposed to a pokemon novel. The difference is subtle, but it is still definitely there.
Although there is something about how you write that kinda bugs me... The plot is excellent, the language is way above par...
It's the style I supposed.

"Cool winds whipped past my body, but I could scarcely feel them."

A quote, let's just see what I mean by style. I mean, if it were me, I would write it like this:

"The cold wind came down from the north, and whipped my ethereal body. As if something as minor as the wind would be able to affect me. A great psychic pokemon in life and a great protector in death."

I think it's just the overuse of "My", "I" and terms like that.

I guess its just an aquired taste.

The thumbs are: Up.
The reading tastebuds are: Readjusting

The True Champion
16th August 2005, 12:31 AM
That was very ood i am glad that she got to see one of her friends. I also thought it was very creative how you put Gengar in and how he was once an Aerodactyl great job keep it up!

Felix Feral Fezirix
16th August 2005, 3:22 AM
That was great! Another thing revealed(I was once an Aerodactyl that got stuck halfway 'cause I was a loser and got fried) about the netherworld(origin of ghost pokemon). I completely forgot about ghost pokemon.

You just rock. Can't wait for next chapter!

17th August 2005, 10:10 PM
Heres the next chapter for you guys. Thanks for your responses. You'll like this chapter as you find out the past of Gengar.

Chapter 5: Balance of Power

The book about my friend’s former life startled me. I had always known him, ever since the day that Darren captured him in the Sprout Tower, yet I never knew what his past was. After I had read his book once, I read it again, absorbing the words of my friend’s life, taking them into my mind. There were two parts to the story, one of life and one of death.

The Failure of Aerodactyl: A Tragic Life Story, Part I

It all began in ancient times. It was a time of peace and prosperity. The land was governed by the pokemon King, an Aerodactyl that was exceptionally strong. The pokemon was blessed in birth to be exceptionally large, 50 meters long and with a 75 meter wingspan. The pokemon was compassionate and ruled with care for all that were under him.

However, all was shaken when the king’s royal adviser, a Xatu which was exceptionally good at foreseeing disasters, told of a large rock which would fall from the sky. The rumor spread everywhere and all the pokemon throughout the land gathered to Aerodactyl for protection. Aerodactyl was confident that he would be able to take care of this problem, until the day which the rock was to fall from the heavens. Here is a first hand account that Aerodactyl thought shortly before his death on the matter.

“It was soon to come. On the morrow I was to take flight to the skies to face this rock which was going to strike the kingdom on which I reigned. I was exceptionally confidant that I would be able to take care of this small matter and that life would go on as it had for years. However, that night something happened that shook my soul and forced me to flee for my very life.

“I was looking out of my cave the night before I was to save the world. There was a crisp breeze blowing, and when you looked up at the sky you could see a full moon. Right next to it was something that looked like a star, but had been getting bigger for the last few days. I didn’t care though, for I was the strongest pokemon in the land. My pride was shattered, however, when I looked across the landscape and saw the most horrifying thing.

“There, standing right in a beam of moonlight, was the pokemon Absol. Its fur was standing on end, and its head was tilted back observing the falling rock. I knew Absol only appeared before cataclysmic events, so I was shocked. Maybe I would fail, and there was no way I could escape. I thought on this until I heard a strange sound coming from the Absol. It was a song of despair and sadness, yet the Absol seemed to glorify it. It sang:

Oh Falling Rock coming from the sky,
When it comes we must all die,
The earth it will soon be a flame,
And Aerodactyl is the one we’ll blame,
For though it is his destiny,
He’ll cut our bonds and make us free
To linger here while he escapes,
Our anger now is what he takes.
For as this rock shall crush our days
Aerodactyl will be the one who pays.

“The song chilled me to the bone. I panicked so much that I ran. At the edge of my cave I flapped my mighty wings and flew away. I flew far away to the other side of the earth. I stayed on a small island and felt the earth shake when the rock hit. In that moment my fate was sealed. I was guilty of the deaths of millions of creatures. There was only one way in my mind to atone for what had happened.

“I flew many miles above the earth. I looked down onto the hard rock below me and held my breath. I pulled my wings in next to me and dove towards the ground. I reached uncanny speeds as my rock body plummeted to the ground. I felt nothing as I collided with the ground, but everything went dark. I was at peace. I had done what needed to be done, and now awaited my judgment.”

I put down the book. A tear had come to my eye. It was terrible, because I knew what was going to happen next. I picked up the book and read the next chapter slowly so that I wouldn’t miss anything.

The Failure of Aerodactyl: A Tragic Death Story Part II

Aerodactyl came into the Netherworld differently than most. Because he had shamed himself and had an enormous amount of blood on his hands, he was brought straight to judgment. Here follows the rest of his account.

“The Balance of Power between the two worlds was amazing. What I saw of the Netherworld was beautiful because there had just been an enormous amount of destruction in the mortal world. However, I did not enjoy the serenity for long, as I was taken to the Judgment Room.

“The Judgment Room is a place reserved for the most wicked and shameful people or pokemon who have ever existed. As I entered, I saw an enormous room that was ten times larger than the cave which I had lived in. In it I saw all of the pokemon that had died on my behalf. All looked down on me as I entered the room. I knew this would not end well for me.

At the very front of the room were three large thrones, and upon them sat three pokemon; one of the mortal world, one of the Netherworld, and one of the world in between. I easily recognized the mortal pokemon, it was the legendary Mew that kept in contact with me and aided me in my leadership. The other two I did not know and I don’t believe that any mortal has ever seen them.

The pokemon of the Netherworld was a tall figure, draped in a long, black cloak. A hood shrouded its face and just looking at it chilled me to the bone. To its side it had a long staff with a scythe on the end. I couldn’t look at it because of the fear which struck my soul.

The other pokemon, the one of the world between the worlds, was a long dragon. It was transparent, but still looked quite fearsome. Its scales stood on end, and it had long whiskers on its nose. It seemed to be the king of ghosts. I bowed before these three mighty pokemon and pled my case.

After that, the three were dismissed for an hour. When they returned they decided that I was to spend my life stuck between both worlds until I had fully repented of my horrible sin. I asked what I had to do, and the large dragon pokemon leaped at me, and with one of his clawed hands he grabbed my body and smashed it into a small ball and breathed on it with his fire. The pain was almost unbearable, but when I came to I was back on earth, hovering a few feet above the ground.

I was a Gastly.
There you are. Reply as you wish and thanks for reading.

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I all can say is WOW that was great keep it up

The True Champion
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Very nice i like how he was a giant Aerodactyl which was really cool. Also when he died the three that sat in the chair was cool especially that you made them up but you could have decribed them better. Also very creative how you had the ghost dragon make ghastly. Keep it up!

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20th August 2005, 2:26 AM
I agree with what everyone else has said. I love your stories. I did felt sorry for Aerodactyl when it got turned into a Gastly. I hope that Aerodactyl finds peace at the end. I can't wait to read your next chapter.
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EDIT: I wanted to say thank you Shiny_deoxys again for reviewing my story. :)

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Okay okay Felix, get lost.

Another great chapter...and you believe in judgement after death(I'm not sure about ghosts). Well let's see if we can find out more about what you think in other chapters!

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;330; I remember when my most prized pokemon was a Haunter I had caught as a level 27 Gastly in Pokemon Tower on Pokemon Yellow. After Pikachu he was my best pokemon. I was sad(as in pathetic) at the time due to bad bullying, and that Haunter was like a friend to me. If your legend fits, my Haunter was so a FLYGON!(Even though Flygon didn't exist in 2000) and he passed on when I left primary, because it was the best day of my life, because none of those stinking bullies went to the same secondary school as me!. Anyway I digress, but that's how touching this story is. It really is brilliant. I only remeber my rookie days when something really hits me deep, and this hit-me-deep. Good 'ol Haunter. Anyway SUPERB, BRILLIANT, EXCELLANT and just W-O-W!

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This is so good! The beginning actually made tears come to my eyes, and then I couldnt stop them coming out. I need to know what happens!

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Unspeakably amazing,I used to just go trhough many sites and forums for hints but i saw a person bring up serebii.net so i went here,one thing led to another and isaw the life of a hero pokemon master and then i've been reading gardevoir journey throught the netherworld and it is amazing your stories are so great that it inspired me to create an acount just to reply to say how great they are,keep up the great work

If you've played every poke'mon game created you notice something, these are great games!

;151; ;386-a; ;384; ;249-d; I loved to experiment with this guy ;000; Bring him back!

4th September 2005, 9:34 PM
Sorry this took me FOREVER to put up, but I moved into a college dorm and have been REALLY busy with school and life, but here it is, chapter 6 for your enjoyment. I hope that you forgive me. This chapter is short, sweet and to the point.

Chapter 6: Enlightenment

I put down the book slowly. What I had just read echoed throughout my entire frame. I had judged my Gengar friend as being a sad and lonely type long before, but I never knew why. He had everything; fame, acceptance, and the most important of all, power. His book had truly enlightened me from my former state of ignorance.

As I set the book back on the shelf where it belonged I sensed that something terrible had just gone wrong. Under my feet I felt the earth starting to tremble ever so slightly. I looked around at the masses of people and pokemon and they all seemed confused. I ran quickly outside the library.

A mass of people and pokemon had formed in a small field and were all looking towards the sky. I ran towards them and began to stare towards the sky as well and heard what sounded like flapping wings and a clashing battle, but I could not see a thing. I turned to the nearest pokemon which happened to be a Dewgong and asked, “What is happening? What are the noises in the sky that I hear but do not see?”

The Dewgong looked at me and said, “Concentrate your mind on the sky and focus upon the noises, and then it will be clear to you.” I turned my head towards the noise and stared at the sky and focused on the sound. Slowly, as if coming out of a mist, two pokemon began to appear.

I recognized them as being the legendary pokemon that were created and destroyed Groudon and Kyogre. The one with a flame for a body and feathers that glowed in every color of the rainbow was the phoenix pokemon that had created Groudon, Ho-oh. And the sleek white pokemon whose powers were almost unparalleled throughout the universe was the creator of Kyogre, Lugia. They were fighting intensely, tooth and nail. Lugia called Ho-oh a traitor to his word and launched an attack at him which made him fall from the air.

At the last possible second Ho-oh pulled itself out of its fall and rose up to meet its foe. “Now with fire that is as sacred as was your trust, you shall perish,” it said and opened its wings. Fire began to envelope Ho-oh and it looked like it was going to burn to ash. Lugia launched another beam of energy at Ho-oh, but to no avail. The fire formed a protective barrier over Ho-oh. All at once the fire flew off of Ho-oh and gathered around Lugia. Lugia screamed as the fire burnt it, charring its flesh. Lugia could not sustain itself any longer and it fell towards the ground.

The crowd that I was in backed away to form a ring of people and pokemon. Lugia fell into the center of the ring and lay unmoving. Slowly, it became clearer and I didn’t have to focus to see it. As soon as it had materialized in the Netherworld, it lifted up its head.

“Why?” Lugia asked to himself out loud. “Why did my friend betray me like that?” His questioning was slowed however, and the enlightenment of the Netherworld settled on him and he realized that it had been a grave misunderstanding. Lugia let out a scream of despair as he realized that he had not been forgiving and had acted exceedingly rash. I could feel his thoughts running through my mind for he was making no attempt to hide them. I felt miserable because Lugia did as well.

I was about to step forward and comfort him when my crystal began to glow, pulling me towards the portal. My thoughts turned to Darren’s because I knew he must be in trouble. The crystal pulled me out of the Cave of Origin and towards the continent of Johto.

I was in a place that I had never been to before. The crystal took me to what looked like a tomb in the middle of nowhere. There was crazy weather that was going on, hailstones the size of baseballs were falling all around. I entered the tomb and let the crystal guide me to my trainer.

I found him with a woman at the end of the cavern. They were leaning over a small altar and reading an inscription. I came up from behind and read the writing that was on the altar. It said, “The Unown Riddle.”

What is it that flies higher
Than the Guardian of the Sky?
Swims deeper than the Beast of the Sea?
The answer is no lie.
What is it that sleeps longer
Than the lifeless beasts of past?
Answer this our question
And we’ll do all that you ask.
However, choose ye wisely!
And do not be a dunce!
There is one clue we give it now
Repeat yourself but once.

My mind began to race furiously. It seemed to be an impossible riddle, for nothing fit in. There was always a counter between things. Nothing was the answer. I cleared my head hoping that I could be enlightened by the powers of the Netherworld, and slowly they came. I was right.

Nothing was the answer to this riddle. I jumped for joy and looked at Darren, trying to figure it out. I whispered the answer into his ear and I saw sit right up. My speaking went straight to his thoughts. He explained to the girl he was with what he thought the answer was. He placed funny looking tiles on the altar and soon small pokemon were swarming everywhere. The couple disappeared and the red glow of my crystal faded. Once again I was in the Netherworld.
Once again, I apologize this took forever. I hope none y'all have forgotten about me. Have a great day.

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;330; So. Lugia did kick it. I was kind of unsure about that from the first fic. Keep it up!

Felix Feral Fezirix
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Hahaha... Lugia kicked up a fuss then a bucket of excrement on himself! (He can't complain though...he started it!).

That was great...Keep it up...Don't give up...Keep at it...we are all waiting for the next chapter...Don't let us down!

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That was a great chapter. It's okay that it took you some time to post it up. This chapter was worth the wait. I did thought that Lugia was destroyed in your first story. Anyway, take your time with the next chapter. I'm sure it will be great to read as well.
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Your previous Chapters were better, but this is still a work of art.

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Once again a wonderful chapter.hey good luck with college and every thing.


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kool chapter especially with lugia

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that was interesting how areodactyl became a gastly absol's song was good to very bone chilling if it was singing about you, and are all ghost pokemon created like this?

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Felix Feral Fezirix
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I am so very sorry for my lack of posting. I have seriously considered concluding this story very soon because of the enormous workload that is upon me; studying for 40 hours a week, having somewhat of a social life, and stuff like that. However, there was a very good thing that happened today. I was going to check to see if anyone was reading still, and guess who's story was number one on the list. Yup, it was mine. So I have firmly decided that I will doing this more or less weekly rather than two monthly. If I didn't haveyou guys writing, then for sure I would have stopped forever so thank you very much. Anyways, enough with the emotional crap, and on with chapter 7.
************************************************** *******
Chapter 7: The Ancient Prophecy

A tear of joy came to my eye as the world faded around me. I turned and stepped back into the Netherworld. Darkness spun around me like a swarm of angry Beedrill, and I shut my eyes because of the intensity. I felt the darkness close in around me and they open up into the Netherworld. When I opened my eyes I could tell immediately that something was wrong.

The first thing that I noticed was that it was dark. The Netherworld is never dark, I thought as I stepped onto the grass. The next thing I noticed took me completely off guard. I saw the legendary pokemon that my friend Gengar had described in his book, the one with the long black cloak and scythe. The pokemon was holding its scythe out at arms length and a strange power seemed to be emanating from it. It was pointed directly at Lugia, the beast who had recently joined us here.

Lugia was suspended in mid-air, with its arms and legs flung outward. It seemed to be in a trance. Something seemed evil here, something dark. The legendary pokemon seemed to be in a trance itself, as though it was being controlled by something far away. I gasped as it did something I could not predict.

The pokemon lowered its hood. Underneath was skin that was unexplainable. It didn't look like anything like the dimension that we were in. It was truly a retched sight. It looked like a mistake, and that’s all I can do to describe it. With one fluid movement of its mighty arms, the scythe came down fast on Lugia’s head. I thought for a second that the blade would strike Lugia, but it didn't. Instead, it fell about an inch short of where Lugia was, and the slice had created a gap in the air. It is hard to explain what I saw, it was as if the air was solid and the scythe had cut through it. Lugia looked towards the gap, and then towards the chalk white demon. The caped figure nodded its head, and Lugia stood up on its two legs. It lifted up its head and walked very awkwardly through the opening. It was easy to see that Lugia was not made for walking.

The instant that Lugia's tail entered the portal, it zipped shut, and became as the air around it. However, the darkness stayed. In fact, clouds were forming in the sky, and I felt rain upon my face. I walked up to the crowd of people and pokemon that were together and stared at the place where the legendary Lugia had just vanished. I was about to reach the actual spot where it had vanished when I felt a tug on my arm. I turned around and saw that it was my sister. She spoke through her spirit towards me like she had taught long ago, "We must leave. Something is about to happen that we don't want to be a part of."

I had a dark, sick feeling enter into my chest and I could tell she was right. We were leaving quickly when I turned my head over my shoulder to see the hooded creature one more time. However, what I saw made me freeze.

The creature had shrouded itself in its long robe and was slowly drifting away, as if it had no feet. That was not what was surprising, but what was surprising was that a human, very large in stature, grabbed the robed figure by his bare hands and held it up to his face. "What did you think you were doing?" he yelled. "You just completely disregarded the prophesy. Do you think that we like living here, with nothing to do all the time?" The man had many followers, people and pokemon alike. They all gathered behind him as he was practically screaming at this creature.

There were a few, such as my sister and me, that did not get mixed up in what was happening. They just walked off or stood watching helplessly. "Prophecy? What is he talking about?" I asked my sister. However, before she could answer, the man brought his arm up above his head and threw a crushing blow to the hooded creature's face. The creature fell upon the ground.

"Ever since you've brought us to this place you promised that one day we would leave." The man was seriously angry. "Go back to our homes and our families. But you have just lead us from bad to worse. First, after we had been brutally injured by that freak Mew clone, you stopped us from contacting people to come save us by erasing us from all computer databases around the world. We thought that you had saved us with that ship you made rise from the ocean, but it ended up sinking halfway to our home and now we are all here, stuck, never able to return. We have been here for a year now and just when the prophecy begins to fulfill itself, you have to screw it up. You are just a glitch, not even supposed to exist. What do you have to say for yourself, Missingno?"

The hooded creature looked up, its hood fallen back and its terrible face revealed. I now understood the reason why it was so demented. It was a glitch, an accident. Although Missingno had no mouth, it began to speak to the people. “And who made that prophesy?” Missingno said in a cool but harsh voice. It sent shivers through my spine. The glitch looked the people in the eyes and said, “That is right, I can tell your thoughts. You know that I made that prophecy, and so I think that I will be the one that will make the call when and where it is fulfilled.

“You all remember what I said. I said that a mystical creature shall come, one that is powerful enough to destroy the world but one that is compassionate enough to take you. You have been waiting for two years, but things still have to happen before those things take place. But because of your ignorance you have thought that this Lugia was the ticket to your freedom. And yes, it does have the power to destroy the world, but that beast has little or no compassion.

“And now I make a final prophecy, that within two years this beast will come to save you, and I prophecy that it will be one that you have personally worked with in your lifetime. So I say that you should prepare for that time, for only the ones who believe me will be taken back to their homes and their families.”

Missingno shrouded its head, turned, and glided away, the people were all awestruck. This creature had totally confounded them, and now they had more of a clue of what to look forward to.

My sister and I turned to leave. We were walking swiftly, but I quickly felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned abruptly and saw that it was Missingno. I did not know what to do, so I froze. It stared at me from beneath its hood. Finally, it spoke.

“You are going to have a big part to play in this prophecy.” And that was all that it said. In the blink of an eye, Missingno was gone, and my sister and I looked at each other. We both had no idea what was going on, but I could not wait until the next day to find out.
I did it guys. I wrote a chapter. Tell me what you think if you are still reading this. Next chapter should be up in about a week, so see ya then. I might even drop by and comment on your comments before then, so don't be afraid to ask questions.

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That was a really great and interesting chapter. I'm glad that you are still writing this story. I thought that the prophecy was really cool and creepy, especially since that Missingno was telling it. I can't wait for your next chapter, but remember to take your time. I wish you good luck for college.
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Wow, two responses in like 20 minutes. You guys must have really missed me. I think I was gone too long though, because my 5 star story went to a 4.33 star story in those same 20 minutes. And from 5 votes to 6, so someone out there just gave me a one, I dunno about you guys, but I hate the day when someone just comes and gives you a 1 because you have a great story. Okay, I'm done venting. 4 stars isn't bad. Thanks for your responses.

Felix Feral Fezirix
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YAY! You're back! Sorry I didn't stay up till 2 last night because I had school today. XD. *Scrolls up* Hey it's 6 my side when you made that post! Wow looks like I've replied as fast as I could. lol. And Shiny anything, if the mods delete the thread he can just make another one! And you could have gotten into serious trouble because of bumping the thread. But everyday you learn something new so remember that.

;025; *bashes creator over head with rocket launcher and shoots him with a rocket after that* Missingno. a legendary!? Wow you think real far. I didn't think of that. And you sure like using deformed for description. I guess you rushed the chapter because you didn't elaborate on his appearance. And I guess the legendary beast is-

*smashes creation over the head with sledgehammer* To stop him from reavealing what I think I silenced him. Well goodbye for now! Good luck with college!

20th October 2005, 5:22 PM
Missingo is a very deep character. I'm planning on adding him to my dex soon, but I've got some kinks in his entry to sort out. Lugianti will also be added soon. And this was well worth the wait. I love the irony that the creature who sent them there will take them away. And I know who it is.........

20th October 2005, 7:09 PM
Thank you guys. I'd expecially like to that Shiny Flygon for his comment about this story in the best author section. I really don't think this writing is the best, but it is better than some. Anyways, about Felix's comment on the deformed pokemon. Yes I do like describing certain pokemon as disfigured and hideous. And thats because they are, in my sense. I believe that a pokemon like Mew is beautiful and flawless, but as they genetically experimented on it, it became a monster, something so emotionally flawed that it showed on the outside. Missingno (as you will later find out) was a glitch, an accident that just so happend to get stuck between demensions. Thats why it is so messed up, I just couldn't describe what I thought of on paper because he is like nothing anyone has ever seen. Anyway, I hope that answers some questions. Thanks for writing everybody.
P.S. I finally got a banner drawn for my first fic. Check it out.

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26th October 2005, 12:21 AM
*AHHHH!!!* Okay, just kidding, but I noticed something really weird today when I was begining writing this chapter. I was looking over my last chapter and saw that when it was revealed who Missingno was, it was on PAGE 13!!!! I totally didn't plan it; it just showed up. If you remember about Missingno and the # 13 from my last book, well... Enough of that, on to chapter 8.
Chapter 8: Unrest

Needless to say, the argument between Missingno and the muscular man, who I came to find out was named Jonathan, had shocked the very Netherworld as I had known it before. One of the first things that I had learned in this world is that there was a pattern in all things, and just as we lived through one life in mortality, we would live another quite like it in the Netherworld. Balance of power was critically essential, and that’s why these people returning home seemed to be impossible.

Yet it had been declared. These people would be taken back to the world from which they were stolen from, and then they would live normal lives. However, even though this was far from the norm, it was not unheard of. There were a few accounts in the library that I had read of immediate transfusion across the veil that separated our two worlds. Even though I had this ability with the crystal necklace that I wore, it only let me retain a spiritual form rather than these rare cases of people and pokemon retaining a solid form across the dimensions.

However, something was bothering me beyond belief. Ever since Missingno had spoken of me doing something for these people, I had indulged myself in reading the books in the library more intensely, looking for clues that would help me understand what I would be doing. Yet I didn’t know where to start looking, until later that same day.

Even though humans and pokemon in the Netherworld are not required to eat, sleep, or drink, they are quite comforting sometimes. I had been so busy lately that I had not slept eight months. I thought I would enjoy a nice nap to remind me what it was like back in mortality.

I used my psychic powers to lift my frame from a small table at the library and out into the open fields. It was sunny, but not scorching hot. I found a place alone on the grass near a willow tree. After I sat down and smoothed out a place under my body, I placed my head on my hands and drifted off.

There I was, standing on a tall mountain. Snow whipped by fierce winds ravished my cold and almost lifeless body. Yet I trudged on, hoping that I would soon reach my destination. It was coming closer and closer with every footstep. With one final push, I stepped over a rocky outcropping and on to the very top of the mountain. There it was, the doorway to the mortal world.

I was old and weak, and it took all of my energy just to reach this portal. It had a metallic ring around it, and the center was filled with pulsating colors of energy. I struggled on; it was only twenty feet away. Then ten. Then five. The energy was draining from my body fast. I took one more step, and then fell face first on the ground before the gate.

I looked up. It was there, I could touch it if my arms were not frozen solid. I could only look on with despair; I needed to reach this portal. It was my final test and if I failed it, I would never get the second chance I had fought so hard to attain.

Gradually the cold moved towards the center of my body. My arms grew numb, and so did my legs. However, as the physical pain dulled, the emotional pain grew. The guilt of the thing that I had done began to creep up on me. I had repressed it for so many years, justifying it when all along I knew it was wrong. The despair of failing at my one chance to redeem myself was crushing my spirit. I had done everything that I could possibly do, and it wasn’t enough.
My senses, one by one, began to disappear. First to go were the powers that helped me to hold my head up. With a snow muffled thud it fell to the slow laded ground. Then the sense of touch left me, and I felt nothing through my physical body whatsoever. And then my eyes began to dim, starting from the very corners and then edging closer with everlasting blackness. It was then I gave up.

Then the most amazing thing happened. My eyes began to work their way back. My body was immediately filled with warmth. And the powers that held my body upright were restored. At once I looked up, not knowing what I expected. I saw myself still standing upon the top of the mountain, yet the cold and the wind was gone. I smiled and jumped for joy. Then I turned around and saw my rescuer.

She was the one I was searching for, the one who could make everything right. She was standing outside the portal that I was about to enter. The elegant smooth pink body, hovering a few feet above the air, beckoned me in. It was with the greatest amount of gratitude that I entered.

Mew, being the guardian of the mortal world, watched over its only direct entrance between the Netherworld and the mortal world. Also, because of her position in the world she was the only one who could offer me a path of redemption for the sin which I had committed long ago.

I explained everything to Mew, even though she already knew all about what I had done. I told her about Terra, my trainer of so many years ago. I had despised her with every fiber of my being, and to this day I don’t know why. She was kind-hearted and sweet, always taking care of me and helping me from day to day. However, I was arrogant and thought that I was better than her by all means. I hated her kindness, and I spat back at her kind words. Yet, she would always give me love in return and always turn the other cheek.

Then one day she encountered a most horrendous disaster. She was hiking in the woods when she fell through a hole in the ground that had been slightly camouflaged. She fell many feet until she at last hit the ground. Bruised and broken, she called me from my pokeball and cried desperately for me to help her. I looked at her and saw that she didn’t have much time, yet nothing that happened to her could shake my hatred towards her. Then she looked me in the eyes, and wept. Slowly life left her, and I became free once again.

Or so I thought. Then, as we both knew and could remember so well, Mew appeared before me. I told Mew I could remember what she said to me. “Gardevoir! What hath thou done to this thy master? She would have readily given her life for you if it was required! And now, thou standeth here before me. What say ye?”

My very frame was shaken to the core. It was then that I realized what a terrible thing I had done; I had refused to love, even one that had loved me so much. I wept for the loss of my trainer and begged Mew’s forgiveness, but Mew had seen what a creature I had become. Therefore, she sentenced me to live in the Netherworld until I was able to traverse the lands to where she lived. I asked, “Where is mercy? Why can’t thou grant me mercy?”

Mew then spoke again. “You are forgetting that there are the laws of justice to be satisfied. Justice requires you to travel through blistering deserts, pouring rains, and freezing mountains to reach me. Only when you have suffered enough to fulfill the justice you have earned, you may obtain forgiveness.”

Mew now looked at me. I didn’t hear any words, but the thoughts came into my head. “You did your very best to fulfill the laws of justice in coming here, yet you did not finish it completely.” The sorrow which I had felt earlier came back to me again in one sudden rush. “Yet,” Mew’s words appeared in my head again, “I shall grant your wish of mercy.”
I was immediately filled with happiness beyond all belief. Mew led me away from the mountain and through the forest where two Gardevoir were watching over a newly laid egg. Mew motioned towards the egg, and I entered inside of it. I head the voice of Mew once again, “When you show me that you can love someone greater than yourself, forgiveness will be yours.”

I awoke with a start on the grassy hill underneath the willow tree. Now I knew why I lived in such peace here in the Netherworld while others lived in unrest. It was because I had completely fulfilled my duty as a pokemon to my earthly trainer Darren Diamond. I had a personal bond with Mew, the creature that Jonathan and his fellow scientists genetically tampered with. I didn’t know what any of this meant, but I had a sure feeling that a short talk with Jonathan and a quick trip to the library would be all that I needed to figure it out.
Well, what do you guys think? I really enjoyed writing that, tell me if you enjoyed reading it.

Hidden Mew
26th October 2005, 12:34 AM
I did enjoy reading this chapter. I loved your view of Mew as the all-loving guardian of the mortal world. It gave me a cute, pure picture of Mew. I also loved how Gardevoir is learning more in the Netherworld and that dream with her and Mew was perfect. I hope to see your next chapter.
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I am hidden, yet I am in front of you.

Felix Feral Fezirix
26th October 2005, 2:05 PM
My assumption was right. I'm still guessing the legendary that is a medium between both worlds and I STILL can't figure it out! Argh!

Oh yeah nice banner there. That's fantastic.

I like your idea of redemption. Heh. not much to say. Waiting for teh next chap-*is killed by being thrown out of a car on a busy highway*

;025; Yes! I have control! I shall-*Is killed by a 50-ton truck running over him*

*Whoops. No one's here to say "Na-na-na-na, na-na-na-na, hey-ay, goodbye." Well goodbye has been said!*

26th October 2005, 3:29 PM
Felix, you read the first one, so I thought you would remember. I guess not. The hints are all there. They created it, Mew is the guardian of the "PASSAGE" between the worlds, Gardevoir is involved. Is it realy that hard? And man, I thought Zel and Nylf Schwarz Draconis I's(Nylf, he decided to give himself a middle and surname) pasts were good. This beat their pasts with a stick. Though the re-incarnation bit sounds a lot like something I have planned for EL, Nylf and Shiny Rayquaza. Too much info. Anyway, once more this was spectacular. Well done.

26th October 2005, 8:53 PM
Okay okay okay. The last chapter was deep, VERY deep and it seems to be confusing people, so I will add this insight. Everything has an opposite right? Light and dark, positive and negative, matter and antimatter. There are two worlds, and they are complete opposites of each other, that being the mortal world and the Netherworld. The world between is for those that are too terrible to be completly in either world, they get stuck in the exact center of them. This is why they can abide in either one comforably, while any of the others (like Gardevoir) become a spiritual form when going from one world to the next without the aid of a portal. This same thing happens when a mortal moves to the Netherworld by any other way than death. Mew guards over this portal from the mortal side. The opposite of Mew is Missingno, but through something that you will later find out forced him into the mortal world. Think opposites, Mew is beautiful, and Missingno is deformed. That is why those two share a relationship. Mew saved Gardevoir's soul from being stuck between the worlds, and so they have a relationship. And for those who read the other book, you will know who else Gardevoir shares a very personal relationship to. I hope that clears some stuff up, but if you have any questions, feel free to ask.

Felix Feral Fezirix
27th October 2005, 9:03 AM
I meant the guy who crashed Gengar into the small ball. I shall now assume that is Missingno. Hmm...I think I shall reread the first one. I have a horrible memory, so I shall, uh, get the facts back into my head. Right. Pika out!

27th October 2005, 5:02 PM
Sorry, I totally spaced and forgot to mention the middle world. I really meant to in that last explanation. No. Missingno is over the Netherworld. The dragon creature that turned Aerodactyl into Ghastly was the legendary in between but I really don't think I'll expound on him in this book. Anyways, I hope that clears this up.

30th October 2005, 9:26 PM
Hey guys, I'm back. Hey, I have some good news for everyone. I realized that everyone was getting kind of confused because they haven't read the last book for a long time, so I have been revising it and I am going to post it as soon as I can. Hopefully you will enjoy it more now that it is A.Longer and B.Deeper. I took the liberty of detailing it more hopefully that more people will understand it and come to read this one. Anyway, without further ado, chapter 9.
Chapter 9: The Final Quest

“No! I will not tell you what happened, it was too embarrassing.” Jonathan was infuriated, and he tried to stomp off. I had just asked him to tell me what transpired on the island that Missingno had spoken of.

I sighed. “Jonathan, we can do this the easy way or the hard way.” He pretended to hear me. Stupid human, I thought. Darren would have been much more willing to listen to his pokemon.

I raised my hands and brought them together. Jonathan froze through my psychic energy. I turned him around with small motions of my hands, and then levitated him back towards me. I lifted my hand softly to his cheek and whispered with a sad look in my eyes, “Please will you tell me what happened on the island.” It was an old telepathic trick that I learned as a young Ralts that would hypnotize any person into doing what you wanted them to do. Jonathan whimpered at the sadness of my eyes, and he consented to tell me the story.

“A few years ago,” he said with a shaky voice, “me and my crew were hired by some man named Giovonni to take a team of scientists to an island far south of the whirlpool island. It was covered in jungle and very humid. The scientists said that they would be able to find a very rare pokemon there, the elusive Mew.

“My crewmates laughed at such a notion, but I began to be extremely curious. I listened intently to the conversations that the scientists would have, and although I could hardly understand what they said, it sounded like they were planning to capture Mew and use it in an intense cloning process. Needless to say, I became very interested in what would happen.

“Being a ship’s captain, I was skilled and writing logs and journals. The lead scientist noticed these skills and asked me to write the proceedings of what transpired on the jungle island. I consented, and they gave me a nice computer for which I could record the events that happened.”

I was getting nervous at this point. He was beginning to talk about my friend from so many years ago. And genetic experiments? What other terrible thing could they do to her. However, I calmed my emotions and listened to the rest of his story.

“We found Mew quite easily. I was shocked and amazed to see that such a pokemon existed. The scientists were very excited and began immediately working on producing a clone from Mew. Giovonni had specified that the clone we were to make was to be genetically enhanced to be all-powerful.

“The scientists tried explaining the cloning process to me. I couldn’t really understand it because I had just been a sailor for my entire life, but it involved cells being implanted into eggs and genetic fusion of amino acids and complete deoxyribonucleic acid mutations. They also used advanced chemistry to erase all emotional hormones that were naturally made. Anyway, to make a long story short, they created five embryos. They grew them in the lab for a month and picked the strongest, most healthy one and implanted it in Mew.

“Five months later Mew gave birth. We christened the new pokemon Mewtwo. However, it proved too strong for mortal man to contain. Without warning it erupted one day, injuring Mew and destroying our boat and our lab, and then flew off into the distance. We tried calling for help but all of our equipment was damaged by Mewtwo or glitched by Missingno.

“Remember Missingno? Well that is where he came into existence. Mew’s great power called him to the mortal world to capture her son and subdue him. Missingno’s power in the mortal world has great electrostatic effects, and causes all electrical equipment around him to glitch and malfunction. However, Mewtwo was too strong for even the force of Missingno, and he was beaten back. Missingno could not return to the Netherworld without a consolation prize however, so he raised our boat that Mewtwo had sunk, and influenced us to get on.

“We thought it was a miracle, but it turned out to be our destruction. Half-way to the Whirlpool Island our boat immediately sank, drowning all aboard. We have been here ever since that terrible day.” Jonathan looked me in the eyes. “That is why we are so eager to go back home.”

I paused. I was about to slap Jonathan silly for the things he and his crewmates had done to my best friend, but now I truly felt sorry for him. He had misunderstood the balance of nature and how things should be. There were never coincidences; Mewtwo had been created for a purpose other than a destructive weapon, and I think that I was beginning to see the light.

“Thank you Jonathan. I am so sorry that you had to bring that up to me. But I hope that I can be able to help you in any way that I can.” I released the trance I held on him and floated away.

Ten minutes later I was in the library pouring through books. Books about the crew members, books about Mew, and most importantly, my very own personal book. However, there was one problem with these books; they only told the past and did not convey the future. I searched eagerly for clues as to what I was supposed to do, but it was to no avail.

Just as I was about to give in to despair I felt a small touch on my shoulder. I quickly spun around to see Missingno standing behind me. He whispered just one word to me from behind his hooded cloak, “Come.” I quickly got up and followed him. He led me to a different part of the library that I had never been to before. There was a tall iron gate that was closed over the small portion of the library. This was odd because I had never seen a place in the Netherworld other than the mortal world portal that was locked.

Missingno reached from within his robes and brought out a large brass key which he used to unlock the door. It swung open with a loud creak, as if it had not been unlocked in years. “This is the hall of prophesy,” Missingno said. “Very few creatures are aloud in here because some will attempt to stop the future from happening, but I believe that I can trust you.”

“Why would anyone want to stop things from happening in the future?” I asked him. He smiled.

“Sometimes we are all a little short sided. We do not see that bad things must happen at times so that it brings to pass a greater good. Like a purging fire that destroys a forest. It eliminates the old trees so that new ones can grow. Sometimes we don’t want to go through these fires, but we must always know that a greater good will become of them.”

He picked up a large black book. There was no writing on the cover, but as he opened it I saw that there was an enormous amount of scribbles on the pages. I tried reading over Missingno’s shoulder, but it was to no avail. The words were too small and I just couldn’t hope to read them.

Before I could ask to read the book Missingno had closed it and placed back on the shelf. I really wanted to read what it said, but I did not get the chance. Missingno looked at me from behind his hood and said, “You have had an interesting life, have you not?”

It took me a while to answer. I was not expecting this question so my mind took a few seconds to realize what he was asking. “Um, I guess so. I have had some pretty unique experiences.”

“Yes you have,” said Missingno. “In fact, you have a bond to Mew that so very few creatures share. I would venture to say that it is almost equal to that strength between you and your trainer.

“You also know that Mew is in the greatest of pain. She has lost her only son, and she yearns for his love every day. You have the bond between her which can enable you to help her. You know love and compassion because you have traversed through the deepest of sorrows. However, you can not completely give of yourself, because you are still bonded to your trainer. You must bring your trainer to her to let him see of her pain so that he will remember his bonding with Mew.

“Yes, many years ago Darren Diamond met Mew. He had fallen into a river and was flung over the edge of a waterfall. He was about to die when Mew saved him. He has been connected with her ever since. It is time for you to reunite them, and then the answer of what you must do to save Mew and yourself will be realized.”
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
I slowly eased into the mortal world. I journeyed through the Cave of Origin, across the oceans, and to the small town of Blackthorn. It was cold and dark. The nighttime sky shone across the entire valley. I entered into my old home, where Darren still resided.

I found him sleeping in bed. He was so peaceful. He seemed like he had not a care in the world. I knew what I had to do. He had to be brought to Mew one way or another. I touched my hand to his head and concentrated on his thoughts.

First, I saw him standing in a misty field. He seemed to be looking for something. Mew, I thought. He must be looking for Mew. The subconscious mind is powerful, and so he must have sensed somewhere in the world an old friend was hurting. I realized that he needed my guidance.

In his dream I focused an image of myself. To him it appeared that I came out of the mist. I watched him through the eyes of the image I had superimposed into his dream. He began to cry when he saw me. I could tell that he missed me beyond what words could express.

I walked up to him and grabbed his hand and pulled it towards me. I then led him across the ocean to the island where Mew awaited him. He was in awe at the place I had taken him to, but by the time he had turned around, I pulled my image out of his mind. I then saw him turn and walk into the forest.

This was all that I needed to do for now, I thought as I slipped backwards into the Netherworld. He will soon discover what we truly are together. And I will learn what I need to do to fully repent of those sins I committed long ago.
Well, there you have it. Tell me what you think. It might be a little confusing but in the next two chapters it will all make sense (I hope). Thanks for reading.

30th October 2005, 9:46 PM
AWESOME! I managed to get my head round that, and thanks to the fact I remember the key facts of the first book, and this helps fill in a lot of gaps.

Felix Feral Fezirix
31st October 2005, 3:00 AM
That was fantastic! Like S.F. said, this fills in some cracks in the cement of your first story. Graaaagh. Missingno got beat down by Mewtwo and then bringing the boat of booty with him so that he doesn't return empty-handed is kinda villianish. Bad guy style. Oh well.

Hidden Mew
31st October 2005, 11:54 PM
Another great chapter. It is so interesting to see the connections between this and your first story. Its so nice that both Gardevoir and Darren are connected to Mew like that. I hope to see another neat chapter like this.

6th November 2005, 11:41 AM
Awesome!!!And all is about a Gardevoir!!I really love that and like too how Darren and Gardevoir are conected to Mew too!!But why you did a fic 'bout another trainer's pokemon??
And I can only say "awesome" or "cool" 'cuz I'm not really too experimented with fics,never posted any of the ones I've wrote,even if I got 6 chapters of one so I really can't help to make it even better,but I guess anyway you don't really need me,you're doing great!!-^^-

6th November 2005, 11:15 PM
To everyone,
Thank you very much for reading and enjoying what I have written so far. If you haven't yet, I would like to invite you to read my revised edition of my first fan fic by pressing the link in my signature. Anyways, I now present the longest and deepest chapter in this book. I hope that you enjoy it.
10. Love of a Mother

I now realized what I had to do. I had to make the Journey through the Netherworld to the portal of mortality. I could not remember much about my previous journey because it was an entire lifetime ago. There was a common saying in the Netherworld that went, “If we were to remember everything that we had ever done, we would never do it again.”

When I first had heard the quote I thought that it was very true, but I did not know why there was such a bad connotation to the sentence. I thought that we were striving to be the best that we could. However, as I came to ponder on it more, I realized that if we were all as good as possible there would be some terrible consequences.

I noticed that it was the striving to make ourselves better that defined who we were and what gave us experience. We become better when we realize what we have become through our hardships and our trials. So, because we were reborn every time we went from world to world, if we remembered our past mistakes, we could never become the good people that we became in the end because we would constantly be bringing ourselves down. Life was made for us to be happy. I do not mean that we were meant to be instantly gratified through things that in the end tear us apart, but to experience true joy and love in its purest form.

Ever since I had entered the Netherworld, thoughts of my mortal life began to slowly fade from me. I remembered main events, such as turning points in my life, but I couldn’t remember the little things such as my old daily routine and childhood friends. However, I wasn’t sad because I realized that because I didn’t know them now, it was for the best when I returned.

All that I knew about the journey that I was about to walk upon is what I had seen in my dream. I remembered there was a large desert, one that was very hot with a blistering sun and no plants in sight. There was also a large ocean that constantly had a hurricane above it. After that was an enormous mountain range. It was large and rocky with temperatures below zero degrees. At the top of the largest mountain was the place which I was going. It was the place where the portal where I would be able to enter resided, and thereby I would meet Mew again.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

It was time for me to depart. Before I left however, I wanted to talk to one person one more time. The person that had been with me since the moment I first appeared in the Netherworld.

My sister.

I found her sitting on a rock by a small little brook that ran past the library. She was calmly meditating. I watched her for a moment, taking in the tranquility of her soul. Energy of peace and goodness was radiating from her so strongly that I could taste the sweetness of it. My soul was racked with pain as I realized that this was probably the last time I would ever see her.

I approached silently, gliding across the grass. She sensed my presence. Slowly my sister opened her eyes and turned towards me. Looking into her sweet, kind eyes brought me to tears. I was leaving my sister, the one I felt I had not known for long enough. She quietly guided me down to the rock that she was sitting on and put a comforting arm around me.

“What is the matter my sister?” she asked. She could sense my extreme sadness since our feelings were intertwined. She caringly caressed my back and said, “Tell me, I will understand.”

I looked at her, tears welling up in my eyes. “Sister,” I said, tears getting in the way of my words, “it is time for me to leave.” It seemed to me like my sister was stabbed by a white hot knife, and she struggled to comprehend the few words that I had said. I held her had tenderly, “My friend that saved me from myself is now suffering beyond mortal imagination. She has been rejected by the one that she called her son. I must go and make peace, for only one may tame the beast.”

“Why you?” she asked. “What do you have that no one else in the Netherworld does?”

I looked her in the eyes and gave her a faint smile, trying to reassure her of my decision. “I owe Mew my very soul and existence. It’s because of her mercy that I was able to come to the Netherworld and get a chance to redeem myself from my past sin rather than wallow for eternity between worlds. Hell.” I nodded my head at her and said, “We know why it is Hell; there is no progression or completion in that life. You are forever trapped because of your wickedness.”

She nodded. “I would not want you to suffer anything like this ever, and I am eternally thankful to Mew for saving you from that horrible fate.” I stood up and so did she. We embraced, but not with only our physical bodies, but our emotions intertwined. I felt greater love for my sister than I have ever in my entire life. It was a feeling that I don’t think I will ever forget, even across the barrier of the Netherworld.

I released her and looked into her eyes. We spoke no more words, for there was nothing to be said. The time had come for me to leave, and it felt as if my heart had broken in two. I bowed to my sister and she bowed to me; a sign of perfect respect. I turned and began to slowly drift away towards the smoldering desert of destruction. I felt that I could not look back, for if I did then I would not have the strength to do all that was necessary. This was my time, and I needed all of my strength to survive what lay before me.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

I remember this, I thought as I came right to the edge of the desert. A memory ever so faint, but yet it was there. I sighed in disbelief as I surveyed the scenery. There were miles and miles of blistering sand dunes and no shade whatsoever. The air was as dry as it could possibly be, and every breath hurt. There were from time to time slight winds that would jar up causing dust devils that pelted one with millions of razor sharp fragments of sand. Yes, I remembered this place all to well.

Being psychic I didn’t think I had to worry about the hot sand. I had always just glided along with my powers and rarely ever physically touched the ground. Yet I knew something was wrong with my train of thought. My memory was not very clear, so I took little notice to it. I began across the desert as quickly as my mind would let me.

However, as I drifted over the first part of the sand my psychic powers left me almost immediately. My body fell against the sand and it burnt my flesh. The pain was equivalent to touching ones hand to a red-hot stove. Now I remembered why this trip was going to be so painful. I quickly rose to my feet. I still had some of my psychic powers left, but they were only a fraction of what they should have been. I used them to help myself along the best I could, so only my feet had to touch the sand. I felt water leave my system quickly, and my panting became heavier and raspy after the first two hours.

The desert seemed to go on forever and after every dune I climbed there was another right after it that was even higher than the first. Constantly I had to push myself forward because my body just wanted to give up. I did not give head to those feelings however, because I knew that I was walking to save my friend from certain death. She held the balance of the world in her grasp, and if she died than it would mean certain destruction of the mortal world as we knew it. Already it seemed as if something was out of balance, though I could not place a finger on it.

For two mortal days I traversed the desert. The sun never set, and it seemed bent on not letting me reach the portal to mortality. My feet were burned so severely that my legs twitched in pain every time that my feet touched the ground. It hurt, and for some reason I wasn’t able to heal myself like I had been able to in the past. As a matter of fact, I had not been able to feel pain here in the Netherworld, but I had always remembered what it was like from mortality.

I finally climbed over a sandy dune to see in the distance a large black rain cloud. The second trial was in sight. Half a day of pain and suffering from blistered red feet and I had finally arrived. This point was supposed to be a place where the traveler could rest from their travels for a short period of time. Here there was some vegetation and plenty of shade from the overhead clouds. I also noticed that my powers were back at their full energy, which helped me take a load off my feet.

There was also a small fountain that burst at the edge of an enormous cliff. I ran and filled my body with the pure liquid. I had been without water for these two and a half days and my insides burned. This water refreshed me physically and I felt much better. I stood up and looked towards my next trial, the ocean that would lead to the mountain range. I could not see very much however, because the rain clouds above made it almost pitch black, but I could every once and again see large waves frothing below being stirred by the rain. This would be an equal challenge, I thought, as the desert had been. I rested just a little longer there, and then took my position at the top of the cliff.

I stared down into the darkness below me, hearing the churning waves beneath me, seemingly calling out for me to jump into their midst. There was the crash of wave upon wave and upon rock and I knew that I could not delay the inevitable any longer. With my eyes closed I jumped into the fury of water.

The plummet seemed to me like hours. Wind and mist flew past me as I fell towards the darkness of the black water below. Then, unexpectedly, the water slammed me in the face and I sank below the waves.

I was expecting my powers to have disappeared as they had during the desert, but now was not the case. I quickly formed a bubble of psychic energy around me right before I crashed into the ocean floor. Quickly, I used my power to bring me up to the top of the ocean where I dropped my shield and let the rain pour on my body.

I saw the test that this was. I used energy every time that I protected myself from the monstrous waves, and in a while I would loose the ability to save myself and I would sink into the depths of the ocean. Naturally I did not want to even cut it close, so I began to stride across the water, using my powers to allow my feet to touch the water that they might heal from the burns they received.

I did not know what direction I was going. It was so hard to tell direction in this ever-changing environment. Every once and a while I would see a flash of lightning and visualize a place far away; large mountain ranges where I needed to head. However, after just a small time I would loose direction and have to defend myself from the water while I waited for lightning to flash again.

I could feel the energy leaving me bit by bit. I grew weary with every wave that pounded against my psychic shell. I knew that unless I reached the mountains soon that I would surely have to give up and sink into the ocean. There was another flash of lightning and I saw the mountains nearly a mile away. They were so very close, and I rushed quickly to reach them. However, in my ignorance I walked right into a trap.

I didn’t notice it at first until I realized that I was going downhill. That is strange, I thought. Water doesn’t go downhill. Slight sensitivity began to kick into my feet and I realize that the water beneath me was moving at an incredibly fast rate. I looked down the best I could and saw that I was in the middle of a gigantic whirlpool.

I did not know what I was going to do. Not even in my memory did I remember this underwater tornado appearing. I tried to use my powers to pull myself out and away, but a gigantic wave came and pulled me in. My psychic abilities had suffered all that they could, and I had to give up.

I felt the water take me and shake my body like it was a rag doll. I swirled around hundreds of times every second. My mind began to reel and I became extremely dizzy. My arms and legs felt like they would be torn off in a few seconds. Just as I was go give into despair, the whirlpool ejected me from its grasp, and I floated slowly away, deep under the water.

This is the end, I thought. Soon I will drift into the mortal world with no recollection of what I have gone through. I tried to breathe, but the water choked my lungs. My entire body gave an involuntary shudder as the water became fire in my lungs. It was time for me to leave. I had done, all that was possible.

As my mind began to fade from conciseness, I remember that I felt a small touch on my hand and warmth around my entire body. Then all I saw and felt was darkness. Such cruel darkness.

When I came to, I heard the sound of waves beating against the shore. Where have I been sent to? I thought. It sounded like a beautiful place. Maybe I will live on the beach as I grow up this time.

I arose slowly and opened my eyes. A beam of light was directly above me, and was warming me to my very soul. I looked over the ocean and suddenly a wave of memories came flooding back. The gigantic whirlpool, the pain, and the hand. The hand! I thought and I turned around. There was my sister standing next to me. She had saved my life. I was at a loss for words. She had come all this way for me, just to save me from a fate worse than death.

“Sister,” she said, “I never had a chance in mortality to fully meet my purpose as a Gardevoir. I have never felt towards anyone the love that I feel towards you. That is why I came and saved you, because as you are bonded to Darren Diamond I am bonded to you.”

I smiled. Infinite joy filled my body and gave me strength. I stood up beside her and said, “Thank you so very much, sister. However, I believe that it is time for us to leave this world behind and to journey into mortality.”

She smiled with me and nodded. Together, we turned toward the mountain range.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
I began to shiver uncontrollably with my sister. We were huddled next to each other for warmth. It was terribly painful to move on. The rocks were razor sharp and there was no clear pathway for us to follow. There was little snow, but the air was so cold it felt as if the rocks were ice. We continued together, each supporting the other with our warmth and our companionship. After about a day of traveling we reached something that had a very distinct impression on my memory. The base of the mountain which the portal was on.

Slowly we began the ascent. My burnt feet began to loose all feeling as they froze solid. Earlier that day the water from the sea began to freeze to my body, and I was very stiff, as well as my sister. Despite our hardships and frozen limbs, we still pushed on. Yet I felt something terribly wrong. I felt that my energy was draining faster than I had anticipated. I didn’t think we would reach the top in time. We would die first. I began to panic, but my sister continued to push towards the top. I could see that she was suffering as well, but she did not give any sign of complaining. I followed her example.

I pushed myself over a rocky outcropping and realized that we had made it to the very top. Twenty feet away was the portal, yet it seemed as if it were a hundred yards away. We started walking towards it, but between the energy we had just exerted and the cold temperature here I felt all strength leave me. I also knew that Mew was not going to save me this time, so I had to go all the way.

Yet, it was impossible. My sister and I both fell into the shallow snow that surrounded the portal of energy. It was right there, but there was no way we could to it. It was impossible. Déjà vu began to come back into my mind as I realized that we had come so close but had failed, just as I had so many years ago. I slowly glanced over at my sister. I spoke in thought to her, “It is impossible, we can never save Mew any more.”

She looked at me. I heard her thoughts in my head, and I wished that I had not. My sister said, “You are right, we can not make it.” Her eyes began to glow blue, like mine had years ago when I had fought the legendary Groudon, “But you can.” I realized that she was making the same sacrifice that I had made for my trainer years ago. Her blood boiled and became psychic energy. I felt her power flow into my body giving me restoration. I was soon standing up, fully rejuvenated. I felt amazing, but I looked down at my sister. All of her power was gone, and she would soon be gone from me.
I ran and lifted her up with the strength she had given me. Her eyelids fluttered and she looked at me with her beautiful eyes. I began to cry, and the tears immediately froze to my face. Her face was ever so beautiful as she slipped from the Netherworld. She had accomplished her destiny in this life that she had not been able to in the mortal world. I was pleased, but there was an aching in my heart that I could not remove. I would probably never see her again, wherever she went.

Her body melt away from my hands like sand and drifted away. Somewhere in the mortal world, a great Ralts was being born, one that would be rewarded in mortality for this act of selflessness. I quickly rubbed away the ice from my cheeks and looked towards the portal to mortality. I didn’t know what I would see on the other side, but I was ready for this adventure to be at an end. It had already claimed one innocent life, and I was going to make sure that no one else was going to fall to it.

I slowly stepped into the portal, and into the realm of the mortal world.
There you go. If you have any questions, don't be afriad to post. I'll try my hardest to elaborate.

Felix Feral Fezirix
7th November 2005, 6:58 AM
That was fantastic. And sad. Poor sister. *sniff* And his filled in more gaps too. Ah well. I actually felt suspense when they fell short of the portal when they were so close to it. And I don't usually feel suspense. Oh well.

7th November 2005, 9:25 PM
Great, just great. Just keep it up like this. PLEASE!!!!

Hidden Mew
8th November 2005, 12:17 AM
That was great. I feel so sad for Gardevoir's sister. It is interesting how judgement is passed in this story. I hope that everything works in a happy way.

Shiny anything
9th November 2005, 6:32 PM
Sorry that I have been gone a while but you are still as great as ever keep up the amazing work! ;280;

12th November 2005, 2:18 PM
Awesome, that's really supernatural. Keep it up!

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