View Full Version : Let's envisage a GSC remake!

Crystal Walrein
6th August 2005, 2:55 PM
Some of my friends are wondering what a GSC remake would be like. Here are some of my impressions of a remake of Gold, Silver, and Crystal look and criticise:

http://*******.com/a2eiz4.png http://*******.com/a2ej69.gif http://*******.com/a2ejjd.gif http://*******.com/90zwpv.png http://*******.com/900ydt.gif http://*******.com/900ykh.png http://*******.com/900yv8.gif http://*******.com/900z2v.gif http://*******.com/90c9yh.png http://*******.com/a2em2o.gif http://*******.com/a2embo.png http://*******.com/a2emj5.png http://*******.com/a2emq0.png http://*******.com/a2en8l.gif

The second one was a mistake, that highlight should have been over Curse!

6th August 2005, 2:58 PM
I dont get it lol.. pleas explain sorry.

Crystal Walrein
6th August 2005, 3:00 PM
Read the above post. These are my impressions of a Gold/Silver/Crystal remake, if ever they come out.

6th August 2005, 3:04 PM
Oh I see. Lol! They're pretty good! I agree.. part from the font but everything else looks cool.

6th August 2005, 3:11 PM
Wow, these are impressive, good work I must say. ^^ Still, I think they're a bit dark, if you know what I mean. The menus in the pokemon games have always been very light-looking. You seem to like gradients. The last one is great, just like I've imagined New Bark Town to look like if GSC was remade, though the gradient text thing is a bit unnecessary.

None the less, great work.

6th August 2005, 3:25 PM
cool job!!!

6th August 2005, 3:26 PM
I don't like the overuse of gradients... sorry.

6th August 2005, 4:34 PM
These are amazing, I like how u used HM Moves in a different section, seeing the names gets annoying.

Crystal Walrein
7th August 2005, 3:15 AM
Well, I just thought gradients would be a nice alternative to the flat colours I've seen lately.

Yumi Yuko
7th August 2005, 3:18 AM
These are really cool!!

7th August 2005, 1:36 PM
The groudon is kinda blurry

7th August 2005, 5:19 PM
I agree with Drake, the gradients are just not pokemon looking.


7th November 2005, 2:46 AM
The menu with the Pokemon who can learn the attack, can't learn it, and have learned, looks good colour coded.

7th November 2005, 2:50 AM
But in the Berries Bag, the cursor is over Cheri Berry. Isn't the berry shown Peacha?