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Hey, this is my first time so please tell me what you think

Well, I decided to make the first chapter longer cause m mom usually throws away anything that i write on

~~~~~~Chapter 1:The Journey Begins~~~~~~

Silver Luire gazed out her window as the Sun began to rise above the horizon. Her silver hair lay around her shoulders and glowed orange as she absentmindedly patted her Umbreon nestled in her lap. Her Espeon was curled up on her pillow beside her as the Sun cast its warm glow on her silk tank top and matching silk skirt. Her Umbreon began to open its eyes and raised his head to look at his trainer.

She looked down at him and smiled, "Today, we leave for our journey Umbreon. Today we will start to find out who I am."

Silver gazed at the horizon and stood up. She walked over to her closet in to her rented room and grabbed her pack. It was filled with antidotes, potions, pokeballs, and extra clothing for her. The Espeon raised its head sleepily and mewed at the sight of her trainer.

"Come on Espeon, Umbreon. We need to go." said Silver. Espeon jumped off the bed and landed gracefully beside Umbreon.

<Where will we head to first?> the Espeon quietly asked her trainer.

"To Cerulean, I promised Bill I would visit him." Silver replied to her pokemon.

Silver could talk to any pokemon, it was an amazing ability she posessed, though only pokemon knew it. Silver had tried her best to find out how she got these powers by asking Espeon and Umbreon who refused to answer her demand. All Silver knew was that she was found in the deepest most inner chamber in the Whirl Islands by Bill the Pokemaniac. Her injuries were so serious, she was sent to Kanto for medical treatment. And here she stood after 2 years of recovering, she was ready to find out who she really was. Bill still talked to her and had told her that Espeon and Unbreon were found defending her and took some convincing to let him carry her to the Poke Center.

Twenty minutes later, Silver, Umbreon and Espeon stepped into the cool misty air. Silver began to head East toward the gate to Saffron after she bought some items at the Celadon Mall. Silver passed the Celadon Mansion and decided to give the nice old lady a visit before she left. The old lady looked up and smiled pleasently as Silver entered the mansion.

"Ah, so you are leaving my child?" the nice lady questioned.

Silver nodded and smiled at the lady. She had always loved the lady because she was her only company who visited other than Bill.

<Yo, its the old lady! What's up?> Umbreon pranced.

Silver raised an eyebrow at Umbreon as Espeon sweatdropped. The old lady shuffled inside her bag until she brought out a yellow and black pokeball.

"Here, Dearie. Remember the Lapras I told you my parents gave me when I was young? Well, this is her child. And, to make her more special ..." the old lady said as she released the pokemon who materialized into a beautiful purple Lapras. Silver eyes widened in the site of the shiny pokemon.

"... she's a shiny." the lady pleasantly told her. " She will help you make it to the Whirl Islands and she will obey you nomatter what."

The old lady recalled the Lapras and handed Silver the pokeball and Umbreon began to prance around in joy.

<Whoohoo! The old hag is worth somehting after all!> he said as Espeon bonked him on the head and sweatdropped.

Sheessh, he's never seroius.thought Espeon.

Leaving the mansion in high spirits later that afternoon, Silver and her pokemon left Celadon to come across a large grass feild, only to end up in battle with a camper trainer. The trainer summoned a Cacturne and Silver decided to use Umbreon for the battle.

"Cacturne, use Pin Missile" the trainer ordered his pokemon.

"Umbreon, use Quick Attack to avoid his Pin Missile." Silver told Umbreon.

<Yeah, time to lose you overgrown cactus! Take this!> Umbreon mocked as he hit the

"Umbreon, stop fooling around and use Pursuit!" Silver yelled.

<Uhhuuhhu, it's my birthday, uhuh, it's my birth ...> Umbreon chanted without hearing Silver until he was interrupted by the Cacturne using Faint Attack.

"Umbreon, use Moonlight!" Silver told him as Espeon shaked her head in embarrasment
beside her.

A moon appeared before Umbreon and glitter fell from it onto Umbreon healing all his wounds to nothing more than a scratch. Umbreon then charged and performed the Iron Tail that Silver ordered. Then the Cacturne lay still, defeated by Umbreon.

<Yeah! I won! I won! I won! Uhhuh, uhhuh, uhhuh!> Umbreon chanted happily as Espeon and Silver sweatdropped.

<Yes, the group idoit managed to accomplish something other than eating, talking, and sleeping.> Espeon critisized.

<Uhhuh, I am an idoit, uhhuh, uhh ...> Umbreon continued to cant until he stopped and placed his black paw under his chin, trying with his slow mind to realize what Espeon said as Silver Sweatdropped again.

Later that day, as Silver, Espeon, and the thinking Umbreon began to go to sleep, Umbreon suddenly hit Espeon on the head.

Rubbing her head with her purple paw, she looked at him and asked<What was that for?>

<You insulted me earlier.> answered Umbreon as Espeon sweatdropped at his timing to
realize what she meant.

Silver chuckled and told them to sleep for they would be arriving in Saffron the next day.

The Sun shone dimly through the green canopy of trees to where Silver and her two pokemon lay. Silver's eyes opened to first pay attention to the collars that Umbreon and Espeon wore. They were made specially for the two pokemon, Espeon's being purple with a red diamond on the front plus a purple tag with a message inscribed in red letters, Umbreon's was black with golden rings and had a black tag that contained, in golden letters, the same message as Espeon's, "To my dear ,Silver Luire". It was odd that even though it was an important part of where Silver came from, she rarely noticed it. After waking up Espeon, and trying very hard to wake up Umbreon, the group ate and cleaned up camp to leave for Saffron. After defeating many trainer's which strecthed the time till their arrival at Saffron, they finally reached the guardhouse to Saffron. Saffron wasn't very bustling and many men wearing black uniforms with large red 'R's on the front were in alleyways everywhere.

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OOO yay i'm the 1st to respond. Well that was a very nice start. The way you have umbreon and espeon have minds of their own....unlike some other fics i've read where the pokemon are mindless slaves 2 their trainer and no more than pawns to the story. Also i love the mystery behind Silver. And the shiny Lapras add a nice touch. Good job /\./\

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Thank you very much

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Hmm, you might want to add a 'pinch' more detail, but it's nice so far. I have a problem of every once in a while 'skip-reading' as I call it, so I sort of got lost at a few parts and had to reread a few times...*blames her evil skip-reading tactics* lol

Anyways...Umbreon acts almost like Billy, a 10-year old kid I know. He went up to his mom and asked, "Can you call me an idiot?" after a while, she did, his response was, "Yay, I'm an idiot!"

Lol :P I like it a lot, 8.7/10 so far.

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Not bad. It seemed to me as if you rushed things a little bit but then again, it might just be me. Keep up the good work.

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__________________________________________________ ______________________

Silver was suspicious of the men in black being everywhere, for Bill had told her they were the infamous troublemakers, Team Rocket. What particulary interested her was that two Rocket grunts were in an alleyway whispering each other, while one of them was trying crudely to hide a small round package. For some odd reason, Silver was drawn to the package. She began to hear a beautiful song which grew louder the closer she got to the ROcket grunts.

"Do you hear that?" Silver questioned Umbreon and Espeon who shook their heads in disagreement.

Silver was confused at this and turned back to look at the grunts when a flamethrower suddenly erupted between the two Rockets. A Houndour emerged proving to be the perpitraitor of the flamethrower. The Rockets didn't have enough time to recover from the shock until the one with the package was hit with a headbutt attack and Umbreon noticed the package roll away and decided to folllow it. Silver sent out Espeon to help the houndour after the Rockets summoned a Golbat and a Nidorino.

"It's that darn Houndour again!" yelled the Rocket who held the package earlier as he dodged another headbutt from the houndour.

"Espeon, Quick Attack!" ordered Silver.

Espeon disappeared and attacked the Golbat with amazing force it was knocked out cold. The Rocket grunt growled and returned his Golbat and was about to summon another pokemon before they heard a police siren and fled in fear. Silver turned to the houndour only to see it chase of after the two grunts angrily. Silver told Espeon that she did a good job and finally noticed Umbreon was missing. SHe and Espeon panicked for a moment only to see Umbreon prancing towards them with the package clutched in his mouth. Silver gave a sigh of relief, stuffed the package in her bag deciding to check it out later and headed towards the North Gate to Cerulean again, followed by her two pokemon.

Once in Cerulean, after healing her two pokemon and getting directions to Bill's Lighthouse, Silver decided to take a shortcut by sailing through the lake to Bill's instead of beating some novice trainers and getting an offer to be recruited to Team Rocket. Silver summoned Lapras, and hopped on the purple pokemon's gray shell with Espeon and Umbreon at her side. When Bill's Lighthouse finally came innto good veiw, Silver saw the large mansion next to it and presumed that that was where she should head to. Once they reached the edge of the lake, Silver complimented Lapras and returned her to her pokeball. Silver approached the mansion and before she could knock, or even think, Bill opened the door a dragged her in only to be greeted by loud hip hop music and many of Bill's aquantainces. Bill dragged her to a handsome boy and introduced him as his apprentice, Kaizumo Hiwataki. Silver would have blushed if she hadn't spent two years learning from Bill that men usually only talked of pokemon battles and never knew a scrap of romance.

"Hello, nice to meet you." Kaizumo said expressionlessly.

He had wavy navy-colored hair, deep blue eyes, and wore a black shirt with dark-colored jeans. Silver smiled kindly and returned the greeting casually. And next thing Silver knew, she was swept to another friend of Bill. After constant persuasion, Silver managed to convince Bill that she needed to rest and her escorted her to her room. She said goodnight and closed the door. Sighing with relief, Silver changed her clothes and lay exhausted on the bed. Squeezing through people to keep up with Silver being dragged everywhere by Bill, Umbreon and Espeon lay on the foot of the bed tired.

<Hey, Silver. Why haven't you checked the thing I got from those Rockets, yet?> questioned Umbreon.

Silver opened up her bag and pulled out the round object. After she unwrapped the brown paper, the beautiful roar was pounding in Silver's ears but she ignored it, too mystified by the orb. It contained a single silver feather which floated in the center of it's circular prison surrounded by swirling masses of mist which moved as if it were alive and existed only for the soul purpose to keep the silver feather in the center. Silver stared at the swirling mist as if in a trance until ...

<Heeeelooooo. Silver, the only type of creature that actually stares at a ball mindlessly would be ...> Umbreon began until he was interrupted by Espeon saying ...

<You?> Espeon said raising her head.

<Exact ... Hey!> snapped Umbreon apparently insulted.

"Let's just sleep now you two." said Silver as she yawned and placed the orb on the bedside table, and began to pull the covers over her head to sleep.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~

Silver was in a dark chamber and a waterfall gushed behind her, yet she didn't take notice. In her hands was the orb and her eyes were blank and pupiless. A pair of glowing blue eyes appeared in the darkness before her. The creature owning the eyes let out a roar which sounded beautiful yet mighty. Silver's whole body began to glow and her eyes reflected the same eerie glow of the creature before her. Her hair began to whip in all directions and ice began to grow around her feet quickly yet she acted as if it wasn't there. The orb's contents began to swirl faster and faster and the ice creeped higher and higher until ...

<TIME TO WAKE UP, SILVER!> yelled Umbreon in her ear.

Silver woke up with a start and was momentarily dazed at what just happened. Then all of a sudden, Silver forgot what dream she had, as though someone wiped it from her mind with an eraser. Silver rubbed her eyes and got dressed. She pulled on a bright blue tank top and short jeans and headed with her two pokemon downstairs. After a while, Silver finally managed to make it into the kitchen after getting lost a couple of times in Bill's vast mansion.

In the dining room was not only Bill but Kaizumo as well. Bill turned his head to see her enter and smiled.

"Got lost, didn't you." Bill said warmly.

"Uh, yeah." SIlver answered apparently embarrased.

"It's okay, I get lost, too. Your'e quite lucky, it took me an hour to find the dining rooom today" Bill chuckled as Silver sweatdropped.

<Wow, you build a house but don't even know how to get through it. That's something that Umbreon would do most definately.> s******ed Espeon.

Umbreon, fortunately, didn't hear her, he was too distracted by the smell of yummy food from the kitchen and dashed towards the source. Espeon followed fearing there would be casualties if he was left alone. Silver took a seat and was soon shoved by the maids with trays of delicious breakfast foods. After Silver ate, Bill asked her if she would like to accompany Kaizumo on an errand to Johto. Apparently, a friend in Ecruteak needed some important research on some legendary pokemon rumored to dwell in the area.

Silver decided she would go apparently hoping that in Johto, she would find something about her past.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~

Two days later, Silver, Kaizumo, Umbreon and Espeon were sitting on the magnet train which was a one way trip to Goldenrod City.


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Wow that was really good. I liked how it surprised you with the dream. And i think i'm starting to put 2 and 2 together about this story but i don't wanna say anything if it's right. I give it another thumbs up.

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Thanks so much, Dimitri

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__________________________________________________ ______________________

~~~~~~Chapter 2:Weird Happenings. Enter Freena And Jatch!~~~~~~

On the Magnet Train, Silver stared at the sky quickly passing by. Suddenly, the orb in Silver's backpack began to erupt in the exact roar from her forgotten dream. The sound pounded in her ears yet she tried to act as if she heard nothing at all to avoid stares. Once the roar began, Espeon and Umbreon raised their heads from beside Silver.

<It's happening. Quick, Umbreon.> whispered Espeon so Silver could not hear.

Umbreon nodded and began to do stupid things which distracted everyone. While Kaizumo and everyone else stared at Umbreon trying to hula dance, Silver's body glowed silghtly in a hue of blue and her eyes reflected the same tinge of her dream for a few seconds, then Silver fainted. Umbreon instanly stopped when Silver fainted and acted as though he had done nothing at all. Kaizumo's eyes followed him into to Silver's lap to see she was knocked out cold. Kaizumo sighed thinking she was just sleepy and turned back to the book he was reading earlier.

Five hours later, the train came to a halt in Goldenrod City and Kaizumo shaked Silver awake.

"Too bad you missed your pokemon's show." he said with a grin.

"What do you mean?" questioned Silver.

"You fell asleep before Umbreon began to hula dance." Kaizumo continued.

"I don't know what you're talking about. I was looking at the sky, then I heard this roar and everything went black. Next thing I knew, you were waking me up." Silver told Kaizumo as they departed the train promptly.

Kaizumo suggested Silver was just sleepy and they continued down the station to look for a guide to Ecruteak. The group finally managed to find a guide who directed them to Ecruteak by following Route 36. Silver thanked the man and the group headed toward Route 36. Suddenly, they were whisked away by a man.

"You look like to pokemon trainers, aren't you?" questioned a man in a suit.

"Uh ..." said Silver.

"Then come join the Bug Catching Contest! It's fun, competetive, and you win a great prize depending how good the type of bug you can get" the man interrupted.

"Well, were in a hurry, we need t ..." Silver tried to reason only to be interrupted by the man again.

"Now, don't get dragged down by stupid chores, come and participate, be a good sport." the man argued cheerfully.

Silver, annoyed, ordered Umbreon to use a Shadow Ball to keep him away. After the man was sent head over heels running, the group finally continued.

<Yeah, you can't take the master, The master blaster is too much for you, loser! Haha!> jeered Umbreon.

<So, wasn't this so called master dancing the hula in front of people in the Magnet Train just this morning?> questioned Espeon.

<So?> Umbreon retorted.

<And that concludes our demonstration proving, thus, that Umbreon is an idiot.> announced Espeon.

Umbreon, in anger, stuck his tongue at Espeon and pulled an eyelid down in mockery. Espeon only sighed proving that Umbreon attempts to make her regret what she said were not working. The group finally came to the beginning of Route 36. The group had expected the trek to be short only to be availed by swarms of vulpix, growlithe, and rattata and occasional trainers. Finally, when Silver caught sight of the welcome sign to Ecruteak, they were faltered by two trainers who insisted for a double battle. Kaizumo and Silver agreed to battle for the last time before Ecruteak.

"Go, Dewgong!" yelled Kaizumo as he threw a great ball while still clutching the precious documents in his other arm.

"Espeon, go!" ordered Silver and Espeon bounded onto the field.

"Go, Primeape!" yelled the man.

"Lickytung, go!" summoned the woman.

Before, Silver knew it, she was trapped in a glare attack by Primeape as well as her pokemon and Dewgong. She saw Kaizumo from the corner of her eye trapped in a Wrap attack. Silver struggled to move as the man laughed.

"Don't even think of getting away!" the man laughed. "Now, we'll just be taking both of you since your witnesses and your precious document over there." the man continued jerking his head toward Kaizumo.

"No, you won't!" Silver managed to say and the man still laughed. "Who do you think you are?" Silver slowly continued.

"Team Rocket of course." the woman jeered.

"I'm Freena and this is Jatch." the red-haired woman said happily pointing to the man with yellow hair beside.

The two continued to laugh and Freena walked over to Kaizumo to take the document while Jatch lifted up Silver's chin.

"Thanks for your cooperation, cutie." he mocked.

Silver body filled with anger and she retorte, "Are you complimenting me, or are you comparing me to your ugly partner over there,"

Freena hair practically went on fire and grumbled angrily and stalked toward Silver as Jatch laughed mockinly again. Jatch laughed yet again. Then Silver heard it, the roar erupted again and Espeon's face turned white. Espeon may not have seen Umbreon's face as well, but she knew what his expression was. Freena reached Silver and slapped her so hard, blood dripped down her cheek. But Silver didn't feel it, as a matter of fact, she didn't feel anything at all. Her body floated limply inside her mind and she felt as though she had lost control over her body, as if something else was using it.

Freena got ready to hit Silver again when her hand was stopped by Silver herself. Kaizumo gasped, Silver had broken the Glare attack freeing Espeon, Umbreon and Dewgong. With her head still bowed, a deep voice erupted from her throat saying, "How dare you ..."

Silver lifted her head which gave the Rockets a horrible sight. Her eyes were replaced with the same eerie glow from the train and her forgotten dream.

"How dare you ..." the raspy voice in her throat continued. "How dare you touch me, lest one of my sacred clan."

Freena and Jatch were petrified in fear and began to glow blue as well as their pokemon. They began to float in midair and were rammed straight into a nearby boulder. Kaizumo was still numb from the Wrap attack, but ran over to Silver and grabbed her shoulders.

"Silver, Silver, snap out of it!" yelled Kaizumo shaking her.

Silver stopped floating in her mind and everything went black. She fainted and Kaizumo caught her in mid-fall. Silver finally came to and put her hand to her eyes faintly.

"What happened?" she asked weakly to Kaizumo.

"Don't ask me, I'm just as clueless." replied Kaizumo with a sigh.

He helped Silver up and returned his Dewgong to it's pokeball. Espeon and Umbreon happily bounded toward Silver. As the group once again turned to enter Ecruteak with Kaizumo in the lead, Silver slightly behind and Espeon and Umbreon behind them, Espeon said,<We were lucky she managed to get back quick enough.>

Umbreon nodded gratefully and turned to watch Silver through his blood-red eyes.

<Let's hope that if it happens again, HE won't gain full control.> Umbreon told Espeon, careful to be out of Silver's earshot.

Espeon agreed with him for once and sighed. The group first stopped at the PokeCenter to heal the pokemon from the previous experience. Silver rented a room and followed Kaizumo to the West Tower, also known as the Burnt Tower to meet Bill's aquantiance, Professor Fawkes, an aid of Professor Elm, who was studying the tower, one of the few main origins of legendary pokemon in the world. Bill told them that the folder contained everything Bill could research about legendary pokemon, including how to find them and control them, making the document very valuable and understandable why Team Rocket would want it.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~

Freena and Jatch stood in front of a phone talking to a man in the shadows.

"... she is definately the one, sir." said Freena humbly.

"Good, you will be rewarded ..." the man replied as Freena and Jatch's faces lit up. "After you retrieve the documents and the girl, we need them both to accomplish the mission."

Freena told the man to trust in her and Jatch completely and not to worry.

"Perfect." the man said patting a Persian at his side. "Contact me when, and only when, you have the documents and the girl."

"Yes, sir!" replied Freeena and Jatch in unison and they hung up the phone.

"Now we can give those kids a little payback, don't you think so, Jatch?" Freena questioned her partner, throwing back her red long hair from her shoulder.

Jatch gave her an evil grin and answered,"Sure, I would be honored."

__________________________________________________ ______________________

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you mean cant WAIT for next chapter, and thank you soooo much

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Are we aloud to ask when is the next chapter? Would that be spam? EEEEK!!! AM I SPAMMING?!?!!? o0 o0 o0...Oh i love your story broken dreams. I can just see the potential growing!!!

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~~~~~~Chapter 3:Rocket's Revenge~~~~~~

Silver and Kaizumo stood in front of a tall, burnt building. Umbreon was busy trying to understand why it was black and Espeon, sitting beside Silver and having given up on trying to tell him the building was burnt, rolled her eyes. As Silver was to take a step in, she was met by the smell of nocious gases and a magby rushed out, knocking her over. Kaizumo had barely enough time to laugh before a young boy rushed out and knocked him over.

"Maggy! Maggy! Please come back." the boy yelled helplessly after his pokemon.

Silver sighed and announced, "Shall we continue?"

Kaizumo nodded in approval and followed after Silver into the building with Espeon behind him and a mumbling Umbreon who was bonked on the head by Espeon to bring him back to reality. The temple, of course, really lived up to it's name as the Burnt Temple. Several Weezing and Koffing floated by everywhere. Silver kept walking until the floor beneath her began to shake violently. Kaizumo thought fast and grasped her hand as the floor gave way.

Umbreon accidentaly bumped into Kaizumo interested in what was happening, causing him to fall with Silver. The floor shaked again and crumbled beneath Espeon and Umbreon's feet causing them to fall into the deep blackness along with Kaizumo and Silver.
Silver and Kaizumo landed in a crumpled heap before three large statues of strange pokemon. Kaizumo helped Silver up and she brushed the dust of her blue tank top and short jeans. Umbreon and Espeon landed daintily thanks to Espeon using Pyschic. The three statues began to glow in the darkness illuminating the damp chamber brighter and brighter when Silver rested her hand on the middle one. The stone artwork began to materialize into the pokemon corresponding to the statue they came from. The largest one obviously symbolized Fire, the blue one looked that it represented Water, and the third had a yellow body that easily symbolized Thunder.

The three creatures stared hard at Silver and Kaizumo and they roared, the largest was deep and ground shaking, the blue one's was musical and harmonic, as the yellow pokemon's was like thunder itself. Before Silver and Kaizumo had time to take in their musical voices, they disappeared in a speed too fast to measure.

"Can you believe it?" asked Kaizumo and Silver shook her head so he continued, "The largest, brown one was Entei, the legendary dog of Fire, the sleek blue one was Suicine, the legendary dog of Water, and the yellow one was Rakiou, the dog of Thunder."

Silver was in awe, she had never seen something so powerful and majestic. Her attention was brought back down into the chamber when Umbreon exclaimed <Can we go now? I'm hungry.>
Silver ordered Espeon to use Pyschic to float them out of the chamber and back onto the temple's floors only to be greeted by an eager man clutching an envelope similiar to the one Bill asked to be delivered.

"Oh, hello! You must be Bill's friends, he told me what you looked like to make sure I coould find you alright. Do you have the documents?" asked the man said eagerly.

"Oh, and I'm Sekam Fargot, by the way." he continued, clutching the envelope closer to his side.

Kaizumo nodded and was about to hand the documents to him, a Weezing charged at them out of nowhere knocking the group over. Umbreon noticed the documents fell and slid underneath some rubble but decided to fetch it later. Laughing was heard and the source soon emerged before them. It was Freena and Jatch.

Freena laughed at the sight of Silver disheveled.

"Grumpig! Use Pyschic on the girl and the man so we can get out of here." ordered Freena.

SIlver's body glowed light blue and she was lifted from the ground as was Sekam who held intently to the documents he carried earlier. Kaizumo, Umbreon and Espeon tried to reach her and Sekam but he was availed by Jatch's Weezing.

"Let's start with a little torture, don't you think so, Jatch?" questioned Freena with a smug look.

"Oh, let's." replied Jatch with and evil grin.

Silver tried her best to fracture the attack but couldn't, and in the process, her bag slid from her shoulders onto the ground with a loud clang. This attracted Freena's attention and she opened the bag to find in the bottom, the silver orb. Freena's face turned from happy to joyful as she looked into the orb. She turned to Jatch with a smirk who returned it and said, "So, little miss, how'd you get that?"

Silver refused to reply which lowered the pair's mood.

"I said where did you get that orb, you little ..." Jatch said only to be interrupted by Freena.

"It doesn't matter, we don't need that information right now," she replied clutching the orb tightly.

(This is Silver's point of veiw)

My body was shaking head to toe with anger and confusion. Why do they want me? I asked myself.

I had to get that orb and save Sekam. But how? I thought, How?

I pushed myself to my limit trying to break free when, everything suddenly became black, my feet didn't touch the ground yet I felt gravity pulling me down. Then, the world came back into focus just in time to see that my body had lunged at Freena and the orb flew out of her hands into the air. I jumped for it and when my fingers touched it's warm surface, I felt the familiar sensation for when I had lunged at Freena and when I first confronted them. I heard a voice in my head and I realized they were coming from my own mouth. I couldn't move my body as if someone of greater power was controlling me.

Does this have to do with the orb? I questioned myself.

Maybe it did, after all, when I was at Bill's, I was holding it on the wrapping paper and Espeon was the one who put it in my bag.

But, why? I continued, What does the orb have to do with me?

I was trying to think in my mind why when I felt myself falling and a pain temporarily resided in my head as I touched the ash covered floor. Everything became darker and darker as if I was dying slowly yet painlessly.


Silver eyes opened to meet a quaint little room which she recognized instantly as a hospital. She touched her forehead and felt a pang of pain and withdrew her hand. The door opened to reveal Kaizumo and Nurse Joy. Silver smiled weakly as Nurse Joy walked over to her.

"You had quite an injury there, Silver." she said happily.

"How ... how do you k .. know my name?" Silver questioned faintly.

"Well, you've been here unconcious for 5 days. So, you'd think I would know you're name since I've been treating you." the nurse stated as a pink Chansey waddled in holding a tray of food and medicine for Silver.

"Now, I would like some explaining." asked Nurse Joy to Silver.

Silver gave her a questioning look and the nurse answered before she could ask why.

"I mean about your accident. You were so seriously injured after that Rocket attack, yet we couldn't find out how to cure it for awhile. I wanna know what those Rockets did that harmed you so seriously?" the pink-haired nurse said looking at her with searching eyes.

"I ... I don't know," answered Silver.

<Good enough for me, now let's eat.> shouted Umbreon and Espeon sweatdropped.

<You mean you forgot what happened!> Espeon yelled at him suprised.

Umbreon stared in space for a few minutes and finally responded, <Huh?!? Why are you yelling, Espeon?"

Espeon sweatdropped and Silver supressed a giggle as Nurse Joy and the Chansey left the room. Silver looked at Kaizumo and asked, "What really did happen?"

"I can't explain it." was his only reply.

"All I know is you somehow broke the Pyschic and Sekam fell to the ground in a heap, but you didn't even fall. You were floating and you're hair was whipping everywhere then, Freena and Jatch got really scared. Then, after awhile, you fainted from fatigue. Then they took the chance and nabbed Sekam and took of, after that Umbreon gave me these." Kaizumo continued showing her Bill's documents.

"I guess they thought that Sekam had the documents." Kaizumo replied.

Silver just sat in her bed the looked at him and asked, "Did you tell Bill?"

Kaizumo nodded and told her that Sekam was part of a chain that was supposed to secretly pass it to one another till it reached the person meant to carry the documents. Bill had given them full permission to take the files to Mossdeep City where scientists from the lab there will analyze Bill's data on legendary pokemon. Bill even had given them pardon to visit the WHirl Islands to find any clues about Silver's past. Silver smiled at the thought of returning to the Whirl Islands as she stared at the map of the Whirl Islands which Bill had sent, complete with the pathway to the chamber where she was found years earlier.


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~~~~~~Chapter 4:Master Of The Spirit World. Absol’s Appearance!~~~~~~

Silver and Kaizumo sat the lush grass eating sandwiches for lunch as Umbreon busied himself trying to figure out the new insult that Espeon had retorted. Silver had talked to Bill before they left Ecruteak City only to be met by him droning on about pokemon battles like when she was in the hospital.

“Bill! Be Quiet!” Silver yelled so loudly in the phone that he collapsed in surprise. ”I hate it when you talk like that!”

“But, you never argued when you were in the hospital? And, if you didn’t like it when I did that, then why didn’t you leave the room?” Bill questioned.

“That’s because: one, I couldn’t leave my bed, and two, you were practically the only company I had. And I fell asleep after awhile so I couldn’t argue.” Silver replied.

Bill hung his head low in shame and surprised Silver greatly by instantly forgetting the scenario and asking how they are doing. Silver told Bill that they needed to go immediately cause they were in a rush for Olivine City. Silver hung up the phone quickly and walked to the doors to meet Kaizumo and her two pokemon.


Outside Cerulean, Bill sat in his chair and sighed. He grinned to himself and thought, My plan is going through perfect …

“RING, RING, RING, PHONE CALL, PHONE CALL!” blared the phone before Bill.

He answered it to see Morty’s face.

“Bill, I heard about those kids. Don’t you think it’s bad to have two kids deliver a very dangerous document with Team Rocket running around?” he said seriously.

“Aw, come on.” Bill answered smoothly.

“They are kids, Bill! Team Rocket will get those documents easily!” Morty yelled at him.

“Don’t worry, I have the documents right here.” the pokemaniac replied, pointing to his temple. “And those kids are wicked battlers, no way is Team Rocket getting those documents in there.”

“Okay, if the documents aren’t in the folder, what is in the folder?” Morty asked curiously.

“You’ll be surprised.” was his only reply.

Morty nodded reluctantly and questioned, “And what was that guy that got kidnapped carrying for exchange anyway?”

“My next issue of Playboy Magazine.” Bill replied smugly and Morty fell down anime style. “Wanna see my next issue? I managed to find one after the kidnapping.”

Morty shook his head and hung up.


Silver stood up to brush the grass of her red skirt as a net shot out capturing the two trainers and Umbreon and Espeon as well. The very same two Rockets that Silver stole the orb from emerged from the bushes before them. They s******ed as they stepped forward.

“Payback time for making us lose the artifact, little missie.” the first laughed.

“Tod, maybe she knows where the artifact is.” the second pointed out.

Silver managed to keep an angry face on the outside and a horrified face on the inside from hearing the remark.

“You’re right, Will.” Tod answered kicking Kaizumo roughly and pulled out a gun and pointed it at Kaizumo’s forehead. “You know, because of you, we got major trouble from the boss. But he said that if we get you to him safely, then he might forgive us. Tell us where it is or your boyfriend dies.”

“I don’t know.” Silver lied.

“I’m tired of you’re silly games, girlie. You’re getting us all fired. Freena and Jatch were demoted because that pokemaniac friend of yours only told you to carry an envelope carrying the latest Playboy issue!” Will angrily yelled.

No one could even compare to Silver and Kaizumo’s faces of confusion, anger, embarrassment, and disgust. Their thoughts were interrupted by the very same houndour from Saffron jump between the two as its body was encircled in flames.

Tod growled and shot at the flaming dog, the bullet grazing his left shoulder. It fell down weakened and Kaizumo took the chance of the distraction to withdraw a switchblade and attempted to cut the net when another bullet pierced the air and skimmed on his leg, spilling blood on his clothes. Silver reached him and tried to dress the wound when Tod kicked her severely. Will laughed evilly and Tod explained, “Don’t even think about it, pretty boy.”

He turned back to the houndour and raised his gun aiming it towards his head, saying, “You’re too much of a nuisance to be kept alive. Your pathetic mother should have just left while she could but had to die just like the artifact’s other guardians. Darn Five Guardians. All of them were abnormal and powerful, you should have run away like the other four Guardian’s heirs. I have to admit, they were hard to kill, especially your mother, but because she was persistent, she had to die. Maybe if we came a year earlier, she wouldn’t have been raising you to take her place as the 5th Guardian of the orb, making life much easier. If you didn’t exist, we would already be dragging this girl and her boyfriend to the boss.”

The dog growled at the insult of his brave mother. Tod pulled the trigger and Silver ran toward the pokemon, knowing that she might as well try to save it. Everyone gasped to see her walk right through the net as though it was nothing and stand in between the gun and the dog pokemon. Tod wouldn’t have shot because she was required alive but the bullet still raced through the air and cleanly shot through her chest. Blood spurted in different directions as she collapsed and the houndour, determined to get the murderous Rockets, began to glow. His shape became more streamlined and agile, two horns replaced his ears and he revealed to be larger than an ordinary houndoom. The houndoom shot a powerful flamethrower attack that knocked out the two grunts.

He cut the net with a bite attack, knowing that Kaizumo could help his Savior. He ran to her and thought, it’s okay, it missed her heart by inches. She won’t die unless we get her to Olivine quickly.

Houndoom stood beside Silver’s limp body, showing that he wanted to help her. Espeon used Psychic to carry the two grunts and would catch up with Umbreon later. Kaizumo held her blood stained body and climbed onto Houndoom’s back as Umbreon carefully picked up the bloody gun. With amazing speed, Houndoom raced to the hospital in Olivine. Some nurses and doctors fell down from the shockwave when Houndoom abruptly stopped before the Emergency Counter.

Kaizumo quickly explained that his friend was shot and a medic team emerged at her call and took Silver to surgery. Espeon and Umbreon soon returned after delivering the men to the police along with the weapon and lay before Kaizumo. A doctor emerged and walked to Kaizumo.

“You’re the one who brought the girl in, right?” he questioned wearily.

The worst came to Kaizumo’s mind because they had come so early and he looked weary. He nodded, hoping that they could do something and followed the doctor with Houndoom, Espeon and Umbreon behind.

He told him to sit on a bench and seeing Kaizumo’s worried face said, “Don’t worry, she’ll be fine. But the strangest thing happened. When we were about to remove the bullet, we found the wound completely healed. And get this, when we moved her off the table, exactly underneath where the wound was the bullet, blood-stained and all.”

Kaizumo was as shocked as the doctor. The doctor decided not to be nosy and allowed him to see her. He nervously eyed the pokemon, hoping that the boy had control over the pokemon so that some patients wouldn’t suffer extra wounds. She was just to rest that night and would be leaving the next day. She was currently still unconscious on her bed. Her bag lay at the table beside her bed and Kaizumo sat in the chair on her bed’s other side. He sighed then heard a shuffling, turning, he saw Houndoom with his nose in her bag. He managed to roll out an ultra ball and smartly pressed its button enlarging it, then capturing him. The ball didn’t rock at all and then Houndoom rematerialized so suddenly, Kaizumo nearly fell off his chair in surprise. He positioned himself back in his chair beside Silver as Espeon and Umbreon jumped into her lap and lay down and Houndoom lay on the floor beside her bed.


Earlier …

After the bullet had pierced Silver’s body, her body fell to the ground, but her soul stayed standing. She was momentarily confused until an Absol jumped behind Silver, startling her.

<Climb on me.> she said in an eerie voice and Silver obeyed.

“Who are you?” Silver nervously stated as she boarded the pokemon.

<I am the Master of the Spirit World. I was watching you for I detected the disaster coming.> Absol replied beginning to run at incredible speed.

“May I ask you something?” Silver questioned and seeing Absol nod her head continued, “What are the Five Guardians?”

<They are the sworn protectors of the Silver Wing of Souls, every single swirling comet within its surface are the souls of His sacred clan maidens who sacrificed their lives to save from one life to the world’s existence. My father was a Guardian and my mother was wild. We, the children of the Guardians, are born abnormal, I can enter and exit the Spirit World at will, and I can also allow others into the Spirit World, thus giving me the title of the Master of the Spirit World. We were forbidden to ever mention, or even, know the powers of the other Guardians, for fear our mates might betray us. I was supposed to be the 4th Guardian, the Guardian of Darkness, till those men came.> Absol simply stated and stopped on top of a roof beside a window which revealed a hospital room.

Silver gasped to see herself in the bed. Houndoom looked up for a second, positive that a faint, yet oddly familiar scent had just entered the room but could not find the source. He lowered his head to sleep again in defeat and Silver turned to Absol.

“He is one of the supposed to be Guardians, too?” Silver asked.

<Yes, his mother was the 5th Guardian, Guardian of Fire. The 3rd Guardian, the Guardian of Dragons, was a Flygon. And the 2nd Guardian, Guardian of Water, was a Milotic, and the 1st Guardian, Guardian of Psychic, was a Gardevior.> Absol replied, keeping her red eyes on Houndoom.

Turning to Silver, she said, <You must return to your coffin. I will also help you when I can, and when He tells me to, I will accompany you posing as you pokemon. But now is not that time.>

Silver nodded and stepped into her body.


Silver stirred and Kaizumo turned to her to see her awake and smiling. His graciousness was interrupted when Absol suddenly jumped off, the roof which caused him to fall from his chair. Silver giggled and he glared at her. Houndoom jumped up and down and licked her face joyfully. Kaizumo explained that the dog had been nosy enough to get itself caught I one of her empty poke balls. Silver raised an eyebrow and Houndoom growled.

<I will have you know that I knew perfectly well what I was doing.> Houndoom stated.

Silver shook her head and lay back in bed, saying, “I need to rest, I got a migraine.”

I think I will tell Kaizumo about what Absol said when the time comes. Silver thought.


The next day …

“Stop lagging Kaizumo! I wanna see the Whirl Islands! Those freaky doctors wouldn’t let me out until they did a background check and blood samples and I wanted to see it today.” Silver yelled excitedly as she approached the ocean’s edge on Houndoom’s back.

She climbed off her pokemon’s back and summoned her Lapras. The purple pokemon happily said, <Yay! I have always wanted to surf the ocean.>

Silver grinned at her as Kaizumo approached panting.

“Why are you complaining that I am lagging behind when you’re riding your super fast and oversized dog!” he complained.

Silver giggled and jumped on her Lapras with Espeon and Umbreon doing the same and replied, “So, are you coming or not?”

Kaizumo grumbled but took her hand and sat beside her as Lapras began to surf the waters toward the Whirl Islands past the sinking horizon.


Umbreon had already fallen asleep when the Whirl Islands came into view. Silver was so excited to finally have a chance to enter the mysterious and puzzling Whirl Islands. An hour later, Lapras came to the sandy shores of the islands. Everyone was exhausted from the sudden turns and twits to avoid sharp rocks and whirlpools. Silver recalled her shiny pokemon and placed the poke ball on her belt. She, Kaizumo, Espeon, and Umbreon (Houndoom had retreated into his poke ball long ago) stepped into the cave only to be met by extreme temperature changes, making the two trainers regret wearing short sleeves.

They traveled till they came upon a large body of water and a humongous waterfall. Kaizumo called out his Dewgong and they were lifted up the waterfall by its Psychic (Espeon’s couldn’t because it was out of her range of power), climbing up the waterfall itself afterward. They boarded the seal pokemon and surfed on it as Kaizumo checked the map.

“According to Bill, we take a left turn here then go straight … hmm …” Kaizumo stopped.

“What?” Silver questioned.

“It says, oddly, after the left turn, keep going straight, no matter what?!?” he answered confused.

<Maybe it means there are pokemon there or strong waves or something.> Dewgong replied smartly and surprisingly Kaizumo heard it.

“Don’t smart sass me!” he retorted.

“You can talk to them!?!” Silver asked surprised.

“Course, always could. I guessed you can too by the reactions you show when they talk.” he said. “I always tried to ask Bill why, but he quickly would avoid answering and change the subject. It’s like he knows something he doesn’t want anyone knowing.”

Silver agreed, and then asked, “How come you didn’t retort when Houndoom defended himself on getting captured?”

“I chose to ignore him.” he simply stated.

<Uh …> Dewgong began but he was ignored. Fine, he thought, don’t blame me.

Silver sighed and looked ahead. She began to hear water crashing and suggestions of why Bill said go straight no matter what came into her mind. Before she barely got even 1 reason why, the whole group fell down a gigantic waterfall that would make Niagara Falls be ashamed. When they finally hit the warm water, Lapras summoned herself and began paddling happily around, going up the waterfall and down again, which made Kaizumo, Espeon, and Silver sweat drop. Umbreon was complaining that Lapras wasn’t staying still long enough for him to get on her back and ride too, making them sweat drop even greater. Dewgong swam before them and they climbed on. Silver called Lapras and Umbreon, who had finally managed to climb on her back, to follow them.

“Of course, I should have expected this when Bill sent a waterproof map.” Kaizumo groaned.

“It’s not your fault Bill is a mean trickster and is going to receive a pulverizing when I see him.” Silver said in a comforting tone which transferred to a threatening one.

“Were here.” said Kaizumo, looking up from the map.

Silver didn’t know why, but she felt drawn to the chamber as they stepped solid ground. It was as if the chamber had always remained there waiting for her to come, calling for her when she was gone. Sadly, nothing was at the chamber and Silver couldn’t find any clues of her past. A chilling wind ran up her spine, tingling her more than usual since she was wet. She turned to Kaizumo in disappointment and they climbed back on Dewgong’s back with Espeon. They had to climb back up the waterfall on Dewgong for his range of Psychic was at its limits when they were carried halfway up the waterfall. They had to stop again to remind Umbreon and Lapras that they were going. Silver had tried to recall them, but she got few chances when they came up the waterfall. Finally, she managed to get Umbreon and Lapras into their poke balls, deciding to release Umbreon later on. The trip back was harder for the current was against them, but they finally made it to the entrance. The group hopped off Dewgong as he was recalled.

A few hours later, Silver lay in her bed in Olivine’s Poke Center. She was deeply disappointed that their search had no results, but she soon fell asleep while she was drowning in her thoughts. Little did she know that the answers she had waited for were coming soon, very soon.


Absol stood in the same chamber the group had been in earlier that day. He looked into the impending darkness as a pair of glowing blue eyes appeared. A deep voice growled, <Is everything going according to ….>

“ … plan?” Bill asked a man with flaming red hair named Lance.

He replied “Yeah, the kids are …”

< … on their way to Mossdeep, as planned.> Absol replied emotionlessly.

“Good.” said Bill and the creature simultaneously.


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~~~~~~Chapter 5: Welcome to the S.S. Trouble! Team Rocket’s Fury!~~~~~~

Kaizumo and Silver boarded the ship. Espeon and Umbreon were in their poke balls and couldn’t be released till they were inside they ship. While the crew member was swiping Kaizumo’s card, Silver was positive she saw a flexible pink pokemon fly above the waters. She remembered it having a long tail that moved like water as it flew and two light aqua eyes that showed every ounce of innocence and purity it carried. Her thoughts were interrupted by the man asking for her card, she turned to him and smiled as he took her card. He swiped it and said, “Thank you! Please enjoy the trip.”

Silver’s room was separate from Kaizumo’s room with the only means of accessibility to the Kaizumo’s room was through a door which only opened through Silver’s room key (or ticket) on one side and Kaizumo’s on the other side of the door. Silver released her pokemon except Lapras, who was too big to fit her room. Umbreon instantly began looking out the window and was ‘oohing’ and ‘aahing’ at the jumping Seaking and Luvdisc. Espeon nestled in the soft bed and curled up to rest while Houndoom decided to accompany Silver and Umbreon on a tour around the ship.

The ship was teeming with trainers planning to start a new journey in Hoenn. Umbreon became very overexcited after eating some ice cream, which he had never tasted before, and was about to jump off of the ship when Houndoom brought him back to his senses with a small flamethrower. Silver turned around and bumped into a suspicious looking man. He yelled, “Watch where ya going!” before sneaking into the crowds.

Silver just shook her head and began walking back to her room followed faithfully by Houndoom and Umbreon. The ship was quite luxurious to keep the guests preoccupied for the weeks travel to Slateport, Hoenn. The sun was beginning to set when the ship finally took off into the blue seas. Silver opened her room door and fell on her bed exhausted. She soon fell asleep in her bed in her activity clothes. She felt so peaceful and alone but little did she know, a pair of eyes watched her in the distance, high in the white clouds. The pokemon’s eyes watched her sleep through the window then took and amazing dive that was so fast, its appearance was only a blur of default color. It landed into the dark waters at such speed that there was barely a splash of water.


Kaizumo woke up and stared around the room. He was changing his clothes when his Misdreavus floated in from Silver’s room.

<She’s awake.> said Misdreavus quietly.

Kaizumo nodded and was about to open the door to her room when Misdreavus stopped him. Kaizumo looked at her questionly and she replied, <Um … Well, I am a girl and all, so I don’t think you shou …>

Kaizumo opened the door and realized instantly why Misdreavus had tried to stop him. She had been apparently changing clothes and she screamed as Houndoom used a night shade attack to keep her out of view and nudged him into his room quickly before the attack ended.

< … ld go in there.> finished Misdreavus.

Kaizumo was apparently dumbfounded and really embarrassed.

<I can erase your memory is you want me to.> replied Misdreavus, breaking the silence.

“Wow, that makes me feel so much better.” answered Kaizumo sarcastically while blushing.

In the other room, Silver sat on her bed blushing and thoroughly embarrassed. She had already finished and knew that she probably would never be able to look him in the eye ever again, and neither would he. She tried to shake the thought off her mind by taking a refreshing walk on deck.

The wind blew through the 16 year old’s hair as she watched the water passing swiftly by. Occasionally, some Luvdisc and Seaking would jump from the water. Her attention instantly snapped to reality as she saw the same pink pokemon glide swiftly above the waters. She tried to find it but couldn’t and sighed in defeat. Something then caught her eye. It was a tall tower that descended even above the towering clouds. Silver knew it didn’t take a genius to know that if they didn’t turn soon, they would be on crash course toward the pillar.

Silver shook the thought from her head and thought, This is a state of the art ship. There is no way that it would crash just because of a tower in the middle of the ocean.

Silver went to a lower deck to eat breakfast. Houndoom nimbly followed her for Umbreon was still asleep and Espeon decided to stay so that he wouldn’t cause trouble when he wakes up.

After she ate breakfast and got some food for Umbreon, Espeon and Houndoom to eat later. She stopped by the room to find Umbreon awake and eager to cruise the decks. Espeon decided to follow along and they set for the top deck, where Silver’s favorite place, the front of the deck, was. She felt the wind threatingly lash across her face as if angered of anyone’s presence in her way. Silver then noticed that the ship had not changed course and was still in the pathway to the pillar. She asked Espeon to use a future sight. A few minutes later, Espeon emerged from her trance and said, <If the ship doesn’t change course, it will crash.>

Silver and her pokemon climbed up onto the Captain’s deck which was accessible for all guests. She knocked on the door and was granted permission to enter. She silently gasped when she saw Kaizumo having a conversation with the Captain. She instantly avoided eye contact with him and told the Captain that there was a pillar that was in the way of the ship’s course.

“That’s impossible. Our radars are state of the art AND we have traveled this exact route before and never encountered a tower.” the Captain replied.

Silver dragged him to the front deck to prove her point. He was thoroughly surprised that there was a pillar in the very same rout he had traveled weeks before. Kaizumo had apparently followed and said, “Well? What are we waiting for? If we don’t get off course soon, then we’ll crash into the rocks surrounding the pillar over there.”

The Captain nodded and rushed to the Control Deck with Kaizumo and Silver behind followed by her faithful pokemon. The Captain quickly alerted the crew and ordered a change of route immediately. They attempted but the computer screen only blared ‘ACCESS DENIED’.

“Sir, I think we might have to evacuate the ship.” said one of the crew members. “We can’t access the ship’s mainframe and this is hack proof material.”

The Captain grabbed the microphone as a countdown began to the crash.

“Attention Ladies and Gentlemen! We need to evacuate the ship. This isn’t a Titanic situation so please leave your rooms and such and travel to the lifeboats in an orderly fashion.” rang the speakers with the Captain’s voice.

People strapped on life jackets and tried to calmly exit the ship and onto the lifeboats. There were 8 minutes till the ship would come into collision. Kaizumo and Silver left the room to search for remaining passengers. Silver had returned her pokemon for fear they would get injured. They managed to help about 30 people before the ship crashed. Silver saw a little girl fall into the water and dived with Kaizumo, who also saw the girl, into the water. Kaizumo reached the girl first for he was a better swimmer. He managed to get her onto a lifeboat when a wave lurched him underneath. Silver frantically searched for him but had no avail. She dived underneath and was surprised that her eyes had instantly adjusted to the water. She saw Kaizumo , unconscious, sinking down toward the murky bottom. She swam to him and grabbed his wrist firmly. Silver knew he would be running out of air soon for her lungs were practically bursting. She was losing her grip and she began to panic.

Her vision was fainting slowly when she opened her mouth in pain of loss of breath but was surprised to feel oxygen flowing into her mouth. She was floating in a pink bubble and was still clutching to Kaizumo’s limp body. A pink pokemon floated before her and giggled at her shocked face. She felt the bubble slowly rising and then looked at her friend. He was faintly breathing which calmed her greatly. They both had bloody gashes on their bodies from frantically running back and forth in the ship and swimming through debris. Silver looked around for hopes of life only to find that no one was within sight. Some dead bodies floated in the surface and the ship was still sinking.

<It is fine. The others have been found and rescued.> the pokemon said in a sweet calming tone.

“Wha … what are you?” Silver asked shakily.

<That is to come in due time, dear. But now, you must see the Lord of the Skies. He wishes to speak to you before He finds you.> was all the pokemon replied.

The next thing she knew, she was on the beach of the island with the pillar. Silver grimaced at her and Kaizumo’s deep lacerations. She had lost all her stuff in the crash, as a matter of fact, she was lucky that they both had all their pokemon. Silver would have loved to have her bag at the moment for the lacerations cut into her clothes everywhere.

Then something came into Silver’s mind. Absol had mentioned that all the Guardians and their heir descendants had certain abnormalities. She had shaved death from unknown reasons, Houndoom didn’t have his injury when she woke up in the hospital and Kaizumo had never treated his leg but here he stood with it completely healed, other than the lacerations from the crash. She released Houndoom and said, “Houndoom ,I need you to heal Kaizumo.”

<What?!? What in the world makes you think I can heal!> Houndoom asked surprised.

Silver explained her theory and Houndoom took it under consideration.

<I never saw Absol before. Or the other older Guardians-in training. Me and Ralts stayed separate from them cause they were older and learning more advanced than us at the time. But I’ll try.> Houndoom said.

He remembered that when he was running, he was wishing that all their injuries were healed. He concentrated hard on the fact that he wanted them healed and when he opened his eyes, the lacerations were less than mere scratches. Sadly though, Silver’s clothes still remained torn in places to close for comfort. The sun was setting as Silver and Houndoom carried Kaizumo into the pillar. She left Houndoom and Umbreon with Kaizumo as she and Espeon would find herbs or berries or maybe some food.

Silver managed to find some Pecha and Kelpsy berries and found some items lying around from trainers like revives and potions. Silver had no idea how she knew so many survival tactics and guessed it might have to do with her past or something. Kaizumo had already woken when they returned and the whole group was happy to get some food. The group planned to do as the pink pokemon suggested the next day for it was already dusk.

The night was really misty and cold and they didn’t have any blankets, so Houndoom lighted them a fire with his flamethrower attack. Even with a large, cackling fire, Silver still shivered. She felt an arm wrap around her and realized it was Kaizumo. She blushed deeply as he pulled her close to keep each other warm. Silver soon fell asleep on his shoulder. He looked down on her when he felt her on his shoulder and blushed too. He noticed that she looked pretty cute when she was asleep but shook the thought from his head as he drifted to sleep.

The next day, Silver woke up to Kaizumo shaking her. She yawned and brushed off the dirt on her jeans and her ripped tank top.

“Houndoom, do you think you can heal wardrobes?” Silver said sarcastically.

<Yeah right.> replied the dog pokemon.

Kaizumo and Silver headed up the stairs when they met a Banette. The pokemon resembled a purple rag doll with a stitched mouth and stockinglike body. The pokemon swayed its head which had a sort of attached nightcap which ended in a golden gem. The pokemon did a shadow ball attack but Kaizumo summoned his Misdreavus.

“Misdreavus, Psywave!” ordered Kaizumo as Espeon used Light Screen to protect them.

Misdreavus released a wave of Psychic power which could vary in strength. The attack knocked their opponent out and Kaizumo thought he should keep Misdreavus out. The group continued on without any more trouble until they saw the stairs. Silver walked toward the stairs when the ground beneath her shattered, but luckily, Kaizumo caught her arm and pulled her up. Silver suggested that they ride Houndoom for his speed would bring the to the next side without trouble.

Fortunately, the plan worked and they were all quite happy to make it to the other side. Espeon and Umbreon didn’t need to ride for they were light enough to daintily jump on the ground without it crumbling. Unluckily, the other floors had the same weak ground which took quite a while to pass for sometimes they needed to dodge rocks and pokemon as they rode Houndoom. By the time they had done a couple of floors, Houndoom was exhausted. Silver recalled him so he could rest knowing it would be abuse just to heal him and force him to work again. They climbed the stairs and were happy to finally make it to the top.

Silver choked for the air was thin but still breathable. She looked around but couldn’t find anything and was confused. The pokemon had told her to go to the tower’s peak to meet the Lord of the Skies but there was nothing here except the occasional Altaria. She sighed and looked up and noticed something in the sky. She pointed it out to Kaizumo and he said, “It seems to be traveling at a fast speed toward us. Maybe it is the Lord of the Skies that that pokemon told you about.”

The two trainers soon wished they hadn’t come up there for the ‘thing’, as Umbreon called it, was actually a large, dragon pokemon. Its emerald body was covered with red markings and its face alone could bring pure terror into any mighty Charizard or Dragonite. Its length was undeterminable for it was curled like a rattlesnake about to strike. Its yellow eyes remained at the two humans and it spoke in a deep voice, <Mew has forewarned me of your arrival, Children of the Clans. I am Rayquaza, Lord of the Skies.>

“What are the Children of the Clans?” asked Kaizumo trying to be bold.

<The Children of the Clans are the members or descendants of sacred clans. Each clan corresponded to a different Legendarian Pokemon. They also have characteristics that correspond to the clan’s leader.> answered the emerald pokemon.

“What clans are we from,” asked Silver curiously.

<I have no authority to tell you which clans you were born. That is to be told by the Legendarian leaders of your clans.> was all Rayquaza replied.

Silver was disappointed that she wouldn’t get to know where she came from immediately. Kaizumo was more of the patient kind and was satisfied with the answer but also a bit let down.

<That is not important now though. Your clan’s most precious prize is in terrible danger. You right now may carry it on your back but the Ultimate Evil seeks it for power and it will not be safe without the Guardians. But, the Guardians descendants have scattered, unfortunately. Yet eventually, they will all come to you when the time is right as they did before.> said the dragon.

Silver was puzzled at his last sentence. She wanted to ask what he meant but Rayquaza unfurled himself and flew into the sky above. All they could do was watch the dragon depart into the pink-tinted skies.

Umbreon sighed and said, <That was seriously weird.>

Espeon sweatdropped and taunted, <Not as weird as you.>


Silver once again lay in a PokeCenter bed. They had ridden Dewgong to Pacifilog Town to rest and get supplies. They were to depart for Slateport the next day through the currents which would save their pokemon some energy. She looked out her window as she lay in bed and thought of what Rayquaza told them. She was part of an ancient clan and the orb, or the Silver wing of Souls, as Absol called it, had an important part to do with it. She then focused her thoughts on what Legendary pokemon controlled her clan and Kaizumo’s. She thought of the possibilities but came up with none. Then it hit her, Bill was an expert in Legendary pokemon and he knew practically everything about pokemon which meant that Bill had definitely known all about this.

Silver fumed with anger and decided to press the matter further after a good sleep.


The next day was sunny and really hot. Silver wore a silk tank top she bought with some jean shorts. A slight breeze ruffled her wavy, silver hair as if it was determined to break the Sun’s merciless glare. She summoned Lapras and Kaizumo called Dewgong. His Misdreavus was out again and was floating above his head casually. Silver rode her Lapras with Umbreon and Espeon behind and Kaizumo boarded Dewgong with Misdreavus. When they reached the edge of the current, Kaizumo called out, “The current will take you wherever it goes so be careful, if you try to force your way, your pokemon will run out of energy and you will truly be at the current’s mercy.”

Silver nodded at his warning and they rode forward. The currents carried them forward and Silver was lucky to find a good path that lead her past trainers on islands and patches of clear, current-less water.

Half an hour later, Silver had escaped the commanding waters. Kaizumo emerged after her exhausted. She grinned at him and headed to Slateport PokeCenter with him following behind her.


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Yeh, i agree with Ivymoonrose on the Umbreon thing he is sort of....uh....dumb that's it. I also do wander if they(Silver and Kaizumo) will become girlfriend and boyfriend. I love this fan fic it is soooo good!


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Mabye you could type it up at the library.

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I'm progressing through the chapter. I got a flash drive so I can take it off the other computer and transfer it here, but I want to finish the chapter first.

And Ivy, I have really bad news, my next fic is going to get completely redone because my brother kept on droning on about how sad it was, so once I can sneak onto my mom's computer and change my sig, you will get to see the new banner for it I made

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26th October 2005, 11:55 PM
Finally, after countless times trying to figure out how to get the chapter from my broken computer to my working one, I have suceeded. Hope you aren't disappointed!

~~~~~~Chapter 6: Battle Tent Lunacy! ~~~~~~

Silver wiped her forehead, tired from their trip from Sky Pillar to Slateport. She touched dry ground after Kaizumo and they headed toward a PokeCenter. She saw the city museum had a really long line and guessed that the museum was pretty popular, but wondered why all the people waiting were dressed in the exact same clothing.

<Maybe it’s a new fashion trend,> mussed Umbreon.

<Wow, something smart popped into your mind for once.> s******ed Espeon.

Umbreon growled and she said, <Oooh, I’m so scared, big bad Umbweon is gonna get me.>

Umbreon tackled her and the pair began fighting, Umbreon shooting Shadow Balls, and Espeon shooting Psychic attacks. Silver was forced to withdraw the two into their pokeballs, but they were still snapping bad puns at each other and though Umbreon’s puns were very lame, Espeon was still angered by them. When Silver and Kaizumo got their pokemon healed, Nurse Joy suggested that they try out the Battle Tent, which was recently installed in place of the Contest Hall.

Umbreon and Espeon were finally let out once they had run out of their bad puns. They glared at each other angrily and Umbreon walked away with his eyes closed, slamming into a wall. He was rubbing his head while Espeon snickered and he was about to lunge at her when … Hey!

Umbreon: Muhahahah! I have tied up the authoress of this story and shall make it all about me. *begins typing crazily*

Broken: *muffled* Wouy vever fonna hetwhay tiht hith! [Your never gonna get away with this!]

The alnighty Umbreon was siting on a char, wakthing his servent, Espon, brining him graps.

She hanfed them to him saying, “Oh, I am not wotrhy of ur precence, oh mihty Umbreon.”

Behid the alpoweful Umbreon, his slavs, Kazomo and Sliver were bowin to his alngihty glore.

He laughed menacially and he snaped his finger, saying, “Bring in the cheese.”

Lots offf tpyis of cees apaer drom noqere snd Um,nbtr4ron dcroolds./ thyren oi …
Broken: *snickers* Fou dan’t weven dell ‘cur’. [You can’t even spell ‘your’.]

Umbreon: Hey! Who is the author, you or me?

Espeon: Uh, if you ask me, it’s Broken.

Umbreon: Nobody asked you!

Espeon: *mimicking Umbreon with her tail*

Umbreon: I heard that!

Espeon: What? Do you mean the wind howling around in your empty brain. Give me the laptop, I wanna express my thoughts! *pushes Umbreon aside and begins typing*

Espeon looked at her wondrous world of flowers and pretty rainbows. She sat on her throne covered in the skulls of pokemon. (Broken: *muffled* Dat’s gessed tup. [That’s messed up.]) She laughed like a maniac as Umbreon dragged her movable throne across a road of skulls and bones edged with pretty pink flowers. Using her all powerful, psychic powers, she got the most delicious berries from the trees that slowly passed by as her throne progressed.

“Stop, my slave. It is time for my subjects to bring my tribute.” ordered the most beautiful Espeon as she munched on Pecha berries.

A long line of people and pokemon arrived, carrying gifts for their beautiful overlord. Houndoom approached her, saying that he cannot find a gift worthy enough for the almighty queen. Espeon whispers a suggestion in his ear and he shoots a Fire Spin around her throne, making her look even more evil with her face overcast in the shadows of the dancing flames. Next came an old later who gave a Starff Berry for the almighty queen.

“Only the best berries deserve to be eaten by you, you’re highness.” said the old woman.

The most beautiful Espeon ate the delicious berry and enjoyed the other tributes that were given to her.

“Now, let the hula dancing begin!” shouted the pretty Espeon and her people or pokemon cheered along with her.

She snapped her tail and Umbreon began to hula dance in front of the whole crowd. Silver and Kaizumo, the most beautiful Espeon’s most loyal subjects came, presenting…

*whimpering is heard*

Espeon: Who is interrupting my writing!

Broken: Fwit’s Fumbrwon, gov corze. [It’s Umbreon, of course.]

Espeon: *calmly* Why are you whimpering, Umbreon?

Umbreon: Because you … you … you like Houndoom!

Espeon: *rolls eyes* And what attestation sustains that hypothesis.

Umbreon: Huh?

Espeon: Exactly my point.

Umbreon: I just got lost.

Broken: Yu wer kost fa jong hime go. [You were lost a long time ago.]

Espeon: She has a point.

Umbreon: Who?

Espeon: The authoress you tied up in the corner because you thought you could make the story more interesting.

Umbreon: I can think?!?

Espeon: No, you can’t.

Broken: Hah! Finally free! Freedom! Kalayaan!

Umbreon: Wow, you can speak the language of cheese!

Espeon: *to Broken* You spoke Filipino?!

Broken: Duh! I’m a native from there, what did you think?

Umbreon: *picking his nose* Think? Is think a type of cheese?

Broken: He has issues.

Espeon: Tell me about it. Continuing, I thought you were Asian but my speculation ended there because you look like a common Asian except that your skin is a lighter shade …

Broken: Uh, moving onto after my freedom, *grabs Umbreon and Espeon and throws them onto the story set*

Silver: Sheesh, what took you two? Can we continue with the story?

Broken: I’d be glad. *begins typing*

Umbreon lunged at Espeon who easily avoided the attack with her Psychic powers. Silver rolled her eyes as she was, once again, forced to retreat the angry pokemon into their balls. Instead, she summoned Houndoom for company and asked if he would like to try out the battle tent. Kaizumo had decided to compete as well and walked with Silver and Houndoom to the Battle Tent. The Battle Tent was no bigger than the PokeCenter and was shaped like a dome. Before the couple entered, they saw a boy with snow white hair on the ground.

“Oh, Latios! Why did you take away the Contest Hall?” screamed the boy.

A girl with chestnut hair approached him and dragged him away saying, “Man, Ruby, you’re such a sissy. But I guess with a girly name, you must be girly.”

The boy was still whimpering at the fact he couldn’t participate a contest in Slateport as was allowed the year before. Silver and Kaizumo sweatdropped, but, nevertheless, continued into the tent. Inside, they learned that they could only use 3 pokemon, so Silver chose Houndoom, Espeon, and Umbreon since Lapras wasn’t cut for fighting. Kaizumo chose his 3 pokemon and they separated to enter their battle fields. Silver’s opponent was a youngster who summoned a Zigzagoon, a brown and tan striped raccoon. Silver chose Houndoom for battle, and her mighty wolf jumped onto the field, ready to fight. Houndoom began with a Fire Spin on Silver’s orders. Houndoom’s body was encircled with flames and he tackled the Zigzagoon, fainting it on contact.

“Ziggy!” cried the youngster as he returned the pokemon.

Next, he summoned a Swablu. The pokemon had a stout, blue body with cloud-like wings. The pokemon attempted a Sing attack but Houndoom drowned it out through a Roar. The little bird fled behind its trainer in fear and he was forced to call out his other pokemon, a Gulpin, a green pokemon that had the essence of sleep. Silver called for a Flamethrower but the green blob dodged it clumsily and made a huge yawn. The attack made Houndoom yawn too, and within moments, he was asleep.

“Wake up, Houndoom!” called Silver.

The Gulpin tackled Houndoom, which woke him up. He performed the earlier ordered Flamethrower and knocked out his opponent easily. Swablu was forced to battle and, once again, tried a Sing attack. Houndoom did a Howl attack this time to drown out the lullaby and boost his strength. He also did a Swagger, which made Swablu’s attack power rise tremendously, but at the cost of its sanity. The pokemon pecked the wall instead of Houndoom and was knocked unconscious when he delivered it a Headbutt. Silver cheered at their victory and scratched her dog pokemon behind the ear. Houndoom’s strength was regenerated and Silver awaited her next opponent.

The next opponent was one of those teenager girls who called themselves Beauties. Silver began with Houndoom again and her opponent called out an Electrike. The small, yellow and green wolf barked and shot sparks of electricity toward Houndoom, who dodged it easily with his unparalleled speed. Houndoom, without order like Electrike, shot out an intense Flamethrower that propelled the wolf into the steel wall, causing it to slip from consciousness. Silver’s opponent growled and called out a female Houndoom, causing Houndoom’s eyes to turn into hearts.

He rushed at her with his incredible speed, took her paws in his, kissed it and said, “You’re as hot as Ho-oh’s sacred flames.”

The Houndoom blushed and her trainer rolled her eyes. She called for a Crunch attack and the pokemon did as told. Houndoom then fainted from fatigue and a broken heart. Silver sighed, returned him, and chose Espeon for battle. The cat hissed at the fire dog and immediately delivered a Psychic attack without Silver’s orders. The Houndoom fainted immediately after she was rammed into the wall, surrounded by a lavender aura. Silver was shocked at Espeon’s strength and made a mental note to ask the two pokemon about it after she was done battling. The beauty then sent out a Numel, a slow-moving camel pokemon. The yellow camel began with an Ember which singed Espeon’s purple tail. She tackled the camel which flew it onto the wall. The determined pokemon stood up and began to glow brightly. When the light subsided, it revealed that Numel had evolved into a Camerupt, a red and larger version of its pre-evolution with two humps instead of one on its rigid back.

The camel, exhausted from evolution then fainted, bringing shock to its owner. She reluctantly returned the pokemon to its pokeball and left after giving Silver a murderous glare. Silver healed her pokemon and was about to enter the next arena when a blast erupted from behind her. She wheeled around and sprinted into the 1st battlefield to see people dressed in similar outfits as the men she saw earlier waiting in line for the museum standing before a gaping hole in the wall. One of the intruders, a man, was holding a compact machine and pointing at certain trainers. All the trainers pointed at were immediately grabbed and some of their pokeballs stripped from their belts, then thrown down unconscious on the floor.

Mightyena growled viciously and Crawdaunt clipped their claws every moment a trainer moved and some had even pinned down trainers who had reached for their pokeballs. The man then pointed at Silver and two men approached her, ready to deprive her of her pokemon. But Silver was quick and summoned all her pokemon, who surrounded her, ready to protect their trainer. Two Crawdaunts released a combined Swift attack and some Mightyena jumped, their jaws gleaming with their ferocious teeth, ready to use either Crunch or Bite. Espeon used Protect to surround the group along with some trainers, some of them plucking up the courage to summon their own pokemon. Umbreon immediately used Faint Attack after the wall of energy expired, hitting a few Crawdaunt and Mightyena severely. Lapras used Hydro Pump on a Mightyena and Houndoom used Flamethrower on some newly summoned Zubat and Golbat. Espeon used a combined Psybeam with a Kirlia and Kadabra.

Houndoom, with his advanced speed, managed to snatch the bag of stolen pokeballs, as well as destroy the machine they used to detect the certain pokemon they were searching for. Clearly outnumbered with more pokemon being sent out at the release of their loot, the criminal group recalled their weakened pokemon and retreated with the help of some flying pokemon. Silver released a relieved sigh and returned all her pokemon except Houndoom so she and Kaizumo could get to the next town quickly.

Outside the Battle Tent, various people gathered in large crowds to see what happened. Silver, Kaizumo, Houndoom, and the seldom exiting Misdreavus were squeezing through the tight gaps between people to the other end. Finally, after being relieved of the crowd with their shoulders aching, the group began to leave hastily as more people gathered to the scene. As they were walking toward Slateport’s exit, a man ran past Silver, bumping into her. She fell onto the ground with the feeling something was yanked from her side and the man continued his pace without apologizing to the girl. She stood up and brushed her clothes and caught up with Kaizumo and Houndoom, who was skipping happily in excitement.

Once away from Slateport, Silver dropped her hands to her pokeball belt just on impulse and gasped. Kaizumo looked at her from her yelp to see her fumbling with her pokeball belt. He asked what’s wrong and she looked up, fear evident in her eyes.

“Lapras’ gone!”

The End … or is it?

Angelic Elf Ivy
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Yay! New chapter! It was good, too! Dumb guy. . .taking Silver's Lapras! Oh well. We all know (or at least hope) that she'll get it back, so no need to worry. Still, I'm egar to read the next chapter now! (*waits for next chapter)

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"Umbreon: *picking his nose* Think? Is think a type of cheese?"

"Umbreon: I can think?!?"

"Espeon: No, you can't"

laughs histaricly(sp?) these are just TOO funny to resist! th...that...interuption was....soooo funny.*bursts out laughing* and...and X_x *dies*