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Mimori Kiryu
9th August 2005, 9:57 PM
Before you say, 'SHIPPING LIST AREN'T ALLOWED!1!!!11', Murgatroyd approved this through PM.

Now, this can be the thread where you list what shippings you support, and your reasons. Not, ‘I love pokeshipping just because!1!!!!1?!?’

You people are intelligent and know how to speak so show that you do.

Do not list the ones that you don’t support. I don’t want ANY bashing. This is for fun, so enjoy it X3

BEWARE! There might be spoilers in others reasons for liking a certain ship. If you don’t want to be spoiled, don’t read.

My Shipping List:

First up is Pokemon:

Pokeshipping: [Ash x Misty]: Yeah, I’ve supported this since I first started watching Pokemon back when I was nine. I’ve always thought that Ash and Misty loved each other.

Hoennshipping: [Brendan x May]: They just go together. I mean, they wouldn’t have three games where their rivals if they weren’t meant to be together. <3

Contestshipping: [Drew x May]: I LOVE this shipping. It’s my favorite pokemon shipping and it is there. I mean, would Drew bother challenging May and hanging around her, making her mad if he didn’t like her. Would May take it? No.

Ash x Gary: Don't know the shipping name but for reasoning, refer to Contestshipping ^_~


Inuyasha x Kikyou: I don’t care if the show doesn’t pair them together. I don’t care if 90% of Inuyasha fans hate this shipping. Without it the show wouldn’t exist and I totally support it. Thank you.

Inuyasha x Kagome: Yes, it’s weird, but I support both of these. Both are woman of the same soul and love the same man. It’s only right they both are paired with the person they love.

Miroku x Sango: One of animés best couples and there are so many episodes that star our lovable lecherous monk and the nice and kind demon slayer flirting and don’t like to admit that they are.

Kikyou x Suikotsu: From the time they first met and how much Kikyou was interested in Suikotsu…I totally supported it all the way. They are adorable, you must agree <3

Kohaku x Rin: This shipping is so kawaii! It’s obvious that Rin likes Kohaku because of the fact that she tries to protect him from Sesshoumaru and that Kohaku continuously saves Rin from Naraku. ^_~

Sesshoumaru x Kagura: Now…if Kagura didn’t have some kind of feelings for Sesshy here, why would she trust him to destroy Naraku so she could be free? And if Sesshoumaru didn’t have some feelings for Kagura, why would he listen to her request and not just walk away from her. Exactly.

Koga x Ayame: These two were made for each other. I mean, Koga promised under the Lunar Rainbow to marry her and he wouldn’t do that if he didn’t have feelings for her and even though he denies remembering that, he loves her. Ayame’s crazy about Koga so she doesn’t need any reasons.

Shippo x Kirara: This is one of the easiest couples in the show. Shippo cares about Kirara a lot and is always trying to protect her when she’s in her kitty form. And don’t you see how much Kirara is always around Shippo?

I think that’s it for Inuyasha X3 Never realized how long my list was.


Puzzleshipping [Yugi x Yami]: I don’t know who doesn’t see this shipping. It’s so obvious that they have feelings for each other.

Puppyshipping [Joey x Seto]: Yesh, this shipping is adorable, and I love it so. Would Seto continuously put down Joey over and over for no reason? Nope, he likes the little guy and you know it.

Iceshipping [Mai x Joey]: Anyone who doesn’t see this is blind. These two have love for each other, plain and simple.

Rivalshipping [Yami x Seto]: These two are made for each other. Both in the past and present.

Rurouni Kenshin: (I don’t watch this animé that much anymore…)

Kenshin x Kaoru: Since they have a son together and love each other more than anything, I obviously support it.

Sanosuke x Megumi: These two flirt all the time and deny any relationship between the two. So, they clearly like each other.

Megaman NT Warrior:

Lan x Chaud: I love this shipping so. If you’ve watch the two most recent episodes of Axess and haven’t seen the obvious shipping, then you’re weird.

Megaman x Protoman: If you pair up the netops, then you have to pair-up the navis too. I love this shipping…^_^

Lan x Megaman and Chaud x Protoman: Yes, it’s clear that they love their netnavis and would love it if the navis were real. I would love to see that. Why do you think that Lan and Chaud love crossfusion so much? *nods*


Domon x Rain: Yes, I agree with this shipping, even though it seems like Allenby and Domon would get along better…but it wasn’t meant to be.

George x Marie Louise: I LOATHE Marie Louise, I can’t stand her, but it’s clear that George will protect her at all cost and that’s the cute part. ^_^

Chibodee x Shirley: Yeah he’s got four girls to choose from, but he would choose Shirley because…well, just because it seems like they have the closest relationship.

Sai Saici x Cecil: Sai was crazy about Cecil and she kissed him before she left to go back to her colony. That’s enough proof.

s.CRY.ed (My current animé obsession ^_~)

Ryuhou x Mimori: My main shipping and considering that Mimori is my username, it explains that I love Ryuhou too. Oh, yeah, if you haven’t seen episode 8 of s.CRY.ed, you should see how jealous Ryuhou is of Kazuma hanging around Mimori all day…*laughs* God, I love this pairing.

Kazuma x Kanami: I don’t care if Kanami’s young and Kazuma’s a teen or older. These two are adorable together. Yay.

Kimishima x Ayase: It’s obvious that Kimishima has feelings for her and even though she hasn’t shown any…it’s there.

Kazuma x Ryuhou: They’re sworn enemies and are practically obsessed with each other, so this shipping is there. If you’ve seen the show, you’ll agree.

I’ll update this as I get more ^_^, so feel free to add your list.

9th August 2005, 10:09 PM
Leagueshipping (Ash/Richie): When I watched the three Richie eps. of the pokemon league, and I saw the scene under the stars I thought...here is something between them...

Steelshipping (Bashou/Buson): I really like this one, I love the relationship they have. Bashou giving orders to Buson and him just doing them without protesting

Tensionshipping (Harley/Drew): I'm not sure the reason of why I like this one...I just...like it, the seem to fit perfectly, at least for me.

Sacredshipping (Morty/Eusine): It's obvious that there's something between these two...just see the ep. "For Ho-oh the bells toll", that explains all.

I support other ships too, but this ones are my favourites.

9th August 2005, 10:19 PM

Pokeshipping- I support this ship because Ash and Misty look cute together and I like love/hate relationships and because of the number of hints

Hoennshipping-I personally like this ship because of the hints from May in the games

Questshipping- I seem to like this because of the way Marina was flirting with Kenta in the Hoso

Fushigi Yugi:

Tamahome x Miaka:I support this cause they seemed to have a thing for each other in the beginning then they got married

Shidoshi x Yui- I support this cause of the one-sided feelings of Shidoshi


Yugi x Tea- I support this cause of the hints in series 0

Shaman King:

Yoh x Anna- I simply support this because it's the only one that makes sense in this show

Rave Master:

Haru x Ellie-Seems they have a feelings for each other considering the obvious hints in a few episodes

Plue x lolipops-Plue seems to have a thing for candy LOL


Naruto x Sakura- This seems to be one-sided, but I like it anyway cause it's hilarious

Naruto x Hinata- I support this because of the cute crush Hinata has on Naruto.

Sakura x Sasuke-Like the TOTAL one-sided on this. :D

Rurouni Kenshin:

Kenshin x Kauru- It's hilarious to see Kenshin get whacked in the head by Kauru. :D

I think I support more, but I think I have a memory block. -_-;

intergalactic platypus
9th August 2005, 10:25 PM

pokeshipping-ash/misty has seemed good to me since the second movie. its pretty clear she used to have a crush on him, and i think they would fit together well
contestshipping-im not like a fangirl for it really but i find it apparent that its happening. plus it works for me
originshipping-i love the idea of those two together ingame. i mean they help save the world. how cute
eldershipping-i think oak and delila have been carrying on an affair for ages
yumishipping-i think thats jesse/cassidy. they so have a history

yu yu hakusho

yusuke/keiko-my favorite ship in history. could it get any sweeter?
heiei/botan-in a wierd way they would be a great couple
koenma/his assistant guy. what do you think they do in that office all day?

9th August 2005, 10:29 PM
Mah shipping list of doom!


Ash x May - I started liking this when Ash blamed himself when May got her butt kicked in her first contest, and I've liked it ever since. I remember thinking "WTF" when A Ruin with a View came on during that "sneak peak" awhile ago and how I thought May liked Ash... forgot why though, think it was because May was grabbed his arm or hand at some point and I thought she was flirting with him at some point.

Drew x May - Someone who likes Contestshipping and Advanceshipping. Yay for me! I was neutral on this at first, but then I started liking it whenever the roses came in. So much like Sakura x Li it's not even funny.

Ash x Duplica - I have NO idea why I like this. I just thought Duplica was cool and the fanfiction for it was good.

Misty x Tracey - I started liking Orangeshipping... I think a couple of days before I found out about the Hoso episodes. Ironic.

Misty x Brock - Because ironic pairings are cool.

Misty x Max - Max getting a crush on Misty would be hilarious, not that I'm expecting her to return the feelings though. Still, this has a lot of potential.

Misty x Brendan - I don't know WHY, I just DO. :D

Misty x Rudy - For someone who hates Misty, I like her with a lot of people. Anyway, because Rudy wasn't afraid to show his feelings and stuff. Damn Misty for ditching him like that. >:O

Red x Yellow - Red x Yellow raaaaaawks. It's like, the best ship ever. GO YELLOW.


Inuyasha x Kikyou - I'm a hardcore Inu x Kik fan and proud of it. I dunno why I like them this much, probably because it's interesting and you never know what's going to happen. Will Kikyou try dragging Inuyasha to hell again? Will Inuyasha ditch the group and cause a lot of harm to the others? Will Kikyou die again? DRAMA. And the angst = awesomeness.

Inuyasha x Sango - I think Sango would do Inuyasha some good. At least with Sango he wouldn't have to worry about having to protect her as much due to Sango being able to fight most of the time, and he wouldn't be reminded of Kikyou around her, and I think their personalities would mesh well. And because the fanfiction is good. :0

Sesshoumaru x Kikyou - Because of fanfiction again. And just imagine Inuyasha walking on Sesshoumaru and Kikyou... THAT'D BE SO HILARIOUS.

Sesshoumaru x Kagura - I know in the manga Kagura liking Sesshoumaru is basically canon if I'm not mistaken, but I don't know about the anime. Anyway, another angsty couple... in the manga anyway.

Sesshoumaru x Sango - I have NO idea why. :D

Suikotsu x Kikyou - I'm not nutters about it, but I am starting to like it some (it's pretty popular). I have to find out more about it though.

Tales of Symphonia

Lloyd x Sheena - Because this ship owns, that's all there is to it. And they actually DEVELOP, can't say the same about the other canon ship. I don't think Lloyd x Sheena is canon though, but awfully close, especially on the Sheena ending.

Lloyd x Presea - Fanfiction again. :0

Zelos x Raine - People think Zelos x Sheena is funny? Imagine Zelos and Raine hooking up.

Zelos x Sheena - I like this one some, it does have it's moments every once in awhile when you think about it. Not really fond of the fanbase though.

Zelos x Colette - If you pair Lloyd and Sheena up, Colette and Zelos are left. Gotta pair them up. o_o And Colette would probably do Zelos some good. I think Zelos might be able to get Colette to open up more too instead of her "haha i'm suffering but i can't say it lmao" attitude.

Kratos x Anna - Because I like angst.

Yuan x Martel - See above.

Regal x Presea - Because it'd be awesome. If Regal goes with someone, it's gotta be Presea.

Yu Yu Hakusho

Yusuke x Keiko - One of the few love/hate canon relationship I actually like. Yusuke seems a tad bit different than most for whatever reason.

Yusuke x Botan - I know this ship has NO chance... Unless Keiko died, but still. Fanfiction is your friend.

Kurama x Botan - I can't STAND the thought of Kurama with an ordinary human girl... It just PISSES me off, especially when it's those badly written Mary Sues who are secretely demons but they never knew then their parents died then it's the group's job to protect her to make sure other demons don't kill her then she and Kurama (Hiei sometimes) fall in love, or Kuwabara will die and he'll be paired with Yukina. Disgusting. He's got to go with Botan. <_<

Kurama x Keiko - This completely contradicts what I said earlier huh? Yeah well, anyway. :D If Kurama HAS to go with a human, then Keiko seems like the best choice.

Harry Potter

Harry x Luna - Because Luna is so... WEIRD. It just makes the ship awesome because you never know what Luna is going to do.

Harry x Hermione - Never expected it to happen, and I don't expect Hermione to ditch Ron for Harry for some reason. I just like the pairing for my own reasons.

Ron x Hermione - Expected all along... It just grew on me after awhile.

Ron x Luna - I always wondered why Luna's crush on Ron wasn't really delved into, I thought it had a lot of potential. It would have been a hell of a lot more amusing than Ron x Lavender, though Ron going out with Luna is a bit unlike him.

Harry x Cho - I actually liked this ship, I see it getting bashed like crazy though. o_o I'm not nutty about it, and it's not like I'll take on an army of people who hate this ship but... I don't think many people are being fair towards it. Anyway though, I liked the build up I suppose... And other things.

Dragonball (Z)

Goku x Chi Chi - I really only liked this in Dragonball, DBZ I started to dislike it, and my DBGT I hated it completely. I always thought Goku x Chi Chi was... Cute so I supported them. o_o

Yamcha x Bulma - Yamcha x Bulma = Awesome. I almost lost it when they ditched this for Bulma x Vegeta. "I'm trunks, take this medicine Goku... Oh yeah, Vegeta and Bulma are my parents haha" That came from... nowhere. <_<

And I'll finish this up... Eventually.

9th August 2005, 10:31 PM
Contestshipping: [Drew x May]: I LOVE this shipping. It’s my favorite pokemon shipping and it is there. I mean, would Drew bother challenging May and hanging around her, making her mad if he didn’t like her. Would May take it? No.

Um, yes. If you recall, Gary did the exact same thing to Ash minus the roses. That's what rivals do, they make their opponents angry.

Not that Contestshipping won't happen, but using that logic is ridiculous since Gary did the same thing to Ash.

Mimori Kiryu
9th August 2005, 10:35 PM
Um, yes. If you recall, Gary did the exact same thing to Ash minus the roses. That's what rivals do, they make their opponents angry.

Not that Contestshipping won't happen, but using that logic is ridiculous since Gary did the same thing to Ash.

Who says I don't support Ash x Gary for the same reason? ^_^

9th August 2005, 10:38 PM
Kenshin x Kaoru: Since they have a son together and love each other more than anything, I obviously support it.A kid? WTF?! *goes insane*

... I never knew that. Probably because I only watched a couple episodes... But a kid huh?

I used to hate that shipping, but now I basically forgot their interactions and stuff so I don't really have an opinion on it anymore.

... A kid?! o_o

Mimori Kiryu
9th August 2005, 10:43 PM
Yeah, I'll get a pic.


That's Kenji Himura, son of Kenshin and Kaoru. I told you not to read unless you want to be spoiled :D

9th August 2005, 10:43 PM

May x Kanata is a favorite of mine for reasons I've said in another thread. The girls look adorable together, probably my favorite yuri pairing in the whole show.

Misty x Sakura is another one, for the same reason as above.

Kanata is to May what Sakura is to Misty. Nice that the writers made a girlfriend for both these characters.

Yoru Ryu
9th August 2005, 10:46 PM

Colosseumshipping ~ Wes x Rui
Elitefourshipping ~ Lance x Lorelei
Susushipping ~ Will x Morty
Originshipping ~ Steven x Wallace
Enigmashipping ~ Lance x Wes (XD)

Golden Sun

Mudshipping ~ Isaac x Mia
Flameshipping ~ Garet x Jenna
Windshipping ~ Ivan x Sheba
Valeshipping (to a point) ~ Isaac x Jenna

Final Fantasy VII

Sephiroth x Cloud
Sephiroth x Aeris
Vincent x Cid

Harry Potter

Severus x Harry
Sirius x Severus x Remus

Skies of Arcadia

Vyse x Fina

Gee, i think that's all i can remember at the moment.

9th August 2005, 11:13 PM
Yay =D

Case Closed/Detective Conan:

Conan x Ai: I don't care how many hints for a certain other ship *cough* they throw at me, this one will always be my favorite CC ship. It's one of the most original ships I know. It's serious, yet funny. LOL @the moment when Ai pointed a gun at Conan.

Harley x Jimmy/Conan: This is hilarious. I know Harley just treats him like a good buddy, but still... I sometimes have a feeling he is quite fond of him XD

Kamikaze Kaito Jeanne:

Maron x Yamato: I feel terribly sorry for Yamato. He's shy and all, and he liked Maron, but he was quite clumsy around her. It's a bit like BackShipping from Pokémon...maybe that's the reason why I like it.

Maron x Zen: Okay, this one was quite corny, but I still like it. Maybe because the fact that it was unlikely to happen made up for it. And it didn't happen anyway. Zen's death did make it somewhat special, and sad, not to mention. Argh, I'm a sucker for things like that XD


Ash x May: Okay, that was obvious I guess. It is a quite unique kind of ship excluding the fact that it'd be Main Chara x Main Chara.
Yeah, Ash does save her a lot of times, but it's not all "lolz im alwayz g0nna b with u n0 matter wot happenz haha". They're acting like normal friends most of the time, and I can imagine it would have stayed that way if the ship had happened. And putting a romantic relationship almost on the same level as a friendship is cool 8D

Ash x Drew: YAY FOR THIS. *coughs* Sorry. But as I said in another thread, it would be so ironic it makes me want to squeal =D It makes no sense and almost nobody likes it and it has no chance of happening but it's great nonetheless. Yaaaaay *squeals* XD

Misty x Tracey: I just like OrangeShipping. It's been so underestimated, but it's really cute. Misty is tough, Tracey is sweet...Well, I just adore it^^

Misty x Max: Mt. Moon ep. 'Nuff said. =D

Jessie x James: What have they done to RocketShipping? Almost no hints in AG so far IIRC. It was one of the first ships I supported, and I still like it. You could consider it as fluffy I guess, but something makes it special.

There are many other Pokémon ships that I like, but I don't feel liking typing 'til tomorrow. The ones I really support will do.

Harry Potter:

Harry x Draco: This one is really cool. They hate each other and I am convinced that they won't end up together (XD), but it's still cool. I don't have a good reason why, though.

Ron x Luna: Ron is my favorite HP character, and almost all of his lines make me laugh, but the interactions with Luna are the most hilarious ones in my opinion. I also like

Harry x Luna, because ...I don't know. Luna didn't make me laugh a single time with her weird statements and whatnot, but I enjoyed her conversations with Harry a lot for some reason.

I'll add...when I'm feeling like it.

9th August 2005, 11:41 PM
This thread already exists (http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=39973).

intergalactic platypus
9th August 2005, 11:48 PM
omg i forgot a few

misty/tracey. my second choice for misty. theyre so different in a lot of ways that it works. i can picture them being long term
misty/sakura or may. my idea if misty was a lesbian. both would be fine
ron/hermoine. its just so cool to me. just like wiht misty and tracey, theyre so different it works
frodo/sam. my favorite non-anime ship. thats what real loyalty is man. some of the frodo/sam scenes in the book made me cry

Mimori Kiryu
9th August 2005, 11:54 PM
This thread already exists (http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=39973).

This is for shippings in any anime, not just pokemon.

10th August 2005, 12:03 AM
So is that thread.

Toran Frostbite
10th August 2005, 12:16 AM
But it was still approved though, Ket. Doesn't that matter?

10th August 2005, 12:19 AM
Not if it's a repeat thread it doesn't. >< The other one is a freaking STICKY, for crying out loud!

10th August 2005, 12:42 AM
Ehhh... *ignores the Pokemon ones* XD

Golden Sun
Mudshipping (Isaac/Mia) - Most of my Golden Sun ones are simply being influenced by fics and fanart. *shrug*
Flameshipping (Garet/Jenna) - Because Jenna attacking Garet would be a really funny sight. XD
Windshipping (Ivan/Sheba) - :D They look too similar. Though I'm not as huge a supporter of this as the other two.
Lighthouseshipping (Felix/Sheba) - Sweet pairing.
Kay (Garet's big sister)/Felix - Just because it's kinda interesting... XD
I forgot what Menardi/Saturos and Karst/Agatio were... And don't forget Kyle/Dora (Did I get that right?) and Garet's mom and Garet's dad!

Fire Emblem
Matthew/Leila - OTP. 'nuff said. Plus there's so much possibility for this pairing! And lots of angst. XD But only in remembrance! Or in the case of my fic... possible revival. Doesn't want Matthew going to dig up Leila's grave. o__0
Pent/Louise - Two kids, married. 'nuff said as well. :D
Roy/Lilina - Cute! ^__^ They're like a childhood friends ship and those are always so very adorable. XD
Eliwood/Lyn - Courtesy of the first (and very great) FE fic I read. And their ending picture is so pretty! I actually don't like Eliwood/Ninian despite the psuedo-canon-ness.
Hector/Lyn - Fun little love/hate pairing.
Hector/Florina - Again... courtesy of that same fic. XD
Karla/Bartre - Just 'cause. It's definitely the weirdest canon pairing I've ever seen. :/
Harken/Isadora - Sweet and angsty. Nice. XD
Heath/Priscilla - Angsty pairing with lots of possibility, though not as much as Matthew/Leila when it comes to the pre-game fics.
Erk/Serra - Funny. VERY funny.
Canas/his wife - And this gets as Hugh. :D
Dart/Farina - XD Just... funny.
Wil/Rebecca - -__- I forgot this. *is an idiot* T__T
Jaffar/Nino - Almost forgot about this! Really really sweet pairing, with little Nino being the only person the Angel of Death will ever care about.
Seth/Eirika - So very sweet. Best Eirika pairing. *nod*
Seth/Natasha - If Eirika's not available, Natasha's a good match for Seth. I've not seen much about this pairing though.
Joshua/Natasha - Really funny and sweet. :3 Gambler + cleric!
Franz/Amelia - Franz is definitely a lot more caring than Ewan.
Ewan/Amelia - Cute, but not as good as Franz/Amelia. But Ewan's really adorable (and perverted). XD
Artur/Lute - Very funny and cute. Spiders!
Colm/Neimi - Only pairing for both characters. Neimi constantly alludes to this as well. Very sweet.
Ephraim/Tana - Tana has a HUGE crush on Ephraim! XD IMO, at least.
Innes/Vanessa - Read above. XD
Rennac/L'Arachel - Too bad this doesn't have an ending... :/ But Rennac's ending almost seems to allude to it... Though he was probably also happy about the money.

Tales of Symphonia
Lloyd/Colette - Yes, it's very very very sweet. Yes, maybe overly so. But hey, nothing wrong with something being overly sweet if you've got a sweet tooth! XD And especially if you only play in small doses.
Genis/Presea - Because Genis' crush is very funny.
Zelos/Sheena - Because. Just because.
Kratos/Anna - No Lloyd! *gasp*
Yuan/Martel - Y&M. Yep. XD
Regal/Alicia - I think it's even sadder when you read the synopsis for the Drama CD. Then again, maybe not.
Dorr/Clara - Yay! *pointless*

That's all for now! XD

10th August 2005, 1:09 AM
Ok, my turn.

Pokeshipping-Been a supporter for this for years.
Questshipping-Ever since I laid eyes on the Raikou special I've seen the evidence.
Hoennshipping-Only played Ruby and Sapphire once and it was a friends' copy and I've read fanfictions of this one. I don't support it as much as I used to.
Contestshipping-Became hooked on this after reading Encyclopika's fanfiction.
Rocketshipping-Too much evidence to let go.

Love Hina
Keitaro Urashima & Naru Narusegawa-I've been reading the manga for some time and I'm in the process of trying to obtain DVDs of the series, movies, and OVA. True she hits him for being a quote on quote "pervert" but it's quite evident she was in love with him and they got married at the end of the manga.

Inuyasha & Kagome-My favorite out of this series not to mention Kagome manages to kiss Inuyasha in the second movie.
Sango & Miroku-Sure he gropes her and she slaps him for it, but there's just too much evidence to let this one go.

Gundam (The shows/movies I've seen
Shiro Amada & Aina Sahalin(08th MS Team)-He's a Federation pilot, she's a Zeon pilot; they're enemies in war, but when they first met they became lovers.
Kira & Lacus(Seed/Seed Destiny)-Quite evident and they show it.
Athrun & Cagalli-When they first met it wasn't on good terms, but he eventually became her bodyguard. (Like she needs one?)
Domon & Rain (G)-These two were quite obvious since the first episode.
Heero & Relena (GW)-People don't like Relena, but I do. She may be one of those people who would be a nuisance to Heero but it's quite the contrary.

Rave Master
Haru & Elie-Very evident since day one.

Card Captor Sakura
Sakura & Syaoran-They started out on the wrong foot, but he fell for her and she returned those feelings.
Tomoyo & Eriol-No evidence in the show, but it's cute anyway.

Zoids (All series)
Bit & Leena (Zero Century)-They steal each others' sweets and they do show bits of worry for one another.
Van & Fiona (Chaotic Century)-Very obvious since day one.

Tyson & Hillary-She does show concern for him and he does the same every once in a while.

That's it for now.

Sumner Sturgeon
10th August 2005, 1:53 AM
Eh, I might as well. I've got nothing else to do. XD

Hoennshipping- My all-time favourite. I've loved it for the past 2 years, and I ain't stoppin' now! It was the first shipping involving May that I ever heard about, so naturally, I favour it over others. The in-game hints bolstered my support immensely.

Pokeshipping- While it's no longer my favourite, I've liked this one even longer than Hoennshipping, and my support has never wavered.

Advanceshipping- I don't really have any problem with this one. I used to hate it, but now's it's on my "ok-by-me" list.

Contestshipping- For the most part, I don't like this one at all, but I grudgingly accepted it as one of the most likely Pokemon ships out there. It took a lot to make me relent, and it'll take even more to make me change my mind about doing so.

Rocketshipping- The first ship I ever got into, Pokemon or otherwise. While it passed from the "favourite" spot long ago, it still holds a special place in my heart.

Questshipping- It makes sense, I like it, and it has 2 of my favourite characters in it. I see no reason not to support it. ^_^

Avatar: The Last Airbender

Aang and Katara- The level of affection between the two is undeniable. Not to mention, Aang's always trying to impress Katara, while Katara's always worrying about Aang.

Sokka and Suki- What's not to like? And of course, there was that lovely kiss-scene in The Warriors of Kyoshi.

Star Wars

Han and Leia- One of my favourite canon couples. They obviously love each other, since they're married and had 3 kids.

Anakin and Padme- I don't think much needs to be said for this one. XD And for the record, I don't really care too much about the corny dialogue.

Obi-Wan and Siri- Seriously, ol' Obi NEEDS a woman in his life. Too bad she had to die . . . ;_;

Jango and Zam- With all the blatant flirting between them in Bounty Hunter, this one pretty much speaks for itself.

Kyle and Jan- Again, canon. Not to mention cute. ^_^

Luke and Mara Jade- Also, canon, married, and with a kid. Not much to object to there. XD

Star Fox

Fox and Krystal- There's just about no denying this one. After all the hints, there's no way that you can't agree!

Falco and Katt- The more "subtle" of the few Star Fox ships. Despite the massive species barrier, I like this pair. Besides, it's easy to tell, at least on Katt's side, that they want to be together.

10th August 2005, 2:11 AM
OK, then, my turn! ^o^


Pokeshipping: (DUH!) I've been seen lurking around the pokeshipping thread so it's obvious. Oh, right, you want reasons: I've been a supporter ever since Daisy mistook Ash for Misty's boytoy(<---XD) The next episodes led me on and I tingle everytime Ash and Misty bickered, annoyed and teased each other. So..I guess, I'll still support this couple to the bitter end.

Contestshipping: Drew and May have the cutest relationship 2 rivals would ever have! Their personalities just mingle together perfectly and the interactions between them engrosses me to the the extent that I want to see more of them, together. It excites me everytime Drew would just pop out, and then, a confrontation between May and Drew would happen.

Questshipping- This is fairly new in my list, and I found it by accident. One time, I've stumbled upon the questshipping thread and I thought to myself.."Wow, these two have potential and it's an added plus that they look awfully adorable together".

Vision of Escaflowne: (Spoilers)

I love everything about the series and I'm especially intrigiued by Van and Hitomi's relationship. What I like most is the *unpredictability" factor-the girl(Hitomi) is fickle-minded for god's sake and has been drooling over 2 guys who looked aliked. She does NOT even notice this other guy, brooding, mysterious, sizzling in every way..and the lad has fallen head-over heels for her but he does not want to admit it because the Hitomi's eyes were only for Allen-and err..Amano(who incredibly resembles Allen) Oh yes, but our heroine, Hitomi, worries and obviously cares for Van(Mr. broody) and she does not realize she loves him-until the last 60 minutes of the whole series-and here's Van, quietly watching from the sidelines, chickening out. Anyway, where was I..err..I dunno, I just love this couple to death.

Princess Tutu(Spoilers)

Fakia x Ahiru: This is the most unlikely couple I've ever seen. Their story involves the "unpredictability" factor I'm looking for. At the beggining, there was no sign-yes, no sign of these two getting together. Fakia intimidates Ahiru and thinks she's an annoying little prat who stalked Mytho around. Ahiru thought he was mean and nasty and heartless and bullied Mytho, the stoical boy she had a crush on. Hehe, isn't it interesting? ^o^

Be adding more later.

10th August 2005, 2:48 AM
Star Fox

Fox and Krystal- There's just about no denying this one. After all the hints, there's no way that you can't agree!

Falco and Katt- The more "subtle" of the few Star Fox ships. Despite the massive species barrier, I like this pair. Besides, it's easy to tell, at least on Katt's side, that they want to be together.

Yeah, yeah! I've played Assault (awesome game) and I LOVED that scene where Fox got glomped by Tricky then the part where he was making Fox hesitate about "the thing" ;)

Falco and Katt, that too is awesome! Both Falco and Katt are annoying so they're a perfect match! ^_^

Anyways my list is limited so here it is:


Advanceshipping - First and foremost. Been a supporter of this shipping after watching the ep "Love At First Flight".

Rocketshipping - Jessie and James would look good together. There was a HOSO ep (forgot the title) where it had something to do with their love. Not sure really because I haven't seen ANY HOSOs yet \=

Orangeshipping - Misty and Tracey look like an item to me. Those two would make a much better relationship than the "Ash and Misty" part. *runs away from angry Pokeshippers*


Polarshipping - This is the only shipping I support in the show. Joey and Mai are awesome together! Remember the ep where this Hollywood guy came, how he made his "grand entrance"? Mai practically jumped on Joey for protection as soon as that car came through the wall :p

Sailor Moon

Usagi and Mamoru - Hmm... I don't think anyone can deny THIS shipping. Especially when it's already canon :p

Chibi-usa and Pegasus (Helios) - Ah this one is just awesome. The two shared conversations, talked about love and stuff, and there was a really cute scene where Helios kissed Chibi-usa. =/

That's all for now I guess =)

10th August 2005, 3:37 AM
My favorite shippings are:
Eliteshipping. Why Lance and Lorelei are so good together, I don't know. Someone give me some reasons. It is also the only hetero shipping that I like.
Susushipping. Two of the hottest people in pokemon, Will and Morty, gettin' it on, woohoo.. Angsty boy and stoner, what a couple!
Originshipping. Steven and Wallace. I mean, come on, Steven had to have a reason to give his position as league champ to Wallace, and that skarmory of his can't be the only thing he rides...

10th August 2005, 3:53 AM
Sounds like fun ^^


Pokeshipping: I've supported this since I first started watching Pokemon. Ash and Misty are my favorite. It's pretty dang funny(usually). By far my favorite ship!

Contestshipping: I support this sort of. I think Drew like May but is kinda shy about it (*points at roses*) It okay but not my favorite.

Hoennshipping: This pretty good too. I like it about the same as Contestshipping. The only real big hintsare from may when she gets a little nervous talking. I like it.

Rocketshipping: Love it. Hilarious. Especially with meowth making fun of them ^^


Sonic x Amy: I don't think Amy is gonna give up. Seriously.

Knux x Rouge: Obvious with a capital O. Beat SA2 and you'll see.

Cream x Emerl: Cream taught him about love (i think) and Emerls pretty cool.(can't think of anymore reasons)


Yugi x Rebbeca: Rebbeca is a little protective of her little crush and Yugi gets all embaressed about it. Rebecca is also my favorite character. Funneh!

Yami x Tea: I think yugi like Tea but she's more interested in Yami. There was this one episode that made this clear but i forget.

Joey x Mai: Joey ish my second favorite character! This is funneh and sweet as well. joey tried to save her from Marik during his and Mai shadow game.

Megaman Battle Network(GAME not the show)

Lan x Mayl: Lan is so darn dense he can't even tell that mayl likes him. Mayl makes in so dang obvious but Lan doesn't know XD

Megaman x Roll: Like Lan and Mayl except Megaman is so dang dense.

Protoman x Meddy: Rawr. I like this lots. Protoman almost got deleted trying to protect Meddy. Sides, Proto needs a girl XD

Dragon Ball GT

Pan x Geru(that spelled right?): Okay I'm weird. Human/Saiyan and robot. *ish crazy* Geru even said he loved her. XD

10th August 2005, 6:24 AM

Threads of Fate/Dewprism
RuexMint - Mainly, I like this couple because of the fact I like the relationship between this two. And, some of their convos are pretty funny as well. And also because it's so cute~! XD (*Is shot for using the commonly used reason known as "so cute"*)
DukexBell - The couple is pretty obvious.o.o And Duke and Bell are both morons (XD I like these two, OK? They just act like morons sometimes.) so they fit pretty well together.=X

Fire Emblem
MatthewxSerra - (Might be spoiler for those who haven't played Rekka no Ken) Well, Leile died so I couldn't very well support Matthew with a died person now, could I?O.o Well, I thought that their Support convos were funny and cute (XD More funny then cute.) and also like the fact that Matthew protects Serra even though their just orders from Hector.<<;;
EliwoodxLyn - o.o I started supporting this couple after I saw Lyn go for help to Eliwood during her chapters.X3;; I thought it was somewhat cute that could always go to him for help.
WilxRebecca - XD C'mon? Who can't love these two as a couple? They make so obvious~!Lol. I just love this couple in the whole darn series, their supports convos are funny.^^ And they are both archers! And other reasons, too lazy to put in spoiler thingy so no say.o.o
SainxPriscilla - Yes, you may shot me now.o.o I liked this pairing ever since I read this short comic on these two~ XD It was so cute and loveable.^_^ (And, yes you may shot me for using the word loveable.).
JaffarxNino - Jaffar needs someone like Nino! Though, I think there is a huge age diffrence, it doesn't really matter in my opnion. It would still look cute.^__^
SethxEirika - My Sacred Stones OTP.XD The couple is so cute, even before the game allowed you to dothe support convos, I supported this couple none the less since the very begginging of the game.
ColmxNeimi - Isn't it cute when Neimi always cries over Colm or worries about him?XD Yes, the couple is sickinly obvious, but still very cute.^^

Final Fantasy (series)
TidusxRikku - Less likely to ever happen, because of Yuna (not like I hate Yuna or anything?Ok? OK.). But, the couple is still cute.o.o
ZidanexGarnet - Yes, ANOTHER obvious couple. So sue me for liking obvious couples just because their cute.XD
CloudxYuffie - Yes, not a CloudxAeris or CloudxTifa fan, sorry. I only started liking this couple because it gave me a reason to actually not like any FF7 couples. Besides, this couple is less likely to happen in any flame wars. Since CloudxAeris and CloudxTifa fans seems to get into flame wars pretty easily.x-x;

Phantom Brave -
AshxMarona - Yes, the half-dead guyxthe very cheerful chroma girl.o.o; I don't care about the age diffrence between these two, they still make a cute couple. Because for one, Ash has sworn to protect Marona and feels guilty for causing trouble to her. And, I also like it very muchly ever since the dning of the game~! (Dont read ahead if you don't liek spoilers.<_< Don't snap at me for this.) The very defining moment about this couple is when Ash sacrifices himself inorder to save Marona and everyone in Iviore. The exact relationship between Marona and Ash wasn't very open until the end of the game when Marona cried out to Ash, “I need you! I want you to be with me forever!”. Yes, I am very obbessed with this couple.o,o *Cough*

Tales of Symphonia
LlyodxCollete - I don't care what you stinkin' bashers think, I like this couple, and I like Collete.o.o The couple is cute, and I like their bond/friendship. You don't see those that often in real life.o-o
GenisxPresea - XD I lover the crush Genis had on Presea~
KratosxAnna - o.o And thy name was Obvious.
ZelosxSheena - XD His main hunny~ Lol.

Golden Sun
IsaacxJenna - .-. Um.. 'Nother obvious couple.XD
IsaacxMia - Thank you fanart!XD
FelixSheba - C'mon, he protected her!xD

Couldn't list any of my favorite anime/manga couples..Eh, oh well. o.o

10th August 2005, 7:12 AM
The only ship that I do support is Joey X Mia. They both seem to really like each other.

10th August 2005, 7:44 AM

Ash x Misty: Good chemistry.
Ash x May: The same.
Brock x Misty: Eh, sure, why not?
Brendan x May: Cute.

Almost forgot, Jessie x James: They are a good couple

Teen Titans

Robin x Starfire: Can you say "duh"? I knew you could...

Beast Boy x Raven: What can I say, I think they'd be good foils to each other. Besides, I think they look cute together.

Beast Boy x Terra: Eh, cute but a little chaotic.

Shaman King

Yoh x Anna: I love this couple.

Samurai Champloo

Mugen x Fuu: I think Mugen likes her more than he lets on and vice versa.

Fuu x Jin: Not so much, but maybe.

That's good for know, I suppose.

Blackjack Gabbiani
10th August 2005, 7:45 AM
Rocketshipping - Jessie and James would look good together. There was a HOSO ep (forgot the title) where it had something to do with their love. Not sure really because I haven't seen ANY HOSOs yet \=

Origin of Love and Truth.

But you do realize the title has nothing to do with 'their love' and more to do with their Japanese motto, right?

10th August 2005, 8:31 AM
Ash/Satoshi x Misty/Kasumi - It's cute, I see their relationship in some of the old eps, it's funny and cute when they fight
Drew/Shuu x May/Haruka - Well since my username has ShuuHaru in there, I must love them, yet again they're cute and funny when they fight
Harley x Drew/Shuu - just cute, especially in the GF eps..and well I'm a yaoi fan
Tate/Fuu x Max/Masato - I find them cute, they're like brothers ^^ especially when they first meet

Megaman NT warrior/Rockman EXE
Chaud/Enzan x Lan/Netto - I find them a pretty cool couple, I haven't seen Axess, but in the first season, I can pretty much see their relationship with each other.
Chaud/Enzan x Protoman/Blues - Netops and Netnavis must be together ^^ Well why wouldn't they? I think it's sweet
Lan/Netto x Megaman/Rockman - Same as Chaud x Protoman
Yai/Yaito x Chaud/Enzan - they're really funny when they fight.....just like Drew x May ^___________^

Tsukasa x Elk - Elk has only been in the anime twice, yet there isn't any relationship between them....but many fanarts and fanfics support this couple.....so that's probably why ^^;;
Tsukasa x Subaru - There's a lot of hints between them throughout the series......the only thing I dislike is that Tsukasa in the real world is a girl and Subaru is too
Tsukasa x Mimiru - I like them because of their rough start and then their friendship increasing

Kai x Ray/Rei - Well because Rei's the only person who doesn't like intrude in Kai's privacy, he's not too hyper with him so that's why I like them
Kai x Tyson/Takao - Funny couple and it's cute in fanfics/fanarts, especially in the Eps after "When you wish upon a star" There's some hints that Takao is worried about Kai
Kai x Tala/Yuriy - They're like childhood friends and well many fanarts/fanfics make them cute together
Gou x Makoto - Makoto is Takao's son and Gou is Kai's son. So if I like KaiTakao, I'll like GouMakoto......yet again fanarts/fanfics make them cute

One Piece
Nami x Luffy - They're just a funny couple ^^ that's it

Toran Frostbite
10th August 2005, 1:58 PM
...I'll just do my shorter lists. I don't have time for the longer ones.


Bart x "BC" - XDDD Canon says it's one-sided. Kinda pronoucing your love while staring your would-be-interest in the face (and suspended from the ceiling by chains) when you know their secret(s)....ahaha. ^_^ It makes me Happy.
Jura x Barnette - Drama queen and the solely dedicated lover, though even at that, we're not too sure. They're like Haruka and Michiru, except the blonde's the flashy one and the more rugged one is still rather feminine.

Blue Seed

Kusanagi x Momiji - It's who the whole series is about, and the pairing doesn't annoy me. It's got Kikyou/Inuyasha/Kagome written all over it, except Kusanagi and Momiji actually have a more realistic relationship. And it makes me go Squee, I tell you.


Mario x Jean - ....You had to be there. I mean, Jean's only there for a couple of episodes, but holy Knievel. They knew each other previously, in school, and just the way episode ten ends is...I'm going to cry now.

Prince of Tennis

Sengoku x Muromachi - 'Course, no one knows who Muromachi Touji is, but that's my luck. Little things said between the anime and one or two of the games hints that Touji may have a liking for him. It's also the pairing that got me roped into the series in the first place, not that it's popular or anything. Far from it.

Inui x Kaidou - Totally kicked the Golden Pair out of my way for good. They just go together like peanut butter and cream cheese. =9 Evil sempai.

Muromachi x Nomura - My personal crack pairing. Take the two players from different teams who, while actually on the team instead of the club, get no respect as 'good' players (because their skills seem to hint at average), and stick them together to lament.

Zoids series

Stoeller x Sanders - NC0-verse. It's an Elephander of Love! And no one sees it! Why the hell would Sanders stick with Stoeller so far as to desert the Eeeeevil side and so rogue with him if he didn't have a strong loyalty to him? The fact that he seems to worship the ground Stoeller walks on doesn't help matters (I would to, in fact). It's love!

Zeke x Thomas - CC-verse. It may be just for humor, but Zeke blushes bashfully way too much to make anyone think the organoid don't have a crush on pitiful Thomas. *hug*

10th August 2005, 6:35 PM
Oh man....I've got a big anime list XD

1.Questshipping(Kenta/Marina)-seen the Special, the evidence. They obvious show feelings for the other
2.Altoshipping(Satoshi/Latias)-Latias really loved him in a cute pokemon way. Would have joined him on his journey if allowed to XD
3.Rocketshipping(Musashi/Kojiro)-they've been together helping each other for over 400 eppys. makes sense to me to put them together XD
4.Contestshipping(Haruka/Shuu)-they share a close bond when it comes to contests, and she saved him one time

1.Inuyasha/Kagome-very obvious about their feelings XD though Kagome can go overboard LOL
2.Miroku/Sango-takes a while to grow, but I know what happens later in the series, so yeah.....
3.Sesshomaru/Rin-he does care for her, she really loves him(beyond being a father figure). He's a demon so he can wait for her to grow
4.Koga/Ayame-a ship that Koga should stick with in the anime. Kagome doesnt want him. XD Ayame loves Koga for his saving her at times. He's just stubborn about returning the love.
5.Sota/Hitomi-a small but nice coupling they did for Kagome's brother, LOL her brother is way ahead of her and Inuyasha already XD

1.Vegeta/Bulma-Im not much to care for those Yamcha/Bulma shippers. Vegeta and Bulma are my favorite DBZ characters anyway. It wasnt really random because she initiated it if you remember the end of the Frieza Saga, plus the plot would be totally off if it ended up the other way. The future of Trunk's time would have no Saiyans left, they'd all be doomed :P

Yu Yu Hakusho:
1.Kuwabara/Yukina-some say this ship is rushed, some say it wont happen. I beg to differ on both parts. Sure, he goes wild and decided to save her. But that was a plot device. It would take years for this relationship to get better.
Which is what he will do the 3 years Yusuke and the others left for the Makai.
He would visit her all the time without telling his sister about it. His devotion is very high, plus the manga makes it obvious too XD One picture says it all lol Plus this ship is very cute.
2.Yusuke/Keiko-not much to say aobut this one. Easiest ship to spot in this anime XD
3.Yoko Kurama/Koto-they are both foxes, plus she called him handsome during her work XD I like it
4.Botan/Hiei-opposites can attract XD.
5.Koenma/Ayame-more evident in the manga.

G Gundam:
1.Sai Saici/Cecile-he really loves her, got a kiss, and has her picture in the end. Nuff said
2.Domon/Rain-most obvious ship XD the end is too obvious LOL
3.Argo/Nastasha-being around him long enough changed her
4.George De Sand/Mary Louise-he has obvious devotion to her, she loves him deeply as well
5.Chibodee/Shirley-of the 4 women with him, she seems the closest one to click

1.Naruto/Hinata-Naruto is clueless of her feelings, she's so shy but obviously likes him. Very cute
2.Sasuke/Sakura-she wants him, and only him XD
3.Shikamaru/Temari-they have a great fight, repsect each other well. Later I hear it gets better. Not sure

Lupin the 3rd:
1. (Movie wise)Lupin/Princess of Cagliostro-it just seems right, even though he didnt let her follow him. Even Fujiko told her he was a wild man, she didnt mind. Plus he knew her from a while back when he was younger.
2. (anime wise)Lupin/Fujiko-he's mad about her, would even blow off big heists to be with her XD

Tenchi Muyo and Universe:
1.Tenchi/Ayeka-sure Tenchi has a connection with Ryoko, yet its even more magnified around Ayeka when they have moments. Besides, I like the shy type princess characters. Him saving her from Kagato was great, it even helped her acquire her Jurai Power.

1.Aoshi/Misao-she really loves him, he's always cared and loved her most his life. Meant to be
2.Kenshin/Kaoru-the typical sweep you off your feet love XD Literally.
3.Yahiko/Tsubame-one of my favs of the Kenshin universe apart from Aoshi/Misao. He saves her and she becomes strong minded. They even work together at the Akabeko where they even live together in the OAV and the manga
4.Sagura Sanoske/Sayo Amaksua(season 3)-very tragic. Yet very right. Kinda like Kenshin/Tamoe

Slam Dunk:
1.Hanamichi/Haruko-sure she's not very bright aobut his feelings, but she still supports him strong
2.Gori(I mean the captain XD)/Ayako: they seem to click, though she's kinda tricky around him lol
3.Hanamichi's group/other people's suffering when denied by girls-XD! They throw a party for em! LOL

Detective Conan:
1.Conan/Amy-if he stayed a kid and grew up again. Its cute

Ichigo 100%:
1.Manaka/Toujo-they share feelings enough for it to work. Very cute too

Ranma 1/2:
1. Ryouga/Akari(manga)-she loves pigs, she loves he becomes a pig, nuff said XD
2.Ranma/Akane-those love/hate ships that work out XD
3.Kuno/Nabiki-they didnt think much of the other at first, but they are alike in ways. Works for me XD
4.Dr. Tofu/Kasumi-The doctor melts like butter around her LOL

Tales of Symphonia:
1.Zelos/Sheena-love/hate thing that looks right, he even saved her
2.Lloyd/Colette-cute cute cute XD
3.Genis/Presea-he obviously likes her, even says she's his girl XD
4.Kratos/Raine-both half elves. Why not? LOL

Sonic SatAM(93 show)
Sonic/Sally-develops well, ending is very obvious^^
Antoine/Bunny-more evident in comics, though good enough in show.

10th August 2005, 6:43 PM
Origin of Love and Truth.

But you do realize the title has nothing to do with 'their love' and more to do with their Japanese motto, right?

Really? Okay then I take back what I said about their love thing. Thanks for filling me in =)

11th August 2005, 1:28 AM
Heh. Starting to like Polarshipping, Joey seriously needs someone to teach him what the word "tough" means. And Mai's just the person to teach him.

11th August 2005, 8:14 PM
4.Kratos/Raine-both half elves. Why not? LOLKratos isn't a half elf. He's a human with elven blood, but he wasn't born a half elf. o_o

I heard they get married in the manga though.

intergalactic platypus
11th August 2005, 11:41 PM
heres a more detailed one with everything
ash/misty. my favorite pokemon ship. i see lots of chemistry.
may/drew. i think its kinda obvious to the point where it gets a bit boring
steven/wallace. come on. do you really think wallace seems straight? hate to sterotype, but he seems like a pretty cliche gay artist. plus theres hints ingame that he has a thing for steven. they save the world together and steven gives up his championship to wallace. awwww
morty/eusine. anyone who saw the ho oh ep should know this. its glaringly obvious and it seems right to me
lance/clair. people mention they grew up together, and theyre both hot dragon masters with cool outfits. methinks they would be happy together
suzie/zane. i dont talk about this much, and she doesnt really have feelings for him, but it could work
delila/caroline. M.I.L.Fs getting together. freakin awesome but impossible sadly
misty/tracey. they balance each other out. hes a good match for her
brawly/some guy. i dont care what guy, but brawly gay sex would be hot
misty/sakura. its kinda wierd that ive come to like this, but ti grew on me. she seems like a good female choice if misty was a lesbian
may/kanata. fairly recent. see above

yu yu hakusho
yusuke/keiko. my favorite ship ever. plus its canon
heiei/botan. opposites work well together

harry potter
ron/hermoine. ive liked it since the goblet of fire. i dunno, it just seems like i could see them married and stuff
luna/neville. it wont happen but it would own if it did

and of course theres on and only LOTR ship i support: frodo and sam. whether its friendship or love, thats true devotion. thats real loyalty people

The Eternal Wrecker
12th August 2005, 3:37 AM
KentaxMarina: It's a cute couple. I like the way Marina makes Kenta nervous
MayxBrendan: Okay, so they haven't met. It's still uber cute
MayxWally: Once agian, no meeting, but still uber cute
MayxDrew: I like May shippings ^.^
BluexGreen: mirror of Pokeshipping, really sweet

VanxFiona: I like how he protects her

InuyashaxKikyo: Tragic romance

Sailor Moon
Princess SerenityxPrince Endymion: Tragic romance
UsagixMamoru: second chance of the above mentioned
Chibi UsaxHelios: sweet and innocent
Princess MercuryxZoisite: uber cool!

Final Fantasy
SquallxRinoa: oh my! It would take an essay to explain why I love them so much!!!
TidusxYuna: it'd take 2 essays to explain!
ZidanexGarnet: it's canon...

Star Wars
AnakinxPadme: tragic romance and so many more reasons.
HanxLeia: haha, a funny yet romantic love ^.~

12th August 2005, 3:58 AM
here is mine:


Ash X May: I like this shipping a lot, thye have a lot in common and they are going pretty good in their relationship ^^

Misty X Brendan: I don't know XD but it needs fans anyway XD

Ash X Misty: Even i'm an advancedshipper i support this pairing too ^^ *covers from advancedshippers* hey let me support it! ._.

Brendan X May: Well i prefer this to happend than May X Drew, Brendan seems that he can make a nice couple with May

Brock X Erika: Don't ask! I see them as the best couple! XD

Yoshi/Jimmy X Dani/Marina: They are the best!!!! Hahahahaha *cough cough* sorry i need some training on that XD

Pokemon Special/Adventures:

Red X Yellow: I like this pairing, and it looks like my own paring too (me X my girlfriend)

Green X Blue: They make such a cool couple ^^ i have no more reasons =P

Gold X Crys: Crystal haves a huge crosh on him (i think) and Gold can make a sweet couple with her

Ruby X Sapphire: Kind of Hoennshipper ^^ but the difference: this is FRANTICSHIPPING. Still i like it ^^

Megaman NT Warrior:

Lan X Maylu: They are the best couple of this anime, they PWN it!

Megaman X Roll: It sounds like "Rock and Roll" got it? XD


Inuyasha X Kagome: Heh, they are the best, they have the same feelings but Inuyasha is in the same club as Brock's: Must learn how to get girls XD

Miroku X Sango: Hehe this perverted guy kills this ship but our exterminator haves a huge crush on him XD

Digimon Zero One/Zero Two/Tamers/Frontier

Taichi X Sora: Maybe thet didn't ended together but they made such a nice couple after all ^^

Yamato (Matt) X Sora: Don't ask XD i like that pairing too

Mimi X Izumi (Izzy): They belong to each other, that's it XD

Takeru (T.K.) X Hikari (Kari): They are per each other everyone know that XD

Daisuke X Hikari: Don't ask...

Takato X Juri: Meh they are a sweet couple don't you think?

Takuya X Zoe: Heh they are cool ^^

Well i suppose that's it XD

EDIT: I forgot to add some ships i already did XD

12th August 2005, 4:37 AM
It's pretty much boring, and some--I mean, MOST of the people who support are--nevermind. XD
Are what? o.0

More to my list

Yu Yu Hakasho:

Yusuke x Keiko-I supported this after the "reviving" kiss.

Kuwabara x Yukina- I supported this when Kuwabara was drooling for her over the video Kuenma sent to Yusuke. :p

Pokemon Manga:

Red x Blue- I don't really know why I support this, maybe because they look cute together?

Red x Misty- Like this when Red made Misty cry.

Red x Yellow-See a pattern here? I like this because Yellow seems to worry TO much about Red when he's in trouble.

Manga Pokeshipping- I like this for the same reason I like Anime Pokeshipping and because it kinda' obvious the why Manga Misty flirts with Manga Ash. :D

15th August 2005, 8:59 PM
I heard they get married in the manga though.

0_o; WTF? There's a manga?

My list:


Yuuki x Haruka: So obvious in the games. *shifty eyes*

Leo x Mirei: Love the scene with Emok . . . XD

That's about all actually. 0_0;

Tales of Symphonia

Lloyd x Sheena: Better than the sugary-sweet Lloyd/Colette IMO.

Sheena x Zelos: The skits ("When This Journey is Over") show that they care of each other . . . at least on Zelos' side. 0.o;

Kratos x Raine: Just . . . like it.

Kratos x Anna: Well, what's not to like about it? Angst and tragedy . . . ^-^

Yuan x Martel: Read above.


Inuyasha x Kagome: Like it. Cliched, boring canon. So what?

Inuyasha x Kikyou: Without this pairing or Kikyou, there wouldn't be any Kagome, or even the show. e_e;

Miroku x Sango: It's really cute sometimes. ^_^

And that's all I guess . . .

19th September 2005, 10:55 AM
Yay! More ways to spout off my ships!

Pokemon Ships:

Eldershipping: I just adore Oak and Delia because they are cute together, and they are always together, and they are just cute!

Rocketshipping: I am a rocket lover. Jessie and James again are adorable.

A bunch of random cute Yaoi ships: yup. Some yaois are very cute.

Harry Potter Ships

Dumbledore x McGonagall (AD/MM): It's like Harry Potter's version of Eldershipping! Yay! Well, I should say ghostADMM now, shouldn't I *sob*

Hagrid x Maxime: So durn cute. I just love this one almost as much as AD/MM

Remus x Nymphadora: I never thought that this one would come true, but it did, and I am happy! ^_^

Phantom of the Opera

ErikChristine: I love Phantom/Christine even if it has been beated to death with a stick several times. Only high-quality ErikChristine will do for me, too many dumb phangirlls have ruined it.

ErikMeg: So many undertones here that could suggest something. The movie suggests a lot, and the ending of the stage show does even more....i have to make a screenshot.

CarlottaPiangi: a diva and her devoted oppositee

AndreFirmin: gay managers *giggle*

GhostMadameGiryErik: I like this in the past

RaoulErik: sometimes a good thing, sometimes awful

Random Broadway ships you won't give a darn about

GhostClerkshipping from Hello Dolly: Cornelius and Barnaby are so cute in the movie (Young michael crawford = yummy) and they "slept in Vandergelder's hay and feed together" until they went to new york

DollyVandergelder: from Hello Dolly: Cute. Even if Barbra streisand and walter mathau hated eachothers guts.

ToddLovett (pieshipping) from Sweeney Todd: I love this one to death even if Todd did throw mrs. lovett into the bake oven after discovering that crazy prostitute was Lucy.

ElphabaErik (e squared shipping or misunderstoodshipping )(WickedPhantom Crossover): Broadways Unloved characters, even if Elphie is adorable with Fiyero!

ElphabaFiyero: Wicked's ErikChristine.

19th September 2005, 11:18 AM

Contestshipping: It is my fave shipping ever! Ok I think it is one sided or somethign as May, never really showed much feelings for him but I've seen awesome pics of the two and drew! I'm a fan of him and May!

Pokeshipping: Ok, Misty X Ash is the best ash ship ever!

Daisy X Tracey: those two just have a thing for each other.

Strange, if I like it.

Koji X Zoe: That is my fave Digimon Ship, well tied with another! Like Koji has expressed some of his feelings for Zoe and Zoe in turn, pratically has hugged or clinged on to him many times!

T.K X Kari (Takeru X Hikari): Another fave Digimon Ship! Like they are perfect for each other!

Sora X Matt (Sora X Yamato): Ok, I quite support this ship! As I kinda like it!


Ruby X Sapphire: Okay, another version of Hoenn Shipping but different in many, many ways.

Blue x Green: The two are meant for each other! XD!

19th September 2005, 4:06 PM
MarinaxKenta-I saw the Special, and they obviously love each other. However, Kenta is the one hiding his feelings, not Marina. Finally, a twist! ^^;;
MayxDrew-I just love their "love-hate" relationship because of their rivalry.
JessiexJames-They've been together for who-knows-how-long. They seem to be showing steady feelings towards each other, so why not?
Yu Yu Hakusho:
YusukexKeiko-A basic childhood friendship that turned into love over time.
KuramaxBotan-My favorite YYH shipping! These two are meant for each other.
Youko KuramaxKoto-They're both foxes. Also, Koto called him "sexy". It's least likely to happen, but I don't care.
RubyxSapphire-Very similar to Hoennshipping, but still different.
GoldxCrys-This one wasn't too obvious until near the ending. It may be "mangaquestshipping", but it's not even close to being like questshipping.
BluexGreen-Why not? These two somehow fit together.
Kaiyako-My favorite shipping!!! I have no clue why, but I prefer the Digimon Kaiser to be paired up with Miyako. Maybe it's because he's cuter...XP
Kenyako-I know, it started out as a regular school girl crush which died quickly when she realized he was the Kaiser. That's what makes it interesting, because it came true. They also married each other (which made me SO happy!) later in the series.
Takari-Very obvious hints are shown for this one. I'm beginning to lose support of this shipping, though. Don't worry-I like it enough to still support it.
MaixJoey-The ONLY shipping I like in the show. Their love for each other shows a lot during the Battle City Tournament.
TysonxHilary: Ehh....they annoy each other a lot, so I thought it might hint shippy-ness.
KaixMariah-Ray/Mariah is too cliche and I needed another Mariah ship to support, so I tried this shipping! Very strange shipping, yes, but I can't imagine Mariah with anyone else after Ray.
LinkxZelda-The basic Hero of Time saves the Princess of Hyrule, who is also the Sage of Time. Probably the main shipping in the LoZ game.
MarthxZelda: What? I thought it was a cute crossover pairing! (FE/LoZ)
RoyxMalon: Another crossover! They're both red-heads, so I guess this could work out.
LinkxSaria-If I pair up Zelda with Marth, then I'll have to stick Link with this one! Saria shows most of the hints in this pairing.

19th September 2005, 4:41 PM
Okay never posted in this thread yet...

Ash x Misty
Drew x May
Oak x Tracey
Brock x Ivy (it was bound to happen :p)
Richie x Gary
Jessie x James
Meowth x Wobbuffet :p


Yugi x Tea
Joey x Mai
Rex x Weevil
Tristan x Duke


InuYasha x Kikyo
Miroku x Sango
Koga x Ayame
Hojo x Kagome


Wedding Peach:

Yosuke x Momoko

19th September 2005, 5:50 PM

Brock X Susie (I can't remember the shipping name ^^;)
Max X Vivi (Once again, can't remember name)


Inuyasha X Kagome
Sango X Miroku
Koga X Ayame

Wedding Peach:

Yoshuke X Momoko

Peach Girl:

Momo X Kiley

Love Hina:

Keitaro X Naru

Fruits Basket:

Kyo X Tohru
Yuki X Tohru

Lovely May
19th September 2005, 7:34 PM
I'm not a huge fan but I like some shippings.


Ash x Casey - I think, its Baseballshipping or something. I don't remember well. I like them together because.... they are good rivals and always play together very well. Casey would be a great girlfriend for our Ash. They had many good moments and I think, Ash likes Casey as good pal, rival and maybe maybe... ^^ She got a pokemon from him, they caught Elekid together... I liked it.

Chikoshipping - Chikorita had a crush on Ash and was jealous of Pikachu.
It was sweet. She was blushing because she saw him^^ I liked when Chikorita kicked Pikachu.

Altoshipping - Latias and Ash - nice couple. Latias is a pokemon but has good personality. She was a first girl who was liked by him anyway.

Contestshipping - sorry, but I see May only with Drew. No Ash, No Harley.
I think, they like each other anyway. They are rivals but drew has a little crush on her. I hope, she likes him too.


Well, not a lot.


Usagi x Seya
Rei x Mamoru


Inuyasha x Kikyou
Sango x Miroku

That's all.

19th September 2005, 8:32 PM
Pokeshipping: Yep, my first and favourite

Advanceshipping: My other favourite, I like were its heading

Altoshipping: Real sweet

Luckyshipping: My favourite from the manga

Specialshipping: Has its sweet moments

And TraceyxOak shipping :D Just imagine.

Cable Guy
19th September 2005, 11:50 PM
I support a few ships:

Altoshipping - What can I say, it's a ship between a human and a Pokemon! That makes it different from most other Pokemon ships, and it's uniqueness is one of the reason why I support it. Besides, I think they make a cute couple...

Ok, I only support Altoshipping. :D

20th September 2005, 12:01 AM
they are all from pokemon,cuz I don´t know the names for another animes shippings :P

commandershipping(HomuraXAngie):I think they´re sooo cute ^^
dragonshipping(LanceXClair):Clair cares too much about Lance,right?
unnbalanceshipping(MaxieXArchie)-actually,I don´t know if this is the correct name-:I just support the idea they use to be together,then they broke up.
sacredshipping(MortyXEusine): ooh,I just like it,they look nice together.

20th September 2005, 12:06 AM

Advanceshipping: May and Ash just look so cute together :) Plus they're my two favorite characters.

Minamoshipping: I can SO see Kelly making a move on May and not being shy about it either...Kelly doesn't seem like the shy type >.> <.<

Leagueshipping: Richie needs to make an appearance again *nod* He's another of my favorite characters :)

Altoshipping: Given the way Ash is currently...Latias is his type. A pokemon. Not to mention the thought of her taking a human form and...uh...I should end off there *nod*


Celes/Terra: Celes and Terra are two of my favorite FF characters. They're second only to Rydia. I actually played a version of FF4 where Cecil was replaced with Celes and Rosa with Terra XD

20th September 2005, 12:24 AM
Oh yeah.

Yu Gi Oh

Yu gi x Rebecca
Duke x Serenity
Mai x Joey

Tis all. =0

20th September 2005, 2:54 PM
It doesn't hurt to have more than one thread, does it?


Wallace x Winona (PokeSpecials) - Kinda obvious that I'm a die-hard supporter because of my sig. But it's soooooo obvious that Winona has those more-than-friends feelings towards Wallace despite her "what we had was over" speech in Vol.19. Nagi-chan looked so cute when her defense broke down before they went off to fight Groudon/Kyouge. The fact that both of them were my favorite Gym Leaders also adds bonus points XD

Ash (Red) x Misty - Is she really following him SIMPLY because of the bike? Would she leave the group if her sisters didn't call for her rescue? Nuff said.

Brendan (Ruby) x May (Sapphire) - Sapphire was soooo obviously crushing over Ruby in the PokeSpecials. Plus their mentors were a couple too, teehee.

Mahou Sensei Negima

Setsuna x Konoka - I don't care if Akamatsu is treating Konoka as invisible or those AsuSetsu/EvaSetsu hints in the recent chapters. They. Should. Be. With. Each. Other. Both of them would throw their lives away for the other (in the School Field Trip story, Vol.5), they've knew and accepted everything about each other (same story, but in Vol.6), and Secchan had openly admitted that she was feeling That Way towards Kono. Even a ten-year-old bratty magician-in-training agreed, so there.

Asuna x Iincho (Ayaka) - Typical trying-to-kill-each-other ship. But they genuinely cared for each other as demonstrated by their actions in episode 15/23. Typical, but their relationship is more solid than many other floating ships in the fandom.

Detective Conan

Takagi x Satou - One of the less well-known couple in the world because of the slow rate of release on the North Americn continent. At first, all seems to be a hopeless case since Satou was older and had a higher rank than Takagi, and she already had a fanclub that extended to the neighboring prefectures. But gradually the feeling become mutual, and now these two are the more established couple in the recent stories, yeepie!! You can't find that in Shin'ichi/Ran or any other couple, I tell you!

Heiji/Kazuha - Another childhood shippy (the first being Setsuna/Konoka), but they even got a better part: Kazuha is Heiji's "forgotten" first love in the 7th movie. Weee!!!

21st September 2005, 9:18 PM
I just wanted to squeeze in another couple in my list, which happened to be a few pages back... XD

Sousuke x Chidori from Full Metal Panic: One of a kind. Need I say more? :D Ok.

This pair is anything but boring. Seriously. It's awfully fun to watch a feisty Chidori restrain a war-freak bodyguard. Especially since, Sousuke treats the school campus like a battle zone. XXXDDD HOLY COW! He's twisted, insane and uber paranoid most of the time.

When Sousuke thought that the love letter in Chidori's locker, was a threat letter. XXXDDD He even have to blew up her locker with grenade because he thought there was a trap of some kind. Geezzz, it's only a harmless love letter!

Sweet May
22nd September 2005, 12:47 AM
all are from Pokemon.... =P

Masato x Vivi

and i think thats it....... =P

22nd September 2005, 1:21 AM
Gracefulshipping!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!

i have more, but it would take up the whole page ^^

but this is my favorite from pokemon, HANDS DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Meganium Ex
24th September 2005, 8:57 AM
These are my favorite ships, all from Pokemon! ^_^

Advanceshipping:Ash and May look just so cute together!

Orangeshipping:After seeing all those great specials of Misty and Tracey together...how could I not like it?!

Kawaiishipping:I may not support Pokeshipping, but the paring of Pikachu and Togepi...I just love it!!

24th September 2005, 8:00 PM
Let's see ships I do support;

Danny Phantom:

1. Danny and Sam: How can you not support them as a couple is the question ever seen Fanning the Flames? That will answer your question of whether or not they like each other deep down. Plus all of those other tiny hints in other episodes. I shall support this couple till the end.

2. Tucker and Valerie: Ever since that episode Parenting Bonding or whatever it's called I've sort of had a soft spot for this cough couple cough there are some little hints here and there that says Tucker likes Valerie or the other way around. Take Shades of Grey for incident they were a couple in that episode. Something happened I guess causing them to break up, you can kind of tell Tucker still likes Valerie but whether or not Valerie likes him is the question.

3. Valerie and Danny Fenton: This has to be my second favorite Danny paring why? The whole love/hate relationship thing it kind of reminds me of Ash and Misty only Valerie hunts Danny's super hero side down that's the difference. But heck in the TV movie Reign Storm Valerie admitted she liked Danny Fenton more than a friend and was willing to challenge Sam for him. Also there was some hints in The Ultimate Enemy such as Dan Phantom saying do to our relationship we've had in the past I would let you live but I don't work that way. So there must have meant something happened at least in the dark future any ways. Than there was the fact that Valerie said she thought his younger version was kind of cute. So I can see this pair becoming an item.

4. Ember and Danny Phantom: I could see as a one episode type of thing but that's all I just find it cute for no reason lol. Maybe because there both my favorite characters and I like paring up my favorite characters. Will just have to wait and see.

5. Vlad and Danny: The only gay couple I support on this show. Why? They both are half ghosts and would understand each others feelings.

6. Sam and Tucker: Life Lessons any one? The kiss...Yah, yah I know it didn't mean any thing is what you’re going to say but it could have. Sam ignoring it was probably just an act. I mean can you imagine how Danny would feel if Sam and Tucker his two best friends feel for each other. Wow I mean that would just hurt the kid, so Sam did it for that reason probably. It sounds like Tucker sort of likes her, Butch Hartman is sot of hinting at the fact that he does. Such as Parenting Bonding he liked how Sam looked in that black dress he was speechless in fact. Than there was Memory Blank where he was flirting with her when he didn't know who she was meaning he might actuality like her. Than there was Life Lessons where Tucker kissed Sam on the lips we don't know if it was by accident or on purpose, will have to see...Also there are those little hints in other episodes, but there all coming from Tucker not one hint that Sam likes Tucker back. So I don't know about this cough couple cough like I said before will just have to wait and see.


1. Orangeshipping: I've been supporting this since the first special, I've never seen one but I can tell by the pictures and what there doing in them. I also have read the episode guide and from what I can tell it seems to me that there sort of liking each other back. So what if Misty liked Ash you can grow out of a crush, and like someone else it's easy to fall for someone especially if you've hung around with that someone for a while now cough Tracey cough.

2. Pokeshipping: I was a fan of this from season one to three but now meh.

3. Contestshipping: Yay for roses Drew gives May a rose that has to mean something plus they argue a lot and share some shippy moments that seems like lasts an eternity lol.

4. Advancedshipping: I think that's the name sorry if I got it wrong. Any who Ash and May I just find it cute is all.

Harry Potter

1. Hermione and Harry: I love reading moments between them...I've been a fan of this cough couple cough since the fourth book which is odd. My favorite hint and what got me into being a fan of them was Rita Skeeter writing an article about them being a couple that was so cute awe than that kiss in the end of the fifth book that made my heart swim with joy.

2. Ginny and Harry: I guess I don't mind them as a couple it's sort of cute, the crush thing you know.

3. Luna and Harry: I just thought it was right from the fifth book yah know.

Ed, Edd n Eddy

Double D and Sarah: I've supported this couple since the beginning of the series. There has been so many hints between them such as Double D with hearts in his eyes over Sarah and than her falling for Double D when he gave her that flower. We find out later she still has a crush on him when they read her diary and such. So yah I hope they get together soon if possible.

May and Double D: Ever since the Valentine’s Day special I found them cute that's all. That and the fact that Double D stuck that love note from May under his hat it was so cute it made me go awe.

Marie and Double D: I just they look cute is all...

Few that was along list I'm warn out from just typing all that lol but now I'm done and shall go play.

25th September 2005, 1:39 AM
Okie! I have some <3 These are the ones I support RABIDLY.

Susushipping (Morty x Will)- Holy sh*t. ****ing hot. And their personalities seem similar, they both seem a little dark. <3

Hottieshipping (Morty x Brawly)- The name says it all. SEXY. And they're both pretty laid-back, too.

Elitistshipping (Eusine x Will)- ...they're brothers. :D Hot brothers going at it = WIN.

Thundershipping (Eusine x Kudou)- Because how else would Eusine know him, huh? ;D

Artshipping/Voyeurshipping (Tracey x Todd)- My OTP at the moment. They're both artsy, both really sweet, both report to Prof. Oak with their work, they're BOUND to know each other. And they would be really sweet together too, awww <3

??? (Tad x Tracey)- Aesthetically pleasing. >3

I'll put up more when I can think better D:

25th September 2005, 1:52 AM

Advanceshiiping- My fave. Ash and May are so adorable together and they have so much in common.

Orangeshipping- I just think that theyre are really great match for each other.

Questshipping- Kenta and Marina are so cute and perfect for each other.

Harry Potter-

Hermione and Ron- I've loved this shipping practicly ever since I started reading the books.

Harry and Ginny- I just started liking this pairing in the 5th book. It really appeals to me, and is now my fave.

Dark Nemesis
25th September 2005, 7:10 AM
Haga X Ryuzaki (Yu Gi Oh): I greatly enjoyed their love-hate relationship. It was most entertaining.

Rita X Katherine (Power Rangers): Holy ****. Talk about hot. A lot of nice hints for it, too.

Shampoo X Ukyo (Ranma 1/2): We all know neither of them is going to end up with Ranma, so why not pair them together? Plus, it would be sexy beyond belief.

Dumbledore X Harry (Harry Potter): I liked the way their relationship developed throughout the series. Shame Dumbledore's dead and Harry's going to end up with Ginny. That pisses this one off a great deal.

Kikyou X Kagome (Inuyasha): Watch "Kikyou & Kagome: Alone In The Cave." There's a lot of sweet evidence for it there.

Nojiko X Nami (One Piece): They're both really hot and shared some pretty good chemistry during the Arlong Arc. Love it.

25th September 2005, 7:14 AM
Here's my incredibly short list from Naruto... It'll change eventually.

Sasuke x Sakura.


25th September 2005, 7:51 AM
Okay, here are mine;


Pokeshipping (AshxMisty) Favourite pokemon ship. I really don't like Advancshipping. I just think Misty and Ash belong together.

Contestshipping (DrewxMay) Because there is SO much chemistry, and this is the reason I don't like Advancshipping. Because May should be with Drew. Nuff said. But that's just my opinion. You're free to have yr own.

Eliteshipping (LancexLorelei) Because they just do. It just works, in my mind. Plus I believe its the only Lance ship that works. Bleh.

Specialshipping (RedxYellow) This is so cute! These two would be so good together!! *rambles*


YugixTea It works dammit. This is my fav Yu-gi-oh ship. Because. (Man i need to think of reasons...)

Bleh, will post more when I think of 'em.


25th September 2005, 1:57 PM
The shippings I like :


Ash x Misty - It's just obvious! andmy favourite shipping :D
May x Drew - Okay..They're not really my favourite characters but they're really cute together ^_^
Marina x Kenta - I've saw the screenshots and I really like them together ^^
Tracey x Daisy - They're make a great couple ( plus their names rhyme ^^;; )
Delia x Oak - always together!
Butler x Diane - from the sixth movie. I really like that shipping :)
Brock x Suzie - like it? no love it ^_^ I think they make a great couple!

Harry Potter

I only like Hermione x Ron. That's so cute!! ^^


Makoto x her youth friend (forgot his name ^^; )

I guess this was it.. If I come up with more I'll edit.

Toran Frostbite
25th September 2005, 5:06 PM

Makoto x her youth friend (forgot his name ^^; )

If it's in the episode that, in the dub, inspired the song Rainy Day Man, I think his name is Ken, which may be his Japaese name. o_o

25th September 2005, 5:16 PM
Wow. There's so little variety here that it makes my brain die. VARIETY, PEOPLE! JESUS.

More Pokemon:

Hyuuga x Tomono- Geez. So cute. <3 They're both really adorable and lost. Aww.

Chaz x Toshiki- Did I say this already? ....oh well. It's wicked hot. <3

Eriko x Kanata- I just do D:

Drew x Timmy- Awww! >D

Falkner x Lance- This is Mog-chan's fault. XD

25th September 2005, 6:17 PM
Meh. I wanted to re-do this.


Anime Shippings

Pokeshipping: My first and favourite ship. Misty is my favourite character, along with Ash, and I love the arguments and funny scenes. It's just way too cute and I've supported it the longest. ^_^

Contestshipping: My 2nd favourite ship. I love the rivalry between Drew and May. Drew is an awesome character, and you could tell right from the start that something was gonna go on between the two IMO. They have their moments and I think in the end they'll come out to be great friends.

Handymanshipping: I've supported this since that one Misty HOSO. XD Tracey and Daisy are pretty cute together. Plus I claimed it. =3

Ash/Drew Shipping
Drew/Gary Shipping

I think thats it from the anime. XD


Hoennshipping: My favourite game shipping. I dunno why I like it. XD I guess I just do, and yeah. ^^;

I also like Questshipping and Coloseumshipping (sp?) :D


Uh... dunno. I'd love to get my hands on some Pokemon Manga, but unfortunately, I haven't. So once I get some, I'll edit. XD

Chosen of Mana
25th September 2005, 8:00 PM
Tales of Symphonia:

SlyvaShipping (Lloyd x Colette) Hate it or love it, this ship is undeniable. Unless you get the Sheena ending, which leads to...

Twoworldsshipping (Lloyd x Sheena): Now I haven't seen the Sheena ending, but I heard lines like:

Sheena: *to Lloyd* I want to be with you.


Advanceshipping (Ash x May) : They get along well together, rarely fight, and they don't have a dub-made song. *remembers Misty's song and cringes*


(Name unknown) Yugi x Rebbeca: Pretty cute. A little one-sided though...

Polarshipping (Joey x Mai): The hints are very convincing, Joey's quest so save Mai from the Oricalcos (sp?) beaing the greatest.

That's all I can think of as of now.

27th September 2005, 2:36 PM
I made some.
Tales of Symphonia:
Lloyd+Collette:Who couldn't see this?
Genis+Presea:I thought of this after I read the skits faqs on GameFaqs.
Genis+Me:Heh. Just a joke.
Kratos+Me:Why do I start likeing him a of the sudden?!

Ash+Misty:Yep I know this after I saw the 2nd movie.
Ash+May:Really I'm not sure with this...
Brock+Joy=Really, he likes to many girls.
Pokemon Manga:
Crystal+Gold: I never read these mangas. So I'm not sure.
Ruby+Sapphire:See above.
Red+Blue:See above.
I will try to get more later.

Mimori Kiryu
28th September 2005, 10:35 PM
I have some poly ships and some regular ships to add, since I haven't comtributed any since the first post XD


Tommy x Brawly x Morty: It PWNS. Get over it. PounceonTommyshipping PWNS all. Ask Oos. ^^

Morty x Eusine: If you watched the episode 'For Ho-oh the bells toll' and don't see this ship then you are oblivious to every ship in the flipping world. :D

Falkner x Gary: I don't know if this has a ship name, but its hot. PERIOD.

Todd x Tracey: Artshipping kicks major *** so just get over it and STFU :D

I'm done.

Toran Frostbite
29th September 2005, 4:02 AM
Falkner x Gary: I don't know if this has a ship name, but its hot. PERIOD.

Brazenshiping! :D :D :D

29th September 2005, 10:24 AM

ash x misty:ive liked it since i was 8
gary x misty: i dunno, they look great togeter plus both pick on ash!


sephiroth x aeris: gah, i adore it!
sora x kiari: really cute!
leon x yuffie: i dunno, i just do


vegeta x bulma: dunno, yamacha and bulma got so... blah and bulma and vegeta were unexpected and a great couple!


alucard x seras: i dont know what it is abot them but i liked them together instantly

1st October 2005, 11:42 PM
Ok, these are the only ones I really care about; if I listed them all, it would take forever.

Pokemon (anime)

LeagueShipping (Ash x Richie)
StoneColdFoxX3Shipping (Brawly x Steven x Wallace)
FreezeFrameShipping (Articuno x Todd)
SuSuShipping (Morty x Will)

Pokemon (manga)

LeagueShipping (Ash x Richie)
3ShiShipping (Ash x Richie x Gary)
RivalShipping (Gary x Richie)


StepShipping (Noa x Mokuba)
PolarShipping (Mai x Joey :) :) :))
Rex x Wevel


TK x Kari
LadyDevimon x me (lolz)


Lan x Chaud

3rd December 2005, 6:05 AM
Hn...let's see, shall we?

Teen Titans

Beast Boy x Raven (do these even have names?): One of my all-time favorite ships. Which is why I claimed it, of course. ;P I know it's only fanon, but their friendship, if nothing else, has been developing since the beginning of the series. Lots of episodes with them trying to get to know each other...and some hugs. ^^ Raven's hugs are special things, and Beast Boy's got two of four under his belt [Robin and Starfire have the others].

Cyborg x Jinx: I also like the polyship BeeCyJinx, but I like this one a bit more. It's fairly obvious from "Deception" that there were some feelings between them, and they let each other know it. Since then, I don't think I've seen Jinx really fight directly against Cyborg in battle. Besides, the entire "I love you but I hate the people who are your friends" sort of thing speaks to me, in a twisted sort of way.

Cyborg x Bumblebee: The lucky robot, he's gotten like five girls after him. *wink* They started off fighting and distrustful, not having any time to get to know one another before they had to save Jump City. Then by the end of the episode they knew each other well enough to work together like a real team. In "Titans East" 1, Bee was just about to disco dance with Cyborg when Mas and Menos found the Gamestation. *ticked* Man, is Cyborg stupid with the ladies, though he certainly is a ladies' man.

Robin x Terra: One of the smaller fanbases, I imagine. The tension between the two of them in "Aftershock" 1 was enough to make me wonder. "I'll never be good enough for you..." Yeah, I'm taking it too far, but I still like the ship.

Robin x Starfire (Titanshipping) : Other than BBT, the only canon ship on the show. Some moments are too sweet for my tastes, which is why it has such a struggle in my head against RT. On the other hand, things like "Stranded" are perfect examples of my feeling towards the ship; Robin's an idiot who can't express himself. That in itself is one of the problems the ship faces; I like it. ^^

Hmm...somehow I figured I had more. Oh, right...

Slade x Terra: Only a mild supporter of the ship. But c'mon; canon in the comics, and the entire "we are one," master and apprentice, and all of that? There's something there, even if it's just an abusive relationship.

Danny Phantom

One of those shows where all my ships are getting confused in the midst of new episodes. So, as of yet...

Danny x Sam: The first pair of the show, really. Danny's clueless about his feelings, and their relationship is platonic until "Fanning the Flames," when Sam realizes how good it feels to have Danny liking her. She questions her own feelings for him, and slowly begins to crush on him. Therein lies the problem; they've been friends for too long, and she's worried for their friendship. Only when Valerie tries to butt in will Sam most likely do anything. Hard to say what Danny would do...well, I like pretty much all parts of this ship.

Vlad x Maddie: The poor guy's life was destroyed, and he turned evil as a result. And he was in love with his best friend's girl! Vlad lost everything...and became obsessive over trying to get power...power, and Maddie. It's just bittersweet, because he knows he can't have her. And he really is devoted...just in a slightly creepy way.

Danny x Valerie: What can I say? It's an up-and-coming ship that's certainly got a basis in the show; each of the made-for-TV-movies has some hintings. Besides that, it will be interesting to see Danny try to hide his ghost side from Valerie if they date. He knows who she is, but she doesn't know who he is. Like a twisted sort of CyJinx, but with secret identities and the like. ^^

Tucker x Sam: Yeah, the entire DV bonding episode left room for TS bonding...in an odd way. They certainly gave new meaning to "arguing like an old married couple"...and all this fuss over flour sacks? It was cute while it lasted...for one episode. I'm pretty confident it won't last any longer than that, though I'm half convinced Tucker's concealing hidden feelings for Sam for the sake of Danny [he as good as knows Sam's feelings for Danny, and this would give Danny time to figure his own feelings out].

Rave Master

Haru x Elie: Just about the funniest one there is, what with Mashima-sensei's twisted pervertedness towards Elie in general...and Haru being the teen boy that he is. *smirk* There are very touching moments, and I live for those. The entire ship is another of my favorites.

Haru x Celia: Volume 15 or so brought up a good political and racial point--can there be love between the races? In a sort of bittersweet way that reminds me of VladMaddie, I believe in Celia's love, no matter how futile it is. It's sad, really...

Jeagan x Julia: From what I can tell as of yet, he cared about her enough to force her to see everyone else she knew die just to get her for himself. It's sad that it was all futile; she still lost herself to the monster inside.

Len x Julia: Even sadder than JJ; Len really believed Julia was dead for years, and suddenly found the knowledge that she was alive, but still lost to him...it's now his main subplot in the series, I think. Julia must have been a wonderful person before the incident happened...whatever that was.


Ash x Misty (Bikeshipping) : Yeah...probably my number one favorite ship of all time. Why? It was that sort of typical anime humor-romance at first, with the love/hate-ness and the tension...but it mellowed out, and now it's alright, I suppose. Still one the best to me; it just can't be replaced at the top of my list of favorites.

Max x Misty (Masumishipping : One-sided, this is adorable. Full beginnings of the ship in the Mt. Moon episode...and they really get along well. It would seem fitting for Max's first huge crush to be on an older girl like Misty.

Drew x May (Contestshipping) : Didn't think much of it at first, but have grown to love it. The roses...and May's flattered by Drew's flirting. It's the new age rival ship, but without the bad past Ash and Gary had.

Tracey x Daisy (Handymanshipping) : Ah, what can I say? I implemented it once into a storyline [never written out] and was hooked. The secret-admirer hoso was enough for me at the time, but I really do crave more for the ship before I really get into it.

Brendon x May (Hoennshipping) : Never played a single game or read a volume of manga, but the fan stuffs alone have convinced me of this ship's validity. Besides that, it seems like another sort of rival ship...with the bad past of Ash and Gary, but without the competiting for the same goal. I'm not sure, of course...

Avatar: the Last Airbender

Zuko x Katara: One of my favorite new ships. If nothing else convinced me, fanstuffs did. The characters in themselves are awesome, and their fighting is cool to watch. Besides that...well, the misleading commercial for "The Waterbending Scroll" was something. But I really don't know why else. It just appeals to me, like so many other fanon ships [though this one may or may not convert to canon]. The necklace sequence was a positive moment for the ship, oddly...

Sokka x Suki: Sokka, the stuck-up idiot that he is, decides to prance in on an Amazon-like training group and as good as declare them automatically worse fighters than him because of their gender. Suki takes him on and sorely beats him, then trains him in the arts. Who's to say why she did it? In any case, it's the first canon ship of the show, and very sweet.

Sokka x Yue: The poor girl had such an untimely end...bittersweet, to lose one's love for the sake of a people. It was the biggest supported ship to date, and very cute. Not much more to say about it.

Fruits Basket

Kyou x Tohru: Sort of liked it, then fell in love at Volume 6. Just...amazing. Besides that fact, Kyou has admitted to himself that he feels for Tohru. The only question--for any Tohru ship, really--is if she likes the guy in question. In this ship, Tohru manages to accept Kyou, not ignoring his differences like his mother did, but in spite of them. This is what he really wanted, and his temper is slightly soothed by it...

Hiro x Kisa: Oddly, reminds me of Kyouru. However, Hiro's issue is not in his differences and isolation, but in his inability to...well, keep from harming those around him with his stinging tongue and inaction to save those that need him. He will do anything for Kisa, which is just so sweet...even though they're so young. ^^

Haru x Rin: Angsty, from what I've seen of it. Isuzu tries to save Hatsuharu by staying away from his side, though this is what's hurting him. She doesn't want him physically hurt because she cares, but is in the process emotionally killing him. So sad...I long for closure.

Kureno x Arisa: They just automatically clicked, and couldn't bear to forget each other. In one another they found their perfect person...the only thing truly standing in their way is Kureno's inescapeable ties to Akito. One must wonder how it will end...

Kazuma x Saki: Certainly not one of the most popular for English speakers...yet. Just wait until more volumes with Shishou come out. It's almost funny; Saki cares not about his appearance, but about his waves. And Kyou's freaked out because it would make his "stepmother" his age, possibly younger. ^^ That's funny.

Yuki x Machi: Machi interests me; we've only seen a moment or two of her, but I want to learn more. I have heard enough about their relationship to know that Machi treats Yuki almost scornfully, like he's a normal person who has not yet earned her respect. She sees through his facade, just as Tohru did. So, when Yuki feels Tohru could not love him in the way he loves her, he turns to Machi. An odd sort of rebound, I think...but the fanstuffs have once again convinced me. And the overprotective Kakeru would be a plus; he's hilarious! ;P

Miscelaneous Categories

Seto x Anzu (Azureshipping) : I really don't know what got me on this; I certainly never saw the first moment when Anzu defended Yuugi against Seto...though it may be the fact that she seriously stood up to Seto when no one else really does. Tension...if nothing else. ^^
Jono x Mai (Polarshipping) : Just...obvious. It's there, and it's cute, what with the slob vs. model, rough background, and quick tongue they have. It's just a really nice break from the tension. Same as the next...
Yuugi x Rebekah: It's adorable. First time, she's holding herself a teddy bear. Then the next time she pounces on Yuugi, her boyfriend replacement for her bear. She's obsessive; it's so cute! ^^

Miroku x Sango: There've been jealousy episodes...and Miroku proposed [or the feudal equivalent, rather...], and the lecherous humor is to die for! The moments that are actually serious are sweet too...

Harry Potter series
Viktor x Hermione: For once, I actually like the ship that leads to jealousy. Go figure, eh? Well, I found their relationship to be sweet, in an odd sort of way. Viktor sees her once, and follows her to the library another day. He goes again and again, each time trying to get his courage up enough to ask her to the Yule Ball. He's a Quidditch World Cup Seeker, and can't find enough nerve to ask a girl to a dance. How cliche, yet adorable. Seeing the attempt from the other side, instead of from the asker's side, was a nice change of pace...it was a very sweet ship, all in all.

3rd December 2005, 6:12 AM
Here are my favorites from Naruto:

SasuSaku (SasukexSakura)
NejiTen (NejixTenTen)
NaruHina (NarutoxHinata)

...wow. O__o

3rd December 2005, 6:33 AM

Ash x Misty - This ship has always had a special place in my heart, despite the fact that it had been five years since I had watched the show.
Drew x May - Pairing rivals up had always been a good idea. However, Palletshipping just wasn't the most likely rival pairing to actually become canon. Contestshipping seems to have a better chance of two rivals hooking up. That and Hoennshipping. It seems like in both the games and anime, they meant for May to fall in love with her rivals. It's quite sweet, really.
Gary x Leaf Green girl - Since a character like Gary is in the first game GBA remakes, this makes this sorta another rival ship. This is a ship I've created that would offer hilarious results if I had my way with the show. I'd introduce the Leaf Green girl and give her a quirky and goofy personality we seem to see in the Pokesho comics. I'd make her fall madly in love with Gary to the point that she drives Gary nuts. Gary tries to avoid her. The result? Hilarity.
Ash x Drew - I'm a guy, but this yaoi pairing is comedy gold. Ash and Drew have such opposite personalities that I would just love to see them bounce off of each other. Ash's genki personality mixed in with Drew's mellow and cool attitude? Oh exploitable!
Ash x May - It's such a cute teacher-apprentice pairing. Unfortunately, I haven't seen much between the two in the show that would buttress my further support of this couple. :(

The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest
Johnny x Jessie - This was my first pairing before Ash and Misty. In fact, Johnny and Jessie's relationship was quite similar to Ash and Misty's which is why I got into PokeShipping. Both couples drove each other crazy but deep down, they cared for each other significantly. Unfortunately, the show was cancelled but at least we saw Jonny and Jessie kiss... Albeit, they were possessed by ghosts so it doesn't count... Sorta. ;)

3rd December 2005, 5:48 PM
I support

Hoennshipping (Brendan+May)
Colosseumshipping (Wes+Rui)
Egoshipping (Gary+Misty)

Cardcaptor Sakura
Cardcaptorshipping (Syaoran+Sakura: MY FAVORITE SHIPPING OF ALL!!!
Observantshipping (Eriol+Tomoyo): Hey, I just can't see Eriol with Kaho.

Kodocha No Omocha

Fruits Basket

Taiora (Tai+Sora)

Shadow Ichigo
3rd December 2005, 5:55 PM
Ash x may
Kenta x Marina
Red x Yellow
Ash x Bianca
Wes x Rui

Megaman NT warrior/ Rockman.EXE
Lan x Maylu
Lan x Jasmine
Megaman.EXE x Roll.EXE
Megaman.EXE x Medi.EXE

Tales of Symphonia:
Lloyd x Sheena
Genis x Presea
Kratos x Anna

Final Fanstay:
Cloud x Tifa
Tidus x Yuna

4th December 2005, 10:08 PM
Shippings I support:


AdvanceShipping-Well cause I think they look like each other's type. Plus its cuter with May than with Misty.

Tales of Symphonia

Lloyd/Colette-Well cause its so sweet between them. Theres not much fun in it but thats what makes it really good, cause its a combo of friendship and love.
Genis/Presea-I have to say this is my favorite out of the ToS ships, its very funny to see Genis with his crush on Presea through about half the game. The whole Protecting her thing was cool and cute.
Zelos/Sheena-Well I don't really know why I like this but I do know that they would really be starting fireworks with each other. :D

Golden Sun

Isaac/Jenna-This one is the most obvious one in the games. Its cute too especially when you find out in part 2 that Isaac was worrying about her non stop. and how Jenna turned pik when Sheba said. "Don't you mean Isaac."

Piers/Sheba-Well this noe is kinda hard to notice but when Sheba asked piers his age I kinda thought of this and when at the ending preview Sheba was near piers' side. :D


Knuckles/Rouge-Well cause there are a lot of clues in SonicA2battle. Plus I think it would be really great to see Knuckles with her on a date.

Shadow/Amy-Not much people support it so I feel alone supporting it but this is my favorite ship in the world so far. I think with Shadow's depression and Amy's cheeriness it would be good for Shadow to have a life of happiness. Plus I like the sceen where Amy reminds him of his past and He says "I gotta keep my promise to maria and YOU" :D

4th December 2005, 10:50 PM

Ash x Misty: I'm a romantic sap, and I love the idea behind it.
May x Drew: Not a big thing, but it was the first time I ever really noticed a rival shipping of sorts.
BrockxSusie: It's nice she's the first girl I remember not getting embarrassed at his behaviour, or Brock being deadly serious about.
Charizardx Charla: It's canon, it's cute, and Charizard's cool.
LatiosxLatias: I share a theory with Zerodius on this one. It involves them NOT being actual brother and sister.

JoeyxMai: If you can't see it your blind.
YugixRebecca: Nice in a stalker way.
YamixTea: She likes him, you can tell. I mean, HOW much time did they spend together between Duelist Kingdom and Grand Championship?

SakuraxLei: it's awesome, it's like Pokeshipping 'cept this time it's the by instead of the girl, and it's canon. Very subtly, it's canon.

CloudxTifa: Supported this from day 1. I mean, they are all they've got left in the world. I even went on GamesFAQ in order to find out how to fairly make Nibelshipping as I call it the main shipping in FFVII. The bit after his speech was way to supportive to ignore.

TidusxYuna: I know it's canon, but before it went canon it was obvious.

HaruxElie: Pokeshippingly obvious. And awesome too.
MusikaxWhatshername: Y'know, it's that girl who he grew up with and gave his first piece of silver to. Can't remember her name though, but I belive it was in Blues city or summit, after the whole "Elie wiping out existance by accident" thing. Wish Toonami would hurry up and show the new episodes.

More to come when my homework headache wears off.

Revolutionary Destiny
5th December 2005, 12:35 AM
Here's my shipping list:

- Brock and Misty (Gymshipping) ~ Rarely argue, have a great connection with each other, and they seem to care about each other a lot.

- Ash and May (Advanceshipping) ~ Same as above.

- Commander Tabitha/Harlan (Team Magma) and Commander Shelly/Isabel (Commandershipping) ~ Whenever they talk to each other, it seems like they had some sort of relationship with each other in the past.

- Jessie and James (Rocketshipping) ~ I'm a semi-Rocketshipper. I very rarely think about it, but whenever something does happen between them, I think it's really cute.

- Inuyasha and Kikyo ~ To me, they even each other out personality wise and we already know that it can work out between them.

- Miroku and Sango ~ It reminds me a lot of Gymshipping and it's really funny watching Sango slap Miroku upside the head:p

That's all that I can think of for now. I'll add more eventually.

Roses Ablaze
5th December 2005, 12:50 AM
Ash/Misty - Interesting story, this one. When I was new to the Internet, I was trying to think of last names for all the characters. I came up with Mizuno for Kasumi (Misty), so KasumiMizuno became my screen name and that somehow meant Misty was my favorite character. I became a PokeShipper from there. I do like Misty over a lot of the female characters, though. The other girls are all either too girly or all have the same personality.
Ash/Melody - I don't know why, but Melody's personality just appeals to me. She has enough spunk to keep up with Ash and she's femenine, but not annoyingly so. I also think it's funny that she scolded Ash in the movie.
Jessie/James - I don't know, I just like it XD

Sailor Moon (manga version)
Kunzite/Mamoru - Actually, the main reason I support this ship is because I'm sick of all these Shitennou/Senshi fanfics out there that consistently neglect the friendship between Mamoru and his guardians. I'm starting to really not like Shi/Sen as a result. Also, this (http://path-of-thorns.net/cgi-bin/yabb/YaBB.cgi?board=fandom;action=display;num=111989982 0) (<--WARNING: Shounen-ai, though nothing explicit) fanfiction had a pretty strong hand in pursuading me.
Mamoru/Usagi - Normally fairytale relationships annoy me, but for some reason this one doesn't.
Helios/Chibiusa - I kinda feel sorry for Chibiusa in that arc of the manga (which is much better than its counterpart in the anime IMO), so I think it's nice that Helios gives her the hope of finally growing up and finding love. I also really like Helios.

Joey/Mai - I usually don't like strong girls falling for dorky guys, but I think it's cute how Joey really cares for Mai.

5th December 2005, 12:56 AM
Hmmm...I haven't posted in this thread have I?

From Pokemon:

Ash/May: Probably my favorite ship ever in the Pokemon anime, and to think at one point I didn't even LIKE shipping in general! Ash and May are adorable together, their interactions, chemistry, their naivete, and mentor/student status. The two have loads in common, it's almost as if the writers have purposely tried to turn May into Ash's soulmate. I usually don't care for main guy/girl ships in shows, but for Ash/May I'll make an exception. I don't think it's possible to find a more compatible pair than these two.

Misty/Max: This ship rocks. To see Misty going for May's little brother would be friggin hilarious! It even had one episode with a bonding moment for the two. That and I can see Max easily getting a crush on Misty, as besides May and his mother, Misty is the only other girl that could be a "revelation" to him. Seriously, there is so much comedic gold for a Misty/Max ship. The age gap can be damned as far as I'm concerned, heck Misty likes younger men.

May/Kelly: HAWT. The BEST yuri pair in all of Pokemon. Kelly and May are so damn cute together, everything about these two girls are so squishy and curvy. They just melt into each others arms. That and Kelly seems to have some fascination with May's chest, as proven in the show and has multiple fanart about it. Kelly seems like a groping kind of girl, poor unsuspecting May being groped by another girl unsuspectingly. Of course May seems to dig her too, and the two girls already have a great friendship. Kelly has been pretty much the first and only girl in the show to hit on May, and May seems open enough to like girls as well as boys. They're both coordinators, and they both seem open enough for a little experimentation. Heck, Kelly is the kind of girl to just tear off May's clothes in public and start feeling her up.

Ash/Misty/May A great threesome pair. Ash is worthy enough to have both girls at once. Ash has shown a connection to both of them, and why should he pick one over the other? You don't, you take BOTH of them. And I'm sure Misty/May will enjoy each other while Ash isn't around. May already seems to be fascinated by Misty as well, and the two girls can have a wild time together when Ash is battling or whatever.

That's basically it for Pokemon. I like some other ships as well but that's my big 4.

5th December 2005, 2:44 AM
Les Miserables:

Feuilly x Joly- Feuilly is an orphan who paints fans. Joly is a psycho-hypochondriac. ...dyuu know how much a boy like Feuilly could worry the crap out of Joly? XD "Ooh look! Bread on the ground!" "DON'T TOUCH THAT YOU'LL GET TYPHOID!" "But I haven't eaten in a week, Joly! ; ;" He'd totally get fawned all over and Joly would like....nurture him and take care of him and then they'd fall in lurve. Yes. :0

Combeferre x Joly- The rival 'ship. XD Combeferre and Joly are both med students, both have spectacles and both try to be their version of reasonable. They try to be logical and stuff, and I bet if one got sick the other would be all 'COOL! I WANNA SEE!' :0

Combeferre x Courfeyrac- Courfeyrac is a little ball of energy. Combeferre is relaxed and philosophical. Yay for interesting. :D

Courfeyrac x Feuilly- Hnn. No idea why. I read a ton of fics on it though, and it seems pretty cute. :D

I'll come up with more later, I'm tired. XD