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Marky Vigoroth
10th August 2005, 11:51 PM
This story is something that I kind of made up. It's, like Team Ashley, a bit piontless, but I tried all of the things to make it a bit interesting (active verbs, lively verbs, sensory details, etc.)
Oh, and anything tragic, touchy, or otherwise the sad stuff like in Final Fantasy will be avoided/interviened here, so if you like this kind of stuff, I'm afraid that you have the wrong story entierly. (I got that from the DVD cover of "A Series of Unfortunate Events" that I read at Sam's Club. I like reading, and I didn't buy it. I just left it there.)

It was a typical day at Princess Peach’s castle. But it could be typical as in something bad can happen.
“Ah, what a beautiful, sunny day!” said Peach, walking at the castle’s garden. She knelt to pick up a few roses, and then walked on.
Suddenly, a big purple blur flashed in front of Peach! She looked around curiously, but warily.
“Now what could that be?” said Peach.
Before she could figure out what the blur was, it grabbed Peach! “HELP!” she screamed. Luckily, a Toad was just happening to see the whole scene. I better tell Mario, thought the Toad. He scurried off.
A bit higher from the sky, Kammy Koopa watched everything too. Bowser must hear about this, she thought. Off Kammy went to Bowser’s castle.

Kammy flew through the highest window of the castle, straight to Bowser’s throne room.
“Your Highness! I just received news of Princess Peach!” said Kammy frantically.
“What?” Bowser replied, eager about her.
“She’s been kidnapped!” Kammy replied.
“WHAT?!” Bowser screamed.
“She was at the garden, and then a big purple blur got her! That’s it!” Kammy responded.
“Yargh! If I said this once, I’ll say it again! Under NO circumstances is someone allowed to kidnap her without MY say-so!” he screamed angrily.
“Even worse, I think Mario is going along to save her!” she said.
“Hurmph. Mario” he grunted. Every time Bowser carries out his plans, even if they’re saving-Princess-Peach plans, Mario always stops him (except for 2 occasions, but the first one was originally Mario’s, and the second one was carried out almost all by Mario and Luigi).
“Hurry, your Grumpiness! I know where she could have headed off!” she said.
Without responding or delaying, he went somewhere a bit outside the castle, and then he was outside of the window of the throne room, with the Koopa Clown Car, of course.
“Come on!” said Bowser! “I better save her so that I could kidnap her!”
“Yes, your Gnarliness!” she responded.
They both zoomed off, hoping to find the princess.

Meanwhile, just entering the Mushroom Kingdom, a certain kind of Vigoroth was cycling his way there. He had a blue painter’s hat, a white tunic–yet he could ride the bicycle without the tunic getting into his way–, and blue flip-flops. He also had a blue backpack with probably enough pockets to supply a 3-day 3-aprox.300-metre-mountain hike.
“I better go to Bowser’s castle,” said to himself the oddly dressed Vigoroth. “Mario is okay, and Peach is pretty, but my favorite Mario character–not to mention my favorite male villain–is Bowser, and I hope I get to see him as easily as possible. Hopefully I don’t have to ask Mario–Bowser will misunderstand and be mad at me.”
Suddenly, the Vigoroth spotted the Koopa Clown Car! I must follow it, thought the Vigoroth. Yet while he followed it, he thought something. Why a tough-looking turtle resort–or reduce himself–to clown-related things? He’d better ask Bowser, but not now. Bowser may need his help.
Then, Bowser spotted the Vigoroth!
“Hey, what are YOU doin’ following MY Koopa Clown Car?!” Bowser screamed.
“I wanted to meet you, so here I am,” replied the Vigoroth.
“Yeah, well, youse stay outta this, will ya? I hafta rescue Princess Peach so that I can kidnap her!” responded Bowser.
The Vigoroth paused for a bit, due to the rescue-to-kidnap situation. He replied, “Well, I think you need me because look.”
Bowser stopped, then looked at what’s at front. It was a brown castle with some kind of light-aquamarine triangles seemingly protruding from it. The top seemed like the attic from a haunted mansion. And the ground around it was a light purple. And the castle and soil looked liked it was floating. In fact, even the road leading to the castle looked like it was floating. The road was purple, also.
“Yeah, it’s a weird-looking castle. So what?” said Bowser.
“So it seems…like…” The Vigoroth paused to remember. “Like Castle Oblivion.”
“CASTLE OBLIVION?” Kammy and Bowser repeated.
“Yes, only it’s supposed to be in Kingdom Hearts, not the Mushroom Kingdom,” said the Vigoroth.
“KINGDOM HEARTS?” Bowser and Kammy said, amazed about the whole thing.
“Yes, I’ll explain it later, or it will be explained while we’re inside this castle, whichever comes first, or if they get explained simultaneously,” said the Vigoroth.
“Whoa, whoa, whoa, wait a minute,” said Bowser. “Are you SURE we should go in there?”
“Yes. This castle is, or probably a copy of, Castle Oblivion. It’s from Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories, I think, and I beat that game, so I probably can help you there. And besides, don’t you want to save Princess Peach?” the Vigoroth responded.
“The Vigoroth could be right, you know,” said Kammy. “After all, the blur did go into that direction.”
Bowser thought about it. After all, how can a weird creature with just as weird clothes know about something from a video game? But if he wants Princess Peach, he has to go in there.
“Oh, all right,” said Bowser, “but if Peach is not here, I’m blaming it on YOU!”
“I would have blamed myself anyways,” said the Vigoroth. “After all, it was my idea to go there, or maybe Kammy’s. Either way, I will be held responsible.”

All three curiously entered the castle, yet they were suspicious about the whole thing. The inside of the castle was all white. There were what it seemed like statues of roses, and there’s a white door on top of a few stairs.
“Uh, I forgot to say this,” said the Vigoroth. “ I am Marky Vigoroth.”
“What a kiddy name,” said Bowser.
“Yes, but it’s fine with me,” said Marky. “And as you would have guessed, I am a Vigoroth. It’s one of the probably 391 pokémon for now.”
“391?!” screamed Bowser, for that is a rather large number.
“Yes,” responded Marky. “I’m a bit paradoxical, though, because even though I am energetic, I’m actually a sloth. Hence Vigor-oth.”
“Uh…” said Bowser, thinking about it.
“Anyways, I’d better say what are my attacks. You may think a few are unorthodox, though.”
“Uh…” said now both Kammy and Bowser.
Marky took out his backpack and took out a frying pan and a booklet of Wario Ware: Touched!. He opened the booklet to a page where it shows a microgame that apparently has to do with blowing on someone’s ear.
“Yes, my attacks are frying pan-whacking–like Princess Peach, of course– and blowing on ears, also known as ‘whispering sweet nothings.’ However, that’s only the unorthodox half,” said Marky. “Tell me, Bowser, what are your attacks?”
“I slash, bite, stamp, and–oh, this is my favorite– use my flame breath!” responded Bowser.
“Then the first and last attacks are the same as mine!” said Marky.
“Oh!” said Bowser, flattered. “You must admire me, don’t ya?”
“Not exactly admire, and the slash just came with me, you know, (while pointing to his own claws) these, (no longer pointing) and the flame breath wasn’t because of you, but you ARE my favorite Mario character and male villain.”
“Wow… he may have weird clothes and attacks and have a kiddy-kiddy name, but he sure does know which attacks suit him!” said Bowser.
“I just put on these clothes because I like them, and I learned Flamethrower due to a Technical Machine, which is, in general, a disc that can teach you new attacks!” said Marky.
Marky looked at Bowser a bit more closely. “You look better that what the video game show you!” said Marky. “You look really tough. And I think you would do well in battle with your…–I hope this is a real word–burliness.”
“Burliness?!” said Bowser amazedly.
“Yes. Either turtles are supposed to be a little chubby (I can barely see the ‘chubbiness’ at all), or you’re just plain burly,” Marky explained, now a bit more apart from Bowser.
“And I better tell you this, Kammy. You look like someone worth asking. Also, I like you like this better than the Yoshi Touch and Go version. And before you ask, I do scribble around the screen, hoping to hamper ‘your’ progress in the game. But only that. Really!” said Marky.
“Hmm…” Kammy mumbled, thinking about the whole thing.
“Once again, you look better in real life. But I better tell you this.” Said Marky. He looked back. “We will need to work together to win though this castle. After all, I work on keeping this adventure log, which is actually some papers I put together now, to help you, Bowser works best at dealing out damage, and you, Kammy, have some usefulness due to that you can stay above the ground. And THAT is something useful.”
Suddenly, out of nowhere, a bewitching voice cackles. Bowser and Marky knew who she was.
“It’s Cackletta!” said Bowser and Marky.
“You’re right!” said Cackletta”. “And yes, I do have you precious Peach, because I plan to overthrow the throne and make it MINE!”
Immediately, Marky interfered. “Bowser-abuser! He already get his punishment from Mario, and you added more unnecessarily!” He looked at Bowser and Kammy. “If you want to know something, I think Peach is pretty–who doesn’t–but Mario’s…a bit okay with me. He’s just isn’t…that someone who really captures my interest.”
“And that someone is me, right?” asked Bowser.
“Yes,” affirmed Marky. Marky went back to Cackletta. “We can beat you, just like how Sora, Goofy, and Donald beat Marluxia!”
“Huh? What are you talking about?” asked Bowser.
“Sora, a kid–needlessly and weird from me, a human–, Goofy, a dog, and Donald, a duck-goose–but keep the goose-half part from Donald, for I will tell him– are the heroes of the Kingdom Hearts games. Marluxia is the final boss in the 1st story of the Chain of Memories game. He’s also a human, but he’s an adult. Oh, and a duck-goose doesn’t look weird at all, if you ask me.”
“Quiet!” hissed Cackletta. “If you want to see Peach again, you’d better use this! EeYAHhyahyahyahyah!”
A flash appeared and then a card just fell down on the floor.
“Hmm…” Marky wondered. “This card is just like in the game. Cackletta was pretty cruel; she didn’t explain how to use this. However, it’s a good thing you have me, for I know!”
“How?” wondered Bowser and Kammy.
“You just hold up the card like this near the door… Oh!” Marky said suddenly. He closed the door behind them.
“What was THAT for?” Bowser asked?
“It will keep the intruders out, especially Mario, if I am in your perspective.”
“Mario. Ugh. Well, it’s a good thing he won’t be raining on my parade,” said Bowser.
“Or at least delay his entry. By the time he’s here, we probably are halfway through this castle,” explained Marky.
“Pretty smart,” said Bowser.
“But how are you sure you Mario won’t be here?” asked Kammy.
“He will be here, I think, but he has to look around for this place, starting at (points to Bowser) your castle! (no longer pointing)” explained Marky.
“Ha! And by the time he even gets close to here, I will already have Princess Peach! Bwahahahaha!” Bowser laughed.
Marky stood still due to the evil laugh, and the continued to the door. He holds up the card, and the door opened. The card was in front of the door, and it shows the island of Puerto Rico, along with the words “Puerto Rico” on top of it. Marky chose that card, and there was a flash. Bowser, Kammy, and Marky disappeared in the flash.

To be continued...

So, any improvements/insults/compliments/questions answers?

11th August 2005, 3:57 AM

Marky Vigoroth
16th December 2005, 8:48 PM
Some things I want to tell you.
1. Bowser's my favorite character, so that's why he's here.
2. "Marky Andy" is short for "Marcus Andrew". He just likes the short form.
3. That was only the 1st chapter. I will try to make the following chapters better...
4. A lot of things that I didn't explain will be explained in later chapters.
5. This fic assumes that the reader played at least either/both Paper Mario games and at least one of the games of the 3rd generation, just so you know.
6. When I started typing this story, I didn't read a single KH:CoM fic! Now I found a site that has fan fics (http://www.kh2.co.uk), but I'd better read one later, after I finish typing this post!
When the flash disappeared, the scenery changed drastically. There were trees growing all over the place, and the sky was clear, instead of the dark clouds that loomed over the presumed Castle Oblivion. At front was a fence with barbed wire, and behind that was a green-and-white house with a garage that didn't have a metal door, or anything like all the other garages. There was a ramp leading to the garage, but there was an alternative path that led to stairs that led to he front door. To top it all off, there was grass everywhere.

"Wh-wh-what happened?" inquired Bowser. "What's with the change of scenery??
"Did we get transported?" asked Kammy.
"Not... reaaaally..." responded Marky.
"Huh?" said Bowser and Kammy.
"You'd better hear the whole thing that I am going to tell you. It is important," responded Marky.
"Hm, okay," said Bowser.
"Even though it looks like my house..." Marky started.
"W-w-w-wait. Your HOUSE?" asked Bowser.
"Yes," responded Marky, ?but you didn't hear me out. Anyways, even though it looks like my house, 'tis only an illusion."
"An illusion?" asked Kammy unbelievably.
"'TIS?!?" Bowser screamed.
"That's not the point," Marky responded. "The flash before Cackletta's disappearance was most probably... I mean definitely Cackletta searching my mind for memories."
"Sounds creepy," Kammy interrupted.
"No, no, no," Marky clarified. "'Tis not what you think. She had to search my mind to create the card. In fact, knowing her, she will make more cards, but from the same search. In other words, she won't have to search my mind again to make more cards."
"That's a relief," sighed Kammy.
Bowser, however, was angry and was about to grab Marky by the collar when Marky did a big back flip to dodge Bowser. Bowser was now amazed.
"Once again, 'Tis not the point. But I will explain more about that back flip, which I did just to get out of your way, if you follow me, and NOT get angry about 'Tis'! Sorry. Exaggerated," Marky apologized.

When both entered the house -oddly, the door was unlocked- Marky led the rest of the group to what it seems like his room ?the entire thing wasn?t real, you know?.

?Guess I'd better teach you what are you supposed to do in the castle,? said Marky, ?After all, you?d better listen to me if you want to make any progress at all.?
?Okay,? said Bowser, ?but what are we supposed to do??
?You go at the other side, and Kammy goes in the bed,? said Marky, ?Don?t worry, you will get a turn.?
?Ahhh?? sighed Kammy as she rested in the middle of the Vigoroth-sized bed, which was rather big, by the way.
?The first thing you?ll notice are the cards,? said Marky. ?They?re right here, I think.?
Sure enough, they were in the backpack. Marky noticed that they are separated into 3 packs. He looked at the packs, and looked at one that had cards that looked like Bowser's. Marky gave that pack to him.
?What are these for?? asked Bowser.
?They are attack cards,? said Marky. ?The red ones are attack cards, the blue ones are what I will call them special cards, and the dark green ones are item cards.?
?But all I see are red cards,? said Bowser.
?That's a bit to be expected,? said Marky. ?We'll start with attack cards, which you use for attacking.?
Marky looks at his own cards. Some of them show Marky slashing, some of him using Flamethrower, some just show a frying pan, and only two show someone blowing on someone elses's ear, just like that picture in his Wario Ware: Touched! manual.
?While some things I know well and well, some other things are relatively new to me here,? confessed Marky. ?It seems that since there are 4 types of attack cards in my pack instead of 1, I do a different attack with each.?
?Hmmm,? thought Bowser. His cards show him using his flame breath, him slashing, him biting, and him using his stamp attack (He jumps and ?squashes? his foes by sitting on them in midair.).
As Kammy was handed her pack of cards, she was surprised.
?Aaaaaah!? screamed Kammy. ?Look at this!?
Sure enough, Marky and Bowser all looked at Kammy's cards. All of them show only one kind, a picture of a wand!
?Huh? Gyrrraaarrrgh!? screamed annoyed Bowser. ?She got ripped off! Only one kind!? It was a bit weird, for they were not Bowser's cards.
?In reality, one kind is enough,? clarified Marky.
?How?!? Bowser angrily grunted at Marky.
?Remember Sora?? told Marky. ?All he had is a keyblade, and he not only went through this whole castle (I think) and beat Marluxia, but also formed the basis of what I am teaching you!?
?What's a keyblade?? asked Bowser and Kammy.
?It?s like a giant key...? Marky started.
?A KEY? Bwahahahaha!? laughed Bowser.
?Uh...? It may sound inferior to the wand, but it apparently has the power to lock darkness, while also being a kind of weapon to not only strike, but also shoot stuff out of its tip and even insert itself in the ground.? Marky explained.
?Whoa...? amazedly said Bowser. ?For a key, it's sure got some punch in it.?
?That?s because it's not a key,? clarified Marky. ?It's more like a blade, thus Key-blade. Anyways, probably, Kammy's wand will be like that. And more probably, She'll have to actually strike it before she can use it for other things.?

?That's the basics on attack cards,? Marky ended. ?Now, special cards are different. You get to do different attacks with them. They are (unless this castle proves different) Fire, Blizzard, Thunder, Aero, Gravity, Stop, and Cure.?
??Unless this castle proves different?!?!?? ? screamed Bowser. ?Then you know NOTHING about this castle!?
One would expect one to cry at that remark, but not Marky. A little embarrassed, but Marky stayed calm.
?Remember, my lord,? said Kammy. ?This castle is obviously different from the one in Heart Kingdom, so expect him to make mistakes. I know that he know what' he's doing, and you should respect that. And besides, he'll assume full responsibility for this. He said so.?
Marky clarified, ?Actually it's Kingdom Hearts, and I will try to fix any mistakes I may cause to you, if there are any, but basically, I know what I'm doing. Anyways, Fire, Blizzard, and Thunder deal straightforward damage, with their elements being fire, ice, and lightning, respectively. Aero is ?wind? damage dealt in a specific place. Gravity deals damage relevant to the enemy's HP, and ??
?Whoa, whoa, whoa, wait,? said Bowser. ?HP??
?Yes,? responded Marky. ?Like all organized battle systems, HP show your health. I assume you are familiar with this.?
?Yeah...? mumbled Bowser. Sure enough, he did have previous experience with HP when he was battling against Smithy, an apparently king + sword + Santa Claus combo who wanted to rule the world against Bowser?s wishes, when Bowser took the Star Rod, an item that causes the holder to have his wishes granted, and when he was trying to ?save? Peach from Grodus, a some sort of caped robot that, like Smithy, was into world domination. That too was also against Bowser?s wishes. Kammy was with Bowser in the latter two events, but she actually fought alongside with him at the last event.
?I haven?t figured out Gravity fully just yet,? said Marky, ?but Stop stops enemies in their tracks (whatever that means), and Cure, as you may have thought so, heals HP.?
?Now we go to the item cards,? said Marky. ?They?re easy to learn; they just reload cards.?
?Reload?? asked Kammy, now sitting up straight.
?That?s right,? said a deep voice.
?Dad?? asked Marky.
Sure enough, there was Marky?s father, a Slaking, at Marky?s door.
?Reloading cards is an essential part of your quest,? said Marky?s father. ?Every time you use a card, it disappears. But when all of the cards disappear, there is a remedy. Just bid the cards that they return to you. And to help you do that, you?d better cycle through the cards until you get to the reloader card.?
Marky looked through his deck until he found it, yet he still had doubts.
?Uh? I know that you?re supposed to bid for the cards, but how do you do that?? asked Marky.
?Focus,? responded Marky?s father.
?On what?? Marky asked, still with doubts.
?Oh, brother,? said Bowser over the fact that Marky knows how to reload, but he doesn?t know the procedure.
?Just wish for the cards to return to you, and they will,? explained Marky?s father.
?Okay. Thank you,? said Marky. Marky bowed his head a little and folded his paws together, giving the impression that he was praying, and in some ways he is. Suddenly, all of the cards were gone, and all of them came back right into his paw!
?Whoa!? exclaimed Kammy.
?That?s how it works,? said Marky?s father. ?However, the more you reload, the longer it takes to reload them. That doesn?t mean that you?ll spend an hour?? He looked for the right word. ??wish-praying, though. Did you see that the card had a 1 in it??
?Yes,? responded Marky.
?Now, as you see,? said Marky?s father, ?first you can switch between members of the team. My son, switch places with Bowser.?
As soon as Marky ran to the bed, Bowser went ?oh boy, oh boy, oh boy? when he went to Marky?s father.
?Now,? started Marky?s father, ?you see that the card now has a 2 on it, don?t you??
?Uh? yeah?? responded Bowser.
?Well,? said Marky?s father, ?reload until it turns into 1, but you don?t have to do it Marky?s way. Don?t worry, you?ll know when it?ll turn into 1.?
Bowser let out a sigh of relief, for he did not wanted to copy Marky?s pose. While he reloaded, his pose was quite different. He crossed his arms (His studded wristbands probably didn?t hurt him due to his tough hide.), bowed his head a little, closed his eyes, and had a serious look in his face.
?That would be enough,? said Marky?s father when the reload card now had a 1.
Bowser stopped. Marky?s father [u]was[/I] right! Bowser did know whether the 2 in the reload card turned into 1!
?Now,? said Marky?s father, ?switch with Kammy.?
?I guess this should happen sooner or later,? said Kammy as she went off Marky?s bed and hopped on her brrom while Bowser went and jumped into the bed!
?Whoooooooaaaa!? screamed Marky as he bounced from the bed and into it.
?Next time, don?t jump into the bed,? said Marky?s father. ?Now Kammy, finish the reload.?
?Okay,? said Kammy. While still on her broom, she simply bowed her head and closed her eyes. After she finished reloading, she was surprised that the cards disappeared and reappeared right into her hand!
?You can also reload with item cards, as I told you earlier,? said Marky. ?Different cards reload different kinds.?
?And now we go to the friend cards,? said Marky. ?When you?re in different worlds, you?ll meet allies that will help you in battle. Their cards will go around bouncing around in the floor until you pick them up, but you must pick them up quickly so that their cards won?t disappear.?
?So they?re like trash,? said Bowser.
?No, they?re treasures,? clarified Marky. ?When you use one, they will automatically use their attacks on the opponent. And they don?t need to be put in your deck. Oh, and their strength can be increased by stocking 2 or 3 of the same kind.?
?Stocking?? asked Kammy.
?Yes,? said another voice, but not as deep as Marky?s father?s. It was a Raichu, going in the room.
?Mommy?? asked Marky.
?Whoa, whoa, whoa, wait,? said Bowser. ?These two are your parents??
?Yes,? answered Marky.
?Well who are you?? asked Bowser to the parents. ?I forgot to ask that.?
?I am Mark,? answered Marky?s father.
?And I am Mary,? said Marky?s mother in response.
?Well, old Mark here explained to us about reloading, and whoa, did Marky need an explanation to get it down!? said Bowser.
?Well I think that if Marky haven?t asked, the I think that you would,? said Mary in response.
?Uh? no I don?t!? responded Bowser.
?Anyway, stocking cards could be a great benefit,? said Mary. ?They are combos of three cards, and they are very strong. It?s easy to stock cards. Just put three of them together and use them. To use a card, just attack the way that the card shows you.?
?Here, try it on me,? offered Mark. ?Don?t worry about me, one stock isn?t enough to KO me, and I have lots of HP!?
?Okay,? said Bowser, who took on the offer. He put three of his ?slash? attack cards together and slashed Mark three times!
?Whoa!? said Mark. ?You must be pretty good in slashing or stocking cards, or both!?
?Thank you,? said Bowser.
?Usually you get to reload three cards,? said Mary, ?but if the reload card is stocked second or third, you use only one or two cards in the stock, respectively. They aren?t as strong, and you don?t get to reload at the stock. However, if you use three specific cards, you?ll use a special ability called a ?sleight?. They will do awesome things if you use them. Just remember this. Unless you only have one card left, when you stock cards and use the combo, the first card you stocked will disappear, and will not return until the end of the battle. Try to use combos wisely, and you?ll conserve your cards.?
?Um? Mommy?? asked Marky. ?May I finish talking to them??
?Yes, you may,? permitted Mary. ?After all, you must cover everything.?
?Well,? said Marky, now to Bowser and Kammy. Marky tried to remember what he said, and in 10 seconds, he continued, ?friend cards can only be used in the world they are. In other words, you can?t take them with you.?
Before Bowser can complain, Mark said, ?except Bowser and Kammy.?
?Hmm?? mumbled Marky.
?Like Donald and Goofy went with Sora, Bowser and Kammy follow you,? said Mark.
?Hurmph,? complained Bowser. ?No way am I going to follow him.?
?No, not that. He means that you go wherever I go. And that?s a good thing,? explained Marky.
?And since they are active members of your team, all of you get your own decks, and you can switch freely among yourselves, making different advantages with each member,? said Mark.
?What advantages?? asked Kammy.
?I?d better explain,? said Mark. ?Every member have some dominant characteristics. Marky can attack with more speed and attack faster than the other members due to his brimming energy. However, he can?t stay still for long, and he may run aimlessly just to calm down.?
?Guess you got a hyperactivity problem,? joked Bowser.
?Probably,? responded Marky, ?but that?s how I?m supposed to be.?
?Bowser, although he?s slower than the other members, has outrageous strength and defense,? said Mark.
?Told you he?s burly!? asserted Marky. ?And his shell does add to the defense??
?Kammy may have a hard time attacking ground enemies,? continued Mark, ?but she doesn?t have any problems with ground attacks?she hovers over them?and tall or airborne enemies?she?s so high up; she can reach them?.?
?Finally this broom makes me a good choice in battles,? said Kammy to herself.
?I?d better tell you this,? said Marky. ?Other than Fire, Blizzard, Thunder, Aero, Gravity, and Cure, some special cards actually let you use some other characters. You don?t have to wait for them to appear in the floor and take them; they can be put in the deck directly! However, it?s easier to get more than one of the same friend card than special card.?
?And now, we go to the enemy cards,? continued Marky. ?They allow you to change certain battle conditions, like make any of your attacks final blows, or make your attacks stronger if you hit them from behind. I know this; some enemies have only their behinds vulnerable. They are on a different category of your deck, though.?
Bowser and Kammy looked at their decks. Apparently Marky was the only one who noticed the different category. Bowser couldn?t believe it.
?I don?t believe it! I missed them!? said Bowser, quite predictably.
?What do you mean ?them??? asked Marky.
?My flame breath cards are blue!? responded Bowser.
?So are my Flamethrower and Seet Nothings cards. If you don?t know what the Sweet Nothings cards are, they?re the blow-on-someone?s-ear ones. Anyways, it seems that not all of our basic attacks are basic attack cards. Apparently, a few are special, and I thnk there are more special non-element, non-summon cards.?
?Whoa,? said Bowser, which was all that Bowser could say.
?Don?t worry,? comforted Marky. ?I?m all done for now, so you can relax now.?
Upon hearing this, Bowser and Kammy sighed in relief.
?One more thing,? added Marky. ?You can jump in battle, and use a dodge move, like the back flip I made earlier.?
?Hmm?? said Bowser thoughtfully. ?Maybe I can slip inside my shell and spin to the direction I wish! That way they will NEVER hit me when I?m doing that! Mwahahahaha!?
?And I can do an air back flip,? said Kammy. ?It may not be much, but at least it?s a dodge move!?
?Well,? said Mark, ?that?s all you need to know about battling. Think you got the hang of all that??
?It?s a little too much?? admitted Kammy.
?Don?t worry,? said Marky. ?You?ll get it all in you when you fight some real battles. After all, you?re free to look up everything in my travel log!?
Marky revealed to them a binder with tons of paper in it, divided into sections.
?I?ll write everything that happened here, every character we meet, every card we have, and everything explained here!? said Marky ?Don?t worry about me running out of paper! I?m a bit more worried that the binder won?t explode!?
Everyone laughed after that.
?Well,? said Mark, ?I guess this is goodbye for now.?
?Goodbye! Goodbye!? said the team, which is Marky, Bowser, and Kammy.
?Wait!? said Mark. ?Take this!?
Sure enough, Mark gave Marky a card?Moment?s Reprieve, to be exact.
?Use this at door that you encounter by hitting your frying pan against them!? said Mark. ?The doors will show a number that?s the criterion for opening it! You have to use certain cards called Keycards to open doors with a crown on top of them though, in addition to the criterion specified. And sometimes, the color of the cards count too!?
Mary added, ?Other things can be struck with the frying pan. Strike crates or barrels and see what?s inside. Strike enemies to stun them in battle. Striking or touching enemies will enter a battle with them.?
?Oh, another thing!? said Mark. ?Battle cards have numbers too! Use a number higher than the one they played to cause a card break and make them wide open to an attack! Watch out though; it can happen to you, too, and if both play a certain card of the same number, they cancel out, and no one wins.?
?Zero cards are the unique ones,? continued Mark. ?They can break any card or combo, but they must be played after they play the card or combo. Otherwise, they can break your zero card even with a one card!?
?That?s all?? asked Bowser. ?No more to tell us??
?That?s all for now! Remember, if you forget, you can ask Marky or refer to his travel log!? said Mark.
All of them bid their goodbyes, and left the house. Suddenly, they went back into Castle Oblivion, or what it seems like it, anyways.
?Whoa,? said Bowser. ?That was the most boring and talkative world we?ve ever been to!?
?There?s still more to come,? said Marky. ?And if I think what Cackletta?s doing, you?re going to be fighting. A lot.?
?I hope so,? said Bowser.
?Oh, do you know that you can edit you deck?? said Marky.
?Huh?? said Kammy and Bowser.
?If you ever get more cards, you can remove or add cards from or to your deck, respectively. Your capacity is limited, though, but its capacity can be increased, just like your HP, thorough a level up,? said Marky. ?It?s easy; after you beat an enemy, you get experience jewels. They are like Star Points, only that you have to pick them up before they disappear. Oh, and you can also learn sleights by going at a certain level.?
?Guess leveling up is getting more complicated than it used to,? said Bowser.
?And probably more rewarding,? said Kammy.
Just then someone laughed.
?What was that?? said Bowser.

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