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Jesse GS the II
18th August 2005, 9:41 PM
That's right, just when you thought I'd never return to the adult forms of Ash, Misty, and the others, I've decided to relaunch the series! The reason? Well, I ended the show last time because I didn't think I could do anything else with the characters after Ash and Misty got married. Then I realized - there were still plenty of locations and characters I hadn't brought back yet! I wasn't done! So, after a lengthy brainstorming session, I give you this, the long-awaited Season 8. And be prepared, because this is only the first of THREE new seasons I've devised. You know the routine - first six episodes now, more to come later...

(P.S. For those unacquainted with the first seven seasons, I encourage you to read them in the Completed Fics section first. Thank you, and enjoy.)

“Four Tickets to Paradise”
Episode 7ACP23
Original Airdate: 9/17/10

After their wedding, Ash and Misty immediately put their honeymoon cruise tickets to good use and head to the Pallet Town Marina. While boarding the ship, they are stopped by marina officials who inform them that they must contain Pikachu and Togetic while on board. Knowing how much they hate being in Poké Balls for extended periods of time, Ash and Misty confine their Pokémon in pet carriers. Even worse is the fact that the Pokémon must be kept in the cargo area of the ship during the cruise. Disgruntled by the ship’s requirements, Pikachu and Togetic are assured by their owners that they can run around as much as they like when they reach the Orange Islands. After the ship docks at Tangelo Island, Ash and Misty reclaim their Pokémon and find a lovely hotel with a comfortable honeymoon suite. However, their plans of intimacy are stunted by Pikachu and Togetic, who don’t give them a moment’s rest as they tear around the hotel room. Ash and Misty decide to instead spend time together by the hotel pool, but are called back to their room by hotel security when Pikachu and Togetic instigate an argument that disturbs the other hotel residents. Realizing that they’re not going to be able to enjoy their honeymoon with their Pokémon around, Ash and Misty allow Pikachu and Togetic to explore the tropical areas around the hotel while they spend time in their room. Pikachu and Togetic promise to return in the morning. That evening, Ash and Misty enjoy their first night of passion as a married couple while Pikachu and Togetic roam the tropical forest unaided. The next morning, Ash and Misty are worried when their Pokémon don’t come back. They search the island looking for them, but can’t find either one. With the ship back to Pallet Town about to leave, Ash and Misty resolve that they can’t return home without their Pokémon and intentionally miss the boarding call. Pikachu and Togetic finally reveal themselves by bursting out of their Poké Balls, explaining that they snuck into them during the night to “test” Ash and Misty. Outraged, Ash and Misty soften when Pikachu admits that they did it to ensure that their trainers still wanted them around in their married life. After apologies, all four of them instead purchase plane tickets back to the Kanto region.

“The Defiant Guns”
Episode 7ACP24
Original Airdate: 9/24/10
Guest Voice: Charles Napier as Prison Warden Hakamoto

Jessie, James, and Meowth have been in prison for six months, left to stew in their hatred of the world. They try to plot their escape, but nothing they come up with seems feasible. James theorizes that what they need to do is find a way to contact Giovanni, who has been missing since Team Rocket disbanded. Meowth takes it on himself to rescue discarded newspapers each day during prison lunch hour, scanning the articles for any sign of Giovanni’s whereabouts. But they find nothing helpful, and soon revert to hopeless anger. At lunch again, Jessie decides to get to know her fellow inmates, and after several conversations, she finds that many of them were former Rockets years ago as well. Others she merely takes pity on for being locked up, but she and James concoct the ultimate way to get their freedom – distracting the guards with a prison riot. Jessie and James rally the other inmates to their cause during lunch, and the guards report to the noise from the lunch hall, only to be ambushed by the mass of prisoners armed with mops and chairs. During the melee, Jessie and James manage to steal handguns from two Officer Jennys, and Meowth swipes a shotgun from a prison guard. Equipped with firearms once again, Jessie, James, and Meowth split off from the riot and make their way to the exit, which is left freely open for them to escape. Once it is discovered that the three former Rockets are gone, the Jennys put out an APB for their capture. Thinking that they’ve gotten away with their plan, Jessie, James, and Meowth congratulate themselves – until they realize that they don’t have their Pokémon with them. Meowth recalls that their Pokémon were sent to a kennel, and Jessie and James vow to rescue their teammates. After carjacking an innocent citizen, Jessie and James set off, arriving at the kennel and holding its owner at gunpoint. Meowth searches the cages and locates all of Jessie and James’ Pokémon, but the kennel’s owner has activated the silent alarm, alerting a swarm of police officers to the crime. But when the police arrive, Jessie and James use their newly regained Pokémon to fight back and escape once more into the woods.

“Frontier to Eternity”
Episode 8ACP01
Original Airdate: 10/1/10

On the way back to the Kanto region, Ash and Misty’s flight enters a turbulence-inducing storm. Misty begins to worry that something may go wrong, but Ash ensures her that the pilots have everything under control. However, a bolt of lightning strikes one of the wings of the plane, knocking out an engine. To repair the problem, the plane makes an emergency landing at the nearest possible airport. When Ash and Misty get off the plane, they find that the storm has subsided – and that they have landed in the Battle Frontier. In the several hours it will take for the plane’s engine to be repaired, the passengers must wait in the terminal. There, Ash encounters Scott, the Battle Frontier’s proprietor, who explains that the entire frontier (which was formerly spread across the Kanto region) was relocated to a solitary island off the coast of the Hoenn region in order to allow for more convenience. He offers to give Ash and Misty a tour of the island in the few hours they have left there. Meanwhile, Pikachu and Togetic split off from their trainers to purchase something at the airport’s duty-free shop, but airport security suspects them of being two Pokémon that have escaped from their pet carriers on another grounded flight and promptly takes them away. Scott shows Ash how busy the Battle Frontier is now – the Frontier Heads each have their own building in which hundreds of trainers come to test their mettle. Ash, though a retired trainer, is still fascinated by the workings of the Frontier. Misty, on the other hand, is more captivated by the local aquarium, as it hosts a number of Pokémon that are rarely seen anywhere else. Scott invites both Ash and Misty to stay at the Battle Frontier, as housing is multitudinous and affordable, but Ash and Misty are unsure. Elsewhere, Pikachu and Togetic struggle to escape from their pet carriers as they are loaded onto the plane. When Pikachu finally manages to undo his door, the plane is already moving. Getting an idea, he climbs out through the hole for the landing gear just as the plane is taking off. Clinging to the wheel, and realizing he doesn’t have much time before the wheel retracts, Pikachu fires a Thunderbolt at the plane’s left wing, knocking out the engine. The plane must land again, and Pikachu frees Togetic, allowing them both to escape. They reunite in the terminal with Ash and Misty, who decide that they will remain in the Battle Frontier after all – their life needs a change of pace from the ordinary.

“I’m Just Hating On a Friend”
Episode 8ACP02
Original Airdate: 10/15/10

After agreeing to stay in the Battle Frontier, Ash and Misty peruse the housing region for a new home. When they settle on one, they immediately begin the process of moving in. Pleased to finally live somewhere other than an apartment, Misty decides to call May and let her know how they’ve made out. May is surprised to hear that Misty and Ash are now living at the Battle Frontier, and after the phone call, she begins to think that her apartment is nothing special anymore. She pays Max a visit upstairs and sees how slovenly his place is. Repulsed at the idea of living in Goldenrod Arms Apartments any longer, May and Max decide to move out together. Shortly after this decision, they realize that they don’t know where they want to live instead. Until they find somewhere satisfactory, the two siblings go overseas to the Hoenn region and take up residence with their parents. Though Norman and Caroline are happy to see their children again, it soon becomes apparent that May and Max can’t stay there forever. Looking over real estate catalogs, May sees just how luxurious the Battle Frontier really is, and she decides to move there in order to be in closer contact with her friends. Max, however, would rather stay in Petalburg City, observing his dad’s battling techniques. May bids her brother goodbye and sets off to the Battle Frontier, surprising Ash and Misty by buying the vacant home right next door to them. However, she finds that she doesn’t actually have enough money to do so, and until she can accumulate it, she must find somewhere else to live. Ash and Misty offer her brief room and board in their house, and May readily accepts. Meanwhile, back in Petalburg City, Max realizes that Norman isn’t what he used to be – every challenger that comes to the gym manages to beat him easily. Feeling uncomfortable about seeing his father lose to everyone who comes through the door, Max and the two decides to depart and live with May after all. He arrives in the Frontier to see that May is living with Ash and Misty – and driving them nuts as a result. Her constant intrusions are putting a severe strain on Ash and Misty’s married life. Max offers to pay for the remaining half of the home price that May can’t afford, but they still don’t have enough. They can, however, afford an apartment in the downtown area – and while it isn’t perfect, they take what they can get.

“Takin’ Care of Biz Less”
Episode 8ACP03
Original Airdate: 10/22/10
Guest Voice: Gary Busey as Hitmonchan

Ash realizes that he needs to get a job in a hurry, and he begins scouting the Battle Frontier for places he could potentially work. When his searches turn up very little, he meets with Scott to voice his concern. Scott directs him to an open position – Ash can be an employee at the Battle Factory. Deciding to take what comes to him, Ash agrees. Meanwhile, Togetic is sulking around the house, upset with having to live somewhere new. Misty encourages her to try and make some new friends around town, so she and Pikachu set out together. Togetic soon encounters a group of teenage Pokémon laughing it up on a corner. Pikachu introduces Togetic to them, and the group’s apparent leader, a roguish Hitmonchan, agrees to let her join the clique. Back at the Battle Factory, Ash learns that it has indeed become a real factory, where all of the Frontier’s major training products are manufactured. Though Ash hopes to get a position as an apprentice, his interview with Noland nets him a position as an assembly line worker. Ash’s new job consists of screwing the hinges on Poké Balls together. Though it may not seem exciting, Ash is happy for the pay and to be contributing to the trainer society. Elsewhere, Togetic’s new friends show her around town. Togetic actually finds her friends to be somewhat boring – until they break into a Poké Mart and rob the cashier. Now deducing that her new friends are awesome, Togetic vows to hang out with them as much as possible. Back at the Battle Factory, Noland cites Ash for not working to the best of his ability – Poké Balls keep falling apart in the testing room. Ash explains that the late hours are taking their toll on him, as he hasn’t been able to spend much time with Misty. Rather than reduce his hours, Noland reduces Ash’s pay instead. Furious, Ash rallies his coworkers into a walkout. While the other employees picket before the Factory, Ash stays at home with Misty. Misty berates Ash for not standing by his coworkers, but Ash explains that he primarily wanted to spend more time with her. Misty theorizes that it would have been far less melancholy if Ash had just quit rather than gone on strike. Ash phones in his resignation, and Noland invites his employees back to work. Meanwhile, the police bust Togetic’s friends on one of their robberies, and though Togetic refuses to claim that she’s associated with them, the cops admit that they already have a source that claims she is. It turns out to be Pikachu, who tells the cops that Togetic didn’t mean to get embroiled in any robberies. Freed, Togetic thanks Pikachu for lying to the cops for her – and Pikachu is shocked, genuinely thinking that Togetic’s involvement in the robberies was unintentional.

“Team Rocket Killed the Radio Star”
Episode 8ACP04
Original Airdate: 11/5/10

Jessie and James have been hiding out in their van, inconspicuously prowling the streets of the Johto region. They still need to find Giovanni in the hopes of rebuilding Team Rocket.Unfortunately, they can’t put out a bulletin searching for him without revealing their location to the populace. Meowth comes up with the idea to take over the Goldenrod Radio Station in order to contact their former boss. Jessie and James leap at the idea, but must reacquaint themselves with the art of heists. After robbing a suburban home and leaving the residents for dead, Jessie and James decide that they’ve still got it and prepare to overthrow the station. Penetrating the main lobby by disguising themselves as janitors, they keep in contact with Meowth, who hides out front watching for cops. Upon making their way to the top floor, Jessie and James immediately attack the chairman and shove his unconscious body in the closet. They then broadcast their presence over the building’s intercom and warn everyone to evacuate the building. Once the terrified employees are out, Jessie and James allow Meowth inside and begin transmitting their broadcast. After a while, Jessie and James begin passing the time by playing the songs available in the stations’ library on the air. Meanwhile, Meowth has some personal fun with the out-of-town listeners by hosting a fake call-in show where he insults everyone who phones him. Eventually, Jessie and James get a call from Giovanni. Though he can’t disclose his location, he berates them for being sidetracked on their mission to find him. Jessie and James admit that they had lost their motivation, but they suddenly hear sounds on the phone of Giovanni being attacked. They trace the call to somewhere in downtown Goldenrod and immediately make a break for Giovanni’s location, but they arrive in time to see police cars driving off. Outraged at themselves for losing their boss again, Jessie, James, and Meowth move on, determined to reinstate Team Rocket no matter what the cost.

Jesse GS the II
21st August 2005, 1:07 AM
All right, screw it. If nobody cares, I'm not gonna waste any more bandwidth. Someone close it down.

21st August 2005, 1:21 AM
WHAT?!? No one replied to this?!?

Anyway, this is ANYTHING but a waste of bandwidth.

I have read the original serie and liked them!... and I like this new serie too!

Magi of all
21st August 2005, 3:07 AM
Indeed, continue your work. I love the work you do with the Intensity. The only thing I don't like about the new season is the lack of Al, the bike show owner. Al was teh B3s7 (Best)

Jesse GS the II
21st August 2005, 4:59 AM
(Happens every time - I threaten to close a thread and the replies come pouring in. I'll never understand it...)

Well, Al can't very well be a regular anymore, given that he's closed the bike shop and Ash no longer even lives in Goldenrod. But I still plan to make the show work even without the regulars we're all used to - the Battle Frontier arc is just the first in a series of twists I plan to give the series (wait until you see the series finale at the end of Season 10). At the current time, I can't put up any more ideas (I'm on someone else's computer), but expect an update tomorrow afternoon.

Jesse GS the II
21st August 2005, 7:55 PM
(Unintentional Double Post)

As promised, here's the next six episodes...BTW, if you've seen "Caddyshack", episode 8ACP06 becomes much funnier.

“Geek Blue Sea”
Episode 8ACP05
Original Airdate: 11/12/10
Guest Voice: Neil Patrick Harris as Dirk

With Ash once again unemployed, he and Misty must cut back on their luxuries. Naturally, this doesn’t sit too well with Pikachu and Togetic, but Ash explains that as long as he doesn’t have a job, they can’t strain their budget too much. Pikachu suggests that Misty should get a job instead. Enamored with the idea of being the family breadwinner for once, Misty sets off to look for open positions. Togetic comes along with her in order to ensure that her job pulls down enough money. Misty is bored with the idea of a typical blue collar job, and her team isn’t strong enough for her to be an apprentice to any of the Frontier Heads. However, her vast knowledge of all things Water Pokémon catches Scott’s attention, who directs her to the Battle Frontier Aquarium. There, she meets with the head curator, who is astounded at everything Misty knows. Though the primary job opening is a position as a tour guide, the curator is so impressed with Misty that he gives her a job as a Pokémon researcher. Togetic deems Misty’s new job acceptable, though she expresses no desire to ever come with her to work. Ash and Pikachu, however, are greatly impressed. On her first day on the job, Misty is introduced to her coworkers, including a young teenage intern named Dirk. Dirk acts nervously in everything he does, and finds himself flustered around Misty. Misty merely shrugs it off and gets to work, eagerly anticipating all the exciting things she’ll discover about Water Pokémon. However, as the days go on, she notices Dirk hanging around her desk more frequently, attempting to make small talk. At lunch one day, Dirk sits across from Misty in order to talk with her, but Misty is quickly growing tired of him and cuts their conversation short. Dirk is secretly in love with Misty, and he plans to tell her the next day – but he is distraught to see that Ash and Pikachu have come to visit Misty that day. Believing Ash to be Misty’s boyfriend, Dirk spends the next few days trying to one-up Misty by saying that he has a girlfriend already. He goes through a series of elaborate set-ups to fool her, but Misty catches on to what he’s doing. She explains to Dirk that she’s actually married to Ash, which upsets Dirk further. But Misty assures him that, even if she’s unavailable, plenty of other women are still out there.

Episode 8ACP06
Original Airdate: 11/19/10

May’s Pokémon accuse her of never properly training them anymore. To prove them wrong, May takes them out to the Battle Factory to challenge Noland, but his randomly selected team of Entei, Nosepass, and Hitmonlee defeats May easily. Afterward, Noland chides May for sending inexperienced Pokémon into battle. Driving home, May wishes that she had somewhere to go where she could be accepted. She then comes upon the Ravishing Wasp Country Club, an impressive locale that claims to treat trainers like royalty. May decides to join, but the club’s proprietor, Judge Sakamoto Smalls, states that May cannot join unless she is a champion trainer or knows someone else who already has admission. Realizing that Ash is a retired Hoenn Champion, May pays Ash a visit and asks him to join the club for her. Though Ash is unsure at first, Pikachu convinces him to go along with it. Finally, Ash agrees, and brings Misty, Pikachu, and Togetic along with him. Upon learning that May has enrolled in the country club, Max wants in too, but he is certainly outside the realm of dignified trainers that populate the grounds. Meanwhile, Pikachu and Togetic find themselves bored out of their minds and try to leave, but the front entrance is blocked by Clark, the psychotic groundskeeper. Desperate to escape, Pikachu and Togetic join forces with a cheeky Dugtrio and attempt to tunnel out of the country club’s walls. While Ash proves to be a popular face at the club, serving up tips for novice trainers and apprentices, May is constantly belittled for her poorly-trained Pokémon, but she insists that she’s just as good as anyone else. To see just how strong she is, Judge Smalls challenges her to a Pokémon battle. If May wins, she’ll receive a free lifetime membership to the club. The battle commences, pitting Smalls’ Aggron against May’s Delcatty. As Delcatty is one of the more inept members of May’s team, May worries for her victory. Elsewhere on the grounds, Clark has declared war against Pikachu and Togetic for digging up the soil, and he sends his team of Zangoose, Hypno, and Gligar on them. When Pikachu and Togetic defeat each one, Clark rolls his Voltorb down the tunnel they’ve dug. The tunnel leads directly under the battle arena, and when Smalls’ Aggron tries to stomp on Delcatty, it lodges its foot in the tunnel, directly on top of Voltorb. As Pikachu and Togetic make their escape, the agitated Voltorb explodes, knocking out Aggron in one hit. Though May is given the victory, she declines the membership, claiming that the club’s members are too uptight for her tastes. Smalls compensates by giving May a five-million yen check in the hopes that she’ll get off his property, and May decides to distribute it among her friends. Max eagerly tells Ash and Misty that "we’re all gonna get paid”.

“All’s Fairy Love and War”
Episode 8ACP07
Original Airdate: 11/26/10

Tracey attends the annual Kanto Convention of Pokémon Watchers. However, the other members of the Pokémon Watchers’ Society note that he doesn’t actually do any Pokémon Watching anymore, since he’s constantly spending all his time as an apprentice at Professor Oak’s lab. Deciding that it’s high time he got caught up on the activity he loves most in life, Tracey takes a leave of absence from Oak’s laboratory and sets off to rekindle his love of Pokémon watching. He returns to his home on Tangelo Island, but he realizes that after exploring the Orange Islands with Ash and Misty 21 years ago, he’s seen all there is to see. Instead, Tracey decides to visit the Battle Frontier in the hopes of visiting Ash and Misty in addition to adding to his watcher’s sketchbook. While visiting Ash and Misty’s new house, Tracey lets his Pokémon converse with Ash and Misty’s teams. This leads to an awkward reunion of Tracey’s Azumarill and Misty’s Golduck, the parents of Misty’s teenage Marill. Elsewhere on the island, Tracey’s watching sessions lead him to a field where Dome Ace Tucker is training his Salamence. Amazed by the delicate movements of the Dragon, Tracey compliments Tucker on the way he’s raised it. Tucker and Tracey get to talking and agree to meet each other again at the Battle Dome. Feeling something special inside, Tracey suspects that he may be developing a crush on Tucker. But Tracey’s Scizor and Venomoth point out that, due to Tucker’s ambiguous appearance, it’s hard to tell whether “he” is a man or a woman. Meanwhile, Azumarill demands her daughter back from Misty, but Golduck refuses to say goodbye to his only offspring. Misty is uneasy about giving away one of her Pokémon, and she decides to ask Marill which parent it would rather stay with. Marill cannot make such a hefty decision on her own, and Azumarill demands a custody trial. At the Battle Dome, Tracey consults Tucker for a solution to Azumarill’s problem. Though Tucker cannot reason with Azumarill, Tracey admires his method of trying. Admitting to Tucker that he’s infatuated with him, Tracey moves in for a kiss – and notices that Tucker has no visible Adam’s Apple. Surprised, Tucker admits that she’s not actually male, though she’s been receiving a gradual sex-change operation over the course of several months. Too freaked out by the idea of dating a man who used to be a woman, Tracey leaves for Pallet Town to return as Oak’s assistant. Once there, Tracey agrees to have Misty send Marill over by PC every other week so it can spend time with its mother.

“O Boss Man, Where Art Thou?”
Episode 8ACP09
Original Airdate: 12/17/10

Jessie and James are still searching for Giovanni in the hopes of reinstating Team Rocket. However, they still don’t know which prison he is incarcerated at. While sitting in their formerly-impounded van plotting their next scheme to find him, Meowth hears Giovanni’s voice coming from the front seat. He pops open the glove compartment to find his old universal walkie-talkie. Giovanni still has the ones Jessie and James returned to him the previous year and is using one of them to contact the agents. Explaining that he has very low battery power, he informs Jessie and James that he is in Hoenn Maximum Security Prison before the signal gives out. Currently located in eastern Johto, Jessie and James set off to Hoenn by stowing away onboard the next ferry from Olivine City. Once they arrive at Slateport Harbor, they carjack another innocent citizen and head off for the prison. Discovering that they are low on gas, they stop at a gas station, trying to keep a low profile and avoid being identified as escaped convicts. When a smoking bystander recognizes their faces, they drop the gas pump and run for it. The man flicks his cigarette away and prepares to give chase, but the cigarette hits the gas nozzle and explodes. Though Jessie, James, and Meowth are safe, their van is destroyed. Left with no alternative choice, Jessie and James set off to the prison on foot. They keep their traveling confined to wooded areas and travel mostly at night. Meanwhile, word of their being spotted at the gas station spreads, and police all over Hoenn are alert, waiting for the agents to appear. In the woods, James notes that their careers have finally come full circle, as they are once again forced to sleep outdoors and scrounge for their sustenance, all the while not being able to let themselves be seen. Jessie claims that there is no way they can get to Giovanni without being arrested again, especially with every officer on alert, but Meowth manages to rekindle their spirits and convince them to keep going. Eventually, they are found by the police at a roadside weighing station, and a chase commences. To escape, Jessie and James steal an 18-wheeler truck and take off down the highway to Hoenn. After a lengthy pursuit through several cities, Jessie steers onto the off-ramp that leads to the prison. Closing in on the building, Jessie plows through the main gates and into the recreation area, where Giovanni is located. Ushering him inside, Jessie, James, and Meowth take off again, this time heading straight for the Mt. Chimney volcano. They dive out at the last minute before the truck plows into a lava bed. Convinced that the agents are dead, the police retreat – but in truth, Jessie, James, and Meowth have taken refuge in the forest, once again reunited with their boss. Giovanni commends them on a job well done, and the four of them set off back towards Slateport to stow away on the next ship to Vermilion City.

“Incensed to Drive”
Episode 8ACP08
Original Airdate: 1/14/11
Guest Voice: Shannon Doherty as Christine

May constantly teases Max over the fact that, even though he’s in his mid-20s, he never learned to drive. Max insists that there are many factors contributing to his putting it off for so long, but he can’t really back them up. That weekend, May and Max both visit a singles’ bar, and Max deeply embarrasses himself in front of two girls when they learn that his sister has to drive him home. Realizing how pathetic he really is, Max decides to get his driver’s license at last. At the Battle Frontier Driving School, Max sticks out as the only 23-year-old in a class full of teenagers, but he still resolves to pass his test regardless. In the days leading up to the written test, he crams in excess, but he overindulges on caffeinated drinks the night before and falls asleep in the exam room. Waking up minutes before time is up, he whips through the remaining questions, praying that he’s right. On the actual driving test, however, Max passes with flying colors. Nonetheless, the results of his written test are too low for him to actually get a license. Max returns home no better than he was before, but decides that he’s had enough of being “the dork who can’t drive” and lies to May, claiming that he passed anyway. When she asks to see his new license, he flashes her his old Johto Institute of Technology ID. That night, Max decides to take May’s car out for the evening, and still believing her brother to actually have a license, she lets him go ahead. Feeling confident, Max returns to the singles’ bar and plays the scene. One woman, an exceptionally pretty girl named Christine, is fascinated with Max’s car and asks if he can drive her home. Max readily agrees, and the two of them drive off together. However, a police officer pulls Max over for a taillight violation, and when Max has no license and registration to show, he screeches away at top speed. The officer immediately gives chase. Terrified, Christine begs to be let out, but Max can’t stop without running the risk of getting arrested. Ultimately, Max manages to lead the chase back towards May’s apartment building, but a police barricade forces him to swerve into a construction area, totalling the car in the process. Unhurt, Christine still slaps Max across the face and refuses to see him again. After getting arrested, Max is enthralled to see that May has paid his bail, but she forces him to pay for the repairs on her car. Furthermore, Max is suspended from the roads for a year, much to his dismay.

“Long Distance Dead-Oak-Cation”
Episode 8ACP11
Original Airdate: 1/21/11

While switching his team around via PC one week, Ash calls the lab to catch up with the proceedings there. He hears that Professor Oak is planning a week-long trip to the lush jungles of Valencia Island to catch up on his research with his colleague Professor Ivy. While he is gone, he leaves Tracey in charge of the lab, who does a decent job of monitoring everything in Oak’s absence. Before long, the week is over, but Tracey shows up to work on Monday to see that Oak is still not back. Tracey is worried since he hasn’t heard from Oak in several days, and when he still isn’t back on Tuesday, Tracey decides to look for him. Ash, Misty, Pikachu, Togetic, Delia, Gary, and Brock all agree to come along, as Oak could be anywhere on Valencia Island. After an arduous journey by blimp (again), all eight of them find themselves in the Orange archipelago once more. They split into teams to cover more ground. Brock and Tracey wind up at Professor Ivy’s lab, where a tense moment occurs between Brock and Ivy. Tracey notes that he still doesn’t know what happened between the two, but Brock refuses to say. Meanwhile, Pikachu and Togetic search the beach, but are accosted by several trainers who mistake them for wild Pokémon. Eventually it escalates into a chase as Pikachu and Togetic avoid being captured, ultimately attacking the trainers themselves. Ash and the others search the jungle, and soon uncover Oak’s tattered lab coat and several of his supplies. They worry that something may have attacked him. Back at Ivy’s lab, Professor Ivy has no problem breaking the news to Tracey – 22 years ago, Brock had tried to make a move on her, only to discover that she was already married to the highly successful and attractive Navel Island gym leader Danny. Distraught, Brock had become disillusioned, slowly losing his interest in Pokémon breeding, and eventually left the island to work for Ash’s mother in Pallet Town. Meanwhile, Gary follows his grandfather’s shoeprints to a nearby cave, where they finally find Oak scribbling away in his notebook. He explains that he had been studying the living habits of the Pokémon that live deep inside the cave when a territorial Ursaring had made off with his coat and supplies, including his watch, causing him to lose track of the days. Apologizing for worrying everyone, Oak agrees to pay for the blimp ride home, during which Brock remains very distant from everyone else.

Magi of all
21st August 2005, 8:56 PM
Awsome episodes. Its nice to see Max in a bad situation alone for once. Also, breaking Giovanni out of jail seems like it would be a good episode

22nd August 2005, 6:06 AM
Wow! When I thought all hope was lost for a possible 8th season for Intensity, you put this up and I'm loving it! ^_^

I will give you my feelings for each individual ep you made for the new season.

Four Tickets to Paradise: Okay, this is pretty intresting here. Ash and Misty are going on their honeymoon, but have to bring their pokemon with them. As a result, Ash and Misty get no alone time, which I found very hilarious. I even found it more funny when Pikachu and Togetic tricked them as a way to see if they loved them anymore. Man, pokemon can be so devious, huh? 5 stars. (Note: Highest rate.)

The Defiant Guns: First off, interesting title, where did you come up with this one? So JJ&M are in for only half a year and break out? Well you made them get away with their crimes and really harm others, so they deserved to be in jail for a change. They break out in an all too clever way. I didn't think TR had it in them. Then again it's been a while since I last read your stories, I think I'll reaquaint myself with them. Anyways, they then find out that their pokemon are in a kennel and break them out. Then they escape. Nice way to end it. A nice, but bare made to rating of 5 stars. You were so close to bringing the rate down. You just found a way to make up for the bad points. Which I liked very much.

Frontier to Eternity: So the plane home makes Ash and Misty end up at the Battle Frontier. Most interesting. You reintroduced Scott in a very nice way. Once again, you keep my interests in this fic going. Next up, Pikachu and Togetic are mistakened for two pokemon who escaped from their carriers. Makes me wonder who it really was or if there were really any at all. Anyways, their escape, brilliant! Pikachu manages to escape and takes out one of the engines to make it land and free Togetic. And they're staying. Well, let's see what happens from this turn of events. 5 stars.

I’m Just Hating On a Friend: Let me guess, from the phrase, "I'm just waiting on a friend" right? :) Anyways, Ash and Misty settle in on a house and tells May about it. May is fed up with where she lives and she and Max move out and live with their parents until they can defend for themselves again. May decides to live where in the Battle Frontier because the places are so luxerious. I think her jealousy got the best of her because she neglected to look at the price it seems. Which I found quite funny. So she decides to live with Ash and Misty until she can stand on her own two feet. *sighs* I can only imagine the havoc that happens there. And Max loses faith in his father and moves out. Was bound to happen sooner or later. Geez! How is it that one can make one's misery seem so funny to others? Max then sees the havoc that has been caused and tries to help her sister by making the last part of the payment for the house, but they still fail to come up with enough money. Either that's one expensive house, or they're quite poor. Anyways, in the end, they have to live in an apartment again. So they're back where they started, just in a different location. Life can be so cruel like that, huh? 5 stars! ^_^

Takin’ Care of Biz Less: Well this had an interesting but mildly boring plot. Ash needs to get a job, and ends up in a place that he hates. His work made him not spend some real time with Misty, and as a result of his complaint, his pay was deducted. Meanwhile, Togetic ends up making some new friends who end up leading her down the wrong path, and she gets arrested as a result and Pikachu ends up getting her out of that little jam, whereas Pikachu was unaware he was telling a lie. I found that funny, and it kept the rating up. I also liked it how Ash went on strike instead of just quitting. Gezz, I sometimes think you make Misty the one who has the brains of the family. Anyways, final rate... 5 stars. Had a plot that was rather boring. Though you did make some nice twists to keep up the rate.

Team Rocket Killed the Radio Star: So TR try to get back with their boss. Not a bad plot I must say. What surprised me big time was that you made them actually kill someone it seems, not like them at all. If I'm wrong about the killing part, terribly sorry. Anyways, they then take over the radio tower, which I'm not sure how many people have picked on with their fics, and try that as a way to find Giovanni. Amazingly, it works, but not before the police capture him and take him off to prison. At least the world is safe now, but I have a feeling it won't be long before Giovanni is out again. 5 stars.

Geek Blue Sea: Now this is a good one. Misty gets a job and someone tries to hit on her. Dirk sees Ash, suspecting that he is Misty's boyfriend, and does a little lie to make her jealous. However, Misty catches on to what Dirk's doing in the end and tells him that she's already married. I loved how this showed how attractive Misty can still be, even after she's married. There are so many guys who probably want her, but she chose Ash in the end. 5 stars.

Delcattyshack: Wow! What a plot! I'll officially kill myself if it doesn't make sense. Anyways, May gets creamed in a battle against Noland and tries to get accepted somewhere. Her search leads her to a place where she must know someone there in order to join. As a result, she convinces Ash to join just so she can join. It works in the end. So everyone joins, and soon, May has to prove herself. Meanwhile, Pikachu and Togetic are so bored they try to escape the place and run into the crazy groundskeeper as a result. They later join up with a Dugtrio, and plan to finally make their escape. May tries to prove herself in a battle and ends up nearly losing, when the two plots meet, and make her win the battle. Though she won, she just leaves anyways in the end. She gets 5 million from the boss, and shares it with her friends. Though I think the owner could've used that money to pay for the damages. Still, a very nicely done 5 stars.

All’s Fairy Love and War: Okay, first off, 21 years? You sure it's been that long? Anyways, I see that you used the little theory of Misty's Psyduck being Azurill's father that I started. If you like, I can help you clear up everything from anyone who's asking about that. Just give me names, and I'll do all the work. Anyways, Tracey must prove he's still a Pokemon Watcher, huh? Why not find a way to prove something you love? So he falls for someone who is hard to tell if that person is male or female. That ends up being very interesting with a gay charcter in the end. Anyways, Azumarril demands Marril back. Not too surprised, she is the mother and all, and she misses her child. More power to her. ^_^ Okay, if there is anything I find more wrong then gay pairings, its someone having an operation to change their gender. Why can't they accept their gender in the end? I like the solution you came up with so Azumarril can see her baby again. Let's just hope the mother approves. 5 stars. Once again, I'll be happy to help you out if you are having trouble explaining to others about the Tracey's Marril and Misty's Psyduck pairing.

O Boss Man, Where Art Thou?: So TR want to break Giovanni out. *sighs* I guess they like their job of Team Rocket a bit too much. Anyways, they find out he's imprisoned in Houen, and go through one of the craziest plots I've read in my time of reading fics. I like how you made them try to live off the land. They really had to do that in the Anime. Anyways, they end up getting Giovanni out and fake their deaths. All too clever. I can highly see why they deserved the A rank class in your fic. I'm guessing that's where Giovanni will reinstate them once Team Rocket is reinstated. A very well done 5 stars. (Man, you are good!)

Incensed to Drive: So Max still doesn't have his licenise to drive? Ah, some people do well in their life without one anyways. Still, he tries and only fails because he fell asleep in class. Poor guy. Anyways, he lies and ends up breaking the law by borrowing May's car. He gets a date with a girl and during the drive home, gets pulled over by a cop. As a result, he makes a run for it. Bad move Max! He totals May's car and gets arrested. However May bails him out, but he still has to pay for the car. I think Max learned his lesson. 5 stars once again.

Long Distance Dead-Oak-Cation: Uh-oh! Oak goes missing after being away for more than a week planned trip? Time for a search party! :) So that's your theory on what happened between Brock and Ivy. Makes sense to me. Though didn't Brock get over it? Cause he actually mentioned her on one of the Houen eps, IIRC. Anways, they soon find him in a cave, where he was attacked by an Ursaring. No wonder he never came back. Anyways, liked it very much. 5 stars.

Final result: Congradulations! You are one of the few authors who have pulled off a 5 star rate in all their parts of a story. Here is your prize...

A ;385; sticker as proff of all your hard earned work.

Here's hoping you keep it up! ^_^

Pika Hikari KT
22nd August 2005, 5:11 PM
He only mentioned Ivy in the dub; but I wouldn't really be surprised if he has gotten over her. I mean, it couldn't have been that bad...right?:p

"we’re all gonna get paid”
OMGWTFBBQ!XD Oh, Max...^_^;

Jesse GS the II
23rd August 2005, 3:26 AM
Pokeplayer984, you probably shouldn't take the title "Team Rocket Killed the Radio Star" too seriously - it's a parody of a 1980 song by the Buggles called "Video Killed the Radio Star" (incidentally, it was also the first video ever aired on MTV). A lot of my titles tend to be parodies of songs, movies, TV shows, or other aspects of the media, but people don't always get some of the more obscure ones.

Regardless, here's another six episodes. I'm really having fun with this season - a lot more fun than I had the last time I tried to write a Season 8. Not only that, but I have a load of fun picking guest voices (I especially enjoy my choices for 8ACP15).

“Lucy Lips Sink Relationships”
Episode 8ACP12
Original Airdate: 2/4/11
Guest Voice: Drew Barrymore as Milotic

Working at the Battle Frontier Aquarium, Misty starts taking more and more hours in the research lab, staying up often past midnight. The lack of sleep soon begins to do a number on her physical appearance. Worried that she may be becoming less attractive to Ash, Misty seeks help from Scott, who directs her to the Battle Pike. As it turns out, Pike Queen Lucy is an expert on cosmetic care for both humans and Pokémon, as evidenced by her legendarily beautiful Milotic. Lucy gives Misty a package of facial care products, but upon returning home, Misty realizes that she’s forgotten her pocketbook at the Battle Pike. Ash agrees to go back and get it for her, allowing Pikachu to tag along. When Ash arrives at the Battle Pike, Lucy takes one look at him and is instantly smitten – she recognizes him as the Hoenn League Champion, but is unaware that he is also Misty’s husband. Elsewhere in the Battle Pike, Pikachu finds a romantic interest of his own – namely, Lucy’s Milotic, whom he is unavoidably attracted to. Meanwhile, Lucy starts a conversation with Ash and manages to find out where he lives, but cuts him off before he can say anymore. Back at home, Pikachu longs to see Lucy’s Milotic again, and Togetic, always one for rule breaking, encourages him to sneak out and reunite with her. But Ash and Misty spot him and persuade him otherwise, telling him that his attraction to Milotic is purely physical because her beauty condition is maxed out. Pikachu is not convinced. The next day, while Misty is at work, Ash receives phone call after phone call from Lucy, each one more sensual than the last. Creeped out, Ash refuses to answer the phone any more, and takes the phone off the hook. He and Pikachu decide to go for a walk so Ash can clear his head, but Lucy calls again while they are out and leaves her filthiest and most seductive message yet. Misty comes home and plays it back, and she is immediately furious. When Ash returns, Misty demands to know what’s going on. Ash insists that he has no idea, only that Lucy has been calling him ever since he last met with her. Deciding to stop Lucy before she mutilates a perfectly good marriage, Misty goes back down to the Battle Pike to sort things out. Pikachu stows away in her car in order to see Milotic again. While Misty angrily confronts Lucy in one room of the Pike, Pikachu tries to confess his love for Milotic in another. Milotic wants no part of it, however, and annoyedly launches a Hydro Pump at Pikachu. However, she misses, blasts a hole in the wall, and strikes her trainer instead – just as Lucy was sincerely apologizing for getting the wrong impression. With Lucy no longer a threat (or conscious, for that matter), Misty returns home to Ash, assured that her marriage is safe.

“The Old Woman Down the Road”
Episode 8ACP10
Original Airdate: 2/11/11

Jessie, James, Meowth, and Giovanni have returned to the Kanto region, but as they are now believed to be dead, they must keep out of sight. Hiding out in the Viridian Forest, Jessie begins to suspect that their careers will never return to normal. Giovanni, however, is more optimistic – all they have to do is return to the Viridian City Gym and relaunch Team Rocket as an underground crime association rather than a national crime ring. Their spirits lifted, the four of them make their way back to the gym that night. Sneaking into the Team Rocket base through the secret rear entrance, Jessie and James are relieved to see that the police have not found it yet – everything is just where they left it. Giovanni searches the main part of the gym and finds it seemingly deserted, until he is attacked by a malevolent Gengar. He sics his Persian on the Ghost, but its attacks do no damage. Giovanni is shocked to learn that the Gengar belongs to Agatha, who has once again taken over as the leader of the Viridian City Gym. Giovanni demands that she leave and return the gym to his custody, but Agatha knows about Giovanni’s heinous past and reminds him that, if she leaves, she’ll alert the police to his whereabouts. Though Giovanni acts as if he will leave, he secretly retreats to the underground Rocket base, where he plans to eradicate Agatha once and for all. Meanwhile, Jessie and James plan to return to their old methods of crime, but Meowth reminds them that they must remain underground from now on. This essentially means that the Rocket base will be their new permanent home. Figuring that it’s at least better than living out of their van, Jessie and James agree. However, this means that they cannot venture into the main part of the gym. While Jessie and James try to think up their plans for how they can successfully commit their crimes from now on, Giovanni is hell-bent on getting Agatha removed as Viridian Gym Leader, refusing to let someone her age handle the challengers he so enjoyed defeating. When the food supply begins to dwindle, Jessie and James send Meowth up above to steal food from the local store. Stealthily sneaking through the gym, Meowth is quickly detected and caught by Agatha’s Ghost Pokémon. He immediately plays dumb, pretending to be an alley Meowth, and a disgruntled Agatha tosses him outside. As she does, Meowth snatches the brooch off her neck and runs, and when Agatha gives chase, Meowth doubles back and locks her out of the gym. He then returns to base, proudly exclaiming that he’s gotten rid of Agatha, much to Giovanni’s delight – until Jessie and James remind him that he was supposed to get food.

“Hoenn’s Eleven”
Episode 8ACP13
Original Airdate: 2/18/11

Over in China, Team Aqua and Team Magma have become even more powerful than they were in Japan. However, the two crime rings are also constantly at war with one another. When Team Aqua gets wind of a Team Magma plot to go overseas, Magma boss Maxie sends Field Commander Harlan “Tabitha” Homura on an undercover mission to find out what the plan is. Sneaking into the Team Aqua base, Harlan is nearly captured by Tactical Commander Isabel “Shelly” Izabe, but manages to elude her clutches and discovers their plot – to travel to the Battle Frontier and rob the five-star casino owned by Arena Tycoon Greta. Once Harlan reports back to Maxie, the crime boss vows not to be outdone and sends his team on the same mission, with the intent of robbing the casino before Team Aqua can. As the two teams independently make their way towards the Battle Frontier, Ash and Misty invite May and Max for a night of entertainment at Greta’s casino. As the four friends enjoy the evening, May recognizes a man by the entrance, but she cannot place his face. It’s actually Aqua boss Archie in disguise, standing by the door and alerting his team members to sneak in through the vents. Unbeknownst to him, Maxie is elsewhere on the premises, telling his team to do the same thing. When May remembers who Archie is, she alerts Ash, Misty, and Max of the danger, and the four of them set off to inform Greta herself of what’s about to happen. Meanwhile, the Team Aqua agents cut the power to the security cameras, but then proceed to run into the Team Magma agents. Harlan and Isabel argue, each insisting that they will get to the casino’s vault first. The heist then becomes a race to see who can pull it off. Eventually, Harlan sends his teammates down another branch of the ductwork, and they manage to make it to the vault first. Inside, they find the money protected by infrared beams, but the Magma technological whiz hanging from the ceiling drops his disarming kit before he can deactivate them. Isabel and the Aquas arrive and tell Harlan that, if the Magmas want the money, they need the Aquas to disarm the vault. Harlan reluctantly agrees to split the money evenly with Team Aqua if they assist them. As the two teams race to reunite with their bosses, Harlan and Isabel begin to theorize that perhaps they can put aside their differences and work as one team. But before they can get outside, Greta blocks their path, flanked by security guards – she has received the tip from Ash and the others. Cornered, the two teams retreat, but drop the money in the process. Crawling up through the ducts again, they eventually crash through a loose grate into the Pokémon care center, where Pikachu, Togetic, and a host of other Pokémon whose trainers are at the tables attack them. Arrested, Harlan and Isabel must call their respective bosses to bail them out, then go right back to hating each other.

“One Kyogre the Cuckoo’s Nest”
Episode 8ACP15
Original Airdate: 2/25/11
Guest Voices: Bob Newhart as Kyogre, Steve Buscemi as Groudon, Jonathan Winters as Rayquaza

Misty begins to tire of her job at the Battle Frontier Aquarium. As of late, the job has required much less Pokémon analysis and much more sitting at her desk doing nothing. Learning of an upcoming expedition to the sea south of Sootopolis City, Misty has a great desire to attend, and after much badgering the head curator for the position, she succeeds in landing a spot on the research boat crew. She happily tells Ash and Pikachu of her forthcoming adventure, and the news catches Togetic’s ear – she, too, has become bored with sitting around the house all day and has a strong desire to get out and do something. When Misty informs Togetic that she cannot come along, Togetic shrugs it off and vows to find a way herself. On the day that the research boat leaves the Battle Frontier port, Togetic secretly hides among the cargo crates and stows away in the cargo hold. On the sea, Misty learns the true meaning behind the mission – the crew is attempting to find the legendary Kyogre and bring it back to the aquarium for study. Under the impression that Kyogre will be released back to the wild afterwards, Misty is wary but still generally finds the mission acceptable. Meanwhile, Togetic escapes from the cargo hold and finds her way into the engine room. Her constant screwing around eventually results in the ship’s main engine faltering, causing the whole boat to stop. The other researchers aboard decide that, if they can no longer get to Kyogre, they will bring Kyogre to them. Sending out echolocation signals that match Kyogre’s cry, the researchers eagerly await the Pokémon. At this point, Misty learns that once Kyogre has been found, the others plan to keep him in the aquarium as an exhibit. Disgusted at the idea of a graceful legendary Pokémon being kept in a tank for spectators to see, Misty disassociates herself from the expedition and prepares to take a lifeboat back to the Battle Frontier. But just then, Kyogre arises from the sea, having overheard all that has been said about him. Angrily, the mighty beast begins to attack the boat. Meanwhile, Togetic escapes through a porthole and tries to fly back to the Battle Frontier, but lands on the island where Groudon is rumored to rest. When she disturbs Groudon’s sleep, the land beast bursts from its cave and catches Kyogre’s attention. As the two Pokémon grapple, Togetic returns to the boat, where Misty reprimands her for awakening the behemoth Groudon. Fortunately, before any serious damage can be done, Rayquaza flies down from the heavens and breaks up the fight, saying that if the two should be fighting anyone, it should be the researchers for being so careless about their well-being. Before the Pokémon can rebel, however, the other researchers nullify them with tranquilizers and take off for home. Safely back on dry land, Misty vows not to go on another expedition – and not to let Togetic out of the house for the next three months.

“Sins of the Grandfather”
Episode 8ACP14
Original Airdate: 3/4/11

In Pewter City, the Harrisons receive notice that their family reunion is quickly approaching. Though Flint and Lola look forward to the event, Brock and his siblings express no desire in going. Every year, they always feel estranged from everyone else, as all their cousins are much younger than they are and never want to sustain a conversation very long. Sure enough, at the reunion, none of Brock’s siblings are very socially active. Brock, on the other hand, is curious regarding some of his family heritage. In all the years he’s known his family, his grandfather on his dad’s side has never attended a reunion. Brock’s grandmother assures Brock that his grandfather is still alive, he’s just a highly adventurous Pokémon trainer and has been off on an expedition for the last thirty years. Having heard this story since he was a child, Brock no longer buys it, and wonders if he’ll ever know who his grandpa is. After the reunion, Brock calls Ash and Misty and tells them of his suspicion. Ash suspects that Brock is overreacting and that his grandfather probably has a very good reason for not attending the reunions. Later, Ash notices that Pikachu is getting too lazy, and decides to give him a workout by taking him to one of the Battle Frontier battle areas. He settles on the Battle Palace, as he thinks he can test Pikachu’s strategic abilities by letting him decide which attacks to use. However, during the battle, Ash notices that Palace Maven Spencer bears an uncanny resemblance to Brock. Recalling the discussion he had earlier, Ash begins to think that Spencer may very well be Brock’s grandfather. He runs this theory by Misty, who also begins to believe it. Feeling the need to help their friend with his suspicions, Ash and Misty return to the Battle Palace and question Spencer, under the guise that they want to interview him to get strategies from a true experienced trainer. When Spencer notices that the subject is drifting away from battling and toward his familial history, he ends the interview before Ash and Misty can get any more dirt. Their suspicion stronger than ever, Ash and Misty invite Brock down to the Battle Frontier to meet Spencer himself. Upon the meeting, Brock believes that Spencer is indeed his grandfather, and after giving a heartfelt speech about the importance of recognizing one’s roots, he begins to convince Spencer too. However, at that moment, an elderly man enters the Battle Palace with the intent of challenging Spencer – a man who bears not only Brock’s trademark squint, but his facial construction and hairstyle. He recognizes Brock immediately and hugs him, calling him “grandson”. Brock realizes that his grandmother wasn’t lying – his grandfather really is an adventurous Pokémon trainer. The mystery solved, Brock’s grandfather agrees to attend the next family reunion.

“Framer Vs. Framer”
Episode 8ACP16
Original Airdate: 3/18/11
Guest Voice: Susan Sarandon as Gloria Kineshi

As Giovanni’s only Team Rocket agents, Jessie and James expect that they’ll have more work. However, they anticipate this development, as they are eager to show Giovanni that they haven’t lost they skills. Instead, Jessie and James’ missions turn out to be more exhausting than they thought. Often, they have to perform five heists in a day, always in a different disguise. While Giovanni commends Jessie and James for their work, the two agents are concerned that they won’t be able to keep their current rate of effectiveness if they begin to slip behind due to exhaustion. Eventually, James takes it upon himself to devise a work plan for them that will allow them time for everything they must do for work while cutting back on other things. Jessie reviews the plan and sees that they would be spending almost no time together outside of their extended work hours. After enacting the plans for about a week, Jessie and James are ahead of schedule but have become very different in personality. Rarely do they find time for each other, and the constant pressure on work has put a serious strain on their marriage. Before long, they start arguing about their life together and how nothing is working out, both of them questioning why they are still married. It gets to the point where both decide to seek help from a marriage counselor. Disguising themselves as innocent citizens and giving themselves falsified names, and under the guise that they work together in an insurance agency, Jessie and James visit Gloria Kineshi, a highly qualified couples’ counselor in downtown Viridian City. Gloria begins the session by talking to each agent separately. Jessie explains that she just wants James to realize that there are more important things than just work, while James wants to find a way to fit both his job and his wife into his busy schedule. Once the two of them are back in the room together, Gloria tries aggressive therapy, giving Jessie and James a set of foam bats to use in order to get rid of their inner rage. Not wanting to actually hit each other, Jessie and James question Gloria’s methods. Gloria is offended by this and claims that she is the accredited professional in the room, while Jessie and James are merely two individuals who obviously don’t know jack about love. Infuriated by the notion that Gloria doesn’t think their marriage can work, Jessie and James tackle Gloria, tie her to a chair, duct-tape her mouth shut, and hold her at gunpoint while Meowth pounds on her with one of the bats. Jessie and James suddenly realize that the reason they’ve remained together is because they love their work – the two aspects of their lives are codependent of each other. Having ended their marital problems, Jessie and James return to work, eager to spend time together during their crimes.

Cap D. Blue
23rd August 2005, 3:38 AM
As a long time reader of your "Intensity" series, I truely am impressed with this new series!

Although I remember you saying the Hosos you made was the closest you'd get to Season 8. =/ Oh, well.

Keep up the good work! ^^

Blue Aurora
23rd August 2005, 4:33 AM
**** yeah! It's back! Complete with great good brand-new episodes

23rd August 2005, 4:28 PM
Yay, you decided to make more. I'm so glad, this series was totally awesome. And you've kept up the greatness of it. I can't believe the May/Max/Parent thing, I thought Max was going to take over the Gym at the start of that episode. Keep writing.


Magi of all
24th August 2005, 12:58 AM
Funny as always Jessie GS the II. I like the part where meowth beats up Gloria. BTW, did Jessie and James ever untie her.

Seijiro Mafuné
24th August 2005, 6:29 PM
Well... let me put it like this...

Your fics are good, but... there isn't any real lasting conflict in the main pairing. I understand that it's the way you do it and all, but it seems to me that after a few seasons, the reader notices that the relationship between Ash and Misty has no real obstacle; they'll always be together, and no obstacle will truly shatter their relationship. The worst thing I can remember was the whole Misty/Ash/May triangle, which was solved way too easily to me.

Sorry, but that's a bad thing. You're a great writer, but if you ever make a 'Neo' version of this involving other characters, you should at least make it so the main characters' relationship suffers badly before the final season.

Jesse GS the II
24th August 2005, 10:01 PM
That's an interesting angle, actually...perhaps somewhere in the ninth or tenth season, I can put some kind of big strain on Ash and Misty's relationship. As for now, though, any and all problems anyone has with the series will certainly be solved in the series finale at the end of Season 10.

Anyway, here's the last six episodes of this season, including my first and only clip show. I realize it doesn't have much of a plot, but hey, what clip show does?

“Scott To Get You Into My Life”
Episode 8ACP17
Original Airdate: 4/1/11

While shopping at the local bargain outlet store, Misty finds an entire dinette set available for under 1000 yen. Unable to resist it, she purchases it immediately. Ash is impressed with the dishes, but realizes that he and Misty rarely have company over for dinner and will thus find very little opportunity to use them. Misty decides to remedy that by inviting May, Max, and Scott over for dinner that weekend. At the event, Misty notices that Scott seems upset by something. At the end of the evening, Scott admits that seeing Ash and Misty as a happily married couple has made him realize that he wants a meaningful relationship of his own. Having spent nearly all his time running the Battle Frontier, he’s never made time for romance. Ash and Misty agree to help Scott find someone before it’s too late. They set Scott up with the local video dating service, but his results are mixed at best. Scott decides that, if he wants a girlfriend, he’ll have to look for someone he likes rather than have them come to him. Ash and Misty take him to the Battle Tower, a popular location for female trainers due to its Pokémon salon on the ground floor. While there, Togetic wanders off from the rest of the group and encounters Rafael, a stylist who promptly sits Togetic down and tells her how much more beautiful she can be. Enamored with the idea, Togetic agrees to a makeover. Elsewhere in the building, Scott meets up with Salon Maiden Anabel and is instantly attracted to her. Anabel, however, does not return his affections, as she has battles to tend to. Not about to let their friend’s ego get stepped on, Ash and Misty agree to fix Scott up with Anabel. After some persuasion, Anabel agrees to one date with Scott, just to appease him. In the days before the date, Scott eagerly absorbs advice from Ash and Misty on how to act. Meanwhile, Togetic has become the envy of all Misty’s other female Pokémon, and her male Pokémon find themselves unavoidably attracted to her. Amazed at how much one makeover has done, Togetic becomes obsessed with returning to the salon for more beauty tips. Misty forbids her to do so, however, warning her not to get carried away. After one date, Anabel finds that Scott is a truly fascinating man and agrees to see him again, and before long the two of them have a budding relationship. However, this soon annoys Ash and Misty, as Scott and Anabel prove to be a thoroughly annoying couple, unable to keep their hands off each other. Realizing they may have made a mistake, they try to break Scott and Anabel up, but they soon find that they don’t have to – Togetic has been sneaking out of the house and usurping Rafael’s time for other clients by requesting constant touch-ups to her appearance. With her customers being driven away, Anabel is horrified to learn that Togetic belongs to one of Scott’s friends. Not wanting to be associated with someone who allows her Pokémon to act so uninhibitedly, Anabel dumps Scott on the spot. Scott is undaunted, though, filled with confidence that he can get any girl if he tries.

“Why Can’t We Beat Friends?”
Episode 8ACP18
Original Airdate: 4/15/11
Guest Voices: Christopher Lloyd as Regirock, David Spade as Regice, Richard Jeni as Registeel

As Pikachu refuses to live in a Poké Ball, he usually sleeps at the foot of Ash and Misty’s bed. However, he decides that he’s grown tired of this and requests his own room. Ash agrees to give Pikachu the hall closet, but first, Pikachu wants some decorations for it. While shopping at the Exchange Service Corner, Ash and Pikachu run into a familiar face – Richie has arrived at the Battle Frontier. Ash learns that Richie has already beaten six of the seven Frontier Heads, and he is stocking up on items before he faces Pyramid King Brandon. Ash wishes him the best of luck and agrees to watch his battle that evening. However, upon arriving at the Battle Pyramid, Ash and Misty are quite alarmed to see Brandon’s Regirock, Regice, and Registeel demolish Richie’s team almost immediately. Feeling sorry, they try to comfort Richie after the battle, but Richie is not upset – on the contrary, he asks Ash to help him train for his next attempt to beat Brandon. At home, Togetic is utterly jealous of Pikachu’s new room and demands a room of her own. However, all the other closets in the house are already being used for storage, so Togetic claims the basement as her own. She goads Pikachu for having a smaller room than her, but Pikachu just shrugs her off. Meanwhile, Ash feels confident that he can give Richie several pointers, but to his surprise, Richie manages to defeat him in every practice battle they have. Ash realizes that, prior to this, he had not battled Richie since the 1999 Kanto League Quarterfinals, and though Richie has not stopped training since then, Ash retired in 2006, allowing himself to get rusty. Realizing for the first time that he is not the great trainer he once was, Ash tells Richie that there is nothing more he can teach him and slips into depression. At the house, Togetic tries to enjoy her complete freedom in the basement, but somehow she cannot. Despite all the times she’s rubbed it in Pikachu’s face that she has the better room, Pikachu just takes it in stride. Misty tells her that the only reason she even wanted the room in the first place was just to make Pikachu feel bad. Realizing that she can’t do that, Togetic moves out of the basement and back into her Poké Ball. Elsewhere, Richie suffers an accident before his rematch with Brandon that results in a broken arm. Unable to fight, Richie asks Ash to take his team and fill in for him. Ash is unsure that he would be able to command a team against Brandon, but Richie assures Ash that he has the utmost faith in him. In the battle, Ash commands Richie’s Raichu, Butterfree, and Tyranitar the best he can, and remarkably, he is able to win in the end. Richie notes how Ash was able to succeed – using Butterfree’s Confusion attack on each of Brandon’s legendary Pokémon to make them disobey their master. Ash realizes that this is remarkably similar to the battle that he and Richie had in the Kanto League that pitted Richie’s Pikachu against Ash’s disobedient Charizard. Deducing that he’s still got the knack for training, Ash gives Richie his Brave Symbol.

“It’s a Sad, Sad, Sad, Sad World”
Episode 8ACP19
Original Airdate: 4/29/11

In the Team Rocket base, Giovanni has kept a sharp eye on the news in order to make sure that the buzz about his escape and believed death has died down. Once he’s confident that his agents can go back out into the field again, he gives Jessie, James, and Meowth their first undisguised mission – robbing the First National Bank of Kanto, located in the busy downtown area of Viridian City. Elated with the idea of finally going back into the public eye and becoming a real threat, Jessie and James think of a way to make this heist special. In order to alert their victims that Team Rocket is coming back into power, James suggests that they recite their motto before the heist for old times’ sake. However, Meowth is not enthralled with this idea, believing it wiser to just get in, take the money, and run without making a scene. During the robbery, Jessie and James tell Meowth to hide so he can leap out and yell his final line of the motto when they cue him to. Meowth takes this opportunity to break into the bank vault and start stealing cash. Sure enough, Meowth goes undetected while Jessie and James’ time-consuming motto recital results in their being apprehended by the citizens and subsequently arrested. The citizens who stopped Jessie and James are commended for their bravery, while Jessie and James are left to stew in the Viridian City Police Station while they await their trial. Meowth, having made off with several bundles of cash without anyone knowing, reports back to Giovanni and tells him of their dilemma. Knowing that Jessie and James’ trial will commence in a short period of time, Meowth and Giovanni try to devise a way to break them out. Inspired by a movie he sees on TV, Meowth gets the perfect idea, which he then passes along to Jessie and James in their cell. Jessie and James alert the police that they have hidden over 250 million yen somewhere in the Kanto region, underneath a big “R”. Upon releasing this statement to the public, the police set off a region-wide search for the hidden money. Thousands of citizens evacuate their towns to search for the big R that they might be talking about, giving the police plenty of work to do in an attempt to round up the money-hungry people. Once the police station has been emptied, Giovanni and Meowth dig their way into the prison area, allowing Jessie and James to escape. When a massive crowd of people finally converges on an R-shaped tree near the beach south of Fuchsia City, their digging results in no money at all. The dumbfounded citizens suddenly look up at the sound of voices, only to see Jessie, James, Meowth, and Giovanni overhead in their trademark Meowth balloon, taunting them and proudly announcing that Team Rocket will soon rebuild.

“You Kanto Go Home Again”
Episode 8ACP20
Original Airdate: 5/6/11

At the Battle Frontier Aquarium, Misty thinks she may be close to finding a new evolutionary chain for Clamperl. Knowing that the Pokémon already evolves into either Huntail or Gorebyss depending on how it is traded, her fellow researchers are skeptical. However, her boss still has great faith in her and gets her a five-million yen grant in order to continue her research on the subject. Meanwhile, Ash confides in Pikachu and Togetic at home concerning how utterly good his life has been lately – with his new wife, new house, and a continuous source of income that, for once, does not rely on him. However, his spirits take an immediate nosedive when he receives a phone call from the Pallet Town Hospital. His mother, Delia, has just suffered a heart attack and is currently in the emergency room. Worried for her life, Ash gathers up Pikachu and Togetic and calls Misty to tell her that she needs to get home now in order for them to go to the Kanto region. Though Misty is drawing ever closer to confirming her theory, she realizes the graveness of the situation and immediately drops what she’s doing. Not having enough time to wait for a ship at the Battle Frontier Marina, Ash takes Pidgeot out of the PC storage system and flies back to Pallet Town, with Misty along with him and Pikachu and Togetic in their Poké Balls. Upon arrival at the hospital, Ash rushes to his mother’s bed. She is recovering, and is quite happy to see her son again. Ash vows to stay in the hospital for as long as she’s there. That evening in the waiting room, Ash realizes that he has not spent enough time with his family. Having been a Pokémon trainer for a good percentage of his life, and then living with Misty for eight years, he begins to think that he has not paid his mother as much attention as she deserves. Meanwhile, Misty calls her boss at the aquarium and assures him that she will be back soon to continue her research, but moments later, Ash tells her of a new decision on his part – he wants to move back to Pallet Town. Misty is apprehensive of this, knowing that she would have to give up her position at the aquarium, especially when she is so close to her Clamperl breakthrough. But Ash insists that he must stay in his hometown to make up for all the years that he’s been away from his familial roots. That night, both Ash and Misty are unable to sleep, as they both have a lot on their mind. Finally, after a lengthy discussion of all they’ve been through together and how much they are willing to do for one another, Misty agrees to give up her job and move back to Pallet Town with Ash. Upon Delia’s release from the hospital, Ash and Misty return to the Battle Frontier, gather up their things, bid goodbye to May, Max, and Scott, and catch the next ship back to Kanto, ready to continue their lives together in a more familiar environment.

“Smells Like Team Spirit”
Episode 8ACP21
Original Airdate: 5/13/11

Now that Team Rocket has announced its return, police all over the Kanto region are alert, keeping an eye out for Rocket agents. However, not one of them thinks to search the Viridian City Gym, which has been abandoned ever since Agatha was thrown out. The Kanto Gym Leaders’ Union deduces that, if nobody else will take the position of Viridian Gym Leader at the current gym, they will simply have to build a new gym to replace the current one, as it has fallen into disrepair without a leader. This works out perfectly for Giovanni, as he can now operate Team Rocket out of the building without any fear of discovery. However, Team Rocket still only consists of Jessie, James, and Meowth. Realizing that he needs more agents in a hurry, he enlists them once again to find new recruits for him. Unfortunately, this is much easier said than done, as the entire Kanto region is now against Team Rocket. Jessie and James deduce that the only way to get more agents is to round up the old Rockets who are now in prison. Meanwhile, Giovanni hears a news report stating that, since the Viridian City Gym is no longer in use, it is to be demolished within the week. This unnerves Giovanni greatly, since his whole operation will be uncovered if anyone finds him there. His only choice is to disguise himself as a city construction official and call off the building’s destruction. At Viridian City Hall, Giovanni knocks out and kidnaps the current construction official and takes his place, identifying himself as the official’s assistant. He gives the order not to tear down the gym, and remarkably, the ploy works. Giovanni, however, must keep up this charade until Jessie and James return with the new recruits. Elsewhere, Jessie, James, and Meowth arrive at Kanto Maximum Security Prison in the hopes of gaining contact with their old Rockets. However, nearly all the Rocket agents that were arrested a year ago have already received the death penalty for their lifetime of heinous crimes. Fortunately, two Rocket agents are still alive and not stationed at the prison – Butch and Cassidy, who are currently serving time in an insane asylum off the coast of Vermilion City. Realizing that they must convince their longtime rivals to return to work with them, Jessie and James pay them a visit. Naturally, it does no good, as the two ex-agents have gone mad in the years they’ve been locked away and are completely incoherent. Meanwhile, Giovanni inadvertently blows his cover during a board meeting and is thrown out of City Hall. Once the construction official is freed, he orders the Viridian City Gym to be demolished immediately. Jessie, James, and Meowth return empty-handed just in time to watch helplessly with Giovanni as their base is completely destroyed by the wrecking crew. Wondering what they can do now, Giovanni comes to the conclusion that the only solution is to move to another country and relaunch Team Rocket there. Jessie and James decide on the United States of America due to its high crime rate. Sneaking onto the Viridian City Airport runway and stealing a helicopter, Jessie, James, Meowth, and Giovanni head overseas to begin their careers in evil once more.

“S’Wonderful, S’Marvelous, S’Intensity”
Episode 8ACP22
Original Airdate: 5/20/11

After settling into their new house, Ash and Misty pay Delia a visit. Having fully recovered from her heart attack, Delia is happy to see them both and brings them up to speed on what has happened around town since they were last there. They also visit Professor Oak, who is especially glad to see the happy couple. Feeling that Ash’s return to Pallet Town deserves a bit of celebration, Oak begins planning a special event of his own. At home, Ash pulls down a few photo albums from the shelves and begins to reminisce about what an eventful life he has led. He recalls such memorable moments as meeting Pikachu for the first time, having Misty join him on his journey, beating Brock at the Pewter City Gym, finding Togepi’s egg, finishing in the Top 16 at the Indigo Plateau in 1999, sighting Suicune on his first day in the Johto region, releasing Charizard, and meeting May and Max in the Hoenn region. Lost in thought, Ash suddenly notices that Misty is trying to get his attention. She takes him, Pikachu, and Togetic to Professor Oak’s lab, where the professor has set up a series of tables outside as an impromptu banquet in Ash’s honor. Among those in attendance are Delia, Brock, Tracey, Gary, Violet, Lily, Daisy, May, and Max. Oak leads off by saying that he has always had the utmost faith in Ash to succeed, as he has proven himself a worthy human being in numerous walks of life (1ACP06 “I Think, Therefore, I Ache”; 4ACP01 “Battle Scar Galactica”; 1ACP13 “The Way We Were (Unfortunately); 5ACP11 “Blackface Killer”; 4ACP22 “Ain’t That a Kick in the Head?”; 8ACP11 “Long Distance Dead-Oak-Cation”). Brock and Tracey then proceed to share how good a friend Ash is, as he has helped them out numerous times before (1ACP09 “The Last Action Zero”; 4ACP08 “Lady Sketchit’s Lover”; 4ACP07 “Futile Attraction”; 7ACP22 “I Married Misty”; 7ACP13 “Something Flamboyant This Way Comes”; 6ACP12 “Sploosh”; 7ACP16 “In Flannery’s Fields”). May, Max, and Gary back him up by citing numerous examples of Ash being a considerate neighbor and friend (1ACP12 “The War of the Losers”; 2ACP19 “The Mouth That Roared”; 2ACP14 “This Old Apartment”; 5ACP18 “You Don’t Mess Around With Gym”; 3ACP01 “Catcher and the Rival”). Pikachu and Togetic proceed to take the podium and recall some of Ash’s most shining moments (2ACP18 “All Quiet on the Far Eastern Front”; 5ACP11 “Blackface Killer”; 1ACP05 “’Zard for Life”; 5ACP14 “The Misadventures of Ash Ketchum”; 3ACP02 “The Ploy of Sex”; 8ACP06 “Delcattyshack”; 3ACP12 “Return to the Island of the Giant Pokémon”; 4ACP02 “Last Tango in Ecruteak City”; 7ACP03 “Gone in 90 Minutes”; 6ACP12 “Sploosh”; 6ACP14 “Drew’s Line Is It Anyway?”; 7ACP20 “The Decline and Fall of the Rocket Empire”). Violet, Lily, and Daisy recall the moments when their little sister has shown unending devotion to staying by Ash’s side (1ACP01 “The Fall of the House of Ash”; 2ACP20 “Last Exit to Sootopolis”; 3ACP18 “Fishin’: Impossible”; 5ACP12 “Dr. Strangebugs (Or, How I Learned To Stop Worrying and Love Bug Pokémon); 4ACP04 “The Day After Yesterday”; 8ACP12 “Lucy Lips Sink Relationships”; 3ACP23 “Ring Around the Misty”; 7ACP22 “I Married Misty”). Delia then lets everyone know just how much she appreciates all her son has done for her (1ACP01 “The Fall of the House of Ash”; 2ACP22 “Father From Another Planet”5ACP08 “It’s a Blunderful Life”; 6ACP03 “How to Win Enemies and Influence People”). Finally, Misty stands up and gives a heartfelt speech about how much she loves her husband, and how she can’t possibly see herself living her life with anyone else (1ACP07 “Misty Mornings”; 1ACP13 “The Way We Were (Unfortunately); 3ACP02 “The Ploy of Sex”; 5ACP22 “Homeward, Gagged and Bound: The Unfeasible Journey”; 6ACP20 “I Know Who You Did Last Season”). Deeply moved by how much his friends and family care for him, Ash thanks them all for the kind words and raises a toast to the many prosperous years ahead.

Season 9 should be ready to launch in about a week or so.

29th August 2005, 6:58 PM
Yay! Intensity is back! This is like the one fan-fic that I love to read! My favorite one for this season would have to be All’s Fairy Love and War.

13th September 2005, 1:08 AM
Boi u derserve ur own little manga or sumthin.

Jesse GS the II
16th September 2005, 1:27 PM
Eh, it'd probably be too complicated to cover the whole series in a manga. Thanks for the suggestion, though.

Sorry it's taking me so long to get to Season 9, folks. It's been a really busy week, what with college registration and everything. Hopefully, I can free up some time ths weekend.

Proffesor Pikachu
25th September 2005, 12:59 AM
I like it.It's awesome.

Silver Ryu
25th September 2005, 2:42 AM
Wow, this is pretty good. I like it. I've always liked Intensity. ^^ *waits for 9th season*

Kakashi-Sharingan Warrior
6th October 2005, 5:25 PM

why didn't anyone tell me!

this season is absoultly amazing!!!

It is so good to see Intensity back!

I loved the Battle Frontier-ness

but are the 4th gen pokemon gonna have an appearance?

*thinks of Harrison and Manyula............* I can foresee it!

like I said before I love this season! I loved seeing the fronteir Brains!
Jesse you are in your prime time again *gives Jesse a coupon for brooms* it will come in handy!

Jesse GS the II
11th October 2005, 4:55 AM
Thanks for the coupon. I promise to only use it in case of an emergency.

Anyway, though Season 9 is progressing slowly, I figure I can at least tell you some of the ideas I have in mind. First of all, as soon as the whole Diamond/Pearl generation is revealed, I plan to feature them more prominently (and I'll likely go back and retool some of my old scripts in order to include them). As for upcoming storylines, I'm trying to incorporate more and more one-shots that never came back - keep an eye out for Stella (Mimey's original owner), Colette from "Pokémon Box", Wally, Dr. Quackenpoker, Harrison, the never-before-used-in-the-anime Mr. Fuji, Kaede, Jessie's biological mother Miyamoto, Mr. Briney, Cassandra, Bianca/Latias, and all those unused Elite Four members (and Phantom_Bugsy, wherever you are - yes, that includes Will). In addition to that, Ash gets another job doing something he's always loved, May goes through more and more boyfriends, and Jessie returns to that short little haircut she had for two episodes in Japan recently.

As for Season 10, I have an idea for what will be the 200th episode - with Team Rocket stationed in America, the episode will center around them visiting Las Vegas, committing a murder, and nearly being found out by none other than the cast of "CSI" (with William Petersen, Marg Helgenberger, Gary Dourdan, George Eads, and Jorja Fox guest starring as their characters) - hey, if "The Simpsons" could reunite the cast of "Cheers", I figure I can do this. There'll also be an arc throughout the season involving May returning to the Pokémon Contest circuit and meeting up with all her previous contest foes (just wait 'till she gets to Kelly again - let's just say that the fanboys will not be disappointed). Misty finally releases Togetic again (for a while), Tracey finally gets a steady boyfriend, Jessie and James get their Pokémon snagged in the Orre region, and Ash and Misty consider the pros and cons of possible parenthood - all leading up to what might be the best ending I've ever devised for the series finale. I apologize again for the long wait, but trust me - it'll all be worth it.

Cap D. Blue
11th October 2005, 5:07 AM
As for Season 10, I have an idea for what will be the 200th episode - with Team Rocket stationed in America, the episode will center around them visiting Las Vegas, committing a murder, and nearly being found out by none other than the cast of "CSI" (with William Petersen, Marg Helgenberger, Gary Dourdan, George Eads, and Jorja Fox guest starring as their characters) - hey, if "The Simpsons" could reunite the cast of "Cheers", I figure I can do this.
I will be so looking foward to that episode. :D Count on my review for that episode. Oh, and here's to a script for that one, too.

11th October 2005, 2:44 PM
Well, your latest ones for season 8 were quite good.

Scott To Get You Into My Life: So Scott gets set up for a date. Most interesting. And Togetic gets a makeover? Hate to say it, but I think she needed one. (No offense to the fans, but some people hate Togetic, just becuase of how it looks.) Then this all leads to Togetic getting a better makeover and holding up customers, which lead to Scott getting dumped. Poor guy, but it seems that he has moved on. 5 stars. :)

Why Can’t We Beat Friends: Okay, first off, good luck at getting those people to play your voices for the Regis. Okay, I must admit, interesting ideas. I guess when you don't do something for years that you're not naturally good at, you tend to lose your touch. I must say though, the way you planned to have Ash win, quite interesting. Confusion = Disobeying. Why am I not surprised by that? Meanwhile, Pikachu gets his own room and Togetic gets jealous enough to actually want her own? So Togetic gets a better one, and Pikachu doesn't care, thus leading to Togetic not wanting the room anymore and going back to the pokeball. In the end, I see this story has alot of potential. 5 stars. ^_^

It’s a Sad, Sad, Sad, Sad World: Back to TR now, huh? Anyways, J&J finally get caught... about time. I must say, the breakout idea reminds me of a certian Simpsons episode. I bet that's where you got the idea. I bet this will be quite interesting and a good one to see. 5 stars.

You Kanto Go Home Again: Woah! Ash's mom gets a heart attack? Quite an unexpected shocker. And Misty tries to find a new eveloution of Clamperl? Not a bad idea. Although the part of Ash and Misty ending back in Kanto was the biggest shocker, this seems to be quite an interesting episode. Full of surprises. 5 stars.

Smells Like Team Spirit: So the Gym is getting demolished. Ahh, expected of ANY old building really. Not surprised at how far Giovanni would go just to keep his base. It's hard to find one in the first place. Meanwhile, JJ&M are finding new recurits, but fail miserably. Not surprised that some of the members got the death penalty. With what TR has done, they deserve it. :) Anyways, Giovanni fails as well and they're off to America. I wish them the best of luck. 5 stars.

S’Wonderful, S’Marvelous, S’Intensity: There's not much you can say about flashback moments related episodes really. However, I see this as a good plot none the less. And with what you have planned to show, I just can't wait for this one. 5 stars.

Now, for the next part of my post.

Thanks for the coupon. I promise to only use it in case of an emergency.

Anyway, though Season 9 is progressing slowly, I figure I can at least tell you some of the ideas I have in mind. First of all, as soon as the whole Diamond/Pearl generation is revealed, I plan to feature them more prominently (and I'll likely go back and retool some of my old scripts in order to include them). As for upcoming storylines, I'm trying to incorporate more and more one-shots that never came back - keep an eye out for Stella (Mimey's original owner), Colette from "Pokémon Box", Wally, Dr. Quackenpoker, Harrison, the never-before-used-in-the-anime Mr. Fuji, Kaede, Jessie's biological mother Miyamoto, Mr. Briney, Cassandra, Bianca/Latias, and all those unused Elite Four members (and Phantom_Bugsy, wherever you are - yes, that includes Will). In addition to that, Ash gets another job doing something he's always loved, May goes through more and more boyfriends, and Jessie returns to that short little haircut she had for two episodes in Japan recently.

As for Season 10, I have an idea for what will be the 200th episode - with Team Rocket stationed in America, the episode will center around them visiting Las Vegas, committing a murder, and nearly being found out by none other than the cast of "CSI" (with William Petersen, Marg Helgenberger, Gary Dourdan, George Eads, and Jorja Fox guest starring as their characters) - hey, if "The Simpsons" could reunite the cast of "Cheers", I figure I can do this. There'll also be an arc throughout the season involving May returning to the Pokémon Contest circuit and meeting up with all her previous contest foes (just wait 'till she gets to Kelly again - let's just say that the fanboys will not be disappointed). Misty finally releases Togetic again (for a while), Tracey finally gets a steady boyfriend, Jessie and James get their Pokémon snagged in the Orre region, and Ash and Misty consider the pros and cons of possible parenthood - all leading up to what might be the best ending I've ever devised for the series finale. I apologize again for the long wait, but trust me - it'll all be worth it.

To be honest, I was expecting Misty to become pregnant by the finale of the 9th season (or the beginning of the 10th, whichever works for ya.), and have the baby by the end of the 10th. :)

Anyways, it seems that you've got some good ideas, except one.

From what I gathered in the Japan/English reference topic, Mr. Fuji did make an anime appearance, he just wasn't given his dub name.

He appeared in Pokemon: The First Movie: Mewtwo Strikes Back. He was the last scientist killed by Mewtwo. :( (Yeah, the one that said, "We dreamed of creating the worlds strongest pokemon... and we succeeded.")

Still, some pretty good ideas here. Can't wait.

Keep up the good work, and please PM me when the next season begins. :)

11th October 2005, 2:51 PM
Can't wait till either season is finished. And if May's going back to the Contests. I can't wait to read if Harley is in it :p.

As for Tracey getting a steady boyfriend, *medea dies a little inside* that will be very interesting to read *medea starts to cry*

Hmm... Tracey x Harley...(Meh, it could happen)...Just thinking!

Kakashi-Sharingan Warrior
13th October 2005, 11:09 AM
well Jesse seeing season 8 I can tell that season 9 is gonna be worth it.

So May will go back to the contest curcuit? Awesome!
and Mr Fuji! he is like so cool, with the name and all
hmm.... that May and Kelly comment makes me wonder...

Jesse GS the II
6th December 2005, 8:35 PM
I'm bringing this thread back to the top in the hopes that my loyal readers will help me with a crisis. As you may have noticed, we're now well into December and Season 9 still isn't up. This is because I've hit a huge creative snag after outlining episodes 8ACP23 through 9ACP03. I have a plan for episode 9ACP04, tentatively entitled "Con Hair", in which Jessie and James perpetuate a robbery, but a bystander catches a glimpse of Jessie and describes her to a police sketch artist. In order to go undetected, Jessie decides to cut her hair, returning to that short haircut she had for a few episodes a while back in Japan. However, after that I have no idea where to take the story. I want to weave James into it somehow, because right now Season 9 doesn't have very many James episodes. If anyone has any suggestions as to how I can get over this hurdle, complete the episode, and get going on the rest of the season, feel free to contribute. Thanks.