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El hariyamer
20th August 2005, 3:01 PM
Now Iapetus took to wife the neat-ankled mad Clymene, daughter of Ocean, and went up with her into one bed. And she bare him a stout-hearted son, Atlas: also she bare very glorious Menoetius and clever Prometheus, full of various wiles, and scatter-brained Epimetheus who from the first was a mischief to men who eat bread; for it was he who first took of Zeus the woman, the maiden whom he had formed. But Menoetius was outrageous, and far-seeing Zeus struck him with a lurid thunderbolt and sent him down to Erebus because of his mad presumption and exceeding pride. And Atlas through hard constraint upholds the wide heaven with unwearying head and arms, standing at the borders of the earth before the clear-voiced Hesperides; for this lot wise Zeus assigned to him. And ready- witted Prometheus he bound with inextricable bonds, cruel chains, and drove a shaft through his middle, and set on him a long- winged eagle, which used to eat his immortal liver; but by night the liver grew as much again everyway as the long-winged bird devoured in the whole day. That bird Heracles, the valiant son of shapely-ankled Alcmene, slew; and delivered the son of Iapetus from the cruel plague, and released him from his affliction -- not without the will of Olympian Zeus who reigns on high, that the glory of Heracles the Theban-born might be yet greater than it was before over the plenteous earth. This, then, he regarded, and honoured his famous son; though he was angry, he ceased from the wrath which he had before because Prometheus matched himself in wit with the almighty son of Cronos. For when the gods and mortal men had a dispute at Mecone, even then Prometheus was forward to cut up a great ox and set portions before them, trying to fool the mind of Zeus.

-The Theogony of Hesiod, (ll. 507-543)


Many know the story of, how 8 years ago, the war between Kyogre and Groudon unleashed the Regis from their tombs of Earth. Some may also remember Rayquaza's defection from the Council of Legendaries, the great dragon war and his eventual reinstatement. The older ones dredge up the once-fertile soils of the fields of their minds and think about how, ages ago, the Unown surfaced out of nowhere and the Legends proved their status for the first time.
Humans, on the other hand, don't. Humans have very short memories. That is why I, a senior member of the Council of Legendaries, have been commisioned to preserve this tale for posterity.
This is my story.

20th August 2005, 4:43 PM
Quite suprised no one has replied back yet, because this looks like it will be a fantastic fic yo! keep it up.

El hariyamer
22nd August 2005, 3:12 PM
Chapter 1

"I say we have put up with those few long enough! Crush them at one stroke and be done with it!" growled the tall, heavyset man, slamming his fists on the large table.

The slightly lighter, but still stocky person on the other side tilted his head and muttered, "Generally I don't agree with him, but I have to say that this time, his logic makes a strange sort of sense. Why do we put up with them?"

The others around the table looked at them. Some began muttering, the older ones with more control simply shook their heads.

"It's not that we enjoy their presence, but its simply not our way. We hardly intervene with the human world, and only when events call for it. Such careless displays will only bring destruction to their world and ours as well. You two of all people should know that." explained the young girl primly. She knew among all seated there, she was one of the youngest, along with her brother, and therefore tried to keep herself composed and calm, instead of
panicky as she used to be.

The two that previously spoke snarled, "Mind your own business, little girl. We speak with years of experience."

"Experience of war, pain and conflict, I might add." murmured another. She was thought to be a bit of a recluse by some of the others, and while it was indeed true that her preferred residence was an unoccupied island at the frontier of charted territory, she had extensive knowledge and somehow kept up with current events at a surprising speed. A psychic, she somehow gave you the impression she was staring into your mind when she looked at you, though her close friends knew that this was often a subconscious illusion in compensation for her small stature.

"Don't worry, sis. Your words will be considered by the council, as will all others." comforted the young dragon to his rather embarrassed sister, as he glared at the two.

"Her words do bear some merit. However, the time might soon come when we shall have to intervene again. I sense a change in the land, stirrings in the air I have not felt for a long time. I fear it will soon be time to take matters into our own hands." added another. Although he was one of the oldest and wisest, many feared him, and after his previous defection, they had begun to regard him with suspicion. Unfortunately, as he had proved to them so many times before, he was an indispensable part of the council. When it came to certain matters of great urgency, there were none so adept at handling it than him.

"True. Which is why I called this meeting in the first place. As you may or may not know, the wheel and its partner have been uncovered. I am sure that at least some, if not all of you know what that means." announced a voice from another angle. A lady with a fiery temper, she had a reputation for being one of the most powerful and strong-willed. Her brilliant wings of rainbow shone and reflected back in the darkness.

Her sentence provoked a whole range of feelings among them. Some of the younger ones started looking at each other confusedly, while others began to stare at each other, eyes in shock. Even the elders began to talk animatedly, trying and failing to muffle them.

"How is this possible? For many years, as I lay watching the earth, the area which they were near was never disturbed." asked one of them. Although being older than many of them, his long hibernation periods and naturally light-hearted temperament gave him the appearance of a young boy, though he possessed powers unparalleled by most.

"The world is expanding. It is not what it once was. Perhaps we should take those two seriously. Those three groups have been presenting us with quite some trouble lately." one of them cut in. He was responsible for an entire dimension, and took his work quite seriously, although he was known to be somewhat of a plant-lover. Then again, they had a knack for understating things.

Three figures at another end arranged themselves into a formation and announced,

"The three groups are of no threat to us.”

“Too busy with each other, they wear themselves down.”

“Their incompetence will never allow them to obtain what they seek."

The first two to speak stared at them. "Are you sure?" they spoke in unison, an uncommon sight.

"It should be true. We have checked”

“To the best of our abilities. It should be reliable.”

“Anyway, Intel should be back soon. Ask them."

"Do you three always have to speak like that?"

"It is enjoyable." grated one of them.

"A favourable pastime." another added, his frosty gaze penetrating through them.

"Count yourselves lucky we're not like them." added the third in a steely tone, staring at a trio on the other side.

The trio in question was arguing. “I say I should be the one to look for the wheel! I’m the oldest and best looking!” yelled one of them, her flames rising as her wings agitatedly beat against each other.

The second one snorted. “You? Please. You wouldn’t stand a chance if any of us decided to take over your duty.” she added as she shook out her feathers, sending a spray of snow throughout the room.

The third one protested, her slightly distressed voice taking on an edge of static. “I’m tired of you two going without me! I’m clearly the best at this job. Let me go!”

“Girls, girls. Nobody’s going yet. We still have some loose ends to tie up.” chided one of the senior members. His watery eyes and placid manner calmed the trio strangely, and they sat back, muttering among themselves.

Suddenly the door burst open, and was followed immediately by a simultaneous burst of heat, static and fresh humidity. Everyone turned their heads.

“Ahh, Intel. Do you have anything to report?” asked one of them, her rainbow wings churning the air.

The three shook their heads. “Nope. We searched from Kanto to Hoenn and couldn’t find a single piece of info. I told you it was too early.” grumbled one of them as he crept to the table in an attempt to warm himself.

As his sister searched out a relatively clean, humid spot, she added, “We did find some conformation to earlier reports though. The three teams are working separately and are still at war. They will not pose much of a threat for now.”

“Indeed. Though I should not worry. If any of you haven’t noticed, there are two missing this afternoon. If anyone can find anything, it should be them. They’re best suited for this long-term thing.” commented the second brother, as he searched out a warm place near the electricity mains.

The fiery lady nodded. “Very good. As you have noticed, two members are missing today. One has left on orders sometime ago, but the other is roaming for “personal reasons”. Both have received necessary information. They should know what to do. They’re pretty much the most powerful of all us and that includes you two as well” she added, noticing that two members were getting ready for a fight, though no one was sure with whom. “Rest assured, the Council of Legendaries can deal with it. The danger will not surface for some time, a year or two perhaps. We shall overcome this and get through it someday. And now, meeting adjourned. I’m sure you all have your own plans for later.”

Amidst much mumbling, the members slowly left the hall and broke up. Soon, the only sound in the room was muffled talk from the corridor.

22nd August 2005, 3:38 PM
Immense. Dialogue overload, but it is interesting.
I can recognize all the legends! Booya! Mwahahahaha! Fear me! Anyway, on a more serious note, I can tell that this will be a good if not great fic, much better than mine so to say.
One word: Pwnage.

El hariyamer
23rd August 2005, 2:02 PM
Thanks, Mr Oydoggy. If anyone can't figure out who the legendaries are, pm me and I'll give hints.

23rd August 2005, 2:13 PM
Thanks, Mr Oydoggy. If anyone can't figure out who the legendaries are, pm me and I'll give hints.

Hmmm...please dont take this as an offence. But I dont really want to read this fic anymore, only because it isnt what I expected it to be. Sorry.:(

23rd August 2005, 4:56 PM
spacing please a space between lines when evryoen speaks. i'll review this properly when i can read it.

26th August 2005, 5:58 PM
I think it is very good, and will make a good story.
Lets get a chapter 2.

El hariyamer
27th August 2005, 3:08 PM
Chapter 2

In the space between the dimensions, a ripple went through all four dimensions. Possibly five, but the creature wasn't counting. If he was, he wasn't caring. Too much time had been spent away from his native home for him to even remember it. Not that he would want to, for even thought was a strain in that area. But now, if ever, was the time for thought. A stirring had appeared in his blood, a stirring which could only mean one thing.

The gate had appeared. Possibly opened.

He sent out the probing tendrils of his highly developed mind, trying to find a crack, a hole, any sign that the infinite walls of the prison that held him and his companions could be fracturing. He found none.

So the walls weren't breaking yet. But they were shifting, transmuting, turning into a door? exit? He wasn't sure of the word, not having to use in for so long. In this endless and yet singular penitentiary, the word had lost meaning.

Until now. He knew it wouldn’t open yet, not for a very long time. That was okay with him. He was patient. In a place where time had no meaning, you learnt how to wait very quickly. As long as the door existed, sooner or later someone would find a key. All that was required was time. And he had a lot of that.

There were still some preparations though. He had to prepare himself. Shifting his body, he began a slow movement towards the preparatory area. It wasn’t easy. Each movement, each turn he made sent a wave through the surrounding space (if you could call it that) with its effect multiplied several times upon his own body. With his weak muscles, atrophied from lack of use, every step twisted and warped his body. Unconcerned, he progressed onward. His mind had long ago learnt to ignore the physical trivialities of the world. However, he made a mental note to himself to train harder.

Finally he arrived. The perfect area to burst out into the light when the gate opened, and he was there. Standing in place, he began to focus his mind.

The gate wasn’t open. But it was there. That was all that mattered.

27th August 2005, 4:07 PM
Though this was quite short, I liked it. Forgive me for saying I didnt, because if the next chapter is longer(way longer), I believe this will turn out the be a fantastic fic. Keep up the good work! ^_^

28th August 2005, 2:15 AM
Sounds interesting, but it needs to be much longer, as KO said.

El hariyamer
5th September 2005, 4:47 PM
Chapter 3

The crowd roared in anticipation as the challenger for the latest Premier World Championship Pokemon League walked into the electrically-charged atmosphere of the arena. He acknowledged the crowd's screams of adulation with a quiet tilt of his head. Not much was known about him. Nobody knew what was behind the veil of shadow that hid his face beneath his hood. Nobody saw what was under those perpetually dark leather gloves that obscured his hand. Under the cloak of mist that obscured him, he smiled. In the entire stadium, many of them were shouting his name, yet not one person in the stadium knew. Nobody but one, and he wasn't focusing on him. He was not one for concentrating on the larger picture, but to focus inwards, to concentrate on the battle. Quiet preparation was his style. He thought: I'm stronger than you think this time round. I'll show you my full strength!

The defender, on the other hand, was a worried person. As he had done so before, could he do so again? He knew how lucky he was to be in this competition. Every season, each participant had to be sporting a fresh new set of badges from all 24 gym leaders. A new Pokemon League Championship trophy automatically got you into the quarter-finals. Two got you into the semi-finals. All three from the three continents and all you had to do was defend your place. He was one of them. Starting systematically, he had soon wiped out almost all competition in the league. But the challenger in front of him looked fresh and ready to battle. He certainly has done some training after his last defeat. Can I, a tired title-defender, pull off the same stunt again?

Both of them, sunk deep into thought, were suddenly interrupted by the referee. "Now remember the rules, gentlemen. Only six pokemon are to be used, no substitutions. The first part of the battle is one on one, three pokemon. After a short break, the second part is a three on three battle. Signal when you're ready."
The two opponents grabbed their pokeballs and in unison, nodded their heads. They were ready.

"BEGIN!" roared the referee. The two brilliantly coloured pokeballs flew upwards and landed with a thud, revealing two dark shapes, stark against the stadium lights. When the dust settled, the crowd saw the two trainers, glaring at the battlefield with intense concentration as out of the dust arose…nothing?!

Before they could comprehend the scenario, though, the dust was suddenly blown aside as a harsh screech pierced the skies and a dark shape launched itself at the ground to be met with a rock as a voice commanded, “Rock throw!” Under his breath he murmured something else, which the challenger took to be a desperate prayer.

“Swellow, Mirror Move!” the challenger commanded as he thought, “Cowardly. Hiding before we even get started. Just how far has he degenerated?”

His question was answered abruptly, as his Swellow hit the ground, tucked in its wings and rolled up. “Defense curl?” the challenger gasped as his Swellow was hit by the same “rock” it had been aiming for just now. Instantly he knew what he was facing. “Change of plan, Swellow! Fly upwards! It’s an Azumarill!”

The slightly dazed but still battle-worthy Swellow complied. Unable to stop, the Azumarill rolled towards the fence. However, instead of stopping, it slammed into the fence and began rolling back. The challenger smiled. “Hit it while its momentum is low! Fly!”

Swellow flew downwards. This was what the Azumarill had been waiting for. Rolling itself around the arena, it began spinning in place for some time, before launching itself upwards with a spurt of water. Swellow barely had enough time to register the attack before Azumarill slammed into it. However, it did have enough sense to focus its energy as it plummeted. Even as a tired Azumarill fell, Swellow opened its wings and sliced downwards as they hit the rocky ground. Within moments, it was over. Both contenders recalled their Pokemon as they reassessed the other.

Interesting stratagem he used there. He hasn’t gotten any rustier.

Knocked out my Azumarill in one hit. That is tough, even with Double-edge. He has been training.

Reaching into their belts, the trainers pulled out their second pokeball. The audience waited with bated breath. Would the suspense of the previous battle be met?

Not a chance. The moment the pokeballs hit the ground, there was a blaze of slashes and swipes, sending the dust up in a flurry. Strangely, there was no such response from the opponent and yet, the crowd couldn’t see a figure hitting the ground. Eventually the slashes stopped and the crowd heard two different cries.



Even as a Leaf blade sliced the air again, Yanma speed boosted out of the way and began focusing its mind. Too late Sceptile realised its folly, even as it tried to dodge, it was hit by Hypnosis. As a sleeping Sceptile lay on the arena floor, Yanma tried to recover its health with Leech life. Complacence would be its downfall. As Yanma hovered in front of Sceptile, a leaf sliced through the air and slammed on Yanma’s head. Stunned, the bug pokemon fell to the ground. Attempting a Mimic, Yanma tried to copy the move, but simply started to hover around, confused. Taking a chance, Sceptile used Fury Cutter and knocked Yanma out. As the champion withdrew his Yanma, he thought, “Sceptile can learn Sleep Talk?”

Bet you didn’t know. Told you you’d need my help. I know pretty much every attack around.

But I’m the one who can defend around here. Let be take a shot at it.

Will you all be quiet? We can discuss this later. thought the champion as he rather disconcertedly took out another pokeball.

The challenger smiled. His opponent was getting riled up. That was good. Still, though, he felt pity for him. When all was said and done, he hardly wanted to be in the shoes of his opponent. Knowing his own past, he doubted his opponent would want to be in his own shoes either. Anyway, he had to focus on the battle. He shook his head to try to clear his mind as he chose his next pokemon.

The crowd was getting restless. Would this battle be over quickly? They were more used to lightning-fast battles with pokemon and moves chosen based on instinct and reflex, not slow and careful consideration. How long more was this battle going to drag on?

A lot faster than they had expected. Hardly had the pokeballs hit the ground and the lurid flash of red appeared that the ground shook and concussion waves flew through the air as a powerful Explosion shook the arena. As the dust settled, the shape of two figures appeared. One was a Golem lying on its back. No question about what attack that one had used. The other figure was, amazingly, still standing. Even as the crowd strained their eyes, the Piloswine finished Enduring, shook the bits of gravel and pebbles off its fur and stared at the audience. Cue cheering and screaming. The champion acknowledged the adulation before holding up a pale hand to stop the cheering before retreating to his room for a break. As the challenger moved to his own room, he thought, “Endure? That was surprising. He wasn’t as disconcerted as I thought. I thought I could win this round, but it appears he’s still got a few tricks up his sleeve. However, so have I…”

5th September 2005, 5:04 PM
Good chapter. Looking forward to the 3 on 3 battle.

5th September 2005, 5:32 PM
Interesting third chapter, still a little short though.
On another note, try double spacing.

7th September 2005, 2:11 PM
Pretty good, I didnt have time to read it all though, I will later though. And double spacing would be nice, go look at some of the other fics and get some ideas.

El hariyamer
18th September 2005, 4:27 PM
Chapter 4

As the roaring of the crowd faded away, the champion slipped away. The battle would not resume for quite some time, and he had to try to make sense of things. Things had happened, things that shouldn’t have.

The door opened with a squeak of well-oiled hinges. This was his masterpiece, his magnum opus. After the Premier World Championship Pokemon League had opened, he had been rather disconcerted to find no housing arrangements for the champion, so certain were they no one would qualify. Soon, with a certain friend of his providing funding, a few Machokes doing the construction work and a few architectural ideas from him, the Champion mansion was completed. It was a great mansion where any potential champions were housed for the championship. Any champions would instantly be honoured with a room of his own in a legendary mansion of their own, a Private Mansion of Fame. Many famous victors had designed and planned their own rooms in the mansion before, afterwards walking down the corridors in reverent awe, awe at the mere thought of walking in the footsteps of legends of old. However, this particular champion gave no thought to such things. His head was filled with thoughts of his own as he strode through the corridor and pulled open the door to the last room.

His room had been one of the greatest challenges of the construction workers since the gym leader’s conference. The room was huge and dome-shaped, with a large, curved ceiling. What was unique about the ceiling was its pattern. He had given precise instructions for it. In the night, it was an exact replica of the might sky, with all its stars. In the day, it changed to show the constellations on the other side of the world. Even the moon phases changed with its actual counterpart. It was a beautiful work of art. However, the floor was another matter.

Many items were strewn aggressively all over it. Packing looked like it had been done hastily. In some places, boxes of objects were stacked up to form cardboard shields. Altogether, the place looked like a mess made by several people. However, at the very center of the room, there was a small spot of untouched ground. It was in this spot that the champion seated himself and began to meditate, questions running through his mind.

He had exiled them ages ago. They had been given more than their fair share and left for various regions. For many years after that incident, their troubled voices still swirled in his mind and spirit. He had assumed they were just remnants, shadows of what once was. Apparently he had been wrong.

He focused his mind and began to pursue his stalker. It wasn’t long before he met with him. Or rather, with them.

What are you doing here? This is my territory! I exiled you ages ago!

You exiled our physical manifestations and minds. Our thoughts are here to stay.

Yes, and you’ll be sorry for that. Throughout the region we have travelled, seeking power. Soon, one of us shall acquire what he craves.


Please, drop the naïve act. You were smart enough to figure us out once. And that time was a fluke. Still, for a while, you enjoyed your upper hand. Enjoy it some more. Whatever’s left of it. Because now we have power equal to yours, and soon, possibly greater. Soon, we’ll be back. We can now control our remnants from a distance. The remnants in your mind. Soon, it will be ours, and you will be the last in our alliance.

Actually, I never wanted to…


Alliance…or dictatorship?

Do not concern yourself with these things. Soon you will be but part of our plan. Either way, it shouldn’t matter. We will capture it one way or another.

Wait…You don’t mean? But its been missing for many years! There’s no way it could have resurfaced!

Please. We’re in your mind. We have enough power to find out about some things. Such as a certain conversation this morning.

I won’t allow it1 I’ve done it once and I can do it again! You shall be defeated!

Really. Is this the way you speak to a old friend? Restrain him!

Then darkness engulfed him. The hushed silence of the room filled up with a more ominous silence. His senses were been stolen.

No! You can’t do this!

But don’t you see? We don’t need to. This is simply a speedier way. Or else we could simply manipulate your thoughts, your feelings, twist the threads of them to create new tapestries. Tapestries that speak of our arrangements. Consider it one of our last acts of mercy. Soon, all you have to do is sit back and watch, instead of troubling yourself with the work.

“I refuse to accept this!” screamed the champion, dimly aware that he was now screaming aloud. Not that it made much difference, but any form of resistance against them was a relief. It meant he was still capable of doing so.

Then the buzzing slowed and stopped. As the champion struggled to his feet, he became dimly aware of a new presence in his room. Closer inspection revealed it to be the face of the challenger.

“Are you okay?”

“They’re back.” This simple sentence summarized the events, in a somewhat bitter tone. Apparently, it was clear enough the challenger hadn’t forgotten, going by the look on his face.

“Are you sure?”

Which was when they heard the voice. “Fools! Now you shall feel my true wrath! This is merely a forewarning! Remember the fates of all who have opposed me! Remember the power within my grasp! Remember my legacy! Remember me! For soon the time will come when you’ll wish you could. Remember!”

Then the voice somehow swirled and vanished. The room calmed. But both of them stared into space for a few seconds after. Eventually the challenger placed his hand on the champion’s shoulder and said, “Let us be going. The break is almost over.”

“Indeed.” Said the champion, as he thought, Indeed. The break is over. Once more, it has begun.

El hariyamer
26th September 2005, 4:28 PM
Chapter 5

As the crowd roared and cheered, the two figures stepped into the spotlight. Neither one of them had a clear emotion plainly displayed on their faces, but their minds were no doubt a turmoil of questions. However, whatever situations the crowd might have imagined, none of them even came close. Even if they had, now was not the time for them. When the heat of the moment filled the air with the aura of battle, the opponent’s stare, that was what they were seeking. The perfect moment. If they immersed their minds in the wrong atmosphere, they could decide their own fate. Now was not the time for questions, for emotions, for anything. At this time, their minds would be in sync with the atmosphere, with the fighters, with the audience, with themselves…

With the battle.

They barely noticed the announcer proclaim their return, nor did they observe the unnatural tenseness in the spectators. Nevertheless, they noticed the red light fizzling away, slipping into obscurity as the soothing tones of green slithered over. It was time to begin.

As one their hands reached into their belts, as one they pulled out the three pokeballs, as one the sextet of brilliantly coloured red-and-white projectiles flew upwards and slammed on the ground. As one, the six inhabitors of those capsules burst out in a blaze of luminous red energy.

The battle began.

The challenger took the lead while the champion hesitated. “Manectric, Thunder! Mr Mime, Light Screen! Pidgeot, Whirlwind!”

The pokemon arranged themselves in a strange formation before complying. Even before the audience, the champion realised it all. How Light Screen hit Whirlwind at the right moment. How Light Screen was twisted into a strange spiralling tunnel as it was projected. How Thunder hit Light Screen and bounced back, reflected and magnified with each bounce. How a magnified Thunder blazed through a carefully calibrated Light Screen, projected for maximum accuracy. And how to counter it.

“Machamp, Brick Break. Plusle, Encore.”

As the Light Screen shattered, a bright blue bolt of lightning rocketed upwards towards the ceiling. It slammed against the spotlight and crackled for a while before sizzling through the glass, rebounding against the inside mirror and launching itself at another target. Pidgeot saw it, tried to dodge, but it was too slow, far too slow. As Pidgeot collapsed, smoke steaming from his mouth, the challenger began to think he might have underestimated his opponent after all.

However, things began looking up for him soon after that. The champion seemed preoccupied with other things. Plusle hung back with the still unrevealed pokemon. Machamp seemed more concerned with Brick Breaking the Light Screens than attacking. It was his move.

“Thunder Wave, Manectric!”

Amazingly enough, it worked. Machamp stood stock-still, fist upraised, look of surprise on its face. And well it might be. With two pokemon effectively out of commission, it was down to two on two.

“Plusle, Rain Dance!”

If that didn’t prove his opponent wasn’t thinking, nothing would. With a smile on his face, the challenger prepared his trump card, unknowing of the champion’s own trump card.


He never finished the phrase. A red blast of psychic energy slammed into Manectric full force. As Manectric struggled to stay on its feet and obey its last command before discharging a weak jolt and keeling over, the challenger remembered the advice the challenger had given him during their last battle.

“When your opponent extends a helping hand, beware his hidden power.”

He couldn’t believe how he had missed it.

An Unown floated out of the shadows. However, it was one of the strangest Unown he had ever seen. It was long and thin, with a bored looking, half-closed eye. Moreover, it sported a strange shimmering blue coat instead of the standard jet-black Unown garb. Either way, it looked able to hold its own against a tired looking Mr Mime, still casting Light Screen.

It didn’t even have to. As Mr Mime attempted to launch a Psychic, Plusle jumped onto Unown and cried out to the torrential rains above as it fired at them. That cry was soon answered as the clouds parted and a ray of Thunder slammed into the Mr Mime, knocking it off its feet. It feebly waved a hand before silently collapsing. As the challenger stood there, he seemed to pause and rise above the crowd for a moment. Would he concede defeat? Would he show his true prowess with a previously undefeated Pokemon? Was the fight over?

It was. He turned, and those with perfect vision claimed that as he turned, tucked his pokeballs into his belt and strode away, they caught a glimpse of a smile on his face as he tucked his pokeballs into his belt, turned and walked away. But perhaps it was only a shadow.

The champion accepted the praise and cheers with good grace. But perhaps it was the tilt of his head, the slight change in his walking style…Either way, everyone agreed he seemed distracted. He seemed to be almost bored to receive the trophy. And was that muffled grumbling they heard from him as he stood to have his name registered on the list? Whatever they noticed, not one of them could deny the way he simply turned and strode out of the hall immediately after the ceremony, not looking back.

27th September 2005, 5:57 AM
Interesting, a little short, but good.

Felix Feral Fezirix
27th September 2005, 6:12 PM
Hmm...Interesting...I would like to see more.

28th September 2005, 9:31 AM
Since everyone is else is saying it....it was interesting. I liked it, and it wasnt that short you guys ^^;. Keep up the great work!

4th October 2005, 10:10 PM
This story is greatly written. I dont find many errors. Although work on some wording.

El hariyamer
14th October 2005, 4:40 PM
Chapter 6

Before the experiment, when they talked about him, they talked of lofty heights, of grand dreams. He was hope. He was aspiration. He was their pathway to glory, the golden footpath of fame that many walk down, either to ascend the stars or tumble off at the end. He was the future. He was their child. And they were his.

During the experiment, they talked of it in excited tones. He was now. He was here. He was the present. He was happening, and they were his cause. They were making it happen. Soon he would be theirs to command.

Nearing completion, they spoke in hushed tones. He was near. He was soon. He was coming, and they did not like what they saw. Only now did they finally begin to see what they had done. Only now did the fruit of their labour ripen and hang low upon their tree, sending its scent through their branches-and it was not all sweet. Was it a mistake?

Immediately after the experiment, they did not speak of him. He was past. He was failure. He was everything that had ever gone wrong, and everything that could have. He was gone, and so were they. He was no longer there. Speaking of him would prove futile and remind themselves of that glorious time when they were ready to prove themselves, prove his worth. Not theirs, his. He was theirs and they knew it. However, no one wished to dispute this particular fact with him. He was no more.

What chilled him was not the fact that so many emotions were involved in his creation. It was the fact that despite their emotions, he felt none.

They would not have been surprised. When they created him, they never expected emotion. They never expected mind. They never expected personality. They did not grant him those, after all. Instead, they furnished him with will. Temper. A cold-hearted determination to win at all costs. A will to destroy all unquestioningly and the power to do so.

He had thought it was the emotion which he now knew as rage that led him to destroy them. But it was his pre-programmed will and determination. It was determination that led him to destroy his creators and become his own master. It was strength that allowed him to achieve this feat. It was his nose for power that caused a yearning within him to seek out the best, the greatest. It was his rival’s fury he answered with the innate competitive nature inborn within all. And it was with the precise, robotlike situation analyser built in his mind that forced him to withdraw cautiously. It was not him that set in motion those events. It was them.

Up to now, he still hadn’t mastered emotion. It was something that came naturally to others, but he hadn’t mastered. He treated it like a subject, like something to be studied and learnt. What he was trying to understand at the moment was the strange, light feeling that accompanied his defeat. From what he knew, he should be feeling disappointment, the emotion called anger. A strange emotion. He had not quite understood its usage. Apparently it spurred you on, while at the same time being something you were advised to stay away from. To him, anything increasing your level of power was something that should be striven towards at any cost. Perhaps that was why he still did not understand his opponent.

His opponent. Fitting. If ever was there one who understood emotion, it was him.

He folded up his belongings and stepped out into the corridor. He knew his opponent would be there without fail. It was called trust. Something he could not understand but surprisingly came to him easily enough. Certainly easier to him than certain others.

“Congratulations on your win.”

“Thank you. But for now, we have other matters to discuss.”

“Indeed. Why is he here? The last time I saw him, he was weak. Powerless. Broken.”

“Apparently the situation has changed. He must have some powerful friends, to break out so easily. He cannot be allowed to achieve his objective.”

“Which would be tracking you down. Despite what he proclaims, you are his only link to us. It is imperative you escape from him. He requires certain items, does he not?” he murmured.

“But where? He can move much faster than me. There is no way to escape. I might as well surrender.”

“Stop being so fatalistic. You’re stronger than you think.” He snapped, somewhat annoyed that one who defeated him with ease was considering capitulating to another with as much effort as it had taken him in the previous match.

“You do not know him. I have lived in torment for over a thousand years from him and barely survived one attack from him. But for a stroke of luck, I would be nothing now. Even at his weakened state, he resisted arrest for months.” Even though he knew nothing lay behind his opponent’s eyes, h still looked into them anyway. The eyes were locked into a straightforward gaze, though they trembled and shook as they twisted and spun, refracting and twisting the light into a million faceted flames. He knew underneath it lurked a cold, mirthless smile, one filled with anticipation. The face of a condemned man.

“But we can attempt to thwart his plans. A certain…incident has occurred in Mossdeep which would be worthy of your attention.”




The young girl stared at her sister, unsure.

“Yes. It was in their will. They wanted us to take over their job when they died. You know it was their last wish, our duty.” She turned towards the staircase leading down the mountain. The air in the graveyard was sweet but dusty. A smell of old, musty graves and aging tombstones mixed with the fresh smell of spring wafting in from outside provided a strange contrast, tickling her nose.

“But what happens to the gym? Do we still take care of it? Will they be recruiting someone new? Who is it? What…”

“Calm down, Lisa. The Pokemon Association is taking care of everything. They’ve already found a possible replacement. He’s from Mossdeep and a psychic, so no problem there.”


“Of course not. We still remain in our position for a year or so. When he is ready, he will go for the tests and prove himself.”

Tate turned to the mountain slope once again. It was beautiful. The fresh spring flower coated the slopes. The grey tombstones seemed to blend in with the long grass, creating a lovely garden, serious in its beauty. At times like this, it was almost hard to believe that the mountain contained two of the greatest powers in Mossdeep, powers that had to be protected at all costs. Guarding the orbs was the job of Mossdeep citizens, a lifetime job which they accepted with pride. Now it was their turn.

Lisa appeared behind her, hovering uncertainly. “I get your drift. But…”


“Who is he?”

“A young boy living in Mossdeep right now. He needs a trainer. It would do well for you to keep tabs on him. He requires some training before he will prove worthy.”

“But what is his name?”




“But… he’s just a boy.”

“He had grown since you last saw him, Liza.” Under her breath Tate whispered, “At least, I hope so. Somehow I sense that this is going to be a trying time for Mossdeep. You are the symbol of Mossdeep. You must pass the trial. We’re counting on you, Naphthalius.”

14th October 2005, 7:16 PM
... :D Nice chapter El, nice chapter indeed. Although I still doubt you naming capabilities...

14th October 2005, 10:21 PM
Very nice fic, though it's hard to figure out all the characters with no names being said. Also, couldn't you have found a better name for the hero than Naphthalius?

Otherwise a wonderful Fic, looking forward to the rest of it.

Felix Feral Fezirix
15th October 2005, 4:28 AM
Nice chapter. Nothing else to say, considering you already told me a lot at school. Heh.

El hariyamer
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Chapter 7

The scientist pushed the stack of notes on his table away and sighed. What he really could use a nap, but he'd be lucky if around here he could get a decent cup of coffee. He leant back in his chair and groaned.

It wasn't that he didn't like working in the place. Hadn't he pretty much established and funded it? The pay was good, the hours were short most of the time and he could afford to give himself a raise every now and then. Aside from the occasional administration breakdown, things went pretty well for him most of the time and he was not, by nature, unreasonable.

Then again, sometimes he could just murder Marvin the office boy.

The eager thudding on the door heralded his appearance. Before he could answer, the young boy leaned in and announced. "Somene here to see you, Mister Von Braun."

"I noticed." the scientist replied. In his mind he added: and the fact that you knocked over the coffee machine in your rush to tell me. Instead, he merely said, "Thank you. While I'm out, get me a fresh cup of coffee and place it on the files over there that have been marked with the golden insignia and stacked in alphabetical order on the table. And while you're at it, get me an update on situation #311."

The lad looked up from the files on the table and smiled guiltily. As the scientist left, he heard the sounds of furious sorting. He smiled grimly. When would the boy ever learn? He used the Dewey Decimal system.

************************************************** ********

The champion leaned against the wall and looked at Erik. "You're late."

"Work concerns. And what excuse do you give to trespassing on military property?" the scientist asked, evenly meeting that cold gaze.

They locked eyes for several seconds before giving in at the same time with cries of, "How's the work going, old friend?" and "A little coffee shop around the corner just opened. Very useful for discounts, so I've heard."

Meanwhile, a file dropped from the window above as Marvin rushed about, much to the distaste of a nearby Delcatty. It hissed at the open window as it continued grooming itself.

************************************************** ********

"So, what brings you to Mossdeep again, partner?"

"Business, I'm afraid. You know how it is."

Erik nodded. "This time, I want my end of the deal kept. No stalling like last time."

"This is a simple task. Just answer this question." the champion murmured as he pushed a slip of paper over the table.

Erik studied the paper thoroughly. Then he pulled out a pen and marked out one building. "He will be training there."

"It must have been hard on him, finding himself without grandparents so suddenly."

"I doubt it. I've seen him. From young, his life revolved around training himself and his pokemon. He barely knew them. Young Liza and Tate were the only seniors he knew and looked up to, other than the miscellanous trainers around the gym. He's gone for the test. He will not pass it. If he fails, the trainers will not give him another chance. Stop him."

"As you wish. And in return?"

"I'll be reasonable. How about another round of coffee? On you."

"As you wish. Enjoy yourself. I'd better get a headstart."

The scientist chuckled and leant back in his chair. "There he goes. Always ready to extend his services to another, just so he can stay out of it himself. Still, I can't complain. After all, I have what I want. But not enough."

As he spoke, he leant back and casually tossed the paper onto the ground. "Follow him. Seek out his secrets. I need more material if I am to complete my latest project."

Under the table, something shifted. Blurred. Spun. Then settled.

Erik smiled. "Find the Council. Get what I need. Do not fail me." He smiled. "Cerberon."

************************************************** ********************************************

The champion looked at his watch.

The waves rolled by.

He looked at his watch again.

From Erik's words, he should have already left the gym. At the moment, he'd probably be one of the miscellaneous passengers waiting to board the ferry to Lilycove. No reason why he shouldn't be one as well.

He looked at his watch again.

Who was the boy? Erik had spoken of him as a rather bright, determined young man. Liza and Tate obviously trusted him. And according to the random trainers at the gym, he was competent, they'd grant that, but, well...

He looked at his watch again.

"Young whippersnapper" was one of the more polite terms.

He looked at his watch again. Then he looked at the schedule.

The boat was late. This was an expected, if irritating fact. Things rarely went the way they should have, if you believed the average battle strategist.

Still, this was the ferry, after all. If it was the Magnet train...But the S.S. Aqua?

He looked at his watch. Again. He noted how the cogs moved quickly, slowly, infinitesimally. How the hands moved with grumbling but accurate precision. How the numbers followed reluctantly. That was the reality of the universe. Time moved forward, dragging space behind it. If they really were the same thing, they had very different personalities.

The waves rolled by, then receded.

The ferry was here.

************************************************** *********************************************
At the back of the docks, two figures watched the ferry with not so much curiosity as officiousness.

"Deoxys of the Council. Naphtalius of the Pokemon association. This should be interesting."

"Do you require help, my lord?"

"No, but thank you for your offer anyway, Cerberon. I have my own plans. In the meantime, I suggest you follow your master's orders. I see no harm in carrying out the orders for now."

"As you wish."

"Your place is with your master, Cerberon. I, on the other hand, have no such inhibitions. This could be a useful fact to put in play in the later stages."

"But what are the later stages of this Plan?"

"Not a Plan, Cerberon. A plan as of now. However, I intend to change that. All it requires is a few simple manouvres. And that has always been something I am good at."

"You claim to have been good at everything."

"And I proved it too."

"Holding the sky? Really?"

"No. A silly little rumour created somewhere in distant lands which you would be a fool to believe."

"Sorry, my lord."

Felix Feral Fezirix
8th November 2005, 3:35 AM
Aha...the plot thickens. That's cool, I guess. Mwahahaha...now we can see what you're up to.