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22nd August 2005, 9:35 PM

This is my first Pokemon story (and in truth, first story based on a video game), so bear with me, im not expecting a pulitzer prize on the first try. I have written stories before, so hopefully that helps me out. Anyway, this story is set in a fictional region, one I call Enkada, and to make it convienent, every pokemon in the game is settled in the region. Second, as the story progresses, there will be more mature subjects coming up, plus more profanity, SSC, and other 16+ situations. So this can be considered an R rated story, so you have been warned. It is not going to happen yet, but you will see it as time goes on. Lastly, any comments, please pm me and follow the rules the administrator set for us.

Other than that, enjoy the story, hopefully it will be a long one. I will try to update it as much as possible. For now though, were only getting the prologue.


PROLOGUE- In the Shadows

The darkness around Sebastian made his head spin. Even using flash to aid his eyesight couldn't light this gloomy cave. In the back of his mind, he knew he should turn back. He pushed forward regardless of his primary fears, knowing that he had no choice in the matter. 'They are counting on me,' he kept saying to himself, 'I can't let them down.'

Sebastian cautiously walked forward, making sure to avoid the sleeping geodudes on the ground. His guide, Amp the Ampharos, stayed in front of him and was using his tail as a lamp. 'Thank god Damon lent me Amp, or else id be lost in here forever.' he thought to himself. As he walked deeper into the dark cavern, more thoughts clouded his mind. 'What if the legend isen't true? What if i'm wasting my time in this cave? What if i'm to late to save them?' On and on he doubted himself, but regardless of his thoughts, he pressed forward.

Soon after, Sebastian heard a rumbling ahead of him. Amp stopped dead in his tracks, and began darting his head around, staying alert. "What is it Amp?" Sebastian whispered to the startled pokemon. Amp just looked around, and let out a small yelp, and began running towards the blackness. "Hey..um...wait up!" cried Sebastian, as he picked up his own pace to catch up with Amp. He kept running towards the dimming light of Amps tail, but the speedy electric type kept a healthy pace in front of Sebastian. Try as he might, Sebastian couldn't catch up to Amp, and light went dimmer as they travelled through the cave.

Sebastian was now breathing hard from the sprinting in the cave. He nearly tripped over the many geodudes on the floor, and was lucky enough that they didn't wake up and attack him in the darkness. Soon, there was no light in front of him, 'Amp must be miles from where I am.' he thought to himself. A few moment's later, however, he began to fall...free falling into a hole in the ground.

Sebastian screamed as he was looking around in the darkness. Ahead of him he saw the dim light he was chasing, Amp must of fell to! He then heard a large growling sound, and in mid air, he looked toward his left side, and saw a shape moving in the darkness. "Www..what are you?" Sebastian cried to the creature. It was totally bathed in shadow; he couldn't see anything but the silhouette of the large creature. Until it turned to him, and stared at him with it's glowing eyes....

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Perdyful. Not sure what's up, but it could get exciting! :)

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Wow, a chapter the same day as the prologue, thank god for forcing yourself to write the ideas swimming in your head down again.

Same stuff as before, this story might contain foul language, SSC, violence, and other R rated things, you have been warned.

This is a simple chapter, not much action, but like all stories, and like the title suggests, the beginning shouldn't be the exciting part.

So enjoy!

CHAPTER 1- All stories have a beginning

1 year earlier

The sky was clear in the seaside town of Ganlon. The sky was a clear blue, with no clouds to block the shining rays of the sun. The whole town, all 1,000 residents, was present in the main square, as two 15 year olds were sitting on a brightly colored stage. A band was near the front of the stage, playing some music that couldn’t even be heard due to the crowds cheering. Balloons were flying in the air, and people were cheering for the two teens sitting on the stage. The mayor of Ganlon, Morty Vens, continued his speech for the mass of people in front of him.

"It is rare that our tiny town sends out it's youth to be amongst the greatest pokemon trainers in the world." The mayor spoke in his typical booming voice. "We are fortunate that this year, two more trainers strive to become some of the best in the world. Many have strived to become the next elite four member, a gym leader, or even the Pokecup Tournament champion. This year, we pray that these two talented boys can do just that."

The crowed roared with excitement after mayor Vens finished his speech. The cries were deafening for anyone, as the town was excited for the two youths. "Man I can't believe that they are so pumped for us Seb." The tall blond said to his friend. "I know Ken. I'm surprised that everyone is here, even my dad." Sebastian replied to his friend.

Sebastian and Ken, at first glance, can seem like opposites. One is tall, the other is short, one has blond hair, the other black, the list goes on and on. But the two have been unseperable since childbirth. Since they were young, they have always dreamed of this moment. While most trainers start when they are in their pre-teens, the two decided to wait until they felt they could handle the journey. During that time they studied as much as they can about pokemon, from reading books on strategies to watching the World Pokemon Tour and the Pokecup Tournament's on tv. Even playing the games on pokemon helped them develop strategies, although they could never compare to the real thing. Now, After 15 years, they are ready to go on their journey.

"I want to present to you, the two boys who are embarking on their journey today, Kenneth Wesker and Sebastian Caine." The crowed roared as the Mayor signaled for the boys to stand up and take a bow. Both reluctantly did so, and the crowd cheered even more for them. "Might as well enjoy this Seb." Ken whispered to him. He then raised his arms and shouted "YEAH! WE LOVE GANLON!" Sebastian just looked at his friend wide eyed, and then raised his own arm. The crowd ate the display up, and the two youths went kept up the display until the mayor signaled for the crowd to calm down.

"It is with great pleasure that I give you boys some parting gifts. A map of the entire Enkada region, starting pokeballs, and of course, your own personal pokedexes." The mayor's aide’s hand the teens their gear, all of it neatly packed in two large, black backpacks. "With that, I want to wish both of you good luck, and I hope you have much success in your journey." The band stood up, and began playing a marching tune, and the two teens shake the mayors hand before stepping off the stage.

"Awesome job Sebby!" a little voice said over the noise in front of them. Sebastian looked around and standing next to the stage was his younger sister, Erica, and his mom, Peggy. The little 8-year old girl ran to her brother and hugged him tightly, just barely wrapping her arms around his chest. "Thanks little lady." Sebastian said, smiling back at her. He then turned to his mom and hugged her tightly. "I'm going to miss you mom." he said, with tears swelling in his eyes a bit. "Same here honey. Your dad would be proud of you i'm sure."

No one knows what happened to Sebastian’s father. He, like his son, left the town to become a pokemon trainer. He kept in contact with his family via phone calls and letters for months, until they suddenly ceased. Sebastian, who was 7 at the time, was worried about his father dearly. He remembered the many nights that he cried himself to sleep, thinking about his father. Erica, who was 1 at the time, didn't remember him at all.

Ken meanwhile was being greeted by his parents, and was mimicking his friends own embrace with his family. "You be careful out there Ken." his mom, Elly, said to him. "Of course I will. I'm not going out there alone." he said back to her, looking at Sebastian with his family. "I will be in good company for sure." His father, Ken Sr., patted his son on the shoulder and said to him "Do your best, that’s all that matters." "I will dad, no worries."

After a few more hours of goodbyes and good lucks from the townsfolk of Ganlon, the two teens are finally ready to begin their journey. Both Ken and Sebastian’s families stopped at Sebastian's house first for lunch, and spent the last hour in the town with their families. Soon, it was nearly noon, and they knew it was time to go. After the last teary goodbyes from their families, they finally leave the sleepy town of Ganlon.

Sebastian looks back at the town, now in the distance. The grassy hills and bright blue sky make the illusion of a majestic painting is behind him, as he and Ken continue down the dirt road ahead of them. "So which town do you want to go to first?" Sebastian asked Ken, who is busy looking at the map in his backpack. "well..."he says, keeping his focus on the paper in front of him, "Rawst is closer, but Liechi is bigger, and also has a pokemon gym." You think were ready for the gym Ken?" "I doubt it, but thats why were out here." Seb smiled back at his friend. "Let's go to Rawst first, then Liechi, that way we get some experience before we beat the crap out of the gym leader there!" Ken just laughed and began to run up ahead of Sebastian. "Come and catch me then Seb!" he yelled back at his friend, who was smiling and running right after him.

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This was a mistake, Chapter 2 coming shortly.

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It's a pretty good start... just a couple things:

*How are they going to be ready for a gym if they don't have any Pokemon?

*Try not to make the whole journey thing repetitive. I mean the whole journey idea is okay, but just getting handed bags and pokeballs and pokedexes? Make it more realistic. I mean they need food and water, shelter just in case they don't reach their destination(most likely a Pokemon center to stay at)and protection. They don't have a single Pokemon yet!!!!(Well that might be in the plot somewhere)

Well anyways...nice descriptions, but you could use a little work on spelling...
Oh and creative on the region and cities.

Oh and post on my fic if you get the chance! thanks.( "The Legendary Children")

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To those who are reading, some things may not have been explained clearly yet, but they will be in time. This will be the first time you see their starters, as well as a bit of pokemon action from them, but not what you would normally think.

Also I picked unconventional starters, but that was on purpose because I want to try and avoid the cliches as much as possible (although the beginning is probably used a lot in these stories)

I fixed some spelling errors in chapter 1, and I hope some of the questions asked (the plot holes as you will) will be answered in this chapter.

Remember, profanity, SSC, etc, will be present during the course of this story, so it is rated R.


CHAPTER 2- Up for the challenge?

As the sun set on their first official day as trainers, Sebastian and Ken decided to camp out for the night. They took Ken’s camping tent and set it up at the edge of the nearby woodland, called Ridge forest. With their light fading fast, the teens light a fire using the matches their parents gave them.

“We definitely need a fire type or else we will run out of matches.” Ken remarked, as the kindling they gathered began to light up from the burning match. “I thought you picked Charmander as your starter like you wanted to. You didn’t?” Sebastian asked. “Nope, I decided to go a different route.” He said, grabbing his active pokeball. “Let me show you dude. I’m surprised you didn’t ask about it before.” “Same here.” Sebastian said back. “Guess all the excitement for today made me forget we had our own pokemon!”

Ken laughed as he threw the ball to the ground. It opened quickly, and a brilliant red light shot out of it, slowly taking the shape of the pokemon inside. Soon, a small, blueish creature popped out. “Wow, I didn’t expect you to take the Wooper.” Sebastian said to his friend. The Wooper in front of him waddled toward Ken, smiling and in it’s language, cried a soft “Wooop.” “When I saw it in person I just fell in love Seb.” He told his friend. “Who did you take? Not Treeko like everyone else does.” He snickered back. “No, I went a different route as well.” Sebastian replied, grabbing his own pokeball and throwing it on the ground. After another red flash, a tan colored creature came out, holding a thick club.

“Come here Cubone.” Sebastian called to his pokemon. It looked up from its skull head, its big, sad eyes scanning the surroundings, and then ran towards his trainer. “Cubonn…bonn…bonne…” it growled. “No one has ever picked a Cubone as their starter.” Ken said to him. “Until now.” Replied Sebastian. “Not a bad choice dude, but my Wooper can whip its butt in a fight though.” Said Ken proudly. “Just try it, Cubone can use his club and whomp anyone!” Sebastian challenged back. “Ok ok, lets have a battle then.” Ken said back.

“Hold on a sec dude.” Sebastian replied. “I don’t think it’s fair, I mean type difference is horrible.” “Yeah, I guess.” Ken replied." I can understand if your afraid of Wooper."
"I'm not afraid!" snapped back Sebastian, "How about we do something else, like train with them for a bit." “Ok then...how about this.” He then grabbed one of the sticks they collected for their fire and held it up. “I will throw this in the air, and we will see if Wooper can hit it with his water gun attack.” “What about Cubone?” asked Sebastian. “Doesn’t he know bonemerang yet?” “Hmm..I don’t know.” He turned to his pokemon for a second, and asked him “Cubone, can you use your bonemerang attack?” The little monster looked up and began to nod. “Cuuu…” it said back to Sebastian. “I think that’s a yes.” He said to Ken.

“Ok then, lets do it!” Ken replied. “Wooper, hit this stick with your water gun attack!” “Wooooper” it cried out, it’s big grin sliding away as its eyes become glued to the stick in front of him. Ken then threw the stick in the air, and the tiny pokemon’s mouth opened wide, spewing a stream of water from it. The stream grazed the stick, which knocked it off its course until it fell down on the ground near the campsite. “No good!” Sebastian cried, “it just missed it.” “******** dude!” Ken said back. “Wooper, good job. Got to work on the aiming though.” “Wwoopperr!” It cried. “Your turn buddy.” Ken said, as he walked over to where the stick landed.

“Ok then, you ready Cubone?” Sebastian asked his pokemon. “Cuboneee.” It said back. “Ready Ken?” he called to his friend.” Ready dude!” “Remember, hit it as hard as you can with your bonemerang attack.” “Bonnnne.” Cubone turned around, and lifted his club in the air. Like Wooper before him, it eyed the stick Ken was holding. Ken then tossed it into the air, and Cubone eyed it for a second before throwing his club at it. It flew in the air with a circular rotation before hitting the stick dead in it’s center, shattering it in half. “WOAH!” shouted Ken as the club came back to Cubone, who caught the spinning club with it’s left hand. “NO FRICKING WAY SEB! THAT WAS AWESOME!” Ken shouted out. “Great job Cubone!” Sebastian said to his pokemon, who went up and hugged it. “You will kick *** once we start going to the gyms!”

Ken and his Wooper ran up to them both, and congratulated Sebastian and Cubone on their impressive display. They then sat around the fire for a bit, eating some sandwiches that their parents packed for them. Wooper and Cubone began playing a game of tag, while Ken and Sebastian got their sleeping bags ready with the tent. Soon, the stars were out in full view of the teens, and they put their pokemon back in their pokeballs for the night, and went to sleep under the starlight.

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Here is chapter 3, so the 5 people reading it can enjoy it ;)

Now we get some pokemon battling in, and maybe some other surprised as well.

Same as always, may be rated R due to profanity, SSC, etc


CHAPTER 3- The first true test

Sebastian woke up first inside the tent, the rays of the sun beaming down through the thick fabric. He moved out of the tent and got his backpack, and began to search through it for some food. ‘Thank god my mom packed enough sandwiches for a few weeks.’ He said to himself. He looked back in the tent, and heard Ken snoring loudly. Sebastian just chuckled to himself and continued to eat his breakfast, occasionally looking up at the flocks of pidgey in the air.

He then got an idea, and reached for his pokeball. Throwing it on the ground, Cubone popped out, brandishing his club as if he was ready for a battle. “You hungry Cubone?” Sebastian asked him. He reached out and put some bread near its face. “Cuuu..bone?” it said, rather quizzically. “I know I know, its not real pokemon food, but it will do for now. Besides we need to keep your strength up.” The pokemon still looked confused, but he reached for the food with his hand, grabbing a tiny piece. He then sniffed it for a second, and then put it under his skull. “ Ccuuu!” it said, rather happily, and then grabbed another piece in Sebastian’s hand. “See, told you it was not bad! Enjoy it Cubone.” Sebastian replied happily.

“You thirsty Cubone?” Sebastian asked him. “Let me get some water for us.” He shoved the rest of the sandwich in his mouth and went behind the tent to get the water bottles they packed for themselves. “It’s probably warm but it will be….OH NO!” cried Sebastian. On top of the pile of water bottles was a pokemon. Its head looked like a helmet, very shiny with circles engraved in it, and its small, round shaped body was on top of the pile, greedily sucking the water in the plastic containers. The Seedot wasn’t paying attention to the shocked human in front of him. It just kept drinking the water.

“Get away from there!” Sebastian yelled at the tiny pokemon. It lifted its body, and with its large eyes looked at the human angrily. “Cubone! I need some help!” Sebastian called to his pokemon. Before Sebastian could make another move, the Seedot jumped into the air, and with its low weight it flew right at Sebastians face. Sebastian began to duck down, and put his arms over his face. Sebastian could feel the crack of the wind as the round pokemon whizzed past the top of his head. The Seedot did a little roll on the ground, but jumped back up and charged again. Sebastian looked at it in horror as the Seedot ducked its head down, the hard; helmet shaped part of its head was now facing Sebastian.

Sebastian kept his arms in front of him ‘Damn', he thought to himself, 'I never expected this to be so tough.’ The Seedot was closing in, and was inches away from tackling Sebastian. Then, at the last second, the Seedot went off course. Something knocked it down. Sebastian looked up and saw a spinning bone club in the air, rotating towards his Cubone. It caught it with its hand, and stared down the Seedot. “Good job Cubone! Be ready for it, and watch out for grass attacks!” The Seedot got up in a hurry, more surprised then injured by the hit from the bonemerang. ‘Time to see what I am made of.’ Sebastian thought to himself.

“Cubone, try your headbutt attack!” he said. “Cuuuubonnnee.” The creature cried, and began to run at the Seedot, bending its head down slightly. The Seedot dodged it, and Cubone instead knocked a nearby tree. The might of the headbutt shook the tree so much; leaves began to fall from it. Cubone bounced back and ran after the Seedot, who kept dodging Cubones headbutt attack.Then the Seedot jumped up again, and this time in mid air it opened its mouth, and shot out small seeds, which like missiles aimed for Cubone on the ground.” Dodge the bullet seeds Cubone!” Sebastian yelled back. The pokemon obliged, and began to move out of the bullet seeds range. The Seedot continued its attack, jumping from the ground every time to avoid Cubones headbutts, and shooting its bullet seed at the spunky ground type.

Then, one of the seeds struck Cubone in the arm. “BOOOONNE!” it cried, in definite pain. ‘Oh ****, what do I do now…’ Sebastian thought to himself…’Think, think…there has to be a way to slow down the Seedot….wait, why don’t we try it?” Sebastian turned to his Cubone, which was now kneeling on the grassy field. The Seedot was looking at Cubone angrily, and was getting ready to jump again. “Cubone, use your leer attack.” Cubone looked up, and stared at his opponent. The Seedot looked confused for a second, and then shot it’s bullet seed at Cubone. The leer worked, and the seeds missed Cubone by a few inches. The Seedot went back down on the ground, and then charged at Cubone with its tackle attack. “Now use your bone club attack!” Sebastian yelled. Cubone stood still, and held his club up high, waiting for the Seedot to get close. “Ssseeeeddd” the small grass type yelled, as it closed in on Cubone. Cubone eyed the charging Seedot carefully. The Seedot got real close, and was about to knock its opponent on it’s back, but Cubone was swifter, and hit the grass type on its shiny head with it’s club. The Seedot staggered back for a second, and had a dazed look in its eyes.

“Good job Cubone! Go for the kill, use your headbutt again.” Cubone charged furiously, bending its head down once more. This time, the flinching Seedot couldn’t dodge it, and was hit dead on by Cubone’s sturdy head. The Seedot went flying, and knocked into a nearby tree. Then it toppled onto he ground, totally exhausted. “ALRIGHT! I DID IT!” shouted Sebastian. ‘Not bad for the first time.’ He thought to himself. “Good job Cubone!” he said to his pokemon, which was now jumping for joy after it realized he was victorious. “Oh wait, I almost forgot!” Sebastian grabbed one of the empty pokeballs in his belt, and threw it at the Seedot on the ground. He hit it head on, and in a blinding red light it disappeared. The ball shook on the ground for a moment, before stopping completely. The red dot in the center went out, signaling that the pokemon inside of it was captured.

“All right!” Sebastian said. He ran to the pokeball, and picked it up. “My first capture, great work Cubone.” “Cubone…bone…bonne.” The creature said back to his trainer. Sebastian picked up Cubone’s pokeball and aimed it at him. “Rest up now Cubone.” He said, and the ball opened up, with Cubone disappearing in a flash. Suddenly, he heard a new Sound behind him. CLAP CLAP CLAP. “Whose there?” Sebastian turned around, and saw Ken clapping his hands, with his Wooper standing next to him. “Bravo dude! That was an awesome battle!” he said to his friend. “I’m glad you thought so.” Sebastian replied. “How come you didn’t jump in though?” “I figured you could handle it.” Ken replied. “Besides, two on one is unfair.” “Yeah I guess so.”

“So do we have any water left? “ Ken asked. “I’m thirsty.” Sebastian looked at him wide eyed; he forgot that Seedot drank all of their water! “Oh ****!” he jumped up as he said that. “The Seedot drank it all!” Ken just laughed. “I thought so dude. That’s ok though.” He looked down at his Wooper and said to it, “Wooper, fill those bottles with your water gun attack.” Wwooopperr.” It replied, and waddled towards the empty plastic containers. Ken picked up the bottles and set them all upwards in a row. Wooper then tilted it head, and spewed water out of its mouth. In the angle he was shooting it, the water cascaded down on the bottles, and in a few minutes they were completely filled with crystal clear water. As Ken was closing the bottles one by one, he turned his head to his friend and said, “This is another reason why a water type is useful, we at least won’t die of thirst out here.” Sebastian just laughed, and began to pack up the tent so that they can continue on their journey.

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Nice creativity there Ocarina.. pretty good action and descriptions. Good job and keep up the work!

24th August 2005, 10:22 PM
Storyline - Well, it hasn't quite developed yet. :P So I can't judge so far, aside from it being a trainer fic... it's hard to make one that's really good, so be careful.

Grammar/spelling - I noticed quite a few of these... I suggest that you use a spellchecker, or proofread the text (or ask someone you trust, a teacher or something). Not too bad, though. And whenever another person begins speaking, it's on another line.

example: Brian sighed as he prepared for the short, prepped monologue.

"Now, I hope you understand..." He began.

Description - It was alright-- a bit bland, though... a few of the words could have been replaced by others. Try to use a thesaurus (or thesaurus.com, even) to look for synonyms. The battles I liked, however.

Content/Length - Well, you could have clarified that they received their starters(three cheers for ground pokemon, I must say. your selections in underused pokemon were good. {and speaking of which, Treecko is actually the most hated starter, sadly.}), espescially since it just said that they were handed starting pokeballs. It seems a tad cliched that Sebastian's mother packed enough sandwiches to last them a few weeks. :P He'd be lugging a few hundred pounds, anyways... And technically, Leer would lower Seedot's defense, not deter it's accuracy. They were pretty short, actually... could have been fairly longer, but better than most people's first fics.

Hope I didn't sound all that harsh. ;)


25th August 2005, 1:39 AM
thanks for the comments.

For the Leer thing, I thought it would be clear that it got confused for a second and let its guard down. I guess him missing with the Bullet Seed made it look like something else though.

As for the way speech goes, I know i'm not doing it right. (It's a peeve that my english teacher has with me to, ironicly), I find it more comfertable to write it the way I do, but of course, I can change it easily, (which is why the next 2 chapters aren't out yet, rewriting it and double spellchecking.)

Other than that, as long as I keep punching out chapters, the more fleshed out the story will become and the more likely you all will enjoy it (im glad people are actually commenting now!)

next chapter out today.

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Well I promised to post this, and so I shall!

It got longer than I thought it would be, but I think I answered the concerns I got in a few PM's and comments here the best I could, to make the story better.

Same as before, rated R for profanity, sex, violence, etc (although it doesnt matter since the forum autoamtically shuts out the curses.)


CHAPTER 4- Rivals in Rawst

Sebastian and Ken spent about two weeks in the wilderness until they reached the small town of Rawst. The weather stayed sunny for the two rookie trainers, and they made it without any serious injuries or problems. They also made progress on their pokemon collections. After capturing a Seedot, Ken one upped Sebastian by capturing his own new pokemon, a Spearow. With two pokemon in their arsenals apiece, they both make their way to Rawst.

Rawst is not a large town in the Enkada region. In fact, it is amongst the smallest. It is a sleepy town, which recently acquired its own new, state of the art pokemon center, and has become a haven for the trainers who have passed by this area. Although the small towns here are not as popular among pokemon fanatics, it does include a few waterways and the Ridge forest, which has been a spot that many trainers who wish to capture bug or grass type pokemon.

Once they reached the town, the two teens quickly began looking for the pokecenter. It was not hard to find, as it was the only new building in the town itself.

“So how long do you want to stay here for Ken?” Sebastian asked.

“A few days is good, we can probably do some pokemon battles with others here to.” Ken said. “Very eager huh?” Sebastian remarked, rolling his eyes.

Ken laughed and patted his friend on the back.

“You bet your *** I am. We did good on our first captures, why not do better in our first real battles?”

“Don’t get overconfident dude.” Sebastian replied back. “There are probably strong trainers in that center that will knock us around….” “And there are probably weak trainers we can beat the crap out of. Come on Seb it will be fun. Plus now we can fight if you want to!” Ken said with a big grin on his face.

“No way man, my pokemon would lose to yours, even I know that one.” Sebastian replied, as Ken’s grin began to fade. “Ok ok.” Ken sighed. “But I still want to battle someone! Hope there are willing people in the pokecenter.”

Moments later, they walked up to the tinted glass doors of the large, concrete building in front of them. The pokecenter itself was painted in a bright white color, with pokeball designs drawn all over the walls as wallpaper. The smell of fresh paint and hot food filled the air, and the cool wind of the air conditioner was a blessing for the sweating teens. Besides the typical healing center found in all of the centers that dot Enkada, it also had a trading station, a cafeteria, and has a large number of dormitories for the tired trainers. All around them, there were trainers, both young and old, either talking, relaxing in the lounge or even feeding their pokemon. Dead in the center of the room was a bulletin board, filled with notices on trades, battles, and other little memos that passing trainers post there.

“Come on, let’s get some food Seb. I’m starving!” Ken said, walking towards the cafeteria wing. “They got some pokemon food to give out to, lets go!”

“Um..no not right now. I am going to do something else first.” “Ok dude, ill be right back then.” Ken said, walking into the cafeteria wing and getting on line for some food.

Sebastian began to walk towards the bulletin board, and began reading the many notices posted on it. Most were offers for trades and phone numbers for trainers, but there were some tournament notices. One in particular caught Sebastian’s eye.

The World Pokemon Tour is now registering for this seasons combatants.
Following categories are now available.
Pokecup Rules
Primecup Rules
Random Rules
Baby pokemon Rules
Type Matches
Two vs Two Rules
Fatal 4 Way Rules

Registration will occur in the following major cities. Ask your pokecenters for details:
Chesto City
Hondew City
Belue Port
Drash City
Salac City
Starf Plateau

Battles will be held at Salac Stadium once all spots have been filled. Register today!

“Good luck surviving that tournament buddy.” Said a deep voice.

Sebastian turned around and was face to face with a tall, dark eyed teen. He was wearing a leather jacket and a black shirt, perfect matches for his jet-black hair. Over his shoulder was a backpack, and pinned on them were numerous badges. He looked to be about 18 or 19 years old, with his leg muscles showing under his jean shorts. The boy then extended his hand out.

“The names Damon, Damon Nauls.” “Sebastian Caine.” Replied Sebastian, shaking the boys hand. “Just starting out I see huh Sebastian?” “Um..yeah how did you know?”
Damon pointed to his backpack, “No badges yet. Only rookies have that basically.” He stated.

“Yeah, well me and my friend just started two weeks ago.” Sebastian replied, pointing to the cafeteria. Ken was now getting some pokemon food from the dispenser. Damon whipped his head around.

“Nice, you guys not traveling alone. That’s good.” He replied, putting his hands in his jean pockets. “Where are you two heading?” He asked.

“Well, we plan to go to Liechi in a few days.” Sebastian said. “We want to see if we can defeat the gym leader there.” Damon nodded his head and began to chuckle for a bit.

“Good luck kid, the gym leaders are actually hard to beat.” Damon replied. “Well it looks like you have had no trouble with them.” Replied Sebastian, eying the badges on Damon’s backpack. Damon followed his eyes and grabbed his backpack on his shoulder, and brought it in front of Sebastian. “See these badges?” Damon said. Sebastian just nodded, as the older teen continued to speak.

“It took me four years to get them all. I’m still two short of qualifying for the Elite Four to. Don’t take gym trainers lightly Sebastian, Trust me on that one. They are one of the reasons a lot of trainers fizzle out in the end.”

“I can tell you one thing then,” Sebastian said as he was eying the different colored badges on Damon’s backpack, “I don’t plan to fizzle out anytime soon.” Damon just smiled back at the younger teen.

“I like your spirit. Maybe we should battle sometime.” “Well you look like your experienced…ill get whipped.” Said Sebastian. “Never say that dude, that just shows weakness. You’ll never win battles that way.” Damon then motioned for Sebastian to follow him. “Come with me dude, let me teach you something.” He said, as he turned around to head out of the pokecenter. Sebastian looked confused for a second, and then grabbed Damon’s shoulder, stopping him dead in his tracks.

“Wait one second Damon. I want to get my friend. Is that ok?” He asked him, turning towards the cafeteria wing. “Ok, I’ll wait here then. Be quick though.” Said Damon.

Sebastian just nodded and walked into the cafeteria. The tables were filled with trainers and pokemon alike, all eating the food that the center provided. Nice spaghetti dishes and garlic bread for the trainers, and some pellets for the pokemon themselves. The trainers were engaged in a lot of conversation to, most of them comparing their pokemon and talking about their experiences they have had, and even a few trying to flirt with the female trainers. He looked around for Ken, but the sea of trainers made it hard to spot his friend. Sudennly he heard a noise above the rest of the chatter.

“HEY SEB! OVER HERE!” Ken shouted, waving his arms in the air. Sebastian looked and just smiled, and began to walk toward his friend.

“Could you be any louder?” he asked Ken. “Sorry dude, I needed to get your attention.” He replied, grabbing the garlic bread on his tray. “Here want a piece?” “Oh yeah, sure.” “He took the bread and began to eat it. “I also got us enough pokemon food to last a while, so we should be good food wise for them.” Ken said, spinning some spaghetti with his fork and putting it in his mouth.

Sebastian swallowed the food in his mouth and looked at his friend for a second. “That’s awesome dude. Anyway, there is this guy outside, his name is Damon. Seems like a nice guy, and he wants to show me some tricks in battling. Want to come out with me?” Ken stopped chewing his food and looked up at his friend.

“Dude that sounds a bit shady. How do you know he won’t rob you or something?” “That’s why I wanted you to come Ken! Come on if anything, he will show us something new so we can actually compete in the gyms.”

“Oh come on man, the gyms are probably pushovers. We can take them.” Replied Ken. “Then prove it to me.” Said another voice. Both boys turned around, and saw Damon standing there. “Sorry Sebastian, I got tired of waiting.”

Ken stood up, and faced Damon eye to eye. ”So your this Damon guy huh?” Ken asked.

“I am, nice to meet you. And your name is…”
“Ken. Ken Wesker.” Ken said coldy.
“If you think your so good Ken, face me in a battle outside.”

“Don’t mind if I do then.” Said Ken, who quickly turned and began to storm outside.

“KEN…Ken wait!” Sebastian yelled at him, trying to stop his friend. “Dude he will beat you horribly. It’s not worth it.”
“You kidding man?” Ken snapped back. “It definitely is worth it. I am going to whip this ******* bad!”

Damon just chuckled to himself “So cocky…so easy…I like that Ken.” He said calmly.

The teens went outside into the street. It was about one in the afternoon now, so the streets were bare with the exception of a few bag ladies and young businessmen going back to work from lunch. A few trainers, who heard the commotion that Ken and Damon started, followed them outside to view the battle.

“Simple rules Ken, one on one, no substitutes. You go ahead and pick yours first.” Said Damon.

“Fine, let’s go for it.” Said Ken, grabbing one of his active pokeballs. “Kick some ***, Spearow!” The ball opened, and the tiny bird pokemon came out flapping, its wings making it hover in the air.

“Ok then, go for it Amp!” said Damon, who threw his own pokeball out. Then appeared a Flaaffy, standing upright on its two pinks legs.

“You nicknamed it? Dude no one nicknames their pokemon anymore!” scoffed Ken. Damon just laughed back at him. “Your move first Ken.”

“Ok…he has an electric type…damn this is not good…” Ken said to himself. On the sidelines, Sebastian saw his friend already struggling. ‘This battle is over already.’ He thought to himself, ‘I hope Ken has a plan if he can win it.’

“Ok Spearow, got to avoid contact, so for now fly up high and growl at the Flaaffy.” Ken said. “Speeer…” the bird pokemon cried, as it began to flap harder, its tiny wings moving faster and faster is it elevated into the sky. It then opened its beak. “SPPPEEEAARRROWW” it shrieked, the deafening sound reaching all of the trainers on the bottom. Sebastian covered his own ears ‘Damn, that’s powerful.’ He thought to himself. He looked and saw Damon’s Flaaffy, who seemed to be undaunted by the sharp cry Spearow made.

“Amp, use your thunderbolt attack and bring down that bird!” Damon said. “Flaf” the sheep replied, as its tail tip began to glow a bright yellow. Soon, a lightning bolt shot out of it, and went right towards the flying Spearow. “SPEAROW DODGE IT!” cried Ken. The bird pokemon zigzagged in the air, desperately trying to avoid the electric attacks.

“Keep up the barrage Amp. Tire it out.” Said Damon. He then turned to Ken, “not bad so far, but not good enough Ken.” Ken just glared right back, his face red with anger. “Spearow, use your quick attack!” “Speearr..” it squawked, and began to move faster than the lightning Flaaffy was shooting out of it’s tail. It was flying around the sheep pokemon, going faster than anyone can see. Spearow then tilted its body back, and in mid air made a sleek U turn. The speedy bird pokemon rammed into Flaaffy’s chest beak first, before flying back upwards into the air. The electric type staggered back, in some pain with the direct hit in its chest.

“THAT’S WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT YEAH!” Ken shouted. The other trainers around them were clapping at the display of strength the spunky bird pokemon showed. Sebastian as well as impressed. “GO KEN!” he was cheering out to his friend. Damon’s smile began to fade a bit.

‘This kid has some balls…but that won’t help him in the end.’ He thought to himself. “ Amp, get ready for another hit.” “Flllaaaafffy!” it replied, obeying its trainer as it stomped both of its feet on the ground like a sumo wrestler, standing its ground and watching the Spearow carefully in the sky.

“Staying put huh? Easy prey then.” Ken boasted. “Spearow, give him another quick attack!” The bird pokemon flew up high once again, and once again was moving faster then the eye could see.

“Good…just like I predicted.” Damon said under his breath. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a pair of sunglasses. After putting them on, he looked down at his pokemon.

“Amp, lets make it sunnier out here, Flash it!” he said sternly.

“Flllaaaafff!” the pokemon cried, as its tail glowed again, and this time a flash of light filled the already bright sky. Sebastian, as well as everyone else watching the battle, shielded their eyes with his arms from the blinding light. ‘I’ve never seen such a bright flash before.’ Sebastian thought to himself. With one eye closed, he used the other to look at Ken, who like everyone else was blocking the flash attack with his arms.

On the battlefield, the bright light also blinded Ken’s Spearow. It stopped dead in its tracks and fluttered back into the sky, trying not to look at Flaaffy’s glowing tail. Fortunately its keen bird eyes adjusted quickly, but Flaaffy already negated the quick attack.

“Perfect Amp, use your cotton spore!” Damon commanded. The pokemon began to twist and shake itself, its entire body moving in a strange rhythm. Then parts of it woolen fleece began to fly off of its body, and floated towards Spearow. “Oh no…. QUICK SPEAROW, DODGE IT!” screamed Ken, but it was too late. The cotton hit Spearow dead on, sticking all over his body. It tried to flap it wings…but struggled to stay in the air. Soon it landed on the ground, and began pecking at the cotton stuck on its wings. Damon was grinning from ear to ear, as he got ready for the next attack.

“Ok Amp, give it to him now, use iron tail!” cried Damon. Flaaffy bent down on all fours, and began running towards the grounded Spearow. Its tail began to glow brightly as it ran towards Spearow and lifted it high in the air. The glow faded and it suddenly looked like a metallic spike sticking straight out of his body.

“SPEAROW, GET BACK IN THE AIR!” cried Ken. “Speeeer” it cried back, as tried to fly once again, but even after pecking the cotton in his wings, it struggled to get back in the air. Flaaffy was to quick for the bird pokemon, and with a swipe of its tail it smacked Spearow dead on in its head. The Spearow went back right at Ken’s feet, and couldn’t get up. Ken looked crestfallen, and pulled his pokeball out of his backpack.

“Spearow return.” He sighed. His head was turned down, realizing he was defeated. Damon was smiling again, and removed the sunglasses on his face before returning his Flaaffy into his pokeball. He walked up to Ken and put his arm on Ken’s shoulder.

“You still got a lot to learn buddy, but you did good your first time.” Damon said, trying to console the blonde teen. Ken shrugged him off and walked back into the pokecenter. “KEN WAIT!” Sebastian shouted out to his friend. Sebastian began to run toward his friend, but Damon blocked him with his arm.

“Let him go Sebastian.” Damon said, “He needs some time to cool down.” Sebastian looked back at Ken, as he entered the pokecenter. “You both got a lot to learn, but if he has the potential to become a master, you probably do to.” Sebastian turned his head to Damon, a quizzical look on his face.

“What do you mean Damon?” he asked him. Not sure if that was a compliment or a challenge.

“He took on an electric type with a flying type, and actually did some damage. Not only that, but he was outmatched by experience and strength, but could of won the battle if he changed some of his strategy. Only master trainers would have the balls, the power and the brains to do this, and if he can do it, so can you. That is why I want to challenge you next.” Damon said. “So right now, one on one, no switch outs. Do you accept or not?” he asked him.

Sebastian just looked straight at Damon, and then looked back at the pokecenter. Through the glass doors he could see Ken going straight up to the counter, handing Spearows pokeball to the nurse there. He then turned back to Damon, who was still staring at him, waiting for his response.

“Yes, I accept your challenge. Let’s do it.” Sebastian said.

(Hope you like cliffhangers, I hate to be a tease but I don't want to make the chapter to long. Enjoy this one, I put a lot of care into it, so i'm hoping you all like this one, but dont be afraid to be critical.)

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there will be a slight delay for the next chapter (putting as much polish as I can on it at this point, as well as making it longer than I planned) so the 5 people who like the story please be patient!

See you in a few days.

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It wasn't as long as I thought it would be, but it is definitly a little different from the previous chapters. Plus we see a plot twist GASP! What happens? Read on.

Remember, R for Violence, profanity, SSC.


CHAPTER 5- No Hard Feelings

Sebastian was still upset from the battle before. He had his first battle, and his first loss, by the hands of his new friend Damon. Like Ken before him, Sebastian was now waiting for his pokemon to come out of the healing machine. His defeat against Damon was a true test, and he failed it miserably.

It started out well. He chose to use his Seedot against Damon’s pokemon Crush, a Sandslash. He figured choosing last would be a strong advantage for him, and in the beginning for the battle it was. Seedot was quicker and more agile than Sandslash, jumping up in the air and shooting his bullet seed’s at the ground type. Sandslash quickly countered that strategy though, entrapping the living acorn in quicksand by using the sand tomb move.

Then the onslaught of slashes began. By the time Seedot was released from the quicksand, it was already exhausted. Not even hardening its shell could help it, as the Sandslashs claws were to powerful. It sliced through the feeble attempt of defense that Seedot used, knocking it out after a few swipes.

Sebastian couldn’t get his defeat out of his head. ‘This is why Ken was so upset…it sucks to lose.’ He thought to himself. He went to look for his friend after his defeat against Damon, and found him asleep in the dormitory, clutching his backpack like a safety blanket. It wasn’t even past 3 pm, but the battle must of tired him out greatly.

Sebastian waited patiently in the lounge of the pokecenter, looking at the map he was given back at Ganlon. He was plotting his next route, right to Liechi. He couldn’t wait to leave the town of Rawst, in fact he would enjoy leaving a lot. ‘We could cut through the Ridge forest, go through the Slade meadow, and reach Leichi in about two weeks...enough time to get even stronger than before….’

“You guys did well, but you got a lot to learn.” Said a voice, snapping Sebastian back to reality. He looked up and saw Damon smiling back at him. The older teen grabbed a chair and sat next to Sebastian, looking at the route he was making for his map.

“Apparently we didn’t do well enough.” Sebastian replied, almost in a whisper. His head hanged low, as if he was ashamed of something. Damon just rolled his eyes and put his arm around the teen. Damon cleared his throat and began to speak.

“The problem is your letting it get to you. What you need to do is get over it. You’re going to lose, sometimes more than you win. When you win, it will be great, when you lose, you’ll feel like you’ve been ****ed over, the point is there will be other battles, and you will do well in those battles with proper training.”

After finishing his own speech, Sebastian lifted his head up. He looked into the dark eyes of the teen that just defeated him in battle, and he simply nodded his head, his lip quivering a bit. “It just sucks a lot though. I thought it would be a bit easier. The games, the battles on TV, they all were more fun. This is tougher than I thought.”

“You need to get out of that mentality Sebastian.” Damon replied. “Don’t second guess yourself, you and Ken have potential. You just need more training.” Damon got up from his chair, and with a sigh he continued to speak.

“I am going to go with you. You both need some help and guidance. Ok dude?” Sebastian looked at him wide eyed. “No, I don’t want you to go out of your way to help us out….” “NO NO NO. I am not going out of my way. Trust me man, I am going to enjoy going with you guys. You both are fun to hang around with. Besids, I have never been to Leichi gym yet.”

“Ok then, if you insist. Welcome aboard dude.” Sebastian said, extending his hand out. Damon took it and shook it hard. “Thanks Sebastian.” Then Damon got distracted for a moment. BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP. Damon put a finger up, and put his hand in his pocket. He pulled out a cell phone, and saw the number that was calling him. “I’ll be right back Sebastian, I need to take this.” Damon excused himself.

Sebastian nodded, and Damon walked toward the front of the pokecenter, his phone next to his ear. Then Sebastian heard another BEEP. This one though was a familiar one to him. His pokemon was healed! He picked up his map and stuffed it in his backpack, and raced towards the healing center, where the nurse on duty handed him his pokeball.

Damon kept his other hand over his ear as he listened to the voice on his phone.

“Are you sure that you lost their trail Mr. Nauls?” the deep, raspy voice asked him.

“Yes sir, I am sure of it. They couldn’t catch up to me and now I have some company of my own to help me go places.” Damon replied to it.

“This company you speak of, I’m assuming that you plan to rob him or her after you ‘finish’ them off.”

“Unfortunately it will be a bit complicated, there are two of them, and they are tightly knit friends sir. They are rookies, and I think I can train them to, “help us out” in a way sir.”

The voice on the other line coughed, a very deep one a smoker would have, and began to speak again.

“Well then, use them as much as you can Mr. Nauls. The first sign of trouble though I want you to bail out. I don’t need to lose you to the authorities because of some **** up rookie trainers you travel with. Be on your guard at all times.”

“I was planning on dumping some of the merchandise on them, just in case they do catch up with me sir, but you don’t need to worry about me. I always am careful. I will call you once we make it to Leichi sir.” Damon replied, a small grin creeping up on his face.

The day was sunny, like every other day the past week. The pidgey were chirping, giving the sign to the early birds to start the day. The streets of Rawst were already busy, as the businessmen and women head for work. Also, the pokemon trainers passing through were getting early starts, so they can continue their journey.

Sebastian, Ken, and Damon were amongst those early risers. Although there were some protests to when to leave, the three teens mutually agreed to go at first light.

“I don’t get why were leaving so early, I mean whenever we leave it will still take time for us to get to Liechi.” Ken complained. “That may be, but leaving early has benefits.” Replied Damon. “Oh yeah, like what?” Ken muttered.

“Firstly, pokemon that are usually out at night can be caught in the morning. Second, you can easily follow other trainers who leave early, because most do. Lastly, because you will be traveling a lot, and the farther you go, the quicker it will be. So stop *****ing and lets get a move on.” Damon said sternly. Ken just rolled his eyes and followed him as the older teen led them out of the dormitory and into the pokecenter. He then took them to the nearby PC station. Ken and Sebastian hanged back for a moment as Damon went to the station and began to fiddle with the controls. While this was going on, Ken turned his head and

“Why did you let him come with us Seb? He is an ******* you know.” Ken whispered. “He may be a bit brash, but he does want to help us Ken. We might as well take it, we both got a lot to learn…” “Oh bull dude. We lost one, big deal. We won’t lose again that’s for sure.” Sebastian just shook his head.

“I don’t know dude, if Damon was tough, imagine if we find someone who can beat him. He is good, and he has a lot to teach us.” Sebastian whispered calmly. Ken just rolled his eyes again and nodded. “Ok, but I still don’t want him around. Something about him I don’t trust.” Ken whispered back.

Damon finished pressing buttons on the pc, and then went over towards a contraption sticking out of the PC. It was a platform, with a glass case over it, with the exception of a round hole in the center. Suddenly a brilliant blue light flashed, and a pokeball appeared from the hole. Another flash happened, and out poped another pokeball, like gumballs from a machine. Damon collected the two balls, but instead of putting them on his belts, he placed them in Ken and Sebastians hands.

“What’s this for?” Ken asked him.

“Consider it a gift.” Replied Damon. “I caught these two a while back but never trained them. You guys need some pokemon, so I am giving you both one. Usually you have to trade, so consider it lucky that I have a few extra pokemon to get off my hands. So go ahead, open them!” Damon nudged the boys, who just looked at each other and nodded.

Ken threw his on the floor first. After the red light they have become accustomed to, a small, red and orange pokemon appeared. It was sitting on the ground indian style, one of its fingers in its duck like mouth. The baby Magby looked up at Ken and Damon quizzically, not sure whom he should go to. “Wow…nice Damon…um…thanks.” Said Ken, struggling to compliment the older teen. “No problem. It should listen to you easily. Go ahead and open yours Sebastian.”

Sebastian threw his new pokeball on the floor. Coming out of it was a brilliant yellow and black pokemon, small but with disproportionately sized arms. The Elekid looked up at Sebastian with its small, baby-like eyes and whimpered a bit. Sebastian couldn’t believe it, as he never expected to own a baby pokemon without breeding one.

“Cool, you catch these or breed them Damon?” Sebastian asked. Damon looked at him and hesitated for a second, before giving his answer.

“Well I um…did catch them yeah. It’s hard to find baby pokemon in the wild, so I got lucky with them both. Anyway, enjoy them; it is my token for no hard feelings. So lets get moving.” Said Damon, quickly turning around and heading towards the door of the pokecenter. Sebastian and Ken put their new pokemon back into their pokeballs and followed Damon into the already busy streets of Rawst. “Back into the wild huh Seb?” Ken said happily. Sebastian just nodded and smiled a bit.

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I'm heading back to college tomorrow, so the next chapter will be delayed for a few days while I get settled there.

Next chapters will be up soon, I promise you that. So I am not abandoning the story.

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We're moving the story along.. one thing I have to gripe about is that you use the word 'said' frequently, where it would be just as easy to use a synonym that suits the mood better, such as muttered, whispered, demurred, bellowed, etc. Try it next time. :3 But you don't have to *every* time, no..

The battle in chapter 4 was great, I like your strategy and the way the characters are coming alone. It seems like Seb is really concerned about the well-being of his friend, and tries to see that he doesn't get in trouble. I like how you didn't go with the steryotypical 'it's the main characters' first battle, so let's make this experianced trainer battle fodder!', like most people do.

Yay deceptiveness. =0 Although it is cliche for someone in the group to have a "bad feeling about this", I suppose it'd be bad for them to be completely in the dark.. ^^o Yay UU fire and electric types! Once you get the next chapter installed, PM me or something.. x_o;


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GASP! It's the next chapter after 2 weeks of waiting (for those who did wait I mean.)

College is in full swing for me, so the story will take time to write, but I don't give up easily.

This chapter is REAL LONG. I made it that way because there was some ground to cover, and that there was some dialogue I added at the last second to make it more meatier. Remember Sebastian is the main character, and most of the story is through him. While the action might not center around him, the observations do, and it will all come to play later on in the story.

I also am going to try and bring the Pokemon alive a bit to. Animals have feelings after all!

Remember, R for some violence and Profanity


Chapter 6- Darkness Falls

After a few days in the grassy pathways of Enkada, the trio of trainers reached Ridge woods. The third largest forest area in Enkada, Ridge woods is a hotspot for many trainers to catch and battle pokemon. The trees were so high that the teens couldn’t even see the bright sky, say for a few patches of light breaking through the cracks in the trees.

The forest was also filled to the brim with wild pokemon. Pidgeys and Spearows fly high in the sky, eating berries and Wurmples found in the trees. Other pokemon like Bellsprout and Oddish litter the ground, and Lotad’s fill the streams in the brook. Both Sebastian and Ken were in awe of the pokemon they saw. During their youth, they were forbidden to enter the woods by their protective parents. Now, they were amazed of the numerous species of pokemon inside the forest.

“I never expected so many wild pokemon out in the open.” Sebastian exclaimed. Damon laughed a bit at that.

“The tall grass thing is overrated, a lot of pokemon are on the pathway, but the stronger ones are in the grass. If you want to catch some of the best, look in the grass.”

“That’s good to know.” Replied Sebastian. “Yeah, Mr. body of knowledge.” Ken said sarcastically. “You both got a lot to learn still…” Damon replied. Ken just glared at him for a second as the trio kept walking deeper into the forest.

“Where are we heading in here Damon?” asked Sebastian, who was glancing over his shoulder as if someone was following them. “There is a lake in the center of the forest which we can rest at. It is where most trainers rest up anyway, so it’s a good spot to be at.”

“You’ve been here before Damon?” Ken said sternly. “Yes I have, Ken. It’s a common spot most experienced trainers know about. Now you guys know to.”

“So rookies like us wouldn’t know about it huh?” muttered Ken. “Oh Ken come on, we would of found out sooner or later.” Sebastian said, defending Damon and trying to avoid another fight between his two friends. Damon stopped walking and turned around, facing the teens.

“It’s ok Sebastian, if Ken still feels bitter about the beat he got, there is little I can do to change it.” Damon stated calmly. Ken just rolled his eyes and looked back at Damon with great intensity.

“It’s bad enough I got beat by you, but you rub it in every ****ing time when you speak to me like this.” Snapped back Ken. “Why don’t you just leave me ****ing be about the ****ing battle man!”

“You bring it up all the time Ken, not me. I only state what has happened, no need to even insult you about it.” Damon snapped back coldly. Ken just glared at him angrily.

“Whatever man. Next time, you will not be so lucky when you face me, I will make sure of that.”

“Better train some more then Ken, you got a lot of catching up to do.” Replied Damon.

“GIVE ME SOME RESPECT MAN! COME ON!” Ken yelled back, clenching his hands into fists. “I am working my *** off to be the best there ever was, and so far I am getting **** from you because you were able to beat me in a match. Next time you won’t be so lucky.” Damon just shook his head at that, and began to say something else back at Ken.

Sebastian couldn’t believe what he was hearing. While his two friends were arguing over the battle they had, he was sitting on a rock next to a patch of tall grass, shaking his head at the ridiculous display in front of him. ‘Why the hell are they fighting like this? It is so damn pointless to me. Ken is to damn proud sometimes....and Damon is to strong willed…’ he kept thinking to himself. Ken and Damon kept up their argument for a few moments, Ken yelling like a madman and Damon coolly replying to his cries, until a rustling in the nearby tall grass stopped the fighting.
Ken and Damon looked at the grass, while Sebastian turned his head around to see what was making the noises. Soon enough, a large, oval shaped creature pounced from the grass, knocking Sebastian out of his seat on the rock. He let out a loud “umph” and fell on his back, as the large pokemon jumped near his feet. Its oval shaped mouth with hundreds of tiny, incisor like teeth, was opened wide, as if the monster was about to bite the confused trainer. Two horns were also on its head, curved like the devil himself was present to them.

The Pinsir had its small arms in the air, as if it was ready to pounce once again on the defenseless trainer under him. Sebastian screamed, as the creature got closer to him. He tried to crawl away, but the pokemon jumped on him, its body landing on his legs. Sebastian screamed in pain from the weight of the Pinsir.

“HOLY ****! SOMEONE HEELLLP!” he yelped, as the large pokemon’s horns opened up more, spreading to the ends of his body. The pokemon tilted its entire frame downward, aiming his horns at Sebastian’s head. Sebastian covered his eyes, but then felt a tugging on his side. He looked up and saw Damon trying to pull him out of the Pinsir’s grasp! The pokemon cried out with a mighty roar, as if someone was stealing its prey, and it let Sebastian go. It then though put its head down and began to run towards Damon. The pokemon hit him square in the chest, and Damon let out a loud “Oomph” as he fell down this time.

The Pinsir, who ran off a bit, turned around and looked at the toppled teen. Damon was out cold; the impact of the Pinsirs horns knocked him out. His shirt now had a hole in it, and some blood was seeping through, staining the all black shirt. Sebastian, who was still on the ground, was fumbling to reach his pokeballs so he can battle the beast. But the Pinsir was quick again and was already charging towards him!

But then something unexpected happened. The Pinsir stopped and yelped in pain! “SIIIRRR” it cried, letting out a mighty roar. On it’s side, it had burn marks, suggesting a match of some sorts hit it. Sebastian turned his head and saw Ken standing near Damon’s body, and his Magby, spewing small fireballs at the great beast.

“Keep up the embers Magby, make sure it can’t attack!” shouted Ken. The Pinsir was now covering its mouth with its small arms, trying not to get hit by the small fire types barrage of fireballs. The Magby kept up the intensity, until Ken gave it another order.

“Try smokescreen, blind the ****er.” Ken said to his pokemon. It nodded its head and shortly after, thick, black smoke began to come from its duck-like mouth. Although it was still young, the noxious fumes of the smokescreen even made Ken cough a bit, and the Pinsir was now immobilized for a second to try and see his surroundings. All of a sudden it lashed out, flaying its arms like it was trying to punch something. The smoke impared it’s vision heavily, as it couldn’t even see what it was doing at this point.

“Try a fire spin and trap him Magby!” shouted Ken. The pokemon then made a tiny jump onto the very rock that Sebastian sat on before this conflict began. This time though, the flames coming from it’s mouth rotated in a circular motion, bright red and orange flames licking at the heels of the Pinsir. The bug pokemon tried to run away, but the smoke, mixed with the fire, made it nearly impossible to escape. The fire rose quickly, and the smokescreen turned into a blazing inferno, surrounding the Pinsir with a tower of fire.
The Pinsir was now ducking its body as low to the ground as it could. The flames were engulfing the area now greatly, starting to spread to the tall grass and the trees around them.

During the course of the battle, Sebastian was able to get up after the fall he had. He was now leaning over Damon, who was still out cold from the take down Pinsir did early on. He was trying to wake him up; making sure Damon was breathing and was bandaging the wound on his chest. He kept glancing up at Ken and his Magby, as they continued their onslaught against the Pinsir.

The Pinsir now was lying on the ground, the grass and trees around him charred by the flames Magby produced. It has burn marks on the back of its body, and was crying out in pain. Magby was standing guard, ready to attack as Ken reached for another pokeball, throwing it on the ground. Out popped his Wooper, and with a quick call, Ken gave it an order to follow.

“Wooper, take out the flames, water gun them quickly!” he commanded. The tiny pokemon obliged, and began spewing crystal clear water over the circle of fire. The Wooper began to douse the flames, turning the blazing inferno into nothing more but tiny ember. Wooper also blew water on the grass, which was at this point singed into ash by the flames. Soon, all of the fire finally went out, and in the center of the former circle of fire, was a Pinsir who was struggling to get up.

Ken saw his opportunity, and quickly threw an empty pokeball at the giant bug. It hit it on it’s singed back, and then the Pinsir disappeared in a red light. The pokeball began shaking violently, moving back and forth. Ken had a smile on his face, knowing that he has this capture is in the bag.

Suddenly, the pokeball opened widely, and a bright red light shot out of the pokeball. The Pinsir had escaped the capture!

“You gotta be kidding me!” Ken yelled! “Magby, Ember attack!” he cried. Magby got ready so shoot his ember, but by the time it turned around, the Pinsir was running off. Ken saw the Pinsir hobbling as fast as it can to get away from it’s tough opponent. Ken recalled his Wooper and Magby, as quickly as he could, and began to run after the wounded pokemon.

“KEN? KEN WAIT!” shouted Sebastian, but Ken was already far off into the woods. Sebastian was still trying to wake up Damon, but nothing was working. He tried to drag him to his feet, but Damon was definitely heavier than Sebastian, and he could barely lift him up from the ground. The forest grew silent after the activity that Sebastian witnessed. The sun was fading from the trees, and in his mind, Sebastian knew they would be in trouble from more attacks if they weren’t careful.

Sebastian gathered some sticks and dug a small hole in the ground, and lit a match. He also took out his tent, and set it up shoddily on the rough, burnt ground around him. He fluffed his sleeping bag and laid it out inside the tent, then dragged Damon’s body and pulled it in. It took some time, but he was able to get him on top of the sleeping bag. He closed the tent, and tended to the fire outside.

Ken was running through the woods at top speed now, desperately trying to catch up to that Pinsir. ‘No way in hell am I losing this capture.’ He thought to himself. The sun was nearly set, but he had just enough light to keep his eyes on the Pinsir. It was up ahead, still hobbling because of its wounds from Ken’s Magby, and it knew that the trainer who it lost to was chasing him down.

Ken passed a number of different pokemon, Bellsprout, Pidgey, even a Butterfree at one point, but none of them mattered to him. He wanted to take down that Pinsir. He kept running, his breathing was turning heavier by the second. It is a good thing that in his youth, he was very active in sports. He kept his eyes on the Pinsir ahead of him, and saw that it finally bent down, and stopped on the ground. It stayed low, using its tiny arms to grab its side. The Pinsir was succumbing to his burns finally, and couldn’t even run anymore.

Ken caught up to it, and saw the Pinsir in pain on the ground. It roared for a bit; this time it was more of a cry of defeat rather than a ferocious scream. Ken looked at the pokemon, and his expression changed from glee to sadness in a matter of seconds. ‘Did I put you through so much pain?’ Ken thought to himself. ‘I never meant to do that..’

Ken looked down at the Pinsir, still in pain. He took a pokeball from his belt, and tossed it downwards towards the bug pokemon. “I’m sorry.” He said softly, as the pokemon disappeared in the brilliant red light. This time, the ball didn’t even shake at all, as the Pinsir submitted to its fate.

Ken picked up the pokeball, and put it on his belt. By this time, the sun was set, and the stars were shining brightly in the sky. He turned around, and walked back towards where he came; at least where he thought he came from.

Sebastian was tending to the fire in front of him for a few hours now. Damon hasn’t come to yet, and Ken was still out in the forest somewhere. ‘Where the hell is Ken?’ Sebastian thought to himself. ‘I hope he is ok out there.’ He threw another stick into the fire, and laid down on the charred grass.

“Now why are you lying down on the ground Sebastian?” murmured a voice behind him. Sebastian sat up, and saw Damon standing weakly over him, clutching the side of his chest. “Thanks for patching me up by the way, I appreciate it.” “You ok?” Sebastian asked him. Damon bent down, letting out a small groan.

“Yeahh…ive been hurt more. How long have I been out though?” “About two hours, maybe more.” “Where is Ken?” “He took off after the Pinsir.” Damon nodded, and looked around the campsite. He noticed the scorched earth around him. “Did Ken do all of this?” Damon asked. “Yeah, that Magby is strong for being a baby pokemon.”

“So is the Elekid you have Sebastian.” Damon replied. “Where did you catch theses dude?” inquired Sebastian. Damon looked into the night sky, and closed his eyes for a second, deep in thought. “Far off, near Chesto city. Were a long way from there though.”

Sebastian nodded, and just stared at the campfire he made. “You ok man?” a concerned Damon asked.

“Oh..yeah…its just..why did it attack us like that?” Sebastian replied.

“Hmm…well some pokemon are more aggressive based on their nature. That might be why it attacked us. Maybe we went into its territory or something.” Replied Damon. “It should be fine, if Ken comes back. He probably chased the Pinsir from this area.”

Sebastain kept his head down, now deep in thought about his friend Ken. “Ken is tough, he should be all right.” Sebastian said. ‘I hope so at least.’ He thought to himself privately.

Just then, there was a rustling from the bushes behind them. Damon and Sebastian both jumped up from shock and freight, and were looking at the moving bushes. “FINALLY! I FOUND YOU GUYS!” Yelled Ken, who had huge grin on his face. Sebastian and Damon eased up, and Sebastian walked up to his friend and gave him a hug. “I’m glad your ok dude. What happened with the Pinsir?” he asked him.

“Well, I caught him! It was tough, but I caught him.” Said Ken gleefully. “Good job dude!” said Sebastian. Damon nodded his own approval. “Not bad Ken. You did good back there.” He said back. “Gee, thanks Damon. I “appreciate” the nod.” Said Ken sarcastically. “I’m glad you still got that over-confidence Ken.” Replied Damon. Ken glared at him for a moment, and just sat down near the campfire.

“You guys, lets have a good night ok?” pleaded Sebastian. Both Ken and Damon looked at Sebastian and just nodded. “I need some sleep anyway.” Murmured Ken, as he unrolled his sleeping bag from his backpack. “You guys have a good night ok?”

Sebastian smiled, and wished his friend goodnight. He and Damon stayed up for a while more, watching the stars in the night sky.

“Your friend is a hot-head you know?” remarked Damon at one point. Sebastian looked at him with a hint of anger. “Dude, that’s not cool. He means well he’s just rough around the edges, that’s all.” “He needs to learn to think and be patient, and to be more careful when handling pokemon in a forest. I’m glad he got the Pinsir, but he was reckless in capturing it. Never go out in the woods at night to capture a pokemon, unless you’re with a group of people. Weird **** happens at night.”

Sebastian just listened to Damon again, preaching once more an important lesson. “I’ll talk to him, ok. I just..I just want us to be friends and all, you know.” Damon nodded his approval.

“I know Sebastian, and I’m willing, but so far he isn’t.” replied Damon. Sebastian laid back on the ground, putting his hands under his head, and stared into the stars. “Give it time dude, give it time.” He said softly. Sebastian kept looking at the stars for a few minutes and with a big yawn, he excused himself and went into his tent to sleep.

6th September 2005, 12:57 AM
Next Chapter will take some time, because college is in full swing for me. I am writing this whenever I have free time, so it might take a week or 2 depending on what goes on.

Enjoy what I have so far!

11th September 2005, 10:22 PM

Gasp, another chapter. This one is also a nice plotline chapter, with more story than pokemon (although the pokemon are still involved). Please post any comments, I would like a few comments!

Anyway you know the drill, rated R for Violence, and Language.


CHAPTER 7- Fours a Crowd

After spending a few days in the Ridge woods, Sebastian, Ken and Damon made their way to the rest area Damon mentioned earlier. It was a beautiful site to Sebastian and Ken, with crystal clear water and a running stream, heading right into the oval shaped lake. The clearing had a number of tents dotting over it all, and trainers scattered all over the lakeshore. Some of them were eating a picnic lunch; others were taking a swim in the lake. There were even a pokemon battle going on, and a crowd of 15 or so trainers was watching the action.

“Check that out!” an excited Ken said, running towards the crowd of trainers. Damon and Sebastian followed suit, joining the throng of people in a circle near the lake. The battle was apparently a hotly contested match, as the crowd of young trainers was cheering loudly.

The two trainers fighting seemed to be more experienced in battling. Both were barking orders like mad to the two pokemon they had out. The first trainer was a tall, lanky guy wearing a red baseball cap. His pokemon was an Oddish, which was currently dodging the attacks of the 2nd pokemon, a Jigglypuff. The Jigglypuff was trying to pound the weed in front of it, but kept missing.

Sebastian looked up and saw the back of the other trainer, he had short hair in a ponytail, and was tall and thin, but he couldn’t see anything else, as the crowd was large at this point. Then, he heard a female voice shouting above all else.

“Ok Jigglypuff, grab it and double slap!” she shouted. The pokemon grabbed the Oddish by the weeds on it’s head, and lifted it from the ground. It began to smack it in its face, the oddish yelping with each successful slap.

“Oddish, try a stun spore!” cried the male trainer. The Oddish struggled to shoot the spore, but the Jigglypuffs hand’s held the stem of the weeds, and the stun spore couldn’t get out.

“Keep it up, and try a body slam Jigglypuff!” “Jiggly!” yelped the pink puffball, as it stop slapping the Oddish and then used it’s full weight to pound it onto the grassy floor. The grass type was dazed, and was definitely tired, but was still standing, although barely.

“Oddish, absorb some energy!” cried the male trainer. The oddish tilted its body, and concentrated for a moment, as the weeds on its head began to glow a light green. Soon small green orbs floated from its head, hitting into the Jigglypuff. The green orbs then turned blue, and as if it were a dazzling light show, floated back to Oddish, entering the top of it’s head again. “Oooddd..ish..” panted the grass type, as it stood up straight this time, gaining energy from the absorb attack.

Throughout the battle, Sebastian was paying attention to one thing above all else. The female trainer who was ordering the Jigglypuff kept all of his attention. She turned around, and Sebastian felt his heart skip a beat for a moment. Her large blue eyes had an intensity that he has never seen. Her blue shirt and faded jeans matched them perfectly.
Her face was almost angelic, creamy white skin and beautifully shaped lips…’Wow’, he thought to himself, ‘She is gorgeous…’ “DIISSSH!” cried the Oddish in battle, snapping Sebastian back into reality. He looked and saw the tiny grass type shoot leaves out of its weedy head and to it’s opponent. The Jigglypuff began to duck and dodge the razor sharp leaves, but was not fast enough and got nicked by a few of them, leaving a gash on its left cheek. The crowd dispersed for a moment, as the sharp leaves went whirling past some onlooker’s legs and into the trees behind them.

“JIGGGGLYY!” it cried in pain. Its trainer had the fiery look in her eyes again. “I’m not losing this one, Jigglypuff, take it down!” she yelled out! The Pink pokemon geared its body, its large eyes closing as it concentrated. It’s feet stood its ground for a moment, leaning back. It then charged at full force towards the Oddish.

“DODGE IT!” cried the male trainer, but it was a little to late, as the pink pokemon hit it in full force, knocking it downwards. The Oddish tried to lift itself this time, but it could barely get its leaves up. The male trainer recalled it, and conceded there.

“Good battle Sophie.” The male trainer said, as he put his pokeball away in his backpack and walked away. The girl, Sophie, smiled and grabbed her own pokeball. “Return Jigglypuff.” She said, as the pokemon retreated in a red flash. She tilted her head backwards and looked at the throng of people around her.

“Whose next?” she asked the crowd. The group of onlookers just stared, some of them walked away, going back to their tents.

“I WILL!” Sebastian practically yelled. He was still deep in his own thoughts, admiring her beauty. Ken and Damon looked at him in near shock. Sophie looked at him, and instead of questioning why he yelled, she just nodded and motioned him to come over here.

“She is a tough trainer Sebastian, you sure?” Damon asked. “Finally something that we can agree on.” Stated Ken. He turned to his friend and said, “You sure dude, you might lose.”

“So what?” Sebastian nearly snapped back. “Got to fight to win you know?” He turned towards Sophie, still admiring her features, and walked towards her, his face as red as a tomato.

“That was weird….” Said Ken, his face with a puzzled look on it. Damon just looked on at Sebastian rather coldly. ‘What is he up to….’ He thought to himself.

Sebastian walked closer to Sophie, and his mind was racing with every step. ‘Should I say hi? Should I shake her hand? What if I make an *** of myself? What should I do?’ he said in his mind. His nervousness was showing at this point. He was sweating heavily, even in the cool breeze of the forest. His hands were trembling a bit, so he kept them in the pockets of his shorts. His face was still red, blushing as if he was embarrassed of something.

He finally was close enough to see Sophie up close. Sebastian extended his trembling hand and cleared his throat.

“Um…I’m Sebastian and it’s nice to..um meet…” “Yeah yeah, my names Sophie kid. Ok lets get this over with dude. Get ready to lose.” The girl replied, grabbing his hand and shaking it violently. Sebastian almost yelped in pain from her grip. “So…um…how old are you Sophie?” He asked her. “I’m 17 but that has no relevance buddy, lets go and get this done with, jeez!” she said harshly” I like simple, so let’s keep it one on one Sebastian.” She smiled, showing off her white teeth “Lets get this on boy!” she cried excitingly, as she turned around and took position near the edge of the lake where she was before.

Sebastian, still blushing in the face, nodded and followed suit to his position. ‘Wow, this is so cool…I hope I can impress her…’ He was thinking to himself, trying to get serious for a moment.

Sophie grabbed one of her pokeballs and threw it on the ground. In a flash, a small green figure appeared. It’s big yellow eyes darted all over the field, checking around to see its competition. The Treeko was waiting for it’s opponent. “Ok, let’s make this even then.” Sebastian said confidently. He picked his pokeball, and threw it on the ground. His Seedot came out jumping, full of energy and eager to battle.
By this time, the circle was intact again; most of the trainers from last time were here to see this battle between the two rookies. Ken and Damon were off to the side, looking on as Sebastian got ready to battle.

“You think he will win?” Ken asked Damon. “Who knows? I think he is blinded though by that girl. So he is already not paying attention.” He replied back. “You never have anything nice to say don’t you?” Ken snapped back. Damon just shrugged his shoulders. “I call it as I see it Ken. Forget it and lets see how he does in this one.”

Both trainers scanned the field, the two grass types in the middle of it, with Sebastian and Sophie at the ends. Sebastian was clearing his throat for a second, and shouted out to Sophie.

“This should be good Sophie, good luck.” he said to her. “Luck is for wimps kid” scoffed Sophie, who kept her eyes on the Seedot. “Ok Treeko, lets get this party started, give it a pound attack!” cried Sophie.

The Treeko was quick, going on all fours and running at top speed towards the Seedot. Its tail was arched backwards, like a whip ready to strike. “Seedot jump, and use a bullet seed!” commanded Sebastian.

The acorn obliged, and jumped high into the air as the Treeko was about to smash it with its tail. The Treeko though, not to be undone, jumped as well, going slightly higher in the air than the Seedot. It was over Seedot, and in a quick motion used it’s tail to smack the Seedot onto the ground. “Oh no!” cried Sebastian. Sophie had a devilish grin on her face and just laughed. “Got to do better than that! Treeko this time give him a quick attack before it gets up again!” she ordered the pokemon. “Tree!” it cried, this time moving at faster than anyone could see. The Seedot was trying to get up, but the Treeko got to it first, hitting it this time with it’s head.

Seedot flew back once again, this time hitting the grassy ground hard. “****!” cried Sebastian. “Seedot, get up, and try to harden yourself!” he shouted back. The pokemon this time was able to get up, although it was shaking a bit from the hits it suffered, and shortly after it’s body began to glow. Once it subsided, the acorn looked nearly shiny and blinding. And not a moment to soon to, as the Treeko hit it from behind thanks to it’s quick attack. This time though, Seedot stood it’s ground, its new defense helping it a bit.

“Ok Treeko, keep up the quick attack, and break that shell of his now!” The Treeko turned around to make another pass at it. “Seedot bide your time!” cried Sebastian. “Seeeddd.” It said back, standing it’s ground. The Treeko rammed into it again, and Seedot was pushed backwards, but was still standing. It’s big eyes were closed, concentrating on what it had to do.

On the sidelines, Ken was ready to explode with anger. “Why the hell is he letting it get hit? How can that help him?” He yelped angrily. Damon just smiled a bit. ‘Good idea Sebastian’ he thought to himself, ‘your learning fast….’
Sophie herself was perplexed by Sebastian’s choices. ‘This guy is a *******, sitting there taking it. This is to easy.’ “Ok Treeko, stop the quick attack and go for the kill. CRUSH CLAW NOW!” she yelled. Treeko kept circling his opponent, and in a flash stopped right in front of it, raising its hand and extending it’s tiny claws used for climbing.

“UNLEASH IT SEEDOT!” cried Sebastian. Seedot opened its eyes, now glowing red. Its body trembled, glowing red as well. It was shaking violently for a few seconds, before it screamed. “SSEEEEDDD!”, and a wave of energy hit into Treeko heavily, knocking it backwards onto the ground.

“Holy ****!” cried Sophie, a look of disbelief on her face. “Treeko get up!” she cried, but the grass type wasn’t moving at all. Seedot, after using energy like that, sat on the floor, totally exhausted. Sophie saw that the battle was over. “Treeko, return.” She whispered, her head hanging low from her defeat.

Sebastian recalled his Seedot, and was greeted by a number of trainers, praising him for his success in his battle. Sebastian himself was happy that he won finally, but wanted to speak to Sophie first. She was walking towards the end of the lake, and heading to a tent near the edge of the woods. “HEY WAIT!” Sebastian yelled at her, but she didn’t even look up to acknowledge him.

“Sophie wait…I wanted to say it was a good battle…” he began to say, but was cut off by Sophie who put her hand over his mouth. “Shut up, you won, nice match, leave me be now buddy!” She snapped at him. “But….it was just…” “It was a bad match for me!” she said back at him. “Look, just leave me be ok. I need time alone.” She said, before entering into her tent. Sebastian looked confused, and without thinking went inside her tent to see her.

Her tent was like any normal one, but with a few additives. She had a fold up chair and table with a few papers on it. She also had a ton of food boxes lying on the ground. As well as that, she had a large sleeping bag with a custom Dragonite drawing on it, something unusual as few people have custom sleeping bags like hers. ‘This is no ordinary girl.’ He thought to himself, as he approached her, sitting on the fold up chair, her head looking at the tent’s celing.

“I thought I told you to…” Sophie began to say angrily, but this time Sebastian cut her off.

“Look, I’m sorry that you lost, but you are a tough trainer. You can kick anyone’s *** out there. So be proud of what you accomplished. You can’t win them all you know, that would be boring if you did, you know…” Sebastian said calmly, despite the fact that he didn’t know what else to say. “It’s all for good fun anyway right?” He asked her.

‘For you maybe, for me the stakes are higher.’ She thought to herself. “Yeah I guess so…never thought of it that way before.” “You take it seriously?” asked Sebastian.

“You don’t?” retorted Sophie. “Battling is a trainers life buddy. If you suck at it, you might as well quit now.” Sebastian just nodded. “I guess we both a got a lot to learn.” He said.

“Why you a rookie?” asked Sophie. Sebastian nodded. “But so are you, so were in good….” “I AM NO ROOKIE BUDDY!” she shouted back at him. “NEVER CALL ME A ROOKIE!” “Ok ok, calm down please Sophie.” Sebastian pleaded, now slightly frightened by her. Sophie looked at him for a second, and hers rested from the intensity before. “I’m sorry…that’s a touchy subject for me.” “It’s cool Sophie, it’s cool.”

Just then, there was a knock on the tent flap. Someone was hitting the fabric “Hey Seb! Come on out for a second.” Ken called.

“So um, where are you heading?” Sebastian asked, totally ignoring his friends outside. Sophie stuttered, and to a second to reply.

“Well…I um.. I go wherever I like to. I’m a free roamer. I also want to get as many gym battles as I can. So far I got one badge.” She replied. She held up her bag to prove her story.

“Wow cool.” Sebastian exclaimed. “Hey…um…you travel alone right?” he asked her.

“Well yeah I….” “SEB! COME ON OUT!” shouted Ken from the outside, interrupting Sophie. “Maybe you should answer your friend out there….” “I will in a second.” Sebastian replied. He then cleared his throat, as his heart skipped a beat just thinking about his next question.

“Would you…um, like to travel with me…I mean us? Me my friends outside? It will be fun im sure, some company plus some new friends and stuff?” He said, running out of breath towards the end of his sentence. His heart was pounding fast now; it felt like it was about to jump out of his chest. “Hmm…ill see kid, no go to your friends.” She said, winking at Sebastian. Sebastian just blushed and excused himself, opening the tent flap and heading outside.

“Dude, were going to head out.” Ken said the moment he saw his friend. “Were are about two hours from the exit of the forest, and we can make it to Liechi by nightfall.” Damon chimed in.

“Ok ok, but is it ok if Sophie comes with us?” asked Sebastian. Both Damon and Ken looked confused. “Who?” asked Damon. “The girl I just battled. We have been talking, and I would like her to come with us.”

“Seb I don’t know…”Ken began to say, before he was cut off by Sebastian’s pleading.

“Oh come on man. She is traveling alone, she has experience, and she is pretty cool. Why not, I mean the more the merrier.” Sebastian said gleefully.

“Dude, come with me for a second.” Ken said, grabbing his arm and forcing him to walk towards his house.
“What what is it?” asked Sebastian. “Dude, it’s bad enough we have Damon, but now this chick? I mean come on. It was only supposed to be me and you, the dynamic duo dude. Now were making a crowd here. I really don’t want anyone else to come with us.”

“Ken, you got to understand something. This girl…she…she makes my stomachs tie in knots. I like her a lot, and I want to….I guess be with her.” Ken had an angry look in his eye. “Let me get this straight, you got the hot’s for that chick?” Ken asked. Sebastian just blushed and nodded. Ken let out a deep sigh, and nodded back, “I was hoping I would get some first Seb.” He said back, smiling. Both boys bursted in laughter for a second, before gaining their composure. Sebastian broke the silence first.

“Ok, I’m going to tell her the good news. Thanks buddy!” said Sebastain, who hugged his friend and ran off to tell her the good news. “No…problem.” Said Ken. Unfortunately he was thinking something else.

‘I should be happy for him….Why do I feel so upset though?’ he asked himself. Ken was not the only one deep in thought, as Damon as well was beginning to think about things.

‘This girl…she will either be more problems…or she can be used to my advantage…’ he thought to himself. ‘Perhaps I can…no, that’s just wrong, I couldn’t do that to the three of them. Still, I can’t let the others catch up to me.’ He thought to himself, pondering his next move. ‘Four is a crowd, but you can get lost in a crowd easily…’ he thought, and kept on thinking for a few minutes.

Inside the tent, another discussion was occurring.

“You sure I won’t be a burden. No no, not at all, I promise. I mean, the guys don’t care, and I sure don’t, it’s up to you now Sophie.” Sebastian stated.

“Hmmm…I have traveled alone for a while, and I am used to it. I don’t really think I need you guys at all.” She said coldly. “BUT….your kind of a cool guy, and you probably won’t be like the other jerks around here. Most of them give me cat calls for some reason.” She muttered, practically spitting out the last of her sentence.

“We won’t do that. The three of us were like gentleman. So what do you say?” asked Sebastian, pleading at this point. His face was redder than a cherry.

Sophie just kept her eyes on Sebastian, watching his face turn different shades of red. ‘Man this guy must be a virgin or something…’ she thought to herself. “Ok, ill go with you guys. When do we leave?” She said.

Sebastian, about ready to jump for joy, nearly yelled out loud “Were leaving now! Let’s go!” In the back of his mind, he was thinking to himself,

‘YES! YES YES YES SHE IS COMING WITH US! Wow…I never thought I would be so happy about something like this….I can’t wait to see her in action again, she is a tough trainer.’

“You going to just stand there, or you going to help me pack kid?” Sophie said sternly, snapping Sebastian back to reality. She was already rolling up her sleeping bag. “Oh yeah, sure.” Sebastian said back, grabbing a few of the boxes on the ground. ‘This has been a good day.’ He kept thinking to himself, smiling as he helped his new friend clean her tent. After a few moments, they finished cleaning, and rolled the tent up from the outside. Sebastian then introduced her to Ken and Damon, who both had awkward looks when shaking her hand, but were still happy none the less. The foursome then got ready and walked back into the woods, continuing their journey.

12th September 2005, 1:28 AM
I really like your story, but there are some errors in the chapters.

Don't forget that when the different person speaks, it's a new line.


"Guess what!?" yelled____
" What?" asked_____

And when someone's speaking normally and not yelling or asking, don't put the full stop before the speech mark, but put a comma before the speech mark, unless in some occasions.


"my name is___," said____.

But put a full stop when:

" (some random talking)," said____ "(same person talking still)."

But other than that, I enjoyed it! Keep up the good work!

12th September 2005, 2:13 AM
Thanks for the comment, ive been trying to change my style of speech writing (its failing miserably) so hopefully I can change it around in the later chapters. Ive been trying to do better, but thanks for the clarification on how to do it.

Any other comments please write, If I can keep up the chapters as 1 per week, it will be good!

12th September 2005, 2:43 AM
Wow just finished reading this and I think it's really good. I like how all of the characters are unique and well developed. I also like how you use a lot of under used pokemon. The plot is cool too, though I'm curious to see where it's going. A few spelling errors occasionally, but nothing really bad.

Overall I really like it! I hope you continue

18th September 2005, 7:16 AM

I want to thank those who posted last time, I appreciate it. I figured out that everyone posting motivates me to write more, so I hope that you all continue to do so.

This chapter is wierd, I will let you all know that now, so I hope you enjoy it regardless.

If any chapter deserves an R rating, it is this one. Profanity, nudity, and SSC abound, plus a bit of violence. You have been warned.

Enjoy guys

Chapter 8- Night Fright

As darkness passed over the grassy hills of the Enkada region, the group of four was still trekking towards the lights in the distance. About 5 miles away the dim lights of Liechi city can be seen, glowing like a beacon for the trainers to follow. Dark clouds covered the stars in the sky; the moon was big and bright as well.

“So how long until we get to the city Seb?” Ken asked his friend, who threw his head back in a loud yawn.
“How should I know man? Am I the navigator now?” Sebastian replied back. “Well, you do kind of hog the map dude.” Ken said back. Sebastian looked at him for a second, and just rolled his eyes. Ken and Sophie began to chuckle a bit.

“I am actually glad I was able to join you guys,” Sophie said cheerfully. “Your all pretty damn cool, like my friends back home.”
”Where is that Sophie?” Sebastian asked her. She closed her eyes for a second, deep in thought.
”Well…” she began, her voice going a bit higher due to nervousness, “I live in Hondew town. My dad….he’s…he’s the gym leader in the town there. Tough guy, you know.” She said meekly, struggling to place the words.

“Oh cool!” exclaimed Ken.
“I take it you are not that fond of him, are you?” Damon remarked.

Sophie’s face went red with rage; her eyes nearly retreated back into her head.
“Ok, ok jeez relax.” Damon said calmly. “I’m sorry about that.”
Sophie nodded her head, and smiled her normal smile. “It’s ok Damon, im sorry I got all upset.”

“What about you Damon, where are your family from?” Sebastian asked him. Damon kept his eyes onto the sky, deep in thought as he always is.

“I…I lived around, me and my family. We moved from Drash city to Pumkin Island and back. Lived in Belue port the longest, before….before my mother died. Since then I have kind of been on my own.” He said, with no emotion coming from his mouth. Sebastian, Ken and Sophie stopped walked, as if there feet were stuck to the ground. All of them had their mouths wide open.

“Damon im….”Sebastian began to say, struggling to even comprehend the story he just heard.
“No don’t worry about it. It’s cool Sebastian, you didn’t know…I…keep it to myself.” Damon said softly.

“I can relate though, I don’t remember my father that well.” Sebastian replied. By this time, everyone has stopped their trek towards the city, and sat down on the grass.

“He left home a while back, when I was like 6 or 7. He wanted to be a master as well, but we haven’t heard from him in a long time. We fear he is probably with another woman, or worse…” Sebastian said dryly.

“Damn guys,” Ken said, suddenly, “I really feel bad right now.”
“Why’s that?” asked Sophie.
“Well, its just that Seb never really knew his dad, an Damon lost his mother early on…it just seems like I can never feel what you guys feel you know.” Ken said meekly. Damon nodded for a bit and put his hand on Ken’s shoulder.
“You know, after a while you’re a nice guy you know that Ken?” Damon said with a smirk on his face. Ken just grinned and chuckled a bit.

“Gee thanks Damon. I appreciate it.” He replied.
“You finally over that match?” Sebastian asked
“No, but were having a tender moment!” Ken exclaimed. Everyone bursted out in laughter from that, releasing the tension that the group just shared with each other.

“Well guys,” Sophie stated, getting up from her spot on the grass, “I hate to be the only boy in the group, but we got to stop the sap fest and get our asses to Liechi. “

“Heh, since when are you a boy?” Ken remarked sarcastically. Sophie smiled and hit him playfully in the arm.
“I am probably more of a boy then you!” she said back. Sebastian laughed deep on that one, while Damon just smiled.

“Oh, well see about that once we reach Liechi gym! I will make sure I get the first badge from there!” Ken snapped back, challenging Sophie. Sophie just nodded her head and rolled her eyes.

The lights of Liechi city immediately woke up the tired trainers as soon as they walked into the city. The bright yellow lights of the skyscrapers and lampposts kept them all aware of their new surroundings. Ken and Sebastian in particular had their eyes widened and their mouths open; this was the first time they have ever been in Liechi since they were two years old. Even during the night, the city was hot with action. Clubs and bars were open for the adults, and teenagers were walking the streets. By the time the foursome reached the pokecenter in town, they were eager to head out again.

“Anyone want to go into a club or something?” asked Sophie
“No, I don’t like crowded rooms.” Damon said.
“And why is that?” Sophie asked. Damon just smirked for a second.
”I’m not a people person.” Damon said flatly.
“Amen to that.” Muttered Ken under his breath.
“Guys, let’s go in now, might as well get some rest for tonight.” Sebastian said, as he opened the glass door to the pokecenter.

Like the one in Rawst, this pokecenter was no different. The only addition to it was that it had a pokemart built inside the center, so that it would be easier for the trainers to purchase items. There were some trainers up still, talking and eating at the cafeteria, while others were more than likely sleeping in the dormitory.

“Ok, I am starving!” Ken nearly shouted, running into the cafeteria immediately. Damon went straight to the dormitories, not even bothering to say anything to the group.

“He’s a charming one.” Sophie commented.
“He is kind of a soft spoken person,” Sebastian said, “It’s better to listen to his advice over anything else.”
“Advice? What is he an expert in pokemon now?” Sophie remarked.
“No, but he is powerful.” Replied Sebastian.

By this time they were both near the dormitories. Inside, they saw a large number of bodies, lying down in the beds sleeping. Damon was among them, using his backpack as a pillow and looking up into the ceiling, trying to sleep as well. Sophie let out a big yawn, then turned toward the shower area.

“Well, I am going to take a shower and get to bed, night Sebastian.” She said, winking at him in her sultry manner.
“Oh yeah, I want to take one to,” Sebastian replied, putting his backpack down and getting ready to take his shirt off. Before he could pull it over his head, Sophie grabbed him and shook her head.
“Not a chance buddy, I’m going in there alone, no boys allowed.” She said, walking into the bathroom smiling to herself. Sebastian just shrugged, and went to find a bed in the dormitory.

Sebastian was unsure how this happened. There he was, standing naked in the middle of nowhere. Nothing but a autumn forest in front of him, the leaves falling off the tree in brilliant red and orange colors. The grass was up to his waist, but Sebastian kept one of his hands over his private area, and looked around sharply for cover. ‘What the **** is this?’ he thought to himself. He kept his body down in the field he was in, hiding himself in the tall grass.

Suddenly he heard a rustling sound. Sebastian kept his head down, making sure that his body was hidden from anyone’s view. He then saw a figure, dressed in a white suit, standing in the middle of the field, looking upwards. Sebastian kept his head down, watching the figure, but he began to creep closer to the figure, the curiosity getting the better of him.

After a few moments, Sebastian was right behind the man in white, who kept his eyes on the clear blue sky. Sebastian shot himself up, still covering his genitals with his hand, looking at the man’s back. Then, out of nowhere, the man began to say something.

“Glad you are here, Sebastian.” A deep voice said.
“Dad?!” Sebastian screamed, grabbing the man’s shoulder and pulling him so that he could see his face. Sebastian jumped back once he did this, for instead of seeing his father’s face, it was nothing but two, big red eyes staring back at him. The thing in the suit roared all of a sudden, and Sebastian screamed back.

“NOOO!” he screamed, as the thing in white grabbed his arm.

Ken couldn’t believe his luck. Finals in the World Pokemon Tour was a dream of his, and he couldn’t believe he was doing so well. The crowd was on his side, cheering for him as he had the advantage against his opponent. Although the field was a rocky mountain, he felt good about the type advantage he had right now.

“NOW SPEAROW, ARIAL ACE!” Screamed Ken, as his opponent, cloaked in nothing but a black hood, just nodded it’s head. Ken thought it was strange that his opponent never spoke, but his pokemon, a Machop, had no chance in defeating him.

As Ken’s spearow circled the air, its wings began to glow a bit. It flew down low, aiming straight for the Machop’s head. The Machop’s body began to glow, its eyes staring straight up at Ken’s Spearow. As the bird flew in to hit the Machop, it grabbed it’s wings and slamed it on the ground, then began to pummel it with punches until the bird pokemon began to lose some of it’s feathers. The referee kept the match going on, despite Ken’s objections.

“WHAT THE **** REF, THIS IS UNFAIR. DAMNIT!” Ken shouted. The referee kept his mouth shut, as the Machop kept up his barrage. It ended until there was nothing but a bloody pulp on the ground.

“Ww…what…no!” screamed Ken! The ref held up a red flag, signaling that his opponent won the match. The man in black removed his hood, and Ken nearly had a heart attack seeing the person across from him.

“Your next.” Said Damon, who had a devilish grin on his face. He then leaped into the air and in one swift motion, jumped onto the platform that Ken was on. Ken tried to run away, but Damon grabbed him by the neck and held him over the pokemon battlefield.

“Goodbye, KEN!” said Damon devilishly; as he let go of Ken’s throat, who felt like he was falling for eternity.

Damon was confused about what was happening. He heard his mom screaming in her bedroom, like she usually does every night with her current boyfriend, but this time it didn’t sound right to her. After moving to his new home here, he didn’t want to bother his mom and her new friend. After all, why would an 8 year old do such a thing? Wait a minute, 8 years old?

Damon checked himself out, his small body was sitting in his old bedroom at his old house. ‘No…not this again…’ he thought to himself. He got up, shivering as his bare feet touched the cold wooden floor as he crept to see how his mom his. He knew he shouldn’t bother her, but he also knew that he had to make sure him mommy was all right.

Damon saw the light coming from his mother’s bedroom; her screams were loud and clear. Inside there was a man’s voice as well.

“YOU WANT THE ****ING MONEY, THEN STOP THE CRYING *****!” the man shouted.
“NOOOO…I SAID NO, NEVER DOIN THAT…YOUCH!” Cried Damon’s mother; after she felt the slap hit her.

Damon opened the door slightly so that he could see what was going on, as the man in his mother’s bedroom kept on slapping her in the face. Tears were running down her cheeks now. Damon clenched his hands with rage, making tiny fists. He bursted into his mother’s bedroom, paying little attention to the man in his underwear that kept slapping her in the face.

“LEAVE HER ALONE YOU JERK!” The young boy squeaked, as he jumped on top of the man, trying to outmuscle him. Like all children though, he was pushed off the bed hard, his head hitting the wooden floor first.
“You little piece of ****…”the man began to say, before he himself was slapped in the face, this time by Damon’s mother.
“Don’t you EVER talk to my SON like that you low life!” she snapped at him. The man, with his eyes wide and his face red with anger, punched Damon’s mother in the face, knocking her head back on the bedpost. Her nose was busted open, red blood gushing down her nostrils.

“Oh, your gonna pay!” the man said enraged, grabbing Damon’s mother by her hair and dragging her down on the floor. Damon himself was powerless to stop him, as the throw knocked him out cold. His eyes were still open, but his young body wouldn’t move at all. He was crying, because he kept hearing his mother screaming, begging for the man to stop, until that finally ceased as well.

Sophie was on the top of the world. Her winning streak was up to 14, as she vanquished another hopeful at the Hondew Gym. ‘Surely he will be proud of me now.’ She thought to herself, as she recalled her Treeko and saw her opponent leave the gym. She went into the private room and went to the upstairs apartment where they all lived in.

Sophie went upstairs and found her dad relaxing on the sofa, watching a tournament match on the television. Today was his day off, and usually his friend, Andre, runs the gym for him. For once, Andre wasn’t needed.

“Dad! Dad! I beat 14 in a row today!” cried Sophie, waiting to see her father for any type of reaction. He just stayed in his seat, not even looking up to pay attention to his daughter.

“Dad,” Sophie said again, hoping that his father would pay attention, “Aren’t you happy for me?” she asked him. This time, her father turned his head and looked at her big, blue eyes.

“Why is Andre letting you participate down there?” he asked her flat out, keeping his gaze on her.
“He said I have potential to be a good trainer, and that I should practice with the pokemon Jim doesn’t use.” She said back meekly. Jim, her older brother, is a struggling pokemon trainer. He has been out of the house for a few years, but has yet to win a badge. In Sophie’s mind, he was not a strong trainer and would be better off with a real job.

“I really don’t care honey,” Her father said back to her in an angry tone. “I don’t want you to go out there and getting beat by those boys who think they can win a badge from this gym!”
“But dad…”
“Don’t BUT DAD me, Sophie! I don’t want my daughter to go down there and flaunt it like some boy would, you understand me!” By this time her father was up from the couch, his hands up in the air flaying around like mad. Sophie was almost in tears.
“Why don’t you just be like a normal girl and play with some dolls or something? Why do you have to be so manly? God damnit! Why!” her dad kept wailing, pacing back and forth in the living room. Sophie’s head was hung low, tears streaming from her cheeks.

“You know what, forget it. Go to your room please, id rather not talk to you now.” He said coldly, sitting back down on the couch. Sophie looked back at him, and felt the room get smaller and smaller around her, as if it was imploding around her.

“DAD!” she cried out to her father, but by this time the room was so small, she could barely breathe.

Sophie woke up, her head darting upwards after coming out of her bad dream. She sniffled a bit, and put her head down back on the pillow, tears swelling up in her eyes.

Sebastian woke up suddenly, shooting himself out of bead. Beads of sweat were running down his body. He checked to see if he was all right, running his hands down his chest and shoulders. He never really wore a shirt to bed, but he always kept his pants on just in case he was in a hurry. He saw from a nearby window that the sun was out, the rays of light were shining through the windows. He checked to see if Damon was still asleep under him, but he wasn’t even in his bed.

Sebastian got up and jumped from the top of his bunk bed. He put his t-shirt back on, and grabbed his backpack from the floor before walking outside of the dormitory. He saw Ken, Damon and Sophie all sitting down near the lounge in the front, each of them had a cup of juice or soda in their hands.

“Good morning Seb,” Ken said as Sebastian walked over to where they were sitting. “You sleep well?” He asked him.

“No, not really,” Sebastian replied. “I had a weird dream last night about my dad for some reason.”
“ Hey I had a strange dream to, I was in a pokemon tournament and I lost.” Ken said suddenly. Damon just smiled at that. “Why the smile, Damon?” Ken said, his tone with a hint of anger as he spat out Damon’s name.

“Oh nothing,” he said back “I to had a restless night, but I couldn’t really get to sleep to begin with.”

“Well then, it looks like I am the only one who is ready for that gym,” Sophie said sarcastically. “Sebastian, get some grub and eat, you’ll need the strength.” Sebastian just smiled back at her rather dreamily, and nodded.

“Oh yeah, I can’t wait for it.” Sebastian said, full of confidence.

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Wow, an update! Well, sort of! Chapter 9 was going be longer than I made it, so I cut it in half. This is part 1 of chapter 9 basically, and I hope you enjoy it a lot. Lot's of feedback appreciated! Also, chapter 9, part 2 (now chapter 10, sorry) will be out soon, I just need to finish it.

Remember, the story is rated R for language, violence, and sexual situations.

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Chapter 9- Take a Gamble

It seemed like forever, but Sebastian and Ken finally reached the gym in Liechi. The morning sun was still in the air, the townsfolk all going about their usual business. Each street corner had another merchant trying to sell goods to the teens passing by, and each time they just ignored them politely, continuing the trek to the gym.

It was everything both teens dreamed off. A large, ivory building with the gym emblem in its center, and a glass automatic door led to the entrance of this magnificent palace. In front of it, were two statues, small but still majestic, in the shapes of a Pigeot. Sebastian and Ken couldn’t help but gasp at the sight in front of them.

“Dude, we finally made it!” Ken said excitingly. Sebastian just nodded, a huge grin on his face as he bagn to walk up the steps to the glass door in front of them.

“HEY WAIT UP!” Sophie yelled in back of him. Sebastian and Ken jerked their heads towards her and Damon, who were running to catch the two enthusiastic trainers. “WHAT GIVES…..YOU COCKY *******S!” panted Sophie, trying to catch her breath.

“Www…what are you talking about?” Sebastian asked her.
“YOU TWO IDIOTS RUN TOWARDS THIS LIKE IT’S A NAKED WOMAN WHEN YOU FIRST SEE IT, LEAVING US FOR CATCHUP!” Sophie snarled. Sebastian blushed, while Ken just snickered a bit at her comments.

“I’m…i’m sorry about that…”
“NO SORRIES! NEXT TIME WAIT UP DAMNIT! WERE IN THIS TOGEATHER! SO LETS GO!” Sophie said back, pushing Sebastian out of the way and going in the automatic door before anyone had a chance to say anything.

Damon just had a sly grin on his face, and nodded for a second. Ken just laughed a bit, as Sebastian looked through the glass door and saw Sophie storming into the front part of the gym. ‘Damn…’ he thought to himself. ‘I need to be more confident…’

“Wake up dude! It’s time to go in and kick some ***!” Ken said, snapping Sebastian back into reality, as the three teens walked through the automatic glass doors.

Sebastian’s jaw dropped to the floor the moment he entered the gym. He thought that he would see a small, open field with a simple logo on it but instead he was treated to a rocky plain, with small mountains and even a tiny lagoon of water off to one side. The trainers inside were crowding the place, as if they were waiting for something marvelous to happen. On the sides of the gym were two big double doors, possibly locker rooms or areas for the trainers.

‘The field was as big as the ones on television!’ he thought to himself. He was not far off, as the miniature plain was about the size of a regular football field.

Then, out of nowhere, he heard a voice booming from an intercom.
“Mornin’ everyone, and welcome to Liechi Gym.” The voice said back. “I’ll be down ‘ere in a minute to see who the competition is today, but just know only a couple of ya will be facin’ me today.”

“Only a ‘couple?’, that is ********.” Sophie remarked.

“It’s normal amongst most of the gyms….” Damon began.

“Ooh no it isen’t, far from it actually.” Sophie snapped back! “If you want to do it right, you got to fight everyone that comes in. Rule number 1 in my dad’s gym.”

“Maybe for you, but do you think you can fight 30 people in a row, with different pokemon each?” Damon asked, pointed to the throng of trainers waiting anxiously near the field. Sophie just nodded and sighed.

Meanwhile, Sebastian and Ken were amongst the crowd of trainers waiting to their chance to shine.

“You think he will pick people at random?” One kid, a youngster in a pair of khaki shorts, asked his friend next to him.

“Probably, but I bet he will do something like have us fight each other.” He replied back.

“I bet we will have to fight based on our pokemon type?” a girl piped up.

“No way! I’m sure we will have to do something stupid to prove ourselves to him.” Ken said suddenly, replying to the girl.

Then, the lights in the gym dimmed, and everyone just gasped. The chatter that filled the room before went silent, and all of a sudden, one of the double doors bursted open. Out came a man in his early twenties, wearing a pair of jeans, leather boots, and a plaid shirt. His brown hair was long and unkempt, and he had stubble on his chin.

“Howdy everyone.” The man spoke, his southern accent nice and heavy. “My name’s Tobias, and I wanna welcome ya to my gym.” “I’m sorry that I won’t be able to fight ya’ll today, but I don’t want ya to be discouraged next time you try to come in, cause ya’ll will get a chance eventually.” Tobias just smiled; his eyes were scanning the crowd to see who was in his gym today.

“I want everyone who is participatin’ to please write your name down and put it in the box that’s set up right over here.” He said, pointing to a small table with a voting box and pieces of paper nearby. Sitting at the table was another man, this one wearing a black shirt.

“My assistant here, Sammy, is gonna take care of everything during this part. Were gonna pick some names randomly, and of the random names well move onto phase two. Good luck ya’ll.” With that, Tobias finished speaking and sat down next to Sammy, and the trainers in the room began to run up to the table, making sure their name is entered into the ballot box.

Ken was amongst them; he was pushing trainers out of his way so that he can be one of the first ones to fight Tobias. Sebastian hanged back a bit, mainly because he was perplexed that Damon and Sophie made no attempt to go near the ballot box.

“What’s wrong guys?” Sebastian called to them. Damon had his backpack over his shoulders, and was looking the other way towards the door of the gym.

“Where you going Damon?” Sebastian asked him.

“I got some business to attend to, you guys have fun, make sure that you think on your feet, use strategy not power.” Damon replied, just before he pushed the glass doors open and exited the gym. Sebastian looked at him wide eyed. ‘What is he up to?’ he thought to himself.

“I really have no interest in this battle, especially if I am not guaranteed to be in it.” Sophie replied to Sebastian. “You two give it a shot, good luck though!” she smiled, and patted Sebastian’s head. Sebastian just blushed and smiled back.

“Tth…thanks…” he said, trying to make sounds but nothing coming out.

“Aww..” Sophie said with a happy moan, “ your so cute when you blush.” Sebastian just got redder, and turned around in embarrassment. He then walked over to the end of the shoddy line the trainers created.

Damon was ****** that his cell phone had no service. He really needed to make a call now.

‘Damn satellites.’ He thought to himself, ‘they never work when you need them to.’ Damon kept pacing in the street, as other pedestrians passed by, going about their business in the city.

‘I got to get a signal or else there might be trouble…’ He kept thinking to himself. Finally, after dialing his phone for the umpteenth time, he heard the ringing on the other end.

“Hello?” a deep, raspy voice said on the other end.
“Sir, it’s me, Damon.” Damon replied. The voice on the other end coughed a bit, and cleared its throat.

“Ah, Mr. Nauls, I am glad to hear from you. I expect that you made it to Liechi ok?” the voice asked
“Yes sir, I have.” Damon replied calmly.
“Good, then the packages are safe and sound I am assuming.”
“Yes sir, and one of them was tested already as well.”
“Interesting, what were the results?” the voice on the other end wheezed.

“Well sir, it appears that they have an accelerated power growth, which is what we were hoping for. More tests need to be conducted.”
“Very good Mr. Nauls. I am pleased in your work, as always.” The voice on the phone then coughed, and cleared his throat. “What about the two trainers you said you are traveling with.”

“Well sir, we gained another follower in the group, so I will be traveling with the three for a while.”
“What?!” the voice on the other end boomed. “How could you Mr. Nauls?”
“Sir, I think I can handle this group…”
“NO EXCUSES! I DON’T WANT YOU, OR THE PACKAGES TO BE DAMAGED OR WORSE ON YOUR ‘DETOUR’ MR. NAULS! YOU WERE ASSIGNED TO RETRIEVE THESE PACKAGES, AND YOU WILL DELIVER THEM, IS THAT CLEAR!!” Damon was silent for a minute, as the voice on the other end calmed down from it’s yelling, coughing for a few minutes. After a few moments of silence, Damon spoke up again, his voice still calm.

“But sir, you don’t understand the situation. It has become, complicated in a sense.”
The voice on the other end sighed, and spoke again. “How so Mr. Nauls?”
“Well, the ones I am traveling with are an interesting group, so much in fact, there is something special with one of them, something I noticed when we battled…”

Sebastian and Ken were waiting amongst the throng of trainers inside the building. Everyone was on pins and needles, as Tobias got ready to pull some names out of the ballot box.

“What im gonna do is pull 8 names out of this here box. Those 8 names are gonna then participate in a second challenge, where 4 people are gonna then face me one by one. Ya’ll ready for this?”
“WOOOO!” the crowd of trainers cried, almost in unison.

“Alright then, lets begin…”Tobias said as he stuck his hand into the box, and pulled the first name out of the hat.

“First person in…is Kimberly Jenson!” A young girl then screamed, and went upwards to where Tobias was standing. He was busy pulling another name out of the box.

“Next…..Ken Wesker!”
“HOLY **** DUDE!” Ken screamed out loud. He then hugged Sebastian, who was nodding his approval, and then took a spot next to the girl who was before him.

“Ready for the next name….” Tobias said, as he put his hand back into the box again.

“So you see sir, that is why I think we should travel together.” Damon said, finishing his reasons to continue his own path. The man on the other end fell silent for a few moments, before he cleared his voice of the phlegm stuck in his throat.

“Very well, Mr. Nauls. You can go, and do this. I hope that your plan works. The only thing I am worried about is your own safety, so make sure that you are not captured, or worse.”
“Of course sir, I am very covert in my methods, and I can easily blend in.” Damon boasted.

“We shall see. Just remember, I want updates on the packages, your progress, and how this ‘Sebastian’ turns out. Of all things, make sure he is kept safe and sound.” The raspy voice said back. Damon just smiled, and chucked to himself for a bit before replying.
“That won’t be a problem at all sir, they suspect nothing.”

Sebastian was a bit worried and upset at this point. Six names called, and he was still hoping his would be amongst them. Only two names left, and some thirty plus trainers were still in the mix. Tobias lifted another paper out of the box, and in his enthusiastic tone, he announce the next winner.

“The seventh person is…..Eric Basco!” A voice then shouted “YEAH!” before the young man who won went on stage to join the other winners.

“Time for the last one…” Tobias began as he picked the final name out of the box. He picked up a name, and cleared his throat, waiting a moment so that the suspense could be strong for everyone left.

“The lucky trainer is…Sebastian Caine!” Sebastian’s eyes widened. ‘Did he…did he just call my name?’ he kept thinking to himself. ‘I don’t…believe it.’ Sebastian was shaken out of his shocked state when Sophie grabbed him from behind and gave him a big hug.

“Good job dude, now go up there and kick ***!” she said, with her arms around his waist. Sebastian just blushed again, and slowly walked up to where the other 8 trainers were.

“Congratulation’s to the winners here.” Tobias said with great enthusiasm. Everyone in the room gave a round of applause, some less so than others because they lost their chance at participating for a gym badge. Some trainers even left, not caring at all on how the trainers will fare. Tobias waited until the applause finished, and began speaking again.

“Well ya’ll, I wanna congratulate ya for making it this far, cause the next rounds gonna be a test of your pokemon’s strength.” He said, his southern accent hitting every note. “What were gonna do, since this gym is designed to measure a pokemon’s strength, were gonna put it to the test now. Here is your task…” He then bent down, and picked up a long rope that was coiled near his feet. Apparently no one noticed the rope from before, but the trainers who were still there gave puzzled looks as Tobias picked it up. He then turned to the eight trainers in front of him, and told them their instructions.

“This rope,” he began, “is gonna be used as a tug-o-war rope with the final 8 trainers here. Basically, ya’ll gonna face one another at random, so you should pick your strongest pokemon to participate. Top four get to face me startin at noon today.” Tobias then turned to the crowd, which was busy whispering about the challenge between the trainers.

“Ya’ll wanna see that?” Tobias practically yelled out enthusiastically. The entire room erupted in cheering, and the eight trainers, including Sebastian, just nodded with great confidence of the challenge they were given.

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