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23rd August 2005, 2:17 AM
Brendan Smith was sitting in the corner of a truck asleep . He had white hair, red eyes, the same as the boy guy you play in R/S. He was riding from the Jhoto region to the Hoenn region and wasn't exactly pleased about it. His mom did however promise him he could get a pokemon. A few weeks after he turned 10 they had to move and his parents were way too busy to send him to Professor Elm to get a starter. They had moved here because his dad had gotten the job to be an official Hoenn league gym leader.
Suddenly the truck stopped and and Brendan woke up, courtesy of getting his head bumped on the side of a box.
"Ouch!" Brendan called out. Then the back of the of the bus opened and Brendan was nearly blinded by the sudden flash of light. A moment later he recovered and saw the shadow of a pokemon known as Machoke standing in the light. "Little help please ?" Brendan asked. "Thanks" He said after the Machoke lifted him out of the car.
"Brendan, we're here!" A joyful woman known as Mrs. Smith a.k.a. Brendan's mom came out of the house in front of the car and gave Brendan a hug. "This is our new house, what do you think?" She asked. "Let's go inside" and then they went in the housewith the Machoke right behind. It was okay in Brendan's opinion. "Brendan, your dad bought you a new clock. It's in your room, you should go set it. Your room is the first one to the right." His mom told him.
"Okay mom , thanks." Brendan replied as he walked up the stairs and into his room he quickly set the clock and also found a potion in the PC and stuffed it into his bag. It would be useful for when he gets his pokemon. Then he went back downstairs. "Wow they were fast." He said when he saw the room.
"Yep they sure were." His mom replied, " Your dad was just on T.V, there was an interview about him being the new gym leader. Dad also has a friend that lives in town. His name's Professor Birch he even has some pokemon he'll give to new trainers!"
"Okay mom, thanks and see ya!" Brendan said as he anxiously hurried out the door to find the professor in hopes to get a pokemon from him. ;255; ;252; ;258;

23rd August 2005, 2:27 AM
What do you guys think? I know it's sorta short but please reply.

Total Shadow
23rd August 2005, 2:55 AM
Good, but not a lot of description, and you need to improve on grammar. I like it though.
.::Total Shadow::.
P.S. Can you review my story "Shuckle"? Thanks.
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...The problem doesn't lie in the fact that the chapter is short, but more on the fact that this is just a novelization of Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire. Unless you plan to add-on (heavily) to the plot of the games, then it is highly doubtful this fanfic will be succesful.

First tip: if you want to write a succesful fanfic, then make it your own creation. It won't get anywhere if it's just an explanation of what happens in the games.

You also need help grammar-wise: break up your chapters into paragraphs. That way, it's much easier to read and looks more attractive to potential readers. Second, you need to include more detail and description. You should be able to paint the appearance of the characters and setting vividly into the reader's mind (or at least enough to allow the reader to build his/her own portrait).

Lastly, when writing fanfiction, never use smilies. You should be able to portray the right image by using text instead. It can also look unprofessional at times.

Work on your writing and build some ideas of your own for a story. With enough work, you'll be writing well soon enough.

23rd August 2005, 3:07 AM
Thanks guys. I'll have the new chapter up soon. I start school tomorrow though. This will be a bit like Breezy's HBLMA but with lots of changes. Please give me ideas which starter Brendan should have.

Total Shadow
23rd August 2005, 3:14 AM
Mudkip rules! MuDkIp!

23rd August 2005, 7:11 PM
Hi guys! I just got back from my first day of school and since there’s no homework here’s the second (and hopefully better) chapter. I planned this to be a novelization of the R/S generation but with lots of changes and stuff.

P.S. The pokemon also talk in this and it looks like this: (blah blah blah).


When Brendan got through the door he realised that he had absolutely no idea where Prof. B was so he headed back inside. “ Mom” he said sheepishly “ I don’t know where Prof. B lives.”
“ Oh that was what I was going to tell you before you ran out the door, he lives next door!” Brendan’s mom told him.
(Anime fall on Brendan’s part)
“Thanks mom, see ya!” Brendan replied as he ran out the door again. Brendan soon found Prof. B’s house and knocked on the door and a moment later a woman that looked exactly like your rival’s mom (I forgot what she looked like since I don’t have my game at the moment) opened the door and welcomed him inside.
“ You must be Brendan, our new neighbour!” She said, “ I am Mrs. B, Prof. B’s wife. We have a daughter just around your age. She’s upstairs, first door to the left.”
“Okay, thank you.” Brendan said as he walked up the stairs and into that room.
There was a brunette girl with long strait hair and looked just like May from the anime was fiddling with her bags. As Brendan got closer he heard what she said.
“ Pokemon fully restored, items ready and… huh? Who are you?” She asked when she saw Brendan, “ Oh! You must be Brendan Smith, our new neighbour! I heard that your father is the new leader of the Petalburg Gym who recently came from the Jhoto Region! Oops, I forgot to introduce myself. I’m May Birch, daughter of the famous Prof. B. Looks like we both have famous fathers. Do you have any pokemon? I’ve never seen pokemon from the Jhoto Region! I’ve only got one pokemon.”
“I don’t have any pokemon yet, I just turned 10. My parents said I could have one once I got here though. “Where’s your dad?” Brendan asked, eager to find out if Prof. B would give him a pokemon.
“Oh no!” May cried, “ I was supposed to go study pokemon with dad. “Well gotta go, see ya, B boy!” Then, in a flash May ran down the stairs and out of the house.
Brendan followed May back down the stairs and asked Mrs. B where Prof. B was.
“I think that he might be in his lab” She told him after he asked her, “the Professor’s lab is right across the street”
Brendan, like May quickly ran out of the house and crossed the street into Prof. B’s lab and found a man in a white suit. “Are you Prof. B?” Brendan asked the man.
“Me? No I’m not Prof. B. The professor’s doing fieldwork” The man replied and quickly told him all about fieldwork and he also said that the Prof. was one route 101.
Then Brendan quickly ran out of the lab and towards route 101 muttering the words: “ This is turning into a wild goose chase.”
When Brendan got onto route 101 he saw a man in a lab coat being chased by what looked like an angry black dog. “ Help me!” he cried, not even stopping to say the words. “You over there, there’s a few pokeballs in my bag,” pointing to an orange bag. “Use one of them to scare off this poochyena!” He said pointing to the angry black dog.
“Okay then,” Brendan said as he pulled out a pokeball, “ Go, whoever you are!” A glowing white light appeared as the ball opened and when the light faded Brendan saw that it was a……

He he. I’m leaving you with an evil cliff-hanger! Until next time!

23rd August 2005, 7:13 PM
Somebody please read it!
P.S give me your reviews!


25th August 2005, 12:17 AM
well i haven't read it but you need to make paragraphs if you don't we can't appreciate your story.........

25th August 2005, 12:22 AM
well i haven't read it but you need to make paragraphs if you don't we can't appreciate your story.........*reads*..........ok not bad ......it isyour first fanfic isn't it? Well you need to leave a space between when the caracters talk....but it wasn't that bad .....ok UPDATE!!!!

25th August 2005, 11:42 PM
Thanks Togepicute, and yes it is my first fanfic. I start writing now. I didn't write before because I didn't think anyone was reading it.

26th August 2005, 10:53 PM
sorry for doble posting my comp weired all of the sudden.....glad you are going to continue!!!

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Yay, somebody reviewed again! It's friday night right now in where I live so I'll have the next chapter up by tomorrow. Bye!

P.S I don't know how to get an avatar. Could anybody tell me. I also need to know how to get a rating. Little help here please?

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Never mind about the rating, I figured it out. I still don't know how to get an avatar though. Oh yeah, could you guys also rate it? Thanks. TTFN!

27th August 2005, 5:15 AM
From one game writer to another, don't base it completely off the game. It's just yuck. X3

He had white hair, red eyes, the same as the boy guy you play in R/S.Well, that says a lot. o.o; Make up an age for Brendan. Say eleven like he in in the manga. You can make him older or younger too, depending on how high you want his maturity level to be. I made mine thirteen during the gawky, teenager part of your life tee hee.

Scratch that. You said he was ten. Say he was ten in this line too. X3

Then the back of the of the bus opened and Brendan was nearly blinded by the sudden flash of light.I thought he was riding in a truck.

A joyful woman known as Mrs. Smith a.k.a. Brendan's mom came out of the house in front of the car and gave Brendan a hug.You don't want to acronym things in fics or use shortcuts in fics like that. Type it all out.

Brendan replied as he walked up the stairs and into his room he quickly set the clock and also found a potion in the PC and stuffed it into his bag. It would be useful for when he gets his pokemon....Er, that doesn't make sense. It's awkwardly worded and a run-on to boot. Change it to something like:

Brendan replied as he walked up the stairs and into his room. He quickly set the clock and also found a potion in the PC, stuffing it into his bag. It would be useful for when he gets his pokemon.

"Gets" in that sentence should be "got" sinde it's past tense.

Brendan soon found Prof. B’s house and knocked on the door and a moment later a woman that looked exactly like your rival’s mom (I forgot what she looked like since I don’t have my game at the moment) opened the door and welcomed him inside.Author notes = bad. It doesn't take that long to fly to Littleroot and look at her mom lol. If anything, you could of made up her description.

Another thing. Try not to *actually* sound like you're basing this off the games. Don't say "your rival's mom" and whatnot. Base it off the games if you want but keep the reality in it too.

“Well gotta go, see ya, B boy!” ...no comment. You give a nickname to Brendan and it spreads all over. @_@ Same goes for "Pokémon tongue translated" or PTT as I like to call it where you use symbols and pretends that its being translated for the reader to understand. XD

Like Curse above me said and what I said earlier, try not to base this heavily off the games. We've had a massive breakout of these fics last year at fanfiction.net which weren't as successful as the author hoped for, so give it more of a twist or a second plot.

This so reminds me of when HLBMA started. XD Whee. Good luck and

LaTeR dAyZ!

27th August 2005, 7:53 PM
Thanks Breezy! I'll fix it up a bit for the next chapter alright? Also, what I meant when I said I didn't have my game meant I physically didn't have it so I coudn't check. For anybody else, I just started my third chapter,OK?

27th August 2005, 9:06 PM
Anybody know how to get an avatar? Hello?

P.S I'm writing the next chapter right now. Nearly halfway through!

27th August 2005, 9:13 PM
Oh yeah, I forgot. When pokemon talk from now on it’s going to be like {blah} instead of (blah). K?

27th August 2005, 9:46 PM
Okay guys, I’ll try to make these chapter longer (maybe two pages on Microsoft word). I’ll also create my own attacks too, pokemon will also learn different moves at different levels and I’ll also give some existing pokemon attacks have a different effect capish?


Torchic! “Cool, a Torchic!” Brendan said, “ All right then, go Torchic, use your scratch attack!” Then quickly Torchic used one of its claws to attack the poochyena. A moment later the poochyena used a tackle attack. “ All right let’s see. Since Torchic is a basic fire type it should be able to use ember attack. O.K then, go Torchic, used your ember attack now.” Brendan told it. Quickly tons of tiny little orbs of red-orange fire energy shoot out of the tiny little bird’s mouth ant hit the poochyena directly on, completely toasting the dog.
“Phew, thank you,” the professor said to Brendan “I was almost dog chow. Hey! Aren’t you Brendan, our new neighbour?”

“Yes, I’m Brendan” Brendan replied.

“Well Brendan, this isn’t the ideal place for a conversation so let’s go back to the lab.” Prof. B told him and then both of them headed back to his lab. When they got back the professor’s assistant gave Prof. B a cappuccino and gave Brendan a Mars Bar. “Thanks.” Both Brendan and the Prof. said as the sat down opposite to each other on a wooden desk. “ So, I’ve heard that you don’t have any pokemon, but the way you handled that Torchic you looked like a natural! Yep, you definitely have your father’s talent. So, as a gift for rescuing me I would like you to have that Torchic you used earlier!” The Prof. told Brendan.

“Wow! Thanks professor!” Brendan said and after which he stood up and did a victory dance going “I have a pokemon, oh yeah, oh yeah! I have a pokemon, oh yeah, oh yeah!” in a singsong voice.

Prof. B: anime sweatdrop

“I hate to interrupt the celebration but Brendan you also need a Pokedex along with your starter pokemon.” The Prof. told Brendan.

“Okay professor, thanks!” Brendan said, abruptly stopping his victory dance.

“My daughter May is on route 103 at the moment studying pokemon. It might not be a bad to go there and have a friendly battle with her. Route 103 is north of Oldale town, which is north of route 101, which is the route that you just saved me from the poochyena on.”

“ Ok Prof., I’ll go to route 103 to challenge May right now, see ya! Brendan said as he rushed out the door of the lab at hyperspeed, leaving a trail of dust behind.

“Ah, starting a journey, he reminds me of well, me.” The professor said to himself. As he watched Brendan.


Brendan was walking down route 101 with his Torchic (which he called out a couple of minutes ago) when a Zizagoon appeared. “All right, another pokemon!” Brendan said “ go Torchic, take it down!”

“{Do I have to?}” The bird asked. “{I’ve already fought 10 pokemon.}

“Just one more time, K?” Brendan told it. “You’re already at Lv. 13 and this battle will make you Lv. 14. Then we’ll go to the PKM Centre and you can rest. Now use ember!

“{This will be fast,}” the little bird said and then it shot little orbs of fire energy at the racoon, quickly toasting it.

“ Since that’s done let’s head to the PKM Centre!” Brendan told his pokemon and then started walking into Oldale Town.

“{About time!}” Torchic said as it followed Brendan into Oldale.
************************************************** *******

Sorry about the shortness but I need a break. Please give me your reviews. I’ll try and start the next chapter tonight. TTFN!

28th August 2005, 8:04 PM
ok, that's better!! ^^ actually now i enjoyed reading it!! update soon!

30th August 2005, 10:01 PM
Anybody reading? I would appreciate reviews. If you want it to continue please tell me. I'm thinking of stopping this fic as not many people read it (I might continue). I'll keep it up if I can get one review.

Hoenn Warrior
30th August 2005, 10:42 PM
Your chapters could be a bit longer but besides that I like it. Keep it up

30th August 2005, 11:20 PM
Yes, a review! I'll work on the next chapter right now.

P.S This will be the final chapter ... not! Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha

31st August 2005, 2:02 AM
you flipped it. oh well. hem a crazy torchic i wonder. keep going doing great but work on length.

3rd September 2005, 9:31 PM

************************************************** ********

“Come on out, Torchic!” Brendan called out as he threw a red and white ball into the sky and a red-orange bird with yellow wings popped out.

“{Ahh, I feel so refreshed after Nurse Joy treated me. So, what are we going to do next?}” The little bird asked.

“ We are going to beat May and her… whatever she has.” Brendan told his Pokemon.

“{Okay, sure.}” The little bird answered.

“ Okay, let’s see. Nurse Joy told me that route 103 was north of Oldale Town so it would be… that a way! C’mon Torchic, it’s time to wipe may and her pokemon out!” Brendan said to his little bird.

“{Coming!}” The bird replied.

Brendan was on route 103 for a couple of minutes when May spotted him.

“ Hey Brendan, I see that my dad gave you a pokemon. Want to have a battle?” May asked when they were in talking range.

Sure, I’m ready when you are!” Brendan answered.

“Alright then, Mudkip, come on out!” May shouted as she called out her blue mudfish pokemon. “ Use water gun, go!”

“ Uh oh, water attacks are super effective on fire pokemon. Torchic, jump to dodge water gun and the use ember!” Brendan told his little bird.

“{Ok Brendan, take this Mudkip!}” It shouted at May’s Mudkip.

“Un-un-un. Fire attacks aren’t very effective against water pokemon. Now Mudkip, use a head on tackle attack!” May told her pokemon.

“Torchic, counter that by using Focus Energy and then continuously use its Scratch attack against May’s Mudkip, Go!” Brendan commanded his pokemon. Then an aura of orange energy surrounded Torchic’s body and when Mudkip came close it attacked Mudkip with a barrage of claws, doing some critical damage to the mudfish pokemon and knocking it back to May’s side.

“No! Mudkip, can you still get up?” May asked her pokemon.

“{I think so.}” The blue pokemon told its trainer as it slowly got on its feet.

“Yes!” May cried, happy her pokemon had managed to get up. “Now Mudkip, use full power tackle attack!”

“Torchic, dodge it!” Brendan told his pokemon but it was too late and it got knocked back by Mudkip’s tackle attack. Torchic quickly got up and was looking at Brendan for an instruction. “ Good job Torchic, you got up. Now run at Mudkip at full speed and then use a full power Scratch Attack!” Brendan told his pokemon. Then, before May or Mudkip could react Torchic ran at Mudkip at breakneck speed, scratching at the blue pokemon with a mighty sweep of its claw, knocking it out.

“Return Mudkip” May said as she called back her pokemon. “Wow Brendan, I didn’t know your were this good. Congratulations and here’s 300 bucks! Well Brendan, it’s time to head back to the lab. You should come too.” Then May walked into Oldale.

Brendan quickly got back to Littleroot, quickly taking Torchic to the pokemon in Oldale town on the way. When he walked into Prof. B’s lab he saw that the professor was waiting for him while May was examining her healed Mudkip.

“So Brendan, I heard that you had beaten May on your first try. That’s excellent! Now hear are nine pokeballs for you to catch your nine pokemon!” The professor told the male trainer as he handed him nine red and white orbs to Brendan.

“Nine pokemon?” Brendan asked, “I thought trainers were only allowed to have up to six pokemon?”

“Oh! I forgot to tell you, trainers in the Hoenn region are allowed to have up to ten pokemon with them at once.” The professor told Brendan. “May come here for a moment please.”

“ Yeah what?” May asked when she had returned Mudkip to its pokeball and walked beside Brendan.

“Your moms came by earlier and asked me to give you these brand new running shoes and to tell you that you two are travelling together and there is absolutely nothing whatsoever that you can do about it.” The professor cheerfully told the two pre-adolescents.

“Uhhhhh” May and Brendan both said not sure if it was a good idea or not.

“Ok then, then off you go!” The professor said.

“Bye dad!” May told the professor.

“Thanks!” Brendan said to him as him and May walked out of his lab and towards Oldale town

************************************************** ********

Reviews please! TTFN

4th September 2005, 8:09 PM
1.so next chapter are we going to figure out what mudkips nature is.
2.aww torchic's not crazy.
3. keep going

4th September 2005, 9:33 PM
Thanks for the review. It just occured to me that there could be Hoennshipping, please vote on it!

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Hello, anybody there? Would appreciate a bit more feedback.

P.S I try to update once, if I have enough time twice every week. The weekly post is mostly on saturday. TTFN

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takes up too much time in a day.

10th September 2005, 5:57 PM
lengendaryrider, I have absolutely no idea what you mean. Where I live it's saturday which means update. Anybody for Hoennshipping? Ah, forget it I'll think about it. Chapter 5 will be up soon, still trying to make every chapter longer. Uhhh, I can't believe how hard writing a fic is. At least I don't have writer's block (so far).

11th September 2005, 6:12 PM
Sorry that I didn't post yesterday. I'm making chapter 5 like 5 pages on ms word. TTFN

Spartan 117
11th September 2005, 6:15 PM
You need to stop Double posting, and the chapters are kinda short, extend them.

11th September 2005, 6:43 PM
------------- Is change of scene.
Oh yeah, I’m changing Brendan and May’s age to 12, K guys?


************************************************** ********

“So May, where should we go from here?” Brendan asked as him and May walked out of Oldale town’s PKM Centre.

“Well, dad told me that Petalburg City is just a route to the west.” May answered

“Then off to Petalburg we go!” Brendan said as he stated to walk at a fast pace towards the west of Oldale.

(Car screeches as May holds on to Brendan’s shirt by the neck.} “Don’t you think we should give our pokemon a name first?” May asked Brendan.

“Okay” Brendan said wheezily (dunno how to spell that) “Now can you let go of my shirt, if you didn’t notice I’M SUFFOCATING HERE!

“Alright, alright but you don’t have to yell, it hurts my ears.” May replied as she dropped Brendan onto the ground, “C’mon out Mudkip!”

“{So, what’s my name, huh? What is it? What is it?}” The small blue pokemon asked its trainer while running in circles around every body.

“Ummmmmm, how about Wave? Hydro? Sea?” May asked her mudfish pokemon.

“{Hydro! How about Hydro? Hydro would be nice! I like Hydro!}” May’s pokemon answered.

“ Okay then, from now on your name will be Hydro. There you go!” May told her pokemon.

“{Now can you stop running around Hydro?}” Torchic, who hasn’t been named (and is a male, for those of you who are thinking about it both pokemon are male) asked the water pokemon. “{I still don’t have a name yet!}

“So, what about Blaze, it’s a nice name for a fire pokemon?” Brendan asked his pokemon.

“{Don’t see why not!}” The fire pokemon happily said. “{Yay! I have a name}.”

“ So May, there you go, both of our pokemon have names.” Brendan asked, “can we please go to Petalburg City now? I’d like to get there before nightfall.”

“ Alright Brendan, but it’s only a route away so I doubt it’s gonna take us six whole hours to walk there. Now let’s go.”

“I can’t believe I’m following a girl’s commands.” Brendan muttered under his breath.

“Hey! Where do you two think you’re going?” One of two youngsters standing in front of May and Brendan asked.

“To Petalburg City,” Brendan said in a falsely sweet voice, “ so get out of our way or I’m going to have Blaze over here roast you and your little friend over there so then I can have a double helping fried youngsters.

“Uh Brendan, two things. One, you just had lunch, and two, I thought you were going to roast those two youngsters so how could you have two helpings of fried youngsters if you’re going to roast them?” May asked Brendan.

Brendan: anime fall. “May do you mind NOT pointing out what I did wrong when I’m trying to scare some people in our way?” Brendan asked May in response to her question.

“Hello over here,” one of the youngsters said, “me and my twin don’t exactly appreciate people talking about how they’re roast and or fry us. Enough chit-chat, me and my tin, I mean twin brother challenge you two to a double battle. Go Poochyena!”

“I choose you, Zigzagoon!” The other twin shouted out.”

“Fine then, let’s go, Blaze!” Brendan shouted as the little bird jumped into the battle.

“Hydro, let’s get in there!” May called to her mudfish pokemon.

“Blaze, use ember on Poochyena!” Brendan commanded.

“Hydro, water gun on Zigzagoon!” May told her pokemon.

“Poochyena, dodge the attack and then use tackle on that Torchic!” One of the twins said.

“You do the same thing, Zigzagoon only direct your tackle to that Mudkip! The other twin shouted but both pokemon were unable to avoid the fire and water attacks and got hit badly but a moment later they got to their feet. “Now, both of you, use tackle on that Torchic and Mudkip!” both twins shouted in unison.

“Blaze, when those two get close use a barrage of full power scratch attacks, go!” Brendan told his pokemon and when the two opposing pokemon got in range Blaze launched a powerful barrage of scratch attacks on them both, knocking them into the air.

“Hydro, while they’re in the air use full power water gun, quick!” May told her as her pokemon launched a super powerful jet of water at the two pokemon. Knocking both of them out of the air and out of the battle.

“Wow! You guys are good if you managed to beat us.” One of the twins said. “Okay then, you guys can go on to route 102.”

“Humph, like we needed your permission.” Brendan muttered sourly under his breath as him and May walked into route 102.


Brendan and May had walked down route 102 for ten minutes when Brendan saw a pokemon that had a white body, a green head, and two red horns coming out of its head (bet you guys know what it is) surrounded by a bunch of angry Zigzagoons and Poochyenas. “Whoa, that’s one of those rare Raltses (dunno how to spell the plural form of Ralts) I’ve heard about, they’re really rare.” May said once she saw it. Then, all of a sudden, the biggest Zigzagoon attacked the Ralts with tackle!

“Quick Blaze, use full power ember against those Zigzagoons and Poochyenas!” Brendan ordered his pokemon.

“{Take this you bullies.}” Blaze said as he shot bigger than normal embers at the Zigzagoons and Poochyenas, scaring them away.

“Are you okay?” Brendan asked the Ralts, who wasn’t harmed by the fires when he was in talking range.

“{I’m okay but I was wondering if you can be my trainer? I don’t want those bullies to come back and I’m a wild pokemon. Please?}” The psychic pokemon asked.

“Uh, sure! Why not?” Brendan told it as he captured it with a pokeball.

“I can’t believe you actually caught a Ralts, Bread Brain. Even my dad has a hard time seeing one.” May told Brendan.

“Hey, why am I Bread Brain, I thought I was B boy?” Brendan asked May.

“You’re Bread Brain because it’s more insulting, duh.” May answered “Come on now, let’s get to Petalburg City.”

Another five minutes later May saw Petalburg City just up ahead. “C’mon Bread Brain, hurry up!”

“Eesh, I was just checking my Pokedex back there.” Brendan told May after he caught up with her.

“Hey you two, want to battle?” Two blonde girls wearing identical red and blue ensembles fifteen meters away asked.

“Sure.” Brendan and May said in unison.

“I’ll battle you first and my friend will battle that girl, K?” One of the girls asked Brendan.

“How about it May?” Brendan asked.

“Fine with me.” May answered.

“Good now let’s get it started, C’mon out, Taillow.” The first twin shouted.

“Blaze let’s get in there by starting off with ember! Go!” Brendan told the fire pokemon.

“Taillow, dodge that ember attack and the use quick attack!” The girl shouted and then the bird pokemon dived to evade the fire attacks and then smashed into Blaze, almost KO-ing the fire pokemon.

“Blaze, Try to get up!” Brendan called as his pokemon slowly got back on its feet.
Then, the fire pokemon began to glow a white colour as he began to develop long arms and legs while his claws and talons grew bigger. When the white light had faded the small red and orange had disappeared and a slender red, orange, and yellow young fowl pokemon with long arms and legs with three feathers at the top of it’s head appeared.

“Awesome! Blaze evolved! Now Blaze, jump and use a continues assault of embers at that Tailow!” Brendan told his newly evolved Combusken.

“{Roast bird anyone?}” The young fowl pokemon asked before it shot a huge blast of embers at the Taillow, knocking it out.

“Taillow, Return. Wow! That Combusken of yours is amazing!” The girl told Brendan. “OK sis, you’re up!”

“Goody! I haven’t battled for a long time! Let’s go, Wingull!” The other girl enthusiastically said as she called out her water/flying combination pokemon.

“You’re up Hydro, start things of with a water gun attack!” May commanded.

“ Wingull, use you own water gun attack!” the girl told her pokemon but Hydro’s water gun was stronger and it knocked the Wingull out of the air.

“Hydro, now use mud slap!” May told the mudfish pokemon.

“Ha! Ground attacks have no effect on even part flying types!” The girl told May.

“That’s right, but mud slap also partly blocks the opposing pokemon’s vision! Now Hydro, go use tackle on Wingull while it can’t see!” May said to her pokemon.

“Wingull, watch out!” The girl warned her pokemon but it was too late, Hydro rammed into the Wingull with full force, knocking it over to the girl’s side but with a little health left.

Suddenly, Hydro also began to glow with a white light, just like Blaze did. His fin at the top of his grew longer and so did his arms and legs. His tail also grew bigger and when the white light faded the little blue mudfish pokemon was gone, replaced with a larger mudfish pokemon with lighter blue skin and an orange patch on his stomach and ears, standing on its hind legs.

“{Yay! I evolved!}” With no instruction from May, the newly Marshtomp sent a full power water gun at the Wingull knocking it out.

“Wow! I think you’re one of the strongest trainers I’ve ever met!” The girl said to May.

“Bye” Both May and Brendan said as they walked into Peltalburg City.

************************************************** ********

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13th September 2005, 11:30 PM
not bad! darn mudkip/hydro is crazy not Blaze.

24th September 2005, 10:32 PM
Wally is also 12 years old (yes there is a Wally. I’m pretty sure that there is no New Rival Shipping).


************************************************** **********************

“So May, where do we go from here?” The white haired trainer asked the brunette outside the Petalburg City PKMN Centre.

“Uh, I’m not really sure. Do you want to explore Petalburg?” The girl asked back.

“Okay, let’s see here, oh! I know, do you want to go to the Petalburg Gym?” Brendan asked May.

“Brendan, maybe you haven’t noticed but in order to challenge the Petalburg Gym you need the Stone, Knuckle. Dynamo, and Heat badges to be able to challenge your dad.” May replied.

“No May, I just meant just to visit, not challenge.” Brendan told May.

“Then I’ll go with you, happy now Mr. I have to control everything?” May retorted.

“What do you mean Mr. I have to control everything?” Brendan asked, “ You’re the one that wants to control everything!”

“Why would I want to control you? What would I get out of controlling you?” May almost shouted.

“Whatever, do you want to go in the Gym?” Brendan told her as he walked toward the building.

“Okay.” May answered. When both trainers entered the gym all they saw was a middle aged man standing in the middle of the room with dark hair wearing a red sweater and blue shoes and pants feeding a couple of Slakoth and Vigoroth.

“Hey dad!” Brendan said to the man when he was close enough.

“Oh, Brendan! How did you get here without a pokemon? The routes from Littleroot to Petalburg are packed with pokemon. Oh, I see. You have two pokemon, a Combusken and a Ralts.” The man said. “Son, who is this delightful young lady over here?”

“Hi sir, I’m May, May Birch.” May answered politely.

“Ah, great to meet you May. I’ve heard quite a lot about you from your dad. I see that you have a very powerful Marshtomp. My name is Norman Smith.” Norman told May. Before anybody could say anything else a frail green haired boy entered the door of the gym.

“Hello Norman, My name is Wally.” The boy said. “I want to learn how to catch and battle with pokemon but I don’t know how. I got a pokemon from the professor in Littleroot a while ago but it’s never been in battle. Can you help me to battle and catch pokemon?”

“Wait, Wally. You said you got your pokemon from my dad but then how come I don’t remember you?” May asked Wally.

“I got my pokemon about three weeks ago but-” Wally began.

“Oh yeah. My mom and I went to Lilycove City for a girls only vacation and didn’t return until last week.” May exclaimed.

“So now that’s solved out Brendan, May, could you help Wally battle and maybe catch a pokemon?” Norman asked.

“Sure,” May and Brendan said at the same time. “Jinx!” They both said at the same time again.

“Ha! Now you can’t talk.” Brendan told May.

“Well you can’t talk either.” May said to the white haired trainer.

“Well too bad, I’m talking.” Brendan retorted.

“ Too bad on you because I’m talking too!” May shouted.

Norman and Wally: anime sweat-drop.

“You are such a hothead!” Brendan shouted.

“Oh yeah, then why are you the one with the fire pokemon? Everybody knows all fire pokemon are hotheads.” May shouted back.

“They are not!” Brendan shouted hotly.

“Are too!” May shouted loudly.

“Are not” Brendan shouted even louder than May.

“ARE TOO!” May shouted in an ear-shattering loud pitch.

“ARE NOT, NOT, NOT, NOT, NOT, NOT!” Brendan said even louder than May, if that was possible.

“{I don’t know about you Hydro, but I think our trainers have anger issues. They soo need a therapist.}” Blaze asked Hydro from inside his pokeball.

“{Yep, they sure need one. Especially one that can deal with lunatics.}” Hydro responded.

“HEY!” Both trainers shouted at their pokeballs.

“Umm sorry to interrupt your conversation but I thought you guys were going to help me battle a pokemon.” A very timid Wally said.

“ Oh, okay,” both trainers replied as they followed Wally into a nearby patch of grass outside. A moment later a Ralts appeared out of nowhere.

“Whoa, two Raltses (still don’t know how to spell it) in one day.” May commented.

“Cool, go Treecko!” Wally shouted, calling out a green lizard-like pokemon with a bushy tail.

“Treecko, start things off by using pound!” Wally commanded, as the wood gecko pokemon smacked the emotion on the side, knocking it back a few feet. Then, the Ralts’ mini hands and Leaf glew a bright blue colour and was sent back to Wally’s side.

“Watch out dude, that’s Confusion!” Brendan shouted.

“Treecko! Can you keep going?” Wally asked his pokemon.

“Yeah, I’m fine.” Treecko replied.

“ In that case, Treecko, use Absorb and then use full power pound!” Wally told his pokemon as Ralts body glowed in green and then the green light turned into little orbs of green light as it left the Ralts and was absorbed by Treecko. Then, the grass pokemon slammed into Ralts as hard as it could with its tail. “Now, go pokeball!” Wally shouted as he threw a red and white ball at the emotion pokemon, easily capturing it.

“Cool, I caught a pokemon! Thanks for your help Treecko!” Wally told his pokemon.

“{You’re welcome.}” Treecko replied.
“ So much for Raltses being rare.” Brendan told May.

“Raltses are rare, I know it!” May shouted.

“Oh really? I doubt it.” Brendan smartly asked May.

“Ohh I am going to-” May started but before she could say anything else Blaze and Hydro popped out of their pokeballs.

“{You know what to do Hydro}.”Blaze said and then Hydro quickly shot out a mud shot attack at May and Brendan. Then everything went quiet-.

“AHHHHHHHHHHHH!” May shouted, “I can’t believe this! My hair, my clothes, ruined! Ruined! RUINED!”

“May, calm down-”Brendan began to say.

“How am I supposed to calm down when I’m covered in mud?” May asked Brendan hysterically.

“Um, you could have Hydro use a light water gun on you to wash the mud off.” Brendan told her.

“Oh yeah, good point.” May said, “Hydro, use a light water gun to wash this mud off.”

“{Ok}” Hydro said, glad that his trainer wasn’t mad.

“Yay!” May said, “all the mud’s off. Now to head back to the gym.”

“Ah-hem” Brendan coughed loudly.

“Oh, sorry Brendan.” May said sheepily as Hydro gently washed off all the mud on Brendan.


Back at the gym:

“Wally, how did it go? Brendan, May, why are you two so wet?” Norman asked the three pre-teens.

“Great I caught a pokemon! Thanks for all your help Brendan, you too May! Bye!” Wally said as he walked out of the gym.

“Well, we were arguing about how rare a Ralts is when Wally had found one.” Brendan started.

“Pffffff, isn’t that the stupidest thing to argue about? I swear these two were born without brains. Mmn that’s interesting, I wonder what it looks like if you are born without a brain? I bet you head will be tiny.” Hydro suddenly said from inside his pokeball.

“So we were arguing, and then Hydro, my Marshtomp-” May began.

“That’s me! Hydro the all-powerful Marshtomp who will one day rule the world! * Hydro then laughs maniacally for a few seconds*” May’s Marshtomp said again from his pokeball.

“Anyway,” Brendan said, who wisely chose to ignore Hydro. “What happened was that Hydro and Blaze, my Combusken, came out of their pokeballs and then Hydro shot out mud at both of us. Then May wisely told her pokemon to wash the mud off.” Brendan told his dad.

“Well, there’s a shower in that room,” Norman told the two teenagers as he pointed to one of the rooms on his left. “So why don’t you two take a warm shower and we’ll talk after.”

“Dibs!” both trainers shouted at the same time.

“Don’t worry, there’s a room for males and females so off you go!” Norman told them. “I’ll have a pokemon dry your clothes.

After The Shower:

“Now that you two aren’t dripping with water.” Norman said, “you need to challenge official Hoenn League gyms to become great trainers. The only gym you can challenge is the Rustburo Gym, which doesn’t require any badges. Of course you two can challenge me as well as the other gym leaders but you’ll need four badges to challenge me. With that all cleared up you two better head towards Rustburo to challenge Roxanne, Gym Leader of the Rustburo gym!”

“Bye Dad.” Brendan said.

“Thanks Norman.” May replied as both her and her travelling companion walked out of the gym.

“So where’s Rustburo May?” Brendan asked the brunette.

“ I think it’s through the Petalburg Woods, which is Northwest from here.

************************************************** ****************

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25th September 2005, 5:19 AM
I like these, though I got really dissapointed to see you're using some exact events Breezy used.

And try not to follow the lines that are said on your game! Plaese update soon!

28th September 2005, 2:52 AM
Hi! Anybody redaing it? Oh well. Chapter seven is about a page and a half long so far. The whole thing will be about six pages long.

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Not necessarily true. Anyways I was wondering if you guys have story ideas. I'm open to all ideas!

Hoenn Warrior
29th September 2005, 1:04 AM
This is a nice story you have here celestial sea master. Like the whole arguing aspect between Brendan and May. An idea you could use for one of your next chapters is that Wally could tag along with the group and start to develop feelings for May which in turn starts to show that Brendan really likes her too soo they fight over her in some battle. If you decide to use it Wally should lose the match but ends up quickly finding someone else that he could like and will be his own girlfriend while Brendan gets May. This way nobody actually loses out on anything.

2nd October 2005, 4:58 AM
Hiya! It’s me, Hydro, and I’ll be writing this chapter today.

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Blaze: Hey! Anyway folks, just ignore the hyper and crazy Marshtomp.


************************************************** ********

“Brendan!” May shouted to her companion, “Hurry up or I’ll have Hydro Mud Shot you.”

“Can’t a guy observe some pokemon without somebody shouting in their ear?” Brendan asked as he was watching a Taillow. “Let’s go Ralts!” He suddenly shouted as he released the emotion pokemon.

“Um Brendan, why did you send out your Ralts?” The brunette asked.

“So I can catch this Taillow, duh.” The other pre-teen replied. “Now Ralts, use confusion on that Taillow!” Then Taillow was covered in a green light and it was thrown back, weakened by Ralts’ confusion attack. A moment later Taillow had rushed at Ralts so fast that it looked like a blur and rammed into the psychic pokemon. “That Taillow’s quick attack is strong but we can take it. Right Ralts?” Brendan asked as his pokemon got back on its feet. “Now stand your ground and then use Confusion again!” the boy called out to his pokemon as the Taillow tried to use quick attack again but was thrown back by the confusion, but then the Taillow got back up and attacked Ralts with a peck attack. “Ralts, dodge the peck attack and finish up with full power confusion!” Brendan commanded as Ralts dodged the Taillow’s peck and the sent a powerful blast of light green psychic energy at the Taillow, almost knocking it out. “Go pokeball!” The trainer shouted as he threw a red and white ball at the Taillow, instantly capturing it. “Cool, I caught my second pokemon! I’ll name you Zephyr!” Brendan said, “and Ralts, I’ll name you Psi!”

“Technically, Zephyr is the first pokemon you actually caught.” May pointed out.

“Who cares.” Brendan replied.

“Well now it’s my turn to catch a pokemon!” May said as she saw a Swablu land.

“Copycat.” Brendan said to May.

“ I don’t care.” May responded “Besides, a flying type would be useful against Dewford Town’s fighting gym. Hydro, come on out and help me catch that Swablu!”

“{Okay! Swablu prepared to be…captured?}” Hydro said but the Swablu just simply flew around May’s head.

“Um, Swablu, do you want to be captured?” May asked the cotton bird pokemon.

“{Yeah!}” The Swablu answered.

“Okay then, I’ll call you Sky, is that okay?” May asked the pokemon.

“{Sure!}” Sky answered as she was caught inside a pokeball.

“That was an easy catch.” Brendan said to May.

“Yeah” May answered, “Let’s keep going.”

“Not so fast!” a voice called out as Brendan and May were walking towards the beach they just spotted, “I, Rich Boy Winston and my friend, Youngster Billy, challenge you two in a double battle!”

“We accept!” both trainers replied.

“Wipe them out, Psi!” Brendan said as he called out to his Ralts.

“Time to battle, Seedot!” Youngster Billy called out to his pokemon.

“Zigzagoon, take the stage!” Winston commanded.

“Sky! Come out and use peck against that Seedot!” May shouted.

“Seedot, use harden!” Billy told his pokemon.

“Zigzagoon use tackle!” Winston said.

“Psi, use confusion on Zigzagoon and ram it into Seedot!” Brendan told his pokemon, then Zigzagoon was glowing with a bright green light and it was thrown at Seedot. At the last second Psi missed and accidentally rammed Zigzagoon into Sky the Swablu, just as she was going to attack Seedot.

“Hey, watch where you’re sending that Zigzagoon!” May shouted angrily.

“Well you should be more aware of what’s happening in the battle, May!” Brendan shouted back.

“I was counting on you to keep control of your Ralts!” May shouted very loudly.

“Are you calling me a bad trainer?” Brendan asked.

“Yeah, I guess I am!” May replied.

“Umm, Hello? Ach, who cares, at least I get a free shot, Seedot, use Bullet Seed on that Swablu!” Billy commanded as his grass pokemon shot out little green orbs of grass energy, hitting Sky head on.

“{Since our trainers are too busy arguing, how about we take this battle into our own hands, Sky?}” Psi asked the bird pokemon.

“{Sure.}” Sky anwered.

“Zigzagoon, full power tackle against the Ralts, now!” Just when Zigzagoon came in close Psi managed to muster up a confusion to pick up Seedot and use him as a shield against Zigzagoon’s tackle attack. Then, as Seedot was helplessly trapped, Sky used a quick attack and peck combination attack, dealing some critical damage.

“Alright Seedot, build up your energy for full power bide!” Billy commanded his pokemon after it broke free of Psi’s confusion attack. A moment later Sky tried to ram into Seedot but was blocked by Zigzagoon.

“Good job Zigzagoon!” Winston said, but as soon as he had said that Zigzagoon was outlined with a light blue and was continually being thrown against the ground.

“Seedot, unleash your full power bide attack on that Ralts!” Billy commanded as his Seedot ran at Psi, leaving a white light trail behind. Fortunately, Psi had managed to use confusion on Zigzagoon to act as a shield against Seedot’s bide attack, knocking it out of the battle.

“{I’ll finish up}” Sky said as she launched a full power peck at the tired Seedot, K-Oing it.

“Here, you guys win. Bye.” The two defeated trainers said to Brendan and May, who were now arguing about confusion attacks, as they withdrew their pokemon and walked away.

“Huh? Oh thanks.” Both May and Brendan said as they stopped their argument for a second and then returned to arguing.

“Confusion attacks are usually purple!” May shouted.

“No, they’re normally blue!” Brendan shouted back.

Sky and Psi: Anime sweat drop.

“{Wow, they’re arguing about the color of confusion attacks, what an interesting thing to argue about.}” Sky said sarcastically.

“{You don’t know the half of it.” Blaze said as he and Hydro popped out of their pokeballs.

“{I can infer from my observations that this is the longest argument A. B. A. M. M.}” Psi said with the air of a scientist.

“{Umm what does ABAMM stand for?}” Zephyr asked.

“ After Brendan and May met.” Psi replied. “I have a plan to snap them out of this.” After every pokemon understood they put the plan into action. First, Psi used confusion to lift the two trainers to the beach. Then, Hydro used water gun to blast the two out of the air and into the sea.

“You seriously need to get Psi under control!” May angrily said to Brendan once she managed to come up (the water was very shallow).

“Well, it was Hydro that shot the water gun!” Brendan replied hotly.

“Too Bad!” May said as she threw a bunch of sand at Brendan, who dodged it by taking a really high jump that was over eight feet tall and landed behind May. “What?” May asked, “How did you do that?”

“May, you didn’t seriously expect your little bit of sand to hit me, right?” Brendan asked in happy voice, “Let me tell you that I am a Martial Arts Black Belt and I can scale walls and jump incredibly high heights in addition to my Martial Arts skills. Not your average pokemon trainer eh? Now can we forget our arguments and have dinner? I’m also sorry. There you go, I’ll swallowed my pride. Happy now?”

“ Ok, I’ll forgive you on one condition, how do you just change moods like that and umm, I didn’t bring any food” May told Brendan.

“How do I change moods? Well I sometimes takes a moment to think and see if it’s worth fighting over and you throwing sand at me I can take.” Brendan answered.

“You can?” May asked in astonishment, “ I thought you would erupt with anger. Besides that how come you didn’t just do that before and you’re freaky like that, just so you know.

“ First of all, I didn’t calm down earlier because I do have a weak side, one which can’t take insults, which means I do get angry. I’ve heard tons of people tell me I’m weird when I act like that but in order to be a Black Belt in the dojo I went to in the Jhoto Region you have to be able to control your emotions, which I admit I’m not very good at. Don’t worry about the dinner thing, I packed food.” Brendan answered.

“ Wow, most people don’t like admitting their weak points.” May said.

“Yeah that’s true, anyways. I’ll be back as soon as possible.” Brendan told his companion as he began to take another leap.

“Where are you going?” May asked.

“To fetch firewood, I’ll leave Blaze here so he can provide you with a little heat and to help show where you are. It’s dark already.” Brendan answered as he pointed to the night sky.

Ten minutes later Brendan came back to the campsite with his other two pokemon, Psi using confusion to keep the bunch of wood they found in the air. After they had gotten the fire going Brendan and May quickly ate and fell asleep within twenty minutes.

The Next Day:

The first thing May saw when she woke up was a bunch of white hair. She quickly took her pillow and brought it down on the other pre-teen’s head. “May.” Brendan muttered, it looked like that the boy was still sleeping. Surprised by this, the girl decided to pinch her companion on the head. This woke him up. “MAY!” Brendan shouted.

“Yes?” The girl asked, trying desperately not to laugh.

“Don’t wake me up again like that!” The boy said harshly, then his voice became gentle. “Please?”

May was surprised, her dad was usually cranky in the morning, and so were most of her neighbours. It was very different with Brendan, he wasn’t telling her off but rather pleading. She hadn’t expected this at all. It was weird, but she remembered last night so she silently told herself to expect the unexpected with Brendan next time.

“Are you alright?” Brendan’s voice was once again soft but this time there was a bit if worry.

“Yeah, I’m fine.” May said quickly. “ Do you want to get going?” At that exact second May’s stomach growled. “He he, guess I’m kind of hungry.”

“I still have some food.” Brendan said as he dug into his bag, pulling out a few pinkish-white berries. “These are Pecha berries, they’re very sweet and juicy, have one!”

“Ok.” May said a bit reluctant to take it.

“Go on.” Brendan urged her.

“ Mmmmn, you’re right, these are good!” May said.

After they had all eaten (including the pokemon) May and Brendan headed northward on the trail, which led into the Petalburg Woods. After ten minutes of walking in silence both trainers heard a strange sound in the distance. After a couple of minutes the sound got even louder and when Brendan turned around he saw that a white car was coming towards them at an incredible speed. “May, watch out!” Brendan said as he pushed May out of the way.

************************************************** ********

What happens next? You have to find out!

Hydro: Brendan died!

Hydro, we don’t know that for sure so stop blabbering.

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I edited this so for those who noticed that May now has a Swablu; it’s not an error. I also changed Sky’s moveset around so don’t bother complaining about that. FYI, I will change a lot of pokemon’s moveset around.

5th October 2005, 11:52 PM
Sorry for DP but I am not sure about Brendan and May's futre teams. Any suggestions would be be very much appreciated.

P.S The maximum limit will be twelve pokemon (trainers can have ten pokemon at a time in the fic).

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8th October 2005, 5:29 PM
i could care less if bredan dies.

10th October 2005, 1:48 AM
Breanden should live, he's the main charecter of the whole story...

10th October 2005, 11:11 PM
Thanks for your opinions. I haven't posted for a while because I have exams. Prepare for a lot of Hoennshipping in the next chapter.

"It'll make even the most dedicated Hoennshipper sick!"

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12th October 2005, 2:55 AM
^^ Lol!!!!!!!!

12th October 2005, 2:56 AM
By the way, would anybody be kindly enought to read my fanfiction "The New Trainer"? I havn't gotten one reveiw yet....

13th October 2005, 12:23 AM
Thanks for reviews! I'm almost done, only about a page or two left. I'll post by Friday since I don't have school on that day so I can write more. I'll try to make the chapter longer than usual this time.TTFN!

14th October 2005, 1:43 AM
Hi there! This is Ace Reporter Hydro Marshtomp here to bring you live news. It’s live! Brendan Smith has been run over by a truck and-

Blaze: If you don’t keep that mouth of yours shut then Psi, Zephyr, and I will shut it for you.

There is a little New Rival Shipping but it won’t work out.



************************************************** **********************

“BRENDAN! No, Brendan, it can’t be!” May shouted as a tear flowed down her cheek.

“May! Stop yelling!” a familiar voice said from behind the brunette.

“B-Brendan?” May asked as she turned around. “AHHHH! A ghost!”

“May, I’m no ghost. I jumped out of the way a second after I pushed you to safety.” The white haired teen answered.

“Never do that again!” May told Brendan as she pulled him into a hug, making him blush a furious red. “I was so worried!” and a second later she realized what she was doing and let go of him also bushing a deep red. “Um, because… my dad would so kill me if you died. Yeah, let’s go with that.”

“Umm, Ok. May I’m sorry if I got you worried and almost killed but I was only trying to help.” Brendan said in his sweetest tone possible.

“Oh, alright, apology accepted.” May told her companion calmly. “Brendan?” May asked quietly as she came closer to the boy.

‘Yes?” Brendan asked back as he also moved towards May.

“Don’t. Ever. Worry. Me. Like. That. Again” May said as she slapped Brendan across the cheek after every word and then kicked him extra hard in the stomach, knocking him off his feet and then landing several feet away on his back.

“What was that for?” Brendan asked May angrily as soon as he got on his feet. “I saved your life and I don’t even get a Thank You?”

“I told you, don’t ever worry me like that again. Do you know how long I could have been grounded for?” May asked back with double the anger,

“SO YOU THINK THAT BEING GROUNDED IS WORSE THAN DYING MAY BIRCH?” Brendan shouted, anger coursing through his veins.



Then tears formed in May’s sapphire blue eyes and a moment later she ran into Brendan and cried dramatically on his shoulder. “I’m so sorry Brendan!” she cried as tears flowed down her face and onto Brendan’s shirt. “I never considered how you would feel when I attacked you! I only thought about myself. I couldn’t live with myself if you died either! I’m such a terrible person! I deserve to die!”

“May calm down, you’re not a terrible person, you’re a wonderful person. It’s a delight to be around you and traveling with you was the best thing any guy could hope for. They say no one is perfect but in my eyes you’re as perfect as possible!” Brendan said as he moved his hand gently along the brunette’s back, calming her down.

“Thanks Brendan.” May said as she let go of Brendan and blushed ten times redder than before.

“No biggie.” Brendan replied as he blushed just as red as May.

“Hey!” May shouted to the driver of the white car, who had stopped in front of her. “Watch where you’re driving, you almost killed two people! If Brendan here died I would’ve sued you!”

“Let me out uncle, I’ll tell them.” A familiar voice said from inside the car. “Hi May! Sorry about what happened, my uncle was driving too fast. Oh yeah and hi Braindan-I mean Brindan-no Brandon! Wait that’s not it, it’s Breadan!

“Hi Whalely-no, Wanly-no, Wenly-no, Wasply!” Brendan responded to Wally’s fake enthusiasm with his on while May was too caught up in trying to stop laughing.

“It’s Wally.” Wally to Brendan with an ice-cold tone.

“It’s Brendan and I’ll try to remember that next time.” Brendan said in an even colder tone than Wally.

“Anyways,” Wally said in a much warmer tone to May. “I was wondering if I could travel with you?”

“Umm, alright, I guess.” May answered after she had willed herself to stop laughing.

“May, could I talk to you?” Brendan asked, and then he added “in private.”

“Yeah,” May replied, and then she asked when they were farther from Wally and the car, “what do you want?”

“Isn’t it Obvious, I don’t want Wally traveling with us, he almost ran us over!” Brendan whispered to May in an almost-hysterical tone.

“Brendan come on, you were OK with him yesterday! I already said yes so you’ll agree with me.” May told her companion and then she gave him a soft peck on the cheek, making the other trainer’s face turn poppy red up to his white hairline. “Now you know it would be easier (and more fun) to smack you than to bear with what I did, but since plan A worked, I won’t hit you.”

“You had a plan?” Brendan asked in amazement.

“Yes, now can we hurry it up? I want to get to Rustboro before I die!” May said to Brendan.

“Ok but one question. Who told you to mess my journey up?” Brendan asked May.

“No one, I felt like doing it because it’s fun to torment 12 year old boys.” May told Brendan as she walked towards Wally and said to him: “Brendan and I have made up our minds and you can travel along!”

“Thanks May! My uncle said that I could travel with you to Rustboro, is that okay?” Wally asked May.

“ Yeah of course!” Brendan piped in , “The best idea I’ve heard all morning!”

“Brendan!” May muttered to her companion under her breath. “You’re so rude!”

“What?” Brendan replied to May under his breath, “I’m just giving my opinion!”

“A-hem,” Wally said, snapping Brendan and May from their conversation just as his uncle drove off. “Should we get going?”

“Oh! OK, The Petalburg Woods are that way. Let’s have a race, ready? Go!” May said to the to the other two, “Ha! Eat my dust!”

The two boys were running at a breakneck pace, more anxious to beat each other than May, each running faster by the second.

“Well, Wood,” Brendan snarled, putting a huge emphasis on Wally’s last name, “you know you’ll never beat me.”

“Don’t be so sure about that, Smith! I can beat you at anything, anywhere, anytime! I could beat you at anything, even with my eyes blindfolded!” Wally snarled back.

“In your-” Brendan began but he was interrupted by a scream that sounded like May’s.

“Both boys now ran faster than ever to find out if it was May that screamed. After a couple minutes of running they found May leaning against a tree on the side of the road, clutching her ankle in pain.

“What happened?” Both Boys asked at the same time.

“I was catching one of the two Wurmples on the side of the road. During the battle, the Wurmple I was trying to catch used Poison Sting and since Sky dodged it, I got hit.” May explained.

“Did you catch it?” Wally asked.

“Yeah, but what does that have to do with me being injured?” May asked back. “Could one of you help me?”

“Oh yeah, sorry.” Brendan said as he pulled out a Pecha Berry from his backpack and then he held it over May’s injured leg, slowly squeezing the juices onto May’s injury. The moment the berry ‘s juices touched May’s wound it began to heal, after a few minutes the wound had completely healed.

“Thanks Brendan.” May said as she steadily got up. “Well then, let’s get going!”

“Ha Wood Head,” Brendan said to Wally with a big triumphant smirk on his face, “you didn’t beat me to saving May!”

“Whatever, I can beat you at anything else!” Wally replied.

“I doubt it.” Brendan retorted.

“Yes, finally, the Petalburg Woods!” May shouted out, snapping the two boys out of their conversation. “I hope I can get to Rustboro, I want to earn my first badge!”

“But to get in the Petalburg woods you’ll have to get past me first!” A female trainer told May. “How about a double battle? Me versus you and one of those guys, you each use one pokemon while I use two.”

“Sure, why not.” May answered.

“I’M BATTLING WITH MAY!” Both boys yelled simultaneously. “NO I AM!” they said at the same time again.

“Why don’t we let May decide?” Brendan asked/told Wally.

“Fine!” Wally said. “So May, who should battle with you? Me right?”

“No, I should battle with you, right?” Brendan asked May.

“NO, I SHOULD!” Wally yelled at Brendan.

“Do you know why boys are so weird?” The female trainer asked May.

“The way I see it, all boys are psycho maniacs who don’t understand us.” May answered. “Especially these two. They’ve been going at it all day! They are the meaning of the word ‘crazy lunatics’! Why can’t I have traveled with one of those smart, poetic, polite and nice boys that respect us girls instead of these dim-wits?”

“Talk about ignorant!” The female trainer said as she rolled her eyes. “Every boy I’ve ever met is just like those two. How can you stand travelling with them?”

“Well, I’m only travelling with the green-haired freak till Rustboro and Santa Clause isn’t all that bad. He’s nice sometimes, and he did help me out earlier so he’s all right to live with. Everybody has his or her good points I guess, even psycho maniacs. If he didn’t have his good points I wouldn’t even consider him as a travelling companion. He can be nice sometimes but I’m guessing that’s rare.” May told the other girl. “OK, STOP ARGUEING! BRENDAN, I”LL BATTLE HER WITH YOU AS MY PARTNER!”

“Thanks May!” Brendan said to her as they prepared to start.

“You owe me!” May muttered.

“Whatever you say May!” Brendan muttered back. “That look on Walnut’s face was priceless!”

“Go! Shroomish and Makuhita!” The female trainer called out.

“Take ‘em down, Crystal” May said, calling out to her newly caught Wurmple. The moment Crystal popped out she was engulfed in a silver light as she evolved into a…

************************************************** **********************
Choose what Crystal should turn into!

Hydro: That won’t matter since I am the absolute ruler of the whole world!

Blaze: No, you’re not!

Hydro: Yes, I am!

Blaze: No, you’re not!

Hydro: Yes, I am!

Blaze: Yes, you are!

Hydro: No I’m not the absolute ruler of the whole world!

Blaze: Whatever you say.

Hydro (while preparing to launch a water gun): I’m going to get you for that.

Blaze: You know there’s a wild Oddish next to you about to use Razor Leaf, right?

Hydro (while running in circles): AHHH! Get the green leaf-weapons of death away from me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Blaze: Whatever, choose Silcoon or Cascoon folks!

P.S: I don't post the next chapter at least a week after this one. I get more pumped to write the more reviews I get.

Hoenn Warrior
15th October 2005, 7:54 PM
Im going to take a wild guess and say that you decided to use my idea for your story. I just hope Wally has a good balanced team to take on Brendan since his Torchic has evolved. Hope you stick poor old Wood Head with a girl for himself and both Brendan and Wally wont be a couple of psycho maniacs fighting over May all the time. Maybe the trainer that Brendan and May is fighting could be Wally's Girlfriend

19th October 2005, 10:15 PM
YES! Exams are over!

Hydro: They were over on Monday!

Not the point, Hoenn Warrior, youre right. I did use your idea (since you suggested it, I'm guessing that doesn't count as copying right)?
Anyways, I'll basically use any idea anybody suggets here. The chapters only half a page so far so it'll be a while. I have a confusing week so I won't be able to type much. I'll make up for it next week. K? Good. TTFN!

Hoenn Warrior
20th October 2005, 2:05 AM
Its cool that you used my idea and its not copying since i gave you the idea.
Ill try and give more to you when I can man or if you want just ask. Well cant wait to see how the battle goes out and Wally's reaction to Brendan and May being sooo close and eventually being and couple. Dont know if you plan on making the couples know or later on in the story but all in all a good story you have here.

21st October 2005, 2:04 AM
Thanks Hoenn Warrior! What should the main battle of Brendan V.S Wally be Blaze against Treecko or Blaze against Grovyle?

Blaze:Treecko people! I wanna cream that grass wimp!

Sorry, Blaze ate too much sugar and he's now hyper!

Blaze: Sugar! I want sugar! SUGAAAAAAAAAAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

See what I mean! Anyways, anybody with any ideas please PM me! I'll accept 95% of ideas. I don't have writer's block but I could use some stuff to spice it up! I'll give you guys credit for the idea and won't claim it as completely my own. Oh yeah:

Disclaimer: I don't own pokemon, Nintendo does. The Brendan and Wally thing was Hoenn Warrior's idea.

Hoenn Warrior
21st October 2005, 3:52 AM
I suggest it be against Blaze vs Grovyle since they are both the evolved forms of the starter pokemon in the Hoenn region and a little argument can go on between them stating which one is the better starter. Hope you post the chapter soon.

26th October 2005, 1:48 AM
Sorry for not posting the next chapter for a long time but I've been pretty busy over the last couple of weeks and this week's spirit week for my school and my birthday's this week Saturday. GO ME!! (Not that anybody cares). I'm getting my Emerald version for my birthday so I decided to change both Brendan and May's clothes to the Emerald style instead of the R/S type. I'm almost halfway through. Anybody who has ideas for Brendan and may's team (maximum of twelve pokemon) please PM me.TTFN!!;094; ;365; ;196;

2nd November 2005, 2:41 AM
Hydro: Ha! I now have the keyboard! I can control the story now.

Give me my keyboard you crazy Marshtomp! (Snatches keyboard and makes a random Roselia use Magical Leaf at Hydro).

Hydro: AHHHH! Not the leaf-weapons of death!

Chapter 9 comin’ at ya!


************************************************** **********************

Silcoon. “Awesome!” May shouted, “My Wurmple evolved into a Silcoon!”

“Sky, come out and use gust on Makuhita!” Brendan called out as he threw a red and white pokeball into the air. Instead of a Taillow popping out from the pokeball, a strong blast of wind was released and sent Makuhita flying several meters back.

“Go Crystal,” May called out to her new Cascoon, “use poison sting on Shroomish!”

“Shroomish, dodge and retaliate with tackle!” The trainer commanded, “Makuhita, get up and then use sand attack!”

“Sky! Use gust to blow the sand right back at Makuhita!” Brendan shouted to his now-visible Taillow. Zephyr then sent another gust attack, blowing the sand back to Makuhita and doing some major damage.

“Crystal! Use string shot on the Shroomish!” May told her pokemon as the Shroomish came tackling toward Crystal but was wrapped in a gooey string.

“Zephyr, use gust on both of them!” Brendan called out.

“Crystal, combine that with poison sting!” May told her pokemon, making a gust with poison needles all around it, hitting both Makuhita and Shroomish head on.

“Yes!” Brendan said happily, and then he looked back at Wally, who was enraged that Brendan pulled off a combination with May. “Go Zephyr, finish up Makuhita with peck!”

“Makuhita, use arm thrust on that Taillow! Now!” the trainer commanded just as Zephyr came close but before Zephyr could attack, Makuhita hit him with its powerful arm thrust, knocking Zephyr into the critical zone because of his normal type.

“One more hit like that and it’s over!” Brendan muttered, “I got it!” He suddenly called out, “Zephyr, spin and use gust!” Then Zephyr began to spin while releasing wind from his wings, creating a mini tornado. The mini tornado advanced towards Makuhita, picking him up and throwing him around the room, quickly knocking it out of the battle.

“Good job Makuhita, return.” The trainer said.

“Now go Crystal!” May called out when the tornado had stopped. Use poison sting!”

“Shroomish!” The girl trainer called out, seeing if her pokemon was Ok after it took a direct poison sting.

“Crystal, wrap Shroomish up with string shot before it can attack!” May told her pokemon as shroomish was wrapped in more gooey strands.

“Finish up Shroomish with full power peck Zephyr!” Brendan commanded as his pokemon as it flew toward the mummified Shroomish and knocked it out.

“Return.” The trainer told her Shroomish. “Nice job May! Bye!” She said to May as she handed the two winners their prize money.

“Now we can finally go into the Petalburg Woods!” Brendan commented as the three trainers walked into the woods. “Hey, it’s kinda dark in here!”

“Duh! It’s the woods.” Wally told him, a moment later Wally shouted out in pain as somebody stepped on his foot, “Get off my foot!”

“Oh, that’s your foot Walnut?” Brendan asked as he pressed harder. “ Knew it wasn’t May’s foot.”

“Get off!!” Wally shouted as he tried to punch Brendan but missed because Brendan ducked.

“That the best you can do, Walnut?” Brendan asked as he sweeped Wally under the feet.

“You haven’t seen anything yet!” Wally retorted as the two boys got into a fight.

“HELLO!” May screamed, having no effect, “eesh, do I get any respect around here? No.” Then May yelled “IF YOU TWO DON’T STOP FIGHTING I’LL HAVE CRYSTAL USE POISON STING ON YOU!!!” Even though May was screaming as loud as she could, nothing happened. “Ok, be that way,” May muttered as she called out Hydro and Crystal. “ Crystal, poison sting on those! Hydro, use hydro-err-water gun!” May commanded her two pokemon. Crystal quickly shot out little poison needles at the two boys, snapping them out of their fight just in time to get hit by a super powerful water gun, sending them flying into a group of zigzagoons, poochyenas, and wurmples, causing them to growl and act extremely furious.

“This doesn’t look like good news.” Brendan stated as the pokemons’ anger increased.

All of a sudden, the wild pokemon all tackled into Wally. “What! I’m blasting off? This isn’t my thing, only weirdoes blast off!” Wally said as he was sent flying over the trees for miles and miles.

“THAT’S RIGHT, WALNUT, YOU’RE THE MEANING OF THE WORD WEIRD!” Brendan shouted out as Wally disappeared from sight.

“Brendan,” May said through gritted teeth, “ I think there are more important thing you have to pay attention to like… oh, I don’t know MAYBE THAT WE’RE ABOUT TO BE ATTACKED BY FEROCIOUS POKEMON THAT LOOK VERY CAPABLE OF HURTING US QUITE BADLY!!!”

“Why don’t you just have Hydro and Crystal scare them off?” Brendan suggested to May.

“Oh yeah, good point.” May replied, then May commanded her pokemon to attack but before May could say anything, several of the larger poochyenas let out an ear-shattering roar, sending May’s pokemon back to their pokeballs. Then, a couple of wurmples and zigzagoons lightly tackled Brendan and May, knocking their pokeballs out of their hands and belts, knocking them five feet away but doing no further damage. “AHHHHHHH!!!!!!” May screamed in terror as the wild pokemon were planning to attack. “Please don’t eat me because…” May told the angry yet listening pokemon as she tried to think up a reason. “… Why eat me when you could eat this guy!” May said as she quickly, “yes, I know, I look more appealing and delicious to eat on the outside and this guy looks horrible to eat but trust me, you don’t want to eat us girls and women, guys have much more flesh than we do annnd they’re good for digestion, we females have too much hair and that hair is bad for your body, it can cause Indigestion!”

“MAY!! ARE YOU TRYING TO GET US KILLED?” Brendan shouted at her.

“No, I’m just trying to get you killed.” May told her companion, “look, if one of us has to die, shouldn’t it be you? Plus, I’m a damsel in distress.” Then May quickly pulled out a piece of paper, a marker and a piece of tape as she used them to write the word “distress” and taped it to her shirt. “See? I’m a damsel and I’m in distress! NOW SAVE ME!!!”

“Why should I save you? One, I’ve already saved you twice and two, I’m not your knight in shining armour, I’m not going to be a loser who devotes his whole life to women! Got it? Good” Brendan told May.

“Why would I want you as a knight in shining armour when I could have other guys? I wouldn’t choose you even if you were the last guy on earth!” May responded.

“Good that we agr-” Brendan began but he noticed a bunch of poochyenas, zigzagoons, and wurmples behind him about to tackle and bite May. With his natural martial arts instincts, Brendan quickly jumped in front of May, taking the pokemon attacks head on, getting sent flying into a tree and getting knocked out.


“Hello!” A familiar voice said. Brendan Smith slowly opened his eyes to see who had said that. The first thing he saw was a familiar slightly tanned face.

“May?” Brendan asked groggily.

“Took you long enough!” The face of May Birch responded as it pulled away.

“Ouch,” Brendan complained as he slowly got up. Then he noticed something, “hey, where did the wild pokemon go?”

“At least you noticed.” May muttered. “I scared them off by running to our pokeballs and using a few pokemon while they focused on you.”

“How long was I out?” Brendan asked May as he picked up his pokeballs.

“Oh, about five minutes.” May answered.


“SO? I WAS WORRIED WETHER YOU WERE ALIVE OR NOT! IF IT WASN’T FOR ME, YOU WOULDN’T EVEN BE ALIVE!” May shouted, tears starting to form in her sapphire blue eyes.

Brendan was so shocked about what May had just said that he lost his anger. “I’m sorry May,” he told her in his softest and kindest voice “I was being too selfish, will you forgive me?”

“All right.” May replied, and then she gave him a hug and another much softer peck on his forehead, making the boy blush deep crimson. “Now let’s get going, it’s taking forever to get to Rustboro, at this rate I’ll never get to the Hoenn League. Now move it or starve to death!”

“But I have the food, how could I starve?” Brendan asked.

“Oh, while you were seeing stars I went through your bag, then I stole the food and replaced it with leaves so you wouldn’t notice the difference in your bag’s weight.” May replied casually, as if this was something everybody did regularly.

“You-that-but-I-” Brendan stuttered, trying to speak but failing because of the glare May was giving him.

“That’s it! I’m all out of patience, mister!” May told Brendan as she pulled him by the ear and stomped deeper into the forest.

“Ouch! Stop! My ear!” Brendan complained as he was being dragged along.

“Wimp!” May barked back as she quickly delivered a strong kick at Brendan’s chest, catching him off guard and making him unconscious. “Nice try Brendan.” May told the unmoving form of the boy. “It’ll take more than the old ‘I’m unconscious, help me” trick to make me let down my guard.” This seemed to have no effect on Brendan so May began to worry about if she actually hit him too hard. “I didn’t hit him that hard, did I?” May asked her pokemon.

“{I dunno, what are you asking me for?}” Hydro asked back.

Ignoring her marsh pokemon, May quickly bended down to check Brendan’s pulse. In a flash, Brendan sweeped May under the feet, knocking her down while at the same time taking off his black-and-orange shirt (I changed Brendan and May to their Emerald clothes a few posts ago and Brendan has a tank-top under that) and covered her with it, completely blinding the girl for a few seconds.

“That’s payback, you thief!” Brendan told his companion with a large smirk on his face.

“I am going to kill you!” May shouted at the boy as she pulled his shirt off her head and began whipping Brendan with it. “Never. Trick. Me. Like. That. Again.”

“I deserved payback!” Brendan told her as he tried to dodge the shirt attacks.

“Never. Call. Me. A. Thief. Again. Or. Die!” May snarled to the other pre-teen as she whipped him with his own shirt after each word she said, hitting every part of Brendan’s body she could reach.

“Okay! I’m sorry!” the white-haired boy told the brunette as he backed up with his arms in front of his face as a shield.

“Fine,” the girl responded as she threw the shirt back to its original owner. Then, before Brendan could react, May quickly tackled into him. “That’s for making me touch your filthy shirt!” the brunette told the boy.

“Don’t think I’ll take that lying down!” Brendan replied playfully, starting a friendly fight.

“{Anyone wanna bet who’ll quit first?}”Hydro asked, “{Three berries on that Brendan will quit first!)

“{I’ll bet three of mine that May will quit first!}” Blaze piped up.

“{Deal.}” Hydro told the young fowl pokemon.

Half an hour later:

Still fighting

One hour after that:

Still fighting

Two hours after that:

“Ah, forget about it!” Both Marshtomp and Combusken stated at the same time.

“Sky, put ‘em asleep!” Hydro told the cotton bird pokemon as she sent out melodical sound waves at the two trainers, putting them to sleep.

************************************************** **********************

Sorry for the late update, I just finished the story last night (which was Halloween) so yeah, the ending wasn’t so good. Brendan and Wally’s battle will be in the next chapter-

“Which isn’t going to happen because I will now flood the world, muahahahaha!”

Hydro, be quiet, you could never rule the world anyways, there’s not enough water. Now go and get your break or else I’m having Marshtomp legs for dinner! Sorry about that, I’ll try and update A.S.A.P. but school is really annoying so it might take a while. I’ll guarantee you guys that the next chapter will be longer though. I’ll start the next chapter today. TTFN!

Hoenn Warrior
5th November 2005, 9:10 PM
Another great chapter. Cant wait to see the battle between Wally and Brendan, and Wally's new nickname aka walnut is too funny!!! Maybe after the battle Wally could find the girl that can be his girlfriend and she also tags along with the group to Rustboro and battles the leader as well.

Joe Vega #4
5th November 2005, 10:05 PM
celestial sea master, STOP COPYING OFF BREEZY'S FIC. I deleted one of my four failed fics (Yes, I'm that bad, people, but please.) because of plagiarism.
You can't just change their ages like POOF!, unless you have made a journey long enough to be a year, THEN you can boost their ages by one.

Now, on to the positive points. When I first read your fic, I thought this was going to be another bad fic. But as I progressed, you, unlike other authors, ACTUALLY TOOK THE ADVICE OF REVIEWERS AND IMPROVED. Some capitalization errors here and puncuation errors there, but that you may put aside for now.

17th November 2005, 1:45 AM
I'm on my eighth page of the chapter so I'm almost done. The chapter's going to exceed eight pages so it might be up at the end of the week if I can get some time to write it. I've got a lot of free time on my hands this week so I'll probably finish up.

Hydro: I will now blow up the world *laughs evilly*

Hydro, be quiet! I'll post the chapter as soon as possible. That's all, TTFN!

18th November 2005, 1:36 AM
Hydro: Hi people! I, Hydro-

Don’t even think about ruling the world Hydro, I think we all know bout that now. This chapter could be a little long, maybe seven, possibly eight pages on M.S. word. The average I do is five pages of word so this will probably be the longest one you’ll see for a while.


Hydro, nobody needs to hear anymore of evil world domination plans so keep those to yourself (or annoy Blaze with them)!

Blaze: Hey!

Hydro: I was just going to tell the audience that this chapter will have a lot of Hoennshipping hints.

OK then, but from now on, no more talking before/after the chapter. Now go annoy one of your co-workers!

Hydro: OK! (Walks out of sight)

For you guys, Hydro’s right, there will be a couple of Hoennshipping hints in this chapter (don’t worry, there’s no real romance until the last or second last chapter, there will be a couple of pecks, hugs and there’ll be blushing, just your average hint stuff. There’s still a long way to go till the end). If anybody’s wondering how Hydro knows the word “Hoennshipping” beats me how a pokemon with an IQ so low that they could even figure it out (I think it was in the incredibly low negatives) even knows anything. Now for the chapter:


************************************************** **********************

As May Birch slowly stirred from her slumber, she realized that she wasn’t sleeping facing the ground as she thought, but rather on the sleeping form of her travelling companion Brendan Smith. This instantly made her blush a deep shade of red and sent her into hyper mode (the mode in which May gets extremely angry). She quickly got herself up and slapped the sleeping form of the boy on his face as hard as she could, waking him.

“Hey! Wha-?” Brendan asked as he saw May. “Why-how?”

“That’s something I’d like to know, Santa.” The brunette told the other trainer.

“You think I did this?” The boy asked in surprise.

“That’s what it looks like.” May answered.

“Why would I even put both of us asleep? What’s the point? Besides, why would I want to be sleeping on the ground even if I could do this? Plus, it’s obvious we didn’t naturally fall asleep and I don’t have a single pokemon with a move that can put us asleep but you do. You probably did this with some help from Sky!” Brendan snapped at her.

“ How dare you!” May shouted in rage, “you think I did this?”

“More likely you than me! Sky the only one with a move like that! Stop denying the inevitable May Birch!” Brendan roared at May.

“I DIDN’T TELL SKY TO DO ANYTHING LIKE THAT, I WAS TOO BUSY TRYING TO KILL YOU!” May screeched with fury as she stood up and stared down at Brendan with a look of pure evil.

“SO THEN YOU NEED SOME WORK WITH YOUR POKEMON!” Brendan screeched back with equal fury as he too stood up.

In a flash May threw a fast punch at the white-haired boy that would have knocked him out if he hadn’t jumped onto a nearby tree just in time. “TOO LITTLE, TOO LATE!” Brendan told May.

“{Blaze, pass the popcorn.}” Hydro said to the fire pokemon as he kept his eyes on the two quarrelling teens.

“{No, I’m eating some first since I’m the one who went thorough Brendan’s secret compartment in his bag and popped it!}” The other pokemon replied.

“{Well then, pass it after. These two should start a movie business, this is better than all the movies we watched back at the lab.}” The marsh pokemon said.

“{You know, you’re actually right for once.}” Blaze told his friend and rival as he kept watching the two trainers, who were now blue in the face from arguing who hated the other person more.

“I HATE YOU!” May shouted and Brendan.

“WELL, I HATE YOU MORE THAN YOU HATE ME!” Brendan shouted back from on top one of the trees.

“I HATE YOU TEN TIMES MORE THAN YOU HATE ME!” May screamed with fury.

“{Ok. That’s enough action for me.}” Blaze said as he covered his ears. “{Time for Plan C!}”

“{Sky, Zephyr use gust to form a Tornado!}” Hydro told the two bird pokemon. Soon, a fifteen-foot swirling pillar of wind began to form while the two teens, too wrapped up in their argument to realize that they were in danger.

All the pokemon: anime fall

“{Wow, they hate each other a lot!}” Blaze stated as the two trainers continued their fight, not showing any sign of realizing that they were in danger of a mini-tornado.

“{Ok then, time to save our ears from the arguments of doom!}” Hydro said as he continuously shot out a jet of water at the tower of swirling winds, soon turning it into a ferocious waterspout. Although the waterspout looked extremely capable of destruction, the two pre-teens still didn’t notice. “This is pathetic! How could they not realize that there’s a giant tornado in front of them?” Hydro asked the other pokemon.

“Hydro, a tornado is a pillar or funnel of swirling wind, what we have here is clearly a swirling mixture of wind and air along with bihyrogen mono-oxide (I’m not sure how to spell that.)” Psi told Hydro and the other pokemon.

“Pie-whatta-monster-whatta?” Hydro asked Psi as he and the other pokemon gave the emotion pokemon confused looks.

“Bihydrogen mono-oxide (still don’t know how to spell it).” The psychic pokemon told the others.

“Which is?” Hydro asked again.

“Don’t you guys know what bihydrogen mono-oxide is?” Psi asked back, thinking it was common knowledge.

“Um, no!” Blaze said, staring at Psi as if he was crazy. “If I can’t understand what you’re saying, then I doubt Hydro will.” The young fowl pokemon then whispered to his teammate in hushed tones so the marsh pokemon wouldn’t hear. Luckily, Hydro didn’t manage to hear over the roaring winds.

“So what does it mean?” Crystal asked Psi.

“I can’t believe you guys don’t know what bihydrogen mono-oxide means!” Psi responded.

“Well, Hello!” Sky said to Psi. “We’re not all gearheads whose head’s size is double our body’s!”

“Watch who you’re calling a gearhead!” Psi replied hotly.

“Let’s stop the arguing! We whipped up this thingy to protect our ears so NO MORE NOISE!” Hydro commanded the two pokemon. “Now Psi, isn’t there a sinus cure for that word?”

Everybody: silence with faces of misunderstanding

“I think he means synonyms.” Blaze told the other pokemon.

“OK then, one of the synonyms for bihydrogen mono-oxide is...” The psychic pokemon said to the others.

“Yes?” Hydro asked.

“It is…” Psi dragged on.

“Yes?” Hydro asked with anticipation.

“I-” The emotion pokemon began to say.

“Oh, get on with it!” All the pokemon snapped.

“Ok, Ok,” Psi snapped back. “A synonym for bihydrogen mono-oxide is water.”

All the other pokemon: anime fall

“Why didn’t you just tell us that in the first place?” Hydro asked, getting pumped up.

“Warning guys, Hydro’s about to go into crazy mode.” Blaze told the other pokemon.

“You don’t know that!” Hydro said defensively. “ You should learn not to count your hatched Miltanks from Golduck eggs before they’re burned by a Walrein’s flamethrower!”

Everybody: silence again.

“I think he means don’t count your torchics before they’re hatched (Hydro is horrible with expressions).” Blaze told the others.

“That was so pathetic it wasn’t even funny!” Zephyr stated. “Can Walreins even use flamethrower?”

“I don’t know about that but I’m pretty sure you can’t hatch Miltanks from Golduck eggs.” Sky answered.

“OK already!” Hydro said impatiently. “Let’s hit our trainers with our masterpiece to save our ears!”

“Cool your jets Hydro, I got it!” Psi told the marsh pokemon as he pushed the waterspout right at the two trainers engulfing the two within the pillar of wind and water, snapping both of them out of their conversation and making them panic.

After five minutes or so, Blaze thought that they had punished their trainers enough for breaking their ears. “Ok Hydro, I think they’ve been punished enough, you can stop the tornado now.”

“How do I do that?” Hydro asked.

“This is going to be a loooong day.” Blaze stated while rolling his eyes.

Fifteen minutes later:

“Now for plan M!” Hydro called out to the other pokemon as they tried their thirteenth plan to stop the waterspout. “Um, what’s plan M?”

“Uh, Hydro, we’re actually on plan N.” Psi said. “Plan N is to have me use confusion on the waterspout-”

“Umm, I think we already tried that.” Hydro told the Ralts.

“-While having Zephyr and Sky use gust to spin it in the other direction.” The emotion pokemon finished.

“Ok then, do it!” Hydro commanded. Then the waterspout began to glow a light green color as Psi reversed the direction of it. The two flying-type pokemon flapped their wings to release a current of strong winds. Soon the waterspout began to shrink and disappear.

“Phew!” Blaze said after the funnel of wind and water completely disappeared.

“Oh no, May!” Crystal shouted. “Somebody do something!”

May was falling from twenty feet in the air at breakneck speed. Brendan, who had managed to grab onto a tree branch, quickly leapt into the air and came hurtling after May managing to grab her hand with his own while holding on to a branch ten feet before she hit the ground. A moment later, Brendan did a back flip through the air while still holding on to May, helping them both land on their feet.

“That was close!” May said as she searched through her bag for something.

“Ahem.” Brendan muttered as he stared at May. May however, did not show any sign of noticing it so Brendan repeated his actions.

This time, May looked up at Brendan. “I’m sorry, I didn’t bring any cough drops so keep your coughs to yourself. After all, it was your pokemon that caused the tornado and you should count yourself lucky that you’re not getting mercilessly beaten up!” May snarled at Brendan.

“Well, excuse me for saving you. FYI, you’re the only one who has a water pokemon and if you didn’t notice, we’re both soaking wet so I’m not completely responsible!” Brendan snarled back.

For a moment, it looked as if May was about to snap at the white-haired preteen but then she dropped it. “Can we please stop arguing?” She asked, getting a look of shock from the boy. “I’m so wet and tired, I just want some rest.”

“Fine.” Brendan answered.

“Now, guys?” May asked her pokemon in a menacing voice. “Come here for a second.”

“You too guys.” Brendan called out in a steely voice

“{Uh-oh,}” The marsh pokemon muttered. “{Time for Plan M-}”

“{-N}” Psi interrupted.

“{Whatever!}” Hydro barked sharply. “Plan N is…RUN! Or fly/crawl/levitate IN CIRCLES NOW!!”

“Why are we running in circles?” Sky asked.

“(Screeches to a stop) we’re running in circles?” Hydro asked.

All the pokemon: screeches to a stop and anime falls.

“I guess we should’ve expected that, with Hydro having a brain the size of a peanut. FYI Hydro, Plan C was to have Crystal wrap them up with string shot.” Blaze told the others.

Hydro: anime fall. “WHY DIDN”T YOU TELL ME THAT BEFORE!”

“So I could see what your disaster would turn out to be.” Blaze answered.

“Um guys, you might not have realized this but OUR TRAINERS ARE COMING!” Zephyr shouted.

“Chill Zeph, I got ‘em.” Sky told her fellow bird pokemon as she sent melodical sound waves at the trainers, sending them into a hundred year sleep (sorry, the last few words were written by Blaze, he’s somehow hyper today, probably by eating more sugar, they’re only asleep for a couple of hours).

The Next Day:

When the two trainers woke up in the grey morning (at the same time) they discovered an interesting scene: all of their pokemon were asleep and that a Lotad and a Seedot were going through their bags. The grass/water type was going through Brendan’s ruby-red bag while the Seedot was digging into May’s sapphire-blue one.

Before either trainer could react (and in May’s case she would throw a pissy fit) the Lotad and Seedot came out of the two bags, each having a pokeball on its head. Then, the Seedot tripped onto the Lotad, making both of the pokeballs fly into the air and capture the two pokemon.

Brendan and May: Blink Blink

“Okaaaaay, that was the weirdest way to capture a pokemon I have ever heard of.” Brendan commented as the trainers went over to tidy things up.

“True, but I got a Seedot out of it.” May replied in a calm voice, forgetting to throw her pissy fit.

“Yeah, you’re right, a Lotad is a cool pokemon.” Brendan agreed. “Let’s have breakfast then.”

“Typical boy behaviour.” May muttered loudly. “Can you guys think about anything but food?”

“Excuse me.” Brendan said politely, “but I did hear your stomach growl a few minutes ago. I can live off food longer than you think Birch Branch.” Making May give a sheepish chuckle.

Just when May and Brendan had started breakfast and were opening the marshmallow bag (I know, it’s not a real breakfast but you’re camping and almost out of food, you got to live with what you got) a man in neat green suit came out of a bunch of trees a few meters away screaming like a little girl.

“AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” The man screamed in a high-pitched little-girl voice. “AHHHHHHHH! AH! AH! AH! AHHHH- Hey! Marshmallows mmmmmn!’ The man then said in his regular not little girl-ish voice as he grabbed the bag from Brendan, who was didn’t notice because he was still thinking about how the man had screamed like a little girl, and ate every last marshmallow, leaving nothing for the two trainers. Then, as the man realized that he was off task, went back to screaming like a little girl (no, his task wasn’t to scream like a little girl, that’s what Hydro does in front of the mirror every day) although now that his mouth was filled with marshmallows, his scream became less little girl-ish.

“Hey, you over there!” A man in a blue-and-white sweater and pants with a blue bandana that had a white A written on it shouted to the man in green as he walked out of the bunch of trees he was in. “Hand over that package you have! We of Team Aqua need it so fork it over!”

“Ah!” Then man in green screamed as he hid behind Brendan. “Help me!”

“What? You’re going to protect him? Well then, go, Corphish and Poochyena!” The Team Aqua grunt called out as he challenged the two pre-teens to a double battle.

“Go-” But Before Brendan could release his pokemon, Aqua, his newly caught male Lotad popped out of his pokeball, getting ready to battle. “Er, Ok then let’s go Aqua! I’ll be able to see what you can do.

Meanwhile, the same thing happened to May as Leaf, her new Seedot, popped out of his pokeball. “Alright then Leaf, show ‘em what you got!” May said to her pokemon.

“New pokemon eh?” The Team Aqua grunt commented. “This‘ll be like taking candy from a baby!”

“Don’t count on that!” Brendan called at him.

“Oh really?” The Team Aqua grunt asked. “Corphish, bubble beam! Poochyena, bite!”

“Aqua, dodge by using tackle on Poochyena!” The white haired pre-teen called to his Lotad.

“Leaf, harden!” May commanded her pokemon. A moment later, the grass pokemon tightened its body, making the bubbles bounce right off while his partner slammed into the canine pokemon.

“Uh, fine then! Corphish, vice grip on the Lotad, Poochyena, quick attack on that Seedot!” The grunt told his two pokemon.

“Leaf, dodge Poochyena and then use harden to protect Aqua!” May said to her Seedot. The grass pokemon quickly dodged Poochyena’s quick attack, while moving quickly to defend his partner.

“Uhhh, fine then, Corphish, full power water gun!” The grunt commanded his pokemon. The ruffian pokemon quickly sent a strong jet of water at the two opposing pokemon.

“Aqua, block it with your own water gun!” Brendan told his pokemon. Soon the two jets of water met, each trying to push the other. A few moments later, Corphish’s water gun overpowered Aqua’s, sending the two pre-teen’s pokemon flying back.

“Corphish, vice grip on the Lotad! Poochyena, use tackle NOW!” The grunt screamed out to his pokemon, Corphish then quickly grabbed Aqua’s leaf with its left claw, throwing him into Leaf as Poochyena tackled into the two grass pokemon, scoring a direct hit! “Good, now Poochyena, while they’re still down, use bite! Corphish, follow closely behind Poochyena and be ready to use vice grip!”

“Quick Aqua, hit ‘em with your best water gun!” Brendan called out to his Lotad, who managed to get back on his feet. The grass/water type pokemon quickly shot a strong blast of water at the Poochyena, knocking it into Corphish and sending them flying back to the grunt’s side.

“Hmmm.” May said as she thoughtfully watched Leaf spin around in happiness. Then she quickly whispered something in Brendan’s ear, giving him a smirk on his face.

“Now, Aqua, jump onto Leaf and use water gun into the air without stopping!” Brendan told his pokemon.

“Now Leaf, spin around and around while using Bullet Seed continuously!” May called to her pokemon. Soon the spinning and the two attacks turned into two giant rings that surrounded Aqua and Leaf, a ring above of water with a ring of green grass energy below. “Leaf, spin in a straight line north-westward!” May quickly commanded as the two giant rings hit Corphish, slowly draining its health.

“Corphish, jump out of there while Poochyena, you use quick attack against Seedot!” The grunt told his pokemon. Corphish quickly jumped out of the way to as its partner tried to attack Leaf, only to be sent flying back to the other side with a serious loss in health.

“Yes!” May exclaimed. “Leaf stop your Bullet Seed but keep spinning and use Bide!”

“Aqua, use your own Bullet Seed to protect Leaf while he’s storing up energy!” Brendan told his Lotad. Aqua then shot out a stream of green energy seeds, creating a giant ring of grass energy just as Leaf did.

“Poochyena, tackle, Corphish bubble beam!” The grunt told his pokemon. When Poochyena tried to tackle, it was thrown backwards by Aqua’s Bullet Seed, who then got in the way of Corphish’s bubble beam, taking the attack and dropping onto the ground, knocked out. “Ahh!” The grunt screamed. “Fine, Poochyena, return. Now Corphish, use vice grip on Lotad!” The water type came in for Aqua with its right claw wide open, ready to attack, only to find itself flying back to the other side along with receiving critical damage.

“Leaf, stop spinning and unleash Bide against Corphish!” May told her pokemon. Leaf then ran towards Corphish with all its energy, leaving a white stream of light in its path. Corphish, after getting a double attack of Bide and Bullet Seed, collapsed on the ground and fainted!”

“AHH! No! How could two kids beat me? Fine, take your prize money, I’m outta here!” The grunt said as he ran away.

“Phew.” The man in green exclaimed as he wiped his head with his fancy silk shirtsleeve. “As my thanks, here are two great balls. Well, I better get back to Rustboro! Bye!” The man then walked northwards and out of sight.

“Well, at least we each got a great ball out of that!” May said happily. “Let’s keep going!”

“Fine Birch Branch.” Brendan responded.

Half an hour later:

May and Brendan were almost out of the Petalburg Woods when they heard a groaning noise from one of the bushes a few meters to the left of them.

“That doesn’t sound like something nice.” May stated.

Then a strange humanlike unpokemon-ish figure walked out of the bushes. It was covered with leaves and branches from lots of trees. It also had green hair and it was slowly walking towards the two trainers.

“AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!” May screamed. “It’s the ghost of the Petalburg woods and it’s coming to devour us. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!”

“May stop shou-” But a look of recognition showed on Brendan’s face. It was then replaced by a broad grin. “Let’s go Blaze, use double kick!” Blaze quickly launched two strong kicks at the figure the instance he was released, making the leaves fall off and revealing…

************************************************** **********************

Ah, finally done! This surpassed eight pages on MS word so it’s the longest one I’ll do for a while.

Hydro: See, I told you there was too much Hoennshipping! *Goes and throws up*

Oh be quiet, I hardly did anything!

Psi: Actually this chapter had 18,249 characters with spacing.

Whatever, Brendan and Wally’s battle will definitely be in the next chapter. I had too mush to type and this was already nine and a bit more pages. TTFN!

Hoenn Warrior
19th November 2005, 10:56 PM
Another good chapter celestial sea master. I suggest you put the romance much earlier in your story like in the next chapter after Brendan and Wally battle, not in the last chapter or second last. This way it could add on to a few new things in your fic like Brendan and May going out in Rustboro and Wally going out with what ever type of girl he can get. This could also add on to new traits to the characters like Brendan being extra careful with May when another guy tries to get her affection.

Black Murder Heavangelon
20th November 2005, 2:08 AM
Hey! nice fiction here, very humorous. There aren't much Hoennshipping stories that hold a twist of humor as well. i gotta hand it to ya, i'm impressed. have you ever considered of doing this in Fanfiction.net?

;330; ;373; ;015;

20th November 2005, 4:45 AM
great uhhh....... what ever you call it!

20th November 2005, 10:56 PM
Thanks for the comments guys! Hoenn Warrior, I'm making the whole Hoennshippy thing happen at the end because it would be too sudden for them to be a couple right now. They've only been together a few days and the hints are just of a little crush they have so far. I want it to be a little more intersting before they become a couple. If I finish this fic and do a sequel, then there will be Hoennshipping. I don't know about Wally getting a girl yet since he isn't my favorite character in pokemon (maybe you guys could tell when I made him blast off) but that will happen, just not right now. There will be more changes in a couple of chapters. I'll be willing to accept new characters as long as you don't give me Ash/Satoshi (grrrr, hate that guy). I probably will keep this here as I don't go on FF.net much, too many pokeshipping stories. Hey, do you guys know who the forest person is? I want to see if you guys can guess it. That's all, TTFN!

Hoenn Warrior
20th November 2005, 11:50 PM
I was thinkin of putting the Hoennshipping in the middle of the story like right after they get their 3rd, 4th, or 5th badge. And I can see you dont like Wally all that much. Here is a character that could be Wally's girlfriend later in the story and she can tag along with the group

Name: Sakura Blossom
Personality: A smart pokemon trainer that sticks up for her friends and people that she cares for a lot. Brave and a very sweet and kind girl.
Pokemon: Treecko, Swablu, and Dustox.
Home Town: Oldale Town
You can give the pokemon nicknames I have none to give them at the moment. She can come into the group right after she see the battle between Wally and Brendan and she takes a liking to Wally and vice versa.

Black Murder Heavangelon
21st November 2005, 12:23 AM
It's obviously Wally. Who else has green hair? *someone whispers into my ear* Say what? Who? *whisper* You mean that kid who.... *whipers*

Note to self: Blow up Drew

5th December 2005, 10:19 AM
HW I'll use your character (if it's OK with you) and put her in at the third badge or something. Right now I'm on the opposite side of the world from where I live taking a vacation to visit F&F so you guys might have to wait a while. the next chapter will be worth the wait though! Oh yeah and BMH, at the end I think you meant 'whispers' not 'whipers'.TTFN!

Hoenn Warrior
6th December 2005, 12:47 AM
Yes it ok with me that you use my character, but I hope I dont have to wait to long until I see her in action LOL. Jokina around. Well its cool that you want to use her in your story man. Well get back soon dying to read this story man.

2nd January 2006, 9:48 PM
I got back from my vacation two days ago and I'm working on my fic but since school starts tommorow there might be a little hold up (school sucks, we only get 9 days of break here). I'll try to get the next chapter up ASAP though. Anybody have any good ideas for Wally's pokemon (I plan on him having four, so it matches Brendan's amount)? Roxanne would be helpful too as I don't like giving the Gym Leaders the same pokemon as the games. TTFN!

Hoenn Warrior
5th January 2006, 4:10 AM
Its good to see that you got back from your vacation. Since Brendan has Combusken, Ralts, Taillow, and Lotad for his four Pokemon, Wally's four Pokemon could be his Grovyle which evolved when he was seperated from Brendan and May, his Ralts that he caught previously, a Surskit and a Murkrow. The Murkrow could be one of those rare Pokemon in the Peatlburg Woods. This could easily piss off Brendan. If they do battle in the next chapter it will sort of be an interesting battle because you will have 2 evolved starter Pokemon going at it to see who is the best, 2 Ralts which are Psychic Pokemon proving who is the better Psychic among them, 2 Flying Pokemon doing battle in the sky, AND which of the two water types is the stronger one.

6th January 2006, 1:11 AM
You could give Roxanne a graveler, geodude,and a sandshrew?

6th January 2006, 11:16 PM
Thanks for the PM Hoenn Warrior. I'll probably use your idea after I tweak a little bit of it. The chapter will probably be done by the weekend, if later next week. Sorry for the wait. TTFN!

8th January 2006, 9:42 PM
No notes for now, here’s the next chapter.

Hydro: and in this chapter I will evolve into swamper-

Hydro, be quiet or I’ll arrange a double Bullet Seed! Here’s the next chapter now (Hydro won’t evolve in this chapter):


************************************************** **********************


“Ha!” Brendan scoffed triumphantly.

“Are you trying to kill me metal brain (the whole Smith thing)?” Wally asked; his face screwed up in anger.

“Well duh!” Brendan casually replied. “I would’ve burned you but that would be something too violent for May so I didn’t do it!”

‘Well-” Wally began.

“You two better stop your argument and Brendan, I would murder you in your sleep if I wouldn’t be sued. Same with you Wally!” May screamed out angrily to the two boys. “So you two better stop arguing because if you do in my presence, I’ll make you two wish you were never born!” May added in a ferociously evil voice, leaving no doubt in both boys’ minds that she could do exactly as she stated. “Now MOVE IT!”

“May, ferocious Ursaring who wants to rip boys up and eat ‘em. Not much of a difference is there, eh?” Brendan asked Wally both forgetting about their rivalry.

“WHAT DID YOU SAY?” May asked, a couple of meter away.

“Nothing!” Brendan responded shakily.

“GOOD, THAT’S WHAT I THOUGHT YOU SAID!” May screamed at Brendan as she walked out of the woods. The two boys quickly followed her, keeping at least five meters away for safety. After a few minutes of walking, the trio approached a flower shop. May, at the sight of all those flowers in front of the shop, forgot all about her anger and rushed inside.

“This is perfect!” Wally exclaimed. “Let’s see who can the best flowers for May, we’ll then let her choose.”

“Deal, Walnut!” Brendan responded.

“For your extra humiliation, I’ll buy the ugliest flowers in the shop and then you can burn ‘em up a little. Besides May likes me waaaaaaaaay more than she does you so it won’t matter.” Wally told Brendan confidently.

“Deal.” Brendan told Wally. “Remember, you’re the one that did this so you can’t blame me.”

“Fine.” Wally answered impatiently. “Now let’s go!”


“I would like a bouquet of the best roses you have please.” Brendan told the saleslady as he and Wally went to purchase the flowers.

“Um, lady!” Wally said rudely. “I want the ugliest bouquet of flowers you got here!”

(Lady slaps Wally on the cheek really hard) “Don’t you ever call our flowers ugly!” She shouted, disturbing several customers from their shopping.

“Uhhh,” Wally groaned as he dropped to the floor, still in pain from the slap.

“Oooooooh!” May exclaimed quite excited from what happened. “How do you do that?” In the blink of an eye, May turned around and slapped Brendan, who had just put his roses away, hard on his cheek.

“Wha-?” Brendan began.

“Follow along and I’ll make it worth your while.” May muttered under her breath to the white-haired boy. “I have a chance of learning the ancient skill of boy-torturing and killing so you’re not messing it up!”


After half an hour (and many more slaps for Brendan since Wally got knocked out cold by the first one), the three trainers walked out of the flower shop and over a bridge, Rustboro city was just a couple minutes away.

“May.” Brendan called from behind her (the boys were at the back) as they slowly crossed the bridge.

“Brendan, I know I said I would make it worth your while at the flower shop but guess what? I lied!” May responded without turning back. Then she tossed a red-and-white ball behind her, releasing Hydro. “Water gun.” The girl commanded.

“{Got it! You’re the boss… or bosttess, if that’s a word.}” Hydro said as he fired a strong jet of water at the tow boys.

“Never underestimate the power of the feminine side, pigs!” May told the others behind her as she walked off the bridge. After a few steps, May saw a figure in the trees that she could recognize quite easily. “Brendan! What are you doing here? You’re supposed to be soaking wet and holding on to the bridge for your life!”

“Ahh May.” Brendan said in a wise guy voice. “I, unlike Walnut over there, know you better than that. I can do a flip in mid-air faster than you could throw out your pokeball. A wise man once said: ‘never trust a female brunette with a professor for a dad and a horrible flaming temper, for if you do, life will be chaotic.”

“Who said that?” May asked angrily.

“Who else? I did!” The white haired teen answered.

“Since when were you wise?” May asked again, building up her anger to erupt.

“Since I was born.” Brendan answered thoughtlessly. “Besides, you should thank me, I saved you from being arrested for murder.

“Riiiiiiiiiiiight.” May replied sarcastically. “Besides, I could still be sued for killing Wally over there once he falls in and drowns.”

“You’re right, but I don’t care about Walnut at all so it’s no my problem if you get sued.” Brendan responded from the treetops.

“Sooooooo,” May replied with a smirk on her face. “I might as well make it a two for one deal! Hydro, full power tackle against that tree!” Hydro than ran at the tree and tackled into it, causing the tree to shake

“Wooooah” Brendan said as he fell off the tree he was just about to die when, a couple meters above the ground, he caught hold of a branch.

“Can’t you just die, Brendork?” May asked in frustration.

“Nope,” Brendan answered as he carefully jumped off the tree, “besides, how would I be able to prove that you can’t kill me if I died?”

“Oh yeah?” May asked. “Try this!” In the blink of an eye, May had ran at Brendan and launched a super-fast barrage of human mega punches (really strong punches by a human). This however, failed, as Brendan was able to block every punch she had thrown. May soon gave up her attack as she ran out of energy.

“Nice try May,” Brendan told her as she took deep breaths to recover energy. He wasn’t even tired at all. “You punches were quite fast, I almost failed to block them all bu-” At that moment May had ran at Brendan again and slapped him hard on the cheek.

“Who are you and what did you do with Brendan?” May asked.

“Ha-ha May,” the white-haired boy replied sarcastically. “I said that your punches were fast yadda yadda yaddda but I didn’t get hit by them so you’re still a sucker.”

“You are so…” May growled as she clenched her hand into a fist.

“Wait, I’m not done.” Brendan said.

“WELL HURRY UP!” May screamed.

“Since you almost managed to hit me I still call that impressive,” the white haired pre-teen told his traveling companion as he took out a bouquet of red roses into her hands. This shocked May so much that she forgot to be angry with him.

“Bren…I…this…you…” May stuttered as her cheeks turned to a bright poppy red.

“{Brendan and May sitting in a tree, O-P-Q-R-X-Y-B!}” Hydro sang out loud.

“O-P-Q-R-X-Y-B?” Blaze asked doubtfully as he popped out of his pokeball and Brendan’s bag (the pokeball was in the bag).

“It’s K-I-S-“ Sky began as she popped out of May’s but was quickly returned to her pokeball by a very red May.

Meanwhile, Wally had finally gotten back on the bridge and ran all the way off it right to May. “May,” he said as he took out a bouquet of ugly, burnt flowers. “I got you these.”

“Well… that’s um” May replied, not wanting to be rude. She then saw Rustboro City and told the two boys: “Hey! It’s Rustboro! I gotta go to the pokemon center to book a room, bye!” May then ran at Rustboro at full speed, leaving a dust trail and the two boys behind.

“Hah, sucker!” Brendan said to Wally. “Looks like I win!”

“Well, let’s see if you can beat me in a battle!” Wally replied.

“Fine, but once you lose, don’t blame anyone but yourself!” Brendan responded.

“Three on Three, in the result of a tiefor any of the match-ups, I win, if you’re so sure I’m going to lose.” Wally told Brendan.

“Fine!” Brendan called back.

“Then let’s begin. I’ll start,” Wally commented as he threw a pokeball. “Psyduck, I choose you!”

“A water type eh? No trouble, go Aqua!” Brendan shouted as a Lotad formed out of the red-and-white ball he threw out. “Aqua use Bullet Seed!”

“Psyduck dodge and then use scratch!” Wally countered. The duck pokemon then ran out of the way and jumped into the air, the coming back down with a strong scratch. “Good Psyduck, now use Fury Swipe!” the green-haired boy told his water pokemon. Psyduck then started a quick barrage of fury swipes, making his opponent unable to do anything. Then, with a final swipe, Psyduck sent Aqua flying back to Brendan’s side.

“Aqua!” Brendan shouted.

“Now Psyduck, tackle!” Wally commanded, sending Aqua into the air. “Now use confusion!” Aqua was now trapped in the air, losing more and more health each second. “Throw him against that tree!” Wally told his pokemon. Aqua was then thrown against the exact tree that Brendan had fallen from earlier. Nearly knocking him out.

“Aqua, can you get up?” Brendan asked his pokemon.

“{I think so,}” The Lotad answered.

“Good,” Brendan said. “Now go and Bullet Seed!” The grass and water pokemon then launched a quick and powerful string of energy seeds, hitting the other pokemon hard. Then, without instructions, Aqua began to glow with a green aura as it prepared its Absorb attack. A moment later, Psyduck began glowing with a green aura just like Aqua. Then, all the light left Psyduck’s body in orbs, taking his energy along with them as the traveled to Lotad, who absorbed it gladly.

“Nice Aqua, you learned the Absorb move!” Brendan exclaimed as he raised a triumphant fist into the air.

“You’re not the only one with tricks up his sleeve.” Wally smirked. “Psyduck, Surf!”

“WHAT?” Brendan asked in rage, “how could a beginner do that?”

“My dad is an expert in the making of HMs or Hidden Machines.” Wally answered. Then a big wave of water rose from the river under the bridge, it then lunged at Aqua but before the wave could hit, Aqua released razor-sharp leaves from the top of his head, weakening the wave slightly. This however, wasn’t enough to destroy the wave. A moment later; Aqua had been hit by the wave, nearly knocking it out.

“Aqua launch a barrage of Razor Leaves and combine it with Bullet Seed!’ Brendan told his Lotad. The water-and-grass pokemon then shot out a stream of razor-sharp leaves at the duck pokemon from the top of his head while firing a string of green energy seeds.

“Psyduck, dodge it!” Wally told his pokemon, but it was too late, Psyduck was hit by the grass attacks, sending it into the critical zone. “Psyduck, get up and use Surf again!” The duck quickly focused all his energy into the attack, summoning up a big water wave that charged at the Lotad.

“Aqua, push off the ground with water gun, then jump onto the wave!” Brendan commanded. The pokemon then pushed himself high into the air with a strong jet of water. Then Aqua did a quick backflip through mid-air, landing on the wave of water. When the Surf attack was directly above Psyduck, Brendan directed his pokemon to use a strait downward razor leaf, breaking through the wave of water, shattering water everywhere. The leaves then cut at Psyduck with their sharp edges, knocking him out.

“No! Psyduck!” Wally shouted. “Return then. Go, Murkrow!”

“WHAT! How could you have a Psyduck and a Murkrow, they both aren’t Hoenn pokemon!” Brendan asked.

“Simple, I got Psyduck from an uncle and I must thank you because I found Murkrow only after I got blasted off!” Wally told Brendan with a big fat smirk on his face. “Now Murkrow, use Double team!” A moment later, a whole bunch of Murkrows appeared.

“Aqua, use water gun at one of the Murkrows!” Brendan shouted out to his pokemon. Unfortunately for Brendan (and Aqua), the water gun had hit a fake.

“Ha! My turn, Murkrow, use Faint attack!” Wally said to his dark type. In a flash, Murkrow had faded away into thin air. “Now, creep up behind that Lotad and full power Wing Attack!” Before Brendan or Aqua could react, Murkrow had sneaked up behind the grass/water pokemon and hit him strait on with a wing attack, knocking the poor Lotad out.

“Return.” Brendan called out as he returned his fainted pokemon, “you did good Aqua, get some rest. Now, Go Zephyr!”

“So now it’s a aerial battle,” Wally said as both bird pokemon took to the skies.

************************************************** **********************

This isn’t my best work but it’s what I got. Sorry for the shortness compared to the last chapter.

Aqua: You made me get KO-ed in one turn!

Hydro: Hey, it’s my job to criticize!

Aqua: Well, now I’m taking over!

Hydro: No you aren’t * does water gun *!

Aqua: Yes I am * does razor leaf *


Stop it guys, the award for stupidest water pokemon isn’t till next month!

Aqua: Stupidest, water pokemon? I thought this contest was to see who could beat up Hydro the most * walks away *.

* Sigh * Whatever. TTFN!

9th January 2006, 2:55 AM
That was hilarous!
I loved it!

Hoenn Warrior
9th January 2006, 3:28 AM
YES! YES! YES! Im glad that you used my idea for your battle. I especially liked the shocked look Brendan had when Wally had Psyduck and Murkrow on his roster of Pokemon and when Wally made Psyduck use Surf attack. I cant wait to see the ending of the battle between Wally and Brendan and if you did stick with what I told you a certain some one is going to lose. The chapter was very funny.

9th January 2006, 11:41 PM
Thanks for the PM and your idea. Sorry for not giving you credit. Anyway, the two new pokemon were HW's idea (I changed it around a bit). I'm not sure about putting Wally in the fic for that long (he'll probably be kicked out before the GYM battle), that's the one thing I don't really want to change. HW, thanks for your idea on Roxanne's team and the evo part. I will use these ideas with a little tweaking. TTFN (means "ta ta for now")!

10th January 2006, 2:08 AM
It appears that your trying to differentiate from the game but some of the changes it seems you just threw in.Like the 10 pokemon? Seems kiinda thrown in there just so noone could say that your copying the game word for word. And when you named the Torchic Blaze i was tempted to bash my head into my desk. Blaze has gone from being a classic name to horribly overused. Try a little more originality. Youre not stuck in the storyline of the games but you should try to branch off in your own direction before youre trapped. You might wanna consider leaving the game storyline completely.

10th January 2006, 2:23 AM
this wasn't half bad although i really don't understand how May could have done all those things. knock breandan out in the other chapters, mega fast punches? besides i thought brendan could dodge everything and how did may do all that if she hasn't even done any training in her life like martial arts or somethhing. but anyways good chapter kind of short though but it depends on the quality not the length anyways. *realizes people are watching what hes typing jumps up and smacks person in face*


Ha! you.......you...uh......you!........uh......god*** *...you..person!

10th January 2006, 2:40 AM
Advancedblazeashmaymistyp (ow, my fingres still hurt from typing that): May is somebody you really don't want to provoke in my fic, she has a nice side and an evil side. Basically, no boy can ever get on her good side. If you don't provoke her, she's nice, if you do, prepare to die. That's all, besides, right now she hates Brendan so much that her fury can sometimes overwhelm her (like a female hulk) she can get pretty strong if you get her angry and that's quite easy to do. TTFN!

10th January 2006, 4:57 AM
*sweatdrops* *glances around nervously looking for any signs of PMS'd May* uh yeah i no my name i hard to type but i can't really think of anything else at the moment *sweatdrops* besides my exams are tommorow so yeah..... I really don't think you should make Breandan and May couples too early because stories where the relationship slowly develops always seem better than ones that are 2 quick dunno i like em better that way. but if you do make it this story don't make it after the 3rd badge because thats kind of soon the least after the 5th gym battleor maybe 6th, 7th or eitght but then again after the elite four but then on the other hand

ALRIGHT! WE get it!

*sweatdrops* so uh yeah.............*Sees that someone once again is looking at wht i'm tying jumps up from and chair and smacks the person upside down the head insisde out*


*Gulp as i realize its may*

you bast***

*uppercuts me through the roof*

P.S. *holding comp while flying through the air from mays blow* I thought brendan was the one who gets mad easily?wht happens when brandan gets mad?

Hoenn Warrior
11th January 2006, 1:05 AM
Its cool that you didnt give me credit, JUST DONT FORGET NEXT TIME. LOL
And kicking Wally out before the Gym Battle is cool. He seems to be a minor annoying character if you didnt have any thing better for him besides to annoy Brendan and chase away May. And its true that May sorta has a PMS issue going on for her

11th January 2006, 6:34 PM
Manyula: The ten pokemon means trainers are allowed to carry up to ten pokemon but only allowed to use a maximum of six pokemon in a battle versus a trainer/gym leader. Since I'm not going to make Brendan and May have more than ten pokemon, I just allowed them to carry ten for more variety. The name Blaze was just something I thought of immediately, Inferno and Flame wouldn't work well for me and my Blaziken in the games have always been called Blaze. I just like the name.
Advance (I'm too lazy to type your whole name): If Brendan gets really angry (which hasn't happened yet) it will be clash of the titans (later in the story, I mean that literally). As a hint for the next two or so chapters here's an interesting little tidbit:

When the time comes again, three evils shall rise,
Three titans shall wake, three elements shall clash,
Three orbs, three crystals, three gems they shall need,
Earth, Sea, and Sky, the elements three.


P.S: I just find it more fun if May's a tomboy.

14th January 2006, 3:04 AM
This is pretty interesting. You may think I am weird, but I hope you have Brenden and May face up against the Team Magma leader Maxie. I'd like to see what kind of situation you would get them in.

17th January 2006, 11:39 PM
I will have B&M face Maxie but that will be later. I can't have them face the leader of an evil organization at the beginning. I am done a quarter of it so I can have it up in a couple of days. TTFN!
P.S: If anybody noticed, I have changed the Brendan V.S Wally match to a three on three.

24th January 2006, 12:55 AM
You have? Cool, I wonder what other Pokemon Wally has?;196;

4th February 2006, 9:43 PM
The last match up will be starter V.S starter. I've been thinking about a new pokemon for May for a while. I was going to give her a Skitty but I thought it would be too boring as she already has a Skitty in the Anime. Does anybody have any suggestions? TTFN!

Hoenn Warrior
5th February 2006, 5:31 PM
She could still capture the Skitty since you said that trainers are able to carry more Pokemon with them, but if you decided not to let May capture Skitty she can capture a Whismur instead. Like Skitty it can learn Blizzard and a variety of other moves and has 2 evolutions. It would be interesting to see May get Skitty and get it to evolve into Delcatty in the Hoenn region since she ends up going to Kanto to compete in the Pokemon Contests over there.

5th February 2006, 9:01 PM
This fanfic reminds me of another one I was planning to write.

One question, could you use grammar and spell check on Microsoft Word? It will help you correct anything that is missing. On top of that, the Pokémon should say their names or animal sounds. It sounds more original. How can Brendan and May understand what they say if they can't speak their language? You only use { word } or < word > if a person, creature, or Pokémon is using telepathy. Those brackets were used in the Animorph book series when the characters had morphed into animals. It was used as telepathy so that they could communicate with one another while they were morphed into animals/aliens.

EDIT: You also need to STOP double-posting to your thread. It's weird that a Mod hasn't seen you bumping your threads. Just wait awhile. You don't need to freak out if no one is replying to your thread constantly. We all have our own personal lives, and we're not always on the forums. Just wait awhile. Soon enough, someone will reply to it. Subscribe to your fanfic's thread so that an email is sent everytime someone has replied to your thread.

5th February 2006, 9:48 PM
Sorry ND, I did that because I was still a newbie back then and didn't understand the rules very well. Now I have read the rules like ten times now and I understand what shouldn't be done. Actually, now a lot of people use that idea now so I wanted to make it a little more interesting. As for the trainers understanding their pokemon, I don't really have and explanation for that, i didn't know how to do it otherwise, now that there's like, eleven chapters, I think it's a little late to change it. TTFN!

6th February 2006, 12:09 AM
Your fic seems very much like Breezy's. And please,please,put more description. It would more interesting if it had more description,it'll make it easier to read, and relate.
If you are planning to do Hoenshipping or something like that, like it a bit different, it gets a bit boring early in the game or fic.
Not that you have to follow my advice.

I am a bad fanfic writer...okay....I had improved my last story. ^_^ It's so bad, I stunk to high heaven! And I'm proud of it! Believe me!
But so far it is Okie dokes.
Luck luck to you! ^_^

Hoenn Warrior
6th February 2006, 2:05 AM
Hey lots of fan fic's have Pokemon talking and the Trainer able to understand what they say. To me I think its the bond the trainer has with the Pokemon or something like that. And it kinda adds more excitment to the entire story. Like in the anime we dont know what the other Pokemon are saying unless they show us or make some kind of example or gesture. This was makes it much easier and the Pokemon are able to add more to the story.

6th February 2006, 5:32 AM
No double posting, Hoenn Warrior. Use the 'edit' button to delete it all.

Oh, and I was just reading through and skimed a bit, so I might have not noticed the little details that you have put in. More details is all I can say. And a reason to read the next chapter too... Yeah, you need a cliff hanger.

12th February 2006, 3:36 AM
Cliffhangers are my fav, and a good story has the right amount, so put plenty of them in!

12th February 2006, 9:48 AM
"Just one more time, K?” Brendan told it. “You’re already at Lv. 13 and this battle will make you Lv. 14. Then we’ll go to the PKM Centre and you can rest. Now use ember!

Levels sholuldn't be included in a fanfic. Try and give your own description of the characters instead of 'he looked like the boy you play in R/S'. Be creative. That's what fiction is about.

All in all, it's alright for a fanfic. Try and make up your own adventure, not just what happens in the game.

15th February 2006, 12:43 AM
That's one of the most fun parts of writing a fic based on a game,making up some great adventures on the side is a must!

2nd March 2006, 9:45 PM
once again this thread (Like many others) has been dead for like 25 days. where is everybody did they like die. another maybe 7-10 days like this and this thread would have been closed. i think. anyways i no u must be taking ur time righting the next stroy, riiiiiight? so whens it coming out... oops. sry forget i asked tht. crap i just spammed. don't murder me! 0_0

Edit: wht's up with all the badges underneath the names

4th March 2006, 3:26 AM
I'm workong on the next chapter but I'm omly allowed on Fridays and Weekends now. I've decided that, after many complaints, B&M will only have a maximum limit of eight pokemon. I barely have time for it now, too much Math work, I will try to hurry it up. Thanks for all your help guys! TTFN!

11th March 2006, 4:10 AM
The long-awaited Chapter 12, it's finally here! I don’t know if this counts as a spoiler, but in my story, Snorunt and Glalie count as ice/rock combination types. With no other delays here’s the next chapter:


************************************************** **********************

As their trainers threw cold stares at each other, the two birds had risen into the sky. “Murkrow, Double Team!” Wally commanded his pokemon. The flying pokemon then spread its wings out and formed a dozen fakes.

“That the best you got Walnut?” Brendan asked. “Zephyr, use gust to blow them all away!” The taillow quickly sent out a strong blast of wind, hitting all the fakes along with the real Murkrow, weakening it. “Zephyr, now go and use quick attack!”

“Counter now with Faint Attack!” Wally commanded. The dark and flying type pokemon then faded into darkness, preparing to smash into his opponent.

“Zeph (short name for Zephyr), focus. When Murkrow reappears, be ready to strike!”” Brendan called out to his Taillow. The tiny swallow pokemon calmly closed his eyes and hovered in mid-air, listening for any sounds or movements. Suddenly, without orders, Zephyr raised one of his now-glowing wings, then, with one swift movement, the pokemon slammed into what seemed like nothing with his with. In reality, Murkrow had snuck up behind the normal type and was just about to slam into him when the Wing Attack struck it. The attack had caught Murkrow off guard and now it was falling out of the sky from a height of at least two meters. “Perfect! Now fly down and slam into Murkrow with your strongest quick attack!” the white haired pre-teen told his bird. A second later, Zephyr and struck his opponent with a strong quick attack. Sending the crow smashing into the ground and delivering a lot of damage.

“I’m not out yet!” Wally called out. “Murkrow, use wing attack!”

“You think that’ll work?” Brendan asked. “Zeph, use your own wing attack!” The two pokemon quickly rushed at each other, making it a head-on collision. Both pokemon were sent back by the impact of the collision.

“This is getting annoying!” Wally growled. “Murkrow use our last resort, Double Edge!” Before Brendan or Zeph could react, Murkrow’s dark shape had glowed a golden yellow as the bird smashed into the other one, nearly knocking it out.

“Double Edge?” Brendan asked in fury. “How could your Murkrow have done that?”

“Simple,” Wally replied with a creepy grin on his face. “When I found this Murkrow and tried to capture it, it used Double Edge and nearly knocked my Ralts out. “Now, one more Double Edge and your Taillow’s finished!”

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you.” Brendan told Wally. “Double Edge is extremely powerful but also hurts the user; and if you didn’t notice, Murkrow is about half dead.”

It was only then that Wally had realized the down side of Double Edge, his dark/flying type pokemon looked like it was going to faint at any second. “Murkrow,” the pre-teen commanded, he didn’t show any sympathy at all, and his eyes glinted with a hint of steel. “Use Double Edge!”

“It’s your choice.” Brendan remarked. “I might as well put your pokemon out of its misery. Zephyr, go and use a final Wing Attack!” At that second Murkrow had focused its remaining energy and launched a Double Edge. Zephyrs also raised one of its wings for a wing attack. The two attacks collided and successfully hit their mark as both of the bird pokemon fell to the ground and fainted.

“Return, “ Wally called out robotically, then he threw out another pokeball into the air and shouted, this time with a lot of expression, “go, Treecko!” As soon as the wood gecko pokemon popped out, it began to glow a silvery white just like Blaze and Hydro did before. A few seconds later, the small grass pokemon was replaced by a lizard pokemon with leaves on the top of his head and his arms. “Yes!” Wally exclaimed, “way to go Treecko! You evolved into Grovyle!”

“{Yeah,}” the pokemon responded calmly. “ {Let’s get this party started!}”

“Why not?” Brendan replied, “Blaze, you’re up! Start off with ember!”

“{Got it,}” The Combusken told his trainer. Then he quickly shot a blast of tiny fireballs, which caught Grovyle off guard and scored a direct hit.

“Take that!” Brendan smirked.

“How about this?” Wally asked. “Grovyle, pound!” The wood gecko then rushed at his opponent, about to slam him with the leaf on the top of his head/

“Blaze, dodge and then use Double Kick!” Brendan called out. The young fowl quickly leapt out of the way and launched two strong kicks, which missed the other pokemon by a hair.

“Ha!” The other boy called out. “Grovyle, use Fury cutter!” The leaves on the wood gecko’s arms began dimly glowing a greenish-yellow. Then the grass pokemon slashed the other one, landing a weak hit.

“That the best you got?” The white haired teen called back. “Blaze, quick attack to get close and then launch a barrage of pecks!”

“Grovyle, Bullet Seed!” Wally retaliated. The seeds hit Blaze head on, but they weren’t enough to stop the attack. A second later, the Combusken rammed into Grovyle and began and assault of pecks. Sending the lizard pokemon flying several. “Grovyle, get back up and launch a strong row of Bullet Seeds! Grovyle then raised its head a couple of centimetres above the ground and fired a barrage of green energy seeds.

‘Blaze, counter that with ember,” Brendan told his pokemon. The fire pokemon obeyed and shot out a barrage of embers that, after a second of duelling with the Grovyle’s Bullet Seed, pushed the attack back and scored a critical hit on the wood gecko, sending him into the red zone and leaving him with an intense burn.

“Grovyle, if we’re going down then let’s pull them down with us! Go and use Fury Cutter again.” The leaves on the grass pokemon’s arms glowed a brighter color this time as the grass pokemon swung its arms and scored a hit on the fire pokemon, this time dealing a little more damage. “Quick Grovyle,” Wally commanded, “use another Fury Cutter!” This time the leaves were glowing even brighter as the pokemon used it’s third Fury cutter, this one dealing a considerably amount of damage. “One more Fury Cutter Govyle, go!” The leaves this time glowed an intense yellow-green as the green reptile came in for the hit.

“Blaze, retaliate with full power ember!” Brendan commanded his pokemon. Then Combusken then shot out not a barrage of red-orange darts of fire, but rather a large blast of brilliantly blue-white fireballs. Blasting the grass pokemon all the way to the other side; scorched black and knocked out.

“No!” Wally cried out as he returned his pokemon back to its pokeball. “How could this happen?”

“It happened because I’m a better trainer than you are and that I had a type advantage,” the other boy answered tartly. “Now hand over half of your money!”

“Fine,” The green-haired teenager replied as he reluctantly handed over a pile of green bills. “I’ll get you next time!” Then the boy rushed into Rustboro City, leaving Brendan alone.

Brendan quickly stuffed the prize money and entered the lively city of Rustboro. The pre-teen had just come out of the pokemon centre and was just about to enter the Rustboro Pokemart when he felt something warm and hard collide with his jawbone, catching him off guard and sending him flying onto the cold pavement a few feet away.

“Ha!” Brendan’s attacker exclaimed as she rose a fist into the air. “Now Brendork, how that for ya!” May Birch then bent down and dragged her companion by the ear. “Serves you right for making me wait that long. I want to go challenge Roxanne for the Stone Badge before the sun sets, it’s nearly five!”

“Why didn’t you go get it yourself while I was facing Walnut?” Brendan asked.

“Because I want you to be my guinea pig to see which pokemon Roxanne has!” The brunette answered. By now the two trainers had reached the Rustboro Gym.

“Well, what are we waiting for?” The boy asked the girl, who was standing there looking like she was trying to calculate something.

“Wait, I’m thinking of a strategy!” The other trainer answered hotly. “Let’s see here, Roxanne uses rock type so I think Leaf and Hydro will be helpful. Ok, Brendork, let’s go in!” When the trainers entered, what they saw was a large battlefield covered with sand. There were also a lot of large boulders every few meters or so. At the end of each end there was a platform with no sand or dust on it.

“Clever idea,” Brendan commented. “Especially the sand.”

“What do ya mean by that?” May asked rudely.

“See here, rock types have a weakness to water, yet the sand can be used as a shield against water attacks since sand absorbs water. I think the rocks would be like decoys since rock pokemon often look similar to rocks.” Her companion told the hot-headed brunette.

“Very interesting observations,” a voice said from the shadows, a young woman no more than twenty or so years old walked out of the shadows. She has two long brown ponytails, one hanging at each side of her head. She was wearing a long navy shirt and a dress of the same colour. “Welcome to the Rustboro Gym, I am Roxanne, the leader of this gym. I see that you two are here to challenge my Gym in hopes of winning the Hoenn League official Stone Badge. All right then, I accept your challenge on one condition. Since you both wish to win a Stone Badge, why don’t we have a double battle with me using three pokemon and between the two of you, you two can decide who uses two pokemon and who uses one.” Before Brendan and May could protest, Roxanne threw out two pokeballs, an Aron popping out of one and a Snorunt popping out of the other (remember at the beginning I said that in my fics Snorunts and Glalies are ice/rock types).

“Tough choice,” Brendan remarked. “Well then, let’s go Psi!” The young trainer then threw out a red and white ball into the air and calling out his psychic-type pokemon.

“WHAT?!!” May screamed. “We’re working together on this one, why didn’t you send out Blaze, he would’ve been a lot more help!”

“Well, I didn’t, Blaze would’ve been at a disadvantage on the field we’re battling on, considering he’s slowed down in sand.”

“Fine, but if we lose, I get to blame it on you!” The brunette replied. “Go Crystal” This time, instead of releasing a dull Silcoon, May released an elegant Beautifly.

“When d’you get Crys to evolve?” The white-haired trainer asked.

“When you and Walnut were fighting!” His companion answered.

“Hmm”, Roxanne smirked. “ A bug/flying type and a psychic type pokemon, this ought to be fast.”

“We’ll see about that Roxanne.” May remarked. “Go Crystal, start with a strong Gust to blow the sand around so it forms a veil around Aron and Snorunt!” The butterfly pokemon quickly conjured up a strong wind, blocking herself and her teammate from view.

“Psi, send a confusion attack through the sand veil!” Brendan commanded. The psychic pokemon focused and sent a strong wave of psychic energy at the opposing pokemon.

“{Wait,}” The psionic pokemon told his trainer after a second or two. “{I didn’t feel my attack hit anything.}”

“What?” The male trainer asked, “how?”

The psychic pokemon took a deep breath and explained. “{I am a psychic pokemon, I can feel if my attacks have hit anything and it seems to me that my attack missed.}”

“But how is that possible?” The pre-teen asked.

“This time it was Roxanne who answered, “Perhaps you two have heard of the pokemon move “Dig”, it allows a pokemon who knows how to dig to dig a hole and use it to escape certain other moves. Now, Snorunt, use icy wind!” A moment later, the ice and rock pokemon sent a blast of cold air at the other two pokmon weakening and slowing them down.”

“This isn’t good.” May said as Psi and Crystal tried to get up. “We won’t stand
against Roxanne for too long like this.”

“Precisely”, The gym leader told the two. “Which is exactly why I’m having Aron metal claw against you guys.”

Before the two trainers even had a chance to react Aron charged at the pokemon and swiped his steel hard claws at them sending Crystal and Psi flying in different directions and landing on two large boulders.

“Aron, Snorunt, both of you use Rock throw!” Roxanne commanded her pokemon. The two rock types then quickly gathered a bunch of small rocks and hurled them at the other pokemon.

“This is bad,” May remarked. “If those rocks hit, it’s over!”

************************************************** **********************

Well there you go, you guys wanted more cliffhangers.

Hydro: “How is that a cliffhanger, no one’s hanging from a cliff!”

Well, would you like to hang form a cliff?

Hydro: “No, I want to be on Pluto where there’s no oxygen so I can’t breathe.”

Ok then * mega kicks Hydro into Pluto where he can’t breathe *

Leaf: “Do you think he’ll notice?”

Blaze: “Nah, Hydro too stupid, he doesn’t even know what his name is.”

Leaf: “He doesn’t?”

Blaze: “He just pretends to, he actually has a stunt double, or actually, it’s just his double. Hydro has an IQ of negative 400milion”

Psi: “Actually it’s negative 400,000,000.56382034956492610172390475966452321325 ”

Blaze: “What the Poke-computer said.”

Leaf: “Is that even possible?”

Psi: “Hydro’s the only one who managed it.”


P.S I already started the next chapter since I've had this finished since last week and had to wait until this week to post it so the next chappy will come sooner.

P.P.S: Since I'm limiting the maximum amount of pokemon B&M can have, any suggestions are appreciated.

11th March 2006, 6:55 AM
trapinch trapinch trapinch trapinch! *starts panting* sry lost cntrl there well brendan should have a TRAPINVH! *starts running around screaming Trapinch until neighbors get annoyed and throw stone at me* OW! wht was that for! well anyhow may could get a toarkal since she a firehead and it suits her personality well. and let me think besides trapinch brendan could have um.....maybe a aron? oh and btw good chapter kinda short but still good work wow mays gettin better i'm still waiting for when brendan gets mad and see wht happens. make it when brendans mad mass chaos!

The Doctor
12th March 2006, 2:31 PM
Well, I'm impressed. When I first read this, I wasn't impressed. Now you've improved greatly. And Advancedblazeashmaymistyp (Look! I typed it out in full!), who should get a Torkoal? May or Courtney (one of the Team Magma Admins)?

Anyway, give May a Skitty. It fits her so well plus, in case you forgot, it can learn a LOT of cool moves. Ice Beam, for example.

12th March 2006, 4:37 PM
I was thinking of giving May an Arcanine instead of a Torkoal. Thanks for you ideas. I was also thinking of giving Brendan a Scizor, I'm not sure about Trapinch, it doesn't seem like a solid pokemon. That's all for now, TTFN!

Hoenn Warrior
12th March 2006, 9:30 PM
Another great chapter. Poor Wally had to fork over half his money. Poor guy picked the wrong trainer despite his new and surprising Pokemon and Moves that went along with the (Psyduck with surf and Murkrow with Double Edge)
Hope he doesnt become some cruel trainer that doesn't care for his Pokemon. During the battle he seemed a bit hungry to draw blood from Brendan and to win over May's heart. With the gym battle hope to see Brendan and May cooperate long enough to get through the battle wit Roxanne for their first badge.

16th March 2006, 12:19 AM
trapinch is a pretty solid pokemon besides Brendan needs a pokemon he can climb onto its back to fly! idk y but it just seems to fit and trapinch is a pretty sturdy pokemon except more offense than deffense kinda like his combusken, but hey who says u can't have more than 1 offesnive pokemon?

1st April 2006, 1:56 AM
Na, Trapinch isn't my idea of a good pokemon, besides Brendan already has Zeph as a flying pokemon and I don't like any of the Trapinch line. With school and everything I haven't had the time to type anything but I can try. All I can say is that the next chapter might take a while. What are your ideas for their entire team? Advance, I'm not putting Trapinch in, OK? TTFN!
P.S: Hoenn Warrior, congrats for posting the 100th post. We made it past the 100th post point! *Throws confetti all over the place*

Hoenn Warrior
2nd April 2006, 1:12 AM
Yes it does feel so good to post the 100th post. If you need any ideas on the next chapter just tell me. Im hoping that Brendan and May can turn around the battle and defeat Roxanne. You should also keep Wally in the story, he makes pretty good competition for Brendan. Hope to see him and May battle.

3rd April 2006, 9:40 PM
Fine! NO trapinch but still you should get May and Bendan atleast a large flying type like altaria, flygon, salamence, tropius u no so they can fly by riding on them i no tht sounds really corny but hey Mays got Altaria to ride on while Brendan has erm...... a swellow to carry him for miles and milses idk it just works if u have a big flying pokemon, but anyways. heres the team sug. for Brendan since may's team is really good right now.

Swellow, salamence(<<<this 1) or tropius
Absol or Mightyenna (<<<This one)
rest are up 2 u

23rd April 2006, 3:43 AM

20th May 2006, 4:03 PM
Well, this thread is nearly dead so I might as well try and revive it. I have the next chapter almost up, I've been busy for a while. TTFN (if anybody's reading this)!

Hoenn Warrior
20th May 2006, 7:39 PM
Just for you to know Tempest, I've been reading this story and I do like it. I hope you continue it and post the next chapter soon.

20th May 2006, 9:39 PM
KOOL ...........i like this fic........i am the all power full umbreon FEAR ME!!!!


SHUT UP RUKI AND ...umm...wats ur name again

;380;:its lila


;150;;151;:4 once we agree wiv ruki and lila RUBY IS A WIRDOOOO

grrr...anywhay plz right more .................ill be waiting...

Sapphire Phoenix
21st May 2006, 1:02 AM
Great story Tempest,one of the best storys i've read in a long time (next to Breezy's). I can't wait for the next chapter.

29th May 2006, 4:57 AM
Man that was funny.*continues laughing*
Hydro's brian isn't the size of a peanut its the size of a speck!
I can't wait for the next chapter!