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31st August 2005, 4:02 AM
Three Pieces of Fire

After the battle of Kyogre and Groudon, Team Magma and Aqua are scattered across the region of Hoenn, and perhaps even beyond. A person is left wandering the region, shunned, hated, and despised by everyone. He was there when the titans fought and destroyed. He even saw the chaotic scenes and the cries for help. But he never answered them. Sacrifices had to be made for the Team’s plan, and these were the victims. But now, he finds himself a victim of his family’s own doing.


‘Is this how the gods punish me?’ A lone, ragged figure stumbled alone among the jagged rocks. The sun shone bright and cheerfully, but not even the gentle warmness and the caressing of the rays could disperse the fog of despair that covered this human. ‘Everyone... everybody is gone’

There was no longer any flooding in Hoenn. Nor was there any unexpected sunlight during the raining season. The chaos and destruction that had happened two days ago was over, and slowly, in its own ways, the region of Hoenn was recovering. New fruits sprouted, gently opening their milky white petals and allowing the sunlight to touch them, and the wind to spread their seeds and life everywhere.

A small Pidgey flew by, with a large nut in its talons. An astray gust of wind fluttered by, and the nut fell, plunging faster and faster, spiraling as the wind toyed with the bringer of life. Before it could fall into a dry patch of dirt, a small hand caught it. Children, Adults, and Pokemon all alike were slowly helping their homes recover. In Slateport, a team of water pokemon were taking the water into them, and then moving off to another city to water the dry, crumbling vegetation.

“Sunflora!” A small green plant with a bulbous yellow face slithered by, its roots propelling and pushing off the soil. “Sun! Sunflora flora!”

Other grass pokemon began to follow the flower pokemon, little black creatures with tufts of grass upon their heads, fungi with green spots, and pug little green feet. Simultaneously, they all plugged their roots, feet, whatever they had into the soil and let their energy leave their bodies.

Only one person did not see these wonders occurring. Only one through coursed through his head. I am alone… I am alone… A horribly shredded red cape fluttered behind him, and several purple bruises covered his right arm. Kagari…Homura…Matsubusa…why do you leave me like this? He questioned himself, using his left arm to slide the ripped hood off his yellow hair. His right arm hung still; it still hadn’t healed from the battle with that pest, the fighting gym leader.


Great, now he was hearing things. He struggled furiously to get the shreds of his uniform off and felt an electric shock course through his right arm, leaving him in spasms of pain for the next couple minutes.

“Hokage-sama!” A gentle hand slowly managed to tear away the red fabric that covered his bloodstained face. “What happened?”

“Inari?” He asked in disbelief as the grunt leader fumbled with her knapsack.

“Hang on, Hokage-sama. I have towels.” The green haired girl said. Surprisingly, the red hood that covered most of her hair was still intact. “Here we go.”

His vision was blurring, tears already coming to his eyes as a cool and placid cloth dabbed away at the red stains running down his face. “How many of us are left?”

Inari brushed some hair aside as she collected the red on her towel. “I’m sorry, Hokage-sama.” She whispered, her voice was so low; he could barely make out the words.

“What happened?” He asked, his voice terse, choking on the blood he was rapidly coughing up.

“It was Team Aqua…” She trailed away, before bursting into a stream of rapid apologies. “I’m sorry! We had to run! We stood no chance against the three S’s of Team Aqua! And then, suddenly, this gigantic whale appeared.” Her voice became hollowed, clipped as she averted her eyes to the ground. “It took out half of our forces without even trying.”

“Are there any survivors?” Hokage asked, as another spurt of red showered the ground.

“Now is not the time, Hokage-sama. We must get to shelter before it starts to…” She stared up at the sky worriedly,

The grayness in the sky was already increasing steadily, even as she spoke. Fluffy masses that spelled hope for Hoenn’s recovery, were also quickly spelling certain death for the two. Inari leaned over, bracing herself for Hokage’s weight as he draped his left arm over her shoulder. As his gloved hand touched over the skin of her face, Inari felt something wet fall across her face. Reaching up with the arm that was not supporting her superior, Inari swept her hand across her check and looked at it. Blood? Sighing, but patiently, Inari wiped the liquid on the black material that was apart of her uniform and pulled off Hokage’s glove. She grimaced as the coverings were lifted, revealing to her a terribly slashed hand.

“What are you doing?” Hokage demanded as loudly as his throat could stand to shout. “It’s nothing,” he added, noticing the look on her face. “Put the glove back on. It’ll stop the bleeding”

“Not this one” Inari said, removing one of her own gloves and letting the soiled one drop to the ground. “Wasn’t the sun shining a moment ago?”

“Groudon and Kyogre’s abilities must have damaged the order of ways,” Hokage answered, as Inari trailed the clothing on his hand again. “Just perfect, is it not? What is Team Aqua’s status?”

“Groudon’s rampaging has taken out three of their main groups of grunts.” Inari began, hauling Hokage over more rocks again. “And they have suffered losses in equipment, consisting of communicators and the majority of their power supply by a flood.”

“And us?” He asked, repeating his question again.

Again, her eyes were on her shoes. “I don’t know. I do know, however, that Bannai managed to survive the first onslaught of the whale. He got away by having his Ditto transform into a bridge all the way up a hill, where the water had trapped us. If this lowly one may ask…” She trailed off uncomfortably, as her eyes fell on Hokage again. “Where have Kagari-sama, Homura-sama, and Matsubusa-sama gone?”

Hokage ignored the question. “Bannai got away on his Ditto? Why didn’t the others follow?”

“The majority of our group was fighting. We were all swept away by a tidal wave.” Inari laughed harshly. “More like a tsunami.”

“And you?”

“Gone with the rest. I guess I got lucky…” Inari said, unsure what her words would do. “It is possible, Hokage-sama, that several of our units might have survived.”

“Perhaps…” His feet slipped on another rock and Inari struggled to keep his weight on her shoulders. “Where will we go?”

“I-I do not know, Hokage-sama. We just need to find shelter,” Inari said, trying to calm herself as well. Quite frankly, she had no idea what to make of the situation. The closest person to helping her was on the edge of unconsciousness, and no one would ever welcome members of Team Magma into their homes.

“Find a cave” He commanded, groaning as another painful feeling, like a sword running through his arm, flew up his spine. “And make it quick.”

“Hai…” Inari whispered, as her superior gained back some of his own ability to walk. “Can you stand?”

Hokage nodded faintly. How he hated feeling so weak and pathetic. Tottering over to a small boulder in the sandy desert north of Mauville, he collapsed over it and welcomed the darkness overtaking his senses.

Japanese words/names used in this chapter:

Inari- Melina
Hai- Yes

Flames are welcome, yes, I could alway use room to inprove... and comments are most definetely wanted!!

31st August 2005, 1:19 PM
Nicely done there... Of course, the Japanese of it all makes me think more of Anime than anything else.
I hate the anime...
Other than that though, its really good for a Team based fic.

31st August 2005, 3:33 PM
Well its really good, don't give up! You're probably one of the best writers now, i'll suscribe to this tread, keep up the good work!!!

Flaming Lip
31st August 2005, 6:48 PM
Very interesting, dialouge was well done, though I feel the charecters could use more description, I don't normally watch the anime or other cannon sources, I just play the games.

Good job on the enviroments though, I invisioned them with much detail.

A lot of potential in this fic, I hope to read more soon.

1st September 2005, 3:47 AM
...Wow. Just wow.
I love this! You did very, very well on this. I'm definetly impressed by your improvement, expecially since the first chapter of Fury's Grace. On top of that, your description and plot depth has increased in quality noteably. I'm looking forward to more of this!
Ah, it's easier for me to read with the Japanese names. I'm more used to them, so it flows more smoothly when I read it. :3

2nd September 2005, 4:06 AM
Thanks people!

Skiboydoggy- Japanese reminds of of anime??? Well... I don't know actually...
qwerqwer- Thanks!
NiGHTS- Ah, don't worry. This is just the prologue, and not meant to be stuffed full of information. Later chappies, later chappies...

Faerie: HIYA! Nice to see you here too. I'm slowing down a little of Fury's Grace...
Well... yeah, that was what I wanted to work on on this fic. Description and stuff like that. I'm in High School now... better live up to it than staying in Elementary School Standards -_-;;.

2nd September 2005, 1:58 PM
Heh. Anything in Japanese just reminds me of anime. Not manga for some reason, anime. I dunno, I am just weird.
It still rocks though.

3rd September 2005, 9:12 PM
Ch. 1
Hope is All that There is Left

Inari ran along the cliffs and rocks, searching fruitlessly around for a cave, shelter, anything she and her superior could stay in until the possible rain shower was over. She could feel the air closing in around her, a soft sort of blanket starting to swirl around her, bringing her shivers. A strange and unusual cold gray mist was closing around the area, and it would not abide well, if the clouds started to drop their life saving rain. A Rattatta scampered by, skittering nimbly along the sand and the rocks.

“It’s hot, isn’t it?” She asked, watching its tail flick as the pokemon disappeared under a rock. “I only wish I was that small”

How unusual. The sun was dissolving the dark gray masses of rain clouds. Perhaps they could live a little longer, if she was able to find some food. She could hardly go south to Mauville without getting arrested of ‘Helping wreak havoc among the region of Hoenn’. Despite her desperate situation, and her worries for the Firehead, Inari snorted. It was hopeless, but she would not abandon her orders yet. Hokage-sama had ordered something done, and she was all he had left. Closing her eyes, and willing herself to go on, Inari managed to reach a foothold among all the rocks she was clumsily trying to scale without falling off and breaking anything. How had she come to Team Magma in the first place? Oh, yes. Her father and mother had been poor, and owned no house for themselves.

“If this ‘Team Magma’ can increase the landmass, maybe we can get a place to stay for cheaper!” A large and portly man said, stroking his mustache.

“Yes. A home for ourselves.” Inari’s mother swooped upon her and swung her around in joy. “Your father and I are scientists, studying the legends of Kyogre and Groudon!”

Inari laughed, sharing her family’s moment of joy together. “Oh mum, dad! That’s great! I’m so happy for you!”

“Indeed! We start our new jobs tomorrow. You must come.” Her father said, taking her from her mother and with one grunt, managed to get her onto his shoulder. “Just don’t get into the way of the others.”

“Others?” Inari was puzzled. Ten years old, and she still had no proper education. “But aren’t you and mum the scientists? There are more wacko- I mean, people in lab coats around?”

“Deary, it’s not nice to call someone wacko. Yes, we are a part of a team of scientists. By others, though, I mean the other members of Team Magma. Some of them aren’t nice, like your father and I, so please stay out of the way, Inari!”

“Okay, mum!”

Inari snapped back to the present with a small twinge of guilt. Hopefully, even with all those injuries, Hokage could hold off on his own for a while. She winced as she pulled harder, forcing herself to use her arm muscles to lift the lower portions of her body up. This would not do. If she, in top, peak physical condition could barely make it up, how would Hokage-sama get up with a broken arm, mutilated hand, and several other deep injuries? Shaking her head to herself, Inari relaxed her arms and let herself slide back to the mountain path. Maybe searching where rock met sand would help. She had heard it was possible to make caves with a special ability not many pokemon could pick up, without the help of a technical machine, or TM.

“Clouds… more clouds. For Latios’s sake! Make up your mind!” Inari shouted, her voice rebounding off the walls of the rocky terrain. “Will you rain, or will you give me the sun?”

A muffled thump, and for a moment, it seemed as if the world was ending once more as the sky split, a white sharp dagger cutting the stormy gray skies in two. Inari snarled as a bead of water smacked her on the eye. Just great. Raining, and no shelter to be found anywhere in this godforsaken desert! Inari speculated her surroundings before deducing that the sand was soft enough to cushion her fall from the cliff. She jumped, and just as quickly, pushed off again, away from the harming pointing rocks.

Just as she reached the sand, she noticed that Hokage was nowhere to be found. “Now where could a person in his condition have gone? HOKAGE-SAMA???”

Still where he had left himself, Hokage groaned as he rolled over, trying to avoid smashing his already broken arm. Kagari…Matsubusa… Homura… where are you??? What was that? A warm feeling started to spread quickly over his entire body. Was this how it felt like to die?

“Hokage-sama!” Inari screamed, losing her head for a moment before trying to recollect herself. “Please, hang on!” But her body shook with a pain she had never known. No shelter, it was raining, and Hokage was badly injured. What was left? Her family was still somewhere in the underground base, hopefully, not drowned or dead from the floods. There was only one chance, to survive to continue to live, even if… if it meant…

Sighing heavily in resignation, Inari lifted Hokage the best she could again, stumbling as his entire weight leaned heavily on her. To Mauville… we go…

Inari took a second look around the nearly flooded city. Teams of water pokemon were working hard in an attempt to drain the city, and water other towns that here starved of water. The fact it was raining, also, was not helping matters in Mauville. She shuddered, and hoped that the citizens didn’t blame Team Magma for this. Team Magma had nothing to do with this! All they had wanted to do was to increase the landmass, that would have helped this city, and perhaps even brought many families out of poverty! Whereas, on the other hand, Team Aqua planned to drown everyone! Not all of us know how to swim. Nor can humans live under water! What are they thinking???

Several trainers had started to look at her, as her footsteps in the knee-deep water had started to send ripples around the town. “Who are you?”

How stupid could someone get? She was still wearing her hood, even if Hokage wasn’t! “My name is Inari.”

“Are you a part of that water hugging team, who plans to kill us all?” Another sandy haired girl demanded, marching over and spraying water all over them.

“No. I am a part of Team Magma” Inari answered truthfully, hoping that this town was one of the many who required more extensive land.

Her response was met with silence. Inari was unsure, whether her answer would be taken in, or not. Nobody was moving. Nobody was angry, but they weren’t happy either.

“You mean the team that wanted more land?” Another boy trainer demanded. More and more children were surrounding the waters. “Why is Mauville, our home, flooded then?”

“Perhaps” Inari said stiffly, glaring back at the kids. “You should go and observe Lavaridge! It’s so dry, there’s not a drop of water to drink! The hot water springs are gone as well!”

“We are willing to forgive you, and your companion” An elder came up, dressed in a strange sagging plastic outfit. “But we will not forgive anyone of Team Aqua.”

“… So… your point?” Inari questioned, trying to sound as polite as she could muster.

“The underground center is open. The current one” He motioned to the red and white building. “Is currently out of commission.”

“Under…ground???” Inari asked, genuinely puzzled.

“New Mauville. We recently built a path from here to it.” He pointed under the water, near some half-submerged trees. “Fortunately, the path goes down, and then you climb a ladder. Most of the kids without pokemon are down there, safe and sound. You are welcome to join them”

“Dive… into the water… Hokage-sama…” Inari mumbled, before making her decision in a split second. As quickly as she could, she plugged his nose, and took a deep breath, and plunged into the freezing waters.

With one hand and arm around Hokage, and the other one trying to propel her forwards with the held of her feet, Inari thrashed around in the water. She didn’t know how to swim! She looked up, staring at what was left of the sunlight, and the dark murky clouds overhead. It seemed so calm, to float lifelessly in the water, to relax… She looked back down at Hokage. How disgraceful of her, thinking of dying down here! Hokage would have never ever wanted to die in what he despised the most! Gaining new courage, Inari swam through the murky waters, trying to find the ladder through her limited sight in the submerged tunnel. Her fingers grasped onto cold iron bars! Swimming like she had never before, Inari kicked off each iron bar, holding on to Hokage tightly. She burst through the surface with a large inhale of air and looked around frantically. She was still in a tunnel that spiraled upwards, and the only way up was the ladders that continued up. How would she drag Hokage up there?

“HEY!” She shouted, hoping that her voice would attract some kids. “ANYONE UP THERE?”

A large man in a lab coat peered over. “Oh my god…”

A slightly smaller woman with green hair that matched Inari’s approached the hole. “Inari! My beloved daughter! You survived! And is that… oh dear…”

“Please mum, dad! Throw me a rope! I can’t pull him up on my own!” Inari said, ignoring the looks of horror.

“Right” The man that was her father nodded shakily, disappearing over the edge.

“Don’t worry, dear. Your father will find some.” Her mother said encouragingly. “What happened out there? At the first signs of trouble, all of the scientists were evacuated.”

Inari lowered her head bitterly. “We didn’t win. No one did. All there has been is suffering and deaths. Even Hokage-sama. I don’t know where Kagari-sama, Matsubusa-sama, and Homura-sama are!”

“Who are you?” A cold and steely voice demanded, raising the terrified girl to her feet. “And why are you running around here? This is an admin-only section of the base!”

“Hiya! I’m Inari! Who are you?” The little girl squealed, unable to hold still.

“Treat me… with more respect.” The blue haired man gritted out.

“I’ve heard of black eyes… never heard of green ones! Did you get punched?” Inari asked through her childish squealing.

“I did NOT get punched” The man snarled, the green markings under his eyes seemed to glow as his anger and ferocity increased. “What is a little weakling like you doing around here, child?”

“My mum and dad are scientists!” Inari said, forgetting about her mother’s warning.

“Oh are they?” the man jerked her roughly by the scruff of her neck. “Then come on.”

Inari gave herself a small smile. She had gotten the furthest into the admin’s hall without being caught, even with her childish ways and the team had prized her skills as a stealthy member. But it took her twice as long, just to become the leader of a team of grunts. And although her parents had been exceedingly worried about her safety and health, she had become quite respected among other grunts. Getting into danger and adventure was all that she was about!

“Here!” Her father leaned over and threw a long coil of tight rope to the figures under the well-like tunnel. “Catch, and we’ll pull you up. Are you sure you can hold on to Hokage-sama?”

Inari shook her head. Her father nodded in agreement with her mother, and seconds later, Inari’s mother made a graceful arc with her body as she slipped silently into the water.

“Are you okay, Leika?” her father asked, watching his wife surface.

“Fine, Harold, fine.” Leika threw back her head to remove the slick hairs from her face. “Here, honey. We’ll grab onto him together.” She reached for his right arm and grasped it.

Hokage’s eyes flew open with a painful hiss. Where was he? And why was he in the water? There was someone… no two people holding onto him. And one of them hurt!

“Shhhh…” Inari murmured, smoothing down the untamed straw hair. “It’s okay, Hokage-sama. We’ve almost found shelter!”

“No.” He mumbled, nearly toppling over onto Leika. “I have to find the others.”

Inari closed her eyes in concentration. Hokage would not rest until he found the other Fireheads, and their leader. “Mom. Let’s take him up. I’ll go back and search for the others. Oh, and one more thing, his arm is broken”

“Okay.” Leika nodded, and took the rope in her hand, and used the other one to wrap around his chest.

Inari held tightly to the left arm, and too grabbed the rope. “Pull!”

Leika used her feet to balance her weight on the iron bars, assisting her husband in pulling up Inari, Hokage, and herself. “Alright, haul!”

Inari grumbled as she was jerked roughly out of the water, hanging by her arm, and her mother. Soon, Harold had pulled all three of them out of the tunnel, and set Leika on solid ground, taking the Firehead with him. “Good luck, Inari. You know that your mother and I wish you luck”

“Hai… thank you” Inari said, tearing off her hood. “Please, find Hokage-sama a blanket and get him to the Pokemon Center down here! His hand is badly injured, right arm broken.”

“Alright” Harold took Hokage from his wife. “I’ll go”

Inari heaved a sigh in relief, and turned without another word, and dove into the water again.

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4th September 2005, 6:35 AM
Hooray! Another great chapter! This one really impressed me, and I was glad to see some insight into Inari-chan's past and thoughts. I have one gripe, though: the honorifics. Errum, the "Hokage-sama" part didn't exacty sound right to me, so I consulted my trusty list of honorifics. "Sempai" would probably be a more sensible honorific, because it's definition is actually religiously exact to the needed usage in this fic: "Used to refer to one's senior or superior in a grop or organization," ergo Team Magma. So I'd personally prefer to use that one, but you can use whichever you want. It's your fanfic anyways. ^__^ Aside from me being sort of picky, this chapter was wonderful! Keep up the good work!
EDIT: Of course, I meshed up on Love and Loyalty and used the -san honorific. Boo hoo, huuaah and all that jazz. So I'm not much of one to complain, even if I wasn't trying to. O__o;; *shot*

6th September 2005, 3:53 AM
Ch. 2

“Hokage! Are you alright?” A voice, distant, but familiar cried out, distress quite obvious. “Answer me!” It demanded.

What was going on? Why wasn’t he still in the water? It was actually quite warm and stuffy. But it was all…dark. Why couldn’t he see anything?


“Kagari!” He called out, finally recognizing the feminine voice. “Over here! Where are you?”

Without any warning, the whole scene exploded in front of his eyes. Frowning, he took in his surroundings. What was he doing back in Lilycove Museum? The flames he had caused were quickly swallowing the room, and the fighting gym leader- the one that had broken his arm with his Hariyama’s Arm Thrust was nowhere in sight. But Kagari, the shorthaired Firehead was helping him regain balance again.

“What’s going on?” He asked, as his legs held him up.

She shot him a strange look as they headed out of the incinerating building, shattering behind their steps. “Are you alright?”

“Yes, fine” Hokage snapped, kicking pieces of marble steps out of the way of the destroyed museum.

Sparks flew everywhere, and for once, he felt at ease with the fire. Kagari cocked her head, but questioned him no more as they continued away from the museum. Red illuminated off the tiles that clinked every time someone placed their weight on it, threatening to split down the middle.

“Did you defeat that girl gymleader?” He asked, quite unsure if this was real or not.

“No… She got away.” Kagari answered readily. “Groudon is fighting against three other legendary pokemon. I just got the news from the grunts. We’re needed there, but…” She stared into his golden eyes again, coolly. “Don’t you have somewhere else to be?”

Just as he was about to demand what she meant, the world went dark again, as if someone had spread a blanket over Hoenn.

Leika watched in worry, stroking down the blonde hair as best as she could as Hokage tossed fitfully in his sleep. “Can anything be done for this? He’ll shatter more bones on his arm at this rate”

The pink haired woman, wearing a nurse’s cap and a white apron poked her head in. “Of course. Hold him still. I’ll get some hot water. Oh, and in that cabinet” She pointed directly at the fourth cabinet, hung up on the white room. “Get four fresh sprigs of Cornn Berries.” She sighed as Leika’s clueless face gave everything away. “In other words, the purple ones like upside down grapes.”

Leika left Hokage’s side, and opened the cabinet. “Holy-“ A mass of berries spilled out of the shelf, into her. Throwing her head up, she began to dig in the pile, finally pulling out four small branches of purple berries and placing them on the metal rolling table next to Hokage’s bed. Working quickly, she cleaned the rest of the berries up, noting a heavy brown stain where she had fallen on a ton of berries. “Oh, boy”

“Well, are you- oh my!” The Nurse Joy practically tossed the giant glass bowl onto the desk and reached for a mop and bucket. “Clean it up, while I get this ready”

Leika rolled her eyes. She was a scientist, a legend scientist. Not a janitor! Nevertheless, she took up the wooden handle and started to move the noodly strands across the excess juice.

“Cornn Berries” Nurse Joy began, squeezing the juice one by one out of each kernel on the first sprig. “Are known for their dry flavors among PokeBlock makers. They’re quite” She grunted as her hands worked at the tough skin of the berry. “Hard, and don’t grow unless grown with other berries. Its scent… mixed with steamy water, can calm most pokemon down in Aromatherapy. It should work for humans too. Sorry, but as the disaster in Hoenn, and the fact that we are underground, we aren’t given enough and sufficient equipment for this stuff.”

Leika threw the mop back on the wall, and took a whiff of the scents coming out of the bowl. “Smells like… sweet… and spicy at the same time. Odd”

“But remember, its dry.” Nurse Joy added. “That’s why we needed four. Too little juice.” She tossed the last one away, and set it down near Hokage. “Hopefully, this will stop him for a while”

Inari burst through the surface of the water again, back in the flooded city of Mauville, and nearly crashing headfirst into a trainer trying to get into the passage. Without even pausing to apologize to the stunned trainer, Inari hauled herself out of the water, dripping wet as the water ran down from her hair to her face. “Go, Altaria!” She called out, releasing her fluffy cloudlike pokemon. “Take me around this area!”

“Altaria!” The blue swan pokemon chirruped, raising its cloud wings in agreement.

Looking down from a bird’s point of view, Inari could clearly see Groudon and Kyogre’s path of destruction, and the humans that were trying to recover from their ordeal. Finding the other Fireheads didn’t seem as appealing now anymore, but she could not leave Hokage now! Scanning the ground, all Inari was able to see, were several new lakes and rivers, and places that were starved of water. Could joining Team Magma so eagerly have been… wrong? NO! She would never think that! At least their ways had been better than drowning an entire region and world! To be earthed was definitely better than submerged underwater!

Perhaps her luck would yield better, if she were to do a low ground search, and better yet… She reached down to the red belt that she wore and removed her red PokeGear, a small handheld machine that resembled a mini-TV with a map, radio, and Entry Call all packed into one. All grunt leaders were given the numbers to all three Fireheads and their leader, Maxie. Not to mention, it also had a pretty sufficient locator. First, she called Kagari, dialing in the numbers and waiting. There was a blipping dot near the shore of southern Hoenn, in Slateport, but Inari knew that she shouldn’t get her hopes too high. Chances were, the PokeGear had been separated from its owner. Nonetheless, Inari steered Altaria southbound.

The fragrance of the tangy Cornn Berries spread around the room, even soothing Leika as she sat down again, to watch Hokage. Nurse Joy had left, to find someone who would make the quest up to get some gauze and some bandages. The heavy breathing of the Firehead had much lessened since the scent had started to waft around the room. But his dreams, still hadn’t succumbed yet.

‘Now what?’ He thought, as full color flashed into his eyes again. Blinking several times to get used to the new brilliance, Hokage looked around intently. Now where was he? Not in Lilycove anymore, that was for sure. The thought of his last dream angered him. He was the creator of illusions. He could bring up memories to his victims. Why was he drowning in his own? He was back in the boat yard, where he had attacked that ugly scientist, Captain Stern, where he and that kid, Ruby battled in the submarine. There was his Slugma, jumping in after the boy. Unsure whether he should play his part or not, Hokage finally made up his mind and propelled himself over the iron fence, ignoring Stern’s protests. Without touching the rim of the opening to the sub, Hokage landed easily on the ground, behind his Slugma, who was feasting happily on light blue blocks.

The boy, Ruby, stared at him with his red eyes. Brushing back what looked to be Styrofoam on his head, he grinned impishly at Hokage. “I think you’ve followed me far enough. Don’t you have somewhere to be?”

Those words again. What Kagari had mentioned before disappearing. Before the whole place had disappeared. “What. Do. You. Mean.” He demanded aggressively, ignoring Slugma’s munching.

Ruby’s smile only stretched even further, springing only more questions from Hokage. “That is for me, everyone, but you to know, and you to find out”

“Everyone?” Hokage asked, completely forgetting why he had chased Ruby down here in the first place. This was no memory. What was happening to him?

The boy smiled; almost mockingly as Hokage’s normally emotionless face flitted with expressions. “Perhaps, you should open your eyes.”

‘Open my eyes’ He thought, shutting his eyes from the rest of the world. ‘Close, and open.’ There was a lurching feeling that coursed through his body as he whimpered from the pain.

“That’s the last time…” He mumbled, as he opened his eyes. “I ever take advice from anyone in my dreams”

“Oh! Hokage-sama! You are awake!” Leika gasped in surprise as the Firehead managed to push himself up with his left arm. He was looking much more energetic as his only visible eye scanned the room quickly.

“Where am I?” He asked quietly, turning to the scientist next to him. “Ah, Professor Leika. What is that terrible smell?” He added, snorting.

“You are in the subterranean city of New Mauville. This is the Pokemon Center. That ‘terrible’ smell may have prevented you from further damaging your body.” Leika retorted, forgetting for a moment that he was superior.

“Where is Inari?” Hokage growled, preparing to slide off the bed.

“She has gone off to look for Kagari-sama, Matsubusa-sama, and Homura-sama.”

Stupid girl. He would have known that Inari would do anything for one of her superiors. Hoenn was too dangerous right now for any team member to go exploring. If Matsubusa and the others had survived, they were probably in jail. He reached down to where his PokeGear would be. Nothing. Turning his head, he realized that the Gear had broken off the clip to his belt.

“Do you still have your PokeGear?” Hokage asked, sitting back on the bed again.

“Hai, Hokage-sama.” Leika answered quickly, giving her purple Gear to him. “It contacts all my family, sir”

A small yellow machine moved swiftly down a river, moving at a consistent speed. Inari brought Altaria down on it and scooped it up gingerly as she looked at the waterlogged PokeGear. Where had its owner gone, anyhow?

Inari flinched as her PokeGear began to vibrate. Picking it up, she pressed the talk button. “Hello.”

“What do you think you’re doing?” Hokage demanded angrily from the other end. “It’s not safe out there, and furthermore, if people caught you…”

“I understand, Hokage-sama.” She responded, her rage inwardly burning. Ungrateful idiot! She risked life and limb to get him down there, and then went to find his friends, and he just yells at her!

“Get back down here, understood?”


Inari shut the PokeGear and pocketted Kagari's. Nodding to Altaria, they took off again.

6th September 2005, 8:13 AM
Hello Korimura!

Another great Magma story. I like the originality of your idea too. But it makes me wonder where this fic is heading. Is it a story of this Inari girl, or the survivors of the G and K disaster, or what?

Yeah, the only thing I can find wrong with the fic was its lack of direction. Put some clues in the next chapter.

Anyway, I like this fic. Keep up your writing!


6th September 2005, 7:29 PM
Looking good so far, Koimura! This chapter was really good also, and I liked how reality was blurred in some of the flashbacks, and how you gave insight on their minds. I wasn't expecting Inari to get irritated at Hokage. .__. Anyways, I agree with Typhlogirl about how the story is moving awfully slowly. I'd advise to start progressing a little, but you don't have to. It's your fanfic, after all. xD

8th September 2005, 4:14 AM
Typhlogirl- Keep wondering... I'm not saying...
Faerie- Eh... Slow? The dumb thing about me, is that if I do it too fast, I lack description. If I go waaaay too slow, you'll know when I get overloaded with tooo many details. *points to her first fic ever, which was closed, and later wiped out when Serebiiforums crashed*

12th November 2005, 4:02 AM
very nice...I don´t get everything...ye know...