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1st September 2005, 6:23 AM
A story about Mewtwo.

Hi Everyone,

Before I became Bird_Trainer_Ulexite I was Kyogre_Bird_Trainer. Something happened and I had to wait for a long time to get a new user name. Its good to be back.

I have finally started up writing part two to this fan fic Question's Answer's Answer and needed to repost What am I so that new readers will be able to know what is going on insted of being left in the dark. So What am I is being reposted after it was lost.

About the Fic
What am I is the story that I worte about Mewtwo taking place a little while after the movie "Mewtwo Returns". I came up with the idea one day and decieded to write it. Now I am on to the sequil and am rather proud of how What am I did. Below is the banner for What am I.
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With all that said Enjoy the Story. ;277; ;016; ;145;

What am I
Chapter 1
Mewtwo walked through the forest. Not lost, but looking for something. He was alone. There was no other Pokemon like him. He had been created by scientists in a laboratory from the DNA of a Mew and felt like he did not belong. He was not sure what he was looking for but he continued to search. Mewtwo heard a stream nearby and went to get a drink. When he based through the bushes he saw a Stantler taking a drink. The Stantler looked up and ran away terrified into the forest.

“Don’t run away, I’m not going to do anything to you I just want a drink.” Mewtwo spoke softly but the Stantler was gone.

Mewtwo stared into the forest sadly for a few seconds then turned to the water. He stood next to the stream and moved his hands over the water, using his psychic powers to lift a scoop of water into the air and drank. Moving his hands once again to take another drink he was startled by a cry from in the forest. He moved through the brush towards the cry. He came to a clearing and saw where the cry was coming from. There in the center of the clearing was a young Vulpix kit being chased by a Gengar. The Vulpix ducked to hide in a bush but the Gengar fallowed. Gengar stopped in front of the bush and started to use a Shadow Ball attack on the little Vulpix kit.

“Leave that Vulpix alone!” Mewtwo yelled to the Gengar as he fired a ball of energy at the Gengar, sending it into the bushes with a flash of light.

Mewtwo walked over to the bush. He pushed the leaves away and reached in and gently picked up the tiny Vulpix in his hand. The Vulpix curled up as tight as it could and whimpered softly. Suddenly Mewtwo heard a rustle and a growl in the bushes behind him and was knocked off his feet to the ground. In front of him stood an angry Ninetales.

“Give me back my kit. Now!” she said growling bearing her teeth.

Mew two stood up and sent the Vulpix floating through the air and landing softly on the ground in front of the Ninetales. “I was only trying to save it from the Gengar that was chasing it.” Mewtwo said cautiously.

“I don’t trust you, you’re unnatural. You don’t belong here. Now stay away from us.” She picked up her little kit in here mouth and ran into the dark forest.

“Ha ha ha that went well.” A strange voice laughed from above.

“Who is there?” Mewtwo asked looking around. In the air in front of him appeared a Misdreavus. “Who are you?”

“I’m Metra, just a friendly Pokemon drifting through the woods. I can see that you are very strong from the damage you did to that Gengar that just looked like he was having a little fun.” Metra said looking at Mewtwo.

“A little fun? He was going to hurt that little Vulpix. If you were watching why didn’t you try to help?” Mewtwo asked annoyed.

“I would have but it looked like you could handle it but that didn’t go very well now did it?” said Metra teasingly.

“Its not my fault the Ninetales didn’t trust me just because I’m different.” He said annoyed.

“How are you different, what made her say you were unnatural… Ah, what was your name again?” she asked inquisitively.

“I never gave you my name. I am Mewtwo. I’m different because I was created from the DNA of a Mew by a group of scientists for the human in charge of Team Rocket, so I am not a real Pokemon I’m a clone.” Mewtwo told her.

“Okay then. So why are you out here in the middle of the forest?”

“I’m not sure. I guess I’m looking for something?

“Looking? Looking for what?”
“I don’t know.” He said getting annoyed.

“Well then, you should go see The Wise Lugia and The White Ho-oh.”

“The who?” Mewtwo asked.

“The Wise Lugia and his mate the White Ho-oh. They live on the top of Mount Silver. It’s north of here. Maybe they can help you.” she answered.

“Well thank you for the tip. It was nice meeting you, good bye.” He turned and walked away.

“Leaving so soon?” Metra asked following him.

“Yes.” He said looking back for a moment but she was in front of him.

“Why? I could go with you and show you the way.”

“That’s ok I can find my way, thank you for the offer though, good bye.” And he continued walking.

“Humph… Well then good bye.” And she disappeared angrily in a puff of smoke.

Well I do hope you all enjoyed the first chapter. Please tell me what you think and leave a reply. The next chapter will be up later. Untill then, I wish you all a lovely evening.
Past the point of no return,
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2nd September 2005, 6:20 AM
Hi Everyone,

BTU here again with chapter 2. Enjoy the next chapter and please leave a reply of what you think.

Chapter 2
Mewtwo walked away from the smoke Metra left after she disappeared. Mewtwo now started to feel even more alone. No other Pokemon had ever stayed and talked with him before. Even though it was nice to talk with another Pokemon he wasn’t sure if he could trust the green and purple ghost. So he walked on.

Mewtwo started to feel hungry and decided to look for some food. He came to an apple tree filled with bright green apples. Under the tree was a male and female Nidoran looking up at the fruit. Mewtwo saw them and used his powers to pick an apple and set it down in front of the Nidorans. They squealed cheerfully and started to eat the apple. Happily, Mewtwo stepped forward to pick his own apple. The two Nidoran looked up and unsurprisingly ran away into the bushes. Sadly he picked an apple and started to eat.

“No matter how many nice things you do they still run.” Said a feminine voice and Metra appeared behind him.

“Why are you still fallowing me?” he asked as he quickly turned around to find her but she vanished.

“I’m bored and have nothing else to do.” She said idly. “Why? Do you mind that I am fallowing you?” she asked.

“Well as a matter of fact I do mind you fallowing me.” Mewtwo said.

“Well fine then! You don’t have to get upset.” And she vanished with an angry “Good Bye” and a swirl of smoke.

Once again Mewtwo was troubled. He had willingly driven away someone that wanted to talk to him. He just kept reminding him self that he didn’t trust Metria, yet.

He went on walking north towards Mount Silver, still feeling lonely.

Night was approaching and so he decided to look for a safe place to sleep. He found some apples to eat for dinner and a hollow tree close by to sleep in. It was tight but comfortable. After a while he fell asleep.

He awoke in the morning to the warm sunny air and ate the apples he had set aside and continued his journey north. By the after noon he had reached the base of the Mountain. He could have easily flown up to the top but decided to climb up the tall mountain instead. And so he started his climb. The bottom wasn’t too steep but gradually got worse. By the time he got half way up he came to a cliff. Looking up he saw that the cliff only went up a little ways. But the face of the cliff was mostly smooth. Not wanting to give up the challenge he stated to climb. In the middle of the cliff he started to get tried. Soon a familiar voice was heard.

“I thought you could fly?”

“I can. What do you want now Metra?” he asked heavily.

“Well then why don’t you fly up the mountain instead of climbing silly?” Metra giggled.

“Because it’s a challenge. Don’t the others have to climb it also?” he said even more out of breath.

“Well yes the ones that are not able to fly. But why do you want it to be a challenge if it doesn’t have to be?” she inquired.

“Because.” Then realizing that she would just ask why again, “It seams like it should be a challenge. And why do you care so much?” He said annoyed.

“Well I have taken an interest in your little problem and want to see the outcome. It seams slightly entertaining. Why do you care that I care?”

“Because everyone else that I see just runs away and so I don’t trust you. Why don’t you run away? Why do you keep bothering me?” He asked angry and out of breath.

“I have no fear of you. You’re just a lost and confused little Pokemon with no friends. Why should I run away when I can disappear?” and she did.

With mixed feelings of finally driving her off Mewtwo felt the top of the cliff. He pulled himself up and sat to rest for a while. After getting some of his strength back he continued up the rest of the mountain. Finally he reached the Plateau at the top of Mount Silver.

Hope you enjoyed the chapter. 3 will be up tomorrow. ;016; ;277; ;145;

2nd September 2005, 2:14 PM
Whohoo! Great! Yah! Keep it up!

3rd September 2005, 12:52 AM
Hi Everyone,

BTU here with chapter 3 of What am I. Hope you enjoy it and let me know what you think.

Chapter 3

Mewtwo walked over to a large nest. Inside the nest sat a Ho-oh. She had all cloud-white plumage and a fiery colored crest, much unlike the other Ho-ohs. Next to her sat a Lugia, a tall silver-gray and blue bird. The two lift up their heads and looked at Mewtwo.

“Hello” said the Ho-oh cheerfully.

“What brings you to the top of Mount Silver?” the Lugia asked.

“Metra the Misdreavus said that you could answer my question.” Mewtwo answered.

“We can try.” The Ho-oh smiled.

“What is your question?” the Lugia inquired.

“Well I’m not really sure.” He answered shyly.

“Well what seams to be bothering you dear?” the Ho-oh asked.

“I am not a real Pokemon.” Mewtwo told them.

“Why do you say that?” the Lugia asked almost curiously.

“I was not born, I was created in a laboratory by scientists. I am a clone. Everywhere I go other Pokemon run away from me because I am unnatural they say. I guess I want to know if I really could be a Pokemon.” He said sadly.

“So your question is ‘How can you prove that you are a real Pokemon’.” The Lugia said wisely.

“Yes. How could I prove that?” he asked.

“Well only a real Pokemon could have gotten to the top of this mountain. Is that enough proof for you?” the Lugia inquired.

“No.” he said sadly.

“You have special abilities like other Pokemon. You must have noticed that.” He paused. “Well there is only one way to prove that you are a real Pokemon.” Lugia told him.

“What is it?” Mewtwo asked hopefully.

“You must create your own species.” He answered him.

“But how can I do that? I am the only one like this I was the only one the created that survived. And I destroyed the laboratory they created me in and erased my laboratory I created. How can I create my own species if I'm the only one?” he said sadly, losing hope.

“Create your own species” the Lugia answered again and put his head down under his wings.

“That’s it? That’s all you will tell me? Mewtwo said shocked and in anger. “I climbed all the way up here just for that?” he said as his eyes almost watered.

“Why don’t you travel south to Hoenn? It is very nice over there. Take a vacation. Make a stop in Oldale Forest. And then maybe go and see Meteor Falls, its beautiful there” The Ho-oh told him with a smile.

“How do I get there its across the ocean?” he asked with a slightly angry tone.

“Well can’t you fly?” she inquired.

“Yes but it is a long ways away. It would take at least two days to get there. Isn’t there another way?” but it was too late. The white Ho-oh had also gone to sleep with her head tucked peacefully under her wing. “Why won’t you give me any more information?” he yelled, but they did not wake.

Sad and angry he turned and left the two great birds walking to the side of the cliff. He looked down at the ground. He felt like there was no more hope for him. A small tear dropped from his face as he started down the mountain.

“Now what am I to do?” he thought in his mind. “What can I do? I can’t make a new laboratory. It wouldn’t be right to create another like me to have to share the same exile. Why go to Hoenn? Just to run away? Just for a vacation?” he finally reached the ground and landed lightly on his feet. He looked around at the paths that lay in front of him. One path headed north the other back the way he came. He pondered for a moment which path he should take. North headed for an almost untrue promise or south to back where he came from. And finally he decided.

“Aren’t you going to go north to Hoenn?” asked Metra now appearing.

“Why?” he answered not wanting to talk to the annoyance.

“Because that’s where the White Ho-oh told you to go, were you even listening?” she asked him.

“Yes I was listening to their stupid, half answers.” He said crossly.

“Well their answers are some times hard to understand.” She informed him. “Hey! Where are you going?” she asked as he started to leave.

“I don’t know. I’m going back to where I was before you told me to go on this stupid journey.” He answered not looking back at her.

“What? Back to every Pokemon you help, every one you’re nice to running away? Why do you want to go back to that?” she asked him solemnly.

“What do you know? You’re just an annoying cloud of smoke fallowing me around. How do you know anything about me? You just show up here and there.” He yelled at her with a small tear in his eye. And at this, Merta quietly and smokeless disappeared with a solemn face. He stared at the spot from which she had left. He once again was alone with no hope, no one there and only a tear on his longing face.

Hope you all liked the chapter. 4 Will be up later and thats when it gets interesting. Question's Answer's Answer, the sequil to this fic, iscoming along great and is coming up to the closing chapters. Once What am I is fully posted QAA will go up. Thank you for reading and please tell me what you think. Untill later
BTU ;016; ;277; ;145;

3rd September 2005, 1:23 AM
The chapters lacked description and length, but otherwise, it was great.

4th September 2005, 12:35 AM
Hi Everyone,

BTU here with chapter 4. Ahhh well school starts in 2 days. Must say I am loking forward to going back to school after a long and not so great summer. I miss my friends too much. And I am also excited that its my senior year at last. Though it has come too soon and at the same time not soon enough, you know that feeling. Well enjoy chapter 4 and tell me what you think.

Chapter 4

He had driven Metra away, maybe for good this time, and now he had no one to talk to. He tuned back to the path and continued walking back to where he started to the same life he had with no hope left.

He walked all day and soon he came to the stream near where he had found the Vulpix and Gengar. He took a drink and sat sadly in the cool shade by the stream. Suddenly he heard a crack of a twig and he was in a cage of iron bars and purple light.

“We know he would come back. We have him sir.” Said a human’s voice.

“Finally.” Said a familiar man’s voice. “You are mine again. I knew if I searched the whole region I would find you and catch you.” He said with an evil voice.

“Would you like us to prepare the transportation cage Mister Giovanni sir?” Asked one of the other men.

“Yes, yes, you might as well.” He told him. “So Mewtwo. After all this time of hiding I have finally caught you, and for good this time.” He said looking down at him. The fact that Mewtwo was not fighting troubled Giovanni. “Are you wondering how I have managed to find you after our last meeting?” he started and turned to look away from to take something from the Rocket grunt behind him “You may have erased my memories of you and my desire to have you, but not enough. You made the mistake of forgetting the rest of my men and workers. They still knew most of my plans and,” he paused and turned to look at him, “reminded me. You can’t escape me, you were created for me and belong to me.” Mewtwo still showed no signs of having a care at all. “What’s wrong, finally too tired to fight back. Have all these years of fear and worry finally caught up with you and you have given up?” Mewtwo didn’t answer. “Or have you finally broken down to the fact that you are all alone in this world?” He still did not answer. “That must be it. You’re all alone and you have finally come to face it. Will you come willingly then?” he looked at Mewtwo who still did not answer. “Very well then, to be sure I will put you only on minimal security. Bring me the hand restraints only.” He told the other men.

“Yes sir. Are you sure, sir?” the man asked?

“Yes. I believe he finally realizes that he doesn’t belong any where else.” He said smirking at Mewtwo. “Isn’t that Right Mewtwo?” still he didn’t reply. “Alright give me the restraints.” The man handed them to him and Giovanni opened the door to the cage and walked in and placed the restraints on Mewtwo’s arms. “Just as I thought.” He said as he pulled the restraints up bringing Mewtwo to his feet without resistance.

“I finally have you. After all this time. I finally have the world’s strongest Pokemon that will obey my every commands.” He said in an evil voice as he led Mewtwo out of the cage and down the path towards a little cart. Giovanni sat down on the cart as one of the men sat in the drivers seat. “Well get on.” Giovanni said strongly to Mewtwo. He paused to think.

He had finally given up to the fact that he was all alone. Had Giovanni known that he would? He had. After the years of running from him, he had finally captured him. Mewtwo had finally given up. Why not? He was all alone. No other Pokemon would go near him other than the Misdreavus. But she was long gone now. He had run out of options. The Wise Lugia and the White Ho-oh had left him with nothing. He had nowhere also to go. Why not join Giovanni. He might have an evil plain. But nothing mattered any more. There was nothing else left.

“Well get on.” Giovanni said to him.

Well hope you liked the chapter. Sorry the chapters are short, Im just getting started in writing to tell you the truth, still has a nice plot none the less. What do you think of the story? Thanks for reading.
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Hi everyone,

BTU here with chapter 5. Well enjoy.

Chapter 5
Mewtwo walked towards the cart where Giovanni waited.

“Stop.” Said a voice behind him.

Mewtwo and Giovanni tuned and looked where the voice had come from. It was Metra.

“Mewtwo what are you doing? You can’t give up and join him.”

“Why not?” he asked her not changing his sad and serious face.

“What’s this?” Giovanni asked almost humorously. “Have you made a friend?” he smirked. “Come on Mewtwo. Get on the cart. Don’t listen to the Misdreavus.” He said strongly unable to understand what she was saying.

“You can’t join him Mewtwo. He is evil and wants only to control the strongest Pokemon. Don’t give up.” She pleaded. “What will happen to all the other Pokemon?”

“Why should I care? The other Pokemon don’t want me around. All they do is run away. They all do. Why should I care what happens to them.” He answered.

“Mewtwo. Get on. Let’s go. Ignore that pathetic little Pokemon. You don’t need it. You will have lots of Pokemon to talk to back at my mansion. Lots of strong Pokemon. Now let’s go.” He said to Mewtwo.

“Please don’t Mewtwo. He just wants to control you.” She said worried.

“So what if he does. I don’t belong anywhere else. So what if he only wants to have me for power. Why should I care?” He said to her and turned to the cart.

“Good. Now get on and lets go Mewtwo. Giovanni said to him.
“No!” Metra yelled as she sent a strong Shadow Ball attack at Mewtwo, making him stumble and turn around. He looked at her and used his powers on her and held her in the air.

“Get rid of her Mewtwo.” Said Giovanni.

Metra looked at Mewtwo with tears in her eyes as Giovanni spoke to Mewtwo.

“Now use Psychic on that Misdreavus and let’s go.” Giovanni commanded.

Mewtwo did. Metra yelled in pain and fell to the ground, tears running down her dark green face and she lay there on the ground. Mewtwo looked down at his hands. The metal bar held his hands together and then ran to his feet.

“What did I do?” he asked out loud.

“You did what I told you to do. Not let’s go.” Said Giovanni growing worried. “Lets go.”

Mewtwo continued to look at the restraints and then looked at Metra. “No.” he said quietly as he destroyed them. He walked over to Metra and picked her up. “I’m sorry.” He said softly as he raised his hand and forced Giovanni and his men away with his powers.

“Nooooooooo!!!” Giovanni yelled in anger as he disappeared into the forest.

Mewtwo carried Metra through the forest away from the scene. Hours later they came to a quiet lake. Mewtwo set Metra down by the water in the shade of a tree. Mewtwo walked away to tree nearby with some apples in it and picked a few. Finally Metra woke up startled.

“Where am I? Mewtwo. Where are you? Oh no.” she called looking around very weakly.

“I’m right over here.” He answered. Walking back over to her with the apples.

“What happened? She asked looking up at him as he sat down in front of her.

“I attacked you. I’m sorry. After that I realized that you were right so I drove Giovanni and his men away and ran. I’m sorry Metra.” He said nodding his head down.

“That’s alright Mewtwo. I attacked you too,” She said struggling to get up. “You didn’t mean to.”

“I’m sorry.” He said again handing her an apple.

“So what are you going to do now?” she asked him slowly taking the apple.

“I don’t know. It’s not safe for me here any more. Giovanni will just come looking for me again.” He said staring at the apple he had taken.

“Then why don’t you go to Hoenn like The White Ho-oh told you.” She asked.

“I might as well. I guess I better go quickly. Giovanni won’t give up his search easily.” He said still staring at the apple. “You’re still hurt.” He said to her. “Where would you like me to take you?” He asked her.

“I’m going to go with you.” She said strongly. “I’m not leaving you all alone.” She tried to get up floating in the air for a few seconds but then fell into his out stretched arms.

“Alright you can come. Let’s go.” He said as he got up and they walked away.

Hope you all liked it. Come back later for the next chapter and let me know what you think.
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6th September 2005, 11:05 PM
Ah, yes. I remember this fic. It was one of the first I ever saw on Serebii. Heh, I thought it was pretty badly written back then. It lacked description and Mewtwo acted really OOC.
Hopefully, you did a better job on the rewrite.
Oh, and I dedicated a sprite to you. A GREEN MISDREAVUS (http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v238/GoldMoon/GreenMisdreavus.png)! TEH OMG! 0_0 Yea, you said Metra had a green face in the old version, and I thought that was the funniest thing I ever read, so I dedicated this sprite to you.

Well, I just read the first chapter and it did not improve at all. Not a single bit of description. You should be telling us what Mewtwo looks like. The forest he was in. The stream. The Stantler. The baby Vulpix. The Gengar. The Ninetails. Merta. Not a single detail. How disappointing.
Mewtwo (that’s ONE WORD, not two -_-) is still acting OOC. He is more deep and serene, and his way of talking sounds more sophisticated than the way you portrayed. He does not enjoy talking about his past, and when he tried to explain it to Metra, you tried to get him to sum it up in two sentences. Not good. Either full details or none at all.
I saw good few spelling mistakes, plus you used the same grammar my little cousin uses (he's nine). Bad sentence formatting, terrible puntuation, the like.
At the beginning, more details of his creation are needed. Stop trying to sum it up so quickly!

Now I will go read the rest of this fic. Hopefully, it gets better and you didn’t make it the EXACT same as before. -_-

~Psychic (yes, the Mewtwo obsessor)

7th September 2005, 5:04 AM
ok ok ill go back and fix it

9th September 2005, 11:58 PM
All I can say is "DAMN." Nice job. =D

21st September 2005, 4:43 AM
Hi everyone,

For get fixing it, I have school. Here is chapter 6 for those out there who do like the story. Thank you.
Chapter 6

Night was coming. Metra was still weak so they found a nice safe place to sleep for the night. They found a large bush that was well protected and was hallow in the center of it, a nice, safe warm place to sleep. Mewtwo collected some soft leaves and set them down in a pile in the back of the space for Metra to sleep on as he slept near the opening to guard it.

Before dawn Mewtwo woke up startled. He heard a sound from out side. Some one was screaming. He got up and quickly crawled out of the bush as Metra slowly woke up. He ran towards the sound. He found a Gengar holding something wearing a white and green dress with light green hair.

“Hey! What are you doing?” he yelled to the Gengar.

The Gengar turned to look at him. “What dose it matter to you? Its none of your business.” He said roughly still holding on to the creature.

“Help me.” The white and green creature cried.

“Let her go!” her told him closing his fist.

The Gengar just turned to take a glance at him again and laughed. “Ha ha. Make me.”

“Fine then.” Mewtwo said and sent a ball of psychic energy and him before the Gengar could do anything and he disappeared into the woods and the creature in the dress fell to the ground.

“What happened?” Metra asked just arriving as he walked over to the creature that the Gengar had been holding. Metra fallowed.

“Are you alright?” Mewtwo asked her.

“I’m fine.” Metra answered.

“Not you.” He said trying to not sound mean. “Are you alright?” He asked again.

“I think so.” She answered looking around. “Where am I?” she asked looking at Mewtwo.

“You’re near Olivine City.” He told her.

“Where?” she asked startled.

“In Jhoto.” Metra answered.

“Jhoto!” she said, shocked.

“Yes. Where are you from?” Mewtwo asked curiously.

“I’m from Hoenn.” She answered.

“Well how did you get all the way over here?” Metra asked.

“The Gengar pokenaped me and brought me here I guess.” She said looking at Metra then to Mewtwo. “Thank you for saving me.” She said to Mewtwo.

“Why did he do that?” he asked her.

“I’m not really sure why I just heard him say he was going to show me off to his friends. But now how am I going to get back home to my family?” she asked almost crying.

“That’s where we are headed. Well take you with us, right Metra?” he said to her giving her his hand to help her up to her feet.

“Thank you. I’m Tandy Gardevoir.” She said getting to her feet.

“I’m Mewtwo,” he told her. “And this is Metra Misdreavus.” He added, almost forgetting to introduce his traveling companion.
“Nice to meet you two. Thank you so much for helping me.” And they walked to the edge of the forest towards Olivine City.

“So now what do we do?” asked Metra.

“Do you have any ideas Mewtwo?” Tandy asked.

“Why don’t we try to get a ride on a boat going to Hoenn? He answered.

“That’s a great idea.” Tandy smiled.

“Metra you can become invisible so you go and look at the signs to see which one is going to Hoenn.” He told her.

“Alright.” She said as she faded out.

Metra went to go look as Tandy and Mewtwo hid in the bushes. Soon she came back with the report.

“There is one ship headed for Hoenn. The S.S. Tidal leaves dock 7 at noon.” She reported.

“Great that gives us plenty of time.” Said Mewtwo.

“But how do we get on the ship without being seen?” Tandy asked.

“We can fly up high and go down on the other side of the ship with out being seen. Metra can fade out and wait on the other side for us. Okay?” he asked them.

“Right.” Metra agreed and Tandy nodded her head. Metra then faded out.

“Alright then, you and I need to get up in the air and out of sight before any one can see us, okay?” he told her.

“Right.” she said as she held onto his shoulders.
Mewtwo was just going to use his powers to float her in the air but he figured this made her safer instead. “Okay, then lets go.” And they flew up into the air as he grabbed her waist to keep her steady. Soon they were up high in the air and out of sight from the people down below. They took a second to look around at the sight then moved over to be in line with the other side of the ship. “Now we are going to have to go down really fast so we won’t be seen, okay? So don’t get scared.” He told her as she nodded her head. “Okay.” He said and they were falling through the air towards the water at high speed. Mewtwo had to cover her mouth to stop her from screaming. Soon they stopped an inch above the water. “Are you ok?” he asked as he removed his hand from over her mouth as she nodded and sighed.

“Finally. What took you to so long?” Metra had appeared looking slightly annoyed for some reason.

“So how do we get in?” Tandy asked.

“Can you teleport?” Mewtwo asked her.

“Yes, but I don’t like to.” She told him.

“Okay. I’ll teleport the both of us then.”

“It’s just on the other side of this wall.” Metra told them and she went through.

Mewtwo and Tandy followed. On the other side was the cargo room. They found a space to hide among some of the large boxes. Mewtwo teleported some apples he had picked while Metra was gone and had left them in the bush. They each ate an apple as they waited for the boat to leave. Finally the boat started and they moved out to sea.

Hope you liked the chapter. 7 will be up later. SYATP is tomorrow!!!!!
BTU ;249-d;

3rd October 2005, 5:15 AM
Hi everyone,

I'm sick and wondering what to do so here is chapter 7. Enjoy!

Chapter 7

“Metra, did you see which port this Ship is going to?” Tandy asked.

“I think it said Lilycove city.” She answered.

“Oh. That will make it a longer trip home. Oh well.” She sighed.

Hours later it was coming close to evening. They ate some apples and shared stories.

“Why are you going two going to Hoenn?” Tandy asked them.

“Metra is just coming with me because she wants to I guess, but I'm going because I can’t stay in Jhoto or Kanto any more.” He told her.

“Why is that?” she asked.

“Well it’s a long story.” He answered.

“We have plenty of time. Let’s hear it.” She smiled.

“Okay then. Well I have to leave Jhoto because Giovanni, the leader of Team Rocket, is chasing me, trying to capture me. He said.

“Why is he chasing you?” she asked.

“Well.” He paused not really wanting to tell. “I was created for him in a laboratory, on an island in Kanto by scientists to be the strongest Pokemon. All he wanted was to control the world’s stongest Pokemon. And so I have to go somewhere else to live to get away from him so he can never find me. He told her.

“How did you get away in the first place?” she asked.

“When I was created by the scientists I was angry. I felt they only saw me as a successful experiment and I destroyed the laboratory. Giovanni had already received word and arrived at the now destroyed lab. He said that if I joined him we would be partners. Later I asked him what my purpose was. He said that I was created by humans to serve humans and that humans and pokemon can’t be partners and are meant to serve them. I destroyed his building and ran to the island the laboratory was once on.

I used the scraps still left there and built my own laboratory and created my own clones of Charmander, Bulbasaur and Squirtle. Like the ones I had known shortly while I was being created. I had planed to draw Pokemon trainers to my island and make copies of their strong Pokemon. After I was going to destroy the world and have only my fellow Clones and I in this world. I had the clones fight their originals when a young trainer said I was wrong and that People and Pokemon should be friends. I would not listen. But the Mew from which I was cloned from and the young trainer showed me that I was wrong when the trainer sacrificed himself for the Pokemon. The tears of his Pokemon and all the others, including the clones saved him. I removed the trainers from the island and removed all of what had happened from their memory.

I took my clones to a hidden lake high on a mountain in Jhoto where we lived for a while. The same young trainer and his friends found our home by accident. At the same time Giovanni had found my and captured me. The trainer and friends saved me from Giovanni. I scattered the clones over the land to be with other Pokemon, and the Trainer and his friends left. This time I did not remove this memory from them. I myself wanderer around Jhoto for a while only to find that other Pokemon were afraid of me and didn’t trust me because I was unnatural.” And he finished his story.

“What a sad story.” Said Metra.

“Yeah. I’m sorry.” Said Tandy “But why are you going to Hoenn? She asked.

“I met Metra and she told me to go and talk to the Wise Lugia and the White Ho-oh. I asked them my question and they told me to go to Hoenn. He told her.

“What part of Hoenn.” She asked.

“The White Ho-oh said to visit the Meteor Falls and Oldale Forest.”

“That’s where I live. In Oldale Forest.” She said cheerfully.

“Well then that’s where we will go first then.” Said Mewtwo.

Tandy and Metra shared their stories next and after that they continued talking. It was late at night when they finished so they went to sleep leaning up against the boxes as they sailed for Hoenn in the cargo room of the S.S. Tidal.

Hope you liked it. *crashes head on desk* I'm gonna go and take a nap again. -_-zzzzzzzzzzzz "DAHHHHHHHHHH Dah dah dah dahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Danananana na Dahhhhh DUH DUUH DUH!" O_O music too loud. Bye bye.
BTU ;249-d;

31st October 2005, 6:21 PM
NOOOO!Don't stop! It is getting too good.;249-d; ;123; ;280; ;354; :meowthbal

6th November 2005, 11:17 AM
hey,I wanna hear Metra and Tandy's stories too if you can do it later,please?
And I agree with pegasus,don't stop,this is gettin SO COOL!!XD
Besides there's a Gardevoir traveling with them!!!!!

3rd December 2005, 1:17 AM
Hi Everyone,

Ok I'll keep posting. ^_^ glade to hear some incuragement. I really need some right now too. Here is chapter 8.

Chapter 8
Mewtwo woke up in the morning and looked around. Metra was sleeping on top of a box while Tandy and fallen over and now had her head on Mewtwo’s lap. She woke up and quickly got up.

“Oh. I'm sorry I guess I fell over in my sleep. Sorry.” She apologized.

“That’s alright.” He told her.

“Now what?” said Metra in a grumpy morning-voice.

“Nothing I just fell over in my sleep.” Tandy answered.

By noon they had finally arrived at the Lilycove city port in Hoenn. This time they just left the boat as quickly as they could instead of going around. They left the docks and hid in the bushes near a cliff over looking the ocean.

“So this is Hoenn.” Said Metra.

“It seams very nice here.” Mewtwo added.

“Yes it is.” Tandy said.

“So. Where do we go now Tandy?” Mewtwo asked.

“Well we can take the shorter way or the longer way.” Tandy told them.

“Which is better?” asked Mewtwo.

“The short way will take a few days off of our trip, but it goes through the thick forest and mountains from here to Mauville city. It would be easier and safer to go around through Fortree city. If only we had a map. That would be easier.” Tandy added.
“I’ll find one.” Said Metra. She disappeared and a minuet latter she was back with a map. “Here you go.” She said giving the map to Mewtwo.

“Thanks Metra.” Tandy said. Mewtwo unfolded the map as Tandy pointed to where they were. “We are here at the edge of Lilycove city. There’s Fortree city and we need to get to Oldale forest.” She told them.

“Well then we better get moving.” Mewtwo said folding the map as they walked away from Lilycove city. After a while they came to a little lake up a hill with fruit growing near it.

“Oh look Pecha Berries.” She cheered as she ran over to the trees. Mewtwo and Metra followed. “These are good.” She told them handing them some fruit and they took them.

“These are good.” Said Metra finishing the berry.

“Yes they are.” agreed Mewtwo as he reached for another berry form the tree next to him.

“No! Don’t eat that one.” Tandy warned him. But it was too late.

“Why it was just a little spicy.” He said.

“Too late.” Tandy sighed. Suddenly Mewtwo’s mouth got really, really hot and he ran to the water to drink. “I’ll find you something to help you.” And she went looking around at the berry trees. “Here you go eat this. It’s a Rawst Berry.” She said handing the berry to him. He ate it and felt much better.

“Thank you.” he said hoarsely.

“I think you better teach us about the different kinds of berries before we do anything like that again. These berries don’t grow in Jhoto or Kanto.” Metra giggled.

“Very funny.” Mewtwo Said.

Tandy taught them about some of the berries around and then they left to continue their journey. By nightfall they came to Fortree city and found a place to sleep. Tandy found some fruit for them to eat. After they finished there meal they went to sleep.

In the morning they woke up and left Fortree city, headed for Mauville city. They soon came to the weather institute and decided to stop for a look.

“Would you like to see if we can go inside?” asked Tandy.

“Don’t you want to get home?” Mewtwo asked.

“Well yes but we can still stop for a little brake.” She answered.

“Okay. Are you sure we are allowed in?” Mewtwo said.

“I’ll find out.” She told him. Tandy went to the door of the building and knocked.

“Hello.” A man said as he answered the door and looked startled at Tandy. “What is a Pokemon doing here? Um… Would you like to take a look inside?” he asked her, rather confused. Tandy nodded. “Uh…okay then come on in.” he said to here.

“It’s okay you guys come on.” She called back to them.

“Oh. You have friends. Um… would you three like a tour.” They nodded. “Okay. We don’t usually do tours for Pokemon. At least without any trainers but I guess it would be okay.” He smiled. “Alright then, let’s start the tour. This is the front desk where we plan all our events and tours. Okay. Next we will go upstairs to the research room. Here is where we have all our scientists and our Castform studying, observing and collecting all our data. Would you three like to meet some of our Castform on staff?” they nodded. “Okay then. Right now they are on a brake so we can go it and talk with them.” The man led the way and Mewtwo, Metra and Tandy followed. “Castform. These three Pokemon came to tour the Weather institute. Say hi every one.” Mewtwo came in and the Castform started to get a little nervous. Mewtwo said hi to the Castform and they got even more nervous. Finally Tandy came in and the Castform calmed down and went to greet the three of them, even Mewtwo.

“Hello. Welcome to the Weather Institute. This is Sunny, that’s Snow Rain is over there and I’m Cloud. Who are you three?” Cloud asked.

“I’m Mewtwo and this is Tandy Gardevoir and Metra Misdreavus. Metra is from Johto and I am form Kanto.” Mewtwo said happily.

“Nice to meet you.” I hope you are enjoying your visit to the Institute.”

They chatted for a while and they said good-bye as the man led them to the next part of the tour. “Here is our computer room. These computers are connected to the equipment up stairs on the top of the building. Now let’s go upstairs to look at the equipment.” He led them upstairs and outside to the top of the building. Mewtwo walked over to the edge and looked around at the land and turned to the man to listen. “Here are all of our weather instruments.” And he explained some of them to him and then led them down stairs to the front desk. “Well that concludes our tour. I hope you enjoyed the Weather Institute. Thank you for coming.” The man said to them.

“Thank you.” Mewtwo said as the man stared at him in shock that he spoke English and they left. “How come the Castform calmed down when you came in?” he asked Tandy.

“They didn’t seam any different to me.” Tandy said confused.

“When I walked in they were nervous like most Pokemon are when I go near. But when you walked in they were fine.” He told her.

“Oh. Well then I guess it was because of my nature.” She told him.

“How is that?” he asked her.

“Other Gradevoir, Kirlia and Ralts like me can sense the emotions of other Pokemon and humans and some times calm them. That’s just part of our nature.” She told him.

“It’s also part of the feminine nature. That’s cool though.” Giggled Metra.

“Thank you.” Tandy smiled also giggling.

“So when I’m with you other Pokemon will not be afraid of me?” he asked hopefully ignoring the giggling.

“I guess so.” She answered.

“That must be part of your answer Mewtwo.” Metra told him.

“I guess your right.” He said thinking about the fact that it would not last for that long. “Let’s look at the map.” He told them as he unfolded it. “The fastest way to Oldale is through Mauvill then through Vendaturf town and through Rusturf Tunnel. So we can go that way.” He finished.

“I think so. But…” she paused trying to find a longer way to get there, “I think Rusturf Tunnel is blocked. So we will have to go around. We could go trough Meteor Falls. It is really beautiful in there.” She told them.

“Okay then we will go that way.” He agreed. And they set of on their new rout to Meteor Falls.

So that was chapter 8. 9 will be up soon. Glad to be posting again.


16th January 2006, 5:26 AM
Hi Everyone,
I am Finally inspired, I think, to finish writing the sequil to What Am I, Question's Answer's Answer. I am in love and am loved (in fact, it is a young man I met here on serebii over a year ago) and with that brings joy that I have never had before which leads to the desire to finally finish. Well enough of that. Here is chapter 9.

What Am I?
Chapter 9

The three continued on their way to Fallarbor Town. To get there they had to pass through the thick part of the woods.

“I’m not too familiar with this area.” Tandy told them.

“Maybe we will meet a Pokemon that will help us.” Metra said hopefully.

Finally after a while they found some one.

“Excuse me.” Mewtwo said.

“Yes what do you want?” the white Pokemon snapped.

“We are just trying to find our way to Fallarbor Town, do you know the way here?” Tandy asked him politely.

“Possibly. Who are you three anyways?” he asked.

“This is Tandy Gardevoir, Metra Misdreavus and I am Mewtwo.” He said to the Pokemon.

“I am Calamity Absol. Why are you trying to get to Fallarbor Town? If I may ask?” he inquired.

“Tandy is trying to get back home to the Oldale Forest and Metra and I are escorting her.” He answered.

“So can you tell us the way?” asked Metra with a slight tone of annoyance.

“Yes.” He agreed. “Just a little ways from here you will find a small unused path. Once you get there it will take you to the main path to Fallarbor Town. But be careful. These woods can be dangerous.” He warned them.

“Thank you Absol.” Said Tandy and they left to find the trail.

They soon found the lightly worn in trail and fallowed it. The trail soon lead then through the thick woods to a small clearing. There they heard a noise in the treetops.

“Did you hear something?” Tandy asked startled.

“I think I did.” Said Misdreavus, looking around.

“I did too.” Said Mewtwo. They all heard a sound again and Tandy and Metra moved closer to Mewtwo. “Who is up there?” Mewtwo yelled at the treetops. “Come on out.” He demanded.

“Ha ha ha.” Some one laughed with a deep voice, and a figure jumped down into the bushes.

“Oh no! It’s Fiant.” Tandy exclaimed grabbing Mewtwo.

“Who?” Mewtwo asked.

“The Gengar that Pokenaped me.” She said afraid.

“Come on out and show yourself.” Mewtwo demanded Growing angry.

“No, I’d rather not.” Fiant growled releasing a Shadow Ball attack.

“Look out!” Metra cried moving in front of Mewtwo, releasing her own Shadow Ball. The two collided and knocked Metra back into Mewtwo.

“Are you okay Metra?” asked Tandy.

“I think so.” Said Metra trying to get back up. “What are you attacking us for?” Metra yelled at the Gengar. “And why don’t you come out and show yourself?”
“I’m just trying to take back what is mine.” He growled. Releasing another attack. This time Mewtwo grabbed Metra and used Light Screen, stopping the attack. “Oh fine then.” He shouted angrily coming out of the bushes.

“Now… What do you want with us?” Mewtwo demanded with his hand ready.

“I already told you.” Fiant said in a smart-alecky tone. “I’m trying to take back what is mine.” He said to them.

“What do we have of yours?” he asked frowning.

“You took my Gardevoir.” He grunted.

“Why does she belong to you?” He growled, even angrier.

“Because I caught her fair-and-square. Finders keepers, losers weepers.” He taunted, giving them a raspberry.

“Well you can’t have her.” He told him strongly.

“Why? What interest is she to you? Or can you not say?” he grunted smartly with a smirk on his face.

“I… I… I promised to take her back to her home. And I’m going to keep my promise.” He said, struggling to find the right answer.

“Right.” He smirked. “So give her back.” He grunted.

“No!” Mewtwo said defiantly.

“Fine.” Fiant said using a Night Shade Attack.

Suddenly Metra used Screech in defense messing up the attack. And Mewtwo sent a ball of energy. But it missed creating an explosion.

“What’s going on here?” said an angry voice behind them.

Fiant looked at what the voice came form and backed up. “Ill be back for you.” He threatened and disappeared.

The three turned around to see what the voice came from and Tandy fell back in shock at the sight of the tall black Pokemon.

“Its alright.” He said reaching down for Tandy’s hand and pulling her up as Mewtwo felt a tinge of jealousy, for some reason, now helping her to her feet form behind.

“What were you three doing fighting that Gengar?” he asked.

“That Gengar is trying to capture Tandy.” Mewtwo told him.

“Oh really. Why is that?” he asked Tandy.

“I’m not to sure. All I know is he has bad intentions.” She told him.

“I’m sorry about that. Why are you in these woods anyways?” he asked politely.

“I’m trying to get back home to Oldale forest and Mewtwo and Metra are taking me there safely. Right now we are herded for the main road to Fallarbor Town.” She said.

“Well then I would be glad to take you there. This is my territory so I know these woods well. You must be very tired. Ill give you a ride.” He said giving her his hand and lifting her up on his metal and rock shoulders as Mewtwo once again felt jealous, still not understanding why. “I’m Cragg Aggron.” He told her as he started to walk down the trail.

“I’m Tandy Gardevoir and they are Metra Misdreavus and Mewtwo.” She told them with a smile as Mewtwo and Metra followed behind.

“Are you feeling jealous?” Metra teased.

“No why would you think that?” he asked confused.

“Oh I don’t know. Just a thought.” She said looking up.

Mewtwo just ignored her comment and kept on following the Aggron. Soon they came to the main trail and Aggron stopped.

“Well this is as far as I can take you. I have to watch my territory.” He said letting Tandy down. “Fallarbor Town is just a little ways up ahead. I think your friends can take you from here.” He said shaking her hand. “It was nice meeting you. Good bye.” He said ad he turned and walked back into the woods.

“Well lets going.” She said as they walked on. They soon arrived in Fallarbor and found a found some food and a nice place to sleep.

So that was chapter 9. 10 will be up sometime later. I will now continure and finish my story.

16th January 2006, 6:00 AM
Yep I love mewtwo the storyline is good and i am intrested keep it going !!!!!

16th January 2006, 6:08 AM
Still reading, just a few notes on Chapter 3.

1: It's Petalburg Woods, not Oldale (unless you're creating a new forest).

2: Ho-oh refers to Hoenn as to the south, but Metra then says it's in the north.

I'll continue reading. It's very good.

17th January 2006, 6:58 AM
i have read all of your chapters and they are fastasic, the story overall keeps me intrested all the way though More, MORE.

Also could you PM when the next chapter is going to be posted please.


20th January 2006, 6:22 AM
Hi Everyone,

Thank you all of you for the nice comments and for reading. Tell your friends. To comment on Legend's observations, It is a differnt forest which I just gave a name to since it is only know as Route 102; and could you show me where I made the mess up about the north and south thing so I can see what I did. Im still needing to work on QAA however and I haven't yet. I've been lazy and I have school to worry about. I will most diffentely finish it soon, I promise. Well now here is chapter 10.

Chapter 10

They woke up in the morning and left Fallabor Town for Meteor Falls. They passed over a bridge and entered a large field with some trees something flew down and landed on Mewtwo’s head.

“What is this?” he asked looking up at the fluffy little blue and white bird sitting on his head.

“Oh how cute. It’s a baby Swablu.” She said to the little bird as it chirped. “Don’t you make a cute hat?” She cooed to the bird and it flew up and landed on her hat.

“What a lovely hat you have.” Metra giggled. Just then a larger bird landed next to Mewtwo.

“Nicky. What are you doing up there?” she scolded her baby. “I hope she is not bothering you folks.” She said to them.

“Oh no. Not at all.” Tandy said. “She is so cute. It’s nice to meet you Nicky. I’m Tandy.” She said to the little bird. “This is Metra and this is Mewtwo.” She said to the Swablu pointing out the others. “Your little chick is so cute.” She said to the bird.

“Thank you. She is a hand full though. I’m Avian Altaria. It’s nice to meet you. Are you ready to go home now Nicky?” she asked her chick. “Come on it is time to eat. Say good bye.” She said as she jumped up and took off with the Swablu following behind.

“They weren’t afraid of me.” Mewtwo said happily.

“Most baby’s are very curious and don’t have too much fear. And you’re with me. Remember.” She smiled.

“You’re right.” He smiled. And they walked on to the entrance of the cave.
Inside was dim, but not too dark to see. They walked in a ways and soon there was some one standing in front of them.

“Allen!” Tandy cheered as she ran up and hugged the figure. Mewtwo suddenly felt sad, but he couldn’t understand why. He just watched the two. “What are you doing here Allen?” Tandy stepped back and asked the Pokemon.

“I came to visit my relatives in the cave. What are you doing here and where have you been. We have all been looking for you.” He asked her.

“I was taken to Jhoto by a Gengar and these two saved me. Allen this is Metra Misdreavus and Mewtwo. Metra, Mewtwo this is Allen Alakazam. We were friends growing up I Oldale forest.” She said introducing every one.

“Nice to meet you.” He said offering his hand to Mewtwo. “Thank you for rescuing Tandy.” He thanked him.

“You’re welcome, I guess.” He said, not knowing what to say.

“Are you all headed home now?” he asked.

“Yes.” Tandy said.

“Well would you like to come with me to visit my relatives and then go back with me?” he asked Tandy.

Mewtwo hoped that she would say no and let him take her.

“No, I’ll just continue on with Metra and Mewtwo.” She told him. Mewtwo was happy relived.

“Well I’m glad your safe. I’ll see you back at home.” He said giving her a hug as Mewtwo felt lower and lower. And they left Allen and found the exit.

They got out of the cave to see that it was close to evening. They found a cut in the mountain and decided to sleep there. Tandy left to find some fruit near bye as Metra and Mewtwo stayed in the tinny cave.

“Are you going to be sad?” Metra asked.

“What?” he asked confused.

“Are you going to be sad when we take her home tomorrow?” she said.

“I guess I will be.” He said looking down.

“Why don’t you ask her to stay with you then?” she asked him.

“No. I have to take her home to her family. She won’t want to stay with me.” He told her.

“Why not?” she asked but just then Tandy came back.

“Why not what?” she asked them.

“Why not ask you if…”

“If there are any good places I could live after we take you home to your family?” he interrupted Metra, stopping her.

“Oh. Um well…” she paused trying to think. “Well… the Oldale Forest is a lovely place to live and we could visit each other once in a while.” She smiled weakly.

“Do you know if there are any other ghost types in the forest?” Metra asked taking a quick glance at Mewtwo.

“Oh yes lots.” She smiled to Metra. “Here is some fruit for us.” And she handed the fruit to them to eat. “We should be able to reach Oldale Forest by tomorrow.” She told them.

“Then you can finally get home.” He said with a tinge of sadness.
“Yes.” She agreed with a forced smile.

They ate their fruit and went to sleep. Mewtwo thought about how he would be sad to leave. Finally he fell asleep.

I hope you all liked the chapter. Please do continue with the comments. Thank you. ;280;

27th January 2006, 1:03 AM
Hi Everyone,
So here is the next chapter. I haven't continued working on QAA yet, but I made a picture of it. :D Now I need to find a way to make it work so I can Post it up. Anyways here is chapter 11.

What Am I
Chapter 11
Helpful Discovery

“How much farther do we have to go?” Sean asked board and tired.

“Not too much farther.” Metra told him. “We are almost in his territory so we should find him soon.”

“Him who?” Sean asked still board.

“Come on.” She told him not wanting to waste any more time. They floated down the road until they came to a small hidden path coming of the road and Metra stopped making Sean, who was not paying attention, bump into her. “Here is the trail. This way, come on.” She told him. The fallowed the path deep into the woods. Soon they came to a fork in the path that Metra didn’t see the last time she was here. “Ops. I don’t remember this fork from last time we were here.” Metra said as she looked down the two paths in front of them. “Lets take this one.” Metra decided and headed down the left path.

“Who are we looking for?” Sean asked again as he followed her.

“Crag.” Metra answered.

“Okay. Who is Crag?” Sean asked still trying to find out. Suddenly there was a loud roar from a little distance away and heavy stomping.

“What are you doing in my territory?” an angry voice roared. Startled, Sean quickly floated behind Metra but changed his mind and moved in front of her instead. Seconds later an Aggron appeared with a dangerous looking face. “What are you doing here?” he asked again.

“Crag.” Metra said calmly. The Aggron, startled, looked at Metra. “Do you remember me. I came through her about five months ago. With Mewtwo and Tandy the Gardevoir.” She told him.

“Yes I remember.” He said realizing who she was and no longer angry. “Sorry if I scared you.”

“That’s okay.” Metra said. “But what’s wrong?” she asked.

“This strange group of men and a man in an ugly orange suite built a big building on the edge of my territory and are making a mess.” Crag said angrily.

“Wow that was easy.” Metra said astonished.

“Why don’t you just move?” Sean suggested but Crag just gave an ugly stair. “What?” Sean said, wondering what the look was for.

“What was easy?” Crag asked trying to ignore Sean’s ridicules suggestion.

“That’s exactly what we came here for.” Metra told Crag.

“The men?” he asked confused.

“Yes. The man in the Orange suite Pokénaped Tandy and we have to rescue her.” She explained.

“Oh that’s terrible. How could they Pokénap her. I will be glad to get rid of them and help you.” He told her.

“It isn’t that easy. Those men came to get Mewtwo. They took Tandy instead to use her as bate. Mewtwo could easily take care of them himself but if her does anything Tandy will get hurt. That man wants to get Mewtwo because he is the strongest Pokémon in the world and her will do anything to do so.” She explained Crag.

“And that’s why he’s on my territory.” Crag added.

“Right.” She confirmed. “I came to find you so you could help us find him and help us stop him but now things are turning out better then I thought. We already have more helpers on the way.”

“I would be glad to help.” He offered.

“Great. Now do you know of a way where we can get close enough to spy on the sight without being seen?” Metra asked.
“What we are going to go right up to them?” Sean asked shocked.

“Yes if we can. We need to figure out the best way to save Tandy.” Metra turned to say to Sean who took a big gulp in fear. “So is there a way to do that?”

“Yeah. We can use my tunnel system and get right next to them and take a look.” He told her.

“Tunnel system? Hey that gives me an idea. Right.” Metra said with a grin on her face.

“I don’t know if I like that look you have.” Sean added as he saw the mischievous smile on her face.

“Oh don’t worry. I’m just coming up with a plan.” She answered, not bothering to look at Sean. “So lets get dirty.” She said ready to go and spy.

“Right. The entrance to the tunnel is right over here.” Crag said and turned and walked off the trail and into the bushes.

“Why cant you just dig a new entrance right here?” Sean said making another ridiculous suggestion.

Crag took a few more steps forward and sniffed the ground and started to dig. When the hole was large enough he climbed in and motioned for Metra and Sean to follow. They floated down into the hole and found that they were in a large tunnel just large enough for Crag to travel through it comfortably. Crag turned to them and nodded. Quietly they walked through the tunnel for some time. After ten minuets of Sean complaining every so often, Crag finally stopped.

“Now what?” Sean asked wondering why he stopped. Crag just sniffed the ceiling of the tunnel.

“I think this is the spot.” Crag finally answered. “Okay. Ill dig a tunnel of to this side. From here on we have to be as quiet as possible.” He looked at Sean as he gave the ending to his statement. Sean nodded and Crag turned to his left and began to dig at an angle with his sharp claws. In a minuet he slowed down and slowly crawled up and disappeared. I few seconds later Metra and Sean saw his tail pop out of the hole and motion them to come. Metra drifted in with Sean following her. Inside were three sets of holes for them to peek out of.

Beyond the dirt wall they saw the hideout. It was a large building that was still being worked on. Men in black uniforms were running around along with some Pokémon building the hideout, some standing guard and some ordering others around. The building was split in half. One half was just a normal metal gray building while the other had thick steel armored walls and a heave door. Metra turned from her peephole tapped Sean and Crag and they backed out into the main tunnel.

“I have a feeling Tandy would be in the armored section of the building.” She said to them. “Maybe if I could get in there unnoticed and faze through the wall I can find Tandy.” She said, trying to think of a plan.

“Na-augh. That is too risky.” Sean said.

“I have to agree with him there. You could get caught and then we would have the two of you to rescue.” He told her. “Just because they cant see you with there eyes doesn’t mean they cant at all.” Crag warned.

“Yeah how would you know?” Sean asked suspiciously.

“The other day I saw them chasing some of the Ghost Pokémon that had come to look at the strange building and they could see them.” He explained. “So it would be a big risk to carry that idea out.”

“Yes but if I can do it quickly then I have a chance.” She said.

“All right then.” Crag finally agreed. “If anything happens we will come out and help distract them, but only then.” He said and Sean nodded.

“Okay. I’ll only go in for five minuets. If I don’t some back by then…well, you know what to do.” She said and she drifted over to the peepholes and fazed out through the wall leaving Sean and Crag behind.

Metra, invisible to the naked eye drifted up and over the swarm of black uniforms on the ground and over the big armored building. She took a second to decide where to go and chose a spot just five feet from the door. She drifted down and through the steel roof. Inside the building was dark. The only source of light was from the many flashing lights and buttons on the wall and a few TV screens. Metra looked around the room and spotted a large glowing care in the back corner of the room. Metra hurried over to the cage and spotted her.

“Tandy.” She said quietly. Tandy was huddled in the corner of the cage and looked up when she heard her name.

“Who’s there?” she asked timidly.

“Its me Metra.” She said and quickly showed her face and faded out.

“Oh Metra it is you.” She said with hope and walked to the edge of the cage. “Did you come to rescue me?” she asked excitedly.

“I’m afraid not yet.” She said with a pause.

“Where is Mewtwo?” Tandy asked.

“I’m afraid I don’t have much time to explain. I came to find out any information that will help us rescue you. Mewtwo is back at the house waiting for help to arrive before come and rescue you. Giovanni came to Mewtwo and told him that he would release you if Mewtwo gave himself up. Mewtwo didn’t trust him and refused. After he did Giovanni told Mewtwo that if he does anything you will be harmed so we are coming up with a plan to rescue you.” She finished and caught her breath.

“I see.” Tandy said sadly. “Giovanni told me he was going to find Mewtwo and speak with him. I wouldn’t want Mewtwo to be caught too.”

“Right.” Metra agreed sadly. “Well I don’t have too much time. I told Sean and Crag to give me at least five minuets.”

“Crag?” Tandy asked shocked.

“Yeah Crag. Sean and I came here to see if we could get him to help us and we found out that Giovanni’s hideout is right here at the edge of his territory so he was willing to help us.” Metra explained. “So before I have to go do you have any information that might help us?” she asked quickly.

“Not much. Just that apparently Fiant helped Giovanni find out house.” She told her.

“Well I would ask you what happened but I’m afraid I am out of time.” She told Tandy and saw the light in Tandy’s face fade. “Well be back to rescue you soon. Don’t worry.” She said and faded out and fazed through the wall leaving Tandy in the dark room. She quickly drifted over the men and fazed through the wall to find Sean and Crag waiting for her. “I’m back.” She as she came through the wall.

“You made it!” Sean said happily and relived as he floated over to her and hugged her as much as he could without arms.

“Yes I made it now let go.” She said as she struggled out of his hold. “Tandy id in that room in a cage. There was no one else in there so I was able to talk to her for a little bit. She didn’t know very much though.” She told Sean and Crag.

“So what should we do now?” Crag asked.

“Now we wait for the other Pokémon to get here to help us. They’re coming from Johto and Kanto so it might take them a while. In the mean time we come up with a plan.” Metra told them and that mischievous smile appeared back on her face.

I hope you all liked the chapter. I might start working on QAA after I finish the semester, which will be in February. Thanks for reading, please let me know what you think.
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27th January 2006, 6:26 AM
great plot !!!!! but i got a little confusted didn't Mewtwo say 'no' to Giovanni then i sort of got a little lost ?! only a little though

Zephyr Flare
28th January 2006, 10:18 AM
Sides from the pointless spam posts, please would you go READ the Rules and Advice for Aspiring Authors again? I'm seeing a huge lack of proper content, saids everywhere, a sense of rushed with too short a "chapters", lack of proper or decent formating.

And just FYI, I find telepathics eaiser to pull off with italics, looks more realistic.


24th February 2006, 12:13 AM
Hi Everyone,

Well I never said I was planning on being a professional writer. Sure I could fix it, I will later, but for now, this is just the story that came out of my head. here is chapter 12. Enjoy.

What Am I
Chapter 12

“Oh no,” said Tandy in shock. “Fiant is back!”

“Yes. And this time I have some friends with me.” He said with an evil smile as many Ghost-type Pokemon appeared behind him. There was a Sableye, Shadinja, Banette, Dusclops, Haunter, Gastly, Shuppet and a Duskull, all smiling behind Gengar. “I’m tacking back that Gardevoir.” He said stepping forward.

“No you’re not. You’re not going to take her while I’m here.” Mewtwo said stepping in front of Tandy, Metra followed.

“And you have to get past me too.” Said Metra.

“No Mewtwo. You’re sick. You’ll get hurt. I don’t want you to get hurt again because of me.” She pleaded with him.

“I’m not going to let him get you. I promised to get you home and I will. And that’s that.” He said, ending the discussion.

“But. But how can you stop all of them. There are nine of them and only three of us and Psychic attacks are weak against Ghost types.”

“That doesn’t matter. Mewtwo is still very strong. Sick or not.” Said Metra.

“Enough stalling.” Said Fiant. “Are you giving the Gardevoir up the easy way or the hard way?” he asked with foul look on his face.

“Your not getting Tandy.” He said angrily to the Gengar.

“If that’s the way you want it then fine. Get him.” He commanded the ghosts.

“Stay behind me. Metra stay back and protect Tandy. I’ll take care of the Ghosts.” He said as the ghost got near him. He attacked the ghosts with all he could but there were too many of them. He could only nock back one at a time while the others struck him with their attacks. Soon Fiant’s voice was heard.

“Use dark type attacks you idiots. Psychic typed are weak against dark.” He yelled at them. And they did.

“Mewtwo look out.” Yelled Tandy. “Their using Faint attack.” She yelled but it was too late. The ghost would disappear and then reappear next to him and strike him with their attacks. Mewtwo was overpowered by all the ghosts and was on all fours on the ground. “There are too many of them.” Tandy cried. “Metra do something.”

“Okay. But cover your ears and be careful after. Mewtwo. Cover your ears!” she yelled. When she saw that he had, she used Perish Song. Soon all the ghosts around Mewtwo started to fall to their knees from the attack. Even blocking out the sound didn’t help Mewtwo and Tandy enough and they received some of the damage also. Finally Metra fell to the ground from the affect of her attack.

“Metra are you okay?” Tandy asked her but she was out cold. Tandy looked and all the other Ghosts who were knocked out too. Even Mewtwo was unconscious. She ran over to him. “Mewtwo are you alright. Oh I’m so sorry. This is all my fault. Please get up.” She said shaking him.

“Now who is going to help you?” said Fiant as he appeared in front of her with an evil grin on his face.

“Get away from me!” she yelled stepping back.

“No. I have been chasing you trying to capture you. And now there is no one to help you.” He said stepping forward.

“No!” she yelled as she threw a large ball of Psychic energy at him. The attack hit him seamed to have done nothing. Startled she took a few steps back and tried to run a way.

“Oh no you don’t.” he said running for ward and grabbing her by the arm. “I have you now” he said trying to keep a hold of her arm as she tried to fight him off. “Stop moving.”

“Let me go.” She yelled at the Gengar. “Help! Mewtwo help me!” She cried trying to get away from him. Mewtwo heard her yell and tried to get up. He was too weak and couldn’t move. “Mewtwo!” She yelled again as Fiant pushed her to the ground. “Mewtwo! Wake up!” Mewtwo heard her yell but could do nothing. “Help!”

Hope you liked it.