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Alastor DMc
12th September 2005, 5:45 PM
Hey guys, this is my 2nd fan-fic (I never finished the first one) and hopefully you'll all like it. Please take the time to read it, and enjoy.

Project - 1

The weather is truly beautiful in fall. The trees are changing color, the air is crisp and cool, and the sky is always a beautiful shade of blue. The hazy humid summer is a memory at this point, and winter is still far enough away that no one could possibly have it on their minds. It was this type of weather that accompanied a young boy, no older then 15, on his way home. He limped down a dirt path, his shirt torn and his hair a mess, holding his swollen left elbow with his sore right hand. The sun was starting to set on this beautiful autumn day, and to this boy, it could not have been coming sooner.

“Keep walking,” he told himself. His mind was focused, but his ankles were beat up and howling with pain. He’d be lucky to make it another hundred yards before he collapsed from the almost unbearable pain. It would already have been unbearable, had he not been in a similar situation many times before. Beaten and bruised, on his way home from the park.

“You’ve only got… you’ve only got…” but it was too late. The boy fell to his bloody knees, and then his forehead hit the dirt. The sun still had a good hour left in the sky, but the day had already ended for Dash Mullen.

The next thing he knew, he was in his bed, with the morning sun pouring on his face. “How did I get here?” he said to himself.

“We carried you home, after I found you passed out on the path,” said a voice to the right of Dash. Dash looked over and saw his younger brother, Jay. Next to Jay were two small yellow animals, which looked very much the same except for the colors of their tails, ears and hands. They both had long rabbit like ears which were colored blue and red respectively. Their hands were both either red or blue as well, and each had small beady black eyes and a button nose. The red one’s tail was in the shape of a plus sign, while the blue one’s tail came out a bit, and was in the shape of a minus sign. The Red one was named, Plusle and the blue one, Minun.

Plusle and Minun were Pokemon, a species of animal that lived in the world with amazing powers and abilities. They came in all shapes and sizes, from tiny cute little ones like Plusle and Minun, to gigantic and ferocious ones, however, given the right person, every Pokemon no matter how big or small, could be a valuable partner. Most people, who traveled together with Pokemon, called themselves trainers, and used them to battle.

“Thanks Jay, Plusle, Minun, I’m glad you were there to help me again,” said Dash to his brother and pokemon.

“Thank them, they’re the ones that carried you back,” replied Jay.

Dash threw the blanket off him, stood up and realized he was only in his under-shorts. He walked over to his dresser and got out a fresh blue t-shirt, with a white line running across the middle, just bellow the sleeves. He then pulled on a pair of beige shorts, a pair of socks, his sneakers, and a stone bracelet, made up of several beads on his right wrist. He looked at himself in the mirror quick. His face had, for the most part, healed, except for a small scar above his bright blue left eye. His brown hair was a mess, but it always was. It was short in the back, but came to several points in the front. His mother would constantly pester him to trim the front, but he refused, he liked the way it looked. “Does Mom know I was fighting again yesterday?”

“I don’t think so,” answered Jay, “we got you back in pretty quickly, and she didn’t have time to notice what we were carrying, right guys?”

Plusle and Minun gave a few squeaky replies to Jay, both smiling in agreement. “Why do you fight all the time Dash? What happens if one day you fall and we’re not around to bring you back home?” Jay asked his older brother.

“I fight, because I have to. They always start by attacking me, I can’t just stand there and take the hit, can I?” replied Dash, without looking back at his younger brother.

“But… you could just run away, couldn’t you?”

“No Jay.” He now looked down at his smaller and younger brother. “You should never run away from a fight, especially a fight you can win.” Dash was five years older then Jay, and thus, considerably bigger. Dash was around 5’ 7” while Jay was around 4’4” Jay always wore a big blue hat, with his favorite baseball Team logo on the front. Today, he happened to be wearing a yellow, long sleeved hooded sweatshirt and dark green shorts.

Dash walked out of his room and into the hall of the second floor of his little house. He ran down stairs to the kitchen, where his mother was making breakfast for him, Jay, Plusle and Minun. “Morning, Honey,” she said in her typically cheery voice. She turned away from the pan of scrambled eggs and said almost without looking, “you still haven’t trimmed your hair.

“And I don’t plan to,” he said, smiling as he sat down and helped himself to some toast and juice. Mrs. Mullen was a young woman, only about 35, and very beautiful. She always wore a house dress; today’s was green, with an apron and a matching bandana in her long brown hair.

Jay came down soon after Dash had left the room, followed by his two Pokemon. He sat down across from Dash, also helping himself to what was on the table. “You’re gonna be late for school, Dash.”

“No I’m not, I’ve still got…” Dash looked at the wrist-watch on his left hand, five to eight. “… five minutes. Mom, no time for breakfast, gotta go!” he said, jumping up from the table and rushing out of the house.

“What about your-” she started, but he was already gone.

Dash ran down the dirt path that connected his house to the main road, the same path that he collapsed on the night before. His school wasn’t far from his house, but it would still be hard to get there in less then five minutes, when class started. “Hey, Baby. What’re ya running for?” asked a young man from behind Dash. Dash turned and saw a boy, who looked about his age, 15, with slicked back, short brown hair, wearing a white, short sleeved, buttoned down collared shirt, dark blue pants and black dress shoes.

“Because we’re gonna be late for class, Alex! Come on, we gotta go!” yelled Dash, with out turning. Alexander Lasentra was Dash’s oldest and closest friend. Ever since before Dash could remember, Alex had been there. Alex stood where he was, in front of his house for a few moments later, with a small grin on his face, watching his friend run off towards the school, and then followed at a walk.

Dash got to the steps of the school, and took them two at a time till he got to the front door, only to be greeted rather coldly by his principal. “Dashton Mullen, late again I see,” he said.

“I’m sorry, sir. I woke up late,” Dash tried to explain.

“You’ve only been in this school for 3 weeks, and you’ve already been late to homeroom five times. I’m afraid I’m going to have to issue you a detention, say, today, after school.”

“I… but… yes sir…” he said, with his head down, staring at his sneakers.

“Now get to class before I make it a double detention.” Dash walked away quickly and found his classroom door. His teacher, Mr. Dunsworth, never noticed anyone coming or going from class, the man had to be at least 90 years old. Today already wasn’t Dash’s day, and naturally things only got worse. For whatever reason, Mr. Dunsworth had abandoned his usual position behind his large wooden desk, and was standing in front of the door, just as Dash opened it. The door hit his teacher in his back, sending the old man spiraling to the floor, with a cloud of papers following.

Everyone in the class stared at Dash, laughing hysterically. “What a loser!” shouted one boy. “Ha, what a jerk!” shouted another. Dash face had become beat red from embarrassment. He bent down to help his teacher up, when another girl, the only one who hadn’t laughed, stood up to help as well. Dash looked up and caught the eye of the girl, whose eyes were a beautiful shade of green, a green unlike any Dash had ever seen before. She had long, dark hair, and a beautiful smile to match her eyes. Dash had seen her for the first time a few weeks ago, when he started school here, but was too nervous to speak to her. She simply looked at him, and smiled, as his face got even redder.

“Why thank you for your help Mr. Mullen, Ms. Eel. It would appear that the door has blown open and knocked me down,” said their old teacher, adjusting the glasses on his face and standing up.

“No trouble at all,” the girl said, as she turned back to sit down. Dash on the other hand, said nothing and just took his seat in the back. The girl’s name was Tikay Eel, and to Dash, was one of the prettiest things he’d ever seen.

Classes went on until 12:30, when they broke for lunch. Dash walked alone to the cafeteria, where he saw Alex in the hall. “Hey Alex, did the principal catch you coming in late too?” he asked his friend.

“Principal? Nope, I never saw him this morning,” he said to Dash in his typical suave attitude.

“How? He was standing at the door when I got here! You must have just missed him. Figures, you’ve always been lucky, haven’t you Alex,” said Dash.
“Yeah, I’m just lucky,” he replied.

The two walked to lunch together, when they ran into a large boy a grade older then them. “Well, if it isn’t the weird new kid,” the boy grunted at Dash. The boy’s name was Bruno, and Dash had seen him before, bullying other freshmen, and hated him for it. Having power was one thing, but using it to hurt people weaker then you was unforgivable in Dash’s eyes. “I’m not sure if you’re aware of this, but there’s a ten dollar toll for entering the lunch room. You can pay me, and then there won’t be any trouble,” he said to Dash with an ugly grin on his face.

“Get out of my way, Bruno,” said Dash, with a serious look on his face. Alex simply stood behind his friend, and watched the entire thing with a calm expression on his face.

“Big mouth ya got there, but I’m not gonna ask ya again,” he said, raising a ham-sized fist at Dash.

“You wouldn’t stand a chance,” he said, coolly to the boy.

“Yeah, yer right, I wouldn’t soil my own beautiful fists on a scrawny twerp like you, I’d rather let my Pokemon do the talkin’ for me,” the boy said, reaching for a red and white ball on his belt.

At this point, Dash and Bruno had attracted a small audience, all eager to watch the little freshman get beat by the gigantic ape of a sophomore. One kid came out of the crowd, a junior that Dash had seen around but didn’t know the name of. “Guys, we can’t battle in school, you’ll both get expelled. Why not wait till afterwards, on the play ground?” the boy said.

“Heh, good idea,” said Bruno. Dash’s gaze was fixed on the ape of a boy, so hard that if he stared any harder he may have burnt a hole right through him. “Alright kid, you’ve got till 3, then I’ll make ya pay for ya big mouth,” he said, shooting another ugly grin, and then turning to walk away.

The Junior who had taken it upon himself to set up this little skirmish turned to Dash and said, “I hope you’ve got some good Pokemon kid, cause Bruno’s no push over.” He then turned and walked away, as the crowd dispersed.

“You okay, Baby?” asked Alex.

“Yeah… I’ll teach him not to pick on kids, just because they’re younger then him.”

“You think you can win by yourself?” asked Alex, his expression still smooth and cool.

“I don’t think I can win, I know I can,” said Dash, turning to his friend and smiling.

The rest of the day went by in a blur. All Dash could think about was how he was going to win against the giant of a kid. He wasn’t even sure what kind of pokemon Bruno had, but he doubted it would matter. Dash had been battling for longer then he knew, longer then he could remember, and in all that time he had only once lost a battle.

When the final bell rang, Dash stood up from his desk and made for the door. When he got to the hall way, he found the entire school lined up waiting for him to come out. Some cheered, some laughed, but either way, they were all there. Dash face got a little flustered, but he kept his cool as best he could. Everyone started to walk out the main door, towards the play ground, but Dash’s feet were frozen in place. He watched as everyone walked by him, some wishing him luck in the fight, others wishing him luck in heaven. After everyone had emptied the hallways, Dash too started for the front door, when a voice called to him, “Mr. Mullen, you’re just in time.”

It was the principal, standing in front of his office. Dash suddenly remembered his detention. “I… sir, can I make it up tomorrow? My... uh… mother needs me home right away,”

“Is it an emergency?” asked the man

Dash couldn’t lie very well. Every time he tried to lie, his face would become a shade of red, similar to the color it turned when ever Tikay was around. “I… uh…”

“Come along, Mr. Mullen. This will only take an hour, and then you can go home.” Dash turned and walked into the office. He was going to look like an idiot. Everyone would think he was a wimp or a punk, declaring he was going to battle with Bruno, and never show up. Dash walked into the office, sat down in the chair facing the principal, and heard the door slam shut behind him.

After the longest hour of his life, Dash stood up from his chair, his bottom sore from sitting for so long, and left the office without a word. “Mr. Mullen, I hope we don’t have to meet in here, under these circumstances again.”
“Yes sir, I’ll do my best,” he said. He then turned and ran as hard and as fast as he could towards the park. He entered the small fenced grass area, which contained a swing set, slide and see-saw. This was the same park where, the night before, he’d come limping home with horrible injuries. He thought that tonight would go a little better, considering his opponent wasn’t nearly as difficult as the one from last night.

He walked in, slowly, and realized that no one was here. They’d all left, and probably thought he was a wimp, who was too chicken to fight. Dash turned back around, his face low, upset about what he was walking into tomorrow morning when he got to school. Suddenly a familiar deep voice barked at him from the entrance to the park. “So, you decided to show up, didja kid.”

Dash looked up to see Bruno, with three other kids, each shorter then him but just as big and ugly looking. “And ya came all alone too? Kid, maybe you really do have some guts.”

“I’ve got more then just guts. Send out your pokemon, let’s do this,” said Dash, with a smile on his face. Maybe he’d be able to redeem himself after all.

“You got it punk,” said Bruno, grabbing the red and white ball from his belt, known as a pokeball. He threw the ball into the air and unleashed a big sumo-wrestler like pokemon. It was taller then Dash, and much wider, it had two big yellow hands, with big blue tree trunk like legs. “Hariyama! Let’s teach this kid who’s boss at Harveston High School!” All pokemon had different types, and Hariyama was no exception. He was a Fighting type. Plusle and Minun were electric. There were a total of 17 types of pokemon.

“A Hariyama…. That’s it?” said Dash, with a bit of arrogance in his voice.

“Yeah, a Hariyama. He’s more then enough to deal with whatever sissy baby pokemon you’re about to use,” answered Bruno. “Hurry up and send it out, I wanna get this over with. You’re not the only little punk that owes me money you know.”

“I don’t have any pokemon. I’m your opponent,” said Dash, the arrogance gone, replaced with seriousness. He stared at Bruno and his giant sumo pokemon, determined to win.

“What the hell are you doing kid? Send out a Pokemon now and be serious, or I’m really gonna let Hariyama here pound you one,” yelled back Bruno.

“I am serious you son-of-a-*****! I am your opponent, now order an attack before I do my own!” yelled Dash, his voice now completely lost of it’s silly tone.

“Alright, you asked for it! Hariyama, Mega Punch!” commanded Bruno.

Hariyama dove at Dash, its fist raised and ready to strike. Just as he was about to strike the boy, Dash leapt ten feet straight into the air. The Punch landed hard on the ground striking nothing.

Dash turned his body sideways, put his left arm high and yelled out, “Aerial Ace!” The palm of his hand filled with a whirl of wind, which he turned down, striking Hariyama in the back, sending it slamming into the ground. Dash then landed on the pokemon’s back, and flipped off, landing between Bruno and his pokemon.

Bruno and his three friends couldn’t speak. They stared at what they had just seen, a kid actually using a pokemon attack, unable to think. Dash began to get irritated at the silence and said, “Either command your pokemon, or call it back, before I attack him again!”

“I… uh… Hariyama, Fake Out!” Hariyama struggled to his feet, and then swung both arms outward and leapt at Dash once more to strike. Once again, before the giant sumo pokemon could make contact, Dash leapt backwards, as the two gigantic hands clapped together, hitting nothing.

Dash braced himself in a back stance, then pointed his right fist straight out at Hariyama, grasping his wrist with the other hand, covering the stone bracelet he wore there, while yelling, “Rock Throw!” Dash’s right fist turned from flesh to Rock, and as he called out yet another pokemon attack, several small rocks, about the size of baseballs, exploded from his fist, striking Hariyama in the chest, knocking him over. This time, he wasn’t getting up.

Bruno and his friends were still awestruck, but were scared as well. “There’s no way… you’re some kinda freak!” Bruno screamed at Dash. He held out the pokeball again, withdrawing his fainted pokemon back in another flash of light.

Dash began to turn and walk away when one of the other boys said, “We can’t let him get away! He’s dangerous, he could hurt someone else!” Dash stopped in his tracks. He was dangerous? He was defending himself from a boy who threatened to beat him up, and they thought he was dangerous?

“You’re right Jimmy, let’s get him before he gets someone else!” yelled Bruno, throwing out yet another pokeball. The other three boys did the same, each sending out a pokeball. Four flashes of light erupted around Dash, and four pokemon surrounded him.

“This is against the rules guys. The Pokemon League rules state that you must have an equal number of pokemon battling eachother, and I don’t ha-” started Dash when he was cut off.

“You don’t have ANY pokemon! You’re some kinda… some kinda freak! We can’t worry about silly rules when someone dangerous like you is on the loose.” Yelled Bruno.

Surrounding Dash were four pokemon. One was a little more then half his size, with a green mushroom like hat, a long tail that came to a point, encircled by four green balls. It had two strong legs, and two tiny little arms, all of which ended in red claws. It had a goofy looking face, with a beak and two beady eyes, but there was nothing goofy about his expression, which looked ready to fight. This pokemon belonged to Bruno, and was named Breloom. The other three, which belonged to Bruno’s buddies, were all the same pokemon. They were long, rodent like pokemon, with mostly white bodies, except for a few brown stripes, running down their bodies. They also had beady eyes, and tiny, ferret like noses. These were known as linoone.

“Okay, guys, let’s get this freak!” called Bruno to his lackeys. The three Linoone trainers commanded a Slash attack from their pokemon, while Bruno called for a Dynamic Punch. Breloom’s short claws started to glow slightly, as it charged at Dash, while the skunk like linoone charged on all fours, right for him. At the last moment, all four pokemon raised their left claws to come crashing down on Dash, but he was once again too quick for them. Dash leapt up into the air, flipped around, and landed behind the pokemon, once again placing him between the trainers and their beasts.

This time, Dash reached into his left pocket and pulled out a silver Zippo lighter, with a flame on the front. He didn’t use it to smoke, and in fact hated it when people would smoke around him. He used the lighter for a far different purpose. He flipped the top open, and the small flame came out. He placed his right hand directly into the flame, and with in seconds his entire fist was engulfed in flames, right up to the wrist.

“He’s trying to burn himself! What’s with this guy!” screamed one of the linoone trainers.

“Give me a second, and I’ll show you,” grinned Dash, turning towards the questioning trainer. He then shot his attention right back at the four pokemon, placed an open palm towards then and shouted, “Flame Thrower!”

A flame shot out of Dash’s palm, aimed directly at Breloom. It struck hard, knocking the mushroom pokemon out in a single blow. Dash then turned and shouted “Flame thrower!” again and again, knocking out two of the linoone.

He then turned back around at the four trainers, this time, smiling
confidently, expecting to see them groveling in fear. Instead he saw them with a surprised and satisfied expression on each of their ugly faces. They were all looking past Dash, at the lone linoone that he had forgotten to knock out. One of the boys shouted, “Get him now Linoone! Sand Attack!” Dash turned back towards the pokemon, and was assaulted by a cloud of sand, blinding and choking him.

“That’s… not fair,” he coughed through the cloud of dirt and sand.

“Now, Fury swipes!” commanded the kid to his lone linoone. Linoone ran in quick, got right up to Dash and began attacking him with a series of scratches, ripping up his shirt and arms.

“Alright, now a headbutt!” commanded the kid. Linoone ducked his head, and then slammed it full force into Dash, sending him flying from the cloud of dust, and landing right at the feet of Bruno and his boys.

“Heh, we got him now guys. Let’s drag him over to that professor’s house, and have him take a look at him,” said Bruno to his buddies. Just as they were about to bend down and pick Dash up, three razor like leaves came zipping by, slicing each of their arms.

Each boy stepped back, looking around for the source of the attack, but saw no one. When they turned their attention back to Dash, they saw that he was no longer lying where they’d left him. “Where you looking for me?” said Dash, from atop the slide at the far end of the play ground.

“How… how did he move so fast?” asked one of the boys.

“I dunno… let’s get out of here!” cried Bruno, as he and his three buddies quickly recalled their fallen pokemon, and ran out of the play ground with out turning back to see if what they’d just witnessed had actually happened.

Dash leapt down from the slide and landed in the soft sand below. He surveyed the grounds, and saw that for the most part, everything was left intact. He then turned towards the trees, outside the park, and looked up into the high branches. “I’m sorry Alex, I messed up.”

Alex leapt down from the tree branches and landed in front of Dash. On his shoulder was a small green pokemon, barely 7 inches tall, with two large red and blue roses for hands. She wore a single green leaf over her small light blue body and had three green points on her head. Her name was Roselia and she was Alex’s pokemon. “It’s okay, Baby. That just means we’re gonna have to start working here a little harder, right?” Roselia gave a pretty little chirp in agreement.

“Well, thanks for helping guys. I gotta go now though, my Mom’ll kill be if I’m late for dinner again!”

“Heh, alright, Baby. We’ll see you bright and early tomorrow morning,” said Alex, with a smile on his face. Dash then turned around and started jogging for home.

Alex stood and watched his friend heading home for a little longer. Something big was coming, something that he couldn’t explain, and Dash would have to be two, maybe even three times stronger then he was tonight if he had any hope of beating the coming disaster. Alex only hoped that he had enough time, and that Dash was indeed the one he’d been searching for.

12th September 2005, 9:35 PM
;330; I can't believe noone has rated this yet. First post, so official rating:
Plot:It's a prologue, so no rating here yet, but it looks to be original.
Overall: Very good, this looks to be very interesting, so keep it up.

Alastor DMc
12th September 2005, 9:59 PM
Thanks, but that wasn't a prolouge, it was actually Chapter 1, which I'll be calling "Projects." I'm going to post Project 2 later tonight, after my classes.

13th September 2005, 1:55 AM
Very, very interesting...

Your hero has powers and doesn't actually need any Pokemon to fight? Very rare in Pokemon fanfics... and well, it seems to be pulled off quite well!

I wonder how you character got to have those powers... blessing from a Legendary Pokemon? Half-Pokemon? Genetically engineered?... or something else?

I guess there is only one way to find out... and it is to wait for you to complete this fic... you'll complete it, right?

Anyway... have a nice day!

Alastor DMc
13th September 2005, 2:18 AM
Project - 2

Falling. He was falling, he knew that much. He could feel himself being pulled down, at least he thought it was down. He could see nothing, nothing in front, nothing around, just darkness, except for an uncomforting halo around himself. He could see himself. His hands, his shirt, his shorts and his sneakers were all there, but he didn’t know were there was. His body was horizontal, as if he’d fallen right though his bed, when all at once he adjusted and his descent slowed.

He felt his feet touch down on nothing. He was standing now, he knew that much, but could see nothing around him or behind him. In front however, was a speck of light. He wouldn’t have noticed it under any other circumstanced, but due to the fact that he was surrounded by nothing but black, that one tiny speck stuck out as bright as a spot light.

Suddenly the speck grew. It shot forward and became so brilliant that he had to shield his eyes with his forearm, and then close them tight. After a few moments, he opened them once more, confident that he wouldn’t go blind from the light. He was in a room now. A cold room, he could feel that. The floor was made of a white stone, possibly marble. There were pillars made of the same material, which extended high into a dark ceiling, so dark that he couldn’t quite make it out. Ahead of him was an altar, covered in a purple blanket, with a yellow trim. In the center was a symbol that he had seen before, but couldn’t remember where. Come to think of it, this whole place seemed familiar, but that that didn’t make him any less uncomfortable. There was still uneasiness in the air.

The walls. Something about the walls was making him uncomfortable. It was as if they were watching him, peering into his soul. They, like the ceiling, were too dark to see clearly; in fact the only light in the room came from two torches around the altar. He wanted to walk closer to the walls, to see if there was indeed someone, or something there, but he could not. His feet wouldn’t move.

Then a noise came from behind him. He turned his head to see what had made it, but couldn’t see anything. He was no longer uncomfortable, he was now officially scarred. He screamed in his head for his feet to move, but they refused. He pleaded with his arms to move, to defend himself should something come at him, but they too wouldn’t move from the sides of his body. Then the walls cleared up.

The darkness that covered the shadows weren’t shadows, at least not shadows that he was accustomed to. The darkness flowed, as if it were water, down from the walls, and met in the middle, feet away from him. It rose up, and started to take shape. First a body, tall and athletic, then two strong legs and arms, accompanied by fingers and feet. Finally was the head. The head formed, but no features were apparent. No eyes, no mouth, no nose, no ears. The only things keeping the head from being just an orb were two long antenna like objects sticking out from the top, extending all the way down to the backside. Then the darkness had finally stopped forming this humanoid body. It turned towards him, just standing, then two horrible blank white eyes opened. Each covered a quarter of the darkness’s head, neither had any soul in them. No pupil, or anything, just blank starring whiteness. Just when the terror had almost over taken him, and he was about to pass out, the darkness opened a cruel fierce mouth, full of sharp pointed teeth.

That was it, he couldn’t watch this anymore. He was on the edge of fainting when the creature screeched the most horrible noise he’d ever heard. That was what finally made him loose himself, and he passed out.

Dash woke with a start. He sat bolt upright and looked around, his heart beating a mile a minute, and his breath heavy as if he’d run that same mile a minute. It was just a dream. Another dream. He’d had these dreams before, the exact same dream. It always started with him falling, through nothing. Some times he landed, sometimes he’d continue falling. Some times he’d see the speck of light, some times he didn’t. This was the first time he’d seen a room, and the first time he’d seen that creature. It had only been a few minutes, but he already couldn’t quite remember what it looked like. The dream was over, and with it the memory. All he knew was he never wanted to see it again.

A few hours later he was in school once again, but today was much different then yesterday. Everyone was staring at him, some whispering, some just turning and avoiding him all together. When Dash walked into class, everyone stopped the conversation they had just been having, and looked at him. This time, there was no laughing, but rather fear. All except for her.

Today the room seemed to have moved over, so they could all avoid Dash. He had partly expected this, but was still a little annoyed with the way everyone was acting. He’d expected a hero’s welcome. He’d beaten the bully, and hopefully put an end to his ways, yet no one was giving him the slightest bit of appreciation. The only open seat left was right next to her, his one weakness. Dash walked up to the seat and sat down, trying his best to avoid her eyes, however he couldn’t help but glance at her a little as he walked over. As soon as he sat, the class began their conversations once again, and Dash breathed a sigh of relief.

“How do you do it?” said the beautiful voice to his left.

Dash’s face went from its typical color to red almost instantly. He turned to see Takay staring right at him, with a slight smile and her beautiful green eyes fixed right on him. “Didn’t you hear me? How do you use pokemon attacks like that?” she said again, still smiling

“I… uh… I dunno,” he said, blushing and smiling at her. “I’ve always been able to, for as long as I can remember.”

“It must be amazing to see. Could you show me some time?” she asked.

“I… er… yeah, of course,” he said.

“How about after school? Unless you’re busy,” she said, her features getting more and more beautiful the more he looked at her.

“Today!? I… yea, I’ll be free after school today. I’d be glad to show you,” he managed to get out.

“Great!” she said, turning back towards the front just as their teacher walked into the class. Was this really happening? Did he have a date with Tikay? Maybe he hadn’t gotten a hero’s welcome, but this was even better!

Classes flew by just as fast as they had the day before and before he knew it he was sitting in lunch. Word of his abilities had spread to the entire school by now, and they were all talking about him at lunch. For some reason, Alex was missing, so Dash sat alone.

After a few minutes, and half way though his sandwich a boy his age walked up to him. Dash had seen him around, but never spoke to him, didn’t even know his name for that matter. He was about Dash’s height, slightly shorter, with short blond hair. On his head he wore a pair of aeronautical goggles, which made him look a little silly. He had a yellow t-shirt on over a long sleeved blue shirt, and dark grey shorts. On his right wrist he wore a small white devise, with a few buttons. It looked to Dash like a Pokedex, but he’d never seen one worn on the wrist like that before. A pokedex was an electronic devise used by trainers that had information on most pokemon known in the world.

“You’re the kid that beat Bruno and his friends yesterday, right?” asked the kid. Without waiting for a reply he went on, “I’m Icarus Okean, and I wanted to battle you using my own pokemon… and battle techniques.”

Dash looked at the kid with a mouth full of sandwich, and swallowed it, half eaten. “Um… well, I don’t really battle no-bodies, Ikky,” said Dash, looking up at him.

“Ikky!? What a horrible name! It’s Icarus, and I’m far from nobody. I was the local regional champ two years running. I’ve beaten half the kids in this school, from the freshman all the way up to a couple seniors.” He paused for a second, and then looked back at Dash, “Of course, if you’re scared… I understand.”

This was what got Dash. The thought of being looked at by anyone, even this guy, as a chicken was too much for him. “Alright, Ikky. You’re on, after school, on the playground,” he declared.

“Not the playground, there’s too many people there. I have my own training gym in my house. Come on over after school and we can battle there,” said Icarus, smiling and excited.

“You’re on, Ikky,” said Dash. The two stood, shook hands, and then he continued on with his lunch.

When you’re excited about something, nothing on earth can keep you from looking forward to it, and that’s exactly what happened with Dash. School flew by, and before he knew it, he was standing with Ikky out front of the school, ready to go.

“Alright, follow me,” Icarus said to Dash, as he started walking down the path to his home.

“How far do you live from here?” asked Dash.

“Not that far, about half a mile. I live over on the hill, which looks out onto the sea,” he replied.

“Wait a minute… that HUGE house on Pepper Hill? That’s yours?” Dash asked. He’d only lived in the town of Harveston for a few weeks, but he and everyone else knew about the mansion on Pepper Hill. It was huge; with four floors and a lawn at least two square acres.

“Yep, that’s the one,” he said, sounding a little embarrassed. “My father is an inventor, so we have some money.”

“Did he invent that weird looking Pokedex on your arm?” asked Dash, looking at the white devise he’d noticed earlier.

“Yeah, this is his latest invention. It’s a pokedex with a few… modifications,” he said, looking away.

“What kind of modifications?” asked Dash.

“Hehehe, I can’t tell you that. Let’s just say, it’s all a part of my strategy,” he said, now looking ahead.

The two walked the rest of the way in silence, both thinking about strategy, and what exactly they were going to do in their coming battle. When they got to the house, they were greeted by two large men standing at the front gate. “Good afternoon Master Icarus, I see you’ve brought a guest,” said one of the guards.

“Yes, this is Dash Mullen. Could you ring B3 and tell them to set up training field 1?” said Icarus to the guard.

“Right away sir,” he replied as the front gate opened wide. Dash was in awe. He looked all around the yard, and the path to the front door seemed longer then the walk here. There were fountains and hedges, and things that he didn’t even know what to call.

“Come on Dash, this way,” said Icarus, leading him around to the side of the house, where a tube stuck out from the side. “This is the elevator, we’ll take this to the third basement.”

“Third basement!? How many do you have!?” exclaimed Dash.

“Um… I’m not really sure. I’ve only been down to 5, but Dad says it goes lower then that.” Dash couldn’t believe what he was hearing. Ikky spoke as if this was normal, as if having 5 or more floors below your house was a normal thing to have.

After a moment of two, the elevator arrived, and the two boys stepped in. “B-3,” Ikky said into the mouth piece.

“Welcome, Master Icarus. Proceeding to Basement Three,” said a computerized voice, and the two boys plummeted down.

It was dark on the way down. After what seemed like forever, but was actually only a minute, the elevator stopped. The door opened, and the light flooded into Dash’s eyes. It was so bright that he had to cover them with his forearm, and shut his eyes tight. When he opened them a few seconds later, Ikky was already inside. “Alright, let’s get started,” he said, turning to his friend.

The room was barren, with bright white walls, floors and ceiling. Dash took a few steps in, when the floor started to change right before his eyes. The stark white floor became like dirt, and the dirt grew a low cut grass almost instantly. Ahead of him a river started to flow, and trees sprang up from the ground. The white barren walls became a beautiful light blue sky, with clouds. Dash could feel a light breeze on his face, and the heat of the sun on his skin. “What the hell… what’s going on!?” he yelled.

“Hahaha, relax Dash. This is one of my father’s inventions. It’s a virtual reality simulator. Nothing in this room is actually here, but to your mind it is. Because your mind truly believes that there’s a stream over there, and a breeze on your face, in a sense it’s just as real as anything happening outside. If you fell in the water over there, you’d get wet, and if you stand still long enough, you’ll get cold from the wind,” Ikky explained.

Dash was awestruck to say the least. Half his mind couldn’t believe what he was seeing, but the other half could feel that this was actually here. “Alright,” he finally said, “you wanted to challenge me, right? Let’s start.”

“I thought you’d never ask,” said Ikky. He reached for the red and white ball on his belt, pulled it off and threw it up into the air. “Squirtle! It’s time to teach this guy why we’re the two time division champions!”

A flash of light followed the ball hitting the floor, and when the light died down, and tiny blue turtle was standing in its place. He stood on his hind legs, with a big blue tail that swirled around at the end, helping to keep his balance. He had big brown eyes and a cute smile on his face. His shell was colored red. Squirtle stared at Dash, then up at Ikky, and gave a growl in agreement.

“Alright then, a Squirtle. I hope you’ve got a back up plan Ikky,” said Dash.

“My name is Icarus, and I haven’t finished yet!” yelled Ikky. He reached for the devise that looked like a pokedex on his wrist and pressed a few buttons. In two flashes of light a sword and shield formed in Icarus’ hands. The sword had a long blue handle, with a dark blue hilt and a yellow gem at the base. The blade was long, sharp and silver. The Shield had a blue trim, with a light blue back ground, and in the center was an image of a dark blue and yellow giant turtle, with large cannons on its back. “This is our family shield, our family protector is Blastoise, which was used by my great great grandfather, years ago.”

“This isn’t exactly fair Ikky. It’s two on one? I don’t have a partner pokemon you know,” said Dash. “Of course, I did agree to battle you and show off my moves, so let’s just do… this…” said Dash. He suddenly remembered his date with Tikay, which he was now half an hour late for. “Hurry, we gotta start now! I need to be somewhere!”

“Don’t underestimate us, Dash! Squirtle, let’s go, Water Gun!” Squirtle took in a deep breath and shot out a spray of water straight at Dash. Dash leapt to the right, and was greeted by a sword being swung right at him. It only got air however, as Dash leapt backwards and out of harm’s way. “Not bad, I can see how you may have beaten that loser Bruno, but Squirtle and I are levels above him.”

Squirtle was surprisingly fast for a turtle pokemon, and was already behind Dash. He was now surrounded by Ikky on one side and Squirtle on the other. “Squirtle, body slam!” Squirtle dove at Dash from behind, as Ikky ran towards him from the front with his sword ready to strike. At the last moment, Dash jumped up high and avoided the blade and the turtle, who kept going and slammed into it’s trainer’s shield.

Dash flipped once and landed on his feet a bit away from Ikky and Squirtle. Another few feet away was the stream. He ran over to it, and splashed his right fist in first. Ikky was headed right at him again, his sword ready to strike. Dash pulled his fist out of the water, aimed it right at the other boy and shouted, “Okay guys, here’s a real Water Gun!” The jet shot out of his fist at such speed that Ikky barely had time to put up his shield to defend. In his haste to attack Ikky, Dash had forgotten about Squirtle, who was once again behind him.

“Squirtle, Seismic Toss!” Squirtle grabbed Dash’s ankles, held them together, and then leapt high into the sky. He spun the boy around, and then slammed him back down into the ground. Dash quickly got to his feet, feeling the attack. He was too careless, and needed to watch them both. At the same time, Tikay was waiting for him, so he had to be quick.

He grabbed his right wrist, and covered the beaded bracelet again. His fist turned from flesh to rock. “Rock Throw!” he yelled, and the baseball sized rocks once again exploded from his hands, hitting Ikky’s shield and Squirtle’s shell.

Dash kept the barrage up for another few seconds, and then had to stop. He jumped high into the air and landed on the other side of Ikky and Squirtle. By the time Ikky noticed that Dash had moved it was too late. “Aerial Ace!” yelled Dash, as the swirl of wind formed in his hand. He then slammed it down hard into Ikky, who was knocked forward and landed face first in the grass. As soon as he landed, the shield and sword disappeared, and all that was left was his devise still strapped to his wrist.
Squirtle scurried over to his trainer, and tried to wake him up. “He’s ok, just got the wind knocked out of him,” said Dash to the tiny turtle.

“More like, got the wind knocked into me,” Ikky grinned. He stuck out his hand and Dash took it, pulling him up.

“Training session complete,” announced the same computerized voice from before. The room disappeared and returned to its barren whiteness once again.

“Nice job, Dash. I was wondering… would you like to train here with me again?” asked Icarus.

“Absolutely, this was a lot of fun, but I gotta run! I’m late for something important!” exclaimed Dash.

Ikky got to his feet quick, and lead him to the elevator again. They road back up to the ground floor, and as soon as the door opened up onto the great lawn, Dash took off. Ikky stood watching his new friend disappear out of his lawn, and smiled. Things would certainly be interesting now that he was around.

13th September 2005, 9:27 PM
;330; Wow this is differant. Just to clearify, in New land, New Heroes my main character can use Pokemon techniques, but I didn't steal the idea of you, I had it planned back when I had written chapter 4(written), but they weren't going to be mentioned to chapter 6(unwritten). I swear, in case you read my fics, I DIDN'T STEAL THE IDEA. And I'm a Flygon of my word. Now that that is clearified, this is a great fic, and I can't wait to see where this is going to go. Keep it up!

Wondrous Sableye
13th September 2005, 9:42 PM
Hmm…Interesting…I'll have to keep an eye on tyhis fic, it's a rather original concept.

…Am I the only one that noticed that the title is Project Clash in leetspeak?

Alastor DMc
14th September 2005, 6:20 PM
Project – 3

Dash ran as hard as he’d ever run in his entire life, clear across town to the park he’d so frequently been in, hoping that he’d be able to catch her. He entered the park, and there was Tikay, sitting on the swings, rocking back and forth, looking down at her flip-flops. “You’re late again,” she said, without looking up.

Dash couldn’t speak, as was typical around her. He just kept looking straight at her, taking in all that she was. She had long, dark brown hair that went to the top of her backside. He’d noticed her striking green eyes the moment he saw her, and often thought this was the reason why he was so attracted to her. They almost sparkled, like emeralds. Today she was wearing a pink t-shirt, and long yellow pants, which showed off her petit body.

“Heh… Sorry to keep you waiting. I had to do a few things first, and I kinda forgot about this,” said Dash, looking down at his sneakers, his face its typical shade of red.

“You forgot? Well… if I clearly mean so little to you, maybe I should just leave,” she said, standing up and turning to go.

“I… wait, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean that, I just…” he started to say, looking up and seeing that she was still standing there, her hands behind her back, smiling at him. “You’re… not leaving?”

“No I’m not, silly. I came here to see your magic, and I waited a long time too! So are you gonna show me, or what?” she said, still smiling and slightly giggling at him.

This gave Dash a sudden burst of confidence. “Alright, just stand back though, I don’t want to accidentally hurt you,” said Dash.

“I’m not worried, I trust you,” she said. Her smile was now gone, but she maintained a soft look that made Dash start to finally feel comfortable around her. He stuck out his right hand and reached for his wrist with the right, grasping the bead bracelet he wore. After a moment or two, his right hand began to change from flesh to stone. Tikay’s eyes widened at the sight of this.

“Ready?” he asked. “Rock Throw!” he shouted, and baseball sized rocks flew from his fist, shooting out across the park.

“Wow… that’s incredible! Can you do anything else?” she asked.

“Hehe,” he giggled, “I can do a few more tricks.” As his fist turned back to flesh, he raised his right left hand into the sky, and the swirl of wind appeared covering his open palm. He then pointed it in the same direction as before and shouted, “Aerial Ace!” unleashing a blast of wind.

Before she could speak again, Dash took out the lighter from his pocket. He held it up to his hand and let the flame consume it again. Tikay saw this and let out a gasp in surprise. “Don’t worry, it doesn’t hurt. Flame Thrower!” he called, sending a stream of fire in the same direction as his last two attacks.

“That’s incredible! I can’t believe what I’m seeing, this is amazing!” she said. “What else? What else can you do?”

Dash bent down to the grass and felt around. There wasn’t much, but he only needed a few drops of dew. He stood back up, and the same fist that was once consumed in fire was now flowing with water. “Water Gun!” he called, sending out yet another attack.

Dash then turned back to Tikay, who was now smiling. He found her more beautiful then he’d ever found her before, but this time he wasn’t blushing. “What else?! Is there anymore?” she asked, on the edge of her swing.

“Sorry to disappoint you… but that’s it,” he said, smirking a little.

“I would hardly call that disappointing, Dash,” she said, now walking closer to him. “How do you do it?” she asked, looking into his eyes.

“How? Well, I’m really not sure. When I touch one of these elements, like the dew in the grass, the rocks on my bracelet, the fire from my light or the wind in the air, my hands get surrounded with this power. Then, I can use one attack, and they disappear. I’ve been able to do it for as long as I can remember,” he explained.

“What about ice, or steel or grass? Can you do any of those attacks?” she asked, still staring right into his eyes.

“Nope. I’ve tried tons of times too, but I can’t absorb anything besides Fire, Water, Air and Earth,” he said, sounding a little embarrassed.

“Well… it’s still amazing. Maybe... you could show me again some time?” she asked.

“Uh... well… I’d be glad to, but maybe we could do something else too? Like, see a movie or something?” He knew the answer already, no. How could a beautiful girl like her ever want to go on a date with a guy like him?

“Of course! Let’s say… next Friday?” she said, still looking into his eyes, as if mesmerized, or perhaps it was him who couldn’t look away.

“I… uh… sure! Next Friday sounds great,” he said, his smile getting bigger every moment.

“Great. We’ll talk about it more in school tomorrow, I’ve gotta run! It was nice to finally talk to you, Dash,” she said, as she turned to walk away.

“Yeah, it was nice talking to you too,” he said. Today turned out to be a pretty good day after all.

In lunch the next day, Alex was still no where to be found, so Dash sat with his new friend Icarus. They were having a pleasant conversation, when all of a sudden a senior student entered the room. “May I have all of your attentions please? Today, as I’m sure you all know, is the annual dance competition. We’re holding sign ups here, and I expect all our dancers to come out in full force.”

“Dance competition? What’s that about?” Dash asked Ikky.

“I’m not really sure, I’ve never seen it myself, but I heard from a few other kids that it’s a competition to see who can dance the best in the school. The winner gets free dinner for two at any restaurant in town,” answered Ikky. “I don’t like to eat out much, plus I can’t really dance too well, so I’m not gonna enter. What about you, Dash?”

Dash thought about it for a few minutes. If he did win, he could take Tikay out for free, which was good because he didn’t have any money. “Maybe I will enter… could be fun, right?”

“Sure… but do you know how to dance?” asked Ikky.

“How hard could it be? It’s just moving your feet and stuff, right?” said Dash, confidently. He got up from the table and started walking towards the line. Just as he was getting close to the front, a kid walked into him from behind.

“Hey?! Why’d you hit me?” asked Dash, turning fast to see just who had hit him.

“Sorry, didn’t see you there. I tend not to notice people who don’t matter all that much,” said the kid. He was shorter then Dash, and very slim, with tanned skin. He had wild poofy brown hair that stuck out in the front and back, and dark brown eyes. He wore a sweater that was dark blue on the top and light blue on the bottom, separated by a thin white line. His pants were long khakis and he wore a pair of black dance shoes.

“People that don’t matter? Who the hell do you think YOU are, kid?” said Dash, getting defensive.

“The name is Nathan Junez, and I’m going to be the winner of this little dance competition,” he said, with a confident look in his lazy eyes. He seemed as if he’d just rolled out of bed.

“You’ve got a lot of nerve coming in here and declaring yourself the winner already! I’m entering too, and I’m no push over. We’ll just wait and see who the better dancer is, Nate,” said Dash, glaring hard at the arrogant boy.

“Can you believe the nerve of that guy?” Dash asked to Ikky, after re-joining him at the table. “To think that someone would be that arrogant about themselves.”

“Yeah, that’s Nathan for you. He’s not exactly… popular around here. Everyone thinks he’s a tad full of himself. A lot of people ignore him, but I heard he’s been in a few fights because of it,” explained Ikky.

“He’s just lucky I didn’t lay him out right then and there,” said Dash.

“He really did walk into you by accident. He tends to have his eyes half closed a lot, and he’s always looking down with his hands in his pockets, as if he’s too good for this place,” said Ikky. “I’ve never spoken to him, myself.”

“I don’t blame you. I try to avoid people like that,” said Dash, looking over his shoulder at Nathan, who was leaning against the wall, surrounded by a group of girls. “I thought you said everyone hates him? Why are all those girls talking to him?” asked Dash.

“Well, I meant the guys don’t like him. That’s another reason why; he’s very popular with the ladies,” said Ikky, who now sounded like he was loosing interest in the conversation.

Dash continued glaring at him, when he noticed one of the girls in the crowd was Tikay. His eyes shot open at this. There was no way he was going to let him talk to her, not even for a second. He jumped up from the table and started to make his way over to the crowd.

“What are you doing?” asked Ikky. Dash ignored him and kept going. He walked right up to the crowd surrounding Nate and pushed his way though till he was standing face to face with him.

“What do you want?” Nate asked, looking up with the same sleepy expression on his face as before.

“I wanted to tell you that this competition might have a lot of contestants, but you’re the only one I want to beat, Nate,” said Dash, pointing his finger right at him.

“Yeah right,” said one of the girls in the crowd. “There’s no way you can beat our Nathan, he’s an amazing dancer, and what are you? Just some freak who can use pokemon powers.”

This only further annoyed Dash. He opened his mouth to say something when he was cut off, “If you’re so eager to beat me, then you’ll need real dancing shoes. Those sneakers will never do,” said Nate, looking down at Dash’s battered sneakers.

“I… they’ll be fine! Just you wait kid, I’ll show you,” he said, turning around and making his way though the crowd once again, back towards Ikky.

“How’d it go?” he asked, once Dash returned.

“That kid’s a real jerk, I can’t wait to show him up after school today,” said Dash, turning his attention back to his half eaten lunch.

After his last class of the day, Dash made his way down to the gymnasium, which had been set up for the competition. The bleachers were filled with students, all talking about last year’s winner, who had already graduated. Ikky sat at the top, and waved to Dash as he and the other contestants entered the gym. There were a total of twenty people dancing, but Dash was only concerned about beating one person, Nathan Junez.

A few people went before Dash, all scoring moderately well. There were three judges, each giving out a score from 1 to 10. The highest score so far was one girl, a sophomore with a 23.

Finally it was Dash’s turn. He walked out onto the floor, and the music began to play. He had watched the other dancers, and tried to imitate what it was they were doing as best he could, moving his feet and body in beat with the music. When the song was over, he got a moderate applause from the audience. He waited for the judges to score him, and when they did, he got two 5’s and a 4. The judge on the end, looked down at his feet and said, “Next time, you might want to try wearing Dance shoes.” His heart sank.

Back stage, Dash sat alone, brooding. If this guy was really good, and according to those girls that Tikay had been with, he was, then there was no way Dash would be able to beat him now. Then he noticed something moving out of the corner of his eye. A shadow crept past him, headed for the stage. He got up and walked toward it, wanting to get a better view, but when he looked around he saw nothing.

“Must be my imagination,” he told himself. He was about to walk back to his seat alone, when he noticed that Nate was about to dance. He walked out to thunderous applause, even the judges were clapping. He stood dead center, his hands still comfortably in his pockets, his eyes half closed and fixed on the floor in front of him.

The music began, and with it so did Nate. His eyes opened fully, his hand flung from his pockets. His legs and body began to move with an incredible fluidness that Dash had never seen before. It was mesmerizing. He instantly lost all his negative feelings toward Nate, and was filled with a quite calmness. The audience and judges felt the same way; no one had ever seen anyone move quite like this.

Suddenly, Dash saw the shadow blur past him again. He looked to his right and saw something scurry up a ladder, which lead to the cat walk above. He watched for a moment, and realized it was a pokemon that was moving about up there. It had a small body, only about three feet tall, with a big head and two big eyes. Its body was all black except for its white claws and feet, and a yellow spot on its chest. On the top of its head, it had two ears, and a long pink feather that stuck out. On its rear it had three other feathers the same color. Dash recognized this pokemon as a Sneasle.

Directly above Nate was a sandbag, used to balance one of the lights hanging above the gymnasium’s floor. Sneasle made its way to the rope connecting the sand bag to the light to the base. It swung its arm out and came slashing down, slicing the rope.

Dash wasn’t sure if he was fast enough to prevent what was about to happen. One of three objects were about to collide with Nathan Junez, a stage light, a sand bag or Dash, and he prayed that it was him that got there first.

14th September 2005, 8:51 PM
;330; Very good, yep, I am not ripping this off, my systems differant for pokepowers. Anyway, really good, but it's spelt "Sneasel" not "Sneazle".

Alastor DMc
16th September 2005, 5:03 AM
Project 4

The crowd that had gathered in the gymnasium to watch the annual Dance Contest never knew just what type of show it was in for. The boy performing before them moved like nothing any of them had ever seen. His foot work filled their hearts with joy and a sense of calm. To anyone in this audience watching the show, any negative emotions they may have had seeped out of their hearts. But nothing good can last forever, and in one moment, the boy’s dancing stopped.

“NATE! ABOVE YOU!” screamed Dash. He hurled himself at Nate, grabbed him and continued another ten feet. At almost the same moment the two boys hit the floor, a 50 lb bag of sand crashed onto the dance stage, followed by an equally heavy spot light. The audience was stunned, some screaming in terror, some leaping to their feet.

“Are you alright?” Dash asked, quickly getting to his feet.

“I’m fine, what happened?” asked Nate, looking up at the catwalk.

“It was a sneasle. I saw it sneaking up to the catwalk, but by the time I figured out what it was planning, it was too late to stop it,” explained Dash.
Nate stood up and walked over to the now crashed and broken light, examining it. As he did this, the crowded room quickly began to empty. Within five minutes, the gym was empty of all but Dash, Nate and the judges.

“I think we’ll have to postpone your judging, son, until we can figure out what exactly was the cause of this accident,” explained one of the judges.

“This was no accident,” replied Dash. “I watched a sneasle climb up there and slice the rope.”

“But that’s preposterous! Why would a pokemon deliberately try to kill a human, especially in such a way?” asked another of the judges.

Dash couldn’t come up with an explanation for that. It did seem odd that a pokemon, acting alone, would climb up there, cut the rope and try to crush Nate that way. If it was a wild one, it would seem more likely that it would just come right out and attack. Some one had clearly ordered it to do what it did, but whom?

“Do you have any enemies, Nate?” asked Dash, seriously.

“Enemies? What a silly thing to say. No, I don’t think so, of course there are tons or people jealous of my amazing skills,” said Nate, placing his hands back in his pockets, and continuing his sleepy look.

“I mean is there anyone out there who would do this to you? Anyone at all you can think of?” asked Dash. Before Nate could answer the other boy, a loud bang echoed from across the room. Everyone turned to see a cloud of smoke rising from the bleachers.

“You need not question any more, boy, I am the one who set my little Sneasle to attack him!” came a voice from the cloud of smoke.

“I… know that voice…” said Nate.

“I know it too!” said one of the judges.

“It’s last year’s winner, Ronald Gustking,” said another.

“That’s right!” said the boy known as Ronald Gustking, “I’ve come back to this school to prevent you from breaking my record, little Junez!”

“Why does it matter if I break your record, Gustking. I’m a better dancer, I always was, even way back in dance class when we were little,” said Nate.

The smoke finally cleared, and the boy came into view. He was taller then Dash by a few inches, but much heavier. His gut stuck out in a comical way that was only further made silly by his old fashioned bowl hair cut. He wore dark blue sweat pants and a big over sized sweatshirt. The final piece of his odd outfit was a pair of giant sunglasses. “You may have been better back then, but I am the raining king now, the gustKING! And I refuse to loose my crown to you.” He said, pointing a finger right at Nathan.

Without warning the same sneasle from before leapt from the shadows and grabbed onto Nate, constricting his arms and legs. The fact that he was bound didn’t seem to bother him, as he maintained his sleepy-without a care attitude. “Good work Sneasle, hold him there till I get down.” Another puff of smoke appeared behind Dash and Nate, and then Gustking stepped forth.

“How did you move so fast?” asked Dash.

“As if I would reveal my amazing skills to someone like you! HA! Don’t make me laugh,” cried Gustking. That’s when Dash noticed the small yellow and brown pokemon clinging to Gustking’s back. It had a large head, and two eyes that appeared to be sleeping. Its body was also yellow, except for its chest which was a darker shade, almost a brown color.

“I can see that Abra on your back. You must have had him teleport you here. Some ‘amazing’ skill, you just had your pokemon do all the work,” said Dash.

“Why you… how DARE you mock me!” he yelled. “Pidgey, teach this boy a lesson!” Gustking threw a pokeball into the air, unleashing a small brown bird pokemon with big black eyes and a beige chest of feathers. It cooed in agreement, and then took to the sky. “Pidgey, Gust attack!” he called.

Pidgey flapped its two wings together hard, creating a tiny tornado that knocked Dash off his feet. He quickly got to his feet and braced himself for another attack. “You’re asking for it, pal!” yelled Dash.

“Pidgey, whirlwind him away, he annoys me,” declared Gustking. Pidgey swooped in close, then twirled in the air, creating a larger tornado then before which knocked Dash clear across the stage.

“This has gone on long enough,” said Nate, finally. He threw out his arms, hurling Sneasle off his back, towards Gustking. He then turned, took two pokeballs off his belt, and hurled them into the air, unleashing the monsters inside. One was another small bird, this one black with a big head and a long yellow beak. It was called Murkrow. The other was a small pokemon that looked a bit like a fairy. It had a light green body with red flowers on its head. It wore a long dress of green and yellow leaves. Her name was Bellossom.

“Bellossom, Murkrow, use your dance techniques, Petal and Feather!” Nate commanded. Murkrow cawed in agreement as it took to the sky. It gracefully swept across the stage, leaving behind it a cloud of feathers. After a few moments, it looped through the sky, and cawed out loudly. As it did this, the feathers, which were slowly lofting towards the stage, came crashing down into Sneasle and Pidgey, sticking to them preventing them from moving.

While Murkrow was performing its aerial dance, Bellossom too was swaying back and forth in a beautiful dance of her own. Petals flew gracefully from the dress of leaves she wore, crowding the sky above her. When the sky was filled to her liking, she took a quick step forward, then did a pirouette, and landed gracefully on her two feet. As she did this, the petals which were floating in the sky raced towards Sneasle and Pidgey, slicing into them at violent speeds.

Bellossom continued this attack for a few more minutes, and then started to become dizzy. Nate then recalled his pokemon back into her ball, and placed it back on his belt. He glanced over at Gustking’s two pokemon and saw they were unable to battle anymore. “Your pokemon are done fighting. Recall them and get out of here before I do the same to you,” he said.

Gustking recalled both pokemon, but continued staring at the younger boy. “How dare you attack my prized fighters?! I’ve still got one more pokemon left; don’t think I’m done yet!” As he said this, the sleeping Abra on his back leapt forward, and stood facing Nate.

“You think a half sleeping pokemon like that is going to beat me?” Nate asked in disbelief.

“Why not? You walk around like you’re half asleep all day too,” said Dash, finally re-joining the battle.

“Humph, if you think you’re so tough, why not finish this yourself, Dash,” said Nate. He then stepped back and leaned against the wall, reprising his uncaring attitude.

“You have some nerve handing me off like I’m just another punk! I am the almighty Gustking, and I will not be spoken to like this!” growled Gustking angrily at the two boys.

“Save it!” called Dash. “I’m more then a match for you and your sleeping pokemon!” Dash stuck his hand into the air, as a swirl of wind started to take over his hand. He drew it all together in the palm of his hand, and then launched himself at the abra in front of him. “Aerial Ace!” he shouted, slamming the whirl of air into Abra.

The force of the attack knocked the pokemon back, but not out. Instead it stood up, clapped its three fingered hands together, and starred straight at Dash. “Abra, Psychic attack!” commanded Gustking. A sudden pain barraged Dash, but it came from nowhere, and yet everywhere at the same time. His head was ready to explode, his hands were numb and his legs were on fire.

“Faint attack,” said Nate from behind Dash. Murkrow swept down gracefully, right infront of Abra, vanished for a second and then reappeared behind the monster. Abra winced in pain, but maintained some of its concentration. The attack however did cut a bit of Abra’s hold on Dash. He was able to move again, so he quickly clapped his hand over his bracelet and turned his fist to stone.

“Thanks for the assist Nate, I’ll finish this now. Rock Throw!” he called, sending stones flying at Abra, slamming into him, and knocking him out.

“No! No no no no no! This isn’t possible! How can I loose to you two amateurs! You’re just… you’re just freshmen!” cried Gustking, running over to his fallen pokemon.

“Your first mistake was underestimating me,” said Dash. “I may be young, but I’ve been in enough fights to know what to do in any situation. You had lost before you even started your attack.”

“I may have lost this time, but I’ll be back, you can rest assured of that!” said Gustking. “Abra, teleport us out of here!” he cried, and the two vanished in another puff of smoke.

“Well Nathan Junez, your performance may have been interrupted, but it’s clear to all of us that you were the clear winner this year. You scored a perfect 30,” said the main judge.

About half an hour had gone by since the battle ended and the gym was now full of various officials, looking over the damage. “We made a good team,” said Dash, turning to Nate after all the commotion had died down. “It would have been difficult without you here, thanks.”

“I could have taken care of it myself. What you need is a bit more practice,” he said, smirking a bit and turning to leave.

“Could have handled it yourself!? You got some nerve, you jerk!” cried Dash in disbelief. Then he settled down and remembered Nathan’s dance from before. “There’s something I wanted to ask you though. When you were dancing before, there was something… something magical about it. How do you dance so well?”

Nate turned back towards Dash, and looked him right in the eyes. “You have your secrets, and I have mine. Let’s just say that, I studied the way certain pokemon move about, causing confusion rage or even infatuation in their opponents. I learned that, with the right movement of my body, I could imitate them.”

“You mean, you can perform pokemon attacks too?” asked Dash, getting excited by this.

“No, not exactly,” he said. “I wouldn’t call what I do attacks, more techniques, and I don’t call them by pokemon attack names.”

“Well, what do you call your ‘techniques?’” asked Dash.

“Hmm… maybe I’ll show you some day,” he said, turning again to walk away.

“Next time, I’ll definitely win! You hear me! I’ll beat you next time, Junez!” called Dash after the boy. He then turned around himself and left the gymnasium for home.

Nate turned back around and watched the other boy leave. He was an interesting guy that much he was sure of. “Maybe you will… or maybe not.”

16th September 2005, 9:27 PM
SF: Well this is good. I can't wait to see where this goes.

Cina: Dash and Tikay sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G!!

Mobius: No problems in grammar, lengths fine, plots superb and description's great. Keep it up!

Note: For those who know my rating style, it's changed. Now only the appropiate characters/pokemon turn up.

Alastor DMc
27th September 2005, 5:57 AM
Hey guys, let me start by apologizing for the delay in this update. I'm back at college and my work load has increased quite a bit, so I can only write when I have the chance.

Another thing is, I'm going to explain the basis for this story. I actually wrote a rough draft of Project: c145h a year ago, but at the time I didn't have any pokemon involved at all. (I only added the pokemon to post it on this message board, and get response from all of you) All the main Characters, Dash, Alex, Icarus, Nathan, Tikay and a few more you've yet to meet, are based on me and my real life friends. Even the crazy story events are based (extremely loosely) on real life events that happened to all of us. In Project 5, we'll meet our newest character, Miles, who is also based on a friend of mine. My friend, in real life, speaks with a thick Long Island, New York accent and so I’ve decided to give his fictional counterpart, Miles the same accent. If it’s hard to follow along with, bear with me, because it will add to his character.

Also, this is a bit more subtle, but all the character (excluding Dash and Tikay) are based on characters from video games (Alex is Alexander, the summon from the Final Fantasy series, Icarus is Kid Icarus, Nathan from Castlevania: Circle of the Moon and Miles is Sonic the Hedgehog’s partner, Miles ‘Tails’ Prower)

Without further a due, please sit back and enjoy my latest entry.

Project 5

Dash sat in class the next day, still tired from yesterday’s events. His teacher’s normally dull lectures seemed far more uninteresting today, and he was having a tremendous about of difficulty keeping his eyes open. Suddenly, something came along to pike his interest and pull him back into the world of the aware.

“Are we still on for tomorrow?” came the sweet voice to his left.
Dash sat up and looked over to see Tikay, looking right at him with a beautiful smile on her face. “Tikay! Um… of course we’re still on for tomorrow, what do you want to do?”

“Doesn’t matter,” she replied. “You decide.”

“Gotcha, I’ll have to think about it then. What time should we meet up?” he asked.

“Let’s say, seven-thirty?” she said.

“Sounds good, I’ll meet you at the fountain in town, at 7:30 tomorrow. By then I should have a plan,” he said, smiling.

“Can’t wait! See you then.”

Later that day, after lunch had finished, Dash and Ikky walked threw the halls together on their way to the next class.

“So that guy, Gustking, came back here just to challenge Nathan to a dance competition?” asked Ikky, about the events from yesterday.

“It seems that way. A little crazy if you ask me,” said Dash. “But then again, we were competing in a dance competition…” They continued to walk down the hall way, until they came to the computer lab, where their English class was meeting today. Dash opened the door, and as he started to walk in was stopped suddenly by a kid standing inside the room. He wasn’t too tall, in fact he only came up to Dash’s chin. He had shaggy black hair that looked as if he’d just been wearing a helmet, and big thick black rimmed glasses. He wore a green t-shirt with a large orange ‘M’ over the right breast pocket, accompanied by long khaki pants and sneakers. Dash had seen the guy around before and knew he was a year older then him, but didn’t know anything else about him.

“I need ta see some ID before ya come in,” said the kid. Dash and Ikky pulled out their student IDs, and showed him. “Oh, Icarus, I rememba you. We was in the same Math class last yeah,” said the kid.

“Hey, yea, um… Miles, right?” said Icarus.

“Yeah, dats right, Miles Cerantino,” he said.

“Good to see you again, this is Dash Mullen, he’s new to the school district,” smiled Ikky, as he and Dash walked past Miles and found their seats.

“How did you know that guy last year?” asked Dash.

“Oh, I was skipped ahead in Math and Science, so I’ve been taking high school level courses since middle school,” answered Ikky.

“Wow, I didn’t know you were smart,” said Dash.

“Eh… I’m no smarter then anyone else, I just work a little harder.”

Dash and Ikky started doing their work, while their teacher taught them how to use a computer. Dash was struggling to open the various programs, but Ikky was whizzing through as if it was second nature to him. “See, I was right, you are smart. I can’t get this at all,” said Dash, trying for the third time to get Microsoft Word to open up so he could type his essay.

“It’s easy Dash; you just double click the icon, and start typing. Don’t tell me you’ve never used a computer before?” asked Ikky.

“Well… now that you mention it, I don’t think I ever have,” said Dash, a little embarrassed.

“Gentle men, can I help you?” asked their teacher, walking up behind them.

“I was just helping Dash figure out the computer sir, he’s never used one before,” explained Ikky.

“You’ve never used a computer before? I find that hard to believe. No matter, our resident computer expert would be happy to give you a few lessons after school, right Miles?” said the teacher.

Miles walked over to the group and looked around, “Um… I’m supposed ta go right home afta school, I can’t really-”

“Excellent! Miles will tutor you for a bit, and then you’ll be just as fast as Ikky here,” said their teacher, returning to the front of the room. Miles looked down at Dash, a little upset, and then followed the teacher to the front of the room.

“Listen, I’m sorry about this, Miles. I didn’t mean to get you stuck after school. We can skip this if you want to just go.” Dash was back in the computer room with Miles after school. He’d thought all day about how their English teacher, who never listened to anything the kids said, just ignored Miles attempts to go home after school.

“Nah, it’s ok. Dis won’t take long anyway,” said Miles.

The two sat down and Miles started showing Dash how to use the various programs on the computer, how to use a mouse, the buttons and keyboard, and everything else. “How is it ya neva used a computa before?” asked Miles.

“Um… I don’t know,” said Dash. “My family never had any use for one, and I didn’t use computers at my old school.”

“Whea’d you go to school before dis?” asked Miles.

Dash opened his mouth to answer, when a sudden flash of pain seared across his head, then disappeared. His body twitched in response, and Miles looked at him, a little worried. “Are you alright?” he asked.

“I… I think so. That was kinda weird,” he said. The two continued working in silence for a few minutes, then started talking again about the various programs and what exactly each one did. Suddenly, the computer turned off, then the lights in the room and the air conditioner that had been lightly blowing in the corner.

“The power must have blown out,” said Dash.

“Yea, dat happens a lot. Let’s go find a janita and ask ‘im ta get the lights back on.” The two boys walked out of the computer room and into the hallway to see that the lights there were also out. “Must be da whole school,” Miles said, looking up and down the hall.

Dash had a bad feeling about this. Something didn’t feel right. It seemed like a normal power outage, but with all the weird things that had been happening lately, he just couldn’t help but feel on edge.

By now, most of the school was empty, except for a few custodians cleaning up. Dash and Miles walked down the lone halls, looking around for someone else, but finding no one. Then they heard a noise from a classroom ahead of them. “Let’s see who’s in there,” said Dash.

The two walked up and looked through the small window in the door. A man stood inside the class room wearing a large trench coat and a wide brimmed hat, with two pokemon next to him. One was yellow with black stripes, walking on two feet. It had big strong arms and a tail. Dash knew this one to be an electrabuzz. The other one was on all fours and blue with yellow paws and stripes on its long and tall head. This one was called Manectric. “Dares somebody, maybe he can get da lights back on,” said Miles.

Dash was hesitant to go in to the room, this guy seemed a little weird, but they had been walking for a while and he was the first person they’d seen, so perhaps he knew something they didn’t. Miles opened the door and walked in, “Hello, I work in da computa lab. Do yous know why the powa went out?”

The man in the trench coat said nothing. He turned and looked in the boys’ direction. Dash tried to see his face, under the hat, but couldn’t make anything out. The room was dark, and so was the shadow cast on his face. “Hello, did ya hear me?” asked Miles.

The Dark man raised one hand and pointed at the two boys. As he did this, Manectric and Electrabuzz got into a battle stance and leapt towards them. “Miles! Look out!” shouted Dash, shoving the boy aside and taking the two tackles straight on. He hadn’t had time to brace for the assault and was slammed head first into the wall. When he opened his eyes again, all he could see was black, with white spots floating just above his field of vision.

“Who… who are you?” Dash finally managed to get out, after getting back to his feet and regaining his eyesight. He checked the back of his head and his hair was now damp with blood. The Man made no attempt to reply; he simply turned away from the boys and started to walk away.

“I asked you a question! Who are you, and why did you attack me?!” Dash started to run towards the man, but the two electric pokemon blocked his path. He didn’t hesitate at all, simply formed a tornado in his hand and smashed it into the two yelling, “Aerial Ace!”

Both pokemon were knocked back, but not out. The man continued towards the back of the classroom, where a second door was located, connecting to the adjacent classroom. Dash went after him, but the two blocked him once again. “I’ll try and handle dis, you find out who he is!” called Miles, pulling a pokeball from his belt and unleashing a small bluish green pokemon with a giant green bulb on his back. He had big brown eyes and blue spots covering his body. “Bulbasaur, use ya Razor Leaf ta knock these guys down!”

Bulbasaur stuck its rear end in the air and then jolted forward, sending a barrage of leaves out from the blub on his back, all of which sliced into Manectric and Electrabuzz. Dash leapt over the battle and made his way for the door to intercept the man in the trench coat, but wasn’t fast enough. The mysterious man walked through the door, slammed it shut behind him, and locked it from the other side, preventing Dash from continuing after him.

Dash turned back around after trying the handle a few times and saw Miles fighting two pokemon with only his bulbasaur. He griped his wrist and stuck his fist in the direction of the two pokemon. “Rock Throw!” he roared, sending a blast of stones right at the backside of both pokemon, knocking them out.

“Come on, we’ve got to go after that guy!” Dash ran for the front door and exploded out into an empty hallway. He ran to the adjacent classroom, which the door connected to and flung the door inwards. He ran in, but the room was also empty. Miles came in behind him. “There’s no one here. How could he have gotten away so quickly?”

“Who was dat guy?” asked Miles.

“I dunno… I guess it doesn’t matter. Hey, let’s get out of here. If the powers out, we can’t very well work on the computers, right?” said Dash, turning towards his new friend.

“Yeah, good point, plus I gotta get home and take care a my sista,” said Miles.

“I guess I’ll see you around then,” said Dash. The two boys walked together out of the school, then parted ways at the start of the path. Miles then turned around and watched his new friend walking away. Whatever happened in the school today wasn’t over, and he knew that Dash Mullen would be at the center of whatever was going to happen. He also knew, deep down, that he would be involved as well.

Alastor DMc
27th September 2005, 7:35 AM
Project 6

Finally, it was Friday. Dash woke up and practically jumped out of bed and right down the stairs for breakfast. Tonight he would finally go on his date with Tikay. The mixture of nervousness and excitement was almost too much, and the twelve hours till he finally got to hang out with her again would drone on so slow that he almost couldn’t stand it.

“Well, you seem to be in a good mood this morning,” said Mrs. Mullen. Dash hadn’t told her about his date, and was in fact a little embarrassed telling his mother such a thing. He hated to do it, but he’d rather lie about what he was doing then tell her the truth and see her over reaction at her little boy growing up and going on his first date.

“Yeah, me and some of the guys are going to the movies tonight,” said Dash, smiling as he took some toast and bacon from the plate she’d put out in front of him.

“Well, don’t be out too late, a growing boy like you needs to get plenty of rest,” she said. Somehow, she knew already that he was going out with a girl tonight. It was one of those motherly things that she could just sense. But, if he wanted to keep it a secret from her, she would let him.

“I won’t be Mom, don’t worry. I gotta go now though, don’t want to get detention again,” he said.

“Again? When did you get Detention the first time!?” He’d forgotten to tell her this too.

“I... uh… gotta run!” he said, bolting out the front door before he said anything else that might land him in more trouble.

At the end of his block, Dash met up with Ikky and Miles who happened to be waiting together. “Dash! Miles told me about yesterday in the school, is your head alright? What happened, who were those guys?” asked Ikky.

Dash suddenly remembered his head injury from yesterday, and felt where he’d hit the wall. The injury had completely healed up, as if it had never been there in the first place. “My heads fine now, it healed up over night I guess. As for that guy, I’m not sure who he was or what he was doing in the school.”

“I got a call from the principal las’ night, he said the powa’s back on, and asked what happened,” said Miles, as they started walking towards the school. “I didn’ mention dat guy dough. I was tinkin’ we should investigate ourselves, ya know?”

Dash kind of liked the idea. All the weird things that had been happening lately seemed to involve him in some way or another; the guy yesterday, Gustking attacking the school during a dance competition, that weird dream that he still hadn’t completely forgotten about. Even that bully from the start of the week seemed to be going out of his way to fight Dash. Something was up, and if he was the cause, he didn’t want a whole bunch of commotion about it if there was some way he could solve it himself.

The three walked to school together, and then parted ways to go to their different homerooms. Dash walked in and looked around for Tikay, but she was no where to be seen. He hoped she wasn’t sick for their date tonight, he’d been looking forward to it all week, and he didn’t have her number to call and ask if she’d be canceling or not. He sat down and started to become worried about all this. Just as his stomach was starting to turn in knots from the worry, she walked into the door and sat down next to him.

Dash looked over at his friend and said good morning, but she didn’t even look up. She was staring straight at her desk, as if trying to burn a hole right through it. “Hey, are you okay?” he said.

Finally she looked up at him, “Hmm? Oh, yes, I’m fine. Good morning.” There was no cheer in her voice; she seemed very upset over something. Dash opened his mouth to ask her again if she was really okay when tears started to roll down her face. The rest of the class to was too preoccupied in their own conversations to notice her crying, but since she had Dash’s full attention (and always did) he spoke up and tried to find out what was wrong.

“Hey, why are you crying if you’re fine?” asked Dash, trying to smile and cheer her up.

“It’s… it’s my skitty. We just bought a new skitty, named Olivia, and she’s gone! Someone must have stolen her… or worse! What if she went out, and was hit by a car?” she said, starting to cry harder.

Dash hadn’t expected that, but would do his best to stop her crying. “Hey, I’ve got an idea. Instead of going to a movie or something boring tonight, why don’t I help you find Olivia?”

She stopped crying almost instantly. “You’d do that for me?” she asked.

“Of course! How hard could it be to find a little lost skitty in this town?” he said, smiling.

She reached out and grabbed his hand, holding it gently in hers, “Thank you so much Dash. I’ll meet you at the same place, by the fountain in town, but let’s say 6 instead of 7, so we have time to look, okay?”

His face was starting to turn red from her holding his hand, but he managed to blurt out a response, “Si… six is fine,” then he started to smile so wide that his cheeks hurt.

Dash walked through the halls with his head low, smiling widely and thinking about tonight. The biggest problem he would have now was actually finding that Skitty, but he was pretty sure he could, he’d just look in alleys and in the animal shelters. Typical skitty hang outs, he thought.

Since he wasn’t paying much attention, he didn’t notice the group of guys that he happened to walk into. There were five of them, and he recognized them all, but didn’t know their names. “Um, I’m sorry, I wasn’t paying attention,” said Dash to the one he’d bumped into.

“Hey, no problem kid, it ha… hey! You’re that Dash Mullen guy, ain’tcha?” said the boy he’d bumped. He was about Miles’ height, but much more muscular, with long dark black hair that he wore back. He was a pretty boy, no doubt about that, and his tight white t-shirt, tucked into his blue jeans helped his image quite a bit. “The names Josep Napels, these are my friends.”

Dash liked this guy already. He was friendly, even though he’d bumped into him, and didn’t seem like he wanted to fight, unlike almost everyone else he’d met so far in this school. “Pleased to meet you,” he said, sticking out his hand, which Josep took and shook.

“You know, it’s funny that you’d run into us, we were all just talking about you. We heard around school that you fight pokemon on your own, and that you can actually use their attacks. Well, we can’t do anything special like that, but we do fight along side our pokemon in battle. I always thought it made them stronger that way. We was wondering, if you’d like to get your friends together and meet us after school, maybe we could have a little sparing match? What do you say?”

Dash loved the idea, and thought it would show him just how far he was coming as a fighter himself. “I’d love to, but I don’t really have any friends who I could ask to fight with me, I kinda just moved here you know,” said Dash.

“That’s ridiculous Dash, and you know it,” said a voice from behind him. Dash turned and saw Ikky standing behind him, smiling. “I’ll fight on your team.”

“Yeah, I’ll fight with yous too, I dunno how good I’ll be dough, I’m not much of a fighta myself ya know,” said Miles, standing on the other side of Dash.

Dash smiled at this. He liked both Miles and Ikky, but didn’t realize that they had become such close friends in such a short amount of time. “Thanks guys. Well, that’s three, I guess I’ll look for two more, then we can-”

“Look no further. I’ll fight on your side too, but I refuse to call someone weaker then me ‘leader.’” Dash turned to his left and saw Nate leaning up against a locker, his eyes half closed with the typical sleepy expression on his face.

Dash saw the faces of some of Josep’s friends. Clearly, Nate wasn’t very well liked in that group. Frankly, Dash wasn’t sure he liked the kid much either, but he wanted to fight, and he needed another fighter, so he took what he got. “Heh, great. We’ve got four now. One more and we’re good to go,” said Dash.

“You didn’t forget about me, did you baby?” came a familiar voice to Dash’s right. Standing there was Alex, smirking at the group. Everyone looked at him, as if they were seeing him for the first time.

“Who are you?” asked Josep.

“Yeah… do you know this guy?” asked Ikky. He hadn’t known Dash very long, but in all the time he’d never seen this guy around him.

“Of course I know him; this here’s my best and oldest friend Alexander Lasentra. Where have you been anyway?” asked Dash.

“I’ll explain later, baby,” he replied.

“Alright then, that’s five. Where do you want to meet?” said Dash to Josep.

“How about in the park, right after school,” he said.

“You’re on,” said Dash, as the other boys turned to walk away. Dash turned around at the little group he’d formed. He didn’t know many of them that long, but he felt a deep connection to them all. “Well guys, I guess we’ll all meet there after school, got it?”

“What ever you say,” said Nate, as he got off the locker and walked down the hall to his next class.

“Sure, catch you later, baby,” said Alex. Ikky, Miles and Dash all turned towards Alex, but he had already left, probably inside the open classroom door he had been standing in front of.

“Who is dat guy? Does he go to school hea?” asked Miles.

“Of course, he’s gone here longer then me. I’ve known Alex for as long as I can remember.

“I don’t know about that Dash… I’ve never seen him before. You know, you say that a lot, ‘as long as I can remember.’ How did you exactly meet Alex?” asked Ikky, looking at his friend with some concern.

Dash opened his mouth to answer, but was struck with the same sudden pain he’d experienced in the computer lab yesterday. This one was stronger, and made him actually yelp in pain. “I… I met him when I was little,” he said. Flashes and images raced through his head. He closed his eyes and shook them away.

“Are you alright?” asked Miles. “Dats the second time I’ve seen you do dat.”

“I’m fine, I just get headaches sometimes, you know? It doesn’t matter, come on I don’t want to get detention again,” smiled Dash, as he turned to walk away acting as if nothing had happened.

Ikky and Miles both looked at each other with concern for their new friend. Neither said it, but there was more to Dash Mullen then either of them knew. On top of all that was the mysterious Alex. He had appeared out of no where. Neither boy had seen him walk up, or walk away. Dash had been telling the truth when he said Alex had been going to this school for a long time, (at least it was the truth to him) and yet neither boy had ever seen nor heard of an Alex Lasentra before.

27th September 2005, 9:02 PM
Well the rest of me can't turn up yet, but interesting, very suspicous plot and characters. Well done. So is Tikay really your girlfriend? No need to answer, it's a harmless joke.

Alastor DMc
27th September 2005, 9:16 PM
In response to Shiny Flygon, yeah I once dated a girl named Caitie (KT - TK - Tikay) but we have since broken up. She is currently one of my closest friends however, we just don't date. Enough about me though...

(also, this might be the last update for a few days, as I've got several papers coming up)

Project 7

School went by quickly, as it had all week when Dash was eagerly awaiting something. As soon as the final bell rang, he met Ikky, Miles and Nate outside and the four walked towards the park together.

“What happened to your friend?” asked Nate to Dash. Both Ikky and Miles looked at each other, remembering their earlier conversation about the mysterious Alex Lasentra.

“Alex? Oh, I’m not sure. He never seems to be around, but I’m sure he’ll meet us there. He’s never let me down before,” said Dash, unaware of Ikky and Mile’s questioning and concerned looks behind him.

The four walked pretty much in silence the rest of the way, and entered the park to find the five other boys, lead by Josep, already waiting for them. “Hey, glad you made it. Where’s that other guy? Um… Alex, right?” asked Josep.

“We’re pretty sure he’ll be here,” answered Ikky, “right Dash?”

Before Dash could answer, Alex came walking casually into the park behind the other boys. “Sorry I’m late guys, got hung up,” said Alex to the nine other kids all looking at him.

“Great, now that everyone’s here, we can begin,” said Josep. “We’ll start with the basic rules. Everyone gets a maximum of two pokemon to fight along side them. The first human to say, ‘uncle’ is the loser. You can use any combination of attacks, from pokemon to your own, but NO hitting below the belt or in the eyes, got that?”

Everyone agreed to this, but Miles seemed a tad hesitant. “Um… I didn’t know we’d be fightin’ too, I tought just de pokemon?”

The largest guy on the opposing side, who must have been 6’5” and by the looks of him, had the muscles to match, walked up to Miles. “Don’t worry; I’ll go easy on you. The names Peitre Herring,” he said, sticking out a hand the size of a small ham.

Miles only came up to about the boys’ chest, if that and they were fairly comical by comparison. He took the other kid’s hand and shook, “Miles Cerentino.”

All the boys matched up to an opposing sparing partner. When they had all shaken hands with their opponent, Josep announced, “Alright guys, let’s begin!”

As soon as the words left Josep’s mouth, Peitre had flung himself at Miles, grabbing the smaller kid by the waist and carried him away from the others. He then dropped Miles and threw down his pokeball. A large pokemon came out, a little taller then Peitre himself. It was big and brown, and resembled a grizzly bear, but with a ring on its belly. “Ursaring, slash attack!”

Ursaring slashed down at Miles, who just barely managed to avoid the sharp and probably deadly claws. Miles rolled to the side, pulled Bulbasaur’s pokeball off his belt and hurled it towards the giant bear pokemon. “Bulbasaw! Use Light Screen on me!” Bulbasaur growled in reply and in an instant a shield of light was glowing around Miles.

“That won’t work! Light screen only works with special attacks and neither Ursaring nor I use anything special!” yelled Peitre. “Slash that little thing, Ursaring!” Bulbasaur jumped back and forth, doing it’s best to avoid Ursaring’s claws, and for the most part did a good job.

“Try a Raza Leaf now, Bulbasaw!” commanded Miles. Once again, razor sharp leaves shot from Bulbasuar’s back, hitting Ursaring dead on but not doing much damage. While watching his pokemon attack the giant bear, Miles had forgotten about Peitre, who possed a bigger threat to him. The much larger boy got into a judo stance, locking eyes with Miles, using his hands to block his face. He took one step towards him, and then swung his back foot up, aiming right for Miles’ head.

“Don’t forget about me!” he yelled, as he went in for the kick. Suddenly a vine stopped his progress, tying up his leg and throwing it back.

“Thanks Bulbasaw, that was close,” said Miles to his pokemon, who had struck out with a vine whip, saving his trainer from another possibly deadly attack. Unfortunately for him, taking his concentration off of Ursaring left a wide opening, which the grizzly used to his full advantage, finally making a direct hit on the little pokemon, knocking him out.

“That’s one down, choose your next pokemon, and make sure it’s not a baby this time,” said Peitre.

Miles withdrew Bulbasaur and reached for his second pokeball. He tossed it into the air, and a tall humanoid pokemon appeared in a flash of light. It had an oversized yellow head, with two large horns and a long mustache. It’s body and arms were tiny in comparison, and it was difficult to say just how this pokemon was able to support it’s head on its small frame. In each hand it held a spoon, one was slightly bent. “I don’t normally like ta use dis guy, cause he’s kinda hard ta handle once he gets goin’ but I guess I don’t have a choice,” said Miles. “Alright, Alakazam, Reflect on me, and Psybeam on dat big bea’ over dere!”

Alakazam made no noise, it simply acted. He raised both hands, pointing one hand at Miles and the other at Ursaring. Just like before, Miles was surrounded by a shield of light, but this one would protect against physical attacks, instead of special ones like Bulbasaur’s. The hand pointing at Ursaring on the other hand, did not support, but attacked, sending a beam of constantly changing lights straight at the Grizzle Bear pokemon. When it hit, the bear roared in pain, and collapsed under the strain.

“Hey, not too bad, but I’ve got more where that came from, and your weak Psychic pokemon will be no match for him,” said Peitre, recalling his fallen pokemon, and sending out the next. This one resembled a white cat, with pink stripes on his fur and big black claws. “Zangoose, use your Fury Cutter!” he commanded.

Zangoose leapt at Alakazam, swiping with its giant claws, but kept hitting air. Alakazam held both hands straight out in front, forming another Reflect attack, keeping the other pokemon from landing a hit. While that was going on, Peitre continued to lash out with a series of kicks aimed at Miles, each one bouncing off an invisible barrier. “You can’t stay in there forever, this will weaken eventually,” the giant kid said.

Miles knew that he was right, but what could he do? There was no way he could put up any fight against this titan, and he couldn’t rely on Alakazam to protect him, who had to put up with the other pokemon. Miles turned towards his pokemon, and saw Zangoose’s attacks becoming more frequent, faster and probably stronger. “Hang in there a little longer, Alakazam!”

He had to think of what to do. If he waited too long, both he and his pokemon would get knocked out by the stronger opponents, but strength wasn’t always the answer, was it? He could out think them… some how. Both Peitre and Zangoose were using all out physical attacks, without giving any breaks. They were showing signs of tiring, but not enough for Miles to make use of it. Then it came to him.

“Alakazam, let down your Reflect!” Alakazam looked back for a second to see if his trainer was serious, and saw that he was. He let his hands down, and Zangoose finally connected, dealing serious damage to the psychic pokemon. “Alright, now hit ‘im wit’ a Mega Punch!”

Alakazam stood up and landed a swift punch directly on Zangoose, which flung him backwards. “Great! Now a nuta Psybeam!” Alakazam stuck his left hand at the pokemon, and once again a beam of lights came shooting across the park, hitting the Cat Ferret pokemon directly, sending him into a fit of rage before he too passed out from the mental anguish.

Peitre stopped his kicks and looked at his fallen pokemon, then at Alakazam, then back at Miles. “How is that possible? A physical attack from a psychic pokemon shouldn’t be that strong,” said Peitre in disbelief.

“It’s simple really. Ya see, Alakazam’s special ability is Trace, an’ when he saw ya’ Ursaring, he copied his Guts ability, which made him super strong once he got hit by Zangoose’s Furry Cutta,” explained Miles.

“I’m impressed. For a little guy, you’ve got a lot of knowledge up there. What do you say you teach us some of that stuff one day?” asked Peitre, holding out his giant hand again.

Miles took it, looked up at the boy and smiled, “I’d be happy to, and the first lesson I’m gonna teach ya is Brains ova Brawn.”

“Heh, yeah, I learned that today. Uncle, you win,” said Peitre, smiling and patting the smaller boy on the back, sending him sprawling to the floor.

27th September 2005, 9:20 PM
Good battle, and great description.

Alastor DMc
27th September 2005, 11:07 PM
Thanks. I don't feel I'm very good at battle descriptions. I either get too descriptive, where it's just boring, or I don't write enough and it seems too short. The next few updates will be primarily battles however, and I'm working as hard as I can to do them well, which is why I'm holding off on posting them till I can give it my full attention. You'll also start to see what Ikky and Nate can really do.

Alastor DMc
29th September 2005, 8:59 PM
This may not seem like it, but this is actually a fairly important update, and will explain the role of "Pokemon" and "Pocket Monsters" in this world. If it's hard to understand, sorry. I'm going to further clarify it in later updates. For now, "Pokemon" are animals and "Pocket Monsters" is a video game.

Project 8

Icarus didn’t consider him self a big guy. He didn’t think of himself as little either, he was just average. His body type was fairly athletic, and he had perfect vision. If he really wanted to, he could probably be a good athlete, but instead he focused his attentions on studying, and when he could, play some video games. He was great at games, all games, sports, action, puzzle, role playing, it didn’t matter the genre he would already be great at it. It was because of his love for video games that he developed the devise on his wrist, with the help of his father. He called it the Game Kid. It was partly a pokedex, which came in handy, but its other function was far more useful, especially in situations like this. The Game Kid was capable of projecting virtual reality in the real world. To anyone seeing this, the items Icarus was capable of summoning were just as real as anything else. It worked on the mind.

Like in his virtual training ground, a human who saw a sword appear in Icarus’ hand had some belief in his head that the sword was really there. Because of this, that person’s mind would actually inflict pain on the person. If Icarus’ virtual sword sliced into a person, they would actually be cut and bleed. It didn’t stop at swords though, he had other items and abilities, and today he would finally get to try some of them out in real combat.

“The names Kurt Trenchton, but everyone just calls me Trench,” said the kid opposite Icarus. They were the same height, and by the looks of it the same weight and build. Trench had short black hair that was styled up in spikes. He wore stylish sunglasses and a button downed red dress shirt, accompanied by black pants and shoes. He, like his friend Josep, was a pretty boy, but unlike Josep, he actually dressed the part.

“Icarus Okean, pleasure to meet you,” he replied smiling.

“Oh wow, you’re really the Okean kid? So that’s your gigantic house on the coast, right?” said Trench, amazed to be meeting a local celebrity.

“Well, it’s technically my fathers, but I do live there, yeah,” said Ikky.

“Is it true you own your own Island too?” asked Trench.

“Sort of, my grandfather used to own the island off the coast of Haveston, but we haven’t been there in years. My father did a lot of his early work on it,” he answered. Icarus was always slightly embarrassed about his wealth. He didn’t realize until he entered school that not all the people in the world lived in such gigantic homes and had servants and robots and such. He preferred the quieter, simple life that he discovered here, and tried to stay away from his fancy life back home.

“Wow, that’s really cool. Well, I suppose we should get started,” said Trench reaching back for one of his pokeballs.

“Good idea,” said Ikky, finally getting excited. He pulled Squirtle’s ball off his belt and threw it into the air, as Trench did the same. Both balls hit the ground and sprang forth with flashes of light, revealing the monsters inside. Trench’s pokemon was short, about four feet high. It had a pink body and white wool on its head and chest. It had a long pink tail with black stripes on it that ended in a blue orb.

Ikky aimed his Game Kid at the pokemon. A picture of the pokemon came up, followed by its name, type, and some general information. Flaaffy was an electric pokemon, who could store static electricity in its wool and then use it in battle. “A flaaffy, you don’t see much of them in these parts,” said Ikky.

“Yeah, I got her from my grandpa a few years ago, he lives on a farm a ways from here,” said Trench.

“Nice. Why don’t you start things off?” said Ikky.

“Alright, Thunderbolt!” commanded Trent. Flaaffy got down on to all fours and stuck her tail high into the air as electricity started flowing down her body and into the orb at the end of the tail. After a few seconds, she sent a bolt straight for Squritle. The bolt was inches away from making contact with the tiny turtle, and probably knocking it out, when Ikky jumped in front, covered by his family shield, which took the attack.

He then straightened up and looked over his shield at the other boy and his pokemon. Ikky then whispered to his pokemon, “Squirtle, I’m going to attack them straight on, you try and scuttle around back and tackle them from that angle, got it?”

Squirtle nodded that he understood, and ran to the left. Ikky then tapped a few buttons on this Game Kid and his sword appeared in his hand. Ikky ran in quick, with his sword ready to strike Trench. He swung down hard, but struck nothing. Ikky turned to his left and saw Trench had managed to side step his attack, and was now getting ready to strike back with his own.

“Not bad, but not fast enough,” he yelled as he swung his fist down hard, hitting Ikky in the chest, sending him flying backwards. “I’ve been training in various martial arts for years, as have all my friends. Peitre is probably the strongest, but I’ve always been the fastest.”

Ikky got back up to his feet, staggering a little from the force of the hit. “I can see, not bad but- Squirtle! Tackle attack!” roared Ikky. Squirtle shot out at Trench, but like Icarus, was too slow and ended up flying forward, colliding with Icarus.

“Damn… looks like that’s not going to work. Alright Squirtle, time to go to plan B,” said Ikky. Squirtle looked up and nodded in agreement. Ikky pressed a few more buttons on the Game Kid. His sword and shield vanished. His sneakers too dissaperaed, replaced with two red shoes, with a white stripe running across.

“What do those do?” asked Trench.

“You’ll see. Squirtle, water gun Trench while I get behind them,” he whispered to the tiny turtle. Squirtle drew in a deep breath and sent a jet of water straight at Trench. As he did this, Icarus vanished from sight.

“Thunderbolt him again, Flaafy,” said Trench. The little sheep shot out again, this time connecting with Squirtle, who fell over backwards and fainted. Just as he did this, a foot connected with the back of Trench, sending him flying. “What the hell? How did you get behind me so fast?” asked the other boy, standing up.

Ikky stood still, recalled Squirtle and stared Trench in the eyes, “These red shoes are actually a pair of running shoes I invented. They increase my speed about five times what it would normally be,” said Ikky, smiling a little.
“Not bad, but isn’t that a little unfair?” asked Trench. “No matter, Flaaffy, hit him with cotton spore to slow him down a bit. Flaaffy’s muscles tensed up and then shot out, releasing a spray of spores all aiming at Ikky.

Due to his increase in speed, he easily avoided the cloud and got in between Flaaffy and Trench. He then pulled a second pokeball off his belt and threw it to his right. A flash of light revealed a pokemon that resembled a duck. It had a hard block like body and appendages, and was colored blue and pink.
“What is that?” asked Trench.

“This is a Porygon,” said Icarus, “He was created for a game I played a few years ago, called Pocket Monsters.”

“I’ve heard of that. That’s the game where they take real pokemon and have them do crazy things, like transform into bigger ones, right?” asked Trench

“Yeah, they called it ‘evolving.’ For most pokemon it was just how they grew up, like at a certain level, Squirtle would ‘evolve’ into a Wartortle, rather then just get older like in real life. But it wasn’t just that, they also created a few ‘evolutions’ for pokemon and added a few fake ones. This here Porygon is one of those fake ones, made for the game, but thanks to my Virtual holograms, I made one in the real world,” explained Icarus.

“Gotcha, so now you’re using running shoes that make you super fast and a fake pokemon… well, it’s not against any of the rules, so I guess we’ll allow it,” said Trench. This was fun for him, even if Icarus was cheating slightly, he could finally test just how fast and strong he’d become since starting his martial arts training some years ago. He got into a battle stance, his arms up in defense and his feet ready to brace for an attack. “Flaaffy, use Thunderbolt on that thing, let’s see what it can do.”

Flaaffy got down on all fours again and fired off a bolt of electricity right at Porygon. “Porygon, use Conversion 2,” said Icarus. The bolt stuck Porygon, but did little damage. “Conversion 2 turns Porygon into the same type as the last attack used, which happened to be Cotton Spore, a grass attack,” explain Ikky.

“Get in close and try a headbutt Flaaffy!” ordered Trench. Both he and his pokemon ran full force towards their opponents. Trench swung his fist fast and hard, but hit nothing. Without thinking, he reached out to his right and hit Icarus hard in the chest again. “You put your weight on one side or the other, indicating which way you’re going to move.”

Icarus stood up, shaken from being hit. In practice, he’d never been hit while wearing the speed shoes. “I guess I need to fight a little harder then.” Trench continued his assault on Icarus, who was running backwards, avoiding all of the fists, all the while tapping at the keys on his Game Kid. A metallic gun cannon appeared, covering Icarus’ left arm from the elbow down. He aimed the cannon straight in front of him, while continuing to run backwards and fired out a beam of energy, “Blast Cannon!”

The beam went straight at Trench, who managed to duck down and get out of the way. Unfortunately, it continued on, hitting Flaaffy, and knocking her out. Ikky then stopped, and leapt high into the air, landing next to his Porygon.

Trench recalled his flaaffy and sent out his second pokemon. It was a blue bird that resembled a goose, with fluffy clouds for wings. “Okay Okean, we’re both down one pokemon a piece. This here is Altaria.”

“Wow, an altaria. You almost never see them around here,” said Ikky. Altaria were tropical pokemon, and didn’t live in the mostly deciduous region that Harveston occupied. Altaria was a dragon pokemon, which meant it was even rarer then rare. Dragons were hardly ever seen, especially amongst high school students.

“Yeah, I picked this one up on vacation a few years ago. Alright, Altaria hit Porygon with Dragon Breath!” he commanded.

Icarus had to think fast. He couldn’t use Conversion 2 again, and switch Porygon’s type to the dragon type because dragons were weak to other dragons. He’d have to get creative. “Porygon, Conversion 1!” he yelled.

A beam of bluish fire exploded out of Altaria’s beak, headed straight for Porygon. After using Conversion, the beam hit. If it did anything to the digital pokemon, it didn’t show. Ikky checked his pokedex quick to see if his gamble had paid off. “Yes! Great job Porygon.” Unlike Conversion 2, which turned the user to the type of the attack last used, Conversion 1 changed the pokemon to the same type as one of its own moves. The move Porygon chose was Iron Tail, a steel type attack, which was strong against dragon attacks.

Ikky, with his speed shoes and arm canon and Porygon, stood facing the other boy with his Altaria. “We have to finish this soon Porygon, the power in my Game Kid is starting to run low.” Porygon turned its head to his master and gave a digital growl understanding what was needed of it.

Both boys and pokemon headed straight for one another. Porygon flew right at Altaria and began to collect energy in front of it, then fired off three beams of energy, one red, one blue and one yellow, Tri-Attack. Altaria sent out another Dragon Breath. Both beams collided in the air, causing an explosion, which launched a cloud of dirt and dust into the air.

Ikky and Trench were both lost inside. Porygon and Altaria went flying out of the cloud on opposite sides, and both passed out upon hitting the ground. Trench couldn’t see, but heard his pokemon’s cry as it fell to the ground. He stopped and turned back to check and make sure his pokemon was alright, but was pummeled out of the dirt cloud by someone’s fist and landed on his back on the ground.

Before he could get to his feet again, Ikky was above him, with his arm cannon pointed right at his face. He’d pulled down his goggles so he could see inside the cloud of dust. Trench looked up, shocked that he’d been beaten. “Looks like you got me, Uncle.”

Ikky smiled and helped the other boy to his feet, then tapped the buttons on his Game Kid, reverting back to normal. They both collected their fainted pokemon and then stood together again. “I only won because of my technology. In a real fight, there’s no way I could have beaten you,” said Ikky.

“Yeah, that might be true, but all’s fair in love and war, right?” Trench smiled. “All this means is I have to start working harder. Thanks, I learned a lot, and seeing a video game pokemon in the real world was pretty cool.”

“You should see some of the stuff my father created. Porygon’s useful for me because he’s a VR pokemon, but there are some pretty scary things that my dad made,” answered Ikky.

“Yeah, maybe some day I’ll check it out.” The two then shook hands again and turned to watch the main event fight that had been going on for a little while now, Dash was fighting Josep.

30th September 2005, 8:33 PM
Sorry I'm late, and I'm really playing catchup at the moment so I'll give a short rating. Description, fine. Plot, fine. Overall, good, keep it up.

Alastor DMc
3rd October 2005, 6:11 AM
Project 9

Nathan Junez wasn’t very well liked around Harveston High. He hadn’t lived there that long, longer then Dash, but not by much. Before Harveston, he’d grown up in the city, and the city made him tough. Not physically tough like the bigger guys, but mentally tough. He was sharp, knew how to get himself out of trouble, and most of all, he was aware of it. Because he knew how smart he was, he tended to be very full of himself. It was this attitude that made him unpopular with the kids.

Dim Kwon, like his classmates, wasn’t a big fan of Nate. Kwon was slightly shorter then Nate, with spiky black hair. Kwon wore a green t-shirt and beige cargo pants. “Are you ready to fight, or are you gonna stand around staring into space for another couple minutes?” asked Kwon with an annoyed at nothing tone that Nate was familiar with by now. Most people gave him the same attitude, including Dash after their fist meeting.

“No, I’m ready when ever you are. I’ll even go first, so you can feel like you have the advantage,” said Nate tossing a pokeball into the air and unleashing the monster inside. It was a small orange-red lizard, standing on its hind legs. He had big blue eyes and a long tail that ended with a flame. “There, a Charmander. You’re turn.”

“Why don’t we make this interesting? I happen to excel at double battles, and since you’re so damn good, you wouldn’t have a problem if we used two pokemon at once, would you?” asked Kwon, smiling. He truly did excel at double battles and figured he could exploit Nate’s cockiness through this.

“It’s fine with me; I can knock out two of your pokemon at once and get this battle done in half the time. I’ve got other things to do today anyway,” said Nate tossing Bellossom’s pokeball out, releasing the little grass pokemon.

“Heh, excellent,” said Kwon tossing his pokeballs into the air, releasing both pokemon. The first was about 4 feet tall, and blue. It looked like a star fish, with another connected to the back, making it appear to have 10 points. In the middle was a giant red jewel. This one was known as Starmie. The second looked to be the size of a big dog and looked like a mix between a wolf and a fox, with golden fur. Her name was appropriate, for she had nine long tails, and thus her name was Ninetails.

Now, Nate had the semi-serious look back in his eyes. The same look he had while dancing the other day. “Charmader, Bellossom, dance techniques Sword and Petal,” he commanded. Charmander and Bellossom both began to sway back and forth, taking a few steps forward, and few back and some to the sides. Petals began to fly from Bellossom and collect in the air like the last time, while Charmander started glowing slightly.

“You use dancing moves? I never would have thought you’d be skilled enough to teach them to your pokemon,” said Kwon, “Ninetails, Flamethrower that bellossom, Starmie, Hydropump Charmander.”

“I didn’t just teach them to my pokemon, kid,” said Nate. He lept into the air, clear over his two pokeman and landed in the middle of the battle field. Starmie was summoning a massive amount of water in front of its jewel, while Ninetails was taking in a deep breath to unleash a beam of fire. Before either could send their attack however, Nate began to dance. His foot work was a blur, and when he finally stopped, he looked at both enemy pokemon. They had stopped gathering their attacks and were starting to doze, as if they were tired already.

“What… what did you do to my pokemon?” asked Kwon, starting to fall asleep himself. He’d never seen a pokemon start to fall asleep from anything a human had done, and couldn’t understand how he too was growing more and more exhausted as the dance went on.

“I call it my Nocturne dance. It makes the viewer start to fall asleep. I learned it by watching certain pokemon performing certain sleep inducing moves. It’s all about how they move their bodies, so I mimic them. And now, if you’ll excuse my rudeness, Charmander, Slash Ninetails, Bellossom send your petals at Starmie.”

The petals raced around Nate, heading straight for the star fish pokemon, none of which touched Nate at any point. Charmander on the other hand, raced towards the ninetales, and came slashing down on it. When both attacks connected, the pokemon instantly snapped out of Nate’s spell and were alert once again.

While that went on, Nate started another dance routine, this one much different from the other, but similar to the one Charmander was performing before. “Incase you’re taking notes, and you should, this is called Requiem.” After Nate had finished, he ran at Kwon, landing a hard punch to his gut, which sent him flying to the ground.

“How… how can you be so strong?!” roared Kwon, snapping out of the sleepy daze and putting full attention on the battle again.

“Requiem is another technique of mine, which powers up the user making me stronger. Charmander taught me it,” he smiled.

Kwon wasn’t as fast as Trench, or as strong as Peitre, but he was a good balance of both. In a fight, he could hold his own, and had a vast knowledge of various martial arts including a form of Chinese stick fighting. He reached into one of the pockets on his cargo pants and pulled out a staff, no longer then a foot. He twirled it around in his hands and the stick grew in length to well over six feet. “Alright, now I’m serious,” he said, lunging at Nate with the staff.

Nate was very agile, and had to be if he had any hope of dodging those fists and kicks that he had flung at him on a daily basis in his old home. This was different however. Kwon wasn’t some street thug, pretending to know what he was doing after watching a few kung-fu movies, this kid actually trained and was quite good. Fortunately, Nate was better, and as always he knew it.

The staff couldn’t connect, and Kwon was beginning to get impatient. He turned back around for a spit second to check on his pokemon and make sure they were still ok. Starmie and Ninetales seemed to be holding their own against the two smaller pokemon, but he wasn’t sure how well they could do without him guiding them. That split second, however, was a spit second too long, and Nate got in again, striking the boy in the chest.

Kwon leapt right back to his feet and held his bo staff up in a defensive position. “How are you getting faster and faster as we fight?” he asked.

“You obviously haven’t been paying much attention, all the while I was ‘dodging’ your stick attacks, I’ve been actually doing another dance,” he replied with a smug smile. “This one is called Opera, and it increases my speed the longer I perform it.”

Kwon started to formulate a plan. He could stop him in his tracks if he could just take out one of his legs, making him unable to dance any more. That was easier said then done.

Charmander had only been with Nate for a few weeks. His cousin had found Charmander, which were slightly exotic in this area of the world, on vacation and asked Nate if he’d trade Charmander for one of his pokemon. Nate hesitated at first, but after seeing Charmander’s Swords Dance, he knew he needed to add him to his pokemon collection.

Because of his unfamiliarity with Nate, and his odd battling techniques, Charmander was having some trouble keeping up with Bellossom on his own. Nate allowed and trusted his pokemon to be able to handle themselves, after the initial attacks were given, and Charmander had been trying his best to be able to do this, but it was difficult.

Ninetails came in quick and deadly, snapping its jaws at him trying to take a chunk of meat out. Charmander would dodge has best as he could, but a few snips and bites were unavoidable due to the frequency of the attacks.
Finally he saw an opening. Charmander ducked below Ninetails jaw and landed an upper cutting slash right across her muzzle. He jumped high in the sky and came down hard with his tail, delivering an Iron Tail attack. Ninetails staggered a bit from this, but gathered herself quickly and stuck all nine of her long tails out in the air, starting her Will-o-wisp attack. Each one began to ignite with a grayish-blue flame, which shot out encircling Charmander, then coming in fast, burning him horribly.

Charmander winced in pain, and had trouble standing up. Ninetales stopped and sat down on its hind legs looking at the little lizard pokemon. He was about to pass out from the pain when a wonderful breeze floated past him. He breathed in deep and felt his burn disappear. He turned his head and saw Bellossom look over and smile at him. She had used Aroma Therapy to heal his burn. Charmander nodded in appreciation, and then turned his attention back to the fox pokemon that thought she had won. Charmander leapt into the air and dug a deep hole.

Ninetails looked around but saw nothing and wondered where the little lizard could have gone with such bad injuries. Before she could really contemplate Charmander’s fate, he popped up underneath Ninetails, sending her flying into the air. He followed her up, got above her, and used Iron Tail again, sending her plummeting into the ground hard. Ninetails didn’t get back up.

“You’re pokemon is out cold,” said Nate.

Kwon looked back to see his Ninetails lying on the ground, unconscious, and Charmander standing victorious above her. “How could my Ninetails loose to such a small pokemon?” he asked to himself.

Nate used this distraction to his advantage again and got in a solid punch to Kwon, sending him flying back towards the pokemon. Bellossom sent another Petal Dance at Starmie, who took most of the petals full on. The ones that missed the star fish hit Kwon instead. Nate then appeared standing over Kwon, and offered him his hand to stand up. Kwon slapped it away, stood up on his own and started to walk off, as he returned his pokemon to their balls. “Uncle, you win.”

Nate recalled his two pokemon, then went over to a bench at the edge of the park sat down and closed his eyes. He was still the best, and now, one more person knew.

Alastor DMc
3rd October 2005, 6:03 PM
Project 10

Hank Stevenson was not like his friends. Peitre was strong, Trench was fast and Kwon was a nice balance of both, but Hank wasn’t much of a fighter. He could do the basic stuff, but he more or less relied on his pokemon to battle, and he had good reason to.

Standing before him was a seven and a half foot tall monster. It resembled a green dinosaur, with jagged edges on various parts of its body. He was called Tyranitar. On the other side of Hank stood a six and a half foot tall orange Dragon, with wings that wouldn’t seem like they could support its massive body. This was a Dragonite. Both Tyranitar and Dragonite were near extinction in the world. They’d been hunted for years, for fear of their near legendary powers. People didn’t trust them around cities and towns, so rather then move their own houses; they destroyed the pokemon’s instead. Hank was lucky however to have an uncle in the Pokemon National Reserve program, or PNR, which protected endangered species. He had given Hank the two pokemon as babies, and he trained and grew with them together.

It was now going on twelve years since he’d first received these two pokemon. They all knew everything there was to know about the others. They were a perfect fighting team, and in many respects, the strongest over all of Josep’s friends. However, today was not their day. Today they faced the person known as Alexander Lasentra.

Alex gazed lazily back and forth between the two gigantic pokemon, which towered over him. “It’s your move, Alexander,” said Hank. It had been a half minute and the other kid had still not called out a pokemon.

“You’re right, baby, I’m sorry. Here.” Alex casually pulled out Roselia’s pokeball and tossed it into the sky, revealing the tiny pokemon which leapt onto his shoulder. “There, that should be enough,” he said, smiling at Hank and his two behemoths.

“You’re only going to use one… tiny pokemon?” asked Hank. Something odd was going on here. When ever he was battling a trainer with Tyranitar and Dragonite, the opponent was usually either amazed or terrified of his pokemon. This kid however showed no signs of fear or excitement. To make matters even odder, he chose to only send out one tiny pokemon.

“Yeah, she’ll be enough. Oh, and maybe this too,” he said pulling out a single long stemmed thorn rose from behind his back.

“What good is another flower?” asked Hank.

“Oh… you’ll see baby, you’ll see,” replied Alex, staring into Hanks eyes. Hank didn’t like this one bit. He was starting to get scared of the kid, and he couldn’t figure out why. It was something about his eyes… they seemed to be tearing at his soul, pulling it out and gobbling it up.

“Just… just make a move,” he managed to get out.

“You got it, baby,” he said. Hank watched as Alex twirled the rose in his hand once. He then snapped it back into place and the stem began to grow rapidly. It went from a little over a foot in length to well over six or seven feet long, and wrapped around perfectly like a whip.

“Tyranitar, Dragonite, use Hyper Beam on them both, now!” Hank didn’t stop to watch his pokemon’s attacks; he had to find cover before the explosions came from the two impending powerful beams. He dived behind a bush for cover and waited. The explosions never came; all he heard was a rapid succession of cracks and snaps, followed by two heavy thumps on the ground.

Hank stood up over the bushes and looked out to where his two pokemon and the kid with his flowers had been standing. They were both lying unconscious on the ground, with Alex and Roselia no where to be seen. He then felt a presence standing behind him. Hank slowly turned around to see Alex standing above him, his hands in his pockets, smiling down at the boy. “How… that’s impossible… what happened?”

Alex said nothing; he just continued to stare down at Hank with his piercing, terrifying eyes. “Uncle,” Hank finally managed to squeak out. He had never, in all his many battles as a pokemon trainer, been so scared.

Dash had been looking forward to this fight all day. He’d seen Josep around school before, everyone had. He was president of the class, on the wrestling and football team, and friendly to every person he met. He was truly the nicest guy in school, but also one of the most respected, and he was only a freshman, like Dash. “Well, it looks like the other guys have already started their fights, should we get started as well?” asked Josep.

Dash was stretching out his legs, then stood up and started to stretch his back and arms. “Yeah, sure, I’m ready when ever you are,” said Dash.

“No pokemon?” asked Josep.

“Nope. I’ve never had a pokemon before, don’t need one,” said Dash.

“Right, I forgot, that’s part of your ‘legend’ around school. The guy who fights with pokemon attacks, but doesn’t use pokemon,” answered Josep.

“Legend? I wouldn’t say that… but the ‘stories’ going around school which say that are all true.”

“Well, I hope you don’t mind if I use my pokemon?” asked Josep.

“Of course not, I encourage it. I get to fight both of you, right?” asked Dash.

“Ha! I like this guy,” he said to no one in particular, “Yeah, you can fight us both. Alrighty Aggron, come on out!” Josep tossed a pokeball into the sky and revealed a giant six foot tall dinosaur like pokemon wearing a suit of grey armor. It had two giant horns above its eyes and another above its nose, and a dark gray under-belly.

“An adult aggron? That’s impressive; you almost never see them around here. I hear they’re difficult to control?” asked Dash, slightly amazed at the size of the pokemon.

“Not my Aggron, he’s as gentle as a lamb. Unless of course I give him an attack, like Rock Throw!” commanded Josep.

Aggron raised its fist, and like Dash had done many times before, unleashed a barrage of stones the size of basket balls at the boy. Dash jumped high in the air, touched down on one of the soaring stones and used it to leap again, higher into the sky, then came down hard, landing a kick on Aggron’s hard steel body. He then flipped around, and landed behind Josep and Aggron.

Before Dash had time to fully gather himself, and realize his pervious attack did little or nothing to Aggron, Josep was on top of him with a barrage of fists. Dash did his best to dodge, but wasn’t able to miss them all. Josep landed several hard hits on the other boy, sending him flying backwards and landing hard on the ground.

Dash jumped to his feet and went running full steam at Josep. He raised his hand and slammed his palm down hard on the other boy, but it was blocked by his forearm. Dash then jumped back a bit to try and once again gather himself, but was bombarded with another barrage of rocks and fists.

“****… looks like I’ll have to get serious,” he said, reaching into his pocket and pulling out his Zippo lighter. He flipped the top up, igniting the flame and absorbing it into his fist.

“Woah, now THAT’S incredible. I knew you were a legend in that school for a reason!” said Josep, amazed at the other boy’s powers.

“You ain’t seen nothing yet,” said Dash, smiling at the other boy, all the while dodging rocks. He once again leapt into the air, running up the falling stones and getting high enough over Aggron. He spun around, his face bellow his legs, and held his burning fist outwards, down at the pokemon, shouting, “Flame Thrower!”

A wave of fire erupted from the boy’s hand, engulfing the gigantic pokemon. Aggron cried out in pain, but didn’t fall. His steel armor had taken serious damage, and was clearly burned and slightly melted. Dash landed behind Aggron, and only had a second to admire his work before Josep was on top of him again with a series of kicks aimed right at Dash’s head.

Josep was, physically, the strongest member of his group. He was just as strong as Peitre, and slightly faster then Trench. He was only slightly worse at Kwon when it came to Staff combat, and his pokemon could hold their own quite well against Hank’s. Dash may have been quite in over his head.

Each kick got closer and closer to Dash, but he was doing quite well in deflecting them. However, he couldn’t keep it up forever, and eventually a solid hit landed right across his head, sending him flying to his right and into the sandy play ground area of the park.

Dash got up and realized it would be more difficult to run and move on the sand, but Aggron and Josep had moved into positions that made it far more difficult to get out of the area. He’d just have to make due with what he had. Aggron was slowly lumbering up to Dash, still hurt from the flamethrower attack, while Josep was coming at him, just as strong as before. Dash did a backwards cartwheel and landed on the slide behind him. He ran up the slide and jumped from the top ladder back towards the injured pokemon. This time he landed on top of the pokemon’s head, which drove him into a blind fury. Dash got his balance, which was difficult on the wild, bucking pokemon, grabbed his wrist and transformed his flesh into stone. He then struck down hard on Aggron’s head, knocking the steel pokemon out.

Dash landed back down on the soft sand, looking over at Josep smiling slightly. “I’m impressed, I didn’t think anyone could knock out Aggron like that,” said Josep. “My next pokemon is a tad more experienced however.” He recalled the fainted Aggron and tossed a different ball into the air, releasing another steel pokemon, this one a bird. It had a long neck, connecting a small body and head, with two gigantic steel wings. Its name was Skarmory and it too was rare in this region. Skarmory tended to stick to dry, dessert like areas. This must have been why Josep drove Dash into the sandy area, to give his pokemon a bit of an advantage.

Skarmory immediately took to the sky and started swooping down at Dash, but never actually attacking the boy. “Skarmory, use Spikes to make it more difficult for him to move around,” smiled Josep. Skarmory stuck both wings out straight and floated on the wing currents, unleashing a spray of tiny spikes all over the play ground.

Dash looked around and saw there was nowhere he could move that wouldn’t give him a spike right though the foot. He was already getting tired from just fighting both Josep and Aggron, and he had no idea what he was going to do now. Then the idea came to him.

Josep ran in fast, somehow avoiding all of the spikes on the ground, and went to attack Dash. Right as he was about to make contact with his fist, Dash jumped once more into the air, landing on the middle of the see-saw, balancing the plank of wood. “Skarmory, drill peck!” Skarmory went in fast with it’s beak out in front, aiming for Dash. As it got into the right position, Dash cart-wheeled backwards, unbalancing the see-saw, slamming the other end right into Skarmory.

The force of the attack sent the pokemon higher into the air, but it was unable to control itself this time. Dash quickly got his lighter out and sent a flame thrower right at the steel bird pokemon, whose steel armor began to melt, just like Aggron’s.

It landed with a thud on the ground. Dash dived at the bird, his hand stretched out, collecting a whirl of wind to perform his Aerial Ace attack, but he was tackled in mid-air by Josep at the last moment. The force sent him flying into the monkey bars. Dash got to his feet, and realized he was being stabbed in the feet with the spikes on the floor. He yelped in pain and jumped up high, to the top of the monkey bars, and began pulling out the spikes now impaled into the bottom of his sneakers. Josep and Skarmory weren’t about to give him that luxury however, and started attacking the boy almost immediately.

Josep continued with his flurry of fists, while Skarmory started a new attack, Steel Wing, which made use of its razor sharp wings like swords. Dash was having trouble balancing on top of the monkey bars with his feet injured already, and this certainly wasn’t helping. His plan was to use the play ground equipment to avoid contact with the spike ridden floor, but this plan obviously failed once Josep caught on to what he was doing.

Finally, after being pushed near to the edge of the bars, Dash transformed his fist again into stone. “Rock Throw!” he shouted, sending the soft ball sized stones at Skarmory and Josep. The stones connected with them both, and the force was enough to cause Skarmory to fall out of the sky and faint.

Josep on the other hand, seemed less fazed by this. He recalled his pokemon and leapt up to the top of the monkey bars to come face to face with an exhausted Dash. “Not giving up yet?” smiled Dash.

“Nope, you didn’t beat me yet,” answered Josep. He ran at Dash and continued his fast and at this point unavoidable fists, which hit Dash, sending him flying backwards off of the sandy play ground and back onto the grass. Dash barely had time to get back up when Josep was on him again, assaulting him with another series of punches.

If he was going to win, it would have to be now. Dash did his best to avoid the slams, but at this point it really didn’t matter, he was already beaten up. He held one had out and started to gather a swirl of wind once again. Josep was about to come in with the final, finishing blow, when Dash countered his fist with a blast of wind. “Aerial Ace!” he yelled. At this range, the swirling wind tore up Josep’s fist, actually ripping the skin.

Both boys flew backwards and hit the ground hard, but Josep was the first to stand. He walked over to Dash and gave him an uninjured hand to help him back to his feet. Dash looked at Josep’s bloody hand and winced a little, thinking about how it must hurt. This only lasted a few moments however, because his own pain soon became apparent to him. His ribs were bruised, his feet were cut, he had at least three lumps on his head, and his face was probably so black and blue that he’d seem unrecognizable to most people. He knew he couldn’t go on fighting, and opened his mouth to forfeit.


Dash’s jaw dropped. He hadn’t had time to say it, because the other boy had said it first.

“You… you’re giving up?” asked Dash, amazed.

“Hey, I don’t want you to mess up any more of me,” smiled Josep jokingly.

“Sorry about that, guess I didn’t know my own strength,” said Dash.

“Don’t be sorry, that was amazing. We’ll have to do it again some day, after I get a little more training in,” answered Josep, holding out his hand once again to Dash.

Dash took the extended hand and shook. “You’re on, Josep.”

“But, next time, I won’t be going easy on you,” said Josep. Dash winced in pain once again. That had been a hard fight, and Josep was going easy?

All five kids met after their respected fights, and started talking again, and shaking hands. “So, are you guys a gang, like us?” asked Trench.

“Gang? What do you mean by that?” asked Dash.

“Oh, you know, everyone in school is in a gang. It’s just a group of friends whom all hang out with each other, like us,” answered Hank.

“Well, I dunno, this is the first time all of us have really been together like this,” answered Dash, looking around at his friends.

“I’d say we’re a ‘gang’ at dis point,” said Miles. “We did jut beat deez guys, didn’t we?” he smiled.

“Hey, you all just got lucky. Next time will be different,” said Peitre, patting Miles on the back and sending him flying to the ground again.

They all laughed a little as Miles got back to his feet. Then Josep said to Dash, “So, are you a gang or what?”

Dash thought about it for a second, and then looked around at his friends. Ikky smiled and gave him a thumb up. Miles smiled and nodded as well. Nate rolled his eyes, then nodded slightly, smiling, “Yeah, I’ll continue playing with you guys. Maybe it’ll make you all a little better.”

The last one Dash looked for was Alex, who seemed to have vanished once again. He didn’t think anything of it, and just turned back to Josep to give him his answer. “Well, it’s unanimous; I’d say we’re a gang.”

“Ha! Excellent!” cheered Josep. He held out his hand once more for Dash to take. “Any time you guys need us, or just want to hang out and maybe do a little sparing, let me know.”

All the boys held out their hands to the others and shook, each of them smiling. “You got it. And next time, I won’t go easy on you,” said Dash, joking.

The sun was starting to set on Harveston, as a new group of friends just formed. All nine boys said their farewells then separated for their respective homes. Tonight, Dash was going on his first real date, with a girl he’d had a crush on for weeks. As he walked home, Alexander Lasentra stood high above the ground, hidden so that no one could see him.

“Do you think he’s ready?” asked a figure to his left, cloaked from head to toe so that nothing but the whites of his eyes could be seen.

“Nah, he needs some more experience first. Don’t worry, I’ll make sure he’s ready soon enough,” said Alex to the cloaked figure.

“You’d better, it is your job,” said the cloak.

Alex felt the cloaked man coming in for an attack, and turned on his heels, whipping out with his rose, but hitting nothing. He looked around quickly, but the cloaked man was gone. Alex put his rose away and continued to look down as Dash and his friends walked away. Dangerous times were coming for the young man, and Alex only hoped he had enough time to prepare him.

End Part 1 – Act 1

This story is broken up into Parts, which are broken up into Acts. This is the end of Act 1. The start of Act 2 should be up in a few days.

3rd October 2005, 7:32 PM
“Nah, he needs some more experience first. Don’t worry, I’ll make sure he’s ready soon enough,” said Dash to the cloaked figure.

I think you meant Alex, not Dash there. Other than that, no problems, this chapter was cool. This is my usual rating style, you earned it.

;359; Dash and Tikay sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G!

;373; Ignore Cina, she's weird. I'm Mobius. This fic is a Flygon award. Well done!

;307; And since I read it, this means the fic rocks!

Alastor DMc
4th October 2005, 12:27 AM
Thanks for that, I never noticed, and I usually read my updates over once or twice before I post them. Also, thanks for being just about the only person who actually reads and reviews this. (if anyone else does, I'd appreciate a review, and would respond in kind) ;152;

4th October 2005, 7:00 PM
I have been reading your fic so I appogilise for not reviewing and the reason why I haven't is because I have pretty much no iea wat I'm doing when I do it, but here its goes.

first I have to say I haven't read a story like this before with a person being able to use pokemon attacks and besides that its a joy to read to read this I like your idea of having people along side there pokemon.

I like the plot, the characters seem interesting, good work on the fight scenes, puntuality seems find didn't see anything but then again I didn't really look for any, will continue read and hope this one continues to the same standard.

Alastor DMc
6th October 2005, 8:22 PM
Hey guys, I'm going on Fall Break from school, so I won't be around my computer for the next few days. Because of this, I won't be able to update, so I figured I'd give you a few Character Bios and a little insight into the world of Project: c145h. If you have any further questions, feel free to PM me, and I'll let you know what I can, with out revealing too much of the story.

Character Bios

Real Name: Dashton “Dash” Mullen
Age: 15
Height: 5’7”
Eye/Hair: Brown/Brown
Powers: Elemental Fists
Pokemon: None

Dash is a heroic kid, always looking for a challenge, but mostly just trying to have fun and fit in. He doesn’t like people who are too proud or annoying. He has a problem with girls, getting loopy and embarrassed around the ones he likes. For the most part, people like him, as he is fairly sociable; however he is new to school, so he doesn’t know many people yet.

He can control Fire, Water, Wind and Earth by absorbing them with his hands. He has little memory of his past, mostly anything that happened before he moved to Harveston, and when ever someone brings it up, his head starts to hurt. Alex is somehow tied to his past, and he is in fact the only thing he can remember about it. Dash’s memory will eventually be further explored.

Real Name: Icarus “Ikky” Okean
Age: 15
Height: 5’6”
Eye/Hair: Blond/Blue
Powers: Game Kid
Pokemon: Squirtle, Porygon

Ikky is a very modest, humble guy from Harveston. He happens to come from a very wealthy, well-to-do family. His father is a world renowned inventor, who specializes in Virtual Reality programs that actually seem real to the user. Ikky has taken up interest in this, co-creating the Game Kid with his father, which creates holographic weapons and tools for him, that seem and in fact are as close to real as you can be, with out actually being real.

Ikky is a nice guy, and the people who meet and know him like him, however he tends to keep to himself, being embarrassed by his wealth. He starts to trust Dash, Miles and Nate, because he believes that none of them want to be friends because of his money, but actually like him for him. However, he has a strong disliking for Alex. He, like Dash, is willing to do whatever he can for his friends, however is less likely to lead the brigade, preferring a backup position.

A Blastoise was owned by his great-grandfather, and legend says that it was this Blastoise that was responsible for their family’s wealth, hence the reason why it is on the family shield. Also, because of this legend, Ikky adopted a Squirtle, and uses him as his primary pokemon.

Real Name: Nathan “Nate” Junez
Age: 15
Height: 5’6”
Eye/Hair: Dark Green/Brown
Powers: Dancing
Pokemon: Charmander, Bellossom, Murkrow

Nate is very full of himself. He’s good at what he does, and he knows he’s good, and thus because of this, he talks down to most people he meets. Due to this attitude, most people who meet him instantly don’t like him. The truth is Nate is very lonely. His parents moved him from the city he grew up in, to Hareston a few years ago, so he could live a better life. Growing up, he had few friends, and kept mostly to himself. His parents continue to commute back and forth to the city, so most of the time he’s by himself. All these reasons are why he acts the way he does. Every time he gets close to someone, they leave him. He may seem like a jerk, but he is a good friend, once you get to him and trust him.

Growing up in the city however made him tough as well as smart. He learned quickly that he couldn’t fight his way out of situations, since he was fairly small, but he could escape from them by other means. He also learned how to imitate pokemon attacks, such as sword’s dance, agility, confuse ray and grass whistle, through dancing. However he calls them by different names, since he is not actually performing the pokemon’s exact techniques.

Real Name: Miles Cerentino
Age: 15
Height: 5’4”
Eye/Hair: Dark Brown/Brown
Powers: None
Pokemon: Bulbasaur, Alakazam

Miles is a normal kid. He has a father, a mother and a younger sister, goes to high school at Harveston, and for the most part blends in with the crowd. Physically, Miles is nothing special; however he makes up for this with a very sharp mind. He’s easily the most knowledgeable of his friends. He is also a very loyal friend, and would do anything for any of his friends.

Miles has a rather uninteresting life; however it’s this that makes him the most real character. He views life the same way any other normal guy would. He gets scared during frightening moments and happy during the good times. He also has a very thick accent, which makes it sometimes hard to understand him. He’s also very knowledgeable of pokemon.

Real Name: Alexander “Alex” Lasentra
Age: ?
Height: 5’6”
Eye/Hair: Dark Brown/Blue
Powers: Rose Whip
Pokemon: Roselia

Alex is the living ghost of Dash’s past. Not much is known about him, even by his “best and closest friend,” Dash. He appears just at the right time, and vanishes almost as quickly, leaving no trace of himself.

When Dash’s new friends met Alex, Dash told them he’d gone to the school for longer then him; however no one had ever seen or heard of Alex. It still remains a mystery as to just how far back Alex met Dash, how the two met, and why he is the only part of Dash’s past that doesn’t trigger sudden pain.

He is quite strong, being able to take down two fully grown pokemon with only a Roselia (or, did Roselia do anything at all?) However, his true strength remains to be seen.

Real Name: Tikay Eel
Age: 15
Height: 5’3”
Eye/Hair: Dark Brown/Emerald Green
Powers: ?
Pokemon: Skitty

Dash met Tikay in his homeroom class and instantly developed a crush on her; however he was too embarrassed to even talk to the girl. She is beautiful, with long silky dark brown hair and bright emerald green eyes.

Tikay lives alone with her mother, who seems absent quite a lot. Because of this, she bought Tikay a baby Skitty, which she named Olivia. The two were inseparable until Skitty wandered off one day, and was lost.

Many strange things have happened in town lately, and it would appear that Dash is at the center of these events; however that may not be true. Tikay is just as involved as Dash. How involved she really is as yet to be seen.

The world of Project: c145h

This world is very much like ours, with one major exception, Pokemon. These are not the same pokemon as from the Game Boy games however. There are no “legendary” pokemon, they are just as mythical in this world as a Dragon, Phoenix or Unicorn is in ours. Pokemon don’t “evolve” in this world at certain levels of experience, they just grow up. For example Houndour is to Houndoom as a puppy is to a dog. There are also no “evolution stones,” at least not the same kinds. Any and all pokemon that would evolve with a stone will simply grow up naturally. Pikachu, after several years, will grow up to become a Raichu.

There does exist a video game in this world titled, “Pocket Monsters” which star most of the world’s pokemon, and has all the elements of our video games, such as stones, legendaries and evolution, but they are made up for just the game. Rayquaza, for example, only exists in this world’s video game. Think of Pocket Monsters being like Nintendogs, except it’s also a game. We have real dogs, and now we can play with virtual puppies as well.

The origin of how pokemon came into existence, as well as many other elements, will be explored in the future installments of Project: c145h.

6th October 2005, 8:34 PM
Interesting, sorry if I'm stealing your wind, but a great idea would be some guys trying to create a Rayquaza or whatnot. I'm not just saying that 'cos he's my favourite legendary next to Ho-oh <_< >_>. I'd recommend a character, but it seems like you have a full plot. I get the feeling there's more to Tikay that meets the eye. Keep it up.

Alastor DMc
11th October 2005, 5:45 AM
Hey guys, sorry this took so long. Hope this was worth the wait, here is the first chapter of Part 1 - Act 2

Project 11

Water pelted his bruised and battered body. Each drop sent aches through his entire body, making him tense up and uncomfortable. He ran shampoo through this hair, lathering it and rinsing it at the same time. Even his hair hurt. He ran soap over his body then flinched in pain as it entered his still open cuts, and finally gave up. He then turned off the water and stepped out onto the bathroom mat.

Dash’s fight with Josep took a lot more out of him then he thought it would have. He reached into his bathroom cupboard and pulled out a towel and began carefully drying his body, making sure to avoid his injuries. “This is going to be hard,” he said to himself. How was he supposed to get though his date tonight, when he couldn’t even take a shower? He looked in the mirror and saw his face was, surprisingly, not as bad as he would have assumed it would be. He had a few cuts and bruises, but for the most part he looked alright. “Maybe this won’t be as bad as I think?”

Dash still had about three hours before he was supposed to meet Tikay in town, so he thought he’d take a quick nap and rest up a bit. He pulled on his boxer briefs, and then walked across the hall to his bedroom. Within seconds of his head hitting the pillow, he was in one of the deepest sleeps of his life.

He was falling again. Falling though nothing, and yet something at the same time. He could feel himself being pulled down, down towards the dark, un-seeable ground. He landed on the ground, and a familiar, yet disturbing speak of light appeared in front of him. He reached out his hand to grasp the light, and just as he was about to make contact, it exploded. The light grew, illuminating his formerly dark surroundings, revealing another familiar scene.

A dark altar, accompanied by a violet tapestry with a yellow trim. Tall pillars that reached into nothing. The walls to his right and left, covered in a shadow. A shadow that seemed, illogically, to be moving. The only light in the room seemed to be coming from two torches on either side of the altar, and yet the light wasn’t coming from there. The torches were lit, there was no denying that, and yet they seemed to cast no light. The shadows cast by the torches didn’t flicker and jump, as torch lights always do, they were instead still, eerily still.

He wanted to move around, get a better view of this room, learn where he was, but his body refused to move. He tried his hardest to get his legs moving, but nothing happened. Suddenly something did move. Not him, as much as he tried to force himself, he couldn’t move an inch. It was the walls that moved. The shadows that were cast on the walls started to flow, like water.

They poured off the walls and started to collect in the center. First they formed a body, firm and muscular, then equally impressive arms and legs, and finally a blank head. Two long antennas grew out from the top of its head, arching down towards the back. Finally two giant, blank, horrible white eyes opened on the creature’s blank face and stared right into him.

He was remembering now, he’d been here before; he’d seen this before, but where and when? Then the mouth of the creature opened, revealing two rows, top and bottom, of razor sharp teeth. It started moving, bobbing its head and body around, like an insect, no, like a marionette.

Its mouth opened more, and started to screech in a high pitched, horrible voice that went right through him. It was like nails on a chalk board, but more wavy. As if someone was striking a tuning fork against his spine.

The shadow thing started to move towards him. It took one giant wavering step forward, as if it had never used its legs before. It took another, seeming to get the idea. It stared right at him; question what to make of the strange being. He tried to move, tried to get away, get away from its huge soulless eyes, but it was no use, he couldn’t move.

He wasn’t paralyzed with fear. Last time (had there been a last time? He couldn’t remember) he was stuck to his spot, frozen in terror. This time was different, this time he was being held by something. Just as the creature was finally close enough to reach out one of its long terrible claws, to sink into his skin, everything went black once again.

Dash awoke once again to find himself lying safely in bed. He looked around the room quickly, checking to make sure that he was indeed in his house. Everything seemed in place. He then gazed over at the clock and saw that it was a quarter to five. He had to meet Tikay in fifteen minutes, and the walk to town would be at least twenty. He hopped out of bed, put on a fresh pair of shorts and a new t-shirt, ran his fingers through his hair and then ran down stairs, forgetting all about his pervious dream.

Dash walked into the kitchen to find his mother starting to make dinner. “Mom, I won’t be here for dinner, I’m going out, remember?”

“Yes, dear, I remember all about… You’re not going like that, are you?” she said, looking over at him.

Dash looked himself over. He seemed alright, fresh clothes, clean face; even most of his cuts and bruises (which his mother had thankfully not seen) were healed up and gone. “I… I was going to. Why? What’s the matter?” he asked, now slightly worried. Could his face still be cut up? He hadn’t thought to check after getting up from his nap.

“It’s that damn hair of yours, it’s still a mess and you refuse to cut it. Oh well, here,” she said, walking over to him. She took the green bandana off her head that she always wore to keep her hair up and put it on Dash’s. She fixed it up so that only some of the hair in the front stuck out. “Now you look good. Oh and here.” She took a wash cloth and whipped some of the dirt off of Dash’s face that he’d failed to clean in the shower before. “Now, you can call yourself my son,” she said, smiling.

“Thanks Mom. I gotta go now though, I’m already late!” he said, as he ran out the door.

“Good luck. And you be nice to this girl!” she called after him. Dash’s face turned red at this. It looked like his mother knew after all that he was going out with a girl today, and not the guys. Well, it didn’t matter now; he was already on his way.

Dash arrived in town fifteen minutes after leaving his house, out of breath and sweating from running most of the way. It was a pretty little town, and the center of activity in the mostly residential town of Harveston. There were a few restaurants and stores, all lined close together on what was known as Main Street. The road of Main Street split in the center, and in between the two lanes was a small park, barely big enough for a few benches, a few saplings, some grass, and a fountain. It was at this fountain that Dash was meeting Tikay.

He looked around and didn’t see her, or anyone for that matter, so he dunked his sweaty head into the water to cool it off. He then pulled it out, and shook the water out of his hair and off his face, wringing out his new bandana and then putting it back on. “Going for a swim with out me?” said a voice to his left.

Dash turned quickly, embarrassed, seeing Tikay standing to his left with her typical beautiful smile on her face. “Hey, Tikay. When did you get here?” asked Dash.

“I’ve been here for a few minutes actually, I was sitting on the bench over there waiting for you,” she answered.

“Oh, I guess I didn’t notice you,” he said.

“Didn’t notice me? What does THAT mean?” she asked in a hurt voice, but clearly joking with him. Dash however, didn’t catch on to the joking part.

“Well, what I meant was, you know, I didn’t really look around….”

Tikay walked up to him, smiling, took hold of his hand like she had in class, and started pulling him forward. “Come on, we have to look for my skitty,” she said.

Dash had forgotten about that part. The day’s excitement was a little too much for him, and finding a little lost skitty had been the last thing on his mind for the most part. “Oh, right. Ok, well, where do you think she could have gotten to?” he asked.

“Well, Olivia was only just born a few weeks ago, so she can’t have gotten far. She and I were walking around here actually when she disappeared,” said Tikay.

“Well then, this is the best place to start looking. Come on; let’s check the alleys in-between buildings. If I were a baby skitty, that’s where I’d be hiding,” he said. Dash took the lead and started walking forward; still holding on to her hand, which he was having trouble letting go of. The biggest problem he’d be facing tonight was the fact that he had no idea what he was doing. Not only had he never been on a date before, but he had no idea where a skitty might actually be hiding. He had never even seen a skitty to be honest. It wasn’t that they were rare around here; it was just that no one in his family owned one. They were dog people.

The first place Dash and Tikay looked was the alley between the bakery and deli. There was a dumpster full of various day old foods, and seemed like the perfect place for a run away skitty to be hiding out. “I’ll take a peak in that dumpster Tikay, I bet she’s in there looking for food,” he said.

“Not my Olivia, she’s too beautiful and pristine to be eating out of a dumpster,” she said, closing her eyes, crossing her arms and turning slightly away from him.

“I didn’t mean that she was dirty… I just meant that, you know… if I was lost, I’d eat out of dumpster,” he said.

“You would what?!” she said, turning to him with a huge smile on her face.

Dash realized what he had said and started to laugh, “I mean, if I was a skitty.”

“Uh huh, sure. Why don’t you go fish out a romantic dinner for the two of us?” she said, continuing to laugh at him.

Dash turned back and opened the top of the dumpster. He peered in and found a few animals inside eating, a sentret, rattata and zigzagoon, then dropped the lid and jumped back.

“Was she there?” Tikay asked, stepping forward.

“N… no… there were… other pokemon in there, but no skittys” he said, hurriedly walking out of the alley way, back to the street.

Tikay opened the lid herself and looked in, then walked back to the street herself. “Why do you look scared, Dash?” she asked, grabbing onto his arm.

“I…” he paused for a second. How could he explain this? “You gotta promise not to tell anyone this, ok?”

“Tell anyone what?” she asked, looking at him slightly worried.

“I’m… I’m afraid of little rodent pokemon…” he said, timidly.

At this she broke into laughter, much louder then before. “Afraid? Of a little rattata, zigzagoon and sentret?” she said, continuing to laugh at him.

“You know, it’s really not funny, they freak me out! They’re too small… you can’t keep track of what they’re doing,” he said, embarrassed.

“Aw, don’t be scared of them, they’re actually kinda cute,” she said, and then added, “Just like you.”

Dash kept walking, but anything else he’d been doing had stopped. He had stopped breathing, blinking, and talking. He just looked down at her, as she looked up at him. She tossed her long brown hair to the side, revealing her big beautiful emerald eyes, which happened to be looking straight into his. They both moved closer together until their faces were only inches apart. He was about to go in for his first real kiss, when fate stepped in and stopped him cold in his tracks.

“Dashton Mullen, am I correct?”

11th October 2005, 9:45 PM
;330;Good cliff hanger. Having course work problems, so trying to keep my reviews short. Unfortunatly Cina's dying to say what she has to say, so if I don't let her, I'll face her wrath(not something I want).

;359; Thanks SF, even if it did look like I was threatining you(puts gun behind her back), anyway DASH AND TIKAY, STANDING IN AN ALLEY, K-I-S-S-I-N-G! He he, finally someone other than Saber and Zerodius who can describe tender moments well( I'll let everyone else decide with SF, see chapter 3 of Emerald Lands). Anyway, keep it up!

;330; Cina you nicked my line.

;359; Oops, sorry!

Alastor DMc
16th October 2005, 5:00 AM
Project 12

Dash and Tikay both looked up and away from each other, instead focusing their attention on the voice that had just interrupted their moment. Standing before them were not one, but four people, all of which Dash recognized but had never met. They were all older then he and Tikay.

The one on the left was a big guy. He wasn’t big like Peitre, but fat. He stood about 5’10” and must have weighed around 300lbs. He had short black hair and dark skin. He wore a red t-shirt under a blue and white long sleeved opened shirt, with long tan pants and sneakers. Dash knew this guy was a senior and he had heard the kid being called Impas in the halls of the school, but whether that was his real name or just a nick-name, Dash had no idea.

The one standing next to him was another big guy, about Dash’s height, but much more muscular, like Peitre but even more so. He had short blond hair and wore a tight black t-shirt with long khaki pants and black dress shoes. Dash knew this guy was a junior and went by the name of Essen Golibinski.

Then there was the girl on the right. She was also a junior, and a fairly pretty one at that. She had long, light brown almost blond hair, a cute face and stood about 5’4” tall. She wore a pink hooded sweat shirt that hid her body and a pair of blue jeans. Dash knew her name to be Rella Tigris.

Finally, there was the guy in the middle, the one who had interrupted their moment. He was shorter then his friends, only about 5’5” and had long dark hair in a mushroom cut style that extended past his ears down to about his chin. He wore black slacks and a black shirt underneath a black trench coat. As if that was startling enough, his eyes seemed… not quite right. They were narrow and dark, scary even. They reminded Dash of a snake’s eyes, the kind that could hypnotize you if you looked into them for a moment longer then you should have. That wasn’t the worst part of this guy.

His voice, the same one that had ended his chance of a first kiss, was the worst part of him. He had some sort of accent, but Dash, nor anyone else for that matter, could quite place where it was from. He sounded like a mixture of French, British, Irish, Swedish, German, and Italian. A European accent was the best way to describe it. The tone itself was disturbing. It was soft, and soothing, but not in a good way. He had the type of voice that could relax you to the point where you weren’t sure what you were doing anymore. Dash instantly didn’t like this guy, whose name was Simon Giygas.

“Daston Mullen, right?” he asked again.

“Yes, I’m Dash. What do you guys want?” he asked, hiding his slight fear of the guy.

“I’m surprised you’ve never heard of us,” said Simon. “We’re a… recovery team, hired by various people to find things that have been lost or stolen.”

This took Dash a bit by surprise. What in the world was he talking about, and what did it have to do with him? “Hey, that’s great… but what do I care?”

“We were hired by a few people in town to find a few lost pokemon,” said Rella. “We overheard you two looking for a pokemon as well and wondered if you knew anything that could help us?”

Tikay opened her mouth to let these new people in, but Dash intercepted her. “No… we were looking for a skitty, but we found her. Sorry we couldn’t be of more help.” It was Simon. For whatever reason, he just couldn’t get past that guy’s staring leering eyes. Because of this he couldn’t trust him one bit, and thought it would be better to not tell them anything.

Rella was about to go on and argue for some information, but Simon stopped her as well, “Well Dashton, I guess we’ll be on our way. Sorry to interrupt.” He then smiled a smile which was somehow even worse then his leering eyes and went well with his voice, turned on his heels and started to walk away. The other three followed suit and they started down the street in the opposite direction.

“Why didn’t you tell them about Olivia? We could have used their help?” demanded Tikay, sounding upset with Dash.

“I… maybe they could have, but I just don’t trust that guy. He seems… bad. Don’t you feel that?” asked Dash.

The truth was she could feel it. She could probably feel it better then Dash. Simon Giygas gave Tikay a cold dark feeling which felt exactly opposite of the feeling she got around Dash. She’d been feeling things like this ever since she was little. When ever she met a new person, that person gave off an aura. Sometimes she’d feel cold and scared around a person, and knew instantly to stay away from that person. Other times she’d feel warm, comfortable and safe around a person, and knew they were good. This is the way she felt when ever Dash was around her. She could never explain how this ability worked, so she kept it to herself. This time however, she just wanted to find her skitty and didn’t care if this guy was bad.

“I… I guess. Well, all this means is now you HAVE to find my skitty,” she said resuming her happy tone.

It was turning out to be one of those nights. The kind of night you look forward to for days, and when it’s finally here, nothing fun happens. Ikky and Miles hadn’t exactly had any plans, but it was still Friday, and after this week they were looking forward to finally being able to relax and do something fun. Unfortunately, there didn’t seem to be much to do.

Both boys sat in a booth in their favorite restaurant Banana Buzz. It was a small place, only a few tables, but kids from school came in to hang out all the time. Ikky and Miles had both been coming since they were young, and the owners and waiters even knew them by name. Sadly, it didn’t seem like anyone was coming in tonight. “We have to do something tonight, Miles,” said Ikky, his hand holding up his head.

“Yea, I just wish dere was sumtin’ to do, ya know?”

“What about the movies? We could see that new one… uh… I can’t remember the name of it. You know, it looks funny?”

“I don’t know whatcha mean… an’ I don’t have any money anyway,” answered Miles.

“We could walk around outside! Maybe someone from school is hanging around or something?”

“Yeah, I guess. We finished eatin’ a while ago, dey probably want us ta get out.”

“Nah, they love us here. But you’re right, let’s get going.” Both boys stood up and paid their bill, then walked out onto the street.

There were tons of people just hanging around, talking and walking, but none that they knew. Miles and Ikky started walking towards the park in the center of town when a voice called to them. “Yo, what are you guys doing here?”

Ikky and Miles turned to see Nate causally walking up behind them. “Hey Nate, what are you doing in town?” asked Ikky.

“I just got out of practice… dance practice… and I was walking home. Gotta work hard to be the best, right?”

“I guess you’re right. Hey, you want to hang out with us, we’re not sure what we’re doing yet, but the more the merrier, right?” asked Ikky.

“Hmm… well, I was going to go home and take a nap… but why not? You guys want to go to the movies? There’s a new one out, it looks funny.”

Both Miles and Ikky looked at each other and frowned. Tonight was going no where fast.

Dash and Tikay continued to walk down the sidewalk, glancing down the alleys looking for her skitty, but very few had any hiding places that she could be in. Finally, after passing four or five buildings, they saw another alley with a dumpster. “Maybe she’s in there?” said Dash.

“Maybe. Let’s go in and check it out.” Dash could sense a little hesitation in her voice. His first thought was that she was nervous about getting close to him again. If the first kiss is interrupted and ruined, there was no second chance. At least, that’s how he always saw it. Of course, how many first dates had he actually been on? Zero, that’s how many. He was thinking way too much about this. So much in fact that he didn’t notice he’d walked right past the dumpster. “Um… aren’t you going to open it?”

This snapped him back into reality. Dash turned back around, avoiding her eyes out of embarrassment and opened the top of the dumpster. He peered in, this time seeing nothing. “Nope, nothing in this o….” Dash trailed off, looking past Tikay, down the alley at a door that led into a building. There was something there, but only for a second. A face maybe… he couldn’t be sure. “Hang on a second,” he said, walking up to the door.

“What’s the matter?” asked Tikay.

“I thought I saw someone watching us from inside here…” he said.

“So? It’s probably whom ever owns the building,” answered Tikay. She was getting the feeling again. The same uncomfortable cold feeling she’d gotten around Simon, but this time much stronger and she had a feeling Dash could feel it too. Finally, as Dash approached the window of the door she said, “Dash, I don’t like this, let’s get out of here.”

He turned back to see her. Her eyes were closed tight, and her arms were wrapped around herself, as if trying to keep warm. She was shivering, no, shaking and yet there was no wind at all. The night itself was rather warm, for the time of year. “Please Dash; let’s just look somewhere else, Olivia’s definitely not here.”

“Alright, let’s go.” She ran up to him, grabbed his arm and held on to it tight, and together they exited the alley back on to the lit street.

About an hour went by, and still they had no luck in finding Tikay’s skitty, Olivia. The whole while, Dash and Tikay had a bad feeling, as if someone was following them, watching them, but wouldn’t reveal themselves, however neither expressed this feeling to the other. Finally, after searching through every dumpster in every alley of town, Dash and Tikay took a break on a bench in the same park that they’d met before.

“I’m sorry Tikay… but I’m out of ideas. Can you think of anywhere else Olivia might be hiding?” He really was sorry too. He wanted things to go perfectly, and so far they’d been anything but.

“It’s ok Dash; I didn’t really expect to find her tonight. It was so sweet of you offer to help find her though that I had to say yes,” she said, looking up at him and locking eyes for the first time since they were interrupted by Simon and his gang before.

“You know, Tikay, I just realized I don’t really know too much about you,” said Dash. He’d only been on speaking terms with the girl for a week and during that time they never once spoke about her.

“You’re right, you don’t!” she said, smiling. “What would you like to know?”

“Well, I guess your family first. You know, your parents, siblings, that kinda stuff,” he said, inching slightly closer to her.

“Well,” she started, also taking an inch closer, “I live with my mother. My dad… well, I never met him. Mom says he’s dead, but, you know, I just have trouble believing that for some reason. When ever I mention him, she gets real quite and just says, ‘he’s gone and isn’t coming back, forget it, he’s dead.’”

“Oh… I didn’t realize. I’m sorry. I never met my father either,” Dash replied.

“Is he dead too?” she asked.

“Maybe… not sure. I never really asked my mom about it. I kinda remember meeting him when I was really little… I think…” he said, stopping. He tried to picture the man’s face, but couldn’t. He tried concentrating harder when the familiar pain came back causing him to flinch.

“What’s wrong?” she asked, seeing pain on his face.

“I’m… it’s nothing. So what do you do for fun, like, who are your friends?” Dash asked, trying to ignore the lingering pain in his head.

“I don’t really have any close friends to be honest… I was never very good at keeping in touch with people once summer break came, so I never made many friends.”

“Oh,” Dash started, not too sure how to reply to that. He inched a little closer again, this time stretching his arm out and holding on to the back of the bench. “Well… we’re friends, right?”

Tikay took Dash’s hanging arm off the back of the bench and draped it around her shoulders, then got a big inch closer, and put her head on his shoulder. “Just friends?”

Her eyes looked up into his again, and they started to once again come together. This time, nothing was going to interrupt him. He closed his eyes, moving in, when something screamed and screeched behind him.

Both forgot what they’d been doing, and turned around to see where the noise had come from. A few people were scattered around the street, and in the middle was a man dressed from head to toe in black, wearing a black trench coat and hat. He was standing face to face with a giant tractor-trailer that had screeched to a dead halt.

Dash stood up, taking his arm off of Tikay and staring straight at the scene. That man, the man in the street that was almost hit, looked exactly like the man he and Miles had seen in the school a few days before.

“What happened?” asked Tikay, looking at the scene herself.

“I’m not sure… let’s go check it out,” he said, starting to walk forward.

Tikay stood up to follow, but started getting that nervous cold feeling again. Something about that guy, the guy in the street was scaring her. “Dash… I… I can’t. I don’t want to go near that guy,” she said. There was clear terror in her voice now, and he could hear it clear as day.

“I… have to go. I think I know that guy,” he said. She didn’t protest this time, she just stood up and walked as close behind him as she could without stepping on his heels.

A large man, about 6’3” stepped out of the cabin to his giant 18-wheeler and stepped down onto the pavement of Main Street. He had a large gut, and big thick arms and legs that were surprisingly muscular, given the girth of his belly. “Hey, sorry about that pal, I didn’t see ya. You shouldn’t wear such dark clothes at this time of night you know.”

He’d come just a few feet from running the smaller man down, crushing him under three tons of metal and rubber. “Listen, uh… no harm no foul, right? Do ya mind movin’ so I can get this stuff to the warehouse?”

The other man, the man in black, just stood still not moving an inch. His head was lowered and the brim of his hat hid the man’s facial features. Still, the truck driver couldn’t help but feel uncomfortable about this. “Listen, pal, do you want me to call an ambulance or somethin’? You don’t look hurt, why don’t we just move to the side of the street?” He put his arm out to touch the man’s shoulder and pull him to the side walk. This was the last action the man ever made.

16th October 2005, 8:08 PM
Again, cliffy. I forgot, do you capitilise Pokemon names? Because you didn't capitalise Skitty once in that chapter. Anyway superb romance side, great grammar, fine length and superb plot. What more can I say? Keep it up!

Alastor DMc
17th October 2005, 3:11 AM
I've been asked this before, about capitilizing pokemon names. When the pokemon's name is also the name of it's species (for example when a squirtle's name is Squirtle) you capitialize it, but if you're speaking about a whole breed of pokemon you wouldn't capitalize it. Olivia is a skitty, just like Rover is a dog. You don't capitalize dog every time, right?

Some people feel differently about this, so it's really up to the writter.

Alastor DMc
10th January 2006, 12:50 AM
Wow, sorry about the looong wait for this chapter. My personal life has been very busy as of late between work, girl friends, college finals and papers, family, friends and all those annoying adult things. Anyway, here is finally, the next chapter to my story. I hope someone is still reading this, and please post a comment on what you think of the story so far. I hope to put 14 and 15 up later tonight.

Project 13

Dash couldn’t quite believe his eyes. He was standing about 300 feet away from a tractor-trailer stopped dead in the middle of the street. Standing in front of the truck were two men, one wearing a black trench coat and wide brimmed hat, the other a blue jumpsuit uniform and matching cap. The man in the uniform had put his hand on the other’s shoulder, in an attempt to lead him out of the street, but the moment the hand touched the coat, it was all over.

The trench coat man moved fast, almost too fast to follow with the eyes. He flung the other man’s arm off of him, nearly sending the man flying backwards, but instead caught him with his other hand. He held the man close to his concealed face, causing the truck driver to scream in what could only be described as utter terror. He then lifted the man off the ground, held him a full foot above his head and in a flash of light, the truck driver vanished from sight.

The light that took the driver, this is what got to Dash the most. It couldn’t be light, because it was dark. A dark light, as much of an oxymoron as that might be, is the only way that Dash could describe what he’d just scene.
The crowed that had gathered around Main Street simply stared in amazement and fear. No one dared go near the trench coat man, for fear of disappearing as well. With no further interference, the man in the coat took a few steps forward; reached out to grab hold of the truck, and both vanished in the same dark light as before.

“What... what just happened?” asked Tikay. Her voice was quivering, and Dash imagined she felt exactly how he did, scared, confused and unsure of what to do next.

“I’m not sure,” he replied finally. Unlike her, his voice was still strong, stronger then usual. He was scared, he knew that, he’d be crazy not to be, but at the same time, this all seemed familiar to him. That scared him even more. “We need to go back.”

“Back where?” she asked, finally looking up at him. “Where are we going?”

“Back to that building from before. The one that gave you that bad feeling… something… something is going on inside that building,” he said. He didn’t know how he knew, he just knew. He got the same feeling she did, but while she wanted to get as far away from there as possible, Dash wanted just the opposite, to go inside and see why he was getting this feeling.

“Dash!” Dash turned to his left, from where the crowd of people was still gathered around. “Dash! What are you doing here?!” Ikky, Miles and Nate came running up from out of the crowd.

“I… we were hanging out, when we saw… what just happened?” asked Dash.

“We’re not sure. We was hopin’ that maybe you knew sometin?” answered Miles.

All three boys turned to look at Tikay, who was still sitting and scared. “You two know each other?” asked Ikky.

Dash started to smile a little, and blush at this. “Yeah… we were sort of on a date.” Then his voice became serious again, “I think I know something about what just happened, and I’m glad you guys are here. Come with us, we’re going to-”

“Whoa… hold on Tex,” said Nate. “I’m not a detective, and incase you didn’t notice, some guy just vanished off the face of the planet. I’m getting as far away from here as I possibly can.”

“But… we can’t’ do this with out you. We’re a team, remember?” started Dash.

“Sorry, but I don’t want to die too,” he said, and then turned to walk away.

“It’s ok Dash, we’ll come with you,” said Ikky.

Dash then turned to see Tikay, still shivering in fear. “Tikay… I’m sorry, but I think I have to break our date a little earlier then I intended. You don’t have to come with us if you don’t want.”

Tikay thought for a moment, before looking up into his eyes. “I’m coming with you. You still haven’t found my skitty.”

Dash smiled, then waved everyone on to follow him, and the four hurried down the block, back to the mysterious building from before.

They stood transfixed on the building in front of them. It was a two story tall abandoned warehouse that Ikky and Miles had passed almost every day of their lives while living in Harveston. There was nothing special about the place, not most days, but today there seemed to be a beat… a force coming from inside. Something alive, or at least it felt alive, was inside that building.

Dash and Tikay felt it before, but didn’t know what it was. They could all feel it now, as could anyone who happened past the building at that moment. It was an energy that attracted and yet repelled at the same time, they wanted to get as far away as possible, and yet they needed to get inside and see just what was going on. Needless to say, things were very confusing right now.

“Guys,” started Dash, “let’s get ourselves ready before we even go in.” He took out his Zippo and ignited his right fist. Tikay’s eyes lit up when she saw this, and Dash noticed the look of amazement and wonder on her face. It all made him blush a little.

“Good idea, we’ll need some back up too, since that coward left us,” said Ikky. He turned on his Game Kid and activated the Sword and Shield program, as both formed in his hands. He then tossed out one of his pokeballs, letting loose Squirtle, who gave a croaky hello to everyone.

“Yeah, we dunno what’s gonna be inside dere,” added Miles. He tossed out Bulbasaur’s ball, and the little pokemon appeared in a flash. Then, all four kids and the two tiny pokemon walked forward.

Dash placed his left hand on the door, and started to open it when he turned to Tikay. “Last chance… you don’t have to come if you don’t want to.”

The girl looked up at him, then to the door. She thought for only a second before placing her hand on Dash’s, and together they pushed it open. There was nothing but darkness inside, darkness and a feeling that none of them could ignore anymore. It seemed that as soon as the door had opened, a flood of energy was released, which threatened to over come them all. Squirtle and Bulbasaur both shuttered in fear, and looked to their trainers in the hopes that they would turn and leave. Their hopes were crushed however as all 4 took their first steps in.

Alastor DMc
10th January 2006, 8:35 AM
The action should pick up with this chapter and keep going strong till then end of the act. I hope someone is still reading this/picking it back up because I promiss a strong story and consistent updates from here on out.

Project 14

Dash had only taken a step inside when a wave of energy started to flow over and around them. The darkness started to lighten, slowly at first then rapidly. He looked around him. It was like being in an air tunnel; he couldn’t make out anything, just quick flashes of light. It raced past his body, and he could feel the force on him. It threatened to push him back, but his body refused to budge. Then, without warning a surge of force knocked into him and he was sent flying backwards.

He had only been a few feet inside, and yet he was flung what felt like hundreds of feet backwards, flying head over heels. Then, without warning he stopped. He hung motionless in the air. He didn’t feel weightless however; it was more like being trapped. He felt like he was trapped in an invisible field, he could even feel his body pressed against something, which was holding him in place, however he couldn’t see anything holding him. It was like being on the ground, but in the air at the same time with nothing but an eerie sky blue light around him. In the light, streaks of white would zoom by, not going anywhere near him, almost as if they were avoiding him entirely.

Again without warning, one of these lights decided to be different and struck Dash right in the chest. This caused him to lurch forward, as if he was going to vomit, his eyes popped open wide and the air was forced right out of him. Then the images started. The first was of an operating room, then just as suddenly as that had come to him, an empty open grass field, then he was standing on the top of a tower overlooking an ocean, then a giant creature, was it a pokemon? He couldn’t tell, was being restrained in front of him, then a person. The person had its back to him, and most of its body was shrouded in shadows, but it was definitely a person. Then, an image he knew all too well, an altar in a dark room. Then, as suddenly as the images had started, they stopped. The strange blue light and white streaks were fading too. They didn’t have time to fully disappear however, when a hand snapped him awake.

“Dash. Yo, Dash, you ok?” asked Ikky. Dash blinked and looked around. Had any of that happened? His friends were all staring at him, worried. “You took one step then stopped. What’s up?”

“Uh… nothing. I’m fine. Come on, let’s get going,” said Dash, walking past his friends and taking up the lead. He held up his right fist, the one he’d ignited before, and lit up the room a bit. “It’s hard to see anything. We’d better move slowly, so we don’t-”

He hadn’t had time to finish his thought, because the lights suddenly came to life and lit up the entire building. It was full of machinery, generators and big monitors with command prompts and few chairs in front of the monitors. There were more then a few stair cases around, which lead to walk ways over some of the generators. It looked to all of them like a power plant.

“It’s much easier to see with the lights on,” said an unsettling voice from one of the walk ways over the nearest generator. Standing on top was Simon. Beneath him were Rella, Essen and Impas.

“What are you guys doing here?” asked Dash, rather upset with the fact that these guys were here too, especially considering that Simon guy gave him the creeps.

“A few people in town told us that somebody had been taking caged animals into this building late at night. We instantly thought it might be connected to the missing pokemon other people have been asking us to find,” said Essen.

“We found this place first, so it’s ours to explore. Of course, you’re more then welcome to search after we’re finished,” said Impas with his arms folded over his chest. He looked quite menacing to be fair, but who wouldn’t when you were three hundred pounds and several inches taller then the tallest guy with you?

“That’s ridiculous, there’s no reason why we can’t all explore this area. We’re looking for a lost skitty, and you’re looking for lost pokemon, we should help eachother,” said Tikay.

Simon leapt down from the high way and landed right in front of Dash. He smiled again, it was so unsettling, and Dash almost lashed out at the other kid out of fear. “Why don’t we settle it with a match? There’s nothing I like more then to face strong opponents. It’s what I live for,” he said. This made Dash even more unsettled, the idea of a person living just to fight.

“I… yeah, alright, I’ll fight you,” he answered.

Simon then took a leap backwards and tossed a pokeball into the air. A flash of light erupted and a pokemon appeared. It was like a dog, or maybe a cat, with a sleek black body, with a few yellow rings around its legs and ears, with one on the center of its head. It had two big eyes that looked directly at Dash. “Umbreon, faint attack.”

Dash barely had time to react as something fast darted past him and then hit him full force from behind, knocking him forward. “Ack!” he said in shock, “no fair, I wasn’t ready.”

“I’ve heard you’re strong Mullen. This isn’t much evidence,” Simon replied smiling. He himself then leapt forward with this knee out front, which came into direct contact with Dash’s gut, sending him flying backwards.

Simon was faster then Dash, there was no denying that. That first move was too fast for Dash to even react, and with Umbreon’s speedy Faint Attack, Dash was in for quite a match. He was in-between Simon and Umbreon, a position he usually favored, however this time both the trainer and pokemon would be attacking him. He was in a bad place. “It’s not fair, you’re fighting two on one!” yelled Ikky.

“He’s welcome to use a pokemon if he’d like,” said Impas from the sideline.

“I’ll be fine Ikky, just leave it to me,” said Dash threw gasps of breath. He got back to his feet and regained his balance, then darted toward Simon at full speed. He got right up close to the other boy and threw a hard punch, but Simon side stepped it and narrowly avoided contact. He then retaliated with a swift blow to Dash’s chin, which sent him flying backwards again.

“Umbreon, screech.” Umbreon opened its little mouth and unleashed a deafening scream, which went right to Dash’s core. He threw up his hands to cover his ears, and just as he did Simon came in fast and hit his unguarded body a few times with fast blows. Dash fell to the ground as Simon and Umbreon stood over him, ready to deliver the final blow. “Bite,” he commanded. Just as the pokemon opened its mouth once again, this time to bite down on Dash, fate intervened.

They’d been oblivious to it all along, as the six other children and two pokemon were busy watching Dash battle, and almost get defeated by Simon and Umbreon. All of them started to stare in wild amazement, as an army of pokemon was all around them, none of them moving, all just observing. There were at least twenty-five, maybe thirty of them, ranging in all different sizes, shapes and colors. Dash recognized most of them, but didn’t know all of the names, however Miles did. Victreebels, vileplumes, bellossoms, sunflora, shiftrys and exeggutors made up the grass pokemon; ninetails, arcanines and flareons made up the fire types; raichus and jolteons made up the electric; poliwraths, ludicolos, vaporeons, starmies and cloysters made up the water types; delcattys, nidoqueens and nidokings made up the rest. There was something unusual about all of the pokemon as well.

Their eyes weren’t normal; each one seemed darker, angrier, fiercer then normal. “Miles… what’s wrong with them?” asked Dash, struggling to get back to his feet, before finally being helped up by Tikay and Ikky.

“I’m not shore,” he said. “Dey look… possessed or some’in,” he answered.

“This is strange,” said Rella suddenly. “Each of the pokemon here are the adult forms of the pokemon that have been reported missing. Infact…” she did a quick count, “yes, there are enough pokemon here to match the number missing, and then some.”

“What is this place?” asked Tikay, getting as close to Dash as she could.

“I… I don’t know,” replied Dash. She could feel it. He could feel it. Hell, they could probably all feel it. The same dark aura that had been flowing from this building before was flowing from each of these pokemon as well.

“Guys… I just noticed something,” said Ikky. “All the pokemon here are fully grown. However, in the Pocket Monster’s game, all of these pokemon evolve from their previous forms due to evolution stones.”

“It’s just a game, kid,” said Essen. “What does any of that have to do with this?”

“I don’t know… are you saying you don’t find it a little bit weird that they’re all connected that way?” he replied.

“Dash, what do they want?” asked Tikay, with genuine fear in her voice now.

“I… I don’t know Tikay,” he answered. There wasn’t much time for him to think of one either. As suddenly as they’d all noticed the pokemon surrounding them, all of the monsters suddenly leapt forward at the kids. Escaping was impossible as there was no where to escape to. There was only one thing to do, and that was to fight their way out.

Alastor DMc
10th January 2006, 10:04 AM
Project 15

In the mass confusion of the sudden attack, everyone was separated and meshed together into teams that otherwise would never have occurred. Ikky and Squirtle ran to the right, to avoid a sudden flame thrower attack being delivered by the arcanine and ninetails, which had chosen them as their targets. “Squirtle, get behind me!” yelled Ikky, dropping to his knee and holding his family shield in front of him for protection. Squirtle scuttled around behind Ikky, but couldn’t avoid a bit of one of the passing flames.

It croaked a little in pain, but seemed otherwise ok. “Alright, Squirtle, try to water gun through their flamethrowers while I get in close to get them with my blaster. Maybe we can knock them out. Ikky’s sword suddenly shifted shape and formed a blue cannon blaster around his lower arm.

Squirtle leapt out once it saw an opening in the barrage and shot water gun after water gun at the oncoming pokemon. The attacks did little to damage them, however, and instead the pokemon just kept darting around, closing off the kid and his pokemon. The shield defence was now useless as attacks were coming from all sides, they were being circled similar to the way a gladiator must have felt when facing a group of lions. Both Squirtle and Ikky fired attack after attack, barely doing anything more then causing a healthy amount of steam and scared walls from the lazers.

“Snorlax, Mega Punch!” roared the voice of the big guy, Tony Impasino, or just Impas to everyone at school. A giant pokemon, just as big as Impas himself, covered from head to toe in dark bluish fur with a peach face, belly and feet, appeared and delivered a hard punch to one of the arcanine’s heads. Impas then jogged forward, and met up with Ikky. The two stood back to back, with Squirtle and Snorlax at the sides. “Alright pip-squeak, you and me are fighting this one together.”

“Heh, I probably didn’t need your help, but I’ll gladly take it,” Ikky answered back. “Squirtle, let’s try that new attack we’ve been practicing. Ice Beam, now!”

Squirtle braced itself and stuck both hands outwards, bringing his palms together in front. A ray of freezing cold shot out and slammed into a Ninetails that was coming in for an attack, stopping it cold in its tracks. “Not bad, for a tiny pokemon. Snorlax, surf attack them!”

Snorlax concentrated in front of him, and water started to appear on the ground. A wave soon sped forward and collided with one of the arcanine, knocking it out. As Snorlax was unleashing its wave, Impas leapt forward and grabbed an arcanine around its body, wrestling it to the ground and then doing a full belly flop on top of it, knocking it out.

Ikky took the opportunity to send off another laser shot at the last ninetails, which connected directly and knocked the fire fox out. They looked around and Ikky held out his hand to the much bigger guy. “Thanks,” he said.

“No problem. Tough little turtle you got there,” he said, shaking the other boy’s hand.

“Thanks. You think you and Snorlax could show us that Surf move some time?” asked Ikky.

“Heh, well, if you think you can handle it.” Ikky and Impas both turned towards Squirtle who was staring up at them. Suddenly, Squirte’s bright eyes opened wide, and the tiny turtle let out one more croak of surprise as he started to glow a bright white.

Miles and Bulbasaur ran to the right and hid behind one of the generators as shot after shot of water and ice was flying towards them. Miles crept to the edge to look and see if they had stopped, and as he did this he came face to face with a Poliwrath. “Bulbasaw, use ya Raza Leaf!” he yelled as the little bulb pokemon unleashed a barrage of leaves that cut right into the Poliwrath, knocking him back into the stairs near the generator. Just as soon they had dealt with that one; both a Cloyster and Starmie came bounding out of no where, ready to tackle Miles. Before either could connect, a pair of boxing gloves came from above, both bouncing with electricity, sending the two pokemon crashing into the ground. The boxing gloves, which were connected to a pokemon, then did a flip and landed in front of Miles.

He was humanoid looking, with skinny legs and arms, and a big head. “Good job, Hitmonchan,” said Essen, who was suddenly behind Miles, facing the other way. “Can your bulbasaur use Solar Beam?” asked the boy.

“We’ve been practicin, but it takes a while,” answered Miles.

“How long’s a while?” asked Essen.

“I’d say about 2 minutes. The lights no good in hea, but we’ve done it in worse” he answered.

“Alright, we’ll cover you till then. Hitmonchan and I will try and get all the pokemon in the area in one place, then have Bulbasaur focus it’s beam right into that area, got it? Even if we’re still in the way, as soon as you can, fire.” Without waiting for a reply, Essen and Hitmonchan leapt into the fray.

“Alright, you heard em Bulbasaw. Gatha as much enagee as you can, as fast as ya can!” commanded Miles. Bulbasaur gave a quick ribbit in reply and started gathering light into the small opening in the top of his bulb.

Meanwhile, Essen was on one side, throwing kick after kick after punch at the various pokemon in the area. Two ludicolo threw ice punches back, both swarming with frost, but Essen dodged them both and managed to back them up into the center. Hitmonchan was throwing thunder punch after thunder punch at the other poliwraths and starmies. When all of the pokemon where together, Essen yelled for Miles, “Ready when you are!”

“Get back! We’ll send da beam at da whole lot!” yelled Miles.

“That’s no good, they’ll get away if we do that! Just let it go, we can take it!” yelled Essen. Miles hesitated for a second. He wasn’t really sure what a solar beam attack would do to a human. It was an intense beam of light, which would drain on a pokemon’s energy, just like all grass attacks did. When it hit the water pokemon, it was almost a guaranteed knock out, but what would happen to Essen if he was hit? “Hurry up, we don’t have all day!”

“Alright Bulbasaw, you heard the guy, Solar Beam!” Bulbasaur braced itself with its legs and all the built up light erupted forward, smashing into the gathered possessed pokemon, as well as Hitmonchan and Essen. After the light had faded, both Essen and his fighting pokemon stood their ground, slightly scathed, however all of the water pokemon had fainted.

“Good work little guy, and you too kid,” said Essen. He and Hitmonchan walked over to the other two when suddenly Bulbasaur started to glow. All of them stopped in their tracks and stared in amazement as something amazing was starting to happen.

Rella Tigris was one of the most attractive girls in her grade, but she didn’t care. She had a pretty face and a hot body, and most of the guys had a thing for her, but it didn’t matter to her. The only thing that really mattered to her was her few friends. Essen and Impas had been there with her since before she could remember. They’d all grown up on the same street. She lived next door to Essen and across the street from Impas. A few months ago, they’d met Simon, and he had asked them all if they’d like to join his little business. Since they were typical high school kids with no job and no money, they accepted, even though none of them really trusted Simon. She had come out tonight expecting a simple job, find a few lost pokemon and give them back to their trainers. What she got instead was a one on ten fight.

She had already called out her first and strongest pokemon. It was small, about the size of a swan, with a blue body and white beak. It had soft cloud like wings that wrapped around its body. Altaria was her name. Rella had never met Trenchton, but had they; they would have shared similar stories of meeting their pokemon. Rella, like Trenchton, was given a baby swablu when she was six years old. At the time, the baby bird could barely fly. Now, her dragon pokemon could do more then fly, it could destroy, and she was praying it would be enough to help her from the army of grass pokemon in front of her.

The others seemed to have been separated from her, so she’d have to go it alone. “Alright, Altaria, sky attack the vileplumes and then sweep around to take out the victreebel. I’ll try and handle some of the shiftry on my own.” Altaria let out a melodic hum of agreement and flew fast and hard at the grass pokemon, knocking a few out. She then looped up in the air and crashed into another set.

Rella was facing down a big furry white pokemon, with a sharp nose and leaves for hands. She tried a quick kick, but had her leg caught and sent spinning backwards. She would have fell hard to the ground had it not been for someone catching her. She couldn’t see who had caught her, but just as she was regaining her balance a flame shot out from behind her, engulfing the shiftry, and knocking it out.

She took a step back and saw a boy she knew from a school. He was younger then her by a year, but she still thought he was cute. “You’re… Nathan, right?” she asked.

Nate and his Charmander stood facing her, his eyes had the typical sleepy expression, and he seemed to not be aware that he was standing in the middle of a heated battle. “That’s right. I was hanging out with some of the guys before, and when they said they were coming here I took off. But, I thought they might need me, I am much more skilled then any of them, so I came back. Everyone else seemed busy, and I saw you standing all alone over here, so I thought I’d join you.” He then turned his attention to a herd of Exeggutor that were marching towards them. As he did this, his sleepy expression became much more serious and focused.

“You’ll love this. I’ve been practicing it to perfection, The Nocturne technique.” He began to sway his body and legs in a manner that seemed quite unusual at first. His pace would quicken, and then slow, but the transitions were too fast to focus on. Soon Rella, as well as the Exeggutor, were starting to feel sleepy. “Charmander, Flamethrower!” he commanded, as the tree pokemon’s eyes began to grow heavy.

As soon as Nate stopped dancing, Rella snapped back to attention and witnessed the tiny lizard pokemon unleash a wide spray of flame, engulfing the walking forest of pokemon, fainting each one. Altaria had also finished its mission, and came elegantly swooping back to land on Rella’s shoulder. Rella and Nate then turned towards each other. “Thanks, we would have been in trouble if it wasn’t for you,” she said. She leaned in to show some sort of physical thanks, maybe a kiss, maybe just a hug, but Nate simply walked past her.

“Come on, we should see if the others are alright.” As soon as the words had left his mouth, Charmander let out a loud growl. Both he and a Rella turned to the pokemon as it stood stark upright, its fiery tail in the air, and began to glow.

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10th January 2006, 10:04 PM
Bit of a big bump, but the fic's lost none of it's goodness. The plot is still really original, the ominous feel is really beginning to settle in, and the description remains fine. the cliffhanger was well timed, and the romance is well done as well. Overall this is really a great fic. Keep it up.

Alastor DMc
11th January 2006, 12:13 AM
Yeah, it was a big bump, but I swore to myself I'd finish this. Here's the next chapter.

Project 16

Dash lifted Tikay into his arms without thinking and leapt as far and as high as he could off the ground. He landed seconds later on top of one of the over-walks that went above the generators. They both looked down as their friends and rivals were beginning each one’s battles. The grass pokemon seemed to be teaming up on Rella, the water types seemed attracted to Miles and Essen and the fire ones were battling it out with Ikky and Impas. All that went unaccounted for were the Delcatty, Nidoking and queens and the adult eevees.

“Tikay, stay up here, I have to go back down and help them,” explained Dash, while trying to decide where he would begin.

“Dash, what’s going on? Why did they attack us?” she asked. The fear had left her voice, and was replaced with adrenaline. She wanted just as much as Dash to get down there and battle it out, but what could she do?

“I’m not sure, Tikay, but stay up here and you should be safe.” He then leapt down and landed hard on the ground, and entered the fray.

Tikay looked around and started to worry. These were her friends, but without any pokemon she couldn’t really do anything. She certainly wasn’t strong enough to fight them herself either. Hopelessness started to set in, and it was by far the worst feeling she’d experienced yet today.

Suddenly she heard something land gently next to her. She turned and saw a pokemon she was familiar with. It had a beige body, and stood on four legs. It had a tail then ended in a purple puff and a large purple collar around its neck. It had a large head and two big purple ears. Then it stared at her with its dark black eyes. These particular pokemon always had dark black eyes, but this one’s seemed much darker and angrier then was normal. “A… a delcatty,” she muttered.

Delcatty stared her down, and then bent all of its legs, as if it was ready to pounce. Tikay became scared once again. The platform was too high off the ground to jump from, but there was no other option. She grabbed for the railing, and just as she was going to swing her body over, Delcatty leapt sky high and tackled her backwards. Tikay screamed in fear, but as soon as both creatures made contact, a strange bright light engulfed them both.

Tikay had lived in Harvestown her entire life. She’d grown up here, living with her single widow mother, and had always found it difficult to make friends with the other kids. Sure, she had a few girl friends, just like everyone else, but she never felt a connection to any of them. It wasn’t until a few months ago that she made her first real friend. Not just a friend, but a best friend.

Skitty was just an egg then. Tikay found the egg, lonely and abandoned in one of Harveston’s many alleyways. She assumed that someone’s pet pokemon had laid the egg, and that that someone just couldn’t take care of another pet, for whatever reason, and left it to die in the alley. This assumption, and that’s really all it was, tugged on Tikay’s heart like nothing else.

She’d always felt the same way about the father she’d never met. Even though her mother told her time and time again that he was dead, she’d never been able to accept that. She felt, deep inside her broken heart, that somewhere out there her father was still alive. When she saw the sad egg laying in the gutter, she couldn’t help but scoop it up and take it home. A few days latter, her best friend Olivia the Skitty was born. For the next few months, Olivia and Tikay were inseparable. She refused to put Olivia in a pokeball, because it just didn’t seem right, so the kitten would follow her to school and wait outside for her, ever single day.

One day, after classes had ended a week ago, she walked outside to their usual meeting place. This time, however, Olivia wasn’t there. She waited a little bit then started for home. Maybe Olivia was waiting for her there? When she arrived home, there was still no Olivia. She sat looking out the window for two whole days, praying for her pink kitten to come trotting along. Now, a week had past, and she still hadn’t seen her best friend. Dash tried to find her, tried really hard, but he hadn’t faired any better then she had.

Now, without warning, a grown up skitty, a delcatty, was standing over her. The violent look in her eyes had been replaced with a look of love. Tikay looked into the delcatty’s eyes, and the delcatty began to lovingly lick her face. She scuttled up quick, backing away from the strange pokemon, and looked her in the face. There was something familiar about this pokemon. “… Olivia..?” she said.

The delcatty sat down on its hind legs and mewed at her owner. It was Olivia! Somehow, some way, Olivia had grown up in one week’s time. “How, how is this possible?” Delcatty then got back on her four legs and started mewing to Tikay. “I’m sorry Olivia, but I don’t understand you.” Delcatty got a little closer, and the girl bent down to pet her found pokemon. In their second moment of contact, a voice began to speak into Tikay’s mind.

“Tikay?” said the voice. It was a soft, elegant voice, the voice of a young child, but with the sophistication of an adult.

“Are you speaking to me, Olivia?” she asked. This was ridiculous. How could she be speaking to a-

“Yes. I’m not sure how, but I am. How did I grow up, Tikay? The last thing I remember is waiting for you outside school, then… just darkness.”

“I don’t know Olivia, but we’ll figure it out. Maybe one of our new friends can help us.”

“Come on! I’ll show you where they’ve been keeping me!” she said, gently biting down on Tikay’s hand to lead her forward.

The two went to the edge of the platform, and Tikay carefully climbed down, while Olivia leapt from the top, naturally landing on her feet. The two then hurried off to the far corner of the room. They came to a staircase that led down to a dark basement. “Down here! I’ll show you,” she said, and started to run down the staircase and disappeared into the darkness.

“Olivia, wait!” she called, but it was too late. She’d have to follow.

Dash fired off a double water gun from his two clenched fists and hit a Nidoking right in the chest. The giant purple horned dinosaur merely brushed off the attack, and continued to swing its gigantic tail around, as Dash barely managed to avoid a bone breaking hit. “This is no good; I’m still too injured from before.”

The tail swung down again, destroying the tiles on the ground. Dash leapt into the sky to avoid the monster’s attack and was batted down by another’s arms. He slammed hard into the floor, and rolled to the right to avoid a big blue foot stomping him flat. He flipped to his feet again and saw that his battle with Nidoking was now being joined by two nidoqueen.

Dash flicked his wrist and changed both fists to Rock. He then pointed them both at the waiting behemoths and unleashed a barrage of stones right at them. They merely bounced off the three monsters, and only made them even angrier then they’d already been. All three opened their mouths and let loose a tremendous roar. Then, with their mouths open, they started to collect energy and let loose three tremendous Hyper Beams right at Dash. He leapt into the air, spun around and saw that the beam had created a small hole in the ground which led directly into the basement. He then landed on top of the Nidoking.

Dash realized what he had done and immediately regretted his decision. The giant purple monster started to thrash around violently, and Dash had to hold on tight to avoid being flung off. The Nidoqueens however both wound up their fists and let fly two mega punches. The attacks, however, avoided hitting either Nidoking or Dash, and instead the two female monsters hit one another, knocking each other out. Dash took the opportunity to jump off the monster and land back on the floor.

Nidoking looked Dash square in the eye. It’s unexplained fury from before had intensified quite a bit now, and it leapt straight up into the sky, bringing both its feet up with it. Dash knew what was coming, an Earth Quake attack. “No! Stop! You’ll destroy the floor!” he tried to scream. Honestly, how can you reason with a berserk seven foot tall monster though? Nidoking came crashing into the floor, and went right through, dragging the surrounding area down with it, including the floor Dash had been standing on. The two fell straight down into the dark basement and both hit the ground with a hard thud.

Dash tried to get to his feet, surrounded by broken concrete and tiles, but it was too hard on the uneven floor. He let out a cry as he tripped backwards and slammed his head hard into an exposed pipe. The dark room started to spin, then went black as Dash passed out.

Alastor DMc
11th January 2006, 7:12 AM
Project 17

Simon and Umbreon were surrounded by several pokemon, a few jolteons, a flareon and two vaporeons. Simon stood facing none of them in particular and had on a smile that seemed, and in fact was, very out of place, given the situation. Umbreon, like its adversaries, was one of five adult forms of the pokemon Eevee. Eevee could grow into various pokemon depending on the surroundings it grew up in. An eevee was likeier to become a flareon if it spent most of its childhood around fires, and such. Umbreon however, became an umbreon because it spent most of it’s time out late at night, and was affected by the moon. Now, Simon and Umbreon were staring down the various other possibilities it could have taken.

“Umbreon, faint attack,” he said through a smile. Umbreon vanished, and then reappeared right next to Simon as if it hadn’t even taken a step. A moment later all of the jolteon and the one flareon fainted. The vaporeon let loose a water gun each, however Simon simply sidestepped the blast. A moment after that, the vaporeon fainted as well, as if nothing had attacked them.

Tikay and Olivia walked cautiously through the dark basement. Tikay couldn’t see a thing, but Olivia was using her nose to try and find a trail back to where she thought she had been held. Since their physical contact was broken, Tikay could no longer hear her friend speaking; however she could still follow the various purrs and mews.

Suddenly, a beam crashed through the floor far ahead of them, lighting everything up for one horrifying second. They were in a mostly empty but enormous room; however there were lots of cages and in the back, against a wall, was a familiar looking tractor trailer. The same one that had vanished before.

“Hello? Is anyone here?” she called out. There was no reply. Suddenly she heard a thud, and then saw a crash as the ceiling came crashing down in front of her. Not far behind was a nidoking, who looked to have passed out from something, and then came Dash. She saw Dash try wobbly to get to his feet, then fall backwards and slam his head on a pipe, and not get up again.
“Dash!” she cried, as she ran over to him. Delcatty leapt from broken concrete to concrete, trying to get to the boy. Once Tikay had climbed over the rubble, she knelt down in front of her fallen friend. “Olivia is there anything you can do?” she asked.

Olivia leapt around Dash, going back and forth; all the while a soothing sound was starting to pour out from no where. “Heal Bell? I didn’t know you knew heal bell,” Tikay said. The Olivia stopped and Dash started to come to.

“Huh? Oh man… where am I?” he asked. He looked to his right and saw a delcatty staring him right in the face, and tried to back up to get away, only to back into Tikay. “Tikay? What happened?”

“Dash, I found her! I found Olivia! She’s all grown up now, but it’s her!” The tone in her voice was so happy that Dash couldn’t help but smile. Olivia then rubbed her head on Dash’s body, to show her appreciation, to which Dash responded with kind petting. Even though Olivia and Dash had never met, they were both aware of one thing; the girl in front of them meant the world to them both.

“That’s great, Tikay. Now, let’s get out of this place,” he said, getting to his feet. He reached down and took her hand and then the three walked off the rubble and stood again on solid ground. Dash then looked around, and saw what Tikay had seen before. The truck from only an hour ago was here, in this basement. “Is that what I think it is?”

“I’m not sure… can we just get out of here though?” she asked.

“We should go over there, the driver might be in trouble,” he thought. She didn’t want to, in fact she wanted to get as far away as possible from that truck, but at the same time she knew it was right to try and help the man, if they could.

Dash, Tikay and Olivia approached the truck carefully. The hole in the ceiling let in more then enough light to the basement so that they could see easily. There was nothing down here, except for a few empty cages. Olivia ran up to grab onto Tikay’s hand again like before and began to speak, “I remember this place… I was here before, but it’s so dark… something happened, something bad.”

“Dash, Olivia says she’s been here before,” she said, turning to the boy.

“How… can she have said that?” he asked, puzzled.

“We’re not sure… but some how I can speak to Olivia. Maybe it has to do with the way she grew up so fast,” she said. “There’s something about this place Dash… it’s giving me the creeps… I just get a bad feeling from here, and it’s getting worse the closer we get to that truck.”

Then she stopped cold in her tracks. Olivia stopped too, and after a moment Dash did as well, turning towards her. He looked into her face, which was hidden slightly in the shadows, but still visible. She was terrified of something. Then Dash felt it too. Something was moving around them… the shadows were moving. No, not the shadows, the darkness that spawned the shadows was moving. It was illogical to think that way, but that was the only way to describe it. The dark was alive, and it was moving, circling them. If Ikky and Squirtle were here, they’d know exactly how this felt, being circled, however they could see their assailant. Dash, Tikay and Olivia were helpless.

“Get closer to me, both of you,” he said, quietly to them. He stuck both arms out straight, and ignited them on fire, then threw a line of flame out both ways to better light up the room. There was nothing there. Then he looked in front of him, and got the shock of his life.

There was something flowing towards him. All around them, the dark walls were flowing together, like a puddle of water. After about ten seconds, the “dark water” that had been collecting in front of them started to rise. It was like watching a mound of clay forming into something. First two legs, then a body and arms, and finally a head. On the head were two huge white eyes. Then the creature stared to bob around in front of him. It wasn’t terribly tall either, about 5 feet tall, with two long antenna-like things protruding from its head that curled down to its back. It looked like an ant standing on its hind legs. “What is that thing?” asked Dash.

“NO!” screamed Olivia into Tikay’s head. “NO! Stay away from that thing! Stay away!” Olive screeched and screeched, as if in some horrible pain. Dash heard only the growling and mewing of a distressed delcatty, and got into a battle stance.

“Both of you stay back, I’ll handle what ever this thing is,” he said. Dash charged forward with his right arm extended. He started to collect a swirl of wind in his open palm then reached forward at the creature “Aerial Ace!” he yelled, forcing the tornado into the shadow creature. The force of the attack caused the monster to rip into pieces, and return back to just a simple shadow on the floor. “That wasn’t so tough.”

Just as the words left his mouth, another one leapt out of the darkness and kicked him right in the back. “ACK!” he yelled as he was flung across the floor, straight at the truck. “Alright, you asked for it! Flamethrower!” he roared as he threw a line of fire right in the direction he was attacked. The resulting light from the fire lit up the whole room, and he could see it. At least ten, maybe more of these Shadow creatures had appeared in the basement, but all of them were covering their eyes in fear from the flame.

Just as the flamethrower was dying down, another came out from underneath him and uppercut Dash right in the jaw, sending him flying into the air, only to land on the top of the truck. He looked to his left, and climbing up the front were more of the shadow creatures, to his right were another few. He saw next to him a hatch that must lead inside the trailer of the truck. He opened it quickly and leapt down, just as the creatures attacked him from each side.

Inside was a whole other scene. The truck from before had cage after cage full of pokemon inside, and each one was a baby or childish form of the army of pokemon that had attacked them all before. “What the hell… what’s going on with this place?”

Inside most of the cages nothing moved. Dash assumed that the pokemon inside, were either sedated or asleep, but either way, they weren’t making a noise, except for one cage that kept rattling back and forth constantly. Dash ran up to it and saw two baby pokemon inside. One was tiny, not even a foot tall, with a big yellow head and two big yellow ears. Around its neck was a black stripe, and its ears ended in black too. Its tail was just a small black tail that bent down. Its face had a ‘ready to go’ look on, and its red checks were sparkling with electricity. “You’re a pichu, aren’t you?”

The tiny pokemon responded with an energetic squeak. The other one was a small brown rabbit like pokemon, with a white fluffy mane around its neck. It had a fox like tail, and two big ears and eyes. “And you’re an eevee.” Eevee wasn’t as ready as Pichu, in fact it looked droopy and tired, like all the other pokemon in the area. It gave a tired coo, but then put its head back down.

“You think you can help me?” asked Dash to the pokemon. Pichu squeaked a loud squeak, which Dash assumed meant yes. Eevee on the other hand couldn’t respond anymore and simply laid down. Dash opened the cage and let out Pichu, who quickly scurried up Dash’s arm and sat on top of his head. “You ready little guy?” he asked, and Pichu simply squeaked again as the two of them threw open the back door to the truck and leapt out into the dark basement once again.

Tikay and Olivia were both surrounded by the shadow soldiers. Olivia was too paralyzed with fear to attack, and Tikay wasn’t able to do anything herself either. One of them bobbed back and forth, like an insect or a marionette. It studied them both, trying to decide what to make of the girl and her cat. After a few moments, it leapt straight at them. It came within inches of clawing at her face, when it suddenly stopped in mid air and unraveled like the one Dash had hit before. Then, in a flash, Simon was standing in front of her with Umbreon at his side.

“Having fun, are we?” he asked, with his out of place smile.

Tikay wasn’t sure what to say. She wanted to say thank you, but the guy was almost creepier then the ant like monsters they were facing right now. She opened her mouth to finally say thanks when she noticed another leaping out from the darkness headed straight for him, “LOOK OUT!” she screamed.

Simon struck so fast with his arm that it was almost invisible to the naked eye, and destroyed another one of the monsters. “Where’s your boy friend, Mullen? Did these things kill him?” he asked, with no sympathy in his voice, should he be correct.

“He… he went into that truck before, and hasn’t come out yet,” she said. Just then Dash burst out the back and landed on the ground. He ran over to where he’d left Tikay a moment before and saw to his disgust that she was with Simon.

“Are you two ok?” he asked.

“We’re fine,” smiled Simon. Dash shot him an angry glance, which he either didn’t see or ignored, and started to walk closer to Tikay. “What’s that rat on your head?”

Pichu stood up as tall as he could and stared squeaking in his own defense. “This is Pichu, he’s going to help me fight these things,” explained Dash.

Then they all looked around and saw the small army of creatures was swarming around them. “Ready?” Dash yelled, and sprinted off into the mass. Simon and Umbreon then followed suite.

11th January 2006, 7:53 PM
Well you've definetly got the right attitude. The description is great, the plot remains as enigmatic, the holes are filling in slowly, and overall it's great. Overall keep it up.

Alastor DMc
12th January 2006, 3:06 AM
Project 18

Pichu lived a happy life in a park, miles away from Harveston. He would play with the pidgey and tailow, sparking them and then laughing as he ran away. He’d watch the caterpies and weedles as they got into position and began the long process of becoming metapod and kakuna. Everyday he’d meet up with a few sentret and rattata and they would all gather food for the day. It was the life of a wild pokemon, and he loved it. Then, they appeared.

They moved like water, flowing over the grass. They were dark, like shadows, but weren’t cast by anything in particular. Everything in the park was afraid of them, but Pichu, being the brave pokemon he was, sent spark after spark at the shadow puddles. Usually, they’d break up, and then reform and continue searching. Finally, after a few hours of running and hiding, one of these puddles caught up to Pichu. It formed around him, like a ball, and the next thing he knew he was in a cage, in a truck, going somewhere.

Now, an unknown amount of time later, he was out of the cage and fighting these puddle-monsters once again. He sent spark after spark at the monsters, and like last time they’d vanish, breakdown and another would soon take its place. However this time, he had help.

“Pichu! Send out the biggest thunder shock you can to light this place up!” yelled Dash. Pichu found an open area and unleased the biggest bolt he could. The whole basement lit up at once and all the shadow monsters covered their huge soulless eyes. Dash and Simon then went to work destroying as many as they could.

Finally, Pichu had to stop out of exhaustion. He huffed and huffed, trying to get back his breath. Then another shadow monster appeared right behind him. Pichu noticed, but he couldn’t move fast enough and the thing lunged at him.

It would have gotten him to, had it not been for Dash sending an Aerial Ace right into the monster just as it was about to strike the poor baby pokemon. “Are you alright?” asked Dash.

Pichu squeaked as cheerfully as he could, and then scurried off. Dash looked around the new battlefield and noticed that Simon was finishing off a lot more then he was, and in much shorter time. “Damn that guy… what a show off,” he said to himself. “They don’t like the light, and they seem paralyzed by it… but Pichu is still too young to keep up an attack for that long.”

Dash had to think on his feet, all the while punching and kicking as many of the monsters as he could. They were replenishing themselves faster then they could take them out at now. “We’re going to need some back up.”

Suddenly, as if someone had been listening in on his private conversation, the back up arrived.

“Watortle, Surf attack now!”

“Ivysaw, Petal Dance!”

“Charmeleon, Fire Spin.” All three attacks came from behind Dash and cleared an alleyway of monsters right out. Dash turned around to see Nate, Ikky and Miles standing with Tikay. In front of them all were three pokemon he’d never seen before.

“Thanks for showing up guys!” cheered Dash, as his spirits were instantly lifted.

“It took us all awhile to figure out just what had happened,” explained Ikky. Somehow, during the fight with the rampaging pokemon, all three of their young pokemon had grown to the next stage in the flash of an eye.

“Well, better late then never, come on!” yelled Dash as he led his friends in the fight. Ikky had already called out his sword and shield and was making quick work of the monsters, along with his newly ‘evolved’ Wartortle. Nate and Charmeleon were dancing through the army of monsters, ripping each one apart as they went. Miles was protected behind a light screen, while Ivysaur used vine whip after vine whip to tear into his enemies.

Then, after the tide had turned in their favor, some extra luck shinned on them, literally. The lights in the basement sprang to life and all of the monsters froze in place, too scared to move. “Looks like Essn and dem got the powa back on,” said Miles.

“My team would do something like that. They’re always one step ahead,” explained Simon. He and Umbreon had been tearing through monsters faster then anyone else’s group, and Dash was beginning to feel like a loser once again.

“Hey Ikky,” he said quietly, “Can you use your pokedex on that Pichu over there and tell me what kind of attacks it knows? I just met him in that truck.”

Ikky turned and saw the same truck that had vanished only an hour before, then turend and trained his Game Kid on the little mouse pokemon. “Alright Dash, he’s at level 6, knows thundershock, growl and… that can’t be right,” he said trailing off.

“What can’t?” asked Dash.

“It says he knows the move, Volt Tackle. That’s a legendary technique though… a baby pokemon couldn’t possibly know it,” he said.

“Stranger things have been happening today, Ikky. Pichu, use Volt Tackle!” The baby pokemon stopped what he was doing, stood in one place and tightly closed his eyes. Then, a huge yellow orb of energy started to form in front of him. Suddenly he opened his eyes and a beam shot straight out. It ripped through a few of the monsters before striking Dash right in the chest.

“Dash!” yelled Tikay, rushing over to him. His body was smoking from the impact of the attack. Pichu had a terrified look on his face, and rushed over to his new friend. Ikky, Nate, Miles and even Simon stopped attacked and looked over to the boy. He, strangely enough, hadn’t fallen over from the force, and was instead standing tall on his feet. His face and back were hunched low, and his arms were hanging lifelessly. “Dash… are you ok?” she managed to ask.

She reached out to touch him, when a spark jumped from his shoulder, then another and another. Soon, his whole body was sparking. His body and face then stood stark upright and his two arms came to his sides, bent at the elbows. His fists were surrounded in a white light, with electricity constantly jumping and moving about. Everyone took a few steps back, as they weren’t sure what was about to happen. Then, without warning his eyes burst open. His pupils were gone, nothing but white. His bandanna flew off, landing in Tikay’s hands and his hair stood on end.

“I… what happened?” asked Ikky. “I thought he said he could only absorb fire, water, rock and wind. Why does he look like a storm cloud now?” No one was able to answer Ikky’s question, not that it mattered, for in the next instant, Dash had vanished. He was moving faster then Simon ever had, and was hitting harder then anything any of them had ever seen. The army of at least fifty shadow monsters was soon down to just two. They stood, still paralyzed by the lights, about ten feet from where Dash had finally come to a stop. Dash held out one closed fist, and shot a bolt of electricity straight at the two, instantly vaporizing them.

Simon looked on in amazement. He’d never seen someone so fast, so strong, and so merciless as the boy in front of him. Less then half an hour before, Simon had beaten this boy to defeat, but was interrupted by the sudden attack. Now, it was as if a new person had arrived to take Dash Mullen’s place. He wanted to fight this new person more then anything else in his entire life. “That was pathetic.”

Dash, or the new creature that resembled him, turned from the now smoking spot where the last of the shadow soldiers had been and looked directly at Simon with his pure white eyes. Simon had on a serious expression, as opposed to his usual creepy joyful one. “Those monsters almost killed your girl friend and you couldn’t do anything to help her until now. You’re pathetic,” he said again. Umbreon looked up at his trainer with a questionable face. What was he trying to do, make this guy angrier then he clearly already was?

“Fight me now and prove yourself, or go home a cowar-” the last word didn’t get to leave his mouth, as Dash moved the entire length of the basement, the whole half a football field’s length, in less then the blink of an eye and was standing inches away from Simon. He flashed again, this time turning behind Simon and hitting him full force clear across the floor, back to where Dash had originally started. As the hit was coming, Simon’s face turned once more from serious to pure excitement.


Alastor DMc
13th January 2006, 9:48 AM
Project 19

Tikay, Ikky, Miles and Nate had gathered together somehow during the confusion and had witnessed their friend bear the full front of the Volt Tackle attack from little Pichu. None of them quite understood what was going on. Dash had explained to them all at various points this week that he was only capable of absorbing fire, water, rocks and wind into his hands and using them as attacks. The fact that he was now sending out bolts of lightning defied that logic.

“Isn’t there something you can do?” begged Tikay to the guys.

“I…” started Miles.

“We’re not sure,” said Ikky. “As much as I’d love to help him, it doesn’t look like he wants to be helped…”

“I wouldn’t even know how to go about it,” said Nate. All of them turned to look at him, and for the first time since meeting Nathan Junez, he showed genuine alarm on his face. This made all the rest loose a little faith.

“There must be something we can do!” pleaded Tikay once again. This time, however, her cries fell on deaf ears, for the boys had already started to form a plan.

Simon had started his Retrieval Service as a means of making some quick cash, but more importantly to find a worthy opponent. Simon was strong, very strong. He was also fast, and he’d passed most of these skills on to his pokemon, Umbreon. They’d been together for years, and in that time had never lost to a single adversary. Today, Simon thought he may have finally found someone worth fighting.

“Umbreon, faint attack to the left, I’ll be coming in on the right,” he said to his strongest and most faithful pokemon. Umbreon flashed from the point he was standing and reappeared inches away from his enemy. Dash didn’t turn his eyes or change his concentration, which was focused on Simon the entire time, and merely swiped at Umbreon, causing him to fly off and slam into the wreckage of the collapsed ceiling from before. Umbreon tried to get to his feet, but was too hurt from the sudden attack, and fainted.

Simon witnessed this entire scene. His eyes were practically popping out of his head in pure excitement. No one had ever been able to stop Umbreon’s faint attack. The very move itself was considered unavoidable by most experts. He started to giggle maniacally, “This is what I’ve always yearned for! A chance to see just how strong I truly am!” said Simon, through bursts of insane laughter. To everyone else, Simon seemed to flash again, and vanish from sight, only to appear once again standing in front of Dash, “This is a technique I’ve been developing for years, Black Dangan!” he yelled as his arms became a blur of motion, each one striking Dash in the abdomen.

Dash, however, rolled with the attack. He bent his body inward then struck hard again, sending Simon flying backwards. Before he could hit the wall however, Dash had vanished, only to reappear again directly behind Simon, kicking him not just high into the air, but through the floor of the already damaged building. Dash gave one last look at his friends, all of which were terrified of the boy, before leaping the full height of the room and landing once again on the first floor.

Simon brought himself around in the sky. His ultimate attack, a series of blows to the body, so fast that no one had ever been able to see them let alone counter attack, had proven useless against this newly powered Dash. Still, he was not scared. To Simon Giygas, defeat was just a part of any battle; a part he’d never experienced before and was honestly curious as to what it might feel like. That didn’t mean he wanted to loose, just the opposite in fact.

“Ok, here’s the plan,” started Ikky. “Wartortle, Ivysaur Miles and I will draw his attention, while Nate and Charmeleon get Tikay and Delcatty in close enough to use a heal bell on Dash.” The plan was simple enough. Nate was the fastest of them all, although Ikky could easily beat out Nate if he was using his Super Sonic Speed Shoes, but he’d been using the Game Kid so often today that the power was starting to wane. After Miles and Ikky got Dash’s attention (hopefully avoiding a fight) Delcatty would use her heal bell to get rid of the bizarre lightning energy that Dash had absorbed. No one knew if this would work, but it was the best plan any of them had come up with.

“Right, let’s get to it,” said Miles, leading the brigade up the flight of stairs, back to the ground level. The scene they came out to was that of a battle field. Dash and Simon were tearing up machine after machine, both playing a game of life or death tag. Miles could barely see what was going on, and could only follow the various explosions. The speed was unreal… inhuman even.

“Hey! We’ve been looking for you guys!” said a voice from behind them, which belonged to Rella. All four kids turned to see Rella, Essen and Impas standing with their pokemon. “What’s happened?”

“We’re not entirely sure to be honest,” said Tikay. “This little pichu,” which had clung to Tikay during the battle, “hit Dash with a… what was it again?”

“A Volt Tackle, an attack that I thought was purely myth and legend,” said Ikky. “Only a few special pocket monsters can learn it in the game… I’ve never heard of any real pokemon being able to use it.”

“Again with the game? Kid, seriously, it’s time to grow up,” said Essen.

“There must be a connection though!” Ikky said. “It’s too weird that all three of our pokemon evolved today, at the same time no less, all the pokemon we’ve fought tonight just happen to evolve from certain stones, and to top it all off, this little guy knows a move that shouldn’t exist!”

“Still… there has to be a more logical explanation. I mean, come on, a video game has come to life? It’s absurd,” he replied.

“Guys, there’s no time to argue, we need to help Dash,” said Nate. Again everyone turned to him. He had on his battle ready serious face, but to say such a thing was so out of character for Nathan. “He’d do the same for any of us.”

Ikky, Miles and Tikay already knew this. Essen, Impas and Rella wanted to help their friend Simon, who was taking care of the boy on his own now. “We’ll help however we can,” said Rella.

“Alright, here’s the plan…” started Tikay.

Simon hit as hard as he could, and was connecting more then he was missing, however none of the blows seemed to even phase this Dash. Not even an hour ago, the boy was lying on the floor, about to be defeated. The tables had not just been turned on Simon, but flipped upside down. Still, he wasn’t scared. The prospect of fighting someone as truly strong and powerful was more exciting then anything else had ever been. He would either kill this boy, or be killed himself, there were no other options.

Simon tried his attack once more, “Black Dangan!” he yelled as he began to assault Dash once more. This time, Dash sped around the other boy, got behind him and unleashed another of his electric rays right at him, sending him crashing into the ground. Simon stood up and leapt up onto one of the few raised platforms not yet destroyed by the battle. “This is the most exciting match I’ve ever had,” he said more to himself then anyone else.

Dash landed opposite Simon on a piece of destroyed but still standing machinery. They stood, staring each other down. Simon was ready to go in; he bent his front leg slightly, got ready to leap, when Dash’s focus shifted to the right. Simon too looked. There was something going on in the corner of the room. A mass of energy was forming. It was like a dark, purple and blue cloud, sending various bolts of energy in various directions.

Dash soon forgot what he’d been doing and sped in another flash over to the gathering mass. Simon followed suite, landing just behind the other boy. His excited expression had changed to his typical one. The two now stood facing this bizarre cloud of energy. Then, the cloud shifted. It wasn’t much, but for two people staring hard at it, it was very noticeable. It was as if it jumped to the right. Then again. Then it stopped. It stopped right in between Simon and Dash. “What is this?” asked Simon, however he asked with a very uncaring attitude.

Something started to spill out. First an arm, then a leg, then the body they were connected to. It was the body of the trucker from before, however he was now completely naked. Simon looked down at the pathetic person, lying in a quivering mass at his feet, seemingly paralyzed in fear, with no sympathy or other expression what so ever on his face. Then, something somewhat unexpected occurred. The man’s shadow started to move, while he was staying still. It flowed, consuming the man, and once he was completely consumed by it, he slowly got to his feet.

The once short, slightly overweight, balding middle-aged man, was now six feet tall, and covered from head to toe in black. His flabby arms and legs were now sinewy, developed muscles. Then he opened his eyes. He had the pure white, soulless eyes of the monsters from before. The only difference was, he was much bigger then any of them had been.

“This again?” asked Simon. “Haven’t we already proven our superiority to you?” The once driver, now monster lashed out at Simon. He was fast, and Simon hadn’t expected it. The monster sent Simon flying backwards, crashing him into one of the bizarre generators. He landed on the ground, and didn’t get back up. Simon Giygas had suffered his first defeat, and he decided that he didn’t like it.

Alastor DMc
14th January 2006, 9:02 AM
Project 20

Both of them were monsters. One was full of good, the other full of evil. Electricity was jumping off of Dash. It was less then before, but still apparent. His eyes were still pupil and iris-less, and his hair was still standing on edge. The black shadow monster that had appeared in front of him was bigger then Dash. Unlike the smaller ones from before, this monster had a single antenna coming out of its head, which went all the way down to the back of its knees. It stood, staring straight at Dash, and then started to open its mouth. It was full of razor sharp teeth, the kind that could strip flesh from the merest touch. It opened this deadly mouth as wide as it could and let out a piercing roar.

Dash’s eyes the closed tight, and his hands went to his ears to cover them, and for the first time since his bizarre transformation he spoke, “S-s-stop it!” he cried. “SHUT UP!” He then struck out his fist right at the monster. He aimed straight for its midsection and would have hit, had the monster not had an extra ability its smaller brothers didn’t. It formed a hole in its midsection, and Dash’s fist went straight through the monster, doing nothing. Dash looked up at him, staring down with his soulless eyes and gaping razor sharp mouth. His electrical powers finally faded, his hair went back down to its normal state, and his eyes returned to normal. His arm was still arm was still inside the monster when the whole closed up. “Let me go!” he yelled.

The creature screeched again, and Dash could feel the frightening sounds right in his bones. Then the monster exploded outwards. It exploded in a blast of fire and light, sending Dash flying backwards in the opposite direction of where Simon had been sent. Dash, having expected something, braced himself for the impact, landed hard, but was on his feet again in seconds. The monster was gone; all that was left was a smoking cloud and a blackened floor. “Dash!” said a voice from behind.

He turned to see Tikay Pichu and Olivia coming up behind him. “Tikay!” what happened? What’s going on?”

“You… you and Simon were fighting, and we lost track of you. You’re back to normal!” she said, as she threw herself around him, hugging him as tight as she could.

“Back to normal? What are you talking about?” he asked. The last thing Dash could remember before being thrown was telling Pichu to use his Volt Tackle attack.

“You… you really don’t remember?” she said, looking up into his eyes. Tears had started to form. This day had been particularly hard on her.

“No… the last thing I remember is Pichu using Volt Tackle. How’d we get back up here?” Pichu leapt from Tikay’s shoulder and landed on Dash’s.

“It doesn’t matter. Can we finally go home now?” she pleaded. Dash was more then ready. He felt like he could sleep for weeks at this point.

“Yeah, let’s go home,” he said. Then he put his arm around her and together the four of them started for the exit. Things never go that easily though.

“Stop right there, boy,” came a voice from behind them. “I’ll be taking the girl home, you’re job is done.”

Ikky, Miles and the rest were ready to execute their plan when the explosion occurred, sending both Simon and Dash flying in separate directions. Tikay and Olivia immediately set off to see Dash, while the rest went to check on Simon. “I can’t believe it,” said Rella, “Simon lost.”

Impas and Essen were as shocked as she, but Miles, Ikky and Nate didn’t seem all that surprised. “Everybody looses sometimes,” said Nate, now back to his airy sleepy tone.

“Not Simon,” started Impas, “We’ve been working with him for about a year now, and he has never even come close to loosing a match. Heck, he took all three of us on the first time we met, and we barely even scratched the guy.” Impas and Essen helped Simon, still unconscious, to his feet, holding him up around their shoulders. “We gotta get him out of here.”

“Yous guys go, we’ll check on Dash and Tikay,” said Miles. The two rival teams then nodded to one another and parted ways. “You think he’s gonna be alright?”

“I’m sure he’s fine,” said Nate. “He’s fairly tough, not as tough as me, but tough none the less.” The three hurried over to where Dash had landed and saw him and Tikay embrace. “Heh, I’d say he’s just fine.”

“Come on, let’s get out of here and leave those two alone,” said Ikky. Then the three left the building, and walked to the curb. “I guess this was some night, ey?”

“You said it. And ta think we was about to watch some movie,” said Miles.

“I’ll see you all later,” replied Nate over his shoulder as he walked back up Main Street. Miles and Ikky then walked the other way. The night was over for them.

“Who are you?” asked Dash. He had never seen the man standing before him. He was an older man, impossible to say just how old, but clearly older then him. He was a little over six feet in height. His reddish/violet hair was long, going all the way down to the back of his neck, and was slicked back. His eyes were cold and narrow, similar to Simon’s but not as snake like. He wore a pair of white slacks which really stood out compared to his dark bronze skin, which were tucked into his dark brown boots. He wore no shirt, but had a black coat which went down to his knees and had a red trim. He looked like a super villain.

“My name was lost years ago. I suppose you could say I have no name, not any more. I’ve been called many things however, by the many different people I’ve come across. You, my young friend may call me, Baron Luciden.” His voice was deep, and seemed to boom off the walls. It made Dash slightly agitated, as if the voice it self was going to leap out of somewhere and kill him.

“What do you want?” asked Dash.

“I’m offering a simple trade. You give me that young lady by your side, and I let you walk out of here with your life.”

Dash glanced at Tikay, who had stopped moving, stopped blinking, even stopped breathing. She only stood, staring at this newly arrived man. “No deal,” said Dash. He then threw out both fists, which he’d turned to stone during the Luciden’s speech and hurled several rocks at the man. “Rock Throw!” he roared.

The rocks flew through the air, but Luciden sidestepped them all. He then vanished from sight only to reappear standing directly in front of Dash. “Very well, then you leave me no option.” He grabbed Dash’s throat and lifted him off the ground, then stared up into his eyes. Then the room went black.

He was falling again, but this time it wasn’t through darkness. This time, there were images floating around. Little movies playing back and forth, showing various events unfold.

The fist scene was of the very room Dash had been standing in. Several of the tall, muscular monsters from before were standing around the machinery. In the center was a small sleeping pink kitten pokemon, a Skitty. One of the monsters approached the skitty holding a strange black stone in his hand. He reached out and touched the kitten. In the moment he did, the Skitty started to glow a dark black. It grew faster and faster until finally it had doubled in size and stopped. The black glow receded from most of the kitten, except it remained in the eyes. It was now a Delcatty. The next thing that happened, the pokemon went berserk, attacking the shadow monsters, then trying to leap at Dash before the scene went out.

The second scene was of a place Dash had never seen. It was a large empty room. Suddenly, purple clouds started to appear. Out would drop people, men, women and children, all strip of their clothes. Then, their shadows would swallow them up and the people, whether they be old decrepit men or young girls would stand up and all look exactly the same. Then this scene went out.

The third scene was of a place Dash had seen far too many times. It was the altar room, the one from his nightmares that he couldn’t remember if he was actually traveling to or not. There was the truck driver, the one from before. He stood in this room, paralyzed in fear, when one of the little shadow monsters from the basement would start to form at his feet. The monster would leap up and then leap inside the man, which caused him to scream in pain. After a moment, the man vanished into a purple cloud.

The final scene was out of focus. Dash couldn’t see what was going on, but could only make out a young girl with long brown hair and a tattered pink dress. Static, like a broken TV would jump in every time the scene tried to show the girls face. A monster like before appeared in front of the girl, the girls screamed and the monster tried to leap inside. Then a ray of pure white light shinned on the scene, blocking out what was happening. Then the scene faded to black, and Dash was falling once more through nothing.

He came to back inside the factory, still in the grip of Luciden. It seemed as if no time had gone by, even though he felt like he’d been falling and watching for hours. “Let… me… go…” he tried to say, through gasps of breath.

“I’m afraid I have to kill you now,” said Luciden, not sounding the least bit upset. Dash closed his eyes tight and tried to struggle free, but there was nothing he could do, the man was too powerful. Suddenly, Luciden was jolted back, dropping Dash to the floor, by two beams, one white and one yellow.

“Dash!” yelled Tikay, running up to him once more.
“What was that?” he asked.

“I had Pichu and Delcatty attack him. Pichu used Volt Tackle again, and apparently Delcatty knows an attack called, ‘Hyper Beam.’ Ikky told me about it before when you were in berserk mode,” she explained.

Dash looked over at Luciden, who was lying in a heap against the wall. He looked hurt, hurt bad. “Looks like they did it,” Dash said.

Luciden struggled to his feet, then stared Tikay, Dash, Delcatty and Pichu down. “I have shown you what has transpired in here today, Dash Mullen, but you truly know nothing. He, who knows nothing, understands nothing. And he, who understands nothing, can never truly claim victory.” Another of the purple and black storm clouds formed behind Luciden. He stepped backwards, and then vanished into the cloud, disappearing without a trace.

“Dash… what happened tonight?” asked Tikay, sounding both physically and emotionally exhausted.

“I wish I knew… I really wish I knew….”

Dash, Tikay and the two pokemon walked out of the broken factory and entered the streets. No one said a word the entire walk back to Tikay’s house. It wasn’t awkward, it was just that everyone there was beyond tired. Finally, they were standing in front of her house. Both kids looked into each others eyes again. “Here, you dropped this before.”

Tikay handed Dash his green bandana, which he tied back into his hair. “Thanks for picking it up,” he said with a smirk.

“Thanks for keeping your promise,” she said. Delcatty rubbed her head on Dash’s leg before trotting up the walkway to the front door. “What are you going to do with Pichu there?”

Dash hadn’t really thought about that. He didn’t own any pokemon himself, but the little guy had saved his life just now. He couldn’t just leave him. “I guess I’ll keep him for a while. What do you say, Pichu?”

Pichu gave a happy little squeak in agreement, and then hopped down from Dash’s shoulder and onto the sidewalk. Dash couldn’t keep his eyes locked on Tikay’s anymore, and started to stare around at the grass and sidewalk. “So… well, I know tonight didn’t go so well, but what do you say we try this again sometime?” he asked. His face started to turn beat red again. He knew that there was no way she could possibly say yes, after tonight.

Tikay leapt up to her tippy-toes and threw her arms around Dash’s shoulders, then pulled him in close and kissed him deeply on the lips. His hands instinctively went around her waist, where they stayed for what felt like forever. When she finally parted, she took one step towards the door then turned around, “How could I possibly say no?”

Sometimes, Dash loved being wrong.

End Part 1, Act 2

Alastor DMc
14th January 2006, 9:25 AM
Hey guys, I might not be around for a while, so I thought I'd post a little teaser for Part 2.

Preview of Part 2

Dash fills Nathan, Miles and Icarus in on the visions he saw. The gang deduces that the pokemon were somehow foced to ‘evolve’ by the monsters and turned evil as a result. They still can’t explain how Delcatty suddenly stopped attacking, or how their three pokemon also ‘evolved’ until they witness Tikay cure a shadow pokemon simply by touching it. Luciden is clearly behind the shadow monsters, which he calls Dark Shadows and Dark Knights (the small and large ones, respectively) which appear more and more in Harveston. Icarus discovers what he believes to be a Fire Stone in his basement, and as he’s going to show the others, a gang of Dark Shadows attack him. With the aid of his Game Kid, they discover that there are other stones giving off similar energy all around Harveston. Now, Dash, Ikky, Miles and Nate must race against Luciden for control of the stones, all the while protecting Tikay, and occasionally facing off with Simon’s rival gang. Everyone’s powers will be put to the test, and more questions will be asked as others are solved.

On top of it, I'm going to fill you all in on some of the names. Most of the major characters are named after various characters from other video games including Kid Icarus from the games by the same name (Ikky), Miles 'Tails' Prower from the Sonic the Hedgehog series (Miles) Alexander is from two places, both Alex Kid, an early Genisis series, and the summon Alexander from Final Fantasy.(Alex) and Simon Belmont from Castlevania (Simon)

Tikay, Nathan as well as Alexander and Simon are all partially named after the characters they're actually based on. Tikay, pronounced T. K. is actually K. T, or Caitie, which was the name of the girls I based her on. Nathan is the end of Jonathan, the name of my friend he's based on, and Alexander and Simon are the middle names of those friends.

Finally, Luciden and Dash. Luciden is actually a combination of that characters real life counter-part, and Lucifer (the devil). Dash, to be honest, is just a name I think sounds cool, and I always wanted to write a story about a kid with that name.

14th January 2006, 6:41 PM
;330; Man the plot just get's more and more, either weird or superb would describe it, I'm stuck. Original though covers it. And the suspense is murder. Though the naming part is pretty much what I did in NL, NH.

;359; TIKAY AND DASH (gagged by Nylf)

;373; Very, very nice. The plot's got piles of originality, the description is good, the grammar, could be better admittedly but it isn't that problematic, and the character's are very nice. Cina's now poking me with her sword to say that the romance is very good as well. OK CINA YOU CAN STOP (censored) POKING ME!

;359; *grins*

;330; Sorry about those two, anyway keep it up.

Alastor DMc
15th January 2006, 1:24 AM
I admitt that some of the grammer is a bit wrong, however most of it is done for effect. I write all my stories in Word, so any grammer that's incorrect there is most likely done on purpose. Thanks for your comments on originality, I do stive for it to be honest. If anyone else reading this story could comment, I'd greatly appreciate it.

As a side note, as I said it the preview, I won't be around much the next few days, as friends are leaving for school again, and after that I'll be going on a small vacation with the few remaining friends still here. Durring that time, I want to write a small one shot to go along with Project: c145h that exists outside the main plot (like with most anime movies) If anyone would like to submit a character (name, age, apperance, and one or two pokemon) I would love to try and work them in. If you'd like to do this, please write up the suggestion before monday.

*Edit* Sorry, I'm no longer taking suggestions as I'm back from my trip. Thanks for the few pms I did get, and hopefully I'll be able to use them in a future story.

Alastor DMc
16th January 2006, 8:03 AM
Well, I got bored sitting at home on a Sunday night with nothing to do (no Family Guy tonight) so I figured I'd write the first chapter of Part 2. I hope everyone reading this is enjoying it so far, and I'd love to hear some responses from people. Let me know what you think of the characters, plot, and what you think might happend in the future projects. (I already have the planned ending, so I can't really take any suggestions, however if you have a theory, post it here)

Project 21

Ikky stood in his workout room holding tight to a sword and shield, facing his three and a half foot tall pokemon, Wartortle. It had been two weeks since the battle inside the factory near town, and he still had no idea how his baby squirtle could have grown up to his adolescent form so quickly. Under normal conditions, a squirtle would change into a wartortle after approximately three years. Squirtle, however, was only a year old. His appearance wasn’t that different to be honest. He was bigger and bulkier, and his one long curled tail had split into four long curled and now fuzzy tails. He also had ears now, long, white rabbit like ears. His face also seemed more mature. Other then that, he was still the same old pokemon.

“Alright, Wartortle, let’s practice your surf attack again,” said Ikky. Wartortle raised both arms into the air and a puddle of water began to form in front of him. Then the water rushed up and forward like a small wave, crashing into Ikky’s shield. “Good work, Wartortle. You can get it off no problem now.”

Wartortle looked up at his trainer and gave a happy croak. That was another thing that seemed off according to Ikky. Wartortle’s voice didn’t seem any deeper then it had been as a squirtle, in fact it was just the same. “Come on, let’s get out of here,” he finally said. They’d been practicing new moves and attacks for about 2 hours; it was time for a break. Ikky recalled Wartortle into his pokeball and then walked to the elevator that would lead him to the ground floor of his mansion. As he stepped inside however, the automated voice came over the loud speaker.

“Master Icarus, there is a disturbance in Basement Seven,” it said.

“What disturbance?” he asked. It seemed odd, his father rarely went any lower then six, and he stayed on three with his training room. “No one’s been down there in years.”

The voice didn’t come back on though. “I’d better check it out.” He rode down the two flights to the seventh basement and came out into the dark room. “Lights,” he said as the room lit up bright. There was literally nothing down here. It was a big empty room, with cement walls and floors that had never been redone or worked on. “What’s the big…” something moved.

Ikky turned to his left. It was out of the corner of his eye, but he could swear something moved. He started to get a little paranoid and threw out a pokeball. A flash of light appeared and followed by a three foot long bee pokemon. It had big red eyes and two huge thorns for hands. “Beedrill, follow me,” he said. Ikky pressed a few buttons on his Game Kid and the arm blaster appeared, replacing his right arm.

Ikky then walked, as Beedrill buzzed behind him, over to where he thought he saw movement before. When he got to the wall of the room, he saw there was nothing there. “Beedrill, try pursuit,” he said. Pursuit was a dark type attack which locked on and followed anything trying to flee the area. If there truly was something down here, Beedrill should be able to find it. Ikky turned to look at his insect pokemon, as it zipped off to the other side of the room then stopped. Ikky ran over to see what Beedrill had found, more nothing. “What was it, Beedrill?”

Beedrill simply buzzed a few times, trying to answer his trainer, but was as dumbfounded as Ikky was. “Alright, forget this; let’s just get out of here.” The two started back for the elevator when again from out of the corner of Ikky’s eye he saw something. It wasn’t movement like before, it was something glimmering. He turned his full attention to it, and his eyes widened as he gazed on what he was looking at.

Nathan Junez sat in Banana Buzz looking more tired then usual. He hadn’t done his usual work out today, not yet, because he’d instead decided to grab a bite to eat with one of his many admirers from school, a young girl by the name of Laura DiClementine. He realized soon after his grilled cheese had arrived what a terrible mistake he’d made.

“So anyway, I was like, ‘you know whatever,’ and then she was all like, ‘make me, Laura,’ and I was like, ‘maybe I will,’” said the girl through bursts of laughter from a joke Nate obviously didn’t get.

“I’m sorry… maybe I missed something. Why is all that funny?” he asked, while stifling a yawn.

“Well,” Laura replied, “if you knew her, you’d think it was funny.” She then started to laugh again at her story.

“Yeah… but I don’t,” he answered back. His eyes had suddenly grown so heavy; he thought he would fall asleep on the spot.

“I know, but if you did, you’d think that she was such a loser. I mean, come on, how could anyone say that?” she said, continuing to laugh.

“I don’t know, Lauren.”

“Laura,” she corrected then continued on. Nate sighed deeply then picked up his half eaten sandwich and tried his best to block out the inane chatter. Then the bells above the door started to chime. They both turned to see Dash walk in followed by a smiling Tikay.

“Yo,” said Nate, looking directly at them.

“Hey!” said Tikay, excited to see him. “What are you doing here?” she asked.

“Having lunch,” he answered.

“We’re on a date,” said Laura, looking angrily and jealously at Tikay, who had taken it upon herself to sit down next to Nate and join their table. Dash then sat down next to the girl.

“Dash Mullen, nice to meet you,” he said, holding out his hand and smiling.

“Nathan, are these friends of yours?” she asked ignoring Dash’s hand, with a tone of utter outrage in her voice.

“Everyone’s dying to be my friend, Lauren,” he said coolly, with a smirk on his face.

“Laura,” she quickly corrected him, “well, I’m sorry uh… Dan and who ever you are, but we are a little busy and if you don’t mind-”

“Oh, we don’t mind at all,” Tikay said smiling, “just act like we’re not here.”

“It’d be easier if you weren’t,” she said rudely to Tikay.

“Oh, I get it,” she nudged Nate in the side, “we’ll leave you two alone, won’t we Dash? Come on, let’s get our own table.”

Dash looked at Nate, who quickly shot him a look of desperation. Dash walked away from his friend smiling slightly, and sat opposite Tikay. As soon as they left, Laura started talking again, and was stopped by the chimes above the door.

Ikky burst into the restaurant holding a rock in his hand. He looked around quickly, then found who he was looking for, “Dash! Great, your mom said you’d be here.” He then looked around quick, “Nate too? Perfect, I need to show you guys something important.”

“Can it wait? I’m starving and we just sat down,” answered Dash, looking through the menu, not bothering to look up at Ikky.

“Come on Dash, it might be important,” said Tikay.

“It is, believe me, it is,” he said, sitting down next to Dash in the booth. He placed the rock on the table. “Look at what I found in my basement.”

Dash looked the rock up and down. It was about the size of a smaller football, and looked to be naturally red, with flecks of yellow. Engraved into the rock was a flame, which was orange in color. “It’s pretty, Ikky, but why do we need to see it?” he asked.

“What?!” he said with disbelief in his voice, “Haven’t you ever seen one of these before?” When Ikky saw it, he knew right away what it was, had seen the object a thousand times before.

“Nope. What is it?” asked Tikay.

“This, is a Fire Stone,” he said. As the words left his mouth, the bells above the door to the restaurant chimed again, and Laura DiClementine walked out. Nate then sat down opposite Ikky.

“Date’s over?” asked Tikay.

“It was over before you all got here. What’s a fire stone?”

“A fire stone,” Ikky began, “is an object from Pocket Monsters. You find them in volcanoes in the game, and if you use one on certain fire type pokemon, like growlithe and vulpix, they’ll evolve.”

Dash, Tikay and Miles all looked at Ikky, who seemed so proud of his discovery, that none of them had the heart to tell them they didn’t care. “Why is this important though?” asked Tikay.

“I ran a few tests in my father’s lab,” he went on, “and this thing is giving off a weird kind of energy. I imputed the energy waves into the Game Kid, and instantly it picked up several more similar wave lengths in the area. If this really is a fire stone, that means there must be a water, thunder, leaf, moon and sun stone out there too.”

Dash suddenly remembered the other night. “Ikky… what might a Moon Stone look like?” he asked, slightly scared of the answer.

“Well, it would be dark gray, probably a little smaller then this, with a crescent moon in the middle. Why, have you seen one?” he asked, excitedly.

“I… I don’t know. I think I may have seen one. That time in the factory.”

“I doubt it,” said Nate. “The police went through that place and reported everything they found, including the missing and stolen pokemon, and they never said anything about a stone like this.” Nate’s father was a police captain in the city. He’d been called in to help on this case, since he happened to live in the town, and told Nate everything that they’d dragged out of the building. Nate never mentioned actually being inside during the events however.

“I… it wasn’t with my own eyes,” he said. He’d never told any of them, not even Tikay, about his vision when Luciden had grabbed him. He wasn’t sure if he’d imagined it all or if it had really happened, but suddenly things were starting to fall into place. “At some point, I think all these stones may have been in that building. And I think those shadow monsters may want them.”

“What makes you think that?” asked Tikay, holding on to Dash’s hand for comfort. She hated thinking about that night, hated the fear that she experienced during those horrible hours.

“I dunno, I just think it’s all connected, and we should find the other stones before they do,” said Dash.

“My thoughts exactly. Come on, there’s one pretty close to here. We can walk there now.” Everyone got up and out of the booth, then walked outside. The four stood on the side walk and started heading north, where the signal on the Game Kid was beeping.

“You guys go ahead… I’m gonna walk home, I’m a little tired,” said Tikay.

Dash turned around and saw her shaking a little, and refusing to look him in the eye, “Are you ok? You want me to walk you?”

“No, I’ll be fine. I’m just sleepy, you know?” she leaned up and kissed him, then turned around and headed for home.

“Alright, I’ll call you tonight!” he yelled after her. Then Dash, Ikky and Nate started up the street in search of another stone. Dash hoped he was wrong, he hoped he never had to see one of those monsters again. But hoping never got you anywhere, not these days.

Alastor DMc
25th January 2006, 6:07 AM
Project 22

Tikay walked home at a quick pace. She couldn’t explain it, but just being around that Fire Stone, if that’s what it truly was, gave her a weak, shaky, vomity feeling and the best way to get rid of such a feeling was to get as far away from what ever was causing it as possible.

She had her head low, trying to avoid anyone and everything in her path and just get back to the safety and security of home. Because of this, she didn’t notice when she walked straight into another person. Both people went crashing to the ground. “Hey!” said the other voice. “Watch where you’re… hey, are you alright?” Tikay didn’t get back to her feet. In fact, she did just the opposite. Everything went dark, and then Tikay passed out.

“You’re sure it’s this way?” asked Nate. The three of them had been walking for about 20 minutes, and during the entire time, none had said a word. Ikky was staring at his Game Kid so hard he could have burned a hole right through it. Dash was busy thinking about Tikay. Something had bothered her, more so the usual. She got jumpy a lot these past few days, ever since the warehouse, and Dash was getting more and more concerned every day. With no real mother or father around, who was going to take care of her if something serious happened?

“I’m sure, it should be somewhere right up ahead… could it be on the beach?” said Ikky, more to himself then anyone else.

“Maybe it’s a Sand Stone?” asked Nate nonchalantly.

“There’s no such thing. Sand stone… that’s ridiculous. It could be a water stone though, that would make sense.” Nate didn’t follow up. To Nate, Icarus was far too focused on the goal ahead of them that he clearly didn’t notice how much of an idiot he just sounded like. Still, the fact that all these computer game things were coming to life made him wonder… maybe there was something to it after all.

“Yeah, I was right, it is the beach!” said Nate. He hurried ahead, through the gate in the fence and walked onto the sandy shore of Haveston Beach. It wasn’t a very large place, maybe an acre. There was the little beach area, were the water washed up. It wasn’t the ocean, but the bay, so the waves never got more then a foot or two high. Off to the side were a few picnic benches and some late fall swimmers getting ready for one of the last swims of the year.

“You’d have to be crazy to be going swimming now. It’s freezing out,” Nate said to Dash, who suddenly snapped back from his daze.

“Huh? Oh, I guess so. It’s really not that cold, I’m wearing shorts and a t-shirt after all.”

“I don’t remember saying you weren’t crazy,” smiled Nate as he walked up ahead. Dash grimaced at this and continued on.

Ikky was on his knees, digging with his hands in the sand. “I think it’s down here, somewhere. Just a little deeper, maybe.”

Dash looked off the coast out into the open sea. An island was visible, about 2 miles out. It was shrouded in fog, and so any thing that may be on it weren’t visible, at least not from the beach. “Say Ikky, isn’t that your father’s island?”

Ikky stopped for only a second, looked up and out, then went back to digging, “Yeah, why?”

“Just wondering. You ever go-”

“I FOUND IT!” he screamed, holding up a blue rock in both hands. It was much smaller then the fire stone and differently shaped as well. It looked as if someone had taken a softball and squished it down so that it bulged significantly at the center. It was colored a blue that you didn’t often see in nature; in fact it looked as if it was filled with a liquid. In the center of he stone, was what looked like a big drop of water, suspended in air. It was a darker color then the rest of the stone. When the light from the setting sun hit the stone, it shinned beautifully.

“So that’s it, eh?” asked Nate.

“This is it. It looks just like it does in the game too. Say, I’ve got an idea, why don’t I prove to you both that I’m not nuts?” Ikky pushed a few buttons on his Game Kid and the screen switched from a map of Harveston to the video game at the center of all this controversy, Pocket Monsters. Ikky hit a few more buttons, going through some menus, and then pulled it up, “Here, check it out.”

On the screen was a digital picture of what Ikky was holding in his hands, a Water Stone. He pushed one more button and a picture of the other one, the Fire Stone popped up. “Well, what do you say now?”

Dash opened his mouth to reply, when something clamped down hard on his leg. “Ow! What the heck!?” he jumped back to see a small red lobster like pokemon looking back at him. Next to it was a crab like pokemon, also red. Dash recognized them both, his mother loved to cook them for dinner on occasion. They were Corphish and Krabby. He looked around and was surprised and honestly a little scared to see an army of the little things had surrounded them unexpectedly while they were admiring the stone.

“What the hell is going on? Where did all these things come from?” asked Dash again.

“Look at them a little closer,” said Nate, staring at one of the pokemon. Their eyes, all of their eyes, were dark. Even their red colors seemed off, they were darker then normal. “I think someone wants Ikky’s new jewelry.”

The room was big. The windows in the place went from floor to ceiling, and each had its own little balcony. The drapes were the same, a bright purple color that fell to the floor. The floor was white tile, and on the far wall, opposite the windows was a large brown oak door. In the center of the room was a bed with a maroon colored canopy. The comforter was a pastel blue color which matched the color of the walls. It was a beautiful place to live.

This had been her bedroom since she was born, which really wasn’t very long ago when compared to the age of the castle she was in. It had been in her family for generations, dating back before anyone could remember. It sat on a tropical coast and everyday she’d walk over to the balcony and stair longingly at the beautiful blue ocean, lush green palm trees and perfect pink sand.

She’d never actually left the castle. To be honest, she’d only been to a few rooms inside, her bedroom, where most of her time was spent and the bath which was down a long, seemingly unending hall. Three times a day, someone would bring in meals for her. To any normal person, a life of this captivity would drive them insane, but since this was all she knew she didn’t realize there was more to life. Sometimes, late at night however, odd things happened.

She could vividly remember waking up and not being in either her bedroom or the bathroom. She was somewhere else, somewhere she hadn’t walked to. It was a small room, much smaller then her bedroom, and always very dark. She was always lying on something in the middle, a table perhaps? She couldn’t see very well because she was usually being held down by something. Sometimes, although she told herself otherwise, she felt naked on the table. Nothing ever happened though. There was no one in the room, no one she could see at least, and eventually she’d fall back to sleep. She wasn’t afraid of being in the room. Like being stuck inside two rooms of a castle she could only imagine to be gigantic, she just assumed waking up naked on possibly a table in the middle of the night was a normal part of everyone’s life.

Today, this time, she wasn’t in that other room. That room, which should have been terrifying, but wasn’t. Today, she was sitting alone in her giant bedroom, looking out at the wavy sea. Today, things were unusual. There was something in that sea, something floating. She could see it, but couldn’t make out what it was, not from so high up. She decided to ignore it and went back inside the room. Today’s lunch had just arrived.

“Hey, are you awake yet?” Tikay sat bolt upright. The last thing she could remember was running into someone on the sidewalk and then passing out. Now she was in a dimly lit room, sitting on a couch with a light blanket draped over her legs. “Looks like you are. You want something to drink?”

Tikay looked around and saw a girl sitting in a chair adjacent to the couch. She looked to be her age, she couldn’t exactly tell in this light, with short blond hair and a few freckles on her cheeks. She wore a light blue tank top and tan shorts. On her wrist was a bracelet that sparkled even in the dimly lit living room.

“Where am I? And, I don’t mean to sound rude, but who are you?” asked Tikay.

“My name’s Jan, and you ran into me on the sidewalk outside,” said the girl. She had a loud voice, the kind that could get on your nerves after a while. It was a weird contrast to Tikay’s quite one. “I couldn’t just leave ya out there, so I brought you in. You bumped your head pretty hard.”

“Thank you, I’m so sorry about running into you… is there anything I can do to repay you?” Tikay felt like an idiot. She’d been so scared before about nothing, and now she was sitting in the dark in some random girl’s house.

“Oh, it’s not a big deal. We’ve all had bad days, right? Come into the kitchen, I’ll get you some water, then you can get home.” The two girls walked together into the kitchen, which was much more brightly lit. Tikay finally got a good look at the girl and saw that she was fairly pretty. They were both about the same height, but Jan seemed to be a little heavier, not in a bad way though.

Jan took out a pitcher of water from the refrigerator and poured two glasses. She handed Tikay one, who sipped at it, and realized as soon as the water touched her tongue that she was very thirsty. She drank down the whole glass, and then put it back on the counter. “Do you go to Harveston High, Jan?” asked Tikay. She realized that she had never seen this girl around, but then again it was a big school.

“Nah, I go to a private school,” she said with a snort, “My mom’s very protective, she doesn’t trust public schools.” Tikay wasn’t sure how to respond to this, but all of a sudden she started to feel a little dizzy again.

“You sure you’re ok? Here, have another glass.” Jan poured another glass of water into Tikay’s cup, which she greedily drank down just as fast as she had the first one. Then her eyes met Jan’s bracelet again. It was a sparkling deep yellow color, with bright yellow gems all around. It was beautiful, and Tikay couldn’t take her eyes off it. “Do you like this? My Dad gave it to me for my birthday last year.”

Tikay opened her mouth to say that she loved it. In fact, it was probably the most beautiful piece of jewelry she’d ever seen. Just as her mouth opened, however, everything started going black. “Hey, Tikay, are you ok?”

She hit the floor hard again. She couldn’t speak and couldn’t move. Her eyes closed down, and she started to fall into a deep sleep. Two thoughts remained in her head as she faded off. The first was of the beautiful bracelet. The second was a little stranger. Jan had asked if Tikay was alright, but Tikay had never told the other girl her name....

;341; ;098;

Alastor DMc
28th January 2006, 8:17 AM
Project 23

“Any ideas?” asked Nate to his two friends. They were staring out amongst a sea of shell-fish pokemon, all with a menacing, however hypnotized look in their eyes.

“Well, we could fight our way out, like usual,” suggested Dash.

“You think it was those shadow things, the ones from the warehouse that sent them?” asked Ikky.

“I’d bet money on it, Ick. Come on, let’s show these guys what we’re made of!” yelled Dash has he leapt straight into the air. His two friends then dashed off into the crowded beach. Dash’s first move was to throw out his only pokeball, which flashed open to reveal his baby mouse pokemon, Pichu. He then started to collect a swirl of air in the palms of his hands. “Ready, Pichu?! Thundershock those Krabby and Corphish down there, while I hit em’ with an aerial ace!” Pichu nodded in agreement then unleased a flash of lightning on the crowd. The few that were hit sparked and fell to their sides.

Dash landed on the soft sand and leapt straight forward with his arm extended. The swirl in his palm struck down a line of pokemon, all of which fainted on contact. “This isn’t so hard, right guys?” He looked over to see Nate gracefully dodging the attacking pokemon, while his Bellossom unleashed a swirl of petals into the air, all of which came crashing down on the unsuspecting pokemon. To his right, Ikky and Beedrill were making short work of the others. Ikky chose to fire his arm cannon at the attacking pokemon, while Beedrill defended himself with a fury of attacks from his spiked hands. Things seemed to be going there way, and quite nicely. Things didn’t last that way for long though.

Ikky fired off another shot from his cannon then redirected it at another heard. “Great job Beedrill, try a Pin Missile attack now!” Beedrill fired a barrage of pins from his rear abdomen’s stinger at the on coming attackers. Ikky saw one particular missile hit a corphish quite hard, and seemed to really hurt the poor thing. “Some of these pokemon look really young… I wonder if I can help that one.” He tossed an empty pokeball at the hurt corphish, which struck its hard shelled body. As soon as the ball hit, a flash of light appeared and the corphish vanished from sight. The ball hit the ground and wiggled a few times, before an almost inaudible ding was heard, indicating that the pokemon had been caught.

Ikky scooped it up and quickly read its stats on his Game Kid. The Corphish was a female, approximately at level 6, which meant it was indeed very young. It strangely knew no attacks, at least not any that the Game Kid could adequately identify. “I’ll deal with you later little one. Beedrill, don’t hit so hard, I think a lot of these guys are just babies.”

Beedrill made a buzzing sound, and started to soften his attacks. “What could make these pokemon attack like this though? It must be those shadow things from the other night…”

“Dark Shadows are the small ones, the ones with no bodies,” said a voice from behind him. Ikky turned around to see a man with long ruby red hair, and a pointed face. He was wearing a long black jacked with a white trim and no shirt. His pants were long dark beige khakis and he wore a pair of dark black boots. His skin was also very tan, as if he was from a tropical region. “The larger ones, the ones who have taken a body as their own, I’ve taken to call them Dark Soldiers.”

“Who are you?” asked Ikky.

“I am merely a scientist, like yourself boy. While you specialize in technology, I have devoted my life to more… important matters.” Icarus was scared of the man. He gave off a dark, menacing, feeling, that felt like constantly having a cold wind pushing on you, the kind of wind that only blows right before a horrible storm. However, there was no actual wind, aside from the gentle breeze coming off the ocean. This wind, or maybe a wave was a better way to describe the feeling, was emanating from the man. “I notice that you’ve managed to find yourself two of the Evolution Stones.”

“How do you know that?” Before the battle with the krabby and corphish, Ikky had placed both stones in his backpack. Unless the man had been watching them the entire time, which he supposed was possible, there was no way he could tell such a thing… unless he didn’t need his eyes to see the stones.

“Luciden?! What are you doing here?!” screamed Dash from behind them both.

Luciden and Icarus both turned to see Dash, with Pichu standing on his shoulder. To the left of him was Nate, with Bellossom at his feet. “You know this guy?” asked Nate.

“He was at the warehouse that night. After you guys left, his guy, Baron Luciden he called himself, appeared out of the same creepy purple light that the dark shadows did, demanding that I hand over Tikay.” Dash’s temper was starting to reach its peak. He was trained to never lose himself in a battle, but things were getting out of hand now.

“Ah yes, little Tikay Eel. How is the darling girl?” Luciden asked with an air of smugness in his voice.

“Don’t you even mention her name, you *******! Nate, Ikky, Pichu, let’s get this guy, now!” Dash started to run towards the man when he suddenly flashed from sight, only to reappear behind Ikky, this time holding a long dark sword in his hand, which hung only centimeters from Ikky’s throat.

“Please, don’t make another move Dashton, I’d hate to have to spill poor Icarus’ blood on this beautiful beach.” Dash and Nate both froze. Ikky stood in shock at what was happening. “Now then, I’ll be taking the stones you found boys. You don’t need them, they’re really not that important to you anyway. I, on the other hand, will make very good use of them.” He reached into Ikky’s backpack and pulled out both the fire and water stones. He held the fire stone up in his left hand and another dark cloud formed around it. When the cloud had vanished, the fire stone was gone with it.

“I’ll show you just an iota of their power; for I’m sure you’ll take great interest in it.” Luciden held the water stone in his right hand high above his head. His other hand had gone back to holding the black sword right at Ikky’s throat. “Dark Evolution!” he shouted, as the water stone, which looked so beautiful shimmering in the setting sun, started to give off an ugly, evil looking black light. It then shot out rays of purple light, surrounded by black with streaks of lighting swirling through. The rays made contact with a few of the fainted corphish and krabby, which lay scattered on the beach. As soon as the ray hit, the pokemon leapt back to their feet, and began to glow a dark, foreboding color.

“What’s happening?!” demanded Dash. Luciden merely continued to smile an evil, twisted smile at the boy, as the shell-fish pokemon started to reawaken and glow with the same dark power the once beautiful water stone had now taken on. The bodies of the pokemon began rapidly growing. The few corphish, about five, that had been hit, had now doubled in size. The three krabby had almost tripled.

“They’re evolving!” said Ikky. He was right, sort of. The infant pokemon that once were, had now fully grown into their adult forms. The corphish and krabby that were, were now crawdaunt and kingler.

“Yes, that is the power of the stones. Just one of the many amazing powers they contain. The ability to make fire, water, grass and electric pokemon, as well as a few mystical pokemon, grow to adulthood in a matter of seconds. But that’s not all.” Luciden had let go of Ikky now, for he was no longer necessary, and he rejoined his friends who all stood facing Luciden, watching in awe as the newly evolved pokemon became aware of their new bodies. “By controlling the Dark Shadows, i can make these pokemon become so much more.”

Underneath one of the crawdaunt and one of the kingler, and round black shadow appeared which quickly engulfed the two pokemon. “I’ll leave you at this point. Good luck boys, I’m sure you’ll need it.” Luciden then stepped back into one of the purple and black clouds, chuckling a little to himself and vanished from sight, along with the water stone.

“Come back here Luciden!” shouted Dash, as he ran for the cloud, but he was too late, Luciden was already gone, and the cloud was no more then a few wisps of vapor now. “Damn… he got away again.”

“DASH! LOOK OUT!” shouted Ikky as a gigantic green claw came crashing down in front of him sending a cloud of sand into the air. Dash leapt backwards and saw what the other two had seen. The kingler had doubled in size once again, and was now over eight feet in height. Its colors, which were normally red with beige underbelly and legs, had changed as well. It was now dark green with grayish underbelly and legs. The crawdaunt had changed as well. It had grown to about six feet in height, and its colors, normally deep red and beige like Kingler, were now a lighter red. Its mouth, which was normally blue, was now a bright violet color as well. Both shared one thing in common though, their eyes which had been dark all day, were now deep black, with a bright red ring around them.

“What do we do?” asked Ikky, starting to panic a little.

“What else? We’re gonna have to fight!” declared Dash.

“How do we fight something like… like those?!” asked Ikky.

“Let me handle it,” said Nate, in his typical dreamy uncaring voice. He stepped in front of the two boys, and began to sway his legs. “Rhapsody,” he whispered under his breath. The two gigantic pokemon, now brimming with dark power, started to sway themselves then crashed their gigantic claws into one another. The two titans clashed and battled, all the while kicking up sand and causing massive amounts of damage to the surroundings. Only ten minutes ago the beach had been a nice, relaxing place to spend one of the final nice days of autumn. Now, it had become a battle field.

28th January 2006, 10:19 PM
Okay, one review coming up:

First of all, I found it interesting that a human could use Pokemon powers...my only problem was that in saying there were 15 types--you forgot about Dark and Steel.

But my main question is: How did Dash learn how to use Pokepower?

Rating: ;025; ;025; ;025; ;025;

Alastor DMc
28th January 2006, 10:25 PM
Thanks for the review. To answer your questions/comments. As we delve deeper into the story, you'll learn that in this world, not all of the video game's aspects transfer over, such as certain pokemon, types, attacks, etc.

As for the answers to how Dash is able to use these powers, well, you'll just have to read on to find out (no, I haven't actually answered that question yet, but I promiss I will)

Alastor DMc
30th January 2006, 1:26 AM
Hey everyone, I might not be updating as frequently as I once had because College is starting up again tomorrow morning (we go back VERY late) However my schedule isn't all that jam packed, so you may see a new chapter 2 or 3 times a week. This one in particular will sum up the important story stuff that's happened to this point, so if you haven't kept up to date with Project: c145h, this may help a bit.

Project 24

“What did you do?!” demanded Dash, who had run far away from the battle. He and Ikky sought out protection on the jungle gym, several yards off the beach.

“That was my rhapsody dance, it causes the one to watch it to go into a rage and confusion, kind of like swagger. With any luck, they’ll take each other out, so we won’t have to,” explained Nate, who had joined them. The three watched as the two gigantic pokemon slashed and bashed on another, tearing up sand and sloshing around water. After what felt like hours, but was more likely a few seconds, they stopped, almost as suddenly as they’d begun in fact. All the pokemon on the now tattered beach got to their feet, and began walking back into the sea. The baby corphish and krabby were the first ones to vanish from sight, followed by the newly evolved crawdaunt and kingler. Last, after walking out about 200 yards into the shallow bay, the two gigantic and oddly colored pokemon sank under water. “They’re gone?” said Dash.

He, Ikky and Nate got down from the jungle gym and walked slowly to the shore line, just to make sure their eyes weren’t playing tricks on them. “After all that trouble, they just up and walked away?”

“I guess so,” answered Ikky. “I managed to catch a corphish during the fight. She’s just a baby, but maybe she can teach us a few things?”

“Good job, Ick. Can we try running a few tests now?” asked Dash.

“Geeze… as if Ikky wasn’t bad enough. Are you gonna start calling me Ick now?”

“Get over it. Come on; let’s head back to your lab. We should call Miles too, he’ll want to know about all this,” said Dash. “We might be able to use his help too.” Dash, Nate and Ikky walked off the beach and back down the road which lead to Ikky’s mansion. In Icarus’ hand, he held a small blue and white pokeball with a black webbing design around the blue area, a net ball it was more commonly called. Inside, lying fast asleep was possibly the key to unraveling another part of this mystery.

“Okay, let’s get everythin’ we know out on da table,” said Miles. “Dash, why don’t you go first?”

“Glad to,” he started, “Things really started with this dream I had, a dream where I was falling through nothing, and then landed in a strange room. One of those things… a Shadow Soldier, appeared in front of me, and then I woke up. I think a day or two later, you and I, Miles, were in the computer lab when the power went out.”

“Yeah, dats the day we met. We found that weird guy in that othea room, and he attacked us wit’ his pokemon, then ran off,” said Miles. “Den what?”

“Then was the truck accident, right?” said Ikky. He’d been off at one of his computers, with the net ball placed on top, connected to various wires and other technological things. Dash didn’t even know what they were for; let alone what to call them. What they did was measure the levels of the sleeping baby pokemon inside, the corphish from the beach Ikky had caught. It was measuring the levels of the pokemon’s strength, defense and speed compared to that of a regular corphish of the same age. Hopefully, they could see just what the dark spell that it seemed to be under did to it biologically. “That guy, you think he was the same from the classroom, was almost hit and then he teleported the truck driver, truck and himself to the warehouse.”

Dash picked the summary back up at this point, “Yeah, that’s how it all happened. Then we went to that same lab where we ran into Simon and those guys. They said they were there to bring back some kidnapped pokemon, which we ended up fighting in the end. They were also under the same control as the pokemon we fought before.”

“Or so we assume,” said Nate. “We don’t know for sure they were, maybe they were just ****** to see us.”

“You know as well as I do that that’s too much of a coincidence to be true Nate,” said Dash. “The corphish and krabby from before had that same absent black look in their eyes as the ones from the warehouse did.”

“I know, I’m just saying, we shouldn’t jump to conclusions here.” Nate then sat down in one of Ikky’s chairs and crossed his arm, gazing out on of the windows in the room.

“Alright… anyway, so while we were fighting those monsters, Tikay found her lost skitty, Olivia, which had somehow become a delcatty. She told me that Olivia was just as feral as the others, until she made contact with her, and she became the same loving cat she’d always been.” Dash paused for a minute, “but why?”

“Awright, dats the first question we gotta answa,” said Miles. “Just like, how is it possible that our pokemon were able to evolve? Dat shouldn’t be possible.”

“What if it was connected?” Ikky said this, and they all turned to look at him. “This might sound crazy, but what if Tikay curing Olivia, and Bulbasaur, Charmander and Squirtle evolving are all some how connected?”

“It wouldn’t shock me. Enough crazy things have been happening lately that that could be true as well,” said Nate. “There’s something about that girl, you know what I mean?”

They all did. It was something about the way her eyes seemed to sparkle. They were emerald green, and it wasn’t a normal color for eyes. “I feel it when ever I’m with her,” said Dash. “She gives off this aura… it’s the opposite, the exact opposite of those shadow things.”

“Dat brings us to dem. How did you say dey showed up, Dash?” asked Miles.

“It was like the shadows in the basement all collected, like flowing water, into several spots and then the little things rise up. They’re little though,” said Dash.

“Luciden said something about them. He said the little ones, the Dark Shadows, stay that way until they’ve found a body. The big ones, the Shadow Soldiers, the ones from your dream, Dash, I guess would be the opposite of that?” explained Ikky.

“I think you may be right about that, Ikky. After you guys left, I remember Simon and I were fighting… it’s all a blur to me now, but it ended with the truck driver showing up again from out of no where. He was naked, and then the same shadow puddles, the ones that the Dark Shadows come from, it… absorbed him, and in it’s place was the big ones, the Soldiers.” Everyone stopped for a second. The only sound in the room was the humming of Ikky’s equipment, continuing to take information on Corphish.

“There’re real people inside those things… aren’t there?” Ikky said, looking down at his keyboard.

“He has a lot of them, Luciden that is. He showed up soon after the soldier did, which ended up exploding sending both me and Simon flying to opposite ends of the room. He grabbed my throat, and when he touched me I saw a bunch of images. One in particular was a room full of people, men, women and children, all being turned into those monsters.” Dash felt his voice start to waver. The thought of people, whether they were innocent or not he didn’t know, not that it mattered, were being turned into those… those monsters, almost brought him to tears.

“Alright, what happened after that?” asked Nate, finally breaking the silence.

“After that, he demanded that Tikay come with him, but I fought him off and he left,” said Dash.

“Tikay again,” said Miles. “What is with her? Dere must be somethin’ dat she can do dat otha people can’t.”

“Can you call her over here, Dash?” asked Ikky. “She and Olivia would be really useful for our experiments I think.”

“She’s not a lab specimen, Ikky, she’s my girl friend!”

“I know, but I mean, I’m not going to dissect her… I just think we need her. She’s important to all this.”

“Before you call her, there’s something else we need to tell him,” said Nate, standing up.

“Tell me what?” asked Dash. Nate, Miles and Ikky all looked at each other. It had become a bit of a silent agreement amongst them that they didn’t talk about what happened to Dash that night in the warehouse, but it was time they told him.

“That night, in the warehouse, when you fought with Simon, you went berserk after being hit with one of your Pichu’s attacks. Do you remember any of that?” asked Nate.

“No… not really. It’s all kinda hazy, you know? I remember telling Pichu to use that attack Ikky said didn’t exist, Volt Tackle. The next thing I remember clearly is being thrown across the room by the exploding Soldier.”

“Well, Pichu did use Volt Tackle, and it hit you square in the chest. You became… something else. You were much faster, stronger and… well, you didn’t hold back at all,” explained Nate.

“I thought about it guys. It could be another one of the game things… see, in Pocket Monsters, there are six legendary attacks, that only one pokemon per game can learn. Volt Tackle is the electric one. The rest are for Fire, Water, Grass, Flying and Normal,” explained Ikky.

“What’s so great about them?” asked Dash. He was a little freaked out at not being able to remember being in such a mental state, but there were more important matters at hand then his bizarre amnesia.

“Well, they’re the most powerful attacks in the game. In the game, being the key part of that sentence. According to every encyclopedia I’ve ever read on pokemon techniques, these attacks shouldn’t exist in the real world. No one should be able to actually use them,” explained Ikky.

“And yet hea we are wit’ a little Pichu dat knows how to do it,” said Miles. Everyone paused for a few minutes, this time absorbing everything they’d just discussed. Then, Miles went on. “So tell me what happened today.”

“Well, today I discovered a Fire Stone in this very house,” started Ikky. “Another object that shouldn’t exist, and later we found a Water Stone at the beach where Luciden attacked us. He then had a whole heard of baby pokemon attack us, which we knocked out, and then he forced a few to evolve again, somehow, using the Water Stone. After that, he picked a Crawdaunt and a Kingler, and… well, we’re not sure what happened then.”

“I know,” said Dash. “Those Dark Shadows… they chose those two pokemon to be their ‘bodies.’ They’re like Pokemon-Shadow hybrids.”

“That makes as much sense as the rest of this stuff,” said Nate. “So, I guess that’s everything. It still doesn’t explain why they just turned around and went back out to the sea though.”

“That’s another question we’ll have to answer later,” said Ikky. He looked over the information he’d gathered so far, and none of it was giving him any answers. The corphish in the ball matched up to any regular corphish, as far as her biology was concerned. “I’m gonna let her out. Let’s see how she reacts to us.”

Everyone gathered around close. Dash, Nate and Miles held a pokeball each in their hands. Ikky joined the group holding the netball, and tossed it up into the air. It clunked on the floor and in a flash of light, the baby corphish appeared. She still had the dark look in her eyes. She scuttled back and forth, trying to determine where she was, and how she had gotten there. She didn’t try to attack anyone or anything, but she looked far from comfortable.

“Corphish, my name is Icarus. I’m your new trainer.” He squatted down low, observing the pokemon. She looked at him, and made a slashing motion toward him, but didn’t actually mean to or try to connect. She jumped back a bit, hitting Nate’s shin, turning quick and running in the other direction. When she saw she had no place to go, she sat in the middle and started to shake. “Come on back,” he finally said, recalling his pokemon. “She’s terrified. Whatever Luciden did to her, it seems she’s not quite over it yet.” Ikky seemed upset by this. He, as well as everyone else, wished there was something they could do to help the poor lobster pokemon.

Suddenly, Dash’s face lit up. “I’ve got an idea!”