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18th September 2005, 10:46 PM
Adventures in Pokesitting II: Double Trouble

"There she goes...home to Pewter..." Brock began as he waved goodbye to Kendra and Ami one more time.

"I'll admit, this was one wild week..." Ash smiled. "But, making messes or not, she was still a sweetheart..."

"I'll say..." Misty agreed.

"But one thing's for sure..." Brock sighed. "If I'm asked to Poke-sit again, please make the charges a little more behaved..."

"I know..." Ash groaned. "If I have to look after an Azurill again, I'll scream!"

"Which reminds me..." and Misty produced a letter from her pocket. "A letter from Lily and Daisy...they're leaving for a Gym Leader's conference, and have no one to look after their Azurills--"

"AUUUUUUUUUUGHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!" Ash's scream make the whole house shake.

Brock sighed. "Well, here we go again..."

Day 1, Morning

Ash sighed as he paced the floor of the living room. It had been two months after he, Misty and Brock had been asked to babysit Ami, a highly michevious Azurill, and the prospect of looking after two Azurills didn't sound very promising if the charges in question were as rowdy as Ami was. Yet he didn't complain, lest he invoke the wrath of Misty.

"Pika?" Pikachu seemed to notice Ash's concern. "Pika chu?"

"I'm just worried about how handling two Azurills might play out..." Ash explained as he cradled Pikachu in his arms, all the while listing to Misty jabber away on the phone. "I seriously hope they don't flood the bathroom, or bang on the pots and pans, or draw all over the wall, or make a racket at 4 AM..."

"...Okay, I'll see you then!" Misty smiled as she hung up the phone, then turned to Ash. "That was Lily...she and Daisy are on their way here before they leave for the conference..."

"What do I need to do?" Ash asked as he rose from his chair and set Pikachu on the floor.

"You can help Brock set up the back room..." Misty explained. "Lily says that the Azurills like to sleep in seperate cribs..." She paused for a moment to show Ash an old photo of her and the Cerulean Sisters that lay on the coffee table nearby the couch. "The one Lily's holding's named Mizu..." she explained, pointing out an Azurill with a sparkling red bow on its tail. "...and the one Daisy's holding's named Umi." She smiled at the Azurill Daisy was holding, especially noting the sparkling green ribbon on its tail.

"Okay, so Mizu is red, and Umi is green..." Ash noted as he started up the stairs towards the back room. He began repeating to himself "Fire red, leaf green...fire red, leaf green..." as he walked upstairs so he wouldn't forget how to tell his two charges apart.


"Hey, Ash..." Brock called as he spread fresh bedding on one of the cribs. "Why are you saying 'fire red, leaf green' all of a sudden?"

"To help me remember how to tell our charges apart..." Ash explained as he wrote 'Mizu' on a red ribbon with some white paint and tied it to the crib. "Mizu's bow is red, and Umi's is green."

"I see..." Brock smiled as he hung a mobile over the first crib. He smiled as he noticed the bow on Mizu's crib. "That's cute...in fact..." and he reached for a green bow and white paint, wrote "Umi" on the bow, and tied it to the crib by the window.

"And..." Ash hung a second mobile over the second crib, this one with green figures. He was about to spread fresh sheets on Umi's crib when he heard the doorbell ring, followed by Misty answering it. "I think they're here..." he mused as he set some toys in the cribs, complete with red and green stickers on them so he could tell them apart.


"Hello, little guys..." Brock cooed as Lily and Daisy, Azurills in tow, followed him to the back room. "Take a look!" he smiled as he showed off the red and green decorated room.

"See, Mizu? All the red things are yours..." Lily explained as she set Mizu in her crib. "You'll behave for Misty while Mama goes bye bye, won't you?"

"Azu..." Mizu gave Lilly one last hug before tottling over to a Teddiursa plushie lying by her.

Daisy, meanwhile, was trying to console a squalling Umi. "It's all right, Mommy's gonna come back in a few days..." Umi just sniffled as Daisy carefully set her inside the crib. "See?" she cooed as she pointed out the various toys in the crib. "She brought you some toys...all the green toys are for you."

"Azu?" Umi weakly smiled, piqued by a Psyduck pull toy. She laughed a bit as she rolled the figure about the sheets, enthralled by the way it quacked as it rolled along.

"Umi likes things that make noise." Daisy explained as she and Lilly turned to leave.

"I see..." Misty replied. She waved goodbye as Lily and Daisy disappeared down the path. Mizu decided to bound to the window and wave goodbye to her master one last time, but Umi just sat in a corner, bored. Finally, she burst into tears, saddened that her master had left her.

"Talk about seperation anxiety..." Ash sighed as he started for the bookshelf by Mizu's crib, hoping a story would comfort Umi.

"Say..." Misty got an idea. "Maybe Umi would like hearing your guitar, Brock!"

"I was just about to go get it and play for her myself!" Brock laughed as he disappeared down the hallway.

"Ri?" Umi sniffled as Misty rocked her assuringly. She perked up a little when she heard the notes of an acoustic guitar being tuned coming down the hallway. "Zu?"

"Brock's getting something he uses to sing songs with..." Misty explained. "You want to hear him sing? Hm?"

"Azu! Azu!" Mizu bounced around her crib excitedly as Brock returned and settled in a chair facing the cribs, guitar in hand. Umi calmly sighed, all the while admiring the beautiful yellow-brown instrument; especially how the sun reflected off the strings, making them appear to shine.

"Okay...what kind of a song should I sing for these two?" Brock asked as he checked his tuning one last time.

"Ooh! Play...that one you've been practicing on!" Ash suggested.

"All right..." and Brock began to play a slow and quiet melody, over which he sang:

I remember this song, I've known it for so long...
And it feels so good to hear...
Sounds a little sad, but sweet just the same...
Lovely melody....
Whenever I hear this song, I really don't know why....
It makes me shed a little tear... At this, Umi brushed away a small tear as she listened to the soothing sound of Brock's voice.
But I'm sure my tears will soon disappear,
Because I know you're here... Mizu smiled as she moved her head to the music.

Whenever I am feeling sad,
And everything around looks bad,
All I have to do is think of you!
I know my dreams are waiting to come true!

Let's go on with hope in our hearts,
Love will surely show us how!
Let's go on, our hearts filled with dreams!
Let's go on and find them now! He gave the strings one last strum to end the song.

"It worked!" Misty smiled as she admired the two Azurills sleeping peacefully. "You put them right to sleep!" She and Ash were about to leave the room when a sudden cry startled her. "Oh!"

"What?" Ash whirled around, worried by Umi's crying
"Try playing 'Let's Go On' quietly while these two sleep..." Misty whispered. Brock nodded and restarted the soothing song, calming the squalling Umi enough for her to sleep. He continued to play softly as Ash and Misty tiptoed away...

19th September 2005, 3:19 AM
Heh I can tell I like this story. Good to see how you set up everything and intoduced info and such. Good luck on future chapters.

19th September 2005, 4:14 AM
Thank you!

Coming up!

--The story that turns into a play!

19th September 2005, 4:19 AM
I was reading some of the quotes in the authors trivia thread and I saw this and was like ooo fun. I like it seems like an interesting start no mistakes that I found so far. I would love to keep reading this.
jirachiman out ;385;

19th September 2005, 4:41 AM
Thank you!

Episode 2 is in progress as I type this post

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Day 1, Morning

"Now that they're sleeping..." Ash began as he and Misty trooped down the stairs. "Could you maybe tell me a bit more about Mizu and Umi?"

"Mizu's the active one...Lilly says that she's constantly running after her!" Misty laughed as she settled in on the couch and flicked on the TV. "Umi is a little clingy and fussy, especially when she's in unfamiliar territory."

"So I noticed..." Ash sighed as he prepared to sit down next to Misty...but before he could do so, the doorbell rang. "Huh?" "I'll get it!" he assured Misty as he raced to the dor and opened it--and gasped when he saw who was on the front stoop. "May? Max? What a surprise! Come on in!"

"Hope you don't mind a few surprise houseguests..." May laughed as she set her suitcase on the floor. "Mom and Dad are going on vacation for a week, and I asked if we could stay with you for the week."

"Sure..we kinda have two houseguests already..." Ash began.

"Lilly and Daisy had to go to a Gym Leader's conference this week, so we're babysitting their Azurills for the week." Misty explained.

"WOW!" Max was psyched at this. "Can we come see th--"

"SHHH!!" Ash shushed Max. "They'e asleep right now, so keep it quiet." He motioned for May and Max to follow him upstairs and into the back room, where Brock was in the middle of his umpteenth chorus of I remember this song, I've known it for so long... And it feels so good to hear...
"That's a pretty song..." May commented as Brock continued to sing and play his guitar.

"He's been practicing this one for a while now..." Ash replied before giving Brock a nudge. "Hey..."

Sounds a little sad, but sweet just th-...oh, Ash, it's just you." Brock smiled as he flexed his fingers a few times to relax them. "What are May and Max doing here?"

"Norman and Caroline are going on vacation, so May and Max staying with us for the week." Ash explained as he pointed out the cribs to May and Max. "Mizu's the one with the red decor, and Umi's the one with the green decor." He was about to say more when he heard Umi beginning to fuss. "Brock! Start playing again, quick!"

"Okay..." Brock strummed a few uncertain notes. "Where was I?"

"Sounds a little sad..." Max prompted.

"Oh yeah.." and Brock resumed playing and singing. Sounds a little sad, but sweet just the same...Lovely melody...

Day 1, Afternoon

"How did the babies sleep?" Misty asked as the others trooped downstairs into the kitchen, where a bowl of macaroni and cheese was cooking in the microwave.

"Brock had to play 'Let's Go On' at least fifty times..." Ash sighed as he set Mizu and Umi on the counter. "Did you like Brock's song? Hm?" he asked Umi as he turned on the radio, causing a relaxing melody to go drifting into the room.

"Azu azu ri..." Umi replied. Mizu nodded in agreement--but not before she pushed a plate off the counter. Umi giggled as she pushed off another plate, sending Ash into a frantic scramble to catch the falling silverware.

"NOT AGAIN!!!" Ash screeched as he hurried to catch the falling plates--he remembered Ami doing this, so he was determined not to have all the silverware break again. Thankfully, he managed to return the plates to the cabinet before the plate pushing got too out of hand.

"Nice catch, Ash." May smiled as she offered Umi an apple chunk.

"Thanks..." Ash replied as he stuck a TV dinner in the microwave for himself....


"Look at them, enjoying their meals...." May smiled as she watched Mizu and Ami eat their lunches, all the while chattering away.

"Maybe we could provide some entertainment for them?" Max suggested, waving several sheets of paper in the others' faces. "This is a story I wrote for school...it's about a Pokemon puppeteer who goes on an adventure to rescue the princess he loves."

"I claim the hero's role!" Brock announced, psyched. "Do I get to kiss her at the end?"

"Nope, sorry..." Max laughed. "No kissing...but you do get to sing!"

"And Ash can voice Pikachu!" May suggested, pointing out several lines that mentioned a Pikachu. "Come on, let's go get ready!" The babies watched, bemused, as everyone rushed to get costumes, create a set, and take care of effects.


"And now, we present to you our production of 'The Puppeteer's Princess'!" Ash announced to the babies. "Enjoy..." With that he raised the curtain on a makeshift stage, revealing a makeshift set of a town. The babies smiled as some soft music played in the background...until Brock suddenly appeared in in a spotlight, clad in a purple and gold vest and black pants.

I know that you're out there and I'm waiting for you! he sang. Taran is my name and I'm a puppeteer too! he sang, obviously getting into the role of Taran, the hero. With my Poke-friends, there's nothing that I can't do! he continued gesturing to Pikachu, Combusken, and Beautifly as they appeared on the stage sitting still, presumably trying to act like puppets. They are there to help me make my dreams come true, and once you get to know them, they just might help you too. And all the Pokemon in the world... he sang, making a big gesture that nearly knocked Combusken over. will help me find my way to you! I know that you're out there and I'm waiting for you!

There he goes again, he's so in love... Ash sang in a high pitched voice while Pikachu mouthed the words, giving the babies the impression that Pikachu was singing.

"So?" Brock asked Pikachu.

As if lightning struck him from above... Pikachu continued to "sing".

"But it did!" Brock protested, causing the babies to giggle.

I love you, princess, you are my true love...Taran, won't you stop the silly dreaming, please? Ash continued to sing as Pikachu.

"Can't you see?" I'm just trying to make my dream come true! Brock sang again.

"In a tunic like THAT???" Ash taunted in his Pikachu voice, causing the babies to laugh again.

I've done everything, a guy's supposed to! Brock sang as he danced across the stage, completely ignoring Pikachu. I bathe in the healing spring, even wash behind my ears! he sang as a set of a spring appeared behind him.

"Oh!" Ash gasped in his Pikachu voice.

All the water may tickle my nose, but it gets me squeaky clean..and when I'm done, I look so beautiful! Brock continued to sing, complete with striking a dramitic pose on "beautiful".

Taran, you're such a silly guy! Ash taunted as Pikachu. You must look further, than mere appearances to see... On this line, the music stopped as Ash continued: "Taran? Are you following this? What's important is..." WHAT'S INSIDE OF YOU!!!!!! he sang in time to the music, holding the word "you" for emphasis. The babies howled with laughter as Pikachu's dramatic pose.

"What's inside of me..." Brock mused as he settled into a thoughtful pose.

Don't you understand what I am saying to you? Ash asked as Pikachu. Look inside yourself and you will find out what is true! You must be courageous and be true to your heart... It will make you happy when you know just where to start!

I see it's what's inside of me... Brock sang.

"Yeah! What's inside of you!" Ash exclaimed.

Someday I'll find my love, she'll be the one for me...I'll be waiting patiently until she comes! Brock sang, looking out stage left for his princess.

"I told you, don't wait! You take the initiative!" Ash snapped as Pikachu, making the babies laugh again.

Now I remember...think for myself! Brock sang.

"Yeah, that's it!" Ash exclaimed.

Someday I'll find her, and she wil be the girl of my dreams! Brock sang again.

We'll share our lives as one, until the end of time! Brock and Pikachu sang together. Someday our hearts will beat as one! They waited for the music to finish before yelling "YEAH!" to end the song.

"Azu! Azu!" Mizu cried as she applauded.

"Riiiii!" Umi agreed as the set changed to a forest...

Day 1, Evening

"Wow...putting on a play was so much fun!" May smiled as she tucked the babies in for the night.

"I think Umi liked your Pikachu voice, Ash..." Misty smiled as she set Umi in her crib. "But May also does a good Combusken and Beautifly voice as well..."

Azu azu zu ri azu zu ri azu... Umi sang as she clutched a Teddiursa plushie. Mizu giggled in agreement as Ash switched off the light....

19th September 2005, 9:52 PM
Heh nice setup with this chapter. Nice situations. I really don't see them pplaying puppets but meh.

19th September 2005, 11:12 PM
Actually, the Pokemon were acting parts of puppets that come to life in Max's story...

Coming up:

--The Cinema Adventure!

21st September 2005, 8:16 PM
Actually, the Pokemon were acting parts of puppets that come to life in Max's story...

Coming up:

--The Cinema Adventure!
woo cool cool cool

22nd September 2005, 1:15 AM
Wow! This is great! Pretty much what I would expect from you, FR. (Mind if I call ya that?) ^_^

Hey, here's a crazy idea, how about whenever they are getting them dressed after a bath or something, they get the bows mixed up. You can just imagine the crazy antics that can happen, right? :)

BTW, explain to me how an Azurill can hold something, based on the FACT that they have no hands? :)

22nd September 2005, 1:26 AM
They use their tails as a hand, natually

I do have some gags in the movie theater coming up...

22nd September 2005, 1:28 AM
Ooh I can't wait! Good luck!

22nd September 2005, 4:41 AM
Well, at this point they're getting candy and such...

22nd September 2005, 9:14 PM

a preview and a movie preview plugging my two big fics....


can't wait.

Just thought I'd read this so I'd be caught up when you posted the chapter.

it's very good. Maybe could use a bit more description...(but I say that to everyone, even me :D ).

can't wait to see the movie theatre stuff!

22nd September 2005, 10:16 PM
Trust me, your two fics will be plugged....plus I have a few gags planned for the movie theater.

23rd September 2005, 2:51 AM
Day 2, Morning

"Good morning, you two!" Ash cooed as he entered the back room the next day. "We've got something special planned for you today..."

"Azu?" MIzu snapped to attention, eager to hear what Ash had to say. "Azu ri?"

"Ri?" Umi yawned, curious as to why her sister was so excited.

"We're going to go to the movie theater and see a movie!" Ash explained as he opened the window. "But before we can go, we need to pick a movie to go see..." With that, he scooped Mizu and Umi in his arms and carried them downstairs to the kitchen, where the others were poring over the newspaper's movie listings.

"Crobatman Forever?" Brock suggested, pointing out a movie.

"Nah, we need to pick something that's rated G..." Misty cautioned. "With over 50 screens at the megaplex, there's bound to be SOMETHING rated G showing..." she mused as she studied the newspaper.

"How about 'Finding Milo'?" Max suggested. "May's seen it twice!"

"Or maybe 'Persians'?" May suggested. "I love the song 'Memory'"...

"Well, a Broadway show would be a little over their heads..." Brock noted...until a familiar figure caught his interest. "Oh! I didn't know 'Pokeguardians' had a movie!"

"They do?" Ash leaned over to look at the picture of Karinai posing, interested.

"Yeah...'Pokeguardians: The First Journey'...Brock added. "Do Mizu and Umi like 'Pokeguardians'?

Azu azu ri azu... Mizu sang to the tune of the 'Pokeguardians' theme song.

"I'll take that as a yes..." Ash smiled as he rushed upstairs to get ready.

"Ri?" Umi was bewildered by the picture of Karinai.

"'Pokeguardians' is about a group of kids that use the power of Pokemon to fight scary monsters." Brock explained, turning the newspaper so Umi could see the picture of Karinai. "This girl is Karinai...she's the leader of the Guardians; and uses the power of Fearow to fight."

"Azu azu ri?" Umi asked.

"What happens if there is no scary monster to fight? Then Karinai just looks like a normal girl named Cathrine." Misty added as she delivered a now cleaned Mizu to Ash.

"Azu azu?" Umi was still confused.

"If Cathrine sees somebody in trouble, she says the magic words..." and Brock struck Karinai's pre-transformation pose. "FEAROW CRYSTAL POWER!!!"

Karinaiiiiiii....Doo-doo-doo, doo-doo-doo-doo, doo-dit-doo... Ash started to sing Karinai's transformation theme as he cleaned Umi up. Umi just giggled at Ash's surprisingly good rendition of the song.

"Those magic words turn her into Karinai...and since she's the leader, she gets special music when she's turning into Karinai." Brock explained as he joined the others on the path.

"Azu azu ri?" Umi asked.

"Of course not..." Karinai has friends--other Guardians--to help her." May explained as the group set out to the bus stop....


"Okay, you two..." Ash explained as the group approached the movie theater. "This is the movie theater...it has giant TVs inside that show different movies before they come out on video and DVD."

"Azu?" Mizu made a small form in the air.

"Nope, bigger than that." Misty explained as the group got in line. "Try..." and she made an even bigger form in the air. "big enough that it needs a whole wall to fit." Both babies' eyes widened, impressed. "But before we go in, we have to pay for a ticket first." she explained as she handed her payment for a ticket to the teller.

"Then when we go inside, we give the tickets to the ticket taker, and he'll take the piece that shows we've paid to get in." Ash continued as he handed his ticket to the usher, who tore off the ticket's smaller end; then handed the stub to Ash.

"Then comes the best part before the movie!" May explained she she cradled Mizu in her arms. "We get to pick what treats we want to eat during the movie!" Mizu glanced around the brightly decorated movie theater, enthralled by the colorful lights, the posters, and the buttery aroma of popcorn.

"When we get inside the theater...." Brock explained to Umi as the group approached the refreshment counter. "it'll get very dark...then the TV will show some commercials for upcoming movies..."

"Sometimes they'll even show a cartoon before the movie..." Ash added as he studied the impressive array of candies.

"But when it does get dark, that means we have to be quiet so other people will be able to enjoy the movie." Brock explained as he accepted the tray containing the group's popcorn, candy and drinks from the counter. "So no singing the 'Pokeguardians' theme song."

"Zu..." Mizu sighed, until a poster with a shiny Flygon on it caught her interest. "Azu ri?" she asked Misty, frantically pointing out the poster that read "New Lands: New Heroes".

"That Flygon's special because of his color..." Misty explained. "In fact, there some Azurills like you that are colored differently..."

"Azu zu ri?" Umi pointed at a second poster on the right wall, one that depicted the words "Hell Hath no Fury: An Ice Queen's Saga.". "Zu ri?" she asked, pointing at two red words hanging omniously above Lorelei and a very battered Sneasel: Coming Soon.

"'Coming Soon' means that that movie's going to come out in theaters very soon." Brock explained. "It could be a few days, it could be a few weeks, it could even be a few months, but it will come out." With that, he led the group into the theater showing 'Pokeguardians", where some people were already seated, enjoying their drinks and treats as they watched the screen loop movie trivia.

"All right..." Ash began as he settled in with his popcorn. "We can't have Mizu and Umi crawling all over us during the movie, so they need to stay put with somebody..."

"Umi will sit with me..." Misty called back as she fed Umi some popcorn.

"Azu ri!" Mizu called as she snatched some of Brock's popcorn, all the while watching more people and Pokemon enter the theater.

After a few minutes, the lights dimmed, and the screen went blank before a blue screen that read 'The following preview has been rated PG-13' appeared.

"Ri?" Umi was confused.

"That means this movie has some things in it that you probably don't need to see yet." Brock whispered as some omnious music began playing in the background.

There will be a great battle fought..... an announcer began as the noise and stills of a battle scene flashed on the screen.

Causing heroes from one world.... A purple sillhouette of a lizard, a green sillhouette of a crocodile, and a red sillhouette of an bee appeared on the screen.

And villains to cross.... At this, various robots appeared on the screen.

Into our world... Some sillhouettes of trainers appeared.

From there shall be a great war... The "good" sillhouettes and "bad" sillhouettes began to battle...

Over seven legendary treasures..... At this, seven rainbow diamonds appeared.

If in the wrong hands....

Can spell chaos for all.... An omnious figure laughed as the planet suddenly exploded, sending Mizu and Umi scrambling under the seats in fear.

"Hey, the world's not really going to go ka-boom, okay?" Misty assured the two shuddering Azurills as she dragged them back to her seat, only pausing to deliver Umi to Brock.

But when these three... The crocodile, lizard, and bee sillhouettes reappeared.

Join a band of trainers... The trainer sillhouettes reappeared again.

They have a chance....

To stop a madman’s plan... The same omnious figure that had laughed before now clutched the same diamonds from earlier.

And many more foes that desire these precious treasure.... Various robots and some other humans appeared in sillhouette.

Can they succeed? Find out in... and the title of the movie appeared over the seven diamonds. The Chaos Emerald Frontier! Coming soon to a theater near you! With that, the diamonds let out a flash of rainbow light to end the preview, causing some in the audience to shield their eyes.

"Now THAT sounds like a cool movie!" Max commented as he slurped his drink, causing Mizu and Umi to giggle.

"Sh! Here comes the next preview!" May whispered as another "The following preview has been rated PG-13" screen appeared.

Some hopeful music started as the screen depicted a TV displaying an anchorwoman behind a desk. “We are pleased to announce that Giovanni, former head of Team Rocket before the Global Police’s recent crackdown on crime, was caught yesterday afternoon by Tintian Border authorities as he attempted to flee the country.”

Imagine a world where you thought evil was destroyed forever in one shining moment. Pokemon forever free to live their lives, with the occasional trainer coming along and trying to capture one or two….without Rockets to harass them. an announcer began as the music changed to a tense tune as the scene changed to an office. A man in a simple black uniform sat behind a simple wooden desk, and looked at a girl with dark red hair, “I want this to be clear, Peters. We can have no mistakes.”

The woman nods, “I understand. There will be none. Giovanni will be dead within seventy-two hours.”

Imagine a world, full of peace, and warm feelings. A peace where evil has no foothold. the announcer commented.

The scene changed to a courtroom, where Indigo League’s Champion, Lance, stands before a group of reporters in a press conference. His face looks haggard, his hair rumpled, his suit untidy, as if he had been in a fight and hadn’t gotten any sleep the night before. “Ladies and Gentlemen, I have an announcement to make. I regret to inform you that Giovanni will not stand trial.” He holds a hand up before the press can shout, “I assure you, were he still alive, he would indeed stand trial, but I regret that he died in his sleep last night.”

If you still have that image in your head, bash it to pieces, and imagine a world of exactly the opposite. At this, the courtroom image shattered as the next scene began: a press conference where a man of distinctly Asian nationality stood next to a woman who looked like she came from a tropical climate. The woman began, “We, The leaders of Team Magma, Jiang Fernandez,” she motioned to the man beside her, “And myself, Joan Paula Jones, leader of Team Aqua, both hereby accuse Champion Lance of murdering Giovanni in his sleep, with his own form of cowboy justice. We give him twelve hours to produce information to prove his innocence.”

What if all your worst nightmares about the world…. the announcer continued as the scene suddenly froze for a moment, then resumed as a slightly different scene faded in, where The two leaders of Magma and Aqua were looking into the camera once again. “The twelve hours have passed, and proof of Lance’s innocence has not been brought forward. Therefore, we are announcing that Team Aqua and Magma will be merging into one team, Team Maqua, to remove the blight of the Indigo League from the face of the earth, and avenge Giovanni’s death.”

Came true…. In the next scene, Cassidy, at a video phone, speaking to the man in the black suit behind the desk, “Engaran Central Command? This is Cassidy. Things are on schedule, and are going smoothly. Operation: Celebi, should be pulled off without a hitch.”

In one month?

The music turned exciting as the scene shifted back to the office, where the man in the black suit was speaking to the red haired girl from earlier. “The invasion of Kanto must take place in exactly one month, or all our plans will be for naught.”

The girl looked him in the eye, “Everything will be ready by then, sir. I stake my life on it.”

The man in the black suit smiled faintly, “Oh, you are, Peters, make no mistake of that. You most certainly are.” The words "Operation: Celebi" flashed on the sceen for a moment, then floated to the bottom of the screen as the scene changed to show Butch and Cassidy, standing together on a naval vessel. The camera zoomed out to reveal an aircraft carrier, then zoomed out further to reveal an entire armada of a HUGE number of ships, two thirds of which were separating from the main group, and heading off in another direction. The sky was nearly black, but as the camera zoomed out further still, depicting planes, flying Pokemon, and dragons flying in patrol patterns above the massive fleet.

Coming soon to theaters from the man who brought you Hell Hath no Fury: An Ice Queen's Saga. Suddenly, a jet roared towards the camera, and just at the point of impact, the screen went black.

"Did that scare you?" Brock cooed as he fished Mizu from his popcorn. Mizu shakily nodded. "Don't worry...that movie's too scary for you anyway...." he whispered as he cleaned popcorn kernels off of Mizu and sat her in his lap.

"Look, a cartoon's coming on!" Misty whispered to Umi as a female announcer proclaimed. "And now, our special Mini feature..." Umi smiled and bit into a popcorn kernel as the words "Mini-Feature" appeared in an ornate script underneath moving movie film. Then, some happy music started to play as a Pichu's face appeared on the screen. Mizu and Umi both cheered--they knew a "Jerry the Pichu" cartoon when they saw one.

"That's right, it's Jerry the Pichu!" Ash whispered back as the cartoon's title appeared: "Jerry the Pichu in: 'That Pesky Pichu!'" The scene opened on the scene of a Rocket base, where Jessie, James, and Meowth were scrubbing the floor.

“I don’t why we have to the scrubbing instead of doing a real job,” James complained.

“Cos, pea-brain,” Jesse muttered back. “The boss has had enough of us trying to catch that twerp’s Pikachu… coming from my view it’s the fault of you two!”

James and Meowth became shocked of her criticism. “Hey!” Meowth shouted. “At least we’re da ones doin’ ALL da hard work while someone just sits on her lazy behind and bark orders!” Mizu and Umi giggled at the looks on James and Meowth's faces.

Before Jessie could make a comeback at that remark, obviously being angered by that, a voice stopped their arguing. “Hey!”

The trio turned to the voice’s attention. “What?” they shouted in an annoyed tone.

“Hey! Chill out!” said the man, also in Team Rocket uniform, only he was wearing black with a hat shading his eyes. “Just wondering if you guys saw this Pichu running around?”

The trio became puzzled. “No,” Jesse replied. “Why would you want to look for a Pichu in this building?”

“That little rat ate my lunch!” the grunt snarled angrily. “When I find that little creep, I’m gonna bust his head in!”

As he politely walked passed his teammates while grumbling angrily, the trio continued scrubbing the floor, somehow forgetting their argument. They soon noticed a little baby mouse walking passed them, making black footprints on the floor, much to the trio’s shock and the audience's delight--once Jerry appeared in his cartoons, absolute mayhem was sure to follow...

“Aw, great!” Meowth complained. “He left dose black markin’s!”

“It doesn’t matter, Meowth,” James replied as he dipped the brush into the bucket. “It’s just a baby Pokemon, besides we haven’t scrubbed this part yet.”

“Yeah, but…” Meowth said but he became even more shocked as he saw James unnoticeably scrubbed some black paint on the floor. “DAH! James! Jessie! Look!”

The audience roared with laughter as his two human comrades looked at what James did and the jaw of their mouths dropped to the floor and bounced back to normal. “Dat little critter must’ve switched buckets without us noticin’!” Meowth yelled. The audience laughed again.

Jerry stuck his tongue out, taunting the trio. “C’mon back here, you twerp!” Jessie snarled as she grabbed the bucket with the paint in it, attempting to hit Jerry with it. But she accidentally stepped on a banana skin and began skidding along the floor while Jerry escaped, much to the delight of the audience.

She rammed into a wall next to a door and accidentally spilt the paint all over herself, triggering more laughter. Mizu and Umi were still laughing as she took the bucket off her head. Suddenly, she and her teammates heard a familiar voice that they feared the most.

A man in a red tuxedo with a face shaded in the shadows walked around a corner. It turned out that it was the boss of Team Rocket. Jessie, without being noticed, zoomed next to her boss and instantly pretended to be his shadow.

The boss, without noticing her, mumbled various things as he came to his door to his office and opened it. As he entered and closed the door, Jessie let out of small sigh of relief… until the door quickly opened again and accidentally slamming onto her, prompting more laughter from the audience.

“What? When did this happen?” the boss yelled into his cell phone. “I’ll be there right away!” With that, he slammed the door shut and hurried away. Jessie became incredibly dizzy and fainted with the paint that was covering her now printed on the door and wall.

Meanwhile, James and Meowth were chasing Jerry with mallets in their hands / paws. After spending some time chasing after him, James and Meowth decided to split and go into different direction in an attempt to catch Jerry out.

As Meowth stopped at a corner to look round, Jerry sneakily slipped a Pichu dummy on the cat’s tail and quickly ran away. Ash snickered at this--he knew what was coming up. May and Max noticed Ash's laughter and giggled as well as Jerry stopped running to take a breather. Meowth looked around another corner and spotted Jerry sitting on the floor. “Gotcha now, Pichu,” Meowth whispered.

As he slowly walked round that corner, James was coming round that same corner and spotted what he thought was Jerry…and he slammed his mallet on Meowth’s tail that had the Pichu dummy on it!

Meowth let out a loud scream in pain and then reacted by scratching James’s face like an angry cat. The audience howled with laughter as the scene focused on Jerry. “Pi he he! Pichu Pichu!” he laughed, while some subtitles appeared under him, translating the Pichu gibberish for the audience.

"Jerry said 'He he he! What dummies!'" Brock read the subtitles to Mizu. Mizu softly giggled as Jerry playfully ran away.

After minutes of recuperating, Team Rocket decided to set a trap for the little rat. First, they had to find a hole where Jerry would be hiding if he wasn’t stealing food from them. In no time at all, they spotted a small hole in a wall, indicating that it was Jerry’s mouse hole.

They drew an X on the floor and placed an anvil on it. They then tied a rope around the heavy object and managed to lift it up using a hook on the ceiling for leverage while hiding around the corner. Meowth, being creepy, placed a small piece of cheese on the cross for Jerry, tapped on the mouse hole and quickly zoomed back to his teammates to help them hold on to the rope.

As expected, Jerry came out of his hole and saw the cheese and began drooling at it, but he also spotted a foot around the corner, immediately seeing it as a trap. So, he zoomed back into the hole and came out holding a pizza box.

The Rockets saw what Jerry was holding and became curious of what it was. They began to smell something delicious coming from the box.

“Ah…” James moaned in a pleasant way. “Pineapple, ham, cheese…”

“Pepperoni, pepper, tomato…” Jessie continued.

“Not to mention anchovies…” Meowth said while drooling uncontrollably.

Jerry quickly replaced the cheese with the pizza box and zoomed back into his hole. Coincidentally, a siren sounded, indicating that it was…

“Lunch time!” the trio yelled as they ran to the pizza box… completely forgetting of what they were holding onto as the anvil crashed right top of them. The audience could barely contain itself as the falling Rockets created big holes on each incoming floor.

A few hours later, everyone of the Team Rocket base was called up to go the roof of the base. “There it is!” the boss yelled. “The legendary Zapdos!” His flunkies were standing in line behind him as they each held a bazooka gun each. In particular, Jesse, James and Meowth who were bandaged and stitched up caused by their mishap in their trap earlier on.

“That pizza box had nothing in it!” Jesse snarled in thought. “Not even a crumb!”

Suddenly, a Wobbuffet released himself from his pokeball and yelled out his name, catching the trio’s attention. “Wobbuffet!”

“Don’t you start!” Jessie snarled, unaware that Jerry was in the scene. The little mouse spotted a piece of rope on the floor and looked at Wobbuffet.

Meanwhile, the Lightning Bird pokemon was soaring through the sky as it screeched suspiciously at Team Rocket. “Get ready to aim!” the boss ordered. His flunkies did as he commanded as they aimed they bazookas at Zapdos, while Wobbuffet looked down on Jerry frantically motioning that it wanted Wobbuffet to hold the rope.

Curious of what Jerry wanted to do, Wobbuffet grabbed hold of the rope. “FIRE!” the boss’s voice shouted. Everyone did as he instructed as they fired out their bazookas, which were small spears with ropes tied to them. The trio turned to Wobbuffet as it was still holding the rope and wondered what the rope was tied to. After a few seconds, they finally knew that the rope was tied to one of the spears.

“WOBBUFFET!” they cried as they tried to get the blue blob to let go of the rope… but as they grabbed it the spear dragged them along with it!

Almost all of the spears missed the legendary pokemon but one of was able to wrap around Zapdos’s leg, but it managed to escape and flew away… along with the trio and Wobbuffet that was hanging on to the rope!

“Come back with my pokemon!” the boss yelled.

“Sorry, boss! But we’re flying off again!” the trio cried.

“Wobbuffet!” the blue blob cried.

Elsewhere, Jerry was sitting comfortably in his mouse hole as it heard the screaming of the trio and gave a small sigh. “Pichu! Pichu!” it squeaked randomly.

"Jerry says 'I like those guys.'” Brock explained to Mizu. He led the applause as the words "THE END" appeared on the screen.

"Thanks for joining us for this special preview...and now, our feature presentation." the female announcer proclaimed as the words "Feature Presentation" appeared on the screen in the same ornate font.

"Here we go...time for 'Pokeguardians'!" Brock smiled as he chomped on some popcorn. Mizu just smiled as the screen began to sing the long version of the 'Pokeguardians' theme song...when that concluded, the words "The First Journey" appeared on a black screen...


"...so the Guardians have just defeated the monster." Misty explained to Umi as the Guardians discussed why Raisheal was having strange visions. "but they don't know why Raisheal's having the weird visions..."

"Zu." Umi smiled as she nibbled on a chocolate bar. Suddenly, she gasped as Raisheal collapsed to the floor. "AZU!" she yelped.

"SHHHH!!!!" Brock shushed Umi. "Quiet..."

"Azu zu ri?" Umi asked, pointing out a strange girl in the vision's fog.

"Watch and see..." Misty assured Umi as Hitenba, the Guardian of Charizard, explained: "Raisheal's probably receiving these visions from a parallell universe..."


"Brock? Can you handle both babies for a while?" Misty asked as she delivered Umi to Brock. "I'm going to get a refill on popcorn...."

"Sure..." and Brock invited Umi into his lap. "Okay...now the Guardians have arrived in this other world..." he explained as the Pokeguardians crawled through a dense forest...until they were suddenly stopped by a girl clad in rainbow sailor-like armor.
"Han! No mahines pase!" she barked.

"Azu? Umi was confused.

"She's speaking the language of Mew..." Brock explained. "and what she said means 'Halt! No dark ones will pass.'"

"Zu ri?" Umi asked, pointing at the words explaining the Mew to the audience.

"Those are what's called subtitles...they tell the audience what the Mew means." Brock replied, annoyed that he was having to explain to Umi, watch the movie, and keep his popcorn away from Mizu at the same time.

Anu no mahine... Raisheal explained to the girl. "Anu ra tihane...

"I am not a dark one, I am a light one." Brock translated.

"Eramos tihanes..." Raisheal continued, gesturing to the other Guardians.

"We are all light ones." Brock continued to translate.

Ite, tihanes... my name is Termina." the girl replied.

"Hello, light ones...my name is Termina." Brock translated again.

"Anything happen?" Misty asked as she returned with more popcorn and took Umi from Brock.

"We just met Termina, Guardian of Mew..." Brock explained as he continued to eat his popcorn.

Several hours later...

"Wow! That battle was amazing!" Max raved as the group exited the theater later that afternoon.

"Azu azu ri azu!" Umi agreed as she twirled in Brock's arms.

"You liked it when Termina and Raisheal danced?" Brock smiled. "I did too."

"There was so much great music on there..." Ash raved. "I'm gonna have to learn to play some of it on my Pokeflute!" Everyone laughed as they continued down the path towards home...

AN: Thank you to Wes, Ash_Junior, Brian Powell, and Shiny Flygon for letting me plug their fics!

23rd September 2005, 3:07 AM
This chapter was so great..then again you did help advertise my fic...but nontheless. Ah Jerry one funny Pichu indeed. Heh and that movie plot was pretty interesting. Nontheless a very good chapter...she did advertise my fic you know? Bonus points for that! ^_^.

Ahem anyway good luck with your next chapter buddy!

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no problem.

that was great.

my only complaint is that my fics didn't have more "air time"


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Thank you again, for letting me plug your fics!

23rd September 2005, 3:33 AM
It's cool and thank you for helping to advertise our fics!

23rd September 2005, 3:55 AM
Coming up:

--Intro to the orchestra!

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Music egh? Never hurts for that!

23rd September 2005, 4:09 AM
And before you ask, the next episode does not involve taking them to the symphony...the symphony's right there in the house!

Brian Random
23rd September 2005, 10:47 AM
I actually quite enjoyed the first two chapters, FlamingRuby.

I like how you made Ash scream at the beginning of the fic when Misty announced the next couple of Azurill arriving. Hilarious! XD.

Other things I enjoyed: the fact that Brock had to sing the same song to the Azurills a number of times just to keep them asleep, Ash acting like a ventriloquist for Pikachu (I could do some ventriloquism myself, don’t mean to brag but…), and, of course, the two adorable babies… such cuteness.

A couple of typing errors here and there but nothing important.

What do you think, Umi?

Umi (From the fic): *Squeaks*

O_O She said the whole thing’s terrible!

Overall score (so far): 4/5
Advice: Check on your chapters for errors before placing each fic. Also, work on the length of your chapters.

23rd September 2005, 3:09 PM
I know those chapters were short, and I'm trying to lengthen them a bit.

Thanks for letting me use "That Pesky Pichu" as a movie short!

Coming up:

--Intro to the orchestra, piano style!

Brian Random
23rd September 2005, 7:36 PM
I enjoyed your latest chapter, particularly the ‘Pichu’ bit *Wink wink*. I guess you pinpointed the funny bits and got your characters to laugh at those bits, no?

Overall score (so far): 5/5
Advice: None right now.

23rd September 2005, 7:55 PM
I hope you didn't mind audience cues...

Coming this weekend:

Intro to the orchestra: piano style!

24th September 2005, 2:44 AM
Day 2, Afternoon

"Okay, you two..." Ash smiled as he tucked the babies in for a nap. "Sweet dreams..." With that, he switched off the lights and trooped downstairs to the living room, where Brock was about to settle in at the piano. "Just play whatever you practice quiet..." he cautioned as Brock got some sheet music in order.

"I know..." Brock assured Ash. "I just haven't practiced the piano in a few days..." With that, he started a relaxing melody...until he saw that the piano was still set to its defaults. "This sounds better when it's set to 'acoustic guitar'." he explained as he chose the setting from the list of instruments. He began the melody again, but this time the tune sounded like it really was being played on a guitar.

"Okay...you go on and practice..."The girls and Max want me to play Monopoly with them, so I won't keep them waiting." With that, Ash disappeared down the hall. Brock just sighed contentedly, turned the page, and was about to resume his song--until an odd note at the bass end of the piano caught his attention. He whirled around to see Umi perched nearby his binder of sheet music, giggling as she touched one of the keys with her tail.

"I see you want to practice with me, hm?" Brock cooed as he cradled Umi in his arms.

"Azu?" Umi was more interested in the arrays of notes, rests, lines and other musical symbols on the page. "Azu ri?"

"Those black and white dots? Those are 'notes'." Brock explained. "They tell you how long to hold the key down...there are eight kinds of notes in any one key: do, re, mi, fa, so, la, ti, do." he explained, naming each key as he played it.

"Zu ri?" Umi asked, pointing out a sharp sign in the key signature.

"That little number sign at the beginning means play one of the black keys instead of a white one." Brock continued. "The more of them there are, the more black keys you have to play."

"Azu?" Umi was confused.

"Okay...let's pretend you're gonna write a song in the key of...mmm...I don't know, say...so." Brock explained, hitting a G key for emphasis. "If we left the scale just like you've heard it, but starting on so..." and he begain singing the words as he went up the scale. "Our scale would be doing just fine until we got to HERE!!!"

"Ri!" Umi chirped, disgusted by the off key note.

"Yuck is right, that off note won't make our song sound very pretty.." Brock continued. "But if we draw a number sign next to the fa...it turns into fi..." he explained, hitting the F# key. He was about to say more when he heard a few more ersatz notes...

"Azu azu ri!" Mizu called as she started flipping the sheet music's pages...

"GAH!!!" Brock scrambled to keep the book away from Mizu, but winced as the book fell to the floor. "So much for my practicing... he thought as Mizu and Umi bounded up and down the keyboard, laughing all the while. He sighed as he reset the instrument setting back to "piano". "Hey..." he started, getting the babies' attention. "Did you know this kind of piano is special?"

"Azu?" Umi was insterested.

"When was the last time you heard a piano sound like..." and Brock set the piano to 'Pokeflute', "a Pokeflute?" He played a few notes to demonstrate. "Or a fiddle?" he asked, playing a few notes on the "fiddle" setting. "Or a trumpet?" he demonstrated by playing a riff on the "trumpet" setting.

"Azu..." Mizu was impressed.

"That's not all it can do..." and Brock paused to turn on the "auto chord" setting. "If I set the drums to play a certain rhythm..." he explained as he set the rhythm to "Vulpix Trot" and sped up the tempo to 180. "and hit one of the keys with a letter over it..." and he hit the C key, causing a jazzy beat to blare into the room. "it plays that note. Which reminds me..." and he began a familiar jazzy tune...

Listen (http://s41.yousendit.com/d.aspx?id=19AZPFAL5HQ8V2ZTBYR3UOR87G)

"Azu ri!" Umi smiled as Brock played the jazzy tune. Mizu just hopped and jumped to the beat...until May walked in the room, piqued by the music. "Uh, Brock?"

"Yeah?" Brock started, temporarily muting the melody, but still playing the left hand part.

"Um..." May stammered, mesmerized by the tune. "That's a cool song! Maybe you could teach it to the babies and give us a concert!"

"I think I will..." Brock smiled as he resumed the melody...

An hour or so later....

"So Brock taught the babies how to play the piano..." Ash mused as he settled in an easy chair. "THIS I have to see..."

"But how did they find the piano if they were SUPPOSED to be asleep?" Misty grumbled as she made herself comfortable on the couch.

"They must've heard him practicing or something...." Max assured Misty. "Okay, Maestro...we're ready!"

Listen (http://s41.yousendit.com/d.aspx?id=3PBQ1Z067AZI21PY4RKJYBIV83)

Brock started the tune, playing bass on the left hand and piano on the right...after a renditon of the tune, Umi joined in on the right hand part, playing a few clarinet notes to accompany Brock's melody. Mizu, meanwhile, added a few organ notes to compliment the bass line Brock was playing...then the three of them played the tune together with their respective parts, then Umi played the tune one last time to finish. Ash led the applause as the babies took a bow.

"Wow!" Misty was impressed.

"Encore!" Max agreed.

"Okay, one encore, coming up!" and Brock started a slightly slower melody...

Listen (http://s41.yousendit.com/d.aspx?id=3ECM6LEKU0P8J0IW55G23Z5O8K)

After a quick flourish, Mizu began the first part of the tune on "clarinet" while Brock provided the bass line. Mizu played the second part of the tune on the "trombone" setting. The tune continued with several more variations. vibes and trombone, a saxophone duet, an electric guitar duet, clarinet and vibes, a trombone duet...each variation more interesting than the last!

24th September 2005, 3:00 AM
Nice music and nice chapter so far Flamingruby. Pretty good. Sounds like something that inspired Ash to make a band! Heh.

24th September 2005, 3:18 AM
Speaking of "Frontier", the Round 2 finale should go up this weekend.

Coming up:

--Mayhem in the Grocery Store!

24th September 2005, 3:22 AM
Oh boy...Supermarkets are always prefect place for some chaos! The place is filled with so many food, supplies, medicines, and etc..next chapter I can tell well be a lot more on the comedy side which is good.

24th September 2005, 3:25 AM
Let me jsut say "Cleanup in Aisle 1, Aisle 2, Aisle 3, Aisle 4, Aisle 5, and probably Aisle 6."

2nd October 2005, 9:26 PM
A preview:

The store's where we go to get food..." Ash explained. "but before we go, we make a list as to what we need more of." He waited as Misty added another item to the ever growing list.

"Let's see if I have this right..." and Misty began reading off the list, unaware that Mizu had wriggled free of Ash's grip, found her pen, and was in the process of writing "kandee" on the last line. "Bread, milk, juice, fruit..."

"Azu ri?" Umi asked, curious as to what Mizu had written on the last line.

"Zuri." Mizu replied. Umi's eye's brightened at the prospect of candy...

"...cheese, noodles, salsa makings, candy..." Misty continued, but then noticed the crude writing on the last line. "Huh? Who put 'candy' on the list?" She whirled around when she saw Mizu and Umi turning purple trying not to laugh, knowing Misty had been had.

"We might get some candy IF you guys behave..." Brock sighed as he erased the word off the list...

2nd October 2005, 9:50 PM
Sry, for taking so long to get back to this, it's really hard to read when chapters kinda came like right after another. Marching Band and hw keep me from being on serebii at times. Anyway funny chappies. I've never watched sailor moon so I basically had no idea what was really happening and what it came from. Meh, good chaps.
jirachiman out ;385;

2nd October 2005, 10:06 PM
Okay...hope you liked the preview

4th October 2005, 10:14 AM
Ok its pretty good thus far, with some really nice gags. I know what you were talking about when you told me some time ago you had a sackful of gags. Heh. As someone mentioned, I did see some errors, which perhaps you could proofread and correct, if possible. Nothing to major, and no poits taken away for that.

The chappys are pretty clear and concise, something which I like when I read chaptered fics, but a little on the short side. Could be improved there!


4th October 2005, 2:22 PM

Episode 5 should be out today or tomorrow...

4th October 2005, 3:16 PM
Okay, I ended up reading two of your chapters instead of one this time. So, I'll give you my comments to each:

Movie chapter: The "Jerry the Pichu" cartoon was hilarious! With my parents asleep, I litterally had to stop myself from LOL! There's NEVER a dull moment when Jerry is around. :)

I was having a hard time stopping myself from laughing when you had Brock in the situation of taking care of BOTH Azurill. You're very good with comedy, I can tell you that. The comedy in this chapter definately made up for the length. :) (BTW, I care so much about what's in a chapter, that I hardly care about length.)

Music chapter: WOW! Didn't know the Azurill had a music talent. :) This kinda reminded me of the old "Oliver and Company" movie. I guess it was the Umi wanting to practice part that reminded me of that. Not much to say with this chapter as it was just one scene basically. :) Good job still. ^_^

The upcoming chapter sounds interesting. I can just imagine the mayhem of two Azurill in a supermarket. :)

As a final note, please PM me when the next one is up. See ya later. :)

4th October 2005, 7:27 PM
Everyone will be notified when the new episode is out!

4th October 2005, 11:41 PM
Day 3, Morning

"Come on, you guys!" Ash cooed as he brought Mizu and Umi down to the kitchen the next day, where the others were poring over a shopping list. "We're going to the store today!"

"Ri?" Mizu was confused.

"The store's where we go to get food..." Ash explained. "but before we go, we make a list as to what we need more of." He waited as Misty added another item to the ever growing list.

"Let's see if I have this right..." and Misty began reading off the list, unaware that Mizu had wriggled free of Ash's grip, found her pen, and was in the process of writing "kandee" on the last line. "Bread, milk, juice, fruit..."

"Azu ri?" Umi asked, curious as to what Mizu had written on the last line.

"Zuri." Mizu replied. Umi's eye's brightened at the prospect of candy...

"...cheese, noodles, salsa makings, candy..." Misty continued, but then noticed the crude writing on the last line. "Huh? Who put 'candy' on the list?" She whirled around when she saw Mizu and Umi turning purple trying not to laugh, knowing Misty had been had.

"We might get some candy IF you guys behave..." Brock sighed as he erased the word off the list...


"Here we are, gang...the store." May smiled as she grabbed a shopping cart and led the others down into the produce section. Mizu and Umi, meanwhile, were both gawking over the sheer array of people and Pokemon going up and down the aisles...until Umi noticed an array of candy on one aisle. She was about to run over and grab a bag when she tumbled to the floor, caught by the tail.

"Not yet...let's get the good-for-you stuff first." Brock suggested as he grabbed an apple or two from the shelf, shoved them into the bag, and added it to the cart. Just as the gang passed the banana shelf, Brock got an idea. I like to eat, eat, eat, apples and bananas.... he sang, juggling a few apples and bananas to prove his point. I like to eat, eat, eat, apples and bananas... Mizu and Umi laughed with delight at the flying fruit.

"It's official..." Misty sighed. "Brock's gone off the deep end..."

"What I want to know is, where did he come up with that stupid song?" Max agreed as he heard Brock sing I like to ate, ate, ate, a-pples and banaynays...

"Banaynays?" Ash was confused...

"I like to ate, ate, ate, a-pples and banaynays..." Brock continued to sing, completely ignoring the growing crowd that was gathering around him.

"I like to stop, stop, stop, this annoying singer..." and Misty dragged Brock behind the cart, prompting the crowd's applause. "Now behave!"

"Yes, oh mighty Misty..." Brock grumbled as he follewed Misty down the frozen food aisle...


As the gang patrolled the cereal aisle, May heard the intercom buzz Attention shoppers: Buy one box of Crunchy-O's or Honey Nut Crunchy-O's and get a second free!

"Ri?" Mizu was confused.

"The voice on the ceiling said that if we buy a box of your favorite..." Ash explained as he laid a box of Crunchy-O's in the cart. "we get another one for free!" With that, he laid another box of Crunchy-O's in the cart. Inspired by this, Umi tried to grab two more boxes on the shelf, but she couldn't quite reach them. Despite her bravest attempts to grab the boxes, she slipped and fell off the shelf, taking a few hundred cereal boxes along with her.

Attention shoppers: Cleanup on Aisle 5, cleanup on Aisle 5... the intercom buzzed as Ash and May frantically dug through cereal boxes looking for Umi.

Finally, May found Umi's tail sticking up through the clutter and fished her out of the mountain of cereal. "Are you okay?" Umi nodded, albeit a little shaken by the whole ordeal.

"Next time you want something from the top shelf, ask us to grab it for you, okay?" Brock smiled as he lead the others down the next aisle...


"Okay...since you guys have behaved yourselves for the most part...look!" and Ash pointed at a big sign marked "Sweet Stuff" overlooking bins of candy. Mizu and Umi cheered and literally dragged the gang over to the bins.

"Before you guys get too excited..." Misty cautioned. "Just pick a few candies you want, not the whole thing!" With that, she reached for a bag to store the candy in...

"Azu!" Mizu hungrily eyeed some toffee...

"Ri!" Umi offered some mint chocolates to Ash, who set them in the bag.

Mizu bounded over to some dark chocolates and added them to the bag. With that, the gang proceeded to the checkout lane...


"Azu!" Mizu smiled as she and Umi enjoyed their treats.

"You're welcome!" Misty replied. "I think they did a good job behaving themselves...."

"What I wanna know is...where did Brock come up with that apples and bananas song?" Ash wondered as he loaded some groceries into the pantry.

"Easy...I used it to console my siblings into eating their good-for-you food." Brock explained. "so I decided to try it on these two." he smiled as he watched Mizu and Umi chatter to each other.

"Next time, don't do it in public!" Misty begged. Mizu and Umi laughed as Brock's face flushed with embarrassment.

5th October 2005, 12:48 AM
Geez! I was expecting misbehaving Azurill practically destroying the store. It was still pretty good though.

Mildly hilarious sadly, but a fair amount for the size of the chapter.

I remember that old kids song of "Apples and Bananas." It can get quite silly when you do the right letters. ^_^ Though what Brock was doing was quite embarrassing. :D

Not as good as I expected, but still quite good.

I know you can do better though. :)

PM me when the next one is up.


5th October 2005, 1:07 AM
Thank you!

Coming up:

The Bathroom Floodeth, with Soap!

5th October 2005, 1:13 AM
"It's official..." Misty sighed. "Brock's gone off the deep end..."

"What I want to know is, where did he come up with that stupid song?" Max agreed as he heard Brock sing I like to ate, ate, ate, a-pples and banaynays...

"Banaynays?" Ash was confused...

Heh Brock the guy that always gotta be weird one way or another. Nice chapter though I hoped for more then just aisle five...oh well. Good luck with the next chap!

5th October 2005, 3:13 AM
Thank you!

If you use YIM, the Aisle 5 bit should sound familiar

5th October 2005, 3:22 AM
Well FR, i really thought that could be longer with more stuff the azurills did. I swear, why not have them knock down yogurt. Go grocery cart racing with their waters guns. Or better yet eat the little samples they set out and then eat like grapes or something else. Okie maybe the cart racing would be funnier (and more dangerous.) Man I hate that apple and bananas songs. Drives me crazy, always have and always will.
jirachiman out ;385;

5th October 2005, 3:41 AM
Well, I was tired today, so I scaled back my original plan, I will confess...

And on the "Apples and Bananas" song, I was originally planning to have Brock sing all the way to "upples and banunus" (the length of the real song)...but I figured Misty needed to snap sooner or later.

Brian Random
6th October 2005, 12:32 PM
Day 2, Afternoon:
Like your other fic it’s a nice little feature, having to put in links for the music files as part of the story, even though I haven’t listened to them yet. Although there were some grammar and spelling mistakes, I enjoyed it when I read the part when the two azurills were playing the piano with Brock.

Day 3, Morning:
I enjoyed that… a lot. As usual, there were some grammar and spelling errors but the humorous parts made up for it. Somehow, I get the feeling that the descriptions lacked a little bit.

Overall score (so far): 4 out of 5


The "Jerry the Pichu" cartoon was hilarious! With my parents asleep, I litterally had to stop myself from LOL! There's NEVER a dull moment when Jerry is around.
Hey, Pokeplayer, do you recognise that ‘cartoon’ part from somewhere?

6th October 2005, 4:40 PM

Coming up:

--The Bathroom Floodeth with Soap!

Brian Random
6th October 2005, 4:46 PM

Coming up:

--The Bathroom Floodeth with Soap!
O_O ...I think I can I guess correctly what's going to happen in that one... HAHAHA!

6th October 2005, 6:10 PM
Also coming up:

--Backyard Campout!

6th October 2005, 9:20 PM
Heh them Azull can cause that much trouble. Heh. Can't wait and good luck.

6th October 2005, 9:54 PM
Thanks...the next episode should release this weekend at the earliest...and also coming up: Brock yodeling!

24th October 2005, 1:23 AM
Day 3, Morning

"Okay, you two..." Ash cooed as he brought Mizu and Umi in the bathroom. "Bath time!" Mizu and Umi cheered as Ash switched on the faucet...

"What's going on?" May asked as she stopped in the bathroom to wash her face.

"Misty asked me to give these two a bath." Ash explained as he fished Mizu from the towel hamper and set her in the water. "Want to help?" he asked as he reached for the bubble bath and poured in several capfuls of the bright green formula, making the water fill with bubbles.

"Azu!" Umi sneezed, spraying water into May's face.

"Bless you!" May replied as she started to scrub Umi.

Singin' in the bathtub, happy once again... Ash sang as he washed Mizu. Watching all my troubles, go swirling down the drain... At this, Mizu looked in the direction of the drain in an attempt to watch her "troubles go swirling down the drain"...after tugging on the stopper, she managed to drain the water!

"Mizu..." May sighed as Ash started the water again...

Several hours later...

"How's the bath going?" Misty asked as she entered the bathroom to check on Ash and May.

"Aside from Mizu letting the water out twice...so far so good." Ash called back as he reached to start the water for the third time.

"Ah, the traditional 'giving babies a bath'..." Max commented as he and Brock passed the bathroom, several board games in tow.

Ash checked to see if the faucet was running, but no water came out. Huh? He looked up the faucet to check to see if it was clogged--and received several gallons of hot water in his face!

"YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWW!!!! !" Ash screeched in pain. Umi, meanwhile, howled with laughter from her perch atop the faucet as Ash danced around in pain.

"Followed by the not-so-traditional 'hot-water-in-the-face' dance..." Brock joked as he passed by the bathroom.


"Okay...think you two can behave yourselves while May and I go get a few things ready? Ash asked. Mizu and Umi nodded assuringly...but Umi discovered the soap box. After several attempts at picking it up, she managed to dump the box's entire contents into the water! Both Azurills laughed as bubbles began spilling out of the tub and onto the floor.

"Here's a towel, Ash..." May started as she stepped into the bubble filled bathroom. "OH NO!!!!

'What?" Ash raced into the bathroom and gasped. "Not again!!!!"

"Look at it this way...at least they didn't make the tub overflow..." May assured Ash as she went to get buckets to clean up the mess...


"There we go...all clean!" May cooed as she set the babies in their cribs. "They're all yours, Brock..."

"All right...I'm gonna sing something a little bit different..." Brock began as he tuned his guitar a little...then launched into a rousing melody:

I'm a rollin' stone from Pewter,
A rollin' stone from the plains...
I'm a rollin' stone from Pewter, boys,
And I'll oft be there again...

Well say, are you from Pewter?
That's what I wanted to know...
'Cause if we're both from Pewter, boys,
Let's show off our pride and joys...

"NO! NOT THE PEWTER YODEL SONG!!!" Misty began, but was cut off as Brock began to yodel:

O-del-lo-o, o-del-lei-hi, o-del-o-hoo, o-del-lay-hi-odel-lo-hi-i-di...

"Actually, I think he's a great yodeler!" May protested as she listened to the babies giggle...

24th October 2005, 1:29 AM
Brock yoddeling? Heh. Them Azull sure love to make a mess of everything egh? Heh not ba but a bit short but okay.

24th October 2005, 1:42 AM
Coming up:

--Living room Campout!

24th October 2005, 2:03 AM
Campout in the living room? Sounds pretty interesting.

24th October 2005, 2:14 AM
Trust me...I had living room campouts all the time when I was young...and the gang's campout is going to be loosely based on when I had one.

Brian Random
25th October 2005, 12:07 PM
Huh?! O_O I wanted to see a flood when the Azurills dropped the soapbox inside that bathtub! *Calms down* although the whole thing was funny enough… lol.

I can picture Brock doing the yodelling… I wonder what Simon Cowell would say about that… *Pictures the moment*

Simon Cowell: If I am to score you out of a billion, I’d give you zero.

My thoughts exactly. ^^

A couple of things lacked for this chapter, description and length. Come on! I know you can do better than this!

Overall score: 3.5/5

25th October 2005, 2:12 PM
But the bathroom DID flood...with bubbles!

Coming up:

--Living room campout

Brian Random
25th October 2005, 2:47 PM
But the bathroom DID flood...with bubbles!
No, I mean flood all over the house. LOL

25th October 2005, 6:38 PM
Not this time...there wasn't too much soap left to begin with

30th October 2005, 5:09 PM
"Here's a towel, Ash..." May started as she stepped into the bubble filled bathroom. "OH NO!!!!

'What?" Ash raced into the bathroom and gasped. "Not again!!!!"

"Look at it this way...at least they didn't make the tub overflow..." May assured Ash as she went to get buckets to clean up the mess...

Lol. I can picture that in my mind.

How come your chappies are so so so so short? Make them longer! I like this one. Ash and May do not look like they are doing a good job huh... Brock yodelling, hmmm. :D

Kyle of Pallet
30th October 2005, 9:47 PM
I read you original and thought that it was quite funny, I am glad to see that it is better with two Azurills. Yeah, Brock's yodeling can make anyone go mad.

Keep up the very wonderful work here.

2nd November 2005, 8:54 PM
Thank you!

Coming up next episode:

--Brock, the Singing Narrator!

4th November 2005, 1:50 AM
Day 3, Afternoon

"Now that the babies are asleep, what shall we do?" May asked as she sat down on the couch.

"Watch TV?" Ash suggested as he plopped on the couch next to May and flicked the TV on. "Let's see...'Oak's Pokemon Talk'...'Lucky 7'...'Password'...toy commercial... ...soap commercial..." he started as he flipped through the channels, naming the show or commercial on each channel. "Let me know if you see something good."

"Azu?" came a soft cry from the floor. Ash looked down to see Umi offering a book marked "STORIES" to him.

"What is it? Need a story to help you sleep?" Ash cooed as he invited Umi into his lap. "Which story would you like to hear?" he asked as he opened the storybook.

"Ri!" Umi replied, pointing out a picture of a mage with a Pikachu in the contents.

"Say..." Brock started as he entered the room. "Rather than just reading the story to her, why don't we act it out?"

"Yeah!" May switched off the TV and rushed to help the others get ready...


"Ready for the story, you guys?" Brock asked as he set Mizu on the floor next to Umi. Both Azurills nodded as Brock threw on an elaborate vest, pants, and a cape, then reached for his guitar and started a relaxing song:
A long time ago in the land of Arkan,
A story is told of a handsome young man...

"Oh brother, a singing narrator..." Misty sighed. But she was ignored as Brock continued:

So famed for his magic, the people did dash...
To come out and see him, and his apprentice, named Ash. At this, Ash appeared on the makeshift stage clad in a purple tunic, with a wide brimmed mage's hat and a cape to match. "Hi!" he called to the babies.

Now Ash always dreamed of becoming a mage, Brock continued.
But try as he might, he was frustrated with rage, Ash pretended to throw a temper tantrum.
So he left on a quest with his friend, Pikachu
Thus begins my story I'll now tell to you... He played a little more as Ash and Max appeared on a library set.
During his training to becoming a mage
Ash asked a question to his master - his sage. Ash pantomimed asking a question as Brock sang the words:
"I crave for adventure, I crave for glory,
So can I set off to start my own story?"
The sage made a smile and then he replied,
"Ash, my apprentice, I have tried and tried.
Again and again, I heard a of tower
Which is supposed to hold the Ring of Power." Max "replied", acting out an answer to Ash's "question".
"So where is this tower?" our hero replied. Ash mouthed the words again.
"Many have tried to find it, and many have died.
It's located deep inside the land of the dark,
But if you survive, you'll have made your mark." Max pantomimed a reply, placing an assuring hand on Ash's shoulder as the set changed to some plains.

So with his master's blessing, our heroes did depart
The town that they always had known in their heart...
"Well, Pikachu, we're off on our quest,
To grab the Ring of Power and be loved by the rest."
"Pipikachu," the Pokémon remarked
as the two heroes departed to the land of the dark.

Mizu and Umi cheered as Brock continued his song:

As they walked the path to the land of the dark,
the duo were attacked by two evil aardvark--

"Aardvark?" May was confused.

"Hey, it's the only creature I could think of that rhymed with 'dark'." Brock protested. He quickly resumed his song as May began operating a Sandshrew and Sandslash puppet:

"Sandslash and Sandshrew," Ash had said surprised.
"Pipikachu," Pikachu said with a fire in his eyes.

So Ash quickly casted a suitable spell, Ash wiggled his fingers a little to simulate casting a spell, while May made blue lights flicker in front of his fingertips.

Creating some ice cubes for the foes to dwell... Brock played a little more as May stuck the puppets in clear blue boxes, making them appear frozen, than motioned to Ash and Misty "Guys, you're going to have to do a kissing scene...." he started.

"Nope. I call it quits. Let my stunt double do it." Ash replied as he stepped off the makeshift stage

"What is wrong with you, Brock? Are you delusional?" Misty asked, appalled by the mere mention of a kissing scene. "I'll do the scene but no kissing!"

"I'll do the scene, but no Misty!" Ash agreed as he returned to the "stage".

"Why, you...!" Misty growled, reaching for her trusty mallet in preparation to bonk Ash.

"Stop acting like children in front of children!" Brock snapped, halting the arguement before it could heat up. "Just do the scene, please!"

"Okay..." Ash and Misty sighed and retured to their places onstage.
Brock cleared his throat and resumed his song:

As he and Pikachu walked on, Ash did hear a cry!
"Somebody please help me!" it echoed through the sky.

He rushed down the pathway
to hear the cries and screams Ash ran over to stage left, where Misty was cornered by an offstage monster
It was a lady in red
Who was with a Goldeen.

"Savior, my savior,
Thanks for saving me so!
But the battle has not finished
Until you defeat the draco!" Misty mouthed the words in sync with Brock's song, only pointing offstage at the mention of "draco"

Ash looked clueless at Misty as Brock continued: "The draco, the draco
What on earth is that?
Is it a deadly Scyther
or a puny little Venonat?

Misty shuddered at this. "WHY VENONAT?"

"Venonat rhymes with that. Have a problem with that, Bug-hater?" Ash taunted.

"Come here!" Misty snarled as she grabbed her mallet and began chasing Ash around the living room, much to the babies' delight.

"Guys, chill, you're almost done! Just try now not to spoil the fun!" Brock yelled over the pushing and shoving. Ash and Misty returned to the stage, allowing for Brock to continue:

"No, my savior,
It's much worse than that.

The name is Draco
for the deadly titan of Might
Behold, in all its glory
The deadly Dragonite."

At this, a cardboard Dragonite rolled onto the stage, prompting Ash to grab his fake staff.

"Milady, don't worry! our hero did reply,
I shall save you from the beast!
We shall leave without a scratch,
Or one or two at the least." Ash brandished his staff to illustrate his point.

"Savior, my savior,
I shall love you for this!
Slay the dragon of doom
And I shall give...you...a...kiss?

"BROCK, I TOLD YOU NO KISSING!" Misty roared, making the babies laugh again.

"The Azurills want it, you know. It's supposed to happen!" Brock explained, referring to the storybook, which depicted the mage and the lady kissing.

"NEVER! I QUIT!" Misty snarled as she stormed offstage.

"Fine, I'll just get somebody else to play the..."

"FINE!" Misty boomed as she returned to the stage. "I'LL KISS HIM, THEN I'LL CHASE YOU DOWN WITH THE MALLET!"

"You'll still probably be smooching Ash." Brock chuckled to himself as Ash struck a battle pose.

"Draco, thine hast no glory!
This staff in my hands will choose your fate
By the Hero of Nore
You won't be of Hate!"

A gigantic flash of light. May turned a spotlight on the cardboard Dragonite.
Thunderous booms echo. Max rattled a piece of aluminum to simulate thunder.
As the dragon's whole body
Turns into a bright white glow. The Dragonite disappeared in a puff of white smoke

"Thine body hast been changed
Forever and ever
Will you ever be hateful again?
I shall say, NEVER!"

"Savior, my savior!
You saved my life!
And in honor of this...

"I'VE HAD IT!" Misty screeched before Brock could sing the next word. "NO MORE OF THIS SMOOCHY, GIRLY-GIRL STUFF!"

"Really? I thought you were a girl, so you probably might like this." Ash chuckled.

"OOH, YOU'RE GONNA GET IT NOW, ASH KETCHUM!" Misty exploded, grabbing her mallet in preparation to give Ash a big bonk.

"RESUME!" Brock demanded, bringing the chase to a halt. Ash and Misty grumbled as they returned to the stage...

"Milady, no kiss,
but will you agree
To venture on an enchanting quest
With Pikachu and me?"

"Beats kissing any day." Misty smiled, finally in a good mood for a change.

Savior, I shall
But don't call me Milady,
My name is Misty
The Queen of Aquay.

The duo went off
In search of new hope and glory
And new friendships shall begin
As their destiny unfolds, story by story... The babies applauded again as Ash and Misty walked off stage left, prompting the set to change to a forest...

As our heroes traveled through the Forest of Ki... Brock continued.
They happened upon a crying Beautifly... Beautifly flitted onstage and pretended to cry.
Heroes, oh heroes, listen to my plea, and won't you, oh won't you help me?"

And so the Beautifly did tell her tale,
About how her lover was turned into a snail...
"I've been searching for a man,
All across Japan,
Just to find, to find my samurai...
Someone who is strong,
and still a little shy,
Yes, I need, I need my samurai...

"Wait a minute, that's not how the story goes!" Max protested, holding up the book as proof: what was on the page didn't match what Brock was singing...

Ai-yai-yai, I'm your little Beautifly! Green, black and blue, making colors in the sky! Brock continued to sing. Ai-yai-yai, I'm your little--

Misty gave Brock a swift bonk on the head, then explained to the babies: "You know what happens next, the mage gets the ring and lives happily ever after, the end." Both babies applauded as everyone took a bow...

AN: Thanks, +ChaosBlade+, for helping me write the song!

4th November 2005, 3:19 AM
Nice chapter. That song was pretty good so I than that you and that +Chaos Blade+ guy too.

4th November 2005, 3:22 AM
Thanks! Coming up:

Living Room campout!

+Chaos Blade+
4th November 2005, 5:17 PM
Heh, thanks Wes. Yeah, FlamingRuby, sorry I couldn't get the chance to read the previous chapters. I just wanted to see if my song would be loved, being that it was off the top of my head.

And I see that you've added the little tidbits I included. I was laughing hysterically when you inserted the caps that was in the right spot and that right time.

Great job to you (and to me XP) for the songwriting. 3.75 blades. Great, if only for the length were longer (Damn Songwriter's Block).

~ Denny

EDIT (PS) - you can just insert my name in there, so people can know it was me, since +Chaos Blade+ is a new guy, who'll change his name in two months to Celestius. XP - rhymes with Selestius.

4th November 2005, 7:02 PM
It's all right...I hope to stick a DDR scene in here...

Brian Random
5th November 2005, 2:52 PM
Day 3, afternoon:
Funny chapter this one. There weren’t any errors, although your paragraphing and layout needs a little work.

Ash was funny, cos of the things he said to Misty. Misty was funny, cos of her gigantic mallet of doom. Brock was funny too, cos I can imagine him singing and he surprised me when he sang that Beautifly song in the end.

So, apart from the paragraphing and the layout, everything else was good.

Overall score (so far): 3.5/5

5th November 2005, 3:19 PM

Coming Up:

--Little Dancing Queens!
--Living Room Campout!

Kyle of Pallet
7th November 2005, 10:32 PM

Liked the song/story. Thank you +Chaos Blade+ for that.

Hmmm, seems like a bit of Pokeshipping between Ash and Misty.

Anyhoo, heres to bathroom floods and Azuril escapades!

7th November 2005, 11:18 PM

Up Next: Little Dancing Queens!
Later: Living Room Campout!

12th November 2005, 1:02 AM
A preview of Episode 8:

Day 3, Evening

Ash sighed as he returned to his room--all the acting had tired him a little, but after glancing at the GameCube sitting in the corner, he reconsidered. I may be tired, but I still have enough energy to practice on Dancing Star! he thought as he grabbed the Dancing Star pad from the closet and hooked it up. He preferred a hard pad to a mat--he didn't want to chase a mat around in the middle of a particularly expressive dance and lose points.

"Chu?" Pikachu peeked in the room just in time to see Ash confirm a few settings on the game. "Pika pika pi, Pikapi?" he asked.

"Sure you can dance with me!" Ash laughed as the song list appeared. "But not on the pad, I don't want to squish you." With that, he began cycling through the songs...

"Azu?" Mizu noticed Pikachu climbing on Ash's desk as Brock carried her into the room."Ri?" she asked as she watched Ash confirm his song.

"Ash is getting ready to play a game where you dance in order to win." Brock explained as Ash turned up the volume on the TV, making the roar of a cheering crowd blare into the room. Pikachu got ready as well, mimicing Ash's pose on the desk.

Mizu watched, fascinated, as the song began...

Where's my samurai?

"Zu ri?" she asked as sparkling rainbow arrows began rolling by on the screen, making Ash step and jump to the beat. Pikachu followed along as well, imitating Ash's every step, jump, pose, and clap.

"The arrows are what you have to step on in order to score." Brock explained. "Miss too many of them, and you lose the game." He watched as Mizu tried to follow along with Pikachu...

I've been searching for a man,
All across Japan,
Just to find, to find my samurai...
Someone who is strong, and just a little shy,
Yes I need, I need my samurai...

Ai-yai-yai, I'm your little Beautifly!
Green, black, and blue; making colors in the sky!
Ai-yai-yai, I'm your little Beautifly!
Green, black, and blue; making colors in the sky!

"Azu ri!" Mizu giggled as she tried to follow Pikachu's lead, but wound up tripping over herself as the song continued...

I'm searching in the woods,
And high upon the hills,
Just to find, to find my samurai...
Someone who won't regret,
To keep me in his net,
Yes I need, I need my samurai...

Ai-yai-yai, I'm your little Beautifly!
Green, black, and blue; making colors in the sky!
Ai-yai-yai, I'm your little Beautifly!
Green, black, and blue; making colors in the sky!

Where's my samurai?

Where's my samurai?


Ai-yai-yai, I'm your little Beautifly!
Green, black, and blue; making colors in the sky!
Ai-yai-yai, I'm your little Beautifly!
Green, black, and blue; making colors in the sky!

Ai-yai-yai, I'm your little Beautifly!
Green, black, and blue; making colors in the sky!
Ai-yai-yai, I'm your little Beautifly!
Green, black, and blue; making colors in the sky!

Where's my samurai?

Where's my samurai?

Ai-yai-yai, I'm your little Beautifly!
Green, black, and blue; making colors in the sky! With that, Ash and Pikachu struck a final pose to finish...

5th December 2005, 4:20 AM
Apologies for the emergency bumpage, but here's another coming up:

--Little Dancing Queens
--Brock, the singing narrator, part 2