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Kyle of Pallet
21st September 2005, 10:19 PM
Before I begin, I would like to say hello again. This is the second installment to the Colliding Worlds series. I hope you enjoy it as much as the first...

Prolouge: Grand Memories

"ZZZZZ....." was the only noise in this certain one stateroom on a boat heading to Johto.
Insise the room, was one eleven year old caucasian boy with brown hair and eyes, an orange
hoodie, and blue jeans. This boy happens to be Kyle of Pallet, a young boy, who is planning to become a Poke'Mon Master, and a dark secret that if it got out, the world would panic.

You see, a week ago, this boy and his friends faced an evil sorcerer king from the world of Hyrule. This sorcerer was heading out for the Triforce, a mythological relic of unspeakable power. Kyle just happened to reach the Triforce before him, and with the help of Articuno, defeated Ganondorf and sending him back to Hyrule. But Ganondorf left a warning...

"The sisters two will send me back to this world of blue. And with my poisoned breath, I shall bring this land a long slow death..."

Kyle bolted straight up at that memory. His leg still throbbed from the time it broke in the battle. Articuno healed that wound, but the pain was still there. Kyle looked around the room. The first thing he set his eyes on were two swords. One was Link's Master Sword, the other was Kyle's Kokiri Sword. The Kokiri Sword was signifigantly shorter than the Master Sword, but it was good for a beginner. Kyle got out of bead, and walked out to the bow. There a gir that looked similar to Kyle, besides the fact of facial features that were softer, and a red hoodie she wore. Her name was Melissa.

"Hey Kyle, 'bout time you got up. It's almost twelve noon." Melissa smiled as she motined him to come closer. Kyle walked up to the front of the ship and stood there with Melissa. Kyle looked out at the ocean and smiled, for he saw the coastline of Johto poke out from the horizon.

"Well, get Link and the gang to pack their stuff, for it is 'bout time we reached Johto!" Kyle regained all his lost pep as he bolted back to his stateroom, for a new journey was about to begin!
Opening Song (http://www.zeldadungeon.net/Zelda9/Midis/Wisdom.mid)
(End Chapter)

So... what do you all think?

Hidden Mew
22nd September 2005, 1:04 AM
I thought that was a great way to start off your new story. I was surprised that you got it up here so soon after the first book. I thought it was creative to have Kyle's leg still in pain from that last battle. I think I know what it means when it starts to hurt, but I don't want to spoil anything. Anyway, I thought your first story was great and I'm sure this one will be great as well. I'll keep my eyes open to see your next chapter.
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22nd September 2005, 9:36 PM
;330; Good beginning, but could've been longer.

;373; No award yet. One complaint, you should've described Articuno and Ganadorf for new readers who haven't read the original. Have you PM'd Dragonfree or another mod to get Genesis of Heroes in the Completed Fics Section|?

22nd September 2005, 9:39 PM
A little longer but alright. Hey Kyle when you use those music themes I think you shouldn't add them right near the end since you pretty much want to hear it at the right moments then only to shut it off once done reading . Just trying to help but like last time good luck with the story!

Kyle of Pallet
22nd September 2005, 10:18 PM
I just kept typing, and that is why it came up so soon.

Yes Hidden Mew, the leg pain means something, but it is not what you think it is...

And SF, I should retype the fic before it goes into the completed fics section.

Finally. I place music wherever I want so it moves like a show. PLacing the short tune of Princess Zelda Awakens at the end sort of symbolizes a title.

22nd September 2005, 10:21 PM
I suppose your right. Just trying to help. Perhaps next time if you do want to place a music theme near the end try to make it a little longer for the music affect to help better but cool still. I wish you the best in your next chapters your typing.

23rd September 2005, 12:47 AM
DUDE! How can you be back so soon after finishing your first book? I could not find anything wrong with the prolouge. I have an idea of why kyles leg hurts. Is it because * whispers *? Nah! Could you PM me when teh next chap is up? Thanks!

Kyle of Pallet
25th September 2005, 8:20 PM
And here it is... Chapter 1

Chapter I: Cherrygrove
Chapter Song (might have a problem loading) (http://www.zeldadungeon.net/Zelda5/Midis/Forest.mid)

Our heros arrived in Cherrygrove City, capital of the Johto region. Cherrygrove was known for it's cherry blossoms that at a certain time, the leaves turn a beautiful pink hue.

Kyle was walking when his leg began to hurt again. Kyle tried to hide the painful expression on his face, but Link caught it before Kyle hid his expression. Link was the same age as Kyle, but he was taller and had blonde hair instead of brown. His eyes were hazel and he wore a green tunic and white pants. He lost his traditional hat on the boat. Anyway, Link turned towards Kyle and asked, "Hey Kyle. You fellin' alright?"

"Leg pain, that is all."

At that, a guy with brown skin turned around and looked at Kyle. HIs brown eyes spoke of wonderful intelligence. He wore a black shirt and blue jeans. A faded R was on the shirt. "I don't get it. Articuno healed your leg, increasing the recovery time. Your leg should be fine. So stop complaining!"

"Shawn," replied a gothic girl with red hair. Her name was Diane Nickel. SHe was wearing a black tank that revieled her stomach and tight fitting black pants. Her skin was made white by her makeup. "Maybe the pain has a psychic meaning, like an arm pain that can predict the weather, or a hardening bo..."

"I say we don't continue with your odd abilities," said a young girl with long blonde hair. she wore a blue skort and a pink tee shirt. she also wore a tiara that had a lapis as blue as her eyes. She was the princess Zelda Hyrulienas of Hyrule. "Leg pains like that are rare in Hyrule, but that means that the Hyrulean Council is beginning. And Kyle might get messages from Hyrule, and maybe he can send messages to them."

Kyle looked at Zelda, hope mounting within her body as Kyle felt more blue. Kyle liked the thought of seeing Hyrule, but did not like the thought of being a ghost. Kyle walked in pain to the Poke'Mon Center so they could rest. Sure, with the Rupees from Hyrule Link brought, they were rich, but kyle wanted to rest in a place for free. Kyle lied down and closed his eyes.

After a while of napping, Kyle felt like he was falling really slowly. Kyle looked around. kyle knew he was still dreaming, but he felt like the dream was real. kyle was in a lucid dream, or was he.....

Kyle descended to a dark dungeon. The only thing decorating the room were three statues. One was of a woman with pigtails and a green tunic and a kilt. The second was of a woman with long hair tied back into a ponytail. She was wearing a tight one piece costume and she looked like she was dancing. The final statue was of a very beautiful young woman with ling hair and a gypsey dress. Kyle noticed that in the middle of the room was a triforce engraved on the floor.

The door suddenly opened as six people walked in. The first one was a not so thin man with a red shirt and green robes. He also had a crown. The second was a woman with large miscles. She wore a shirt of Chain mail and leg armor. The third was a potbellied and muscly man with dirt brown skin and wild hair like a lion's mane. He was a Goron. The forth looked like Link, but had brown hair.
The fifth was a humanoid that looked like a fish (complete with fins and gills). He was a Zora. The sixth was a very sexy woman that looked similar to the statue of the dancing woman, except se was wearing more clothes you would see in the desert.

They introduced themselves. The names in order of appearance were Decimus Hyrulienas, King of Hyrule; Impa, leader of the Sheikah; Landimah, chief of the Gorons; Mido, leader of the Kokiri; Loto, King of the Zora; and Nanaru, Queen of the Gerudo.

Decimus began the council with, "Greetings rulers of the land of Hyrule. I am glad you all have come. I shall begin with the thought that Ganon has returned."

"Well," said Loto. "Me region was frozen over long ago when Ganon was in power mi lord, but it has begun again. I hope this is just a natural thing that happens within so many years."

"That never happens," said Impa. "That must mean that Ganon has returned to terrorize us again. And I though Vaati was the end of our problems."

"I thought so to," said Nanaru. "But then, about a year ago, the Stone of Dragmire began to glow. It is still glowing, drying oasis after oasis and causing tornados and Afrits to rise up everywhere. The Desert Colossus has also recieved a few strange visitors on broomstick. They said that they had to go to, 'another world.'"

"that is where Zelda is probably, but the other worlds can only be entered by the gods, unless," said Decimus with worry. Decimus looked at the far wall. Kyle floated there and looked in amazement as he noticed a mural depicting a boy that looked like Link, Rayquaza, a man holding a snake, and a strange echidna like creature that walked upright and with brass knuckles. The other side of the mural depicted a strange beast that looked like a body builder with a triceratop's head. A snake sprang from each shoulder. The beast's armor looked like flames. "...unless that mural explains everything."

"I looked all around the mountains and vallys in my area up thar," began Landimah. "And I saw no creatures like the ones with the First Hero. So you may be right."

"Reminds me of the Shekian legend of the Edena World full of great beasts called Pokamana. Peace was abound until the ten tribes from the world of Canaan came and pushed us to this world. SHe is most likely there." Impa looked at the mural, especially at Rayquaza, a long draginlike Poke'Mon that was the fight ender between Groudon and Kyogre. She looked at it and called it, "the Beast of Faroe."


We now see Kyle as he wakes up from his visit to Hyrule. His friends were around him as he looked at his Poke'Dex and looked up Rayquaza. That snake like Poke'Mon now ment more to him than anything. It now ment that there are more worlds that Hyrule and this one. Two more are out there somewhere in the universe.

Zelda looked into Kyle's eyes and asked, "How is my father, Decimus. Is he alright?"

"Yeah.... hey, my pain is gone. I can move it without icky pain," said Kyle jumping up in the air doing a jig. Shawn fell over like an anime character as Diane helped Shawn off of the ground. Melissa just laughed as Kyle's eyes just grew ten times larger. Outside the center was a beautiful eleven year old with red hair tied back in a ponytail. she had small breasts and she was wearing a black tee shirt and blue jeans. Kyle zipped over to the windo and looked. the only words falling from his mouth was, "Brittany is here! She is in town! She is heading towards the movies! Lets go!"

"erhm, okay," said Diane. "But what are wqe going to see?"

"Deoxys Trek: Nemesis would be good," said Shawn.

"How about National Tranpoons: European Vacation," asked Diane.

"Secrets Revealed is a wonderful movie," said melissa, who just loved the story of a pure hearted Girl and a Mew as they faced an uknown future.

"I know what she will watch, and that is Nambo: First Blood part II," said kyle ina commanding way.

Link just said, "As long as there is action in it, I'll watch it!"


Our heros sat down and prepared to see Nambo. Kyle inched down to Brittany, but tripped over the chairs and fell onto the seat next to her.

"Hey," said Brittany. "Whats up?"

"Ouch.... nothing much. you?"


Shawn and Diane moved into a row by themselves as Link and friends sit in the row in front of kyle and Brittany. The previews began to play as soon as the room went quiet.

"The following preview is rated PG-13 for violance and gore."

The preview showed a new movie called Balder's Gate II.

"What if you were the son of a god?"

The screen showed the serie's hero, Regdar, facing his stepfather's murderer.

"But what if you were the son of the god of slaughter..."


"And now, our feature presentation..."

Suddenly, the theme song of Nambo began to play.

Theme (http://www.vgmusic.com/music/console/nintendo/nes/rambo-g.mid)

Kyle looked as the camo colored text appeared on the screen saying, "Nambo: First Blood II!"
Sly Stalone then appeared on screen and shot an arrow in the direction of the screen. The scene now shifted to a base in the Orange Islands where Nambo was in a army prison. Kyle looked at Brittany in the corner of his eye. He knew she would most likely never feel the same about him, but Kyle secretly liked her. Kyle watched the movie as Nambo snook into an enemy camp to rescue a few POWs...


Our heros walked out of the movies as Brittany raced up to them and asked if she could come along with them on their journey. Kyle realized this as his chance to win her over to him. All he had to do was save Zelda from Twinrova and ask if she (Britanny) would like to go out with him. Kyle smiled and said, "Sure, you can!"

Diane , who still had some sick minded feelings for Kyle, felt a bit of danger in that choice. But she was still about four years older than him, so they were only fantasies. She put her arm around SHawn and walked ahead of the group.

But then Kyle had another leg pain........

25th September 2005, 8:32 PM
Well this has most certainly improved, but I hold out a full rating till I see some battles. Good to see Rayquaza taking a Key role. If you've read NL,NH you'll know exactly where I stand on Rayquaza's power compared to other legendaries. Make him shiny. Oh, and never forget the Flygon...

Hidden Mew
25th September 2005, 10:02 PM
That was a really good and interesting chapter. I loved how you turned Kyle's leg pain into a gateway to Hyrule. I just thought that it would be a sign of danger or something like that. I thought that it was so nice of you to include my story in this one as a movie. Over all, a great opening chapter to your new book and I look foreword to the next one.
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26th September 2005, 1:05 AM
Nice new chapter. Things just get more...interesting. I guess Kyle now got some pains. Mybe he should take Advil. But seriously nice chapter introducing the plot more and such.

Kyle of Pallet
29th September 2005, 12:09 AM
Sorry, still no Poke'Mon battleing, but there is a magic battle in this one...

Chapter II: Ganon Strikes

Kyle was back in that dungeon. Kyle had tome to examine the facade on the far wall, the one depicting the battle. Kyle noticed that each person was carrying a different piece of equipment. The Rayquaza was carrying beads, Moses was carrying a shield-like mirror, the echidna was wearing chain-mail, the hylin was holding a broadsword. Those pieces of equipment reminded Kyle of two legends. One of Suwasuno's items, the other of the hat that allowed you to talk to the Poke'Mon in their language.

Kyle then focused on the Beast. The triceratops head spooked Kyle like there was no tommorow. It seemed that a great aura of fear and dispare surrounded the Beast. Kyle had a feeling that he had seen the beast somewhere before, the same feeling befell him at the church where the battle between him and Ganondorf took place.

Ganondorf was a ferocious man. He had desert hardened green skinand coarse red hair. he wore black armor and robes and wielded two silver bladed katanas. He also had great command over magic.

Those things made Ganondorf a fearsome opponet for Kyle. Kyle severed his arm at the end of the battle by falling from Articuno, a blue legendary bird of ice, at a tall height. Ganondorf was out of the way, but he threatened that Twinrova would bring him back.

"I see you are looking at the facade," said an old man's voice. Kyle turned around and found Decimus looking at him. "I saw you yesterday, and I thought that there would never be another ghost from another world at the council. But I was wrong. Do you know my daughter, Zelda?"

"She is traveling with my group that includes Link, so yeah, she is safe."

"Ah, I am happy that Link is also safe. I knew that you would arrive to unite the worlds against Ganondorf. Peace will be realized!"

"But what about Twin..."

"They are being handeled...," said Decimus when he was interupted by an explosion. In walked two decrepit old short women with long white hair and intricate black robes. They carried broomsticks in their hands. Kyle noticed that there were two of them, and he shivered. They were the sisters two... Twinrova!

Song (http://www.zeldalegends.net/gallery/displayimage.php?album=192&pos=24)

"Konume, blast this place," said the witch on the left of kyle.

"My certaintly, Kotake," said Konume, who was the witch of Fire. She produced a fire-ball and threw it a Decimus, who blocked it with a Magic Shield.

Decimus then launched a blast of lightening at Kotake, the Witch of Ice. She deflected the shot back at Decimus, hitting him before he coiuld get up his Magic Shield again. At this moment, Loto and Nanaru lept into the fray, launching Magic Missles at the Witches, knocking them of their brooms. Decimus then lept forward and began chanting a strange language...

"Namaru Nagasaka, Flinarity Gangrina.."

Suddenly, a bright white flashed before everyone. It was only Decimus and Kyle in this white area. Then Decimus spoke. "I called another world to collide so the Fellowship of the Trinity could escape the battle, but that means Twinrova are in your world, and new evils might have escaped into both of our worlds. But that also allows you the get the four relics of the ancient Battle of the Beast. I hope that you will succede!"


We now see a simple, innocent clearing full of Poke'Mon. But after a moment of silence, a purpleish portal openned as a blue blur dashed across the landscape after a rainbow beam. Another portal opened near Goldenrod as an eggshaped man got out of the portal in a flying eggshaped machine. A final portal opened at Mt. Silver, dumping Twinrova on the cold mouuntain top.


Kyle awakens in another clearing as Brittany looked at him with tears in her eyes. The rest of the group were around a camp fire. Kyle looked at the group and yelled out, "It happened again, the worlds collided!"

"Again," said Zelda in shock.

"This can't be," said Shawn as he knelt down next to Kyle and said, "Your father must be right."

"But what was released now," said Brittany.

"Britt..." said Kyle, but he was interrupted by Melissa.

"She knows Kyle. She know about the final battle, the Triforce, and the worlds. But I am surprised that it has happened again," said Melissa. "Anything could be released, maybe another evil man like Ganondorf."

"But what," replied Diane. "Damn, the Black Bible gives no answer for this..."

"Either more people like us, or some animal humans..." said kyle as he removes a camera and shows a picture of the facade in the ruins.

"The First Hero Facade. But I thought that it was only a legend." Zelda looked frightened at the half of the facade depicting the Beast. "That must be Ganon's ultimate form, no dout about that.."

"We will see," said Kyle with fear. Kyle looked at the Beast and was glad that he had seen it before, but he had a bad feeling that ti was not Ganondorf.

"Other worlds," said a deep, angry sounding voice out loud. "The search for tha Master Emerald has just gotten interesting." Kyle and friends turn around and found a strange Echidna-human with knucled gloves, red skin, and dreadlocks. "Tell me more."

"Oh my God," said Shawn. "The facade is real!"

"I must introduce myself. I am Knuckles, Guardian of the Master Emerald. A few minutes ago, I was guarding it peacefully until a violate portal sucked it and me into it, dispersing us in different locations. I must find the Emerald before Eggman or else..."

"Then, um," said Kyle in fear. "Join us as we fight evil... um yeah. But who is Dr. Eggman?"

"This world doesn't know..."

Right click and copy in address to listen (http://www.vgmusic.com/music/console/nintendo/nes/Malroth.mid)

We now end this chapter looking at a void between space and time as a purple crystal begins to crack. The crystal being transparent, shows the Beast. A strange symbol is scratched in it's armor, but we can't see it yet. The Beast slowly opens it's eyes and roars, "Yes, my stupid humans. Be decieved into opening more portals and release me!"
(End Chapter)

Next: Kyle and friends reach Violat City and face Falkner. They also find a Chaos Emerald.

P.S.: Wes, I had this written down earlier, so I am not copying this from you and you are not copying me. We are not copying each other!

29th September 2005, 11:04 PM
Nice new chapter Kyle. Nice new one. I like your details and such. Oh and I don't mind about the Chaos Emeralds. Just try not to make it the same as my plot too much alright?

Hidden Mew
29th September 2005, 11:06 PM
That was a really interesting chapter. I liked how you had even more details to Kyle's vision of the opening of the portals. I also thought that it is really neat that you're adding Knuckles to the story. I used to watch that show and maybe I'll start seeing it again for fun. Anyway, it sounds like everything is getting really deep and I can't wait to see what happens next.
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30th September 2005, 8:09 PM
Sorry I'm late, and it is improving. But until I see either romance(THE PROPER KIND!) or Pokemon battles, I am saving the rest of my rating. Still, it is good so far.

Kyle of Pallet
30th September 2005, 11:18 PM
All that will appear are the Chaos Emeralds, the Master Emerald, Chaos, and the whole Sonic Gang (Including Fang and Bean). Either than that, it will be very different. Knuckles will ad a whole new dimension to the story as serving as Kyle's mentor and savior in the later chapters.

30th September 2005, 11:44 PM
I see...okay good luck. I don't mind really...though you did take one idea I was going to use but meh I'll stil use it much later on in my own fic.

30th September 2005, 11:48 PM
Sorry I have'nt been here, I had the flu. Awsome chapter. Thanks for putting sonic and everyone in. Did you put Shadow in?

Kyle of Pallet
1st October 2005, 12:04 AM
Did i not say, "ALL CHARACTERS". Yes, SHadow will be in it, but he will be more of a good guy in this book, as he helps Kyle in many places, especially the end!

Digimon season three characters will be added to.

1st October 2005, 12:06 AM
No not that. Anyway good luck with your new chapter Kyle!

1st October 2005, 12:26 PM
Put in Wargreymon, Metalgarurumon, Omnimon and Imperialdramon as well please, they rule!

Kyle of Pallet
1st October 2005, 6:45 PM
Wait for the Digimon, for they will be added in book 3. And don't get your hopes up, the heros will be Takato and his friends.

Well, here is the next chapter...

Chapter III: Sky-High Emerald!

vgmusic.com Go to Nintendo. It is Dragon Warrior III (Flight Orchestrated) (http://www.vgmusic.com/music/console/nintendo/nes/dq3_fly.mid)

"Good God. We have finally made it to Violate City," yells Kyle as he walks into the celebration for the Violate New Year. Many flying Poke'Mon filled the sky. Poke'Mon like Delibird, Swellow, Pidgy and Pidgyotto, Pidgeot, Spearow and Fearow, even what looked like a Ho-oh were flying.

"The Windian New Year is a very colorful festival, as I can remember," said Diane. "I remember when I was a little kid how my dad would take me out here and let me fly on the Pidgeot and Swellow. Oh, I loved this celebration, especially the Dance of the Lugia!"

"People dress up in Lugia costumes, many as four in each," said Shawn. This is how a celebration should be, celebrating man and Poke'Mon!"

"Hey Zelda," said Link. "Doesn't this remind you of the Picori Festival in the Castle?"

"The Minish Festival... yes, it does. But there is no portal to open like in the legend..."

"Well, instead of reminiscing on the past," said Knuckles. "We should begin to look for the Chaos Emeralds as well as the Master Emerald!"

Shawn leaned over to Kyle and whispered, "Knuckles is starting to be a real *******."

"I HEARD THAT BLACK BOY!!" Knuckles was less than amused at that sly remark from Shawn.
"That plant-like tower, we will go there first."


We now see Team Rocket walking up the path to Violet City. Jesse, who had long red hair in one thick poney tail and skimpy clothes walked ahead of James (boy with long blue hair, same age as Jesse). On James's shoulder was Meowth, a cat-like Poke'Mon with a football shaped head and a ovalshaped gold coin on it's head.

"'Dis is a gwrate plan bozos. Lets go steal from the egg-shaped man in a fwoting machine thingy," complained Meowth ans he scratched at James's head.

"OUCH. Meowth, it is not my fault that eggman shot us with a laser and hit us with ballon remakes of him in his ship!"

"Now we have to find Chaos Emeralds just to pay for damages," said Jesse. "Oh, I would like to smack him around, that Robuttnik!"

"I heard that," yelled the same egg-shaped man in his half egg-shaped flying machine. "I, Dr. Ivo Eggman Robotnik, will not be insulted by the likes of you!"

"EEEK!" Team Rocket screamed out loud, which brings us back to our heros...

"Did you hear that scream," said Brittany.

"Yeah," said Kyle as he walked into Sprout Tower with the rest of our group.


"Ooooooohhhhmmmmmmm," meditated the monks as our heros walked into the tower. There, a young woman with a blue denim vest and skirt welcomed them. Her hair as green as a bellsprout. "Welcome to Sprout Tower, a tower devoted to the worship of Bellsprout. Falkner is at the top training his Poke'Mon. Would you like to see him?"

"Yes," said Kyle. Kyle couldn't contain himself. He was in the birthplace of Zantetsuken, an art of Poke'Mon Battling where trainers combine the power of certain moves anf try to knock each other out in one hit. Kyle used this art to face his uncle, Lt. Surge, for his third Kanto badge.

The girl talked into a tube and waited. Then, a reply came down the tube, saying, "Sure, bring them up!"

Kyle and friends followed the girl as they walked yp the tower steps. "My name is Sammy, and I work at the Ruins of Alph south of here," said the girl.
"The ruins are said to have been built thousands of years ago by an advanced tribe of warriors who worshipped three goddesses. They said that in the beginning of time, the One God called four warriors from four worlds to come together and help fight an evil Demon Lord called Samael. With four items of Power, they sealed the beast up in a land of light where he would be sealed until the end of time. Then a hero for all worlds will appear and slay Samael, creating a calm between worlds. I would love to see that hero in all his glory. there is no description of the beast so far, but I'm sure it is a scary looking thing!"

"I'm sure," said Kyle. Kyle felt that Samael and The Beast are the same thing, but did not want to mention anything.

The stairs creeked as our heros climbed. At the top, they were in a chamber made of gold (it looked like it). There, the Head Monk was holding a Blue Gem. A young man with bluish blackish hair and a kimono was also there. A single hole was in the ceiling. "Falkner, these are the trainers."

"Oh," said Falkner, the young man. "I am the Gym Leader of this city's gym. I train bird Poke'Mon. They will bring down wrath on the unsuspecting Zantetsuken trainer."

"I am Kyle of Pallet, and I challenge you!"

"I accept......"

Suddenly, the tower shook violantly as it began to collapse. The tower lurched far to the right as Kyle and friends braced for the impact with the ground. The tower snapped in half when Team Rocket shot into the tower. This time however, another man in a flying macine was there.

"Prepare for trouble," said Jesse

"And make it double," said James...

"Hey, make it triple," said Dr. Eggman as he smacked Jesse and James with a fly swatter. "You can't forget the great mad scientist, Dr Ivo Eggman Robotnik! Because of me, robot technology........"

"ZZZZZZZZ," was the only reply to Eggman's speach.


"Whah, oh, Team Rocket!" Kyle lept to his feet and wielded the Kokiri Sword, pointing the tip at Team Rocket. Knuckles the lept up and punched Eggman's ship. That was when Kyle yelled out, "Hey, why aren't we falling!"

Well, out side the towering collapso, Ho-oh was using it's legendary powers to hold up the tower. It cried out to signal to the civilians of Violet to race away from the tower. Ho-oh was then joined by Articuno and Zapdos, two other legendary birds (Zapados is a yellow, spikey bird of thunder).

But I digress, Eggman then hit a button, making a ball on a chain drop from the bottom of the Egg Carrier. He then motioned Kuckles onto two platforms in the air as he began to fly into the echidna, hitting him with the ball. Knuckles then curled up into a ball and launched himself at Eggman, hitting the Carrier. Knuckles repeated rthe process, until he hit the chain, releasing the ball from the machine. Knuckles then punched the flying contraption out of the tower, sending him over the horizon.

Meanwhile, Kyle and Charmeleon, a small wingless dragon with a horn, faced Jesse and James in a Poke'Mon battle. Arbok, a cobra and Weezing, a ball with pores and a face connected to two other porey balls. Falkner then called out his Pidgeot to help out Kyle. Pidgeot hit Weezin with a Wing Attack, smacking Weezing with one of it's wings, sending it flying back at James. Charmeleon launched a Fire Blast at Arbok, only to recieve a Bite attack to the face. Anther Fire Blast finished the job, sending Team Rocket blasting off, but the kept quiet this time, so Eggman could not find them and beat them to a pulp after mucking up another attempt at a Chaos Emerald.


Back at the Violet City Gym, Kyle was ready for a rematch until Falkner came up to him and presented a Zephyr Badge. "This is for your help at the Tower. No we can begin to rebuild Sprout Tower. Come back again."

Mean while, Knuckles was meditating outside the tower near a little pond as the leader of the Tower came up to him with a smile. He tapped Knickles on the shoulder and presented him with a Chaos Emerald. "You deserve it, my echidna friend."

"Thank you," replied Knuckles. "How did you..."

"Now, Lord God is willing to reveal his information within his people. Yahweh knows all, and he has revealed to me that this belongs to you and a blue hedgehog. Also, that boy in orange is also special. Fo he....."

The Master died that night of a heart attack. Knuckles raced back to the gym with the Emerald. He thought back to the last time he had a big race for freedom here.

You see, long ago, Knuckles wasn't all that good. He was told by Eggman that Sonic and Tails were trying to steal the Master Emerald. Knuckles believed him to, until Sonic "opened" his eyes and saved the Master Emerald in Outer Space. Knuckles them promised to guard the Master Emerald and all of it's powers.... then came Chaos, the amorphous creature that Sonic also defeated. And now it is happening again.


Twinrova knelt down before a great fire on Mt Silver's summit. The fire bellowed out... "I Ganon, am ready to be released. Now find me Zelda and Kyle so I can get my revenge!

1st October 2005, 6:52 PM
The battle description still needs work, and even though this is a sequel, Pokemon from the prior book need to be re-described. And seriously, Ho-oh can multi task, so make him a little more use in the future. And since when did Ho-oh make public appearances? If this is supposed to coincide with the series, Ho-oh still should'nt have returned.

Kyle of Pallet
1st October 2005, 6:57 PM
At this time in the history, Ash and co. are still at the Orange islands. So Ho-oh would still be around. Also, this is a festival for bird type Poke'Mon, and if you were Ho-oh, would you like to be celebrated?

1st October 2005, 7:11 PM
Ho-oh has a message:

;250; Thanks Sieg me boy. I don't care what festival it is, I disappeared off this man-forsaken planet 500 years ago, and don't reconsider returning till the second visit to Kanto(I actually cried at the end of the Johto journey, when Ash and Misty had to part ways. What can I say, I'm a Pokeshipper, so I guided his destiny so that he and Misty would be reunited), since Sieg and myself have to stop some uber-evil. And I only appear toTrainers who form a really close bond with their Pokemon, and Kyle still uses his Pokemon like tools. I ain't impressed. Swop me for Lugia, he's the Psycic one.

He said it. I mean, he raised me, and Ho-oh it's SF. I'm the only human who EVER earned his complete trust, because he reared me like I was a new Ho-oh(even though there never has been one), so I know what's in his head.

1st October 2005, 8:26 PM
Not bad. So Team Rocket work for Eggman? Interesting a bit. Knuckles....well like Shawn said can be a bit...well what he said at times. Not bad chapter. So we go Pokemon, Zelda, and the Sonic series....what's next Mega Man X? Joking.

Hidden Mew
2nd October 2005, 3:47 AM
A really good and unique chapter. I was confused about Ho-Oh showing himself to people, but this is creative writing. The battle description was okay, but there could be some improvments. I think that it is wonderful and creative that you're combining different series into one book series. I hope to see your next chapter soon.
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Kyle of Pallet
2nd October 2005, 3:56 AM

Wes, only Jesse and James are working for Dr. Eggman.

They ruined his Egg Carrier when they tried to steal it. So to pay for the damages, they have to work for him. Giovanni will not be impressed, as you will see ina later chapter.

Kyle of Pallet
2nd October 2005, 4:40 PM
New Chapter...

Chapter IV: The Truth of Shawn Mylonas
Right click and copy link in your address bar to listen to midi... (http://www.vgmusic.com/music/console/nintendo/gameboy/PkmGS-42.mid)

Our heros continue their quest in the Johto region. Two days ago, they encountered Dr. Eggman and obtained both a new badge and a Chaos Emerald. Knuckles, still in a serious demeanor, led the group around the road to Union Cave. Yesterday, Kyle filled both Brittany and Knuckles in on the journey.

"I wonder what relic we should look for first," asked Brittany as she rode on her Ponyta, a white colt with fire on it's body instead of hair. Kyle allowed Zelda to ride on his. "I would love to go after the Beads first."

"The Beads of PokeTalk," said Shawn. "Said to allow trainers to talk to non-psychic Poke'Mon by non-telepathical means. You can talk to Poke'Mon like we talk to each other, in other words."

"That sounds cool," said Melissa. "I wonder what my Ivysaur is thinking?"
So, Melissa pulled out a PokeBall and called out her Ivysaur (a turquoise colored toad with a blooming flower on it's back).

"Ivy Ivysaur," it cried out as it walked towards Melissa. Melissa strugled to pick it up, but when she did, she fell over and felt really bad. SHe got up after Ivysaur got off of her and teared up as she said, "Something hard and ironlike was lying there."

Surely enough, a circular badge with a red capital R on it was lying there. Suddenly, an african woman lept out of the bushes, her most noticable feature was an afro.

"Prepare for mayhem.... oh Shawn For'tel. How long has it been?"

"I'm not part of Team Rocket anymore, and I want my Ariados back!" Shawn barred his teethand slowly grinded them. Kyle and the rest were surprised. Shawn Mylonas was actually Shawn For'tel... AND HE WAS PART OF TEAM ROCKET!!!

"Foxy... I can't explain what happened... I just don't fell good stealing rare and powerful Poke'Mon anymore," said Shawn. "I will never reply to that with, 'And those words, remember them'.

"Oh, Shawn,' said Foxy. "Don't you remember how we stole the whole Eevee evolutionary group with your Ariados and my Ledian. Us stealing into the night, then making passionate love on the carpet of your house. Okay, so the loving never happened, but still..."

Knuckles lept forward and aimed his fist at Foxy. "Did you not hear him?! He does not want to join or go back to your evil organization or empire!!!"

"Oh, a rare Poke'Mon that can talk! Go Ultra Ball..."

"OUCH," screamed Knickles as the Ultra Ball hit him... well... anyway, Knuckles wasn't happy about that. He then tried to punch her, but al he hit was her hair. She freaked out, calling out her Ledian (a ladybug Poke'Mon withlarge eyes and four arms).

"Ledian, Swift it to hell and back!" Ledian then materialized three stars and shot them a Knuckles. Knuckles was hit with all three because they flew by so fast.

Knuckles then punched Ledian, knocking it into Foxy, and knocking loose a Poke Ball. Shawn recognized the scratch on the ball and picked it up.

"Go, Ariados... String Shot!" Ariados (An four legged arachnid like Poke'Mon with a horn on it's head) turned around , facing Shawn, and sprayed sticky spider's silk from his abdomen, wrapping it around Foxy's ankles. "Okay guys... RUN AWAY!"

Our heros ran away...

Room of Rites (http://www.zeldalegends.net/gallery/displayimage.php?album=195&pos=47)

We now see Twinrova, Kinume and Kotake kneeling down in front of a great fire, like last time. this time, Ganon spoke of something different...

"The Flames of Sorrow and Hatred have been lit. It is soon time for me to be revived. Bring Zleda and Kyle to me, so you can sacrifice Zelda for my return, and so I can mutilate Kyle and hang his bloddy courpse outside my castle when I return! Also, I would like to havethe Four Relics with me. Then, I would reign supreame!"

Shawn's Past (http://www.zeldalegends.net/gallery/displayimage.php?album=191&pos=38)

"Is it true Shawn," said Diane with a few tears in her eyes.

"Yes. But it was only for money... and it regret that to. I wanted fame and fortune for myself... a big mistake. Now I help trainers on their quests. To make up for the mistakes of my past." Shawn then looked around and noticed that Foxy listened.

"I heard that you were looking for the Beads. They have been destroyed, but take this shard and go to Alph. Go to Ho-oh's room and change history..."
She then threw a single stone shard at shawn, he caught it in midair. "I remember... 500 years ago... they destroyed them to make the first Master Balls. We just learned how to replicate it. I guess we have to change time..."

"That is in my blood," said Zelda as she brought out a deep blue ocarina. "The Song of Time has been in my family since the days of the Hero of Time. May I?"

"Sure," was the reply from the group...

Song of Time (http://www.zeldacentral.net/midi/Ocarina%20of%20Time/Song%20of%20Time%20Remix%202.mid)

"That was beautiful," said Brittany.

"I agree," said kyle as he inched closer to Brittany.

"I have to go to the bathroom... Kyle save my spot on this log," Brittany stood up as Kyle's jaw hit the ground. Good night to our heros for now.


We now see Sonic, a humanoid blue hedgehog as he zipped around Johto. He was looking for Chris, for he believed that he was back at Station Square on Earth. He instead encounters a black colored version of himself with red highlites on the spikes. What danger does this symbolize for our group. Is this black hedgehog dangerous? Well, our heros will not see him until it is too late...

2nd October 2005, 4:53 PM
Eh, Shadow's alright, once you get past the angst. Thi is now a good fic, so keep it up, and my old rating will return soon.

2nd October 2005, 5:06 PM
Good chapter indeed. I guess some chaos is gonna start sooner or later. Oh Kyle when I said Team Rocket I only meant Jessie and James. Nice chapter and good luck on the next one.

Hidden Mew
2nd October 2005, 6:27 PM
That was a really neat chapter. It was so funny when that woman thought that Knuckles was a rare pokemon and tried to capture him with an Ultra Ball. I think that the story line is going deeper and even better with each chapter. I can't wait to see what happens to Sonic and this Shadow I keep on hearing about.
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Kyle of Pallet
8th October 2005, 2:41 AM
Next chapter.. partially based on Dragon Warrior VII...

Chapter V: Time is a River
Overworld (http://www.zeldalegends.net/gallery/displayimage.php?album=190&pos=51)

We now see our heros at the Ruins of Alph. The ruins were home to a mysterious ancient people first, then it belonged to a pagan christian cult five-hundred years before this story. Kyle looked around, looking for a tablet room of Ho-oh. Maybe that will lead him to the Beads.

"The legend begins with Rayquaza trying to find a way to talk to Poke'Mon Trainers for some forgotten reason. Some scources say that we caught all of our Poke'Mon the wrong way. So he and a righteous trainer took the rarest materials of the Poke'Mon World and with magic, fashioned a circlet made of thread and beads. This allowed people and Poke'Mon to talk at will." Shawn hugged Diane because of her knowledge of the artifact.

Kyle looked at the odd scene, but then walked on to see a strange black letter floating in front of him. The letter was similar to a letter "v", bit a bit circular. Kyle pulled out his PokeDex.

Unown, the hieroglyph Poke'Mon. They oddly represent the twenty six letters of the modern alphabet. They use secret hidden powers that still being studied today.

"Alright, an Unown!" Kyle pulled a half red, half white ball from his pack and attempted to catch the V Unown in it. Melissa and friends just watched. The ball hit the weak Poke'Mon, and after a few moments, the ball stopped wobbeling as it signaled that the Poke'Mon was caught.

+Same Song+

After an hour of following a small tour group of older trainers. Our heros sneak away towards the restricted section, the Tablet Room. In there, there was an unfinished Ho-oh Tablet to finish. Kyle had no idea what would happen when he finished the tablet. A secret room, maybe a stone guardian, maybe a door to the past. What ever it was, it would lead to the Beads of PokeTalk. This would be the first of the four artifacts to stop the Eternal Evil of Ganon.

Kyle and friends snook around the backs of scientists and archaeologists alike, waiting for the opprotune moment to sneek into the Room of Tablets. Kyle did not know how to do this mighty task, but it had to be done.

CAVERN (http://www.zeldalegends.net/gallery/displayimage.php?album=191&pos=2)

Kyle searched his way around the Room of Tablets. He looked at each table, checking if it had some form of Ho-oh drawn on it. Groudon, Entei, Raikou, Mew... finally, a tablet with only one piece missing was found, and it depicted Ho-oh. Kyle placed the missing tablet on the table. Suddenly, the room erupted in light that could blind even a being of light would be blinded by. Kyle felt like he was being pulled through the head of a needle. Kyle looked around. He was no the only one caught in it. His friends were also in the light, including an archaeologist that was innocently caught in the light. They felt like they were spinning in a vortex of blue light. Just spinning, spinning.........

SHRINE OF LIGHT (http://www.zeldalegends.net/gallery/displayimage.php?album=192&pos=50)

As Kyle opened his eyes, he noticed that the Room of Tablets was younger looking. A waterfall was in the back og the room where a black pit was. The bronze on the tables still shone like a brand new penny. Kyle walked forward out of the Room. Kyle noticed that the ruin was as good as new, and that there were people still there. Kyleand friends ran forth into the shrine.

"Are you looking for sanctuary from the Church, oh lost lambs of Jesus, King of the God?" said a brown robed monk.

"We are here for the Beads. They are needed in the future," said Kyle.

The monk looked Kyle and friends over. The archaeologist was still in the Room of Tablets. He then called the High Priestess over to look at them. The High Priestess was dressed in a light blue robe. She then nodded as the monk went into the back room. He then came out with a multicolored circlet on a red satin pillow. the beads shimmered in the light as it seemed to reek of hidden thoughts.

"These are the Beads of PokeTalk. The last test is for you to talk to Ho-oh. You ojly have five minutes, for the impure trainers are coming to take the beads and use them in immoral PokeBalls. You must find out if you are worthy. Now, not later." The High Priestess led Kyle into the room where the beads were. Kyle guessed that he warped five hundred years into the past. Ho-oh, Kyle was over excited to see such a Poke'Mon. But it was to pass judgement on him. Legend has it that Ho-oh was a shrewed judge, blaming anyone who used a Poke'Mon as a tool even to save lives a crime against nature and God.

"Place the beads upon your head and wait for Ho-oh to speak." The High Priestess left as soon as Kyle did as he was supposed to do. Kyle then looked at the large rainbow bird at the end of the room. it sat between two pillars of gold and lapis lazule.

"My boy, I am Ho-oh. I see I have another impure trainer in my midst."

"How..." Kyle was surprised. kyle should have heard something different.

"The Beads are using thier power on you. You have passed the first two tests. Now I must give you the third test. You pass, and you may keep the beads. And you have already failed the test by using your Poke'Mon as tools of humanity. If you can give me proof against this accusation, then you may keep the beads."

Kyle had beads of his own on him. His sweat fell to the floor. kyle had no way to pleade innocent, for he knew he was guilty. Kyle then looked up at Ho-oh and said trembling, "I have no proof against your claim. But if I owned these beads, then will the Master Ball be invented?"

"In a year, yes, but no. You are correct my boy."

"Then let me say good bye to Snorlax."

"My boy. You did not pass my judgement, but if you instst. Knock yourself out (literally)"

Kyle called out his Snorlax. The huge Poke'Mon looked at Kyle as tears dropped to the floor from kyle's face. "This might be it between you, f-friend. Thank you for defending us, even though you were a wall, a tool of man... I hope that you had a nice time."

Suddenly, Snorlax was recalled as Ho-oh called out. "GO, take the beads. My descision is final. Partially because the Catholic Church is outside. I know that they mean no harm to the world, but if they keep catching Poke'Mon impurely, the Trinity will not be happy."

"Why don't you say Triforce?" asked Kyle.

"Oh...... one day my boy, you will se why. ONe day. But as they approach, I must flee for a while. My followers will be dead when I return, but their bloodline will stay. As the violance escalates, I'm sure that Samael will slowly return. As for you my boy, return to the present and prepare for that day. You just don't call it the End of Days for no reason. Go my boy. And make sure to return the Beads of PokeTalk when you're done, you impure trainer. (I can't believe I actually gave them away like Mardi Gras beads, but something...)

+Same Song+

Kyle and friends raced back to the Room of Tablets. Kyle looked back as the crusaders raided the temple. Kyle then saw Ho-oh flee to the skies. Kyle had left his mark on history, and if Ho-oh was right, he would do it again.

Kyle and friends returned to the present, and as Kyle guessed, Snorlax was not caught by Kyle. He just looked up at the sky during present day as he noticed a voice from the past.

"..one day you will understand my boy..."

Suddenly, Knuckles was glaring at a form in fron of them. it was a humanoid hedgehog with black skin and red highlites. He wore gold bangles and glared back at Knuckles. "I am Shadow, and I am here for the Emeralds you have!"
(End Chapter)

Sorry if this does not coincide to how Ho-oh left the world in the anime. Kyle still has lots to learn about Poke'Mon, as you can see from Ho-oh's judgement on Kyle. One last thought... Is the Poke'Mon world and the other three worlds racing towards Judgement Day?

8th October 2005, 2:48 AM
It looks pretty good. Kyle I can see is still learning. Hmm them Unowns have a pretty good temple? Heh looks like good old Shadow wants a Chaos Emeralds as well. good chapter and good luck with the next one. Ho-Oh just gets more and more involved.

Kyle of Pallet
8th October 2005, 2:54 AM
Ho-oh has existed since even before the Hylins with their pointed ears lived in the Poke'Mon World, so he will become more involved in this book only. He will be rarely mentioned until the Final Battle in Book V.

The only other legendaries to get involved are Rayquaza, Lugia, Mew, and Rucario. Rayquaza mostly.

Hidden Mew
8th October 2005, 6:21 AM
That was a really good chapter. I liked how Ho-Oh sounded so wise and powerful to Kyle. That's probably because it is so powerful and wise. I can't wait to see what happens next.
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8th October 2005, 2:00 PM
The length was kinda not as good, and there were some obvious errors that I think if you re-read you would probably see. That Ho-oh's too serious. My Ho-oh is like me. Fun-loving, caring, helpful, and he doesn't dismiss people for catching Pokemon, but for catching them against their will, ie: not asking them if they want to come along as a trained Pokemon. He's only that serious when it involves Team Rocket, Magma, Aqua, Cipher, Snaggem or Abomination, or when Mallain is involved. Still it's reasonable, though that chapter did seem a little lacking compared to others.

9th October 2005, 12:32 AM
To me, this is getting better and better. It would be wierd if you put GTA in there. And thanks for puting shadow in. Keep up the good work!

Kyle of Pallet
9th October 2005, 2:54 AM
Ho-oh will get some of his lost pep back within the next few chapters... But now, Kyle and friends have Shadow the Hedgehog to deal with!

Just to warn you, there are some references in jokes to sexual themes.

Chapter VI: Union Cave

"I want the Chaos Emeralds," roared Shadow as he curled into a ball, launching himself into Knuckles. Knuckles did the same as Shadow, bot of them colliding with each other at every opprotune moment.

"Have fun," said Diane as the rest of the group began to walk away. Knuckles and Shadow immediatly stopped the fight as Knuckles lept into the air, extended his body as if he was lying down on his stomach in mid-air, and with his fists in fron of him, began to glide quickly towards the group.

"Well, Well. I will still get those Chaos Emeralds so I can return to Earth," said Shadow as he raced towards Azalea Town.

CAVERN (http://www.zeldalegends.net/gallery/displayimage.php?album=191&pos=2)

Union Cave had an entrance in the Ruins of Alph. Union Cave was relativly small compaired to other caverns and such around the world. Deep inside the cave, We now see a giant millipede called a Moldworm crawling through the cavern's halls. He was eating any Poke'Mon he came across. He swallows a Zubat in one gulp as it continues to our heros.

Meanwhile, we see Dr. Eggman all alone, no Team Rocket with him. He was with a tall yellow robot and a short grey robot. The former being Dequo, the latter being Boquo. "Come on, you lazy robots! We have to make strong arrows for our next encounter with Knuckles and his human friends.

"But Doctor, shouldn't we work on the totem poles that hold the arrows in them," asked Boquo and Dequo in unison.

"I still have the other ones from the time I used this robot on Sonic years ago! If it was not for his cunning and using my arrows as ladders, I would have won!"

+Same Song+

Meanwhiel, our heros walked through the cave, looking for strong rock Poke'Mon to actually catch. Kyle looked around every corner in the dark, dank, bleak nature-made halls of the Union Cave. Kyle looked around the corner to see if any Poke'Mon were there. "Nope, nothing down this way here," said Kyle as he raced back to the group.

Link was more alert to the sound of moving slime. He was afraid that the Slime Brothers, Bit and Bot were in the Poke'Mon World with them. Sure, they should do comedy on stage, but they could be dangerous off stage. Bit was a red slime and Bot was blue.

So now we see those two slimes crawling around the cave. They are pretty amorphous, except that they have eyes, and a mouth.

"Yo Bottie, have you ever been too drunk to fish?"

"How can we, we have no arms."

"We could hold the poles in our mouths."

"Oh yeah, and I'm Jeff Foxworthy."

"But seriously, have you?"

"Do monkeys masturbate?"

"Do you?"




"Being to drunk to fish?"

"Dammit. Lets crawl on."

"Link," said Kyle. "Did you hear that screaming?"

"Yep. Must be Bit and Bot."

"No," said Kyle as he looked around causiously. "It sounded like a Zubat dying."

"What if it came from that!" Brittany pointed in front of them. And there it was, Moldworm!

BOSS (http://www.zeldalegends.net/gallery/displayimage.php?album=192&pos=1)

Kyle and Link drew their weapons as the monstrous millipede loomed to the ceiling of the cave. Kyle also called out his Charmeleon. Charmeleon launched a Fire blast, a cruciform of fire, at the Moldworm. Mold worm could not get out of the way in time, so it was hit by the fire blast. But it was not effected. Link knew why.

"The tail is the only unarmored part. We must distract the Moldworm so we can get behind it and slay it." Kyle nodded as Brittany called out her Ponyta.

"Ponyta, ltes ride and distract the gigantic worm," said Brittany as she got on her Ponyta and rode it in front of Moldworm. The beast dove for the horse, but Brittany calmly guided it. It rode around the cave like a whirlwind.
Meanwhile, Kyle and Link were waiting for the moment to present itself so they can jump onto the tail of the rampaging giant millipede. Suddenly, the Moldworm stopped with it's back to Link and friends. As Kyle and Link lept on, Knuckles glided onto the armor plates above them. Kyle then noticed that the plates ended at one point, revealing a pulsing layer of skin.

Kyle and Link began slashing as Knicled punched at the flesh. The Moldworm seemed to act as if it felt no pain. It closed in on Brittanyand her Ponyta. Kyle heard her scream as he raced to the top of the Moldworm, stabbing the Moldworm in the eye. Black blood flowed forth from the eye as the beast screamed, knocking Kyle of as it writhed. The beast looked at Kyle as it slow caught fire. purple smoke issued forthfrom the monster as it slowly fell towards the floor, crash with a thud.

VICTORY (http://www.zeldalegends.net/gallery/displayimage.php?album=190&pos=76)
OVERWORLD (http://www.zeldalegends.net/gallery/displayimage.php?album=190&pos=51)

As our heros walked out of the cave, legs aching and tired, Link was fortuneate enough to find arrows on the ground.

"Awsome," said Link. "I find myself some string and a curved stick, and I will have a bow and arrow set happenin' here."

"Kyle," said Brittany. "Thanks for saving me. I guess Stephen under estimated you."

"OH, THAT STEPHEN," kyle yelled angerly. STephen can be thought of as a rival of Poke'Mon, swords, and women.
"I hope he trips on a Geodude and falls off a cliff."

" He did, and his Pidgeot saved him." Brittany said as she just stared at Kyle after she got up from falling like the anime character she was.

"And maybe Kyle will have the smae luck. Since I'm here," said Knuckles. "I don't think he has another echidna with him, or a Chaos Emerald."

"yeah." said Kyle as he and friends walk into Azalea during the night.

"Well, dost my eyes decieve me, or am I looking at thou, Princess Zleda... Hoot-hoot," said a huge owl that nested in the tree.

"It can't be... Kaepora Gaebora?"

9th October 2005, 3:22 AM
Things get a bit more intersting. Best Eggman goes without the Rockets though. Anyway nice stuff and not bad. Looks like everyone is having some problems and having a big race.

9th October 2005, 3:03 PM
I'm too lazy to nit-pick, but reread this chapter as well, they were a lot of obviuos errors. Otherwise it's S'alright, but I'm afraid to say Mobius is considering only a Shelgon award. Although he's considering, we'll see how the next one comes out.

Kyle of Pallet
9th October 2005, 5:19 PM
There was a longer fight scene between SHadow and Knuckles, but I must have not saved that when I had to shut down. I knew that there was something missing, but I did not know what until now.

Expect to see more of Bit and Bot.

Hidden Mew
9th October 2005, 6:42 PM
That was a pretty neat and interesting chapter. I liked how everyone was working together to defeat that worm monster. I also like how Knuckles is in this story, but I don't know who this Shadow is, even though I have heard of him. Anyway, your story line is getting deeper and you're doing a great job.
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Kyle of Pallet
12th October 2005, 11:00 PM
Next chapter is being worked on. Did not find time to type it yet. If you have seen, "My Name is Earl," then you know what I am trying to do.

Be kind to others, and good things happen to you!

Ehhemm, halfway done with the next chapter. No Bit and Bot, so it will be serious.

Kyle of Pallet
21st October 2005, 12:57 AM
New Chapter...

Chapter VII: Godspeak and Witches
OWL SONG (http://www.zeldalegends.net/gallery/displayimage.php?album=191&pos=26)

"Yes. Tis I, Father of the Trinity, and Father of the Universe," said Kaepora the owl.

"How did you get here," said Link as he sighed relief.

"It all began in Hyrule. I was flying over the Lost Woods when the Great Deku Tree called me to him. He told me that the Triforce has become imbalanced and that the catalyst of this event is in the Poke'Mon World. I knew that Twinrova was banished to the Poke'MOn World, but that was part of King Ganon's plan to destroy the human race. So I went to the warp in the woods and carefully made my way to the continent of Termania. From there, I entered another rift in time and space and ended up here." Kaepora Gaebora flexed his wings and landed on the ground very gradually.

"Who...," said Diane as she trembled at this Owl God.

"This, according to some creation myths in Hyrule, is the father of the goddesses. He made everything before the gods rebeled and were destroyed. Then the goddesses recreated everything," said Zelda as she walked up to the immense owl. "He was the creator of the Golden Land, now were you?"

"The Golden Land was the fifth world, a land of the dead. That was where the Deciever was sealed, inside an immense pyramid guarded by the Triforce. His name was Samael, a god of the night. When the Brain created us, the gods, he was the second to be created, next to me, the god of the day. I created the archons, gods of good, as he created demons, gods of evil. He waged war against us, the gods of light, but some of the demons left him when he became evil. So I, the first and last god, destroyed him and any other who would oppose equality in the universe. Then I created Din, Nayru, and Faroe. They remade the world because Evil was to reign no longer. BUt somehow, Samael came back and threatened all existance because he was nothing more than a monster. So he got followers to sacrifice themselves to empower him. He slew the Brain and thus made the universe finite. I then went and sealed him away until the Messiah of the Brain could come and destroy him forever. The time has come for the Hero with no name to come and liberate mankind."

"What does that have to do with us," said Kyle.

"The relics. Seek the relics..." And with that, Kaepora Gaebora flew away into the heavens.

"The relics... The Master Emerald said that to me as it left to this world when the portal opened," said Knuckles as hie punched a tree. He could not know why this was happening, but it was. Shawn was a bit surprised to hear proof that "gods" actually existed. Diane heard of Samael before, but she was surprised about hearing about him from an ancient god was urprising. Melissa heard that Samael was the Serpant in the Garden of Eden, but he was also a powerful angel of God, but so was Satan. Kyle knew that he was one of the seven angel of Heaven, and that he represented power, but evil to?


Twinrova, during that moment where our heros met the Owl, were planning to release Ganon from his prison. So far, they ammased an army of Karagocs, large vultures and Moblins, the pig-headed humans. In the altar room, guarded by heavily armored Darknuts, or brown dog-headed men, Twinrova prayed for the return of Darkness. Suddenly, the great flam on the altar rose up into a vague human form as it spoke. "The time has come to take Zelda for the sacrifice. Darkness is soon to cover the world as I sit on the throne once again. Like my father, the first Gerudo man, I shall become god!"

But then a light erupted from the back of the room as an angel of light appeared. It yelled out, "Yahweh Elohim, Kaepora Gaebora, the Lord God, is the true one, ruler of deception!"

Konume, pulled out her broom and shot a blast of fire at the angel, slaying it. The angel was dressed in silver robes and it had six skyblue wings The angel then drew a beautiful sword of rare silver and pointed it at Konume. "Witch of Fire, that will be your punishment when the Beast arises!" The angel then fell dead.


OUr heros woke up in the inn the next morning, the last night echoing in their minds. No one knew what to say about anything, until....

"Where's Zelda! I can't find him anywhere!" Diane freaked out ar she noticed a cryptic message in the wall. It was written, or drawn in this case. It was a Triforce hovering over a city with a temple, a castle, and a mountain that looked oddly like a volcano. Link translated the ancient hylin to read, "O, Triforce. Thou hast dissappeared from our skies. please guard me even though you are away..." On the corner of the drawing, there was a blood stain.

"Twinrova, they were here," said Charmeleon to Kyle after he put his Beads on his head. "ON cleaning stick thingies, they came."

"Well, there goesw my black nailpolish," said Diane sadly as she found the scource of the ink drawing on the wall.

"We can regain the gothic image later. But now, we must find Zelda." Charmeleon then laughed as it realized that only Kyle could hear him.

"Twinrova left us a message to," said Shawn as he pointed at the door. Written in blood, was a threat that if I rewrote it here, you will have nightmares for weeks. But it pretty much said that They will only sacrifice Zelda only if Kyle was there to be killed by Ganondorf at his revival.

"He wants to kill me, and he will be fought!" Kyle's version of the word, fought, must be magical, because the room caught fire. The group frantically struggled as they tried to put out the fire. The door was burned off, and before the drawing on the wall was burned, SHawn took a picture of it. It was at this time that the hotel owner cam rushing in. He was a big man, with no hair on his head, not even a mustach. He knew that there was no proof that our heros did not set the fires, but he also had no proof that they did set them either. He only had the eye witness accounts.

So, our group was kicked out of the hotel, and told never to come back. And they had to pay for all the damages times two. That was almost all of their PokeMoney. But they still had three rupees, the gem-like currency from Hyrule. And Knuckles still had a few Gold Rings from Mobius. So, they still had a lot of money, but for how long?


Kyle and Brittany decided to face the gym leader alone, leaving the rest of the group with free time. Melissa and Diane went shopping as Shawn, Link, and Knuckles looked for clues to Zelda's dissapearance. But first, we look at Kyle.


"Scyther, False Slash!" A humanoid-mantis with swordlike arms slashed at Persian, For Kyle's Meowth evolved as his friends looked for clues. The tan fur on this panther was now hit by the blade of Syther's arm. Persian was almost defeated, but Kyle could still win this battle with him alone.

"Persian, Hyper Beam!" Persian then unleashed an orange colored beam at Scyther, but the mantis dodged as it applied the finishing blow to the Persian, fainting it with only two attacks. "This will be much tougher than the Yanma (a dragonfly Poke'Mon)," saidn Kyle as he called out his weak Charmeleon. Yanma might have been weak to Charmeleon, but it still knocked him for a loop.

"Scyther, you can end this easily with a brand new attack in the Poke'Mon World. use GigaSlash!" Scyther powered up a red orange aura on his blades. The aura grew stronger at every instant. Charmeleon prepared a fire blast, but instead launched a new attack. Fire appeared in a ring arounf Charmeleon, then the ring extended and exploded outwards. The attack was Blast Burn, and with that, Kyle wone the battle before the Scyther could attack.


"He y Mel, what do you think about this crazy adventure," asked Diane in a store that madeMelissa uncomfertable.

"It made me realize how much of a friend Kyle and you guys truely are. I have learned more than I expected, and this quest also made me look at goths and satanists as people trying to worship the same beings, thanks to that Triangle thingy."

"Yeah, the Triforks!" Diane paid for her gothic products as they walked out of the store.

"You don't act goth," said Melissa as they walked around the small mall in Azalea Town.

"I realize that. I find it tough to act 100% goth all the time. Sure, I lick rather than Kiss guys, but that does not mean anything to me."

"You still lick, I mean like Kyle still. I hear you mutter his name in your sleep."

"He accepted me more that Frank Surge ever could have. He was the first guy... never mind."

"He was the first to accept you as you were, didn't he. He was always like that."

"That, and he kissed me. He was the first guy to kiss me to. I was as pretty as the other girls, it was just that my parents were killed by others like them... just because my mother could cast magic spells. Kyle looked beyond that and kissed me. I wanted to do more with him, one day... it was a silly dream, but I wanted to marry him. It was my first uber perky thought since I was a child. Then I wanted to have his children. Just me and him. He was not like the preps and punks I grew up with. I dreamed that he was my age, and that we could get married right away. I was only with Shawn to try and get over my silly dreams, but they have returned ever since Kyle almost died facing Ganondorf in that church."

"He is a good friend, isn't he."

"Heroic, maybe not the greatest looking guy in this world, but I like him."

"Ever since Link appeared, my world turned upside down. My mind must have cured, because I can senser what I say. I'm also braver. I saved that Jigglypuff from that dragon or Dodongo of whatever the beast was called. Then he saved me from the Tekkites, giant water spiders with four legs and one eye. Then there was our first battle with Ganondorf, and when we saved the Saffron Gym from the monsters. Then he saved a legendary poke'Mon instead of capturing it. He stood up to the Kanto Atheist Alliance adn to Team Rocket. Got far in the Kanto League, and ultimately saved our hides in the end."

"Well, to me. He is a hero already!"


"Yeah," said this one kid. "I saw two old hags on broomsticks. They had a little girl around my age as they flew off in the direction of the Silver Mountain."

"Thanks," said Link as the boys walked towards a Poke Ball Shop. The shop was owned by Kurt, a short, old, grumpy looking guy nicknamed the PokeBall Dwarf. He certaintly did have the crafting skills like the race of legend.

"Guys, We are ready to leave the town," said Kyle and Brittany as they ran up to the group. Diane and Melissa ran up at this time.

Kurt then walked out and looked at Link. Kurt just let out a little srceam as he motioned the group inside. The motioned them deep inside into a secret basement where he worked on his PokeBalls. "I had a dream about your group. I think I have to warn you of the quest that is to come. In this dream, there were dark clouds covering Johto and the world as a great blue monster with a trident ruled on a throne of bones. But light returned to the world as I saw all of you with some princess pushing the monster back into Hell. There as also a black and a blue hedgehog, and a yellow orangish fox. There was also a fat madman in a red coat. But I think I was to warn you all of this. Take some of my PokeBalls. I think you would need them."


Outside the Ilex Forest, near Goldenrod City Eggman was putting the finishing touches on the totem poles as he placed arrows in them. He laughed his familiar hoho ho as he said, "With this, kyle and friends will not win. I shall get the chaos Emerald now!"

21st October 2005, 1:08 AM
Boy this story gets more crazy and crazy. It seems i's lie everytem for themselves kinda thing which is good since I like that. Hmm Twinrova is getting more serious..poor angel..ahem anyway good chap though the battle was short but hey it's okay! Heh Eggman changes a sign on a pole? That should be interesting later when Kyle an co get to it. Ohohoho!

21st October 2005, 6:10 PM
Have you stopped using Microsoft Word? 'Cos I saw way too many errors. It's interesting, but I have trouble really imagining the Link's worlds monsters and villains using your descriptions. You do need to work a little more on description. This, I'm afraid to say, is worse than your prior fic interms of grammar, spelling and description.

Kyle of Pallet
21st October 2005, 11:25 PM
First of all, I never used Microsoft Word. My computer does not seem to have such advanced technology. This is pretty much a glorified draft stroy. Once all five parts are in place, then I'll go back and look at all my errors, all extra pointers, and rewrite the whole entire story in the Completed Fics section.

Next chapter, I promise, I will type it better than this one.

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We see... You should get MS Word though. Makes writing life a lot easier and just saying. Anyways good luck with the next chapter.

Kyle of Pallet
21st October 2005, 11:38 PM
How do you get it, and does it cost anything?

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...It came with my computer....well at least when I became interested in coputers at least...ask your parents. They proobably know.

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Please, my parents are as computer literate as a caveman. Ask them anything about the programs, and it is like kryptonite to Superman.
I'll research it on Dogpile instead.

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This was an interesting chapter. I did get a bit confused with some of the details, but that was okay. I sense a deeper plot in the making. There are other types of writing formats that have spell check other than Microsoft Word. I don't even use Microsoft Word. I use Quark instead. Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that there are other choices to spell check your work.

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Thank you all for your kindness, but I must give some bad news.

Being that this is a good story being badly written, and the fact that I am thinkg about leaving the Jewish faith, I will have to end the saga of Colliding Worlds here.

But don't cry yet, for the story will rise again like the Phoenix, for this story will be reborn in the five part saga called The Last Legend.
This will be the same story, but retyped to be much better than this would have ever been. I believe the title sounds much better. Mainly, it is the original Genesis of Heros, without the bad typing and the loop-holes, and the skipped chapters, and to make Shiny Flygon happy: Kyle and Amanda's relationship will be deeper!

So I leave Colliding Worlds with a song of leaving: The Ballad of the Wind Fish...

Goodbye for Now... (http://www.zeldalegends.net/gallery/displayimage.php?album=191&pos=38)

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We understand..and good luck with your new story!...And your new religious faith I suppose too.

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I understand as well. You could also get someone else to spell check your work, but this is your choice. I wish you good luck on writing the rest of your story and with your religious choice too.
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Glad to have been of service. Good luck on your next tale!

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Thank you all. (begins to cry a little) I'll be alright. I hope you wait for The Last Legend.

Once again, thank you and wait for the remake. I promise it will be much better than I thoug this would ever be. In fact, the remake will be posted as soon as I am typing this last good-bye. (floods Pallet Town with his tears)

Ash: Oh please, you are re-writing it, are you?

Me: Oh yeah (sobs) in a minute.

(For your information, I am crying a little bit as I read your last replies, but I'm sure you are going to reply again with the remake. My religious search is still going on. But the Remake should be on in a few seconds...

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Before I ask this to be closed downby a Mod, I'd like to add a link to the remake.

THE LAST LEGEND (http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?p=2271376&posted=1#post2271376)

Okay, with that said. Zeypher Flare, close this thing down. And to Hidden Mew, Wes, and Shiny Flygon: see you in THE LAST LEGEND!

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Scratch that. I am reviving Colliding Worlds, but I will still type Last Legend as a Director's Cut. Next Chapter tommorow. I was so stupid to get rid of the story that was already still good.

To all of my fans who liked where I was in this fic, I'm coming home again.
last Legend will be down as I continue to type this.

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Next chapter is almost done. I said it. This is revived, I am continuing it!

Anyhoo, there is a fan of mine that is making a fan-fic about this fan-fic.
The year of the fanfanfic must be between 2006 to 2025.

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2nd December 2005, 1:40 AM
New Colliding Worlds Chapter! Sorry if it is baddly typed or rushed. This chapter will be badly written, because I need a chapter or two to get back into the swing of things.

Chapter VIII: The Road to Perdition
OVERWORLD (http://www.zeldalegends.net/gallery/displayimage.php?album=190&pos=51)

We begin this chapter in the Illex Forest. Our heros were walking down the quiet trail as all things were quiet areound them. Melissa was a bit worried about the dead silence of the forest. Diane found the silence to be quite awsome.
"You know, This is quite awsome. This silence lets us listen to the sounds our anscestors listened to," said Shawn as he looked around. "Years ago, the cavemen would have heard this noise."

"You mean my anscestors," muttered an angry Link. "You must remember that the Hylins owned the Poke'Mon World befor the humans came. Then the humans pushed us out of this world. Roughly 3,500 years ago. I think that you owe me an apology."

"Oh, I am very sorry. I think I should bow down and lick your boots, oh Hero," said a sarcastic Shawn as Link drew the Master Sword. Shawn, in a normal reaction, raced up a nearby tree, scaring down a caterpiller Poke'Mon called Caterpie. Kyle did not bother catching it. Our heros wanted to get to the Silver Conferance so they could face TwinRova as strong as can be. As long as Kyle didn't go straight to them, he knew that Zelda would be safe. Kyle had a feeling that Ganondorf wanted revenge on Kyle. Of course, if he cut off your arm, you would want revenge to.


But now, we go to a desert region called Orre, in a town called Agate Village. Here, the people spoke of the child Cassandra. Cassandra was not your normal eight-year old, for she was a prophet. Cassandra would draw pictures of future events, like how President Sharonvich was elected when she was four. Cassandra forsaw the fall of Cipher thanks to Wes, an ex-member of Team Snaggem. But the people saw how melencholy she became recently, for her drawings showed a dark future.

"Cassandra, why did you draw such things. Has Satan possessed you.," said a young nun as she scolded Cassandra.

"I draw what God tells me," little Cassandra replied. "He told me that during the Johto Silver Conferance, a great catastrophy will happen. I was shown that Beast's revival, but the Beast will not come until an evil magician in green robes comes to makes us follow him with his magical musics. Then a Storm of Rocks shall occure as the three ancient Poke'Mon arise. Then the Final Year shall come as the God of Evil..."

"I have enough of this. Surely, Satan has possessed you to speak of other gods, as the Heavenly Father is the only God. Now I agree that we are in the End of Days, but the only things that will happen are in Revelations."

"Jesus told me to tell you that you should not worry. For behold, in orange armor, he shall reunite the Four Worlds and save us."

The nun slapped her. Cassandra fell to the floor, her golden locks seemed to glitter against her soft face. Her blue dress had a single cross of yellow on it. Cassandra began to run away, but a priest grabed her and pushed her on a small, wodden bed. The bed was not at all ornate, it was very basic looking.

"Our help is in the name of the Lord," he yelled.

"Who made heaven and Earth," the nuns replied.

We end this scene as Cassandra begins to cry. Her crying muffled out the chanting of the Exorcism Rite, as loud as it was. There, she saw an arabian man in his late fourties, holes in his wrists and feet, and a gash wound in his side. He wore white robes, as white as snow. "It is I, Yeshua the King. Be calm Cassandra. This will happen until it is to late to stop the chain of events. But I have guided a young boy to become a warrior, and he shall save us."



We return to our heros as they walk by some old ruins deep in the Illex Forest. The ruins dated back to the earliest uses of concrete, but Link recognized it to be an ancient Hyrulean Temple.

"See those gold Eagles, they symbolize Hylin peace. Oh what peace we had, until we were pushed out of this world."

"Really. Why is there a silver eagle facing it then," Kyle asked.

"The Silver Eagle is the symbol of the gods," Link replied. "It is supposed to be a young Kaepora Gaebora, the head of the gods. In all beginnings, he created the First World in a period of six days. The seventh was devoted to rest."

"Like the Book of Genesis," said Melissa.

"But what about..." said Shawn as Diane interuppted him.

"Probably the Noah story," said Diane.

"Link, I will explain it to you later," said Kyle as they walked towards the end of the forest. They were well on their ways to Goldenrod City.


Later, our heros ended up walking into a wooden arena. As soon as our heros walked into the center of the arena, the ground began to quake, for two stone totems blocked the entrances. Then Eggman flew in on the Egg Carrier, a mallet was attached to the front.

"Hohoho," Eggman sneered. "I saw how our fight in the tower went, so how about a larger arena!"

"But Doctor, isin't that a disadvantage," said Boquo.

"That wretched Echidna can't glide well on this plane."

Knuckles bagan to jump at Eggman's Carrior, but Eggman was too high to be hit by conventional means.

"If Zelda was here, we can bring down this ship," said Link as he drew his sword. Link then noticed a pattern. Eggman hits a totem, an arrow flies out, sticking itself into the opposite totem ten feet away. "Knuckles, the arrows make a ladder!"

Knuckles climbed the arrows and was able to hit the Egg Carrier. Eggman was a bit annoyed at Link, and attempted to kill him with an arrow. But Kyle happened to have another leg pain like earlier, and stumbles in front of Link. And what happened next was the scariest moment in Kyle's life.

Eggman hit the totem, launching an arrow at Link. But instead of Link, the arrow strikes Kyle. Kyle fell to the ground, and knew no more.

Kyle of Pallet
2nd December 2005, 10:28 PM
Sorry for two things.

1) For the length. I need to brush-up on my skills, so don't rate it harshly yet. I'm a bit rusty typing fanfics.

2) For the infinite amount of double posts. My old readers, this is back up!

Hidden Mew
3rd December 2005, 1:01 AM
It is okay. Don't worry too much about those double posts. Everyone does that sometimes. And don't worry about the time. If you take your time, your writing will defintely be better. I'm still looking foreword to reading your lastest chapter.

Kyle of Pallet
3rd December 2005, 2:47 PM
Chapter IX: You Only Live Twice
ANOTHER MOMENT (http://www.zeldalegends.net/gallery/displayimage.php?album=193&pos=24)

The room was white, like a blinding light. Kyle stood straight up, piecing the last memory he remembered. He remembered being pierced by the arrow, for you will never forget a pain like that. He looked around, the room got duller and duller as he saw more of the room. He was in a waterfall that was located inside a cave.
A large and deep lake was in front of the waterfall.

And then, Kyle noticed that another was with him in the small cave behind the waterfall. There was the strong woman, Impa. "What happened. Am I dead?"

Impa looked Kyle straight in the eyes. She laughed and said, "No. Except that you are now physically in Hyrule. That was the only way to keep you alive."


"Now now, you can get back if oyu can retrieve the King's crystals. Aghanim, one of Ganon's generals, hid both of them in Hyrule's dungeons. I will guide you to one in Lake Hylia, but for the other, you are on your own. But come now, for Decimus must ttalk to you."

Kyle followed Impa out of the falls. Impa then walked across the shallow water and up a cavernous walkway. Kyle was afraid that he would never get out of this nightmare. Kyle didn't know what to do. And at the end of the walkway, Kyle saw the rest of the Order. Then the king spoke.

"Kyle, I know how frightened you are, but do not be discouraged. You can return if my powers return. The Order is here to guard you as you search. Go to Lake Hylia, we will search for the other crystal."


Back in the Poke'Mon world, things were not looking so good. Shawn and Melissa knew that Kyle was only in a coma, and that he could wake up, so they
would go for the rest of the badges in Johto. Diane snook into the hospital room and tried revival spells, but to no avail. Diane would then sneak out of the room, leaving a trail of tears behind. Brittany and Link were the most affected. Link gave a heros send off to Kyle after Melissa won another badge for him. It looked like Kyle would never wake. But the Poke'Mon keeping him alive (Magneton worked the machines) would not let him pass on.

Kyle was by most, considered dead. Kyle was dead, and that was that.


But in reality, Kyle was just wet. He was in Lake Hylia. Kyle rested on a little island, sobbing all the way. Kyle knew that it was all over. He could not do anything to get back home, or so he felt. Kyle knew he would be dead soon, so he dove into the lake, and entered the temple that was sunken on the bottom of the lake.

CAVERN (http://www.zeldalegends.net/gallery/displayimage.php?album=191&pos=2)

Kyle walked into the ruins. It seemed like there was a barrior between the water of the lake and the interior of the dungeon. This was one of those Aztec style ruins. Skulls lined the entrance hall, blood was on the floor. Kyle walked down the hall, where it split two ways. Kyle went left, into the darkness. He felt like the crystal was calling to him from that direction. The darkess covered the hall like water droplets to cold water glasses. Kyle reached for his Charzard, but then realized that Poke'Mon don't exist, so his PokeBall wasn't there. Kyle was alone.

Kyle then noticed that oil was in a pool in a circular room at the end of that long hall. Kyle took his sword and tried making sparks. After about ten minutes and twenty curse words later, Kyle succeded and lit the pool on fire. Luckily for him,
the pool was connected to a small river separating the hall ahead of him in two.

Kyle walked down the hall, occasionally swatting a Keese, or big bat, out of the air. There was nothing deadly enough to scare Kyle to oblivion. Kyle then got to a waiting room. There was a lot of blood on the floor, and the oil track ended there in one huge pool. There was a well lit room beyon the pool. Kyle attempted to enter that other room, but a stone door dropped in front of it, barring entry. Kyle turned around to see a large crocodile-like monster crawl out from the oil.

This monster was on fire, so it was resistant to it. The beast had razor like spines on its back. It also had two large batlike wings. Kyle knew he was in trouble, and that he should have brought a shield. Link told him about this. This was Hylargon, one of Hyrules last pure Dragons.

BOSS SONG (http://www.zeldalegends.net/gallery/displayimage.php?album=192&pos=1)

The Dragon looked at Kyle and began to breathe fire. Kyle dove out of the way, but was still singed by the fire from the Dragon. Kyle thought about the Dragons and their weaknesses. Then, the voice of Zelda rang out.

"Kyle. Dragons have tough hides, except where they fly. Their underwings are tender spots. Find a way to distract the Dragon so you can reach the wings."

Kyle then noticed a strange plant-like bomb in the corner of the room the plant was a few feet away from him, but was in the corner. Kyle knew that he might die if he did this, but something told him in his mind that he would be safe.

Kyle lurched for the Bomb Flower. The Dragon roared loudly and lurched at Kyle. Kyle reached the Bomb, but could not pull it out of the ground. He was cornered, and there was nothing for him to do. Kyle prepared for the attack...

"Hey, Dragonna, stop botherin' this kid," said a familiar Red Slime. Both Bot, and his blue brother, Bit, were bouncing on the Dragon's head.

"Hey Bot," siad Bit. "It looks like we're humping the beast instead of defending Kyle."

"You must be the sickest Slime to ever grace the Serebii Forums!"

"I kn... wait. What is Serebii?"

"I have no idea, just came to me."

The Dragon was trying to fling the Slimes off, and it was distracted. Kyle raced forward and slashed the right wing of the dragon clean off. That made the dragon shudder, and shook the Slimes off onto the ground. The Dragon then slid into the fiery oil, but jumped out. The wound was weak to fire!

Kyle then cut the second wing off. He then dunked his sword into the oil, catching the blade on fire. Kyle began to slash at the stubs where the wings were. After a minute of vicious attacking, the Dragon fell to his blade. The Dragon burst into a bright light, and turned into an egg.

"Wow," said both Slimes. "He slew a Dragon. Now that Dragon is under his control. And look at that Red Herring!"

Kyle picked up the large heartshapped gem, thus filling his body with a large amount of energy. The stone then broke into four pieces, which Kyle threw into the fiery oil. The door at the other end of the room opened. Kyle and the Slimes walked into the last chamber.

Adn there it was, one of the King's Crystals. Kyle waslked into the center and picked the crystal up from the alter. The crystal was tapered in shape, like a straight candle flame, and round to. Kyle then placed Bit and Bot on his shoulders and exited the Temple.
OVERWORLD (http://www.zeldalegends.net/gallery/displayimage.php?album=190&pos=51)

Kyle swam up to the shore, Bit and Bot just bobbed to the surface like buoys. Kyle took off his clothes inside a small cave and hung them up. Then Kyle took a cloth and put it around him like it was a robe, but it would suffice in covering him up as the clothes dried. Bit and Bob just gathered tones of dry sticks and leaves and placed them into a pile in the center of the small cave. The cave was actually a large hole in the ground with a roof of earth, but it was still a cave. Outside, nature wept the loss of Hylargon.

Kyle openned the jars at one end of the cave to find meat and berries, not to mention a few brown nuts with yellow eye-like are as on them. The Slime Brothers just looked at Kyle as he put the tender meat on sharp sticks and put them over the fire. Kyle then began to snack on the berries.

"Hey Kyle, why are you here anyway," said Bot as he moved closer to the fire. "Aren't you from the Poke'Mon World."

"I was called here for some reason," Kyle replied. "Maybe to learn about my past, or maybe Ganon's weakness."

"The Master Sword is his only weakness. Well, except for this one thing that me and Bit know about."

"WHAT," Kyle yelled.

Just then, a round wooden creature popped out of the ground, a big blooming flower was on it's head. "Don't yell please, I'm trying to sleep. Us Business Scrubs need our rest." And with that, he went back into the ground. He never interrupted until later that night. That was when Kyle began to talk about his journey so far, and about how he missed his friends.

"Oh my, that is so touching. Stupid Eggy-guy. If only he became a merchant, like me. He sounds like a good business man.," said the Scrub. "I bet he could sell hot sauce in the middle of the Desert of Mystery."

"Anyway, that was when I came here. My mission from the king was to retrieve the crystals and bring them to him, so he could send me home. So far, I only got one crystal. Shouldn't be long before I get the second crystal. And Bit, what did you mean about 'Silver Arrows'?"

Bit just looked at the hole and said. "In the Desert of Mystery, there is a temple devoted to Kaepora Gaebora. They say that deep inside are the arrows that were once used to slay Ganondorf. But you are not ready for the Desert. Come back sometime later for them."

"Kaykay," said Kyle as he felt his already dry clothes. "All three of you, turn around," said Kyle as he dropped the cloth so he could put his clothes back on. Bot glanced back at Kyle as he was changing, but immediatly looked back.
"Anyway, Bit and Bot. Can I just call you red and Blue?"

"Sure," they replied in unison. "You have made two new partners!"

Kyle just climbed out of the hole. But before hie did, the Business Scrub gave him the Deku Nuts he saw before as a gift. And with those things in mind. Kyle ste off for the Zora's City again.

Hidden Mew
3rd December 2005, 8:57 PM
That was a really interesting chapter. I liked the new details of where Kyle was and how he felt as he was transported into this new world. I thought that his battle with the dragon was really cool. I am confused on Bit and Bot. I don't remember them in the game, unless they are suppose to be Red and Blue from the first two pokemon games. Anyway, great chapter and it is nice to read your chapters again.

Kyle of Pallet
3rd December 2005, 10:46 PM
Bit and Bot were the first two monsters in the NES RPG Zelda: The Adventure of Link. They were red and blue slimes based on the slimes from Dragon Warrior/Quest. I guess, in a way, they really do represent the first two Poke'Mon games.

I warn all my readers about the next chapter. Contains blood and gore when I talk about the next monster, Jargon.

Kyle of Pallet
4th December 2005, 12:02 AM
Chapter X: Left Behind
THE TITANS ARE AWAKE (http://www.zeldalegends.net/gallery/displayimage.php?album=190&pos=46)

Things didn't look so well in the Poke'Mon World. Just for your information, a day ago, the Three Titans were awakened from their slumber, and now the world was out of balance. Rain was pouring where Melissa and the rest of Kyle's friends were. They were trying to escape a tornado to. They worried for both Kyle and Ash. As you know, Ash was in the center of the dilema, calming the three birds as we speak.

"This can only be Ganon's doing," exclaimed Link at the the storm.

"No, the news said that this was because of three legendary poke'mon. They even said Lugia, the Bird of Water was sighted.," said Shawn in an effort to calme Link down. Link still blamed Ganon for the storm. But they knew that as long as Kyle was safe from Ganon, Zelda would not be sacrificed. Ganon would want revenge as soon as he returned.

"Lets hide here, I need to reapply my gothic look," said Diane as she pointed out a small cave. The heros raced for the cave as the storm threatened to swallow the entire planet. Melissa just caught a Farfetch'd for Kyle to. She silently prayed for the storm to pass without any harm being done to them. Link looked at Kyle's Poke'Mon Belt around his own waist and prayed to the Triforce to. Knuckles was digging farther into the cave, because a flood was beginning to happen.

"In here," cried out Knickles as he pointed into his newly dug vein in the cave.
They raced farther into the cave. Brittany looked back at the rising waters as Shawn pulled her farther in.

"Drat, the only thing that can make this any better was if a Chaos Emerald just floated into the cave on its own," said Knuckles as he noticed a shiny object in the water. It was another Chaos Emerald. Knuckles knew that if he dove in for it, it would be certain death, so he stole a PokeBall from Shawn and called out a Manta Ray Poke'Mon called Mantine. He lept onto it and sailed into the water. Mantine used Whirpool to fight the flood waters so Knuckles could get his emerald. Knuckles went under for a minute, but came back out of the water with the new Chaos Emerald in hand.


Things were not looking so well for Kyle to. It looked like the heavy storms that were affecting the Poke'Mon World were affecting Hyrule also. Kyle was racing towards the north where Death Mountain was. He walked along the flooding Zora River. Kyle looked for shelter, but found nothing. When all hope semed lost, he saw a small farm. Kyle walked up to the farm and entered.


Kyle walked into the large house towards the entrance of the ranch. Kyle looked around and noticed Loto, the Zora King at the table with a guy that looked like Maro from the videogames, except he had farming clothes.

"Ah, I was looking for you Kyle," said Loto.

"Lemme introduce my self, I'm Talon, and this here is Ingo." Talon pointed out a guy that looked like videogame Mario's brother, Luigi. Ingo bowed deeply and said, "Welcome. We prepared a room for you upstairs. You will be sleeping in Malon's room. Listen, just don't do anything with his daughter, or I will kill you personally."

"Ok," said Kyle as he stared at Ingo. Kyle walked into Malon's rooom. Inside, there was a sort girl no older than eight with red hair. She was wearing a basic white dress without sleeves, and a bandana around her neck. "Hello."

"Oh, I'm Malon. You can have my bed, I'll sleep on the matress."

"You don't have to do that," Kyle said as he layed down on the mattress. Kyle just looked at the ceiling as Red and Blue picked up an empty jug and a guitar.

"We like to play a song from another World called... well, its from a movie about some agent from England with three numbers. one of them was a seven. Anyway, he was going after some greek drug dealer, and he meets this scientist's daughter trying to avenge her father's death, but then he, her, and the Dove or drug guy found out the reall bad guy and pow, beat him in some biblical place in Greece."

Click on 'For Your Eyes Only' (http://midis.jamesbond-online.com/)

Kyle and Malon listened to the tune and really loved it. The Slimes might have been crazy creatures, but deep inside, they were very caring and loving guys tht loved to make people laugh at their expense. And as Kyle ended that thought, the song ended. "That was beautiful," said Malon. They fell asleep then, asleep to the falling rain.


Well, in the morning, the storm passed, for in the Poke'Mon World, Ash fufilled his destiny and calmed nature and the Three Titans. Thing were back to normal in Hyrule to. Kyle and the Slimes walked up Death Mountain, following the path left behind by Landimah. At the top would be another temple, where another Dragon guarded a Crystal. Unlike the last one, Kyle was warned about the dragon, Jargon. Jargon lived in a giant urn and comes out only to eat and to challenge. The Dragon existed inside a mine made temple on the Mt. Cremel side of Death Mountain.

"Kyle, unlike Hylargon, Jargon is evil, even if you win against him. I remember when I was only a little protist. I was walking along near the temple, and I saw the fat Jargon munching on a poor virgin sacrifice. Blood poured forth from his gapin maw, I swear, you could fit my giant mother-in-law in the hole. He then threw the body down the stairs, blood splattered everywhere! Then he picked up another male sacrifice and ripped his head cleen off, blood gushed forth like a fountain. He then cooked the boy alive..."

"BLEEECH!" Kyle was throwing up to the thought of the Dragon. Surely, Jargon would be his toughest fight yet. Kyle was going face to face with gluttony and evil in one form. Kyle decided to camp where he was, on the side of Death Mountain.

"Tell me more 'bout Jargon, but tone it down a bit there Red."

"Okay, but the gore is the best part, it is the Month of the Dead. And it is good to be scared once in a while."

"Okay then, Show it to me then."

"Okay, here is my best visual magic I have"

***WARNING: The next few scenes have a lot of blood and gore in them. This is Rated R part***.

Kyle looked into the water as he saw the scene. There, was the fattest thing he has ever seen. The Dragon was pukish brown, and had blood stains all down the front of his body. It was oh so very fat. White hair covered parts of its body. The beast was eating ten children alive, cooking some and ripping limbs of the others. Jargon then looked backwards, blood stained his mouth. He then launched out yelling such things that would get me banned if I type them.

Kyle then turned away and began throwing up blood. The sight was very gruesome, even for the Slime Brothers themselves. This was the worst sight anyone would ever hope to see.


Back on the Poke'Mon World, the rest of the gang had their hands full with Eggman and his Drill Truck. Knuckles was hitting the machine. This was Eggman's lamest attempt at getting the Chaos Emeralds, or was it.

And so, the chapter ends here. What will happen to Kyle when he faces jargon, and what about the Chaos Emerald...

Hidden Mew
4th December 2005, 6:47 PM
Another interesting chapter. The detail is better, especially with the bloody stuff with the dragon. Its a good thing that I didn't create those images in my head. I can't watch violence but to some level, I can read about it and not feel distrubed. Thanks for clearing up the Bit and Bot thing. Now, I'm confused about Kyle's pokemon. When did his Charmelon evolve into a Charizard? Anyway, great chapter and I look foreword to the next one.

Kyle of Pallet
11th December 2005, 7:09 PM
Thanks Hidden Mew. I'm glad I still have one reader. And Psi Umbreon, I hope it is okay that you are a main character in my fic. You're a good guy in the fic, of course.

Chapter XI: Emerald Racing
Listen to Sonic the Hedgehog 2, Boss(5)XG (http://www.vgmusic.com/music/console/sega/genesis/index-sz.html)

Knuckles launched himself at the machine again. He just makes it over the drill to hit the jeep-like truck. The vehicle was taking a beating. Eggman, however, was not looking so scared like the last two times he faced Knuckles. Suddenly, two claw-like mechanical arms came forth from the sidea of the vehicle. Knuckles was hit by the arms, and was badly injured.

"Link, can you slash the wires connecting the arms to the main robot," asked Knuckles as Link drew his sword.

"You bet," said Link as he walked forth and faced his first mechanical terror. "Lets do this!" Link blocked one of the arms and reached forth for the wires, but he was backfisted by the same arm.

"Hohoho," sneered Eggman. "The Robotnik Drill 2K360 is an improved model I faced you blue friend with, Knuckles." Eggman then had a rocket launcher pop out from the back, along with Boquo and Dequo placing in a few rockets.

"Sire, we are still maintaining the launchers," said Dequo ans he placed another rocket in.

"I'll maintain you if we lose because of your slowness," said Eggman. Eggman then launched a rocket at the team, separating them all. He then gathered them in front of the drill. Eggman then yelled. "If you want them to survive, then give me the Emeralds!"

Knuckles didn't know what to do. He reached for the Chaos Emeralds, until he noticed two old, bumbling witches were flying over the battle field. Knuclkes then climbed up the cliff near him and knocked Kotake off her icy broom. Kotake launched an Ice Beam Spell down at the machine, freezin Eggman, the machine, Boquo and Dequo, and the rest of our heros. Knuckles freed our heros and hid them near by. Konume then swooped down and helped Kotake back on her broom. They both turned at Knuckles.

"I twas him," said Knuckles as he pointed at Eggman. The witches then turned to the machine and launched their most powerful magics at it. The machine was sent flying, but Eggman escaped in a helicopter version of the Egg Carrior.

"That worked," said Link as he and the rest (except kyle) walked out of hiding. The the witches turned to our heros and placed an orange robe in front of them. Then they flew off. The robe came to life in fron ot them, getting ruby red eyes and a physical form. "Wizzrobe, let us flee," said Link, but then a wall of fire appeared around them. Then the Wizzrobe summoned two pig-headed muscly humans called Moblins, they wielded spears. Two more were sommoned outside the circle, and they had bows. Knuckles was the only one able to get out of the ring. Knuckles then took out the archers, but he could not get back into the circle.

Meanwhile, Link was fighting the Moblins inside the circle. He killed the one, but was doing badly against the other. Melissa and Brittany then called out their Poke'Mon..

"Ponyta, Fury Attack," said Brittany as her Ponyta kicked the one Moblin. Melissa called out her Ivysaur and commanded it to use Razor Leaf on the Wizzrobe. It landed with a critical location, the eyes of the Wizzrobe.
That was when Link remembered that a Wizzrobe has a big weakness. Their eyes were enchanted with a dead magician's spirit, making the robe live on.

"Hit the eyes," said Link. Brittany then called her Ponyta to hit the Wizzrobe's eyes with an ember attack. And with that strike, the robes fell to the ground into a lifeless heap. The ring of fire then dissapeared.

TOWN OR CITY (http://www.zeldalegends.net/gallery/displayimage.php?album=190&pos=48)

Later, our heros were sitting at a table in the Olivine City Restaurant. Melissa just stared blankly out the window, watching the happy couples walking by. Brittany was doing the same. They missed Kyle, and Brittany began to have feelings for him. Knuckles didn't know Kyle that much, but he knew what it felt like when you lose a good friend, and he was feeling that feeling. Link knew that Kyle was alive. And that Kyle would use up all his rescources just to get back to his friends.

"What would you like to order," said the waitress to our heros.

"Nothing, thank you," said Shawn as he sat back and sighed. "I may be an atheist, but I have seen some crazy things on our journey here. First, I saw That Ganondorf guy, then Dr. Surge's document prooving the existance of other realms of existance, then that whole Triforce thing. And now Kyle is stuck in some other world and there is nothing we can do."

"We can do something," said Diane. "I'm going back to Goldenrod's St. Columba's Hospital and waiting over kyle's body. Who's with me, but a few of you need to stay behind and get Kyle some more badges."

"I'll go, I'm sure Ganon will not try to attack anymore now that he realized that Kyle is not with us," said Link

And it was decided. Diane and Link would go back to Goldenrod while the rest would collect the rest of the badges. Fortunatelly, Kyle would not be for very long in Hyrule. Unfourtunately, the JAA and the KAA (Johto and Kanto Atheist Alliances) were arguing about Kyle's right to live. The JAA, headed by a man called Psi, noticed that Kyle still had all normal functions and that his brain had no damage. The KAA (and if you remember, they want Kyle's Diary which had Dr. Surge's Extraplannar Documents in them) said that Kyle was brain-dead and that he should die.

Now Psi was a great man, a guy you would love to have as a friend, but a guy you would hate as an enemy. Psi was a tall man, his hair was always perfect and brown, his body was decently toned. Anyway, Psi spent more time at Kyle's side than anyone. Psi believed that he still owed Dr. Surge, Kyle's dad, a lot for saving him.


"Hey, Kyle, take a look at this."

"Hey, thats pretty neat Psi. Trust me, I think you should get into the science magazines and journals out there instead of me."

"And why is that Mr. Surge. Its okay that you don't do much around the lab anymore. And I congragulate you on your newborn son, Kyle Jr."

"All I do is the math and the theory, while it is you that slaves 'round here in the lab. God certaintly blessed you with talent."

"Hehehe, yeah. How does a scientist that studies the creation of all things and of life still believe in God or a Creator?"

"Well, all it is is a thought process. All people interpret things differently. I look at the Big Bang and the Mew Theory and see the fingerprint of the Divine, you see a world that creates itself. It's all about the way you look at things."

At this time, Psi was not paying attention and was about to touch a live transformer.

"Psi, look out!" Dr. Surge took his cane and smacked Psi's arm out from the Transformer.

"Oh my, Kyle, I don't know what to say. If you were not here, I'd be toast!"

"Don't worry. We're friends, and that is what friends do. Besides, I would not feel right and probably spend all my time in a Confessional if I dodn't save you."


"Psi, the news media is here, along with a guy who says, 'I'm back'."

Psi rushed out of the hospital room, only to find Dr. Surge fighting his way through the Channel Six news crew. "Back, Media spawn of Satan," joked Dr. Surge ans he walked into the hospital room and locked the door behind him.

"My my, Kyle Sr., I thought I'd never see you again."

"Lets just say that I took a trip to that other plane I made contact with. Do you know what happened with my son?"

"He was shot by an arrow. He was brought here a soon as they could get away from the evil man who did this. Now, we have little time, and the KAA saysthat he is brain-dead, and according to most checks on his system, he is in the most unusual state of R.E.M, or Rapid Eye..."

"I know what that is. The state of mind when the body dreams. IS anything else strange happening?"

"The old man in the next bed has been having strange dreams about Kyle Jr. here. Says he is safe and well, and that he is in this place called Hyrule. That was the name of the "world" you said you contacted. Do you know what is going on?"

"I don't know, but I have a gut feeling that Kyle will return soon."

"I hope so, I hope so," replied Psi as the media broke through the door at the heels of the KAA. Dr. Surge and Psi turned around and just looked at the media, and the new President of the KAA (and the new guy, Rufus, was a mean son of a *****). "What do you want!"


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Another good and interesting chapter. I don't understand why Kyle's friends are collecting badges for him, instead of waiting for him to come back, but I guess that they want to help him out as much as they can. The battle was pretty neat and your describition has gotten better. I hope that Kyle comes back soon and helps his friends out. I am glad that I can help you by being your reader here. If you would like more readers, you could send people a private message every time you have a new chapter up. I'm starting to do that with my story. Anyway, great chapter and I look foreword to seeing the next one.

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Thanks for the hint Hidden Mew. I'll try to use it.

Next Chapter up most likely this weekend.

14th December 2005, 11:43 PM
Sorry I haven't read for a while. Quite busy with stuff. So far so good for Kyle and co. Lots of things nad people going around this story egh? You improved greatly and I wish you the best in future chaps. I'll be reviewing more now. Sorry about the past chaps but read em.

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Almost did again. I almost forgot this fic.

Sorry for dissapionting you all, I totally forgot with school projects and all.

Will be typing this as I type Poke'Mon: Dragon Quest.

Next chapter up this week, sooner or later.