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2nd October 2005, 11:52 PM
Disclaimer: I'd say there's a significant amount of profanity in this fic, although it is mostly socially used. It also contains violence and naturally, a little bit of gore. It's nothing you should worry about too much, but it is something that must be pronounced. I don't believe this is for the faint of heart, although I do suggest you enjoy it.

This fic is a parody of circumstances of which will become obvious after you begin reading it (if you haven't already read the preview). Characters are also parodies of certain people (as you may or may not realize) on the Serebii Forums. It is intended for your entertaining pleasure, and I hope you have a pleasurable experience reading this story based on events occurring around the forums in a twisted new setting of a sleepy village, once disturbed, and now at peace...for now.

Chapter 1: Appalling Accusation

“It’s over there…IN THE CUPBOARD!”

The thirteen-year-old boy scrambled to his feet as the old woman screeched at him. He sprinted to the dusty cupboards in the kitchen, his hands searching desperately for something. His sandy brown hair pulled into a ponytail in the back was a little moist from sweat, and his blue eyes were narrowed as he squinted into the dark past the cobwebs and dirt. He thought he spotted it in the corner, and grabbed it with his hand. Much to his dismay, it was a dust ball that exploded on contact, covering his brown vest, white turtleneck, and wool pants in grunge. An owl-like creature roosted on the rafter above him, clicking its beak menacingly as it watched him in amusement. He reached in again, and this time, his hand came out clutching a nice glass bottle containing a yellowish liquid inside.

“Bring me the damned scotch, boy!” the hag screeched, coughing into her hand.

The boy rushed to her bedside as she lied there in the patchy covers illuminated by the faint, orange glow of the gas lamp. The Pokémon overhead swooped down from the rafter onto one of the bed posts, its forehead crest musky with soot. It let out a hoot that made the boy jump, and he nearly dropped the bottle. Before anything else happened, he lifted the bottle to the old woman, and she snatched it greedily out of his hands. She twisted the cap off rather quickly, and without any resent, poured the alcohol down her aching throat. It felt warm against her tongue, and it gave her a fuzzy feeling.

“Ahhh…” she croaked as she laid back into her pillow. The boy watched her unnervingly as she put the bottle on the bedside table. He did not want to, but he ventured a question, “Aunt Bertie, I…are you going to…die?”

The old woman twisted her head towards him, and let out a maniacal cackle. “You didn’t figure that out already? Your mother must have dropped you on the head when you was a baby!” This comment burned into the boy’s heart, and he clenched his fists in reaction. “When will you die?”

“I suppose very shortly, you little ***,” she coughed. “What kind of civil person are you, eh? To ask a dying woman when she will die?”

“I want to know when,” the boy said, his voice trembling.

“There you are again!” she cried, sending herself into another coughing fit. After she was through hacking, she released a laugh that sounded like a creaking door. “When I’m out of my misery, I won’t have to worry about you anymore!”

“You speak of me like a parasite!” the boy said angrily.

“Oh, you’re even lower than a parasite! Still…just when your mother died, she expects her mother’s sister to take care of a pestilent little worm such as yourself. SHE must have been dropped on her head as well. And here you’ve been, leeching off of me until you got me to this state. I’m just glad you’ll get your just dessert in the bitter end!”

“Oh yeah?” the boy challenged. “And what will you do when you’re sitting in your grave, you old crone?”

The woman laughed hysterically, sending herself into another frenzy of whoops and coughs. “When I’m dead, you won’t have anywhere to go! The orphanage’ll scoop you up off of the streets and keep you there! You’ll be working for them day and night until your eyes extrude from your head, because no one would ever want to adopt such a low, worthless, burning piece of scrap like you!”

At the end of her words, she began laughing. It was a booming, nightmarish laughter that sent chills down the boy’s spine. She wouldn’t stop. The owl clicked its beak furiously now. He just wanted to get it over with. He wanted to shove a pike through her blackened heart. He was nearly raising his hands above her throat, when she suddenly went into a spasm, and began to choke. Her breath became gurgling, and nothing could stop death from taking its toll. In a mere second, her breathing stopped, and she sunk into the bed. Her lifeless eyes remained open and a pure look of wretched terror across her face. The boy gave the old woman a dark glare. As he gave a final glance to her, he stood up from the floor. The cabin seemed haunted now, and even though the warm feeling the small fire in the hearth created was present, it felt like one of the coldest nights he had ever felt.

The boy went to the door, where a black cloak was hanging on a nail pounded into the wall adjacent to it. The owl on the bedpost began hooting again, its hypnotic eyes digging into the boy’s back. He slung the cloak over his body, and pulled the hood over his head. He stood there for a moment, staring at the door, and then walked back towards the bed post. He looked at the hazel-feathered owl Pokémon. It tilted its head, and released another series of hoots. He held out his arm, and the bird immediately lifted off from the wooden frame and descended slowly onto his outstretched arm, flapping its wings until touchdown. Suddenly, the boy heard a swish in the windows curtains. Something grunted outside, but before he could turn his head, something horrible happened.

The lantern fell into the wooden floor with a crash, and the glass shattered into shards everywhere. Oil seeped all around the wood, staining it a dark, ugly color. The wick that was in the lamp set aflame and the fire reached and swelled across the flammable liquid. The flames dancing reflected in the boy’s eyes, which were filled with tears. He knew it was unsafe to be there. Without further hesitance, the young man shouldered through the door with the Pokémon bird’s talons in his arm. He was met by the cold, frosty autumn air and azure moonlight glowing in the sky. He could hear the flames roaring as he sped down the mountain towards the village.

When he finally reached the foot of the hill, he dared to look back. In the distance, he could see that the cabin on the summit was blazing rich colors of red and yellow. A thought occurred to him, but he ignored it, and ran forward into the abandoned square. The village buildings rose above him, silent giants as everyone slept within their hospitality. The cobblestones on his feet clattered with noise as he galloped past all the buildings, and even the Celenburg hall, to the huts. The streets soon transitioned from stones to raw soil, and wads of the earth were flung back into the air as the boy dug his feet into the ground. He wouldn’t let himself stop.

As he went into the neighborhood of huts, he passed signs such as “Art Discussion,” “Political Debating,” “Training Strategies,” and others as he wandered deeper into the thicket of them all. At last, he jogged straight towards the hut with the sign posted outside, “Lounge.” His legs slowed to a halt as he came closer to the door of the small shack. He could feel the warmth emanating from the inside, and already he heard voices grumbling and talking. He lifted his hand to the door, but stopped short. What am I doing? No one will help me now…maybe that old bag of bones was right. I’ll never surmount to anything…I…just want to kill myself!

Tears welling from his eyes, the boy gasped, and darted off in the opposite direction of the hut. The cold air bit into his face as he rushed through the village, but it didn’t matter. His life would come to an end anyway. It wasn’t worth living. His family had died, and he had no one. He kept running, and running, and running. The Noctowl clipped to his arm swayed back and forth, trying to keep balance, but eventually glided off into the night sky.

The boy ran directly into two middle-aged women crossing the street. They screamed in alarm, for it was certainly surprising to be run into while taking a stroll in the dark. The boy fell backwards onto the stone, knocking the wind out of him. He struggled to speak, but instead came weak groans, and sharp intakes of air that felt inadequate. The two women were clothed in robes of violet shades. One wore her black hair in a bun streaked with gray while the other lady had hers plainly straightened, although it had completely turned the tint of white. All of a sudden, a Pokémon jumped up onto the boy’s torso, licking him with a rough tongue in the face. The women battered it away, and the one with the bun bent over and spoke to him.

“James Carroll! Is that you?” she said in a high-strung voice.

“Aye, ma’am,” the boy replied wheezy voice.

“Excuse Snubbull here…he didn’t know better,” she said.

James raised his head over his chest to see a pink dog crouching behind the woman, very short in size, and polka-dotted with blue spots. The tips of its ears were black, and its eyes large and dull, while its lower jaw overlapped its upper jaw. It growled in a low, but forced tone: “Snub-bull…”

“Here, child,” the white-haired woman offered. “Get up off the ground. Unsuitable for a young man your age, running around like this at night…where is your mother?”

James looked solemnly at her and did not answer. The other woman leaned over and whispered in her ear, most definitely concerning his mother, and the white-haired lady’s eyes lit up.

“Oh, excuse me…does your great-aunt know you are running about this late at night?” she corrected.


He was not sure how he would answer. Then, the image of the cabin smoldering to a pile of ashes flashed across his mind. Oh, no…oh no, this can’t be happening…

“Well, what do you have to say for yourself, child?” the woman with the bun demanded.

Before he could answer, sitting on the ground with his mouth agape, a very large man that resembled a heavily wrinkled walrus with a mustache came bounding down the streets, panting and bouncing up and down in his blue and white striped pajamas. The women noticed his presence and turned around to him. He stopped beside them, his hands falling to his knees and his head looming over the ground as he took deep breaths. The women opened their mouths to say words, but the wrinkly, obese man lifted a finger.


The Pokémon took off toward the stranger. The women gasped, and the little dog opened its mouth wide and latched its canines onto the man’s chunky leg. The man let out a howl of pain, and writhed his leg in the air ferociously while the Snubbull contently deepened its teeth into the man’s flesh. The black and gray-haired woman lifted her bony hand and slapped the side of the Pokémon’s face, hammering the little dog onto the ground yelping from its puffy cheek. The man groaned and examined his wound, which looked rather fine had you considered that his skin must have been as strong as that of a rhinoceros. Still, he whined babyishly as the women confronted him.

“Sir, is something of urgency?” the white-haired woman asked.

“Indeed!” the man bellowed in a jiggled voice. “Smoke was spotted from the top of the Emerald Hills!”

“Do you think maybe someone is just handling a campfire of sorts?” the white-haired woman asked.

“I should reckon not!” the man said, blubbering. “The smoke’s a rising in billows like clouds! And we saw someone fleeing the scene, who may be an arsonist.”

“But the only people who live on those hills are…”

The two women looked at James with a great suspicion and shock. The boy realized he was again in very deep trouble. The fear burned in his cheeks and his blood became much too warm for normality. But the white-haired woman looked far graver than he did. Her aged face was white beyond the skin of a ghost, and every few seconds, her eyes twitched nervously.

“Has this child a hand in this incident?” the walrus man piped.

“James,” the woman with the bun called. “What were you doing when you ran into us?”


He was speechless.

“James…James Carroll? The nephew of Bertie Campbell?” the walrus man asked. “BERTIE CAMPBELL?”

“Now, don’t overreact…perhaps he had seen the fire and was running to tell someone,” the white-haired woman said.

“Are you making the assumption that I believe this child set that house on fire?” the man boomed. “Because if so, you are most certainly correct!”

“James, is this true?”

The boy remained flabbergasted for a long moment. Suddenly, teardrops the size of golf balls began pouring from his eyes.

“Y-yes…it’s true,” he cried. “But it w-was on accident! I swear! I was leaving and something knocked over the lamp and—”

“I’VE HEARD ENOUGH,” the man growled, frightening the women to an extent. “Any relative of the Campbells is no good! After what happened fifty-seven years ago…”

“Really, sir!” the white-haired women declared. “Do you really think this child was capable of causing such harm?”

“I do!” the man retorted. “For he is the descendent of a dark race…BERTIE CAMPBELL WAS A NOOB!” He pointed a pudgy finger at James. The name he had just said struck no meaning to him, but it sounded as though it were the most unpleasant word in the English language. The women obviously knew what it meant, and were struck aback by this information.

“That is most foul thing to indict upon a person!” they both shrieked.

“No doubt that witch taught him the craft of the Noobs,” the man barked. “What say you, boy? Are you the flesh of a Noob? Oh why the hell would I be asking you, for you are only to deny it…”

“No! Whatever it is, I’m not what you think I am!” James said. “My great-aunt just passed away, and I was leaving when the gas lamp fell onto the floor and caught the house on fire!”

“Now you’re trying to cover that you KILLED your aunt?” the man said in disbelief. “There is no doubt. I am going to the authorities to report this…whether it is the work of a childish accident, or the evil craft of Noob, this boy shall not go unpunished! We will go to stop this fire from spreading, and then I am going to schedule a trial for this child due morning!”

Without any further comment, the man stuck up his nose at the boy, and dashed off into the dark, towards the Emerald Hills. The two women looked at each other.

“I’m going home…I…come on, Snubbull,” the gray and black-haired lady said.

Her dog Pokémon followed close behind her, making grumbling noises as they scurried off down the streets after the walrus man. The white-haired woman turned to James.

“Tell me the truth, boy,” she said. “What happened?”

“I…I don’t know,” James wept. “My great-aunt really did die…and…I was leaving, because I had no one left to take care of me and…I heard a strange noise, and all a sudden the house caught fire!”

The woman was about to answer him, when they felt a great rumble underneath their feet. A number of mixed screams were heard behind them, coming from the huts, and three seconds upon hearing them, they were followed by a great explosion as one of the buildings burst into flames.

3rd October 2005, 12:08 AM
Woohoo! It is released ^____^

Very, very interesting chapter, Chesh! Drew me in like a moth to a lantern, it did. I can't say much about it, I found no flaws and no typos whatsoever.

Well, good job on the first chapter, I'm eagerly awaiting the second.

3rd October 2005, 12:45 AM
Oh, hooray, Cheshy has posted the first chapter! w00t!

Well, it didn't change much since you PMed it to me, which is a good thing, 'cause it's very well done. However, the mistakes I had found before were still there (yes, I should have pointed them out).

Description was fine, though maybe a bit more would have been good on the villiage itself.

Not much more to comment on, so I'll get right to the mistakes:

Before anything else happened, he lifted the bottle to the old woman, and she snatched it greedily out of his hands.
Should be 'who snatched it' instaed of 'and she snatched it'.

He held out his arm, and the bird immediately lifted off from the wooden frame and descended slowly onto his outstretched arm,
Maybe you should try to specify who the first 'he' is.

the young man shouldered through the door with the Pokémon bird’s talons in his arm.
Should be 'bird Pokémon'.
And maybe add a verb after 'talons', so it would be, for example 'the bird Pokémon's talons digging into his outstretched arm.' (Adding 'outstretched' just because it adds spice :P.)

The boy ran directly into two middle-aged crossing the street.
Middle-aged what? I think you left out a word here. ^^

The main groaned and examined his wound,
That should be 'man'.

The fear burned in his cheeks and his blood became much too warm for normality.
Maybe the end of this sentence should be reworded.

Sorry Tale, but I guess this means you're not too good at finding mistakes. ^^

Other than those, I saw no real flaws. It was very good, and I seriously can't wait for the next chapter. There are some things I'm just itching to see. *winks*


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GASP. I...made mistakes :O Well, why didn't you tell me this by PM, Miss Psychic? :P

Starting school tomorrow, and by that time, I should have Chapter Two posted shortly.

Careful what ye say about my newblet, Psychic...he is just a newblet, still :P

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Hm, hm, an interesting start. It's quite mysterious. It would be especially for someone who hasn't read your Preview. I cannot wait to see how this unfolds. (^.^)

I truly have no critisicms to make; there were no errors that I spotted, not that I ever look for them, and your tone, mood, character emotions, all that important stuff, was excellent and on target. I'm definitely looking forward to reading this. (^.~) Can't wait for Chapter Two.

Mimori Kiryu
4th October 2005, 1:35 AM
I've been waiting for this one to come out :D I love the description and the detail! It's good and I will be looking forward to the next chapter ^_^

4th October 2005, 1:58 AM
Heh, I'm finally here to read it...

Your style flows very well, which is nice. I also love the concept, as I may already have told you. This will be very interesting...

The story also clearly has more to it than just the parody, with James's background and all. Overall, great job. I wonder what next chapter will be like...

5th October 2005, 12:58 AM
Good morning, Starshine! The Earth says hello!

lilbluecorsola: I respect that. Psychic here pointed out most of the mistakes (heehee ^.^) and I myself have been reading through the next chapters just to make sure everything is going according to plan.

♥~Mimori Kiryu~♥: Glad to have you on board, reader ^_^

Dragonfree: That's exactly it. Although it does have great amounts of parody, I have poked myself vigorously to try to get the best plot I can imagine stuffed into it. So far, I'm very proud of myself in achieving that goal. Thanks for the comment ^_^

All right, everyone, this be Chapter 2 (of which you can make accurate assumptions of by the title):

Chapter 2: Razor Blades, Fragrance, and Overly-extended Explanations

The screaming echoed eternally in their minds, and already, people were fleeing from the tragic scene. Some even emerged from the fire with slabs of meat infused by the heat into their skin, like rotting scabs of torture. James gaped at them all, and a shiver of fear wriggled inside of his poor, aching heart. Suddenly, he was swiveled around by the white-haired woman.

“This is not a safe place for you. Come with me.”

“But…I don’t even know you!” James cried.

Without answering, the old woman grabbed the young teen by his waist. “Hey! Let go of me!” he yelled as she tipped him over her shoulder most surprisingly, as though a newfound strength had cracked from her senility. The boy rested on her shoulder, kicking and struggling to get free from the woman’s grasp, but it was no use. She was oddly stronger than he was. He stopped resisting as she carried him off around the corner of the Celenburg home, and onto an abandoned road west of the building. She did not speak a word, and just swept him off as though he were a pile of lumber for a fire.

“ARE YOU A WITCH?” James cried loudly. “What are you going to do? Eat me?”

“You need to learn to shut your abnormally large mouth!” she said, grunting under his weight. “A terrible curse has revealed itself!”

“What are you talking about, you crackpot old woman?” James said, his legs begging to walk.

“Don’t speak to your elders like that!” she rasped, taking a turn from the road into a narrow alley. “This is not a time for ranting.”

“Where are you taking me?”

“Stop asking questions.”


“Shut up.”

At this, James gave up, thinking there was nothing worse that could happen to him after his tragedies than a witch salvaging him for a cannibalistic feast. Nothing did seem to matter to him anymore, which in a way made him feel better. They continued walking down the alley, the woman with the boy on her shoulders giving her a hunchback-like appearance. Then, James saw a dark, winged shape swoop across the sky above them. He looked up, and indeed spotted a bird of some sort circling them. He immediately realized it was his Noctowl, Solomon. However, the alley was much too thin for the owl Pokémon to come down to his view. James did not dare to call out his name, but felt the Pokémon’s eyes on his. In a sort of non-verbal way, he gave the bird an acknowledgement of his presence, and to wait.

The old woman began slowing down, and finally, she stopped outside a door crammed into the brick wall of an old, discarded building. She did not let him down, however.

“Do you promise not to run away if I put you down?” she said calmly.

“After wanting to devour me? Of course not.”

“That’s quite sassy mouth you got there, but if you don’t drop this whole witch accusation, we’ll never get anywhere. There are worse things than witches out right at this very moment. In fact, I believe this thing is what framed your aunt’s death and the burning of her house.”

“Well, first of all,” James said, not caring whether this woman had time or not. “I hated that old hag. She was a monster all in herself, and if there’s anything less putrid than her, let me at them. What is going on?”

“If you come inside,” she said strongly, “then I will tell you.”

“You promise not to eat me?”

“Only if you promise not to run away.”

James took it all into consideration, but finally, he slipped off of her shoulder onto the gravel of the rough alley. They both stood there, looking at each other’s eyes: hers silver, and his blue. James’ ponytail swayed in the breeze as they stood there, staring at each other, and waiting for a reaction.

“Right then,” the woman said, looking contently to the door. “In we go.”

With her dirty, long fingernails, she rested her hand onto the small knob on the door. She then whipped out a small key from within her violet cloak, and inserted it into the slot. She turned it as she pulled the door, and it swung open. However, the alley was so cramped that the door smashed against the other wall blockading them in. The old woman sighed and muttered, “Oh, what the hell…” and shut it again. She ushered for James to squeeze in past her so they could both slink into the door. He did, and she opened it again to a crack just big enough for either one of them. James stepped inside, and the woman followed him.

They walked into a large room that was curtained with vast amounts of dark green and purple silk. It looked like a shop of scarves. A smell of lit potpourri trailed across the room from fragrance plants and fruits, to incense burners. One large, cushiony mauve bed was set into the center of it all, with a very large, locked chest at the foot of it. There was a lump in the bed, and James was not the only one to notice it. She strutted over to the bed, sitting on it. She patted it with her hand, and James thought she had gestured for him to sit down. However, instead, the prodding caused the lump in the bed to stir, and the blankets began moving. James stepped behind, and shut the door with his back. The lump instantly tore from the covers, showing what was lying there.

It was a winged insect Pokémon, with deep green skin that blanketed it like smooth oil. It jumped onto the bed, its fierce head glowing from the light of the candles in the room, and its scythes that extended from its arm sockets gleamed mythically in the dim glow.

“SCY-ther!” it screeched, galloping off of the bed, and spreading its wings that whirred quickly and buzzed. One of its sharp arm-blades slashed through the air toward James, and his heart nearly stopped. He jumped when it came right in front of his face, right at the tip of his nose when the woman yelled, “Stop!”

They just stood there a moment, with the sharp scythe pointing at the boy, and the Pokémon staring into his eyes with its dark pupils.

“Come, Scyther,” the woman said. The Pokémon hesitated, still gazing into James’ eyes, but receded and walked back to its master. “You can come too,” she added.

James walked palely toward them, his nervous body twitching from fright. The woman laughed softly. James went and sat on the edge of her bed, Scyther’s glare never ceasing.

“He gave you a scare, did he?” she asked amusingly.

“I…I’ve never seen a Scyther up close before,” he said, looking wondrously at the powerful Pokémon. “Only storytellers tell of them, and their description is no match for it in person.”

“Indeed,” she said, patting the Scyther on the head as it closed its eyes dreamily. “We were quite a dynamic duo…back when the Noobs lurked these lands.”

The word sparked something in his mind, and he remembered the fat walrus man accusing his great-aunt of being a Noob.

“What is a Noob?” James asked. “I…I’ve heard it before…sometime when Bertie was muttering in her sleep. Something about hunters. Are Noobs hunters?” The old woman chuckled.

“No, they are not hunters, but sole subjects of everything evil.”

“What is your name?” the boy asked curiously.

“That will be saved for the end of this story I am about to tell you, dear child,” she said. “It’s not important right now. For now, you do need explanation of a Noob…”

She suddenly got up from her seat on top of the chest, and hunched over it, opening it carefully. Scyther floated over to her side, peering amusingly into the box. Inside, she pulled out a worn leather book, titled “The Book of Obscure and Odd Words.” She slammed the chest shut, making candles in the room flicker, and dust puff out of the creases of the box. She wiped off the cover of the book, and walked over James’ spot, where she sat next to him. Scyther stood up on the bed, watching over their shoulders, his arm-blades sticking close to James, which made him very uncomfortable. The woman cleared her throat, and began flipping through the pages of the book. Finally, with an “aha,” she stopped at a page with a picture of over-roasted ham lying on the ground. She began to read.

“‘The common Noob,” she began, “is a creature similar to the Pokémon that originated from the region of Foruminium, a continent below the chain of Arcane Islands. Its scientific name is Ickiris omigawditigus tisanoobarus. The Noob was once a shape-shifting creature, having no true form or identity, although it is confirmed that they had red eyes, black skin, and a habit for conjuring terror. The word ‘Noob’ is also associated with the Noob clan, a group of wicked spell casters whose magic originated from curses of the creature, the ‘Noob.’ See page three hundred thirty-two for the ‘Noob clan.’”

The woman flipped through the pages again, scanning her eyes across text. She stopped at a page, where she pulled out some thin, reading glasses.

“I’ve been looking for these!”

She slipped them onto the end of her nose, and James eyed her weirdly. The Scyther chuckled, smiling brightly. She then flicked the pages again, coming to a halt at the page she had recited before.

“‘The Noob Clan was originally founded by a human named Corux Clergy. He had visited the cursed lands of Foruminium, a place that once thrived with ancient civilization, until it was swept away by the infestation of the Noob creature. Clergy arrived at the conclusion that if something great had crumbled the life of all of those who once lived there, he wished to obtain the power of the one who had brought it. Though it was risky to set foot amongst the menacing creatures, he achieved his goal in using ordinary spells to harness the energy of the Noob, which was the ability to set things aflame, summoning slaughtered Grumpig (dubbed ‘Spam’) and/or its flesh in the form of patties, and a chord in their throats that allowed them to release high-pitched noises that were most annoying and deafening.

“‘All of the witches’ learning had changed to Clergy’s new philosophy of Noob-craft, and became quite the phenomenon in the ages of Corux and his cronies, who had adopted the name from the origin of their magic, Noob. When one was to become a Noob, he or she was to undergo a ritual that included the removal of a minor vocal chord, killing three male Grumpig, and boil their blood over a fresh fire for drinking. This was supposedly how they were able to assimilate so many followers.

“‘After causing much chaos throughout the land, spies among the Noobs and others discovered Noobs’ weaknesses, and how they should be dealt with. An unofficial league of volunteers was born: the Noob Hunters and Noob Slayers. Though some were not even linked with one another, they all shared one purpose, and that was to annihilate the cult of Noobs worldwide. This became as popular as the Noobs themselves, and soon led to the downfall of many of the damned members, for they would never be able to spread their Spam, flaming, and screeching again.

“‘Many Noobs survived, however, and as a result of their conflict with the slayers, hid from the public, no longer an evil icon of horror, but a mere pest problem. It was only until three centuries that their uprising was rumored. When this occurred, the village of Serebeth was one of the first to actually discover a ‘Noob.’ His name was Braxton O’Conner, and unfortunately for the public who were unaware that he was not a Noob, but framed by one acting secretly, he was sentenced to the Forbidden Cave of Death, a cove that claimed its victims, and never released them.

“‘This finger pointing was made by an administrator of Joseph Celenburg, founder of Serebeth. Although her name has not been obtained, her accusation caused by the framing of Mr. O’Conner soon led to a dark age of bloodshed, known as the Serebeth Noob Trials, an epidemic of murder that was noted as the most homicidal period in time. Serebeth had found that they wished to eradicate all behavior of the Noobs and the spell casters themselves, but through hundreds of falsely accused victims and a handful of Noobs, Serebeth was brought to its knees by the destruction of its reputation, backstabbers, and vengeful death.

“‘Though good times have blossomed from Serebeth once more through decades of rebuilding it to a healthy physiological and corporeal state, its history leaves a scar which it only wishes to conceal. Noobs still exist today, and their current whereabouts and activities are unknown, but many have opinionated that the Noobs would one day return to bring havoc and revenge to the slayers and the entire world.’”

Once she had finished reading, it had been nearly a half hour of explaining.

“Could you have made something even longer?” James teased, looking up at Scyther thoughtfully as the Pokémon was sleeping once more in the velvet covers of the bed.

“You don’t think that was some boring lecture I made up to put you to sleep so I could put you in my oven, did you?” she said back to him. They both smiled, but both wearily. James sighed, looking at the floor, letting all of this information soak in.

“So the Noobs…you think that’s what caused all this flaming?”

“And Spamming,” she noted, pointing out the events where people had gone screaming with meat patties attached to their faces.

“But the book said that Noobs haven’t been around for ages… And what does all this have to do with me?”

The woman sighed. “You aren’t the only one… You see, child…James, right?”


“James. Your home was set aflame, just as the book said Noobs had the power to do. When you fled, and your aunt was dying, a Noob that was lurking nearby found it a perfect rift in time to begin another set of Noob Trials. Don’t you see? Braxton O’Conner was framed for being a Noob, and although a few Noobs sacrificed their lives for this purpose, they purposely brought wreck, poverty, and the overall downfall of Serebeth in the past. They discovered that sometimes they didn’t have to work their magic constantly, but let wretched society do it for them with the terrible backstabbing of enemies and rivals within the village. A Noob has framed you, James, and they are going to start the Serebeth Noob Trials once more!”

“So you’re saying that because the incident looked like it was my fault, the slaughter of all those people will begin again?” James said, a tremble in his voice.

“Yes,” she said, covering the Scyther up affectionately with more blankets. “But what the whole world thought was a time-consuming event that brought us back up to our feet was actually a most extraordinary quest sought by the Noob Hunters and slayers that lasted for a very long time. It required great skill and feat to attain what was the power of purification from a creature. A Pokémon.”

“So the rebuilding of Serebeth is just a cover-up for the hunters and slayers to continue their quest without notice of the Noobs?” James inquired.

“You catch on quickly. It was a ‘cover-up,’ so to speak, and it did veil us from the Noobs. However, they have always had eyes everywhere, and the poor circumstances you faced were the best opportunity to spread the mass wave of atrocities across the land that had nearly killed them all off. It was said that Celebi left a few of the Noobs out of the radius of its purification last time, and that is the only reason why they still live today.”

“Whoa…wait second,” James said, putting up his hands. “Celebi. The Celebi? The Guardian of Nature?”

“Yes, right again. We had the power of Celebi on our side, but again, you forget the difficult quest we all faced just to obtain its power last time. It was the only way we could call upon it, and it takes great energy out of one’s soul. Some have even died just searching for this ‘holy grail’ Celebi provided. It is said that the legendary Pokémon can wipe out hoards of evil at once, and that is the tool we ultimately used,” she said, walking over to one of the incense burners and placing it on the chest. “But it did not take care of our problem completely, and again, we find ourselves in this horrible state again. So, with the inevitability of Serebeth’s destruction once more, we must begin the Quest of Purification once more, to prevent other lands to befall Serebeth’s fate, and to stop the Noobs from world domination. Only then will their evil be purged from this earth for good.”

“But why must I be included?” James said. “I’m only a boy!”

“I see strong potential in you,” she said, gazing into his eyes. “That, and we must keep you safe from the judicial system, so that we may be able to postpone the massacres waiting to happen. However, if the Noobs continue to terrorize Serebeth as I predict they should, trials will occur anyway, whether you are here or not. I was once a hunter, and now, I will gladly accept you and train you to help me on the quest. It was partially my fault the first Noob Trials happened, and I don’t want it to happen again…we’ll have to get reinforcements.”

Then, a thought occurred to James, and he realized what she had been all along.

“You…” he stuttered. “Y-you accused Braxton O’Conner!”

“Yes,” she said, not looking at him this time. “I am Mistress Dragonfreel…and what a foolish mistake I had made. However, this time I don’t intend to let evil triumph over me and Serebeth again. If Joseph were still living, his name would be in vain. I cannot let it happen again.”

“But the trials were so long ago…how did you survive for so many years?”

“It seems that life has a will, James,” Dragonfreel said, breathing in the environment deeply. “And we can’t stop that will. In this case, I live for the sole purpose of wiping out the Noobs, once and for all.”

“I…feel so encouraged,” James said. “I have craving for adventure…and courage. It’s a new strength…”

“Good. There is no time to waste,” Dragonfreel said, prodding Scyther with her hand. “We must get going, or that oafish man and other concerned citizens find us.”

“Justice is murder,” James said as they both walked to the chest.

Dragonfreel explained no more, and just began heaving objects into two backpacks, one for each of them. Their contents included wooden spikes, butcher knives, concealable pikes, and jars of marmalade.

“What’s all the marmalade for?” James asked.

“Noobs,” Dragonfreel said as she plopped a sack of very sharp jacks into the bags. “The smell of it wards them off.”

After tedious packing, the did finally equip themselves with all that they would need, heading to a location where Dragonfreel mentioned a colleague interested in aiding them was to be. Solomon had perched himself outside the alley, patiently waiting for their arrival as it clicked its beak at Scyther and company. Together, they snuck across the Emerald Hills in the dead of night while bustling in the village was already present, with sharp objects, jars of repelling marmalade, and the will to stop evil from reigning once again.

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I was sooo glad to get replies from last chapter, by the way. I had nearly given up on myself again ;-; I liked this chapter as well...the whole explanation of the Noobs will certainly explain their activities for the future...

Mistress Dragonfreel! *GASP* What a shocker :P But what an interesting character she will be in the future...

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The whole atmosphere and mood was perfect! Characters are well-developed, acting in character.
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Again, I really like your writing style. Just the way it's so serious that it's funny. And then she packs the marmalade! *giggles* Well, you make Dragonfreel pack all this...I dunno, serious stuff, then a bunch of jars of marmalade! It's just great the way you incorporate humor like that!

You did a good job proofreading, as I saw no errors. *this is the part where some other member posts with a list of mistakes*

Well, keep writing, as you're doing an awesome job (as usual, lol).
Can't wait to read about you-know-what! XD


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Aww, I liked being the evil Admin who runs around pointing at people and screaming "I ACCUSETH THEE OF BEING A NOOB!" :P

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One dedicated writer, and one of the best I've seen. *blubbers*

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Psychic: Woops! I forgot it was Jewish New Year >.O Hehe, lol, I proof read it myself, so hopefully the mistakes I didn't spot don't come back to haunt me. How was Rosh Hashana? Very joyous and yummi-ful, hopefully ^_^ I too can't wait for the posting of the next chapter myself. It will include you-know-what ^.~

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I just finished Chapter 1 yesterday, so I'm gonna be a bit late with Chapter 2. I should get it finished by tomorrow, though.

Chapter 1 was very intriguing, and while I don't know yet (or have never known) the people behind the parodied (is that a word?) characters, the story is still great, and I'm sure I'll see people I notice.

For a while I read the story like it was just a story, then, looking back at what I read, I saw the parodies come to me like a flash of light. Like the fact that all these fires are flamings.

Sorry again that I'm not currently reviewing the second chapter, but I'll get to that tomorrow.

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Heh, that's just fine, Blue. Actually, lol, you're going to be a bit behind, because I now have a ten-page long Chapter 3 to present:

Chapter 3: The Mew Saint

“Mistress Dragonfreel,” James whined. “Why do I have to carry this rock?”

James Carroll was indeed heaving a large boulder around in his arms, with the backpack weighing down on his sliding black cloak. Solomon flew slowly next to Scyther as they trotted next to Dragonfreel, who was studying the stars and squinting in the distance.

“Because I think you’re a rotten child,” she said, not taking her wincing eyes off of the rolling hills.

“Ha-ha,” he forced, looking glumly at the rock. “You know, for a senile Noob slayer, you’ve still got it kicking.”

“Damn straight, ‘foo,’” she said, speaking like a grandmother desiring to be hip.

“Where’d you learn to speak like that?”

“Oh, ‘twas a far away land where everyone spoke as though they had speech impediments. Think it was called something called the ‘Leet Village.’ It’s just an innate habit for me to speak in the same lingo as another converser,” she said, laughing. It still didn’t explain why he was carrying the rock. “The rock is for building arm strength,” she said, reading his mind. “You can drop it as soon as we meet with this generation’s Mew Saint.”

“Say what?” James said, dropping the rock directly on top of his feet. “OW.”

“You heard me right. Mew Saint.”

“Isn’t it odd to you that you have allies with legendary Pokémon?” James said painfully, picking up the boulder again. “I mean, you just seem too natural about it!”

“First off,” Dragonfreel targeted. “Celebi can be summoned by anyone, but there are few who actually wish to seek its power past travails and tribulations, so it is not our ally, but merely a tool. Second of all, the Mew Saints were an official assembly of slayers that pledged themselves to purifying evil with holiness, who actually did ally the powers of the peace-seeking Mew, who had also pledged itself to follow orders of each Mew Saint’s generation, keeping themselves away from the public.” She saw that James was completely at awe.

“Oh, really,” she said groggily. “Legendary Pokémon are so overrated nowadays. It was only during times like these that some would come to help. Although Mew’s help is about the only consistent source of our doings that is legendary, Pokémon I consider to be true legendaries are the mighty Ho-oh, who would watch over the Earth, only to come the day when humans and Pokémon were to live harmoniously.”

“But actually setting eyes on Mew…the origin of all Pokémon…that is a sight I could never believe,” James said, baffled as they trudged up the side of an inclining hill. “There’s got to be a catch to having assistance from legends.”

“Oh, there is,” Dragonfreel said, muttering something to Scyther. “Mew does not stay with the saints continuously, but can be called upon by the Lament of Mew, a song played on flute that is only taught to Mew Saints. That, and when a Mew Saint has conceived a child, when that child comes of age, the parent’s memory is erased.”

“Harsh,” James said ironically as his arm muscles and tendons felt as if they were about to snap.

Solomon soared off into the black sky ahead of them, only to return on wings to swoop down and perch on James’ head, hooting contently.

“Yeah, you better be happy, you stuck-up bird.”

“CHEESE SCABBARD!” Dragonfreel yelled randomly.

“MANIPULATING MARMITE!” James imitated. Dragonfreel looked at him and shook her head quietly.

All at once, they felt the ground beneath them shivering. Then, as though a god had struck the earth with a sword, the ground shifted and shook violently. It caused Solomon to fly off of James’ head and Scyther to hover above the ground slightly with its humming wings. James dropped the stone on his feet again, and the rock tumbled down the hill as his curses were drowned by the roaring of the earth. They could see a prism rising from the ground, layered in soil and grass. When the rumbling had stopped, a cubic layer from the crust below them was sitting in front of them, with a door hinged into the front of it. James looked at it as if it was the world’s greatest oddity.

“Er…what is this?” he asked after an awkward silence, now not minding the stinging pain in his feet.

“This is Psychria the Mew Saint’s home,” the old woman said quite simply, sizing up the house-shaped earth before her in the pale moonlight, smugly. “I’d bet you fifty shillings that she’s been bouncing all over the place.”

“Okay,” James said, completely clueless. “What was ‘cheese scabbard’ for?”

“Didn’t you get it?” she asked. “And I thought you were bright… It’s the password for beholding the Mew Saint sanctuary! Pfft… ‘Manipulating marmite’ sure shows how you think.”

Dragonfreel then stepped toward the door of the earthly home, Scyther’s green figure right beside her, and rapped on the door with her white knuckles. Solomon came back to James and clawed himself to his master’s shoulder, tufts of its sienna feathers ruffling in the cold.

“God! Who is it?” a singsong, female voice boomed from inside, which startled James.

“It is me, Dragonfreel,” the old woman said, brushing her white hair with her fingers.

“OH!” the voice exclaimed. “I…I’ll be there in a moment, Mistress!”

They then heard a great thumping, and a cry of pain. After that, more thumping and tossing of metal pans was heard from inside, and by this time, a deranged look was written all across James’ youthful face. At last, the voice came again.

“Okay, I’m all set!” she cried.

Before opening the oak door, Dragonfreel leaned over to James: “She’s a bit of a flake around me, and quite young, but nonetheless, powerful.”

Dragonfreel gripped the handle of the door tightly, and with no haste, pushed it inwards to the nook inside. When the door opened, James had half-expected the entire place to be made completely out of rocks and sand. The two humans and their bird and insect Pokémon entered the warmth within, and when they shut the door behind them, the house began to sink once more into the ground, melding as another regular part of the Earth.

Inside was a cozy den-like study. It was also fairly large for what that great cube could hold, and James saw that it even had a fireplace. The overall perspective of it seemed to come out of a mystery novel, as it had very settling gothic features about it. Bookshelves lined one of the walls, packed with volumes of information to last one a lifetime of reading. Near the fireplace were three, red leather chairs made from the finest Tauros hides, studded with gold armrests. In the corner of the room was a coal stove, with cabinets filled with pickled and jarred foods above it. An elm table with legs carved in the shapes of lions stood in the opposite corner, and adjacent to it was a rich bed of scarlet and polished ash wood. All around the room, the planked walls were tacked with all sorts of black and white sketches, photo graphs, and paintings, many of which James identified the portraits to be of the cat-like Pokémon, Mew.

Scyther and Solomon immediately walked to the bed, where sitting on it was a girl about two years older than James. The girl rubbed them each on the head lovingly. She had pale skin and fair, blonde hair, with a tinge of elegance and luminosity about her. She wore a robe of faded white, with a small hint of pink. She smiled as brightly as the moon, and stood up to their presence. The fire in the room crackled and flared.

“Oh, Mistress! It’s so good to see you again!” she said in a lovely tone, walking up to the old woman with her arms outstretched.

“Don’t touch me,” Dragonfreel growled. “You touch me, and unicorns will die.”

“Silly Mistress,” the girl said in a deepened voice. “You know that only scared me when I was six. You know I’m a grown girl now.”

They both looked at each other, and suddenly burst into laughter as they embraced each other fondly. James had become accustomed to odd behavior, so he simply stood there and watched, waiting to be introduced. He cleared his throat, and Dragonfreel winced.

“This is James Carroll,” Dragonfreel pointed at him. “He’s stalking me.”

“Am not!” James cried.

“Only joking. Anyway, this boy came from Serebeth, Psychria. And as you might wonder, he has also knowledge from me about what is coming.”

Psychria put her sparkling blue eyes on him, studying him. It was then James realized that her eye was swiveling around in many directions at once. He felt a little strange being near her, but his nervousness died away shortly. She stopped studying him and pursed her lips.

“Serebeth,” she said faintly. “So you aren’t here on social occasion, then?”

“Why else would we be here?” Dragonfreel said as she walked over to the fire and took a seat into one of the fit-for-royalty chairs. Psychria went and sat in the middle chair next to the mistress, and James soon followed by taking the seat closest to the door. Scyther and Solomon both hopped onto the bed, and seemingly began talking to each other in silence.

“May we just chat a bit before getting on with business?” the girl pleaded softly.

“I suppose,” Dragonfreel sighed. “A little communism never killed anyone.”

“Well, actually,” James began.

“Not that kind, you fool,” she snarled, gazing into the fire with her silver eyes. James avoided her gaze from then on.

“Anyway,” Psychria breathed, turning to James. “So, James, tell us more about you. I’m sure the mistress hasn’t personally asked.”

Dragonfreel lifted an eyebrow, and looked at both her and James.

“She is a bit cold at first,” Psychria laughed. “But she’ll warm up to you.”

“So they say,” Dragonfreel replied, searching the fire endlessly.

“Well, it’s a long story,” James said. “And it’s not quite as happy as most…are you sure you’d like to hear it?”

“Oh, yes,” Psychria said coolly. “Don’t be ashamed of the truth or the past, for it is what makes you an individual.”

“All right… When I was little, my mother, Helena, told me that I was born in a cottage on the Emerald Hills near the village of Serebeth. She was my everything…I didn’t have any friends in the village. You could say that I was…different.”

“Aren’t we all?”

“I suppose…but none of them wanted to play with me. I took interest in things no others would, and saw a different light. My mother didn’t care that I was different, though. She told me to embrace my own personal traits, for that’s what made me special. Then…”

He swallowed, glancing lowly at the floor with a saddened head.

“She came down with rheumatic fever. She told me…she told me that her heart was different. She said it still loved me with its wholeness, but it was sad. And I really believed her heart was sad…I tried helping her as much as I could, and one day, she collapsed. We nursed her back to health, but…she said that she wouldn’t last much longer.”

Dragonfreel continued to gawk at the fire, but her eyes became depressed, and were felt with a deep regret. Psychria’s face was paler than it was before, and a look of concern riddled it. James sighed.

“We lived in that cottage for a little while, the village doctor coming up to check on us everyday. I remember it…it was a sunny morning, and the sun was shining…it seemed nothing could go wrong. I was right there beside her, and she was telling me stories about far away kingdoms and legendary Pokémon when…she went into a sort of shaking. I called her name, but she never answered. She died that morning,” he said mournfully, now burying his lost eyes into the fire. “And I wept for days.”

“What happened after that?” Psychria ventured.

“Her funeral,” he replied. “We placed her tomb in the Serebeth cemetery, along with hundreds of the other headstones. They placed a stone angel on her grave, as the whole town contributed to it. They all knew and loved her. The doctor even gave me a Hoothoot out of sympathy. At first, I didn’t like that he hobbled on one foot constantly, and wish he could fly…I wish I could fly…to get away from Serebeth and my mother’s sad memory. When I was ten, it evolved in a Noctowl, and from then on, we’ve been great companions.

“Solomon didn’t know how to fly then, and it was very difficult for him to learn. I tried teaching him around the hills. I would run down the hill while he scuffled quickly at the ground,” he laughed. “I would flap my arms up and down. It took him a while, but eventually, his strength and my training paid off, and he was able to fly off into the night, looking for food to take care of himself. By that time, the evil witch came to stay with us.”

“A witch?” Psychria exclaimed. “What sort of person would make you live with a witch?”

“Well, she wasn’t a real witch,” James said, watching Solomon rub Scyther’s blade with his wing, as though the bug Pokémon were showing it off. “She was my grandmother’s sister, who I had never met. Her ugly name was Bertie Campbell…everyone hated her.”

Psychria gave an astonished look at Dragonfreel, and the mistress knew she had her eyes on her. The old woman turned in her seat to James, and looked at him solemnly.

“Your great-aunt was a Noob,” she said to him. “A true worshipper of the Noob cult, she was. No one had proof on her that she was a Noob, and that was why we all despised her. She was rich, and powerful…she could usually get out of any situation.”

“But why did she come to stay with me?” James asked. “If she was so rich and stuck-up, you think she’d go and buy herself a palace!”

“I have reason to believe Bertie knew that she was dying, and so she called upon her Noob allies to set the house on fire,” Dragonfreel said. “How else could the Noobs have known that the perfect opportunity to blame their work on had come knocking?”

“That makes a lot of sense,” Psychria said. “The punishment for crime these days, as they were in the past, are much too cruel that even citizens themselves fear to go out in public. If only someone had the courage to stand against the laws of our ancestors, then none of this would ever happen.”

“That is a side quest we may consider,” Dragonfreel said, putting a finger to her chin. “But for now, we must begin the Quest of Purification.”

“Wait,” Psychria said, stunned. “You…you’re actually going to do it? And…you want MY help?”

“Yes we do,” Dragonfreel agreed, looking promisingly at James. “And I believe that together, we can do extraordinary things.”

“Oh, goody gumdrops!” Psychria exclaimed, jumping up from her seat and beginning to do a small victory dance, whispering to herself: “I’m going on a que-est, I’m going on a que-est…”

Dragonfreel shook her head, smiling, and the old woman wandered over to the bed, where the Pokémon were interacting. James followed her as Psychria moved about the room, searching for something frantically. Solomon and Scyther stood side by side, watching Psychria move about quickly, gathering things.

“You do know you will require much Pokémon training, yes?” Dragonfreel pointed out, rubbing Solomon’s silky feathers on its head. “We face perils ahead that few dare to oppress, and your Pokémon are much more important than any other tool, or friend we possess.”

“I’m willing to take up training,” he said cheerfully, sitting next to Scyther, who had actually taken a liking to him.

“We begin tomorrow on the road, most likely in the evenings. This journey will take quite a long time,” she said, looking to Psychria, who was not bothering to look at them. “We may stay here tonight if it is all right with our Mew Saint.”

“Oh, fine by me,” Psychria replied, her voice muffled as she tore through boxes behind the bookshelf. “Now, where did I put it…?”

“Say, Psychria,” James addressed. “If you are a Mew Saint, can you summon Mew for us?”

“AHA!” she shouted, pulling out a polished object. “Of course I can. It’s not usually for amusement, but as I wanted to call Mew anyway, I might as well show you.”

The girl walked over next to the mistress and the boy with a tiny, white flute in her hand. Before putting it to her mouth, she added, “These flutes are made only by the crafters of the Mew Saints. They cannot be reproduced, and this song I am about to play is only taught to my kind.”

“What is to happen if your flute or music falls into the wrong hands?” James asked.

Psychria hesitated, her mystical eye rotating about, and then she said: “It has never happened, but we vowed that if anyone were to call upon Mew with the music that is not a member of the Saints, Mew’s power leaves us, and we can no longer call it for assistance again.”

Without further delay, Psychria pressed the eagle-like bone flute to her lips. Scyther and Solomon quieted down, resting beside one another, while Dragonfreel listened and waited. As she blew air into the flute, a long, smooth tune flowed from it like a wisp of smoke. She continued playing the tune, and before long, began fingering the holes of it in complicated patterns. The melody that escaped was a requiem of some sort, for it was deeply saddening. The depressing tunes it created, however, seemed to shed a light in the center of it, and near the end of the entire song, a prosperous tranquility sounded. It made James forget all the worries he had, as if it had cleansed him of his mother’s death, and wiped away all of his dried tears.

Before any being in that room could react to the magnificent flute song, a wisp of cold wind whipped through the walls. It startled James, for as they were underground, no gust was supposed to penetrate through. The wind wound across the fire, causing it to flicker and die, and twisted its path near the bookshelves, sending some pages fluttering and the shelves themselves rocking. It passed around to the bed, where they were all seated, and began a most curious transformation. The wind quickly took the miniature form of a wrapping tornado, funneling about elegantly. The funnel began to collapse, and it was soon being forced to invert itself into nothingness. Scyther stared proudly at the glimmer of shimmering, holy light billowing skirts of beautiful radiance from the center of where the funnel had closed. Then, in a shower of bright sparks, a creature appeared, a heavy pink aura glowing around its fur divinely. The showering display of gorgeous, magical splendor faded slowly to reveal what had arrived, but a cat-like Pokémon, with rabbit feet that were perfect for padding along ground, a pair of sapphire eyes that glistened in a glaze of happiness, small stubs for ears, and a thin, whip-like tail that ended in an oval shape. Its white-pink fur looked feathery like the down of a most luxurious cat, and the presence of it made all of them stare it with awe and spirituality.

“Mew,” it purred, in a soft, comforting tone of voice that scraped a high note with grace and pleasance.

James and Solomon were utterly stunned; one of them had dropped their jaw, and the other’s pupils grew to the size of large grapes. Dragonfreel chuckled delightfully at their rejoinder, and smiled at Mew. Scyther crawled its way over to Psychria as Mew floated from its levitating stance in front of them, and cuddled up warmly in her arms like a soft, attractive infant waiting for its mother’s touch, meowing cutely. James’ immediate thoughts of the legendary Pokémon struck him with holiness, serenity, and utter peace. It was so adorable just lying there in the Mew Saint’s arms, rubbing against her as Scyther watched with excitement.

“This,” Psychria said, as she pet the glorious cat Pokémon in a nurturing way, “is Mew, the origin, the mother, and the guardian of Pokémon everywhere.”

James licked his lips, and laid his youthful eyes on the endearing Pokémon. It returned his gaze with sweet, azure eyes and a quiet meow. Dragonfreel rested against the bed, and Scyther left Psychria’s side to his master, who wrapped her arm around the bug Pokémon’s shoulder as though it were a dear friend. Solomon hopped, hooting eagerly as it hobbled next to James, watching Mew lick its tiny, little paws. Its tail lifted and fell continuously, and there was nothing else to catch their attention. Psychria could not ignore their amazement, so she smiled to him.

“Would you like to pet it?” she asked.

“Please, thank you!” James cried out, laughing happily at her inquiry. Psychria laughed, and lifted her arms into the air so James could reach in her lap and feel Mew. Solomon had great interest in Mew, but it was not bothered to pester the legend, so it clawed its way across the bed to Dragonfreel, and nested on the bed next to Scyther. James took a swallow, and reached his arm across to Mew. Mew curled back a little as a response, but when it noticed he was harmless, warmly allowed him to touch its silky, white fur. James’ fingers felt as though they had been to heaven as he moved them across the Pokémon’s side. Mew purred dreamily, and closed its large eyes. It softly began breathing slowly as James lifted his hand away cautiously, and within a few moments, closed its eyes and drifted off into a sweet sleep. The fire crackle seemed to come alive once more, and James’ mind was in a bustle as the legend slept.

“It’s the most wonderful thing I’ve ever seen,” James whispered to Psychria, as Dragonfreel too seemed to look sleepy. “Why is it sleeping? I mean…it just got here.”

“Well,” Psychria whispered, “The song I played to summon Mew drained it of its energy. It needs some rest before we go anywhere.”

Dragonfreel, as they realized, had fallen against the bed, snoring loudly on the bed with the owl and bug Pokémon snuggled up to her cloaked form, all of them with their eyes shut. Psychria giggled quietly as the mistress made interesting peeping noises as she snored. James let out a small laugh as well, but his face was troubled.

“What’s wrong, friend?” she asked, stroking Mew caressingly.

“I just wondered what’s going to happen…on this quest,” he said, lifting his hand to the back of his head, swinging his ponytail back and forth. “Mistress Dragonfreel explained what the Noobs were to me, and that a horrible plague is about to unfold, but this quest brings up questions in my head.”

“What do you want to know?” she offered. “The Mew Saints have always had a hand in the fight against the Noobs. I’ve studied all there is to know about the last Quest of Purification, and I should be able to relay some answers to you.”

“All right,” he sighed, looking at Mew’s raising chest. “How was the mistress involved with it?”

“A long time ago,” Psychria started, “the mistress knew what wrong she had done for Serebeth, and sought for a new way of life from being an administrator under the demolished rule of Joseph Celenburg. My Mew Saint descendent, Elizabeth, answered her call, and brought her into a world where she could seek vengeance against the Noobs, and…a part of herself.”

Psychria got up from the bed, laying Mew back onto it brightly as she made her way to the cupboards. There, she lifted a jar of clear liquid that fogged the glass container. She came back to James’ side, and sat on the floor against the bed, drinking the cold beverage from the jar.

“We could not allow her to join the Mew Saints according to our tradition, but she decided upon leading a slightly darker path as a slayer. I myself don’t quite enjoy being called a saint,” she added, smiling devilishly. “In fact, I’ve known to be a bit naughty when it comes to how I deal with Noobs and foul creatures galore.”

James did not reply to this, uncomfortable as he was, and just waited for her to talk more about the subject. Psychria took another drink of the liquid, and rambled off again.

“She, Elizabeth, warriors, hunters, and slayers all across the land joined forces to pursue an ancient lore of the Quest of Purification. Only she, Elizabeth, and a few minor warriors who soon became heroes managed to survive the quest, and obtained Celebi’s distilling power, though it had taken a few decades,” she swallowed more of the drink bitterly, her wandering eye wavering and her facial expression becoming grim. “Elizabeth was my grandmother. She was the eldest member of the Mew Saints, and was hunted down by the Noobs after the quest, and showed no mercy in incinerating her body to ashes.”

“I’m…so sorry,” was all James could offer. She sighed.

“Don’t be. It’s not as if it was your fault…it happened nearly sixty years ago…” she said, drinking again. “Mew, sadly, was not there in her time of need, and had not been called upon by the flute. That is the only reason why she came to fall, I think. Otherwise, she would have had a round with those pestilent, rotting piles of disgusting vermin. I couldn’t believe there were actually attorneys who represented them in court…

“Come now,” she said, gesturing over to the fireplace. “I’ll make you a bed, and in the morning, we’ll start our path to the Gardens of Tenindo. It’s another village not too far from these hills, and along the way, I’m sure we’ll be teaching you new things.”

“But what about the path that lies ahead of us?” James brought up, stopping Psychria from entering the den area with hesitance. The fire seemed to hiss unnaturally in the awkward silence that followed.

“The path ahead of us is dark and clouded,” she said, keeping her white-cloaked back to him. “It is also bloody, treacherous, and most deceiving. Trust not what your eyes see, but what you feel in your mind and heart. That is the only way to happiness, and in our case, to Celebi’s power. Night has come, and if we don’t get adequate rest, it will have come to pass. Come, now.”

For the remaining hours in that evening, they tossed a large, wool blanket over Dragonfreel, Solomon, Scyther, and Mew sleeping blissfully on the bed, and they had both made their own arrangement of blankets on the floor next to the balmy and roaring fireplace. There, Psychria and James slept in their clothes in separate heaps on the contoured sheets on top of the wooden floor, and with all of the thoughts on their minds, and the flute tucked away snugly in Psychria’s robes, they fell asleep, wondering what would be in store for them in the future.

6th October 2005, 6:16 PM
XDDD Leet village... that had me giggling all the way through.

Dragonfreel is cool. And so is Psychria in a different way. Loved her "I'm going on a que-est" thing. x3 Nice chapter overall, although the scene with Mew appearing seemed a little bit overdescribed. I notice you're updating very fast...

6th October 2005, 8:12 PM
That I did...got done with the chapter sooner than I had planned ^^;;

I do think I sorta outdid myself with Mew, but I always do that when it comes to describing legendaries because I want the reader to realize how special they are. Oy, you should've seen how I described Ho-oh in one of Psychic's RPGs @.@

Funny thing, I added the Leet Village as a final edit of that chapter, not really thinking about it XD Character development from here on out will be important to me, as I believe we need to get to know the Pokemon, James, and Psychria better in future chapters. I'm sure you all realized how Dragonfreel's mind works ;)

EDIT: God, that post was much too peppy >.O

6th October 2005, 11:11 PM
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Hm, I caught a bit of foreshadowing. (^.~) Ke ke ke...

And jeez, you write way too fast. o__O;;; Are you going to post a chapter a day?

6th October 2005, 11:54 PM
“I’ve known to be a bit naughty when it comes to how I deal with Noobs and foul creatures galore.”
You make me sound so dirty!
‘Naughty’, ha! I'll show you naughty, you big mouthed cat-*thwaps*
That was for telling me you were going to PM me the chapter first, but didn’t! Humph!

But all naughtiness aside, I loved this chapter. Psychria rocks, and I love the way she acts around Dragonfreel (that’s gonna be fun to watch). I can huggle her to bits! But that’s not gonna happen, ’cause I’ll probably break my back attempting to hug myself.
But you did such a terrific job with Mew. I’m sorry, but even if that entrance was a bit outdone, Mew deserves it. You’re so good with description when you want to be. And your Ho-Oh description for that RPG, however great, just didn't compare.
Dragonfree, don’t mind me saying, but I’m in love with your Scyther. Chesh, you portray the Pokémon so well one would think you’ve spent your entire life around them.

And did I mention that I would never kill a Tauros for their pelt? I’m against wearing animal fur. And I’d never say ‘goody gumdrops’. And my password would be slightly different. Not a lot different, mind you-it would still be very random. But I would be all “I’m going on a que-est, I’m going on a que-est,” o.O Sometimes I wonder just how well you know me.
Catchphrase! *dies* You’re serious about that, aren’t you? ’cause I don’t want to sound too Christian (no offence to any of you). It will be a good laugh, though.
And you described my eye thingy wrong. You make it sound like they’re sweeping across the room. ‘Tis the blue part that spins around, remember? They go clockwise, then counterclockwise, clockwise, counterclockwise, clockwise… *can stare at eyes in mirror for hours*

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And lilblue, it will we AWESOME having you aboard. I just can’t believe you couldn’t figure out who Psychria is. Then again, how many people will? -_-

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7th October 2005, 12:08 AM
^^; We-ell... When I did hear the name, I considered it might be you, but I never thought you'd be associated with Mew. o.O; I couldn't decide between you and Shining Mew, who was my first guess.

Hee! Glad I could be a part of this. =D It's such an awesome fic so far. (You know what part I'm playing?)

Mimori Kiryu
7th October 2005, 12:27 AM
Another awesomeness chapter, The Cheshire Cat :p I loved it, especially when Mew came in. The description was utterly great! Well, when I saw Psychria, I knew that it was Psychic.....that was my guess, anyway. I didn't think it would've been anyone else.

Reading this story makes me want to be in it....>_< It's so good! Nice job, again!

7th October 2005, 12:56 AM
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Anyway, I'll read chapter 3 as soon as possible. Sorry again for being behind.

7th October 2005, 1:15 AM
Hey, Psychic, I'm nothing like Mistress Dragonfreel, but I'm not complaining. :P Aren't these characters supposed to be loosely based on us, anyway, not direct insertions of us?

7th October 2005, 1:31 AM
*Psychic notes that Dragonfree has a dry sense of humor. She also notes that she must make it clear when she is ranting in her posts. Psychic then notices Dragonfree making strange gestures at her Scyther, including the ‘noosed neck’ hand gesture. At this, Psychic quickly puts her notebook away and after showing Dragonfree her tongue, shuts up*

Oh, lilblue, you’re so silly sometimes! My two favorite Pokémon are Mew and Mewtwo, the only Pokémon that have ever appeared in my avatar! I’m obsessed with those two! Mew’s cuteness and Mewtwo coolness pwn.
But I can’t quite see why Shining Mew would appear in Chech’s fic. :P Was my name really that alien to you?
And maybe I know, maybe I don’t…

But I’m glad someone (else) realized Psychria was Psychic! XD Nice job, ♥~Mimori Kiryu~♥!


7th October 2005, 3:30 AM
Wow...lol, thanks for replies. Now I vill have to definitely have to reply to each of those reviews XD:

lilbluecorsola: There were a few clues in the chapter as to the presence of you-know-who, but I can't tell you when that particular person will appear. I do, however, have an estimate that they should appear in the next, or chapter after that. Remember in the preview, I said I didn't want people to nag me about it, or I would bite their loverly head off :3 Btw, I'm not going to be posting a chapter a day. THAT, my friend, would kill me ;-;

Psychic: Hoho, I knew I went wrong with it XD I'll actually revise it. Terribly sorry for not sending it, though! 'Twas a very rushing morning when I posted it. But I liked Ho-oh ;-; LMAO. Do you think it is wise to stick out one's tongue at another who owns a Scyther? :P

Dragonfree: Thank goodness somebody noticed -_-; Although I do think I should revise Psychria a tad, doesn't mean I want to :P Still, I'd rather do it my way. It all fits in the end, and that's my purpose. Also, I can't change the password of the sanctuary, because that is the original password NOT chosen by Psychria :P

♥~Mimori Kiryu~♥: I was surprised you were the first to realize who it was, too XD Psychria is an odd name, isn't it? Heh, it was better than the name I originally planned: "Psy-chic" XDDD

Blue Pokemon Master: You should catch up! You are missing quite a bit of boulder-falling, sarcastic breathing, and over-spaztastic people! Don't be sorry though, as it's not your fault I posted so soon :S

8th October 2005, 1:17 AM
^^; Sorry, so sorry, Psychic. I've got images turned off, and I only knew about your liking Mewtwo. Wasn't so sure about Mew.

And I dunno, Shining Mew's well known, isn't she? o.O; I just thought perhaps it might be her.

=O Sorry, more sorries, Chesh. Shan't say no more on the subject. *zips mouth*

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14th October 2005, 8:49 PM
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Whoa, I just checked around and realized everyone besides you, Chesh, your adopted, Tale, and me, on this thread is a girl. XD That's not a bad thing, though, of course.

Everything's looking great so far. Can't wait for the next chapter.

14th October 2005, 9:48 PM
Wow, thank goodness someone replied; I thought this was dead XD

Thanks Blue, and I'm glad you caught up. Not much I can say about the gender majority of the readers, so I'll just go on to saying a few things:

Right-o, Chapter Four will be in the works most likely over this weekend if I'm not working on Tainted Dreams. I can't make promises of what is in store for our hunters in this chapter, so you'll just have to wait and see...

I'm also working on a plot for a winter FanFic, called "POK&#233;MON: DIABOLI QUIRITATIO." Not many details I can give you all about it, other than that the title is Latin. lol.


+Chaos Blade+
16th October 2005, 8:41 PM
-+The Serebeth Noob Trials+-
Written by 'The Chesire Cat'
Chapter I: Appalling Accusation
Review By '+Chaos Blade+'

The Chesire Cat,

I have finished reading Chapter I of The Serebeth Noob Trials, and I have got to say, it is quite good. It's a bit confusing at first, but it really elaborates further as it reaches the end of the chapter. It's awesome the way you created Serebii.net Forums in a village sense.

Now for a more elaborate review.

Plot Sense: Accusation of Murder. It has a nice ring to it, and it is not used in most fics I have read in my career. The accused, James Carroll, sounds like he's in a jam right now, and is pretty much screwed in a sense. I can't wait to see the jury, prosecutors (mods, probably), and the judge (Joe, of course). The plot is great, ingenuitive and ingenious.
++++ (Four blades - Perfect Score)

Characters: This hasn't been fully developed as only seven characters were described. Two of which were Pokémon. James Carroll seems like the average teen-aged male, and Bertie Campbell the worse great-aunt I have ever seen in my career. Nice job on making her a big *** in front of him. It goes to show that not all people are considerate.
++++ (Four blades - Perfect Score)

Description: This has really been looked upon, huh, Chesire? Your description is great, but I see only about one flaw. Like me, you tend to overdescribe a bit. People might disagree with me, but just lighten it up. Just a tiny bit. However, this has only been one chapter read, so it might not be as overdescribed.
+++ (Three Blades - Above-Average)

Length: The length is great. About how long did you work on this chapter, Chesire? Because this chapter is very lengthy. It's the right amount and is great for this type of fic. Kudos to you.
++++ (Four Blades - Perfect Score)

Out of sixteen possible blades, you have received fifteen. Divide that by four and your average Blade Critique is: 3.75 Blades. Nice job. I cannot wait to read your other chapters of this fic.

+Chaos Blade+

16th October 2005, 9:04 PM
*Is strongly reminded of Selestius after reading above post*

Sorry I didn't review earlier, Chesh. My excuse...eerm...*ehem*...

Very informative chapter! The amount of info that had to be took in had me read over twice, which of course means that the fic is verry well looked in to.
I, like many others I'm sure, was amazed at the description and ULTRA KAWAIINESS of Mew. Likewise, I felt the reaction of James and Solomon was just as it should be.
Very informative chapter and this should certainly help towards comprehension in the future chaps.

I'm gonna have to stop here, sorry for the short and crappy review, I'm a little ill right now. I'll make a better review for the next chapter, honest!

17th October 2005, 2:59 AM
+Chaos Blade+: Many thanks for the honest and well-written review. I have to agree with you on over-describing things. I tend to get carried off a bit, but I always love to picture these sort of things in my mind @_@ Will ease up on that a tad. As for character development, there will be many more interesting people to know about as the story continues further, and in that future, I can guarantee that the characters will be oh-so interesting...

Tale: Heh, that happens when there is background history of the story scattered about in sources, whether they are verbal, or written, just like in the second chapter. If you really want to find out what may happen in the latter part of the fic, you will most certainly scan over things you possibly looked over to find tid-bits of information that could have significance later on. I think it's pretty healthy to do that, but just don't read it over so many times that your head rolls over!

As for Chapter Four, it's going along quite well, though I only got through less than half of the things I wanted to >.O That could mean another ten-page+ chapter if I'm correct 0.0 This next one is less informative than the others, though it will be able to share that character essence I've been trying to capture, and a new set of people for you to ponder about.


19th November 2005, 1:11 AM
*walks casually by thread and screeches to a halt, then back-tracks back*


So... what happened? This fanfic is still going on, right? I just skimmed the intro-paragraphs of your new fic, Chesire Cat, and I think you said something about not being able to continue fics. This was a good one, I thought...

...is it over, or am I over-reacting? O_o

19th November 2005, 3:23 AM
Technically, it's not dead, but I won't be working on it/posting until my new fic, "Exsisto" is over. It's not over, but just put on a hold until sometime (hopefully late winter/early spring 2006).

19th December 2005, 4:52 AM
Halooo, everyone. If ye haven't noticed, I've had to change my name because I was such a flake and lost my password to Insincerus, and even when I e-mailed for a new one, the message never came -_-

It's been quite a while since teh last chapter of trials, but through some debating with Psychic and myself, I've decided to go back writing it. I feel I'm rather comfortable with this style of writing, and the comedy heartens me. So, now after a very large hiatus, here's Chappy 4:

Chapter 4: The Enchanted Fountain

James’ eyes opened a crack, and he looked out across the floor to see Psychria in the mound of blankets, buried beneath near one of the comfort chairs. The fire was still crackling effervescently. A warm, cozy feeling swept over him, and he felt the great urge to catch some more sleep before they got going once again. His eyes began to close again…but before he could drift off to dreamland, a hand snatched his ponytail, yanking his scalp backwards with pain. He let out a small yell, and looked up into Dragonfreel’s solemn face, and Scyther standing faithfully by her side, scrapings its scythes together. James sighed, and gave her a look of sorrow. She returned it with another yank by the ponytail.

“Up. We’re going to break a fast, and then I want to train you.”

“I thought we were going to do it this evening!” he moaned groggily.

“Plans change,” she said, turning her back to him and striding over to the kitchen area.

“Why do you want me on this quest if you think I’m such a pest?” James asked, straightening out the wrinkles in his vest as he stood up.

“What makes you think that I don’t like you, James?” she said, leading Scyther over to a counter with berries piled on top.

“Uh,” he said, befuddled, “well, you kidnapped me, your Pok&#233;mon nearly decapitated me…”

Scyther scowled at James from the berries. James waved his hands: “No offense, I understand!”

“That and you made me carry a large boulder, you pull my ponytail, and you even said I was a rotten child.”

“In case you hadn’t noticed,” the old woman said, handing Scyther a red, bumped fruit, “I have a very dry sense of humor. It’s not that I don’t like you, kid. I just haven’t spent much time with younger people besides Psychria here. I actually admire you. That was a heart-felt story you told last night.”

“That ‘story’ is true, unfortunately,” he said, twiddling his fingers. “I…guess I understand now.”

Mistress Dragonfreel turned from the stove, and cast a glance at James. She smiled weakly and said, “Just don’t tell her I have ‘feelings.’” James laughed amusingly, and he strode over into the kitchen with her while a great rumble of snores wriggled from the mountain of blankets in the den. James gazed about, and noticed that Solomon was missing. Scyther lifted one of its powerful blades, and slashed down onto the cutting board with a thud, leaving the red berry split in half. It began dicing it carefully into thin slices, and slicing them to perfection.

“Mistress,” James said, looking to the bed as though his Noctowl were there, “where is Solomon?”

“Oh, if you didn’t mind,” Dragonfreel said, grabbing a pan out of the cupboard, “I sent him on a little mission, to retrieve a message from a colleague of mine.”

“How long has he been gone?” James asked in concern.

“Only two hours before you woke up,” she said flatly, now gathering eggs bottled up in a jar.

“How…how did he get out?” James asked, looking to the door. “He couldn’t have gotten out from underground.”

“Oh, Mew is watching over him, so you can be thankful. Mew will most likely be hidden, though it will safely teleport him back here in our presence.”

“What are you preparing, anyway?” James asked, watching Scyther making piles of berry flesh.

“Oh, it’s just an omelet,” she said, taking the eggs out of the bottle. “It will be enough for all of us. The Pok&#233;mon will be eating berries, but Scyther here is my favorite iron chef.”

“Scy-ther,” the bug Pok&#233;mon said, pushing aside another pile of cut berries.

“May I help?” James asked politely, walking up next to Scyther, who took no notice in him.

“I don’t see the harm in it,” the mistress said, cracking the eggs over the pan and placing it on the stove.

James stared down at all of the juices flowing from the chopped berries, and watched Scyther cut them like a knife through hot butter. The aroma of the fruit was very strange, however, and he was certainly curious about it.

“What type of berry is this?”

Dragonfreel sighed heavily at his enormous load of questions, but her face changed to a look of small concern: “That, I forgot to warn you, is a Tamato Berry. It is extremely spicy, but with the correct combination of sugars and herbs, it can be whittled down to something more consumable. Try not to touch your face after you touch a Tamato Berry, for it will burn your tongue with calices.”

James heeded the warning as she continued her work, and turned back to Scyther. The Pok&#233;mon looked at him thoughtfully, its fierce eyes giving him a glance of respect, and then it stepped aside so James could step in front of the cutting board. Scyther motioned toward the large cutting knife on the counter. James took it graciously in hand, being very careful not to point it where he was not supposed to. For ten minutes, the Pok&#233;mon dedicated to showing James how to correctly hold the blade at a tilt on the side of the berry, and then bringing it down in perfect, thin slices. It took a few tries to get it right, but James was cutting the Tamato with ease in no time, much to Scyther’s pleasure. After they had stopped cutting, Scyther scooped the berry piles into Dragonfreel’s egg mixture. Meanwhile, Psychria had woken up (with a bad case of horrible bed head) and began packing personal supplies without a word.

In a tiny facture of light, just as the mistress began dishing up the omelet, Mew and Solomon appeared hand-in-hand (or rather hand in wing), with a piece of parchment rolled up and tied with an indigo ribbon. Dragonfreel let James take over for a minor second, and grabbed the letter from the Noctowl. She unrolled it, and as she began reading it quietly to herself, she added to her Pok&#233;mon: “Scyther, be a dear and cut slices for your friends and yourself. There’s a Sitrus Berry in my bag.”

Scyther went to work without question, and the three humans sat down in the den in front of the fire, scraping their silverware away at Dragonfreel and Scyther’s wonderful culinary works.

“This is delicious,” Psychria pointed out with her fork, her mouth full. “Say, James, did you see that over there?”

James whipped his head around in instinct and looked behind him. All he saw was the door again, though he thought he heard something. Psychria looked at him in concern, but he shrugged. “Nothing, I guess…”

“Seeing things again, girl,” Dragonfreel said, patting her mouth daintily with a napkin. “Then again, sometimes you do see something, and others miss whatever you’ve seen.”

James shook his head, and stabbed at the egg dish. He took a bite of it, and felt a cold chunk in it. It soon turned from cold to hot, then overwhelmingly spicy. It singed his tongue brutally, and his ears rang from the heat. Psychria burst into laughter and began snorting loudly. Dragonfreel’s lips were pursed from restraint, and Scyther was bawling with laughter. James’ face had become a strawberry-red tone, and he waved at his open mouth in annoyance. “How did doo do dat?” he said between gasps, his tongue swelling with pain.

“I…hold on,” Psychria said, taking in another roar of laughter. After it ceased, she tried to stop herself from laughing, and said, “Flung a piece of Tamato on your plate when you weren’t looking.”

“Oh, real mature,” James said, the heat seeming to falter down a bit.

“I know,” Psychria replied, giggling to herself happily. “I was actually surprised I shot it right onto your plate! Talk about lucky…”

For the remainder of the morning, Mew, Solomon, and Scyther were all given a large slice of Sitrus Berry, and it boosted their stamina for the day’s journey. Mistress Dragonfreel had gotten the backpacks for James and herself and they both slid them on. Psychria took a waist bag made from field reeds, and after the Pok&#233;mon finished their meal, they stepped toward the door. Psychria muttered an incantation, and in response, the house began to rumble and shake upwards at her will. Some sediment fell through the ceiling of the house, but they did not mind. Soon enough, a shining band of sunlight was crawling underneath the crack of the door, and they opened it to the cool morning.

They were met by the smell of burnt wood, and as they peered off into the distance, they could see clouds of immense smoke billowing up into the sky. Dragonfreel bit her lip in dismay, and James could not help but feel a tad fearful. Psychria released an “oh dear” just as they were setting off in the other direction. Solomon flew on the wind carefully ahead of them, acting as a scout for danger. Scyther remained by his mistress’ side, and continued to walk down the dirt road that curled steeply later and into a valley between two mountains. Psychria held Mew tightly to her chest, but all the while complaining heavily.

“Mistress,” she groaned, “I haven’t freshened myself up! Is there not a spring nearby?”

“Hold your tongue,” the old woman said. “You know that there is most certainly a spring in the valley.”

“I agree with her. I’m going to need to wash myself and these clothes,” James said, rubbing soot off of his vest.

“Very well, you two…we will stop at the springs, but we must make haste, for I expect to arrive in Anna Harbor by noontime tomorrow. But don’t think you have gotten off the hook,” she said, smiling at James. “Our first training session is after you are spick and span.”

Psychria rolled her eyes gently as she one hand to her frazzled head, and the other clutching to Mew in solace. Dragonfreel began fingering the note she had received from Solomon before nervously, staring straight ahead with her grey eyes with Scyther walking loyally beside her. James simply eyed the scenery as they passed, taking in the wonderful sights.

Pleasant, fresh hills poured over spring mountain ranges, blossoming with flourished roots of green. Mountains fell beneath the wonderful sky above, which was painted a wonderful navy blue, white clouds passing with luxurious speed across the streams of sunlight emanating from the white sun above. The wind rather calm, but still blew gentle breezes through the blades of grass and the three humans’ hair as they crossed the dirt path along the fields from the Emerald Hills. James smiled brightly at the conditions all ‘round them, taking in the breathless miracles of nature. He had never been away from Serebeth, so all land outside his birthplace had just been a fantasy. Never before had he seen Pidgeotto gliding along the skies of Serebeth amongst the smoking chimneys of man’s burden to survive with heat. Now, he saw them shimmering their gold and scarlet feathers in the sunlight, catching every last ray so it appeared they were glazing a trail of glimmer behind their tail feathers.

Still, they all began to feel a little grungy in their garments, though the mistress was too stubborn to admit it herself. Walking became sloshing as already they were giving into the climbing path of the trail that was soon transitioning from dirt to pebbles. Just the thought of relaxing at the springs brought comforting feelings that seeped into their bodies, causing tired and drowsy day-dreamish sensations to overwhelm them. Funny as it was, the Pok&#233;mon did not seem to be reacting to anything at all. James looked in particular to Scyther, still trudging willingly along, face unoccupied and engaged. James had wondered what Pok&#233;mon thought…in fact, from light of this new awareness of magic, power, and auras everywhere, a thought began brewing in his mind, but it shunned itself away until the right moment.

Soon however, the path began to lead between the two majestic mountains, and the travelers were basked in a cool shade. Solomon, who had been flying ahead the entire time, swerved around from his scouting position and returned to James’ shoulder, flapping his wings upon descending. He clicked his beak and nipped the boy’s ear, giving the child a sense of joy for such a companion. Psychria and Dragonfreel noticed this as well, and each respectively looked to their own Pok&#233;mon, Scyther and Mew, and gave a nod of approval or a touch of compassion for what they truly felt for their beastly friends.

The road ahead began to dissipate into a sort of circular center in the valley, the royal giants rising above their heads like mineral giants. Here, in this rounded area, a few stone platforms, looking much like a small staircase, led up to a large pool of water contained in its own sort of basin. The most peculiar thing about this spring was that on either side of the valley, the mountains showered sprays of water from tunnels in the heart of the hills themselves. James stared upon them with amusement and confusion, Solomon too gazing up at the cannons of water.

“Mistress, how is the water…coming from the rocks?” James asked as they approached the pool.

“Well,” Psychria interrupted, giving James a glare as she held Mew tightly, “I’m not unfamiliar with these lands, you know.”

“Are you calling me a tour guide W*HORE?” Dragonfreel suddenly burst.

After this comment, the two of them remained silent, and they stopped at the foot of the platform, staring at the old woman as though she had gone senile. The woman swirled around in her velvet cloak, looking at them. Scyther swiveled around as well, his two blades clinking together in suspense. Psychria scratched her messy blonde hair in shame, trying to twirl her eyes away, but the mistress targeted the girl’s with a small fury. James felt the hairs on the tip of his ponytail rise on end as he could feel the pending rage inside of the old woman, but then, watching the mistress and the young girl perspiring under pressure, he wanted to fly into a frenzy of laughter. Boy, had she gotten herself into a predicament.

“Well?” Dragonfreel pursued. “Are you?”

“No,” Psychria replied rather bluntly, trying to look down at Mew for support, though the Pok&#233;mon only stared back at her in tiny bits of fright.

“Hell hath no fury—” James began.

“—DON’T YOU DARE FINISH THAT SENTENCE, CARROLL!” Dragonfreel screamed, so angrily it seemed her own head of hair was about to shatter. “You finish that sentence, and you’ll be in quite a world of hurt.”

“Erm…why the sudden outburst, Mistress?” Psychria said, eyeing the woman with caution, but then gasping in a fit of mockery, “OH MY GOD, ARE YOU PEE-EM-ESSING?”

At this, Dragonfreel blushed slightly, her wrinkled cheeks becoming rather rosy as she frowned with indignity. She flew around, and walked straight toward the fountain, with Scyther glancing back at them, then following his mistress. James snorted into his shoulder to muffle a small bit of laughter, but Psychria let it all out in booms and coughs of mirth. She then began small chants of “Dragonfreel’s pee-em-eh-sing” whilst the three walked up to the edge of the pool with their Pok&#233;mon, the mistress shaking her head as they did so.

As they ascended the steps, droplets from the spray began to fling all around them, and even a few drops of the stuff landed on their faces whilst approaching. The basin of the vale was surrounded in a sort of thick wall, with writings and hieroglyphics of water Pok&#233;mon engraved around the bowl in deep, gold etching. It all seemed to be made entirely of marble, and the water shimmered purely. They began saddling off the bags from their backs, and placing them on the stone platform on the rim of the pool, taking out things such as soaps and oils. Solomon hooted from James’ shoulder as the boy searched for a bar of wax, then lifted off with its wings over to Scyther, who was sitting on the wall kicking his feet to and fro. The bird perched next to the green Pok&#233;mon, squawking in content. Mew’s sapphire eyes trailed from Psychria’s reach, and the legendary Pok&#233;mon decided to teleport away from her keeper. Mew closed its eyes, and in a blink of light vanished, only to reappear on the other side of Scyther, smiling and waving its long tail about happily.

Dragonfreel rounded James and Psychria from their searching for a moment, the only noises in the background being the showering of the fountains, and the chatter of the Pok&#233;mon. The mistress huddled them into a small pact, and held out her left fist on her right palm. This she only did, and the two young ones stared at her weirdly. Dragonfreel looked to both of them, and sighed heavily.

“Have you ever played a whole damned game of rock-paper-scissors in your whole life?” she asked rather aggravatingly.

“Er…why are we playing rock-paper-scissors?” James asked. At this remark, Dragonfreel muttered, “And I thought only one of you were blonde…”

“To take turns in the pool?” Psychria commented.

“Wow. You are smarter than you look.”

Getting over the very slow delay of the youths’ minds, they quickly snapped their hands into the same position. Counting to three, each of them smacked their fists against their palms on each count. On the third, Dragonfreel smacked down her fingers in a scissor formation, Psychria’s in the rock position, and James in the scissor position as well. Psychria smiled happily in content as she left James and Dragonfreel to face off, grabbing her own bath needs. James and the mistress did clash, and in the end, Dragonfreel won with a blow of paper to James’ rock.

Psychria stepped out onto the top of the wall, and tiptoed into the water carefully still fully clothed in her white robe, and turned to the mistress, nodding. The old woman returned the nod, and motioned for the Pok&#233;mon to come back down on the platform. The three creatures did hurriedly. Psychria reached her slender hand down in one of her pocket slips to retrieve her flute. She placed the small instrument on her chin, and blew a soft chord into it.

The melody enlarged in volume, echoing all over the valley. Suddenly, they felt a great shifting in the hills looming over them. The water spraying suddenly became erratic, and changed pattern. The pumps and gallons of water showering from above twisted rapidly into rounded bullets of aquatic splendor, pounding down into the pool around Psychria. The girl watched around her carefully as the bullets started falling like bricks, and snapped onto other blocks of water solidly, and in a short period of time, began to stack over the pool like a dome consisting entirely of water. Veins of white water rushed through the dome, and soon, Psychria disappeared from sight, leaving her to bathe in privacy.

Meanwhile, Dragonfreel and James took a seat on the platform, waiting patiently for the girl to freshen herself up. Scyther had placed Mew on his back, and hovered around at the foot of the pool giving it piggy-back rides. The pink cat giggled adorably as the fierce insect creature tested its agility. Solomon had gone and perched on James’ shoulder once more, digging its talons softly into his own cloak.

James had taken this time to ask the mistress a few questions, including of how water came about through tunnels of the mountains. The woman had simply replied that the Enchanted Tributaries of Thal, said to have been forged by Suicune, ran along the whole continent, and that the center was where the valley ravine had formed. Originally, the ravine was actually a large mountain of which the Enchanted River flowed upward and over, and the Golem of the hills had created a natural tunnel that ran straight through it. However, the tunnel was invaded by a colony of Dugtrio and Diglett, and in order to protect their territory, the Golem used their Explosion techniques to blast them out of their turf. Unfortunately for them, the blasts cracked a rift into the mountain itself, and from large earthquakes and explosions caused by the Golem and Diglett, the mountain split apart, causing the river to collapse into the old tunnels.

Now the river still ran never-ending, though separated, and began to shower the water into the ruins between the mountains, eroding mounds of the dirt away, and with its magical properties, transformed the rock into marble, which in turn formed the fountain itself. To where all the water that poured into the fountain goes, they were not sure of. But after the spring had been born, humans who witnessed the quarrel and destruction of the two tribes of Pok&#233;mon came and bore the story of its history into the wall that cupped the basin of water. It is said that the moment something foreign to the water touches the surface, it is eradicated into nothing, hence why it was often used by local villagers to cleanse themselves without contaminating the purity of the water.

By the time Dragonfreel had finished explaining the fountain, a slit ran through the center of the aquatic dome, then separated to Psychria’s white-cloaked form, which had seemed to have replenished herself as her hair ran down her shoulders, and her face sparkled with neatness. Dragonfreel then picked up her supplies and walked into the dome, the water enclosing behind her. From there, James and Psychria walked down to the grassy area below the fountain where Scyther was sitting on the ground across from Mew. As they approached, Solomon hopped from James’ shoulder onto the ground, and sat beside Mew and Scyther, who, for some particular reason, were staring at each other incessantly.

Apparently, they were holding a leer contest to see who was able to stare at the other longest. Scyther won handily, though Mew had handed the small victory to the other Pok&#233;mon, giving him an ego boost. Psychria and James laughed, and joined in the fun. As they began talking to their companions, James began to linger toward an earlier thought he had.

“Psychria,” James asked, watching Solomon staring at Scyther presently, “have you ever wanted to speak to Mew before, and actually get a reply…that you can understand?”

“Well,” the girl said, laughing as Solomon’s pupils widened, “Mew and I can communicate telepathically because of its psychic abilities.”

“But, say I wanted to talk to Solomon,” James said, watching as Mew came flying down from the fountain platform with a jar of marmalade in paw. “Is there a way I would be able to talk to him, and him talk to me? Telepathically?”

The Noctowl released one final glare that put Scyther in check, and the green insect blinked in pain, howling as it slammed its scythes on the ground, whining in defeat. Mew descended and fell into Psychria’s lap with the jar of marmalade cupped in its arms, and the girl laughed. She picked the jar up and placed it next to her, and whispered something in the Pok&#233;mon’s stub-like ear. The cat twitched slightly, then nodded. It then closed its eyes in concentration, and in a flash, a mediocre-sized pouch shaped squarely by the contents inside appeared on top of the girl’s head. She and James laughed warily, and Psychria took it down and set it next to the marmalade jar.

“I do have something in mind,” she said, pulling out her bone-like flute once again. “I know many a song and learned quite a few along some of my early travels with Dragonfreel. One I was taught to by a pub owner in Lopton hasn’t come into use before… He told me that all who heard the Ballad of Hermundment would be able hear Pok&#233;mon speech as their own. Would you like to try it?”

“Yes, please!” the boy exclaimed with excitement, the elated delight clearly reflected in his eyes. Psychria smiled at him, and lifted the flute to her lips. She closed her eyes silently, and all the Pok&#233;mon stopped their current activities to look upon the girl. All was still for a moment, but then, James felt a slight gust brush against his cheek. He did not move his eyes from the flute she held so tenderly, but now, it seemed as though something higher was happening. She blew into the flute, but no melody came out. At least, not at first.

Soon, more gusts and flurries of instant wind flew past James’ head by the second. He noticed specks of dust twirling and tossing about, and still, as he glanced at Psychria, no tune came from the flute. Then, he heard it. A hollow strand of wind passed his ear, and carried a note as it went. And again, two more of these breezes swept by. James looked to the girl, and she looked up from her flute-work to see his puzzled expression. Then, all at once and unexpectedly, James felt a tube of air rush into one of his ears. He cupped it quickly as his eardrum pounded rapidly, and then, as though it were not possible at all, the air spit itself from his other ear, and rushed off into the distance.

Psychria placed the flute down, and the wind ceased immediately. The Pok&#233;mon were standing rather wide-eyed at the two humans, particularly Solomon. James still had his hands clutched on either side of his head, and was cringing rather painfully. All was silent, and even the sound of the fountain was quiet. They all stared wonderingly at James. The boy slowly turned back to the group of Pok&#233;mon, and gazed into each of their eyes. Scyther was holding his blades at a cross, with his mouth shut tightly. Mew blinked its beautiful indigo irises, but spoke not a word. James then turned to Solomon, whose beak was clamped, looking rather startled, and amazed.

“It would seem,” the bird suddenly croaked, opening its mouth, “that everything goes through one side and out the other with you.”

At this, James suddenly tumbled backwards onto the grass, his head shaking and eyes livid. Psychria covered her mouth in dark giggles, whilst the Pok&#233;mon stared at him as he and the girl had done so many times to Dragonfreel. Scyther began whispering Mew’s ear, while the cat-like creature nodded carefully, but the Noctowl hobbled away from the other two toward his boy. James cried out as he attempted to scurry backwards like a crab away from the bird, but the Noctowl continued toward him, and the boy eventually lost balance and fell right on his tailbone. Solomon…chuckled, his beak furrowing upward into a kind of smile at the sight of his master frightened. The tan bird came up to the boy, and quickly, hopped up onto his shoulder, causing the human to flinch. It was as though they had been complete strangers all this time.

“You…can talk,” the boy muttered breathlessly.

“Of course I can talk,” Solomon replied, his head crest resting over his eyes gleaming in the sunlight. “You were the one who just failed to understand me…until now.”

At these words, the owl perched on his shoulder wound his vision toward Psychria, who was watching them the entire time. The Pok&#233;mon then turned to James’ head again and spoke.

“I do believe you owe someone your compliments,” Solomon whispered into his ear.

James instantly flicked his pale face to the Mew Saint, who was going into a fit of laughs as she watched the boy startled with his newfound ability. Meanwhile, a stripe of water in the vale shattered from the dome. Surely enough, Mistress Dragonfreel came clopping from the pool, her hair strung back into a sleek, professional-looking bun, and her cloak appearing much thinner. What was different was that her nose now had a pair of square-shaped glasses sitting upon it, and she herself seemed to give off a delightful aura. James was distracted for a moment, but was badgered by the sharp bite of Solomon on his ear.

“Oh…yes…” he said, shaking out of his shocked state. “Thanks…er...”

“You do remember my name, right?” Psychria said, looking a bit puzzled herself, but smiling.

“Yeah, but…do you have a shorter name? Like…a nickname?”

“I call her ‘Sickie-snookums,’” Dragonfreel said lightly, as vengeance for the girl’s menstrual joke, “but I’m sure she wouldn’t mind if you called her—”

“—‘Sickie’ will do FINE.”

“All right then, ‘Sickie,’” Dragonfreel said, pulling up her bag from the fountain, “get your things prepared, and Carroll, you go ahead and clean yourself up.”

After Dragonfreel had said this, Mew came hovering up next to the old woman, holding the rectangular pouch and the marmalade jar. It looked upon the mistress with those dazzling eyes, and motioned with the jam to her. For the first time, James heard Mew talk, and it was something like a little child speaking softly from a pillow made of the fluffiest clouds that brought warmth to one’s heart.

“Miss Dragonfreel,” the Pok&#233;mon said shyly, “my tummy needs food. I wanted Sickie to make me some bread, but she was too busy playing the flute…can I have some? Please?”

The old woman suddenly jumped aback slightly, apparently getting the same treatment James had. However, she handled the Pok&#233;mon speaking much better than the boy, and merely bit her lip for a moment, frowning, and then lightening with a small grin.

“Um…yes, Sickie will make bread for everyone while James is in the pool, right Sickie?” Dragonfreel said, looking to the young girl nervously.

“Oh…of course!” Psychria replied, gesturing for Mew to come down to where she sat.

The legendary Pok&#233;mon released a pleasant spree of “wee” noises as it came down, closing its eyes and beaming in utter cheerfulness as the girl began to create the meager snacks. Dragonfreel pointed to the pool, and James stood up to go. Solomon fluttered off of the boy near Psychria as James walked up to the dome with his own bath soaps. As he stepped into the pool, he thought he had heard the Noctowl say, “I am rather hungry myself. Say, where’s the knife? Ah, there you are, Scyther…”


“Now, stop that! You both are hurting my ears…you two deserve time-out naps! I personally like naps…gives me time to dream…dreamy-dream-dream-dream…”


“So I heard the crab is to die for,” Solomon said casually, resting on James’ clean shoulder.

“Well, I certainly wouldn’t be a martyr for seafood,” Dragonfreel said, “though it is very rich and juicy. I prefer the shrimp of the harbor myself.”

“Well, Anna Harbor’s also known for the rum, right?” Psychria said quite unpredictably.

The twilight was beginning to smear the sky above the sea of pine trees below, casting each of the humans and their Pok&#233;mon in shades of violet and orange. They had been walking for a set of hours now, and had made their way out of the valley into a thicket known as the Shaugr&#237;n Woods. Blisters were already forming on their feet, and calices scraped their ankles in discomfort. They stopped immediately at Psychria’s remark. They all turned to the girl, and gave her that oh-so familiar look of accusation and oddity. Scyther released a dry laugh.

“Rum?” the armored insect said, walking up to her. “How would you know about the rum?”

“I love the rum!” Psychria yelled out, as though confessing to a horrible crime. She then blushed, and giggled, “It makes me feel all warm inside.”

“I thought I made you feel warm inside!” Mew cried from inside the cradle the girl had made with her arms.

“Of course you do, Mew! It’s a different sort of warm feeling. Besides, who could resist cute old you?” the girl added, nuzzling the legendary affectionately with her head as it began to purr. The three began walking again, and Dragonfreel and Scyther took the head of the pack, following James and Solomon, then Psychria and Mew. More quickly than they had thought, night was already arriving, and even one or two stars were reflecting from space beyond. Trudging wearily among the dead pine needles and tough ground, not one of them said a word, except for Solomon.

“Dragonfreel vowed to train you, did she not?” the Noctowl whispered into James’ ear as they continued walking.

“Yeah…she did, didn’t she?” James said quietly. “Do you suppose she forgot…?”

“With old age, it is possible,” the bird replied, “but she is not foolish, nor your average senile slayer.”

“Personally, I could go either way…I just want to set up camp somewhere before my feet start bleeding,” James answered. “I am also very glad Psychria was able to play that ballad for us. It’s so enlightening to know that I can talk to you without boundaries now, and that we won’t have problems communicating.”

“The feelings are mutual,” the owl said politely. “After all, we have been there for each other from start to finish, and now that we are directly conversing, it will make our bond stronger.”

James smiled in content at his companion, and lifted his hand to rub the bird’s head. Behind them, Mew and Psychria were giggling mischievously as Mew was overhearing their conversation telepathically, relaying the contents of the talk James and Solomon were having to Sickie-snookums.

“Aw, they are so cute!” Mew gabbed quietly, bubbly laughs coming from within the small cat’s chest. “They do have a strong bond.”

“As do you and I, Mew,” the girl said, hugging the Pok&#233;mon to her body as Mew nodded and laughed.

“What’s with all the chuckling back there?” Scyther barked behind his back, following his mistress dutifully. “Are you making fun of the way I walk? Because I do NOT walk like a girl, if that’s what you’re thinking! I mean…rawr.”

“But I like the way you walk!” Mew shouted from at the rear. “It reminds me of a pretty lady I once served!”

Scyther shook his head and merely sent a flurry of curses under his breath, Dragonfreel grinning and patting her old friend on the back. As the old woman slipped her hand on the Pok&#233;mon’s porcelain green body, she then glided her fingers onto his right blade, lifting it and examining it while they walked.

“I suppose you’ll be needing some detailing, my dear?” Dragonfreel asked, looking into the sharp features of the Pok&#233;mon’s face, and back to the slightly dulled arm-scythe.

“I’ve been in need of a manicure for ages,” Scyther replied, tossing the blade down from Dragonfreel’s reach. “Yes, that would be nice.”

“Mistress!” James suddenly called. Dragonfreel turned her neck to the side to get a view of the boy.

“What about my training?” he asked, trailing from the leader somewhat.

Dragonfreel opened her mouth, but before she could utter a word, a shrill yell screeched a number of yards away from their current location. Everyone snapped to immediate attention, and stopped dead in their tracks. The group stayed completely silent for what seemed like ten seconds, when they heard a flare hissing through the air, another scream, and then an impacting bang. Smoke began to rise above the trees ahead, and already, Dragonfreel was prepared. She twisted quickly to the kids and yelled, “Grab a pike and your Pok&#233;mon; apparently Carroll, this will be your first session of training.”

The young ones did as they were told, and pulled out staffs of which they unfolded into pointed, sharp spikes that they flipped to their sides. Mew furrowed its eyes with a vengeful fury, as did Scyther. Solomon nodded in approval, and in a moment, they sprang off into the woods. Crunching on dead foliage and rocks on the ground, they tossed their bodies as fast as they could go to arrive to their next destination. As more and more trees hurled past their vision, the sound and smell of smoking fire sizzled in their ears. Soon, they came to a large clearing, where one could perfectly see the sun just sitting over the mountain that loomed to the west, but this was not what their attention was focused on.

A frightened man first came to view, around his late teens or early twenties and was sprawled on the ground in the crab position as James had been when he first heard a Pok&#233;mon speak English. He had long, musky blonde hair that shadowed his eyes; his attire was a blood-red cloak with patterns of a seafoam-green embroidered into the cloth, and slung around his neck was a chained pendent made of some sort of brown clay singed by fire, of which there were three holes shaped like teardrops that lied upon it. The man breathed heavily as fire engulfed a few surrounding trees. They then turned their attention to what the man had been yelling about.

Standing a few feet away from him was a tall woman, draped in a scarlet dress and a black coat that hung over her shoulders. The dress was weaved with designs of skulls, ghosts, and what appeared to be coins from what they could see. They looked to her face, and saw that it was overshadowed by a worn, leather pirate’s hat, with the skull and bones insignia etched across it. All they could see of her head was violet hair hanging down over her shoulders, her pale white skin, and the dark red lipstick that was glazed with wet sin.

The woman’s immediate attention drew to the group, of which Dragonfreel led. The woman tossed her head over her shoulder, and screamed an order into the woods behind her. Apparently, she had comrades nearby, as they saw the tips of the trees quivering in movement. The woman lifted her hand into the air, and pointed at Dragonfreel with a white finger. James and Psychria watched from behind as the woman shot a fiery web of inferno toward the mistress. The flare sped right toward the slayer, but she too raised her hand into the air. The flame was then intercepted into the old woman’s clutches, and the moment it touched the mistress’ hand, the fire erupted into a puff of smoke.

Without clearly thinking, James lunged forward with Solomon flapping wildly on his shoulder, and gritting his teeth in vain, threw his own pike staff midair toward the dastardly woman. The metal soared directly into the woman’s outstretched hand, and James was left in a sort of astonished bewilderment. The woman curled her deadly lips into a curving smile. The man and Dragonfreel both gave a scolding look to James, but there was no time to react. Suddenly, a Pok&#233;mon jumped out from behind the woman. It was a trim, thin, cat-like creature that bound forward with a purplish coat of fur. Its ears were long and large, along with its burning velvet eyes. A red gem sparkled on the creature’s forehead, and its most distinct feature was of its tail, which forked into two separate sections. They all recognized it as an Espeon, one of the many evolutionary forms of Eevee, and a very powerful Psychic-type Pok&#233;mon.

“Come to play have we, slayers?” the woman mocked, smiling upon the group.

“Games are not fun,” the Espeon said, “especially when you play by the rules.”

“Games are for children,” Dragonfreel barked. “Murder is not a game, if that is what you think, you pitiful Noob.”

The woman clearly took offense to this, and muttered something to the Espeon quietly. She then frowned heavily at the group, taking no more notice of the man she had been trying to dispose of. Scyther gnashed its ferocious teeth in rage, staring onward at the woman and her accomplice.

“How DARE you accuse me of being a Noob,” she said angrily. “I am not a Noob, but a powerful conjurer of the old ways of witchcraft, though I do have allies belonging to the Noob clan. Still, it is an insult to my ways and I—”

Swiftly, her eyes fell to the vicious Scyther standing next to the old woman. Instantly, the woman’s mouth went agape, and she flicked her unseen eyes to Mistress Dragonfreel, standing tall with her hair still tightly bound into a bun. The woman’s mouth went agape, and her chin shivered for a moment. She lifted a hand; not to destroy them, but in complete and deliberate shock. The Espeon eyed its master strangely.

“You…” she muttered. “You…administrator…Serebeth…”

Then, as Dragonfreel glanced at the woman, she narrowed her own eyes at the stranger. A glimmer of surprise reflected in her own eyes as well, and they both seemed transfixed at each other. James, Solomon, Psychria, and Mew all just stood silently, waiting for a reaction between the two women, when finally, Dragonfreel spoke.

“You look so…young,” the slayer said, just loud enough for them all to hear.

“And you look so…old,” the other woman replied, her mouth curling in disgust. Dragonfreel ignored this comment.

“I thought I sent you to—”


James had been keeping a close watch on the Espeon, and right when Dragonfreel had tried to speak, the Pok&#233;mon dove forward right at the old woman with its overwhelming agility. Scyther did not see this coming himself, nor did the wounded man, nor anyone besides James and Solomon. The boy threw his hand forward in non-verbal order for Solomon to take off. The bird screeched as it zipped off of his master’s shoulder, and sliced in the wind as it hurtled with blinding speed. The Noctowl descended in a whoosh of sharp air, and jabbed right into the side of the Espeon before it had come two feet from Dragonfreel. The purple Pok&#233;mon howled in pain, its gem beginning to inflame as it shut its abnormally large eyes in anguish. It took a few steps backward, but did not back down.

Scyther, rage burning with a legendary vengeance from olden days he had faced penting up finally unbottled from the Pok&#233;mon in the form of pure violence. The creature lunged forward directly at the Espeon, cutting the very wind that slung its arm with lightning-fast speed. In less than a millisecond, the sharpened blade connected to its joint socket pumped with a powerful thrust, and in a jab that dug into the skin, the flesh, and the veins, subdued the Espeon, propelling it backward into into the boots of the captain. The blow taken by the cat swelled, and blood flowed forth in fountains, with the overwhelming pain and throbbing hammering the Espeon with pure hatred, anguish, and malevolent abohorrence. The Pok&#233;mon collapsed pitifully, screaming and crying out with limitless pain and disturbed detestation.

The mysterious lady cast a burning ring of fire in front of the group, causing them to cover their faces from the abrupt shower of warm, orange flames against their faces. She quickly jolted from her position and snatched up the Espeon, carrying it in one arm. With her free hand, she began throwing fireballs at trees surrounding them all, setting the entirety of them aflame. Mew floated over to the barricade of fire in front of the group, and with its special Metronome technique, sprayed a Water Gun from its mouth, which boiled the flames to a sizzling steam. They hurled themselves in the clearing, heading toward the man. With that same irregular strength, Dragonfreel heaved the stranger on her back, and together with the others, flew away from that part of the woods, to escape off into another patch of forest.

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First of all:
Shame I had to prod you with a tikki torch to get you to continue. At least it was worth it. I mean, YOU’RE CONTINUEING THE TRIALS, ONE OF MY FAV FICS ON THE WHOLE FORUM! W00T! *socks fly off*

Sorry I didn’t get to reading this earlier: I meant to, but my parents barged into my room and decided to disconnect my internet ‘cause I should have been studying for Math at the time. They wouldn’t even let me say goodbye, they just unplugged my internet! Stupid exams.

Yup, I’ve already read most of this, but announcing my opinions on it to the whole forum -or at least everyone who reads this amazing piece of writing- is like an extra layer of icing on the cake.

So, here are some of my fav moments of the chap:

“In case you hadn’t noticed,” the old woman said, handing Scyther a red, bumped fruit, “I have a very dry sense of humor.”
XDDD. And you wouldn't have that line had I not made that comment earlier.

Psychria had woken up (with a bad case of horrible bed head) and began packing personal supplies without a word.
XD When he says horrible, he MEANS horrible. Stupid hair.

“Flung a piece of Tamato on your plate when you weren’t looking.”
As you (or Dragonfreel) said: I AM a very naughty person.

“Erm…why the sudden outburst, Mistress?” Psychria said, eyeing the woman with caution, but then gasping in a fit of mockery, “OH MY GOD, ARE YOU PEE-EM-ESSING?”
*dies in fits of laughter* I. Am. A. Naughty. Beeotch.
Don’t take it personally, Dragonfree. I’m known to do that sometimes. *grins*

“And I thought only one of you were blonde…”
XD, We’re blonds of a feather.

“Wow. You are smarter than you look.”
XD *socks fly off*

Scyther won handily, though Mew had handed the small victory to the other Pok&#233;mon, giving him an ego boost.
Awww, isn’t Mew sweet?

He cupped it quickly as his eardrum pounded rapidly, and then, as though it were not possible at all, the air spit itself from his other ear, and rushed off into the distance.
I swear I can just see that happening. And it’s also humorous. Lol, in through one ear and out the other! XD

“I do believe you owe someone your compliments,” Solomon whispered into his ear.
Damn, straight! Geez, I love Solomon. “It would seem,” the bird suddenly croaked, opening its mouth, “that everything goes through one side and out the other with you.” XDDDD

“Oh…yes…” he said, shaking out of his shocked state. “Thanks…er...”

“You do remember my name, right?” Psychria said, looking a bit puzzled herself, but smiling.

“Yeah, but…do you have a shorter name? Like…a nickname?”

“I call her ‘Sickie-snookums,’” Dragonfreel said lightly, as vengeance for the girl’s menstrual joke, “but I’m sure she wouldn’t mind if you called her—”

“—‘Sickie’ will do FINE.”
I swear, if everyone starts calling me that, I will start calling you ‘Hicks’.
Well, I guess I deserved that from Dragonfreel after my little crack. XD

After Dragonfreel had said this, Mew came hovering up next to the old woman, holding the rectangular pouch and the marmalade jar. It looked upon the mistress with those dazzling eyes, and motioned with the jam to her. For the first time, James heard Mew talk, and it was something like a little child speaking softly from a pillow made of the fluffiest clouds that brought warmth to one’s heart.

“Miss Dragonfreel,” the Pok&#233;mon said shyly, “my tummy needs food. I wanted Sickie to make me some bread, but she was too busy playing the flute…can I have some? Please?”
That part makes my heart melt. I’d have made Mew something to eat had I not been busy, I swear!

The legendary Pok&#233;mon released a pleasant spree of “wee” noises as it came down, closing its eyes and beaming in utter cheerfulness as the girl began to create the meager snacks.
SOOOOO CUTE! *huggles Mew*

“I am rather hungry myself. Say, where’s the knife? Ah, there you are, Scyther…”

*socks fly off* LMSO, the walking knife. XD salad shooter. Or something.

“Now, stop that! You both are hurting my ears…you two deserve time-out naps! I personally like naps…gives me time to dream…dreamy-dream-dream-dream…”
AWWWWWWWWW. So adorable!

“I love the rum!” Psychria yelled out, as though confessing to a horrible crime. She then blushed, and giggled, “It makes me feel all warm inside.”
Nup, I don’t really drink. Though a lot of people get the impression that I do. XD

“I thought I made you feel warm inside!” Mew cried from inside the cradle the girl had made with her arms.
Awwwwww, Mew feels jealous. *strokes lovingly*

“What’s with all the chuckling back there?” Scyther barked behind his back, following his mistress dutifully. “Are you making fun of the way I walk? Because I do NOT walk like a girl, if that’s what you’re thinking! I mean…rawr.”
OMFG, I officially love Scyther ever more then before. He reminds me vaguely of Zane, eh, Hicks?
HE ISH SCYTHER, HEAR HIS ROAR! *n00b’s head goes rolling* …OR, YUNNO, THAT.

Yup, so those are some of my favorite quotes. Anyways, on to the rest of the review!
I can’t say enough times how much I love your writing style. It’s so unique, though it has that hint of Lemony in it. You can sound so totally serious and make us laugh at the same time! Amazing, really.

Your description, again, is fantastic. You have a way of just making it flow so it doesn’t interrupt the pace of the story, but it helps us to paint a really wonderful picture in our minds, especially when you describe the scenery. You just make it all come to life, so we feel like we’re actually there alongside the characters. The description sets a good pace for the story, as well as a good mood.

I LOVE THESE CHARACTERS. In case you didn’t already realize it. You develop them extraordinarily well, and they all feel so real and solid. They also have that humorous side to them which you manage to bring out, even with characters as serious as Dragonfreel. They’re all very cool and diverse and each contribute something to the fic in their own way. Even when the Pok&#233;mon couldn’t talk, we got a feel for their personalities, but now that we can understand them, it brings everything onto a whole new level.

I don’t quite have much else to say. I REALLY want to comment on these new characters you’re bringing in, but why spoil the fun for your other readers? All I have to say is that you’re doing a great job creating the suspense about them, and I can’t wait to see how you portray them all.

So, keep up the amazing work, dude, and PM me with what you’ve got, or at least keep me updated. I ca not wait to see how things turn out for the gang!


20th December 2005, 1:25 AM
XD Thankies, "Sickie-snookums."

Wow, lawl, that is the longest review I've gotten from someone...unless you count double spacing every paragraph xPPPP I was glad someone reviewed; I saw the closet readers ageen, leaving their views, then wandering off somewhere to post something easy for them >>;

I'm starting to love the characters myself. I actually say things Solomon would say, though my witty inspiration is imported into Psychria (along with jour personality), along with my insanity @.@ James is the rather sane one, and my more quiet, well-thought self. Dragonfreel, as I sort of envision, is kinda like Professor McGonagall from the Harry Potter series; just the way she dresses and the strict severity of her nature, yet also the way she can become rather humorous or delightful, though there is no laughing matter at the end of the Half Blood Prince. Mew has the adorable, cute, plushy attitude I would have always imagined, but as the fic progresses, the slayers become more aware of the danger, and Mew is slowly beginning to transform into the knowledgable (I think I spelt that wrong XD) legendary it truly is. Scyther is the rustic, powerful, and forceful type, but on the inside he ish teh big softie, though he allows few into that pillowy area ^..^

I am looking forward to writing the next chapter, and already, a character has been *gasp* revealed thanks tew Psychic ;) You'll all see soon enough...

20th December 2005, 3:01 AM
XDDD Sickie-snookums! Sickie-snookums! Mwahahaha, I'll never call you Psychic again... >3 *evil grin*

Anyway, loved the chapter. The "OH MY GOD, ARE YOU PEE-EM-ESSING?" was hilarious. XDDDDDD As was Dragonfreel's little outburst and the comment about having a dry sense of humour. Mweeheehee, being made fun of is so fun.

20th December 2005, 3:54 AM
Psych-o is in fer loverly treats now XD Glad ye liked it, Dragonfree. I actually vote this one as my favorite as well, mostly because I kinda started personalizing here, and there are plenty of funny moments. Though, I still have to say when your character was dragging James into the alley and he was yelling at yew not to eat him XD

Actually, I didn't even notice Psychic posting that you had a dry sense of humor in the first place O.o Besides, don't take it at heart that you are directly being made fun of, as I evolved my version of you into an aged woman, who definitely would have gone under serious conditions due to her history. You're both rather individual beings, but have a few characteristics that match.

XD I don't know where the whole PMSing came from; I think I was bored, and added some random moments of strange yelling, then had to justify why they were yelling. The answer: Pee-em-essinnnnnnnnggg!

EDIT: I have edited the scene with Solomon piercing the Espeon, and added a vital paragraph that contributes to a situation that occurs in Chapter 5. It changes significantly, as you read:

James had been keeping a close watch on the Espeon, and right when Dragonfreel had tried to speak, the Pokémon dove forward right at the old woman with its overwhelming agility. Scyther did not see this coming himself, nor did the wounded man, nor anyone besides James and Solomon. The boy threw his hand forward in non-verbal order for Solomon to take off. The bird screeched as it zipped off of his master’s shoulder, and sliced in the wind as it hurtled with blinding speed. The Noctowl descended in a whoosh of sharp air, and jabbed right into the side of the Espeon before it had come two feet from Dragonfreel. The purple Pokémon howled in pain, its gem beginning to inflame as it shut its abnormally large eyes in anguish. It took a few steps backward, but did not back down.

Scyther, rage burning with a legendary vengeance from olden days he had faced penting up finally unbottled from the Pokémon in the form of pure violence. The creature lunged forward directly at the Espeon, cutting the very wind that slung its arm with lightning-fast speed. In less than a millisecond, the sharpened blade connected to its joint socket pumped with a powerful thrust, and in a jab that dug into the skin, the flesh, and the veins, subdued the Espeon, propelling it backward into into the boots of the captain. The blow taken by the cat swelled, and blood flowed forth in fountains, with the overwhelming pain and throbbing hammering the Espeon with pure hatred, anguish, and malevolent abohorrence. The Pokémon collapsed pitifully, screaming and crying out with limitless pain and disturbed detestation.

The mysterious lady cast a burning ring of fire in front of the group, causing them to cover their faces from the abrupt shower of warm, orange flames against their faces. She quickly jolted from her position and snatched up the Espeon, carrying it in one arm. With her free hand, she began throwing fireballs at trees surrounding them all, setting the entirety of them aflame. Mew floated over to the barricade of fire in front of the group, and with its special Metronome technique, sprayed a Water Gun from its mouth, which boiled the flames to a sizzling steam. They hurled themselves in the clearing, heading toward the man. With that same irregular strength, Dragonfreel heaved the stranger on her back, and together with the others, flew away from that part of the woods, to escape off into another patch of forest.

22nd December 2005, 11:35 PM
Great, you came back. I really like this story. ^^

I really appreciate the creativeness of this story, and look forward to every chapter knowing it's full of parodies from our forums here. And I do agree with the others that the characters are very unique. There's no confusing any with another; they've all got amazing personalities. Not to mention the Pokemon do, too, especially now that we understood what they were saying.

Good, good. And looks like we've got somewhat of a cliffhanger. Can't wait for the next chapter.

23rd December 2005, 11:55 PM
Thanks, Blue ^_^ I'm glad to be back to this fic, because comedy is really something I love because making people laugh brings a smile to my face. And thanks for your appreciation toward the characters; they're every bit as human as we are, and now that the Pokemon can talk, it enlightens us to know exactly how they think, act, and talk since we can understand them.

Next chapter will be arriving Christmas or the day after (most likely after Christmas because of holiday activities), though I can't guarantee when. It's also going to be fairly long due to severe occurrences, including another appearance of a SPPf member. Your comments are appreciated, and I hope to talk tew yew all soon ^_^

24th December 2005, 1:07 AM
Oops, I slipped of the closet again... Well, since I'm here, let's start: I loved how your description made me laugh at times, even being so serious. And fear the canned Grumpigs!! The story got me interested, but then, it was pruned... and now i'm happy to see it again.

Before I enter the locker again, another question: what about Exsisto (sp)? It will be finished someday?

Mo Cuishle

25th December 2005, 11:20 PM
XD Glad you came out of the "closet" (no pun intended, lmfao)

;-; No one ebber comments on the ebil Grumpigs of Spam. Thanks for your comment; I appreciate all input I get on the fic, and lets me know exactly what the readers think of such a deranged story O.o

Exsisto's future is uncertain; I don't know if I'll continue it, but I hope to someday, because it's quite a waste to leave such a powerful plot behind. The Pokemon Detective is supposed to take flight after the Noob Trials, so it may not appear for a long while. I can't make any promises, but I do hope I'll be able to continue it someday. I'm very wishy-washy :P