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Ari Rockefeller
3rd October 2005, 10:46 PM
(a.k.a. Power Rangers: Pokémon)

The story takes place a little after the Hoenn storyline. The kids are in their teens now (come on, six years and Ash is still 10 or 12 years old? What is this, The Simpsons?)

Rated PG-13, F/V, L

Usual disclaimers apply. These characters do no belong to me.


Large machinery dotted the landscape of holes carved into the valley. Dark green tents dotted the ground around the perimeter of the site. A team of about thirty archaeologists and scientists backed by natives to the region carefully went to work excavating the valley and making sure the sought-out artifacts are recovered in one piece. Among these scientists was the distinguished professor Samuel Oak.

A leading authority in Pokémon behavior and sociology, Professor Oak was called in to help oversee the excavation of Pokémon fossils unlike none that have ever been seen before. The ruins he and the crew would be digging through suggested that man and Pokémon had lived side-by-side some tens-of-thousands of years ago-and not as the relationship between trainer and his Pokémon, which is the standard for this, the 21st century. Not Aerodactyl, not Kabuto or Omanyte-hell, not even the discovery of the ancient Mew were going to compare to this discovery, some had bragged.

The ever stalwart professor had taken a break from the digging to get himself some water, finishing off the contents of his canteen. They had made incredible progress on the digging, and the natives have been very helpful in their endeavor. They were digging on Transient Island, a remote island about fifty miles northwest of Cinnabar. While the island was civilized there was a large indigenous population with great influence that wasn't too thrilled with "outsiders" coming in and tearing up their landscape for their own selfish needs. However, the investors through this project tried their best to convince them that that wouldn't happen. The natives still didn't trust them, and negotiations lasted nearly a year before they got permission to dig. Their patience was well rewarded.

"You're not getting too old for this, are you Gramps?" a voice called out.

The old professor looked over his shoulder and saw his grandson Gary standing at the clearing, a pickax slung over one shoulder. He was dressed in his "classic explorer" look, looking like an Indiana Jones cosplayer with his brown, broad-brimmed fedora and multi-pocketed vest and khakis. Professor Oak was wondering where his whip was.

"Maybe I am, Gary," he said, "but then again, maybe I'm not. If I really was too old I'd be sitting in a recliner with my feet up in front of the TV. I've still got some life in me yet!"

"Yeah, I believe ya," Gary said, smiling. Since his defeat at the Silver Conference at the hands of his great rival Ash Ketchum, Gary has given up Pokémon training and instead chose the path of a researcher. He said he got tired of training, and decided to follow in his grandfather's footsteps and be a scientist like him. That was about three years ago, and Gary has since been working in his grandfather's laboratory.

Part of him did miss battling, though. Especially against Ash. Ash always had the best reactions to Gary's very presence. Watching Ash blow up and lose his cool provided for hours of entertainment for the prodigal grandson. Another part of him wished he was right here now so he could bust his stones some more. Not now, however. Ash was still traveling in the Hoenn region with a bunch of his friends. He said he was returning soon, but had not just yet. Perhaps in another day or two he will be back. And the fun can begin anew, he thought.

"Professor! They're ready for you!"

The elder and younger Oaks were jarred from their thoughts at the sound of Tracey Sketcher's voice. Tracey has been living at the Oak estate for several years now, working as Professor Oak's aide. His dreams of being a Pokémon scientist weren't prevailing like Gary's, as he still wished to become a great Pokémon artist. But that didn't stop him from helping out the man he idolized since he got his first Pokémon, the water-mouse Marril.

"We're about ready to remove the fossils," Tracey explained. "Come on, hurry!"

Tracey disappeared back into the cave carved into the cliff, leaving Gary and the professor to themselves. "Well, coming, Gary?" he asked, "This is some pretty exciting stuff!"

"I'll pass, grandpa," Gary said with a shrug. "I'm getting bored. I'm gonna go see what else is going on around here. Smell ya later." Readjusting his pickaxe, he started back down the trail by himself.

As Gary wandered back down the way he came, he twirled his pickax on his shoulder with every few steps. Sure, it was enjoyable spending time with his grandfather again, but Gary found excursions like these boring. While he wasn't a trainer and only had full-time contact with his Umbreon, at least he was working with other Pokémon. After all, wasn't his new goal to be a Pokémon researcher like his grandfather? What good would hanging around all these nameless, faceless bums do for him? Not much, if you asked Gary Oak.

A few meters before hitting base camp, Gary noticed a small opening in the canyon wall, seemingly forgotten in the rest of the commotion. Since no one else had paid it any attention, he decided to look through it himself. He checked his vest pockets, making sure he had a working flashlight. When he found he did, he proceeded inside.

He was immediately glad he brought the flashlight with him. He got about ten steps into the cave before visibility dropped to nearly nothing. The flashlight was clipped to his vest, allowing him to have both hands free as he explored. Apparently the other archaeologists didn't find very much of interest after too long, and left the area for more promising digs.

"Looks like they gave up too easily," Gary mused. "Oh well. Less people to get in my way. Let's…see what we've got."

Gary grabbed his pickax, twirled it a few times, and started swinging. Chunks of rock started to come loose and break away. Driven on by his momentum, he kept swinging faster and harder, pushing further into the cave. After hacking through about a foot of canyon wall, his tool hit something hard and metallic. The loud clank drove a wave of hope through him.

He dusted at the surrounding rock with his hand, revealing what appeared to be a door. He grabbed a small spade from one of his vest pockets and began to pry away at the dirt and rock blocking the mysterious door. After several long minutes of digging and brushing, the door in question was fully uncovered.

"Wow," Gary breathed, "amazing!" He stepped back from the sealed door and got a good, long look. The door had a large mural carved into it, depicting six small figures in quasi-heroic poses, each one bejeweled with gemstones of different colors-from left to right, there was one in sapphire, one in jade, one in diamonds, one in onyx, one in rubies, and the last in sphalerite. The aforementioned poses were all fighters standing legs shoulder width apart, their left hand on their hip and their right hand pointed up and outward. The background depicted chaos, destruction and despair. However, the six figures flanked by a large magical symbol were pushing back the approaching evil. What shocked Gary about the sigil was the design of it-it was the symbol of a Pokéball used in this day and age! A circle in the middle of a larger circle, with a section on either side of the bigger circle cut out. Just…what was this?

"I…" Gary stammered, "I gotta find more. I gotta-does this thing open?" He saw a seam going straight down the middle of the mural. It was indeed a door, but how did it open? Taking his spade, he stuck it in the crease as hard as he could, until it stuck. He hit it with the butt of the pickax until it wouldn't move any more, and then tried prying the spade with his hands. The door didn't budge. He tried harder, putting his entire weight into it, only to have the handle snap off and Gary crash to the ground.

He got up, and dusted himself off. He tossed the broken handle away and looked back at the door. "Okay, that idea bombed," he muttered, putting one hand on the door and leaning on it. Gary failed to realize he put his hand on the Pokéball-like sigil in the middle of the door. It was there for about a second before it glowed brightly for a few seconds. Gary didn't see the glow or even know about it until the door opened on him. The thick, heavy doors opened with a loud groan, revealing a larger inner sanctum.

"Phew," Gary said with a whistle. "**** fossils, this is the mind-blowing discovery of the century!" The inner sanctum looked like it was part of a church, a shrine to whatever god or gods the people who built it worshipped. The left and right walls were adorned with life-sized versions of the six colored warriors. Again, he found the Pokéball-like sigil on a much larger scale on the back wall. This time, the stone carving on the wall equated it to the sun. Below the sigil was an altar with a black case sitting on top of it. "Wish I had a camera with me…"

The case was made of aged leather and wood, and it was closed, but surprisingly not locked. Gary approached carefully, his eyes not leaving the case for a second. His hand slowly reached out for it, only to sharply snap it back as it rumbled ever-so-slightly. His breath was caught in his throat. Did that just happen? He reached out again, and when it didn't move again, he exhaled.

"Wonder what's inside…"

Gary carefully pushed the lid of the box open. The lid flopped back against its hinges, revealing six small, shiny crystal-like objects. They looked like holstered Pokéballs, like they belonged on someone's belt. They were all color-coordinated with one of the warriors painted on the walls-red, yellow, green, blue, white and black. They seemed to have a magnetic effect on the young, aspiring scientist. He reached out to them, seemingly in a trance.

That trance was short lived. One of the crystals (he couldn't tell which one) glowed brightly, encompassing the other five in the set. Its light encompassed everything in the room until eve Gary was overwhelmed by it. He screamed when it felt like someone hit him in the chest with a sledgehammer.

* * * * *

Professor Oak ran towards where the commotion was coming from, flanked by several of his aides and a few locals. A sudden, huge rumble resounded throughout the site, drawing everyone's attention. Oak was especially worried when Gary's face down, unconscious body was discovered at the epicenter of the tremor.

"Gary!" he shouted, kneeling beside his young protégé. "Gary, wake up!"

Gary groaned and looked around, confused. His chest still hurt, but when he pulled himself up to his knees to see if he was wounded, he found nothing. "Wh…what happened?" he mumbled.

"We were about to ask you the same thing," Tracey said, squatted down beside Gary. "What is this place?"

Gary pulled himself into a sitting position. "I don't know. I was digging around and I found this…shrine, or something. There were…"

"Professor, take a look at this!" an aide shouted, bringing an old, leather box over to the three. Gary gasped and recoiled. This was the same case he last saw before being laid out. The case was opened, and again, Gary saw it glow. "This was on that altar over there. These five…gemstones, I guess…are unlike anything you've ever seen!"

"Oh, man!" Tracey breathed. "What are they?"

"I don't know," the aide answered.

"I've never seen such things…and why is one of them glowing?" the Professor said.

"No, wait, shut it!" Gary shouted, leaping toward the box. It fell out of the aide's hands, and Gary slammed the lid down. Seconds later, it shook violently, like something was bouncing around in there. After a few moments, it died down.

"What in blazes was that?" Professor Oak asked.

"I…don't know," Gary breathed, "and I don't want to know."

As much as he didn't want to, he couldn't help but look back at the strange box. He could've sworn that there were six of those little crystals in there and not just five. There were six, right? Were his eyes playing tricks on him? Or perhaps he was still groggy from being plowed over by whatever magical force those things contained?

What the hell are these things?!

As Gary pondered these questions, the whole room began to shake. Sounds reverberated from an unknown source, sounding like spirits moaning. The bejeweled murals began to glow, soon followed by the carvings of demons and other life forms. The scientists and archaeologists, not knowing what was going on, began to panic. Spirits emerged from the walls and flew around in crazy patterns. The panicked screams of the people matched the wailing of the spirits. It wasn't until one dove headfirst at Professor Oak did Gary and Tracey scream, though.

"Professor!" "Grandpa!" Tracey and Gary shouted over one another.

He lay there still for a few moments. Eerily, he sat up, looking around with a bit of a glazed look in his eyes. He quickly shook out those cobwebs.

"Grandpa, are you alright?" Gary urged.

The old man accepted Gray and Tracey's assistance in getting him to his feet. "I'm fine," he said coolly. His eyes still had a glassy look to them…

* * * * *


The familiar voice of Ash Ketchum rang throughout the laboratory as Ash and his friends entered, looking for the trainer's mentor. It had been five long years since Ash left on his Pokémon journey, and much has changed since then. The days of the immature, forgetful and reckless Ash were a thing of the past, and in its place was the sharp, established and reckless Ash. And just as always, his ever faithful Pikachu was seated on his shoulder. While some parts of his attitude refused to go away, his skills as a Pokémon trainer were growing exponentially. He rarely lost any major battles, and he was making the name Ketchum a household name in the world of Pokémon. It was almost as well-known as Oak. Almost.

And while the Ash of old would've reacted in a nigh-comical way to the notion of him and Misty being in love or boyfriend and girlfriend, this Ash made no attempt to hide the site of his and Misty holding hands, fingers entwined and giving an occasional reassuring squeeze. Misty had grown into a knockout herself, filling out her yellow and red body suit with matching yellow half-jacket better than she ever did that old halter top and über-short shorts. Her hair was longer and still held in the side pony tail she was best known for.

Brock was also with his old friends, but it wasn't always that way. After preventing a disaster at his Pewter City gym, he traveled to Hoenn and hooked up with Ash and another young trainer he had an eye on. Her name was May, and like Brock and Misty, she came from a family of gym leaders. Unlike her gym leader family, however, she was more interested in the more artistic side of Pokémon. She loved Pokémon competitions, and was becoming quite skilled at them. Her Beautifly won her more than her share of competitions. By her side was her little brother, a super genius by the name of Max. What he lacked in Pokémon skills he made up for in intelligence.

"Hello, Ash!" the Professor said as he found the five young people who entered his lab. He shook Ash's hand enthusiastically; it had been years since he left for his journey, and he had only seen him occasionally in between then. "My, my, it's been so long. You've certainly grown into a fine young man, Ash." He looked at Brock and Misty. "You two have grown since we've last met, too."

"It's good to see you again, Professor," Misty said with a smile. She leaned over and put her head on Ash's shoulder.

"Yes, it has been a while."

"Wow," Max breathed. "So you're the Professor Oak. I've heard so much about you!"

The professor laughed. "Yes, I'm sure you have."

"So how did the expedition go?" Brock asked. "Mrs. Ketchum told us you were out in the countryside looking for some sort of rare fossils, or something?"

"Oh, it was great!" Tracey said. "You should've been there!"

"Yes. The expedition was very successful." He led the five kids towards the back of the lab, Tracey a step behind him. "Many of the fossils we discovered date back more than a hundred million years ago," he explained, "far older than any Pokémon previously discovered."

"What do they look like?" Ash asked. The idea of a new Pokémon - even if "new" meant just discovered after millions of years of extinction - captivated the young Pokémon master from Pallet Town.

"We don't know that yet. Also you'll understand that not all of the fossils were of whole ancient Pokémon. Many of them were bits and pieces; the remaining pieces of these ancient Pokémon are out there somewhere, but that is still a mystery."

"Sorting the bones out and putting the skeletons together will be a feat in itself," Tracey added.

"What else did you find, Professor?" Misty asked.

Something clicked inside him at that point. It felt like he didn't have controls of his speech. "There was this other remarkable discovery that my grandson Gary made," Professor Oak explained. "Wait here and I'll get it." He walked off, leaving the six young people to themselves.

Tracey looked at May and Max. He had seen the two of them on various video phone conversations the Professor had with Ash, but he never met the two of them face to face. "So…what's your gimmick?" he asked May.

"Me? I'm a Pokémon coordinator," she explained.

"What…what's that?" Tracey obviously had idea what a Pokémon coordinator was.

"Mostly beauty pageants," she explained, "There's some battling involved, but mostly it's about whose Pokémon is the brightest, biggest most beautiful star!" She spun on one foot with her other leg extended, the Pokéball containing Beautifly held high above her head.

"You any good?"

"Yeah," Max said, "she's pretty good."

"Pretty good?!" She spun on her heel to Max, who cringed.

Someone cleared their throat. They turned to where the noise came from. There was the Professor, holding a strange, black box in his hands. He set it down on a table, and turned to the kids again.

"What was in this case was absolutely amazing," he explained. Everyone gathered around, looking at the box.

"Are there fossils in there?" Ash asked.

"Even better. These came from what appeared to be a temple belonging to an ancient civilization. Look!" Professor Oak opened the box, and anxiously, the kids gathered around. Inside were five small crystal orbs. They were each the size of condensed Pokéballs, and were each a different color-white, blue, yellow, red and green. They each had a strange, luminescent glow about them.

"Wow!" Ash said. "What are they?"

"Don't know," Tracey explained, "but they're not acting up like they were when we found them."

"Acting up?" Max asked. "Acting up how?"

"When we found them, they were jumping around like they wanted to shoot off and fly away. It was really weird. Hell, we slammed the lid on the box and it jumped up and around like something was trapped inside. You should've seen it!"

"Wow, that's weird," Ash said.

There was a sound like wind whipping up around them, and their attention was drawn back to the five little crystals. They were glowing brighter now, and started to hover above their heads.

"Wow, that's weirder," Misty stated.

The five spheres began swirling around in a circle. The young people's eyes were fixed on them, almost in a trance. They would've stared at them forever if the sound of pained breathing and gasping for breath hadn't made its presence.

Tracey was the first to spot it. "Professor?" Sure enough, Professor Oak had fallen to one knee, a hand clutching his chest. His eyes were wide and sweat covered his brow. "Professor!" he shouted. He tried to run over to him, but he was kept from doing so…by the little crystals floating above them.

Though they were as big as a golf ball, they hit with the force of an 18-wheeler going 65 miles an hour. Just ask Tracey. He got it first, as the yellow crystal stopped floating in a circle and flew like a bullet right at his chest. And since he was in mid dash trying to help the Professor, he was blown away like a dead leaf in a gale, hitting an equipment-laden table with a loud crash. Brock was the next victim, and while he was the biggest of the five teenagers in the room, he still skidded a good distance and collapsed to his knees after being hit in similar fashion by the green crystal. Max watched helpless as his sister May got floored by the red crystal and skidded across the cold, tiled floor from the impact. He was afraid if he moved, he too would be laid out by…whatever the hell those things were. Misty got it next, the impact from the force of the blue crystal caused her to flip over and nearly land on her head. She collapsed face down against the floor. That left Ash and the white crystal. In the blink of an eye, the last crystal shot out and got Ash right in the chest, the impact lifting him off his feet and slamming him into a wall on the far side of the lab. Pikachu was catapulted off his shoulder and landed on his feet. Aside from the pained groans of the Professor and the others, the room was now silent.

Slowly, surely, Ash, Brock, Misty, Tracey and May pulled themselves to their feet. They felt ready to collapse again, the pain from having those things driven into their chests at high velocity still lingering. Instinctively they looked down at the point of impact, only to see something most surprising. The spot where they hit was now giving off an intense glow.

"What the hell is this?!" Ash shouted. The white glow coming off his chest was almost blinding. Brock repeatedly covered the glowing spot with his hands and removed them, finding the light return just as bright.

"Make it stop, make it stop, make it stop…" May repeated over and over, trying in vain to dust the glowing spot off her body. She was whimpering and flailing her hands. Max was starting to panic too, the sight of her sister in an unusual state of panic and anxiety very unfamiliar to the eleven-year-old genius.

"There is nothing to worry about," a stern voice called out. "Everything is as it should be." Ash and the others heard the voice and looked for the source. Professor Oak was standing there, his hands behind his back. His eyes were glazed over, like he was in a trance.

"P…Professor?" Brock squeaked. "I-is that you?"

"It is…and it isn't," he replied.

"What have you done with the professor?" Ash asked.

"Peace, peace," he coaxed. "I mean you no harm. I am merely using this old man's body as a…host, if you will."

"What are you, anyway?" Misty asked.

"I am-or at least was-Degenhart. In the past I was high priest of the Order of the Power. I understand you young people have many questions, and I will do my best to answer them. I know quite more than you may be aware of…Ash Ketchum, Misty Waterflower, Brock Ballas, Tracey Sketcher, and May and Max Smart."

The aforementioned kids gasped. "How do you know our names?" they asked in unison.

"The Professor's mind is like an open book. I simply used his memories and knowledge as reference."

"What happened to you?" Max asked. "Did you…uh…" At a loss for words, Max rubbed his chin trying to think. "Gee, how do I put this…?"

"I did live once, young man," Degenhart clarified, "and I did die. Ćons ago, before we became nothing more than the bounty of an archaeological expedition, my civilization lived peaceably with the Pokémon of that era. But our peace was shattered when an interdimensional warlord named Pandion invaded and laid waste to our world. Humanity and Pokémon-kind would have been wiped out had it not been for the intervention of a battalion of warriors called Power Rangers. With their combined power, they neutralized this threat, and sealed his soul in a great tomb, never to be opened. The rangers, realizing we were still defenseless against future threats to this world, left us with powers to call our own, powers concentrated in those crystals that sought you out. They stayed for a while, training our bravest warriors to become Power Rangers themselves.

"It turns out that there weren't any threats to our world that needed the attention of the Power Rangers. In time, the original Rangers passed away, and the crystals were enshrined in our main temple…and they would've remained that way had they not been opened a few days ago. However, what is done is done. We can do no more than prepare to combat the evil that will descend upon this world. And the only way to do that is to recruit a new team of Power Rangers for the modern age-you five."

"Us?" they all shouted at once.


"But why us? We don't know anything about being a Power Ranger!" Brock argued.

"I say you five because the powers chose you. Those Pokécrystals, if you will, chose you because of your unique talents, your personalities, and your attitudes. Your righteousness is ideal for a Power Ranger, and is why you are charged with defending the Earth from the return of Pandion. However, you cannot be forced into service. To be fully initiated as Power Rangers, you have to accept the powers and responsibilities with all your heart."

"And if we don't…?" Tracey asked.

"No one has rejected the powers of a Power Ranger before. Therefore, I cannot say for certain. I can only assume that the Pokécrystal will search this planet for someone else who deserves such power."


"Well I don't know about any of you guys, but I'd love to be a part of this!" Ash shouted, clenching his fist. "You don't get chances like this, and I'm not letting this one get away! What about you guys?"

The others weren't as sure, nervous glances passed all around. "I don't know…" May said.

"Could we have a moment to talk this over?" Brock asked.

"Very well. But I implore you, don't dawdle. Time is of the essence, young people. We cannot afford hesitation."

Brock, Misty, May and Tracey turned away and huddled together, their voices low and their heads bowed.

"So what do you say, guys?" Brock asked.

"This is big," May said. "But…it could be…interesting."

"The whole world's gonna depend on the five of us?" Tracey asked.

"Probably," Misty said. "But knowing Ash, this is right up his alley. He's saved the world a few times before; this'll be a walk in the park for him."

"No wonder he jumped at the opportunity," Misty added. "This is just like him."

"You should do this, May!" Max pleaded. "Just imagine…my sister, a Power Ranger!" He readjusted his glasses as he said that. May rolled her eyes.


Everyone looked up and at Ash, his eyes pleading for a decision. Ash hoped that they would accept this opportunity. His biggest fear right now wouldn't be what evils they would face or what destruction could befall the Earth if they failed. No, his biggest fear would be doing this by himself, without his friends fighting beside him.

The others walked forward. "Alright, I can't follow Ash's energy, but I'm down," Brock stated.

"Me too," Misty said.

"I'll do it," Tracey said.

"Same here," May concluded.

"Excellent," Degenhart said with a smile. He made a gesture with his hands, and the kids' bodies flared up for a few seconds, engulfing the lab in blue, green, red, white and yellow lights. When the lights receded, they found themselves staring at their Pokécrystals, each giving off a soft glow. "Your ranger colors are the same as those of the Pokécrystals that selected you. They act as the source of your powers, the conduit in which your entire ranger arsenal flows."

"May Smart…you are to be given the powers of the Red Ranger." Red energy flared up around her like fire, and when it died down, she was wearing the red Power Ranger uniform.

"Tracey Sketcher…to you I give the powers of the Yellow Ranger." Tracey glowed like a beacon before the yellow Power Ranger uniform clad his body.

"Brock Ballas… you are granted the powers of the Green Ranger." Energy crawled over his body like fast growing kudzu, fusing to form the green Power Ranger uniform.

"Misty Waterflower…the powers of the Blue Ranger are yours." Her entire body seemed to ripple like the surface of a lake when a stone is cast into it, and when it stopped, she was wearing the blue Power Ranger outfit.

"And finally, Ash Ketchum…your righteous heart and strong sense of justice are exactly what this world needs. Therefore I am pleased to bestow unto you the mantle of leadership, and give you the powers of the White Ranger." Ash gasped in surprised. Leader? Me? He had these questions going in his mind as he felt the rush of power overtake him. The power manifested as white or "holy" fire, the residue from such leaving him in the white Power Ranger uniform. Once the transformations subsided, they looked at one another, examining the uniforms.

Each ranger's uniform denoted the color of that ranger, and were the solid color save for the boots, gloves and belts. The uniforms bore the "Pokéball" sigil on the chest, and on the ankle of each boot and on the back of each glove. The fingers of the glove were the color of the individual ranger up to the first knuckle. On the left side of the belt sat the Pokécrystals, encased in a small mechanical device known as a Morpher, which was designed to look (and act, when they activated their powers) like a Pokéball, like they were no different from ordinary trainers. On the right hip were holsters that held laser blasters that most closely resembled Ithaca Model-A shotguns (the half-barreled models). The trim of each uniform (boots, belts, gloves) were white except for that of the White Ranger. Ash's uniform was white trimmed in black, while the others were red/blue/green/yellow trimmed in white.

"This is unreal…" Misty breathed, looking at her body clad in the Blue Ranger uniform. She found the gloves to be most alluring-blue Pokéball sigil and blue fingertips on a mostly white glove…

"It is real, Power Rangers," Degenhart said. "You and you alone are all that stands in the way of the forces of evil. The battles ahead will be difficult, but as long as you work together there is nothing you won't be able to accomplish. The Power will always be by your side, and so will I."

"That reminds me," Tracey said, "when are we going to get the Professor back? I'm sure he doesn't approve of his body being hijacked like that."

"I am well aware of your concern for your mentor, Yellow Ranger," he answered. "I can assure you, my presence within Professor Oak is causing him no harm. Though I must say he is quite…upset…with not being in control of himself at the moment. Nevertheless, in time, one of two things will happen-I will create a body of my own using someone's genetic material, or I will simply transfer all my knowledge of the Power and your abilities to him, eliminating the middle man, if you will."

"Does he know what's going on?" May asked.

"Somewhat. I will explain it all to him later." His eyes shifted. "Once he calms down, of course." Everyone else laughed a little.

* * * * *

The sun was shining in the afternoon as Delia Ketchum worked in her garden. The sky was a crystal clear blue and birds sang their songs in the tree branches. The steadfast Ms. Ketchum was in the back yard of her house, watering her home-grown vegetables and picking those that were ripe enough to be picked from there stalks. In her front yard, her Mr. Mime, her Pokémon butler and housekeeper, was watering the daisies, tulips and daffodils growing along her white, picket fence.

His task of watering the flowers done, Mr. Mime turned and headed for the porch and grabbed the broom. He sang happily as he swept the patio and the pathway. Normally it would take a great deal for Mr. Mime to be snapped out of a task he enjoyed so much like sweeping. And while it would seem that a whole lot of nothing isn't anything to get upset over, such wasn't the case. Being a Pokémon, Mr. Mime was more attuned to nature than your average human. Therefore, when a gust of wind blew some dust around, only the mimicry Pokémon took notice.

Especially considering that the dust solidified and assumed a humanoid form. And there wasn't just one of them. By the time the wind stopped blowing a total of ten of these dust born creatures were out and about, looking for trouble.

"Miiiiime!" {"Holy hell!"} Mr. Mime shouted. The mime dropped his broom and ran over to Ash's mom to alert her of the danger.

"What is it, Mr. Mime?" she asked as he ran over. "Is there something wr-aieeeeeeeeee!" Her ear-piercing scream could be heard for almost a mile. She cowered behind her watering can as the squadron of…whateverthehelltheyare's followed Mr. Mime into the yard and started circling around her menacingly. These things were dust brown and had bony protrusions curving around their forearms, shins and chests, much like a Houndour or Houndoom. They made strange noises like incoherent gibberish as they circled around the frightened woman and her Pokémon.

"M-Mr. Mime," she stammered, "do something!"

Acting fast, Mr. Mime swung his big, wooden hand at one of the monsters, slapping it aside. He dashed through the crowd as the first one fell over, dragging Ms. Ketchum by the hand and back inside the house. She locked the front door, and watched in shock as those things danced around her front porch. She wondered what she was going to do to get these things to go away. She wondered where her son was…of course! Professor Oak's!

* * * * *

"Mom?" Ash said, picking up the phone. His mother's distraught image on the video screen sent a chill through him. "Mom? What's wrong?"

"Y-you…you're not going to believe this…out-outside the house…" she stammered.

"What, mom? What's wrong?" The other Rangers gathered around the video phone to see what got Mrs. Ketchum so upset. They were back in their regular clothes, as their Ranger uniforms were just a demonstration. When they morphed for real, they would have their helmets, the last piece of their uniform.

"Look!" she shouted, turning the phone's camera toward the window. Those same creatures that attacked Delia earlier were still milling about wanting in. The kids gasped in shock. What the hell are those things?

Instantly, Ash knew this was part of the evil Degenhart was talking about. "Mom, just stay put," he told her, "my friends and I are on our way over right now."

"But Ash-"

"We'll take care of it!" He didn't wait for her to respond as he slammed the receiver down. He turned to his friends. "Come on, we gotta stop those things and keep them away from my mom!"

"Right!" Brock, Tracey, Misty and May answered. They sprinted out of the lab and down the path to the main street and towards the Ketchum residence.


4th October 2005, 5:05 AM
Oh My gosh! That was really good, when I hear you were using anime characters, I was thinking that this would be another ash descendant fic. But this was really good, the plot seemed original and you put alot of work into the length. *I give you a cookie*

The decription was lovely*Gives another cookie, heck why not, just gives the whole jar*

I like it and can see it got far. Work and prespire! ^_0

As always, be kind to the mime.

Ari Rockefeller
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I apologize if it appears...overly long. I write all my fanfics using Word. And this was 10 pages long in that.

Ari Rockefeller
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(I apologize for the double-posting,)



"Hey, Ash! Wait up!"

"Slow down, man!"

For about the hundredth time, Ash's friends called out to him, urging him to slow down as they raced out of the laboratory and out of the Oak estate, bound for the Ketchum residence. Moments ago, the newly-inducted Power Rangers learned of an attack by strange creatures on the sleepy little burg. None were sure why they were attacking Delia Ketchum, of all people, but that didn't faze Ash Ketchum one bit. All he knew was his mom's life was in danger, and if he and his friends didn't stop them, no one would.

Ash always was a bit of a mama's boy.

"We can't slow down now!" Ash argued, glancing over his shoulder, "We gotta help my mom!" He turned his head forward and picked up the pace. A few steps later he tripped over something sticking out of the road, but as he hit the ground he rolled forward, got back to his feet and kept running at the same pace.

"I've never seen Ash act like this before," May said between breaths.

"This is typical Ash," Brock stated, "whenever Ash's mom is involved he doesn't screw around."

"No," she argued, "I mean I've never seen him move this fast before." Even as they spoke, Ash was slowly pulling away from them.

"Well, what can you say?" Tracey added. "From what I've known, Ash's mom is all he has. He doesn't have any other family besides her."

"Not even a father?"

Misty scoffed. "Yeah, good luck trying to get Ash to talk about ]i]that[/i]," Misty said, rolling her eyes. She nearly fell over herself as Ash's hat flew in her face, it being blown off as Ash was running.

Moments later, the Ketchum house came into view. The brown, soldier-like creatures - ten in all - were circling around the house, their limbs flailing and bodies shaking in a threatening matter. They weren't making any advances into the house, but the five Rangers didn't bother trying to figure that out. All they knew is that they had to be stopped, and fast!

Ash skidded to a halt and flung his arms straight out to his sides, and the other four stopped behind him. They were breathing heavy in anticipation, staring at the scene before them. "What are those things?" Brock asked.

"I don't know…but we've got to stop it!" Ash looked at his surroundings, and grabbed a chunk of rock the size of a baseball. He lobbed it in his hand a few times before making his move. "Hey you!" he shouted.

All of the creatures froze in unison, and turned their heads toward the strange noise. The White Ranger whipped the rock as hard as he could at the one in front of the white picket fence's gate. The rock struck the being right in its head, and it tumbled backward and over the gate. It looked like it was overselling a move in a professional wrestling match.

"Somehow I think a Power Ranger would have more at his or her disposal than just rocks," Misty chided.

"I know that," Ash argued, "but I just need to get that out of my system."

The strange creatures stopped their siege on the house and began to circle the group of teenagers. Ash, Brock, Misty, May and Tracey stayed close to one another as the strange aliens repeated their actions from before. Even the one who took the rock to the skull was back in line.

A mixture of shock, fear and anxiety was felt by the five humans who had suddenly become prey for these things. Ash's veins pumped battery acid in his legs and adrenaline through everything else. The run had tired him, that was for sure, but he wasn't about to give into fatigue. Not when his mother's safety was on the line.

"Ash!" Misty shouted. She saw him advanced towards those…things…and her shout made him take his attention off his intended targets. "Your hat!"

She tossed his hat his way, and he caught it. Just as he was about to put it on, the monsters struck. Misty shrieked in surprise, causing Ash to whirl around and narrowly avoid an overhead punch from the first of the creatures. Ash stepped to the side and lashed out with his hat still in his hand, *****-slapping the first of them twice with the same hat he wore during his Hoenn journey. His hand was up at his face next, but only to try and put his hat back on. One came at him from behind, and Ash responded by thrusting his leg out behind him in a side kick that landed in its gut. He turned to face it, lobbed his hat at it and - as expected, it caught it - decked him again and caught his hat with the same hand.

"Nice," Brock said.

"No it's not," Tracey complained, "I want in on some of that action!"

"Well what're we waiting for?!" Brock shouted. "Let's get in there and bust some skulls!" Brock and Tracey dashed towards the nearest alien goons. Misty and May exchanged glances, then took fighting stances of their own, more content to let them attack first.

Tracey was the first to turn heads, as his aforementioned dash was three striding steps followed by a huge vertical leap, forward flipping all the way, all while trilling his tongue in an Aiyiyiyiyiyiyiyiyi! fashion. He landed with both feet in the chest of one of the assailants, sending it crashing into the fence, and upon impact, flipped backward and fell into a relaxed stance that made others think he was going to beat these things by dancing them to death. Deep down, Tracey didn't expect anyone to recognize the fighting style of Capoeira, which was the Orange Island equivalent to baseball. And to be honest, since living at the Oak lab, he hasn't had much time to practice.

What they would find out is that he was just as good with Capoeira as he was with a pencil.

Another attacked, and Tracey got down and whipped his legs out in front of him in a textbook windmill (which actually was a break dancing move). As Tracey landed, he landed flat on his back. He pushed himself back until he was standing on his hands. The creature pulled itself up, but it wasn't his concern anymore. Still in a handstand, Tracey shot his legs backward like he was on a bicycle, landing six clean shots into the torso of another demon.

Ash was starting to get into fighting, and was shouting kiays with each punch and kick he was throwing. He would throw a punch or a kick with a shout, knocking one of these goons away only for another one to step up and get the same. The late one in the current attack pattern didn't get the same treatment, however. It threw a punch; Ash blocked, and threw three hard punches to its chest, then jumped and side-kicked it in the chin, flooring it.

May and Misty were still content on letting these things attack first, not knowing how to really fight. At least, that's what one thought about the other. But after seeing the others fight back on their own, they went on their own attacks. May's claim to fame? Incredible flexibility…almost to the point of it being sick to watch. Before becoming involved in the Pokémon world, she took gymnastics from about the time she was able to walk. Only her family knew about her talents in this respect.

She busied herself blocking and dodging the attacks of one of these things before making her move. May blocked one right hook with her left arm, and a left cross with her right. Unfortunately, physical strength wasn't her best aspect. Their hands entwined and May was slowly pushed back in this test of strength. Pain started to run through her arms, but she wasn't about to be beaten. Her right leg snapped straight up and clipped her assailant in the jaw, breaking the hold. As she regained her footing, she dashed forward and slammed her elbow into its gut.

Another one tried to rush her from behind. She glanced behind her and saw it charging, about to tackle her. She jumped and effortlessly back flipped over the charging demon, landing in a full forward split. As May landed, she fired her fist outward, slamming it into what was supposed to be its nuts.

Unfortunately, since it had no nuts to speak of, her attack only made it mad. May didn't have time to recover from her split to get out of the way, but thankfully, she didn't have to. A shadow passed over her. She looked up just in time to watch Misty dive at it, slamming her fist in a wicket straight right into its skull. It spun away, overselling the attack before collapsing. Misty let two more of them have it, punching both of them in the stomach before smashing their heads together when they were doubled over.

May was back on her feet. She glanced at Misty. Misty glanced at her. They both nodded, and then slammed their fists into the face of the one May kicked in the jaw earlier.

Of all the Rangers fighting this hoard of demons, Brock seemed to be having the most fun. Brock didn't bring a lot of technical prowess to the table, but his strength more than made up for it. He was tossing them around like they weighed nothing. Even better, it only took one or two attacks to level one if Brock really put his weight behind them.

"Come on!" Brock roared. All but four were now surrounding him. When one ran at him, Brock easily scooped him up and gorilla pressed him above his head. "Is that all you've got?!" he shouted. He would've used it as a projectile if the others hadn't knocked him over from behind and dog piled on him. Those who weren't holding him down were stomping on and punching him.

"Brock!" May shouted, seeing her friend struggling to get up.

"Oh, no! Brock!" Ash yelled. He abandoned his current fight and tried to help his best friend out. Help would not come in time.

Brock didn't need it, really.

With a loud shout, Brock suddenly emerged from the pile, back arched, both fists in the air, head back, and the demons being blown away like leaves. Even Ash had to pause at such an unusual display of strength from the Pewter gym leader.

After the rubbish landed, Brock turned his attention to those who were still on their feet. He threw his arms around the waist of the nearest one, straightened up for a second, and then slammed it onto its back with enough force to make the ground shake. He left it twitching. He turned to face the other one (the last one wanted nothing to do with Brock, and instead picked a fight with Tracey), shouted loudly and charged it, leveling the poor fool with a spear tackle.

Tracey was toying with his food as well, staying in his ginga (basic Capoeira stance) letting the strange creature guess his next move…and usually guess wrong. Tracey whipped his leg around in a full circle, landing on his extended hand, the bridge of his foot clipping the side of his enemy's head. When it threw a straight punch, Tracey stepped in and landed several spinning punches in rapid succession. He suddenly snapped down into a full straddle split when he sensed another one of those things try and get him from behind. Instead, it tripped clumsily into his first opponent, sending it crashing into the fence, its head bouncing off the Ketchum's mailbox.

Now he could attend to the ambusher. He leapt at it when it looked at him, twisting his body in mid air until he landed standing on its shoulders. Tracey was there for but a second when he tightened his ankles around its head and jumped forward, tucking his body into a ball as he flipped. He landed on his back, but since he had his feet wrapped around its neck, so did it. It convulsed for a second before slumping against the ground. Tracey kipped up easily and smiled at his handiwork.

Ash, meanwhile, was standing sidelong to a fiend he had beaten almost into complete submission. He hopped forward, and threw a high side kick right at its nose. Ash could feel the tendons in his thighs and groin tense up and moan in protest, but it was worth it. When it hit the ground, it didn't get back up. All ten of the fiends were out cold.

Ash and the others huddled close together in defensive stances, ready to strike back in case one got back up. A gust of wind swept over the battlefield, and the demons blew away like the dust they turned into.

"Is that all of them?" Brock asked.

"I think so," Tracey answered. Everyone relaxed by now. "Man, what were those things? And why did they just…blow away like that?"

"I don't know," Ash said. Just then, the front door opened slightly, and Mrs. Ketchum's form slowly made her way out. Ash hopped the fence and ran over to her. "Mom, are you alright?" he asked as his mom.

"I'm fine," she breathed, clutching her only son tight against her body. "Aside from the damage you kids did to the fence…"

"Mom, that wasn't our fault!" Ash turned to the battlefield. "Didn't you see us fighting-" Ash would've been grateful to be attacked by more of those orange guys. This new guy who popped up was even worse, judging by how it looked.

It looked like an animated suit of samurai armor, black with silver and red trim throughout. It had no helmet, but had a wide-brimmed straw hat that sat atop a head with four faces-one white, one blue, one red and one black. Right now its white face - which was a mask with an indifferent facial expression - was in front. Its laugh drove needles through the minds of everyone who heard it.

"What in the-?" Mrs. Ketchum tried to ask. She was cut off by her son forcefully shoving her back in the house.

"Let us take care of this! Stay inside!" he told her. Ash ran down the path to join the others. "Who are you?"

"I am a servant of Pandion," it started. "My name is Melkid."


"That is correct. I am quite impressed, to tell you the truth. Not many normal people of this world would've done half as well against the Fossiloids as you did."

"What's a Fossiloid?" May asked.

"Those foot soldiers you just did battle with? The orange-ish guys made of dust and bone?" The Rangers "Oh"ed in acknowledgement. "Yeah, those." Melkid turned his head to the side. "But you…you are not ordinary people, this I can tell."

"You got that right!" Ash shouted, his hand finding his Pokémorpher. He felt a hard hand fall on his shoulder.

"Wait, Ash," Brock coaxed, "Remember what Degenhart said about our Ranger powers!"

Ash paused. Degenhart's words replayed in his mind. Words that told them what their powers weren't to be used for…Your powers are used for the protection of the world, first and foremost, not for petty, human gains. Three key things you must remember about having these powers: 1) you are not to use them for personal gain or convenience; 2) you do not escalate a battle unless your enemies do so first; and finally, 3) you must keep your identity as Power Rangers a secret from everyone.

"You're right." He looked back at his house. His mom could hear what they were saying, probably (he could picture his mom standing with his ear to the door), but he she couldn't see him. Either way, he didn't want her to interrupt them while they were in the middle of a morphing sequence.

To say he would have a lot of explaining to do would be to say Team Rocket is a nuisance.

"What should we do then?" Ash asked.

"I say we lure this guy away from anyone in town, that's what I say," Brock answered. That was all Ash needed.

"Hey, Melkid!" Ash shouted, grabbing the demon's attention. "You want us?! Come and get us!" And he ran. The others were a half a step behind him, not expecting him to take off.

It wasn't out of fear that Ash and his friend ran, but to protect their identity. Whether or not anyone would believe her, if his mom found out about his new double life, the whole town would know about it in about an hour. And he was certain his friends didn't want to be exposed because he did something stupid.

"Ash!" Tracey shouted. "Man, we're gonna be running down Route 1 if we don't stop!"

Melkid suddenly appeared in front of them. "He's right," he declared, his black face with the sadistic smile in front. "You cannot run from death forever!" He laughed a sinister cackle, and everyone had to hold their ears, feeling the strength fleeting for a few moments.

"So be it," Ash grumbled. "We make our stand here! Ready?!" He looked to his sides. Misty was to his left, with Brock to her left. May was to his right, and Tracey was to her right.

"Ready!" Misty, Brock, May and Tracey said at once.

"Oooh, this should be fun," Melkid cackled.

Then, as one, they started the morphing sequence. They looked so flawless one would think they rehearsed it for hours on end. Following Ash's lead, they grabbed the Pokémorpher on their left hip, then snapped their left arm straight out to the side. The Morpher looked like a collapsed Pokéball when not being used, but when it was ready to be triggered - like now - it grew to the size of a normal Pokéball. With the Morpher in hand, they each brought their fist up to their head, and then rapidly brought it behind their head. It was there for about half a second before each brought their arm back and thrust it out in front of them at eye level. As they ended this motion, they each called out the magic words, if you will…the words that triggered the morphing, that would turn them into Power Rangers. As they shouted them, the Pokémorphers snapped open, imitating the action and sound of a common Pokéball.


Now while the manifestation of their Power Ranger uniforms, helmets and other gear was instantaneous, in their minds, each Ranger saw their power physically imprint itself on their person.

In their minds, they saw themselves with their arms out and eyes closed. A giant color-coordinated Pokéball closed around them for a few moments, and when it snapped open and disappeared, they were in their Ranger uniforms save their helmets. When they opened their eyes, energy in their individual color shot out and wrapped around their heads, forming the helmets. The helmet was a solid color except for the black part that made up the visor and a silver section that was molded to look like a nose and a mouth. Though they did not see or notice, the visor mimicked the shape of the individual Ranger's eyes. Ash's looked like an elongated "M" like on the side of a Pac-Man machine. Tracey's was a very long, narrow diamond. Brock's was just a simple horizontal strip an inch and a half wide. Misty's looked like two elongated ovals joined at the sides, and May's was a simple long, oval a little bit wider than two inches at its center.

"What?!" Melkid screeched. His blue masked face centered itself, the mask bearing a despondent frown. "But that's impossible! You can't be!"

"It most certainly is!" Ash shouted. They struck a fighting pose as they introduced themselves. "I'm Pokéranger White!"

"Pokéranger Green!" Brock roared.

"Pokéranger Blue!" Misty called.

"Pokéranger Red!" May shouted.

"Pokéranger Yellow!" Tracey added.

Ash brought the introduction all home. "But you can just call us…" They each struck a heroic pose befitting their nature.


"This is not good," Melkid whimpered. His head spun so the red mask, which resembled an angry demon, was in front. "This is preposterous! The Power Rangers haven't been around in nearly 30,000 years! How did they awake in this day and age?!" The white mask centered itself. "Actually, the same can be asked about Lord Pandion and ourselves, you know. And no, I'm not trying to change the subject."

The Rangers felt a bit sheepish as they still held their poses while Melkid went off on his little tirade. They stood normally, watching the scene, confused.

"Wow," Tracey said, "this guy's got some serious bipolar disorders."

Melkid's blue face was in front. "How can you be so calm? It's five on one! Don't you see that?!"

"Alright, I've heard enough," Ash said. He stepped forward and drew his Ranger Blaster. "Rangers, lock and load!" The others looked at him. Though he couldn't tell beyond their helmets, he knew they were giving him odd looks. "That means this!" he said, brandishing his gun.

They quickly caught on, and drew their individual blasters. The twin barrels were silver and the butts and finish were all color-matched. As one, they pumped the pump handle and aimed at Melkid. The guns hummed, indicating they were fully charged and ready to fire.

"You expect to destroy me with those air guns?" Melkid taunted, his black face at the forefront.

"Something like that! FIRE!" They did so, and the five Ranger Blasters fired a colored sphere of energy the size of a basketball at their target. Two of them were dead-on, while the others hit the ground by Melkid. Melkid was blown back, and landed face down about a yard away.

The Rangers had to wait a second and steady themselves, as the Blasters gave off a little bit of recoil. "Man, these things sure do pack a punch," said May. "It nearly knocked me off my feet!"

Meanwhile, Melkid got back to his feet, his red face in front. "That's it!" he shouted. "The time for games is over, Power Rangers! Now you shall feel our wrath!" His hat flew off and his head spun, his colored masks giving off a nice color show in the process. There was an explosion, and all the masks flew off, floating above the group. Each formed a separate body, each wearing armored that was highly contrasted with its face. Each wielded a long pike menacingly.

This brought the total to five Power Rangers against four Melkids. The red one swung his weapon around like a barbarian, the blue one looked like he was about to have a tantrum, the black one was laughing maniacally, and the white one spun his weapon in a figure 8 pattern and calculated his moves in his head.

"Rangers! Attack!" the White Ranger shouted. With a battle cry, they dashed forward towards the Melkid copies. Said copies did the same, engaging the Rangers.

As they tangled, they eventually broke down into three one-on-one battles and one two-on-one fight. Despite the slight numbers advantage, things were not very good for the Rangers early on.

The Green and Red Rangers fought with the red-masked Melkid. This Melkid had no trouble fending off Brock's high powered yet minimally skilled punches and kicks, and May's attacks did little to faze him. Brock tried a lot of the unbridled moves that worked against the Fossiloids, but those were merely throwaway creatures, a diversion. Many a hand or foot was blocked by Melkid-red's pike, counterattacking with a slash from it on occasion. At one point, he stopped a jumping double axe handle attack from the Green Ranger by catching him and flinging him at the Red Ranger.

The Blue Ranger squared off with the blue-masked Melkid. Much to Misty's surprise, he seemed to sob and whine while keeping Misty at bay. He repeatedly took out his frustrations (with splitting up into four parts, with being outnumbered to begin with and having to deal with the Blue Ranger's "attacks") on the girl in the blue uniform. As much as it acted like a baby, he was still very lethal. After countering a haphazardly-thrown kick, this Melkid attacked with several slashes that caused a small explosion with each impact on Misty's chest. The final blow, a wild upward swing, sent Misty sprawling away.

"Oooooh, I'm having so much fun!" the black-masked Melkid shouted. This one was merely toying with his opponent - the Yellow Ranger - taking pride in stopping his elaborate combinations with nothing more than a well-placed poke or parry. He couldn't see Tracey's face, but the frustration was clear. And the more frustrated Tracey got, the harder it was for him to do anything right. "Aren't you, Yellow Ranger?"

Tracey growled and jumped high at Melkid, who was more than happy to meet him in midair. This shocked Tracey, and he was unprepared for the slash from Melkid's pike that sent him sprawling back to Earth.

"Most impressive," the white-faced Melkid crowed as he battled the White Ranger. Ash battled evenly with this version of Melkid…at least in his mind. Melkid was toying with Ash, taunting him every now and then when an attack was blocked or parried. Ash pressed on nonetheless, noticing the slight pains he was feeling from his fight with the Fossiloids nonexistent when he morphed. At one point, Ash even managed to turn things around by getting control of Melkid's pike. But hell if he knew how to use the thing. The first time he swung it, Melkid hopped up and stood on the end of the outstretched blade. "Good, but not good enough!" He hopped forward and kicked Ash right in his helmet-covered head, knocking him back.

The other Rangers slowly got to their feet and regrouped behind their leader. "Man, this sucks!" Brock shouted. "What about us? Do we get weapons?!"

The words weren't even out of his mouth when the information on weapons dawned on the Rangers. Almost as soon as Pokéranger Green formulated the thought, the information seeped into their heads. With this new info, they summoned their weapons.

All the Rangers had to do was hold their hands out, picture the weapon in their hands in their mind (despite not having ever seen it before), and will it into existence. Energy flowed from their hands and rapidly manifested itself into the Rangers' individual weapons. The White Ranger wielded a katana blade with a white handle, while the Green Ranger has a nasty looking war hammer on a green handle. It was as long as a baseball bat and had a large, flat striking surface and a conic spike on the opposite side. The Yellow Ranger was unique in that he had two weapons, two yellow kamas with curved, reflective blades. The Red Ranger wielded a scythe with a red handle as long as she was tall, while the Blue Ranger had a spear with a diamond-shaped blade that was just as long.

"Sweet!" Tracey shouted, inspecting his ScytherSickles.

Brock hefted his CroHammer with an elated glee. "Awww, yeah," he crooned.

Each ranger inspected their weapons carefully. They were not of this world, and they were perfectly crafted and weighted, feeling like they were forged specifically for them.

"Yeah, like those will make a difference!" the red-faced Melkid shouted.

"You're all going to die a tragic death nonetheless!" the blue-faced Melkid groaned.

"We'll see about that! Let's get 'em!" Ash shouted. Once again, the two groups charged at each other, but the results would prove to be different.

The pairings were still the same, as each had unfinished business with the other. Brock and May again tag-teamed red-Melkid, with May taking point. She drew back her CombuScythe and just before she attacked, jumped straight up into the air. With the enemy's attention diverted, Brock got a free shot with his CroHammer. Focusing his energy into his weapon, Brock struck the ground at his feet, sending a green shockwave straight at Melkid. It knocked him to his back, allowing May a clean slash with her scythe as she came down.

Tracey ditched trying to show off with his Capoeira prowess, instead concentrating on attacking with his new weapons. Each movement of his arm brought another slash at black-Melkid's body with a ScytherSickle. After leaving Melkid dizzy and worn out, Tracey leveled him with a high drop kick.

Had Misty not been tangled with blue-Melkid, she would've been very surprised with how proficient she was with her TogeSpear. Her fight was much more even than her previous encounter, and she had little trouble fending off the attacks from Melkid's pike. She reacted with quickness she never thought she had, and got in some good shots of her own. At a critical moment, blue-Melkid's guard was broken. Misty seized this opportunity, and whipped her spear in an overhead strike at the demon, knocking him away with a small explosion upon impact.

Ash and his Pikatana moved a mile a minute, the White Ranger slashing repeatedly at white-Melkid, connecting with his pike each time. It was always overhead slash, cross slash, overhead slash, cross slash over and over until one well-placed swing knocked the pike from Melkid's hand. Ash grabbed the hilt with both hands, shouted, and brought his sword down for one more slash, flooring that Melkid.

As the defeated Melkid copies fell over, they began to glow. They recombined, forming the original four-faced Melkid.

"What?" the red-faced Melkid shouted. His red face shifted forward. "Oh, no!"

The Rangers grouped together, their weapons at the ready. "We've got him now!" Ash shouted.

"AYAAAAAAAAAH!" Ash ran and jumped at Melkid, slashing him across the chest with his Pikatana.

"HYAAAAAAAAAH!" Brock and Tracey attacked next, Brock with an overhead strike from his CroHammer and Tracey with an X-slash with his ScytherSickles.

"KYAAAAAAAAAH!" Finally Misty and May struck, Misty with a diving lunge with her TogeSpear, and May with a spinning swing of her CombuScythe. Wounded, Melkid struggled to his feet, clutching his chest. His white face was forward.

"Round one to you, Power Rangers," he grumbled, "but we will meet again. Savor this victory while you can!" He flung one hand down hard, pointing at the ground. A fissure opened under his feet, and his form was quickly sucked in.

"Hey!" Ash shouted. "Where'd he go?"

"He's disappeared," Brock said.

"I can see that, but where?"

"Probably back to Pandion's lair, wherever that is," Misty said.

"Bah…" Tracey held out his hand with his thumb and index finger about an inch apart. "We were this close, too!"

"Well, look on the bright side," Ash said, "we've just scored our first victory as Power Rangers!" Cheers and celebratory complements towards one another went out for a few seconds. "Of course…we should head back to the lab."

"Yeah, but…" Tracey looked around. They were still battling on the side of Route 1, and while there weren't any cars in sight, the sight of five people in pallet-swapped superhero costumes would be a little out of place in Pallet Town. "How?"

"You mean after a long day of fighting evil the Power Rangers have to walk home?" May grumbled.

"Well, let's at least power down before he hit the road," Ash commanded. They all spoke (or at least tried to) the command for reverting to normal form. "Power Rangers, power-whoooa!" Instead of reverting to normal, the five Rangers disappeared in color-specific bursts of light that resembled lensflares.

* * * * *

"So, how'd it go?" Max asked as the Rangers regained their bearings. They were standing around in Prof. Oak's lab, helmets in their hands.

"It…went alright," May stated. She didn't have any previous Power Ranger experience, so it was difficult to gauge. "Who was that?"

"That," Degenhart explained, "was Melkid, a dangerous warrior demon and a loyal servant of Pandion. We don't know what kind of creatures Pandion is capable of creating, but rest assured, should Melkid accompany it into battle, the battles will only be that much more difficult."

"And how come we didn't find out about the weapons and such until later?" Tracey asked.

"There are many aspects of your powers that you have not realized yet. I was worried that your first experience would turn out much worse than it did. But I am pleased with the method in which you handled the situation. I did not expect you to adjust as well as you did. I can see that the Power has chosen wisely this generation of Power Rangers."

"The powers and weapons and all are nice," Misty interrupted, "but do we have to hoof it everywhere we go? I know trainers out on a journey do that all the time, but are we really going to have to walk if…oh, say, one of the Orange Islands is under attack?"

"Way ahead of you, Misty," Max said. He got up from his work station with five small gadgets in his hands. "I've been working on these since you left the lab. Check 'em out!" They were disc-like objects the size of saucers, each shaped like the sigil on each of the Rangers' uniforms. "They're combination Pokédex/communicator/teleporters, the very latest in trainer/Ranger technology!"

"Wait, Pokédex?" Ash asked.

"Yep. Gotta keep up the lie that you're just ordinary Pokémon trainers, right?"

"I…guess. Let's test it out. How do you open it?"

"Press the middle button." He did so, and aimed it at Pikachu, who was sitting on the table.

"Pikachu, the electric mouse Pokémon," the new Pokédex said, "The small, red cheeks on this Pokémon are electrical sacs, which unleash electrical energy when they feel threatened." When it was opened, there were five smaller buttons under the small LCD screen.

"Those other buttons open up a link with the other Rangers," Max explained. "It's as easy as pressing the appropriate color. And there's a button on the side that activates the teleportation. Just imagine where you want to go, hit that button, and there you are!"

"But how did you…" May started.

"I had a hand in this," Degenhart confessed. "I have a bit of sorcery that helped accelerate the development process."

Brock nodded, looking over his green handheld sigil. "Looks like we have something good going here, don't we?" he said, smiling.

"I agree, Green Ranger," Degenhart said. "In the past, every good Power Ranger team has had an intricate support network backing them up. I believe with such a talented group of Rangers, the resources of the Oak estate, as well as Max's ingenuity, there is no evil you are capable of overcoming."

Everyone glanced at one another, each smiling except for Ash. He had an inquisitive look on his face.

"So, now that we'll be doing this full time," Ash started, "does this mean we're going to have to color coordinate our wardrobes to match what color Ranger we are?"

Everyone else in the room facevaulted.


8th November 2005, 12:05 AM
Hey, not bad at all. i am like doing the same thing except i used the manga characters! Not bad