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15th October 2005, 3:19 AM
The Never Ending Journey

Quick facts

Full Name: May Catchum
Birthday: June 22, 1995
Family: Mom, Dad, Sister (Isabella)
Pokemon: Growlithe, Oddish, Mankey, Pidgey, Butterfree, Nidorina, Bulbasaur (2) ;249-d;

Full Name: Emma Smart
Birthday: June 21, 1995
Family: Mom, Dad, Brother (Zack)
Pokemon: Pikachu, Gloom, Rattata, Beedrill, Sandshrew, Ekans, Tangela;315;

May was just a simple country girl, living in pallet town with her mom, dad, sister, and pets. She had 3 pets; Mightyena, Nidoran, and Eevee. These were her dads old Pokemon from his journey. She loved them all! And she dreamed of entering the Indigo league. May just knew that she would come out victorious! But her dream would come true soon enough!
Professor Oak said that since she would be ten in a few days, she could get a Pokemon right on her Birthday. The only problem was that the other trainers would be taking their first Pokemon the on Sunday, but May would be ten on Monday. So, she would need a different starter other than a Charmander, Squirtle or Bulbasaur. Professor Oak had an idea. “How would you like a Growlithe?” asked the professor. “What’s a Growlithe?” questioned May. “It’s a fire dog Pokemon, honey! They are extremely rare normally.” answered May’s dad. “Oh! Wow! Cool! I would love one professor! Do they have any evolutions?” May was curious to know. So that meant yes. Professor Oak breathed a sigh of relief. May was quite hard to please! “Yes they do! If you give a Growlithe a fire stone, it will evolve into an Arcanine!” said Oak. “Oh! Ok! Well that’s kind of cool!” said May. May was extremely excited!
On Sunday May went to the local trainer supplies shop. She wandered through the isles, looking to see what she would need. she finally decided that 10 potions, 15 full heals, 3 bags of Pokemon food, a brush, and a collar with a name tag was all she would need to start off with her Growlithe. For herself she purchased 10 pokeballs, 10 greatballs, 10 ultraballs, 5 timerballs, a pillow, a sleeping bag, running shoes, a mini lamp, and a flash light would get her off to a great start. Just as she was going to the cash register to pay, her friend Emma came up to her.
“Hi! Why didn’t you come to professor oaks today?” Emma asked. “I’m getting my Growlithe from him tomorrow, along with my Pokedex.” May answered. “Oh! I came late and all that was left was a Pikachu. So that’s my starter now!” said Emma enthusiastically. “I’m starting my journey tomorrow, because I still need supplies. I was wondering” said Emma shyly, “if I could um, travel with you. It would be so hard by our selves. And with my cooking and Pokemon skills and your quick thinking, we could make a great team!” said Emma. “Sure! That would be great!” May answer gladly. She had no idea how she could travel by herself.

Chapter 1: The Beginning:
It was the next day. The sun was shining. May and Emma were just leaving their homes. May had on her back a hiking book bag. Inside it was cloths, a toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, shampoo, tape, rope, extra shoes, potion, full heal, a clothes line, a flashlight, and rubber gloves. In her ball pocket she had put her all her pokeballs. In her key items pocket she had neatly folded a map, item finder, and exp. share. On her back she also carried her sleeping bag, inside of which was her pillow and mini lamp. On Emma’s back was also a hiking book bag, inside of which were her clothes, a tooth brush, tooth paste, soap and shampoo, extra shoes, a flashlight, and rubber gloves, as well as a kit full of ingredients for human food, and the 3 bags of Pokemon food May had bought. She had also decided to carry the same pokeballs as May in her ball pocket. In her shorts pocket was a pokeball containing her Pikachu. She also carried on her back a sleeping bag with a pillow and mini lamp inside it just like May.
At May’s side was her new Pokemon. She had gone to Professor Oaks in the early morning and picked up her first Pokemon. May had decided to name her little Growlithe Flames. Around her little neck was a little leather collar containing a name tag in the shape of a flame. Inside the little flame were the letters F-L-A-M-E-S. Growlithe hated her poke ball, so May had agreed to let Growlithe free of the ball as long as she didn’t run away. The little fire pup had happily agreed.
Just as May and Emma were about to depart, Mays father came out of the house carrying a little package. Behind him was Mays mother. “Did you really want to leave without your present?” asked Mays mom. “Of course not!” answered May, hugging her mom and dad. May opened the colorfully wrapped box, only to find a ball and a remote control. “What is it?” asked May, confused. “It’s your new Acro/ Mach bike! All you have to do is press the first button, and it unrolls into a Mach bike. It goes really fast! And if you want to do tricks, you press the second button, and it unfolds into an Acro bike! If you want to turn it back into a ball, press the third button on the control! Do you like it?” exclaimed mom. “I love my new portable bike! Thanks mom, thanks dad! I do need some transportation!” said May. “that reminds me” said Emma,” I need to get my portable zigzags!” “You mean the new rollerblades?” May asked. “Yeah!” said Emma, and dashed into the house to get them.
A half hour later they hit the road. Flames seemed to love the great outdoors. “Grow, Grow, Growlithe!” it would exclaim! Pika, Emma’s Pikachu seemed to want to come out too. “I’ll let you”, said Emma “if you promise not to run away!” “Pika, Pika, Chu!” was the reply. As May was going along Rout 1, she wondered weather she was doing the right thing. After all, training Pokemon was a lot of fun, but was it unrealistic to think she could challenge the Indigo League? She decided that it was too late to turn back now, so she just kept going. All of a sudden, a purple rat jumped out of the bushes.
“It’s a Rattata!” cried Emma, heart forming in her eyes. Pika saw that she wanted it right away, so he ran out into the field. “Thanks Pika! Ok, thunder wave, now!” said Emma. Pika let out a feeble little stroke of electricity. “Good job! Now, thunder shock!” commanded Emma. May liked this about her friend. She was always in charge. Pika gave the little Rattata another little shock, although a little stronger this time. “Pokeball, go!” yelled Emma, tossing a Pokeball at the little mouse. The ball rolled around a few times, and then came to a halt. “Did I just catch a Pokemon?” asked Emma in a horrified voice. “What's wrong?” asked May. “Nothing, it’s just I never thought that I could catch a Pokemon in the first 10 minutes of my adventure!” answered Emma excitedly.

Chapter 2: A fresh start:
They came to Viridian City about 3 hours later. In Mays shorts pocket were 5 little pokeballs, containing a Pidgey, a Butterfree, a Nidorina, a Mankey, and an Oddish. In Emma’s pockets were also 5 pokeballs, containing her Rattata, a Beedrill, a Gloom, a Sandshrew, and an Ekans. May looked down into the little city. “It’s beautiful isn’t it?” she asked Emma. “Yeah, it sure is.” Emma breathed.
They silently walked down into the city, where a police officer wearing a blue shirt, a blue skirt, a blue jacket, a blue cap, with black hair and looking stern was standing. “Hold on there, children!” said the female officer. “Where do you think your going?” she asked. “Uh, we’re on our Pokemon journey. We just started. This is my friend Emma and I’m May. This is my Growlithe, Flames, and here’s Pika, Emma's Pikachu.” introduced May. “Then do you have identification? Like your trainer license in your Pokedex?” asked the officer. “Yeah, here’s my Pokedex. See? It has my name on its screen, and my photo beneath it.” said May, wondering why an officer should be suspicious of her. “Here’s mine too.” said Emma, looking both curious and annoyed. “I’m sorry. It’s just that a lot of Pokemon have turned up missing. And since yours are out of their pokeballs, I thought that you might have stolen them from their trainers to give the head boss of Team Rocket.” said the officer apologetically. “My name is Officer Jenny. My cousins and siblings look just like me. Did you say you were on your journey? Because if you want to be trainers, come with me to the Pokemon Center. Nurse Joy will treat your Pokemon, and give you a trainer rulebook, a guide to raising good Pokemon, a world map, information on the Pokemon league and some other handy things.” “Sure. That would be great. Thank you!” said Emma. “Yeah! Let’s go!” said May, who was full of energy.
They arrived at a large red building, with the words Pokemon Center on it. As they entered, May and Emma took a good look around. They liked this building. There were a few doors leading out of the room, and an escalator leading upstairs. There was a reception counter to their left, at which a smiley lady was standing. She was wearing a red cap with a cross on it, a white shirt, red skirt and jacket, and had long, curly golden hair. To the right were a visual phone and a PC. May walked over to the PC. “What is a computer for?” she asked the receptionist. “Hi. My name is Nurse Joy! I am the nurse here. Would you like me to heal your Pokemon? And the PC has a storage system in it. You can store either Pokemon, or items, or both.” she said kindly. “Yeah, I suppose my Pokemon can do with a little rest. How much will I have to pay for 6 Pokemon?” asked May. Nurse Joy laughed. “You don’t have to pay me. This is a free healing stop! She said. “Ok, sure. Here are my Pokemon. And my Growlithe hates pokeballs, so please keep him out of it, ok? Emma, you should rest your Pokemon too.” said May. “Here are my Pokemon, and my Pika hates pokeballs too, ok?” said Emma, feeling as if this was her favorite room ever. “I have to get back to work. Feel free to explore the building, but don’t leave without your Pokemon. bye.” said Officer Jenny, turning to leave. Ill be back soon to tell you about your Pokemon’s health and move set.” said Nurse Joy, scooping up all the pokeballs and putting 5 in each pocket. That left the girls alone for a little while. “Ok, I feel like exploring.” said Emma. “Me too. Let’s look at the PC” answered May.
They walked over to the PC and hit the ON button. The screen turned on and they found themselves looking at a menu. It read:


They decided to click on the information box. It also had a menu. It read:


They clicked through all of them. Once they had read all of them, they went back to the main menu. They clicked on your PC. There was also a menu. It read:


They clicked on May’s PC. Again they saw a menu:


May took her book bag and didn’t see anything she wouldn’t need other than the moonstone she had found while she was walking. She put it on the little pad. There was a flash of blue light and the moon stone disappeared. She pressed the OFF button on the PC, turning it off.

Chapter 3: The Dark, Damp forest:
May and Emma were walking into the forest. They had their Pokemon back, and the extension of the map, guide to training and battling, guide to Pokemon raising, indigo league rules and tickets were all safely in Emma's bag. They had only walked for about 5 minutes when all of a sudden, 2 little Bulbasaur popped out of the bushes. “Oh, I have to have one!” May cried, whipping out 2 pokeballs. One was the pokeball of her Mankey, and the other was an empty one. “If you think you’re about to separate those sweet hearts, you are crazy” said Emma, trying to block the Bulbasaur. “Fine, ill catch them both!” said May annoyed. “Ok, fine by me.” said Emma. May threw two empty pokeballs at the Bulbasaur. She regretted this for a moment, realizing that they had not been weakened, but could do nothing but sit and watch. Each pokeball rolled around a bit, and then stopped. “Wow! I just caught 2 Bulbasaur!” said May, running forward, but they vanished. “Where did they go!” asked the girl that was close to tears. “They were sent to Bills PC. You can switch some of your Pokemon for them in Pewter City.” answered Emma, grinning. “Oh.” said May moodily. They continued their walk for a little while. After around 2 hours, May and Emma felt a little tired of walking, so they got on their vehicles (Mays Mach bike and Emma's roller-skates) and started racing to get through the forest. It wasn’t so hard.
They arrived in Pewter City within 10 minutes. May was eager to go to the Pokemon center to see her new Pokemon. Emma was just plain hungry and couldn’t wait to go to the PC to see if May would want to trade a Bulbasaur for her new Tangela. She thought about how she would have to battle the gym leader in this city. For some reason, this didn’t appeal to her very much. She finally came to a conclusion: she would be a Pokemon breeder and raise Pokemon very well. “Uh, May?” she said. “Yeah” answered May, looking at Emma. “I decided that I don’t want to battle Pokemon. I can referee and stuff, but I want to be a Pokemon breeder. I want to raise Pokemon. Is that ok?” Emma asked shyly. “Sure, I guess. I can’t stop you or anything and this is your life. Are you sure? Because it’s not too late to change your mind yet.” said May in a surprised and disappointed voice. “I’m sure.” said Emma quietly. She had thought about it all through their journey. Even if it wasn’t such a long one yet. They had been going about 8 hours; from 6am. in the morning, to right now, which, according to Mays extra handy Pokemon navigator, 2pm in the afternoon. “Let’s get something to eat. I'm starved. And I’m pretty sure the Pokemon could use a snack just about now.” said May. Emma answered her by saying, “Yeah, I guess your right. Let’s go to the Pokemon center.” As they walked to the Pokemon center, the two girls saw a giant black balloon flying away from a Meowth balloon. On the black hot air balloon, they saw a huge red R embodied into it. There seemed to be around 5 people in the black balloon and 2 humans and a Pokemon in the other one. “What is that?” asked May. “I don’t know! What if……what if that R stands for……stands for team rocket?!” quietly responded Emma. Officer Jenny came running up to them. “My sister just called me and told me to expect 2 10 year old girls. What are your names?” she said briskly. “I'm Emma, and this is my buddy, Pikachu. My friend is May, and her Growlithe, Flames.” Emma said quickly. “Then come with me! Hurry, before that balloon spots us.” said Officer Jenny. “Alright, come on Flames, Emma, and Pika. We better get to the nearest Pokemon center.” said May. “Come on”

16th October 2005, 3:54 AM
Um, I have a slight problem, hun. I can read this, it needs to be spaced out, like this.

"Come on" May said as she ran through the woods.

From what I could read, it kind of sounded gameploty, but it's to early. I like it though.

K, re-do it and PM to read it. Hope this helps.

As always, be kind to the mime.

mystic rukario
16th October 2005, 5:03 AM
I agree that you need to space things out a bit. That would make it easier to read. It seemed like an essay. I also suggest not posting multiple chappies at a time. That'll help with the flow of the fic.

Your plot seemed decent enough. Using growlithe as May's starter made it unique. Letting her catch two bulbasaur was nice too. I liked that idea.

I'll check back later to see how you're doing cause it's a little to early to say much about it but you seem to have good potential.

17th November 2005, 3:15 AM
I dont know how to double space, and yes this is from the game/story, just in my oppinion, moving alot faster. And its alittle more interesting. I dont own pokemon, any charecters that you recognise, and all citys so far. However, i do own May, Emma, and everybody's persinalitys. Thank you!

Chapter 4: The Beginning of the Attack
“Welcome to the poke………….. Hello Officer Jenny! What brings you inside on such a wondrous day?” asked the familiar, beautiful blond. “Hi Nurse Joy! I'm May, and this is Emma. Is it ok if I take a look at some Bulbasaur in my PC?” asked May politely. “Certainly! That would be fine! You know where the PC is, I suppose?” answered Nurse Joy kindly. “Uh, Joy, I’m sorry to break it to you, but there are 2 hot air balloons outside. One is black with a red R on it. We both know what that means. And the second is a strange Meowth balloon. I have never seen it in my whole entire life! What shall we do about Team Rocket?
Meanwhile, Emma and May had walked up to the PC. They went to May’s PC, and took out her 2 Bulbasaur. “Hi guys. I'm your trainer, May! How are you?” asked May kindly. “Bulba-bulba-saur! Bulbasaur!” answered the two Bulbasaur angrily and ran off. “What did they say?” asked May, bewildered. “They said, they hate being inside pokeballs, they hate YOU for capturing them, and the last thing they want is to get separated.” answered a little cute doggy voice. “Who was that? It had to be a Pokemon!” May had started to panic. “I'm right beside you.” said the voice again. “Was that…..Could it be……..Growlithe!? My little innocent pup, did you just say that? It can’t be……….!” said May as if she was about to faint. “Uh, surprise! Oh, and by the way, thanks for not putting me in my pokeball. I hate it in their! I'm hungry; can we get some Pokemon food or something?” Growlithe answered in a hurry. “First things first, we better find the Bulbasaur soon!” said Emma, still staring in amazement at Mays puppy. “Yeah. Not that we’re not surprised or happy that you can talk, Flames. It’s just……..” “It’s fine! No need! We have more pressing matters at hand. Like the fact that I'm pressing the two escapees to the ground!” said Growlithe, and indeed, when they looked at him, he was pressing the Bulbasaur to the ground with both his paws. “Bulbasaur, return!” said May, holding out their pokeballs. “Nurse Joy, do you have a playpen of some sort?” asked May. Nurse Joy, distracted from the conversation with Officer Jenny, which was very important, said “Ok, go upstairs, and you will see a closet. Help yourselves to food.” “Thanks” said May, and she hurried off, closely pursued by Flames, Emma, and Pika.
In the closet, they found what they were looking for. It was a tall little playpen, just so that the two Pokemon wouldn’t run away again. “That’s better! Ok, Bulbasaur, I’m your new trainer! Wont that be fun, traveling everywhere?” said May kindly. “Bulba Bulba Bulbasaur Bulba Bulba Bulba Bulby Bul Bulbasaur” said one of the Bulbasaur. “We don’t want to be separated! I refuse to be your Pokemon if you separate me from my mommy! You already separated me from my daddy! I refuse to be your Pokemon! And I hate traveling!” Flames translated. “Did I? I didn’t mean to separate you from your daddy. And don’t worry; you will always be with your mommy. Don’t worry.” said May gently. “But do you want 2 Bulbasaur in your party at the same time? I mean, if you want…… I could take the other Bulbasaur in exchange for my Tangela. Then, the Bulbasaur would always be together.” said Emma, speaking for the first time. “Are you suggesting a Pokemon trade? Because I would love to!” said May, her face lighting up. “Come on then. What is your name, little one?” asked Emma. “His name is Leafer, and his mommy is Fruit.” said Growlithe. “Fruit, Leafer will be my Pokemon soon, but I promise every night and everyday I will try to let you be with Leaf. OK?” said Emma, shyly. “Fine, if you must. But I will hold you to that!” said the moist voice of Fruit. “And since when do you talk? asked May, amazed. “All Pokemon used to talk at one point, but know Pokemon are afraid to talk in the presence of humans. Now, our language is almost forgotten by most. I am one of the few who will talk with humans. I was released a long time ago by a man who also had a Mightyena and some others. “Ok, so let’s trade then!” said Emma. “Let’s go over there, then.” said May, pointing to a machine with the words TRADING CENTER above it. “Ill take the blue side, and you can take the red.” said Emma. “OK” answered May excitedly, and got into position. As Emma walked over to the blue computer, she saw a pokeball patterned desktop. On it were the words: PRESS HERE TO BEGIN. Emma pressed the screen and heard May do the same. Now, the screen said: WHEN BOTH PEOPLE ARE IN POSITION, CLICK HERE. Emma was starting to get board, but pressed the button all the same. All of a sudden, the screen turned a vivid blue, and then another screen replaced the glowing light. It read:
May Emma
Growlithe Pikachu
Oddish Gloom
Mankey Rattata
Pidgey Beedrill
Bulbasaur Sandshrew

“Ok. I guess now we just punch in our trading Pokemon” said Emma nervously. “It’s worth a shot” agreed May. As Emma touched “Tangela”, May carefully pressed “Bulbasaur”. The last thing she wanted was to loose her Pokemon somewhere.


May removed the pokeball from the slid, stepped off the machine, and heard Emma do the same. She let the little creature within free; to her surprise and relief, it was a curly little creature. “Tangy!” she cried. Emma released her own creature. It was Leaf. Thank goodness! “Uh, can we get some food…………..today?!” asked Flames. “I suppose.” said May, and led them downstairs where they found a table laden with food, and on the floor stood 12 food bowls, all filled with Pokemon food. May and Emma both released their Pokemon, and started shoveling down some food as well.

I added the talking pokemon now. Is that bad? Does it ruen the plot? If i get somewhere around 2 or 3 reviews, or even just tips or posts, i will go on. Currently writing Chapter 5.