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23rd October 2005, 6:23 PM
Hey Gang,

One of the coolest ongoing traditions of all of the Mysterious Dungeon games is the COOL SHOOT AT THE END! Basically they've always had amazing bonus dungeons AFTER you complete the main storyline/quest. Not sure how that would work here since it doesn't appear to be story driven, perhaps once you defeat the baddies that turned you into a Pokemon to begin with in this game. I'm currently, as I have for the last year or more, having a blast with the import, Torneko's Big Adventure 3, on the GBA and can only assume this game will borrow a lot from the Torneko series but just change all of the creatures to Pokemon folk as opposed to Dragon Quest creatures. At the end of Torneko 3 are these HUGE (99 level) dungeons that give you the best the game has to offer with many items and creatures not seen earlier in the game. What I also loved is that they give you multiple ways to play...like there is one dungeon that is the BADDEST OF THE BAD where you bring in your buffest character with all of his best equipment in an attempt to eventually get some REALLY REALLY rare items way below but, for folk like me, there is also a dungeon where the second you enter your level is reset to one and you only have a piece of bread...how deep can you make it (the second you're knocked out you are reverted back to your normal experience level, so this resetting isn't permanent or anything)? Perhaps in this game they'll have a dungeon where you can bring in your favorite team of four dudes, all reset to level one, and you can try to find out which is the ultimate team to survive the dungeon (this really could be tricky since many of the tougher Pokemon are slow to evolve or, even though they have some great manuvers, don't have a lot of PP for them which would mean that unless you find a steady way to restore your PPs, these folk could be a lot of dead weight for the team).

Damn I can't wait for this game!

24th October 2005, 12:57 PM
Ok...we will wait

16th November 2005, 3:33 PM

Using my handy web tranlator on the strategy guide description I pulled up this:

Everything from the system analysis to all dungeons of which everything contained after ending is thoroughly captured.
Introduction without remaining from Pokemon appearance of all dungeons to all, all Pokemons, all techniques, and a lot of secrets.
Even the game developer's strictly confidential talk entered, and is being possible to carry out ..being possible to do.. complete capture book.

So, true to the Mysterious Dungeon tradition, this game will have huge bonus dungeons at the end! I figured as much but its always great to hear since these have always been my favorite part of the series. Most of the earlier dungeons are with limited sets of creatures or just a few of the possible items whereas these dungeons at the end tend to have EVERYTHING so you'll never know what to expect.

It almost makes me want to buy the guide...except for the tiny fact that I can't actually read Japanese.

Dark Venusaur
20th November 2005, 12:54 AM
They will proabably have bonuses to make the game more interested.