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25th October 2005, 3:10 AM
I know there's a Shout-Out thread already, but this is slightly different. ^^;

Ever seen a movie or TV show commerical that made you think, "Holy mushrooms, I have got to see that!"

I'm hoping this thread will help bring more attention to overlooked stories written by people here, and it can also be a fun way for people to see what those stories are about. Humor me. *cough* <<;

Basically, you write a "commerical" for your fanfiction that allows the reader to see the basics of what it's about, its genre, etc, etc. Try to hook them, get their attention. ^^

To give people a idea of what it could be like, I wrote a commerical for Aeon: End. I KNOW Aeon doen't NEED more readers, but this is for fun, and it'll give people ideas for their commericals, hopefully. ^^

Oh, and for those of you that don't know film terminology, "pans/panned out" means the camera's pulling back to allow a wider angle of view. ^^

Bada dum.


Utter darkness.

A card fills the screen, spinning rapidly for a few long seconds, hypnotizing the viewer. It’s quickly stopped between two fingers. The card is partly moved aside to reveal a face in shadow. The visible eye of the face is glowing a dim blue. Briefly, the viewer has just enough time to see that the card is a Joker--

The view suddenly switches to a bird’s view of a desert landscape rushing by in a blur of tan and mottled colors. A winged shadow upon the ground keeps up with the camera, telling the viewer that he’s in a flying Pokemon’s POV. The camera pans back and sweeps up to the vast blue sky as a silhouette shrieks by overhead, and we see that it’s a Skarmory.

The camera pans back even more to reveal a vast city on the desert horizon, with gleaming skyscrapers.

"A long time ago, Mew was nailed to a cross."

The shot changes to that of the pink-haired girl's face. Her eyes are closed, and in the background, serene music plays. Suddenly, the screen flashes as her eyes fly open, exposing brilliant blue eyes.

"The price of her blood was thirty silver coins."

The blue eyes change to those of a Persian. The Persian grins, exposing a row of glittering dagger-teeth.

"Now it's a race to claim all thirty silver coins."

The screen flashes between different images--a corpse in the snow, a city on fire, a murder of Murkrow taking flight, a vast Arcanine engulfed in fire and roaring.

"Humans have become pawns in this deadly game of chess."

The final shot is startling. It is a single silver coin, slowly falling, spinning through the air. A bloody fingerprint is smeared across its surface.

"One to live, one to die, one to win."

The screen goes black.

Lines of glowing type flash on the screen, startling the viewer with its searing brilliance.


The words fade almost as quickly as they have come. Distorted words and images began flashing by, making garbled sounds and chirps as if it’s all malfunctioning. The image breaks up into a flurry of software code, and slowly the viewer realizes the image of a mysterious Pokemon is being formed within the skittering code, and it seems achingly, tantalizingly familiar to the viewer…before the screen flashes white and goes black again.

Slowly, drumbeats start up. They are rhythmic, hypnotic…both lulling and chilling at the same time. We realize it’s actually a heartbeat.

The voice whispers, “We've got all the time in the world..”

A single word appears on the screen in glowing type.


25th October 2005, 3:33 AM
(Born to Be a Champion: Pikachu's Johto Diaries, take 1)

::E minor remix of "Born to Be a Champion" (Johto OP 2) begins:: Click
here (http://s50.yousendit.com/d.aspx?id=2YTTS0N2W1E7G1S5Z6GX7S49YN) to listen to it!

Announcer: We've all heard the adventures of Ash and his friends...The thrills...

::various shots of Johto season battles::

Announcer: ...the chills...

::various shots of memorable scary/exciting parts of Johto episodes::

Announcer: ...and even the spills.

::various shots of funny moments from the Johto episodes::

Announcer: But you'll never see them the same way again...at least once you've heard Pikachu's side of the story!

::music stops as the scene cuts to a scene of Pikachu in a tent, writing in a diary. He says "Pikachu!" as he sticks his pencil behind his ear for a moment, then begins writing the lyrics to the theme song in the diary as the singer sings them. On the final "Pokemon!" the title flashes on the screen: Born to Be a Champion: Pikachu's Johto Diaries::

25th October 2005, 3:59 AM



O_o Might as well put mine up toooo. :P I dun need more readers( I always enjoy them though), but this is just for the heck of it.


Pokemon Revelation: Cross of Fates


A figure stands on the edge of a cliff, long hair blowing in the wind. The Camera zooms up to show the girl's closed eyed face. Dramatic, slow music turns into hard drumming as....the screen flashes black and white rapidly, showing the girl raise her head to look at the camera, and her eyes fly open, blazing a hot pink.

Images rapidly flash of random things. A girl singing on a lit stage, a boy with a hat shouting, looking worried, and another boy with tawny hair saluting sarcastically.

Techno music plays.

An announcer comes in, one with the deep, upbeat voice as the screen shows three sillohueted figures standing in front of a bright doorway.

"There was a time when being normal was a bad thing."

The screen shifts to show a girl winking, Venasaur by her side, then the boy with the cap riding swiftly on his Charizard, followed by the boy with tawny hair ordering his Blastoise to use a Hydro Cannon. The water envelops the screen, then goes black.

"Now, three teens will do anything to live, love, and....survive."

An image of a masked Mewtwo shows, his eyes glowing sinsterly blue as he raises his hand to attack. The screen goes black again, the announcer coming back.

"Take one crazy girl....

The dark-haired girl is shown, talking in a happy voice.

"My name's Saber Midori, and I think you-" She points to a kid in a bowl hair cut across from her, "-are really frickin ugly!" The kid falls, anime style.

The darkness comes again, the announcer speaking.

"Add in the nice guy..."

The boy in a red cap is seen, smiling as he pats a small Charmander's head.

"Perpare yourself, buddy."

The screen goes black again.

"Pour in a tiny bit of sarcasm..."

An image of the tawny haired boy appears, sighing, one eye open, the other closed.

"We're going to be mobbed by angry midgets. Wow. Sounds fun."

The screen goes black again.

"Add a few rancid creampuffs, pop concerts, and a bit of deadly danger. Shake, don't stir, and set to simmer."

The girl appears, beside the two boys, pointing at the camera.

"Together, we're indestructible! Except when someone offers us cookies. Then we'll talk." The boys fall, anime style and the girl gives a thumbs up and large, dramatic waves splash in the background.

The screen goes black, and words form on the screen, the announcer saying them as well.

---Pokemon Revelation: Cross of Fates---



25th October 2005, 4:05 AM
What did you think of mine?

25th October 2005, 4:09 AM
Dust to Deceit

One of them announcer voices can be heard saying all that needs to be said.

Anger, Vengeance, Rage. These are emotions of the warpath.

The screen shows a boy, holding a small blue crocodile by it's neck.

It is duty, and family honor that leads a boy to take up the quest of his sister.

The boy, who's teeth are grit, has his grip tighten around the gator. “Murderer!” Is all that he manages to hiss before the scene changes.

Revenge, however, would be but a minor concern, in the long-run as forces of the planet gather, a raging storm of fate, and salvation.

Scene shows a man with hair a bit too yellow to be blonde standing before a large, whitish skinned beast that looks draconic. The beast speaks, it’s voice sounds telepathic. “You have earned a reputation. Your ‘Cult’ seeks to do the impossible, and might just succeed.” The beast’s eye’s narrow, as it and the man glare at one another intently, as though trying to prove their courage. “I will not allow that!”

Though it’s voice was booming and commanding, the man seemed unaffected. “You waste your time, Lugia!” he states. “Man must dream big for the sake of everyone! You don’t even know a thing about Gretkan! Our destiny, the destiny of everyone...” he pauses, letting the drama of the moment catch up to his great and mighty speech, “is not to live under the servitude of you so-called ‘legends!’ Now, leave me!”

Destiny is never the path to the end, and vengeance besets violence. Chaos is bound to ensue.

The beast eyes the man. “We shall meet again. You and your Orbital Occult will know WHY we control and protect this planet.” With that, Lugia flies off, in front of the camera, as the beast does this, the screen goes black.

This is the Dust of emptiness, the Deceit of life. This is
Dust to Deceit!

At that, a human hand, coated in thick red blood appears on the screen. It shakes violently, leaving the title, written in a strange grey. This title, 'Dust to Deceit' is written in a fancy script. It lasts for about three seconds before the whoosh of a breeze is heard, breaking up the title, turning it to dust!

This film is not yet rated!

25th October 2005, 4:21 AM
My turn! Ahem.... http://www.teamartail.com/midi/sonanime/sonic_vs_metalsonic_jf.mid -Thank Team Artail and yeah I like to use music as well for commercials! ^_^

Two worlds....

*Cue silhouettes of a egg shaped man and army of demonic robots behind him in red background and seven trainers in silhouettes with a blue background behind*

New foes and new friends...

*We now see silhouettes of the seven trainers joined by three new green silhouettes standing one side on a white background against the same egg shaped man standing aside three purple silhouetted companions with an army of demonic robots behind*

Old rivalries initiated...

*Silhouettes of three with a green silhouette with another group of three in a purple silhouettes standing opposing of each other*

Personal hatred...

*One of the green silhouettes with headphones on his ears just lays his string gloved hands made for fighting across his chest stares left while one of the purple silhouettes with a cowboy hats is seen holding a gun and holds it while he also lays his brown gloved hands across his chest starring right*

Race for seven legendary tools....

*Seven silhouettes of gems appear each with a different colored silhouettes*

For conquering the world...

*We see the same man in red silhouettes laughing evilly and cold heartedly among the world*

Or to stop the evil...

*The silhouettes of the seven trainers each holding a gem stand proudly among a peaceful world*

Who will win in this comedic, action packed, exciting twist of a chaotic race?

Let Chaotic fate decide!

The Chaos Emerald Frontier!

And this time...

*Lightning flashes and many unknown figures are seen*

You never know who they’ll meet up next! ^_^

Eternal Daydreamer
25th October 2005, 4:36 AM
I have one. I liked the others so I decided to post mine.

Not So Sensational

The camera flies low over an ocean.

A disembodied female voice speaks to the viewer.

“The ocean. A mysterious place that has more secrets than the stars above.”

The screen darkens and it lightens again upon a box made out of dark wood. The lid of the box opens with a screeeeeech and reveals four rings gleaming in a pile of sand. Three hands reach out and each grab a ring.

“Once, there was four rings that were found a box that came out of the sea..”

The camera changes scenery again and we see a butcher’s storeroom. A guard with a Growlithe flashes a flashlight near some meat that’s hanging. It lands upon two blood-red eyes. A vicious snarl is heard.

“A week and two days exactly after the rings were found, there was a murder in that storeroom. How do I know?”

The screen is once again changes. This time to a forest clearing, a teenage girl is leaning upon a tree. The thing that draws the eye is a monstrous fluffy ponytail.

“See that girl? That’s me. I thought it would be easy. You know, get a Cascade Badge and become famous. That was the plan.”

The teenager looks up and grins.

“It didn’t work out.”

The screen fades to black. These words flash upon the screen, just once:

Not So Sensational!

Prepare for changes,
Will the world be ready?
Rated: PG-13

25th October 2005, 5:14 PM
Saber's was the best. Here's one of mine.

New Lands, New Heroes
(It's completely silent, then the Pokemon Theme tune starts playing)
Ash and co. are walking on a path, as they usually are, and a deep voice starts speaking.
"We are all familiar with the journeys of Ash, Misty, Brock and Pikachu. Too familiar. It seems they are the only real heroes in the Pokemon world. They could'nt be more wrong if they tried"

The screen whirls over, and Ho-oh appears. The song, Pat Benetar's "We Will Be Invincible" starts to play.He is the one from earlier, as you can tell when he starts speaking.
"I have journyed this world for many decades, and their have been many heroes, and Ash is just one of them. Let's meet some new heroes, in a new place, called Astra,"
Ho-oh flys off until he reaches a huge continent.
This is their lands. And this is their story...."
And with that, his eyes glow bright red, and the screen turns black, and we are in space. A huge meteor can be seen, and imbedded in the front is a purple gem shaped like a star. A maniacal laugh can be heard as it enters Earth's atmosphere. The music increases in volume as the screen shows each of the legendaries on screen, turning to look towards to the sky as the meteor comes closer. Ho-oh mutters the word, "Mallain..."
The screen turns red as Bon Jovi's "Story of my Life" starts to play, and Sieg, Ho-oh and sand the Shiny Flygon appear on screen Ho-oh smiling, Sand grinning and Sieg looking moody and giving the peace sign, before it turns blue, and Tila, Uniceera and Milotic appear, Tila smiling and saying hi, Uniceera bucking and Milotic waving her tail, then it turns green and Cane, Rayquaza and Houndoom appear, Cane and Rayquaza with their arms crossed, Houndoom sitting and all three grinning evily, then the screen turns yellow and Derek, Combuslion and Cheloly appear, simply gesturing hi. The screen then turns black, as th group appears walking through a forest. Derek's at the front, followed by Cane, then Tila and Sieg at the back.

"No-one can stop us on our journey!" says Derek.

"Unless they pay us a lot of cash!"Adds Cane.

"Or their stronger than us" says Tila

"Or I ditch all you losers and head off on my own," adds Sieg.

"SIEG!" the other three yell angrily. he puts his hands behind his head and says

"What, I'm being honest here?" the other three sigh, and they continue on. The screen then turns black and a purple gem appears in the centre, and a cold harsh voice says,

"I'm back, let Shadows now rule!" Then Sieg and co appear, and the screen turns white again and they all yell

"We'll never let you!" and then as they charge towards the gem the screnn turns black again, then in alternating red, blue, green and yellow letters, the following appears:

New Lands, New Heroes.
You always have a choice, but sometimes all the options are unclear....

25th October 2005, 5:53 PM
all right! I haven't seen one of these on here before!

I'll post some of the stuff that I had written up before....

Narrator: Ash Ketchum and Misty Waterflower were the best of friends...

Scenes of their life fly by.

Narrator: He wrecked her bike...

A picture of a mangled bike flashes across the screen

Narrator: She wrecked his life on his Pokemon Journey...

Scenes of Misty arguing with Ash and hitting him with her mallet flash by

James is sitting at a table, and glances at someone out of camera view. "I don't like it." he says.

"What don't you like?" Jessie demands.

"He only put one card down!" James complained.

Narrator: but they would never be more than that, until-

A scene of Ash sleeping, when suddenly he is jolted awake by Misty's scream

A flash-by scene of Misty cornered by two Beedrills

A flash-by scene of Ash throwing a rock at one of the beedrills

flash-by scene of Ash lying on the ground, blood pouring out of his chest

A scene of Misty crying near a campfire, "I never got to tell him," she sobs, "And now he'll die thinking that I hated him all this time!"

A scene of Brock and Gary in the woods, next to Ash, with two unconscious beedrill in the background.

"I'm going to lay it on the line," Brock says, "Unless he gets medical attention in the next two hours, he WILL die four hours after that."

Narrator: Ash Ketchum is injured to nearly the point of death...and secrets that have waited for years will have to surface...

a scene of an EMT, shouting to a helicopter pilot, "Red line it to the max or we'll lose him, now go as fast as this bucket of bolts can possibly go!"

Ash looked up at Misty and asked, "Misty, do you really love me?"

Misty looked up from where she had been crying, "Yes, Ash, I do. You know that better than anyone else."

"Then get rid of that stupid mallet!" Ash said, grinning

Narrator: Now a small band of Ash's friends must band together to find the people behind this attack, and find an antidote...before time runs out...

Butch, smirking defiantly, "Shut your mouth, Before a Beedrill flies into it."

Narrator: Brock Slate...

Misty looks at Brock, "YOU got a date? I mean, I heard you, but YOU got a date???"

Narrator: Gary Oak

Ash grins at Gary, "So...you were beaten by a girl...I wonder what happened to all your claims of being able to defeat anyone?"

Narrator: and introducing...Mandie Kepling

Mandie grins at Gary, "I can take on any guy I want, except maybe Bruno of the Elite Four...anytime, any place, and come out victorious..."

"Mandie," Brock said, "Wanna go out on a date with me?"

"you left the town for several years, but now, suddenly, you want a date with the infamous Mandie Kepling...YOU WANT TO GO ON A DATE WITH ME???" Mandie demands.

Brock swallowed, wondering what was going on, and squeaked out, "Yes?"

Mandie grinned from ear to ear, "Okay."

Narrator: But will they be in time?

"Ash? ASH? ASH WAKE UP!" Misty said, shaking him.

Narrator: But will this bring them closer together?

"Misty, I never thought that I would ask anyone this, but will you marry me?" Ash asked.

Narrator: or will it drive them further apart?

Misty glared down at him, "Oh sure! Always thinking about your Pokemon, aren't you! You never think about anyone else."

Narrator: And will their efforts be enough to save his life? Find out...on Serebii.net's Fan-Fiction forums!

"Uh...Acme Window Washers! We sell ski masks on the side!" James says, dangling from a rope during a storm, and wearing a ski mask.

*black screen*

"You idiots!" Meowth complained, "You strapped me ta you's back, and now I can't see!"

What If...

Anything and Everything done by Ash_Junior

For more than a hundred years, the Allnian National tournament has progressed much as it has for its entire history. The best non-Pokemon trainers in the non-Pokemon training world compete for the title of Best Warrior in the World (BWiW)

The camera pans across a large trophy, as well as a buckler. Both are beautifully decorated, the buckler with jewels and gold.

But one year, the Tournament was won by a true hero.

A young girl is standing, blood-spattered, on a podium, her hands raised in the air and shouting defiantly.

Six years later, she's back on her way to the top. From the very bottom.

The camera pans around Lorelei as she glares at the town behind her. Then she turns as the camera comes back and stays still and walks off.

But her road to the top, is unlike anything else

Professor Elm is on a video phone, and looks very worried, "Things are happening all over," he says.

She's ever heard of before

The camera focuses on an explosion, then pans away to reveal a massive dragon forcing its way out of a building. Dozens of attacks pelt it every few seconds, but nothing seems to faze it. Its tail and its Dragon Rages down birds and faint Pokemon left and right. The camera focuses on Lorelei as she's pushed out of a military helicopter near the edge of the attack.

Lorelei and the Johtan gym leader, Falkner, are having a fast-food meal together, "Do you remember the attack on Violet City?" he asks. The scene cuts, and comes back to a point further on in the conversation, "If I fail, my entire town will be destroyed, and hundreds of Pokemon and people are going to die."

Professor Elm on the video phone again, "We need your help!"

Lorelei is standing on top of a cliff, a bird-like human, a girl with purple hair holding a bullwhip, and a large bird standing in front of her, and a man with two swords in his hands behind her.

Hell Hath no Fury: an Ice Queen's Saga, available now at Serebii Fan-fiction Forums

Lorelei is frowning at some kind of device. "Where are we?" she asks.

A little kid standing next to her shrugs. "I don't know." Lorelei glares at him.

for proper mood, turn on the Imperial March by John Williams from Star Wars, or maybe "The Slam" by Tobymac from his "Welcome to Diverse City" CD

An anchorwoman sits behind a desk. You recognize it as JNN, or the Johto News Network. This announcement interrupted your favorite program, but it said it was breaking news, so it should be good. The anchorwoman looks up, a jubilant grin on her face, “We are pleased to announce that Giovanni, former head of Team Rocket before the Global Police’s recent crackdown on crime, was caught yesterday afternoon by Tintian Border authorities as he attempted to flee the country.”

Imagine a world where you thought evil was destroyed forever in one shining moment. Pokemon forever free to live their lives, with the occasional trainer coming along and trying to capture one or two….without Rockets to harass them.

A man in a simple black uniform sits behind a simple wooden desk, and looks at a girl with dark red hair, “I want this to be clear, Peters. We can have no mistakes.”

The woman nods, “I understand. There will be none. Giovanni will be dead within seventy-two hours.”

Imagine a world, full of peace, and warm feelings. A peace where evil has no foothold.

Indigo League’s Champion, Lance, stands before a group of reporters in a press conference. His face looks haggard, his hair rumpled, his suit untidy, as if he had been in a fight and hadn’t gotten any sleep the night before. “Ladies and Gentlemen, I have an announcement to make. I regret to inform you that Giovanni will not stand trial.” He holds a hand up before the press can shout, “I assure you, were he still alive, he would indeed stand trial, but I regret that he died in his sleep last night.”

If you still have that image in your head, bash it to pieces, and imagine a world of exactly the opposite.

A press conference where a man of distinctly Asian nationality stands next to a woman who looks like she came from a tropical climate. The woman speaks, “We, The leaders of Team Magma, Jiang Fernandez,” she motions to the man beside her, “And myself, Joan Paula Jones, leader of Team Aqua, both hereby accuse Champion Lance of murdering Giovanni in his sleep, with his own form of cowboy justice. We give him twelve hours to produce information to prove his innocence.”

What if all your worst nightmares about the world….

The two leaders of Magma and Aqua look into the camera once again. “The twelve hours have passed, and proof of Lance’s innocence has not been brought forward. Therefore, we are announcing that Team Aqua and Magma will be merging into one team, Team Maqua, to remove the blight of the Indigo League from the face of the earth, and avenge Giovanni’s death.”

Came true….

Cassidy, at a video phone, speaking to the man in the black suit behind the desk, “Engaran Central command? This is Cassidy. Things are on schedule, and are going smoothly. Operation: Celebi, should be pulled off without a hitch.”

In one month?

The man in the Black suit is speaking to the girl with the red hair again, “The invasion of Kanto must take place in exactly one month, or all our plans will be for naught.”

The girl looks him in the eye, “Everything will be ready by then, sir. I stake my life on it.”

The man in the black suit smiles faintly, “Oh, you are, Peters, make no mistake of that. You most certainly are.”

Operation: Celebi

The camera is focused on Butch and Cassidy, standing together on a naval vessel. The camera zooms out to reveal an aircraft carrier, then zooms out further to reveal an entire armada of a HUGE number of ships, two thirds of which are separating from the main group, and heading off in another direction. If you had time to count them, they would number 2,250 ships total, consisting of aircraft carriers, submarines, destoryers, cruisers, frigates, and troop ships. The sky is nearly black, and at first you can’t see why, but then as the camera zooms out further still, you begin to see thousands of planes, flying Pokemon, and dragons flying in patrol patterns above the massive fleet.

Available now at Serebii Fan-fiction Forums

A jet roars towards the camera, and just at the point of impact, the screen goes black.

Music for this one? the original Age of Empires Theme...

leaves blow across the other-wise black screen, and a voice that sounds like it belongs to an old person speaks

Long ago, When The Titans ruled the Earth, there was man, and there was Pokemon.

the screen fades in to an ancient, ruined tower, partially buried under black volcanic rock

The Humans were content to let the Pokemon have their space, and had petty squabbles among themselves.

sounds of swords clashing, heavy things smashing into each other, and screams begin to be heard

Before the Colleon of that time, the ultimate of any of the Pokemon Titans, changed everything.

screen flashes a brilliant silver, when it fades, it is of a giant battle around the tower, that shines a bright silver, and humans and Pokemon are fighting against each other. Sounds of many different attacks, beating of wings, beating of hooves, and other sounds of war can now be heard

Colleon knew his time was fading, but he knew that in the heart of the Tower of the Titans, there was a jewel that would extend his life...indefinitely.

suddenly, the scene is inside the tower, and a silvery being with eight tails approaches a jewel that is laid in the center of a table. The screen flashes silver, when it fades back in, it is of a map of the Pokemon world, and it moves towards an island chain northwest of Kanto

The humans were defeated, and most were driven off to an island chain that would be known in later millenia as the Engaran archipelago. Colleon was free to take the jewel, but he held off, unsure of the consequences fo his act.

Colleon looks at the jewel, and paces back and forth in front of it, then leaves the room

Then, as his two thousand years as a Titan were almost up, he took the one chance he had to remain alive.

Colleon hobbling forward and taking the jewel out of its place, screen turns black, then, suddenly, human screams can be heard, but the screen remains black

The jewel extended his life, and gave him even greater powers, but it also turned him into a creature of Darkness. Into a thing of ultimate evil. Into Lokrye.

the sound of thunder, but no more screams, and the screen flashes silver, and the black outline of a dog-like creature with two tails can be seen. Its head seems to turn towards the light, and the screen turns completely dark

He ravaged the country-side in his search for humans, not resting until he found every one.

picture of humans fleeing with whatever they had

But there were some that joined with Pokemon, legendary, Titan, and the rest, to put this being down...forever. They were led by a man known only as Gerahid.

picture of the back of a human shouting at Pokemon and a few humans, then the screen goes black

They took the battle to Lokrye's very tower he had stolen from the human Titans, and there, they imprisoned him, unable to actually kill him, where they thought he would be safe for all time.

picture of the silver tower, and the dead bodies of many humans and Pokemon

After this, Gerahid dissapeared, never to return to history's light. Time passed, and Gerahid became a name that parents named their children. More time passed, and Gerahid became a man of legend. More time passed, and history saw another Gerahid rise up and lead his people to victory before he was struck down, and Lokrye briefly escaped before being imprisoned once again in his dark tower. Time passed...and Lokrye drew strength in the passage of time, biding his time...he vowed the nexttime he was released, he would either die, or be victorious...no more going half-way.

silver screen, outline of the dark figure from before, but lying down, resting.

And he won't stop until everything and everyone that ever opposed him is dead and gone. He will not stop, until the entire human race is completely, and utterly destroyed, and the few remaining Titans along with them.

Thunder again, black screen

Time of the Titans


as you can see, I love to write.

word of warning, though...Time of the titans isn't written yet, and won't be until I finish Operation: Celebi and Retribution...:D

but all the others are either finished, or being worked on (Operation: Celebi)

Lady Myuu
25th October 2005, 6:32 PM
<< >> I can't write a commercial to save my life...


A deep male voice whispers almost, echoing about in a blank nothingness screen.

“Alone I am alone.”

The screen focuses out onto a forested area; the viewer can tell it’s a deep cold forest by the slight snow fall starting. The tall trees look as if anyone entered there woods they would devour any soul.

“After his rebirth from insanity”

The screen flashes to the glowing eyes of Mewtwo as he lifts a boy into the air, a smirk is played across his lips for the viewers to see while everyone recognizes the boy as the pokemon master in training, Ash Ketchum.

The screen fades again before this scene can be played any longer.

Again the forest is seen but now the seen moves forward closer towards the towering mountains in the background. Rising up with it and towards a cave, the viewer can not see inside.

“He was hunted”

The seen changes again before the viewer gets a chance to look into the cave, now they see Mewtwo once again, enclosed in a ball of energy as he screams in pain, his cloned pokemon crying out in fear for him.

Quickly the screen switches back to the cave in which Mewtwo is now standing, thinner then before but very much alive he just stands there looking out into the world.

“He had judged the world for its cruelty; it was merciless, empty void. He had attempted to make it his empire… but he was proved wrong”

The sky turns into a blood red color, the clouds swirling as something comes falling to the earth in the distance, slamming into the forest it catches aflame at once. Mewtwo darts his eyes up and the sky starts to begin to rain… fire.

“Too bad he realized this… far too late”

The screen begins to flash many scenes. A woman with black wings lies in a smoking crater. She twitches a little, her black wings fanned out. Suddenly her eyes open, they swirl red before slowly changing to a soft yellow…

Scene changes

Now a young blond haired girl looks up at a man standing beside her. he puts an arm on her shoulder as they look up wide eyed as the sky rains down the fire.

Again it changes.

Mewtwo is flying through the air, dodging the fire as it falls all around him.

Then it all falls back into the blackness from before.

“You will always be alone.” a different voice chuckles before a deep low laughter breaks out, causing the viewer to tremble almost as it is dripped with twisted darkness.

Pg-13 +
At a forum near you! Could use a review! *shameless*

25th October 2005, 7:03 PM
Voiceover: They are the future of Earth's mightiest heroes. Seperate they powerful, together they are unstoppable.

*flashes of each member of the team, using their powers. Mateo flying, Marcus running etc*

Voiceover: Some are from a watery planet teeming with life and together they are the future of the Agents of S.T.A.R.

*shots of Aquarius and the capital city and Dastara City while the team's logo rotates.*

Voiceover: But when tragedy strikes, the team will have to bring it together.

*scene in a park at night The Starbolts surround a blue skinned man laying on the grass. A blue skinned male is seen looking on and is distraught.*

“I know about the baby..” Sirak spoke telepathically. “I’m so happy for you both. You have my blessing, Mateo Arlandero. Treat Aquita with honor and respect her always..”

“I will, sir.” Mateo wiped a tear from his eyes and held Aquita. “I promise.”

“M’anta…Shrall..” Sirak turned his head toward his twin sons crying and continued to speak telepathically.. “Take care of yourselves, your sister and everyone for me. I’m proud of you both. Farewell…”

Voiceover: For it will take all their powers..

*scene of an empty street as the Starbolts, specifically the blonde Jenna is spoken to by a man in strange armor and he's surrounded by people in similar uniforms. They have collars on their necks*

"Hello, Jenna.” The man’s electronic voice seemed familiar to Jenna, somehow. “I see you’ve been busy. Looking all hot. It’s too bad a **** like you can’t land a real man.”

“Who are you?” Jenna stood battle ready with her hands ablaze in a sheet of fire. Jenna was more than furious with the man in the black suit and prepared to fight. “Manta can you?”

“I can’t read his mind, Javelin. It’s like he blocked it.” Manta stood side by side with Jenna as his hands crackled with electricity. “I can’t read anything.”

Voiceover: All their friendship..

*scenes of the team hanging out at the base, training. More powers being used and they're watched by an older man and woman*

Voiceover: To defeat a growing threat to their lives. *scene shifts to a city at night as the back of a Semi is opened to reveal a bunch of teenagers.*

A man in a black mask and jumpsuit appeared beside Whitefox. “What exactly can these kids do?”

“Glad you asked.” Whitefox smirked. “Farber, the one with the golden hand is a human lightning rod. Rodgers casts illusions; Adams is super agile, del Mar is some sort of werecat. Copolla is superfast like Bluestreak, Aktins can change his size and Johnson is something special.”

“What is he?” the man asked. “Looks like a regular black kid to me.

“He’s not.” Whitefox grinned. “He’s really a life-like android and as for Arlandero..”

Miguel squirmed and attempted to break free of the ropes as the others watched and struggled themselves. Being alarmed by this development, Whitefox called for the drivers of the truck to go to the back to sedate them all. Within minutes, the men came in with hypodermic needles and started to put the others to sleep while Miguel watched helplessly. The man with the golden hand’s hand turned to normal and Whitefox soon approached Miguel and removed his gag and Miguel struggled with his chains.

“Mmph..” Miguel tried to speak. “Let me go!”

Voiceover: Through tragedy and triumph, the next generation of Earth's heroes must save two worlds.

*shots of Aquarius and Earth*

A new path is opening for them.

*shots of Aquita singing*

A new start

*scene of an alien doctor examining Aquita*

A new beginning.

Voiceover: Starbolts: New Beginnings. This time, everything changes.

*image of "Coming Summer 2006"*

25th October 2005, 7:24 PM
Who said there was only one commercial for Dust to Deceit! After all, some movies have five, and maybe even more if they can fund them. Guess what, I can fund them! No amount of money can sway me from bringing in new readers and getting replies at long last!

*Start Scene*

Once again, the screen starts out black. This time, a youthful, male voice speaks. “Murderers like you don't deserve a second chance!” It snarls angrily. “I will see you in hell!”

We see what appears to be a brown haired boy as he shoves a larger man with many rings pierced into his face. A single word escapes his lips as he’s shoved off the screen. “WHEE!”

The scene shifts, now showing an aged man with yellow hair wearing a robe. “Do you ever look into the clear night sky?”

The scene shifts to the brown haired boy again, with a green haired girl sitting next to him. “Those stars out there... some of them may be long dead.” He sighs.

The scene shifts back to the yellow haired man again. “Do you ever feel so...” he pauses, his fingers curl as he appears to carefully be considering his next word.

The scene shifts to the boy and green haired girl again. “It makes me feel so...” there is a slight pause, as a shift in the screen shows both the elderly man and the brunette boy. They speak in unison “INSIGNIFICANT!”

The scene shifts back to the boy gazing at the stars. The green haired girl sighs and places a hand on his shoulder. “You worry too much Phillip. What’s the worst that could happen on your journey at this point?”

The scene shifts again, this time the brown haired boy, or Phillip, as the green haired girl called him, is on a high cliff, a grey sphere with a single eye, and magnets for arms glaring at him. It lunges forward, only to be struck by a stringy substance from a greenish spider as it jumps out from behind Phillip.

The scene changes again, showing a purple rodent with a curled tail, eyeing a black dog with smoke coming out its nose that looks as though it had stepped out of hell itself. In front of the dog is the dead body of another purple rat, with teeth marks in its skin. The other rat snarls, as its eyes widen in rage. It speaks, its words translated for human convenience. “My son!” it yells, and hen a stream of fire is unleashed. There are no humans in sight. The hound appears to be smiling.

This of course happens rather quicker than is being described. The scene changes again. This time, a snail with a rocky shell is glaring at the green haired girl. Next to her, the man with rings in his face who was pushed in the first scene of this commercial appears.

The man stands cautiously. “Leave her alone!” he yells, his voice quivering slightly, as a stream of fire escapes the snails mouth, and heads his way. The man screams in fear and the burning pain he is about to receive.

The scene shifts again, showing an orange fish getting bitten by a blue maw with many sharp teeth. Blood spills and the fish gurgles.

Suddenly. All these flashes of hot and awesome scenes end, and we return to the night sky scene with Phil and the green haired girl. “Eh, maybe you’re right Gina.” he grins. The girl smiles back, and Phil stands up. “Now to go urinate on a tree! Cya!”

Gina’s face audibly shifts to disgust. “Oh god! TMI Phil!”

“Whatever.” is his only response.

At that, a bloodied hand appears on the screen, and tears the current scene away like a piece of tattered paper, leaving a black nothingness as it pulls it away. The sound of tearing and ripping can be heard for about a second. Afterwards, we see tattered bits of scene fall down. Many scenes from the film are revealed in tiny shreds of paper, they flash by so fast we can hardly watch them. As they disperse, the camera changes its angle downwards, revealing the paper pieces having taken on the shape of the title. The words Dust to Deceit is shown, a few papers drip the redness of blood. As this happens, a wind sends the papers away, and the bloodied hand returns, trembling at first. It begins to disintegrate... into dust! As it all clears, a narrator’s voice FINALLY arrives and says a few words. “Dust to Deceit!” It pauses for a brief second before continuing, “Rated PG-13!”

Chibi Pika
26th October 2005, 12:00 AM
Hey, this is such a cooja idea, Scrap. Actually, a long time ago, I made up a commercial for my secondary fic, but I’m gonna try to do one for LC.

Slow, cautious music starts, like the music in the beginning of the Wave-Guiding Hero trailers.

Scene opens with a distant view of a mountainous autumn valley. The trees are charred black, however, and the majority of the forest has been ravaged.

Narration, a teenaged girl’s voice: “On that day, everything changed…”

The cause of the destruction is soon apparent when a streaking fireball dashes across the screen. The screen focuses on the fireball’s form, showing it as Entei, fleeing from several jeeps. The humans inside are each shooting at the beast, and likewise using their Pok&#233;mon to attack it.

The scene switches back to focus on a hill overlooking the valley; a tall, dirty-blond haired teenage girl is standing next to a taller male Pok&#233;mon Trainer in his late teens. Both of them are watching the events taking place in the valley.

Music quickens.
A quick shot of Mew's nimble form eluding sparking rays of energy flashes in before switching back to the previous hillside scene with the two humans. It focuses on the older boy, who says, “If Team Rocket managed to create forces led by members with Legendary Pok&#233;mon, everything would be done for.”

Another quick shot, this time of Zapdos recoiling backward from a wave of Master Balls. Streaks of electricty fill the the air with the goldenrod bird's defense. Scene switches back to the same two from before standing along the harbor of Vermillion City. The girl says, “Yeah, I’ll join the rebellion—besides, I’ve got a bit of a score to settle with Team Rocket.”

Varied scenes flash—the same girl racing out into a deserted corridor, gunfire in the background—a crowd of young trainers franticly yelling out commands to scattered Pok&#233;mon while the opposing Rockets fire mercilessly.

Music stops suddenly.
Narration: “If only I’d known what I was getting into…”

New music starts, similar to that music that started halfway through the previews for Pok&#233;mon 2000, but quicker and darker-sounding.
Rapid scene switching shows glimpses of events—a Raikou roaring and dashing off into a crowd of opposing Pok&#233;mon—the same Raikou slashed and soaked in blood, howling in desperation—a Charizard in a fierce battle with Moltres, streaking forward and slashing at the blazing phoenix's wing—a Suicune stooping over the fallen form of Entei while twisted surges of lightning fill the air—the looming draconic form of Lugia, upon which the camera zooms in on.

Lugia, addressing the girl: <The humans seek to destroy us—there is nothing you can do to stop it.>

Music escalates.
Scene switches to the camera moving to keep Lugia in its focus—the snowy-white dragon-bird is soaring low with incredible speed over a dispersed crowd of humans below. Various pulsing energy beams are fired at it.

Background voice: <The legends aren’t set in stone, you know…>

Music stops.
Scene shows Mew in a forested setting floating alongside the girl. Mew continues, <...they were just written so we would know what we should do…>

New music: slower, dramatic.
Scene switches to a close up view of Suicune and Zapdos. Suicune slowly and solemnly nods toward Zapdos.

Scene switches to a shadowed cliffside, and the silhouette of Lugia crying out into the night in despair.

Fade out with a faraway shot of a Charizard soaring across Kanto. Fade into a black screen with the words “The Legendarian Chronicles.” Credits page flashes with “Now Playing” at the top and the rating box of PG-13 at the bottom.

W00t, I’m rather proud of the result ^^ Hopefully that gives people a clear idea of my fic and entices some to read it. Some of the scenes were tweaked from the actual fic, but meh. *shrugs.*


26th October 2005, 12:12 AM
Commercial starts with a shot of a boy and an Umbreon overlooking a disaster-torn village.

"His life was torn apart,"

Shots of buildings appear, each one immediately followed by a picture of the same building after it has been torn apart by a tornado.

"Everything he knew was taken from him."

Flashback of the boy with his parents and his best friend come onto the screen.

"And he wants revenge."

Boy appears again, this time staring into a green gem on a chord around his neck. His fist closes tightly over the gem at the word 'revenge.'

"Setting out to rid the world of the creature he blames for his losses."

Shot of an Absol with a broken horn appears and disappears.

"Young Eric begins his long, difficult journey."

Shots of Eric weeping, yelling, confronting an absol, and battling other pokemon and trainers flash on the screen.

"But is his blame misplaced?"

Overhead shot of Eric in the middle of the war-torn town with a body in his lap appears. Eric mutters, "why?" looks up and yells, "Ho-oh!" Fade to black.

"The Saddened Journey."
Opens with a man in a brown trenchcoat and hat walking down a deserted sidewalk in the rain.

"Abandoned by everyone he loved."

Flashback to a young boy being thrown out of a car door as the car drives away.

"And forced into a life of crime."

Shots of a the same boy, but older, running from a store with food in his arms, and an angry shopkeeper chasing him, him stealing a woman's purse, and him pointing a gun at an unseen object flash by.

"He changed into a heartless killer."

Shot of the man from the opening holding a girl to a young, weeping girl's head appears, jumping back to the man on the street just as he pulls the trigger.

"And no one's gonna' live to tell about it."

Still on the man walking down the road. The 3rd floor of a building in the backround explodes. He pays no attention to it but smirks.

The screen then flashes through pictures of the man holding the gun to people's heads adn hearts, holding someone from behind with a knife to their neck, cutting a gas line in an apartment, shooting some people, hiding in an alley as the police rush past, shaking hands with a figure dresses like the Grim Reaper, standing in the midst of a cirlcle of heavily armed police officers with the cloaked firgure, slumped against the wall with the cloaked figure standing over him with its scythe pulled back, and lastly, a shot of a young-teenage boy saying, "No, please don't." Then it goes bck to the man from teh opening as he says, "Sorry kid," adn pulls up his gun. The text appears, "No Witnesses" and the commercial ends with a quick shot of the man in the trenchcoat and the cloaked figure standing across from each other in the middle of a street during a fierce rainstorm. It ends with the cloaked figure's cloak beginning to fly off.
No Witnesses is not written yet, but the rough draft of the first chapter is posted in its own thread somehwere here in the author's cafe.

Lil Brother
26th October 2005, 2:00 AM
...fun. 8D Beware, there are some spoilers for my fic. The Destiny Deoxys Remake.


People are seen running in panic in a city. A Deoxys-shaped shadow is seen gliding through the ground.

The purple Deoxys flies thorugh a field with its head near the camera. Its arm are below the screen. Quickly, the screen rotates to see it is carrying Max below it.

"May!" Max shouts. Below, Satoshi-tachi are running after them.

"Max!" May shouts similarily.

Inside a room wish ash all over the walls and ground at night. One wall is blown away and the ceiling is caved in. Gray dusts floats throughout the room and people are screaming. Max, Munchlax, Rebecca, Jessie, James, and Mewoth are shown watching something in the center of the room.

It is the purple Deoxys. It lifts up a little girl and begins to wither away her body until she is literally skin and bones. She oddly blows away into dusts. Max watches in horror.

Ash and the purple Deoxys are in nothigness. Only a strange yellow shimmer illuminates the screen and Ash's face seems haunting. It pans onto it as he says something.

"You are a terrible creature," he remarks coldly. The purple Deoxys seems a bit taken back, and jerks back.

Go to space. The camera slides through it until settling onto a brown planet with several large meteors. Green and purple lights are shown flshing from the other side.

"This summer, our universe..." the narrator starts.

With a deafing roar, the planet explodes and the entire screen is swallowed up. After a few seconds, it melts away into pitch black. A Pokeball appears in the center of the screen.

"...is created," he finishes.

The Challanger! begins to play, starting from where the lyrics begin. A montage begins.

At night, a Plusle and a Minun scale down a drain pipe of the side of a two-story building.

Nearing sundown in a green forest, Max leans foward to pick up an apple, only for Munchlax to reach at it from the opposite side of the screen. The camera focuses on it and it eats the apple in one gulp.

A red sky overhead what seems a tropical forest. Two Rayquazas, one of which is shiny, fly by.

On top of a skyscraper, Sid gets down on his knee in front of a confused-looking May. At Sid's back, Brock does the same thing to Rebecca.

The purpel Deoxys flies through the city, with the purple Deoxys on its tail.

Close-up on Metagross in the same city, shooting a psychic attack from its X mark.

At night, May wanders through a dirty city. She sits down on the sidewalk and leans against an old building, burying her face in her hands.

Ash rides on Rayquaza's neck as they fly across a beautiful ocean by moonlight.

The Destiny Deoxys logo takes up the ccreen, with space in the background. The narrator boldly announces "Pokemon- Destiny Deoxys". The Challanger! ends.

26th October 2005, 2:49 AM
Meh, I'll give it a go.

[Scene: A dark-haired boy, seen from the front, sits by a desk in a classroom, clearly concentrating on a piece of paper on the desk. His pencil travels across the paper's surface as a woman's voice drones on and on; the occasional word or phrase such as "Double Team" can be caught, but not exactly what she is saying.]

Narrator: Mark was, in all aspects, an ordinary kid.

[He scribbles on and on, looking up and the back down.]

Narrator: He despises his Battling teacher...

[The camera switches to looking down at the piece of paper. It turns out to contain a drawing of woman with glasses and extremely long fingernails being chased by a huge beast midway between a bird and a dragon. The camera moves slightly upwards and the blurry image of the woman sitting by the teacher's desk is revealed as the drawing is still partially visible. The camera focuses on the woman; she has glasses and long, blood-red fingernails, overall resembling the drawing in a comical way. The camera switches to a close-up of the boy's face as he grins.]

Narrator: He rebels against his parents...

[Scene: The boy stands abruptly up from a dinner table and screams "Goodbye! Did I mention I hate you too?"]

Narrator: And he wants to become a Pok&#233;mon trainer above everything else.

[Scene: We see a letter; the writing is indecipherable, but the camera travels down to the bottom of it. Two photos are attached to it, both depicting another boy around his age. One of them has him hugging a small, cute blue crocodile and waving at the camera; the other depicts him in a throwing stance, holding a red and white sphere, a blurred unconscious bird in front of him clearly the target. The camera zooms out to reveal that Mark was holding it; he bitterly places it upside-down on the messy black desk in his room. "Stupid Alex," he mutters. "Stupid parents."]

Narrator: But when he does get out...

[Scene: Mark waves goodbye with a grin, running down the road while shouting in joy.]

Narrator: ...little does he know that he will never be the same.

[Scene: Many very short flashes of different scenes appear in a row: a giant insect with scythes instead of arms leaping towards the camera; a huge green spiked dinosaur roaring; a puddle of blood underneath something off-screen that casts a shadow on it; a white, catlike anthro creature with long horns, a dark blue tail and soulless eyes; a whitish pink, plain, catlike head with a grave expression; a young man wearing black with long, silver hair, gray eyes and an inscrutable expression, his arms folded; the side of a mountain exploding as something golden bursts out of it; a crack opening in the middle of the volcano, lava flowing out of it as something flies up from the crater; a shadow of something large just barely visible through a snowstorm; a graceful blue creature with a billowing violet cape speeding towards a body of water; a black panther with long neon green spikes and markings crouching; and finally an anthroistic grayish-white cat with a deep purple tail appearing in the middle of a circle with people all around. After that, the screen fades to black for a second.]

Narrator: The Quest for the Legends: Death is not to be feared...

[A pair of blindingly yellow eyes snap open in the middle of the screen.]

Narrator: ...for it is the only thing that we all have in common.

[The eyes fade slowly away]

Willow's Tara
26th October 2005, 3:34 AM
I have two:

Dreams By Attractions 2: (From the original DBA that you haven't seen).
Amber Benson's voice over: One Actress. One teenager. One thing in common. Returning back to Australia for Channa's Birthday Amber and her friends couldn't be happier. That was until the nightmare begun Flashes of Nathan and Jeffrey (DBA villians) escaped from jail and now wants blood on thier hands and will stop at nothing to kill everyone Amber and Channa loves, the gamer is beyond serious, the risks is higher and the danger is beyond dangerous[I/] Shows Images of Amber returning back to Australia, Nathan and Jeffrey slamming Amber and Channa into a coma. Alyson Hannigan's eyes puire black, Kristen gagged, Liz falling unconious, The Assembly Hall blowing up, Rose McGowan running, Jalisa screaming for James and then silence.
[I]Will they defeat them once and for all or will they die?[I/]

Touched(Names will be changed:
Narrator: [I]She was an ordinary girl who had her averge problems Flash of Kristy Johnson laughing with her friends. [I]He loved her but she will not talk to him yet[I/] Flashes of Charlie watching Kristy sadly
[I] But will one event bring them all closer then they ever have been, a touching story that will stay with you[I] Flashes of Charlie saving Kristy from her rapist, Kristy crying, Charlie holding her in his arms and begging for her to awaken. Tate dropping her mobile. Jennifer hugging Charlie in comfort.
[I] Coming soon[I]

26th October 2005, 4:16 AM
Ah, well, let me give this a try. Here goes.

Friends of Legend: Three men and their very scary plan

{Darkness on the screen. Gold lettering appears on the screen.} It read:

Legends....some are born and some are just there.

The letters disappear and it's dark yet again. Again, more gold lettering appears. It read:

A horrid thing has taken place...a crime even......a crime....of fashion.

{A strange bonky song plays}

Three men are walking down an empty hallway. One is a tall slender man on the left. He was pale and had bright red hair and a black and red lab coat. The middle man was short and pale and had slick black hair. He had beady eyes and wore a black suit with a white undershirt showing. The next man was a broad man with a sailor type suit on. He had a small, black beard and a bandana on. These three men walk to the beat of the music.

{Bonky Music still playing but It’s dark. Gold lettering appears again.} It read:

Magma…..Aqua…..Rocket……….a new name in villainous acts. If only they knew what they were doing.

{It goes black again and the three men appear on the dark screen.}

“Maxie….Archie……strike the pose” the man in the middle . Instantly, the man named Maxie got down on one knee as if he was proposing and he made a gun out of his hand and looked about making sure to look feminine. At the same time, the man named Archie did the same thing. Knelt down and made a gun. The man in the middle just put his hand in the hair. The screen goes black and an eerie laugh is heard and a small whisper from Maxie is heard. “Giovanni, you did it.”

{It goes black once again and it opens to a peaceful village. The sun is shining and it’s all nice and quite.}


Green Village, it’s peace covers up a dark secret and a destiny only one can pursue.

{The opening trailer song from A Series of Unfortunate Events}

{We zoom in on a small little shack up on a hill. It looks like a one room shack.}

{Inside we see four people. A girl with long blue pigtails. A boy with a large chunk of hair in the front sticking out of his hat which was put on backwards. He word a red windbreaker. The next was a boy who had long red hair that went to his shoulders. The last was an old man who was short and had a beard that touched the floor.}

{The unfortunate events song fades out}
“All I know is that, if this doesn’t work, a creature will fall and we are all doomed” said the little old man.

“Kris is the only one who can do it?” cried the backwards hat boy.

“Taylor, no, I can’t” said Kris to Taylor.

“Well, you have no other choice, it’s ether that or we all die” said the old man.
Kris looked out the window and saw people walking , coming and going.

{It fades out and all is black”

In the darkness Kris is heard” I’ll do it.”

{A series of flashes take place in tune to some music with a lot of drums and organs}

A large blue bird shoots and icy beam at a lion like dog, the dog shot out a fiery ball.

{fade out}

A large yellow electric bird falls to the ground and a large boulder like Pokemon steps on it.

{fade out}

Several hieroglyphic Pokemon float about a cave.

{fade out}

An eleven year old girl with a evil look on her face stairs at a murderous looking dagger, we zoom in on her evil grinning face.

{fade out}

The boy from earlier, Taylor, is seen jumping on the man, Maxie, with a dagger in his hand in the rain and wind.

{fade out}

Kris is seen being sucked into a vortex and two hands are separated.

{fade out}

A shadowed bird is seen falling to the ground.

{fade out}

A large white bird is seen shooting a large beam from its mouth.

{fade out and all turned black}

Kris is heard saying “Taylor……please let go” it then faded out.

Taylor is heard saying in a whisper “ we’re all doomed”

All is black and gold lettering appear, it read:

Friends of Legend: Three Men and their really scary plan.

Not your typical hero’s…Not your typical Villain’s

26th October 2005, 4:36 AM
Ah what the hell..Starbolts: New Beginnings trailer 2.

M'anta's POV

M'anta's voice: My family and I have always been close. Even through the greatest loss of our lives-My father, the king.

*scene of M'anta's sister Aquita singing in a park and a flash of white and we see M'anta's father on the ground.*

“M’anta…Shrall..” Sirak turned his head toward his twin sons crying and continued to speak telepathically.. “Take care of yourselves, your sister and everyone for me. I’m proud of you both. Farewell…”

M'anta's voice: The ones who did this deserve no pity. Because of one man, everything changed in our lives.

*we see gold boots and green legs. It resembles a sort of armor*

*scene change to a blonde woman (Jenna) approaching M'anta in the park..*

“I wish there was something I could say or do to make things right again. Whoever yelled liked that and vanished left no trace after your dad was shot. Marcus couldn’t find him and right now everyone’s with your family. We need you to come back. They need you.”

M'anta's voice: Two worlds need us. Now and Forever. I fight for in father's memory.

*camera pans up the bodysuit and we see a green chest with a black manta ray symbol on it.*

*scene change to a green streak in the sky flying away from the camera and we see shadows of each of the Starbolts. The only thing visible on the shadows is the team's logos.*

M'anta's voice: We're the Starbolts and we're supposed to be the next generation of Earth's heroes.

*scene changes to the Starbolt's locker room. We see M'anta on a bench*

“Dad.” M’anta said aloud to the helmet in his hands and closed his eyes tightly. “Help me find Terra Nova. Give me strength.”

*Camera zooms up and we see M'anta with the helmet on.*

M'anta's voice: And now...We show them just why exactly we are the future.

*Screen goes black and we see flashes of all the Starbolts in action*

Voiceover: Through tragedy and triumph, the next generation of Earth's heroes must save two worlds.

*shots of Aquarius and Earth*

A new path is opening for them.

*shots of Aquita singing*

A new start

*scene of an alien doctor examining Aquita*

A new beginning.

Voiceover: Starbolts: New Beginnings. This time, everything changes.

26th October 2005, 5:34 AM
Well... an add for my stories!


To be... or not to be?

Ever since a strange human asked that question, many creatures, mostly humans, have been wondering about existance...

... where do life come from?

... why did it appear?

... is there a purpose to it all?

... and what if it didn't mattered, in the end?

Humans asked themselves those questions for a long time... but some existantial questions about their world were unfortunately overlooked...

... why is conscious toughts exclusive to humanity?

... why do Pokemon have powers but not humans?

... what caused humans to evolve differently?

Questions overlooked by all... but it would be time for humanity to ask themselves these questions before they lose the opportunity to ask themselves the questions... and that, forever.

*Two crimson eyes flash in the darkness and then... six spheres shine in a faint light... whispers are heard... inhuman whispers... whispers calling for help...*

To be or not to be?

*Two thousands pairs of eyes shine with malevolent intentions in the darkness...*

... and what if the question wasn't relevant in the first place?

*A bright flash of light and the title "Rejected" appear on-screen. The letters are made of human bones and are underlined with red ink... but slowly, as the ink starts to drips off the letters, it become obvious that it is actually blood.*




"My name is Ember! I am a starter Pokemon!" stated with pride a small Charmander.

"Glad to meet you." said the friend, happy to meet the young Charmander.

Years passes... she grows into a Charmeleon, loses fights, wins others... then, she becomes a Charizard, is sent to the Breeding Center, meets a certain Blaze, lay eggs from which Flame and Smoke are born... and then, a few years later, a heart attack return her to the earth.

"I'm Flame!" said the first Charmander.

"I'm Smoke!" stated the other one.

"I'm Shell!" said a Squirtle.

"I'm Chick!" chirped a Torchic.

The friend greets them all and then, they live their lives and die, all claimed by old age.

Then, the humans, seemingly immortal creatures... they age too...

Elizabeth, a normal Pokemon trainer... takes on the Pokemon League challenge... After failing to defeat the sixth Gym Leader, her starter Pokemon, Ember, dies from age... and Flame takes it's place. Seemingly immortal, Elizabeth outlives Flame and his children... and then, finally takes on the Elite Four.

Now, four generations died... the friend and Elizabeth greets the fifth generation.

Seven generations of Pokemon... the trainer is starting to age... but she is finally the Champion. She rests atop the world, happy... and the trainer's friend is happy too.

Then, fifteen generations... and the trainer dies, the trainer's daughter rising to take her place.

The friend is still here... and is sad to burry Elizabeth along with all her Pokemon... she outlive every single one...

Then... someday, Mew comes to her... the friend is happy to meet a Legendary Pokemon. The two speaks and play together... and then, a beautiful day arrives...

Mew lied down, closed her eyes... and didn't opened them. The friend waited for Mew to awaken... for days... days and days... and when her body begun to decay and that a new Mew appeared, the friend realised it...

"Undying... I am undying."

The one who is dead cannot die... and death is to not exist...

But when you are dead and continue to exist... then you know that things are about to grow weird, twisted, creepy, and all that dark stuff...

On this day, the beautiful sun disappeared as night came... but dawn never came back...

... and for the friend, it would never, ever come back ever.

For a terrible realisation came to her...

Life is expendable.

The most sacred rule has been broken. The Pokemon world will never be the same ever again...

*screen fade out. Title is displayed*


The Burnt Shadow
26th October 2005, 4:03 PM
Well here goes something...

The Renegade saga

"The pokemon world has now changed."

The screen shows Hoenn's sky pillar standing tall as rain and lightning pour the area.

"New enemies..."

A trainer with a bionic arm and eye appears holding a pokeball in his bionic arm. Then the scene changes to the city of Vermellion under attack by a group of trainers. A subleader talks to a grunt then suddenly notices and hears a great explosion occur in a part of the city.

"New trainers..."

Soon a girl appears with a Scyther by her side. Soon a boy appears as a Breloom leaps from behind him and gives a great kick to fade away the scene. Finally a trainer about the age of twenty stands over a cliff as lightning and thunder sparks out while rain heavily pours. In the shadows two of his pokemon appear. One of them has glowing red eyes with a few symbols while the other had glowing blue eyes and glowing blue outlines around its head, bust, arms and tail.

"But no heroes..."

Soon a Blaziken runs at a fast rate and instantly delivers out powerfully fast kicks right towards a Nidoking. Stone towers begin to crumble along with a few men in it. The scene then switches to a small couple walking in the rain only to be faced by the terrifyingly gigantic jaws of an Aerodactyl.

"Just Renegades"

Soon a teenage trainer walks slowly in a dark and quiet street. He continues to walk but the camera view goes in front of him. As he walks forward his two pokemon appear a bit clearly beside him. Soon the scene switches the boy flying on his Aerodactyl.

"Shade, a Renegade of the Black Rayquazas has now left his dark home and returned to the world. Along the way he meets both new friends and old friends."

Shade takes out Blaziken as he faces off against a trainer with a Breloom. The scene soon changes to a Scizor trashing a Tyranitar into a wall. Soon it changes to Blaziken dodging the blady ice parts of Registeel along with avoiding the crusty fists of Regirock.

"But through his journey he also faces deception, revenge and great enemies."

It shows the trainer with the Breloom, pointing at Shade while Breloom comes in and fires a great solar beam creating an explosion. It also shows Shade terribly hurt on the floor looking up at a girl who gets wrapped by shadows and turns to another girl. Finally it shows the trainer with the bionic arm pointing his gun at the camera and shoots out to fade away the scene.

"Shade also seeks out to find the missing pieces of his past and also answers to reveal about the future."

It then shows Blaziken striking down a druid who continues to laugh madly. Blaziken then continues to strike and is unable to control himself. It then shows Shade taking a look at a picture of himself and a girl in it. He slowly tears it in half and throws it into a puddle. He then also takes a locket from his shirt and crushes it with his foot.

"Will Shade suceed against trainers, enemies and rivals? Or will he fade away like his family?"

It then shows Shade covering himself from a great exlosion from a great blast of energy. Aerodactyl then raises its head all battered and bruised as it gave out a great roar. Shade then faces the screen holding up his hand. His hand slowly blazes up with dark flames and he fades away the screen by sending out a blast of fire from his finger tips.

RaZoR LeAf
26th October 2005, 7:39 PM

Legend of Zelda: Battle for Hyrule (http://www.badongo.com/vid.php?file=mock+trailer+for+zelda+fanfic__2005-10-26_Trailer_1.mov)

It's only about 20MBs. Uncoloured, no sound, low res and there's a blip in it.

EDIT: Grr, now the damn website doesn't work..

26th October 2005, 7:47 PM
Ah, what the heck, a second Quest for the Legends trailer. The other trailer was more general while this one goes in-depth...


Narrator: A perfectly ordinary boy on a Pok&#233;mon journey...

[Scene: A dark-haired boy walks along a road with a Charmander beside him.]

Narrator: The only thing that sets him apart from everybody else...

[Scene: The boy lies on his bed, absorbed in a book called The Mythical Pok&#233;mon of Ouen.]

Narrator: ...is his passion for Legendaries.

[Several shots of him reading different books with similar titles, often in the middle of the night with a flashlight, and some where he is drawing Legendaries, primarily Lugia and Articuno.]

Narrator: He does not know yet that it will change his life...

[Scene: A shape that looks at a glance like a Mewtwo with his eyes closed appears in the middle of a circle surrounded by people.]

Narrator: ...forever.

[Scene: The creature's eyes snap open as they face what we recognize as the boy; they are so bright that everything else fades to black. Screams are heard in the background.]

Music starts

Narrator: An impossible quest...

[Scene: The creature against a completely black background; a telepathic voice says, "Find them, capture them, keep them."]

Narrator: ...his destiny?

Music stops suddenly

[Scene: The creature against a black background again with an annoyed expression. "No, no, no, no, no!" he says irritably. "There is no 'chosen one'. We don't believe in fate. Just try to help the team, okay?"]

Music starts again

Narrator: The Quest for the Legends...

[Scene: A man with long, silver hair stands on a hill with his arms folded and looks up at the starry sky. "Mew... I am back..." he mutters, his gray eyes lightening slightly.]

Narrator: You could never guess...

[Scene: A close-up of the boy from the side; he buries his face in his hands. "Why can't I just have a normal Pok&#233;mon journey like everybody else?" he sighs.]

Narrator: Now showing.

[The screen goes black; two bright yellow eyes fade into view and then out again.]

26th October 2005, 9:20 PM
Starbolts: New Beginnings-trailer 3

Voiceover: For years they've trained. Using their powers for the benefit of two worlds.

Shots of: M'anta flying, Jenna shooting fireballs at an unseen foe, Marcus running at superspeed through a city, a gigantic ebon skinned man punching what appears to be a cat like humanoid, Mateo flying through the concrete canyons of an alien city on bird-like wings, two Japanese teenagers merging to become a gigantic robotic wolf, Aquita shouting and people getting blown away, Kevin (a man with red eyes) creating a bow and arrow out of thin air, a lady glowing bright yellow and shooting bolts out of her hands fights side by side with him. A redhead creates a crystaline weapon and twirls it like a staff and twin of M'anta mimicing Marcus's superspeed.

Voiceover: But when tragedt strikes, the future of the world's greatest heroes must unite to face a fearsome foe.

Shots of: M'anta, Aquita and Shrall's father laying dead, telling his children his proud of them. And we get the lines Jenna said in trailer 2.

Voiceover: Through tragedy and triumph, the next generation of Earth's heroes must save two worlds.

*shots of Aquarius and Earth. Aquarius is a more watery world with tourquoise seas. The Earth picture uses stock footage of Earth as seen from space*

A new path is opening for them.

*shots of Aquita singing. Aquita has light blue skin, green hair, webbed hands with four fingers. She's on the stage of an outdoor concert hall with trees and people below clapping. Amongst them are her parents who look similar to her and her friends. She sings this:*

“Baby, I can tell you something about destiny…” Aquita sang. “You can believe if you believe in me. You don’t know for sure if it feels all right? But, if you wanna know, I’ll show you tonight.”

A new start

*scene of an alien doctor examining Aquita. The alien doctor is seen standing next to a tanned man with large wings growing out of his back.*

A new beginning.

Voiceover: Starbolts: New Beginnings. This time, everything changes.

*image of "Coming Summer 2006"*

Power Shot
26th October 2005, 9:32 PM
An advert for my fic, The Shattered Sword, located on my sig. Enjoy.

The Shattered Sword

An Undending Evil...

Thunder rages across a darkened sky. In the seas below, Ganon remains inbedded in rock. The camera closes up on his face as both eyes open suddenly, glaring in red.

Unlikely Heroes Awaken...

Link appeares with seven other to the side of him. His right arm is shrouded in darkness. In his left hand he grips a massive sword with seven Medallions embedded onto its blade.

An old man stands to his right, holding glinting knives. On his left, A Zora women stands ready, holding a bow.

Next to the old man stands a gigantic Goron with a women with hair the color of night, and green eyes without pupils. In her raised hands she holds two spells.

On the side of the girl is a small Deku, holding two bombs in his wooden hands. He is grinning. Near him are two twins, a boy and a girl. The boy is holding a magic hammer.

A Broken Vow...

The old man is in the middle of a circle. Link's followers are all surronding a table, a table with the Master Sword Shards laid on it. They are chanting in a forgotten language.

As the future returns to defeat the past, the Hero of Winds will restore the order of the world...

Link stands alone in a cave, heading towards unseen darkness.

The Shattered Sword

Review it, it is that sweet.

Chibi Pika
27th October 2005, 2:02 AM
I’ve read through most of these and I like a lot of them, even some for fics I haven’t read, which I guess was the whole point.

Eh, what the hey, I’ll do a second one too, I can fund it. XP The other centered more on the main character and the fight for the Legendaries while this one is more plot-rooted, but meh.

Slow and suspenseful music starts…

Narration, quiet, echoing: Even as the darkness fell, the legends had already begun to die…

Slowly, scenes fade into each other—a scorched battlefield with hundreds of slain humans and Pok&#233;mon lying motionless—the silhouette of a great stone shrine against the moonlight—three pedestals, each supporting a small, faintly glowing crystal of white, black, and violet light, respectively.

Narration: When war envelops the land, new rules shall dominate this great game of destinies.

The black crystal now fills the entire screen, and slowly, its light begins to glow brighter.

Narration, whispered: The Revolution is coming…

Music stops.
A dirty-blonde haired teenage girl turns exasperatedly toward the towering form of a white dragon-bird and shouts, “I thought we were just supposed to keep more Legendaries from being captured—no one said anything about finishing some war!”

New music starts, much quicker and with a heavy beat, yet sinister sounding.

Scenes flash rapidly—a Charizard in a fierce battle with Moltres, streaking forward and slashing at the blazing phoenix's wing—a Suicune stooping over the fallen form of Entei while twisted surges of lightning fill the air—Mewtwo and Entei standing alongside one another, their eyes glowing mindlessly as glowing tendrils of energy encircle their bodies.

Words on screen: Eight Trainers…

Scenes flash rapidly—a teenaged girl yelling something while soaring at top speed on the back of a verdant dragon—a young, spiky-haired trainer pointing as a sleek black dog leaps forward at his command—a black-haired girl smiling at a small yellow rodent upon her shoulder—a young boy running forward and throwing a Pok&#233; ball at a spiky green dinosaur—a brown-haired girl standing next to an immense blue crocodile with a lost and misguided look on her face—the hardened stare of a young Rocket standing alongside his trusted iron vulture—a carefree trainer grinning at a green, blade-armed mantis—the tall, shadowed figure of a guy in his late teens, glancing off-screen with a cream-colored cat at his side.

Words on screen: Eight Legendaries…

Scenes flash rapidly—a spiky goldenrod heron glancing off into the distance—an azure beast letting out a long, remorseful howl—a neon yellow tiger nodding solemnly, his face dripping with blood—a red-winged dragon crying out into the night sky—a rainbow-winged phoenix closing his eyes and taking flight—a snowy white dragon-bird glaring at the viewer, her eyes filled with cold indifference—a rose-colored cat gazing off-screen with an unrecognizable expression—a pale-gray, humanoid feline glancing up at the viewer with a forced grin.

Words on screen: And the looming terror…

An immense, sea-green dinosaur unfolds a pair of indigo-feathered wings and lets its entire body writhe with energy.

Words on screen: Of an unfinished war…

Two groups of shadowed figures rise up against each other, their eyes glowing malevolently as they collide.

Music stops suddenly.

Narration, whispering: The Revolution is coming…

Slowly, the words “The Legendarian Chronicles” fade onto the screen, and then off. The words “Now Playing” replace them.

Fwee, me likes. ^^ This is such a cool thread. *hands Scrap a cookie.*


27th October 2005, 2:07 AM
Holy flying cheeseballs. XD Guess this thread was a good idea, after all.

A lot of those trailers I enjoyed, particularly Saber's. XD

+Chaos Blade+
27th October 2005, 2:35 AM
*Militaristic music plays in the background*

Voice: Men, you have been called on official duty. Lieutenant Colonel, step forward.

Lt. Col.: Yes, ma'am.

Woman: Ash, as your friend and commander, do not go on this mission. We need you for something else.

Ash: I'm sorry, but I need to put food on the table for my family, and if I have to die valiantly, so be it.

Woman: NO! *pounds fist on table; cries*

*Music changes to solemn*

Woman: Don't go! You have to stay. Kanto needs you! I need you! For God's sakes, don't go!

Ash: *Salutes* General, I have to go. It's my duty. G'day, ma'am. *Eases, turns on heel, and walks away*

Other male: *Salutes as Ash walks away* Misty, he'll be alright. He's always stubborn. He's always been, he always will be.

Misty: *Stops crying* You're right, Brock. But his stubbornness will cost him his life.

Brock: That's how he is. But, he'll be all right. I'll push him to the top. G'day ma'am. *Salutes, turns on heel, and walks away* *Door closes behind him*

Misty: *Cries to herself* Damn fool...his life is at stake...and he doesn't even care...

*Camera Fades away - returns to militaristic music*

In a World in War...

A huge battlefield, in sea, in air, on land, people and Pok&#233;mon alike are dying quick deaths, others hung suspended in midair, others trying to escape the harsh lives they live.

Three old friends reunite to stop the evil...

Misty, Ash, and Brock, all looking older and more mature, stand at each other's side, defending each other with their guns and Pok&#233;mon, are surrounded by enemy forces.

Yet one dies in valor...

"...For thine is the kingdom and the power and the glory, now and forever. Amen. Lord, let this soldier be with you at your right hand, spending eternal life..." the priest says in the background as thousands of soldiers salute at the burial of a dear friend whose efforts increased their rank to Brigadier General.

Women cry, but one person bawls and curses themself for the death of their comrade.

But Were They Ever Lost...?

"May the Lord be With You as you fight this final battle," the angel said. The person stares at it with disbelief. Was it really them?

Undying Heroes: The Life of a Brigadier General


This is Denny, reporting that HE'S BACK, BABY!

+Chaos Blade+

27th October 2005, 2:53 AM
I sure do enjoy writing these trailers. I just wished they’d accomplish their job a bit better and attract people. Oh well, they’re still fun regardless so on we go, and maybe one of these will reach out and grab someone.

A narrator’s voice can be heard, as a vision of a white screen flashes, on it appears four thick black serpentine bodies with what appear to be mask-like faces.

“Every land has their legends.” Begins the narrator, as the screen focuses from masked face to masked face in quick flashes that last only a few seconds. “Usually a triad that defends the land with their thematic glory, or spreads their legends with their power.” The narrator pauses as the shadowy masked visions now become brighter, revealing the color on these mask-like faces. “In the land of Kertonmel, there are four. They... are the Oni!”

At that, we see their faces yet again. One has a yellowish face, with thunderbolts for horns. “Sparkoni!” says the narrative voice. Another has a grey face, and seems to be breathing a thick, purple haze that looks viral. “Poxoni!” Next appears a skeletal face with demonic horns and vampiric fangs. “Doomoni!” Finally, there’s a beast with a windy body, and a cloud that seems to cover all but dark green eyes that look angry and a jaw filled with carnivorous teeth. “And Vacuumoni!” There is a pause as these masked beasts fly about, traveling in zigzags, and loud, evil roars are heard. The narrator speaks again, “When these four work together and combine their dark powers, they cause a funneling power that destroys with hellfire and chaos. They form the Viral Storm of Souls!”

All four demonic entities look to the screen and roar, a blast of purple energy strikes the screen. The screen goes black. “There are few hopes to stop these demons should they merge their strengths.”

The screen shifts, showing a brown haired boy. He looks from left to right. “Wait, what?!” He screams in fear.

The screen shifts to reveal a man with rings in his face, then shows a girl with long green hair. After that, a man with brick red hair is seen, and then a man with hair too yellow to be blonde. The narrator speaks again. “There are people chosen by fate to defend!” The screen shifts to show all six of these people in smaller screens able to fit them all. “This is their story!”

The screen goes black again, and on it appears a single hand bathed in blood. It reaches upwards, its fingers spread and palm revealed. It is bleeding profusely, and is trembling for obvious reasons. It falls away and a cloud of dust and dirt is kicked up. As it fades, the words Dust to Deceit are all that remain. The narrator speaks again. “Destiny has no plans and has no mind. It is chaotic and uncertain! The only certainty in life is death!”

From off the screen a random male voice peaks up. “Taxes too!”

27th October 2005, 2:40 PM
Damn, I thought I woulda had the best commerical. (It was my scene description that hurt the commerical I think...) :p Oh well, at least I got a few more views on my story though, which means the commerical mighta worked...

27th October 2005, 3:19 PM
I wonder if my trailers worked. I know the first couple weren't descriptive of everyone's abilities and it showed scenes from the story. The third was a lot shorter. Then I made a soundtrack for it. This'll be the last trailer. Combining everything almost.

Voiceover: For years they've trained. Using their powers for the benefit of two worlds to become the next generation of Earth's mightiest heroes. They are the future and the hope of two worlds.

During the voiceover there are shots of: M'anta flying, Jenna shooting fireballs at an unseen foe, Marcus running at superspeed through a city, a gigantic ebon skinned man punching what appears to be a cat like humanoid, Mateo flying through the concrete canyons of an alien city on bird-like wings, two Japanese teenagers merging to become a gigantic robotic wolf, Aquita shouting and people getting blown away, Kevin (a man with red eyes) creating a bow and arrow out of thin air, a lady glowing bright yellow and shooting bolts out of her hands fights side by side with him. A redhead creates a crystaline weapon and twirls it like a staff and twin of M'anta mimicing Marcus's superspeed.

Voiceover: From an epic tragedy...

*scene of a park, blue guy on the ground, surrounded by the team.*

“M’anta…Shrall..” Sirak turned his head toward his twin sons crying and continued to speak telepathically.. “Take care of yourselves, your sister and everyone for me. I’m proud of you both. Farewell…”

Voiceover: To astounding triumph, these young heroes..

*scenes of the group fighting in a big city with all these bad guys and ending with an image of people in jet black suits with black helmets.*

Voiceover: must face their greatest challenge and become legends.

*Flashe of more scenes from the story such as: M'anta and Jenna on a roof, Marcus running around a city after someone who has the same powers, Shrall talking to a purple haired Aquan and everyone being greeted by the older heroes, the Agents of S.T.A.R.

Voiceover: Through tragedy and triumph, the next generation of Earth's heroes must save two worlds.

*shots of Aquarius and Earth. Aquarius is a more watery world with tourquoise seas. The Earth picture uses stock footage of Earth as seen from space*

A new path is opening for them.

*shots of Aquita singing. Aquita has light blue skin, green hair, webbed hands with four fingers. She's on the stage of an outdoor concert hall with trees and people below clapping. Amongst them are her parents who look similar to her and her friends. She sings this:*

“Baby, I can tell you something about destiny…” Aquita sang. “You can believe if you believe in me. You don’t know for sure if it feels all right? But, if you wanna know, I’ll show you tonight.”

A new start

*scene of an alien doctor examining Aquita. The alien doctor is seen standing next to a tanned man with large wings growing out of his back.*

A new beginning.

Voiceover: Starbolts: New Beginnings. This time, everything changes.

*image of "Coming Summer 2006"*

The Burnt Shadow
27th October 2005, 7:33 PM
Ok I was wondering about this, we could put some commercials about our fic, that's okay. But I was wondering if we could put commercials about what our next chap would be?

28th October 2005, 2:48 AM
...Wow, Scrap. That commercial thingy was AWESOME. I wish I could write ones that cool. ;__; Well, here's my commercial. C/C or stuff. :3

{Reality's Crossroads}

The viewer can see flames, leaping and twirling in front of them. Behind the flames, they can make out the image of an ocean.

A voice says, “Some have tried to do what is thought impossible.”

The flames and ocean fade away to show a slowly swirling mist of lavender and white. Behind it, the viewer can barely make out the figure of a human, pressing their hands against what the viewer now knows is misty glass.

“Tried to defy the only inevitable thing that exists.”

The image fades out again to show a completely black screen. Suddenly, almost to fast for the viewer to see, a blur streaks across the screen. An arrow?

“By attempting to accomplish this fickle goal...”

Again we see flames, dancing wildly around a dark room. The silhouette of a man is behind the flames, a long cape rippling behind him.

“...They ripped the fabric of our world...”

A girl with orange hair is kneeling over an unidentifiable body. Her shoulders are heaving with sobs, and tears are rolling down her cheeks. Her dirtied hands are holding tightly the arrow we saw before.

“…And they were destroyed…”

A woman is standing by the ocean with his back to the viewers. Her hair is a similar color to that of the other girl, but she is clearly older. Slowly she turns her head, but just before her face would have become visible, the screen turns dark.

“…By the very thing they thought they had conquered…”

Suddenly the speaker’s face becomes visible. It is a woman with shoulder-length black hair and night-colored eyes. Her voice lowers to a whisper as she speaks the final word:


The face disappears and words written in dark red appear on the screen.

Reality’s Crossroad
The End of Childhood Has Come

28th October 2005, 7:15 PM
Commercials? This looks fun... Good one, Faerie. I'll read your story after I post this...

Soft music begins to play.

Narrator: There was a time when three titans ruled the Earth.

Images of a ruby eye, a green eye and a sapphire one flash across the screen, you can't distinguish which Pokemon they belong to.

Narrator: Controllers of three elements, they waged a war on each other, slaughtering those who crossed their path.

Images of villages burning, flames licking a blood red sky, Pokemon and humans fleeing. You can see dark siloets of two large Pokemon locked in combat.

Narrator: The Earth is being slowly torn apart, soon nothing will remain. The Titans are unstopable, they leave a trail of ruin where ever they venture. Only one hope remains.

Image of a cracked parchment, burnt and tattered, lying discarded on the floor. A crackling sound of fire is heard and the screen slowly fades out.

Camera flys over a range of tall mountains in the center of a large dusty grey savanna and focuses on a solitary purple sparkling mountain on the edge of the mountain range. Zooming closer it goes past a dense foliage of plants that are flourishing under the sparse cover of overhead trees, and sinks through the purple moutain, passing root systems until emerging into a small cavern where a relieved mother is being handed a squalling baby. When it is in her arms, the mother coos to it and the crying stops. The babys eyes open, revealing a set of deep sapphire eyes.

Camera spins away and focuses on a new scene as the narrator speaks.

Narrator: From the ashes of a lost civilisation.

Music begins to speed up slowly. Screen shows a young girl, age 14, sitting in the midst of a ruined village. Screen flicks to close up of girls face. Her red hair cascades down her shoulders, some dropping over her face, obscuring it slightly from our view. A tear runs down her cheek as she looks up, deep sapphire eyes hardening.

Narrator: A hero will rise.

Music speeds up and grows even louder. Sound of a sword being unsheathed and screen shows girl riding a bronze Rapidash, red hair flying in the wind, charging towards a wall of fire that was hurtling towards them, crying out a war cry.

Narrator: With powers bequeathed to her by the Keeper of Destiny.

Screen flashes onto a dark cave in which something stirs. There is a steady dripping as the shadowed figure reaches the entrance and is about to exit when the screen flashes to the next scene.

Narrator: She will return peace and tranquility unto the world.

Screenflicks on to an image of the girl standing in a meadow, facing something behind us, dark blue eyes wide as she stares down at the objects in her hands. Red and blue light erupt between her fingers and shoot outwards. She looks up, determination clear on her features as the light combines and becomes a ray of pure purple that envelopes the screen.

It whites out.

Narrator: Her name is Phoenix. This is her story.

The last scene fades slowly into black. Red letters flicker and slowly fade into the screen. Phoenix. They fade out and are replaced by a new message. A fanfiction by Katiekitten.

Not very good, I know. I was trying to intrigue watchers without giving to much of the story away. I always find that in the blurbs of stories, they give quite a lot away, defeating the purpose of the first couple of paragraphs that introduce the story. Never mind. :)

29th October 2005, 2:17 AM
Sorry, katekitten, but Reality's Crossroads isn't going to be on the forums for a while. At least 'till I'm finished with LaL.

Kyle of Pallet
29th October 2005, 2:23 AM
~~~~~~THE LAST LEGEND~~~~~~~~

"Through out history, mankind has used elaborate mythologies to explain the uknown and to rule over commoners."

(Ancient text appears on screen)

"These texts spoke of elaborate outer planes of existance, like heavens, hells, and astral planes, among the other planes of material existance."

(Various landscapes are shown, like forests, plains, ocean, etc.)

"But science is at a conflict over the possible existance of other realms, causing cultural wars in many countries."

(Large scale Poke'Mon battles fill the screen. Groups like the KKK and such appear on screen also. That includes the first acts of Team Rocket.)

"Yes, world wars did begin because of this debate, but know, in a time of calm and peace, all of these tough questions shall be answered!"

BGM of Commercial (http://www.zeldalegends.net/gallery/displayimage.php?album=190&pos=3)

(A white boy in an orange hoodie and a Charmander appear on screen. So does a white girl with a red hoodie and a Bulbasaur. The seem to be running towards a city. Then, a boy in a green tunic and hat walks into a medieval temple to face a dark armored sorcerer. Then we see a gothic teenager and a black guy who was a member of Team Rocket helping the hoodie kids from before, along with Link and a princess, get to safety.)

"What would happen if two worlds happen to collide, what would happen if they all do? Join Kyle and friends as they unravel this ancient mystery as they also stop Ganondorf...

(The same black-armor scorcerer appears on screen. Thunder booms in the backround)

...and countless others from causing the end of the multiverse. The clock is ticking.

(A Poke'Ball is thrown by Kyle towards the screen. The Ball opens, revealing a Triforce [Three Golden Triangles coming together at the corners to make a larger triangle pointing up]. The text, "The Last Legend," appear in fron of the Triforce.)

"The Last Legend. The world's fate now rests in the hands of a few new trainers and a swordsman."

29th October 2005, 2:28 AM
Joltorb Rises
Teaser-Trailer(they seem short don't they?)
In the land of Jerpho. A unlikely Proffesser and his Charmelion go to search for a awnser to the rumors. A stop to a war. And the end of innocent suffering.......
James Elm embarks on the S.S. Anne to a land named Jerpho after a large city was destoried by 1 Poke'mon never thought to have exsited. J and his Charmelion make their way to the middle of the battleground to capture and better destroy Joltorb, the ultimate war machine.......
In this 1st story of a 2 part series. Joltorb rises.

Read about something nevermade before.

Yami Ryu
29th October 2005, 4:25 AM
Alright, here's my attempt at writing a comercial... and it most likely sucks but I tried.

Trailer for; Gale of Darkness; Quest for the capture of the Shadow king!

“In a land that was never easy to live in...

“In a time when evil seems to be gone, and peace seems to be prospering...

“Unknowingly to any that faced the hard times in the past or not...

“The evil is back.”

Darkness. A sudden flash of color against the darkness, then a haunting scream like cry that ends suddenly.

“A young boy finds out the truth of his heritage,”

Scene switches from the darkness to that of a ten year old, looking up at his mother with wide eyes as she looks away, ashamed, a hand holding onto his shoulder and looking as if her world has been shattered.

“And as he just comes to terms with that, the evil comes out of hiding. With iron fists.”

The scene changes yet again, showing the same lad from before, running for all he's worth with a young Vaporeon chasing after him, the duo run down a cobbled pathway and around a corner, and the boy comes to a halt, ignoring the pokemon as it crashes into his legs. And a cry of ‘No!’ escapes him from what he sees.

“Now an unwilling hero in a world falling apart, he is forced to go to places he would never have gone before. Try and befriend people that he would have once have steered clear from. And try to defeat those that are allied with this new evil.”

The scene shows the lad, once again. Looking worse for wear, sand covering his clothes, hair and his Vaporeon looks just as worn. Six battered pokeballs line his belt now, as he stands, glaring up at the man that is atleast two feet taller then him and a couple hundred pounds heavier. And even as the man threatens him, he doesn't back down. Just looks down at his Vaporeon and yells a command to attack the man's summoned pokemon.

“And to save his family, to save the pokemon. To save everything from this evil, he is forced to go to the lair of the beast, and confront it.”

Final scene; The lad, summoning up all his courage, points at the monster as it appears, a screaming, singing fury of blood lust and wrath at the boy. His pokemon, a Houndoom and Manectric balk at this sound, but the boy will not be denied, and demand his pokemon attack. Fire and Thunder stream from them as a shadowy aura of darkness comes tearing from around the purple hued monster, and the attacks meet, causing an explosion-

“But can he defeat it? Can one boy best something that is nearly pure evil? That has corrupted so much? Can he capture the Shadow King?”

Rex Kamex
29th October 2005, 6:11 PM
Gee, I was hoping there would be a thread like this someday, but I was worried that would never happen because someone might think it was a copycat thread to the Get-The-Word-Out one...

Anyway, I'm glad this thread is here. Here are my fic commercials...

This first one's based on the BoBoBo-Bo Bo-BoBo Toonami commercial. That's why I figure that the fic commercial would use the same music and the same narrator from that Bo commercial. Here's Yu-Gi-Oh! C...

[We see random scenes of Duel Monsters being changed into goofy clown-like monsters.]

Narrator: "In the land of Domino City... one man must stop another man from remaking all of the Duel Monsters cards..."

[shows Yugi Mutou transforming into Yami Yugi...]


[shows scenes of the antagoninst, Marlin]

Narrator: "But Marlin the card-changer's a real tricky fellow..."

[Marlin laughs.]

Narrator: "... And it looks like it's gonna take a miracle for the Pharoah and his friends to change back the cards..."

[shows random funny scenes, including Duke Devlin falling off a ride at Kaiba Land and Joey and Kaiba dancing crazily]

Narrator: "Actually, I think it's a little too late for miracles now."

[continues showing scenes, including Yami's hair getting ripped off and Yami and Shadi screaming (You'll have to read the story for details!)]

Narrator: " 'Yu-Gi-Oh! C' by MJC CartoGuy! Read it anytime, anywhere on your computer."

[shows another random scene]

Narrator: "Only SerebiiForums!"

I'll do my other one later (not to mention a few special chapters I'm working on and a third fanfic...)

30th October 2005, 7:02 AM
OK, here's my commercial for Pocket Monsters Chronicles. For this ad, I went yet another step further with imitating anime by having the characters actually speak in Japanese (translations provided, of course). If there're any mistakes, or you think the characters' method of speaking could be a touch better, please inform me. Anyway, there are some spoilers here, some of which go beyond what I've written so far, though I try not to ruin some of the really major stuff. For my long-time readers, like the people who read the old version, you're in for a treat as you may recognize some of the events and characters that show up here, maybe even notice some things changed. Oh, and if this commercial grabs the attention of anyone who hasn't read it yet, the link's in my sig.

Professor Utsugi=Professor Elm

[A black screen is shown, with white Japanese text fading in saying “安らかな生活がいいですね。” (A peaceful life is good, isn’t it?). The black screen and text fades out to show a teen-age boy with short purple hair, wearing a gray Japanese school uniform and holding his black book bag over his shoulder, walking along a daylit sidewalk underneath a branch blooming with cherry blossoms. The scene changes again to show the boy, wearing a white jacket and jeans, sitting at a low dining table along with an old man and five girls that appear to be the same age as the boy, some appearing even older, and in the background, the five Eievui evolutions are eating out of pet food bowls. That scene changes to show the boy outside, in front of the worship hall of a Shinto shrine, still wearing the clothes he wore at the table, blushing and with his eyes wide open.]

Boy: “Ore…? Kimono Hiro…” (Me…? Kimono Hiro…) [Bows deeply.] “Yoroshiku onegaishimasu!” (Pleased to meet you!)

[Another black screen with white Japanese text fades in. “でも...” (However…). to show an Eievui sitting on a sidewalk, facing forward.]

Eievui: [Gleefully closes eyes.] “Buiii!” [Jumps forward.]

[The angle changes to show the Eievui jumping into Hiro’s arms. Hiro’s in his school uniform again. As the Eievui jumps into his arms, he cringes. The scene changes to show Eievui following Hiro along the sidewalk. Eievui stops as Hiro turns around points down at it.]

Hiro: “Omae tsutawanai!” (Don’t follow me!)

[Black screen with white Japanese text fades in again. “大事な物を守るの為に...捧げますか。” (To protect what’s important… would you give it up?). A Japanese vocal song starts up as the screen fades out to a computer monitor displaying an Eievui’s picture, skeletal structure, muscular structure, a DNA model, and tons of small illegible text. An eye peering into a microscope is briefly seen.]

Man’s voice: “Masaka…” (No way…)

[In the back alley in between some buildings, a Kimori kicks Eievui and sends it flying into a chain-link fence, which repels it back onto the ground. Afterwards, a teen-age boy, who wears black clothing and has long, somewhat messy black hair with the shadow of his bangs covering his eyes, looks down, smirks, and points a revolver forward.]

Boy’s voice: “Kono sekai totemo hidoi… dakedo ano yori ore-sama sekai ni hidoi!” (This world is cruel… but I act crueler towards the world!)

[As the voiceover says this, we see the boy rotating his arm from his side, pointing the gun to his right. The scene changes again and we see the Kimori from earlier, some ice covering parts of its body and sticking him to the wall of a building in the back alley, mist surrounding the area.]

Kimori: [Clenches its eyes and teeth as it struggles to get its hand out of the ice. It looks down and begins speaking with a male voice.] “Sou na… kono mama de wa… owarenai… dakara…” (No… this way… it can’t end this way… because…)

[Close-up on the Kimori’s eye widening before showing his hand once again struggling in the ice. The Kimori’s voiceover continues as the scene changes to the Kimori coming down to strike a Laplace’s head with his tail in what appears to be a water inlet in a cave.]

Kimori’s voice: “ORE NINGEN DAIKIRAI DAKARAAAAA~!!!” (Because I hate humans!!!)

[The sound of ice shattering is heard afterwards as the Kimori leaps off the Laplace’s head. The Laplace shakes its head before a dark purple light shines from the tip of its horn. Eievui’s then seen laying against an operating table, shivering in fright before the angle changes to show a man in a lab coat, face shrouded in shadow and glasses shining. The scene changes to the black-haired boy from earlier, this time with a red “R” on the front of his shirt and his brown eyes visible, pointing his gun towards several people in lab coats inside of a cold, misty laboratory.]

Boy: “Ore-sama no mono da…” (He’s mine…)

[His voice continues speaking as the scene changes to him in some kind of clearing at night, tossing a Monster Ball up into the air.]

Boy: “…aitsu wa…” (…that guy over there…)

[Inside of a small room, Professor Utsugi looks down at a Kakureon with a blue zigzag instead of the usual red. The Kakureon looks back at him, then shoots a rainbow-colored beam from its mouth into Utsugi’s face. A female voiceover starts to talk.]

Female voice: “Wakattekudasai…” (Please understand…)

[An airborne Tattsuu projects foam which encases a Merriep in a cocoon. The foam cocoon lights up with electricity afterwards.]

Female voice: “…onegai…” (…please…)

[Hiro’s riding on the back of a Yorunozuku, flying upwards. The scene changes to a woman with red eyes and purple hair that goes below her shoulders.]

Woman: “…kaerinasakunai.” (…don’t go back)

[Hiro’s shown with Eievui standing on his shoulder, shouting to the woman.]

Hiro: “Jama su na!” (Stay the hell out of my way!) [Walks past the woman, who appears rather shocked. He speaks in a calmer tone.] “Ore wa… zehi kaerunda…” (I’m… going back no matter what…)

[Another black screen with white Japanese text fades in. “作家ヤマトからのポケモンシリーズ” (A Pokemon series from author Yamato). The screen fades out, and Hiro, who’s wearing the white jacket and jeans again, his five sisters, grandfather, Eievui, and the five Eievui evolutions stand in front of a house at night, their mouths gaping, and some of them backing away in shock. From another angle, the black-haired boy stands across from them, this time with a Bohmander standing next to him.]

Tsubasa: “Saa… korosou…” (Go on… kill…)

Bohmander: [Steps forward.] “Guooooooo……”

[Eievui grits its teeth and dashes forward. Hiro widens his eyes at this and holds his hand forward.]

Eievui: [Dashes toward Bohmander.] “Bui…” [Jumps up.]

Hiro: [Runs forward and shouts.] “YAMEROU IBUIIIIII!!!” (Stop it Eievuiiiiii!!!)

Bohmander: [Looks down at Eievui.] “Guo?”

Eievui: [Elevates toward Bohmander’s looming head.] “BUIIIIII…!”

[The scene immediately shifts to a black screen with the title displayed…
…(Pocket Monsters Chronicles). The Japanese lyrics draw to a close, and the title fades out.]

30th October 2005, 7:40 AM
Another commercial from me. I might be my own worst sellout, but this is ADDICTIVE!

Anyway... here’s I think number four, or is it my fifth. Either way, it features Psycho Jimmy and is a spoiler treat for all current fans.

A black screen is shown, an a man with many piercings on his face is seen. Shown is the right half of his pierced face, close up. We can hear what is apparently his voice, but cannot see his lips moving. He is breathing heavily though, and his eyes are wide, and looking downward. His body trembles. “I have killed innocent people...”

The screen flashes white and the view changes, the background is still black, but we see another sideview of the man. He is clothed only in a pair of shorts, since the rest of his body is seen, cut up and covered in dried blood all about, a few bandages cover his arm. “I had no control over my sanity...” His body is toned with muscles, and he appears to be of average height.

The screen flashes again, and he is now blood free, still wearing the rings on his face, and still trembling in nothing but a pair of boxers. His body tone and height are also unchanged. His hands however, are completely immersed in thick, crimson blood, and are shaking vigorously. “I can never undo the pain... never remove the tears and scars of those who suffered with loss...”

His mouth has yet to move, as the screen flashes again. He is now on his knees, the blood on his hands is still there, and it becomes apparent that the blood is not his own from how it drips down into his opened palm from above. “Now... all I can do...” He pauses for drama as we continue to watch the bloody hands and shaky man. “All I can do, is redeem myself...”

Another flash, and his hands are grasping his face, his fingers spreading apart to let his left eye show through, the depth and width of his eye showing sorrow and horror. “I was fortunate that someone has pitied my miserable existence...”

The screen flashes yet again, and this time, it reveals a girl with flowing green hair, not facing the camera. She twirls elegantly, and shows us her eyes, deep and filled with a soothing calm. The man speaks again. “So pretty, and intelligent... yet she let me live, even after I tried to kill her...” he pauses for drama, as the girl smiles widely in a polite and friendly manner. “She does not deserve me...”

The scene flashes again, and now shows a mountainous terrain, the girl and ring faced man walking side by side, tired on a mountain, a red beast with a large grey shell glaring at both, its eyes glowing red and a blast of hot flames emitting from its mouth. The girl’s eyes widen as the fire heads her way, the ring faced young man standing in he way like a human shield. “I don’t know why she appreciates me...” he pauses, as the screen flashes, leaving an empty whiteness. “But mark my words, I will NOT let her be harmed!”

The scene is he man in boxers yet again. We can see his blood covered hands leave his face violently, as he stands up screaming. The scene shifts again to show a large red crab glaring at the green haired girl and ring faced man, one of its claws gargantuan in size as it is raised above its head to be brought down forcefully. The man swiftly pushes the girl out of the way. “In this way, she will live a happy life...” He pauses, the screen flashing just as the claw nearly strikes the man head-on. “The life my mother purposely denied me, simply because I was born.”

The black screen is disrupted by a trademark single hand, drenched in blood trembling as it reaches skyward, its fingers held apart as blood runs down them.

A gust of wind whooshes by a few seconds later, causing the hand to dissipate into dust, with no bone beneath. As it disappears, a few simple words remain on screen. The story’s title is shown.

Dust to Deceit

Another whoosh of wind swiftly breaks the word into dust particles, and the commercial ends.

30th October 2005, 7:47 AM
The screen is filled by the image of a stone, red jasper inscribed with the crude, lopsided image of a sun at its center. Strange symbols run around its edge, imparting wisdom in some obscure and sacred language. The stone is polished and has a definite sheen, and the camera is too close for all of it to be seen. All is silent.

Suddenly, the screen is eclipsed by yellow as a hand reaches into the picture, wrapping around the stone tightly. The camera zooms out, allowing us to see that an old hypno has picked up the stone and has turned it to face himself, gazing at it introspectively. He is the only living thing in the picture, set against a backdrop of complete blackness and illuminated by some light source unknown.

A voice is heard, old and creaky, and yet with a distant, echoing quality to it that is difficult to place. The hypno does not move, but it is easy to tell that he must be the one speaking.


The hypno turns the stone in his hand, his expression intensely thoughtful, almost sad.

How many dreams will it take for the world to change? How many dreams, for reality to alter? How many dreams, and how many dreamers...?

The void behind the hypno flickers with images of pok&#233;mon: murkrow, togepi, ekans, pidgeot, nincada.

When does dream become reality...?

A brief scene plays behind the hypno, depicting a pair of ninetales, old beyond reckoning, their fur a dull silver. They watch as a pidgeot wings out of sight in the sky overhead, their fur still stirred by the wind of its takeoff.

...and reality, nightmare?

A brief image flashes across the screen, a dusty pok&#233;ball lying on a still dustier wooden floor. It is half-open, as though stuck somewhere between release and capture.

They hypno's eyes flick up to the screen, as if he is acknowledging us for the first time.

Let me show you what I dream of.

He turns the stone towards us, but instead of seeing the carving as we did before, we see only a bright white light, which quickly grows to engulf the screen.

It is replaced by the image of a flower against a black background, its ragged red and orange petals mimicking frozen fire. A droplet of water strikes the image with a distinct splash, revealing that it is nothing but a reflection in water. The ripples spread, and the screen is suddenly lost in a rush of images.

Music begins to play, low and percussive, with lots of timpani.

A nincada skitters determinedly through a forest, moving with clear purpose and evident irritation. Its feelers twitch and it suddenly freezes, turning around to look behind itself apprehensively.

The image of the flower returns. It suddenly bursts into flame, although it's almost impossible to tell where petal ends and fire begins.

An arcanine runs full-tilt, the background of the image a blur as it streaks across the ground. A girl rides on its back, hugging its neck tightly as her black hair streams out behind her. A rattata hangs onto her shoulder for dear life with its forepaws, its hind legs having lost their grip and blowing out behind it.

The flames flare higher, starting to eat down into the flower's stem. The petals blacken and curl inwards.

The music crescendoes, the flow of images coming faster.

An ekans hisses something furious and lunges for a spearow, striking at him on the floor of a moonlight-bathed forest.

A pidgoet streaks across the heavens, tearing through the air with great urgency.

A rattata grins, smiling up at the screen while its large eyes glimmer.

The flower is utterly consumed by fire, dissolving to ash in fiery cremation.

A charizard bellows, electricity snaking across its form as it falls from the sky.

A dragonite stares listlessly out of the dusty shadows, large eyes dull. It moves forward with the air of one sleepwalking or zombified, a blank expression on its face.

The image of a single eye fills the screen. Reflected in it is a ninetales, silhouetted against a mass of roiling flame. Its eyes glow a baleful red, then the scene abruptly switches back to what is left of the burning flower.

The music stops with a last, definite "boom".

Very little is left of the flower, the last of the stem coiling into ruin. The camera zooms out, allowing us to see that the flower is being held in the paw of a gengar, the ghost-type's shadowy form slightly illuminated by the light of the small fire. Its perpetual toothy grin and lamplike eyes, however, stand out against the blackness even as the fire flickers one last time and goes out, causing the rest of the pok&#233;mon's form to be dissolved into the shadows.

The gengar's eyes, which had been watching the flower's slow demise, suddenly flick towards the screen, then snap shut, disappearing from view. Its Cheshire grin, however, lingers on, slowly fading out to be replaced with the words, "The Ninetales' Curse" in an elegant, fiery red script.

As the image fades completely to black, a the faint voice of the hypno is heard once again.


31st October 2005, 1:44 AM
Ok, here's mine...


What if I told you...

-Green light flashes-

that the world...

-Scream is heard-

is doomed?

-Four shadows of figures appear-

Guess what? It's not.

-One figure shoot out water, which splashes screen-

Four 'Channelers' are now chosen...too protect the world.

-Battle scenes are shown between the figures and some shadowy figures-

~*Chosen*~....by Ice_Scyther.

31st October 2005, 2:53 AM
Nice superhero teaser, Ice Scyther. That would play a couple months before the story premieres. As for me..I got a teaser trailer.

Teaser trailer

*revolving starbolts logo* (which I admit I need to show)

Voiceover: The time is coming..

*shots of all the Starbolts faces in various emotional moments*

Voiceover: These young heroes aren't safe from what is to come. For it's time for..

A new start...

*quick scenes from the story*

A New Beginning.

Voiceover: The time has come for them face new challenges and changes together.

*darkness falls*

Voiceover: To overcome tragedy....

Rex Kamex
31st October 2005, 8:21 PM
... And, here's my other fanfic...

(By the way, I've decided not to do a commercial for my third story until I've finished working on a plot, which I will work on in November and either start it either this year or in January.)

[We see a forest with many different random Pokemon hanging around, living their everyday lives. There is no music playing.]

The Narrator: "In the world of Pokemon... there are big and strong Pokemon..."

[We see a big Pokemon fighting, specifically an Ursaring Pokemon named Ursa (who will be revealed later in the series).]

The Narrator: "There are brave Pokemon..."

[We see some brave main character Pokemon doing something heroic, though I'm not sure of what it is yet.]

The Narrator: "There are smart Pokemon..."

[We see Purin Jigglypuff walking up on a stage.]

The Narrator: "... And there are role-model Pokemon..."

[We see many participants in the Poketto Monsutaa Suupaa Batoru Toonamento tournament standing proudly. Then in the narrator's next line, there is the sound of a heartbeat that starts to get faster and beeps every time the scene changes.]

The Narrator: "But this fan fiction is about a Pokemon that isn't any of these things, and his name is..."

Rex Kamex (a Blastoise): "PIPPI!"

Bana Bana Fushiginana (Venusaur): "PIPPI!"

Donny Lizardon (Charizard): "PIPPI!"

Digda (a Diglett): "PIPPI?!"

Purin (a Jigglypuff): "PIPPI..."

[By now the beat is really rapid, but it stops with Pippi's next line and the music starting. As the music starts,* We see Pippi the talking Clefairy (http://www.s-book.com/plsql/com2_detail?isbn=4091431216) charging up to the screen.]


[We see a bunch of action-like scenes, especially from the Toonamento, for about five to seven seconds...]

The Narrator: "SerebiiForums is proud to present the comedy story that will change your life forever. Based on the Pocket Monsters manga, fan fiction writer MJC CartoGuy brings you..."

[The scenes get faster, and then the "POKIMAN" logo comes up with the katakana symbols (ポキマン) below.]

The Narrator: "POKIMAN!"

[We see a few more action and comedy scenes.]

The Narrator: "Sometimes, the coolest Pokemon are the ones that are most pathetic..."

Pippi (laughing hysterically and stupidly): "HYA HYA HYA HYA HYA HYA HYA HYA HYA HYA HYA!"

The Narrator: "Only... SerebiiForums."

*The music I thought of is based on the music for the Toonami commercial for the debut of Dragon Ball. I don't know if any of you guys have ever heard it, but that's just to let you know what it is.

Willow's Tara
2nd November 2005, 2:01 AM
I do another one.
Heaven's Angels:
Doyle and Tara's voiceover: We were dead. He saved the world. She died in front of her lover. He had a chance to say goodbye. She didn't even know. His last words were I guess you will never know what demon I could of been. Her last words were Your shirt. He died in 1999, She died in 2002. But they return to Earth in 2003. Why are we here? What did we do?
Flashes of Tara and Doyle standing in the desert.
He promises to protect her. She is a lesbian who wants her lover back. He is no longer a demon. She's is no longer a witch

A flash of Doyle face as he says they aren't demon or witch.
They have no way of contacting Cordelia Chase or Willow Rosenberg, thier lovers. Her girlfriend tried to destroy the world out of grief. His almost girlfriend was possed by a God. His lover is dead. Her lover has moved on

Tara's and Doyle's voiceover again: "A Buffy espiode you never saw.
Doyle: we are back from the dead.

Tara: With no idea how

Doyle: Cordelia is dead

Tara: Sunnydale is nothing but a pile of rubble now.

Doyle: Where are we?

Tara:When will we return to Heaven?

Coming soon: [In heaven white light and a faded out picture of Doyle and Tara on either side] "We are..Heaven's Angels" [THe words appear on the screen.]

The Burnt Shadow
2nd November 2005, 6:06 PM
Okay since I'll give it another go...

The Renegade Saga

"People always excpect a hero in every tale..."

The scene opens to a desolonated feild. Everythings turned to dust, buildings are now ruins. A sign then falls of saying welcome to Foretree. A girl sits on one of the destroyed buildings as her hair is being blown by the sandy wind.

"People expect that every new threat is destroyed by a hero..."

A trainer with a bionic arm screams out loud as a surge of shining blue electrical shock surges and flows over his body. A man with a gas mask in his face stands tall on a tower. A few police arrest this man. An Aerodactyl appears out of fog and rain and screeches in front of a couple making them flee.

"But in my story there are no heroes..."

In Foretree Winona the gymleader is shocked to see a herd of pokemon attack her city. Soon a Hitmonlee comes and gives a powerfully swift kick in the back of a trainer. Winona orders her pokemon to attack but there were just too much for her to handle.

"No heroes to save the day..."

These two guards slowly pull off some broken pieces of wood from the floor. As they remove the wood they see something shine and glitter underneathe. They were about to reach out, but suddenly Mewtwo in his metallic form rises and gives a great slash on their faces. Elsewhere this girl falls off the sky pillar and plummits dramatically into the ocean.

"There are only Renegades."

Soon a kid appears riding on the head of Aerodactyl. A Blaziken grabs a Breloom by the neck and slams it right on a wall. An Ampharos gives out a great surge of electrical voltage and fries a few pokemon. A Registeel delivers a swift meteor mash right towards a Regirock and Regice.

"You think fighting against evil is difficult? Try fighting against your old allies, it's much more harder."

The kid then stands motionless against a roaring red Gyarados with a few Sneasel accompanying. Finally a Blaziken and a Mewtwo both strike each other's fists at the same time causing a great explosion. The title then appears in a sharp and shining version. Finally the trainer with a bionic arm fires a gun right at the boy.

(The commercial ends)

3rd November 2005, 10:28 PM
Yet ANOTHER Dust to Deceit... I mostly write these for myself to keep me on track than write them to lure in new readers, believe it or not. Plus, they are very fun, and keep me motivated.

Kertonmel is a land of hardship and mystery. While most lands are guarded by stable legends and godly beasts with noble intent, Kertonmel is at the whim of the Oni.

The screen flashes, showing four demonic masks one at a time. The first shown is a blackish mask with yellow streaks and a yellow horn on its nose, shaped like a lightning bolt. Thunder and electrical surges illuminate the background. The narration says the beast’s name ads the picture is shown. Sparkoni

The next seen is a sickly beast, breathing a toxic fume, with two openings by its ears that unleash a deadly fume. In the background is a thick blackish-green smog, that stinks to even look at. Poxoni.

After that, a face with long vampire fangs is seen, it looks slightly transparent as it breaths dry ice. The background is shrouded in mist, with what appears to be many gravestones. Spookoni.

Next is a beast with clouds swirling violently around its head. It’s face is gray, and its breath seems to gust and toss dust at its whim. In the background, a violent vortex of wind and tornadic violence rips the ground. Vacuumoni.

These four are the Oni of Kertonmel... demonic mask brothers from another dimension. Together, they are powerful, but they still are missing a piece.

Next we see a new mask. This one isn’t nearly as dark as the others in that the color black is not present on it. Instead, it is icy blue, with orange swirls about its cheeks, and at its chin and forehead. On it’s head appears a jester’s hat, one half a light blue, the other a blazing red. The background is a clash of frosty wind, and a flaming gust that violently collide, yet do not melt or douse each other.

Who is this mysterious legend? What purpose does it serve? What powers of hell does it bring to the Viral Storm of Souls?

At this, the screen explodes, and the mysterious orange and blue patterned demon mask appears again, with the four other masks filling each a corner of the screen. The screen then flashes, and they are all instantly gone.

A single hand raises up, the trademark of the series by now, it is of course, red with blood. A windy gust disintegrates the hand swiftly, leaving room for the title to appear.

Dust to Deceit is shown in a fancy scripture, and then that too is blown away like dust to a gale.

6th November 2005, 11:35 PM
The long adventures of Hoenn are over...

Ash has yet again come closer than ever to the championship title...

But his bitterness may well be his downfall when it comes to facing the toughest opponents yet...

And his very best friends are in great danger in a completely different region...

Every New Cloud has a Silver Lining... but Some New Horizons Do Not...

Jealousy, Rivalry and even Time must be Overcome...

New Horizons- Read it now...

Also Coming Soon...

The legendary pokemon themselves are being manipulated one by one...

The most feared villain of all has reached the climax of his lifetime plot...

Only one knows how to stop him...

And that is himself...

And only in death can devine power be summoned...

And Ash Ketchum will soon learn that death is simply the next step for those he loves, and that even the strongest friendships will be severred by grief...

Join Ash in the struggle against darkness and destiny...

Compared to this... a little Elite 4 Challenge is nothing...

Quest For the Pokegods- Coming Soon... and trust me, you'll soon forgive the title...

Ryano Ra
7th November 2005, 3:24 AM
Well, here's the first commercial of five for my upcoming fantasy/action Pokemon Fanfiction, Sky. This is the first one, so I didn't want to reveal too much. I think I did, however, but I found the commercial exciting. The preview is under the thread called Heavenly Malevolence here in the Author's Cafe Section, so check it out if you are interested. 8D

SKYInterweaving colors of gold, red, and blue twirl into a tornado, amazing the viewers. The twister spins and spins until a bold, white slash breaks away the funnel and melts the colors away from the screen. Utter whiteness.

A dark, smooth voice speaks out to the watchers and viewers alike.

“Once upon a time, there with a courageous enigma of Earth.”

The silhouette of a muscular man appears on the screen with flashing, radiant light-hazel eyes and golden streaks glinting in his slick-back hair. The viewer becomes amazed once the character turns his body around, revealing a beautiful jade sheath, cradling a hidden sword with a black-diamond handle. His upper body soon blasts into full description, revealing his well-developed body with a left scar streaked across his right chest. His gently smiles and waves goodbye, before leaping up and disappearing.

The viewers’ eyes widen as the setting soon turns into a beautiful sky, with swirling pink clouds and mountainous hills. The sun is cradled behind a large sanctuary as a brown triple-headed bird skips through the air freely, cawing with triumph, wild shrieks. The creature pounds fiercely on the invisible air as the wind send the clouds spinning furiously before the screen returns to white in a deep flash.

“And he had a deadly twin-bladed sword.”

The setting turns into a futuristic city that is wrapped in twilight, people screaming and hollering while evading the horrific scene. A large, elemental water beast stands tall and proud, eyes blaring with a reddened majestic glint. He works his paws in short rhythms, throwing the nearby frothing ocean over the metropolis, drowning the vicinity and the citizens. It isn’t before long that the viewer realizes that the legendary is Suicune. Suicune jumps into the rushing body of water, pushing it upward on the right and left while angrily traveling through the cleared path.

The setting soon flashes back to white for a few seconds before changing to another scene.

A waterless and featureless badland. Endless sand stretches across the screen and vanishes into the distance before a herd of Flygon and Cacturne soon appear, fleeing from a silhouette scampering after them. The elemental fire beast appear, with black lines directly in his eyes, blowing out spinning tunnels of white and cherry fire. Entei howls towards the blinding white moonlight before leaping onto a vulnerable, scuttling Cacnea, taking his paw and swiping the grass-type straight in the body.

Again, the watchers and viewers are amazed when the screen turns to white for a few seconds, soon changing back to another scene.

High in Shiranka Skies, a dangerous thunderstorm is commencing its glorious rage. An elemental electric beast is rolling hurtfully on the gold clouds, crying and screaming with the inflicted pain somehow brought upon it. It isn’t long before Raikou begins communicating in weird, ancient tongues, white foam suddenly appearing on his bleeding fangs. He sends a large crystal lightning bolt down through the clouds, striking the screen and sending in into darkness. The viewers are surprised and shocked, wondering what ever could be wrong with the three elemental legendaries. They gasp as whispers echo in the blackness, soon devoured by the heart of the obscurity.

“And there was a Slinx Insanity Virus.”

The setting goes back into a beautiful sky, the skyline of gold, peach, and pink presented to all and amazing all eyes and minds. The remarkable horizon glitters as the triple-headed bird returns, appearing to be skipping on the clouds again. The Dodrio caws in three different, divine voices before fading towards the burning heart of the orange sun. Cursive letters of bold white soon appear on the screen, relaxing the watchers and viewers.


7th November 2005, 4:42 AM
*Image of a winged Latino guy with a blue ring on his finger flying in the air with a light blue skinned lady with green hair. Both are dressed in the uniforms in my sig.*

Voiceover: Two Lovers. One of the sky and one of the sea.

*Scene of a hotel room in Boston. Mateo and Aquita are kissing.*

Watch it there, flyboy." Aquita grinned mischievously. "I think you're getting a little excited here."

"Well, we are alone here." Mateo grinned. "Beautiful night and Beantown. I'm with the most beautiful princess in the galaxy"

Voiceover: Will face their greatest tragedy and experience joy at the same time.

Scene of the same hotel room, later on.

" I'm pregnant..with your child. I sense his thoughts. He's inside me wondering about the world." Aquita's webbed hands touched Mateo's and she brought it to close to her stomach. "The egg is forming. I-I'm gonna be a mother. Mom and Dad are going to be so happy! But we are going to have to wait to tell them."

Scene of a park at night where Aquita sings. Suddenly, we flash to the king, Sirak laying on the ground, dying. Mateo's holding Aquita tight and his wings are tensing.

“I know about the baby..” the king spoke telepathically. “I’m so happy for you both. You have my blessing, Mateo Arlandero. Treat Aquita with honor and respect her always..”

“I will, sir.” Mateo wiped a tear from his eyes and held Aquita. “I promise.”

Voiceover: Their journey with their friends will take them from their past..

A scene changes to a pool with a mansion as a backdrop. Three humans(Jenna, Mateo and Kevin) are helping three Aquans (Aquita, M'anta and Shrall) out of a pool. The Aquans are scared and confused. Mateeo looks intently at the green haired woman.

Hi there.” Mateo said softly as he noticed the webbed hands with four digits. “My name’s Mateo.”

“Fealas tima s’ia tran’la.” [I’m sorry. I can’t understand you] Aquita responded as her mind sensed a sort of comfortness around Mateo. “M’anta tan Shrall rewta ti estraa.”[M’anta and Shrall read their minds.]

“Guys, I don’t think they understand-“ Kevin began.

“We can understand you, now. ” M’anta nodded. “My name is M’anta J’arrsti and these are my siblings Aquita and Shrall.”

“Aquita?” Mateo tilted his head and smiled at the princess. “That’s a pretty name.”

Voiceover: To their future..

We see a large palace with a torquoise sky in the background. It's morning and there's rushing waters below and we see Aquita standing on a balcony, rubbing her stomach.

“Wish you could see my friends, little Sirak.” Aquita spoke to her child as she rubbed her belly. “They can’t wait to see you. And today I marry your Daddy. I only wish my Daddy was around. You’re named after him. My little Sirak.”

Voiceover: Through tragedy and triumph, the next generation of Earth's heroes must save two worlds.

*shots of Aquarius and Earth. Aquarius is a more watery world with tourquoise seas. The Earth picture uses stock footage of Earth as seen from space*

A new path is opening for them.

*shots of Aquita singing. Aquita has light blue skin, green hair, webbed hands with four fingers. She's on the stage of an outdoor concert hall with trees and people below clapping. Amongst them are her parents who look similar to her and her friends. She sings this:*

“Baby, I can tell you something about destiny…” Aquita sang. “You can believe if you believe in me. You don’t know for sure if it feels all right? But, if you wanna know, I’ll show you tonight.”

A new start

*scene of an alien doctor examining Aquita. The alien doctor is seen standing next to a tanned man with large wings growing out of his back.*

A new beginning.

Voiceover: Starbolts: New Beginnings. This time, everything changes.

*image of "Coming Summer 2006"*

7th November 2005, 4:46 AM
Weee! It sounds so mysterious! I liked
it and look forward to it. Only a few
months. ^_^ The Examining table scean. O_o cant wait for that one, though i don't know what it leads from.

As always, be kind to the mime.

10th November 2005, 2:52 AM
Yet ANOTHER commercial for Dust to Deceit. These are just too friggin fun, even if they get me absolutely NO reviews, I enjoy writing these.

A bird with blazing red wings is seen, cawing loudly. Bright plumes of orange, and fiery sparks spread about at the flap of this bird’s wings, which seem to be on fire. It’s belly and neck glow a golden yellow, as it flies into the air, smoke, ashes, and fire trailing behind it.

“My name... is Moltres.” says a voice in the background as the bird is seen flying in the air, creating embers and puffs of smoke in its wake. “A guardian of Kanto, and the bird of cleansing fire.” As this happens, the scene changes.

We see a blue, humanoid creature lacking gender features, and facial aspects, other than two giant black mirrors for eyes, and a small mouth. “At the whim of this... oddball, I have taken flight for Kertonmel, where it seems my destiny...” at this, Moltres is interrupted as the small blue humanoid has an outburst.

“Fate!” the thing yells, giggling afterwards. “You so funny, Pretty Bird, I ravage you LONG time. Loooong time I ravages you ravaged!” At this, we see the creature’s hands, which are lacking of fingers or claws of any kind.

“That thing” Moltres’ voice returns, “Calls itself ‘Me.’”

Again, Moltres is interupted. “I’m Me DUH!”

“I do not know why it has chosen me, but its ulterior motives seem unclear.” Moltres states as the scene in the background shows ‘Me’ follow Moltres in the sky. “Regardless, it’s reminding me of every reason why I hate being a legendary, and long for the short and fulfilling life I could have... if only I... were human.”

At this, the screen blacks out, as the trademark bleeding hand lunges to the sky, shuddering in place as it tries to reach the heaven and pull them to pieces. After that, the whoosh of wind destroys the hand as though it were dust. Then the title appears as the dust from the hand disappears completely.

Dust to Deceit and below it in parentheses are the words ‘Read it NOW! What are you waiting for?’

10th November 2005, 3:25 AM
Yeah, these are fun, aren't they? Here comes another POV trailer. This time, it's Jenna's turn at a trailer! Get ready!

*scene of a large mansion. Tons of trees around it and a city off in the distance.*

Jenna's voice: This may seem like a typical rich kid's story. Large mansion, great parents and even better friends. It's too bad one day my world got turned upside down..

*scene of a park. Jenna's talking to M'anta and they're at a bench. This is after his dad was killed.*

“Don’t. Don’t beat yourself up over it.” Jenna’s eyes welled up. She was team leader of the Starbolts and the mission was hers. She felt she disappointed everyone too but there was nothing anyone could have done. “It’s not your fault or the team’s. We’re going to find whoever did this and what “Terra Nova” is. I promise you, Shrall, Aquita, your mom and everyone on Aquarius.”

Jenna's voice: I was supposed to be the leader of the next generation of Earth's heroes. We've come so far, done so much and all it took was the return of a nightmare I finally woke up from to do so much damage.

*scene changes to a rooftop. We see a man in black armor cornering Jenna and M'anta as they stood against a wall.*

“So, are ya gonna kill me and take my girlfriend?” Baxter prepared to fire as Jenna stepped in front of M’anta. “Jenny? NO! Come on, you can’t possibly-“

“You’re going to have to take me down too!” Jenna shouted and launched a fireball. ”It’s time you learn, you murdering slime that I’m not the same scared little girl any more! I’m not afraid of you and I sure as hell don’t want you!”

Jenna's voice: Despite whatever happened in our past..

*scene of Jenna in a training room shooting fire as the older Agents of S.T.A.R. look on.*

Jenna's voice: Our future is wide open and the world better get ready for my friends and I. We're going to show the world what we can do and right the wrongs. I owe it to a lot of people..

*scene change* We see M'anta and Jenna fighting in a training room against a couple robots.

Jenna's voice: Especially, him.

Voiceover: Through tragedy and triumph, the next generation of Earth's heroes must save two worlds.

*shots of Aquarius and Earth. Aquarius is a more watery world with tourquoise seas. The Earth picture uses stock footage of Earth as seen from space*

A new path is opening for them.

*shots of Aquita singing. Aquita has light blue skin, green hair, webbed hands with four fingers. She's on the stage of an outdoor concert hall with trees and people below clapping. Amongst them are her parents who look similar to her and her friends. She sings this:*

“Baby, I can tell you something about destiny…” Aquita sang. “You can believe if you believe in me. You don’t know for sure if it feels all right? But, if you wanna know, I’ll show you tonight.”

A new start

*scene of an alien doctor examining Aquita. The alien doctor is seen standing next to a tanned man with large wings growing out of his back.*

A new beginning.

Voiceover: Starbolts: New Beginnings. This time, everything changes.

10th November 2005, 3:30 AM
(The Ash and Pikachu Show-take one)

Male announcer: You've heard their adventures countless times...but what do they do when all the adventuring's said and done?

(Cut to Ash jogging out onstage to greet the imaginary crowd)

Male announcer: They go on TV, of course!

Ash(to audience): Thank you! We have a great show for you tonight!

Male announcer: They've got adventure...

(Cut to show Ash starting the projector)

Male announcer: They've got music...

(Cut to show Brock singing and playing his guitar along with the house band)

Male announcer: They even have a pencil with a mind of its own!

(Cut to show Misty drawing a cane from the wings, which yanks Brock offstage)

Male announcer: All this and more on The Ash and Pikachu Show! Tonight at 8 Eastern, 7 Central, only on Pokemon Channel!

11th November 2005, 7:55 AM

We see a darkened sky, raining massively from the heavens, thunder booming, and lightning striking fear into those who lay their eyes upon it. The lightning shears the screen with an overload of radiance, returning it abruptly to a silenced blackness. Words flicker slowly in a dim, white glow onto the screen as the grunged, curdled voice of the narrator speaks.

-+Narrator: A Storm Like No Other+-

The words disappear, whilst the soft hum of stringing violins echo suspensefully as the black scene transitions to a teenage, Japanese boy, running hurriedly through the rainstorm amongst drenched trees and mangled branches in the center of a sort of park. He is flailing his arms about in front of him, as though to stop the rain from showering his body entirely, to no avail. The screen dims again to the black, white words appearing.

-+Narrator: A Boy's Curiosity+-

The letters fade, and sharply, the violins strike on a high note, and lightning blares across the tempest in the sky. The boy onlooks the storm powerlessly. The screen suddenly goes black, but before we know it, it lights up once more with the howling image of a funnel vacuum in the clouds twisting and churning a black vortex, of which the membranes slide and slither across the sky like a parasite. A choir builds a crescendo on a very soft tone, and just as the funnels seems as though it is about to erupt, the choir slams on one key, and the screen goes completely black. Words drift from the left of the screen.

-+Narrator: Based on the Phenomenal Franchise+-

The black fades out to the Japanese boy sitting up from the ground, staring at what lies in front of his vision as the rain pours down upon him.

-+Narrator: Comes the Story of a Boy+-

The view transitions to the image of a pond sitting amongst the torrential downfall and the trees that are soaked from it, thousands of ripples rambling from the droplets of water. Suddenly, a great force plows through the belly of the pond, spraying and splashing a fountain of algae and water ominously, including the camera's view, blackening it as it does so.

-+Narrator: And His Overwhelming Discovery+-

A chorus begins tossing a powerful, earth-shattering song of peril and revolution, as several images begin spanning across the screen: a clip of an airplane soaring through gray clouds, one of its jet engines exploding into an inferno of fire; the Japanese boy crawling on all-fours on the top of a slab of glass with aquamarine ocean beneath the sealed passage; a United Nations meeting interrupted brutally by a collision of shrapnel and creatures against the ceiling of the building; tanks firing rockets and shells into the sky with an ear-pounding bang; children screaming, and adults running everywhere visible under a shadow of gray. The camera suddenly pans into the sky in front of a group of undistinguishable persons standing among the flooding masses of escapees, looking sternly towards the sky. The camera begins homing slowly in on the group, gaining speed, when we see the Japanese boy once again, and with a slam, and a powerful forte from the chorus, the screen goes black.

A burst of light slices through the thick background, pounding forward the title.

They've become real. (http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?p=2338018#post2338018)

13th November 2005, 3:36 AM
Pokemon World: The Appearance of Mew



Read now in the Shipping Fics section of serebii.net.

Can Jesse and James help save the world and their relationship?

15th November 2005, 2:34 AM
"I am going to make you a doll you can't refuse," stiffly said by Mr.Charlando."With huge freakish fur, painted yellow."

Ike was looking at the Charsfather with delight. His own costom Pikachu doll!!!! But if he didn't take it, he had 3 choices.
1.Get killed
3.tickled to death

"Well." Mr.Charlando said gruffly. "What is it?"


"Okay!" Mr. Charlando squealed.

Ike was then falling in to a pit of sharks yelling,"Never mind!"

The Mafia takes over
-Poke'mon.com - Buy or DIE!-

15th November 2005, 4:17 AM

Voice: In a time long ago, before humans came into Neopia...

*Camera shows two huge armies facing each other in a desloated battlefield, the left is an army of Draiks, while the other are Krawks. At the beginning, middle and end of each army is a row of flags. A commander stand head of their gigantic army, glaring at each other*

Voice: An ancient war had transpired between the closely related Draiks and Krawks

*The two armies roar, and then charge at each other*

Voice: But a legend rose...

*Before the two armies could start combat, a great burst of light appeared in between blinded the two species. Then, the light clears, revealing a dragon with fleshless talons instead of hands and feet, a snout with a pair of fangs sprouting from the tip, webbed ears and wings, has firery skin, red intense eyes a yellow underbelly and a scythe at the end of his tail*

Voice: And stopped it.

*A white aura appears from the dragon and then slowly covers all the species, until the eniire place is glaring white*

<<Fades Out>>

Voice: Now, war has arisen once again...

*Once again, camera shows two huge armies facing each other in a desloated battlefield, the left is an army of Draiks, while the other are Krawks. At the beginning, middle and end of each army is a row of flags. A commander stand head of their gigantic army, glaring at each other*

Voice: And the Legend shall revive...

*Switches to a Maraquan Draik, whose head turns around and looks panic. Then sees a whole horde of monsters all around him, then changes to a Maraquan Krawk, staring intently at a Fire Draik, and then finally changes back to a Maraquan Draik screaming "LUCIEEEED!!!" on the top of a hill, then switches to the same dragon that appeared before on the battleground, slowly rising and spreading its wings*

Voice: Forgotten Heroes: Legend Of Dragodell *Words in yellow with black outlines appear on the black screen*

*Then we see a Maraquan Krawk clutching a ruby pendant, staring at the full moon in the inky night sky*

<<Fades Out>>

16th November 2005, 9:12 PM
Well, I guess it wouldn't do any harm to make a commercial. Who knows, it might actually help my practically dead, non-reviewed fic.

The Island Chronicles

The camera shines down on a white ferry slowly making its way through the aqua water with the sun beating on it gently. The shot changes to a cabin in the ship, showing a fifteen-year-old boy sitting up from the night's snooze. He throws a red vest over his pure black shirt and puts on his lucky blue and yellow bucket hat. He reaches over and puts on a belt with five PokeBalls on it. His little Bagon is standing on the other bed watching.

Announcer: Four best friends. Two couples. One Bagon. This is their story. It has romance.

The shot shows Ryan and Annette, sitting in the back of a truck full of bicycles holding each other close. The camera changes to show Seth and Cassi watching the sun-set on the beach holding hands.

Announcer: It has danger.

The shot is of Wattson in the his gym. He begins to speak.

"The balance of Electric PokeMon is thrown off. If it is destroyed, it can send the PokeMon into a fit of rage and they can level cities and harm innocent people."

Next it shows a Crawdaunt shooting a Hyper Beam from one claw and a Bubble Beam from the other at other Crawdaunts, with Team Aqua standing behind them.

Announcer: A bit of humor

We see Seth sitting in the same bicycle truck, speaking to his Bagon.

"Hey Muk for brains, what do you think your doing!"

We see Scorch, the Bagon, watching as many Crawdaunt come flying out of their PokeBalls.

"Sweet mother of Clamperl, there's millions of them."

Next there is Wendy the Sneasel, laughing as Scorch ran away screaming like a girl.

"Aww, was little Scorchina frightened?"

Announcer: Missing PokeMon.

We see a shot as we watch the truck hit a bump and Scorch is air-born. He flies back and falls out of the truck. Seth screams and Ryan pounds on the side for the driver to stop. The driver finally stops and we see Seth go running out of the back and sprinting to were Scorch was seen falling.

Announcer: And some new PokeMon.

The screen shows four columns. In the first one, we see a Belloseum (sp) dancing and then the shot freezes. In the second one we see a Zangoose getting ready to attack with a Crush Claw, shot freezes. In the third one we see a Teddiursa sucking on its paw and then turns its head, shot freezes. In the final one, we see an Absol open its mouth in a roar, shot freezes.

Announcer: The Island Chronicles, now playing at a forum near you.

16th November 2005, 11:09 PM
:o Oh my GOD. A Neopets fanfic? That's the first one I have ever seen! You are my hero! ;__;

25th November 2005, 3:56 AM
If You Have Not Read Joltorb Rises. You Don't Know What Your Missing!
A 4-star Rated Fic, That Is Allready Complete!
Read One Of The Most Unique Fics!
Then Reply About What You Think!
Joltorb Rises_

25th November 2005, 4:07 AM
Fleur's Love with Padfoot

Sirius Black have been cleared from his crime by the Ministry of Magic. Sirius meets a breathtaking beautiful girl named Fleur Delacour.

How would this affects Harry Potter and his fate with his Godfather, Sirius Black.

Power Shot
31st December 2005, 2:29 AM
Before the Starbolts embarked upon their greatest adventure, Marcus, Dennis, and Angela of the team that deemed itself the future of Earth's saviors faced a hero that added to the generation. His origin- a mystery to the Starbolts, the people of Zepther, even to himself. Will the Starbolts find him as a friend...or foe? All that is know is his name. Chronos, the Metal Savior.

Saviors of Zepther: The Beginning of Chronos

The city by the Great Lakes, Zepther. Covered with snow, a man prowles its streets.

A plane that cannot be stopped, aimed at the mayor's home. Gabriele appears in a flash of light, attacking the hijackers. Another jet follows, piloted by Titanus and Bluestreak. The hijackers, men dressed in grey with skull symbols on their suits, are attacked by the yellow clad warrior.

The plane is out of control, unstable. As the plane aims for the mayor's house, a man leaps out of the blue, dressed in nothing but black. Nothing can be seen about him save for his hair, which flashes from reddish-brown to grey as the wind changes. Metal springs from his wrists, covering the plane and forcing it to turn to the airport, landing safely.

Titanus and Bluestreak land the plane and meet up with Gabriele, who go to the back of the plane to see who it is. They see the man clothed in black, who retracts the metal he has formed back into himself and lands on the ground, creating two small craters where he lands into the airstrip.

"Who are you?" The Starbolts ask, as they take in the man clothed in black. He looks from side to side, trying to see them because he cannot for some reason.

"I am Chronos," is the man's reply. Then he leaves.

The Burnt Shadow
31st December 2005, 5:43 AM
Well I have made a new fic so wheee!!!!

The Romolus Region Saga

Narrarator: Welcome to the new region of Romolus...

An old man and a younger man waits on a tower as a helicopter comes.

"New trainers"

A trainer stands still as an Espeon right in front of him creates a barrier of psychic energy. A Magmar comes in and joins Espeon by powering the shield with powerful fire energy. A Meowth comes in screeching as it delivers a slash attack on a Sneasel.

"New challenges"

A Magmar hops on a bunch of rocks avoiding a blast of water and from falling off the rocks. An Espeon shields itself as a blast of water strikes its barrier.In the pokemon league platform. Two trainers face each other fiercely. A Rayquaza tries to shoot out a powerful beam of electricity while a Mewtwo tries to counter with a colorful beam of psychic energy.

"New enemies"

Some officers keep their guard up in the smoke watching for any movement. But suddenly a knife pierces right through the chest of one of the officers. The man from the first scene takes out a pistol and tries to shoot a blind girl. A dark figure comes in and slices a cut right on an old man's chest.

"So are you ready to face the whatever lies ahead?"

A trainer calls out an attack. An Espeon and Magmar fly in to deliver a swirling vortex combo of fire and psychic energy. A trainer orders his Blaziken to attack while another calls her Scizor to attack. Blaziken and Scizor both strike each other at the same time. Finally the commercial ends with a Meowth delivering a swift kick right on a Snaesel's chest.

The Big Al
31st December 2005, 1:12 PM
[A satellitehovers above the surface of the earth with a landmass that looks very much like a mitten. The view then zoom's in quickly.]
Narrator: Life at the Catalpa Trainer Dorm was going quite well.
[A panning shot of the dorm's residence and their Pokemon playing in the woods by the dorms appears for a short time.
Narrator: However, things have a way of changing.
[A woman in her thirties with long dark brown hair standed over a model of large town.]
[The scene of an old man sitting at a long desk appears.]
Old Man: We are deadlocked on the issue of immenant domain regarding Miss Catalpa's property, namely the Catalpa Trainer Dorm.
Narrator: Now they must fight for their home. For defeat means homelessness. But can they stop fighting each other to do it?
[A muscular man with black hair slams a skinner man into an oak tree.]
Narrator: And did I mention this was just the pilot.

Pokemon: Chronicles of the Catalpa Trainer Dorm

Coming in 2006 (I hope)

31st December 2005, 4:35 PM
Technically this is a bump, but it's a very fun and useful thread so I'll let it slide.

Chibi Pika
2nd January 2006, 7:03 PM
Eh heh...*dies* I wrote this one like a month ago, but then I got grounded, so that's why I'm posting it now, even though the commercial craze has kinda died. x.x;

Slow, cautious music starts, like the music in the beginning of the Wave-Guiding Hero trailers.

Narrator: “One thousand years ago, a great war shook the lands of Johto, Kanto, and Hoenn.”

Scene fades in with an overhead view of a battlefield, and two sets of forces comprised of both humans and Pokémon charging towards each other. Immense, glowing creatures lead the onslaught. Close up view flash in—dragons and humans wielding swords and glowing weapons—beasts leaping forward and tearing at the enemy.

Narrator: “The remnants of that past cannot be escaped…”

Two groups of shadowed figures rise up against each other, their eyes glowing malevolently as they collide.

Narrator: “The new era…has dawned…”

The screen goes completely dark for several seconds before a single eye, glowing blue snaps open.

New music starts: much quicker with a heavy beat and an epic feel.
Scenes flash rapidly—a myriad of glowing creatures firing their energy assaults at one another—pulsing rays surging through the air, colliding with a force field shielding a mountain base from harm—explosions shake the screen—an immense, emerald green serpent dragon closes in on a formation of fighter jets, only to be struck by a pulsing electrical ray.

Scene switches to a sped-up view of the sun slipping behind the mountains and the sky going dark.

Music escalates.
Voice, powerful, feminine, and in the background: <This is beyond prophecies now…> A scene with a large orange flame dragon lunging forward flashes in. <…We have seen it with our own eyes…and it has paved the way for things to come…>

A tall, white, humanoid catlike creature throws out his arms and glows with a violent blue energy.

Music stops.
An immense, snowy white dragon-bird stands along the edge of a seaside cliff, gazing out at the ocean and continuing, <…Now, we must follow…>

Music starts up again, quicker and ending on a beat after the following scene.
An immense, sea green dinosaur thrusts its claws forward at the screen and fires a burst of white light.

Narrator: “The Legendarian Chronicles, rated PG-13…now playing.”


2nd January 2006, 7:18 PM
Not a fic, per se...but a comic series that may become a fic:

"The Pokemonion Chronicles", take 1

::happy music as we look in on Pikachu watching TV::

Male announcer: Pikachu's like any other TV loving Pokemon....and not surprisingly, he has a favorite channel.

(the TV shows blue and yellow fireworks that show the word "Pokemonion")

Male announcer: But whatever you do...

(shots of Pikachu shocking Ash and reclaiming the remote, Misty fighting over the remote with Pikachu, various Pokemonion eyecatches, ending on Pikachu, the human cast, even the Legendaries watching the TV)

Male announcer: Do NOT bother him while he's watching Pokemonion!

(Shot of Pikachu watching TV as the comic/fic's title appears on the TV screen)

[for the curious, Pokemonion is a Pokemon parody of Nickelodeon]

3rd January 2006, 4:38 AM
PM me if you notice this message/actually come here to read other commercials. [Current PM count: 0]

Eternal Daydreamer
3rd January 2006, 4:55 AM
I have one, too.

A giant factory stands up tall. We hear faint voices, perhaps shadows as each one speaks.
"No mon goes in, no mon goes out."
"I want to go in, Grandpa!"
"He doesn't have a chance!"
"He eats so much! It's no wonder..."
"I cannot loose, I am a champion. So says my mother."
"Even a retarded Mankey could figure it out!"
"Count to five, hold your breath. Come with me and you'll be in a world of pure imangination."
"Dittos? From Ditto-land!"
"You uber ebil mon!"
"I can't have a blueberry for a cub!"
"I'm comin' sweety!"
"Listen to him, he knows what he's talking about."
"Five go in and one comes out. What happened to the others?"
Find out. In:
Big words come and stick onto the screen
The Chocolate Factory!

Brian Random
5th January 2006, 11:06 AM
Click here for background music for this commercial (http://wilstar.com/xmas/midi/auld4.mid) (Whoever made this midi, thanks).

Nidoking: (My resolution is to lift a shoulder for a friend in need…) *Pictures himself shoulder tackling his enemies, knocking them into long distances.*

Feraligatr: (To use my head more often…) *Pictures himself headbutting his opponent on the head continuously.*

Blaziken: (To lend someone a hand every now and again…) *Uses his Fury Attack/Sky Uppercut combo by rapidly and viciously poking his opponent in the stomach before performing a thunderous jumping uppercut on his chin.*

Salamence: (To fly to the highest part of the sky…) *Pictures himself grabbing his opponent, fly high into the sky and then slamming them into the ground.*

Metagross: (To take out the trash more often…) *Pictures himself telepathically smashing his opponent over the head with trashcans.*

Tyranitar: (To improve my table manners…) *Pictures himself slamming his opponents through tables.*

Black Jack: My resolution? What do you think? *Pictures himself drinking beer and cracking skulls.*

Pokemon Impact 3!

You want action? You got action!

6th January 2006, 4:07 AM
Begin music by clicking here. (http://www.vgmusic.com/music/console/sony/ps2/uematsu-myfather'skiller.mid)

*Edward Elric claps his hands, and points them to the ground. Then a blue explosion erupts and the screen goes pitch black immediately.*
Ed: *Violent Scream*
Alphonse Elric: Brother!

*The screen turns into a night sky, then text fades in*
Where are we?
*Text fades out*

*Immediately appears a screen of the Elrics in Retroville, Jimmy Neutron's world, which slowly fades out*

*More text fades in*
What is going on?
*Text fades out*

*Immediately appears a screen of the Elrics in Dakota, Static Shock's world, which slowly fades out*

*More text fades in*
How are we going to get home?
*Text fades out*

End the music.

*Immediately appears a screen of Edward*
Edward: Simple. We do what we always do.

Begin music by clicking here. (http://www.vgmusic.com/music/console/sony/ps2/DC2BATT.mid)

*Some Two-second videos of Edward and Alphonse fighting the baddies in the worlds of Jimmy Neutron, Static Shock, and Foster's.*

End the music.

*Edward in slow-motion, clapping his hands and then the screen turns immediately blacks out.*

*Blue lighting appears and explodes, showing the title*


6th January 2006, 6:17 PM
The legend'sbetrayal
Lightning flashes, all that is on screen is dark cluds, lightning flashes again.
'One day...'
Lighning flashes
'The world will change forever.'
Begins to lower screenshot revealing a destroyed city.
'The human race will become a thing of the past'
Screems echo.
'One boy, one pokemon, many legendaries'
People are thrown across the screen, some are dead, you hear groans as they hit the ground dead.
'Chances of succeeeding 0%, run while you still can!'

6th January 2006, 6:37 PM
I'll have a go making a new advert for Phoenix, maybe even edit the old one, we shall see...

The scene opens on an underground cave. There is a torch flickering high in the corner, only the dripping of waters is heard. A baby is handed to a joyous mother, who has tears of happiness dripping down her face. She wipes them away before they fall and tuck her chestnut hair behind her ears. She looks young; her eyes twinkle as she looks down at her only daughter.

It white out and opens on a new scene, a slow beat starting, the tune from pirates of the Caribbean. A new cave, larger this time. A bustling underground village in motion, carts pushed this way and that. The hall is lit up from gigantic torches fixed to the walls, shadows collecting under motionless wagons. The camera focuses on a young girl riding a rapidash, weaving through the crowd. Suddenly the music stops as an ear-splitting roar punctuates the scene. They turn. A drum beat. A ray of white light streams out of the caves only entrance and streams across it, fires springing up in its path. Behind the smoke you see a silhouette. The camera turns back to the girl as the Rapidash rears, before dashing for safety. Another boom of a drum as the first screams begin. The music speeds up to the exciting part.

The screen flashes to a scene of the girl diving out of the way as a huge foot of some dinosaur treads where she was a second ago.

A flash, it switches onto a new scene that shows people screaming as they are tossed into the air and thrown into the walls, you watch as one hits with a sickening crunch.

Another flash, a dark shadow moves within a pitch black cave.

Another, the Rapidash rears as a tidal wave rushes towards it. Another flash, they are running as gouts of fire burst out of pot holes around them.

Another Flash, an old crone is knealing in a dirty hole cackling.

Another Flash, the girl stands in the center of a deserted village, looking down at the skeletons around her.

Suddenly it falls silent. The girl is crouched on the ground, eyes scrunched tight. Behind her is the crunch of footsteps. Her eyes flick open, fear stark in their sapphire depths. They come slowly nearer. She slowly turns her head, eyes wide in horror.

Another flash. You watch the girl as she stands in the middle of a field, blue and red light blooming in her hands and blinding out the screen.

The light fades.

A crackle of fire and the words: “Phoenix” Appear on the screen. It is engulfed by a wave of flame and fades.

A fanfiction by katiekitten.

How was that? Better I hope. :)

6th January 2006, 7:10 PM
Figure I should do one for the fics that aren't on hiatus for a few years.

Emerald Lands
5000 years ago, a war that should've ended all wars was fought.

Shows silhouetted images of Groudon and Kyogre fighting

But it didn't end all wars

Numerous clips of battles are shown

And now...the war to end all wars is reborn.....

Shows a Nidoking and a Mantine fighting

Will the hero who stopped it before succeed a second time?

Nylf sticks his Shiny Flygon head up, Suila's thong adorning his antennae

Probably not...

The fate of the world rests on the hands of three teens and a Shiny Flygon. We're all doomed aren't we?

Shows Drake, Suila and Tac sitting around staring at the sky with Nylf

Well, maybe appearances are deceiving.

Nylf: "Y'know, those stars make me wonder, is the universe on a parallel or a series circuit? If the latter, imagine what would happen if one of those stars burned out!"

Well at least he's got help......

Zel: "Nylf, you're brain burned out,"

Meric:"He has a brain?

Teva:"Hey, is Suila bending over?"

Rito:"Hey mons, stop giving de Flygon all da dissing!"

Law:"Is he really related to Sara?"

OK, so the Pokemon aren't much use, hopefully the trainers will be ready...

Drake:"One of these days I'm going to ask Suila out...

Suila: "Hey Drake, have you seen my thong?"

Tac: "For petes sake woman are you blind? The ****** Flygon ha it on his head again!"

I was right, we're all doomed. Oh well, at least we're going out in a big way, in:
The letters from my banner flash on screen as the narrator says the following words,


Nylf: Narrator guy, shut up and bite my Shiny Flygon ***.

No, and you just ruined the dramatic ending.

Nylf: .....Bite it I say!


The 31 Day Promise

Have you ever wondered what really was going through Misty's mind whenever this kind of thing happened?

Shows a clip of Misty and Ash in one of the many awkward moments,

We have.

Have you ever wondered if Ash would remain that stupid for ever?

Shows a clip of Misty face faulting at Ash's lack of knowledge involving romance..

We have

Have you ever wondered if Pikachu knew more than he was letting on?

Shows a clip of Pikachu during one of the many awkward moments

We have

Have you ever wondered what Ho-oh is actually like?

Shows a clip of Ho-oh tripping over tinsel and crushing a small Growlithe accidentally

Nah, us neither. But we have managed to find out the answers to all those questions we wondered, plus the Ho-oh one, and we now show the final month of our studies in:

Title appears on screen with snow falling

It really has been too long coming. But as they say, there's a special magic about Christmas.

Ho-oh flys by in a Santa hat and wearing a false beard, leaving the audience gawking

6th January 2006, 8:18 PM
Retelling the Story

In a greenhouse, two trainers sit down together. One takes out a photo album, and takes out eight pictures, pointing to two of them.

"You say that they're helping you out."

The two pictures show one fourteen year-old boy and one fifteen year-old girl.

The scene shifts, revealing a gym scene. The other trainer who'd been in the room throws out a Mankey, and the boy in the photo throws out a strange Pokeball, which somehow captures the Mankey.

The scene shifts again, revealing a battle by a pool. The girl releases a Starmie, which dives at the trainer, attempting to injure him.

The scene returns to the green house.

"And I think he isn't a problem."

The photo reveals a twenty year-old man.

The man in the photo is holding a gun to the trainer's head, leading him into a corner.

The greenhouse reappears.

"There's me, of course."

The scene once again shifts, revealing the trainer with the photo album holding a knife to the other trainers throat.

The greenhouse reappears.

"She's incredibly dangerous."

The photo shows a long-haired woman with very strange eyes.

The scene shifts, revealing the other trainer and the woman. The woman gives him a strange glance, and suddenly becomes an Alakazam, which begins to attack the trainer.

The greenhouse reappears.

"And so is he."

The photo shows a man with a similar appearance to the woman.

In a building, the man begins to throw around ninja stars, and four trainers duck, reaching for Pokeballs.

The greenhouse reappears.

"I'm not sure about him."

The photo shows an old man with shades.

The scene shifts to a volcano, where the man is standing, holding the trainer over the caldera.

The greenhouse reappears.

"And I'm not even sure about this one."

The photo is completely blank, as though someone meant to take a picture but didn't.

The scene shifts to a shadowy room. A voice echoes through out it.

"Kill him!"

The greenhouse reappears.

"In short, you won't have many problems."

The volcano reappears, spewing lava everywhere.

A silver ship appears, covered in battling trainers and bullets.

A cave appears, and an Onix rips through a wall.

A yellow bird swoops down.

A blue bird.

A red bird.

The unnamed trainer is blasted away.

"My name, is Ishida Satoshi. This is my story. The true story."

Retelling the Story. See my signature for details.

7th January 2006, 12:32 AM
Narrator (N means narrator): (Your screen goes black and then the following white words appear): Ten thousand years ago, the titans of the earth...

Picture of Groudon flashes by

N: the sea...

Picture of Kyogre flashes by

N: the sky...

picture of Rayquaza flashes by

N: clashed in what seemed like a battle that would destroy the world. The Three were put to sleep by A hero would died in the process. Now, ten thousand years later, three dark forces are rising, rising to manipulate the ancient Titans and dominate the world. Can they be stopped? All hope rests in the hands of a boy...

picture of Brendan in Emerald clothes flash by

N: a girl...

pictures of May in Emerald clothes flash by

N:who were just going on a regular journey when they realized their destinies. The two trainers must destroy the three most powerful organizations with nothing but two crystals and an ancient poem:

When the time comes again, three evils shall rise,
Three Titans shall wake, three elements shall clash.
Three orbs, three crystals, three gems they shall need
Earth, Sea, and Sky, the elements three.

There's mine, it's not all that good and I guess it's a little short but it's what I managed to do. I might change this for a better one if I have time to write a better one.

7th January 2006, 4:47 AM
For an upcoming fic:

[Pokemon: A Siren's Voice, take 1]

(We start on a black screen)

Male announcer: In classical mythology, the Sirens were half bird, half lady-like creatures that lured sailors to die with their song.

The Pokemon world has something like that....

(cut to show three identical headset microphones, one red, one blue, one green)

Male announcer: ...only these Sirens use their song to lure Shadow Pokemon to die!

(we see the red headset mic appear by a boy's lip. The camera zooms out to reveal the boy as Ash, only now his clothes look different: he's wearing sparkling red armor with gold trim. The camera shows that this armor runs down his arms, except for his hands, where there are golden gloves engraved with a ruby in the center. The armor also appears on his legs, except it was black, and his shoes are also golden with a ruby in the center. His cap is red, black and gold.)

(Facing Ash is a Shadow Persian, its whiskers twitching intently)

Ash: Hold on, to your dream
And look towards the sun!
I’ll cherish your wish
And I will... I will protect it!

(as the music picks up, the resulting wave of sound sends the Shadow Persian flying into a rock)

Male announcer: Together, three friends must again seal away the greatest evil... (we see an omnious shout of Deoxys) and the team that awakened it...(various shots of Team Cipher members) using only the power in their voices...)

Ash(singing): Just listen to your heart, that always speaks the truth!
The light will show you the way!

(various waves of sound batter the Shadow Persian until it falls, defeated)

Ash: How bout an encore?

(the title flashes on the screen: Pokemon: A Siren's Voice-Coming to forums Winter 2006)

7th January 2006, 7:55 AM
(Screen starts out completly black)

Narrator, quoting a poem from Robert Frost: Some say the world will end in FIRE.

The black screen instanty moves to a forest on an island, and zooms in on a small building. It focuses on the doors. Suddenly they burst open and a small Poochyena comes sprinting out of it. Right behind it, there is a flash of flame shooting out of the building. The camera cuts out to a black screen again.

Narrator: Some say in ICE.

The camera then shows an icy cavern. The walls seem to be crawling with liquid ice. In the center of the cave is a large, Ice pokemon standing suspended in air with arms outstretched. It is Regice. Suddenly, its eyes begin to focus and the liquid ice shoots towards the camera.

The camera then flies over the island as the narrator speaks.

Narrator: From what I've tasted of desire...

The carmera then changes scenes to the inside of a laboratory where a man is sitting on a white table with his shirt off. He is looking down at his arm, terrified.

Narrator: I hold with those who favor FIRE.

As the word "Fire" is mentioned, flame leaps from the mans arm and he begins to scream as it envelopes his body.

Narrator: But if it had to perish twice...

The camera then changes scenes again and is in a large meeting room, where a silhouette of a large man can be seen. He has his hands behind his back and is gazing out he window. There is a terrible snow storm blowing outside, so bad that nothing can be seen.

Narrator: I think I know enough of hate.

Camera changes scenes to see a Poochyena lying on the ground with a broken leg and a terrified look on his face. Fire begins to erupt around him by the means of something behind the camera. The small dog sees death is coming.

Narrator:To say that of destruction ICE

The camera then shows two people, obviously scientists, cowering on the floor in front of a tall cloaked figure. A terrifying mist is around them, and seems to be choking them. The cloaked person then turns to the camera revealing a horrifying devil mask that scares the living crap out of you, then dissapears.

Narrator: Is also great, and would suffice.

Poochyena is seen in the cavern of ice, holding its broken limb in its mouth. Slowly it closes its eyes, and the screen turns black again, but not before a bone shattering crunch is heard.

Slowly the words appear on the screen. FIRE AND ICE.

7th January 2006, 8:55 AM
The end has come!

The sight seen is horrific indeed. The Moon is swiftly being pulled towards the Earth like a powerful comet. It is of course burning up, but it is simply too vast to be incinerated. After a few more seconds... impact! The screen blips out as the Moon breaks to pieces as it strikes the planet's landmass.

And yet, life continues, and twelve centuries into the future is our destination.

A vision of a very strange man is now shown. He is certainly not entirely human, especially considering that HE'S FRIKKIN NAKED!! Yet... there's no need for a censorship blur below the belt. Speaking about a belt, it is the only article of clothing that is worn, and it looks as though its only purpose is to be used as a holding place for the spoon that this strange man holds in his three fingered hand. Heck, his skin is yellowish, his arms and legs are somewhat skinny, and his mustache is the same exact color as his yellow skin. He also has the tail of a fox, and a red dot on his forehead. All in all, he appears to be a strange mix between a man, and the psychic Pokemon, Kadabra.

Are you ready for an adventure that defies Armaggedon, and transcends time?

We see yet another strange humanoid. This one appears female, and pinkish white. Though not as humanoid as the yellow human, this one has splotches of aqua blue, and what appear to be mouse ears and a thin, zig-zagging tail, which ends at a blue ball. As for her body, upon her head are two red horns, atop what appears to be a green toupe. To further this hodge-podge, she has red eyes, and the whitish pink of her body seems to flow away at about the midriff, much like a skirt. Below that, it appears to be a pair of slender, green legs, tipped off with blue feet. Confused? It's a very wonky mix of marril and Kirlia... don't ask! You'll find out why, or even how, soon enough.

The only one to remember the moon is... well, he's very behind the times, while at the same time, ahead of his own.

Finally! We see something that is entirely human. In fact, the hair, which is reddish-grey, much like a brick, should tip you off. If not, add a slight mustache and goatee of the same color, and observe the skinniness of the boy. Finally, wait until he shows off his Eastern European accent. Are you still confused? If you are, then shame on you! He's Verick from Dust to Deceit... what the booger flippin' heck is he doing here as well? Again, trust time to reveal all things.

Join the adventures of the smart-talking Khalid, a half-Kadabra who has an unhealthy fixation upon soup and ice cream's favorite eating utensil. Join the Kirlia-marril, Sofia, with the potential to do something with her life, ibut instead wastes it on prostitution as a temporary way to make ends meat. Finally, join a boy whose hopes were high, so high in fact, he hopes for beyond the solar system as life's biggest trek. Now, he is flung to a mysterious new Earth, that is beyond his reasoning. An Earth is draining him of his hopes, and instilling strange new instincts and hormones within young Verick. Yet... we have many more oddities to meet in this strange future.

We see a few scenes. The sky in the background is red with clouds of black and what appears to be a dismal appearance. Yet, in spite of the redness, it is high noontime with the sun directly overhead. In this scene is Verick, and he is looking at the very awkward Sofia, his eyes fixated on what appears to be her behind, as she is walking away. Perhaps he is simply being hypnotized by her swaying tail, or perhaps he is looking beyond that to something that most of you would scream is very, very wrong for a human to enjoy looking at!

The scene changes in a flash. What is seen now is a floating creature, its body shaped like a crescent moon, which features a pair of blue elephant ears with two red stripes and a blue elephant snout. It has stubby legs which cannot reach the ground, and has a pair of large red eyes. Yes, this is a Phanpy/Lunatone mix... seriously now! Just wait and find out what the flippin' heck is going on! This 'Lunphy', who's name is Xade, seems to be talking to Khalid about something, but the words are muted... simply because that'd be a spoiler.

Next, even more freakiness. With a face that looks like a steel hockey mask, and a single jagged spike on its back, it features a body with a long, and nearly limbless purple body. A single, purple stipe rests at around its neck, and its feet are stubby, and almost vestigial, especially when compared to its slithering speed. That's not all though. It sports a pair of human hands, and even has a human nose upon its face, and long, blue hair from her head. Yes, this is an Aron and Ekans... combined with human as well. You have to feel sorry for this poor mutt. Not that anyone notices or cares about Rine, who is a lady of a strange class all her own. In this scene, she is in what appears to be a living room, talking to Verick, as her tail seems to feel around and size up his face. She is smirking, while Verick, on the other hand seems quite nervous to the physical contact.

It is a strange future, filled with answers, that get shoved aside by thrice as many questions... and you get to take part in this intriguingly new world, as it unfolds with its rich, and unique variety of 'people'.

At this, a loud, echoing voice booms, thanks to the technology of surround sound stereo!

Paradise to Pain
Paradise to Pain
Paradise to Pain
Paradise to Pain
Paradise to Pain

(Probably) Coming to you in the year 2007. For now, READ THE PREVIEW!

The Big Al
23rd January 2006, 11:25 AM
Announcer and white lettering on a black screen: "What...is...Al?"

“Hey Cellar Dweller,” Bert growled with more than a little annoyance in his voice, “get you’re sorry rear up here.”

EDIT:[The melody of "Dance of the Hours" begins]

Announcer and white lettering on a black screen: "Is he a lady's man?"

He looked up and saw Moraine standing next to him in the mirror.

“Hey,” she said softly.

“Da,” Al squeaked as he plastered himself against the wall.

Announcer and white lettering on a black screen: "Is he a man of danger?"

The men and a dozen pok&#233;mon jumped onto the warehouse floor. They were surrounded.

“Brilliant,” Al said sarcastically, “any idea of how to get out of this?”

“Uh,” Gregory thought for a second, “no, I didn’t.”

“Swell,” Al laughed weakly

Announcer and white lettering on a black screen: "Is he world poker champion?"

Al set down his two cards. They were the seven and eight of hearts.

"Read 'em and weap bug." Smile confidently. "Straight Flush six through jack."

"Scor", Scorpin set down its cards, the gueen and king, giving it a royal flush. It placed its claws at it's sides and squinted tauntingly at Al.

Announcer and white lettering on a black screen: "Is he the next Croc Hunter?"

Scorex had Al by the right arm and was flinging him side to side, violently bashing him into the ground.

Announcer and white lettering on a black screen: "Maybe he's just Al."

"We don't need anymore invasive species." Al said an annoyed tone, poking Scorpin in the head with every word.

Scorpin got madder with every poke and clamped its claw onto the finger Al was poking him with.

Announcer and white lettering on a black screen (with the sound of Al screaming in pain): "Read Pokemon: The chronicles of the Catalpa Trainer Dorm (http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=100934) and find out just what Al is."

Al stood their still as a statue for a couple seconds. Then he fell forward, not moving a muscle and landed on the dloor with a loud thud.

White lettering on a black screen: "Now showing."

Saffire Persian
24th January 2006, 5:13 AM
On a pure black screen, gentle, piano music begins to play. Words begin appearing just as a voice - which is neither masculine or feminine, reads the words aloud.

"They say that Time will eventually heal all wounds; but people tend to forget the deep, painful, everlasting scars it leaves."

The words disappear, before being replaced by new ones.

"It all starts to spiral downward the minute you unleash your last Pokémon from its pokéball."

The black screen changes into a picture of a stadium, where a person is standing in the trainer box, throwing out a Pokéball onto the arena floor. A Charizard appears, while the other trainer has already sent out a Venusaur.

The battle begins, as the owner of the Charizard shouts out "Fly!" You see the Charizard bolt upward, while the other trainer shouts out indistinguishable orders.

The scene changes to what seems to be minutes into the battle. The Charizard is standing in front of the Venusaur, surrounded by a cloud of stun spore.

The voice of the Charizard's trainer rings out. "Flamethrower, please, you have to use it!

You see the raise his head, open his lethal jaws, and inhale deeply –

But he stops in mid-breath, and you can hear a raspy sort of sputter come from him. The paralysis must be taking hold. Meanwhile, the Venusaur seizes her chance. Green appendages hiss as they cut through the air. They are all around him now: his arms, his legs, his torso… some are even curling about his neck, preparing to constrict, and strangle.

The narrators voice interrupts once more. "You should have noticed it before..."

White words flash: (But you didn't.)

The scene switches to a close up of the Charizard, his muzzle open wide like he is breathing hard... but he isn’t. His eyes roll, and he collapses. Even as he’s falling, the trainer is running out of the trainer box, and you can hear the trainers thoughts:


Don’t let anything be wrong.

It can’t go wrong.

It’s not right, it’s not fair.

He’s just fainted, that’s all. Nothing more.

Nothing more…

Rapidly, the scenes begin to flash in front of you, barely a few seconds pause between each one. You see the Trainer following a horde of Machoke, carrying the Charizard on the stretcher. You see the Trainer asking something to Nurse Joy, eyes wide. You see the Trainer again, head buried in a chair cushion. A Blissey stands in front of the trainer, holding the tissue.

Flashes of light - they look like they're reporters. The scene cuts to the face of a VERY angry Blissey. She pushes through the crowd, looking determined. The screen goes into black for a few moments.

Pure white words appear on the screen: (Wake up! Wake up! Rise!)

This time, you see the Trainer again, flying on the back of a Skarmory, a bag clutched in the trainers hands as the trainer soars through the blue skies. A map of Kanto appears, and several places are marked. Quick flashes of indistinguishable moments in black and white - all of which include Charizard, or one of its pre-evolutions - flash before your face.

Suddenly, piano music changes to a more peaceful tune, and the current scene fades out. And the last few words of the commercial appear, slowly and slightly wavy, on the screen, while the narrator's voice reads the text that is displayed on the screen.

Narrator: Come, and relive the memories.

The final words of the preview come slowly onto the screen, in a wavy short of fashion.

(Don't worry. Time will freeze, Eternity will wait, and Death will stop its inevitable course for these few precious moments. For they are yours, and forever will be. )

The Ties that Bind

Kyle of Pallet
27th January 2006, 9:54 PM
Once again, I'm horrible with making fanfic commercials, but I'm trying another...

(Soft strings are playing; Black backround fading to that of a rumbling volcano)
Female's Voice: To the world, you are just one person, but to one person...

(Changes backround to that of a filed, a Pikachu and a Noctowl are fighting)
Female's Voice: You can mean the world

(Suddenly, as a Black Citadel appears in front of the Poe'Mon, the scean changes to the volcano erupting; music increasingly becomes more menacing)
Demonic Voice: Now these worlds belong to me!

(The scean shows the main characters from my story, Kyle, hannah, Ash, Brock, Baramos, Jesse, James etc. The music then stops as the text: To stop history from repeating itself, one must search for his roots)
Female's Voice: Dragon Quest, and Poke'Mon. Pokemon: Dragon Quest Monsters Volume One Coming Soon

27th January 2006, 10:54 PM
[The camera runs slowly past creepy laboratory equipment.]

Voice-over: Life in the lab as the second attempt at a super-clone...

[Camera starts passing the bars of a large cage]

Voice-over: Well, I survived.

[Camera reaches the corner of the cage, in which a fat, purple Furret is lying on his back against the wall and snoring; it lazily opens an eye]

Furret clone's voice: You know, it really wasn't too bad at all. I got free food for pressing a lever, I almost never had to do anything except sleep and eat, and the injections and tests - well, you got used to them after a while.

[A TV camera man is shown recording the Furret clone taking on different poses while two men in suits seem to be talking in the background]

Furret clone's voice: Then they set me free, and I realized...

[Cute wild baby Sentret are shown playing around in grass]

Furret clone's voice: ...that the wild Sentret were all bloody pricks.

The Second Clone - coming soon.

Lady Myuu
27th January 2006, 11:17 PM


words on screen


[A snow covered forest, bare trees and pines. It goes on as far as teh eye can see until a line of mountains that have a pass between them stop the view.] [Cut to a blank screen and words apear]

An ancient land...

[The screen zooms in closer as it flows over the tree tops then down into teh forest itself. Standing in the snow a hand on a tree is a young woman, dressed in a brown skirt and has a warm white fur coat on] [Cut to a blank screen and words apear]

In a time before the pokeball...

[A howl echoes in the background, sounds like a wolf and yet it seems to carry a different tone... the girl looks over her shoulder and her green eyes widen before she takes off running] [Cut to a blank screen and words apear]

[Screen changes: the same girl is standing in a store looking up at an elderly man. "I am looking for my brother..." she speaks. Screen cuts to a pair of brown boots running in teh snow, tree trunks in the background] [Cut to a blank screen and words apear]

A simple quest turns into a mystery...

[A young man leans back, he has red hair and odd hazel eyes. "No man could do what it does." he warns.] [Cut to a blank screen and words apear]

A simple farm girl trapped in a cold forest with only a trapper man for a guide.

[The girl seems to be staring out before her gaze looks up into the red headed man's face][Cut to a blank screen and words apear]

But when she finds out more then she ever wanted to know... she must find a way out before... It keeps her forever.

[The camera goes back to the scene where the girl is running in the snow, a deep growl is heard and she slips and falls. A howl echoes out once more and the girl screams] [Cut to a blank screen and words apear]

The Mewtwo Stalker company presents...

Into My Woods

28th January 2006, 10:40 PM
Ooh, Lady Myuu, yours sounds really freaky! Now I wanna read it! I WANNA READ IT NOW!
Okay, here's my commercial:

(The screen begins black)
Narrator (light female voice, like that of a young girl): Alto Mare...
(Scene flashes to the old Alto Mare, like in Pokemon Heroes, then back to black)
Narrator: ....it used to be so....normal.
(Scene flashes the former Alto Mare once again, but we see a Latios and a Latias flying together, laughing. Back to black)
Narrator: Now....it's nothing but lights and technology....
(Screen flashes the new Alto Mare, computers, and robots walking down the street, then the camera focuses on the sky, and something streaks by)
Narrator: ....I don't want this anymore...I want to leave.
(We see a close up of what streaked by, and it is Latias. She is flying, trying to catch up to Latios, her brother. Back to black)
Narrator: But now....I've found out something I shouldn't have...
(Screen flashes to the mysterious shadow speaking to Latias)
Mysterious Figure: (deep masculine voice) You must leave Alto Mare. The spirit of who destroyed the world years ago will return!
(Back to black, but then it shows Latias facing us, it is clear now that it is she who is narrating)
Latias: And now I must prevent it. (She fades from view)
(Fast, dramatic music plays as scenes flash by within seconds: Latias flying, Latios bruised and looking up at something, Latias dodging the attacks being hurled at her, Latios and Latias diving into the sea, attacking the yellow-eyed creature submerged in the sea, Latios alone, Latias alone, and then Latias yelling out "NOOOOO!")
(Screen turns black as Latias' yell echoes still. Someone speaks again and we realize it is not Latias)
New Narrator: (voice is neither masculine or feminine) The world will once again beg for mercy. Don't step in. Any of you.
(Text shows, in white lettering)

I know, it sucked, didn't it?

Chibi Pika
4th February 2006, 3:56 PM
Woot! ^^ I made a fourth one. I couldn't resist, they're so much fun. XP

Screen goes completely dark. Slow and quiet music begins…eerie, yet with a mystic quality.

Scene fades in with a faint blue glow illuminating what appears to be a cave. A calm pool of water occupies the lower third of the screen, shining with the reflection of the light. A small human figure walks toward the left of the screen. View switches to close-up of the human, revealing it as a teenaged girl, tall, dirty blonde-haired, and presumably a trainer from the Poké ball holders on her pants. She leans again the rough cave wall and stares at the ground, apparently troubled by something.

Female voice, echoing and powerful: “It is not fate that has intertwined you with the legends. However…if you wish it, you shall be a part of the coming Revolution. It is a heavy burden, and a dangerous one, but you shall be bound only if you say so.”

The girl glances over her shoulder at the form of an immense creature standing at the opposite end of the cave, powerful, streamlined, and draped in shadow, its body radiating with a sapphire aura. The screen switches to a full front view of the girl as she says, “I’ll do it.”

Upon those words, new music begins—upbeat and with an epic feel.
Scenes flash rapidly—the nimble form of a glowing cat-creature eluding sparking rays of energy—a goldenrod bird recoiling backward from a wave of Master Balls—a bright yellow tiger slashed and soaked in blood, howling in desperation—an azure beast stooping over the fallen form of a burly lion while twisted surges of lightning fill the air.

Narrator: “What happens when the superiority of the Legendaries is questioned…?

Background voice, belonging to the creature from the beginning scene: “Were it not for events already set into motion, the Legendaries would just as soon be the slaves of humankind.”

Scene switches to show the girl from the beginning standing alongside the shadowed form of a humanoid feline. The creature lifts its cat-like head and says, “These so-called Legendary Pokémon are in danger, that much is certain.”

Scene switches to show an immense white bird-dragon soaring high above the viewer, its eyes blazing with unparalleled fury. Scenes begin to flash rapidly—a flash of flames as a flaming orange phoenix breathes fire onto a cobalt falcon—a goldenrod heron standing to its feet in pain as lightning bolts surge around it—a Team Rocket member points her finger forward and a Raichu at her side unleashes a blast of electricity at the viewer.

Narrator: “What happens when everything you ever thought you knew…is suddenly wrong...?”

Scene finally settles on a tall human silhouetted against the glow of a winged creature.

Background voice, young and male, “Soon you’ll see…in a little over a year all of this will turn into a much bigger conflict, and by then the sides will be even more unclear—not just the Rockets versus their enemies.”

Scene switches to the same female trainer from the beginning, who shouts, “I don’t care whose side I’m on, and I never wanted anything to do with any of this!”

Scene switches to a close up of Mew’s face. Her large cobalt eyes begin to glow as the camera moves away, keeping her centered in the screen. She throws her arms out to the side, her entire body writhing with psychic flame. A wave of impossibly bright light surges forth and envelops the entire screen and then suddenly everything goes dark.

Mew’s voice, quiet and echoing: “This is not just a war…this is much, much more…”

The title rushes forward onto the screen as the narrator says, “The Legendarian Chronicles, Rated PG-13…Now Playing.”


4th February 2006, 4:36 PM
{The Upholder of Duty}

*It is a scene of almost complete darkness. An indistinct figure twists what seems like a hand, and a scream pierces the night.*

Announcer: The darkness is imminent...

*The scene starts continuously changing, showing first a horde of Beedril laying siege on a community of Dragonite, then an army of Ninjask attacking a large mountain-cave, and countless similar scenes, all in which the attackers seem maddened by some sinister power.*

Announcer: The people grow restless.

*The scene finally stops. An incandescent egg glows cobalt blue interspersed with firey red, wobbling with impatience.*

Announcer: The life of our saviour dawns.

*A Salamence lands on a mountain cliff. He is soon joined by a graceful Gardevoir, shining with elegance and beauty and another one of the Salamence, this one surging with power. A Dragonite appears at their side, leading another Dragonite and an Alakazam. The six of them turn to face the rising sun.*

Announcer: And duty calls.

*A message slowly forms, burnt into the sky by Dragon fire:

The Upholder of Duty
Protecting the helpless, no matter what.

4th February 2006, 8:00 PM
[The screen is black, and suddenly a flash of brilliant white light appears, and when it fades, words in blood-red gaelic lettering appears: “Ash_Junior Labs Present.” and then the words fade out. A small, thin strain of classical music begins, weaving its way through the following scenes. The blackness opens up to a young man, talking outside with a young woman with long, brown hair.] “My parents always told us that Pokemon trainers were never content with what they had, so they had to leave it all in an attempt to find what was already in front of them.” [A slight scene change, then back to the boy.] “I studied for two years under Oak to become his aide.”

Another scene change. This time it's a close-up on the afore-mentioned girl. She's leaning forward slightly. “But Then?”she asks.

[The boy looks down at his feet and is quiet for a moment. Then, quietly, he speaks.] “But then the invasion came.” [he says, and the scene cuts abruptly to black. In the background, a hard rock song begins to play, and scenes of a burning landscape appear, and the camera pans to show that a line of soldiers is marching steadily towards the camera from all directions. Then a voice-over begins

“The Engarans, who supplied funding to the Rockets covertly for years, took over Kanto in a little over a day.” [the young woman, now sitting down at a table, eating a meal, says. Her voice is tight, and it's easy to tell that this is a touchy subject with her. The young woman looks down, then back up.] “After they were done with Kanto, they handed control over to what was left of Team Rocket, after the Elite Four had gotten through with them nearly a month before.”

[The scene shifts, and the scene is cut to the boy, sitting around the same table as the young woman.] “I don’t have anything in Kanto left worth living for.” [he says, and looks down at his plate sadly. At this point, the music changes, speeding up. It's still classical music, but it has a decidedly harder edge to it.]

[the young woman slams down her fists onto the table, and demands loudly.] “Tyco, grow up and smell the roses! Where will it end? If the Engarans have taken over one country, what’s to prevent them from taking over another?”

[the scene shifts to an outdoor scene in a garden. It's night, and the moonlight gently illuminates the scene.] “You said that you had friends. Could you give me their names?” the boy says.

[The girl grins at him.] “I can do better than that. I can take you to 'em.”

[the next shot is a giant pan shot of a cavern that had to be ten miles across, with a giant lake in the middle. The lake is surrounded by a city and has a pillar sticking up in the exact center, and the light that illuminates the entire chamber came from the top of the pillar. The lake glitters like a sea of crystals that has been smashed up and thrown together. There isn't so much as a ripple on the lake, and there never is any. A river flows from the other side of the lake, and has several waterfalls as it makes its way down to the lake. The camera ends up on the boy and the girl, who have just come out of some sot of structure inset in the cave's walls. The boy is staring at all of it in wonder.] “Wow.” [he says] “Your friends live here?”

[The girl grins at him.] “Nope,” she says. “I live here. Welcome, Tyco, to your future. And to the future of Kanto. Welcome to Rocket-Bane.”

Narrator: In the face of unbelievable danger, there are a few who resist. Tyco, the intrepid boy scientist. [a shot of the boy appears, and he is looking from one monitor to another] Erin, the undauntable Valkyrie. [a shot of the girl appears, in which she is fighting her way through a mess of Fighting-type Pokemon, and winning handily]

[The screen goes to black, and then a single word appears, seemingly written in blood, with drips falling from the word. The word is...Retribution]

Narrator: Coming soon to an internet near you.

8th February 2006, 4:58 AM
I luffed that trailer, A_J x3 Dragonfree's was also a bit fooneh. The Sentret pricks XD Also the same to LadyMyuu and Chibi; awesome commercials.

And now an opening trailer to The Serebeth Noob Trials, or at least, the revived version. Enjoy-ness:

[Violins are heard in the background playing a mournful song. A red, dying sun is setting over the horizon of emerald hills, splashing a small village in a nook of the hills with orange twilight whilst all becomes sleepy. As though time has sped up, the sun sets, and the stars rise from its ashes. Cold, chilly air bites the corners of cobblestone in the town. A disembodied voice of an old woman seems to be carried on the moonlit wind, containing a message it delivers with the soul of the breeze. While the voice speaks, we see scenes of people flying back and forth between huts, chatting with others.]

"Your home was set aflame, just as the book said Noobs had the power to do. When you fled, and your aunt was dying, a Noob that was lurking nearby found it a perfect rift in time to begin another set of Noob Trials. Don’t you see? Braxton O’Conner was framed for being a Noob, and although a few Noobs sacrificed their lives for this purpose, they purposely brought wreck, poverty, and the overall downfall of Serebeth in the past. They discovered that sometimes they didn’t have to work their magic constantly, but let wretched society do it for them with the terrible backstabbing of enemies and rivals within the village. A Noob has framed you, James Carroll, and they are going to start the Serebeth Noob Trials once more!"

[After the voice ceases its speech, the last scene we see is a pink, dog-like Pokémon with aqua polka dots speckled on its skirt, and a lower jowl with a forbidding grip. The dog, standing on the cobblestone, leaps at a fat walrus-like man who screams girlishly as he is bitten hard in the calf. VERY hard. The screen goes blank; black. A voice of a boy bullets through the dark.]

"What are you going to do? Eat me?"

[Several scenes then began to flash by: an elderly woman carrying a helpless boy on her back kicking miserably, a Scyther slashing at an attacking Espeon amongst woods, a girl in a white cloak spreading marmalade all over a door, a Noctowl soaring the starry sky with its feathers ruffling, and Mew rapidly appearing in an overwhelming flash of elegant petals of light, shattering the shards of radiance, then whipping its long, thin tail toward the screen, knocking the view blank; black once more. A new scene begins to fade in from the darkness, of a great, marble staircase illuminated by walls bearing torches that blaze carnivorously. A boy with auburn hair pulled back in a ponytail is staring with wet, blue eyes from the heap of his black cloak at an old woman crouched on the stairs adjacent to him, her white hair strung back into a bun and her own cloth being a deep, velvety violet in color. A green mantis Pokémon with bloodstained arm-scythes is panting beside the woman, while a tan owl is bowing its skin-tone headcrest into its downy chest.]

"So this is it?" the boy asks. "This is what it's come to?"

[The woman turns her head slowly toward the boy, her indigo eyes flashing at him from underneath wrinkled eyelids. She frowns, and opens her mouth.]

"This," the old woman groans, staring glumly at the ascending steps, her voice faltering, "is only the beginning compared to everything else."

[Buildings and shacks suddenly fly into view, bursting into explosive flames of singing fire. People are screaming and running past black-colored pig Pokémon named Grumpig while meat patties are plastered to their faces among the inferno. The view then switches to a sort of ceremonial chamber where a black Grumpig seen before is laid out on a stone pedestal, its ribcage torn open, and men in black cloaks taking up goblets of apparently blood from the fresh corpse, dripping the cups' lids to their sour lips. A wind-like air is rushing with suspense as more instantaneous visions trace by, including a sandy-blonde woman with short hair accompanied by a blue Corsola, a group of oddly-dressed bandits swinging pikes forward, a cackling elderly woman with glazed-over eyes gnashing a knife against another old woman's blade, and a tall, foreboding tower rising above the sunset beyond a wood of trees.]

[The view becomes calm as the suspense slashes down at a peaceful note, and a sparkling effervescence of enchanting magic is heard rustling in the wind among a gargantuan island inhabited by the tallest and most lush trees. It is the dawn of a new day, and a Pokémon swings by the camera as it pans further down into the forest, rapping and beating small, pixie-like wings that are sprinkling the mystical noise. The camera looks further up along the Pokémon's body, and we see it is fairly small. It has a forest-green lower body that ends in its rounded feet. The torso and up of its body is tinted a light, lime green, swinging its long, bulbous arms with tiny fingers in the wind. We then see its onion-shaped head, with frills of its pointed cranium ending in twinges of the same green of the lower portion of its body. Its beaming sapphire eyes were buried within the black pits of its head, and two antennae rose from its forehead, the tips ending in an electric-blue. It then turns its head toward the camera, smiles with its little mouth, and sways away from the camera, showering the vision with fizzling sparks of pure magic as the creature vanishes in the womb of the forest. Writing begins to dissolve from the fragments of sparks, forming a title.]

-+The Serebeth Noob Trials+-

[The scene then transitions from the title to the scene of a girl with cascading blonde hair and ogling blue eyes in a white robe staring at the old woman with white hair and the violet cloak.]

"Oh, Mistress! It’s so good to see you again!" she said in a lovely tone, walking up to the old woman with her arms outstretched.

"Don’t touch me," the elder growled. "You touch me, and unicorns will die."

[The screen goes black, and a last set of writing concludes the commercial.]

Darkness rises from processed meat...

23rd February 2006, 10:12 PM
**Deep, ambiguous announcer tone; each of these are accompanied by large white text on a black solid background. The fade out after the voice says it.**

Two men.

**A flash of a horizontal split; on top, there was ayoung man's face shrouded by blackness. He looks stern and upset, with his silver bangs over his face. On the bottom, was a longer face, stubbly, his eyes covered by a grey hoodie as he smirked.**

One goal.

**A flash of a Rocket Elite's face, girtty, and smirking**

And one long battle.

**A two second flash of Rockets firing their machine guns at the aforementioned men, as they dodges the fire, and retaliate with pistol shots of their own; full sound for the two seconds**

Page after page of action and suspense.

**A two second sequence of the men leaping away from an explosion behind them**

A million weeks couldn't prepare you.

**A two second sequence of a black van from the back, as its driving away, taking fire, and the hooded man returning fire with a pistol.**

For this.

**A two second sequence of a Gardevoir, performing a Thunderbolt manuvere in a warehouse looking place with low lighting**

Team Rocket:

**A two second scene of a very important looking Rocket bellowing in fury; as the scene ends, his voice fades out, as it goes black.**

The Unremiting Strife.

(Currently in progress. Read and review. This commercial was funded by Clockworkz Fan-fics Inc.)

((link in sig))

Kutie Pie
24th February 2006, 8:36 PM
Okay, here I go. The teaser for my first fic.

*slow music plays*
A feminine voice narrates: "There are some wars that are forgotten."
*screen shows massive battles*
"Some are famous... Some are minor... Some last for a short time... Others last for years... For one war, it's lasted for eternity."
*screen fades to black and shows a pink cat with blue eyes talking to a smaller one*
"Humans started this war. That man who harmed the Pokemon, he was evil."
*screen fades to black*
"The war against Pokemon has been around for ages, never to end. Until that one fateful day..."
*a red-head girl is seen with a Mew*
"My name's Mia," says the Mew. "What's yours?"
"Daisy Vanner."
*screen goes back to the mother*
"You can never make friends with a human," she continues. "They will betray for it's their nature. Never trust something from a different kind."
*scene switches to the girl and Mew with heart necklaces*
"What's that?" asks the Mew.
"They're supposed to be magical necklaces, as legend has it," explains the girl.
*screen fades to the Mew in a bright pink light and then the glow fades*
"The stone absorbed your wish and song..."
"Don't the songs mean something?"
*music stops*
"This is a story about a runaway..." the disembodied female voice says.
*close-up of the red-head, her violet eyes filled with tears*
"An outsider..."
*close-up of the Mew, sadness in her eyes as she gazes at something off-screen*
"...and the two bonds that both separates and keeps them together."
*quickened music plays as various scenes are shown briefly then fades quickly: the Mew flying with the girl, fight at a bus-stop, a man pointing a gun at an object off-screen, a Roselia blasted into the air, the red-head falling out of a tree, the Mew crying at school, an Arcanine talking to a Hariyama, the same Mew eavesdropping in the bushes*
*the Mew and girl shown laughing*
"...and war..."
*a battle scene is shown*
"Two outsiders... Two different species... One destiny..."
*screen shows the heart-shaped necklaces glowing in either blue or pink*
"...one secret to threaten their friendship."
*screen shows the girl and Mew*
"Mia, I got something to tell you," the girl says sadly.
"What is it?"
*the red-head looks up, tears in her eyes and screen fades*
"The end is near," a whisper is heard.
*gold and silver curvy letters form the title: The Battle for Friendship. It slowly fades away as the two necklaces falls into place, bearing either the words in gold lettering "best" or "friends"*
"Humans lie all the time..." the girl's voice says.

And that'll be coming to forums soon. Don't know how I did, but oh well. At least I tried.
♥Kutie Pie♥

24th February 2006, 9:19 PM

Fullmetal Alchemist: Chronicles of the Thunder alchemist

The first Fullmetal Alchemist fan fic i ever wrote. Lieutenant Shane Mustang has alot on his plate (balancing work, and older brother who seems to love testing the patence of his superiors, trying to keep secret feelings he has for a co-worker/ friend) but now theres something more for him to worry about. Everyone remembers Barry the Butcher, the insane killer who almost killed young Edward, right? Well now theres a similar situation, but its more thasn that as Shane, with the help of Ed and his friends, begin to uncover many mysteries and startling facts about what went on in Labratory five.

((May contain spoliers towrd the end of the fan fic))


(i would love to read and review other fics too, for the sake of Eqivelant Exchange)

24th February 2006, 10:09 PM
MIC, you seem to have missed the point by a bit. Here you post an idea for a TV commercial of you fic. What you posted goes in the 'Happy Fun Get The Word Out Thread'. And I do have a point for turning up. A new advert for an upcoming one-shot...

10 Years Later...

10 years ago, a grand adventure was started.

(Shows little cutscene of Red for Gameboy)

10 years later, this adventure is still going on.

(Shows cutscene from FireRed for GBA)

Though you have to wonder, what is it like? These ten years have forged tales of great heroes, mighty villains, and epic romances. Bonds have been made and broken, limits pushed and defied. What must it be like, following in the foot steps of heroes who have done greater things than you yourself have could imagine.

Well, for Jimmy Infernal Rouge, he has to face this. What must be going throuh his mind, as he wakes up on his birthday, and has to face taking those first steps, on a path of a greatness already trodden down?

Well, you're going to find out.

In a tribute to ten years of grand tales, the thoughts of someone who must now follow in their footsteps....

(All the time this has been said, brief clips from every game, anime, manga and movie have flashed by)

24th February 2006, 10:13 PM
Oh, whoops, my bad. should i delete my post then?

10th March 2006, 5:38 AM
Hi everyone. I made a commercial for my upcoming fic called The Divine Enlightenment. YAY, SO EXCITING! lol BTW, it takes place in the manga world of Pokémon.


The screen is black and the voice of an old man is heard. The voice sounds ancient as if the very essence of the universe is apart of him and not just his knowledge.

“In the beginning…

…there was only darkness.”

Suddenly, bursting forth is a brilliant explosion of light and begins to fade showing the Earth.

“And then light was conceived creating the New World forged by the ever shifting forces of…






The camera quickly zooms into the Earth and shows a peaceful meadow with early humans in a serene contentment with Pokémon.

“For millenniums, everything was harmonious bliss, which was until the tragedy had begun.”

The picture begins fading into black and white while people begin screaming and running around. Everything is in total chaos. The camera is shifted to a bird’s eye view and begins running rapidly among the earth. The camera hurriedly moves over mountains, valleys, deserts, and seas. Finally, it slows down when an ominous looking castle comes into view.

“As the darkness came into the land it waged a war with the light.”

The camera moves into the castle to show a menacing silhouette sitting upon a throne cackling with evil malice. Immediately the camera zooms up into the ceiling and the screen goes black with the darkness. The world slowly fades back onto the screen, everything still in black and white.

“The eternal conflict between chaos and order threatened to destroy the world.”

Suddenly the Earth begins cracking and pillars of fire erupted from the fissures. As quickly as the Earth had begun falling apart, the camera zooms in and shows soldiers and Pokémon running rampant killing many innocent lives.

As the cavalcade of the bloodshed and mangled bodies continue, a view of a throne being carried by monolithic beings come into view. The familiar shadow is seen on top extending a warped shadowy hand motioning for its army to continue onward.

“Now, confronting the evil, the four forces that had created the world rose up to restore balance.”

Then a loud uproar was heard and with a crackling sound like thunder four orbs of light rose out of the ground. The spheres were colored green, red, blue, and white. Each one started taking form of a being with a radiant presence all about them and color started seeping back into the world. The four heavenly figures outstretched their hands reaching towards the shadow.

“By the mighty hands of the Earth’s originators, the darkness and all its followers were banished to the abyss.”

Suddenly, the Earth opened up beneath them and swallow all of the dark ones. The four beings dematerialize into dust and fade away.

“The four forces now went back to their original resting places inside the plants, oceans, skies, and all creatures on the Earth until needed to be called upon yet again in another time of darkness…”

The screen slowly fades to black. A picture slowly comes back into existence. Upbeat techno music starts playing.

The camera is rushing along a meadow with a bird’s eye view. Then the camera is suddenly over a thick forested area and dives into the trees. The camera is moving along at a rapid pace dodging trees and then comes up on a Venusaur who is resting at the base of a large tree. The camera moves up the tree to find a teenage boy dressed in brown and green attire laying stomach side down on a branch. He smiles and winks at the camera.

Then the camera whizzes past him and comes upon a mountainous area. It zooms up to an active volcano and shows a punk dressed boy skate-boarding down the side of this erupting mountain. He then jumps off the volcano and onto a fierce Charizard narrowly missing the lava and flies away.

The camera continues to move upward following the Pokémon until it’s no longer visible. The camera then speedily moves through the air and comes upon a hazy lake area. Coming into view is the back of a pretty blonde school girl with a Squirtle who wore a pink ribbon. The Pokémon tugged on the girl’s skirt and she turned and faced the camera holding up a Pokéball in a clenched fist. The camera got a close-up on her face emphasizing the hazel eyes that blazed with intense desire.

The camera then zoomed past the girl and over the lake headed towards a large city. A female announcer’s voice is heard.

“When evil once again rears its ugly head, new heroes must step up to the plate.”

The camera continues moving and is quickly upon the metropolis which is recognized as Celadon City. A large mass of people have huddled out in front of a colossal building that towered over the rest of the city. The camera gets closer to the building and begins moving straight up like an elevator. When it reaches the top you see a swarm of Natu and Xatu swarming about seemingly fending off helicopters who need to land there.

The camera maintains its upward direction and takes the angle higher and higher until all we see is the sun in the air. But we notice a black silhouette hovering in front of it. As we get closer we see it start a familiar cackle that blankets the air ever so thickly. The screen fades to black and the music stops.

Large white letters appear reading-


-we hear a whisper saying, “The elements of the Earth have become unbalanced.”

All is black now.


I hope you all like it. Please tell me if you do. ^_^

10th March 2006, 6:04 AM
^ Nice Dimitri. =D

DOOD. Time for PR: O commercial. =DDDDDDDDD


An image of a dark haired girl sitting on a cliff's edge comes into view. Her face is shown, melancholy. Saber's voice comes in.

"Hello. My name is Saber Midori."

An image of a Venusaur facing off against a Lapras is shown.

"Four years ago, I travelled Kanto to collect all Eight Badges, just like any normal trainer."

An image of an empty arena appears, wind blowing throught the seats.

"Four years ago, I battled in the Indigo Leauge Tournament, just like any good trainer."

An image of a boy with tawny hair and a gaping wound in his abdomen is shown. Rain falls, and the boy smiles.

"Four years ago, I killed my best friend to save the world, just like any pal would."

The screen goes black

Heartbeats are heard

Boom Boom

A bird's eyeview of a chain of lush, tropical islands are shown, the camera swooping in dramatically.

"Now, the world is on the brink of destruction again."

Boom boom

A man with blonde hair, dressy clothes, and thin eyes holds up a large blue gem, laughing manically with no sound.

"There's someone out to kill us all."


Three gems are shown, one blue, one red, and one green, each pulsing slightly.

Eyes appear in the gems, wide, unblinking, with tiny pupils.

Saber whispers.

"They're coming."


Screen goes black with last heartbeat.


"Don't look back."

Text fades into the screen, slowly.



Dur dur. Sucks.


10th March 2006, 6:07 AM
Holy shiznat, that was fabulous. 8D I could really imagine everything so vividly, especially the monolithic throne urging its army on. ^^ It gave me a huge Lord of the Rings-esque vibe, and I think it'll be a hit when it comes out, just judging from how you wrote it.


10th March 2006, 6:10 AM
OMG!! XXSABERXX!!! Man, your compliment is regarded with much respect. YAYNESS!!! *offers up yaks*


P.S. *Worships Scrap* YAY! YOU REPLIED!! Holy freakin monkeyballs. lol Teh thnkz!


swift arrow
10th March 2006, 6:13 AM
*bursts through window* Yeah Dimitri, your fic is back sorta! Do i see confetti?

10th March 2006, 6:27 AM
FIve legendary judges. Thirteen uniquely strong contestants. Only one winner.

With every episode a new poll to see who you want to win. These poor unsuspecting competitors are in for the ride of their lives! They have to live with each other in a nice house but will conflicts arise? They have to comptete in two challenges a day, who will fail?

Tears, laughs and even blood!

Who will be The Pokemon Champion.

Only you can decide.


10th March 2006, 10:32 PM
This is a one-shot I have planned.

Before hand, the title may be similar to Saber and Scrap's project, but I swear it's coincidence.

3RR0R 71F3

A Porygon2 appears on screen, moving in a similar manner to the one in Colosseum/XD. Suddenly, numbers start running across it's eyes, Matrix style.

A monotonous voice, similar to the dex reads out the following:

"Porygon2, the Virtual Pokemon. This Pokemon has been known to exibit motions not programmed into it..."

The Porygon2 then stops, as a set amount of red numbers appear on it's eyes, which are then zommed in on, before being shown on the TV screen.

3RR0R 71F3 3RR0R 71F3 3RR0R 71F3
3RR0R 71F3 3RR0R 71F3 3RR0R 71F3
3RR0R 71F3 3RR03 71F3 3RR0R 71F3

The Porygon2 then blinks, and begins to look around, almost in awe, ike a toddler.

A cool, calm voice then says,

"What must it be like to be born? Well, we're about to find out..."

11th March 2006, 1:16 AM
Before you read this, I'm sorry about spelling. I'm too lazy to check it right now.


The screen is black, and suddenly the camera zooms in on the bottom of the ocean floor, where only lanturn are capable of swimming due to its darkness.

Words flash on screen.

They tried to get rid of it...

Camera then closes in on a wooden coffin, caught between two huge rocks and chained up with a cross nailed to the wood. It is covered in seaweed and has been eaten away by the saltwater.

They destroyed its home...

Screen switches to a tall lone tower on an island, burnt out and abandoned. Only a few artifacts from its owner remain, scattered about the premesis.

They tried to put it to sleep for eternity...

Among the few remains, an old-fashioned watch still ticks; even after hundreds of years of no battery life..

But they could not do so permenantly.

Screen zooms back to coffin and shows a red light emitting from the cross. The cross burns and the ashes float to the top of the ocean. The chains then start grinding against each other, and the rust eating at them gives in, releasing thier hold on the coffin. The red light fills the sea, and Pokemon from all around scatter.

Now it's back, and it wants revenge.

The coffin lid flies open, and something launches itself out and hides behind the mass of air bubbles. The only things seen are two dark souless eyes.

It's up to a bypassing trainer to save the locals from the revived terrorizing beast, and put him to sleep once more...

Screen switches to a young male trainer, leaning over the rail of a cruise liner ship, an Arcanine standing proudly by his side.

It took ninety men to take down the beast the first time. Can he really do it? Time, and fate will tell.

Scene shows him and the Arcanine getting of the boat, and getting run into by a woman shouting and screaming.

Maybe, just maybe, he can.

"It's Back! It's Back!" She wails. The woman grips the male by the shoulders and shakes him. "We're all going to die! I saw it! There are dead bodies everywhere up there!" Officers carry her away, and he looks on, confused.

If he keeps his sanity.

Scene ends with him taking a long glance at the captivating tower in the horizon of Pacifilog town. Five words appear in red ink/blood.

The Madness of Massacre Tower

11th March 2006, 1:48 AM
Nice Dimitri, Saber, Nylf and Sempris! (only one spelling mistake, their not thier) :) They is very nice. *gives cookies*

Now I have to hope I don’t ruin the streak…

A commercial for Waters Deep. :)

A black screen. The sound of rolling waves slowly gets louder as an image of a calm, azure sea fades in. Moonlight streams down and plays on the cresting waves, as the stars twinkle around the moons jubilant face as she watches over the world. All is calm, peaceful. But not for long. A low, eerie song drifts steadily closer, as the camera begins to travel forward to some unknown destination. It varies in pitch, rising to a piercing note before dropping down an octave. The song gradually becomes clearer and louder, it becomes obvious that the singer is female. The pure notes feel somewhat tainted, the voice is fair, but carries a daunting undertone.

“Siilllnnaa fuuurrrnnnaaa, tooooonnnagh ppllleennnaffeelll…”

The sound of crashing waves, and a sheer rock shelf bursts out of the sea, its jagged edges slicing easily through the roaring water. The singing seems to originate from here. The camera speeds up as the sound grows louder. The song continues, rising and falling like the waves over which it skips. The camera reaches the cliff and tilts, climbing up it not unlike a spider would. Reaching the top, you get a brief view of the deep sapphire sky, where storm clouds are suddenly mustering; the crashing of the waves seem to have become more ferocious, before the camera moves on eagerly, cresting the top and focusing on the scene before it.

You see the back of a woman, her hair flowing down her back in a crimson wave, pooling on to the ground. She sits upon the rain-smoothed ledge, still singing the same haunting song that trills through the air. It comes to an end as her voice trails off. The camera begins to swivel around, coming closer until her face is visible. She is astonishingly beautiful, her features absolutely perfect. Too perfect. Lightning flashes overhead, casting stark shadows over her face. Thunder cackles as she smiles, revealing a true horror. For her teeth are rotten and are black, pus ridden, cracked hosts that ooze disgustingly. But in a flash it’s gone, you are not certain that it was even there. She looks away; the camera tilts so that you can see the sea. It is raging to and throw, tossing and turning like a wild stallion. Her face is gleeful as she gazes at the wild, unrelenting power. In the distant you see the flickering image of a galleon, wallowing in the storms wake. Bowing her head, she whispers:

“This is only the beginning…”

She turns to the camera once more, giving a closed mouth smile before she disappears from the screen. The camera snaps around and looks over the cliff edge. Below you see the flicker of a fish tail before a wave rises up and engulfs the screen. It blacks out with the same haunting song that was heard before, rising from the depths. A wavering title appears.

Waters Deep.

Ok, that took me way to long. Probably because I had the TV on. Very distracting. :)

So how is it? Better than my other two, I hope. For they were really rubbish...

The Great Butler
11th March 2006, 1:56 AM
Hopefully my egocentric overpromoting of my fic doesn't spoil anyone's opinion of it. I just want to get the word out as much as I can.

Four years ago, Rich Mistbloom was on top of the world.

He was the wealthy champion of the Battle Tower in Larousse City. More importantly, he had love.

But then the tragedy occured.

In one awful swipe, Rich's true love was taken from this earth along with his mother and father. Shattered and heartbroken, he retreated to the remote Orre Region and went into seclusion.

Now, however, he's back. An attempt to return to fame at the Battle Tower soon turns to something more when Rich gets brought into the fold of the fight against Shadow Pokémon, which are reappearing at an alarming rate.

With his friends Anabel, Steven and Ashley, Rich must travel to the tropical Metalico Islands to chase the trail of Shadow Pokémon. Along the way he'll meet a number of friends and foes all leading up to the climactic clash with the mysterious Queen Shadow, mastermind of the attack that killed his relatives.

It is an overwhelming task, but never have there been four braver souls to take a stand against pure evil. Can they Snag the Shadow Pokémon and stop the organization from executing their plan to destroy and reshape the world?

Find out in SPPf's action drama fanfic, Pokémon XD: Enigma Shadow.

When darkness called, they answered.

11th March 2006, 2:09 AM
Rawr. Go read Tanner's Pokemon Journey if you like a non-00ber Fan-Fic!

11th March 2006, 2:25 AM
That wasn't a commerical, dude. --;;;

13th March 2006, 3:28 AM
Saber, no dead person? I'm not dead?


It's not in Cyan, so breath a sigh of relief all.

Fairytales... These kind of stories...
The Perfect Guy...
Those are what I believe in...
A Guy who is loving..
One who is forgiving...
One who is kind..
One who is caring
The Perfect Guy in my Eyes...
Has to have all those qualities...
I really am blind...
I'm not a Princess
All these demands...
Because of...
My love...
Is none other than him...

A young lady stood there, thinking silently. Blue silently smiled. The camera slowly zoomed in. The female had tears in her eyes.

Shreds of my Memories
He was a loner
He still loved me
He took the shot
For me...
His last words...
I miss him..
His smirk, his smile, every bit of him...

The camera then focuses on a young, blonde female, who is facing the ocean. She's at the beach, the wind blowing against her hair.

The liar
I trusted him
I loved him...
I didn't expect this
Takuya Kanbara...
The traitor
He said he loved me...
Nothing could replace me, in his eyes
That was what he said.
The liar
He is filth

He swore
Yet he lied...
I hate him...

The young woman silently thought in her head, full of tears. The camera then focuses on a girl, who is in her late teens. The eighteen year old who had brown hair, was probably the youngest of the girls...

My Dream..
Was to be the best..
The Best Wedding Planner...
And my sister helped me by starting Love Concierge
All that happened
My friend...
Her heart was shattered
Because of someone
Max died on that day...
Her wedding day
All because of Drew...
He ruined her day...
And all because of him..
May has reached an emotional state...
And yet...
He still sends her roses...

And I am still all alone
Of the dreams I had...
They were meant to be
And all because of me...
Green died...

They were after me...
Why did they have to target Blue?
Because of that...
She became a loner..
Like May
Everything is my fault...

The dream of becoming a Wedding Planner
Can still go on..
But after all that has happened
I'm not so sure...
Love Concierge
And see the tale of love.

Timid Kyogre
13th March 2006, 1:49 PM
Lovely, Sapphire! I guess I'll try to create one too! ^_^

"Anahita, don't listen to Indigo." I tried to convince Anahita not to do what Indigo told her to.

"Amber, I've been useless in this whole battle. The best I could do now is just throw myself off this building!" she was being suicidal and negative, I knew what she was thinking.

"Anahita, you're the one who got us back here in the first place! What, do you think that is useless?"

An angry look was on Anahita, she took one more step and threw the bottle that had Marine's soul inside.

"And that's how you'll remember the useless Anahita."

She threw herself of the building and was falling inside the deep waters. I quickly opened the bottle and the pale, violet echo was heading towards Anahita. Then, I was blinded by the blinging white flash.


This was not what I expected. I never knew that electric echo's make you bleed, not damage you.

My hand was bleeding seriously, I felt week. Alaina just continued on releasing the echo.

Then suddenly, I had a vison. But in this vision, I didn't see anything...I was just listening to everyone yelling from pain, there were even voices that weren't familiar.

"Laira died, so face it!" I heard.

I was going to die.

The Forgotten Enchantment...Not all visions are true, and nothing ever happens according to plan.

Yes...Not my best work but, oh well ^_^;

~Timid Kyogre

13th March 2006, 4:58 PM
Very nice Sapphire and Timid! Very nice... :)

13th March 2006, 10:30 PM
And now, my first non-Pokemon fic that'll see the light of day's advert:

Kitsune Capers

Being able to call yourself the son of Lucifer isn't normally something that is looked well upon.

But when Lucifer isn't Satan, but the benevolent lord of the Demon half of the Divided Plain, I guess it isn't so bad.

But in Kit's case, it makes him the most wanted yokai in the entire universe. As only he knows where his late father's Star Of heaven resides.

And to make matters worse, he can't remember where it is himself.

Just brilliant.

Did you come here looking for an average tale of yokai, warriors and good and evil?


Because when the good guys aren't so good,

(Kit, a red headed boy in samurai robes with fox ears and tail appears,)

"It's not my problem that the world's going to end,"

(A girl in classical Japanese school uniform, that sailor outfit with a mini skirt, called Nadine Kushina, appears)

"For pete's sake Kit it is your problem!!!!"

(Mat, aka Yamata No Orochi, a huge eight headed serpent with eight tails who easily dwarfs Kit appears)

"Oh come on, just one girl? Please? I'm really hungry! Okay then, just a taste? A nibble? Can I at least lick her fingers?"

(Agmochi, an anthropomorphic racoon dog appears)


And when the bad guys aren't that bad,

(Yamata No Orochi again)

"Please don't hurt me!! I bleed easiy, and I'm afraid of the sight of blood!"

(A silhouetted figure similar to a lion)

"A new world to conquer, and a weak one at that. Hold on, do I smell...fish?!"

This isn't going to be run of the mill.

A story that spans two worlds, three plains and all of time and space. It's going to be epic. If you can ever get the protagonist to get of his butt and actually do something...

When the fate of the world rests in the hands of demons, who can you pray to?

Sono Nanatsu Heika
16th March 2006, 5:49 PM
Gundam War: Once Upon a Blue Moon.

*heart beats*
Narrator: The year... is 2168.
Technology covers the entire planet once called earth.
Mobile suits called gundams are seen everywhere across the Universe.
Peace is spread throughout the Republic of Intergalactic Nations Galaxy.
Until... Now...

*heartbeats stop*

*Scenes of gundams fighting are shown and dramatic/actiony music plays*

Narrator: Earth 2.0 has been targeted by a hidden planet shrouded by a cloud of mist. Uknown to the other planets of the Republic Nations. Now Earth must make amends with the nieghboring galaxy they were once at war with.
But during an attack by the aliens, they launch a robotic disease that shuts down all the gundams. Now it's up to a single bounty hunter to find the only gundam unaffected by the disease... The Blue Moon.

*a flash of white light on the screen wipes off the scenes of gundams fighting to show the words Gundam War and a line of light at the bottom of the screen scrolls across to read Once Upon a Blue Moon*

16th March 2006, 11:58 PM
Robotic disease? I'd like to see that one. Sounds like a bit of a stretch even for Gundam. Cool commercial nevertheless. ^^

p.s. and off topic: Jagd Doga's rule. Remember that.

Nylf - Awesome. That's the only word to describe it.


17th March 2006, 5:04 AM
Tanner's Pokemon Journey
Ugh! Tanner's Late!!!
He gets to the lab...no Pokemon???
Attacked by a Mightyena!
How can this get any worse?

swift arrow
18th March 2006, 5:06 AM
*A Female Trainer runs frantically through the forest looking frightened, suddenly a boming noise is heard and the girl screams, tripping over.*


This is a forest you better consider walking around.
*Male trainer takes Female trainer into his arms as fire approahces.*

If you enter you're lives will change forver for this is

The Grass Rule

Coming April,

18th March 2006, 5:32 AM
*Sailor Moon companies show before we see a palace balcony with two figures on it*
Narrator: Many years ago, durring the time of the Silver Millennium...
*the two figures close their gap in a loving embrace*
Narrator: Peace once reigned between the solar system planets.
*An explosion then engulfs the two figures as the screen goes white*
Narrator: That peace was shattered by the Negaverse and many people were forced to relive their lives on planet Earth. The Negaverse was later defeated by a group of brave warriors known as the Sailor Scouts.
*We then see Serena raising her moon pendant*
*More scenes of the Sailor Scouts transforming and fighting monsters goes by the screen*
Narrator: Now, Sailor Moon and the Sailor Scouts are back to fight evil once again.
*We now see a dark figure watching Tokyo with a merciless smile*
Voice: Soon the Earth will tremble at our pressence and nothing will be able to stop us!
*We now see Serena in her weekend outfit sitting at a table*
Serena: What a creep!
*We then see a dark figure walking towards the screen clad in gold armor and an orange cape swaying behind him*
Narrator: This time, the Sailor Scouts have a new ally.
*The new arrival attacks with flaming attacks like Sailor Mars'*
Man's voiceover: I am Phoenix Blade!
*We then see Phoenix Blade attacking again*
*We then see Sailor Mercury and Phoenix Blade together*
Narrator: But his mysterious past, may also be linked with the Silver Millennium as well.
Sailor Mercury: Please, tell me who you are.
Phoenix Blade: I can't tell you right now.
*We then see more fighting scenes*
Narrator: From the author who brought you "Curse of Fate"...
*We then see Phoenix Blade kissing Sailor Mercury*
Narrator: ...Comes the newest Sailor Moon adventure.
*We now see the Scouts, Tuxedo Mask, and Phoenix Blade in a circle with their palms touching one another in the middle*
Sailor Moon: We superheroes have to stick together.
Narrator: Phoenix Fires now playing on Serebii forums, rated PG-13.

Sono Nanatsu Heika
23rd March 2006, 2:45 AM
Fullmetal Alchemist: Chain of Broken Memories

Alphonse Narrating: *a camera moves across a cluttered desk, showing alchemy books and a pocket watch used by military alchemists along with paper after paper and a photograph of the late Tricia Elric stained with what looks like tear drops* Humankind cannot gain anything without first giving something in return. To obtain, something of equal value must be lost. That is alchemy's first law of Equivalent Exchange. In those days, we really believed that to be the world's one, and only, truth.

Edward as a child screams NOOOOOOOOOO! as alphonse's body is consumed a mysterious darkness.

Alphonse Narrating: A tale of tragedy tears two brothers apart as they fight to regain their own bodies back. *the words fade into the screen which shows ed and al walking in the desert at night* Fullmetal Alchemist: Chain of Broken Memories.

The Doctor
27th March 2006, 7:43 PM
Here's a teaser trailer for my fic The Hoennian Dream (contains spoilers)

*It's pitch black to start off with. The camera then pulls up to reveal the sea of Hoenn, wracked by storms and Pokemon attacks left, right and center. We can hear the attacks being fired, the cries of pain.

A Salamence then swoops by, followed closely by an Altaria and a Flygon. The three dragons dodge the attacks and swerve around, cutting a fine trail. A card then appears, the background consisting of crimson on top, deep blue on the bottom and dark green in the middle. They all seem to blend together, accompanied by the voiceover*

Voiceover: Everyone has their dreams...

*a shot of Emerald Brendan on Salamence*

Voiceover: ...something that fills their heart...

*a shot of Emerald May on Altaria*

Voiceover: ...a journey they must fulfil...

*a shot of Wally in his manga clothes on Flygon*

Voiceover: ...but dreams come at a price.

*The three dragons have now approached their destination: Sootopolis. There Groudon and Kyogre are fighting. They all launch a Hyper Beam at them. It cuts with a sudden breath-like noise before they hit.*

*Various cuts then appear. In order; a Blaziken's Flamethrower, Claydols forming a Psychic web on the sea, Team Aqua raiding the Weather Institute, May's Milotic and Brendan's Aggron using Water Pulse and Groudon using Solarbeam and Kyogre using Hydro Pump.*

*Next come the Magma and Aqua Pokemon battling it out and Wally's Grovyle pulling Wally up. Finally Wally approaches the stone form of Rayquaza. The card appears with the narrator speaking it as well.*

Voiceover: The Hoennian Dream

*Rayquaza's eyes suddenly flash yellow, with the markings as well, a draconic cry accompanied.*

Voiceover: Not all dreams come true.

The Great Butler
29th March 2006, 11:58 PM
For many a battle, Rich Mistbloom has been Snagging Shadow Pokémon from their evil trainers---members of Enigma Shadow, an organization that wishes to destroy the world and everything in it so they can build an empire unopposed.

But there may about to be a critical shift in the balance of power.

Following a pair of decisive victories against two of the highest-ranking members of Enigma Shadow, Rich and his friends managed to get control of the evil organization's airship. This may have been a tragic mistake for them, because only a few hours later a freak hailstorm due to the disruption of the Millenium Comet's orbit brought the airship crashing down onto the rocky shore of New Island, the location of the Shadow Research Institute. Steven and Ashley escaped harm by hiding in a central location of the craft, as did Anabel with Rich's Snag Machine.......but the airship crashed before he could escape himself.

Now it is Anabel's turn to take the spotlight. She must pick up where Rich left off and Snag the remaining Shadow Pokémon as she tries to not only chase the trail to XD-02, the ultimate Shadow Pokémon, but also find conclusive evidence of Rich's fate.

With the very real possibility of Rich having suffered a tragic death, can the remaining heroes pull together and finish his mission? And with Queen Shadow's identity about to be unveiled, how will they deal with her plans? Find out in Pokémon XD: Enigma Shadow (http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=109087), now playing in the SPPf Fan Fiction forum.

3rd April 2006, 5:12 AM
haven't been here for a while.

commerical for chapter 3 of Slayers Age.

Scene opens with Lina (In her regular sorceress outfit.) and Whit standing on opposite sides of each other in a empty black background.

Lina: I think I've done it! I think I've found a way to get back to my time.

Whit: Really?

A quick scene of Lina reading a book flashes across the screen.

Lina: However, you don't seem to agree with my plans...

Whit: Who would?

Scene shifts to Lina (now dressed in a red shirt and jean shorts) and Whit arguing and her punching him for some reason.

Lina: There's no other way, Whit. I need to get back home... This is not the time to be stubborn.

Whit: Still, this is wrong. Why do you do this?

Camera cuts to Lina (disguising herself with dark shades and a hat.) knocking out a few police officers with powerful punches and kicks.

Lina: Is this it? Is this how time magic works?

The scene changes to an astonished Lina and Whit in a mystical golden background as several white stars begin to emerge out of thin air and scatter across the area.

Lina: Why does everything have to be so damn difficult? Why won't it work?

The scene changes to Lina picking up a motionless Whit, then to a scene where she runs her hands through his hair and smirks.

Whit: Don't worry, Lina. We'll get you back to your time somehow...

Camera shifts to various scenes of Lina flying with Whit through the night sky, Lina and Whit riding a bus, Lina reading a newspaper, Whit sweating as he stares at an unaware Lina, Lina casting a freeze arrow spell, and a frustated Whit sitting in a chair.

Scene returns to Lina and Whit standing in the empty black background.

Lina: I know you're trying to comfort me, but it's ok. You don't have to.

Whit: No, I promise you, Lina. I'll get you back to your time somehow... I swear. For you I'll do anything...

Scene fades to black.

4th April 2006, 7:25 PM
There is a history lesson waiting behind every story, there are stories of conquest, confict, folly, and slaughter, all waiting to be repeated in awkward, unintentional fashions. Let's take a look in a history book and see what we can learn about the past of our world. Our world... of man and Pokemon.

500,000 - 120,000 BC: Man has migrated across the now lost bridge to the Americas while migrating through Russia. It is believed that these migrating peoples, who are called Clovis and others are called Folson, both of which are difficult to descern any difference between, have whiped out the albino Phanpy to extinction. Though great sources of meat, these tribal Americans used other sources, including the wild deer Stantler, the electrical and burning Emberbison, along with many other creatures. Unfortunately, technological advances would not be a strong suite of ancient American culture.

2300 B.C. - India is on the rise. The land is fertile enough, and though monsoon floods during hurricane season are common, the people manage and grow. It is believed that many of the Hindu gods are actually legendary Pokemon of great powers. The legendary potatoe Elephant in a breadlike pouch, Kanesh (who looked like a Kanish shaped like an elephant, according to sources,) is believed by Hindus to have created the ghostly elephant Phanatos. Though light and appearing transparent, they were useful sources of transport of goods and people, and with battlearmor, they could be used as a combat siege weapon to trample man, building and fortification alike. Though Phanatos' with different skin tones, shorter ears, and tusks of a different ivory were said to exist in Africa as well, these creatures were far more ferocious than those in Africa, and were thus too dangerous to domesticate by the Africans. Even civilizations as far away as Carthage, all the way in Northern Africa and Spain would find use for the Indian pachyderm.

350 B.C. - Macedonia is uprising. The Greeks to the south will soon feel the wrath of the Macedons, as will the entire world known world. Much of the Macedonian success could be given to its hoplite armies, much akin to the Greeks, but Macedonia had another trick up its sleeve. The companion cavalry. The best asset these horsemen had was actually the horse itself. The horse was a dark, venom breathing stallion known as the Staliyuck. In today's day and age, these black maned horses are said to be hell spawned demons from hell, or so believe the superstition of some modern religions.

Also, at around this time, Huns are plundering Russia, Mongolia, and China. These men live by nomadic life in the saddle of the horse. Unlike the venomous steeds of Macedonia, the Huns ride on a fiery, yet graceful horse known as the Ponyta. Using the flames of this yellow steed with flaming mane, the Huns rely on archery tactics, burning man and razing building alike with the power of fire backing every arrow. In spite of this, the disorganized Huns have trouble breaking through to China, for the Great Wall, as imposing and unliving as it is, is durable and long. Even the domestication of digging Sandshrews to dig under the wall end in failure. It is for that reason that in this day, in the Pokemon World, the Great Wall of China has spots where there looks to be a narrow trench. Though they are all empty, they once held water, a tactic used to keep invading Hun Sandshrews from breaking through to the heart of China itself.

4 A.D. - One of the world's most influential men dies during this year. Not long after his departure for the afterlife, a new Pokemon is born, this creature, made of wool and linen, is known as the Jesocks, a sock like Pokemon who's body stretches into the shape of a rigid T when in self defense.

It is not uncommon for Pokemon named after great and influential humans to spawn up after said person departs from the mortal coil. Some of the best known examples are the Kangaskhan, the legendary ocean guardian Mozesaur, Geyseric, the legendary Viking Leafrikson, and Tunwashig. It is unknown how such beasts come to be, but some speculate that their existence is the work of greater beings who feel that these people truly deserve immortality, if only by name.

350 AD - The Roman Empire, if not destroyed by Hun, Goth and Frank barbarians, is almost gone. The only remnants of Roman power is to the east in Byzantium. During this time, heavy storms become more frequent in Europe. Heavy rains and thunderstorms make life difficult, as crops sufficate from too much water. The source of said water is believed to be the legendary Pokemon and god, Doczeus, the god of thunder and making up funny words. Those who believe it his doing feel that 'the world has flontozled his will and makened him mad, and feel that his bosum is green pegs and cad.' Believers in this say that he wanted to punish the people for destroying those whom could believe in him as a god, as well as his other gods who ruled over Greece, and later, Italy as well. Feeling a sense of loss, the legendary god Fartimus loses his mind, and the flatulent god of hunt manages to wipe the catapulting donkey Anonagar into extinction. Recent technology, however, has allowed the revivification of Anonager fossils, bringing this rock hurling mule back from the grave.

698 A.D. - The land of Jerusalum treads a dangerous tresh hold. It is a daring enough land to be the founding point of THREE major religions. The newest to come brings a sense of hope and zeal to Middle East Asia and sweeps quickly into Northern Africa as well. The Pokemon Angel, Yoguremiel, who is believed to be made of Yoghurt, spoke to the Prophet Mohammed and taught him to read, and write. When he awoke, he began to gather followers.

711 AD -The craze of the new Muslim religion caught on so well, that its followers grew fanatic. The Berbers of Moracco have crossed the sea to the North and have ravaged Spain. Spain, a country who had yet to reach its peak of potential, had only paltry forces and heavy cavalry in its defense. The problem was, the light horsemen and the numelry of the Berbers overwhelmed the Spanish horses, simply because the Staliyuck had a great discomfort to the smell of Numels and their evolved forms, Camerupts. Sleek, speedy and with longer legs, the Numels and Camerupts of those days were far more mobile, and far more useful a domesticated animal. Their ability to run fast, exhume fire and create minor tremors made them a great military asset. Having ravaged much of Southern Spain, the Berbers began to settle, and thus, Moorish culture was born. Still, the zeal for religious power raged, and ravaged north beyond Spain, and into France. In France, the zealots met the end to their conquest to the armies of Charles Martel. Some speculate that the Charmander specie was a creature to immortalize Charles Martel, but studies have proven this theory false time and time again. The ravaged armies from Africa fled back to Southern Spain, where they would remain for nearly eight centuries.

It is rumored that this year has been imortalized within the name of a convenient store, but truth be known, it is only a coincidence, as the name refers to open hours.

802 AD - The legendary Mummy, Wrapsody is singing a dirge of destruction. This beast, believed to be the mummified remains of a Mayan emperor, has begun to relly a force to unleash his (for easy reference, even though it is as genderless as everything else) song of doom and bloodshed. His song rings in the minds of Pokemon and many hear the summons of its words, and wish nothing more than to take the land bck and return it to its feral state. Due to a lack of written history from Mesoamerican culture, it is unsure how the battles went. It is known that these battles brought trouble to the Toltecs in northern Mexico, and ruined their reign before it could truly take hold.

1003 AD - Feudal Japan rages in war! The Japanese nations are in a civil war and many deaths are tallying up. It is believed that Japan would have wiped itself out, had the legendary rainbow Pheonix, Ho-oh, not intervened with its powers of rebirth. Not much is known of what Ho-oh actually did, but what is known is that three years later, Ho-oh left a sacred flame to remind people of the tragedies that took place. Suffice to say, it didn't end the bloodshed entirely, as Samurai were not known to turn down a fight, and were known to take their own life if honor dictated it to be so.

1100s AD - Europe and The Middle East are at war, or rather, have likely been at war a few times before. Crusades have come and gone, and are going to come again. Armies from Britain, France, and Germany will have their hands full with Saracens, Persians and Seljuk Turks. Much like earlier conflicts with Muslims, the Numelry utilized by the desert folk have a musk that the heavily armored Staliyuck simply refuse to get close to. The only part of Europe truly detached from all of this is Spain and Portugal, who have their own Muslim troubles in the form of the neighboring Moors and the Berbers across the sea. The rest of Europe and even the Middle East may have a new enemy on their hands.

1200 AD - In the steppes of Mongolia, a man named Temujin has a plan to end the miserable, nomadic life of his people. He plans to unite the Mongol tribes under one banner, and with them, he plans to leave Mongolia and the ravages of the legendary dragon, Tetsicles. It's not quite that simple, actually. He plans to build an army of the warlike Mongolians, and as a team, and a true horde, he plans to conquer the world! His plan to subjugate the Mongols works. Such is a great feat worthy of the name Great Khan, or as the Mongols called him Jingis Khan. Genghis, as has become the spelling in this day, utilized a teamwork effort for his army of light cavalry and camelry. No soldier would be left behind, according to Genghis' law, and should any soldier abandon his fellow Mongol to flee, they would be put to death. Their strategy of demoralization worked. With Mongolia now a unified land, their first target was the walled in, technologically advanced China. Unlike the Huns before them, Mongols did not think of using diggers to go under the wall. They didn't need diggers however, for from the Chinese not defended by a great wall, Mongols discovered the values of seige engineering, and using their own technology against them, the Mongols were able to conquer China, the birthplace of gunpowder, even if not in the form of a weapon.

Persia was next, as was Russia. Utilizing what they learned in China, Mongol armies were able to utilize siegecraft alongside their swift cavalry tactics. Even the dreaded Phanatos that Persia was able to deploy could not keep up with the speed of a rapidash mounted archer.

Europe, was lucky. Genghis died before he could take Europe, as did his heir. His son, Ogedi Khan, also met his death, but he did not get to employ a new leader. As such, the Mongols had to flee from Poland, to return to Mongolia. That didn't end Mongol rule though. Mongols still held much of Asia. Persia, China, India and Russia were all still under Mongol rule.

1491 AD - The Mongol empire has crumbled. The last leader, Timur the Lame, also known as Tamerlane, has died on his way to China from a great fever... at least, that's what the world thinks. In this time, some Mongolians wish to relive the glory of their great khan who brought them glory, wealth and luxury. One part of Mongolia however does not seem to want to fight. In the region that once belonged to a rebellious tribe called the Karaki-ti, the people have settled in, and refuse to help Mongolia once again. This time, however, one man seeks to ensure they do not lose to the blazing horde that has been born. Through rituals, he has discovered a demonic summon, from which five demons are brought to this world. The Oni, who have the power to rip the earth apart. Legendary gods from all over the world make their way to stop them, and succeed. To this day, only four Oni are believed to still be alive and in Kertonmel, grudgingly doing their job as guardian legends.

Meanwhile, across the globe, one year later, Spain has much to rejoice about. The Moors have been driven out of Spain, and Columbus has discovered America. He has landed in the Caribbean, thinking it is India. This sparks many more eastward sailings to take a quick passage. Many of them bring bloodshed and conquest, which reshape the Americas to one day have the most powerful nation in the world.

1776 AD - The United States of America is free! At long last, British rule is over. The Declaration of Independence is written, ensuring that every white male can enjoy their freedom to the fullest. With oceans between America an Europe, a natural border of dangeous ocean provides a decent defense. A powerful nation is on the rise.

Now, wasn't that a fun look at the history of the world? All these historical stories and more are available in upcoming chapters of the Pokemon world. Watch a Mongolian legacy fulfill its destiny as the world trembles... with destiny, or some sort of 'whoahifying' term. Feel the culture!


Story continues someday soon.

E-102 Gamma
4th April 2006, 7:34 PM
T.S.S Commercial

(The scene shows a stage, it's very quiet, until...)

Shadow: [Voiceover] Are you bored of pokemon fanfiction?

E-102 Gamma: [Voiceover] Are you dumbstruck at the boring shows out there?

Both: Then watch "The Shadow Show"!

Gamma: Come and see the negected chariters host their own comedy show!

(A card slides onto the screen, with the words "Hosted bye the phantasik Chao of Sonik Adventir DX: Direktor's Cuyt!")


Shadow: See you there!


5th April 2006, 2:10 AM
(The screen shows us a forest with trees that aren't supposed to be in the same environment, like maple trees with pine, etc..., and lakes that are still and not disturbed)

Voiceover: (Female) The Forest of Time is eerie, yet I find myself too comfortable in it....

(Flash of a deformed Raichu, very far away, passes by only about two seconds)

Voiceover: Yet I want my memories back. Who is this Kay?

(We see the Raichu again, only this time it is closer to us)

Voiceover: Why am I here if I'm supposed to be in the afterlife?

(The Raichu is now in our face, an eerie smile on it's face)

Voiceover: And....what is my purpose?

(We see assorted scenes of the Raichu pass by; him running, him evolving into the Raichu he is, him crying, him hugging a Kirlia, then the screen's black)

Little Girl's Voice: (echoes) KAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!

Time's Sweetest Illusion

Now playing....

swift arrow
8th April 2006, 12:54 AM
It's the grass rule again and as it approaches so does another add!


Rule #1-hold onto your dearest thoughts
Rule#2-don't forget your old life
Rule#3- don't look for the stones of time during nighttime
Rule#4- Never challenge the king when.............................................. ....................................otherwise..... ....................................

"Where did the other pages go?"

'I don't know i've given up on looking, it's been too long"

"How long?"

"400 years,"

*A fire crawls up a gre pyramid with a boy and girl running up it, suddenly a figure passes them causing them to fall onto their knees*

Emma Iveli
9th April 2006, 4:06 AM
Here's my One Piece/ Pokemon Crossover comercals (I've been meanign to do a copule commercals)

(Dramtic music plays... the screen is black)

Voice over: Ash Ketchum...

(Ash appears in the black screen)

Voice over: And his friends.

(Pikachu appears on his shoulder, May, Brock and Max appear by his side)

voice over: Are abotu to go where no trainer have gone beofre... another world!

(portal appears above them sucking them up, screenchanges to a deck of a ship, there are 7 shaodows, 4 male, 2 female and 1 unidtanbale...)

Voice over: And the only way they can get home is with the help of a rag tage group of priates (dramitic music stops playing wit ha record scartach, the vocie over beomes slightly confused) Wiat? Pirates... is that right?

(the 7 shadows a revield to be the Straw hats)

Luffy: That's right and I'm goign to be king of the Pirstes!

(The title is shown while the song Kokoro no Chizu is playing the background)

voice over: Now playing.

(next add... its the forest the BGM On Our Way is playing the bakcgorund... Misty is humming happily while walking, she tunrs around...)

Misty: Hurry it up Ash!

(Ash is carring alot of boxes)

Ash: Why do I have to carry the boxes for you?

Misty: Becasuie you owe me a bike...

Voice over: In an alternate universe...

Ash: Did you hear a voice?

Misty: Yeah...

Voice over: Ash, Misty and Brock have three bonus compaains...

(Brock shows up)

Brock: Where's that vocie coming from...

Voice over: Three priates from an naother dmesnion get stuck in their world...

(Luffy shows up with his and Ash's Pikachus)

Luffy: Are you guys hearing the voice too.

Voice over: WIht out a way to get home they beocome Pokemon tainers

(Zoro and Nami show up)

Nami: Is anyone wlse hearign a voice.

Voice over: they will becoem friends and exchange ideas... such as Nami giveing Misty the idea to make Ash do chores for her...

(Ash gets angry)

Ash: That was your idea Nami?

Nami: Maybe...

Zoro: You jsut figures that out.

Brock (herat eyes): I knew it was Nami's idea to begin with...

Voice over: and battle with Team Rocket.

(Team Rocket attempts to steal both Pikachus but both blast them away... everyone's still preoppcapied with Ash getting angry)

Ash: I thoguht we were friends... I helped you out with Pro. Oak...

Misty: Um... maybe we should be worried about the voice.

Luffy: Funny isn't the disemabied voice joke in Dreams to be the Best... not Poke Piece.

Ash's Pikachu: Pikachu... (That's right...)

Voice Over: Poke Piece...

(The titie appears on screen)

Ash's voice: I demand justice.

Nami's vocie: you are the one whop desotryed her bike...

(Switches to Now playing... end of add.)

In case you were wondering here are the links for Dreams to be the Best (http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=107822)and Poke Piece (http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=111961).

11th April 2006, 5:24 PM
Here's a commerical for my new Fan-fic, Pandora's Ball.

-a scene shows Kurt working with the GS ball. The ball finally opens up.-
-music plays from Celebi: Voice of The Forest-
-a red colored Celebi comes out of the ball and darts out of Kurt's house-
Kurt: "I didn't see what the Pokemon looked like, but I saw that there was one!"
-scene switches to a girl running through stormy weather, somewhere on the Orange Islands-

Voiceover: "The GS ball has finally been opened..."

-shows a scene where the red Celebi (AKA: Chaos Celebi) is in front of the girl in the weird weather-

Voiceover: "...but what comes out of it is chaos!"
-Chaos Celebi does a Psychic attack and The words "Pandora's Ball" appear-
-The words disappear, and then the words "Now playing in select forums" appear-

11th April 2006, 7:06 PM
(The Adventures of Kochou and the Beautiflies, take one)

(E minor remix of "Gotta Catch'em All" begins as we look on a shot of Ash looking up at a theater)

Male announcer: A boy fights to save the theater he loves...but he knows he doesn't stand a chance against his rival in the race to stardom. (a shot of Gary appears as "Gotta Catch'em All" fades out)

But he didn't know that upon freeing a Beautifly... (Niji flies by)

He would gain the ability... (we see a silver treble clef necklace)

To become an idol...

(The song "Butterfly" begins as we watch Ash turn into a silver haired man)

Now Ash and his friends have embarked on the journey to superstardom...only to match wits with Rockets that dream of stardom themselves. (We see a brown haired male Rocket grunt, and a maroon haired female Rocket grunt) So who will reach the top?

Kochou: Haeru wingu, Kochou yo!

(The words "The Adventures of Kochou and the Beautiflies" appear on the screen)

Male announcer: Now playing on forums everywhere.

12th April 2006, 4:46 PM
I'll do another one for Pandora's Ball

-shows a Picture of the GS Ball slowly opening-
Voiceover: "Chaos can't exist in a Pokeball..."
-shows Chaos celebi doing its strange attack on Gwen and Julia-
Voiceover: "...or can it?"
-flashes to the scene where gwen first meets Chaos Celebi-
Voiceover: A big adventure, from something small!"
-the words "Pandora's Ball" appear in red lettering-
Voiceover: "Pandora's ball! Now playing in select forums!"
-shows Gwen and Julia in Azalea Town-

12th April 2006, 5:08 PM
(Camera is flying through the sky, passing clouds. Cut to video of a silhoutte flying across a sunset)

Narrator: In the diverse realm of countless creatures, most of them thrive. When civilization reaches its highest point- darkness will make them fall.

(Cut to quick shot of Miyako, dirty blonde, falling, then fade out quickly)

(Fade into dark room, close-up shot of Miyako's hand, turns red, then changes into a paw with claws)

Voice in background: Who's the next target?

Another voice: In the heart of her sister, sir.

Voice: Her name?

Another voice: Sayuri, sir.

(Fade into a shot of Sayuri, green eyes and black hair, standing in a clearing in the middle of a forest, fade out)
(Fade into a quick shot of her being captured by two shady characters, they take her into a helicopter, helicopter flies into the distance, image of Yuki, silver hair and blue eyes, staring shocked at it, fade out)

Narrator: They say evil can never win, but what if both sides of the fight lost?

(Medium shot of happy Sayuri)

Sayuri: Even if the world seems like a terrible thing, you have a light to guide your way. Even if the wrong side wins, you'll have the ones you love inside you.
(Fade out)

(Text goes on Screen


Going to forums near you
Rated PG-13 for violence, profanity, and just UNSUITABLE FOR VERY YOUNG READERS.)

I can't make commercials to save my life. xP

Emma Iveli
12th April 2006, 11:00 PM
Deiced to do aonter one for Poke Piece, one that's a little less random and tell more of the story...

(Ash is slowly trudeing with an injured Pikachu is his hands.)

Pro. Oak (the voice over): Ash was late for getting his first Pokemon... but in a sence its a good thing...

(A light appeared in the sky, Ash looks up... Luffy, Zoro and Nami fall on top of him, I Choose You begins to play in the back ground.)

Pro. Oak: Who would ahve thoguht that Ash would meet three pirates from another dmension... now while they look for way home thery becoem Pokemon Trainer's with Ash's help of course... and hopefully stay out of trobule...

(montage of various things happening... such as Luffy useing Gum Gum Psitol on a Spearow, Zoro fighting a Scycther with his swords while the Scyther uses its sycthes, Nami stealing someone's wallet... the Pokemon center expluding... other things I don't what to list)

Pro Oak: (sigh) Maybe I spoke too soon...

(Title shows Poke Piece... now playing)

Poke Piece (http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=111961)

17th April 2006, 3:12 AM
Heeh, I might as well give it a shot. Here's something I just threw together for a fic I've been working on for about a year, The Legend of Celebi. ^__^

The camera is black. Slowly, it shows a boy with black hair walking closer, his head tilted down, and his scraggly hair covering his eyes.

Boy: I have seen things I don't want to see. I know things about people that I don't want to know.

He lifts his head up, showing his sad gray eyes and a slight frown upon his face. Around his neck is a string, and dangling at the bottom is a small circular charm, glowing.

Camera is flying over a mountain, a ruined temple with many pillars is on top of it. A jungle is surrounding the mountain, and the sparkling sea can be seen in the distance.

Boy [voice in background]: We don't have a choice about what we must do.

A scene of a young girl with an Arcanine battling against a girl with an Ampharos is shown. The Arcanine blasts a jet of fire at the Ampharos.

Boy whispers: It is our destiny.

Camera changes to a view overlooking a giant lake, then changes to being underwater. A purple Vaporeon jumps into the water and its body dissolves.

Screen fades to black, then reappears, and a woman with long blonde hair in a Team Rocket uniform is shown pouring a purple liquid into a small capsule, grinning evilly to herself. She puts the capsule in her pocket and then rubs her hands together. "Goodbye, Avery," she murmurs, her lips curling into a devious smile.

Boy: Everything... happens for a reason...

An Arbok is shown, slithering around in some tall grass. The Arbok stops abruptly and looks up to see a snarling Houndoom looking down at it, as if it was waiting for the Arbok to arrive. The Houndoom attacks, biting savagely at the Arbok's neck.

Boy: Not much time is left...

An Absol firing a Shadow Ball attack at an Umbreon is shown.

A boy with chocolate brown hair with a black cap on his head appears. He is staring at a television screen, tears streaming from his eyes, his face messed up. "N-no..." he manages to cry through sobs. A Meganium is at his side, frowning solemnly.

Screen goes black again.

Boy: Soon, we will have to face our greatest challenge.

Lightning crackles, thunder booms, and rain is pouring down hard from the sky. A girl with curly golden yellow hair is seen standing on the edge of a cliff, a Lugia flying in front of her. She cries out to the Legendary while being soaked in the rain... "I have nothing left to live for now..."

A girl with extremely long straight and silky black hair smiles, showing sharp pointed teeth. Ugly scars cover her face. She turns to a short boy with short dark brown hair. "You'll never defeat Them. Never..."

Boy: And now we must risk our lives...

Screen flashes black. A Charmeleon and a Quilava are sitting on a hill and gazing up at the stars together.

Screen quickly goes black, and then the boy with chocolate brown hair and the black hat is shown punching 'Boy' in the nose.

Boy: ...to save the world.

Screen goes black.



A boy with blonde hair is shown, speaking with an elderly man. "The things I saw that night..."

"...are things I never imagine being healed."



Narrator: The Legend of Celebi. Coming to SPPf this May.

Screen fades, and (PG-13) is shown.

Rofl. It sucks but oh well. Bwaha. :P

Emma Iveli
19th April 2006, 12:02 AM
Here's a new oen for my new fanfic Three Knights.

(Screen is black, dramtic music is playing)

Voice over: 1,000 years ago the knights of the Sea, Land and Sky reitred... however the Priencess of ther Relms have been kidnapped.

(show Lila trapped in a dark cave crying)

Voice over: Now the Gardian of the Sea

(shows Umi)

Voice over: Of the Land

(shows Terra)

Voice: And of the Sky

(Shows Cloud)

Voice Over: Must find the chsoen three decndants and awken their power...

(Shows Ash, Naruto and Luffy)

All three: Us?

(titie is shown while the song Rock (first Naruto theme) is playing the bakcgorund... now playing.)

In case you wnat to check it out out Three Knights (http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=114887).

19th April 2006, 6:38 PM
Prepare for the unsung hero of PE2K and FanFiction.net...

"The funniest thing I've read in a long time..."

“NoOoOoO!!!!” Ash yelled, watching his beloved Pikachu fall off the cliff face.

How do you get this so halarious?!?

Walking down the stone stairways, out of Pokemon Tower into the streets of Violet Town, Charon found Karen in the local liquor store.


Pika Pika Picnic (http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=113971)

Enough said... Now go read it.

Elmo doesn't like it here...

Fatal Error 245: Pokedex will now reboot and self-destruct in ten seconds. This session has been brought to you by, Windows 95.

20th April 2006, 4:53 AM

*screen is black*

Narrator: Times are in peril, lives are changed forever...

*Flashes of darkness and rain in the city, no one outside. no lights on inside.

Narrator: The world is in peril, they have come to take over...

*Flashes back to the street, now with a fog sweeping through, and lots of whispering voices...

Narrator: They fear only one man... He is the only thing that can destroy them...[/B]

*Flashes of main character (Michael) walking down the street in his leather jacket and hat. His back facing the camera.

Narrator: He is the only one who knows what they are...

*Flashes back to Michael, now with a Banette gliding at his side. He is continuing down the street*

Narrator: Until he meets the girl...

*Flashes to a shot of girl (Violet), with her violet eyes gleaming in the darkness*

Narrator: Together they will hunt the spirits...

*Shows Michael and Violet racing down the street, in pursuit of a white body who is moving at amazing speed. Michael pulls out a pendant from his chest, and holds it up. This forces the spirit to stop*

Narrator: The spirits will fall...

*Back to shot of the spirit, who turns and lets out a blood curdling scream*

Narrator: But if they fail...

*Shot of Violet falling into a volcanic pit, screaming, reaching out for help*

Narrator: The world will become theirs...

*Shot of the spirits rampaging through the streets, snatching unsuspecting people*

Narrator: The world will descend into eternal darkness...

*Shot of city slowly turning black*

Narrator: And the world will turn to chaos...

*Shot of city on fire, people running through the streets.

Narrator: A prophecy to fulfill... He is here to take back what is ours...

*Shot of Michael's eyes, zooming out to reveal his facial expression-determination*

*Screen goes black*

*Words appear on the screen, scratched on with blood: GHOUL*

*Screen turns black again*

*Words scratched again: April 2006*

*Screen goes black, before having a quick shot of Michael, Violet and Banette, followed by another blood curdling scream, before fading out.


So, what'dya think??

-SB ;001;

The Burnt Shadow
24th April 2006, 8:17 PM
Well here's to my newest fic

Fatal Roses

Narrarator: It was not by choice that Kyogre and Groudon had risen to fight against each other for Team Magma or Aqua. There battle years ago had nothing to do with the control of the planet.

Shows Kyogre and Groudon fighting in Sootopolis. Thunder and lightning booms out of the air as rain pours heavily and the sun burns brightly. It was like a storm of flaming water.

Narrator: Once again, Rayquaza was called to ease the battle between land and sea. But this won't happen again in the future. Rayquaza has noticed that this was the greatest conflict caused not by natural nature, but human nature. This has caused Rayquaza to quake against humans and if a catastrophe like this would occur once more, he would not be there to ease the world's sorrow.

Rayquaza comes in and releases a booming roar, sending both Kyogre and Groudon back into the depths of the ocean and earth. Rayquaza then looks at the worried people with an angered expression. Then releases a deadly blast of electricity to surge across the land. Hopefully nothing was damaged, just intimidated.

Narrarator: Rayquaza was truly angered because this clash was never meant to be done once more. The last battle gave a disturbance in the world's balance, but since this has now occured the balance was broken creating Rayquaza to lose patience over humans. Now Rayquaza has decided to recreate the storm that has destroyed humans millions of centuries ago. He has decided that one human will rise up and rid the world of this selfishness by using an army of pokemon. Rayquaza now believes that this will bring peace to the world once and for all.

A trainer stands up accompanied with a great number of pokemon siding by him. Every single different species the only ones that stood in their way were the legends. Except for Rayquaza who hovered behind the trainer. Soon from above you could see a dark ocean of pokemon engulf the many regions.

Narrator: This is one fate, but there is another. This time Kyogre and Groudon believe that they would be able to stop this new devistating future to come. Finding trainers with the greatest lights of hope and goodness, they have constructed thier own little group. Kyogre has found a chosen one to save the world, now this lone guardian has to find Groudon's chosen and the others who have been selected to help protect the world from this upcoming devastation.

Shows Alex, standing on a cliff, seeing new cities and terrains that were no similar to the other three regions. Then some other trainers appear in a kind of ghostly image. Kyogre and Groudon also appears behind Alex.

Narrarator: But this won't be easy. For there are more humans trying to accomplish Rayquaza's bidding.

Shows Alex kneeling on the ground with his Sneviper against a kind of rival. He was facing a girl named Samantha who also looked a bit weak. It then shows a man wearing a white mask facing two trainers who weren't doing so well. It then shows a metal druid facing off against Samantha, who has a menacing grin on her face. Finally it shows a woman kneeling down, beaten while three unussual druids stand in front of her.

Narrarator: In almost every story, people have said that Kyogre and Groudon caused catastrophe. But this time, it's Rayquaza's turn to bring chaos and destruction to the world. Will the powers of Kyogre and Groudon?

Shows Alex riding on Kyogre while another trainer riding on Groudon appears in front of Rayquaza with Rayquaza's chosen one on its head.

Narrarator: Be enough to stand up against the mightiest dragon?

Kyogre and Groudon fire a mighty blast at Rayqauza while Rayquaza follows. Both blasts of attacks strike each other in an equal ammount.

Narrarator: Fatal Roses...

Final scene: Shows Alex and Samantha facing off against each other. Samantha give an evil grin as she orders her pokemon to release a powerful blast. The scene fades into black...

Wind Waker
25th April 2006, 12:02 AM
I'm posting a commerical for the next part of my contest shipping fic, with a BIG TWIST

"The roselia who mises,"
Stuck travelling in the woods, May,Drew, two Roselias and a Buizeru's world collide causing mass chaos. But if it didn't get suspensful enough, you vote for the ending! that right, the fate of them is in your hands!

26th April 2006, 8:51 PM
This is an advert for Claxia (http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=103052), I could think up a better advert, but I can't be bothered to right now...

Earth is just a land for finding heroes, but Claxia is the real thing.

Millions of years ago, an almighty war broke out between two powerful tribes. Every year, the prophecy orders for six more humans to be sent to Claxia and test their luck against an entire war. Will they be able to overthrow Dargon, the leader of the larger tribe? Or will they die in ultimate war like so many others have.

The hardest part of them all, is keeping calm...

(Two armies charge towards each other in the middle of a field, mythical creatures and torn apart by the enemy tribes, and humans are right in the middle)

Torture is unbearable, but our heroes must endure it...

26th April 2006, 11:11 PM
Well im going to try the commercial for the fanfic ive been writing up for a long time,took me frikken ages to come up with sumat that tactics stands for.

*shows the eyes of the main character as he looks up at screen*

*Zooms to his shoulder with and his black suit has a golden pokeball with the words silph upon it*

If flows through our veins
*pans down along arm*

It gives us hope
*Goes down to hand*

It guides us
*upon it a large black triangle appears a smaller black triangle forms upside down on it creating 4 equal triangles*

Many lose there way on the path but those with....

*Shows a blonde haired girl in a black tight uniform with the same silph co symbol but blue pulling out a pokeball whilst a large shadow is over her*
*shows one of the triangles glowing blue*

*shows the gym leader known as flannery in the same black suit but red throwing her arms down as they ignight into flames*
*shows another triangle glowing red*

and wisdom
*Shows a guy in a large gym with three black pokemon a tyranitar a aggron and a golem surrounding him he clicks his finger sending a spark upwards to a sprinkler setting it off . He looks up and he then throws his arms back blasting a large dome of electricity around him knocking out all the 3 pokemon*
*shot of the the 3rd outside triangle glowwing yellow on the main guys hand*
can take on anything
*Shot of 50 storey high mutated deoxys with a dark figure on its head*
*Shows all the legendry trios going into battle against it along with the prev trainers riding rayq/kyogre/groudon*
*the triforce glows on the main trainers hand and he clenches it*
*fade and you hear a battle cry*

*in unown font then fades into english*
He who weilds the three powers of tryce
Of fire of thunder and of the ice
Will face the evil at its main source
and bear the mark of the ancient triforce
armed with the virtues wisdom courage and power
This final fight will be there last hour.

*text appears after*
-extract from ruins of alph

Team Tactics
The prophercy of the tryce

Shows a sword slash the screen

btw if any1 cares which no1 will tactics stands for:
(trainers against criminals targeting incocent civilians and species)
which took me a long time 2 find meanings for each letter :|

Eternal Daydreamer
29th April 2006, 5:43 AM
[B]You know something, high school wasn't like it was. No one fighting in the halls... That's what I miss sometimes. Have you ever heard about the Seven Deadly Sins? Of course. Most likely. Perhaps.[B]

*The voice fades out, a new voice comes in. Stronger than the one before it.*

[B]From the team that brought you Starbolts comes a story about another super hero team: The Twilight Crew! Rogues. Fiends. Perhaps, perhaps not.[B]

*The voice fades. Several different images pop up. A lupine figure asleep in a bed. A green eyed monster tearing up a high school. A large book case falling over a little girl...

Suddenly these images stop. One image grows stronger. That of an old wooden box, with strange carvings into it. Seven different animals are carved into dancing positions. The camera zooms onto the box...*

Twilight Crew: Sins Past, Present, and Future!

29th April 2006, 6:50 PM
"Why us? Why now?" * Female voice*

"Because the spirits choose you.* *Male voice. New stronger male voice:*
The truth will be revellied. A evil will be defeated.

"Don't die on me!" *Different female voice, goes back to strong male voice:*
Lives will be at risk.

"Stay strong." *other male voice, goes back to strong male voice:*
Thunder *Pic of thunder comes up*, Water*Pic of ocean comes up*, Fire*Pic of fire comes up*, Nature*Pic of forest comes up*, wind*Pic of leaves blowing in the wind comes up* will save us from it.

"Try and stop us!" *high pitched female voice goes back to strong male voice:*
Do they have the streanth?
"My name is Lario." *Aslan's voice, goes back to strong male voice*
The Spirits now in a thread near you.

6th May 2006, 3:02 AM
And As the Wind Blows...
Epidemic in Hoenn (http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?p=3190362#post3190362)
By Redlark

The day began with a seemingly peaceful sunrise. But contrary to what the weatherman had said, a slow-moving storm formation had been creeping up on the northern shores of the entire Hoenn region. As some superstitious sailors had warned; “a real mean typhoon was ready to eat Hoenn alive.”

Something wicked is about to consume Hoenn...

A bloody scream rang in the background, and Misty turned her head to the right.

“Professor…?,” Misty whispered.

The computer screen flickered with the lights, and suddenly the connection went fuzzy. A final scream was heard, and on Professor Oak’s computer, it read: “Line has been disconnected.”

Nurses and Chansey ran into the room once they heard Professor Oak screaming Misty’s name.

Nothing that even Professor Oak, Ash, or even any Gym Leader could be prepared for...

Then a large boulder crashed through the front window of the diner. Glass flew everywhere and Beth shielded herself from the razor sharp debris.

Everybody from everywhere begin to tremble...

Lt. Surge had seen war and survived. His guts and determination kept him alive in the worst of situations. But being alone in the Factory smelled of something beyond normal fear.

Who will survive...?

Brock had been seperated from Ash and May and was now being chased into the woods...

Starring: Ash, Brock, May, Misty, Professor Oak, Professor Birch, Max, Lt. Surge, The Gym Leaders of Hoenn, Gary, Giovanni and Team Rocket, Blaine, Team Aqua, Team Magma, Team Rocket, Wally, Numerous Cameos of the Pokemon Anime, the reaccuring characters of Redlark (found on PE2K), and of course, Pikachu!!!

And that's when Cesar knew, it was now or never. Sacrifies had to be made...

And As the Wind Blows...
Epidemic in Hoenn (http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?p=3190362#post3190362)
By Redlark

Smile Guy
12th May 2006, 12:41 PM
Dreams will always be shattered...

A sudden image of a boy trembling in the rain

... By the things closest to home...

An image of a bedroom with the boy lying, unmoving, in bed. Suddenly, a creature leaps out of no where. The scene cuts

... But sometimes, the dreams are rebuilt...

Hovercraft zooming through the air

... By the things you thought were all evil.

A series of action flicks. Tumbling down ravine.
Being held at gunpoint.
Falling to the floor being pounded by something.
Jumping down stairs.
Haven't reached this part in fic yet but a building explodes.
Also haven't reached this part yet but there's a fire in a place which I don't want to say for spoilers.

The flashing stops. And leaves us back to the boy shivering in the wet rain. It zooms out to reveal a *GASP! This is spoilers, fans of this story look away* brown muddy cliff with a lighthouse to the left. A whisper: paralysis...


15th May 2006, 12:06 AM
Well here's my shot personally I think it kind of sux though. Some blood and violence in it. kinda long

Lightning crashes in the background. As Groudon and Kyogre lunge at each other. They both launch attacks simultaneously both attacks crash into each other billowing up smoke. The smoke clears and there stand both pokemon unharmed, Camera zooms up to Groudon and moves back as it snarls and launches a Fire Blast attack colliding into the Kyogre throwing it in the air. It splashes into the water billowing up a huge wave. Groudon cockily grins but is interrupted as a huge wave crashes into him. He roars an inhuman cry and stands up. Kyogre is there too they stare each other down and lunge.

Screen zooms out showing a teenage boy overlooking the battle from a cliff. Dark clouds surround the sky as a breeze ripples the boy’s snow white hair. His ruby red eyes are empty and cold for the oncoming battle. The boy turns and faces his 2 best friends another boy with green hair and green eyes and a girl with autumn brown hair and soft blue eyes. He gives them a reassuring nod and walks to the cliff. Song Wake me up inside starts up.

His whole life he was pushed around

Screen zooms up to an 8 year old boy crying on the ground surrounded by 3 boys as another fist crashes into him causing blood to spill. The leader of the group says “ Come on Midget time for another beating” the boy says laughing manically as his foot crashes into his chest, the boy gasps for air and spits blood.

“You’ll pay for fighting back, weak people like you never fight back! They never resist! They never win! Only the strong survive.” The boy shouts as he knees the little boy in the stomach, the boy cries out in pain.

“And. you’re. Not. Strong.” Screen blacks out.

Made fun off for being unique, rare and legendary.

“Come on Midget move faster” a boy shouts to a 9 year old boy and pushes him into somebody.

The boy is walking home slowly listening to some music on his Walkman bobbing his head up and down. Suddenly 2 strong arms wrap around him and throw him down.

“What you listening to Midget” A boy says as he opens the CD player and finds a rap CD.

The boy’s face becomes immediately angry as he takes the CD out and crushes it within his hand.

“You will never listen to this again! Weak people don’t listen to Rap they listen to Emo and cut themselves and commit suicide and especially unpopular fuc*ers like you. Rap is for popular not for weak!”

Fist crashes into boy again. Screen blackens.

Blessed with an unholy power.

“How are you doing that?!” a bewildered trainer said as his pokemon was knocked down with one punch from a mere human.

The pokemon grudgingly got up standing on shaky legs as it glared at the trainer.

“Easy” the White haired trainer answered as he ran towards the pokemon.

Slow motion starts as he jumps toward the pokemon swinging his leg in an arc aimed at its head. Scene freezes as his leg is mere inches away and the camera revolves around them. Time resumes as his leg collides into the pokemon’s head sending it spinning sideways a good 30 feet. Crashing into tree knocking it out on contact.

“Like that”

And pays for his actions

Suddenly he collapsed to the ground screaming in pain as his power went away and was replaced with unbearable pain. The rain splattered over his back and his clothes were drenched.

“Maybe nothing will happen this time maybe just one and that’s it yeah that’s it” He told himself unsurely.

Fate was not on his side as a bone in his body cracked in two. He screamed in pain and agony clutching his arm in pain. Another bone snapped, he was shrieking now, another one broke, his tears started pouring out of him, Two more broke, his body was twitching now as more of his bones continued to break. His body was jerking violently as every singly bone in his body broke and snapped in two. He screamed into the night and collapsed.

With only two friends

“You guy’s are still with me, right?” the white haired boy said unsurely.

The two friends looked at him surprised wearing confused expressions.

“Of course we are!” The green haired teen said.

“Yeah! Just because you’re shorter than us doesn’t mean we’ll abandon you.” The Brunette haired girl said smiling.

“B-b-b-but even after what I di-

He’s caught off as the girl places a finger on his lips and smiles saying softly “We forgive you”

“What she said” the green haired person said smiling.


Now he must face his destiny

“But how’s this possible” a young man says to another man.

“Easy you let him slip through your fingers” The man said growling.

“b-b-but” The young man said stuttering.

“Now he is the one destined to battle the three titans, not you.” The man said.

“I have no more use for you.” The man says as he walks away.

Even through the harshest of times

“It’s too strong we can’t go on.” The green haired trainer said as he was starting to lift off the ground.

“No we have to keep going if we stop now it’ll just get us easier” The red eyed teen says as fierce winds threaten to tear them apart.

The Tornado had completely demolished the lively town of Petalburg city and was now turning its ugly tail towards their direction.

“Shi*” the White haired teen says.

“I have to agree with Wally on this one, that thing could kill us!” The girl frantically said as she tried to move her best friend.

“No we have to keep going we can’t risk turning back it’s to-“ he was interrupted as a billboard sign 20 feet wide crashed into him throwing his body in the air like a rag doll.

“BRENDAN!” The blue eyed girl screamed.

They must pull through

The whit haired trainer glared on top of the semi- truck. He barely paid attention to his surrounding or the fact that he was going at a speed of 85 mph. The only thing he was concerned about was the people that tried to hurt his friends and them we’re going to pay. He feels his adrenaline pumping through him as the familiar power returns in all its glory. He smirked knowing he would pay hell for this later. He then grinned at the three cars behind the truck holding out weapons and sorted pokeballs ready to fight. The teen grinned as he leapt of the back of the truck towards his first target, the black corvette. The driver grins thinking the kid will splatter across his windshield. Quite the opposite happens as the teen slams his feet into the front hood of the car sending it flipping over the teen crashing into a passing bridge exploding on contact.

Even if it means they have to leave others behind

He couldn’t believe what was he happening this supposedly fun trip to the beach was turned into a bad horror movie as the 2 teens watched in horror underwater as the sharpedo’s raced towards the man who had helped them so much. The man looked helplessly towards the three in hope, only to get shattered as they shook their heads. He began to grow furious that these kids wouldn’t help him after all he did for them. However, he no longer thought as the first one sank it’s teeth into his flash and tore his arm off, his scream become muffled underwater and became useless bubbles. The pokemon went crazy at the sight of the blood and attacked tearing off his other limbs. The man continued to scream but useless bubbles came out. The three teens tore their eyes away and swum to the surface, tears had already formed in their eyes. The white haired teen too one last look at the man with no arms and legs before another Sharpedo came and tore the rest of it’s body off hungrily eating it’s juicy flesh in it’s mouth. The teen quickly swam to the surface determined to get out of here.

Now it’s his time to repay all the lost ones

The boy leaps off the cliff as the camera does a zoom up off him as he goes into a dive. Enlarging two pokeballs in his hands. He lands on the earth billowing up a crater pebbles flying everywhere. He glances up and grins ready for battle.

Camera shows scene of a swampert launching itself out of the water colliding into a Walrein and follows up with a focus punch while in midair. Scene switches to a bridge swinging dangerously three people on it. Scene changes too a two cars crashing into each other as a teen leaps backward out of the way. Scene changes too a teen walking in on his friend while changing. He sweatdrops nervously as she screams and punches him away. Scene switches too a teen riding on a flygon urging it to go faster as he passes over water. Scene switches back to the cliff as the girl says “But what if-“The teen interrupts her smiling as he says in serious voice “I’ll be back.”


Written by Advanced.

Already in my sig see *points* click on it! U know u want too

25th May 2006, 8:06 PM
The screen fades in to a Hitmonchan, head hung and eyes closed, scars all over its body.

*ACDC's 'Thunderstruck' starts playing*

The camera zooms out to reveal a cage surrounding the Hitmonchan being wheeled through a dark tunnel. The cage stops and the humans wheeling the cage stick a syringe into the Hitmonchan's arm and open the door.

The Hitmonchan's eyes shoot open, filled with rage and the hallway fills with light as a gate lifts up.


The Hitmonchan leaps out of its cage and stares at its opponent, a Tyranitar looking just as enraged.

*I was caught, in the middle of a railroad track.*

The two Pokemon run out into a vast coliseum staring each other down.

*You've got me shakin' at the knees
Could I come again please
Yeah the ladies were too kind
You've been...*

The Hitmonchan runs up and delivers a hard uppercut into Tyranitar's stomach.


The music quickly stops and the screen fades to black. Fading back in, the screen reveals a young trainer with a Magby at his heels in the middle of a field facing an angry Pidgey.

<Holy disgruntled birds Batman, its a Pidgey!> the little Magby screams.

*The music starts up again as several flashes of different events are shown.*

The same Magby releases an Ember onto a tiny Krabby, a Kadabra's eyes start to glow as it releases a Hidden Power against a Cubone who trips over its own bone, a Scyhter is shown facing off against an Arbok, a Magmar shoots a Fire Blast at about ten different assorted Pokemon led by trainers in white uniforms, a Blastoise and Venusaur are shown firing a Solarbeam and Hydro Pump at ten or so Pokemon led by trainers in black uniforms, and finally the same Hitmonchan from the opening is shown jumping off a cliff. As soon as the Hitmonchan hits the ground, the screen turns black and red words appear on the screen, accompanied by three wings on either side:

Eternal Seraph (http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=119974)

30th May 2006, 4:31 AM
Another story...in another time...

Sharp sounds of clashing metal echoed through the darkness.

When peace and harmony finally have arrived.

The side of a metal knife reflected the sunrise. And it gleamed in glory, and it vanished slowly into the darkness.

Someone...very unlikely...had to tear it down...

The kunai knife vanished briefly, and a sharp emerald eye flashed open through the darkness. And it faded after a mere second.

Shadows of adults drifted over the ground, as the sky darkened. A hushed voice whispered, “Who did this?” Horror was hinted in the adult’s shaky voice. The other shadows were, too, asking questions to someone who didn’t know the answers.

Another shadow appeared, appearing shorter than the rest of them. He replied sternly and unshaken, “I don’t know, but whoever did it, how could the person get past his guard?”

A man in gray clothing stood stiff before a chair that was turned backwards. “There has been another report on an assassination,” the man started, “there had been the total of five.”

The chair responded in an old worn way, “Do you know who’s doing it?”

“No,” the man replied, he gulped, “But, the assassinations...were done swiftly.....”

Horror was brought throughout the village...

Screams were heard, and much panicked voices were whispering.

“If we’re too late, there’s no stopping it,” a voice said as the screams were drained from the background.

It all depended on nothing...to stop it...

“I can’t believe we’re going through a massacre!” a voice cried in a doomed way.

“No,” a voice said quietly but seriously, “not just a massacre...a ninja massacre...”

The scene opened to a cherry blossom tree, raining with blossoms that covered the ground. A blossom flew close to view point, as it gently floated towards the floor; blood flickered onto its petal and to its core.

Darkness consumed the blood-stained cherry blossom.

A feminine voice whispered, in the darkness, “I’ll see you in hell....”

Tainted Cherry Blossom

Coming Soon: Late 2006

30th May 2006, 2:46 PM
(Pokemon: Cards of Promise, take 1)

(cue music: Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald opening)

In the world of Pokemon, there are many reasons to play the official Pokemon Trading Card Game.

(We see various TCG cards from various sets)

Some just collect the cards and not play the game at all.

(We see Misty admiring her card collection, which fills up several shoe boxes)

Others just play casually with friends and family, not wishing to compete.

(We see Brock playing against Forest, and judging from the HP and prize counts, Brock is winning)

And then there are those that do compete; seeking the glory, riches, and honor of being a Pokemon Trading Card Game Master.

(we see Ash stepping up to a blue podium decorated in sapphires as a crowd cheers)

But when a Trading Card Game Master wishes to help you achieve your dream...

(we see a long haired girl in a tie-dye T-shirt talking to Ash)

Karuta: "I've traveled around, played my duels, and seen many kinds of duelists...but not one of them had the drive to make it big as Trading Card Game Masters. You're different, Ash...I sense a very real determination in both you and your friends...one that can carry you to the League."

Ash: "You think so?"

You'd better be ready for the challenges ahead!

(we see fire with a purple tinge against Ash's sillhouette, rain with a purple tinge against Misty's sillhouette, rocks interspersed with lightning against Brock's sillhouette, and purple lightning against Karuta's sillhouette. The title flashes onscreen: Pokemon: Cards of Promise)

Coming to forums Summer 2006...

2nd June 2006, 3:38 PM

Forest Guardian

"The innocent are so easy to manipulate. You followed my trail like a lost puppy after its owner. Now Alec. Prepare to die."
Something evil is lurking is lurking in Iroen. Something that should never have been there.
Alec, torn from the only people who have ever loved him, and his pet bellsprout, Belly, are on the run. Running from a crime believed to have been commited by Belly, Alec is faced with many challenges.
But it is when Alec starts to doubt Belly, that the world change.

A tale of friendship, trust and love. After reading this, you will truly believe in the powers of friendship.

Read the novel that is taking the world by storm. Read Forest Guardian today.

7th June 2006, 12:52 PM
A plan by this world's most dangerous criminal has been put into motion. Now the survivors have been caught in his web. A struggle for survival after a deadly attack, has turned into an ALL OUT WAR. Secrets are revealed, betrayals made, lives destroyed and destinies relized. An epic battle is about to begin. Extermination, season 2, premiers September 6. EXPECT, the UNEXPECTED.

Commercial 2:
Throughout History, evil has known many faces. These great evils terrorized the people of their time and simply their name struck terror into the heart of even the bravest warrior. But none of them matched the evil contained in one man, whose ambition is to make the universe his oyster, and he has the power to back it up. What can stop a man with the power to make himself imortal? What can stop this man from extermination the planet's population? Only he knows the answer to that and he will do anything he can to exterminate the only threats to his power. See the action unfold. Season one was about survival, season 2 will be an ALL-OUT-WAR! Witness it for yourself. Extermination, season 2. Premieres September 6, 2006.

13th June 2006, 5:59 PM
Okay, I might as well post my comercial. I finally get around to writing my actual story when I'm not feeling too lazy, if anyone's interested. Anyway, hope it isn't too long. Please, I don't want to be in trouble! I just JOINED!! *whimpers and hides in cave*

(Foo Fighters “One by One” begins to play in the background)

At first, there is only a black screen. And then, the sound of a throbbing heart sounds out, and images are shown at the same time as the heartbeat, fading in and out quickly, the intervals in-between showing the black screen. Red letters fade in and out on the screen occasionally.

Prepare yourself…

Ash, his friends, and Team Rocket, looking terrified at something to their right, mouths open in shock as Pikachu, on all fours, growls at something in front of him, cheeks giving out short spurts of electricity …

Mickey, his friends, and the Villains look at something on their right too, some of them covering their mouths…

Kagome and her friends, even Sesshomaru, grimacing at something in front of them, and clicking noises are heard at they get swords ready and hook arrows into place…

For the adventure…

As the heartbeats continue and get faster, it shows different characters form other Cartoon Worlds; Luffy and his crew and the Teen Titans, all staring off in front of them, looking ready of something, as if they are expecting…

That will change everything…

Suddenly, the heartbeat beats one final time, revealing a picture of all the legendaries gathered together in one group, glaring at something. The scene fades out slowly, revealing the black screen again.

Even people.

The scene shifts again and the blackness fades, showing all of the Cartoons shown earlier in one big group. They are in the inside of some kind of flying machine, like the one from Pokemon 2000.

(Guitar part begins)

The scene quickly shifts in time with the music, showing a giant golden sarcophagus glowing an eerie green, and then opening.

A giant evil, scaly-looking creature looms over a terrified Ash, grinning and drooling as his friends in the background are too terrified to respond.
The creature screeching in pain and anguish as it combusts in red flames. A silhouette of a strange human-like creature with wings and a fluffy tail standing above Ash, strange green-blue eyes piercing through to him.

A giant tornado spins above our heroes as they stare on in wonder. Suddenly, the camera zooms in and the tornado breaks apart in front of the sun, revealing a silhouette of what looks to be big peacock. Its head is raised, and after it lowers its head, its eyes open to reveal large, glowing, yellow eyes.

Inside a giant cave, a white glowing, object seems to change shape and then the glowing fades, showing a bat-like creature with red eyes and a strange round mark on its belly. It flies up a couple of feet, and then rears back its head and let out an ear-piercing screech that echoes throughout the cave.

A part-Arbok, part something, finally takes shape into the other thing. It morphs, and standing there is a long, big watch. It opens its friendly-looking eyes and lets out a cry of surprise while a stunned TR stands, looking on, in the background.

A running, sleek-looking Houndoom with no ankle rings on it glows white and changes shape mid-run. Its horns grow sharper and slightly longer, all of the silver ringlets other than the one on its neck melt into the skin, and its tail splits into three separate tails that immediately take the shape of lightning, fire, and water. It lets out howl and leaps into the air, Ash on its back, a surprised look on his face.

The dogs’ kind (the one from the scene before, but LOTS of them)race down a hill, growling and howling, run to meet many other dogs that look like big, fluffy Mightyena’s, but without the black fur and faces like the black dogs, and they are growling and snarling too. The scene looks like some kind of war, with the two dog kinds running at each other.

More images flash across the screen of all the Pokemon characters, shocked looks on their faces. Then, the screen shows the same picture from before of all the Cartoons together. The screen goes black, and a girl appears on screen.

She has waist-length brown hair, green-blue eyes, maroon wings with black veins, cat ears on top of her head, and a brow, fluffy, tail with eyes and a mouth. She is wearing blue jeans with a red shirt and white sneakers. She grins, and gives a thumbs up as lightning flashes behind her, revealing two shadowed figures, one looking like Ho-oh, the other looking like Lugia, both have glowing, evil-looking eyes.

The scene fades out to a black screen as the song comes to an end. Suddenly, a cold voice hisses, and then laughs wickedly as a bright, round, red eye opens, looking alien and dragon-like at the same time. The eye fades out to blackness once again, the title is revealed.

The Chronicles of Forbidden Lugia

Coming Soon To a Theatre Near You

The screen goes black once more, and a girl’s voice cries out from the darkness, her voice choked with evidence of sobbing as it echoes into the darkness-


Hooray!! My comercial SUCKS!!! My story sucks DIRT!!
The rest of the comercials are really good, though, just to let the rest of you guys know.
I might post my comercial for my Nightmares' story later, though I've barely even begun on the actual story.
Nightmares: T_T We've noticed.
Me: ...Not my fault!!

FL, over and out.

Moonlight Locust
13th June 2006, 6:08 PM
The screen starts off with nothing but a picture of Orre.

Then a man comes up.

"Are you ready?..."

The picture diappears and another man in a half mask comes up as well as Lovrina and a blue haired boy.

"For the Orre Contest Challenge?..."

"Two heros, a giant group. A mysterious coordinator and Cipher's old admins. Who''l win?"

"Find out in..."

XD Colosseum!

Coming to a Summer near you!

Then it ends. Or does it...

The Great Butler and the half masked amn appear on the stage and the masked guy says:

"We hope you'll enjoy this fic! TGB does the Dub Names and I do the episodes! Enjoy!"

15th June 2006, 10:26 PM
I highly doubt anyone who comes here is actually gonna look at any fanfiction advertised, but... ahh, why not?


The Forgotten Son

A lost brother... a hateful Team Rokcet father.... a group of pokemon he can't support. This is the world and life of Luke Merluzzi, who for the last five years- since he was ten- has been supporting himself.

His luck's running out. Unless he does what he's feared to do for five years, he may not live.

Forced to do something he doesn't want to do, he may become something he didn't want to become....

Click on any of this text and be transported to the story of Luke... (http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=123774)

Emma Iveli
21st June 2006, 5:25 PM
Due to missed deadlines I had to repost my soties... exepct for Dreasm to be the Best... I'm goign to wiat a while to repost it... anyways here's new adds for Poke Piece and Three Knights, first up Three Kngihts!

(Quiet Music is playing... a picutre of a 15 year old girl in a floweer feild she wears a white dress and enjoying a beuquet of flowersd in her hands)

Voice-over (Female): My name is Lila... Priness of the Wrorld of Relems... it is my duty to protect realms wit hmy life... to serve me there's the hot headed Umi.

(Shows Picture of Umi crlaing at Terra while Terra eggs her on)

Lila: The anoying Terra

(Terra does does the Bi-da to Umi)

Lila: And the Reialble though... viedo adcited Cloud

(shows Cloud playing a game boy...)

Lila: I consder them my sisters as they are my proectors... up untiol 1,000 years ago there were three kniogths who protcted my anssotrs... however things changed from the beigning, the last generation went to the World of the Sea, the world of the land and the world of the sky... so they live peeaceful naormal lives... however...

(Cuts back to Lila in flower fild... a strange wind blows and things go black...)

Lila: I was kidnaped... now Umi, Terra and Cloud must fidn and have the chosen deicandts of the Kngith to Save me...

(music swtiches to Rocks... the first Naruto japanese theme)

Lila: Now Luffy... a rubberman from the world of the Sea is the new Knight of the Sea...

(Shows varius shots of Luffy)

Lila: Naurto... a ninja from the world of the Land is the Knight of the Land

(Various shots of Naurto)

Lila: And finnally Ash... a Pokemon Trianer from the Wrold of the Sky si the new Kingith of the Sky.

(Various shots of Ash)

Lila: Along with Luffy's Crew consiting of Zoro a swrtods man.

(A shot of Zoro)

Lila: Nami, a theivign navitgator

(A shto fo Nami)

Lila: Usopp, a carowdly shaptshooter

(a Shto fo Usopp)

Lila: And Sanji a playboy chef...

(Shto of Sanji... faling in love with Umi.)

Lila: Naurto's team consisting of his sensei Kakashi.

(Shot of Kakasahi... reading his favorite book... you know the one I'm talking about...)

Lila: His team mates Sasauke

(shot of Sasauke)

Lila: And Sakura

(shot of Sakura... havign an inner Sakura moment)

Lila: And Ash's friends, water trainer Misty

(shot of Misty)

Lila: Brock Pokemon breeder who falls in love with cute girls.

(shot of Brock falling ion love with Umi)

Lila: And their Pokemon...

(Shtos of of various Pokemon)

Lila: With pwweors these three they didn't even know they had...

(Shtos of varuius attack that they used.)

Lila: They will save me I know it...

(Shot of the eatign contest between Naruto, Ash and Luffy...)

Lila: Uh... I'll ignore that...

(music stops, sece shifts to the eletamerntal srrow training sence)

Cloud: Luffy you need to say Freeze Arrow

(Luffy shoot arrow of Ice... it misses a target... else where on the training ground Sasauke is pikcing up a Kunai... the Freeze Arrow hits his butt. He goes to the group in training)

Sasauke: Can some tell whymy butt's frozen?

(Terra and Naurto crack up)

Naurto: Sasuke froze his *** off!

Lila (in a bitter voice): I now have little hope that I'm going to be saved...

(Rocks picks up again as title Three kngiths is shown... now playing)

Now for the Poke Piece prewview.

(Pokemon I choose You is playing...)

Voice over (Male): Monkey D Luffy, Rorona Zoro and Nami weren't exepcting that a devil eater would send to another world...

(sencd with Portal Pete seding the three priartes thoguh a portal)

Portal Pete: Portal Portal Send!

(Portal sucks up Luffy, Zoro and Nami and sedn thoguh the portal)

Voice-Over: Ash Ketchum wasn't exepctign a samll pirates crew to land on him from the sky...

(Shows when Luffy, Zoro and Nami land on him...)

Voice-over: Now the only way to fit in and figure out a way home is for these three to become Pokemon Trainers...

(Music switches to Mezase Pokemon Master)

Voice-over: Not only with do they have Ash's help the help of Misty a water trainer... who's more consnered with Ash paying for the bike he desotryed

(shot of Misty harrsing Ash at the Pokemon center after bike is bruend)

Voice-over: Former Gym Leader and Pokemon Breeder... who like every pretty girl he comes arcorss...

(Shto fo Brock firlting with various girls...)

Voice: Essally Nami...

(Sece of varuius sences firltign with Nami...)

Voice-over: WIth eachtoehrs help they can fulfil their wishes... for Ash to be the Greast Pokemon Master... and for the Crew to go home so they can fulfil their dreams... will they be able to do it... they better hope so...

(Title is shown: Poke Piece... the sence of Ash first chagleng to Brock is shwon... here it is...)

Brock: So I see that you three had come to chaglle the gym…

Ash: No, just me…

Brock: Oh that’s good and in that case…(Brock begins towards Nami with Pink Hearts for his eyes) My name is Brock… what is your name?

Brock: Um… Nami…

Brock: Ahh… Nami I was think that maybe later if you have the time maybe we can have a nice dinner…

Nami (wit hthw sweatdrop): Um… maybe…

Luffy: He’s funny…

Ash: Yeah… excuse me I hate to be rude… but I’m here for a battle…

(Music stops now playing and the world Now Playign is show)

Here's the new links... Poke Piece (http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=124879) and Three Knights (http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=124881)

25th June 2006, 2:28 PM
Watchers of Raikou
(Rated PG-13)
Cinematic Teaser #1

*an icy cold wind blows*

*you're surrounded by a city - everything is grey and lifeless - the buildings are partially destroyed and not a soul is in sight - all around you, blast marks and rubble litter the area*

*white text on black background*

What price would you pay?

*screen fades to show a slow-motion Pokémon battle, all set in black and white - blasts shroud two combatants and you can't quite catch who they are*

*white text on black background returns*

To bring back someone you love?

*screen fades and colour returns - "A Call To Arms" from WarCraft 3 begins to play in the background as you see images of different explosive Pokémon battles crossfading across a panning shot of the entire Johto region*

*subtitles now appear across the bottom of the screen as you see a boy, seventeen years of age with black, spiky hair and dark, hazel-brown eyes - he is wearing a white t-shirt and navy blue jeans with a small, crescent moon pendant around his neck*

Zak Vangard

*the camera pans to the right, revealing a girl, about fifteen years of age with pastel-pink hair tied into long pigtails and bright, chestnut eyes - she wears a pure white jacket with yellow trims and smiles at the camera, giving a wink of acknowledgment*

Whitney Akane

*the camera pans again, this time to the left, blurring slightly before coming into focus on a young boy, fourteen years old with his hair hidden underneath an old, grey headband, save for one long ponytail which gives away his pale-blue colour - he is wearing a long, grey trench-coat and has lime-green eyes and grins knowingly at the camera*

Zeni Ainsborough

*the screen goes dark once more - the music stops and you hear the distant rumbling of thunder coming closer and closer - white text returns in the centre of the screen as the noise dissipates slowly*

Three Beasts,
Two Rivals,
One Legend.

*a brief flash of lightning engulfs the screen, leaving pure white lettering surrounded by crackling electricity*

Watchers of Raikou

http://www.geocities.com/soulreaver85_2000/wssl4w.txt (http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=112629)

A Fanfiction by Gazmof
Banners Produced and Co-ordinated by Saffire Persian
Artwork by buster_wolf
A Jabba's Park Production
Screening Today Exclusively on SPPF

26th June 2006, 5:57 PM
Hi everyone I'm new and have my first fic out.

Back to the Basics

A boy named Shane gets into a mysterious accedent. His mother worries and doesnt know if he should go onto the new pokemon challenge thats starting up. Will he find out what happened? Will his mother tell him? Will he go on the journey? Find out all and more.

Night Avenger
28th June 2006, 1:39 AM
Night Avenger

A building appears as a lightning strikes. A boy dressed in a black Magma uniform with Houndoom horns appears on top of the building with the lightning.
"Silverlake was destroyed by war."
Says the announcer as we see a group of Raichu attacking people and some Rhydon destroying buildings and cars.
"A boy managed to escape."
We see a boy running with his Houndour doll as he trips and the doll falls into a river. "Hound!" cries the boy.
"But he will survive."
The same boy appears but now as a teenager on top of a hill with a Houndoom by his side. We can see a city at the hill's slope.
"He will return to civilization."
We now see the boy with a normal Team Magma uniform. He's reading a newspaper where it says: "Silverlake now in chaos!" He throws the newspaper and runs to the door.
"Peace will return to Silverlake."
We see the first scene, the hero is on top of the building and then jumps. He keeps falling but when he's about to die a Salamence appears driving him away.
"Night Avenger" says the announcer "Get prepared criminals for this July 20th (random date)"

28th June 2006, 6:50 AM
This Fall...

Slow images of a group of peaceful and sunny islands are shown. Shots of small children bouncing around on the beach with their baby Pokemon are shown, followed by many older people drinkning sodas and laying out in the sun. We then see shots of biker riders racing through the forests with a pack of Butterfree following close behind.

A once peaceful dream...

Rapid and sudden flash shots are shown of peaceful and sunny islands are shown again, only this time... it's getting dark. The clouds seem to be rolling in as the sky grows from a light blue to an alomst evil gray. We see bunchs of horrified faces appear on many people on a few of the islands. We then see a large and beautiful tower standing on an island in the distance. The screen goes black when a sudden shot of lightning is shown form behind the tower.

Will be shattered...

As the blackness fades away, we see a more happier setting. This time - we see three best friends hanging out together. Troy Romero, who is established as the shy leader of the group. Lynnette Ulmer, is the control freak. Brodie Robert Fischer, is seen in bed with a woman, making him the 'ladies man'. The shots of the friends make them seem like they are having a good time.

Three friends...

A shot of Troy is seen, looking down at a computer screen. In the background we see Brodie drink something, place his arm around Troy's neck and then look down. As these even happen, we HEAR Lynnette speaking, "They call it the Battle Frontier. It's a group of islands just off the coast of the Hoenn region."

Lynnette continues to talk as we are shown various shots of the islands. They seem beautiful. "According to this, all you have to do is go from island to island, beat the seven leaders, collect the symbols, compete in one of THE biggest tournaments ever, and come home."

The shots of the islands stop. We go back to Troy and Brodie, still looking down. Troy looks over his shoulder at Brodie, who grinned and says, "Let's do it!"

Venturing to the Battle Frontier...

Shots are shown of the three on a large ship, the S.S. Cyclone, crusing from Kanto to the Battle Frontier islands. They seem to be having a good time. They are shown laughing, drinkning, joking, hooking up. All good and clean fun.

To have the time of their lives...

We see the three of them on the beach, Troy in red and black swim trunks, Lynnette in revealing, white bikini, and Brodie in light blue and white swim trunks. We then see THEM see shots of before with little kids on the beach with their Pokemon.


Multiple 'blinking' shots of the three friends looking into the horizon, seeing the dark clouds roll in.

It happened...

Complete blackness. Slow heartbeats are heard. Followed by paniced, by quiet breathing.

And they came...

Still in darkness. Still breathing. We hear Lynnette whisper, "What is that...?. She then repeats, Ugh, what is that?

No answer.

A clash is heared.

Followed by a scream.

We open to a shot of Troy and Brodie walking VERY face in the rain at night. We see Brodie try to stop Troy, who turns around and punches him in the jaw. We then see a close-up on Troy saying, ""If you have a better idea, then speak up, NOW! Otherwise, back off!"

We hear Brodie say, "Dude, chill out."

Followed by, "If we don't help these people they're all gonna die!"

The screen blackens.

We then see rapid shots of many things. A man chasing a girl thorugh a wooded area. Another man holding a gun in a girl's mouth. A woman laughing. A man chained to a wall. A gun held up to a Pokemon's head at point-blank. A woman's hand bringing a knife down on a Pokemon. A man held from behind with a knife to his throat. A girl getting pulled under something by her ankles, screaming. A baby crying. A girl running and nearly falling. And then he hear a gun shot, causing the screen to blacken.

The darkness fades out into a close-up of Lynnette's face. A voice says, "YOU LITTLE TROUBLE MAKERS ARE GONNA PAY..."

We then see Lynnette scream an ear shattering, "NOOO!"

The screen flashes and the title fades in. "DaRKNeSS FaLLS". The vowels shrink from uppercase to lower and then turn around, giving the effect of looking in a mirror. As the title does this, we hear a girl crying and whimpering the words, "What's going on...?"


Well, did you guys like... Part of it is inspired by the TCM:B trailer that recently came out whill the end of it was inspired by the end of the HOUSE OF WAX trailer (What's going on)...

The Great Butler
30th June 2006, 9:22 PM
Next time, on "Pokémon XD^2: The Return of Shadow:"

There's trouble at the HQ Lab! Enigma Shadow has taken over the research facility to recover their lost data! All four Shadow Admins are on the job, commanded by the second Shadow General!

"Prof. Krane, I expect your full cooperation."

"Forget it! After you used us the way you did, and after all your evil deeds, I refuse to hand over any data to you!"

"Very well, then. You've forced my hand, and now I have no choice but to play my trump cards."

"Lily! Jovi! Oh, don't you dare!"

"Now, Professor. You can either choose to return the data to me in exchange for your wife and stepdaughter, or you can continue to resist. If you choose to resist, I will take the data by force---and then Lily and Jovi will accompany us back to Headquarters. Now, I want your decision. Hand over the data, or hand over your family!"

Will Prof. Krane break and give up the data? Can Rich and Anabel plow through the four Admins to rescue him in time? Find out in the biggest 4-star fic on SPPf, "Pokémon XD^2: The Return of Shadow!" (http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=115414)

5th July 2006, 10:20 PM
Hmmm...I suppose this is a good a place as any to post this.

The UK Pokémon Gamers Club is having the first ever SPPf podcast soon, and fanfic commercials/fan art request shop commercials are allowed in the podcast, so if you want to record one and send it to me via e-mail/MSN:


Try and keep it under 2 mins, and I'll let you all know when it's ready.

6th July 2006, 1:34 AM
My name is Crystal aka Krys. Maybe you know me, maybe you don’t. I’m Proffesor Elm’s eldest daughter, age 13, and a proficient trainer, with all my badges and an entry in the Hall Of Fame. But first, I had to train up some of my Pokemon for the League of Champions. Apparently Kamon had the same idea. He is my rival. But hey, I didn’t choose it that way! It all started on the day in Pallet Town near Proffesor Oak’s lab back when I was 10. I walked out with Chikorita my starter, my backpack with my starter kit and my PokeGear. I saw a boy my age with auburn hair and a black uniform.
“Hey there, I’m Krys! What’s your name?”
“Hey, are you from Team Rocket?”
“Get away from me!”
With that, he shoved me into the dirt. From that day on, we were sworn rivals.
__________________________________________________ _______________
This summer, experience comedy, adventure, romance, thrills and chills! Don't miss:
Krys And Kamon! The Awakening Of The Legendary Dogs!
*rated PG for scenes ofworld destruction and crude humor*
Will the gym leaders be fired? Does Team Rocket get arrested? Which young trainers will be selected to form the Johto Battle Frontier? And will Giovanni succeed in wreaking havoc once more? Or will someone else?

(scene from Western with Krys and Kamon dressed as cowboys)
Two old rivals meet

(scene of Team Rocket getting pink slips)
Jessie and James get fired

(scene of Marina measuring Lance's chest with a yardstick)
Marina has returned once more!

(scene of Morty holding a fishing pole with a Suicune doll attached to it and Eusine following it)
Eusine is determined on catching Suicune...

but it seems someone has beat him to it

Find out in this riveting new fanfiction by a new author! Coming soon to SPPF! You don't want to miss this opportunity!

6th July 2006, 2:48 AM
*quietly walks back in*
And now, the moment none of you have been waiting for!! *cruddy drumroll*

The House on Nightmare Hill

There is a black screen, and then white letters appear on it as the man’s voice from Corpse Bride reads them aloud. Like as if in some kind of pattern, a scene will show, and then the black screen and white letters would re-appear and the man would read them aloud again.

Coming soon to a theatre near you…

A girl mumbles under her breath as she pushes a baby carriage up a hill with an old-looking, Victorian-England style of house on it. It is in the dead of night, but there are street lights on in the background.

Whatever you do, don’t go into the house…

The girl from the scene before pushes open a great wooden door with a groan, and then grabs the baby carriage to roll it inside the house. Her mouth opens in shock and awe, as the camera goes behind her and zooms out quickly, showing an emensively huge two-story inside.

Because if they don’t like what you’re doing…

The girl is pushing the baby carriage forward, mouth still open, adoring the sights around her, when suddenly the door closes by itself with great big slamming sound. The girl whips her head around, stopping the carriage.

You WILL pay the price!

The man laughs wickedly in the background as it shows a semi-close up of part of the girl’s face with the baby carriage in front of a huge staircase, her head turned around to look at something behind her. In front of the carriage, two big yellow eyes open and narrow at the girl as she realizes she’s being watched. She turns around slowly, slightly trembling her face twisted in fright. Suddenly, the camera zooms in on the darkness below the eyes as the thing jumps out at the girl.

It is a clown, with bright orange hair, stringy in some parts, dressed in typical clown clothes. But, he has yellow teeth and evil, gnarled-looking hands with long, yellow fingernails. Suddenly he grins at the girl, and opens his arms wide in welcome as he says: “Hi!! My name’s Pennywhistle! What’s yours?”

The girl screams and runs out, arms flailing in the air as she bursts through the door and out into the night. The clown puts his arms down and stares at the open door. He suddenly says, “What?! Was it something I said?!”

The scene switches to show two other children, one a boy with freckles and glasses with bright orange hair and the other a girl with long brown hair, clutching each other as a dripping wet girl with black hair in front of her face stands before them. Suddenly, the wet girl raises her hands as if in welcoming and screams, “HELLO PEEPS!!!!”

The screen goes black, and red letters appear across it as a voice laughs insanely in the background.

The House On Nightmare Hill

A Horror/Comedy By-

The screen is ripped away before the author is revealed, showing a dark purple N.


Hoo-rah! FINALLY! I got that thing off my chest. And now, the disclaimer, in case Wes Craven, Hiroshi Takahashi, or any of the other Nightmare's writers/directors/owners/blah,blah,blah are parolling these forums...SPOILERS IF YOU READ THE DISCLAIMER!! If anyone reads my story :P.

Disclaimer: I DO NOT own Samara, Freddy Kreuger, Jason, Michael Myers, Pennywhistle, Reagan, Chucky, Chucky's Bride, Cujo, Natasha, the Headless Horseman (from Tim Burton's Sleepy Hollow ), and the three people from The Grudge. Although I wish that I did (One, so I wouldn't have to do this, two so they'd have more screentime) I don't. Dang...

Was it okay, at least? Sigh...
*sneaks away to hide in cave*

6th July 2006, 10:46 PM
In front of a huge, beautiful manor, inside of the ever so bubbly bubblepool sat a random commercial guy with a way too exaggerated voice. He stood up and walked up to the camera, smiling.

"Why hello there, TV land! Today, I want to take a moment to talk about an excellent show on our network; the Unperfect Plan! And here to talk with me about it are the stars of the show! Guys!"

Out ran a Teddiursa and a tall blonde women in a bikini. The Teddiursa looked grumpily at the camera, tossing away a cigarette.

"Alright, Brent, let's get this over with." He said in a dark, annoyed voice.

The Random Commercial Guy smiled weakly, looking back at the camera. "Yes...well, this is Rox, the easily frightened yet adorable Teddiursa!"

"Hey, don't call me no wuss! I ain't a *****, *****!"

"...ahem. Yes, and this is the lovely Dana!"

"Hi!" Dana said, waving at the camera.

"Alright, first we--"

Suddenly, a brunette lady ran onto the stage, holding a notebook. "Ahem, is this commercial a testament to the quality of the Unperfect Plan?"

Random Commercial Guy shook his head. "No...no it is not."

"Then does it have relevance to it at all?"


Rox stomped agitatedly. "I'm leaving now! This is bull****! Screw this, I ain't getting paid anyways!"

Random Commercial Guy laughed mockingly, crossing his arms. "Whatever, you're just a washed-up teddybear!"

Rox frowned, glaring at Random Commercial Guy. "**** you, Brent. Come on, babe, let's hit the road." And so, Rox and Dana left.

Random Commercial Guy turned back to the camera, smiling. "Well, yes, there you have it. Mind you, as I said, this is not a testament to the quality of the Unperfect Plan, but the product of a tired yet rushed author who is about to go watch a movie and should turn the computer off before he faints out of motion nausea. Good night."

"It's here (http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=127720)!"

7th July 2006, 1:29 AM
um, hi! Back with another commercial for my fancomic/fic!
__________________________________________________ _______________

Rug Rattatas: Memoirs of Masters

Ever wondered what Ash's childhood was like? Or who the gym leaders were like BEFORE they were gym leaders? Read these humorous memoirs from various sources collected and translated by me, Krys!

Some humorous anecdotes to mention:
-Ash meets his first Pokemon, his mom's servant Manene!
-Brock's first love: the Pewter City Nurse Joy!
-Why Misty is so scared of bug Pokemon!
-Early sketches of Tracy! "Ditto Sleeping"
-May's first word: "Pokemon!"
-The many pairs of glasses Max had before he stole his from Proffesor Elm!
-Jessie's first crime, stealing money from her mom's purse!
-Jame's future fiancee was Erica?!?
-Meowth's birth in an Italian Restaurant and how he ate twelve tons of lasanga!

All this and more in various humorous recollections from some of the greatest Pokemon Masters from Kanto. Johto and Hoenn! Don't miss Rug Rattatas!

12th July 2006, 4:02 PM
*WARNING* The following commercial is low-quality and half-assed. You have been warned. *WARNING*

The second chapter is up. Read Unperfect Plan. Yay.

Credits -

Thanks to...
Guy Who Says The Line - Mark Hamilton
Yay-Sayer - Matthew Perry
Warning Man - Mike Wallace

Director - Steven Spielberg
Yay Coach - Gina Aileen
Warning Sign Construction -
Danny Callahan
Red Feldt
Jimmy Nasa
Karin Greer

Music -
Summertime - Will Smith
Smells Like Teen Spirit - Nirvana

Screenplay By - Matthew Perry

Special Thanks -
Paramount Productions
Microsoft Word 2002
A Shoe
My *** (For Making Up These Credits)

15th July 2006, 12:54 PM
A one-shot this time. Whee!


(A desolate wasteland. Nothing moves but the wind, and there is no sign of life.)

Unknown Voice: I have laboured for long enough.

(A Marowak appears at the peak of a sand dune, moving in slow, determined steps. He seems to have been the one to speak, and oddly lacks a skull.)

Marowak: La'reecht. That was the name they gave me. It means thorn in the Old speech.

(A lone dust devil crosses his path, but he keeps his pace.)

La'reecht: Ah, but these seem so trivial now. They did far greater injustices to me.

(A steady beating like that of a marching drum begins.)


La'reecht: They took my family.


La'reecht: They took my luxuries.


La'reecht: They took my only companion through this tribulation.



(A full army comes out from the many shifting sands.)

La'reecht: Sound the taurorns! Raise the war-devices! Leave none alive!Take back from them what they took from us!

(The army starts charging towards another, unseen mass of arms.)

La'reecht: Blood will be shed; the sands will be scarlet with gore tonight.

The D'anartae wars have begun.

Shiny Umbreon
17th July 2006, 7:14 AM
Narrator: A trainer without a cause or soul....

(The scene shows a lean, tall teenager standing in front of a raging crowd, raging for action, raging for more of the blood and dirty play that he league the trainer's competing is famous for.)

Narrator: Darkness and shadows, death, bones, and blood.

(The scene shifts to a person muttering, "Black for darkness and shadows, gray for death, white for bones, and the last one, crimson, for blood.")

Narrator: A feline with a taste for blood...

(Screen goes black then shows an Absol, claws stained with crimson liquid just before a red light strikes out and hits the large feline.)

Narrator: A black canine with a personality like his color...

("Sonnillon! Be a little nicer! She's only a pup!" A Mightyena just snarled in reply and pushed a miniscule Sneasel away with his claws.)

Narrator: A small Sneasel with claws hard as bone and that refuses to speak..

("Charoum? Can't you talk? Just once? I know Sonnillon hurt you but..." A small step taken by the Sneasel was the Houndoom's only reply.)

Narrator: A Houndoom with one horn cut, and bloody, distant eyes and a heart of gold...

("No!" The Houndoom rushed to her fallen partner, gently helping the Absol up, much to the feline's disgust.)

Narrator: An artist with a passion for thinking and painting darkly...

(A lone man sits on a stool in front of a blank canvas, then suddenly slashes with the paintbrush and ends with an X, one line red, the other black.)

Narrator: And all of it leads up to a game locked away for millenia...

Forgotten Game

The Great Butler
18th July 2006, 3:02 AM
Next time on "Pokémon XD^2: The Return of Shadow:"

================================================== ====

At long last, Orre Colosseum!

"Pyrite Colosseum, Realgam Tower, Snagem Colosseum, and Sorbera Colosseum. Ah, the memories.....each one a step on my quest to get here...."

Rich has finally made it to the ultimate tournament in Orre, the single-elimination challenge of the Orre Colosseum and its Grand Conference! But something's lurking here, something that will destroy the image of a sporting tournament....

"Team Rocket blasts off at the speed of light!"

"Surrender now or prepare to fight, fight, FIGHT!"

"Dat's righ---"

"Wahahaha! Move away, fools!"

"From beyond the galaxy we come......"

"Wreaking havoc on the world is what we've done...."

"To reign over peoples in every land...."

"To bring unlimited power to our leader's hand..."


"And Attila!"

"Enigma Shadow covers the planet with the agility of a fly."

"So give up now.......or prepare to die!"

How will our heroes respond to this new danger? Find out in the next chapter of the biggest 4-star fic on SPPf, "Pokémon XD^2: The Return of Shadow!"

18th July 2006, 9:26 AM
The gloomy girl crosses the street. Runs towards an ally way, where she meets a mysterious figure which she cannot identify, he tells her-.

"You’ve cheated death, i'm afraid you'll die, sometime soon-."

The girl befalls nervous, fascinated into knowing more about this strange man, while she awaits a kiss.-


She pauses, releasing her urge onto him. The camera drops to the dirt.

{. L U R I D P R O M I S E S .}

19th July 2006, 10:36 PM
Redoing an old one.

Emerald Lands

5'000 years ago... a war was fought...

A silhoutted being, the size and shape like that of a whale, with huge wings like fins, attacks a tall, reptilain being, with numerous spikes.

Even the Lord Of Hoenn turned his back on their plight, saying it was not his matter

A huge, serpentine being is shown, merely watching the fight.

Then the hero came. An unlikely one at that...
Another serpentine figure appears, slightly smaller than the other. In his hands, two orbs. One red, one blue. A flash of lightning. The reptile is red, the whale is blue. The largest serpent is green. The smaller one, black...

Never thought to amount to anything, at the cost of his soul, he saved the world...
The black serpent slams the orbs to the ground, as the green one rushes to stop him. Too late, a red and blue light erupts from the appropriate orbs. The black dragon is glad, and merely gives a victory sign, as the screen is bathed in white...

5'000 years later, two teams seek to re-start the war...

A silhouetted figure, clearly in a suit and a bandanna appears with the whale behind him. Then, the screen changes, showing another man in a suit, with longer hair. The reptile is silhouetted behind him.

Where is the hero? No-one knows. But three trainers are about to find out just how close he really is...

A pair of blue antennae poke onto the screen, as a Shiny Flygon rears his head to the camera. It's then apparant he has a sea blue thong on his head. He grins, and gives a victory sign. Then, an enormous stream of water blasts him off camera.

A blue haired girl walks on, holding a Swampert over her shoulder like a bazooka, and her expression reveals that she is clearly annoyed.


The Swampert is bemused. A boy with green hair and a similarly green hoody walks on. Another boy comes on, dressed in a red top. His hair is red, and kept out of his eyes with a blue bandana. A Metagross, winged Blazkien and blue eyed Gardevoir follow them.

"Suila, please, stop trying to kill Nylf"

The green haired boy puts his hand gently on her shoulder, and maintains a calm tone. The other boy on the other hand is in hysterics. The Metagross now speaks up.

"Oh no, please don't kill my wussy Flygon. Pah, that Flygon is a waste of Pokemon. Now me, well I get the job done," he has an annoying accent like that of Arnorld Schwarzenager. The Gardevoir's voice chimes in.

"Oh come on, he's not that bad..." She rolls her eyes to the Blaziken, who is currently nodding in agreement with the Metagross, but then notices that the Gardevoir is now glaring at him.

"Umm...I agree with Ro," He sounds reluctant. The green haired boy les out a sigh.

"Come on, I'll dredge up Nylf and we can get going..."

Which one of them is the hero?

The Flygon appears again, still in the thong, still grinning, still gving a peace sign, but now soaking wet. Another blast of water from off camera sends him flying off screen. Green lettering now starts to appear on the screen, matching the narrator.

Well, whoever it is...

If we want to hold onto any hope we have left...

Just look to the sky...

Place your hands together...

And pray it's not that Flygon...

The screen is wiped clean, as in metallic green letters, 'Emerald Lands, The Legend Reborn' zooms up to the camera, and, just as the thing's about to change to another commercial, Nylf jumps up again, even wetter, but still in the thong, and giving a double peace sign...

20th July 2006, 10:46 AM
Aeons ago… a bitter war was fought between Light and Shadow.

*Two armies of Pokemon charge at each other; and the sounds of war erupt*

Two ancient legendaries fought against each other to the very end.

*Screen focuses on two wolfish-like legendaries fighting each other until a binding flash of white light covers the entire screen*

Now… as another war arises on the horizon…

*As the words are said, the screen shows a back-left angle of Mewtwo walking, wearing his cloak. His skin is jet-black, and his purple skin blood-red*

Its up to a hero… to stop it.

*A Mightyena with fur as black as night and the palest skin imaginable appears on the screen. The sides of his fur are blood red in color. Streaks of red also are seen from the bottom of his eyes.*

Mightyena: That's impossible!

Follow the journey of one Mightyena…

*Screen shows the same Mightyena, but looking still very normal tearing through the forest.*

As he discovers his destiny… as well as his revelation.

*A Lapras appears on the screen and places a flipper with a ripple mark on it onto the Mightyena's shoulder and says, "You have greatness thrust upon you, Lucied." Then it changes to a Houndoom wearing a cloak saying to him. "This is no longer your life, Lucied." Screen then zooms directly onto the Houndoom's face. "This is your legend."*

*Screen then shows flashes. First it shows as the Houndoom and the Mightyena running through the forest as a large silhouette of a bird soars above them. Then it changes as the Mightyena is seen skidding against the earth. Next shows as the Houndoom yells, "Spirit Summon!" And then the screen shows flashes of the Houndoom, Latias, an Absol, a Sneasel with out his golden coin on the head, a black Pikachu and an Umberon. The screen finally shows a huge purple wolf with crimson eyes walking through the flames.*

*Screen then fades to black, and crimson lines appear, forming the words "Midian: City Of The Dammed" Midian is in a royal-yet-horrific looking font, with a red eye in the circle in'd'. The other words are below Midian, written in a cross-like font*

*Screen then fades again, revealing the words: Coming Soon to a forum near you*

Knightblazer ;262;

20th July 2006, 1:59 PM
the setting is a forest with eriee wind blowing through the tress
We're all familer with the world of Pokemon..

a young girl appears, walking through the forest
It's people, it's landscape...

the shilloute of a large, indistigishable Pokemon appears behind her
It's wildlife and culture...

the girl stops suddenly, realising she's being followed
But what if...

she turns around slowly...
Someone where to enter this world...

swaetdrops as she sees the pokemon
Without a bloody clue...

Girl(screaming): Holy, Mary, mother of GOD!!!

A pasue. She runs off. The pokemon shadow gradually grows smaller, revealing it to be nothing more than a rattata

Bubble-font text appears on the screen, reading:

Pokemon:Culture Shock!

Bubbly comedy music plays

Experience Pokemon through the eyes of one who's never seen them before!

screen cuts to a message: now avalible at a forum near you

Arcanine Royale
21st July 2006, 4:16 AM
{A hand holding a long pen scrawls across a open book}

I don't know where I should begin- with the land of dwarves, elves, and dragons or before.

Oh yes, I should probably start at the true beginning, when all was free and pure and truthful

And this whole thing began with three thirteen year olds, three newly born pokemon, and one, innocent kiss.

{Scene transfers to a quaint forest meadow. Grass quivers in the breeze and birds caw from the trees}

Join me, on a journey through thick in thin, to Hell and back. Join me, to see the vow, the prophecy's fulfillment, the fall of a friend, the joining of alliance. Join me and hear those two sacred words - Now and Forever.

Now and Forever, see it now!

(Link in sig- the banner)

23rd July 2006, 2:11 AM
"Dude! Did you hear?"


"Redlark is on a writing binge with his story, And as the Wind Blows (http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=117446)! He says he's going to finish a few chapters this month!!"


"Dude! You haven't read, And as the Wind Blows (http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=117446), have you?"

"No. Why should I?"

"WHAT!!!??? wHy SHouLd yoU!?!?! It's like the best horror adventure story EVER!!!"

"So, how will this help me? I've been suffering from the stomach flu and want to barf..."

"And as the Wind Blows (http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=117446) will totally help you, dude! Read it!!!"

"That doesn't make any sense... I need to go to the bathroom."



(*Five Years Later*)

"Dude, you weren't kidding!!! I feel great now!"

"I told ya' so. So go read, And as the Wind Blows (http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=117446), again!!

Every Heart
25th July 2006, 1:11 AM
They say that no one can control the legendarys....
*quick flashes of Mew, Celebi, Jirachi, Rayquaza, etc. legendarys*
.....unless they have the Ages of Time Flute....
*shows a case with a flute inside it being held out to a person*
"This flute is said to control the legendarys, but only by someone who is able to play the flute."(a voice says this)
Coming to fanfictions near you...
One young girl will discover what it takes to control the legendarys so that she can save the world....
*shows a girl standing on a cliff overlooking a city. Her black hair with red streaks moves in the wind*
....from the evil of Cipher
*shadows looming in the darkness and voices talking*("They're plotting to turn all Pokemon in Shadow Pokemon. We can't let that happen! We have to stop them!")
Friendships will be tested....
*shows a boy in camo and has dirty blond hair holding a thumbs up* "Don't worry Kerri, We're all here for you"
Betrayels and Dark Secrets will come into light
*The girl looking down at the ground, tears in her eyes* "I trusted you and you turned on us."
*then shows a girl with long blond hair and black clothes* "Silence traitor, don't think I didn't forget..."
...And two teens may fall in love...
*shows the girl and a guy watching the sunset together* "We'll always be together. Forever"(This echoes)*
Many Pokemon Battles will take place...
*shows a Wartortle slamming into a Persian, then a Kingdra using Twister on a Vibrava, a Shadow Togepi fighting an Aipom, a Sandslash slashing at a Kirlia*
In this tale of epic porportions...
*now shows quick flashes in the following order: A Bonsly hatching out of an egg, flashes of the gang, the girl playing the flute as she summons Rayquaza behind her, her and the guy that was watching the sunset with her riding on Latias and Latios, glowing eyes in the darkness, the girl talking with Mew at a lake("You are the one"), Kirlia shielding the girl as it starts to glow, The girl hanging off the edge of the cliff as one of her friends holds her hand, but then slips as she falls into a deep lake, purple light coming from her arm and spreading through her body, and then the screen goes black with a voice saying "No way...."*
Pokemon: A Legendary Adventure
Rated PG13
Starts at Serebii Forums and at Johto RPG Forums
(maybe someday in every forum)

27th July 2006, 12:15 PM
What if, on an ordinary day, a tragic accident ended your life? What if you were given a second chance at life assuming a new identity? But if what if this second chance, came with a clause, one which meant that you must daily risk your new life to hunt down dangerous criminals? What would you do?

Chosen, a new series from the creator of Extermination and Cosmic Frontier, coming soon to showcreator forums.

28th July 2006, 3:36 AM
Coming December 2006.....

* trees blow in the wind*

A secret project

* shows an ordinary watch*

three Boys

* shows three shadows of boys*

A sereies bound to capture the minds of fantasy and sci-fi readers


Emma Iveli
29th July 2006, 8:09 PM
Okay I rencttly re-did Pokemon Angels, here's a preview for it.

(Sadness and Sarrow (Piano version) from Naurto is playing)

Voice over (female): When the Tin Tower burned Ho-oh vanisnhed

(Shto of Tin Tower burning with Ho-oh leaving)

Voice over: With it's dpearttue the Pokemon Angels also vnashed... thoguht space and tiem they disapeared... to be reborn as human girls... and now their back...

(Song changes to Kibou no Kakera... the Powerpuff Girls Z theme sogn by the way)

Voice over: Now the in reincantion of Ice Angel... Mina Koki.

(shot of Mina smiling)

Voice over: Now with the task of finding the other 16 Pokemon Angels...

(shots of Beth, Maddie, Anne, Megan, April, Deborah, Ronnie, Sammy and Akane)

Voice over: And with the help of some friends...

(Shtos of Maggie, Kia, Maya, "Sasami Sango", Missy and Ash and the gang)

Voice: will she succeed and svoidfe Team Auqa and Team Magma

(Shows both groups)

Voice over: Newly mastered with never before sncnes, new concpets and a new perosntaly for Mina... its Pokemon Angels: Hoenn...

(Music changes to Gai's theme from Naurto as it shows a sence from chapter 2)

Mina: And when you do battle you must fill yourself with the power of youth!

Smoochum: Hai Mina-Sensei!

(the forest they were changes to a beach at sunset, Kia and Maggie look on confused)

Mina: Smoochum!

Smochum: Mina-Sensei!

Mina: Smoochum!

Smochum: Mina-Sensei!

Mina: Smoochum!

Smochum: Mina-Sensei!

(Msuic stops with a record scratch)

Kia: What are they doing?

Maggie: A weird Gai and Lee impression, I don’t know how they did that beach thing…

(Shwo tital: Pokemon Angels: Hoenn. Now playing)

Here's the link if you wnat ot check it out... Pokemon Angels: Hoenn (http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=134278)

Moonlight Locust
29th July 2006, 8:30 PM
They say Wobbuffet's an 00ber. They say Magikarp is weak. But what about a certain pokémon? One that'll change your life forever. He's nto just a Meowth he's a...

"Shut Up and get with the advert!"

...Blue Meowth.

Blue Meowth's Adventures In Time Series shall keep you awake and wanting for more. It may even give you a seizure and a headache from all the time traveleing.

Now for the ad:

"They called me stupid, they called me an idiot but then they call me a freak!"

One Psychic Time-Traveler has only one purpose. Save and Take Over the world.

"Now teh time I'll go to is the Stone-Age to Mid-Evil times!"

His advebntures start in:

BMAITS, The Destruction of The Wreckining: Mid-Evil Deaths!

Mew King
29th July 2006, 9:39 PM
The Corruption is back...

Pokémon are being morphed into creatures of immense power and immense ferocity.

Using techniques from evil organizations of the past, Team Rocket is back and with an army of powerful Pokémon, and nothing can stop their onslaught of evil.

Or so that's what they say.

Archsage Mew King has in mind five people to stop them. However, there's one problem with most of his plan. Those five people are new trainers with their own plans for adventure.

Luckly, one of those five kids is an Archsage himself, an apprentice though.

Watch as David, Andrew, Karen, Kevin, and Vince stop this new Team Rocket as well as others while trying to become champions. Which one is the Archsage? Mew King will never tell.


Shadows of Corruption coming by Fall 2006 depending on if Mew King allows it.

~Alexis Laistenna~
3rd August 2006, 6:37 PM
This year, a strange and evil plot is in the making, and, with the Legend Keepers of Harantai gone, there is no one to stop the evil force. Not yet....

Four random Pokemon from each elemental city have came together in an attempt to stop the plot by MoonRise...........

Shuu the Flygon, Haruka the Squirtle, Shigeru the Pidgeotto and Satoshi the Charmeleon. The first quest: Find the Fire and Earth Symbols before DawnRise....

The Quartet of DawnRise, SunRise, DuskRise and Moonrise is coming soon.....

P.S. The author would love to have a few PM's with any questions about the Quartet


3rd August 2006, 10:14 PM
He has the power to drink, and once he starts, he can't be stopped!

*scene shows a muscular man drinking a huge cup of what appears to be vodka. As he swollows the last drop, he belches, and then speaks. "*****!"*

Once he drinks, he cant get drunk. A man who absorbed the Gem of Sit-onass, and really big hit at parties... but he's evil. Seriously! EVIL!

*The man looks up and faces the camera as the narrator stops his rant. "I'm the Chuggernaut, Biatch!" He smiles, pausing as his cue card tells him to, "Yea biatch!"*

Suddenly, a big slogan appears across the screen, the name appears with a spilling sound, and there's neon lights around it because the dumb masses like the shinies! (Don't you?)


Only available on TV in... yea, you know what's next, right? Oh yea!


READ NOW... to find out more (Well, not really, but read anyway!)

5th August 2006, 3:00 AM
The world started to change *We see the regions of the Pokemon world start to move, coming together in one big land mass* so everything in it started to change as well. *We see a shot of some Pokemon Hybrids*

Humans dissapeared *We see a shot of lots of people on a slate blue background start to dissapear leaving five in the shot* Over the old world grew forests. Buildig destroyed towns lay in ruins.

In a forest one hybrid will find true love, with something she can not have...

"She's been with humans! BANISH HER!"

"Banish her, banish her!"

When a war breaks out between those who have been with humans and those who have never been with humans. It is up to her and her true love to stop it...

"Why are you fighting? Bolt and Me are very different, I have been with humans, he hasn't! Do you see us fighting?"

Love will always win... Join in on a epic adventure between two very different lives and true love. The Love War coming soon to SPPF fan fic forums.

~Alexis Laistenna~
5th August 2006, 9:52 AM
This bit of fiction may not be done, but I like the idea. I got the idea from a book. It's either going to be a ContestShipping, or an Adventure. So, on with the show!

What would you do for someone you love?
[The screen shows a heart]

Would you lie for them?

Would you leave your home for them?
[It shows May walking away from her home]

Would you kill for them?
[The screen shows a dagger with blood all over it]

"Ash, please......."
"C'mon, May. Or do you want to die as well. Your lover boy Drew is dead."

Face the facts. The new piece from Avis Studios.

[I]Secret Of Love

What is the secret of love?

6th August 2006, 11:05 AM
I'll have a go at this for Clockrow.


*Very dark sounding classical music playing in the background*

Narrator and on screen: When the world is about to end...

*Show two second clip of Shadow Lugia firing an Aeroblast at the UPSS Pikachu*

Narrator and on screen: When evil roams freely through space and time...

*Show 2 second clip of the hooded man killing Brother Cornelius with Dragonite's Hyper Beam and evil laughing*

Narrator and on screen: Only one person can save history...

*Music switches to the Time Warp, shows clips of scenes below*

Roan: Titles aren't really important to me.
May: Says Roan Clockrow, Guardian of Time and Holder of Celebi...
Roan: Except those.

Narrator and on screen: With help from his gadgets...

Roan: This? It's a Chronometer XP, and a useless pile of Luvdisc it is too. That'll teach me to buy Microsoft.

Narrator and on screen: ...and his friends.

May: Fine. But I'm not going in first, or last.
Roan looks around at the lack of other people and chuckles.

Narrator: *Action clips showing in background, no sound* Join Roan and May on their adventure through time and space.

*logo appears on screen*

Narrator: Clockrow.

8th August 2006, 12:58 AM
Here is a new preview for Chosen

Narrorator: On an ordinary day, when life was going on routine, Tragedy strikes. A devestating accident claims to life of class bound for school. However, a select few have been CHOSEN to recieve a 2nd chance at life. HOWEVER, this gift comes at a price. Using this new life, they must use their new enhanced Natural abilities in their new bodies to take down great evils in the world. Their old life may have ended, but their new one is just beginning.

9th August 2006, 6:06 AM
Really cool idea! I think I could post something here too. Here's one I just started working on.

My name's Chezni Vanguard! Just recently, I was transported to a strange world with mysterious creatures called Pokemon!

Scene: A montage of various Pokemon in differing locations is shown.

Chosen by fate to defend the world from the evil Lord Tyraxis, I journey throughout the Regions with Silfayree at my side!

Scene: At about 1 and a half feet tall, Silfayree has wings like Celebi's, but with a silver hue instead and resembles a green fairy-like being, with a green dress cut into jagged edges on end, long green hair and a light green face. Two red antennae are protrude from the creature's forehead, curve slightly back, and curl at the end.

The odds may be against me, but with my friends at my side, Tyraxis is in for a world of hurting! Let's take it to the next level!

Scene: A montage of battles between Silfayree and various other Pokemon can be seen in the background. A blue human sized Pokemon in armor is fighting alongside Silfayree as well.

Catch the action on


10th August 2006, 2:38 AM
I decided to do another commercial, 'cause I felt like advertising. So, here goes:
A black screen is shown.

Ba-bump goes the speakers, like the throbbing of a heart.

Ba-bump, Ba-bump, Ba-bump...
With each throb, a picture gets closer and closer, but as the beats echo, it blends into the darkness, disappearing from sight only for a matter of seconds.
Ba-bump, Ba-bump, Ba-bump, Ba-bumpba-bumpba-bump...
Then the beat gets faster as the image grows closer. Suddenly, with a final "Ba-bump" the image reveals itself. It is darkened and wet, but it is still obvious what's in it.

A girl (who looks about fourteen) with waist-length brown hair in an aqua green shirt and tan pants is grinning, giving a peace sign, and sitting on something, even though her eyes are closed. She has a white brimmed hat on that has a red ring around the bottom and half a red Pokeball on top of that, and in her belt loop is a fluffy and furry belt. On her shoulder is a bright yellow Pokemon that looks like a mouse, but it has long ears that are in the shape of a long, thin oval. It has a lightning shaped tail, cute black eyes, brown stripes on its back, and red cheeks. To her left is a boy, about her age. He has messy onyx-colored hair that is sticking to his head slightly. He has on a red jacket with no sleeves and a black T-shirt underneath. He has on blue jeans, and another yellow Pokemon is to his left. But this one looks more foxish. It is standing on four legs, and long, bright yellow tufts of fur stick out randomly across its body. It has long, rabbit-like ears and a white, spiky mane around its neck, surrounding its fox-like face. Its eyes are full of curiosity and sneakiness, and a crafty smile is crossing its face.

To the girl's right is a man, presumably in his twenties, with dirty blond hair and big sunglasses on, hiding his eyes. He has no shirt on and his chest is tanned slightly, and is wearing dark blue swim shorts with tan sandals on. He is sitting too, and smiling at the camera. To his right is another girl, who looks a lot like the first one. She has somewhat darker hair, and she is wearing a dark green shirt with navy blue pants on. She has green eyes that are as dark as her shirt, and she is only smiling lightly at the camera. Her eyes are full of life, though, despite the smile. On her right is a large, tan colored, horse-like Pokemon. Fire flickers out of its neck and head like a mane, and more comes out of its tail and feet, right above its black hooves. A single horn protrudes from its forehead. Its eyes are a deep blue, and they look sympathetically at the camera.

Suddenly, a girl's voice says from nowhere, "My friends..." The scene zooms out slightly, showing that the picture is bound in a gold rim on a slightly worn brown book.

The screen switches after a second, showing an anime eye with green-blue pupils and long eyelashes. The eye flicks around, and then seems to spot the camera. It widens, and the voice inhales sharply. Then it narrows again. "So you want to hear a story, mortal?" the voice says in a strange tone. The eye narrows even more, and then the voice laughs lightly. "Fine. Then I will tell you a story. It is called-"

Before she can say it, the screen shows Mickey Mouse and his friends inside the House of Mouse as they stare in horror as a giant black dragon with burning red eyes glares down upon them in the middle of the floor, then throws back his head and roars so hard it shakes the building. Then, when he finishes, he grins and a white line of electricity goes all the way down from his head to his tail, starting at his nose and spreading to every part of him until it disappears. Suddenly a large cracking noise is heard, and everyone looks down at his feet, for there, beneath his feet, the floorboards are turning white, like as if the color is being sucked out of it. The dragon laughs and roars, "I am a Colorless, you fools! You cannot harm me! I will suck the color out of your VERY SOULS!!" He throws back his head and laughs wickedly as the rest stare on in pure terror.

The screen switches again, this time showing Inuyasha and his traveling group as they glare at a person in front of them. He is dressed in a plain white shirt with black pants, and he has brown eyes with messy brown hair. He has a thin, evil-looking sword in his right hand, and in his left arm he is holding a large gray and black dog. Or at least, that’s what it appears to be. On second glance, however, one notices that it has hoofed feet and an extraordinarily large mouth. The man grins slyly, and says, "You morons. You didn't think I would find her, did you? I have my sources. And they are VERY useful." He throws back his head and laughs, and Inuyasha hold his sword steady, as if preparing to charge at him. As if reading his mind, the man stops and points the sword at the dog's throat. "I suggest you just simply stay back while I kill your idiotic demon friend here..."

Then, the screen switches to show Ash and his friends scowling at something in front of them. The camera turns and shows all three leaders of the most dangerous group- Maxie of Team Magma, Archie of Team Aqua, and Giovanni of Team Rocket. Giovanni grins, and proclaims, "Yes, twerps, we have joined forces to form Team A.R.M., the most powerful and most feared team of evil on this side of the galaxy!" All three of them laugh, and then everyone's heads turn towards a girl, who is glaring at them with fire dancing in her eyes. She looks like the first girl from the photograph, but she doesn’t have a hat on. Instead, she has cat-like ears on top of her head, maroon wings with black membranes, and a brown tail with eyes and black pupils and line that looks like a mouth. She has the same eyes as the person in the background; green-blue orbs that seem to take in everything around her. She scowls, and says, "I only wish for revenge on those who crushed me beneath their feet..."

The screen blacks out to show the words as the voice from before whispers them as if they are sacred, and they roll off her tongue delicately.
"The Chronicles of Forbidden Lugia"

After she says it, she laughs insanely, and the screen goes black again. "But I warn you," The voice says after a minute. "You may not like it, for it is a tale of...

"Adventure..." (The words, as she says them, appear on the screen too.)
The screen reveals Ash racing along a dirt path on a Houndoom-like Pokemon with three tails and no braces around its feet, neck-in-neck with Misty, who's riding on a strange Pokemon that looks like a wolf with its fur in spikes on its back, and the girl with wings flying alongside them. They seem to push each other along, all three of them panting and obviously tired, but not giving up.

"I...think I like him. A lot." The dog with the hooves from the scene before says, the voice from it confirming it's a girl, staring at its feet. "YOU WHAT?!" Everyone in Inuyasha's group cries. "I know, I know, he's...different. But I like him for that." the dog says.

The screen shows the black dragon from the first clip carrying off something in his claws. A burnt building is below him, where every Villain and Hero is standing, obviously in the idle of a huge all-out war, but watching him fly off all the same. Suddenly, Mickey sinks to his knees and watches him fly off. There is an inhale of breath from the crowd, as they all look on in sadness and despair at the rapidly moving shape, and then absolutely everyone screams at the top of their lungs, "NOOOOORBEEEEERRT!!!"

"And a betrayal most foul!"
The voice laughs insanely again as Misty's voice cries out from the dark, "HOW COULD YOU?!"

"Coming soon...but beware." the voice says, and then a little girl's voice sings:
"By the prickling on my thu-umbs,
Some-thing wicked this way comes!"

Rated PG-13 for language, blood, and extreme insanity

Infinite Master Sceptile
10th August 2006, 9:30 AM
Here's a commercial preview for my fic.
Turns from black screen to deep blue. It is deep in the ocean. The camera pans around through the murky depths, until we see a cave. The camera goes into this cave.
Narrator: Ancient legends tell of a stone that holds the powers of life and death. Endless bloody wars were fought over it, and waged with it. Finally a human realized it as the cause of the world's great woes. He cast the mighty stone into the deepest depths of the ocean, where he believed it would remain.
Camera focuses on center of cave. There is a flash, and then we see a sphere of light, tainted with sickly purple splotches.
Narrator: But now it is back, and it has found a host.
Rapidly, the light dissipates, and we see on the floor of the cave a star-shaped creature.
The screen flashes, and we see the same creature, a golden starfish with a purple jewel in its center, lying on the beach. A man comes up to the Staryu,
and leans over to pick it up.
Narrator: The Clouded Jewel. Coming to Serebiiforums Fall 2006.
I'll have another preview up later, when I can really think straight.

10th August 2006, 9:33 AM
Bah, I guess I'll give it a go, it wont be too good though.
Heres the link BTW: http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?p=3950432#post3950432


****Mozart's "Lacrimosa" Begins to play.

Scene: Black with white captions appears on the screen.
Deep Voiced Narrator: 3 Ancient gods rule the land of Hoenn.

*Pictures of Kyogre swimming peacefully in the ocean, Groudon roaring in a pit of lava as a great explosion occurs in the background, then a shadow of Rayquaza flashes by the screen, Rayquaza flys above the clouds as a shadow, its eyes shining bright red, it roars.

Black Screen, white captions:

Deep Voiced Narrator: One, is a god of our vast oceans. Another is the god of the world right under our very feet, the very core of the earth. Both are able to control the weather patterns of our atmosphere. The last, is a diety capable of controlling these powerful gods, but none really know of its very existance...

**Maxie and Archie are shown standing back to back with deadly looks on thier faces.**

Black screen white Captions:

Deep Voiced Narrator: Two men are seeking the power of the two gods, with no knowledge of the third...

**Archie is shown pulling a gun from his suit jacket.**

Black screen white Captions:

Deep Voiced Narrator: These men are willing to fight each other to the death to obtain them.

**Maxie looks at the camera and grins wickedly.**

Black screen white Captions:

Deep Voiced Narrator: But one man is looking to control the great god in the sky, with it, he is able to control the gods of land and ocean, and the world. Because for many years, he has studied it via satillite.

**Giovanni's face, half shadowed appears, he grins wide while below him in what looks like an underground complex, rocket grunts salute him. Then camera zooms out, past the underground complex, higher and higher into the sky, and then into space where it slows down and zooms in on a satillite that beeps and adjusts its camera, in the reflection you see Rayquaza flying quickly past it.**

Black screen white Captions:

Deep Voiced Narrator: These men will face off during a time in which the world is thrown into chaos, and thus will begin a war between the gods of the earth.

**Maxie, Giovanni, and Archie are shown each with a gun pointed at each other's heads while the world is crumbling around them, thier poke'mon are fighting each other viciously.**

Screen turns black, the sounds of thunder is played.
***Music stops playing, the sound of gunshots are heard along with the sound of rain***

End of preview. ;384; ;382; ;383;
Chapter 1 is up. Go read!

15th August 2006, 11:32 AM
So, you advertise your fanfic here? Neat.

Well, I've started a fic, and it could do with some readers, so here we go.


You all know all about Kanto, Johto, Hoenn and the others, but there is another region. A region the human race hasn't claimed as their own...

It is here that Pokemon are the Dominant species and some live in communitys not unlike our own.

It's here that a Calm and collected Treecko, a hotheaded Torchic, and a freshly hatched but eager to learn Mudkip decide to form a rescue team and help Pokemon in need.

But trouble is brewing. The legendary birds set off to investigate somthing that could threaten the entire reigon. When Treecko Torchic and Mudkip get involved, they set off on a jorney to stop this evil, while helping as many Pokemon as they can on the way (And even finding some new teammates.)

Join them in this Pokecentric adventure told by the Treecko, Torchic and Mudkip themselfs. Whatever happens, you'll have a blast!

Pokemon team adventure!

Now showing in the fan fic forum. Click here to join the adventure! (http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=137387)

15th August 2006, 11:24 PM
A young thief's home has been destroyed...He swears revenge...His life and losses will ultimately affect the fate of entire contient of Magvel...

That's my commercial for Fire Emblem:Rising Of The Dark.Takes place twelve years after Sacred Stones ends.

19th August 2006, 6:07 AM
Okay, this is my first commercial, and it is for my upcoming fic “Nothing, Everything”. I hope this is good. I tried my best to not spoil much.


(The color of the screen now is black. So far, nothing but blackness. A few seconds later, white bolded words were put up. Also, a woman‘s cold toned voice was heard. Apperently, she narrated the words that are seen here.)

It was just an ordinary night…

(The scene suddenly shows what appeared to be a Reinassance Fair. Many people were dressed in 16th century European attire. Everybody was enjoying themselves. The next few scenes went quickly. The first scene was of a lot of people clapping after a play had ended. Another scene was with a few people eating some chicken with their bare hands. The next scene was of a Pokemon battle. A Gengar had used Shadow Ball, which is heading towards a Xatu. Luckily, Xatu used Psychic to make the Shadow Ball go towards Gengar, which was a direct hit. Later, the scene shifts to a dark brown haired girl with a dark blue long sleeved dress and blue colored eyes was signing her name from someone’s book. Also, a Teddiursa looked at the handwriting. It gave out a cute smile when it saw the words “Molly Harrison”. Suddenly, the scene faded into black. The next pair of words were put up. The narrator’s voice was heard again).

Until someone…

(The scene showed inside of a beautiful museum. A lot of pretty paintings and artifacts in there. It is pretty much quiet. All of a sudden, a white haired man, in black clothes, was running. He stopped running when there was a dead end. When the old man had no where to go, he started to get nervous. The scene suddenly faded to show the next pair of words. )

Got hurt.

( A Vine Whip was shown, coming back into Ivysaur’s soft pink flowers. A couple of seconds later, a body dropped onto the floor).

(A white colored flash came for a second. Suddenly, a couple of words came. At first it was small, but it got larger and larger as it was coming closer to the screen.)

Reject it.

(A few scenes suddenly came very fast. First, it reveled Molly and a man wearing a blue jacket and black formal pants looking at a couple of paintings. Suddenly, the scene shifted to a Swampert using a Focus Punch. After that, the next scene shows an old brown book dropped onto a nice maroon carpet. Later, the scene shifts to Molly, in the museum, looking writing something on a piece of paper.)

(Screen goes black again. A couple more words came, like how the presentation of “Reject it” did. )

Embrace it.

(A couple more scenes came very fast. First, the blue jacket man was holding an object, which looked a little like an hourglass, very tightly. Also, it looked like the man is inside a limo. Later, the scene changes to the old man, the one seen earlier in this commercial, having trouble getting out the vine whip on his neck. The next scene showed a few samurai men holding a coffin. Lastly, the next scene showed a painting of Ho-Oh. In the painting, the Pokemon was actually painted in different swirls of colors. Also, there were feathers scattered everywhere, each one a different a different color.)

(Screen goes black to show the next words. The presentation of it was like the “Reject it” one also. )

Challenge it.

(The next few scenes came very fast also. First, a Wartortle was going against a Swampert. Both of them were using Water Gun. The two Water Guns hit each other, but a couple of seconds later, Swampert’s Water Gun managed to hit Wartortle. The next scene is with a Pidegot suddenly used a Quick Attack and hit a Tropius dead on. The worst part is, Molly and the young man are on the Tropius. The scene later shift to a Teddiursa going to use a slash attack.)

(Screen goes black once again in order for the audience to see the next words. Of course, liked the others, this one was first small but got larger and larger.)

Forget it.

(The last few scenes actually came a little slower then the other scenes. Nonetheless, the scenes still went a little fast. A hooded person was riding in a dark forest with his or her Rapidash. The next scene was with a Growlithe using a Flamethrower. That Flamethrower was about to hit a Beautifly, but the butterfly Pokemon managed to evaded it by using Gust. The last scene showed a Zapdos flying high during nightime. A couple of seconds later, lighting bolts came out from its body. )

(The screen goes black until the next few words came out ).

+Nothing, Everything+
Are you ready for the truth?

Coming to SPPF Winter 2006.


Well, I hope this is good. Sorry if it is a little rubbish. Expect a preview of this fic coming out soon also! ^^

;134;~Good night, and good luck~

23rd August 2006, 2:05 AM
Commercial for my first fanfic, "Lurking in The Shadows", now into its 27th chapter!
(Aerial view of the region that fades to black)

All seems well in the peaceful region called Fourtix, but a sinister force is hiding...

(Quick shot of several shadowy figures)

...and they're not like anything this world has seen. Armed to the teeth with more than just Pokemon, they're tapping into several forces to forward their plot for world domination. Against a threat like this, the Pokemon League turns to the one person who stands a chance against them...

(view of Lisa punching keys on a graphing calculator, wearing a pink dress)

... a 15-year old brainiac from South Carolina?! Meet Lisa Northwood. She likes her floral dresses. She likes her algebra. And she may be our only hope. With a team of dedicated Pokemon featuring her elegant Persian, Lisa takes on a challenge much more difficult than anything she faced during exam week.

(view of Lisa and Persian)

She hardly had her first Pokemon when she was thrust into this sinister plot. Now she faces possible death around every corner.

(shot of Lisa in her white Sunday dress fleeing from a large building)

And if she can survive this, maybe she can take on the Pokemon League tournament...maybe.

Along the way, Lisa will have her share of hardships...

(view of Lisa in a jail cell)
(shot of Lisa covered in mud, crying)

...but she'll have her fun, too

(view of Lisa laughing with two other girls)
(view of Lisa in an 80's outfit singing karaoke)

Join Lisa as she travels this new region in "Lurking In The Shadows: A Tale of a Girl and Her Ultimate Challenge" coming to an SPPF Fanfiction forum near you!

(full body shot of Lisa in a blue floral dress and green cardigan, smiling into the camera)

Lisa: "Don't miss it!"

Rex Kamex
24th August 2006, 2:04 AM
I'm still gonna work on my other fanfics, but I did want to make a commercial for another one coming soon. This is the first time I've mentioned it here.

The world has so many mysteries...

[We see a scene of the planet Earth as silent dramatic orchastraic music begins playing.]

It has had many mysteries since the beginning of time and space...

[Screen changes to field being rained upon. Lightning flashes and thunder booms. We then see a scene at the beach where the storm rages on and the waves are hitting the rocks located at the beach. The music gets louder as the narrator goes on.]

But of all the mysteries in the world, there is but one puzzling unknown secret in particular, that is above all the others. Get ready for the biggest mystery the Earth has ever had in possession.

Kakashi: "All right, who took my Make-Out Paradise book?"

[The music stops. We see a white-haired man, Kakashi, from a certain anime cartoon glare at a certain blonde-haired boy in orange, a black-haired boy in blue, and a pink-haired girl in red.]

Blonde in Orange: Uh, I didn't take it, Sensei.

Girl in Red: Me neither.

Kakashi: Then who was it?

[He notices the other boy, reading the Make-Out Paradise book and drooling. The boy stops as he sees Kakashi staring.]

Black-haired boy: What?

[We then see a black screen with the logo of the story while the Japanese song "GO!" by Flow begins.]


~Coming Fall 2006~

[As the logo is still on the screen, we hear...]

Kakashi: I'm gonna get you, Sasuke! Gimme that book!

Girl in Red: Run, Sasuke!

Black-haired boy (Sasuke): Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

Kakashi: Come back here, you little brat! Die! Die! Diiiiiiiiiie!

Yeah... it's a, um, comedy story, in case you didn't figure it out.

The Burnt Shadow
24th August 2006, 5:11 AM
Here's another preview of the Fatal Roses.

(In a world of darkness, people have always been corrupted by power)

Shows a giant science building with a giant cannnon rising. A great and dark sandstorm hurricanes around the area. Black clouds slowly swirl with red lightning and thunder from the sky. The giant cannon slowly aims a a person, a female captain slowly controls the cannon and gets ready to fire it.

(Johto, Kanto and Hoenn have already had problems with several corrupt and insane organizations and each orgainization is foiled by a hero and the authority)

Shows a boy defeating a female trainer with a Seviper. Scene then switches to several officers barging in and arresting two wanted bikers. A female trainer comes in and glares at the two bikers.

(But what if? The heroes and the authorities are hoping to follow the footsteps of the several insane generations?)

Soon several officers arrive at a poor and run down village, attacking any person in their way. The people were unable to do anything but run and hide, but soon most of them are caught and taken away. Then in a helicopter, the same girl from the last scene, slowly flies away with the main character of the story and his two friends. They've all been badly beaten by her.

(Will the legends rise again to save the world)

Groudon and Kyogre appear and unleash a great amount of energy to destroy a plasmatic wall closing on a region.

(Or will they help destroy it?)

A dark Lugia appears in the sky and unleashes a direct blast of powerful energy right in the heart of a city, nearly destroying the whole city. Then it shows Deoxys attacking two trainers mercilessly. Another scene shows Deoxys slashing a masked man's face, making him fall to the ground.

(How many people will be there left to help you? When most of them have turned their back on you)

It then shows the girl from helicopter turning away from the bikers with a smirk. It then shows the main character being strapped on the chair as a surge of blue electricity motions around his body painfully. A strange man then attacks the Indigo Plateau with his Electabuzz. A Meowth bows down to a general, the general says a few things, then the Meowth looks up with great shock. A man in white slowly removes his mask as a Deoxys and a dark Rayquaza rise up next to him. It then shows the general slowly entering the lab with main character still strapped and electrocuted. It then shows his pokemon are also in great pain. It then shows a girl showing her face then exiting into a light with man in white.

(What hope would there be left if four regions are agaist you?)

The main character's face appears, looking rather menacing.

(Will you continue to fight?)

Shows the main character and his pokemon, glaring at the large energy cannon about to fire at them.

(Or will you join the enemy's goal?)

It shows a boy looking down at his arm and then at the man in white and his pokemon.


Great insanity, very little hope...

24th August 2006, 8:25 PM
I'm still gonna work on my other fanfics, but I did want to make a commercial for another one coming soon. This is the first time I've mentioned it here.

The world has so many mysteries...

[We see a scene of the planet Earth as silent dramatic orchastraic music begins playing.]

It has had many mysteries since the beginning of time and space...

[Screen changes to field being rained upon. Lightning flashes and thunder booms. We then see a scene at the beach where the storm rages on and the waves are hitting the rocks located at the beach. The music gets louder as the narrator goes on.]

But of all the mysteries in the world, there is but one puzzling unknown secret in particular, that is above all the others. Get ready for the biggest mystery the Earth has ever had in possession.

Kakashi: "All right, who took my Make-Out Paradise book?"

[The music stops. We see a white-haired man, Kakashi, from a certain anime cartoon glare at a certain blonde-haired boy in orange, a black-haired boy in blue, and a pink-haired girl in red.]

Blonde in Orange: Uh, I didn't take it, Sensei.

Girl in Red: Me neither.

Kakashi: Then who was it?

[He notices the other boy, reading the Make-Out Paradise book and drooling. The boy stops as he sees Kakashi staring.]

Black-haired boy: What?

[We then see a black screen with the logo of the story while the Japanese song "GO!" by Flow begins.]


~Coming September 2006~

[As the logo is still on the screen, we hear...]

Kakashi: I'm gonna get you, Sasuke! Gimme that book!

Girl in Red: Run, Sasuke!

Black-haired boy (Sasuke): Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

Kakashi: Come back here, you little brat! Die! Die! Diiiiiiiiiie!

Yeah... it's a, um, comedy story, in case you didn't figure it out.


But you haven't been updating your other stories often, so with this, you'll never update them!!

I plan to write a Hikaru no Go fanfic
and I also want to write a Naruto fanfic, Naruto W. But I hardly know much about it, only one subplot.
(The W is for Winter.)
And I wanna write the sequel, Naruto V!! It's a who-ends-up-with-who story.
(The V is for Valentines' Day!!)
Since I don't know much about the Naruto fics (that I may never write), I won't make commercials... and the Hikaru no Go fic... well, I have to work on Yuletide Yu-Gi-Oh now, so I can't do a commercial!!

25th August 2006, 1:08 PM
Screen is first black, but then fades into a scene. A Mewtwo with jet-black skin and red eyes stands on the top of a Big Ben look-alike, looking to the city below. His face is solemn for a while, but then suddenly breaks into a grin and screen turns blank.

The sounds of panting suddenly start to be heard from the black screen. The screen fades, revealing a Mightyena running in a forest while a large silhouette of a large bird is seen in the night sky above. Suddenly, a large fireball rains down upon the wolf. The Mightyena is blown away, and the screen goes black again.

After a few moments of silence, words in blood red are put up, reading, “A debt of thirteen years…”

Mew then appears on the screen in front of a group of Pokemon, exclaiming out loud, “He turned against us! He is the Betrayer! That is why-”

Screen then switches to Havoc Mewtwo, who says with a smirk, “She must return to me.”

Screen then goes black again as the red words appear once again, this time reading, “is about to be repaid.”

A Pidgeot with maroon feathers then is seen on the scene, looking shocked as he sees a necklace with three lightning white claws. He whispers, “It can’t be…”

Red words appear once again, saying, “As the barriers between light and dark begin to fall…”

Scene shows two armies of Pokemon clashing with each other upon a war torn city. One army is filled with yelling, shouting Pokemon, while the other army is silent and lifeless.

Finally, the last few words appear: “The Twilight one shall emerge from earth’s ashes.”

Screen the flashes through several Pokemon: A Mightyena, a Houndoom, a strange-looking bird, a Sneasel, an Absol and an Umberon and a black Pikachu with crimson eyes. Finally, screen then shows a silhouette of a huge wolf. Spikes are seen bursting out from the back of its head with blood red tips. A huge, tufted tail whips behind its figure, while blood red eyes are seen from its face.

Screen then shows the title (same as the banner): Midian: City. Of. The. Dammed

Scene then shows Mew, with vines sprouting out from half her face. Her lips are twisted into a cruel smile, showing her fangs. Then it switches to Mewtwo, who looks shocked at this. He then opens his mouth and whispers one word.


The blank screen then shows a date: 13. 10. 06

26th August 2006, 2:17 PM
The commercial for my upcoming fic, the Thousam Island Adventurers:

*shows shots of main charachters, Karen and Sam, from top, middle, bottom, and sides, in quick succession. They are both in their late teens. Sam has orange hair, has fairly pale complexion, moderate build, and wears orange T-shirt with blue on cuffs, collar, etc. and black shorts. Karen is lightly tanned, wears black tank top, and black shorts. Has black hair, and also has moderate build, and slightly taller than Sam.*

*shots repeat, faster and faster, until it fades out, and Sam and Karen waiting on a ferry. Light music plays in background.*

"Sam and Karen have left Lilycove City for the Thousam Islands, one thousand islands, including the Sevii Islands. They've come for a quieter lifestyle, and they'll get the opposite."

*light music builds up gradually, while screen splits into four sections. Each section displays shots from the fic, including Sam and Karen talking to an old friend, Sam and Karen in a cooperative double battle, Karen running down a street with her Pokémon, and Sam feeding his.

"Yes, they've brought their Pokémon with them."

*Shows Karen with Wooper, Slugma, and Electrike in top-left corner, and Sam with Scyther, Rhyhorn, and Bonsly in bottom-left corner on purple/black background, and music draws to a close*

"It's Pokefan20010's debut fic, the Thousam Island Adventurers!"

*shows "Thousam Island Adventurers" in Pokémon logo style lettering, on blue/black background*

BTW, I don't know when I"ll get to posting this...

12th September 2006, 6:16 PM
This is the way the world ends.

You have all heard of the story of Lorelei Belle Winters, the girl who faced down Allnian in Hell Hath no Fury: An Ice Queen’s Saga.

You watched her as an Elite many years later in Operation: Celebi

You watched her lead Rocket-Bane in Retribution.

But her story isn't over, and you haven’t seen anything yet.

This is the way the world ends.

You know of the mighty Titans, each one more powerful than all of the Pokemon, including Legendaries, combined.

You know of one of their number’s downfall—Lokrye. The corrupted Titan who is now more powerful than all of their number put together.

This is the way the world ends.

But for every disastrous catastrophe, there is hope.

Even if it is so slim it is almost impossible to see.

Not with a whimper, but with a BANG.

Time of the Titans, The final book of the Engaran Wars Trilogy, coming soon.

12th September 2006, 6:28 PM
The image of the Cipher Factory, the pyramid from XD, appears with a black background. The two faces of Chris and Lleya fade in either side of the factory, both of them with a shocked look on their faces. They disappear, and the pyramid explodes in a huge fireball.

Voiceover: This time, Cipher's taking no prisoners...

Lleya is seen boarding a boat, and sailing away from Orre, looking quite distressed. A single tear rolls down her face.
Chris is seen staring at his Pokeball, then the battle between him and Trooper L is shown, with Exeggutor creating a powerful barrier to combat Ninjask's move.

Voiceover: She's on the run, and theyve got the wrong guy... and Chris is the wrong guy. Now both of the teenagers are seperately fleeing from Cipher, but one thing will throw them together. Their combined wish to destroy Cipher once and for all.

Lleya and Chris are now standing together, holding hands, but once more with expressions of horror. The camera pans over to the one who is scaring them, it is an insane genius, the new head of Cipher. He is wildly laughing, and there is a huge shadow behind him, with glowing eyes.

Voiceover: Shadowsight. Be drawn in today.



12th September 2006, 6:55 PM
(Ruby Rescue Files, take one)

(We see a girl with long black hair, a navy blue shirt, and jeans)

Female voiceover: She was an ordinary girl with her own hopes, fears and dreams, but never really had that large an appriciation of Pokemon.

Now, she is about to gain that knowledge, by becoming a Pokemon herself...

(we see a shadow of Rukario saying some words in a strange language, engulfing the girl in light)

(when we come to from the girl's POV, we see a Treecko looking at her, but everything looks larger than before.)

Treecko: You okay?

Girl: So weird...why do I have paws, a tail, yellow fur...I'm a Pikachu! How did I become a Pikachu?

Treecko: I'm not sure, but what's your name? Neither I or my master don't wanna call you "Pikachu" all the time...

(we see a Pikachu lying on the ground, dazed)

Pikachu: Anima...my name is Anima.

Female voiceover: Now, Anima is about to embark on an adventure of a lifetime, while at the same time learning about friendship, teamwork, and appriciation for the world of Pokemon...

Ash(voiceover): Let's go, Team Ruby! (we see Ash's finger press a large red button with a speaker on it, making a siren go off and red lights flash. Anima leads the Treecko, a Torchic, a Mudkip, an Eevee, a Charmander, and a Beautifly down a pole as the title flashes onscreen: Ruby Rescue Files)

7th October 2006, 4:25 AM
Regirock and Ho-oh suddenly appeared in a blazing inferno from the roof screaming from the top of their lungs...



*Wonderwall by Oasis starts*

*a boy is reading a note*

To Jericho,

If you want to know what is happening to you, go to 97 Pikachu St in Viridian City at midnight tonight. Everything will be explained then.

H. S.

"What's happening to me?"

*fade out*



You have the power...

7th October 2006, 5:59 PM
Look good, Ash! =D Very nice, very nice... I have to read one of your stories at some point. I've been planning to...

Same with you, Blizzard! Well written pieces, the both of you. Very intriguing. I'll be taking a peek at them once you have them up.

I haven't forgotten about you two, Ruby and Aqua. Seems interesting. =D

8th October 2006, 4:30 AM
Final Trailer before the real thing comes out.

First the screen is black for a while, and then two silted crimson eyes appear. Slowly, the rest of the screen fades into the sight of Mewtwo with raven-black skin. He seems to look at a distance, but then flashes a Cheshire grin and screen blacks out.

Slowly, the sound of heavy panting begins to come and grows louder. A Mightyena then appears, running in a dark forest from what seems to be a large silhouette in the twilight sky. A fireball suddenly slams down and screen blacks out.

A low voice is then heard as text flickers into the visible spectrum, its color a shocking crimson in color.

“A debt of thirteen years…”

Screen then shows a group of raven-colored Pokemon before Mew, who is saying, “He betrayed us! That is why-”

The screen then immediately cuts to the jet-black Mewtwo, who finishes the sentence. “She must return to me.”

From another black screen, the blood-red words appear again.

“…is about to be repaid.”

Mewtwo is then seen throwing his right arm out, roaring out, “I was betrayed! She condemned me to Hell!”

Screen switches to Mew, whose sapphire eyes shine as she whispers, “I had no choice.”

Screen then blacks again and another set of blood-colored text appears.

“As the barriers between Light and Shadow fall…”

The screen then flashes different images: a grayed Ho-Oh flying in the night sky, screeching out loud as its crimson eyes burn in the night like coals, and then Rukario sliding out from a slow-motion background shot of dripping blood and dismembered Pokemon body parts falling in the air and finally a black and red Rayquanza spiraling towards the screen, roaring out loud. The screen then blacks out moments before the dragon reaches it. Red text then appears.

“The Twilight One shall arise from the world’s ashes…”

A silhouette of a huge wolf is then seen walking through the roaring flames, crimson eyes seen clearly through the inferno. Screen then switches to a close up shot of its right eye, as it illuminates the makings of a scar slicing downwards on its eye. The screen the blacks out and a final set of blood-red text appear.

“And shine down Twilight’s Dawn onto this forsaken world.”

Dramtic music plays as the screen flashes past the faces of several Pokemon: A Mightyena, a Houndoom, a Sneasel, an Umbreon, a jet-black Pikachu with red eyes and Latias. Finally, the screen blacks out and slowly fades into a scene where the giant wolf appears again, this time facing another smiliar looking wolf as well. The latter grins widely, and screen blacks out.

_|• Midian •|_

City. Øf. The. Damned

Screen finally shows Mew with vines sprouting from half of her face, her inhuman sapphire eyes glinting with madness as she sends a Cheshire grin. Screen switches to Mewtwo, eyes wide in shock and horror as he whispers out a single word.


Screen goes blank.

Knightblazer ;262;

11th October 2006, 4:28 PM
Nice Knightblazer! =D I liked all of your oneshots, so I will most certainly read this when it comes out. =D

...I guess I should give you all a commercial of my own. I'm currently working on Sayonara, and I'm getting there... ...But I'm not quite halfway yet. XD I have all the bones of the plot in place, but I'd rather get the subplot sorted first. I really complicated the whole thing when I added it, and I keep on adding extra details all of the time. XD So it is going to be long...

Enough jabber, I'll write something up. XD

The screen starts up black, and a soft voice whispers words that appear in a flowing, silver script on the screen.

Valentine wishes…

A flutter of feathers, a black wing comes from the left and covers the words.

…Broken Dreams

Wing blacks out screen again. Replacing it with sparkling red-gold letters are the words Sayonara. You can hear the faint cry of a magpie, before the screen cuts to black.


...And that’s all you’ll get from me at the moment. XD

11th October 2006, 5:19 PM
I need more readers XD

- - - Commercial for Lost on the Sevii Islands

You see the sky, Marill blue, with clouds that resemble a Swablu's wings. The screen slowly goes down to the ground. Grass, blowing in the wind.

Six Pokemon, a cute orange-yellow electric mouse, an orange gruff dragon, a beautiful beige bird, a sleek white cat, a purple monstrous creature, and an enourmous red flower headed blue blob. Raichu, Charizard, Pidgeot, Persian, Nidoking and Vileplume.

The Raichu turns its head in your direction. It sadly waves at you. The tears in it's eyes are barely visible.

"Lost on the Sevii Islands, story of a team of six, lost on... Well, the Sevii Islands. Not knowing much about these seemingly peaceful islands..." the narrator person whisperd.

"But... Behind this peaceful background... Danger. Danger is everywhere."

Click the word "Fanfic" in my sig to read...

- - -


XD What do you expect from a kid?

11th October 2006, 5:51 PM
XD It's pretty good, don't worry. Mine's shorter, anyway, and less informative. XD

I might take a peek at your story at some point...

11th October 2006, 6:04 PM
(The Ruby Files, take 1!)

Female voiceover: I had my doubts about the benefits of a Pokemon journey...

(we see clips of Ash)

Female voiceover: But when a Pokemon gifted with magic turned me into a Pokemon...

(We see Lucario casting a spell on a black haired girl, followed by a Charmander waking up dazed.)

Female voiceover: I saw for myself what Pokemon go through...

(we see the Charmander with a Pikachu, a Squirtle, and a Treecko, all with red bandannas on)

Female voiceover: ..and I learned their lives are very much like ours...

(sparkling red text fades in: The Ruby Files)

11th October 2006, 9:45 PM
Darkness and a cold voice,
"Mew had the power to create life, Grounden had the power to control land and Rayquaza could calm two giants from destroying the Earth"

Silence, a flash
"Yet none could ever be as powerful as Timmy!"

Small, young blonde boy appears on screen smiling,
"The Ditto Kid!"

Boy transforms into various pokemon, and fights off several Team Rocket guys.

"Soon, Timmy must transform to save his life in the ultimate hide and seek game where others are trying to claim his power as there own, he is only ten years old yet now he is alone without protection!"

THE DITTO! flashes on screen!
Read it now on serebii forums!
See Rybo5000's sig for the link!

11th October 2006, 10:19 PM
*sighs* Time to drop the subtlety. XD *prods all people I commented on in the direction of my commercial* =D


Rybo, slight spacing errors, and Groundon is not spelt like that. ;) XD

Seems interesting Ruby! ...I do have a slight problem with the whole pokemon-are-like-us thing, as one of the things I love about them is that they are not like humans, but that's just me, and it seems that's what PD is about. XD

Still, does look interesting...

11th October 2006, 10:51 PM
Well, I got a commercial for a few fanfics Im working on, one you already know.

The life of a teen is never easy, but this has never been more so than for the teens in Chronicle Sqaure. Chronicle Square, the home of troubled, runaway, and liberated teens from across the globe. Its the only place of its kind, and the teens who live her have all kinds of deadly secrets. When these secrets come back to haunt the teens, will they be able to survive?

Coming up on Extermination...
A Shadow is lingering over the survivors. A stalker is following them, waiting to strike. And when this stalker finally does strike, 2 lives will be lost. But the identity of the stalker, will blow your mind. Stay tuned to Extermination to find out more.

11th October 2006, 11:11 PM
A/N first. I would like to point out that I’m not very good at promoting myself and my work so that’s why it took me so long to write this. Even then I had problems…the montage of trainers looks good on screen but mostly fails in written form. Also just so you know, this is gameverse, so that is Red and not Ash with the Pikachu.


As the commercial begins, you see an blank screen as someone talks.

“First there was nothingness; an empty void where nothing exists; a place without space, time or energy. Into this emptiness came the almighty creator, Aruseus, and it spoke, giving form and function to the universe. The first to be created was the Light, an all-pervading glow that warmed the universe and gave it life. However, in order for the Light to exist, there had to be Dark, an emotionless cold that brought shape and structure. Where these two connect, Twilight is created. That is why I am here.”

The speaker, a cold yet calming asexual voice, pauses for a moment.

“The Light and the Dark are on the move once again. The world is threatened by an unbalancing of the forces and we are here to put it right. Nothing will stand in our way as we accomplish our goals and restore peace to the universe. Come with me, and it will work out in the end.”

The voice stops and you see the speakers. Two human figures are standing in a palely lit room with indistinct boundaries. One is wearing a billowing silvery cloak that shimmers in the pale illumination. Their faces are obscured by the darkness.

Suddenly the scene shifts to one end of a dirt battle arena. Standing by the white painted lines marking its edge is a boy in his late teens. He has vividly black hair and is wearing jeans, a grey T-shirt and a dark sleeveless jacket. He appears to be lost in thought.

“I saw the light in his eyes…” he mutters abruptly, “and I hated it.”

He opens his eyes and looks straight towards the opposite end of the arena.

“I will not lose here, I have too far to go to catch up to him. That light will be defeated and I will stand as one of the world’s top trainers. Murkrow, go!”

A small black bird swoops of the shadows and begins to spin as it zips across the arena. Then a montage of scenes begins showing trainers ordering their Pokémon into battle.

First is a boy around the same age as the last. He is wearing a red jacket and long, baggy yellow and black trousers. His Pokémon is an Ampharos that is glowing as it blasts out electricity.

Next is another boy, also about the same age but with long red hair, wearing a green jacket and jeans. The Lapras in front of him is firing a glowing bluish-white beam.

Next up is a man in his early twenties. He is dressed in a loose white shirt with the Champion’s League logo, blue slacks and a Pokémon League cap. He points forward and a Pikachu rushes past, sparking from a Volt Tackle.

The fourth image is of a girl in her mid teens with long and straight brown hair. She wears a light blue jacket with a tight pink t-shirt and white shorts. Her Camerupt is spraying Flamethrowers all over the arena.

Lastly is a male figure wearing a grey cloak with the hood pulled down, revealing his bright yellow hair. An enormous shadow flies overhead and the man grins as a bright light flashes from offscreen.

The voice from before returns as the picture fades to black.

“The road ahead is dangerous, but when you stand between the Dark and the Light, there are always risks. We will not be stopped.”

Suddenly there is a flash and two humanoid outlines appear. One is shrouded in darkness, the other silhouetted against light. However, they are clearly not human, for the dark one has wings, while the light one has a tail. The picture fades once more to reveal the words.

‘Between the Dark and the Light’


Tomoyo Daidouji
12th October 2006, 8:07 AM
Once Upon A Time... The Tragic Tale of Cinderella...

Eight years ago, many things occured and affected the future of one girl. One girl. Kiiro. The Cinderella.

In the present, everyone was there in place. Cinderella Kiiro. Her knight in Shining Armor, Akai. Her wicked step-mother, Fuzen. Her two step-sisters, Neikan and Neigi. Her fairy godmother, Mahou.

The Story of the Girl who wanted to be free... And the woman who taught her how...

A Cinderella Story

12th October 2006, 12:49 PM
Narrorator: In a 6 story building of 250 people, 6 dangerous terrorists are mingled among the people. The opening of a new office building, has lured 250workers to the building. When the building is suddenly sent into Lockdown, nobody can get in or out. In a building of 250 people, 6 of them are set on killing them all, but in a group of strangers, how can you know who they are? This Fall(maybe Winter), witness one man's search for true, and his mission to rescue everyone, before its too late. But, who can he really trust?
From the creator of Extermination come, Lockdown. A new Series coming soon.

Emma Iveli
19th October 2006, 11:33 PM
Here's one for my new fic here... I have no idea what I was thinking when I started this... but it's good... and weird... here's the preview...

(No music is playing... shot of Crystal Tokyo in ruins)

Vocie Over (female): The fall of Crystal Tokyo... Neo Queen Seirety sent the sailor senshi and her duaghter into other dmesions to reborn as male... wait a seond... male... as in boys?

(Moonlight Denatsu begins to play...)

Voice Over: Neo Sailor Moon has been been reborn as Ash Ketchum, a Pokemon Trainer

(secne sifts to Ash looking Dianna up in a Pokedex)

Ash: No data... All right! An undiscovered Pokemon!

Max: No Ash… that’s a cat…

Voice OVer: Sailor Merucry has been reborn as Kiyo Takamine, a genous who's a book keeper in the battle mamodo king

(Senen sfits to Kiyo and Ash talking abotu the mamodo battle)

Ash: So let me get this straight, 100 demon kids from another world called mamodo come to this world to fight in order to choose their king?

Kiyo: That’s right and in order to fight we use these spell books. They’re powered by the user’s emotions…

Voice Over: Sailor MArs has been reborn as Monkey D. Luffy, a rubber man pirate captain.

(The scene shfts to Ash and Kiyo meeting Luffy for the first time)

Luffy: Good I found our ship’s cat…

Kiyo: Oh I see… Your ship didn’t have a cat… so that’s why you were looking for one…

Voice Over: Sialoer Jupiter has been reborn as Ranma Saotome, a gender bending martail artist.

(snene shifts to Ranma and Genma, Genma thoguhs Ranma into the koi pond truing the male ranma into a girl)

Luffy: That is so cool!

Ash: Don’t tell me…

Voice Over: And Sailor Venus has bee nreborn as Uzumaki Naruto, hyperactive hnucklehead ninja

(Senen shifts to Naruto fidning the group)

Ash: We’re just passing though town…

Naruto: You expect me to believe that…

Voice Over: However now an evil has come and the sailor sneshi msyut reawkane.

(Right after all the transofmations, first Ash into Neo Sailor Moon... she scarem,, then Kiyo in Sailor Mercury, she scarmes, then Naruto into Sailor Venus, she sceams, tyhen Ranma into Sailor Jupiter... dosn't scearm... but it suprised how much strnger lookign this form is... and finnally Luffy into Sailor Mars... ans she groping herslef... Neo Sailor Moon and Sialor MErcury show up... with their motuhs hanging open)

Voice Over: Now they msut fight evil... while in drag... and save the sday as the Sailor Senshi...

(Scareen Goes black and titiel is shwon)

Voice Over: New Lives

(Sene sifts to Luna talkin to Ranma for the first itme)

Ranma: Wait cats don’t talk… (thinks for a minute) that means you're not a cat

Kiyo: So what are they?

(Ranma think for a minute)

Ranma: They are all… hamsters…

(Everyone in the room anime falls... execpt for Ash, the screen shifts to rated PG-13, Ash's voice appears over this)

Ash's Voice: What are hamsters?

Okay here's the pink incase you wnat to check it out: New Lives (http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=161014)

Power Shot
1st November 2006, 12:52 AM
Ladies and gentlemen, tomorrow something so pwnsome will unleash itself, I must share it here...

Shattered Memories: Chronos

Zepther is not a perfect city, filled with crime and evil. Through its dark alleys and narrows streets, a silent watcher protects the people, calling forth the darkness of metal to defend them. Cloaked in black, shrouded in the mysteries of his past, his cold heart is true as steel. His name is Chronos. He is the Dark Eye.

Welcome to an unfeeling Hell. Through mystery and darkness comes the enigma of the Starbolts Universe, the warrior known only as Chronos. Here, for the first time, is the beginning of the legacy, the story one man's search through the fragments of his memories...

The battle begins tomorrow. Make ready.

2nd November 2006, 1:25 AM
A commercial for my new fic, [ C.h.a.o.s. ] (Supposed to be [ C.H.A.O.S. ] but the forum uncapped it.

[ C.O.M.M.E.R.C.I.A.L. ]

The screen is black, pictures of wounded Pokemon, missing limbs, and wounded in all ways.

They say Aruseus is the most powerful, and therefore the lord, but the true lord is...


It used to be humiliated, by it;s weak appearance.

But now it is feared.

Rescue teams from all over try to stop it, but they all vanished. Barely any made it out of his lair. But if someone did, they'd most likely die of blood loss.

Every since, no one ventured...

Several years now, no one found his weakness. No one is strong enough. But one day...

A Raichu, a Raichu named Chururu.

She ventured through the dungeon, and faced Caterpie. Coming out nearly dead, she survived. She, the leader of Rescue Team Platina, hopes to defeat it soon, withher two friends...

Charara and Rafulesu.

White, blazing words appear on the screen.

[ C.H.A.O.S. ]

Caterpie has come to get revenge
Who will stop him?
For he is the lord
The lord of death
No one can compare to him
He is far too powerful
But there is a way
Everyone has a weakness

It must end

8th November 2006, 1:33 AM
It is time again. A narrator is here again to tell you of something that may or may not be good.

New Creatures!

At this, random voices can be heard.

"Go, Chimerax!"

"Is that a Mantraray?"

"Fudgie, use Take Down!"

"Epeetuna Caserole! WHEE!"

"I have been studying the disappearance of Thermaloni!"

"Brachcius is enormous!"

"Ramiewe are not known to be calm..."

"I bet that demon, Sparkoni is loving the storm that's sweeping in from the east... and he probably made it too!"

"Kertonmel starters are my specialty here, and is basically why anyone would come to this dump hole called Lipii. You can choose Fyrant, the bug type that becomes fire type, the mysterious Liqwierd which is water type, or the fun Corvolden, which is both grass and electric type."

"The mysteries of the Lycanth stone unlock monsterous rage within many Pokemon. A few such are Mightyena, Furret, and even the peaceful little Hummbard."

"The Qaweenbee is best not disturbed, or she can stricken you with sloth."

"This baby Calfprice is a good girl. She'll grow to be a good cow."

At this, the narrator speaks again.

New Pokemon moves!

Once more, random people speak!

"Thunderclap, now!"

"Blind it with Cold Dust!"


"Glalie, use Comet, quickly!"

"Sunder it!"

"Ice Coin."

"Sand Dollar? Sounds nifty, I suppose."

"Entangle is a surefire way to entrap your foe and make it hate you."

"Use Piledriver!"

"Use Rising Earth, Diglett! Hit that stupid bird!"

"Dragetro, clamp down with Dragon Fang!"

"HA! The power of Mud Uppercut knows no limits of the sky."

All this and more...

Coming soon to a Dust to Deceit near you.

9th November 2006, 3:40 AM
Conflicts of the Ancient Worlds

Screen is black

“Please, here our last cry. Our civilization has been shattered. A curse has risen. Our emperor-turned to a grim by the Oricounts. Here our last cry-please. We are doomed men. We need the warriors of life and spirit to come forth. We thought we found them-we were wrong. The hero of life killed us-do needed to-but contradicted the prophecy. Val has take over the Dark World-and our time is running up. We reside in the Seven Locks of Light-help us escape our damnation. The Martyr was first victim of The Great Civil War of Separation-which arose from the even known as the Conflicts of the Ancient Worlds.”

Screen turns to color. There is a desert

A pitch-black floating individual kills a meteor. A mysterious helicopter appears. Outside steps a completely white-albino individiaul. He is wearing red armor and blue pants with some hay at an angle from the pants which bent down forming an acute angle with his pants. His right arm looks like a dragons head.

“Well, well brother, Yggdrasial Martin, I never imagined you could possibly stoop the Pre-Meteor.”

Yggdrasial was breathing heavily. Someone else stood up and looked up. Somone else asked “And just who are you?”

The person turned to him. He stood in astonishment. A blue figure which looked like a glass figurine wearing clothes to match her baby blue skin came up. The dragon-armed person took out his sword. He went to him and took out his sword.

He stated “You are one of the three maledictions I have been looking for. I will stop right now, but-”

The blue figurine person stood in front of him. She spread her arms out. She smiled and turned around. She stated “Go!”

Yggdrasial Martin got up and turned around. He stated “Martes Martin, my brother. I should have known that you would be involved in this.”

Martes Martin laughed. He shouted “The Great Civil War of Separation is coming again.”

Yggdrasial tried to hurt him but did no damage. Martes seemed invincible. He looked at the other person and opened a jar as he turned into a wolf.

Screen turns black. The same voice from the beginning of the commercial appears
“Please hear our last wish. Martes Martin has gained too much power. Prophecy tells that one hero-the true hero of life-will come forth and stop him. Prophecy tells that after Martes Martin-and his superior, is stopped, the hero shall not kill then-afterwards is up to destiny. If Val was truly a god-we would be praying for mercy right now. Be warned-he is-”

Messages cuts off. There appears a book closing as it is put onto a table. Someone gets up-turns around, and gives the book to someone he knew would be able to translate it. He now knew the last cry of the Dark World.

9th November 2006, 3:42 PM
*cue "Save Me" by Remy Zero*

Somebody saaaaaaaaave me..........

A man clad in green, black and gold follows a car weaving in and out of traffic in a major city. He dodges shots fired at him and lands on the car, ripping the roof off. He also sparks a bit with electrcity.

Let your warm hands break through and saaaaaaave me....

Voiceover: This winter...

A black man wearing dark blue races on a highway, waving to the cars passing by with a smirk on his face and then with a sudden burst of speed nearing the speed of sound he vanishes. The passenger who saw him mouths the word "woah."

I don't care how ya do it just saaave me

Voiceover: The Starbolts are going solo in a series of adventures. But, they aren't alone.

I see the world has folded in your heart

We see a muscular man dressed in a black t-shirt with black hair sitting on a bench with a brunette who appears to be in tears as she looks at her hands. The man hesitates as he tries to comfort her.

I feel the waves crash down inside And they pulled me under
I would give you anything you want...

We then see a green haired woman with light blue skin and a man with blue and white wings kiss underwater.

Voiceover: Other heroes will join the fray with these solo adventures throughout the universe of heroes, legends and marvels.

All I want is...and all my dreams are on the ground. Crawlin' Round an round...

We see shots of Chronos's city of Zepther and him flying around. We see a quick shot of a crew of seven people battling punks on the west coast, a team fighting evil in some mystic place, a bird-like character fighting the Starbolts and finally a group of teenagers fighting in a training room facing a boy who forms a sword out of thin air. All of this is going on with the song in the background.

Somebody saaaave me Let your warm hands break right through .
Somebody save me. I don't care how you do it...

Voiceover: So, get ready for the Starbolts Chronicles. The universe has expanded and who knows what's to come next.

Just save! Save!

We see a shot of a blonde woman look at a sunset with the man in the first clip and she's holding a red, white and blue fabric.

Come on! I'm still waiting for you....

Shot of the Starbolts logo, which is a yellow diamond with four points. Two of the points stretch out from the left and right sides. Inside the glowing yellow graphic, the team appears as we and fade to black.

21st November 2006, 5:53 AM
Here's a rather lengthy ad for the upcoming season of Sonic: Unlimited (which begins at Episode 14). I'll assume you know what the non-Starlance characters look like. And since I've already begun working on the season, I'll be pulling scenes directly off what I already have, and adding the ones that aren't developed yet.

Starlance Community

Scene: Space. A massive glowing green orb is surrounded by four smaller orbs, yellow, light blue, red, and purple circling it. After a second, a starship flies toward the massive green orb.

Tails' Voice: If you knew something was about to happen that would set in motion events on a cataclysmic scale... and you were the only one who could stop it, would you?

Chezni: <blue hair, white and silver uniform, looking at Tails> Would you?

SBaby Presents...

Scene: A crystal chamber. Sonic and Sally are stuck to the ground, as their feet are frozen in crystal. A wizard with pointed ears, a horn sticking out of the top of his head, a purple robe, and a crab arm as well as a human hand steps forward.

Naugis: <grinning> The time has come, to introduce you all to my new second in command!

Scene: Robotnik steps out of a shadowy area and simply scowls.

An Aeshar Studios Production...

Scene: A massive room with high tech terminals on the right and left sides of it. A man in his twenties is facing about twenty people in silver armor. The man has long blonde hair and pointed ears. He himself carries a slender build and is wearing a similar uniform to Chezni.

Yugi: As of this moment, the Federation has declared war on us.

Scene: One last shot of the people shows them obviously worried. Sonic, Tails and Sally are standing in the group of people.

How far would you go...
To save the universe?

Scene: The same ship from before can be seen taking off.

And the one you love?

Scene: A massive circular room. Cosmo can be seen grinning malevolantly toward Tails. Her normally blue eyes are glowing violet. Naugis and Robotnik are standing behind her.

Tails: Cosmo! It's me! You have to fight it!

Naugis: It's too late. She can no longer be reasoned with!

Robotnik: <grinning almost insanely> Ahh, finally! I get to take revenge for the humiliation I suffered at your hands!

This Spring...
The fastest thing alive...
Is back!

Scene: Sonic can be seen speeding along a mountaintop, over a massive facility that can best be described as a knock-off of the G.I. Joe base. Several flying vehicles can be seen launching from the base. A transition shows the interior of a senate room.

Head Senator: <can't clearly be seen, but has brown hair and a moustache> These Nova Warriors have been a problem from the very beginning!

Scene: Two fleets of starships can be seen shooting at each other as another ship flies through the mess. A youth with brown hair tied into a small ponytail is piloting the ship.

Lance: No sweat! It's just like I did before!

Sally: Great... A cowboy.

Bunnie: Why's that bad, sugah?

Scene: Sonic and Snively can be seen inside of a containment room, where the seven Chaos Emeralds are held. The Emeralds seem to be reacting.

Snively: <to Sonic> Do you trust me now?

Sonic: 'One borne of light will tap into the power of chaos'... Either this is the 'chaos' part, or I'm gonna have a mondo headache here!

Scene: Tails can be seen slashing at several SWAT-Bots and Metarex soldiers. His glowing blue sword easily cuts through them. A transition shows Sonic in his Super Form, taking out several ships in space. He charges the screen, as a bright flash preludes the title.

SONIC UNLIMITED: From Order to Chaos

The Epic Saga Continues: January 11

Frosted Heavens
22nd November 2006, 2:34 PM
Pokemon team:Hanako's Hoenn adventure

“Nobody attacks my friends.” Kenshin shouted angrily.

“He didn’t faint?” Kenta asked surprised.

“What’s going on here?” The professor asked the teacher, but she didn’t know either.

“Come on, let’s go Kenta, Kenshin.” Emiko shouted cheerfully, they both nodded in return.

Torchic chirped loudly and gained the attention of Hanako. Hanako was hesitating about firing a wave and this gave Emiko the opportunity to attack. She stomped the ground with one of her feet and a layer of ice slowly froze the plants and bushes around. Hanako was still distracted by Torchic when suddenly her body was completely frozen, except for her head or she would run out of air. But the whole group forgot that Hanako didn’t necessarily need her limbs to attack. She inhaled and shot a blast of water towards Emiko. Kenta decided to give everyone a little show and created a big rock before Emiko that shielded her. Kenta then made some strange movements with his arms and fired the rock at Hanako. The rock connected with Hanako’s frozen form and the ice shattered. Hanako fell down and had lost consciousness. Everyone ran over to Hanako, but a ring of fire surrounded the class and prevented the rest of the students, the teacher and the professor from going any further. Only Emiko, Kenta and Kenshin reached the fainted Hanako. Masaaki got out of its hiding place and glared at Emiko. He then fired a blast of fire towards the group. Kenshin glowed grayish again and a big, steel plate shielded them, but the fire started to melt the steel. Kenta stomped the ground and a rock pillar lifted them up. Emiko fired an icy blast towards Masaaki, while Kenshin created a metal cage that was supposed to slow Masaaki down. Luckily Emiko’s icy blast hit Masaaki and froze him, the metal cage from Kenshin then quickly trapped its victim.

“Let me finish this.” Emiko said cheerfully and jumped of the rock pillar. She landed safely and waved her hands a few times. The area started to change drastically, it started to snow, a cold breeze blew, the pool’s water started to freeze, the temperature was dropping quickly and soon a blanket of snow covered the whole area. Also, around Masaaki a block of ice started to form and finally the cage was trapped in a gigantic ice cube.
please come to read^___^

Electric Soul Fairy

22nd November 2006, 3:54 PM
(Pokemon: The Rainbow Prophecy, take 1!)

Male announcer: On an island chain of many colors, darkness will fall...

(We see a chain of islands, which is engulfed in shadow)

Male announcer: But three unlikely heroes turn out to be the ones foretold in an ancient prophecy...

(we see a girl with long purple hair before a crystal ball)

Girl: Three friends unite...

(we see three shots of the Shinou Trio)

Girl: And six gems will bring light...

(we see six gemstones: a ruby, an amber, a topaz, an emerald, a sapphire, and an amethyst)

Male announcer: Now, the race is on to find these gems, before the darkness spreads...

(we see the title one last time, before the screen flashs Coming Soon)

23rd November 2006, 2:03 PM
*A Feraligatr slams a Zangoose through a wooden table*
When you cause this much destruction...

*An Ampharos lays on a floor bloodied and battered*
Will somebody stop the damn battle!?

*A Machamp slams a Medicham on a car*
And cause this much pain...

*A battered Pikachu wriggles and screams in pain*
My god! He’s broken in half!!

*A trainer sadistically smiles*
There’s only one thing left to face...

*A Tyranitar roars to the moon*

The Deadliest Tournament (http://serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=84319)
They say it doesn’t have a soul... what do they know?
(Rated R)


Well, that should give you a basic idea. *smiles evilly*

Note: Special Thanks to Brian Powell for this. :)

23rd November 2006, 9:37 PM
*A map of Kanto appears on the screen. Suddenly, it flips, but the result shows dark violet terrain and some different towns. The screen goes black*

A booming-low announcer speaks, "What if...your life was changed forever...in only thirty seconds?"

*The black screen turns violet. Then, two bars, one black and one white, appear on the screen. Then, the view tilts to an awkward one-point perspective, and 3-D renderings of the words "Shadow Kanto" fly in from behind and from in front, "Shadow" on the top bar and "Kanto" on the bottom. Then, the one-point perspective is lost to a flat look at the bars, which cross the screen. Under the bars, "Coming This Fall" fly in.* The announcer booms again: "Shadow Kanto. Coming this fall." *In the vacant lower-right corner, a circle with the letters KB appears, and out of it (to the left) slides KB Productions' name.*

Brian Random
27th November 2006, 4:21 PM
Scene: Press conference, Jerry the Pesky Pichu, Brian Powell and Black Jack are on stage.

Jerry: Good day or evening. As the results of our past actions, moderators of the forums, writers who were criticized by Brian, fans of the teams that Black Jack demolished, and Team Rocket that I’ve been victimising over the past year or so, has demanded that we make the following apologies.

Black Jack: Oh, come on. Why do we have to do the apologising?

Jerry: *Sternly* Because we have to.

Black Jack: *Rolls eyes in disbelief*

Brian: *Looks as Black Jack and nods*

Jerry: *Starts reading the cards* Firstly, I would like to apologise to Team Rocket, for making you guys look like a bunch of clowns.

Brian: See? Right there. You couldn’t make Jessie, James and Meowth look any more like dimwits if you tried.

Jerry: *Tosses away card to read another* Okay. To a writer, from Brian Powell. He apologises for saying the statement, “You were correct, I shouldn’t have clicked on the link because it was...

Brian: *Knew what was coming. Snatches card away and tosses it* Why should I apologise if it was true?

Black Jack: *Nods*

Jerry: To all bad guy teams from Black Jack, for decimating everyone in your...

Black Jack: *Eyes Jerry with a small frown*

Jerry: *Predicts what this was going, frowns, tosses card away* To everyone who participated in the past awards for best comedy one-shots, for making you lose those...

Brian: With all due respect, Jerry, did anyone even think that those guys were going to win those awards? I didn’t.

Jerry: *Tosses card away, reads another one* From Brian, to Bill Fireman, for making you look like a total...

Brian: *Smiles mischievously*

Jerry: *Giggles and tosses card away* From Black Jack to the Barman from PI3 for smashing that tavern...

Black Jack: *Eyes Jerry again*

Jerry: *Frowns and tosses card away* We only have one left and we haven’t apologised yet.

Black Jack: Exactly our point.

Jerry: *Reads last card* To the Tuskbournes, for making you swear non-stop in front of the audience. We would like to take this opportunity...

Brian: Hold on a second, Jerry, that hasn’t even happened yet. They don’t do the swearing until later on in December’s fic.

Jerry: *Tosses away last card*

Black Jack: Well, what do we do now?

Brian: We supposed to announce the fic the Tuskbournes are in, coming this December, live.

Jerry: *Becomes surprised* Wait a minute... we’re live... now...?

Brian: Yeah, we’re live now.

*All three slowly and nervously turns to the audience*

Black Jack: Still... what do we... do?

Brian: *Quickly ducks down, gets back up this time a laptop computer with a screen showing the forums and a big smile on his face* Check out my first chaptered comedy fic...

Brian Powell’s Christmas Carol! (http://serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=172833)

*All three smiled had their thumb’s up before going into different directions*

All three: *Quickly returns* Thank you!

*Jerry goes into one direction while Brian and Black Jack go into the other*

*Jerry quickly follows them*

Chaotic Pink
14th December 2006, 8:18 PM
Tighten the Noose

She will die, die if she is not shown to be innocent.

Death is but the beginning,

Is poison within her family, or is it from a great source?

Death is the punishment for something long ago.

Her friends unite for her, to save her. Friendships are forged, enemies are brought to the surface again.

Is she really innocent? I don't know...

Tighten the Noose around her neck,
push her down for the drop and see the blood run cold.
Watching will be her family, present, future.

Will she die? Maybe, maybe not...

15th December 2006, 12:54 AM
Trinity: Redemption
An Original Story From the Mind of Scar

*cue Reckless Fire (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=znBslzaDemU) by Ide Yousuke*

Ubae! subete! kono te de!

It’s approaching midnight. We see a small city which has, by means unknown, suffered massive damage. Walking away from the city is a young boy no older than sixteen at the most, hands slid into his crimson jacket in a surprisingly casual fashion. In his emotional brown eyes can be found a deep depression which takes little to no effort to recognize.

Tatoe kokoro kizutsuketa to shite mo

Suddenly, the teenager stops in his tracks, planting his feet firmly in the ground and flinching before turning his head back, at first glance he appears to be taking one last look at the wreckage but very soon dispelling that possibility by scowling in disgust. Without warning, a man- apparently in his mid twenties- with scornful crimson eyes and shoulder-length black hair leaps from the city’s remains. Casting his arm to his side, a solid steel blade materializes over his right hand and extends to a full-fledged sword. The boy is, however, able to react with inhuman reflexes, sliding his own left hand out of his pocket and swinging it behind him; materializing a blade of his own, yet his is forged out of a mysterious sapphire energy. The assailant and the boy collide with the older of the two still in mid-leap, clashing blades viciously. The scene freezes like this for a moment.

Mezameta chikara karada wo kakemeguru

The combatants begin swiping with their blades fiercely as the scene fades out. The instant “kakemeguru” is spoken, the words “Trinity: Redemption” flash on the screen in a fashion similar to Fullmetal Alchemist’s logo, disappearing once the lyrics pick up again.

Kotoba wa imi wo kaete

Whereas our unknown teenager chose to leave the city, another opts to remain within the wreckage. This one also a boy, but was a few years older than the teenager we saw earlier. As he walks through the streets, which were still engulfed in chaos, he clutches in his hand a golden stopwatch of some form. Looking skyward with his emerald green eyes, he looks toward the glistening stars above.

Kinoo no shinjitsu wa kyoo no uso ni naru

A number of stars seem to flicker once or twice, and then they appear to burn out all together, in perfect unison. A semi-transparent image of the first teenager appears in the sky, for some reason infuriating the older boy, causing his muscles to tense up and his teeth grind.

Daremo ga samayoi nagasarete yuku dake

Standing on a cliff overlooking the wreckage- as well as the scene of the battle- stands five young humans, ranging in age from fourteen to twenty nine. They are: an attractive woman in a black dress, a youthful girl dressed in modern attire, a muscular human specimen with spiky crimson hair, a rather lanky boy dressed in the clothes of a stereotypical rebellious teenager, a young man with demonic features. They seem to focus mainly on the battle below, and a bolt of white lightning strikes down behind them.

Yume ya ai nante tsugoo no ii gensoo

In the midst of another area entirely, this one a grassy plain full of plant life, a lone female- around the age of the first teenager visited- sits atop a rather large rock with her legs at a slant, staring passionately at the night sky with large crystal blue eyes. Her lengthy brown hair blows wildly behind her in the midnight breeze.

Riaru wo fumishime hateshinai

She lets out a deep sigh as a few droplets of rain fall to the ground, and the moonlight ceases to penetrate the dark gray clouds above, thus signifying an oncoming storm.

Asu e to te wo nobasu

Abruptly, this peaceful scene changes to the same wasteland in which the two boys are still locked in a raging duel. However, they now stand a good thirty feet apart. The younger of the two seems very slightly more fatigued than the elder as the black-haired assailant leaps through the air with his arm blade raised high above his head, easily closing the distance between them. The teenager’s eyes shoot wide open as he regains an inhuman awareness and rises to deflect his opponent’s downward slash.

RECKLESS FIRE soo daitan ni tamashii ni hi wo tsukero

In a sudden frenzy of rage-induced strength, both combatants begin slicing at one another at unrivaled speed, displaying superhuman reflexes and agility as they courageously attempt to best their adversary. At several points, lightning strikes down upon the battlefield itself as rain begins to fall in what could be considered a torrential downpour. Before a clear winner can be decided, however, the younger combatant catches sight of something in the corner of his eye.

Nigeba nante nai sa uso mo mujun mo nomihosu tsuyosa to tomo ni

He quickly evades to the left and turns about face in the process, just barely missing a blast of crimson fire somehow co-existing with the heavy rainfall as he skids to a stop in a kneeling position. It instead strikes his attacker, sending him off-screen. The teenager then looks upon the faces of his new foes; the five who had previously stood perched atop the cliff.

RECKLESS FIRE soo daitan ni tamashii ni hi wo tsukero

Unphased, he rises to his feet and begins sprinting toward the enraged “humans” before him. As he closes the distance between him and his opponents, he utilizes a variety of leaps and rolls to evade the oncoming attacks; a blast of fire shot in unison with a burst stream of black water, followed by several jagged rocks shooting from the ground, and a strange sphere of a mysterious energy extremely dark in color. At last he reaches the five of them, leaping through the air with his sword pulled back behind his shoulder to help gain momentum.

Nigeba nante nai sa uso mo mujun mo nomihosu tsuyosa to tomo ni

As he flies off the ground, the scene slows down and we see various close-ups of the characters displayed thus far, beginning with the boy who remained in the city and ending with the girl seen in the field, now with a rather passionate look on her face. At last we return to the scene of the duel, where the teenager is just about to stab through the crimson haired man- the apparent leader of the group. However, as his sword makes contact, the entire scene is covered by a bright golden light.

Tayasu wake ga nai kono mune no kagaribi wa

Before the light dies down, we see the words "Introducing..." flash across the screen.

We now return to the field in which the girl is still standing, now slightly depressed. She looks off into the distance one last time, but now catches sight of the silhouette of a teenage boy dashing toward her.

Yuruginai chikara to ishi tsuranuku yoo ni

The screen turns black for a moment as "An original story from the mind of Scar..."

As he draws nearer, he’s revealed to be the boy we’ve seen fighting throughout the song. His crimson jacket is blowing wildly behind him, as is his dark brown hair. Overjoyed, the girl runs toward him as a few rays of moonlight manage to pierce the dark gray clouds.

*the music becomes purely instrumental*

In the night sky, the words "The first saga of the Trinity series..."

The two run toward one another in the moonlight, and the scene slows down once more. As they’re mere moments away from embracing each other the entire screen goes black for a moment and then the words “Trinity: Redemption” appear once again in sleek, silver letters.


So there you have it. Oh yeah, nice preview by the way, LX. The song fits the mood very well. Even though I knew about Chronicles long before you posted this, it's still very interesting.

15th December 2006, 1:45 AM
The Twelve
(Words spoken by the voice of a young man of about the age of twenty, while showing a map of the world of Icaria)
Long ago the world of Icaria was in peace and everything was in harmony. For as long as anyone could remember there had always been an order that resided over the world’s population. That is, until the New Year arrived and all of the leaders for each country met
(Switches to the inside of a meeting hall)
(A man bursts in through the door wearing crimson robes)
“I believe we need to address some important issues,” the man boomed while walking to his seat.
“Indeed, there have been many attacks made on my villages. Before we can counter them and figure it out they disappear,” another man wearing a robe said.
The world was a safe place...
“What do you think of this?” A hefty man asked a silent man. He wore a plain black robe with three rings around his arms resembling leadership.
But it's amazing how quickly all that can change
“I believe that there is a certain traitor among us,” a young male said. He wore a silver robe that had wind currents marked all over it. “I leave the choice up to you gentlemen.”
At this there was great discussion. Many people began accusing other villages of the crime. There was another silent figure in the room. A young boy about twelve years of age sat next to the fire leader. He sat patiently and watched wide eyed as the talk continued.
The argument continued on through the night. The dark figure and the boy remained quiet. Eventually everyone had tired out and was resting in their seats. Without warning wind village soldiers burst into the room with their weapons raised. One threw a spear which hit an advisor of the silver robed leader. “The wind nation will be overturned!” he shouted as he raised his sword and charged for the wind leader.
(We see the leaders thrust their hands forward. Then we see a blast of compacted air thrust towards the screen, then fire, a water ball, a boulder, a lightning bolt, then a ray of sunlight, then a moonbeam, some vines, then a glow of pure light, a cloud of darkness, some ice shards, and then poison...)
(Then we here the same voice...)
Chaos reigns...

The Twelve
Coming Soon to Serebii Forums

Just a fic I was writing with a friend, not sure if he'll agree to post it, but I thought I'd make a commercial for it anyway...

Chaotic Pink
15th December 2006, 1:46 PM
Marauders' mission

Marauders' mission, one seriously crazy Banette that isn't like his species.

One trainer thats a collector and scared of Spina - read to find out why.

One paradise, Manaphy's.

One review so far, so read.

Marauders we are,
visiting places, both near and far!
Going to venture into unknown terroitory,
come now! Join in and read the story...

17th December 2006, 7:39 AM
- Best viewed in the Dark Type Pokemon skin -

*A scene is written out on a cracked computer screen, well beyond modern times, yet extremely ancient. As every sentence is finished, flashes of the scene are shown, and a voice rings out.*

A parched desert of black spreads out, as far as the eye can see

Paradise lost.

A steely talon pounds against the ground

Order unsettled.

the camera pans up to show the face of a skarmory, cold, hard, calculating

The balance of power is no longer as it was...

behind the skarmory is an army of vapor no stained glass -

The universe is threatening to rip at the seams, releasing sheer madness.

the army is a discordant mass of pure emerald soon to quench its bloodthirst

The war will only end in the death of all but one, and then -

*The voice falters.*

the wartorn ground is a stormy sea the last remains of life are sinking helpless stones chaos is all-pervasive inescapable contagious omnipotenttttttt

All shall be lost.

a blnding light flils the vison the lat moments of clrity reveal


18th December 2006, 5:53 AM
*Screen turns distorty for a second, then reverts to regular view*

*purple herds of thunder pan up and down on screen showing a landscape of darkened deilds of hills*
*ripping waves of water flood across the beach and dock of a quiet city. The moonlight glints on all fronts*
* a clear daytime view of a ferocious landslide appear on screen. Scattered Graveler start to roll out of the path*

Voiceover: Never before... has three tiny sub-regions been involved in this much.

A darkly clothed man with long green hair appears onscreen. "If he won't come to us, we'll come to him."

"Where did I go wrong in my loyalty..." a small exagerated shadow appears on screen in a purple vorpal of shades.

" Cougret! Drillore! Chase 'em down!" pans screen as a man in a green uniform commands two Pokemon.
A sleek black cat Pokemon and brown spiked lizard start running down two young boys. "..almost there!" cries one of the boys "Uwah!" The two plunge off a cliff,and air whistles by sharply. They release into the air a Marshtomp and Narian. The Narian manages to catch them on it's back, and they speed away to the nearest town.

Voiceover:New dangers.
New Pokemon.
New regions.
Come for the adventure, stay for the danger. All you wanted was to be go to the new region...

The Lost Regions. Episodes coming this winter on...SFTV. (Serebii Forums Televison)

Emma Iveli
10th January 2007, 7:27 PM
Here's a new one for my most poplaur fanfic on fanfiction.net... I have renatlly put in the non-Poke fics section... here's a preview for The Biju Biju Fruit...

(The Naruto BGM 9 Tail Demon Fox plays in the background, the screen in balck)

Voice Over (male, in an onimous tone): Many years ago the king of the Pirates Gold Roger was excueted...

(shot of Gold Roger's exuction)

Voice over: Years later... the Kyubi no Yoko was sealed in a child by the 4th Hoakge...

(shot of the Kyubi's sealing)

Voice: Now a boy who dreams to be Gold Rogers' succecor...

(shot of Luffy lookign demtined)

Voice over: And his younger brother... who had the Kyubi selaed within him...

(shot of Naruto looking detmined)

Voice: Will go on an advirue of a a life time...

(music stop with a record strach...)

Voice: Did I mention they might die very soon...?

(secne shifts to Naruto and Luffy being sucked into a wirlpool.)

Naruto: Who knew this adventure would end so soon…

Luffy: Yeah it’s a shame…

(Bealve (2nd One Piece Opening) begins to play)

Voice over (no longer in ominous tone): Monkey D. Luffy dreams of becimign the next pirate king...

(Seenc shifts to when first meetign Koby)

Koby: King of the pirates! That means you have to go to the Grand Line and find Gold Rogers treasure One Piece… and that means you have to beat up many rivals…

Luffy: So what I’m going to be King of the Pirates…

Voice over: And his younger brother dreams of becomign a Kage...

(same scene with Koby)

Koby: What’s a Kage anyways…

Naruto: Okay I’ll explain… the Kages are the 10 greatest Clone Users… Hokage, Kazekage, Mizukage, Raikage, Tsuchikage, Otokage, Hoshikage, Namikage, Tsukikage and Yukikage… they are the greatest all of them fight with hundreds maybe thousands of clones all of different types… and I am going to be one!

Voice over: Now, Luffy, with powers of the Gum Gum Fruit.

(secne shifts to when Nami and Sakura find out about Luffy's power)

Nami: Rubber man…

Luffy (streaching his cheeeks): See!

Voice over: And the power of the Biju Biju Fruit...

(sence of Naruto in full Kyubi form fighting Ritchie)

Voice: And with Kyubi's adivce...

(sence shifts to Naruto traped in his mind durrign the Don Kreig fight)

Kyubi (in his cage): I don’t want you to fight… this is your brother and the cook’s fight now…

Naruto: So your keeping me in here until it’s a good time for me to wake up…

Kyubi: Yup...

Voice over: And with a crew...

(shots of Zoro, Sasuke, Nami, Sakura, Usopp, Kiba, Sanji, Ino and Hinata)

Voice over: They should be able to do it... with comedy, drama, action, advutnrue and partial nundity...

(Seceif shifts to Naruto useing his sexy attack on Helmelpo, BGM is that sexy saxphone music when ever Jirayra is peeking... (don't knwo the name of that) Hemelpo's nose is slightly bleeding)

Kyubi's voice in NAruto's head: Fox it up a bit!

(Music stops, Sign now playing, rated PG-13...)

Naruto (vocie over the sign): Pervert Demon...

Arcanine Royale
12th January 2007, 1:04 AM
In three months...

"I wasn't the only one. I was, in fact, one of three. Three that set out in June of 2007 for a great adventure, three that returned a year after, their souls and hearts broken. Three beautiful girls by their side, friends forever."

This April, the journey will begin...

The war was one that challenged all of us. Not only had Nebula hemmed us in fore and aft, above, below, all around, but they also had injected themselves into our own camp. Munity ran rampant. It was unbearable. But, someone, I made it through.

The Ante Alliance War has scarred the nations of Japan and Hakkou. Heroes have risen and fallen.

Yet Hakkou and Japan have retained their dignity. Pokemon journeying still runs rampant and is honored highly. However, the scars still remain. Nebula itself works secretly, and plans to rise again.

Connor, Kody, David and their friends Heather, Ashley, and Cara are about to set forth on the greatest journey of their lives. A journey more than pokemon training.

A journey that will bring them to China, Russia, Emerald City, a whole entirely different world, and back again.


16th January 2007, 12:59 AM
I'll advertise Ed, Edd, n' Eddy....'n Pearl? Journey to be Rich.

Just read. It has Ed, Edd, n' Eddy plus other characters in the show on a journey in Johto. Attacks like Edtrenome are funny. The next chapter will have appearences by:
Reatard the Pokemon Ranger
Donald Trump, (who will be called Tronald Dump) who will make fun of Rossie O' Donnel (called Dossie O' Ronnel)
Cartman (South Park. Don't worry. He won't cause or do something innaproprite)

Plus someone who will make fun of Briteny Spears.

24th January 2007, 3:33 PM
Well, since "Shadows of Fear: Return of Cipher" is finished, I thought I'd put up the commercial for the third installment.

Be prepared.


(Linkin Park's "In the End" begins in the background)

You thought it was over?

(cuts to Skull the Shadow Marowak surfing on a rock away from a wave caused by the destruction of Citadark Isle)

Think again.

(cuts to Anabel talking to Skull and his Cubone son, Cubon)

Anabel: (telepathically) I want to ask you something.

A new journey will begin...one with new allies...

(cuts to Cubon hitting an attacking Kirlia into a bush with his bone, then the scene cuts to Anabel using her Alakazam's Ice Punch to hit an attacking Donkarasu, freezing it in a block of ice)

...new enemies...

(scene cuts to a male Weavile sharpening his claws, then it cuts to a female Etebossu spinning on her head. Finally, it cuts to Team Galatic's leader tossing a Pokeball)

...and a new goal.

(scene cuts to Anabel talking to Skull)

Anabel: (telepathically) Scott says we have to conquer the Sinnoh league to train for future challengers. (as she speaks, a short shot of each of Sinnoh's Gym Leaders is shown) (different scene) Are you up for it?

Skull: (also telepathically, due to Anabel) Probably. Just don't expect us to follow your every friggin' command, okay? (music stops) The hallmark of a slave is following every. Single. Frickin'. Command that a human throws out, expecting the Pokemon to obey! Word of advice: don't try that with me or Cubon.

(as Skull is seen surfing on a rock into and through a crowd of Bunyatto and Team Galactic grunts, dodging various attacks from the Bunyattto, the following lyrics of "In the End" play.

I put my trust
in you
just as far as I can go.
Of all the things,
there is one thing you should know

I tried so hard,
and got so far,
but in the end,
it doesn't even matter

The third installment is here.

Shadows of Fear: Journey with a Brain

(Skull is seen hitting a Ramuparudo with a Shadow End)


Just like a movie preview, eh?

24th January 2007, 11:30 PM
Then a green tunnel absorbs the black, a face of Johnny Depp in a bowler derby & a tacky blue suit with a scarlet bow tie.
A police box flies through & behind it trails the multi-colored: DOCTOR WHO

Then a flash & the titles read: Doctor Who & The Treachery Of The Zygons
Then another flash: by(NOTE: MY REAL NAME IS TO BE REVEALED!) James Patrick Quick
Another flash: Segment 1of4

Possibly coming to a forum near you!

30th January 2007, 1:01 PM
The crowd shifts uneasily. More trailers. It's like a Marquee of Doom on a site like the Cave of Dragonflies. Will they ever end?

The scene fades in to a forest. Strings with horns in the background play a spooky type tune, giving the scene a haunting feeling. Suddenly, a shadow runs in front of the camera. The camera moves to follow the shadow, but it disappears. The camera starts walking through the forest, looking around, as if expecting some monster to jump out at any time. A howl is heard, and the camera jerks around, looking for the source of it. The camera settles down and starts walking through the forest, still looking around.

It stops when it sees two, red, glowing eyes in the forest. The eyes disappear, and paws are heard, and the camera starts running, as if trying to escape something. Then, a Mightyena with glowing red eyes leaps out from behind a tree, and tackles the camera, knocking it to the ground. The camera acts as like someone who is struggling to get away, and then, realizing it can't get away, looks back up at the Mightyena, who bites the camera, and the screen goes dark.

The screen lights up again as two company logos flash on the screen. More intense music starts, featuring strings, horns, and a chorus, as many different clips are flashed up on the screen, including, two boys being chased by a Lugia, a Mightyena, similar to the one seen earlier, attacking some people in lab coats, and Moltres shooting a fire blast at a village.

Then, the screen goes dark again, the music quiets down, and the title is shown, along with a boy saying "You ready?". Another clip comes on the screen of a boy outside a PokeCenter. "Dude, I was born ready," he replies, and the screen goes dark again. Then, one phrase lights it up:

"Coming to a Forum near You."

31st January 2007, 7:55 AM
*screen is first black, and then fades into a picture of a Mightyena with teh darkest tufts of fur imaginable with twin streaks of crimson running on the fur from the spot behind his ears unconcious upon a nest of bones. A woosh, and then the camera zooms into the closed eye as it begins to open...*

The truth...

*eyelids slowly rise and movement is seen under the skin*

Don't you wish for it?

*eyelid opens to reveal a bright crimson eyes burning like coal before screen blacks out*

*Slience hangs for a moment before a low snarl sounds through and screen fades into another scene, one where a Houndoom with a crack upon his right horn is shackled by chians weleded onto the wall. The hound lies there, unconcious as well... but in front of him stands Mewtwo with jet black skin a blood red parts where the purple used to be. He looks impassively at the Pokemon in front of him, a smirk that reaches into his own hellfire eyes*

Both of you have traveled for sometime now... and long for the same thing...

*scene then switches to a fourteen year old girl with pale green hair facing a huge shilouette, her emerald eyes glaring straight at her opponent. She shouts something, and then three blurs fly past her, stopping in front of the opponent to real a Pikachu, a Cubone and a Sneasel with a right metallic arm*

The past will return...

*now the scene shows Rukario at the very front, walking away from Mewtwo, who is sitting upon a throne-like chair at the very end of the hallway they're in. Two large figures stand behind the clone, both with garnet eyes as well*

And you will discover your past...

*screen then flashes the Mightyena from the beginning, a maroon-feathered Pidgeotto, the Sneasel from before, an Umbreon, a small, dark shadow with blood red eyes and an Absol last comes the Houndoom from before, still unconcious before Mewtwo as the screen zooms upon the clone's face, who gives a fanged smile before screen finally blacks out*

...for it is time, my son.

•| Midian |•
City. Øf. The. Damned

Knightblazer ;262;

31st January 2007, 1:09 PM

Click to Read Ashes of Johto! Please Review! (http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=188591)

Twilight has fallen on a world in which humans and Pokemon are now bitter enemies

(A Steelix looms over a collapsing city)

(A Mighyena drags a villager into a black forest)

(Badly burned humans hang out of the windows of a village)

Five Pokemon trainers remain to try and rekindle the fire of a dead world

James Chambers - Vengeance

I’ve tracked him across Kanto, Orre and Shinou. I see him in every one of my dreams, every single night. His name is Takeshi Miyai, and he’s the man I’m going to kill

(James yells and throws a Pokeball)

Kim Saitou - Loss

I've lost everything to Pokemon. I hate Pokemon.

(Kim opens fire on a horde of approaching Magnemites as explosions rock a dark room full of machinery0

Jeff Hibiki - Hope

There will be a day that men and Pokemon reunite.

(Jeff appears, hat slung low over his eyes, on the back of an Arcanine)

This is their story

(A Jibacoil buzzes and attacks)

(Umbreon and Arcanine roar and collide)

(A Pidgeot screeches and slams a Mightyena)

Sacred Fire: The Ashes of Johto
Part One of a Trilogy

Where were you the day the bells tolled?


Click to Read and Review Ashes of Johto! (http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=188591)

Emma Iveli
1st February 2007, 6:56 PM
Here's another one for New Lives... but it's a special one advertising an upcoming arc that's very exciting...

(The scene is Naruto lying on his bed, Sadness and Sorrow (piano version) plays in the background)

Voice Over (Male): Uzumaki Naruto has a secret...

(Shot Kyubi wrecking the Village Hidden in the Leaves)

Voice Over: Now Naruto worries that his new friend will find out...

(Shots of Ash, Kiyo, Luffy, Ranma and Hinata)

Voice Over: They will abandon him...

(shot of Naruto's dream where the other leave him...)

Voice Over: But what will happen when...

(Shot of Opal merging her energy with Kyubi's...)

Voice: It does come out...

(BGM changes to The rising of Fighting Spirit, scene changes to the fight between Cat Fist Ranma and Demon Charaka Possessed Naruto...)

Voice Over: Now join Ash.

(shot of Ash with Pikachu on his shoulder)

Voice: Kiyo...

(Shot of Kiyo with Zatch next to him)

Voice Over: Luffy...

(Shot of Luffy)

Voice: Ranma...

(Shot of Ranma)

Voice Over: Setsuna

(Shot of Setsuna)

Voice: Hinata

(Shot of Hinata)

Voice Over: The Pervy Sage

(Shot of Jirayra... but this one has him speaking)

Jirayra: Don't call me that...

Voice Over: and of course...

Ash: Naruto...

(Shot of Neo Sailor Moon using Rainbow Crystal Healing on him)

Kiyo: Naruto...

(shot of Sailor Mercury using Shabon Spray)

Luffy: Naruto...

(Shot of Sailor Mars fighting the demons possessed Naruto in hand to hand combat)

Ranma: Naruto...

(Shot of Sailor Jupiter fighting Naruto in hand to hand combat)

Hinata (screaming): Naruto!

(Shots of various fights from during the arc articallyt the sparring session between Naruto, Luffy and Ranma in the dojo and server shots of the demon possessed Naruto...)

Luffy voice over these shots: We’re friends and I don’t abandon my friends...

(The screen goes black and music stops... words appear in gold letters)

New Lives: Naruto's Secret Arc

(scene swtiches to Neo Sialor Moon dragging Sialor Venus away in chapter 14)

Sailor Venus: Help me! Help me! I need an adult! I need an adult!

(screen goes black gold letters appear)

Coming soon to Serebii

2nd February 2007, 12:59 AM
A figure stands in the peaceful town of Pallet, long red hair blowing in the breeze. The camera zooms in to show the girl’s face, with her eyes closed. “Who Knew?” by Pink is heard as the screen flashes rapidly, showing the girl raise her head to look at the camera. Her eyes open and a human with icy blue hair appears behind her.

Random images rapidly flash. The red haired girl picking up a Pokeball, a blonde haired girl looking worried and a boy with brown hair rolling his eyes in frustration.

An announcer comes in, one with a deep voice, as the screen shows three silhouetted figures standing in front of a doorway.

“Once, they were normal.”

The screen shifts to show the red haired girl, laughing, a Rentoraa rubbing itself against the girl’s legs and purring happily; the blonde haired girl doing handstands beside her Venusaur, and finally the boy with brown hair sitting on his Blastoise, ordering him to use Surf. The watery attack envelops the screen, then goes black.

“Now, three teenagers have been chosen – somewhat accidentally – to defeat five tyrannical Legendaries.”

On the left side of the screen, three strange humans stand behind the teenagers. The one who had icy blue hair – a woman – stands behind the red haired girl, the man with spiky yellow hair stands behind the brown haired boy and a second man with brass red hair stands behind the girl with blonde hair. Hovering in the air above them is a small pink feline and a winged green fairy.

On the right side of the screen stood a tall whitish-purple masculine Pokemon; beside him were a large white draconic bird, a blue canine with white diamond-like spots, a yellow canine that closely resembled a tiger and a brown canine with a cloud-like formation on its back.

“Take one rude girl…”

The red haired girl is shown, shouting at her mother.

“Add in a bit of deviousness…”

The blonde haired girl is seen, smiling happily while crossing her fingers behind her back.

“Now add a bit of cunning…”

An image of the brown haired boy appears, moving through the soccer stands and pick-pocketing something.

The screen goes black again.

The two girls appear, beside the boy, and the red haired girl points at the camera.

“We may not have been the real Guardians, but we’ll still get the job done.”

The three teenagers then hold up three necklaces – the first has a smoky blue stone, the second is pale lemon and the third opaque amber. The three strange humans appear behind the teenagers.

“I’m Alcina; representing Articuno, the bird of Ice.”

“The name’s Zenas. I represent Zapdos, the bird of Lightning.”

“And I’m Magnus; representing Moltres, the bird of Fire.”

The screen goes black for the last time, and words form on the screen, the announcer saying them as well.

--- Pokemon: Ascension ---

12th February 2007, 4:06 AM
Quickly, Kogi bent down and whispered something to Mudkip. Both of them had wide spread grins on their faces.

Suddenly, Mudkip fell into a collapsed heap. The younger Zagon went over to the Mudkip and pawed at it. Kogi cried in desperation. The older Zagon seemed content and stomped back to the feild.

"Now!" exclaimed Kogi. Mudkip got up and quickly tripped Zagon. It leapt in the air again, and as the Zagon fired a thunderbolt, it cartwheeled out of the way. It jumped towards the Zagon this time, and started tailwhipping it rapidly.

Coming soon..maybe even this week.

A quest in Kita? No. History in the making? Yes.

~Lofty Dreams in Kita~

Brian Random
12th February 2007, 1:21 PM
Check out these shipping/romance one-shots! ^^

I’m With You (Contestshipping) (http://serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=194876)
May feels lonely in the Johto region, even with his little by her side.

Far Away (Colosseumshipping) (http://serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=194875)
Wes, a school rebel. Rui, a goody girl he has a crush on. How hard is it to place a letter in the right envelope.

You Are Not Alone (Tails x Cosmo) (http://serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=194873)
Guess what Tails has been doing after Cosmo was sacrificed to save the galaxy.

13th February 2007, 8:33 PM
...I decided that I need more readers, so meh. Here goes:

"There is a region...far away..."

*Shows map of Orre*

"Where Pokemon were turned away from the light...and into the shadow..."

*Shows close-up view of Shadow Lugia's head as you hear it's cry.*

"But one young boy...stood against them..."

*Shows blackened picture of Micheal standing atop a rock, Eevee beside him.*

"Now...in their truly darkest hour..."

*picture fades until Micheal and Eevee are gone, showing only the rock.*

"Their young hero is gone...and the threat is in a new region..."

*Picture fades into map of Hoenn.*

"And the new heroes will have to experience...the worst..."

*Map quickly flashes into black screen, then a drop of water is seen falling into a black area of water, creating a ripple effect. Inside the ripples the sillouhettes of the four heroes are seen, then rippling stops. Another drop falls, inside these ripples the face of Deoxys is seen, with red glaring eyes.*

"Pokemon: Shadow Generaton (http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=120001)...a new Generation of Pokemon is about to begin...

*Sound of Deoxys' cry is heard.*

So? What do you think? Not bad.

~fuzzy out~

The Great Butler
17th February 2007, 3:32 AM
Next time on Pokémon XD^3: The Waves of Truth :

What happens when music goes bad?

"I so will now dazzle you with my starring performance! My musical talent combined with the raw power of Shadow Pokémon! Now, shine the spotlight on that brilliant star of shadows - Togekiss!!"

And what happens when the awful melody of evil cannot be stopped?

"None of your feeble Ranger Stylers can stop our Shadow Stylers! Togekiss! Teach him a lesson!"

Rich, Anabel, Olivia and Jackie make the startling discovery that Enigma Shadow's been quite busy for the past seven years. Their new Shadow Styler is no joke already. While Yung and Gordor work feverishly under Queen Shadow's supervision with the goal of creating the ultimate Shadow Styler, can Rich manage to stand up to the startling power possessed by only a prototype model?

The harmonic clash of Rich versus Lovrina shall be resolved in Chapter Two of Pokémon XD^3: The Waves of Truth.

19th February 2007, 3:48 PM
Come and read one this awesome story called....

Memory Lake

A fic that includes a lot of mystery, comedy and teenage romance and an unbelievable amount of suspense! So, what are you waiting for? Go and read the fic, I promise you that you will not regret it! Just click on the banner in my sig!

Infinite Master Sceptile
22nd February 2007, 11:38 PM
*A clock is heard ticking*
*Screen changes from black to a startling flash of blue*

*Camera pans out to an arena, where a fainted Pikachu can be seen, with a Regice standing over it*

"Pikachu is unable to battle. Regice is the winner. The match goes to Brandon."

ANNOUNCER: Twelve years ago, Ash Ketchum failed in the Battle Frontier.
And his life fell apart.

*Camera fades out, pans to an office*
*We see an old man in a business suit sitting at his desk. A guy in his twenties rushes in*
"Mr. Ketchum, you're late."

*We see the guy on a bike, in a messenger's uniform*
*He pulls up to a mansion, and rings the doorbell*
*A red-haired woman opens the door*
"Misses Rainette Abalone, Gym Leader of Cerulean? Package for you. Sign here."

ANNOUNCER: He drifted through life...without purpose, hope, or a future...
Until a horrific crime shocked him into action....

*A horribly mutilated body is shown on the floor of a large laboratory. Camera
pans to diploma on wall, which clearly reads Samuel Oak*

ANNOUNCER: Now, Ash Ketchum must revisit his past. Old friends, enemies, and Pokemon...

*A Pidgeot descends from the skies*
*A man wielding a sword, fights Mightyena alongside a Meowth wearing boots*
*A helicopter with a large red R on the side takes off*

ANNOUNCER: And find the killer, before it's too late...

*He is shown tumbling off a skyscraper*

ANNOUNCER: Regrets. Coming Summer 2007 to Pokemon Fan-Fiction forums everywhere.

The Great Butler
23rd February 2007, 3:23 AM
Next time on Pokémon XD^3: The Waves of Truth....

Rosemary's invention begins to show its stuff, but not in the way she had intended!

"I don't understand it. I designed this machine to detect diamonds and pearls, but I'm getting ridiculously high readings of heat, metal and oxygen all from the same place!"

When an accidental reading leads to the unintended discovery of an ancient relic with great powers said to be sealed within, it's a race against time for Rich to make it there before Enigma Shadow!

"We discovered the key relic to uncovering the Aura Crystals, Queen Shadow. Hyota and I are preparing for an expedition there right now."

"This sounds promising, Brandon. You'd better not screw it up!"

"I don't think they even know about the relic, so there shouldn't be anything to worry about."

But Rich and company didn't count on getting interference from a third party...

"My name's Eusine. I'm an expert on Legendary Pokémon, and I travel the world with the goal of seeing, battling, and capturing Suicune. Sorry, but I can't let you go into that relic and disturb the peace of the Aura Crystals."

"Listen to me, Eusine, we have to go there! Enigma Shadow might already be there as we speak!"

"The answer is no! You are not worthy of standing in the presence of Legendary Pokémon!"

"I've battled and captured a Suicune myself. Are you going to tell me that isn't enough?"

"HOW DARE YOU! How dare you desecrate the name of the legendary and fantastic Suicune! I'm going to beat you into the ground in a battle to make you pay for that lie!"

Can Rich convince Eusine that what he says is true? And even if he can do that, can he manage to save the relic from Brandon and Hyota? Tune in next time on Pokémon XD^3: The Waves of Truth to find out!

23rd February 2007, 1:00 PM
Hmmmmm, how about 1 for one of my series, its not on here cause I dont think it would go over big here, but w/e.

He was kidnapped, his friends murdered, but a satanic cult, and his time to be killed has almost arrived. But he isnt going to stand for that...

He must escape, and battle the cult itseld to do it. But can he take out the cult's seemingly invincible leader? This is the episode that everyone will remember. Who will survive, and will be exterminated? Its an all new Extermination, now on Showcreator forums.