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RaZoR LeAf
27th October 2005, 9:59 PM
This is a preveiw of the fic i'm hoping to write alongside my current fic Battle for Hyrule. That's Zelda, this will be pokemon. It's based on an RPG, so incase you recognise the title, it follows the same storyline. This is the prologue, and basically the history of what has happened. It's also a nice example of how to turn an RPG plot into a chapter. Any and all opinions, criticisms and whatever are much appriciated. This hasn't been checked for mistakes other than spellings as they appeared.

Generation Omega

By the latter half off the 20th century, organised crime had become a staple part of society, operating out of the underground black market on various illegal ventures. At first these were basic offences. Robbery, hijacking, smuggling and providing 'services' that were below board. It wasn't long before these events began mix, and the leaders of these rings were merged into one. While grunts were sent out to continue the menial crimes of theft, more experienced criminals were working behind the scenes on greater projects.

Following a tip off that a counterfeit money scheme was being operated out of a small business in the outer rim of Saffron, several arrests were made. After many weeks of questioning and going through evidence, several facts were known. The number of felons arrested paled in comparison to the numbers of the criminal organisation that identified itself as Team Rocket. When this news went public, so did the Rockets and crime increased ten fold.

After a concerted effort, street crime was being dealt with on a fast and daily basis, but what happened behind the scenes in the hierarchy of Team Rocket remained a mystery to all except those involved. Though attempts to find out proved worthless, the results of what was happening could be seen all around. Several high ranking politicians fell from grace after it was uncovered they were running an insurance fraud scam. An Indigo League Gym Leader was found dead and some time later was replaced by a relatively unknown business man named Giovanni Rocket. Despite extreme in-depth background checks, there was nothing to link this man to the organisation other than a coincidence of name.

Businesses began to open, that had hearsay been believed were all just another part of the now global dominating organisation. The Casino in Celadon was more than a few times seen playing host to a number of security guards bearing a red R on their uniforms, the symbol representing Team Rocket. At the turn of the century, things were beginning to spiral out of control. An explosion at Cinnabar Island was blamed on faulty power lines, but too many people knew the location of the blast was being used to house illegal genetic experiments. There was a glimmer of hope however, when Team Rocket suffered a major setback. Their attempts to commandeer and hold the staff of Silph Co. hostage failed due to the intervention of a small group of pokemon trainers.

Be it luck or intention they drove the Rockets out in hordes, many straight into the waiting arms of the massive police presence nearby. It wasn't long after this that Giovannni Rocket, the Gym Leader in Viridian went missing and criminal activity in Kanto diminished. After an attempted revival in Johto, the Rocket crime spree appeared to have faded away. However by 2005, they were back on track, illegally mining precious ore from the Sevii Islands. This was eventually stopped and the role of Team Rocket appeared to degenerate into nothing more than petty crimes again.

A few years later, after a united effort of police work, the leader of Team Rocket was found. A man by the name of Dan Roketto. However, it was during this man's trial that the startling evidence was uncovered. This man was a fake. The paper trail that led to his arrest was just another manufactured distraction, designed to lure investigators away from the truth. It took another two years until the real perpetrator was discovered. Found in a secret base beneath Viridian Gym, Giovanni Rocket was dragged out into the reality he had hidden from. His trial was broadcast across the world, yet he showed no guilt or displeasure at being caught out. He admitted to every charge put before him. With his imprisonment, Team Rocket seemed to fall apart at the seems. Multiple small groups were the outcome, each vying for the power, turning against each other and as a result getting each and everyone of them locked up.

There was of course the heirarchy of Team Rocket that, while broken, was not destroyed. The smarter Rockets fled further underground, into the shadows of the black market and continued to operate in utter secrecy. They began to take on jobs that involved experimentation, genetic engineering, chemical warfare and other projects with equally dangerous results. One of these subjects, the development of an infectious pathogen aimed at disabling possibly even killing a wide range of pokemon was set to change the world. After information was leaked, police operatives stormed a hidden lab, and fights broke out. In chambers filled with glass tubes that housed any degree of chemicals, for only one to break would be disastrous. Unfortunately, at least one did break. A small glass vial that contained the most lethal of pathogens. It was code-named 'Omicron'.

One of the key factors of the pathogen was it's construction. It was not a purely organic virus. It was bonded with a fledgling technology known as nanites. Nano-technology allowed the virus to not only survive outside of a host body, but to use excess carbon in the air to duplicate itself. The moment it was released into free flowing air, the viral strain duplicated on an impossible to track level. It was inhaled by all those in the vicinity, both human and pokemon alike. For several weeks, there was no sign of ill effects. Then several of the pokemon involved in the break in began to exhibit an inability to perform even the most basic of abilities pokemon were so well known for. Some of these pokemon tried to fight off the infection using abilities such as Refresh and Serene Grace, but it was this that caused the virus to mutate in way none could have foreseen.

Even the Rocket scientists had no way of stopping it, and the new strain of virus was given the name 'Omega'. The virus presented itself similar to Necrotizing fasciitis, causing initial blistering of the skin or external epidermis, but quickly moved on to break down the cells below resulting in flesh, muscle and in some cases bone, to literally waste away. Reported cases of the infection began to spread, and it became clear that unless something was done, the extinction of the entire pokemon species looked imminent. Information taken straight from the Rocket scientists that constructed the virus showed that it was latching on to the unique chromosomes that only pokemon possessed. The ones that granted them the ability to use the attacks and skills they possessed. It was because of this, that humans remained unaffected by the disease. The virus was dying out in their bodies, destroyed by normal white blood cells before it had a chance to latch onto a cell or for an effective antibody against it to be created.

The Rockets, fearing their own futures if they were ever convicted of genocide, helped to find a way to stop extinction. There was no time left to synthesis an antidote, so drastic measures were taken. Using the same Nano Technology that had been used to reinforce the virus, it was re-programmed to seek out the sources the virus was attacking and to literally hold the cells together, rebuilding them faster than they were decaying. Early tests showed an almost instant success, and the nano's were released into the air in hopes that they would spread far enough to halt the deterioration of pokemon. A number of dispersal's were made all over the world in an effort to spread the nano's faster than the virus, and after a few days, reports stopped coming in.

Tests showed that pokemon were still infected with the virus, and that it was being passed on from mother to child. However, the nano technology, christened NoTek, was doing the same, constantly reinforcing the pokemon biology against the infection, stopping it from developing further. Was was becoming evident though, was how well the pokemon themselves were adapting to the NoTek. Since the virus primarily attacked the chromosomes that allowed them to use their attacks, it was these that were being reinforced the most by the NoTek. Pokemon were suddenly able to perform attacks, and use their abilities to a much greater and more sophisticated level.

The world was forced to change to meet this new development. Silph Co, who had long supported and funded the legal research into nano-technology began to market new equipment designed to interact with the NoTek, without interfering with it's primary purpose of keeping the virus under control. Pokeballs were soon off the market, replaced by the new and improved Beta Ball and Alpha Ball. The unique feature of these balls was their ability to hold more than one pokemon within it's form. Beta balls, for the beginning trainer held up to twelve, while Alpha Balls could hold a massive thirty at once.

Pokemon Trainers were given new licences, that allowed them to have an on person team of eight pokemon, however the starting age was increased to sixteen, meaning all trainers were required to study at least the minimum requirement of school. Pokedex's came fitted with e-mail and satellite phone, as well as the usual pokemon identifying features of old. Trainers starting out were given two starter pokemon, of practically any species, unlike a choice of only three in the past. Each trainer is given a wristwatch, that when in close proximity to another, generates a holographic display of the opponent's battling statistics. Using this system it is possible for trainers to see their own stats generated by their opponents watch.

Battling remained much the same. Though an attack could affect so much more of the arena now, sometimes inhibiting a pokemon, or completely blocking them. Some pokemon develop attacks on their own, some are helped along by their trainers. Other attacks come as a standard like the days of old. Since most of the original Gym Leaders and Elite Members had grown older or moved on, a new, fresh faced league was created. Though they followed the same rules and type affection as those in the past, a few modifications were made, namely the reversal of two types between the Gyms and Elite Four.

Team Rocket themselves have since given up and most have handed themselves over to the authorities. Crime it seems, has reverted back to it's original pettiness. Of course, there's no telling how many are left that are still firm believers in Giovanni Rocket's ways. Only time will tell.

27th October 2005, 10:04 PM
Looking forward to seeing this written as a fic, Dan. I do recall you writing it as one a long time ago, and then deciding to turn it into an RPG on more than one occasion (sadly it died each time). I've always liked this idea, as you know, having asked to incporate bits and pieces of it into my own fics and such in the past. But, as I said, I'm glad you've decided to write this out as a fic in its own right. Good luck.

28th October 2005, 1:42 AM
Turning the RPG into a fic, eh? Sounds pretty cool! Shame the RPG didn't stay alive very long. Meh, you'e writing a fic, now, so I guess that means you've moved on.

Well, what can I say about the background? It was original the first time and my opinions haven't changed since then. It's an interesting sort of turn of events that makes sense and has interesting effects on not just the way Pokémon battle, but on most of the world.

I'm eager to see you turn this into a fic and wish you the best of luck!


28th October 2005, 1:52 AM
O_O Holy crap, that Omega virus is almost IDENTICAL to the Missingno soul-scraper virus in my own fanficiton, Sin. I was not expecting that at all. XP

As Psychic's said, it's a really interesing turn of events, and I love all those new ideas you put into the Omega Generation, such as the Alpha/Beta balls, the Pokedexs, and the wristwatches. It's making Pokemon battling far more involved and futurstic and seems to be a radical but interesing concept. It's attracted my interest, so I'll be sure to read this when it's released. If I don't review, usually means I missed it, so feel free to poke me on PM when it''s out. XD

8th November 2005, 12:42 AM
I loved the idea of it as a RPG, am even more loving it now as a Fic. I'll be reading as it was a shame that both attempts at making it a RPG died out. I don't have a lot else to say as most of what was written I already knew, but in more detail. I might not review, as you more than likely have no use of the opinions of a relative nobody as myself, but I'll be reading, I really want to find out more.