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28th October 2005, 4:29 AM
I need a little help on my plot summary for my Return of Team Rocket RPG. Here is my current plot:
__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________
Ever Wonder what happened to Team Rocket?
What did they do after Fire Red/Leaf Green?
If they all blended in with us, wouldn't the urge to steal be too great?
And since they had hunreds, if not thousands of members, would the crime rate go up Higher and higher?
What happened to Geovanni? Did he blend in, too?
Maybe. But then again, Maybe not. What happened to Team Rocket Headquarters? Where was it?
All these questions have answers, and all those answers have more questions. They were never ment to be revealed. Or were they?
If they were, why am I going to tell you?
Because I want to, that's why. That is also your first answer.
But why do I want to? See what I mean? Okay, I'll stop. These are getting silly.

The RPG starts out following the story of a young, white, freckly (is that a word?) boy named Jay with black hair who had just started out on his journey in Daseno (pronounced DAS-EAN-OH) with his Pikachu, nicknamed Pika. His mom left on her Pokemon journey and was never heard from ever again, of course making him very nervous about the journey he was about to make himself. His dad gives him a Pokedex/Pokenav, and a hat with a "M" on it (This is for Ash reference. He does turn it sideways when catching Pokemon, after all). He gets two friends for company, and for protection. What more can he ask for?
Meanwhile, Geovanni, desprate for the power of controlling an infamous and powerful crinimal organaztion, plots his comeback. The world had brought him down to a mere shadow, and that shadow wanted revenge. He calls up his friends to help him with the huge task of creating the huge organization again. He will not give up.
Jay and Pika have some great battles together and win all eight badges. But his encounters with the slowly-growing Team Rocket gradually turn him closer and closer to becoming evil, and his friends try to pulll him away from it, but after battling the Elite Four, the champion gets ambushed by Team Rocket. Instead of helping the Champion, Jay joins Team Rocket, causing his best friends and his rival to become his sworn enemies. Team Rocket makes off with 6 Pokemon, and Jay follows. Geovanni gives him his approval, and Jay starts his Team Rocket Training.
He becomes the key to making Team Rocket better than ever. In Kanto, he finds four members of a bike gang, who help him in stealing a high-tech device called a Snag Machine from a 17-year-old boy in Orre, and learning how to artifically close Pokemon's hearts, turning them into battle machines. When he tests it out, he snags a Meowth, who can talk! He goes back to Kanto to present the Meowth to Geovanni. However, since the Meowth gave up Pay Day to talk, he is useless. Instead, two of the bike gang members volenteer to take the Meowth. Geovanni gives it to them, and gives them the Names Team Rocket Admins Jessie and James. Meowth gets the honor of being Top Cat. They start their training right away. Later, Jay gives the Snag Mahine to Geovanni, who starts working on mass-producing it. Jay then travels the world with the two new members of Team Rocket, who were the other two members of the bike gang. Geovanni figures that the best training they could get was to follow Jay. They bring new recruits for Team Rocket, all the while being chased by his former friends. The new recruits make Team Rocket's name known throughout the world once more. Jay also aides an organization in Orre named Cipher with their Shadow Pokemon plan, also catching a Lugia for the key of the plan, called XD001. Jay remains loyal to Team Rocket, and rises in power. Then the RPG ends on a cliff, leaving people waiting for the sequel.
Will Jay turn back to the Light side? Wait for the sequel. If you do, have a cookie.
His Current Team of Pokemon is:
Pikachu (Pika) Level 5 ;025;
Munchlax level 10 ;munchlax;

These two are the pokemon he has as of my recent update to my story, which I am writing on Microsoft Word. I will release it in segments.

Here is the Gym Leader/Elite Four Members so far:
1st Gym: NO LEADER
2nd Gym: NO LEADER
3rd Gym: Dawn Yukoru : Specialty: Grass . Holds Blade Badge
4th Gym: NO LEADER
5th Gym: NO LEADER
6th Gym: NO LEADER
7th Gym: Jonathan : Specialty: Water . Holds Hydro Badge
8th gym: Kor. Battling Along-Side Pokemon. Holds the Warrior Badge.
Elite Four 1: NO PERSON
Elite Four 2: Karen: Specialty: Electricity
Elite Four 3: Ian: Specialty: Normal
Elite Four 4: Jamie Snegum. Specalty: Balanced
__________________________________________________ _______________
Here is my current story. Note that this is what I have so far. I will change it later on.
The Return of Team Rocket
An RPG By PikaPika
Characters: http://img249.imageshack.us/img249/2285/pikapika2cj.png and http://img366.imageshack.us/img366/9650/frlgemtr0880gv.png (Kevin)
10-Year old Jay Stevens was racing down the stairs. He couldn’t believe it. He was about to get his first Pokémon from Professor Acorn! He wanted to be the very best. The best there ever was. He ran down the stairs, hoping to get there as fast as possible so he can get out of Little Nut, his town, and begin his journey.
“Jay, stop.” some one said. It was his dad.
“What is it?” Jay asked.
“I wanted to give you something.”
His dad gave him a Pokénav.
“What is it?” Jay said.
“It’s a Pokénav. It has a clock and calendar. It also doubles as a cell phone, map of Daseno, and Pokédex. Oh, I almost forgot.” Jay’s Dad looked through a box. He pulled out a red Baseball cap with a “M” on it.
“Here. For good luck.” He said.
“What’s the ‘M’ stand for?”
“You want to be a Pokémon Master, right?”
“That’s what it stands for.”
He gave Jay the hat.
“Now, go run to Professor Acorn.”
“I will.” Jay said, and he left.
Jay ran outside. Ahhhh, Fresh air. It almost made him forget the task at hand. He ran across town to Professor Acorn’s lab.
Meanwhile, in Kanto:
“I can’t believe that… that kid broke us up!” Giovanni cried. “We were at our prime!”
Persian hissed.
“Wait a minute. I can reform Team Rocket. I’ll call Trudly and Folly. We go way back. I’m sure they will help us.”
Back at Daseno:
When Jay walked in, there was an aide inside, but no Professor Acorn.
“Where’s Professor Acorn?” Jay asked.
“Oh, him? He ran off to his house.” the Aide answered.
Jay ran to Professor Acorn’s house. Inside was his wife.
“Where’s Professor Acorn?” Jay asked.
“He’s upstairs.” His wife said.
Upstairs, Jay found Professor Acorn talking to his daughter, Cid Woodsher Jay’s rival and friend, with one Pokéball in hand.
“Here you go, Cid.” He said.
He turned around and faced Jay.
“Sorry, but that was my last pokéball. Wait. I have one more. Come with me to my lab.”
Meanwhile, in Kanto:
“What do you mean you have a new boss? What’s his name? MINOR B.??? Is he that guy that most organizations like ours consider crazy? Fine. I’ll call on my other trusted admins in Daseno, Dawn Yukoru and INSERT NAME."
Back in Daseno:
“Thanks for the Pikachu, Professor. I’m going to call him Pika.” Jay said as he walked out of the lab.
On his way out of Little Nut, he was stopped by a boy of about 17 who was tall, thin, and slim. He had brown eyes and long blond black hair. He was about 6 feet. He had a green hat with an image of an egg in the front of it, a white t-shirt and a pair of dark-blue jeans. He kept on following Jay.
"Who are you?" Jay asked.
“Um… hi. Are you a trainer?” the kid said.
“Yes, I am. Hi, I’m Jay nice to meet you.” Jay said.
“Hi, I’m Luis. I’m a coordinator.”
“Oh, so you participate in contests?” Jay asked.
“Yes. I’m shy, so can I go with you?”
“Sure. I can use company.”
“Let’s get out of here.”
Meanwhile, in Kanto:
"So you will look in Daseno for new members?" Geovanni asked.
"Yes, sir." Dawn said.
"And if they don't want to join?"
"We steal their Pokemon."
"Good. Now get to work!"
30 minutes later, in Daseno:
"That place looks good." Jay said.
"You sure?"
"Do you see anywhere else for lunch?"
"We go here."
"May I show you to your table?" the waitress said.
She took them to a table out by the window.
"Here are your menus, boys." the waitress told them, and she walked off.
"Look, they have questions on them!" Jay said.
“Here's the first. Did you ever have a person you respect?” Luis asked.
“Yes, I did. He was a boy named Jamie Snegum who left when he was 7 with his bigger brother. He was told by everyone that he was too young, but at the dead of night, he snuck out and joined his brother. As he got older, they split up and he excelled at battling. Now he is 17 and the fourth member of the Elite Four. I hope to battle him someday, and beat him!”
“Calm down. You have a level 5 Pikachu. Don’t get your hopes up.” Luis responded.
“Oh, come on. I can bring anyone down.”
"Here are your orders." the waitress said.
They ate and paid their tab.
"Let's go." Luis said.
They continued on their journey. Suddenly, a Munchlax came out of a bush! It used bite on Pikachu, who was out of his Pokéball, having finished eating.
“Uh-Oh. This looks bad. It doesn’t learn bite until Level 10!” Luis cried.
“Pika, use Thunder!” Jay said.
Pika looked confused, and then the bite hit. Pikachu flew along the ground from the impact.
“What happened?” Jay asked.
“Pikachu doesn’t know that yet. Tell him to use Thundershock.”
“Okay. Pika, use Thundershock!”
A jolt of electricity flew out of Pikachu, knocking Munchlax to the ground. Munchlax couldn’t move.
“You got lucky. You paralyzed it. Now you throw a Pokéball.”
“Okay!” Jay moved his baseball cap to the side, took a Pokéball from his belt, made it larger and threw it at Munchlax. It glowed red and shook. Finally, Jay caught it. Before he could celebrate, a mysterious trainer appeared.
“Nice catch. I’m Kevin, a Pokémainiac. Wanna battle?” he said.
“Okay!” Jay said.
“Jay, are you sure?” Luis asked.
“Of course. I’m confident.”
“Let’s make this a two-on-two battle.” Kevin said. He sent out a Growlithe.
Jay pulled out the Pokénav and used the Pokedex.
“Growlithe, ;58;” The Pokedex said in a robotic male voice, “the fire beast Pokemon. Growlithe has a superb sense of smell. Once it smells anything, it won’t forget the sent, no matter what. It uses it’s advanced olfactory sense to determine the emotions of living things.”
Kevin also pulled out his Pokedex.
“Pikachu, ;025;” it said, “the electric mouse pokémon. This pokémon has electricity-storing pouches on it’s cheeks. These appear to be electrically charged during the night while Pikachu sleeps. It occasionally discharges electricity if it is dozy when waking up.”
“This shouldn’t be hard. Pika, come out!” Jay said.
Luis held two flags, watching from the sidelines.
“Let the two-on-two battle between Jay’s Pika and Kevin’s Growlithe begin!” Luis said.
As soon as he was done, Jay said, “Go, Pika! THUNDERSHOCK!”
Pika came out of his Pokéball with a large bolt of electricity. It took Growlithe by surprise and managed to K.O. it in one hit.
“Kevin’s Growlithe is unable to battle.” Luis said.
“Wow. Pika is strong.” Kevin said. “But not strong enough for you Larvitar!”
He sent out Larvitar.
Jay’s Pokedex said, “Larvitar, ;246; the mountain pokémon. Larvitar is born deep under the ground. To come up to the surface, it must eat its way through the soil above. Until it does so, this pokémon cannot see it’s parent’s face.”
“Larvitar, Earthquake!” Kevin shouted.
Larvitar pounded the ground, and an earthquake occurred, causing Pika to become off balance. It fell, and got covered in rocks. Jay returned it and sent out Munchlax.
“Munchlax, ;munchlax;” The pokédex said, “The Eating pokémon. Munchlax loves to eat. If it goes without food for more than ten minutes, It will go on a-” The pokédex got cut off when Munchlax used bite and hit Larvitar, who was sitting there, waiting for orders. Kevin closed the Pokedex and started to battle Munchlax.
“Larvitar, use Earth-” Kevin started, but Munchlax started to fire Hyper Beams, one after the other, right at Larvitar without orders! Within minutes it Larvitar was K.Oed.
Jay then threw a berry out on the field and Munchlax stopped to eat the berry.
“What?” Kevin asked. He handed Jay $500.
“Didn’t you listen to your Pokedex? Munchlax goes on a rampage every ten minutes unless fed every ten minutes.” Jay said.
__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ___
I need a better summary to get the Serebii Seal of Approval. Can I get a little help?

1st November 2005, 7:15 PM
It's Going A Little too Fast, I Think
"Yes. I’m shy, so can I go with you?”
“Sure. I can use company.”
“Let’s get out of here.”
“Did you ever have a person you respect?"
If He's shy He's Not going To Ask Him That Straight Away, He would E.G. Ask him His Age Or something first.
And The Battles Should Be More Detailed
Looking Good

2nd November 2005, 12:12 PM
Thanks for the advice. i ahve updated it a bit. *Yawns* too early to fix the rest. will do it later.
edit: Now it's fixed.

26th November 2005, 6:13 AM
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Ummm... Ian, are you okay? I don't have any idea what you mean. (He's a good friend of mine, He's known me since I was in 4th grade-4 years ago).

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