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29th October 2005, 3:02 PM
It was another dark day in the land of Johto. There was a strange feeling in the air, as if something horrible was about to happen. But, I'm getting ahead of myself. I am Samantha, the keeper of the records in Johto. Johto has been a horrible place for the past ten years. Overlord Kaos (OCC: Kaos is spelled wrong on perpose, it is his real name) has been ruling over Johto with an iron fist for 10 years, and is becoming more powerful every day. But, a Resistance has risen and has been fighting againest Kaos for 3 years.

It all started when Kaos became a Captain in the Johto Millitary, back when the land was peaceful. He commited many crimes, and framed his superier, General Altmare. Altmare was kicked out of the army, and as a present Kaos became a General. But his thrist for power didn't stop there. He paid many Generals and Captains in the army to come to his side. Many joined him, and soon the Johto army was led by greedy slimballs, that would do anything for money. Kaos had a big party in Goldenrod to celebrate his promotion, inviting the Johto Presisdent and many other Generals. During all the fun, Kaos had the President killed, and with him gone, Johto had a new election. With the Generals paid for, he had it won before it started. He became President and asked for emergency powers from the generals to take over Orre, for it was getting out of hand. It was given to him, and instead of attacking Orre, and giving them a greater police force, he organized hem into two rival groups, Team Psyche and Team Midnight. He declared himself Emperer and took over all of Johto. The Region went down the drain after that, with Psyche and Midnight plundering the land, and destroying everything.

Now let me take you back where we started. It was another dark day in the land of Johto. There was a strange feeling in the air, as if something horrible was about to happen. A large cloud of dust was coming from the North and South, both scaring all the wild Pokemon away. What was about to happen? Only time could tell.
The following characters are approved: (please note I'm copying and pasting, the mispellings are not mine :p)

Name: Gary Pinegrove, spies as codename PsyBurner
Side: Republic, sometimes plays as an undercover spy on Team Psyche
Position: Mostly spy work, spies as an Elite Trainer Rank on Team Psyche
Description: Teenage boy with dark brown hair and green eyes. Wears a steel blue sweatshirt, dark green cargo pants, and a navy blue baseball cap, facing backwards. When he's undercover, he wears a Team Psyche uniform that's slightly altered to fit his style.
History: Gary grew up in Azalea Town with his Cyndaquil, until about when he was 5 (yes, he grew up with his cyndaquil ^-^; ) when Azalea was conquered and destroyed by the Empire. His cousin is the former gym leader, Bugsy, of whom he does not know the location of where he's at.
Pokemon: Typhlosion, Golduck, Espeon, Ampharos, Tyranitar, Venusaur

Name:Wes Midnight
Position:Elite Fighter
Pokemon:Salamence,Dragonite,Sneasel,Flygon,Mightye na,Absol and Houndoom

name:Nick Lord
Position:Elite Fighter
Pokemon:Metagross,Joelteon,Secptile,Machamp,Alakaz am,and Slaking

Name: Terry Blown
Side: Republic
Position: Leader of Cherrygrove
Age: 17
Description: Thin,tall,long black hair,he has blue eyes and he wears a scarf that covers part of his face.He uses also a green hat and jeans.
History: He loved normal pokemon since he was young,he likes healing them and has always treated pokemon with lots of love.He trained all his pokemon to know Return
Pokemon: Girafarig,Blissey,Kecleon,Slaking,Porygon2,Shedinj a, and Castform.

Name: Sarah Conway
Side: Empire
Position: Imperial Soldier
Age: 18
Pokemon: Rapidash, Magmar, Ninetales, Fearow, Golem

Now let me give you the basic starting point.

The Imperial Lake of Rage Army vs. The Republican Mahogony Army

Team Psyche is Raiding Erekutec City, in order to get heat off of Kaos.

Team Midnight is waiting in the shadows, ready to attack.
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Seth looked ahead, at the cloud of dust approching him and his small strike team. He knew he couldn't win by pure power, he'd have to make a strategy. "Alright, we'll split up into groups. Me and you two," he pointed at two soldiers,"And you six will split up into two groups as well. Now you three get everyone's Golems, run straight into the army, at have tem use Explosion. Then the last two groups will attack from both sides, we'll take as many as we can."

29th October 2005, 3:28 PM
In Ecruteak City, the Team Psyche's forces were heavily engaged in a heated battle against the Imperial forces that were locally stationed there. One of which was a teenage boy in an altered form of the Team Psyche's uniform. His opponent was a gruff looking Imperial soldier with a Persian standing infront of him. With that, the boy smirked and tossed a pokeball onto the battlefield, saying nothing more than muttering, "Use Psychic," long before the pokemon appeared. In a bright flash of light, the boy's Espeon came out of the pokeball and hissed at the Persian, "Esp.." The Espeon's gem on his forehead glowed softly, and his eyes glowed a bright shade of blue. An aurora of the same color surrounded the Persian, lifting it high into the air. "Now use Swift." While the Persian was still being injured by the Psychic atack, Espeon now opened his mouth, shooting dozens of tiny star-like particles at the Persian, knocking it out. When the soldier lost the battle, he ran off to go get reinforcements. A man immediately approached the boy, aproving his victory with slight dificulties. "You are needed for some recon work up at Rage." The man said brusquely. The boy nodded and without saying a word, returned his Espeon and walked down the path to the edge of town. He then released a Togetic, which used Psychic to lift him into the air, and then with a shake of the Togetic's hands, they were gone in a whisp of smoke. The man stared in awe, and then returned to warn the Team Psyche of the coming reinforcements. Meanwhile, in a hidden, run-down tree fort right off of the lake of Rage, the boy and his Togetic appeared, the boy returning his Togetic, his disposition completely different. He smiled, "Good job, Espeon and Togetic." He walked up to a PC in the corner and exchanged his Togetic's ball for a new one. He then quickly changed into his usual attire and left the tree fort to find the Republic's Army to help out some.

Eternal Daydreamer
29th October 2005, 4:22 PM
Sarah was watching the incoming strike force with gritted teeth. She was postioned on the outside of the army. A lousy job, normally since you get attacked first. "You two!" she yelled and beckoned two soildiers towards her. "You stay with me to fight off these three, the rest of ya follow general's orders!" They did as they were told.

The three attackers were replubicans and had Golems out. Sarah sent out Rapidash. The two soilders she had called sent out a Venasaur and a Blastoise. "Now, let's see what this strike force has got."

29th October 2005, 4:25 PM
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Tauros Rider2
29th October 2005, 5:13 PM
Wes rested on the bench waiting for his next mission.He looked to his slamence and said "lets go salamence, and hit the training room". As they arrived to the training room somebody else was there.So they had a battle "Salamence,Go!"Wes sent out Salamence and the other midnight member sent out a Flygon.He knew who he was battling against,Dale an elite fighter second only to Wes. "Flygon, use Dragon claw!" Dale said
Wes said "Salamence dodge his attack!". The attack was dodged and then "Salamence use Dragon Breath!" Salamence used it and hit Flygon.Dale told "Flygon use Sandstorm!". "Salamence use Dragon Claw!" Wes said.Salamence did what he was told to do and hit Flygon and finished the battle.You really are as good as the others say you are Dale said.With that Wes went back to rest and so did Salamence.

29th October 2005, 9:18 PM
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Normal trainer
30th October 2005, 4:30 AM
"People,hurry up,we have lots of people and pokemon to cure."Terry Blown was worried that the hurt people could increase quickly.The nemy was getting nearer.They need to keep the line if not they couldnt get time to heal the people.All his pokemon were occupied."Castform!Get this message to the general."The message reads:

The enemy was getting territory.If you cant keep the line,we will have to left some people.I need my Castform back,we will need all the help we can get.

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The enemy was getting nearer.The Grovyles and Shiftrys finally got to Cherrygrove.They strted to use bullet seed on the building.
"Castform!Go for help,tell the generañl that we are being attacked.

30th October 2005, 4:21 PM
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Jo punched the trainer in the face and ran away.

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The boy stealthily ran down the forest path that was a secret back road he had made to get to Mahogany easily. He had gotten word at the Lake, that there was some trouble in Mahogany, so he decided to help out. When he got to the Republic Headquarters in Mahogany, he signed in with the front desk, and went outside. There were trainers battling everywhere, a scene very similar to that of Ecruteak. It seemed that there were always battles going on these days. He shrugged it off and looked around for a trainer to battle. He knew that only fighting could stop these battles, so he would make sure he did a good job battling.

8th November 2005, 4:26 AM
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