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RaZoR LeAf
29th October 2005, 4:41 PM
You are welcomed to to

The RPG Winter Ball

Please regard all rules the RPG Ball committee has put in place

* No SPAMMING. This is still an RPG, not a chat thread *
* No flaming *
* No advertising other RPGs *
* Do not cause unnecessary damage to the mansion *
* The bar staff will serve anyone but the RPG Committee will not be held responsible for alcohol related illness or death *
* Any excessive violence will result in your character being thrown outside *
* Events will be held at the RPG Committee's discretion only *
* Please view topic on Dark skin, for proper spooky atmosphere *


The night sky was a carpet of deep blue, stars twinkling amongst the darkness. A full moon floated overhead, reflecting a silver light down over an old house, surrounded by a desolate and dead forest. An owl hooted to itself, and the howling of wolves echoed around the open grounds. The old house was one long ago abandoned, it's occupants forced out by a mysterious presence. Some say it was built on the desecrated graves of long dead devil worshipers, others say the father was driven crazy and murdered all those inside. But most know the truth. Laurence Llewellyn Bowen decorated the house. Beside the house, a scruffy graveyard lay, stones overturned and some pits unfinished. The occasional bone lay scattered over the floor, while in a murky bog, something appeared to be moving beneath the surface.

Pushing on the front door, it slowly creaked open. Footsteps echoed on the marble floor where they shouldn't have. The door slammed behind, and the sounds of chains being dragged across the floors of the rooms above echoed in the empty halls. With candles gradually lit, some light began to fill the room. A grand stair case in the centre of the room led up to the higher rooms. The ceiling reached up high, littered with chandeliers that also bore unlit candles. Cobwebs hung from every corner of the old wooden architecture, and a light mist seemed to seep out from behind closed doors. At once, all the lit candles were extinguished plunging the mansion into complete darkness. A guttural roar filled the halls, followed by an angry voice that screamed,


"A little extreme on the atmospherics don't you think?"
"Look this guy is good, he knows how to make a place scary."
"Dias' version of scary doesn't conform with a normal person's version of scary."
"Well tough, he was happy enough to be paid in waffles, so it's no downer on the wallet."

Dan flicked a switch on the small remote he held in his pocket. All the candles flickered to life, lit by small motorised mechanisms that had been built into them especially for times like this. Floating up the great staircase, he plugged in the speakers in each corner of the rafters, and made sure they all worked properly. Fingering a skeleton key, he unlocked all the main doors into the other rooms, and made sure all the food and drink was out ready. Returning to the main lobby, the bar staff were arriving. Each one, a well tailored zombie, in dapper tuxedo, and all bleeding orifices firmly sealed up as per health and safety regulations. One took a stand behind the main bar that had been built in the lobby, while others stood by ready to take people's coats. Dantoo sat on a stool besides the main bar.

"Scotch, two rocks."
The zombie barman handed him a short glass with a gold coloured drink floating around two square ice cubes. Dan held the glass, and the drink drained away from the glass, absorbed into the Porygon hybrid's body.
"Oh god you're on the alcohol already?"
"Hey shut up, i'm the one keeping this costume going, so put up or shut up!"
"Hmmph, fine. But if you get drunk don't think i'm going to drag you around everywhere."
"Like I have a choice.."
"Whatever. Look, people are going to start arriving soon, so give the grumpy a rest."

Dan shuddered, but it was mostly Dantoo doing the shuddering. His costume was rancid. His coat looked like it was knitted together from a hundred skinned bats, and in places it pulsated like it was alive. His skin was mottled, decaying and in some places missing revealing bone underneath. One eye was almost hollowed out, and a foul looking black mist seemed to trail behind him wherever he moved.

"Dark, ghost. Ghost, dark. At least Christmas will have a nicer choice of attire."

Dantoo pushed open the doors and turned on the guide lights that had been attached to the roof. A massive circle of light lit the ground in front of the door, while several small light acted as a guide along the path.

"Good effort. Maybe you should have a medal."
"Bite me flesh sack."

29th October 2005, 7:22 PM
Alex grinned widely as he took in the sight of the mansion. "Man, these guys know how to place parties." he laughed for himself. The far away howling of a wolf made his laughter seem kinda out of place. He squinted, and continued walking.

Then evening was just perfect for this happening. Full moon and pitch dark, with only the wavering lights of probably over 100 candlelights inside as a source of light. Alex could not stop grinning. This was just too grand to be true. He quickly arranged his mood to fit the costume he was wearing.

A serious mask fell on his face. His eyes turned cold and harsh, followed by the now very silent face. He rested the hands on the knives that were hanging in sheats half-covered by the black cape. He adjusted them to a more revealed position out of the cape's shade. It was not the best way to wear them, seing as they were supposed to be hidden for the victim's eyes. But these were only just for show. Not like the real ones he was not wearing. He ruffled his hair a bit and pushed open the creaking doors. The assassin Alex Grassthunder had arrived. It was almost enough to make him laugh again.

29th October 2005, 7:47 PM
I just flew in the door. Forget costumes, when your a dragon from birth, why dress up?

I looked around. Dull, boring and overall a snoozefest. If only Sorg and Ro were here, Sorg would certainly liven it up. I laughed imagining Sorg floating around, staring at everyone and everything that came in the doors. I looked like a fool, but I didn't care.

Who would mess with THE Nylf. The Flygon who had, on numerous occasions, saved the world. The Flygon who merely needed to be exposed to the light of the Black Emerald to near quadruple in size, turn pitch black and become the most infamous Legendary in Hoenn. The Flygon who had won the Hoenn league. No-one with half a mind or who liked their bones in one piece.

Alcohol, human filth. Why do they shove that stuff into their bodies, when they know it's killing them? Neither Drake nor Suila once had wine, even on their wedding day. It was cool being the Best dragon that day, but it made life dull.

No more legandary confrontations. No more leagues, and all challengers for the title being rookies with more guts than brains. Though Drake was much like them. And Suila had neither guts or brains! Still, she's a great friend, and I'm glad that Drake and her got together. What a journey.

Time travellers, psychos trying to shrink or expand the sea, reincarnation, and then there was when Tac cheated on Suila. That was a very differant day.

Well, reminiscing is all fine and good, but i think I might as well get this party started, now wheres my guitar?

OOC: I'm still Nylf, but I'm using his fanfic past, since it's much more fun! And this was just Nylf's intro, I'll be more in-depth on the place next time. Didn't want Nylf to be too much of an enigma.

29th October 2005, 10:19 PM
Seth slowly walked down the path that led to the woods. He looked around to make sure that Scorch and Minnie were still following him. Minnie was huddled close to Seth's head from fright and Scorch was hanging on to Seth's leg. All around them the trees creaked and owls hooted.

"Man, this is one spooky trail. The party had better be worth it. Maybe I should have worn a costume. Oh well, at least now people can see my dashing good looks," Seth said out loud. Scorch started to snicker at the last remark.

The trio made a bend and looked up. Standing before them was the most terrifying house ever. There was a cemetary nearby that had a few incomplete graves in it. Seth gulped and slowly walked to the door. The gate behind him creaked from, hopefully, the wind. He pushed the door open and looked into a well lit room. A zombie came from around the corner.

"May I take your jacket?" he asked in a dead voice.


"Maybe I shouldn't have brought you two along. This guy sure knows how to scare people," Seth said.

OOC: All of Seth's PokeMon can talk, if that's all right.

29th October 2005, 10:47 PM
Tommy walks down the path to the mansion.Tommy's Machoke and Charizard behind them.(Yeah I know why didn't Tommy ride his Charizard)

"Is this it?" Tommy asked and looks at the paper that he wrote down the stuff about the mansion."Yup it is it looks scary..."

"Ma Machoke!" cried Machoke right behind Tommy."Char Charizard!" cried Charizard on the other side of Tommy.

Tommy smiles to his pokemon.Tommy walks up to the mansion opens the gate the gate screeches behind Machoke who was the last one to enter the scary lawn of the mansion.

Tommy sits down on the floor for a while rubbing his foot."Why didn't i just ride you Charizard*sigh*" Tommy said."That just shows to see how stupid I really am." Tommy cheerfully smiled at his pokemon while they look at Tommy.

"Return Charizard and you too Machoke."Tommy said.Machoke and Charizard go back to their pokeballs.Tommy gets up and starts to walk to the Mansion door and begins to turn the knob but heres a fainting noise in there.

"Whoa!" Tommy yelled."That was wierd." Tommy starts to turn the knob and enters the mansion and sees a man standing right there in front of Tommy.

(Sorry that its short)

29th October 2005, 11:20 PM
Tessie, in her Djinn form, looking like hr costume, strode quickly over and glanced about. She rose her head, and straightened her shoulders. She went swiftly into the room, looking around. A mask appeared in her hand and she slippped it onto her face, brushing a strand of her long black hair out of the way. She glanced quickly around the room. It was decorated very beautifully, she thought. It was lined with spooky items, and scary things, for it was her holdiay, the holiday of Demons, ghouls, ghosts, witches...halloween.

She made her way through the crowd over to the punch table and looked around. Everything was pretty crowded, except here. She settled herself in a chair and glanced meekly about, the large intake of the crowd a bit much for her small calculationg eyes. She blinked and shewas on the sixth plane. It was bright, she couldn't much sense any other magical residue form demons, like afrits, or sentries. Which was good.

She yawned and stood up, tossing her hari back behing her head and using hertail to twist it into a half-pony behind her head. There were hundreds of people here, butshe didn't mind.It was a time to celebrate. It was halloween. She smiled devishly ot herself and moved through the crowd, spliting herway back up to the front, where she saw a boy in the doorway and a man in front of him.

She turned away and looked around else where, like to the dance floor. She side-stepped some people and scrunched her way back through the crowd. It was like a sea of roaring people, every single one of them chatting their heads off.

Power Shot
30th October 2005, 1:28 AM
"Keep in line," Kor muttered to his Pokemon, confusing those around him in Pokemon language. "What are you looking at?" Kor threatened a fellow party goer.

He didn't even want to come to the ridiculous thing, but Grovyle and Scizor had agreed the relaxation would be good for him. So he had come, though he had refused point blank to wear a costume.

"Besides, I look scary enough without a costume," he grunted to himself, searching for the drinks table. He scanned the room for familiar faces, but found that he had seen only one, Tessie had decided to attend as well.

"I'll speak to her later," Kor muttered, dodging through the foul-smelling people, towards the liqour.

30th October 2005, 2:59 AM
Takashi walked to the mansion. "Ow," he said, because Zigzagoon was clinging to him on his head."Will you..ow...stop...ow!...clinging on MY HEAD?" Zigzagoon trembly slipped off.

"Look,"he said,"Sorry, but I don't want to look like a total freak there. Besides, the scary thingies are costumes, not actual ones." Then, for some strange reason, Zigzazoon walked triumphantly. "Okkk.."Takashi said when he saw this,"Just walk normally." Zigzagoon did what he was told.

When they got there, a Frankenstein gave them a mask. Takashi said thanks, and continued, with Zigzagoon right behind....

Normal trainer
30th October 2005, 4:46 AM
Chilly was a bit late,so he flew quickly to the mansion."Castform,hurry up or we will miss all the event!"

He saw a large mansion"It seems that they reall worked on the scenery"He press a button and a scream came out."Wow!They also change the ring to make this more scary"

Finally a tall man in a Frankehnstein costume receive him.He told Chilly that what was doing a child there.

He told the man that he was a guest.The Frankenstein tell him that he was a bit late.Then he let Chilly and Castform entry.

"It is too hot in here,use my fan!"Then castform and Chilly go and started eating the food.

30th October 2005, 5:04 AM
A dark runs swiftly to the mansion.

"I can't be late," he said in a British accent.

He makes it, opens the door, and enters....

He takes off his black coat and puts it on the wooden coat hanger nearby.

He stretches a bit and gets ready for the time of his life.

30th October 2005, 5:08 AM
"...What am I doing here?"

Rafe said, as he stepped into the giant mansion, in which the Halloween party was being held. Light filled the entire room, in where people started pouring in from the outside. From top to bottom, Halloween decorations filled the room. From fake bats hanging from the walls, to cobwebs on the steps and walls.

"Oh yeah, almost forgot my costume..." Rafe said, wraping a light yellow scarf around his neck. Not unlike his usuall clothes, he kept his costume mostly one color. Grey pants and shirt, both somehow having a slightly matalic look to them. Raph slid a red helmet onto his head, along with a black visor completely covering his eyes from sight from other people.

"Well, this place sure is fancy... It's just a Halloween party, gosh..." Rafe said, making another complaint. This place very much contrasted his house, that was mearly made of wood, and was also in a dangerous forest. "Well, at least I can ruin other people's good time with rude and sarcastic comments..." He said, walking over to a food table.

Along the side of the room was a very long table with what appeared to be live rats running along the sides. Rafe slightly chuckled "This place is giant, the owner is obviously wealthy. Yet they still have rats here...". He started laughing a little louder, until he got a close look at the so-called "rats". They were nothing but black cups rolling along the floor.

"Only cups? All well, I can still use this to mess with people..." Rafe said, picking one of the cups up. Examining it closely, the cup seemed to be fancy, although it was obviously plastic. "Seems like a waste to make out of a cup... All well!" Rafe said, quickly making a plan.

Holding the cup out, and from out of site from other people, Rafe pulled a few strands of his long, dark hair from his head. Wincing slightly, he attached them to the cup, making the illusion of whiskers. He was making a fake rat out of the cup, although if someone looked at it distinctly, it would just look like an ordinary cup. "Let's see how the people react to this..." Rafe said, placing the cup on its side onto the table.

Laughing slightly, Rafe took a few chips, before walking away from the table. Smirking, he left, waiting for his mischivous act to be recognized.

30th October 2005, 5:17 AM
The man, AKA Butch, walked into the Men's restroom.

2 minutes, he leaved the room, finding something to do.

"I'm bored," he said, "There's nothing to do here. Where's the real fun?"

30th October 2005, 6:09 AM
Floating down from on high like a leaf in the wind, Taikashi came upon the mansion, preparing for a harsh landing on the roof.

Very harsh.


"Oh well, there went the weathervane...and a window...and a couple shingles...and another window..." He said.

Rubbing his rump, Taikashi picked up his belongings, the various Materia, and his shotgun, and placed them all in the correct holdings. Making sure everything was where it was supposed to be, he opened a hidden hatch on the roof, and descended into the fathomless deep.

Er...the mansion.

Picking his way past cobwebs and spiders the size of dinnerplates (very few of those lived when he met them,) Taikashi finally made it out of the attic and into the top floors of the place. Checking the rooms as he walked towards the main stairs, he found many couples on the beds.


"Sorry ma'mn!"

What the hell do you think you're doing?

"Forgive me sir."

On and on it went like this. Finally he reached the main staircase, and descended it. Not in the normal way, of course.

His way.

Screeee went his feet on the banister as he slid down it precariously, shotgun raised to fend off horrible creatures. And one of those horrible creatures was standing at the front door, taking jackets from guests!

"YOU FIEND!" He roared, raising the shotgun another inch and blowing a 6-inch hole through the door. Surprised by this action, alot of people dropped to the floor instinctively, hands over their heads.

"TAIKASHI! WHAT'D I TELL YOU!?" He heard a voice roar. It belonged to the person who had given the party invites.

"Sorry, I forgot. Besides, this costume just...makes me want to be violent..." He mumbled an apology.

Dan mumbled, and walked away, pausing long enough to yell out "And that door had better get fixed soon!"

Not wanting the master of the mansion mad, Taikashi focused his mind and the Materia settled into his gun started to glow. Slowly, sliver by sliver, the door mended itself, and all was right again. Now mumbling to himself, Taikashi apologized to the door zombie, who gave him a hard look. Walking over to the bar, he resisted the urge to blow a hole through the zombie working there.

"Anything alcoholic to make me forget my troubles will work."

"Mmmm..." the zombie gurgled, mixing an assortment of the fiery liquids together. Taking his glass, Taikashi lifted into the air, wanting to find a place away from the crowd. Settling into the rafters above a small dance floor, he sipped his alcoholic beverage. This was going to be a very interestin....


Off went the shotgun, blowing a hole in the roof above him...

30th October 2005, 6:18 AM
Butch went to hide under a chair to avoid the gunshots.

What is going on, he thought, as he readies his staff for a battle.

30th October 2005, 6:26 AM
"Wow, that is sure some place to hold a party," I commented as I saw the mansion looming in front of me, coeplete with fallen oak trees, many animals scampering about in the slient darkness, and many pairs of eyes looking at me, even though I was almost invisble by camoflauging againt the jet-black sky with my black jeans, jacket and gloves. Guess my hair gave it away, along with my shoes and shirt. And espically my eyes.

I looked up and grinned and the bright full moon that hung on the night sky live a sliver orb. I walked on the long, sandy path with Zaber and Gabu. I held my charm tightly as the howl that we heard next didn't really sound promsing.

"Luci, why are we here in the first place?" inquired Gabu.

"Because we received an invitation to come here to celebrate good ol' Halloween," I replied, smiling at him. Gabu nodded in reply as Zaber, my Absol, tugged at my sleeve and pointed in front of us. I looked at his direction and my jaw dropped.

Up close, the house was entirely different. It could be my imagination. Many broken bones were scattered here and there. Also, some graveyards were left overturned or half-dug. Ad I could hear a stone moving from time to time. Gabu shivered a little.

I sighed and ruffled up my already messy flaming hair for about the millioneth time. Really, this seemed... wierd. I should have been looking for Topaz, but something in my mind just nagged me to come here. Even Gabu could enter the Real World. I opened one of the gigantic double oak doors, and strolled into the hall.

From the outside to the inside, the place was totally different. Almost every Hallo'ween decors you could think of were all in that very place, from a life-sized Frankenstien or Dracula to fake bats hanging from the ceiling or even GIGANTIC plastic spiders. There was a Frankenstien standing at the door. He held out his hand, requesting for my invtation. I took it out and handed it over. Once it had verified everything in order, he gave me a bag full of treats. Thanking him, I rushed to the long table loaded with food all over at the end of the hall, that had mice and rats of all shapes and sizes running about under the table. I could almost swear that I saw several sipders, too.

Grabbing a bowl of nachos accompanied with some sauce, I settled down on a nearby chair, munching on them with Zaber and Gabu, both who seemed very uncertian about this mansion. I could see why, too. The whole house was entirely made up of wood, and some was rotting already.

"C'mon, guys, I'm sure the organizer had already checked this place some time ago," I comforted them, grinning. The duo gave me a weak smile in return. I continued grinning as I stuffed more Nachos into my buldging mouth.

When I had finished my bowl, I was about to get up and refill my bowl with some other things to eat, when, suddenly...


A gunshot was heard. I jumped up a bit from my chair and recalled Zaber back into his Great Ball. Gabu leapt up in front of me and facing the panicked crowd, tensing himself. His gentle blue eyes was intensified as he got ready to protect me , his tamer, at any costs.

"Relax, Gabu," I said, stroking his back. He glumly nodded to me in reply as he sat on my lap and watched the drama unfold with me.

30th October 2005, 6:41 AM
Butch gets up from the chair and runs up by Lucifer's side.

"Get ready," he said, "We gotta stop this party from turning into a gorefest."

He gets his staff ready.

30th October 2005, 7:34 AM
Rafe was casually walking around, waiting for his prank to be recognized. After a few minutes, nothing about it was heard. Starting to get annoyed, Rafe went back to the table to make sure the fake rat was still there.

Searching the table in which he placed it throughly, nothing turned up. Confuesd, Rafe got some punch and walked away. "Hmm... I wonder what happened to it... All well, I guess I'll ruin this party with comments..." Rafe said to himself.
Rafe walked to one side of the room, and leaned against the wall. "This party is monotonous, nothing exciting is going on..." He thought to himself.

Then suddenly, a loud gunshot filled the room. Many people started panicing, and started hiding under tables. Rafe reached behind his back, to get his bow. Remembering that he was in a costume, he realized he did not bring his bow or any arrows.

"I suppose I'll just lie low for right now..." He thought, still leaning against the wall.

"This is the kind of excitement I wanted!"

30th October 2005, 7:59 AM
Taele'ryth glided down in front of the main doors to the mansion, a trembling roan stallion clutched between her forearms. He threw his head and whinnied, desperately trying to free himself from the grasp of the black armored dragon above. Ignoring the tiny jabs of pain of the stallion's armor, she backwinged and gently alighted on the ground. A sudden gunshot sent the horse into a renewed panic, almost escaping her claws.

"I'll find the one who did that and give them a sound thumping. It wasn't easy getting this beast to come with this far," she grumbled, swiveling her neck to ensure the long tethering rope was still tied to one of her spikes. Keeping one clawed hand on the horse, the mere texture keeping the beast of burden in place, the black dragon removed the rope with her teeth. One end was threaded through a simple bridle, and with much tugging, the other end around one of the barren trees. Swinging her head to stare right into the liquid brown depths of the roan stallion's eyes, she telepathically gave him his last orders. "You be good, I doubt they'll let me bring you in. If you are good, I'll let you go soon enough."

He seemed to understand the feeling she was imparting and fell silent. Turning about, she sauntered off to the doors of the mansion. Sitting on her haunches, she hunched over to place one armored hand against the door and pushed it open. Furling her wings and dropping to all fours, she entered with as much an aura of finesse, more for show then anything else. However, the door had other ideas and slammed shut from the differing air pressures on an unarmored part of her tail.

Unable to keep quiet, she roared out in pain. Snarling through the pain, she tugged the tip of her tail free. It smarted a touch from being pinched, but no damage had been done. Wincing and scuttling out of the way, armor rustling slightly. From her perspective, it seemed several were chattering animatedly at the random gunfire. Casually glancing around, she saw some had taken cover under tables to avoid any other shots before she spied the one with the weapon. It seemed a few others weren't pleased with the owner either.

I'll leave him be for the time being, she mused to herself. He's already got some things to deal with. I can get a word in edgewise later. Content to slink towards a quieter section, she laid down with her hands crossing at the wrist, her tail flicking idly. The faint smell of alcoholic drinks reached her senses. It was a humanoid drink, something not meant for her. Great, there's bound to be a few drunks wandering by later, perhaps I can cause a little mischief later.

30th October 2005, 8:12 AM
Staring at the destruction he had caused in the roof, Taikashi sheepishly smiled, and focused once again. A light blue orb transfixed to his shotgun started glowing again, and soon, the roof was repaired. Looking down to the floor below, he could see an angry mob. Ok, an angry semi-mob.

...Fine, an angry couple of people.

Waving cheerily, he focused his attention back on the roof. He *had* seen something, he had never fired upon absolutely nothing. Could it be the one he was searching for?

"TAIKASHI!" A voice bellowed from below. With a yelp, Taikashi fell over backwards, barely righting himself before he plummuted headfirst to the floor.

"Sorry about that chief. Won't happen again, I promise...at least without good reason." He told the half-human, half-Porygon glaring up at him. Sighing, Dan continued his rounds, or to go back to drink, or whatever it was that Dan did in this old dilapidated old building.

Turning his attention back to the roof, he thought he saw that silhouette once again. The shotgun's lead was aimed at it before Taikashi thought better of it, putting the gun down. Clearing his throat, he spoke aloud. "You're free this night, foul beast. But you will not escape me again, Jason!" The thing...the shadow...whatever it was, snarled in response, and fled the building.

Happy that he could finally settle down, unless one of those damned zombies scared him, Taikashi, floated swiftly and silently to the ground, his booted feet hitting the ground with a faint thump. Suddenly, he was accosted by a pretty large dragon.

Oh goody.

"ACK! IT BE BAHAMUT!" Taikashi managed to choke out, before flying backwards and aiming his trusted shottie at the creature. Shivering all of a sudden, he turned to see Dan glaring at him. Sighing, he placed his beloved weapon into its sling, which was located on his back, and he begrudgingly settled down to a table near the wannabe-Bahamut.

"What do you want, creature?" He asked of the dragon...

Yami Ryu
30th October 2005, 8:27 AM
Yami eeped for what felt like the hundreth time (but was really the fifth) as she hid underneath the table. She'd barely gotten here a few minutes ago before all hell had broken loose, and the dragon hybrid dove for cover under the nearest thing that could provide atleast a little bit of shelter.

Wasn't there rules against this or something!? Yami cried out mentally to herself, ignoring the smart remark from CD, and was interupted from snapping back at the dragon by a great flinch caused by a sudden thought of being hit by stray bullets if the gun fired again.

Ducking down lower, Yami almost became a black cloaked lump as she tried to use her costume as cover from the gunfire, as if it would protect her. And at the moment she probably thought the little red clouds, the only design really on the outfit, would ward off the bullets. And if worst came to worst, she was wearing a headband ... that should atleast protect her brain. But what about the rest of her?

Yami didn't know, and just whimpered a whee bit, wondering why the hell she came to this party in the first place. It was crowded, she didn't know anyone here, and didn't know if anyone she knew was coming, and then some trigger happy party crasher had started shooting for no damn reason it seemed.

"I'm going to die, I'm going to die," Yami whispered out to herself, "I AM TO YOUNG TO BE KILLED AND STUFFED, I DON'T WANT TO DIIIEEE," the young woman wailed out in mourose tone, thinking today would have been a good day to stay in bed and not dress up akin to Itachi Uchiha, and tell Halloween, and this party to go away and die a slow, cruel death underneath a rock.

Even when long moments stretched and there was no more gunfire, or anymore at all, Yami decided, she was going to stay under this table untill found, or untill one of her friends showed up and pulled her out from underneath the table.

I am a rock. I aaaammm a rock. I am a rock underneath this table and I have clouds printed onto me.

... I am a very pretty rock.

And Yami decided when she got the chance, she was going to kick the scary looking bouncer guy dead in the face ... somehow, or the shooter. Or something ... but not if she had to get out from under the table. Nope. Yami had decided, being under the table was safest.

This party sucks. And now I'm getting thirsty. Yami groused slightly as she continued to pretend to be a rock under the table.

30th October 2005, 9:20 AM
"Bahamut my big left toe human. I have a name as well, Taele'ryth, and you'd do well to remember it," she hissed. This was one of the few times she wished she could have been larger at this stage in her life, at least age was on her side. She thrust her triangular horned face within a few inches of his to ensure the point got across "You want to know how hard it is to keep an animal that's afraid you're going to eat it? Very hard. Your wanton use of such a weapon nigh on sent it sprinting off. You know how much time it would have taken me to get the beast back? A lot."

He nodded slightly or at least what seemed to be one.

Typical male response as far as she was concerned. Nod and it makes them think you've heard something. Whether it sunk in or not, she'd had her brief word but could resist adding something else as well. "You keep that thing under control or I will," she snarled, slamming one taloned hand onto the table and digging them into the softer wood. The loud noise drew a few gazes from those paying attention but all the more enjoyable for they were witnesses. Turning her back on him and at the same time, raking the table to whatever ding she would get from the host, she left to get something to drink.

The sable dragon stalked off towards the bar, her ire dissipating and the plate armor clinking, every so often emitting a little screech of protest. Glancing from side to side with her emerald eyes, she could see a couple people wince at the sound. Keeping her wings furled along her back, she sat by the bar and ordering a bowl of punch, nonalcoholic or spiked in any way. Refusing the offers of a few of the other barmates, she kept a close eye on the zombie bartender to ensure nothing was slipped 'accidentally' in to her drink.

The large bowl of punch was placed in front of her. Lapping it with her pink-grey tongue, she continued to scan the main floor, more to get a better gauge on those around her than anything else. Most everyone who took shelter under the tables had already done so, with the exception of one. Politely requesting a napkin, the dragon held herself up by thrusting one hand against the bartop and arching her neck to clean herself off.

Note to self - inquire if there is some oil, a rag, and a willing helper. I'm afraid I squeak just a bit much for some people, not my fault it didn't stay clean in flight, she thought to herself.

Taele'ryth trotted off to the table with one of the very few duck-and-coverees underneath. She still appeared to fear for her life, though no doubt she'd heard the exchange of words. After all, she hadn't exactly been quiet about it. Kneeling down and giving her best half-decent I'm-not-going-to-hurt-you expression she tapped the other on the shoulder with her muzzle then retracted her head a few inches. "It is alright little one, it's safe to out from underneath the table." Mentally she was chiding herself for looking the part of the fool, stooped over with her head under the table. Not the best position for one of her stature to be.

30th October 2005, 9:25 AM
"Nobody move," Butch whispered, "If we do, we are screwed."

Taele'ryth turned her head and said, "I heard that!"

30th October 2005, 10:18 AM
Hugging the wall Resu sidled his way towards the large bar that stretched out some length along the wall and someway into the main floor. Around him all manner of creatures and pokemon milled through the crowds all chatting comfortably despite the fact that they were obviously different species and different races. This was a good thing and allowed or Resu to blend in despite his poorly made costume and lacklustre face paint.

He didn’t want to be here, but he hadn’t wanted to disappoint the invitation he had received, he had come in the faint chance that he would recognise someone here or meet someone new. But alas there was no one he recognised, several people had familiar looks about them but he had definitely not met anyone here before.

He sighed as slumped down at the grand bar, he flagged down a passing barman and ordered a ginger beer, the bar man gave him a questioning look before hurrying with Resu’s order. Resu look down uncomfortably at his feet, his order of soft drink always made bar men look at him like that, he looked much older than he was and this was one of those times when it would help to look younger.

Resu sat solemnly drinking his drink, he glanced around the crowd again but still he recognised no one. He began to admire the splendid decorations that the host had put out for the occasion. Many Halloween related items had seemingly flooded the hall providing an apt atmosphere for the lavish party.

As Resu sat admiring the decorations his vision wandered to a man in a long red trench coat at the top of the stairs. The man moved as if to walk down the stairs, however he flung his legs up and leapt on to the banister and began to slide down the stairs. As he slid down he raised up a shotgun and held it out in front of him. He turned gracefully down the banister and got ready to leap of the end. His legs bent ready to jump and the suddenly a loud explosion erupted from the end of his gun. Bullets flew through the air and ripped into the door just above the doorman.

The person in the red trench coat then proceeded to fix the door and move hurriedly away from the trouble he had caused. He came up to the bar and ordered a drink. Resu huddled into the shadows and sipped from his glass watching the man over the rim of it. The man then proceeded to leap up into the rafters and barely minutes after landing blasted a hole in the roof. Resu had by now taken his eyes of him and the shock had caused him to spill his drink over his T-Shirt. A few choice words ran through Resu’s mind as returned his gaze to the man on the rafters.

Yami Ryu
30th October 2005, 10:20 AM
Yami had heard what could have been someone being told off, and quiet soundly too. And if she'd have been in a better, and less 'rock like' mood, Yami most likely would have snickered greatly at the image of the scolded being by whatever it was being chewed out from. But Yami was more content in the hiding factor.

Hiding is very good.

So she was a bit surprised when she was tapped on the shoulder, and heard; "It is alright little one, it's safe to out from underneath the table."

Blinking a bit, Yami unflinched and cracked an eye open. Wondering how her hidden position had been found out so fast. And mumbled a "Are you sure?" as she peeked over her shoulder, and then blinked her blue eyes a bit at the sight of the dragon a whee bit of a ways away from her. And refrained from commenting, 'Wow, good costume,' to the being, not sure if it was a person playing dress up as a dragon, or a dragon that'd come to the party.

Then had to put up with CD in the back of her mind, hissing loudly all MY SHINY MINE MINE at her, thinking the other dragon was a threat, to of all things, the headband Yami was wearing. Mentally flicking the dragon upside the head, Yami turned her attention outwards again. "And um, by the way, I'm Yami .. and you are?" Yami asked also, wondering if she should hold her hand out in an offering of peace, greeting, or just go the Spock way, V her fingers and say Live long and prosper.

30th October 2005, 11:13 AM
Once again, I munched on my thirteenth bowl of potato chips, glanced by Gabu's and Zaber's big eyes. (Yes, not Nachos; I had eaten up the whole bowl) I was very interested in the dragon that had arrived some time ago. She was very, very maginificent, if I do say so myself.

I contiuned munching on the potato chips, slurping on my fruit punch as Gabu and Zaber became restless and started wandering around. I then gulped down the rest of my snack and followed Gabu. He was very attracted to the Dracula statue near by the dragon, so I followed him. Gabu was the one to worry about; Zaber could take care of himself, having lived in the mountians for years.

As Gabu reached the statue, he accidently stepped onto the dragon's tail. My mouth dropped and my eyes widened as big as beach balls as she turned towards me and smiled, but it didn't look happy.

"Um... Is this a good time to say 'Sorry'?" I asked, sweatdropping. Gabu, too, didn't look very brave or eager for any battle right now.

30th October 2005, 12:00 PM
Alex shook his head, both in amazement and mirth. This party was going wild. He extended his left arm to reach the potato chips bowl that was supposed to be standing there and grabbed...nothing. He turned that way and saw that no more than 13 empty bowls were standing lined up down the table. A waiter picked up one after another and took them to refill them.

Alex just blinked out of suprise. Someone had emptied his bowl in less than 15 seconds. He decided for a small plate of chicken legs ( which were lined up around a nice dead head ) and started consuming the animal. He smiled. These guys knew how'ta make a party.

30th October 2005, 12:05 PM
"Can I--"
"Cmon, plea--"
"NO!" screamed the voice of a teenager, muffled slightly.
"I told you a million times, No no no, you can't have the costume!" He shouted at the slimy blue pokemon next to him. Swampy, (his nicknamed Swampert) had always managed to get on Brandon's last nerve. Always.
Like sometimes he would keep asking and asking everytime he said no, like now.
Even if they both annoyed eachother often, they were pretty close. Brandon treated him as if he were a human being.
"It's more than a suit of armor than a costume," Swampy muttered under his breath, sighing.
They continued walking onto the dirt path, Brandon occasionally cracked his neck to keep it from stiffing up at the party. Truthfully, he wasn't really into Halloween, sure, he liked candy, but he didn't really see a point, this was different to him though, parties in his definition was "fun and relaxation", especially with friends. He decided to come dressed up as the Master Chief (otherwise known as Spartan 117) from the game 'Halo'. So naturally it was tough to make a costume, considering that you had to buy 'parts' for it, unless you were going to make a paper one or something. He managed to save up enough to buy all of the parts to weave the yellow-greenish armor. It took weeks, perhaps even months, to make it. And he wasn't going to let it go to waste.
"I don't see why you would want to go to this stupid party, anyways," Swampy folded his arms and gave Brandon a serious look.
"Fun," He managed to answer in one word.

They were still walking, until finally they reached the mansion.
The atmosphere seemed to fit the look of the mansion, it seemed as though mist was forming in the area. Fallen oak trees, scurrying unknown animals, added to the spookyness and atmosphere of the mansion.
"Damn, whoever designed that mansion sure has good taste," Brandon commented, admiring the work. They reached the front door of the mansion and Brandon entered, taking immediate caution.
"Jeez!" He gasped at the amount of people who were present.
"Very, very crowded," He whispered to himself silently, pulling out a pokeball and pushing the center button, causing a red light to emerge from the ball, it engulfed Swampy and he was absorbed into it, slipping back into the ball.
He sighed for a moment, attempting to pass through the crowd.
It was quite hard to see through the glinty orange visors, but he managed. He turned some knobs on the side of the visors and they popped out of place, eventually falling into his hands. That revealed his ocean blue eyes and some of his thick brown hair that was right below his brows.
"Perfect," He nodded to himself, taking another look around.

30th October 2005, 1:36 PM
Seth casually walked away from the door zombie with Minnie still hanging on for dear life to his head. Scorch had decided to be brave and got off of Seth's leg to walk around for himself. Scorch had found the food table. Sitting there were many bowls of potato chips. He flew down the table and finished 13 bowls in less than 15 seconds.

"Hey, you guys are embarrassing me. Chill out. Minnie, those aren't real zombies. They're people in costumes. Scorch, you ate five jars of PokeMon food before you came here. I think Ry was right. You are a Gulpin in disguise," Seth said to both of his PokeMon.

He decided to check out the other guests and see what was going. At one corner was the crazy dude with a shot-gun that had nearly killed everyone in the room. There were a few dragons flying around through the air. Near the punch-bowl, a cup was sitting there that was supposed to look like a rat. A waiter then walked up to Seth.

"Would the good sir with the Minun and Bagon like a drink of some sort? Scotch, any type of alcohol?" the waiter asked.

"I'm 15. I don't drink," Seth said with disgust as he walked away from the man.

Power Shot
30th October 2005, 2:47 PM
With the excitement over, if it could so be called, for Kor didn't even bother to gaze in the general direction, Kor began on the drinks.

"Beer," he muttered to the zombie serving them, "now." The zombie bowed and rushed off towards the coolers containing them.

"Here you are sir, enjoy," the zombie muttered, before returning to the serving staff.

He still had not spoken to Tessie, but he had seen Tommy around. "Ahh, that feels good," Kor murmured, lifting the bottled beer to his lips, letting the smooth tasting liquid drop into his mouth.

Zephyr Flare
30th October 2005, 3:48 PM
Comp problems and what do ya get, delayed post :/ I'm keeping them both outside for now.


KiKiamio was not enjoying this whole fiasaco one bit not to mention in his eyes, his surroundings appeared, cheap.

Of course Chikarma, in full Link outfit, blonde wig and boots adapted for his ankles, finds it all unnerving and miracously gets away with clinging to the Forsentu's arm like a life line.

'Remind me again why I have to bring you along, you do nought but fear' KiKamio whispers quietly, one of extreme few times he's ever said anything showing just how ticked he is.

'Because she's not able to come cos of work, I can't come alone as I have Muse protection rights and you look the part, you make a great hag goldie' the former whinning Mewtwo says with a grin.

Despite the growing tic from KiKamio, he knows he is right, he is nought more than a bodyguard for Karma on this and forced by old order to stick to it... at least till they both get home again where Karma's free game once more.

Chikarma then happily goes back to whistling innocently, occasionally tapping his wrist just to see the aggravated look on the Dragon’s face and before long, he just grabs Karma and sits him down on the wall. The entire time oblivious to some of the racquet going on inside.

‘We’re staying out here where its quiet and I can keep an eye on you, now be a good weakling and stay’ he grudgingly growls, severely tempted just to twist an arm till it snaps, not restrained himself over much.

‘Awww but I want nachoes’ Karma whines in response.

31st October 2005, 4:00 AM
Tessie stretched her arms. Mighty trotted next to her, sniffing around. She pattedh is head and looked about, spotting Kor in the crowd. "how convenient," she mumbled sarcaastically. "he better nto come near here," she muttered adn turned into he crowd. Mighty cocked is head and whined lightly, but trotted after Tessie, panting at her heels.

"Good evening, miss," said a zombie waiter.

"Ummm, hullo," Tessie replied awkwardly, staring at the zombie with one eyebrow raised.

"Would the young misstress care for a drink?" it asked, bowign to her.

Tessie cocked head, glaring. "I am 17, i dont drink, or appreciate beingaksed to drink," she snapped. the Zombie came back up.

"Well, then, coould i intreest you in a sherly temple?" it asked. Tessie shrugged.

"Why not," she sighed. A drink appeared on the tray and the zombie hadned it to her. She tipped him and sent him on his way. She looked donw at Mighty, who was whining, his head looking directly at teh drink as if he could see it.

"Babies thirsty, anit he?" Tessie cooed. Mighty barked lightly. She patted his head. Tessie reacehd over and plucked a cup form the table and filled it with water, then held it odnw to mighty as she sipped her own drink.

She noticed some kid reaking havic, but if he really wanted to, he should talk to her. She smirekd and decided to chagne form, so she closed her eyes and sprouted horns, a short stubby tail, a human body, her body, but blue, and her hair grew long, and ragedy, and teeth, shapr teeth, sprouted form her mouth. She let claws fomr on her hands and hooes for her feet. There.

Tessie looked back donw to mighty, who was currently trying to figure out a way open the bottom of the cup to get the water out, which was alread spilled all over the floor. Tessie waved her hand over it and it all disappeared.

She gazed thouroughly around. She spotted Kor agian and then she saw Tommy. "How exciting," she mumbled sarcastically. "At least Sakura isn't here," she grumbled. Tessie turend and made her way over to an empty hall, sitting against a window ledge, and rubbing Mighty with her now extended tail.

31st October 2005, 7:00 AM
Undaunted by this dragon's anger, Taikashi still kept his weapon on his back.

He wasn't afraid of no Dragon.

He *was* afraid, however, of Dan, the owner of this fine party.

Sighing softly to himself, Taikashi turned and flew up to his previous resting area, keeping an eye on the people below. One sign of trouble, and he could hit anyone with a quick shot.

Maybe even two or three...

Debating with himself on whether or not he could hit them on his first try, Taikashi noticed something *very* strange. A young girl had turned into a demon!

"YE GADS!" He roared, flinging himself off the beam which was supporting him. Flying quickly after the thing, he yoinked the faithful shotgun from its sleeve and aimed it at the creature.

"You, demon-girly-thingy. Explain yourself or face my wrath!"

Thinking for a second that the demon might have powers, the blue Materia on his arm started glowing again, and a faint aura of light surrounded Taikashi. Nothing could harm him now...

31st October 2005, 12:34 PM
Nylf laughed a Rayquaza laugh. Oops. He looked down to the small bag he had tied to the end of his tail.

"Only in case of emergency," Drake had said before Nylf went off to the party. Stupid Drake. It would have been way more fun to turn up as Shiny Rayquaza, not Shiny Flygon. Still, he'd known Drake for close to 20 years now, so it was silly to betray his trust.

Nylf had been sure he would be the only dragon here. Instead, he was one of 3 and a half. Still, he may not be the only dragon, but he was the only unaccompanied Pokemon. The advantages to being a legendary.

His yellow eyes glinted behind their orange covers, as he raised his blue antennae. 2 gunshots in less than half an hour after he turned up. And how come he was the only one who didn't hide like a wuss? Oh yeah, he's one of the few with near impenetrable dragon hide. He walked over to the bar, pulled out the board Drake had given him.

"Coca Cola please" he wrote, and showed it to the zombie. It grunted him and handed him the glass. Nylf took it and found an empty seat, where he perched on top and started to drink.

"Alcohol's stupid, but soda's perfectly fine!"

Normal trainer
31st October 2005, 1:54 PM
Meanwhile Chilly had already eaten the chips,the nachos and a big strawberry cake.Suddenly a little boy in a disguised of an one eyed monster asppeared.
"what do you want?"asked Chilly
"Could you give me some cake"said the boy
"OK,whatever..."said Chilly.
Then he was going to eat some more cake when he saw a dragon and a half porygon/half human battling.
"It is still early and a fight has already started......Oh!Cookies,I go for some."

31st October 2005, 5:47 PM
Tiana circled over the mansion once more before coming in for a perfect back-winged landing. She laughed, an unusual sound when coming from the throat of a Gryphon, as a nearby horse whinnied in terror. To the poor creature Tiana said, ~You are lucky that I have already finished my hunting for today otherwise the person who brought you would have had to walk home come morning.~ as she looked it over with her great golden eyes. She then clacked her beak at the terrified animal once just for fun before turning to enter the mansion.

When the Frankenstien door-greeter tried to approach her, Tiana hissed and flared her wings slightly, at which the Frankenstien stopped and turned to one of the other guests. Tiana's entrance was not commented upon for there were already three dragons present. Tiana was quite surprized at the presence of the dragons but quickly reconciled herself to it. Then she noted that there was a faintly brighter light coming from one part of the room and what she saw when she turned to look for the source of this light was something of the beginnings of a fight seeing as the man emitting the slight aura was pointing a gun at a girl who seemed to be wearing a very convincing demon costume.

Not wishing to get caught up in a fight in her first few steps through the door, she made her way to a corner in which one of the dragons was poking about underneath a table. Along the way Tiana noticed quite a bit of the supurbly frightening decor of the room such as the almost realisticly placed cob-webs. When she reached the dragon's table the dragon still had her head beneath it. Intending to help Tiana adressed the dragon in thought-speech.

~Please excuse my interruption but, have you lost something?~ Tiana then sat gracefully on her haunches, next to the table with her tail wrapped around her paws and talons to observe the party as she awaited a response from the dragon.

Zephyr Flare
31st October 2005, 8:56 PM
KiKamio seemingly misses Karma slipping away into the building on his starvation kick though he doesn't seem that overly bothered when he apprantly "notices" anyway.

Insted he decides mearly to stay upon the wall near the main doorway, keeping silent since his word or notice is not desired, thinking quietly over himself about what to do if the nearby raquet does not calm down soon.

Karma however is now sitting on the table, grinning in typical moronic fashion trying to look like a well dressed (To himself anyway) place setting despite blatantly eyeing any visable food.

31st October 2005, 9:05 PM
Nylf had finished his Coca Cola, and had now noticed the weirdest sight he had ever seen(and he had seen Drakes girlfriend-now wife-be skewered by Deoxys then revived by Ho-oh). A Mewtwo, greatly differant from the Mewtwo he knew from the Legendary Society, in an elf costume, eyeing food like it had been starved for a week. Though from the looks of the spindly creature(in Nylf's opinion) that might be true. Nylf quietly walked up behind the Mewtwo, slapped a hand on his shoulder,

"Watcha mate!" he said with a huge grin.

31st October 2005, 9:27 PM
Emma walked up in front of the mansion, trembling slightly. <Are you scared Emma?> Her faithful Espeon said in a teasing tone. <Yeah...you've been to Mt. Pyre, and that was scarier than this.> Jolteon said. Emma glared down at the two, "Yes it is scary!" she said angrily. Espeon and Jolteon began to roll on the ground laughing, until the door opened. There was no-one there, so that effectively shut the troublesome twosome up. Emma picked up her Espeon, and walked in with Jolteon following.

Zephyr Flare
31st October 2005, 11:48 PM
As KiKamio continues to sit outside in his usual eathly silence, Karma however is getting unwanted attention.

At being touched the clone launches himself into the air and clings to what is left intact of the ceiling before screeching downwards in normal voice with heart on mass thud mode:

Don't do that!!

1st November 2005, 1:37 AM
The ebony dragon would have loved to snap back at the little creature before her but Yami, as the dragonkin - as she labeled her, introduced herself, still didn't seem to overly convinced. But she refrained, more for Yami's sake than anything else - she didn't want to seem so belligerent, even though her tail had been stepped on. Instead she hissed and gave the little white, blue-striped creature the cold shoulder. Already she was regretting her decision to come.

"Please excuse my interruption but, have you lost something?" inquired a voice in her mind.

Her first instinct at the sudden, out-of-nowhere question caused her to dig her claws into the floor and her wing muscles tensed. Accidentally slamming her head into the underside of the table top, she chided herself mentally. Blinking to get rid of the momentary throbbing - and glad her helm decided the table was not something it would liked to have been attached to - she performed a quick scan of the room to determine which guest would be able to communicate in such form. Only when she looked to her side, did she see the gryphon sitting beside her.

The first thing that struck her was the coloring of the eagle-lion's feathers. Taele'ryth admired the colorful plumage of reddish-gold, something vastly different from her scaly hide. Unsure if anyone else could overhear the gryphon, the dragon felt a private reply wouldn't be much, at least she wouldn't assume the fool's part. Actually no, I was just reassuring another guest that it was safe to come out from underneath the table. I had a word earlier with the reckless trigger happy, shotgun toting guest," she replied nonchalantly, flicking her head to indicate the human she. "I feel slightly better at not being the sole being of myth here, perhaps they will shift attention to you. Also, a word of warning: beware that little golden horned, white furball. It has already stepped on my tail once, whether it does so to you remains to be seen. Just thought it was fair to pass it on."

Tearing her attention away from the gryphon and back to underneath the table, she crouched down, seemingly sphinx-like. She prodded Yami's side with a mailed claw. "I apologize for taking a bit longer than I expected. My formal name is Taele'ryth, though I have been called several others," she said, clinking one claw of her left hand on the floor. "I assure you it is safe to come out as well. Perhaps you should get some food and drink before some of the other hoggish humans stuff themselves with every edible in sight. I shall leave you be, if you need me for anything, I shouldn't be too hard to find - I don't exactly blend in."

Careful not to slam her head into the table again, the armored sable dragon got up from the floor and snaked her way through the crowd to find a quieter corner. She resolved herself to confine more towards the less crowded and more party-hardy guests. Selecting a far corner where few seemed to be, she curled up in the corner, positioning herself to have a full view of the entire room. Crossing her forelegs at the wrist, Taele'ryth felt content to watch more than participate.

1st November 2005, 3:33 AM
“I told you not to try to make friends with it, but noooo, you just had to ignore me!” Kaylie grumbled and she trudged down the path leading to the Halloween party at the mansion. “Now we’re late and we’ve missed half the party!”

The Mew floating alongside the young girl rolled her bright blue eyes. ‘And I was supposed to know that we’d consequently get attacked by a hoard of Ghost Pok&#233;mon because…?’ she said in Kaylie’s mind, as usual.

“Well, going up to it in the first pace could very well have been avoided!” she shot back.

Mew was about to reply when the shape of the mansion came into view. A dark, foreboding aura seemed to surround as thick as the dark clouds that hung in the air. ‘Look, look! We’re here, Kaylie, we’re here!’ she cried excitedly, their argument forgotten. ‘Let’s go let’s go let’s go!’ she urged, wrapping her long tail around the girl’s arm and pulling her onwards awkwardly.

“Okay, okay, slow down, it isn’t easy running in this thing!” Kaylie laughed as she attempted to pick up her flowing white enchantress dress with her free hand as the two made a dash for the spooky building.

As they came up the path, they saw a few creatures outside, just hanging about and doing nothing in particular. Kaylie glanced at them curiously, though she barely had a chance to examine them properly as the cat-like Pok&#233;mon was still towing her inside the building.

As they stepped inside, a man with decaying skin and clothing offered to take Kaylie’s coat, though he slowly noticed she wasn’t wearing one, so the zombie shook its head and went back to welcome any other late stragglers.

Kaylie’s eyes traveled about the room, wide with wonder. All manners of people, Pok&#233;mon and other creatures were chatting, drinking, eating, even dancing, some wearing costumes, some just going as themselves, which in some cases was quite enough.

Mew had let go of Kaylie by now, her tail having dropped so that it merely swayed, as if attempting to hypnotize. Mew seemed just as amazed as the young girl, but less fearful and more excited.

Kaylie was suddenly feeling rather shy. She would have liked to mingle and make a few friends, but everyone was just so intimidating...

“I’m gonna go get something to drink…” she muttered, walking over to a bar at one end of the room, trying as much as possible to avoid making contact with any other creature, even humans.

“What’ll it be?” asked the man at the bar, who was cleaning a beer mug with a cloth.

“Just…just a Coke, please,” she said nervously to the zombie hehind the counter, who turned to fix her drink.

‘Awww, c’mon, Kaylie,’ Mew groaned, flying over to the bar. ‘Come meet people! Expand your horizons! Be FREEEEEEEEE!’ she exclaimed, doing a flip in midair and flying about the young girl in a flash of pink.

“Ugh, you’ve been asleep waaaay too long,” Kaylie sighed, rolling her eyes.

‘Hey, I barely get to live! Now’s my first chance is thousands of years to meet new people! You can’t blame me for wanting to be sociable!’ Mew protested as Kaylie was handed her drink by the barman, which Mew eyed hungrily.

“Monsieur, another Coke for my friend here!” Kaylie shouted to the barzombie, who was just finishing serving some other human. He brought over another soft drink, though in a small glass meant for tiny paws to grasp.

“Well, here’s to a good party, and a good sugar boost.” Kaylie said, raising her drink. Mew raised hers in response and there was a click, and the two quickly drowned their glasses.

1st November 2005, 3:45 AM
"God, my mouth's been dry ever since I left for the mansion," Brandon complained to himself, edging over the crowd, trying to avoid everyone, slipping himself to the bar slowly.
'Finally' He thought to himself, resting his head on his left hand at the bar.
"Yeah?" The bartender asked, keeping his attention onto a mug which he was cleaning with a dirty cloth rag.
"Err..I'll have a root beer, if ya got any," Brandon replied, trying to keep out the loud noise from the crowd behind him.
"Okay, be right back,".
A few seconds later, he came out of the nearby open door with a full mug that was filled with a brown-like liquid, with small foam rising at the top.
He raised the mug in his right hand, and took a seat on a fully-raised stool. He pulled the mug to where his visors had been, raised his neck, and drunk. He made a sigh of relief as he took a huge gulp of a drink of the root beer, quinching his thirst.

"Good times," He whispered to himself.
"Good times."

Lady Myuu
1st November 2005, 3:54 AM
ooc: I have not read everyone's posts. So I'm kinda jumping in blind here. short post @.@

"I am always late. I knew I overdosed on teh sparkles" growled the violet haired woman. She ran a hand over the top of her head and patted the bun that held her hair back. Her pinkish cat ears twitched a little as the unatural blue eyes glared up at the mansion a moment before Myuu tried to dust some of the dirt off the bottom of her gown.

"I always over dress for these things too" she commented to herself before she made her way into the mansion. Whining to herself that she really, really needed to rethink her halloween dress style and just go as a ghost next time. Ghosts were easy comstumes, just a freakin sheet.

"Wow fancy, shiny and scary. Think someone spent more time on this then they really should have" Myuu blinked a little overwhelmed by how creepy the place was. She could hear the murmering of people speaking as she came into the main room. With a deep sigh of relief as she felt that she was about to be eaten by something large and slimy the mew like girl headed for the bar. She needed a drink... well not really but she felt better near the bar.

1st November 2005, 8:24 AM

So, after a very close encounter with a dragon who had her tail stepped on, I heaved a sigh of relief as I took a bowl of chicken stew and cola and sat back on my chair to eat once more. I watched as many people I had never seen before comming in, from dragon hybrids to live dragons to trainers weilding legendaries and even more. Gabu once again wandered around, with Zaber acting as the babysitter. I grinned at Zaber before he nodded and attended to his 'babysitting duties'. I ruffled up my hair once more and sighed. I just hoped they didn't get into any trouble.


This party was rather interesting, but I did try to make a point to take note of my surroundings a bit more... I didn't want to step on another dragon's tail. I could see Zaber keeping an eye on me. I slapped my forehead dragging my paw down from my face, then turned and shot a blue beam at him to drive him away, which he nimbly doged within a spilt second and the attack hit the clocked man named Takashi who had caused some mayhem in the hall some time ago.

"Uh-oh..." I went, the colour draining away from my face. Even Zaber didn't look happy at all, despite the happy atmosphere in the hall. (Hey, that rhymed)

Yami Ryu
1st November 2005, 12:15 PM
Yami blinked, barely having time to take that all in before the dragon was gone as quickly as she had appeared. But Yami took the words to heart .. after a few moments, anyways, as she was still a bit spooked but was calming down. A few minutes time saw Yami out from underneath her hiding place and glancing around a bit edgedly, heading towards the bar, as for a moment she thought she spotted someone familur, or atleast a flash of pink anyways, but that idea was cut short as Yami heard a yell of someone and well, still scared Yami plus loud noise equal a bolting Yami as the young woman thought that the shot gun toting maniac had opened fire again, and she was not sticking around!

Accidently ramming a few people, but not really caring as first reaction to danger was to flee, Yami ignored a disgruntled hey or whatever, and the run mode continued for a few more moments before she came to a halt, in one of the halls, and blinked, before looking around, and noticed that there wasn't even the faint sound of the party going on. Meaning she'd gotten herself lost.

".. oh .. oh this is just great," Yami murmured, hugging herself slightly and for once glad of the cloak, as it kept the sign of insecurity hidden from view as she glanced around. Why did this place have to have such a spooky atmosphere? She was half expecting a Jason wanna-be or some other cult scifi movie whatever killer to appear and start chasing her down.

Getting off that train of thought, or rather trying to not think about it, Yami started to try and retrace her steps, and hoped she didn't end up getting even more lost in the process.

1st November 2005, 2:00 PM
Emma stared around, nervous at the amount of creatures here. She took a deep breath, trying to calm herself down. She never was that great at socializing, so she found a chair and sat down. Espeon jumped out of her arms and headed off, probably to the table with the food on it. Jolteon merely sat down near her feet. "Why am I here exactly?" she asked the spiky Pokemon. <I dunno...because you thought this sounded like fun?> Jolteon replied.

1st November 2005, 10:08 PM
Mew’s glass had been drained, though a good bit of Coke still remained in Kaylie’s glass, which she sloshed around dully, staring at the foamy contents within.

Mew on the other hand, was floating above Kaylie, looking at the celebration which they were missing with awe and wonder. Mew was sure the sugar rush would kick in soon, and by then Kaylie would be looser and the Legendary herself would be a bit braver.

Kaylie signed, her eyes roving about the room once again. It was decorated so well, with a real spooky atmosphere. All manners of decoration on the walls, hanging from the ceilings, sewed to the tables and such. She should have been enjoying it while she could.

Suddenly there was a rustling of fabric behind her, and the blond girl spun around to see who had interrupted her train of thought. There stood a girl in a rather large white gown with long violet hair, waiting rather eagerly for the barman. Kaylie was about to turn back to her drink when she did a double take. On second glace, she noticed that the girl…Kaylie looked up at Mew, who was just floating a good bit above her, her furry back to the young human. Kaylie looked back at the girl, then at Mew, who’s ears twitched eagerly. She looked back at the girl…who had two large triangular ears sitting atop her head. She looked at Mew, swinging her pink tail absent-mindedly. A long, thin tail could be seen behind the girl, reared like a snake.

Kaylie’s eyes rested on the girl, wide with wonder. Her mouth hung open, moving slightly as if attempting to form words as she attempted to comprehend what she saw.

As she stared, a man with decaying purple skin in a dark coat approached the strange girl, they exchanged a few words and the man left, a trail of dark gas in his wake.

It was then Mew looked down at her human friend, and was about to urge her to join the party when her eyes fell upon the girl in the gown standing next to her. Mew’s bright blue eyes widened, and she flew down to float right in front of the pale-skinned girl’s face, inspecting her closely.

‘Excuse me…have we met?’ she asked her curiously, cocking her head to the side, as if trying to figure out a very difficult puzzle.

EDIT: Geez, Dan, thanks for ruining my to-be conversation with Myuu. You made my post make little sense. Now I gotta edit it. Thanks.

RaZoR LeAf
1st November 2005, 10:36 PM
Dan narrowed his eyes. Another Scotch disappeared into the void of his body. He sighed and wished he wasn't a hybrid sometimes. Alcohol just didn't affect him anymore. That would be because of his digital alter ego. When your mostly inorganic, fermented wheat just isn't the same. Fluttering around the bar was a small pink Mew clutching a perfectly sized glass where ice cold coke sloshed around as it flipped around excitedly. A rogue thought from Dantoo involved tying it's tail to a ceiling fan.

"We don't have ceiling fans." Dan said, but nobody was listening.

He took another drink, a pint of Baileys, and headed into the crowd to check on things. Barely off his stool he bumped a the finely dressed partygoer.


"I didn't do it!" she yelped and spun around "Oh. Hi Dan, and Dan."

"Aren't you a little over dressed?"

"Aren't you a little underdressed?" she said, looking at Dan's tatty jacket and severe lack of lower limbs.

"Enjoy the party Myuu."

Dan continued on until he reached the top of the stairs. He glanced up at the roof, where a large hole showed the starlight sky beyond. He grumbled a curse and looked for Taikashi, but couldn't find the trigger happy teenager anywhere. Still clinging to the roof was the luminous form of Karma, screeching at the top of his voice. Dan grumbled again, and grabbed a pole that was lying around and started poking the Mewtwo clone being careful not to spill his drink.

The clone continued screeching for a moment then topped and stared at the stick that was prodding him in the buttocks. He swiped at the stick a few times until finally he grabbed hold of it.

"Keep poking me and I will kill you." he growled

"Don't you threaten me, you overgrown photocopy!"
"Don't anger the Mewtwo clones Dantoo."
"A Mewtwo? Is that what it is? Looks like a kangaroo that's drank too much Pink Sunny Delight."
"Just leave it."
"I'm keeping my eye on you."

Dan let go of the pole and left Karma holding it, then descended the large stairs and approached KiKamio, who was leaning against a wall, brooding.

"Can't you control your pet for one second?"

KiKamio looked at Dan, then looked up at the celing, where Karma was staring down at people, and waving the pole menacingly. He looked back at Dan, offered a small shrug as if to say 'what can I do?' and went back to brooding.

"Damn sociopaths."
"Yami has gone walk about."
"What? Well send one of the zombies after her. They're dead anyway, doesn't matter if one gets lost, it'll turn up later."
"Which one?"
"Whichever one is serving my drinks." Dan had already finished his pint of Baileys. "Send the one that used to be in the boyband."

Zephyr Flare
1st November 2005, 10:47 PM
Clone roof removal service.... Damn muse


Chikarma was a little tetchy from being poked bue HE HAS THE POLE so naturally everything is all right, bar claws being completely jammed in the plastering rending 00ber pole useless here.

Karma couldn't help a ;; face at his predictment.

Sighing quietly, KiKiamio decides to get him down, not wanting to explain why he wasn't able to drag his sorry hide home again plus the Link Hat ahd fallen into the punch plus clone fur was rather disgusting.

Snatching up the sodden item and placing it beside, he looks up casually, ignoring everything else before with a slight tail flicker and dip nto his haunches, lunges skyward stopping infront of the upside down moron before somewhat floating.

'Down' He whispers, then grabs the pole, sweeps Karma's legs, sends purple idiot crashing into the floor and in turn gracefully lands himself before walking over to clobber him with said pole.

Problem solved.

Lady Myuu
2nd November 2005, 5:38 AM
ooc: why do I find this rp a excuse for Dan to be random? XD and Psychic... you doomed your mew!


Myuu was sipping at her drink, which she wasn't really sure what it was. As it seemed she forgot what she asked what it was when Dan showed up and made fun of her dress. Silly Dan. She would have kicked him if she hadn't been in a dress...

"You know... maybe he was right" but just then a pink creautre flew infront of her view and began to speak...

before the mew could really finish her sentence she found herself in a tight hug as the very dressed up girl hugged her tightly with a loud

"EEEE! A MEW! CUTE!" and hugged it tight against her busom and turned in a circle happily. "So cute! and pink and flauffy and adorible and aw!" Myuu giggled as she hugged the mew before lifting up the startled creature to get a better look. "um... did you say something? Oh! wings! SO CUTE!" and Myuu was sidetracked once again as she hugged the mew all over.

Yami Ryu
2nd November 2005, 6:07 AM
ooc: and people really learn why you don't startle me >>


"Could have sworn I've been past that door three times..." Yami grumbled to herself as she continued down the hall, gaze flickering about as she tried to keep herself from feeling ready to bolt at the slightest sound of anything, but it seemed so far those fears were starting to fail at holding water. Even with the atmosphere that Dan had gotten for the mansion.

So outside of the basic swish of the cloak or the slight scraping sound as the spiked tips of her tail dragged the floor, there was no other sounds. But that easily beat the thundering of her heart in her ears or a quicken of breath.

Which meant of course as Yami turned around a corner, she would be forced to come near something, the cause of why she had been avoiding the bar. Thunking into something soundly, Yami blinked, and looked up. And blinked again, and let out such a scream that it was most likely heard, followed by a screech of 'AHZOMBIEWANTSTOEATMYBRAINSSOULANDBODY!' which probably was somehow louder than the scream she let out and left Yami's throat in a world of hurt. But Yami did not take note of that now as she all but leapt back, the cloak fluttering open a moment and several ninja stars zipped towards the zombie. Seven missed it completely, thudding into the area surrounding it; the walls, doors, ceeling, whatever, while the eighth landed in a shoulder.

Screaming again, Yami whirled and fled the scene, having 'defeated' the monster, she was taking a well earned, in her eyes, retreat. Far, far away from it. Though unfortunately for her she'd lost her cloak in the flight, leaving her only in her ninja outfit, and looking much like a slightly dragonised human. With her arms over her head and wailing like the hounds of hell were after her...

Instead of a very confused zombie that, if you squinted your eyes a little, looked just a tad like Justin Timberlake. Or maybe some other boyband zombie. They all look alike really.

2nd November 2005, 5:43 PM
OOC: Ha ha, you said busom! Buuuuussssoooommm! So immature! (This coming from someone who's gonna be in a Shakespear later this month :rolleyes:)
And oh no, my Mew is doomed to a life of eternal huggage! :O

‘Eeerk!’ Mew exclaimed as the girl stole her from out of the air, landing her in a tight embrace with her.

“EEEE! A MEW! CUTE!” she exclaimed happily, pressing the cat-like Pokémon up against a wall of white cloth.

For a moment, Mew was completely shocked. Not in thousands of years had anyone shown her such affection, but that didn’t Mew wasn’t glad for it. She attempted her wrap her short arms around the girl, but to little avail. But she was happy either way.

Kaylie stood dumbfounded on the sidelines while her friend and a complete stranger hugged, the girl holding Mew as if she’d never let go. This was getting stranger by the moment.

“So cute! And pink and fluffy and adorable and aw!” the girl in the gown cooed, giggling. She then places Mew at arm’s length away, holding the furry Legendary around the middle. “Um... did you say something? Oh! Wings! SO CUTE!” and Mew was back to being squashed as the girl grinned and laughed.

After a few moments of embracing, Mew looked up at the girl’s pale face. ‘Sorry, but do I know you from somewhere?’ she asked with wide, eager eyes.

“Yea,” Kaylie said suddenly, regaining her voice. “I mean…do you two…are you maybe…you have a tail, and…you know Mew?” she asked lamely.

3rd November 2005, 12:41 PM
Emma glanced around the place, feeling a little out of place. She got up out of the chair, telling Jolteon, "I'm going to find some food." Jolteon naturally took to this with enthusiam, mainly because one of his favorite acivities was eating. They headed to find anything edible to eat.

Meanwhile, Espeon was under a table s******ing at the girl who was hugging the stuffing out of a Mew. Suddenly something blocked his view, and when he looked up, he saw a zombie looking down at him. <AHHH!> he shrieked, then took off as fast as his legs would carry him. The zombie merely shook his head, and stumbled off to who knows where.

Lady Myuu
4th November 2005, 2:09 AM
Myuu let out a little giggle as she finally released the poor hug abused mew.
"Well, I may seem to be a mew hybrid but my hairitage is way different then what you may think. I just borrowed your look because I find it adorible" smiles sweetly "But there is no way I could ever be as cute as the real thing"

looks over at the other girl "Oh um, is this mew yours? Sorry for hugging her with out your permission"

4th November 2005, 2:27 AM
Ziarra stopped a few feet from the door of the old mansion. As she stood there she took at look at the creep graveyard with scattered bones and the turned over tombstones and dig up graves. Then glared at the door of the mansion where a party was taking place. She rather be out here in the scary graveyard than going inside were there were tons of people she didn't know. She started to go away from the house but then she feels a tug on her black grim reaper robe. Ziarra looked down at Slash Furret and Ziggy Zigzagoon dressed in a costume urging her to go in the large building.

"Okay I'm going," she said to them disappointedly entered place and just paused. There were more people than Ziarra had ever imagined in her life. She began to retreat outside but the duo blocked her way out. Since they wouldn't let her leave she made her way nervously across the mansion at the same time examining the place. Finding an empty spot on the wall way from the crowds she leaned against the wall hoping no one would notice her.

"Wow guys I really wasn't expecting so many people here I'm glad you're with me."

"Who are you talking to?" asked a girl dressed like an angel. Her presence made Ziarra even more uncomfortable and super nervous as she turned to try to answer her.

"W-well I-I'm talking to..." she looks down at her feet noticing that her good friends had abandoned her, "I guess no one" she finished with a somewhat unhappy but not surprised voice. The girl gives her an 'I'm getting away from this person' look and leaves without saying anything. "Great... now she thinking I'm nuts." Ziarra sighed taking out her skeleton mask putting it on and then the hood of her reaper robe. Hoping that she would left alone so she wouldn't have more people thinking she was crazy.

Power Shot
4th November 2005, 2:38 AM
"Tessie, I'm hurt," came a voice from behind her. Tessie turned around to see that not only had Kor come, he had also not bothered to dress up. "The least you could do was say hello."

"Hey mystery man," Tessie muttered back, he had scared her. "What are you supposed to be?"

"I think I liked that phrase mystery man," Kor mused, putting his hand to his chin. "Think the dancing will start soon?"

"Why do you care, you don't strike me as the dancing type," Tessie answered, noting the strong alcohol in his left hand. "How much did you drink?"

"None of you business, drinks are free," Kor replied, draining his glass. "Anyways, this stuff doesn't affect me as much as you'd think."

"Oh really?"

"Yeah really," Kor retored, before shouting to the barkeep for another drink. "Feel like dancing later? I don't have two left feet anymore."

"Funny," she muttered. "Aren't I a little young for you?"

"Do you even know my age?" Kor asked, flashing a brief grin before he left to find his Pokemon. "If you don't know anything about someone, don't be quick to conclusions."

4th November 2005, 3:16 AM
Undaunted by this dragon's anger, Taikashi still kept his weapon on his back.

He wasn't afraid of no Dragon.

He *was* afraid, however, of Dan, the owner of this fine party.

Sighing softly to himself, Taikashi turned and flew up to his previous resting area, keeping an eye on the people below. One sign of trouble, and he could hit anyone with a quick shot.

Maybe even two or three...

Debating with himself on whether or not he could hit them on his first try, Taikashi noticed something *very* strange. A young girl had turned into a demon!

"YE GADS!" He roared, flinging himself off the beam which was supporting him. Flying quickly after the thing, he yoinked the faithful shotgun from its sleeve and aimed it at the creature.

"You, demon-girly-thingy. Explain yourself or face my wrath!"

Thinking for a second that the demon might have powers, the blue Materia on his arm started glowing again, and a faint aura of light surrounded Taikashi. Nothing could harm him now... ((and considering the above...))

Tessie rolled hr eyes at Kor, then turend back to the boy, who was pointing the gun at her. "Oh, please, lower your ...gun, brat," She snapped. "I do not hae tiem likewise to explain to you. I have something that i need to get done."

Mighty was sitting next to her, cocking his head. "No, Mighty, i wont," she seethed to the dog, which barked. Tessei groaned, rolling her eyes. "Come 'ere, boy," she called, fingering for the boy to come over.

4th November 2005, 12:49 PM
Emma found a table full of food, and she took a plate, putting some food on it. She found another chair and sat down, beggining to eat. Jolteon glanced around, moaning about the lack of a table he could actually use. Emma smiled, then turned her attention back to her plate.

Espeon ran straight into a blue shield thing that was surrounding somebody. <OUCHIES!> he cried, rubbing the end of his nose with his paw. Once the pain had gone away, he glared at the person.

5th November 2005, 12:10 AM
Tessie laugehd slithgly as the pokemon ran into the small boys shield, the one who was threatening her. She rolled her eyes and decided dancing wiht Kor may not be as bad as haning aroudn here wiht htis...twit of a boy.

She turned fomr him and instructed Mighty that he may wonder as he please, but meet her back at the stair case in 20 min. and dont get into any trouble. Mighty had grinned and departed quickly into the deep crowd while tessie rose herself onto her tail anbd looked around the hall. SHe sotted Kor in a corner, being Lax agianst a wall. She sighed, rolle her eyes and was quickly a small raven, flying atop the heads of the people, lamding next to Kor and changing wihtout notice back into her Djinni form. "Hullo, Kor. I came to take up your offer ot dnace."

Power Shot
5th November 2005, 1:03 AM
"Well then, think you can keep up with me?" Kor asked, noting her strange form. "Or is that form what you use when you need an extra boost?"

"Lame Kor," the Djinni replied, "let's see if you can keep up with me."

"Let us dance," Kor replied, moving to the center of the dancing area, grabbing her hand. "Show me the moves."

"Fine by me," Tessie answered, noting that he was relaxing his right hand.

"Well now, think you can manage the waltz?"

As they danced, throwing back insults all the while, Mighty went to find Grovyle and Scizor, the two Pokemon Kor had brought with him.

5th November 2005, 1:17 AM
Tessie found hte dance rather pleasent despite al lthe insults that were being throw back and forht. She finally contemplated with a settlement. "look, if you shut up with the insults, i will," she nsapped cooly. Kor seemed to ponder a minute.

"Deal," he finally said, a wide smirk upon his face. Or was that a smile?
************************************************** ********
Mighty trotted slowly along, searching for the Grovyle and Scizor, using its nose, perched high in the air, to locate the two. Mighty caught their scent and headed forward when he collided into something hard and smashed his face flat aginast it. From anothers point of view, it would be a rather funny picture, but to MIhgty, it was rahter painful.

he skidded backwards quickly, ramming accidentally into a Zombie, knocking htem over, sending a drink flying onto a woman behind him, who eylled loudly, wrenching out her arms, which knocked another guys glasses off, which flew onto another person plate, hwo stood nad dribbled food all over a chair, where some one sat, and so on. All teh while, Mighty was shriking slowly into the hsadows.

Power Shot
5th November 2005, 1:50 AM
Nice to see you again, came a Grovyle's voice from behind Mighty.

He turned around to see Kor's Pokemon, Scizor and Grovyle, had snuck up on him from behind.

Nice display, the red Scizor muttered along with Grovyle.

It was an accident, Mighty protested, as Grovyle and Scizor laughed.

Of course, Grovyle muttered, looking at the Djinni dancing with his master. Those two seem to be close, I was unaware Kor knew the waltz.

************************************************** ****

Kor was enjoying himself for once, dancing with Tessie wasn't half as bad as he would have thought at first. The girl knew her stuff.

"Where'd you learn to do that?" Kor muttered, swerving around her in tune with the music.

"You don't know things about me either," Tessie grinned, matching his moves. "You're not so bad yourself."

5th November 2005, 1:59 AM
I really didnt mean to! If taht stupid kid didnt have that ridiculous shiled up, it never owuld have happened! Mighty exclaimed in protest, coming out form under the table. THere were many of eyes glaring at him, he could just feel it, and it made his fur raise on end. He grinned sheepishly as best he could at the corwd.
************************************************** **********
Tessie rolled her eyes at the commotion Mighty started. She looked back at Kor. "Such a clutz, he is. Poor thing, though. Can't blame him much- i mean, you'd create commotion like that too if you were blind and on four legs." she muttered, laughing a bit to herself.

"So, where'd you learn to dance, mystery guy?"

Power Shot
5th November 2005, 3:28 AM
"Well, I don't have feet, but that's never stopped me from enjoying myself," Kor answered, the song was being changed. "Think you're up for something a bit more challenging?"

The beat was picking up, Kor and Tessie moved faster to keep up with the rythem. Piece of cake for the Djinni and the mystery man.

"I learned before I met you all," Kor responded, twirling her gently with his real arm. "One of the more memorable experiences of my life."

"Uh huh," Tessie answered, spinning in tune with the music. "When are you planning to tell me about your past again?"

"Don't have any plans right now," Kor retorted. "But it's Halloween, might make a good scary story one day."

5th November 2005, 5:13 AM
Tessie gave a lgiht chuckle. "Halloween, my friend, is the holiday of the demons, the ghosts and spirits to roma free. Alas, my change," she repleid, nodding donw to herself.

Kor rose one eyebrow, but Tessie just laugehd. "Like i said, there will be no spilling here until there is some spilling here." She placed a hand over his heart. "You can't hide from me forever."
************************************************** ********
Mighty ruffled his nose and commenced to wipe soem cake flecks form his nose. He scrathced hard at it, but after everytime he felt the same cool feelign., Only then did he realize that Scizor kep[t dropping mroe pieces onto his nose each time he wiped one off.

Cut it out! Mighty growled, throwing one paw out at the scirzor lightly.

5th November 2005, 10:37 AM
Espeon skulked over to Emma, muttering under his breath about blasted blue shields. Emma giggled, then stared confused at her plate, wondering what to do with it. <Ummm...you may want to try asking someone what to do with the plate.> Espeon said, still skulking.Jolteon grinned at Espeon. <Had fun did ya?> he said, then burst out laughing

Yami Ryu
5th November 2005, 5:03 PM
Yami hadn't known howlong she'd been running/sprinting and screaming every other time it happened, it's just it seemed like that Zombie was popping out of everywhere, and it seemed, hearded Yami back to the main place the party was taking place in.

Barely able to let out 'excuse me' to a few people she accidently bumped into, before just about plowing into something much, much larger than a human, and she knew this as she didn't send other person bowled over. She was rebounded and landed on the floor in a daze and wondering why she was suddenly staring up, and looking at the ceiling.

Blinking a bit to clear her daze, Yami sat up, and well, came face to face with the worst thing ever. She hadn't really seen the dragon that much, or whatever the hell he was, but instincts were already screaming this; RUNAWAYNOW

And well, Yami ran. Because there's some things even she knows are more dangerous than zombies. Next time, next time she was going to drag Myuu here with her, or something else. But that was future, this was now, and now she needed drastic way to get away. So quickly forming the hand signs, of the one of few 'attacks' she knew, as it always paid to have various ways of fleeing, she grabbed an innocent bystander and suddenly there were two Yami's, and Yami did it again before 'milling' with the crowd.

Which meant Yami was heading for wherever she could flee without getting killed thankyou verymuch.

ooc; and thus, I dun have much for a reply XD

5th November 2005, 9:00 PM
Tessie watcehd hte odd girl skitter about. She shook her head. "Odd one, she is," she replied.

Kor opened his mouth to say somehting but Tessei was already replying. "Don't even think about saying it." she snapped. She kenw he had been baout to say that she was rather odd to, but Tessie didn't need reminding. She shrugged her shoudlers and continued to dance wiht the unknown man.

He was looking at hre oddly, and she turned away to call Mighty.
************************************************** ********
Another bit of cake dripped onto Mighty's head and he growled, lashing out, but all the noise was too much and he coud not pinpoint the scizors postion. Would you STOP dirpping cake onto my head!? Mighty raged, spinning around to try ot locate them. The cake on hsi head dripped onto his paw and he bent to lick it off.

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...tasty! he chirped and licked a big chunk of icing from his nose.

5th November 2005, 10:09 PM
"I seem to be as popular as Team Aqua at the moment," Nylf thought, hovering over the party. Ah, maybe Drake won't mind if he pulled out the Black Emerald. His Flygon form was a little too restrining for his liking, and a bit of wingless flight might do him some good. It was settled! Nylf moved his tail in front of him, and opened up the small pouch that adorned it. Out fell a small black jewel. Nylf smiled, as he began to glow....

His body was glowing like evolution, but something was clearly differant. Being a Dragon type, if he were evolving there would be a cocoon of dragon energy protecting him, but since this was simply form changing, none was necessary. As he glowed, his body near quadrupled in size, and his skin turned from desert green to pitch black. His wings were absorbed into his body, as were his antennae, hind legs and eye capsules. His eyes, now rvealed, narrowed, and they became as black as his skin, but the pupils were a bright yellow. His arms lengthened, remaining three clawed, and several rings of armour appeared along the length of his now serpentine body. Several yellow circle markings appeared along the length of his body, and his tail eneded in a small fluke. Four scalles elongated out of his back of his head, two very long at the top of his head, and two significantly smaller underneath and finally, his mouth became snake-like in proportion to his head, and it became a deep red.

"Booyah, Rayquaza is in the building!" he laughed, slipping the gem back in it's bag, before floating down to ground level, much to the shock of most guests, and helped himself to a large barrel of coke.

OOC: I hope the hall is big enough to fit Rayquaza. It is, right?

Zephyr Flare
5th November 2005, 10:24 PM
KiKamio had just about had it when he was knocked into but the more unexpected happens, he ends up in huis "Human form" insted. Blinking a more a little confused where he is, the newly non Dragonized KiKamio goes a hunting for the one who bumped into him.

Karma meanwhile has stolen amrshmellows, he's hoarding them under a chair.

Yami Ryu
6th November 2005, 11:54 AM
Yami, not sure if the five unwilling/unknowing decoys would work, or if they were still working, continued to flee, and would have if something long and black hadn't just appeared in her field of vision, too quickly for her to avoid. And slammed into it.

Oofing as the breath had been taken from her lungs, Yami sort of half hung off the watever it was, then her eyebrow twitched as she pushed herself off of the coil of darkness. And glared at it. A Rayquaza. Someone had brought, and let loose a Rayquaza in the party. In her way.

Grabbing one of her last shuriken, she held the ninja star like some sort of warped dagger and stabbed the bit of Rayquaza before her. The blade just barely broke the surface, but it did a little atleast and drew blood. A pained yelp and a raise of the coil infront of her and she slipped past before it lowered or slammed into her.

Throwing her gaze around, and ignoring the ruckus she was leaving behind, Yami saw the bar. Chose to ignore the zombie, didn't notice anyone else and dove for cover, behind the bar. Ignoring any startled cries, she just let out a hissed whisper of shush or the killer dragon will get me ;;.

6th November 2005, 12:12 PM
Nylf checked his tail, licked off the blood an used Recover, before Extremespeeding in front of the one who had just cut him.

"Excuse me, but would you kindly apologise for cutting my tail? And I'm a telepath, so don't hide in your thoughts. Yes, I'm a Rayquaza, but I'm here on my own, and don't call Drake a fool. And I ain't a killer dragon. That's my uncle,"

Yami Ryu
6th November 2005, 12:28 PM
Yami was not happy. Yami was scared, fearing for her life, and now has a talking, shiny Rayquaza giving off her location to the real threat. So brandishing the shuriken again, and a flicker of gold appeared in Yami's eyes because this bozo wanna be dragon, had just threatened her personal and very private space. So instead of stabbing the idiot for probably giving off her location from behind the bar, she let CD, the dragon soul inside her, and what made her hybrid, have a bit of time out to play.

'How dare you try to intrude upon my santuary, my freedom, MY SPACE! WHY IF I WAS IN CONTROL OF THIS BODY I WOULD EAT YOU! Get out of here before I decide to stop playing nice and ignore the rules the human set up for me!' CD finished that off with a mental roar that was probably very deafining to the Rayquaza, and Yami just added, "You are just an idiot that was in my way, I'm hiding from a real killer, which I doubt is your uncle, and if you've let him know where the hell I am.." Yami let the threat trail off, as she was a severly unhappy camper. Though a few thoughts she let CD continued to rant over should have sufficed, an unhappy Chaos Dragon is worse then an unhappy Yami. Unhappy Chaos Dragon's tend to go over how to really get rid of offenders.

ooc: << Shiny Flygon I suggest fleeing now, because I can't control 'CD' all that well. And she really ain't picky about what she eats.

6th November 2005, 12:43 PM
Nylf laughed. Ho-oh is his brother, death doesn't scare him.
"Fine, but seriously, I recommend therapy. That Chaos Dragon isn't exactly a side I'd keep. Anyway, a decent apology would have sufficed, but you had to call me an idiot. That's just plain rude. But since you seem to be having personality issues, I'm off."
And with that, Nylf returned to his prior seat, feeling slightly insulted. He had several million years of knowledge, and omeone had the nerve to call him an idiot. His father was right most humans are fools, even the hybrids.

Zephyr Flare
6th November 2005, 1:11 PM
KiKamio tilts his head, muttering something quietly under his breath as he puts a hand on yams' shoulder.

"Well that was rude, are you allright though?"

Nylf just sat on the chair Karma is under...

6th November 2005, 1:17 PM
Emma got up out of her chair, and found a place for dirty dishes. She picked up Espeon again, and walked around, nervous again. Espeon still looked grumpy, and Jolteon merely laughed his head off at Espeon. Emma smiled down at Jolteon, "You know laughing at someone is kinda rude...." she said happily. <I don't care!> Jolteon said.

Yami Ryu
6th November 2005, 1:29 PM
Yami's eyebrow ticked at the Rayquaza's parting comments, and it was only because Dan would probably kick her out, most likely litterally, that she didn't let CD out to eat the little cretian, that most likely couldn't tell a split personality from a dragon soul if both bit him on the ***- Yami was now more angry and annoyed then scared at the moment. And the therapy comment hadn't helped either, and was just laughing inwardly evilly at the thought of a three hundred foot dragon(CD) taking on a twenty three foot black snake that could speak.

So Yami was pretty much taken by surprise when she felt a hand on her shoulder and an; "Well that was rude, are you allright though?"

Startled, Yami gacked and leapt forward a few inches, turned around and gulped slightly, and felt like a pin had popped her rightous anger like it would a balloon. And the best Yami could come up with, without squeaking or stammering was; "yes, yes it was."

Zephyr Flare
6th November 2005, 2:02 PM
KiKamio just blinks a moment then ***** his head.

"Think you bumped into me... well the other me just wanted to know if you were all right since..."

KiKamio then notices he's still holding the poking pole.

"er don't mind this pole, I have absolutely no idea why I have it >.>"

Yami Ryu
6th November 2005, 2:45 PM
"Think you bumped into me... well the other me just wanted to know if you were all right since..." Kikamio paused, then continued on a different track, "er don't mind this pole, I have absolutely no idea why I have it."

Yami blinked at that, and er'd herself, not really sure what to say to that, and not sure if this wasn't like an act to get her guard down. Then smite her for running into him.

Scratching at the back of her head slightly from nervousness, "um .. yeah I'm fine, so er ... why are you here? Didn't think you'd be um .. one to do a social fling thing..."

And thinking dryly, she wondered who else would pop out of the wood works in this place, Hance? Sendeni? ... a slight snicker at that last name came and Yami was already plotting in playing 'match maker' .. but that would come when it had the chance, so turning focus back to real word, Yami eyed 'human' KiKamio a bit warily as she waited for a reply.

6th November 2005, 3:03 PM
“Well, I may seem to be a Mew hybrid but my heritage is way different then what you may think. I just borrowed your look because I find it adorable.”

Adorible? Mew thought to herself gleefully. She thought I was so adorable she wanted to be like me! How sweet! The cat-like creature did a little summersault in the air, which made the girl smile even more.

“But there is no way I could ever be as cute as the real thing.” She added, making Mew blush with pleasure.

She must reeaaally think I’m cute! She thought, grinning at Kaylie.

The Mew girl had turned to Kaylie with large, solemn eyes, asking "Oh um, is this Mew yours? Sorry for hugging her with out your permission,"

For a moment, Kaylie was speechless. “Oh, um, she isn’t mine, I don’t own her or anything,” she said quickly, shaking her head “We’re…partners, really. I didn’t find Mew, she found me.” Kaylie smiled, as did Mew, who flew over to the young girl to hug her. The two embraced each other, both smiling the same smile and thinking the same thought as if they were one, which, unbeknownst to them, they would have to be when the time came.

Kaylie looked to the Mew girl. “Oh, I’m sorry. I’m Kaylie, this…well, obviously this is Mew,” something large and black could be seen in the corner of her eyes “Er, that appears to be a black Rayquaza,” she said, gaping, wide eyed “Um, and you are?” she inquired of the young girl, all dragons aside.

6th November 2005, 4:30 PM
Emma walked around aimlessly, bored out of her mind and wanting to socialize, but afraid of being ignored. Espeon and Jolteon were getting annoyed at her lack of interaction, so they decided to find anybody she could talk to. Both of them spotted a Dragon, and since she loved Dragons, Espeon said <Let's go talk to the black rayquaza over there!>.

Emma looked around, trying to spot the powerful dragon. When she found him, her eyes lit up, and she walked over to him and said "Hi!"

Zephyr Flare
6th November 2005, 4:32 PM
"um .. yeah I'm fine, so er ... why are you here? Didn't think you'd be um .. one to do a social fling thing..."

KiKamio closes his eyes with a slight sigh pointing to the under chair Karma

"Was forced into acting as a guard for him and since nobody else would do it I had to. And no I don't like social much but at least now nobody will step on my tail again.."

KiKamio sighs again quietly, shaking his head slightly shifting his hair a bit.

"If I wasn't like this right now I'd be tempted to smack a few people with this pole"

Lady Myuu
6th November 2005, 11:24 PM
Myuu seemed rather distracted at the moment that the word rayquaza didn't really register right away until she saw the black thing out of the corner of her eye.

"Well, thats an odd sight" the mew girl mumbled to herself before looking back at the girl and her mew friend. "Oh uh I'm Myuu..." she paused a second getting a sheepish look before looking back over at the bar "I'm kind of thirsty, want me to get you two something?" feeling like she finally could relate to someone Myuu really didn't want to just leave them, plus the only person she saw who she knew was Dan.

Plus she didn't want to get ate by a dragon anytime soon.

Yami Ryu
6th November 2005, 11:52 PM
"If I wasn't like this right now I'd be tempted to smack a few people with this pole"

Yami chuckls nervously at that, pondering slightly what to do, then gets an idea, "Well, um, how would you like to talk with another dragon? Bet that'd be better then having to deal with just baby sitting Karma and having to watch out for idiots stepping on your tail," Yami suggested, thinking if she could get KiKamio out of the mainstream of the party, and Presto. No more threat of killer dragon on the loose.

Zephyr Flare
7th November 2005, 12:04 AM
KiKamio rolls his eyes slightly before standing the pole beside himself.

"There are so many varations of dragon and I know I'm the only Forsentu here, why would I need to flouder in other speices affairs?"

Yami Ryu
7th November 2005, 12:20 AM
"Because that's what you do at parties, you mingle with others." Yami paused, not sure if she could 'heard' KiKamio to the dragon she was thinking of, "And would you rather have female humans after you for looking like Legolas?" And tried to shoo KiKamio in the direction the Dragon she remembered part of the name was 'Tae', was.

Zephyr Flare
7th November 2005, 7:40 AM
KiKamio gets all ?!

"We don't look anything alike, besides I've been round much longer than that so its just oure convidence"

He also doesn't loow for being shooed and not with a happy expression, mostly because something is gnawing his ankle Oo

Yami Ryu
7th November 2005, 10:28 AM
Yami rolls her eyes, and continues to 'shoo' KiKamio, "Right, tell that to any fangirls that try and pounce you with war cries of 'Legolas my love! Come to me!' or, my personal favourite, 'Legolas I want to have your babies!'" Poking KiKamio, and not noticing whatever it was chewing on his ankle, she continues, "Seriously, it's not like I want you to go out with the other dragon, and mingling is better then moping about, or whatever." Yami paused, then got an evil idea.

"Unless you'd like to use that pole on er, someone. Or rather something." Yami muttered, glancing over at the black Rayquaza with a look that could basically be translated to the 'go crawl under a rock and die'. Then glances at KiKamio, "not like there's anything else to do .. aside from some gun happy idiot that was running around earlier. Creepy atmosphere. Boy Band Zombies ... posibility of the drinks being spiked..." Yami paused again, "... aw damn I just realised I lost my cloak somewhere around here....." sighing, the hybrid trudged off to go try and locate the missing attire.

Zephyr Flare
7th November 2005, 8:44 PM
KiKamio face falled to the fangirl comments, oh yes he has met their wrath before and just ignores the prods.

"It'll spice up if I have anything to say about it..." despite probably not have been heard.

7th November 2005, 9:00 PM
OOC: You're talking to me right Myuu? And you Buffy? Sorry but could I just be dubbed Legendary, Dragon is too vague here.

"Oh, someone finally notices me and doesn't try to skin me. Man, It's a relief, I'm Nylf, the head legendary in Hoenn and Pokemon League Champion alongside my trainer, Drake, nice to meet all of you"

Somehow Nylf got the feeling he shouldn't have mentioned he had a trainer. Legendaries don't normally have trainers, simply alliances. Awkward questions ho!

7th November 2005, 9:07 PM
OOC: *winces* sorry...didnt really think about that...

Emma, feeling a little put off by the Rayquaza, repeated her "HI!"

<You do know he's probably ignoring you...> Espeon said, a little angry at the Rayquaza. Emma really didn't socialize much, and was usually ignored when she did. Jolteon nodded his head, glaring daggers at the giant Rayquaza.

7th November 2005, 9:59 PM
"Sorry, didn't hear you. I'm not much of a multi-tasker. Name's Nylf, League Champion, I have a trainer called Drake who's now in his 30's married to Suila, shall I continue or do you wish to tell me more than just 'Hi'? I know I'm big but I'm about as formal as a tramp," he said, having trouble talking to two strangers at once and trying to drink a Coke.

Zephyr Flare
7th November 2005, 10:18 PM
Karma from under Nylfs chair

"hello thar Mrs Mary Sue sah!"

7th November 2005, 11:37 PM
“Oh, uh, I’m Myuu…” the Mew girl mumbled.

Nice to meet you, Myuu. Mew greeted, not mentioning how funny it was that their names sounded so alike.

“I’m kind of thirsty, want me to get you two something?” Myuu asked politely, turning to the bar.

Mew and Kaylie looked at each other. Mew shrugged, then smiled. Sure, another Coke wouldn’t hurt, thanks.

Kaylie shook her head. “None for me, thanks. I’m good until the sugar-rush subsides.” The blond girl paused. “Huh, some sugar rush this is!” she added as an after thought.

Myuu shrugged, got two drinks, one normal sized and the other for the small-pawed Mew, and was just turning around when the long, serpentine dragon Legendary, Rayquaza, flew right up to her to float in her face. This thoroughly scared the girl, making her jump and spill the two drink, dropping them on the floor so the liquid splashed around the girls’ feet.

“Oh, someone finally notices me and doesn’t try to skin me!” the Shiny Rayquaza jeered happily, unaware of the fright he had caused Myuu. Mew and Kaylie turned to stare at him.

“Man, it's a relief,” he continued happily. “I'm Nylf, the head Legendary in Hoenn and Pokémon League Champion alongside my trainer, Drake, nice to meet all of you.”

This totally left Kaylie befuddled. All the Legendaries were supposed to have been asleep for thousands of years, so Mew had told her. According to the cat-like Legendary, the other Legendaries were only just awakening now to fight off the evil Legendaries that were trying to escape the dark realm they had been sealed in by their good counterparts.

Mew, too, gaped at Rayquaza. He didn’t have a partner, but a trainer! And this ‘Drake’ had used him to win the Pokémon League! What sort of a trainer used a Legendary like that!? Then…how long could Rayquaza have been awake to have gotten so far with his trainer?! How long had she and Kaylie been together-no longer then a few months!

Mew sensed that this Nylf had the feeling he shouldn't have mentioned his trainer, as he was shifting his weight nervously.

Finally Kaylie spoke up. “We…nobody was inviting you into the conversation. I just sort of mentioned you during an awkward moment…” she began blushing, but the unusually black Rayquaza had apparently lost interest, turning to a girl and introducing himself all over again.

Kaylie blinked a few times after the Rayquaza. I’m glad he’s gone, Mew said suddenly. Blinding great brute. Nothing like the Rayquaza I knew back when the Earth was young and innocent. And I could have sworn there had been a Flygon where he had floated…I’d like to hope he isn’t the real thing. Mew then noticed Myuu’s spilt drinks. Oh, dear…er, Mr. barzombie…sir…we have a little spill over here… the zombie grunted, then hurried over to clean the spill, grabbing a dirty mop and attempting to clean the little mess up.

OOC: I know how you like to make your own plot seem like the only plot, SF, but Kaylie and Mew have a background all their own, one that doesn't work out well with Nylf's. Not that it makes difference; this worked out very well. And no; Myuu wasn't talking to you. But what happened made for an interesting twist.

Lady Myuu
7th November 2005, 11:51 PM
Myuu just stood there kind of blankly. Not really sure how to respond at first until Kaylie and Mew stepped in to help solve the conflict plus Myuu herself was rather off daydreaming by then.

"... You know, its been 247 years since I've seen any real legendry other then you, Mew and now Rayquaza... I need to come to Dan's parties more often. I am just always afraid of the game spin the bottle will come about or something" the mew girl smiled at that, "You know, come to think of it, I thought some of my friends would be around. They should have a party game or something... of course if I drank anything stronger then tea I'd probably try and make my own game"

pausing at that Myuu glanced around the room.

"I wonder if Dan has anything interesting planned..." glancing back at her new friends she changed her subject "So, how long have you two known each other?"

8th November 2005, 1:31 AM
Tessie looked about her. There were people milling around, people taling, people dancing. THere were pokemon about, and she spotted Mighty, rubbing somehting off his nose, with Scizor and Grovyle next to him, s******ing under their claws. She shook her head and looked to Kor. "Our pokemon are being a bit mischevious," she replie,d nudging him towards their pokemon.

Kor chuckled. "Well, looks like they are," he smiled.
__________________________________________________ _______________
Mighty jumped up and reared his head. STOP! he yelled, pawing at htem.

8th November 2005, 1:36 AM
Emma stared curiously at the black rayquaza. "You have a trainer?" she said.

<He just said that!> Espeon said, swishing his tail back and forth. Espeon suddenly thought of something he thought would amuse some people, so he jumped out of Emma's arms and said something to jolteon. Jolteon apparently agreed, so they ran out the door. A few seconds later, it became clear what they were going to do, as they somehow found a Darth Vader suit, managed to get into it, and was now walking arounnd.

Emma turned bright red, and moaned something about those two being the death of her.

8th November 2005, 2:32 AM
Mighty wondered what everyoen was laughing at. What's going on? he asked the two pokemon standing next to him.

[i]Two pokemon, Espeon nad Jolteon just got into a Darth Vader suit and are walking around. You should see them, they look hilarious![/i[] Grovyle cracked.

mighty raised one ear and listened, hearing all the laughter. He wnzted t fit in, so he began to laugh himself, but more stressed, and untidy.

8th November 2005, 3:23 AM
Ziarra watched as the party was starting to get very interesting. People having dance off and a Black Rayquaza appearing. She began to wonder how the huge creature got through the door. The door was tiny compared to him and there weren't any large entrances in this mansion. Suddenly at the corner of her eye she spotted something flying across the room. As she turned to where it came from Ziarra saw something she wished she hadn't. Her two pokemon friends were standing on the snack table throwing cake back and forth at each other.

"Why do those two always had to cause trouble" she mumbled to herself. She ran over to table but just before she got to the table, Ziggy flung a big pile of white icing at Slash. Instead of hitting Slash she hit the large black dragon Rayquaza who happen to be in range. "That enough you two, return" Ziarra ordered holding up two pokemon. The half-red and white balls shot out red beams that hit the Zigzagoon bring her back into her ball. But the Furret not wanted to go back just yet evaded the red steam of light and with lightning speed escaped into the crowd. Frantically searching for that mischievous Slash, Ziarra failed to locate him.

"Well... um... s-sorry about that" she stammered like she normally did around new people. She became more nervous talking directly to the giant pokemon not knowing how it would react to this situation.

8th November 2005, 9:02 PM
"Oh don't worry, I did way worse than that in my days back when Drake was 14, and he couldn't be better. I guess you want to hear how a Shiny Rayquaza got a trainer? I warn you, it's a very long story, and could be dull from some points of view," he said to the human with the barmy 'eons. He was internally laughing. The classic Pokemon in a human costume gag. He hadn't pulled that one in years!

Yami Ryu
8th November 2005, 9:53 PM
*coughmarycoughcoughsuecoughplotcoughgrabbercoughc ough*


Yami, now having become a wee bit braver, was traveling the halls again, and had come upon her cloak, and was about to grab it when she noticed something seemed to be off. Like, way off.

Blinking as she paused in reaching for her outfit, Yami tilted her head slightly, something wasn't .. right. Straightening up, her blue eyes narrowed, Yami tried to figure out what was wrong. It wasn't something scary; but it was something off. Turning around, Yami paled as she realised what it was. Evidently she wasn't the only one down here, and someone that apparently was dabbling in Necromancy was showing off to another guest, and it was too close. Trying to yell out a stop, Yami tried futily to halt what was already thrown into motion.

It sort of felt like being hit with a train. A train that bowled you over, emporered you and left you a shaking mess of nervs. Gasping in shock and pain, Yami doubled over, owing softly, as the Necromancer seemed perplexed at his spell failing, and tried again.

This time a scream was earned from Yami as shifting from human to a very big erfing dragon, is never a pretty sight, let alone something one would want described, but the end result was a long snake like creature, black as night with blue highlights when the light struck it right. Three pairs of feathered wings clasped tightly to it's body, a tail that was just like it was when smaller. Only now holding the capability to grab something three times the size of a barrel. Or more. A row of spikes ran down around mid-back to the end of the tail. The wings were black as the body, with speckles of blue here and there. An armour-esque helmet of bone like growth adorned the head of the dragon, and it reached about one third of the way down the neck. It also, unlike real bone, seemed to flex. On the lower jaw four holes permiated the armor, two on each side, while the same happened for the upper. One set for nostrils and the other set for eyes.

Opening golden/blue eyes, Yami groaned slightly, still recovering from what had happened. Distantly hearing the screams of the two people, she grumbled and raised her head slightly, and got her horns stuck in the ceiling. Growling deeply, she wrenched herself free and shut her eyes as plaster and wood fell onto her head.

Oooh .. I'm gonna have to pay for that.. Yami thought to herself.

Oh screw that. We can go ... play with that dragon. CD hissed at Yami. And the thought did sort of please Yami .. get that pokemon off his high horse. Snickering slightly, Yami pushed herself forward, then paused, bending down and snapped up the cloak in her jaws. Okay, now we go have your fun.

CD yayed at that as Yami started forward again. Trying to ignore the scraaaaaaaaping of the wall and how she just did fit. Yami continued on her way untill she made it back to the main hall. Ignoring any possible startled cries, Yami tossed her cloak to the nearest Zombie, growling out that if anything happened to that, she'd smite the thing.

And with narrowed eyes, headed towards the one that had insulted her and had acted better then her. Yep, Yami was about to check in for 'therapy'. As in, smash the little annoyance to hell therapy. Without giving the enemy dragon a warning, Yami opened her mouth and lashed out with a bolt of lightning, scoring a hit on the target. Which it was hard to miss, being as her target was way larger then those around him.

Though, the Karma hiding near the Rayquaza did get a bit fried, he was alright.

"Okay you arrogant little toad," Yami spat out as she drew herself up like a snake about to strike would, and her size alone sent people running from a possible impending battle, "you should never insult those superior to your pathetic powers ... you might get eaten." Yami wasn't about to eat the thing, but chewing on him didn't sound like a bad idea. And she lunged at him, mouth wide and teeth flashing, easily outmatching him in size and width three times the Rayquaza's own.

Lady Myuu
8th November 2005, 10:04 PM
Before the Mew and the human could reply. The hybrid girl spun around and pointed at the huge dragon who had come into view.

"Yams!" she declared, pointing happily "Er... and CD. Oh dear there gonna get themselves thrown out." Myuu covered her mouth as she saw the dragon now attacking the cocky Rayquaza. Turning back to others and placing a hand behind her head the girl gave a sheepish grin "Um, I did mention I thought my friends would be here... seems one is"

8th November 2005, 10:53 PM
Taele'ryth has just laid down her head and kept one slitted eye partially open when a larger dragon erupted from one of the hallways near the serpentine black beast. She had been keeping an eye on the creature earlier pulling attention to himself as though he were the most important one there. He hadn't bothered being quiet either and she overheard most of what he said. Just moments before, he seemed ready to plow into his life's story and now it seemed she would be spared from having to hear it.

It was one of the things that irked her - those going off on their stories without a care. Not that she would rather have the attention. She hated being the object of attention.

The dragon's voice did ring a bell. Her thoughts turned to Yami, the one the beast sounded like. She had seen her talk to another guest before the black dragon had lost sight of her. Perhaps it was the dragonkin of her, even if that wasn't the true Taele'ryth wasn't about to ask her in her current state. Mayhaps she would do so later when everything was clam again.

She continued to listen as Yami ranted in front of the black serpent. Inwardly, she was glad someone had stopped him before things went off on a tangent. Secretly in her own thoughts, she had wanted to go over and slash a hole in his inflating ego. At least now she could do so with another. Mentally she calculated she was approximately twice his length and somewhere in the ballpark of about eight times his mass at the very least.

Catching sight of the last blast of lightning Yami's dragon form struck the other with, she made a mental note to not be destructive and not to be on the end of any elemental blast she had in store, whether or not lightning was the only one. At the very least she could pin him down and sit on him, just to bask in his impending embarrassment...or a throw rug. She liked the idea of being able to keep him pinned. Sure it wasn't the most honorable thing to do - which would have been to act as peacemaker for the sake of the party - but she did make exceptions at times.

Stretching as she lifted herself from the floor, Taele'ryth slunk over to where the action was, prepared to "help" if the need arose.

Zephyr Flare
8th November 2005, 11:04 PM
Karma is upset, he is sooty, Karma does not do sooty.

"I want my lawyer!"

KiKamio narrows his eyes a fraction, still holding the pole and had sensibly got out the way with a slight quirk of eyebrow before dragging Karma out by the tail and handing him the pole.

"hold this, it's about times things were livened up"

Karma looks about to protest but when a very slight aura coems up and suddenly there's a full sized Eastern Dragon Floating beside him he thinks better of it plus you KNOW if KiKamio is involved he screws all the happy nice myths all over.

But for the meantime he keeps higher up and out the way to go when he wishes, he may be one of the smallest of the big Dragons of the household (Feet up he's about 3/4 up TDS and since TDS is a kidgit to Seraphix and Necree...) but he's got enough to him, mostly, length to really kick up a riot, that toothy grin says so.

8th November 2005, 11:35 PM
Many people run past Ziarra frighten by the huge dragons rumbling in the main hall. She just stood as her mind try to comprehend what exactly was happening. Slowly backing away until she bumped into the wall. One part of her mind shouted run for your life while another part shouted stay calm they can sense fear. She had not an idea what to do she continued to stand there quietly watching the large dragons the one that recently appeared towered above the black Rayquaza had pinned him down. Cowering against the wall Ziarra hadn't notice that she was quivering or that she began to breath hard.

Power Shot
9th November 2005, 12:01 AM
"Tessie, you might want to get down," Kor shouted over the noise. "I'll get Grovyle and Scizor, and we'll go deal with it."

"Grovyle, Scizor!" he shouted into the din, causing his Pokemon to stop what they were doing. Mighty was being brought in Scizor's claws to prevent even more confusion.

Kor pulled out his swords, he'd made sure they were sharpened before he came. "Let's hunt, like the old days," Kor shouted in Pokemon language.

"Right," both Pokemon nodded, they had dealt with far worse things before, and had always come out unharmed. Except the one time.

"I'll be back," Kor muttered loudly, passing Mighty to Tessie. "Stay down and stay safe."

And with that, he blazed off to join the fight.

Both Dragons were creating a scene, one, a Raquaza, had a girl pinned down. "Dragon!" Kor shouted, causing the beast to lose interest in the girl. "If you have a problem," he shouted, leaping onto its claws, "take it up with me!"

Both blades went down, causing the dragon to drop the girl into Kor's arms. "Run, I'll hold this thing off." He didn't bother to see if she did as he asked.

Grovyle and Scizor stood in line behind him. "Let's dance, bozo," he muttered. "Chain Strike!" he shouted, shooting his one metal hand by a coil around the dragon's neck. He followed it, leaping onto the dragon's head.

"Get the other!" Kor shouted to his Pokemon, who faced the second dragon.

"If anyone has something to prove, get over here now!" he bellowed through the mess, avoiding getting thrown off by the now-enraged dragon.

Lady Myuu
9th November 2005, 12:22 AM
As the fight seen devolped even further Myuu gave the whole thing a very dry look.

"They have no idea what they are dealing with, do they?" she sighed scratching the side of her head a little. "But thats what happens when you mix dragons and pokemon trainers togather." glancing over now at the stunned faces of Kaylie and her friend, Mew.

"I suggest we take cover until this solves itself. Or we could try and solve it..." she eyed the fight "... I say we hide behind the bar"

Yami Ryu
9th November 2005, 12:27 AM
Yami was to say, in a nice term; very. Very. Very mad. And she bellowed, eyes near burning sapphire and she shifted, as her orintation changed from the toad that had insulted her. And now something dared come and attack her, challenge her, and this is not a smart thing as Yami had lost the self awarness that she wasn't dragon but a human, but when you're a bit of a berserker when enraged, you tend to forget the important stuff.

Outside of; Annoyances must be smote!

The Scizor attacked first, thinking it saw a weakness, but Yamin shifted, and it only struck the bone armor and bounced off. The Grovyle thought to use this to it's advantage, and lashed out with a leaf blade, but the energies used to summon the attack seemed to be drained away before the gecko could land the attack. And Yami grinned, giving her 'death head' look an even more evil attitude. And she whispered just loud enough for them to hear; "Fools. I absorb magic." And without warning lashed out with a tounge of flame that almost cought the Scizor. Ignoring a sharp 'Sciz!' from it, Yami swung her head and scent the pokemon flying, out of the way. Then the Groyle, probably knocking them into people or into a wall, and unconsious.

With narrowed eyes and barely with held fury, Yami roared again, flaring all six of her feathered wings out and sending anything not nailed down flying, she could feel the prescence of two other dragons aside from the one that had injured her pride and caused her more fright when she was smaller. Drawing back and up much like a cobra would, the dragon inhaled sharply before a surge of the liquid element known as water erupted from her jaws and headed for both the intruding human and the Rayquaza.

And un noticed by the large dragon, her flame attack had started a few fires on a table that should probably be put out...

9th November 2005, 12:33 AM
Kaylie was about to tell Myuu she had only known Mew for a few months when the Mew girl spun around to point at a large dragon which came crashing into view, shouting “Yams!”

Kaylie didn’t have the voice to ask why she was thinking about yams as a dragon was attacking the disagreeable black Rayquaza.

“Er…and CD.” Now she wanted to listen to music? What odd associations she made!

“Oh dear they’re gonna get themselves thrown out,” Myuu gasped, covering her mouth.

They? Asked Mew, just as confused as her partner.

“Um, I did mention I thought my friends would be here... seems one is.” The Mew girl said embarrassingly, rubbing the back of her head.

“Wait…are you saying that you’re…friends with that…beast?” Kaylie asked in disbelief. “Wow,” she murmured “Some friends you must have!”

People were gathering around to watch the odd scene, even another dragon stayed near the brawl as if to keep an eye on the dragon.

“They have no idea what they are dealing with, do they?” asked Myuu dully. “But that’s what happens when you mix dragons and Pokémon trainers together.” She sighed, turning to the bewildered pair.

“I suggest we take cover until this solves itself. Or we could try and solve it...I say we hide behind the bar.” Myuu said quietly, pointing at the bar.

Mew shook her little head solemnly. And miss that…fake get beaten up by your friend, who by the way I love already? I don’t think so.

Two Pokémon, a Scizor and Grovyle, entered the fray, but the dragon merely shrugged them off, knocking them out with little effort. Then it spewed forth a stream of water which hit not just the ‘fake’ Rayquaza, but the human trainer of the two Pokémon, which please both Mew and Kaylie immensely.

“Go, dragon, go! Hit ‘em where it hurt!” Kaylie found herself yelling, when Myuu whispered into her ear “Yami, the dragon’s name is Yami.” Kaylie grinned.

Myuu, your friend’ll give everyone their just desserts by the time this party is over! Mew exclaimed happily.

Power Shot
9th November 2005, 12:39 AM
"Grovyle, Scizor!" Kor raged, jumping off the Rayquaza and to the demon that attacked them. "Return!" he shouted, saving them from the trampling. "You won't find me as easy to beat as my Pokemon." He meant it, he was far stronger, anger burning him forward.

The creature roared. spewing flames at the mystery man. Kor dodged, attacking the lower parts of it from under. The Rayquaze had not fogotten him though, and moved fast to attack with scorching flames.

Kor positioned himself between both monsteres, letting the beast that had attacked Grovyle and Scizor recieve the attack.

"Chain Punch!" he shouted again, slashing at the ceiling, getting a grapple. He retracted the coil he had installed in his arm, swinging in between both titans.

It was a no brainer, both creatures had lost interest in anything but the dark man. Both attacked, hoping to cut him to pieces. Kor grinned as he released the cable, saving himself again and having both damage themselves.

"I'm just getting warmed up," he muttered, as both turned their attention to him. He shot his chain at the other side of the room, dissapearing behind them with breakneck speed. "You'll pay, I'm trained at fighting things like you!"

Both felt pain as the swords cut deep, it wasn't enough to stop them, but Kor was getting somewhere. On his own. I have to make them both faint, so the massacre will cease, he vowed, throwing himself back in, reflecting flames thrown at him with his swords back to their users.

OoC: Kor won't give up, so don't put something like that in a post, I'll decide if he's had enough.

Yami Ryu
9th November 2005, 12:59 AM
Yami snarled her displeasure as the flames licked over her scales, the 'magic' might have been sucked out of the attack, but the fire was still real. Her head armor protected her from any real danger, but she was discomforted extremely.

But there was pain from another reason, as the little **** reflected her attacks back, somehow, he cut her. Oh, he had tried to attack her scaled hide, but it deflected the swords blade. Her armor, which the annoyance seemed to avoid, would have caught and held the swords fast. For the material was made for abuse of the sort.

As said, there was pain.

The human had sliced one of her wings and badly too. Screaming in pain and fury, as she flailed blindly, tail slamming into walls, people, things that didn't get out of the way, and thankfully avoided hitting her aquantences; the wing kept bleeding and the annoyance struck again, another wing. More pain. More blood. More flailing. Her tail thudded as it scored a hit with the other dragon, sending him flying, and Yami continued to screech in pain as the annoyance bit at her with fangs of steel.

Some of the dragon's blood hit fire that was still smoldering near her, and there was an loud popping explosion and a wave of magic fire swamped a small area, maybe a foot. But that was only because the ammounts of what set the reaction off were small.

And the human was still attacking, causing her to bleed, thinking he was winning when he was setting the stage for something very catistrophic as he continued to antagonise something that would now eat him for doing this to her.

Screaming again she reared up, crashing her horns into the roof, destroying what she hit and screamed a third time in fury and blinding mad rage before opening her mouth as if about to attack.. not noticing that the dragon she had met before while still human-ish, Taele'ryth, started to move as if to intervine, and help Yami. Or maybe stop her from letting loose anything that could cause one very hellish big bang.

>> way to go Power Shot, this is what you get for treating a dragon like a pokemon...

9th November 2005, 1:10 AM
She'd seen enough. Normally she wasn't much of the fighter but seeing a human barely taller than her shoulder height attacking Yami snapped the one little nerve in her mind. While she had just met Yami, she felt her as kin, as having the little bit of dragon in her. The human may have swords, but her dragon hide and armor would be enough to reduce most of the damage. Taele'ryth didn't take much heed of the metal mantis and the leafy reptilian creature - most damage they'd do would be minimal unless they could get in some well placed hits.

Content the human was preoccupied, she maneuveured herself into position, the tip of her tail in front of his feet. Quickly flicking her tail over and slightly upwards, she tripped him. In a flash she had both of her forearms laying across his body, one to pin his legs so he didn't attempt to kick her and the other across both of his arms and back at about the neck level.

She lowered her muzzle to his ear, as calmly as she could despite how she really wanted to snap at him, said to him, "Desist. This is not a fight you should be fighting. Do not try to attack me, do not call your creatures to fight me. I am only trying to help my kin and will not hurt you if you don't give me a reason to. I will fight back if you do and you will not like what I do." She heard what seemed to be a little bit of a grunt beneath her and she shifted her weight just a little but still kept him pinned. "Call off your creatures and go back to whatever you were doing previously. Only when you give me your word that you will leave her alone will I let you up." She emitted a low growl just to be sure the human understood her well enough.

Power Shot
9th November 2005, 1:17 AM
"No," Kor muttered, unable to move. "I'm not giving up yet."

"You will lose, and then you will die," she said simply, refusing to let him budge.

"I DON'T CARE!" Kor shouted, shooting his hand at the wall, and coming undone. "Even if I lose, you won't know until I do!"

He unsheathed his swords yet again. "I never back down from a fight, no matter how tough. I don't care if these creatures know you, but I'm fighting them, so stay out of it!" He took a step foreward. "Grovyle and Scizor are hurt because these things are ruining the place, so I'm not giving up until I die!"

"STAND ASIDE!" he shouted at her. "OR FACE MY WRATH! I've dealt with thing ten times worst than you, and I'll do it again."

Yami Ryu
9th November 2005, 1:37 AM
Stunned for a moment, it took a few moments for Yami to process what had happened, but the annoyance wasn't a threat to her anymore. Atleast for now. Letting out a low and gutteral hiss, she slowly lowered herself, still bleeding from three wings, but otherwise was fine. Blazing eyes stayed focused on the annoyance before flickering towards Tae as if to say a word of thanks, before shifting her head, and emmiting a sound almost like a whimper as she went to tend to her injured wings the only way she could; breathing small ammounts of fire and ice onto the wounds, or more speccifically the blood to cause pop explosion reactions to seal the wounds, feather covered or not, to staunch the blood long enough for them to start to heal.

And as Yami slowly started to come down from the rage, and ignored CD as the dragon snarled and demanded the human as a sacrifice to her to appease her wrath, she remained focused on healing herself first, let Tae have the joy of tormenting the human. She'd had enough pain and fighting for one day, to last a week.

And then the human started to rant at Tae, and Yami simply pulled her head away from her wounded wing, snarled and spat at this 'Kor' that had attacked her, drenching him with her bloody spittle, and grimacing at the taste of her own blood. "Stop now you high and mighty retard," Yami seethed, "I was seeking vengence for insult done to me." She snapped out, uncurling enough to glare at him from where it seemed he thought he could take an armored dragon down with a pair of swords. "Then you attacked me. You injured me. You claim I am a beast," she spat, once again covering him with her blood. "You wouldn't care to know I am human and dragon. You just care for your own glory."

Not giving him time to react, she spat out a weak spark that struck the blood covered white knight wanna be, and shocked him badly, causing him to fall over, strike the ground, and probably be seriously paralised. Sneering, she glared at the thing that made her ashamed to be called human. "You are no better then a demon that tried to rape me. Remember that."

Shifting her focus over to KiKamio, Yami knew she didn't have much time left in this form before reverting back to human, or fainting from the blood loss she was going through. It seemed to be everywhere as she had guessed wrongly in how badly she was wounded. "You can do whatever you want, KiKamio," and looking at Tae, she said, "thank you for helping me."

Wincing, the massive dragon turned, and started to slither out of the main hall, scooping up her cloak along the way. She had enough of this party, she just wanted to get out of here before she died. And before paranoia sank in and made her want to hide under her bed as it was right. THERE ARE INSANE IDIOTS AT PARTIES. ... or atleast people thinking all dragons are evil beasts.

Wincing again as an injured wing dragged the ground, Yami forced herself to shift it and try not to focus on how much she was bleeding. .. and how bad that could be. Dear god I hope no one uses anything outside of soap to clean that mess up.

CD cackled at the thought, having gone a wee bit reverted thanks to the attack, and just went about saying explodie explodie back to Yami, and once again the hybrid questioned why she was the one that had to put up with a near perverted dragon soul. That liked exploding things.

power shot; don't try and power play out of the shock. The blood acts as an amplifier to anything that strikes it. Meaning a weak jolt can be powered up a whole damn lot. Meaning, don't try to effing kill me again --;

Power Shot
9th November 2005, 1:54 AM
Kor left satisfied, though injured badly. Fortunately, his legs didn't give out, and he made it back to where he had been when the thing started. He had stopped the dragons from attacking each other, and that was enought for him.

His first priority was to his Pokemon, so he released them to tend to their wounds. Grovyle had major bruises that would heal fast, but Scizor had been utterly beaten by the thing.

He pulled out a small bottle, the last of his medicine, and sprayed it on their wounds. They would recover soon, but Kor let them relaz in their Pokeballs.

"I am proud of you both, you were much better than I was," he muttered to them. He was getting stares from people for what he had done, but he ignored them.

He and his Pokemon were safe, as was everyone in the place. He had done no more than what he would do for Christina.

He made it back to Tessie, who was still safe with Mighty. "Glad to see you're safe," he sighed, before collapsing in a chair. "I'm tired."

The dragon's words struck him hard. He was no white knight, that was for certain, but she seemed only interested in her own fights. He had fought her to keep the place safe, so no one else would get hurt.

Kor stood up, and went back. He needed to settle something with the dragon. He found her leaving, and grabbed her arm.

"Here," he muttered, pulling out some of his medicine. "Don't go just because I fought you." He applied some before she could do anything, hoping it would heal the damage done to her body.

"Get away," she growled back.

"I'm sorry I fought you, but I couldn't let you hurt anyone in the place," he continued, seeing that her skin was starting to heal, he was happy he'd brought it along. It worked on anything. "But the next time you decide to do something like that, at least take it outside rather than hurting innocents."

He held her firm, not caring what she did. "I'm sorry I ruined your time here, but I'm not a jerk okay? I just did what was needed to stop you both, you lost control."

She turned, and Kor struck a fighter's stance.

Yami Ryu
9th November 2005, 2:03 AM
[ooc; Kor I am not human. I am not Western Dragon, I explained wtf I looked like ¬¬]

Yami snarled silently to herself, narrowed eyes at the fool that was trying to now make an appeasement in peace. And she lowered her head, and he was lucky she had not struck him down for touching one of her injured wings and had assumed that what he was doing was helping, when it was not. Atleast to the effect he thought probably.

Whuffing loudly, and sending him over backwards at the sudden exclimation of breath, she growled. "You attempted to kill me when I was not threatening you. I was no threat to anyone wise enough to flee the fight. My fight was with the Rayquaza, not an interloper. Not someone running around slashing something and claiming it a beast."

Bearing her fangs, Yami continued. "You are worse then a jerk. Or a pervert. Or a prankster. You are a self centered little egotist!" Snapping at him in a slight fient and forcing him back, she growled, and turned her head away from him. "You got what you wanted, demon. Now stop getting in my way before I do die, and you have my friends after your hide due to my death."

And as she started to once again leave, she snapped out; "And the place wasn't going to end as badly if you hadn't fought me." Yami didn't care about anything right now. "Though I suggest you put out the damn fires before they hit my blood. Lest you want to see something that makes an oil spill look like a barbeque fire."

9th November 2005, 2:17 AM
Taikashi had long been silent (sorry, I haven't had time to RP >>), but he knew just how dangerous that blood could be if caught on fire.

He still had his costume on, weeks after Hallowe'en, and used it to its fullest potential. His arm started glowing once more, the protective barrier he had set up earlier fading away, and a rough wind picked up.

"I advise we all hold onto something." He said loudly, letting everyone know the best plan to do. The Aero spell did its work, whipping the blood into one neat little column, and then carrying it out the window. That was that, no danger anymore.

Sighing, his arm stopped glowing, and Taikashi walked to the bar again. He ordered another drink, and sat down, wondering what to do next....

Lady Myuu
9th November 2005, 2:21 AM
Myuu seemed to have forgotten the other two as she watched the fight, she had screamed in fear as that one with the swords sliced her BEST friend's wing. Not only that but it seemed her friend was bleeding and wasn't going to stop anytime soon.

As Yami began to walk away, still prepared to defend herself Myuu decided enough was enough.

Grabbing a slice of cake from a table she paused and put it back down, she then grabbed the whole cake instead and chunked it at Kor.

"YOU TOUCH HER AGAIN AND I WILL BURRY YOU IN CANDY CORN!" and with that the mew girl flouted up into the air and darted quickly after her friend with a shout of "Hold on Yams!"

9th November 2005, 2:30 AM
Taele'ryth bounded across the floor and skidded to a halt, armor screeching ever so slightly, and purposefully shouldered the human out of the way. Arching her neck to reach a touch above twelve feet, she hissed, fixing one slitted wild emerald eye on the human in warning. He seemed none too pleased, but right now it wasn't important. Ignoring him for the moment, she turned to gaze at Yami. "I apologize that I had not come sooner. Once I am done here, I can accompany you. It's not normally what I do, but I can for you if you wish," she told her quietly, so only she could hear.

Snapping her gaze back to the human, she gave a low gutteral growl. "A moment of your time." It was not a request, but a command.

"I know not your name and am not sure I want to. Since I did not get a word in back there, here will do. Any injuries are your own fault from your bullheadedness. Dealt with things worse that me? Perhaps in my calm periods. Your wrath or any future wrath is but child's play to what I have seen. A dragon's wrath is nothing to be toyed with," she hissed venomously. "By your attitude, I assume you are near two decades of the human life span. I am far older in your race's terms than you know but my exact age is not for you to know. So know this: you may think you are powerful, but never underestime me. Just because I do not fight does not mean I'm weak."

The ebony dragon sat on her haunches and flared her wings a small bit to prevent him from further bothering Yami. If she had to act as a shield, she would. Only when he would give up would she move back to her corner. Taele'ryth did not trust this human.

Yami Ryu
9th November 2005, 2:48 AM
Yami halted again, Tae it seemed had caught up, and apologized, and then she thought she heard Myuu. Opening her mouth, about to warn them about the danger, she felt weak/faint, and muttered something, barely making her bulk get outside before she started to faint. As the darkness swamped her and Yami tumbled over backwards, shifting, changing, reverting to her human self, with no dragonic attachments, she still showed the wounds of the battle on her back and arms, and the ninja suit was shreaded, leaving only real cover; the akatsuki cloak she had been holding formerly in her teeth.

Yami, bordering on the verge of oblivion, felt herself hauled back, atleast a bit, and cracked her eyes open, and found the ;; face of Myuu above her, and it seemed her friend had saved the day after all; by sacrificing some psychic power to help Yami.

"Yaaaams," Myuu wailed, wanting to hug her friend but unable too.

Yami closed her eyes, hurt to breath, hurt to be, just hurt utterly. Back feeling flayed open, being on the ground wasn't helping. And she managed to get out a 'hurt'.

"Hang on Yams, I'll... I'll think of something!"

9th November 2005, 3:06 AM
The battle had not been happy, nor nice. Had that stupid trainer just minded his own business and kept his nose to himself the mansion wouldn’t have gotten to be in such a mess.

Kaylie felt truly horrible for the dragon, Yami. That wanna-be Rayquaza was only getting what was coming to him, what with his over-inflated ego. It was none of Kor’s business as to the scores two creatures had to settle.

He must have thought himself to be quite the high and mighty one. Mew said with a sigh halfway between anger and sadness. Not all humans have respect for those who deserve it, no matter how wise, old or powerful.

Yami, both her dignity and body hurt, began to leave, only to have the trainer run up to her and offer to help, with Mew and Kaylie listening closely. He’s still on his high horse! He thinks he helped everyone, when he made things worse! Mew pointed out angrily as Kor tried to ‘help’ Yami while saying something about not letting her hurt anyone.

“He claims not to be a jerk, but he just doesn’t get it,” Kaylie growled. The Western Dragon was right, though; not only would Yami’s friends go after Kor, but Kaylie and Mew as well.

Myuu, enrages, grabbed an entire cake, minus a slice and hurrying after the angry dragon. Kaylie took a step forward, and was about to try to fight her way through a mass of costumed bodies when Mew, by means of Psychic powers, lifted the girl over the crowd to chase after Myuu, their only friend, and Yami, the dragon who seemed to be one of the few people at the party who knew how to act civilly.

Out the door the partners went, following Myuu to the hurt form of Yami, which was shifting and changing to become human. Myuu reached her, and there was something in the air-pure Psychic energy, Mew realized.

The two came to rest next to the figures on the ground. “Myuu,” Kaylie said, placing a hand on the Mew girl’s shoulder. “Is there anything we can do to help?”

Power Shot
9th November 2005, 3:11 AM
"You know nothing of me, no one does" Kor answered, glaring at the two. "Just as I know nothing of you."

"I have faced worse things than both of you will ever see, do not presume that I can be beaten by the mere strength of two creatures such as yourselves."

"You should suffer," one hissed at him. "We do not lose as easily as you believe."

"Maybe, but you do as well. If you plan to fight in the future, do so where innocents will not be harmed," Kor muttered, sheathing his swords. "Or I will hunt you as I have demons like you in times past."

His body had recovered from all the damage he had suffered. "I apologize for your wounded pride, and your injuries," he muttered. "I care little for what others think of me, so do your worst. Death is the least of my worries."

He was not an egoist, but few could do what he did, he took pride in it. "Good evening," he muttered in his gruff voice, what little compassion he had tried to show to them had long since past. He was concerned about his Pokemon, they came before himself.

Lady Myuu
9th November 2005, 3:30 AM
Myuu wiped the tears from her eyes as she stood up and shook her head.
"I don't know. She can heal... she just needs more magic I think. She can convert pokemon abilities to magic. she is borrowing some psychic power from me" Myuu leaned over grabbing the edges of her dress and a loud rip could be heard as her dress became more of a shirt skirt.

"Wrap this around her wounds. If she wakes tell her your my friend and she shouldn't try and eat you." the girl offered her the ripped cloth. "I think Dan needs to know about all this. He can solve it. He is 'the boss' after all."

with that Myuu turned to run off but glanced back at the two "Thank you... its hard for me to find people I can trust anymore. 200 years of experince backs that up you know." with that she ran off back into the mansion.

She skidded to a halt seeing the one who had dealt the damage to her friend, the boiling rage came back as he seemed to think he had done the right thing. He turned to tend to his pokemon. Myuu turned to to tend to some rather hard rock candy. Grabbing the bowl she chunked it at him nailing him in the back while he was turned.

She quickly darted off again with a wail of "Daaaaaan the maaan"

9th November 2005, 3:44 AM
Tessie had crouched low and become a dragon too, waiting to see what ahppened. But Kor's bravery and the things he said struck her. Itwas hard for her to grip what was going on. Her inside were squealing with fright, and her head was whirling with pain. Did she have feelings for him? Was hse scared for him? No. She didnt even know his age, he was way to old.

Tessie backed up and became her demon again, sitting next to Mighty, patting his head soflty. "You okay, buddy? Hang in there, it'll be over soon." she gripped him tightly and closed her eyes, sighing. Halloween was supposed to be a holiday where all the spirits gather, not all the demons fight. She sighed and hugged him tighter.

Power Shot
9th November 2005, 3:49 AM
Kor felt something had been thrown at him, but didn't bother, the injury would take care of itself. He didn't even turn around, he knew who threw it.

"I cannot care," Kor muttered, releasing his Pokemon. "I do not nor deserve to feel."

Sencing that there may be more retaliation for his actions, Kor moved himself away from everyone, to the roof. There, hopefully, he could tend to his Pokemon's wounds in peace.

"If people wish to fight me, let them come," Kor said to himself, the Pokemon were still not moving. "They will lose, as have all the rest. Until I redeem my crimes, I cannot feel anything for anyone."

But he didn't mean it, he cared more about his Pokemon than anything, even himself. He could heal, faster than they could. A fateful day had seen to that, the day he lost his feelings for others. Only a sence to help those unable to help themselves remained from what he had once been.

He had revealed his secret shame, his metal body parts, to everyone in the hopes of not winning glory, but ceasing all-out warfare. Or so he thought, those others disagreed, the friends of the girl-dragon.

I have no friends, he thought, he didn't need them. He regarded people as things waiting to hurt him, just like they had done to Christina. NO one can love a person like me.

Perhaps he was a beast, he certainly acted like one. The girl had lost control, just as the Rayquaza, so he stopped both, however cruel he had done so. The only things he cared about were his Pokemon, who had saved him from death, and he was willing to give his life to save them.

Death is the least of my worries, he thought again. Did he believe those words? I would join my friends at last. But he could not die yet, he still had a mission. Then he would find relief from his burdens.

His powers were not needed, Tessie and Sakura only knew the one they could see. The demons were but a stroll in the park for a warrior like him, but he never liked his talents. He just wanted to forget, forget what had happened.

Don't do it! Christina! his own voice ehoed in his head as his Pokemon healed. Soon they would be back to normal.

Should he stay? Only Tessie would understand his attack, but no one would listen to him, or care. "But if I don't care, or trust, or love, they have the right to hate me."

He felt alone, the mystery of his past, the powers he'd recieved were but the tip of his problems. One day Tessie would know, he had promised that before he died that people should know who he was, before he was Kor.

He became involved with himself, and snapped out of it. He tended to his Pokemon, and sharpened his swords stained with blood.

"I wish they could understand," he said softly, but even a tear was denied to him, so binding was the spell.

Yami Ryu
9th November 2005, 5:22 AM
[suddenly spotted something I didn't notice before; OoC: Kor won't give up, so don't put something like that in a post, I'll decide if he's had enough. <- yet Power Shot, you would have killed my character. TY for being so 'nice'. And considerate. You should be happy I didn't power play and blow your emo character up/eat him.]

Yami was still coherent enough to hear speaking, even if she didn't understand it all too well, and weakly she cracked an eye open. Where was Myuu? Closing the eye again Yami wanted to whimper in pain but that would have taken too much effort. So she lay there for several moments before opening her eyes again, managing to focus on two figures. One was human, and the other, small, pink.. And she tried to say 'Myuu', Yami really tried, but just hurt too much to concentrate on that, and all she could do was listen to was the thumping of her heart and stare at the world she could see with half glazed over eyes.

And weakly, Yami thought, if she ever got a chance. She was going to take a bat to the Rayquaza, and that idiot Kor. A weak utterance, something almost akin to a mutter escaped Yami finally, but it was almost a sigh from how soft it was. And the injured teenager went back to trying to ignore the utter hurt she felt, which encompased all meanings, synoms, and etc of that word.

And Yami also wondered why she had this sudden craving for peanut M&M's...

9th November 2005, 8:35 PM
OOC: I got lost, am I living or what? I'm just gonna guess that since all I could find amongst the carnage was one lightning bolt and a shot of water actually aimed at me I'm reasonably okay.

Nylf decided that Drake had been right. Rayquaza only in an emergency. So he pulled out the Black Emerald and reverted back to his Shiny Flygon form. This would make things harder. Drake he had Spirit linked with, Emma was a no. He just prayed the allie rule still applied even in your late 5000's.

"OK, sorry about that. I don't leave Hoenn much, so these outer region types are a mystery. Anyway, it's a weird story with the trainer. I was the Rayquaza of Hoenn about 5000 years ago. That was when Kyogre and Groudon started fighting. Going against the Rayquaza rule, I used the Red and Blue orbs. They cause the souls of those exposed to their light to leave their bodies and find a new host, leaving their old bodies as mere statues. Time passed and I was reincarnated as Nylf, the Shiny Trapinch. I met Drake and we journeyed Hoenn when he was 14. Groudon and Kyogre were reincarnated as a Nidoran, Groudon, and a Mantine, Kyogre, and Drake's friends, Suila Tsunami and Tac Rocka, were given them by Drake's now deceased grandfather. We continued our journey, and of course me and Nidoran evolved up to Flygon and Nidoking. Then, Team Aqua and Team Magma activated the orbs, forcing us to turn back into our old forms. I stopped the fight again, this time keeping out of the light of the orbs. But, the souls of Groudon and Kyogre liked their new vessels too much, so we're reincarnated too soon. I knew there was only solution. I created the Black Emerald, which allows re-incarnates to switch between vessels. It's a last minute thing. And technically, I was back to being Flygon when Drake beat the Elite Four, so it was not an easy win. Long story I know, and I cut out the stuff that doesn't explain the 'trainer' thing, and even then I cut it light," and the he sipped his Coke as if his story was regime.

OOC: I'll explain, Emma can understand Nylf as he considers her an allie, while CD, unless s/he can understand Pokemon, can't. That's his story. He's normally Flygon, the Rayquaza part is an emergency thing, like Deoxys is angry whatever.

RaZoR LeAf
9th November 2005, 10:20 PM
Both Dan and Dantoo suddenly became united. Their minds perfectly matched with the same feelings on emotions. His body pulsed, and shifted from his hallowe'en costume. He coat become an expensive looking coat, tailored in red and purple colours, with a gold trim baring embroidered stars and moons. His skin faded to a regular colour, while his eyes lit up with a brilliant white. Holding out his arms light swirled around them and sent beams of brilliance out into the party. Weaving through the crowds or startled people, the beams wrapped around various party going guests and lifted them all into the air.

"What the hell do you think you are doing!?" he screamed. His voice was being amplified by Psychic means, so not only did it bounce of every inch of wall, but it poured into the minds of everyone, no matter how good they were at blocking out an invasion by other minds.

"You were all warned before entering that fighting would not be tolerated!"

The united power of Dan and Dantoo tightened a psychic grip around the one named Nylf and lifted him up higher. The black Rayquaza squirmed as he struggled against the psychic bind, but the struggling was fruitless. Dan squeezed tighter until the Rayquaza was almost crying in pain, then it finally began to shrink back down into the original Flygon form it was.

"You mention nothing about changing forms when you requested to attend this ball, and as such, doing so again will not be tolerated!"

He loosened his grip but still held it afloat. Next he tightened his grip on Yami, who did not struggle nearly as much, due to the fact it knew better.

"Though you do not have control over your forms, you should know that people interpret being chewed on differently than you might! Bad Yami! No Dessert!"

Finally he switched his attention to the warrior named Kor. Clearly one who disliked being treated like this he struggled too. Dan focused, and his two poke balls came away from his belt and hovered in front of him.

"This is a social gathering, not a place for you to notch up another kill! In the future, you will not involve yourself in the concerns of others!"

Dan growled, before releasing his psychic grips at once, dropping all those concerned to the floor without any regard. Twisting his neck till it cracked on both sides, he allowed his Psychic persona to slip away. Too unconcerned about returning to costume, he went back to his original form, a regular brown trench coat, and human colour skin.

"Consider this a first and final warning. I can, and will have any more trouble makers removed."

Dan turned his back on them and returned to the bar, as activity slowly returned to the norm and the level of chatter gradually increased. He hovered over the bar, before reaching behind and grabbing the head pump of the Cider line. With a firm twist, he snapped it off and grabbed the pipe that lead to the massive canisters in the basement that held all the alcohol. With a firm hand around the end, he began absorbing the alcohol at a constant rate, desperately wishing it would actually do something to his emotions.

Power Shot
9th November 2005, 10:35 PM
OoC: Kor's on the roof, could you maybe edit your post a tad?


Kor grappled his Pokeballs back, and latched them to his belt. All the attenders were glaring at him, but he didn't care. "Let them come, and lose like all the others," he muttered to himself. His heart felt nothing, and he removed himself from the room. He could tell something was going on, the followers of Yami were still plotting about him.

He had done nothing but prevent the death of the bystanders, but different people see things in different views, so others thought of him as a monster. He didn't mind, he didn't feel, so that was a good discription.

"I never kill unless I have to," he muttered, returning to the roof to continue nursing his Pokemon, he was already healed.

Yami Ryu
10th November 2005, 11:58 AM
Yami was a bit confused/stunned/disorintated as she was picked up, and before she could rejoice as suddenly she was hurt no more- a booming psychic voice boomed out; "Though you do not have control over your forms, you should know that people interpret being chewed on differently than you might! Bad Yami! No Dessert!"

And Yami wailed a 'nuuu' at that all ;; as she was dropped to the ground, ignoring the rest of the boomed yells, as they didn't consider her into the equation.

Grumbling a little about not being able to get any desert now, as she adjusted her now, amazingly fixed ninja costume, she threw the Akatsuki cloak back over herself and grumbling and picked herself up. She would have to go to Myuu, wherever Myuu was now, and thank her.

It was then Yami realised she wasn't alone out here, and not just the horse that was tied to a tree. Blinking, she turned and caught sight of a human, and a Mew, that was not Myuu, and both stood (or floated in the pokemon's case), a few feet away.

"Er .. um .. hi?"

10th November 2005, 12:54 PM
Alex grinned as the message boomed out and took another handful of popcorn. He loved to listen to yelling, as long as it wasn't to him. He looked around him and spotted a stair that seemed to go down under the ground. The never-ending curiosity flamed up again and he set the course for aforementioned stair.

He appeared in a seemingly empty room. It was pitch black. He found a bottle-cork in his pocket and threw it inwards. It pinged into a wall so he continued that way and met the wall, face first. He abandoned the idea of exploring and left the basement.

10th November 2005, 4:39 PM
Tiana knew better than to get involved in a dragon's fight and so she had stayed as far away from it as possible which is somewhat hard in a ballroom hall that seems much smaller when there are three dragons and a foolish human are fighting in it. Tiana hudled, rather frightened by the three dragon's wrath's, in the corner while the fight was going on. When the fires started she had gathered up all her courage to dash around the fight, nearly getting slashed by the wild human and just barely avoiding one dragon's flailing tail, obtaining some minor scratches for her efforts, and helped put them out with her magic. After that, she had had enough of the fight and leaped out of the nearest broken window not wishing to go near the melee again. Tiana, wanting to have a little time to heal her minor scratches and to calm herself, sequestered herself high in a tree near the edge of the forest surrounding the mansion. Tiana supposed that the fight subsided fairly quickly when a great psychic mind blasted his voice into her head yelling about fighting at the party, even though she was not the one being yelled at. Tiana figured that either he had wanted the entire party to hear what he had to say, or he really didn't know how to control his thought-speech,but she thought it more likely that it had been the first reason. Whoever it was, seemed to have enough authority to say it because shortly afterward one of the dragons stumbled through the door and changed into a human as it fell into the arms of a mew-human hybrid who had rushed out to help it. This she could see from her high perch.

OOC: SOrry that my character hasn't been involved much I"ll post again later.

Power Shot
10th November 2005, 10:08 PM
Kor's Pokemon healed as the man sat in silence on the roof, despite the chilling cold of the night.

He was locked in meditation, trying to piece together what had happened. He had fought the two dragons, he knew that, it was why he was up there. Why had he fought them in the first place then? Was he indeed trying to prove something, or was it something deeper in his mind?

He remember stashing Tessie and Mighty away before fighting the creatures, could that be it? He was not one for glory, he did not deserve it, but was it to save her? She had been on his mind for some reason he could not piece together, were his feelings returning? Did he care about her?

"No," he muttered, "I cannot, she would die as the last person that cared for me, as Christina met her fate. They will not let me find happiness, neither of them will."

The magic that bound him to his mission was strong, but was his heart finally beginning to fight back?

12th November 2005, 12:31 AM
Tessie cmae quietly onto hte roof, Mighty close at her heels. She looked to Kor, who was sitting quietly by himself on th eldge with his pokemon. She sighed. She would be unheard for she was floating. She stretched an arm to Mighty, who sniffed teh air and came back negative. If Kor had been hurt, he had healed. She wondered why he hadn't let her help. She knew, taht if he owuld have, she would have helped. She would have given herself up for it to stop. for him to be alright. He was always putting himself in danger for others's sakes. But no one understood his methods, was the problem.

Tessie sprouted legs and landed softly on the gorund, then went over to Kor, wher she sat down without even adressing him, or looking to him.

"Why didn't you let me help?" was all she said, staring out at all hte lights before them, some distant, others clese enough to blind if looked directly at.

Power Shot
12th November 2005, 12:57 AM
Kor did not answer for a while, he was still trying to understand it.

"Because I did not want you hurt," he said at last. "I will heal, but you would not, not against that kind of strength. It was for the best."

"My injuries heal by themselves, when I've been damaged in that way before," Kor explained. "My broken bones will heal, but yours are more precious than mine, so I needed to protect you."

He returned his Pokemon to his balls, then turned to her. "Some things are best left unanswered Tessie, like my past. One day you will know, but until then I am never free from my curse, as you are not free from your Dijjin powers." He stood up. "I thank you for your help, but perhaps it would be best the way things are, you do not want to know what I can do, or what I have done."

He did not speak about his past further, it was too painful for him. Did she care for him? If so, she would not if he told her his past.

15th November 2005, 3:32 AM
Tessie looked at Kor and shook he head ssadly. "I only want to help. I do not care of what you have done, I'm pretty sure I have seen it before, maybe even done it," she whispered. "It makes no sense to hide something that will come out in the end anyways. But soemtimes, even though we know this, westill do it, hide it. I do not get why thgouh..."

"Nothing has ever made sense in my life, so i wouldnt be surprised right nwo if what you're telling me confuses me. I've never had a simple part of my life," she muttered. Unconscoiusly, she lifted her hand and put it on hsi shoudler. What in the world was she doing?

"I will care for you like a friend no matter what happens, even if i do get mad, it does nto mean i hate you. We all get mad at tiems, it's how we show that certain emotion, because we have to feel angry to feel complete. We all need someone to blame," she whispered quietly.

Power Shot
15th November 2005, 3:46 AM
"Thank you Tessie," Kor muttered, why was she like this? All he had done was what was needed.

Remember your past, shouted a sneering voice from deep inside his mind. No one can love you, remember Chrsitina.

No! Kor thought silently, he was trapped in the memory again. She was above it again, the vat. This will not happen! Not because of me!

I love you, said a woman's voice, as she fell in.


"What is it?" Tessie asked, Kor was shaking. Inside, his mind was waging all out war against his past.

"I wasn't always like this Tessie," Kor answered, looking down on her. "Once, when I was human, I lost someone dear to me. Then I became this."

That tear was still denied, though his heart was aching. "I am bound to Gold and Silver, I am their guardian, and it is my curse to save them. When I find Lugia and Ho-oh, my sins will be forgiven, and I will find eternal peace."

"You'll die?" Tessie asked fearfully. She did not want that.

"I do not know what my eternal peace will mean, but until I find it I cannot die," Kor answered. "I once wished for death, you have no thoughts of how long I have wandered this world, waiting for release. But I met friends after my years of lonliness, you Tessie and everyone. Perhaps death does not await me, but I wish for freedom." He felt strange.

Deep inside him, the battle raged on between Kor and his emotions.

15th November 2005, 3:55 AM
"I don't want yuo to die," Tessie said quietly, looking up at him. THere was something big giong on inside him, she ocudl feel it.

Tessie looked back down, over to Mighty, who put his nose under her hand and she smiled and rubbed it. "It is okay, Kor, if you felt like that before. Me, i wish i could die everyday that i have to just sit and watch all those helpless people walk by. THat is how i became this," she muttered, motioning for her Djinn form. "I never watned this, but when i tried to kil lmyself, this is what happened," she whispered.

Then she realized that she had just let slip some of her past. [i]No, no one could know. Jsut as Kor's past was horrible, therefore so was Tessie's. Maybe, just maybe even more. She had never understood why her past turned out this way. But it had, and now she had to stick with it for the rest of her life. Sometimes she really wished she could die now, but she knew she couldnt.

As long as her mum was alive, she had a reason to live. And as long as she had frineds...

Power Shot
16th November 2005, 3:24 AM
"As long as I have friends, my life will always have meaning," Kor said slowly, his stomach was acting up for some reason. This girl had done something to him, she had made him care for her. "We should return downstairs, even if I am hated, I have learned to live with people's judgement of my behavior."

Tessie smiled, it sounded good.

"Let's do that," she said, feeling some happiness.

"But lose the Dijji form, you look much nicer as a human," Kor said jokingly, then recieved a swipe on the head from her. "It was a compliment."

Yami Ryu
16th November 2005, 3:58 AM
[edited upon request XD]


Yami, a bit worried about Myuu as the girl had yet to reappear, excused herself from the duo's company and went on in her quest for the fellow hybrid.

Wandering back into the mansion, and mopey a bit, as she wouldn't be able to get desert now, she tried to ignore the fact she now wanted sweets, and blamed Myuu for that, and went off in search of Myuu once more. Ignoring the crowd, or possible glares for indangering people... not her fault they didn't get out of the way. And really they should be hating Kor, he attacked her without reason, attempted to kill her, and tried to 'apologize' and yet still blame her. Or try to make a paltry attempt at making up to her.

Rubbing at a shoulder, she grumbled a bit, she wasn't a mindless beast. That prick was, and worse than a demon, she realised. Because atleast that damn four eyed multi named demon could atleast be civil. Though it didn't make the demon better. Or the jerk worse.

Pulling herself from the thoughts, but vowing to get some justice back somehow, and probably knew a good way, Yami went in search of Myuu, least there be a wailing mew girl somewhere thinking her friend had died.

17th November 2005, 12:18 AM
Tessie smiled at Kor, shaking her head. "Ah, what a man," she joked. "You're just like them all, incompetent," she said sarcastically, becomgin her human agian. "But i keep the tail. I like the tail, and i have to look a bit like i"ve dressed up. I mean, Halloween is the holdiay for demons, and that's what i am, a demon."

Kor chuckled and she smiled, then she snapped her fingers lightly nad Mighty trotted over. "We're gonna go back donw now," she whispered to him and he pricked his ears and padded donw the stairs in front of her.

"He's so sweet, really. Dont knwo what id do without him," she said, smiling ot herself.

Power Shot
17th November 2005, 12:34 AM
"Now then," Kor said, leading her down the stairs to the party. "Let's have some fun, shall we?"

With a shout, he kicked the door leading down to the party down with one shot from his powerful limbs. He put it back, but smiled despite himself.

Tonight he would try and have fun.

"Grovyle, Scizor!" he shouted, tossing out his two Pokemon. "Have fun, but don't drink too much."

"Very funny," Grovyle answered, before sliding away with Scizor and Mighty.

A slow song had started up in the ballroom, so that was where Kor and Tessie headed, despite the glares he was getting from a few of the people there, he thought he saw the dragons who had threatened him, but didn't are. They could come if they wished, or enjoy what remained of the evening.

"Shall we dance then?" Kor said with a false tone of kingsmanship.

"Lead the way," Tessie sighed.

"I planned to," Kor answered, holding her tight.

************************************************** ********

"They seem to be...close," Grovyle said, watching the dance from afar.

"What's going on?" Mighty asked.

"They are dancing," Scizor answered, looking at the two with interest. "Could Kor be beginning to fight his curse?"

17th November 2005, 1:19 AM
"Fight his what? From who? What in teh...? Okay, now I[m confused@! What dpes my trainer have to do with any of this? And where are you stnading? Is it in fornt, or behind?" He aksed, so confused his tail wasthumping up and donw.

The other two poekmon chukled at him and he growled lightly. [i]"Not funny! It's not my fault i can't see! Talk to the Fearow who did...YOW!" he exclaimed as the Scizor pinhced him.

he leaot up onto a chair nad rubbed his bottom wit one of hsi paws, frowning, trying to locate the Scizor.
__________________________________________________ _______________

Tessie followed Kor in the dnace, How could she care about him> She couldnt care> She doesnt have feelings .Demons dont have feelings. ONly for those of their blood do they, which explains the major break donw over her mum, but Kor? She didnt even know him, and now she was dancing with him> It was wierd.

Power Shot
17th November 2005, 1:33 AM
Scizor and Grovyle decided to have some fun. Though Kor had forbbidon them to get drunk, he had said nothing about Mighty.

"Where is everyone?" Mighty asked, almost to the point of annoyig.

"Want to see how much a Mightyena can drink?" Grovyle asked his partner, who looked behind him to see the excited beast.

"Sounds like fun," Scizor laughed, before they turned to the creature.

"What's going on?" Mighty asked.

************************************************** ****

Kor felt at ease as he delicatly danced, Tessie swaying in his arms. It almost reminded him of those old high school dances, where if you looked into the eyes of your partner, you were in love or something, and were made fun of.

It was hard, even for Kor, to believe that he cared for Tessie. It seemed impossible, the curse had been clear about that. And yet...

He looked down on her, she wasn't very tall. She seemed so delicate and fragile, though Kor couldn't imagine what might of happened to her.

He just danced, without fear for her life. It was nice, he felt at ease in the place, like he was alone with her.

What is happening to me? he asked himself, was he becoming human again?

17th November 2005, 1:59 AM
Tessie sighed lightly and looked up at Kor to find him looking down at her. Either he was tall or she was short ,.Tessie soncluded that she was short, Hse had always been on the short end of her years. She remembered people used to call ehr shorty and use her as an arm rest. Seh hated it. But now a days it made her laugh stlightly.

It was hard for Tessie to grasp taht she was actually coming to care for this man. But at least itwas only care, at least it wasn't further than that.... like love...No Tessie hadn't even ever loved nyone in her life. No, she had only family love, with her mum and her dad. And Mighty, he was the only thing she loved like another family member. He other pokemon, they were her best friends. And now there was Kor, but where to place him?

Tessie had found that she could no longer deny that she cared about this man. She knew she coudln't ignore it any longer. Tessie looked awayfomr him, down to their feet and wathced as they created thsi sort of rippling rhythym.
__________________________________________________ _______________
Mighty was wiping his head with his paw when he heard th Scizor ands Grovyle talking. What are you guys diong? he asked, backing away, sensing them rather closer than he would like. Why are you so clsoe to me? What are you doing? Alcohol makes me sick! he exclaimed, hearing their cnoversation, his ears going backwards and his legs giving out form under him.

Power Shot
17th November 2005, 3:40 AM
"Hey, what's going on there?" Grovyle asked, as he pulled Mighty's body back to fit him near a keg.

"Those two appear rather happy," Scizor coughed, setting down Mighty to get a better look. Hovering above the crowd, the two seemed to be close.

"What's going on?" Grovyle asked, he couldn't see through the sea of people.

"The curse is failing, or so it would seem," the bug answered, returning to the ground level. "Kor's emotions were destroyed when he lost his name."

"Could you please tell me what's going on?" Mighty asked, he was getting annoyed with their curse talk.

"Kor was stripped of his emotions, that day it began," Scizor said. "We are bound by Kor to not say anything, he will tell when he finds peace."

************************************************** ********

Kor felt something, a slight jarring feeling in his stomach. He could feel Tessie's heart beat, it matched his.

Does she truely care for me? Kor asked, his mind in shock. But he held on, he would protect her. But could he shield her from his past?

Lady Myuu
17th November 2005, 4:08 AM
The poor Mew girl was lost. As lost as a mew girl could be, just running around like mad and knowing that booming voice, whatever happened she missed it.

Boy she could use some candy.

The girl continued her journey of trying to now get unlost and back to Yams.

"Goodness I really messed up" Whined Myuu. "Oh Yams please be ok."

Yami Ryu
17th November 2005, 4:40 AM
Yami sighed as she came to a stop, looking around, and pushed past a few milling people. Nope, she wasn't by the bar. Or by the buffet table. Yami pointedly ignored the dancing couples, or rather one, muttering something sounding like hypocritical dimwit under her breath but turned her focus away. Another fight wasn't what she wanted, well a mad Dan wasn't what she wanted.

"This is like trying to find a needle in a haystack.." Yami grumbled to herself, then got an idea, cuped her hands over her mouth and called out, "MYUU!"

17th November 2005, 10:39 PM
(Huuuuge thanks to ren for edited her post from before, XD)

Mew and Kaylie had been quite surprised when they had been teleported back inside the mansion to face the wrath of the party host.

Kaylie had been quite scared when he had picked up the three party-goers, staring up at Dan in fear and wonder.

Mew’s eyes had been wide in angst, her heart pounding. When the false Rayquaza had been picked up, she had hoped desperately that the Porygon man would kick him out of the party, but no such luck. At least she got to see his squirm as the dragon transformed into the Shiny Flygon she had thought he had been. Ha! she muttered triumphantly. I knew the real Rayquaza was more noble and less arrogant! she said to Kaylie with much satisfaction.

When Dan was finished his scolding he went off to try to get drunk, and the party continued on, much to Kaylie’s relief.

It was then that the dragon approached the girl and Legendary, murmuring “Er .. um .. hi?” in a tone that suggested she was unsure of herself.

“Oh, er, hello, Yami.” Kaylie said back, rather nervously. Girls didn’t usually talk to dragons like this!

“Oh, um, I’m Kaylie, and this is Mew, of course.”

Mew did a little bow in the air, smiling, less nervous than Kaylie but still weary. Lovely evening, isn’t it?

Kaylie looked up at Mew, raising an eyebrow. Before she could say another word, Yami muttered something about having to find Myuu, and before either could object and offer their help, Yami whipped around and disappeared, her long black tail being the last thing either saw.

Power Shot
18th November 2005, 12:46 AM
Deep within Kor's mind, something awoke. It felt its power grow in the vast darkness that surrounded the man's mind, though he was not evil. He was nuteral, utterly without feelings.

And yet...the something grew, beginning to shine Kor's mind with light never seen. What was it?

Kor's mind was flodding with a feeling long since locked away by the curse. He didn't know what it was, for he had not felt for so very long. His half-life was filled with the pain that came before he lost his name.

Was this love? Kor did not know, but he had not felt it for years. It could have been, but Kor's mind had sealed away his heart long ago.

I am doomed to a half life, until the Legends grant me freedom from my burdens. All my power is nothing, for with it came the curse. I can heal the sick, live forever, or rule the world.

But he did not want anything like that at that moment, he just wanted to be with Tessie. Though he could not feel his emotions, he knew Tessie was there. She looked up into his eyes, it was almost too much for the man's mind.

Could she love him? Could she forgive the sins of the past?

There will come unto your life a maiden fair. When both together stand before the altar, your sins will be cleansed, and you shall find your final Peace. In this lady's hands contains the power to set you free.

Until that day, evil wretch, content to lay upon this earth. Thine sins will never heal, until the maiden will save you by her own choice. Then the door shall unlock, and you will be set free of your spell.

Lose this girl, and you will never find yourself.

Was Tessie the one that the curse spoke of? Kor did not know, but felt almost happy that someone might care for him. Maybe there is hope yet for me.

20th November 2005, 11:00 PM
Chrom strode quickly along the stone street. He occasionally looked up to make sure where he was going, but his eyes were mostly on the strange invitation he had gotten. Brad Davis from the old Team Aqua gig had tracked him down and gotten him to come to this "Winter Ball", suggesting that there might be other trainers there to offer a challenge. Chrom had doubted it at the time, but gone anyway as a favor to a friend.

Now, he wasn't so uncertain.

As he was getting nearer to the old mansion that was supposedly his final destination, he was seeing pokemon trainers of all sorts arriving on the spot, teleporting in or traveling via a flying-type. Chrom was unaccompanied at the moment, partly because he didn't wish to release his pokemon outside and partly because he wouldn't be able to find a date to save his soul nowadays.... Currently, his pokemon were tucked inside a suitcase he was carrying along with a few other things. Chrom looked up at the manor again. It didn't look very old, probably ecause it had been spruced up for the ball. Under the beautiful evening sky it seemed very promising. Chrom walked up the stone steps to the house, flashing his invitation to a nearby guard. The burly-looking man nodded and Chrom tucked the letter back into the inside pocket of his blue vest, part of his uniform-costume. Chrom walked through the doorway, quickly combing the bright red hair he had just recently cut to a decent length, and gazed upon a bonanza. There was a dance floor (mostly empty at the current moment), buffet table, a social area filled with guests wearing many assorted costumes, and - to his delight - many trainers showing off their prized pokemon.

Chrom decided to let his two current pokemon, Titan and Vector, out for the party. Chrom strode over to an unoccupied table near the west end of the room and lay his briefcase on a seat. He opened the case and took out two red-and-white spheres. Chrom tossed the spheres to the ground simotaneously, opening the balls along the centerline at a hinge in back. Out of the inside of the sphere shot two jets of red light, which only just escaped before the balls snapped shut. The masses of light hit the floor and condensed into what looked like a hovering, blocky robot with a resentful glare on its face and a tame-looking pseudo-dinosaur that had a drill on its head and looked to be chiefly carved of rocks.

"Vector, Titan, you guys go off and enjoy yourselves. Try and keep within my view, though, okay?" Chrom said loosely, glaring over the Metang and Rhydon. Vector, the Metang, just glanced sideways at Chrom and shut itself off on top of Chrom's suitcase. Titan, the Rhydon, nodded and walked off toward a group of other pokemon. Chrom, given some time, looked around at the crowd. He wasn't hungry, and most of the guests were dining at the moment.

And then Chrom saw out of the corner of his eye what in his opinion was an exceptionally beautiful girl in an enchantress's gown with a silver staff. Chrom was about to go up and talk to the girl, but then saw a shiny Rayquazza come up and converse a bit with the girl. Now this was an odd sight: A shiny Rayquazza was almost unheard of, and he was seeing it before his eyes! Chrom gazed for a while, deciding whether he should be scared or not, and then saw the Rayquazza move away, calling out to another guest. Now was an oportune time. Chrom straightened up his uniform, straightened his cap, and walked over to the girl. Chrom didn't need to tap the girl on the shoulder or anything; she automatically saw him from about ten feet away and turned to face him. Chrom opened his mouth, and without doing any thinking, uttered the words:

"Nice Evening out tonight. Are you enjoying the party?"

24th November 2005, 4:50 AM
Tessie could feel something going on in Kor's head. She looked at him, and then looked over to Mighty, who looked t5o be shoved up against a beer keg, and Scirzor and Grovyle where holding him. She sighed and tugged on Kor's shirt, then pointed to the pokemon, shaking her head. "Such troublesome things. Mighty should know by now that alcohol givese him horrible stomach aches." she whispered.

She felt soemthing flicker inside her. Ever since she had become her djinn, she hadn't had feelings, soft feelgins, like pain, or fear, or worry for someone other. Demons weren't supposed to be soft. Yet, here it was, there, and rather much obvious.

Not once had Tessie felt such feelings. Really. Everythign swam in her head. Then something echoed in her head, something she knew was not her thoughts. Seh must be going insane.

There will come unto your life a maiden fair. When both together stand before the altar, your sins will be cleansed, and you shall find your final Peace. In this lady's hands contains the power to set you free.

Until that day, evil wretch, content to lay upon this earth. Thine sins will never heal, until the maiden will save you by her own choice. Then the door shall unlock, and you will be set free of your spell.

Lose this girl, and you will never find yourself.

It echoed in her head as it echoed in Kor's but it sounded as if someone standing in fornt of her was saying it and it scared her. She backed quickly away from Kor. She didn't know if it was her, but if it was her that htis..thing was talking about, she coudln't do it. Seh had her own stupid prophecy hanging about her head, all she needed was another.

Tessie looked at Kor, then to Mighty, turend and rushed away, over to the hall, the long winding hall, where she hoped maybe she could loose herself.

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25th November 2005, 2:49 AM
Kor's mind was stunned, had the prophesy just been read to Tessie? And, if so, how would that be possible? That had never happened before, for all his travels.

Scizor and Grovyle came towards them, he seemed a bit crestfallen. By Kor's standards, that translated into mild confusion. His heart did not allow feeling, that was locked away in the deep lock of his mind.

And yet, why did Tessie leave like that, it confused him to a rather extreme degeree. He didn't get most emotions that others displayed, but had reason to believe that Tessie had a secret that he did not know.

He felt that she did care for him, that was evident enough. While his heart was silent, hers had told him everything.

"What are you waiting for?" Scizor asked in annoyance. "Go get her."

"Yeah, I've got a good feeling about her," Grovyle agreed. "She should be able to set you free."

"Guys, you've forgotten the final part, she must choose me of her own will," Kor muttered, the part that terrified him. "I must too care about her for the magic to work."

"Well, don't you?" Grovyle asked.

"I, I," Kor couldn't finish the sentance, he did not even know his own emotions. "I am not sure. Something is different, but I cannot tell what it is yet."

"Is Tessie pretty?" Scizor asked.

"I think so, I'm not-"

"No, not with your head, your eyes," Grovyle muttered.

Kor searched through his eyes, she was gone, but he could remember her face. "Yes," Kor said slowly.

"Is there a strange feeling in you, are you feeling something?" Scizor questioned his trainer.

"Something is wrong with me, I know that much," Kor muttered. "I think she heard the prophesy. My head feels strange."

"Loved up?" Grovyle asked his partner.

"For you, Kor, this is something that has never happened before," Scizor said, patting his trainer's mammoth shoulder with a claw.

"Before Christina, and after it happened." Scizor finished.

"If you believe she is the one, then she must be," Grovyle said, this was hard for his trainer to accept. For so long he had believed he was not human, to have some form of emotion returning was powerful.

Maybe he was human. Kor returned his Pokemon, and began to search for Tessie.

25th November 2005, 4:06 AM
Tessie kneeled next to Mighty. "Hey, buddy." she whispered. "How about you and me ditch this place?" she aksed quietly. Might ycocked hsi head and whined a bit, then sat donw on the floor, rooting himself to the spot. He glowered, lowering hsi head.

"Uugh," Tessie groaned, sliding donw the wall nad putting her face in her hands. "I dont know what's wrong with me. Mighty! Im nto supposed to feel emotions! Im not supposed to be able to feel love! Of friendship! Or kindness! I am supposed to be a demon! And if a demon has feelings, then, it is not a demon, but it is an outcast, neither human nor demon. Caught inbetween, and i can't have that happen again. It hurt so much!" she exclaimed.

Mighty trotted over to her and rest his head on her shoulder, nuzzling her ear. Tessie sighed. She pulled her knees to her chest. "But then, what if im nto a demon?" she whispered.

Mighty whined and shifted slightly. "Im not human, either, Mighty. And if im neither nor, then what am i?" then realization dawned on her. Everythign made sense. The prohecy, the not bieng human, the not demon. Even what Kor's prohecy meant slammed on her in one big realization. ONe that made her jump, flinch badly, stand, stumbled and clutch her head as a major head ache, symptoms of emotion, splashed on her. She had to get to Kor, tell him what it all meant. But she coudlnt. Her head hurt too much.

She stumbled a biot, then collapsed to her knees and keeled over herself. "M-mighty..." she stuttered. "I know," she was smilign adn crying at the same time. "I know what i means! I know how to fulfill my prohecy, and Kor's!" she exclaimed.

But thenext second, seh collapsed onto the ground, unconscious and not moving. Mighty sniffed the air nad sat next to hsi trainer, whining.

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25th November 2005, 4:20 AM
Kor followed the path she had laid out through the crowd of people, it was not easy to tell paths for normal people, but for Kor, it was easy. He was, after all, more than human.

He could hear Mighty whining, and hastened to the spot. There he noticed the Pokemon was whining in a low key, next to a collapsed body.

Tessie, Kor thought, before running up to the spot. "What happened here?" Kor asked the Mightena sternly, if those people that hated him had done something, he was going to hurt someone.

"She collapsed, I don't know why," Mighty answered, sniffing her. "I think she's all right, but she fell unconcious. She was talking about a prophesy."

"No," Kor muttered, this couldn't be happening. All because of him again, he was always hurting the ones he knew.

Like Christina, muttered the voice inside his head. Kor blocked it out.

Tessie needed help, and Kor was going to save her, no matter what. He gently picked her up, with the precision of a glass carrier, and, telling Mighty to follow, headed upstairs.

No one bothered to follow them, Kor was thankful for that. He had done nothing but trouble the entire evening, but he planned to help Tessie. He reached a series of rooms, Kor took them as guest rooms for the manor. Taking a deep breath, he kicked one of the doors down to reveal a cozy suit.

Carefully, he placed Tessie onto the bed that was in the room, Mighty watched on. "I have a medicine that should heal her," he muttered, reaching for his vial.

It was empty, he had used the last drops on the dragon girl. "Mighty, I must ask you to look away for me, I can make a medicine that can help your master."

"Of course," Mighty answered, turning his head. Whatever it was Kor was going to make, he did not want to see what he could make.

Kor exposed the forarm of his right hand, and withdrew one of his sabers from inside his trenchcoat. The powers to heal rest in me, he thought, sticking himself with the sword.

Deep red blood gushed from the wound, which Kor collected in his vial. It stung, but only for a brief time, at which the wound healed itself from the blood. Kor put away his sword, and covered up his arm.

"This might help," Kor muttered, holding a full vial.

25th November 2005, 4:38 AM
Mighty was hastening to turn around. "Cna i look yet?" he asked anxiously. He was worried for his master, and he wanted to know what all this prophecy tlak was about. how come everyone but he knew about these prophecies?
************************************************** **********

All Tessie could see was a bright white light. It was like the exact same as when she had become a demon. Tessie gazed at the light, wondering what it meant. Then--

"Good job, little sis," rang a voice. Tessie flinched back and fell to her backside, looking up. "Rian?" she asked. The man above her nodded. "Yeah, i gave my life for you, adn you finally figured out why. Huh, such a shame. Took you 16 years." he said, shaking hsi head.

He held his hand to Tessie, which she took gratfully and stood. "So, what now?" she asked.

"Well, now that you know you're not a demon, yet not human, what do you propose?"he asked, crossing his arms. Tessie frowned.

"I dont know! You're the dead one!" she exclaimed, pushing on him lightly. He smirked adn grabbed her into a hug.

"Ah, but that is for you to find out, and me to know." then he was gone, it was really dark and Tessie felt really hot. What was she supposed to do now? Tell kor? Should she tell him that their prohecies intertwine? That Tessie herself was of wha Kor was, but of wekaer status, for she had part demon in her? Tessie did not know. But despite all her will to tell him, she could not wake herself, and only images of Kor's face, adn another person's, who she guesed to be Christina's, swam in her head.

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26th November 2005, 6:43 PM
Kor's mind flew back to the day it began, in all its terror and horror. No one knew the eternal struggle that he carried inside him. He had caused it all, through his blindness and idiocity. He looked at his right hand and legs, mere trinkets that had been created for his use until he fuffiled the prophesy. He had wanted to die, just to be released and see Christina again.

But now he was unsure. This girl Tessie wanted him alive, for an emotion that Kor was unsure of. She reminded him of Christina, in every detail but appearance. She had the same spirit, the same fierce nature.

"What's happening to us?" he asked himself, their fates were beginning to intertwine as one.

26th November 2005, 6:52 PM
Tessie coughed and rolled onto her side, then her eeys flickered open and the first thing she saw was Kor. Her mind raced, trying to remember what she had been thinking of that was so important, but all she drew was a blank.

Tessie lifted herself off the bed with some struggle, her arms shaking. She looked around, spotted Mighty and smiled. He hopped on the bed and curled next to her, whining. She patted his head, wiht some difficulty, but ignored the pain. She looked back at Kor nad something snapped.

"You did it," she whispered. "It was you fault!"

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26th November 2005, 9:52 PM
"Did what?" Kor asked, he had no idea what she was talking about. "What did I do?"

The statement had come from nowhere, he had no idea what he had done to garnish a respose like that.

"What was it I did Tessie? I have no idea what you're talking about."

26th November 2005, 9:59 PM
"You made me like this," she seethed, glaring. "That's why our prohecies intertwine, becaue it is becasue you are responsible for making me like this! Because you slipped up and everyone around you was changed, but oh, little did anyone know, even myself, that i was to be affected, because of a stupid prohecy!" she exclaimed.

Mighty flinched back, coweirng behind a pillow.

"Why didnt i see it before? It has all been there! Our stupid prhecies, how they come together, why we met, why you weakened and showed us Gold and Sivler when you knew it was threatening our lives. Because it is in our fates! Because we are connected! God, how coudl i have been so stupid!"

26th November 2005, 11:44 PM
OOC: Man, my character is doing as good as nothing. Gotta fix that..what to do? Aha!

IC: Alex gulped down his around 4th beer. "Another," he announced to the waiter who sighed before floating away for another beer. Alex had decided. When he first was at a party, and that being the first party for around 4 years, he shuddered when he thought about it, he could just as well drink some beer. "Life ain't all awful, no life ain't awful, no life ain't awful with bee-eer." he hummed, clearly affected by the last four beers. He sighed and leaned back on the bar stool, supporting himself to the counter.

3rd December 2005, 4:05 AM
Both Kaylie and Mew wanted to go chase after Yami, but the footsteps coming from behind them had alerted the teen, making her spin around to face a boy around her age wearing the blue uniform worn by members of Team Aqua.

“Nice Evening out tonight. Are you enjoying the party?” he blurted. Kaylie stared and Mew also spun around to check out this newcomer.

The two stared at the boy and there was an awkward sort of tension for a moment. ‘What are you waiting for, Kaylie?’ Mew said privately into Kaylie mind so the guy couldn’t hear. ‘He’s obviously talking to you! Say something back!’ she urged.

Kaylie quickly regained her composure and attempted to look cool and collective, which she wasn’t sure if she had pulled off. She tightened her grip on the silver staff, as if hoping to gain courage from it.

“Why, yes, it is. I’m having a…lovely evening.” she replied, holding back a small grin.

“I’m Kaylie,” she said with a small courtesy of her dress. “And you?” she inquired politely, making sure not to look at Mew. She knew that if the two caught each others’ eye, they’d go into a fit of uncontrollable giggles.

12th December 2005, 3:00 AM
Chrom saw the girl turn around and pause for a moment, obviously as nervous as he felt. Chrom felt an odd bit of tension form in the atmosphere, but the girl regained her composure, her hand clutching the staff tighter.

“Why, yes, it is. I’m having a…lovely evening,” she replied. She then courtseyed politely to Chrom, gaining her courage back, and continued “I’m Kaylie. And you?” Chrom's nervousness built up on him again, the pit of his stomach gaining a sinking feeling.

"I'm Chrom," he said to Kaylie, bowing deeply. coming back upright, he cooninued before the nervousness could grab hold again, saying "I like your costume. An enchantress, I believe?" Chrom paused, waiting for a nod or some other form of confirmation before he was to continue on.

12th December 2005, 4:06 AM
‘Chrom, eh? Interesting name.’ Kaylie could hear Mew say -or perhaps it was a thought she had accidentally projected into Kaylie’s mind- as if it was an afterthought. ‘He’s polite, at least.’ OK, this time, Mew had meant to say that.

“It’s nice to meet you, Chrom.” Kaylie replied as calmly as she could. She felt breathless. At least she hadn’t worn the corset.

“I like your costume. An enchantress, I believe?”

Kaylie blushed. “Yea. And you’re…” Kaylie’s blue eyes ran up and down the boy’s striped shirt, jeans and blue jacket. “…a Team Aqua Member. That’s from Hoenn, isn’t it?” Kaylie vaguely remembered hearing about the two teams in the far-off region, one of which wanted to expand the sea, the other, the land.

13th December 2005, 10:42 PM
“Yea." Kaylie said, blushing and looking a bit short of breath. "And you're..." she continued, looking at all aspects of Chrom's costume, “…a Team Aqua Member. That’s from Hoenn, isn’t it?”

Chrom nodded. "They mainly operate in Hoenn, yes. But I know they work in the Johto and Kanto reigons a bit, too." He just realised that this probably sounded like he was a member himself, and added quickly, "I've seen them rob a couple of trainers during my travels." Chrom didn't want her to know yet that he used to be part of Team Aqua. He didn't want Kaylie's opinion of him ruined so quickly. He had so few good friends as it was already...

"I've never seen a Mew before," Chrom commented. "Is it your partner?" Chrom did this without bias against pokemon; In Chrom's mind, pokemon were equal to humans in most ways, better in some.

16th December 2005, 2:51 PM
“They mainly operate in Hoenn, yes. But I know they work in the Johto and Kanto regions a bit, too.” Chrom said with a nod.

Kaylie’s eyes widened. Team Aqua, in Kanto? Team Rocket was bad enough! Chrom must have misinterpreted Kaylie’s surprised expression or something, because he continued hastily.

“I've seen them rob a couple of trainers during my travels.” Was that supposed to make her feel better?

“I've never seen a Mew before” Chrom said suddenly, turning his eyes on the Legendary.

Kaylie nodded. Mew had told her that few people ever had. It made sense, of course, seeing as she had been in a deep slumber for thousands of years.

“Is it your partner?” he asked.

“She,” Kaylie corrected.

Mew nodded and flew over so she floated just in front of the boy. ‘You could call us that,’ she replied into his mind. ‘But our bond is stronger than that.’ Mew looked over at Kaylie, smiling. Kaylie smiled back fondly at the innocence of the Legendary. They both opened their arms to each other and embraced, sharing a moment.

Kaylie looked up at Chrom, as if having forgotten he was there. “So…yea.” She said rather lamely, blushing slightly. She played with one of the feathers on Mew’s wings absent-mindedly. “So…you’re a trainer, huh?” she asked, noticing the Pokéballs on his belt. “Did you bring any Pokémon?”

RaZoR LeAf
19th December 2005, 7:31 PM
Dantoo threw an empty bottle of brandy away and excused himself from the party. Puling his coat closer around his body he made his way up the staff only stairwell to the very peak of the old house. From there he looked down on the roof courtyard where some party goers were enjoying the night sky and the relative peace. Dantoo looked up to the sky and grumbled. It was time. He held out his arms, cleared his throat and released a burst of of energy into the night's sky. For a moment, the energy seemed to fade away, but slowly, night turned to dawn and the sky began to rain fluffy white snow down upon the massive building. Those outside to see the change 'ooh'ed and 'ahh'ed. Dantoo brushed some snow off his head and let his body and coat convert to a better type.

His brown coat grew a light down of white fur, while his cuffs and collar gained a fluffy white trim. His hair changed white and his face and hands took on an icy blue tinge that looked like he'd been out in the cold for far too long.

"I always liked the Ice type."
"That's a shock.
"What is?
"You liking something."

Dantoo shrugged and went back inside. On the wall was a metal box that read "AUTHORISED PERSONNEL ONLY.". He opened the panel revealing several short levers. Pulling them down one by one the entire mansion began to change. In an instant, the spooky Hallowe'en effects were gone. The cobwebs swept away and the creaking floor boards silenced. Now glittering ice sculptures decorated the hallways, surrounded by white marble floors and walls, comfy furniture and fresh holly and mistletoe hanging on the walls. The zombie staff members were whisked away, and a whole new set of staff walked in. Real men and women, dressed in smart suits and dresses with Santa hats on their heads.

"All done?"
"All done."
"Great. Then we're done until Febuary"
"Correct. Now lets get back downstairs and find a hunky bartender to serve us a stiff brandy."
"Ooh you read my mind."

19th December 2005, 8:45 PM
It had been a long time that Tiana waited in the tree just to make sure that things really had calmed down. Finally she saw from her perch, a rather extraordinary thing. A creepy figure in a trenchcoat appeared on the top of the mansion and held out it's arms. It gave off a pulse of energy that Tiana felt through her entire body and then quite a few things happened at once, it became dawn, it began to snow and most intruiging of all was that the figure also changed what little of itself she would see form her vantage point.

What she saw was this. The gas surrounding the creature disappeared, and the dark decaying purple skin transformed into both a white fur and a light blue skin that looked like a human had been standing in the cold for far too long. Also the brown trench coat the creature was wearing grew a very thin layer of white fur.

Directly after this the creature turned around and disappeared back into the mansion. Having seen this spectacle Tiana flew gently down from her perch landing soflty on the ground outside. Then as she watched another little miracle happened, the mansion lost it's old and decayed look and became the grand thing it had probably been when it was first built and there appeared on the door a wreath and all the windows were lit with candles and more wreaths. Tiana was quite impressed by this sudden transformation and wanting to see if the inside had changed as well, she finally ventured back into the main hall.

Things had certainly changed indoors as well as outdoors. All the old decrepidness of the place had vanished and it had becaome a beautiful winter scene. Some were applauding the change but this quickly died away and the usual noises of a party resumed. Tiana noticed that the servers had also changed into very well-dressed men and women who were all decked out with santa hats. Tiana took some time to look at some of the ice sculptures and found that a few depicted pokemon and that others depicted nutcrackers and other more wintery related things.

Tiana passed by two people chatting one seemed to have a Team Aqua suit on and the other an enchantress's dress and was accompanied by what looked like a real mew flaoting aobut near them, then she looked and saw a couple dancing rather well on the dance floor. Tiana wished she could still dance like she could in the old times but knew that this was impossible, for there was no way she could reverse what had happened to her, or in any case no way that she knew of. Tiana settled herself by a wall not too far from the first two she had seen talking and she was just close enough that she would hear what they were saying.

The only thing she heard though was the girl asking if the boy had brought any pokemon with him. Then she let her mind wander as this was of not too much interest to Tiana.

20th December 2005, 1:13 AM
“She,” Kaylie corrected Chrom. Chrom found this a bit odd, as he had never before known a legendary pokemon to have gender. This made Chrom feel incredibly foolish, as it had probibly made him look inconsiderate towards pokemon. But before he could finish his thought on this, Mew glided smoothly through the air and hovered before him. Then a voice spoke in his mind, one of grace and sincerity, and definite feminicy.

'You could call us that,' the voice replied, 'but our bond is stronger than that.' Chrom immediately registered from his many telekinetic comversations with Vector that the voice was coming from Mew. Chrom came back down having only thought for a fraction of a second to find Kaylie and Mew almost beaming toward each other. A second later, and the two were in a deep emprace. This brought a tear the Chrom's eye rather quickly. It never failed him to be astonished and overjoyed at the strong bind that a pokemon and the human it lived with could have. Chrom wiped the tear from his face just in time for Kaylie to look back up, as though she was too caught up to notice him.

"So...yea," she said, sounding a bit embarrased. She blushed a bit, played with a feather on Mew's angel costume absent-mindedly, and then find words to coninue. "So... you're a trainer, huh?" she asked, looking down at the pokeballs on his belt. Chrom nodded, not being able to deny it after admitting to travelling with pokemon earlier in the conversation. "Did you bring any pokemon?" she asked. Chrom nodded, thinking of where his pokemon were.

"Yes, a Rhydon and a Metang. I let the Rhydon wander off on his own after he asked me to let him. His nickname is Titan. I also have a Metang with me, his name is Vector. Well, technically Vector's genderless, but he acts more like a guy, so I call Vector a him. Knowing him, he's probably shut himself off in a corner somewhere." As if on cue, no less than a second later there was a flash of light and Vector appeared, hovering at eye level with Mew.

'I sensed strong psychic energy here. I take it that I sensed that Mew, then? How disappointing.' Vector thought rudely for all four of them to hear. Chrom growled softly, knowing that both Kaylie and Mew were probably highly offended by his pokemon's rudeness.

"Excuse him," Chrom said apologetically. "No matter how hard I try, Vector doesn't have the capacity for manners. The only reason I keep him on my team is because of Vincent." Chrom allowed his angry mind to drift slightly to an old friend of his who had been paralyzed in a mountaineering accident. Vincent had told him to train Metang for him, as Vincent had lost the ability for pokemon training. Chrom at times had wanted to punt Vector into a nearby junkyard, but had restrained himself for the sake of one of his very few friends. Traveling left him with many acquaintances, but he never stayed in one place more than a month, and therefore had select few permanent friends. Then Chrom came back down to Earth and remembered a likely-irritated Kaylie. Chrom turned to the girl and waited to see how well his apology would go over.