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2nd November 2005, 9:00 PM

That's right, the collectable cards that stormed the fan art requests forum are back. The cards are now at vertical angles. They are easier to download and, even better, easier to archive.

You may only request one pack a day
No spamming
Do not place cards in posts, signatures or anywhere visible
Your cards will be sent via PM so not to let others get them
Using this method allows a more collective feeling
There is no trading with these cards.

Each packet of contains 5 cards. 1 rare, 2 uncommon and 2 common.

Emerald = to be released 4th Novemeber 2005 7:00pm (UK time)
Packet: http://img320.imageshack.us/img320/7905/packet2ds.png
Promo: http://img195.imageshack.us/img195/9393/promo7sh.png
Information: This set contains 100 ctc cards. 37 rare, 37 uncommon and 26 common. They contain all Hoenn Region Pokemon and 20 trainers.

2nd November 2005, 9:23 PM
1st Post, Woohoo!, Can I Have A Pack

Hero of Legend
3rd November 2005, 12:25 AM
Can I have a pack as well and a blank card please?

3rd November 2005, 2:12 AM
i naever said that colectaibble cards. But, can I have a pack?

3rd November 2005, 7:12 PM
If you had read the post I said 'To be released 4th November 2005' which is tomorrow and so you can't ask for a pack as I haven't finished them yet. Wait patientley until tomorrow.

3rd November 2005, 10:17 PM
Could I have a pack tommorow? Thanks in advance.

4th November 2005, 7:12 PM
Well today's the day and only 51 minutes until I will open requests for the Emerald set. It includes 100 cards, see 1st post for details.

4th November 2005, 8:01 PM
Requests Open

Packs been sent to: LightningPidgeot

4th November 2005, 8:10 PM
I'll Have 1 Plz

Hero of Legend
4th November 2005, 8:33 PM
A pack and a blank card please, if you don't mind!

4th November 2005, 8:58 PM
Blank cards won't be given out. You'd be surprised how many people will ask for a blank card and then use the template to make cheap fakes and start their own thread O_o It's happened to me twice before ¬.¬

Both packs sent out.

4th November 2005, 9:14 PM
I'll take a pack

4th November 2005, 9:23 PM
Last of today.

Requests Closed from Here on

Until next time I am on :D

15th November 2005, 12:43 AM
Can I have a pack? I know the shop is closed, but when I'm on you're not here. please accept my request

17th November 2005, 8:23 PM
pack please

17th November 2005, 8:33 PM
Please can i have a pack?

23rd November 2005, 9:02 PM
IS this shop open?

23rd November 2005, 9:13 PM
can i have a pack if this shop is open?