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Pokemon Chaos: Real-World Style

A Fan Fiction by Dragon Alchemist & Kewlio-Fa’shoolio

KF: It was the best of times; it was the worst of times--

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DA: *swirly eyes* Oro?


Chapter One: The Insanity Begins...

Tyrande had just finished working on yet another successful experiment involving her suit of technological armor. So she was a mad scientist. Big deal.

But like most eighteen-year-old girls, Tyrande needed some R&R--that is, rest and relaxation--so she flipped on her television and turned to the news channel. There she saw something rather interesting.

A video clip from a beach-vacationer’s home movie showing a large white bird-ish, dragon-ish creature was using its powerful, hands- and arms-like wings to send ships flying of on gigantic tidal waves.

The news broadcaster was saying something about the creature being, “a child’s videogame fantasy gone awry”. The broadcaster also said that the creature had terrorized the beaches and shipyards all along the California coast and had apparently moved on to the East Coast, as it had been spotted off of Cape Cod, Massachusetts. However, it remained missing--for now.

Tyrande was now bored with the news, since it had gone on to covering stories like, “How to Make a Soufflé Without it Deflating” and other unimportant subjects.

She turned to the radiation monitors as her amber eyes glinted with an air of cunning. Her eyes had been the object of her childhood teasing, jeering, ridiculing, and name-calling, and had also led her to retreat into the sanctuary of her laboratory. There she did work that would otherwise be ignored, even by military experts.

Now Tyrande’s only friends were the radioactive test subjects and the beeping and blinking computer screens that shared the space in her lab.

Then of course, there was the weight room... One had to be in shape to work with the heavy equipment within the lab. It was also a good place to vent her anger and channel it into something productive.

But the weight room would have to wait, for one of the monitors in the computers’ mainframe was going berserk! It was obviously picking up some kind of inter-dimensional activity.

“Why else would it have gone nuts? It’s never picked up that kind of stuff before.” Tyrande said to herself. She made her way to the computer, but as she did, the entire lab began to cause uproar. The beeping, wailing, and screaming noises along with blinking lights made Tyrande tense. She knew that there had to be something very fishy going on. But what?

The answer to her question was about to be answered, because the screen that was connected to the surveillance cameras kept on showing odd clips of strange creatures, much like the one she’d seen on the news earlier... yet somehow very different.

Suddenly, a louder wailing noise was heard over the clamor of the other lab equipment. “Intruder alert! Intruder alert!” wailed the computer’s digital voice.

Finally the computers had had enough. They lost power from all of the alarms and screens that had gone off. The room was completely dark--save for one tiny glimmer of light coming from the air vent.

“This had better be good. Whoever set off that alarm is gonna pay.” Tyrande growled, feeling her frustration growing, now border lining on outright anger.

Tyrande moved swiftly to the air vent and tore the grating off with surprising strength. Inside she discovered the source of the light, it was a flame on the tip of the tail of a small golden lizard.

The little thing gave her a baleful look as she noticed that its leg had been caught in the fan. “Char charmander…” was all the thing could say.

Tyrande now thought, Wait, that thing talked? Hmm. It sure is lucky the fan isn’t on right now.

“You are a lucky little fellow that the power is out that controls the fan. Here, I’ll get you out in just a moment.” Tyrande cooed. She liked the look of the little fellah, cute, but strong.

As Tyrande reached in to grab the little fire-lizard, she heard the main computer come back on line saying, “Initiating back-up power supply systems. All systems coming back on line.”

Uh oh. That’s no good! Tyrande thought.

Swiftly she reached in and grabbed the fire-lizard’s trapped foot and jerked free with all the speed she could muster. Not a second too soon as the air systems were now coming back online and the fan started up again. The fire lizard gave a sharp cry of pain and sprayed her face with flames.

“Yeeouch! Ye are a right ol’ fire lizard, aren’t ya, matey” Tyrande exclaimed, putting on a nautical accent.

She brought it down to the medical room where she bandaged its foot, and put a salve on her burns.

When she finished, she turned to the fire lizard. “Now, I can’t keep calling you an ‘it’, now can I? Are you a girl?”

The fire lizard nodded its golden head vigorously, “Charmander!”

“Charmander, eh? That sounds familiar… Oh, that game, Pokemon! So, that’s what’s going on…”


Sandy was being chased by a monster!

Okay, maybe it wasn’t exactly a monster… It just scared her. It was a big furry… something.

In reality—which had been twisted due to Sandy’s fear—this said “monster” was actually a small, fox-like animal, creamy white colored, and just plain adorable. Whatever caused Sandy to be frightened of it in the first place is still unknown to this day.

However, Sandy was being chased by the cute little fellow, not in a ravenous “I’m going to eat you!” way that the wolf in Little Red Riding Hood may have acted toward his adversary, but in a cutesy “I want to play a game!” way that a small puppy would have acted toward its beloved owner. Sandy was also terrible at playing tag; therefore, the thing was gaining on her.

“Eevee!” exclaimed the monster as it came closer.

Sandy tripped over something and fell on her face in the dirt. “Oww!” she cried. The monster ran up to her, the pitter-patter of its paws in the dust of the pathway sounding like the pounding footsteps of a giant. It stood over the poor, frightened girl and sniffed her blonde curls. When Sandy found her bearings and thus came to her senses, the monster didn’t seem as scary anymore. It looked her right in her crystal blue eyes with it’s big round brown ones and said, “Eevee!”

“Aww!” she squealed at it. “You’re just like a puppy. Can I keep you?”

“Eevee!” the little puppy-like-monster replied.

“Well, then… Um, what should I call you?” pondered Sandy. She loved naming her pets and just couldn’t seem to find one suited for her newfound friend.

“Eevee!” said the puppy-like-monster.

“That’s all you know how to say, isn’t it?” Sandy asked.

“Eevee!” it repeated.

“I thought so.” sighed Sandy. “About a name… Well, I can’t name you if I don’t know whether you’re a boy or a girl, now can I?”

The monster nodded.

“Are you a girl?” Sandy asked it.

The monster shook its head.

“Then you’re a boy!” exclaimed Sandy. “I’ll call you Ace.”

The monster jumped up and down, finding enjoyment in its new name.

“So, Ace? What would you like to do?” asked Sandy.


As Tyrande finished the tending of herself and her new charmander, the main weapons computer came on with a very unpleasant announcement. “Missile launch count down initiated. Ten... nine… eight… seven… six… five… four… three… two… one. Missile launch confirmed.”

“WHAT MISSILE LAUCH!?! Computer, cancel the launch. Overide the launch sequence!” Tyrande bellowed.

“Negative. Missile is already en route to target” came the computer’s monotone reply.

“What?! Computer, plot the missile’s trajectory and target!” Tyrande was in a very bad state, and for good reason. The government would no doubt have detected the launch and could use it to track her down. She only got worse when she saw the missile’s trajectory and target. A lesser person would have probably dropped dead in shock and horror. The target was none other than the capitol of the free world, the White House, and not to mention, that was where the President of the United States was at that precise moment.

“Oooohh nooo… this is not good. This is very bad… Heeheehee… dis is very no good….” Tyrande laughed weakly.

Meanwhile at the White House…

“Mr. President! There’s been a missile launch here in the continental United States, and it’s not one of ours!” one general was yelling.

“General! We have an update on that missile’s trajectory, and it’s headed right for us! It’ll be here in less than a minute!” an aid cried out in horror.

There was confusion and chaos in the White House as secrete service struggled to get the President out in time. Just as they got him out onto the lawn in front of the White House, the missile crashed into the ground not a few feet from where they stood.


The terrified Secrete Service men who had thrown themselves over the President looked up and stared at the crumpled rocket standing with its nose buried in the lawn. Still nothing.

“So… who wants to poke the thing and see if it’s dead?”
“Ehe, you can Bob, I’m not moving”
“No way, you poke it, John!”
“Not in your life! Hey, let’s make the intern do it! Okay intern, here’s chance to prove yourself, kiddo!”
“Yup, we will be over here with the president… way over here!”
“You heard the man, intern, so move it, maggot!”

So the poor intern nervously picked up a stick while the others hurried Bush off (he could only say ‘nuclear’). He squinted his eyes up as he reached out with a violently shaking hand holding a stick, and as lightly as he could, tapped it, which, unfortunately given his trembling state, was pretty hard and made a loud ringing noise. Everyone threw themselves flat and covered their heads. Still nothing.

When the bomb squad arrived, they confirmed that the missile was a dud, and did not even have any sort of payload, a fact that left everyone stumped and confused. What was the point of launching a missile at the White House if it doesn’t even posses a payload? Was it a threat, or a warning?

Of course the incident was all over the news, people were formulating theories of terrorists and conspiracies, each one getting even wilder and crazier than the last.

Tyrande was thanking her lucky stars that she had never put any payloads in any of her rockets. It had been a very close call, as it seemed that the government could not track the launch back to its point of origin.


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Bwahahah! We did real good didn't we, DA? I think so! I love the part with the intern... and.... Minions! XD

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Ah yes.. make the minion.. er intern do it!

Chapter 2 will be up as soon as it is ready

Minios!! Uwahahaaa!;249-d;

6th November 2005, 2:19 AM
Seems promising, haven't seen the use of the word minion in a while.

I did find one place where it could be changed.

“You are a lucky little fellow that the power is out that controls the fan."
Could be changed to 'that the power that controls the fan is out.

But I think it's just a matter of opinion which one you use.

I will be waiting to find out what your minion writes for the second chapter, since evil scientists never write their own material and all.

Firedance k'Treva
10th November 2005, 9:26 AM

Hey! I do to write my own stuff! That is... when my *cough* minions *cough* friend is not available to help write. I finished Chapie 2 all on my loansome... Ah well.

Here's Chapter 2!

Chapter Two: Chaos With A Portal

Tyrande had finally finished developing a so called ‘Pokeball’ to keep her new Charmander, Demona, contained so she wasn’t running all around the lab. She was still shaken up over the missile incident.

The last thing she wanted to hear was an alarm bell in her lab.

Too late.


“You have got to be kidding me. First the Charmander, then the missiles at the White House, NOW ANOTHER INTRUDER!?” Tyrande was going into an apoplectic fit of frustration.


Sandy had been playing tag with her newfound friend, Ace, and unfortunately had tripped over some kind of wire, thus spraining her ankle, limping three yards, and then falling down a looong chute of some kind. Ace, thinking it was part of the game, followed suit and jumped down after her.

So there they were, stuck in what appeared to be an air duct, and what’s more – Ace’s tail was tickling Sandy’s nose.

“Ahhh... Ahhh... ACHOO!!” Sandy sneezed, and the entire portion of the air duct collapsed, and fell with a resounding ‘bang!’ at the bottom of a basement. Or was it a basement at all?

It couldn’t be a basement, for it looked as if it were approximately 50 feet underground. And that was only the part closest to the surface! Sandy attempted to stand up, but fell down and landed to something.

“Yeowch! What the...?” she looked down, and discovered she was sitting on a person, who appeared rather agitated.

“Get the HELL OFF ME!! Computer, shut UP and turn that blasted alarm OFF!”

“Well, that certainly is no way to treat a guest!” shouted Sandy indignantly.

“A GUEST!! DON’T you mean intruder!! Now get OFF!! And what the heck is that fox on your head?!”

“Humph! You think you’re so smart? It’s called… uh… it’s called… Err…” she stopped to think, and cocked her head slightly, “Anyway! That’s not the point. You seem to have no sense of etiquette. Why not say, ‘hello’ or something instead of ‘get off of me’???”

The stranger got up abruptly, throwing Sandy off.

“I said get off me because you were on my back! And I am too smart, why else am I called a ‘Mad scientist’?! And that does not change the fact that you are an intruder in my lab!!”

Sandy sat on the floor and stared at her adversary. “Well, maybe we should quit this petty arguing and you could let me explain how I got in here...”

Sandy tried to stand up once more, and tried to ignore the searing pain in her ankle as tears streamed from her eyes. She gave up, sat back down, and sniffled a bit.

Tyrande just stared at Sandy with her demonic yellow eyes. This did not help the situation. The girl was injured. That would make getting rid of her even harder.

Sandy looked up at Tyrande, and noticed something truly amazing. She had often seen mad scientists in the movies, and they were always ugly, pasty-skinned, green-eyed monster-like things. Tyrande, however, was exotically beautiful. Her eyes were a dazzling amber-gold color, and her straight, black hair could be compared to a dark cascade of water in a sense. She stated, “Why would you stay locked up in here with those beautiful eyes? Why won’t you come out and show ‘em off?”

It was quite a random statement. But Sandy meant it with every inch of her being.

A statement that clearly startled Tyrande. “What? My eyes are why I stay down here because people hate them! And what is your name anyways?”

“I’m Sandy. And the little fox-thing on my head is called Ace.” She scooped the little monster off her head and cradled it in her arms like a doll. “All he can say is—”

“Eevee!” exclaimed the fox.

“That.” Said Sandy. “And what would your name be?”

“Tyrande. An Eevee, Eh? Kinda like my Demona.” At that Tyrande took a ball from her waist and let out her charmander.

“Tyrande, huh?” she suddenly remembered a little girl at her elementary school that had been ridiculed quite a lot. “Where did you go to school? I mean, when you were little?”

“Whitecrest Elementary, and hated it.” Said Tyrande.

“I KNOW YOU!!” shouted Sandy at the top of her lungs.

“Huh? I know you? From Whitecrest? Are you one of those people who called me stupid?” Tyrande inquired with a frown.

“Naw! I was in the grade below you. Remember when you stood up for us at the Swing Set?” replied Sandy, referring to an event in their Elementary days in a somewhat childish manner. “We couldn’t get on the swings because the other girls were being mean. But you scared them away. We looked up to you after that, but you never seemed to want us around...”

“Oh really? I don’t remember it that way. Those dumb girls were calling me a ‘demonic retard’ because of my eyes. So I gave ‘em what they deserved. I don’t remember much else.” The frown vanished from Tyrande’s face. “Looks like you hurt your ankle. Come on, I’ll take care of it.”

Sandy didn’t like the way the conversation had started going, but was glad that Tyrande had changed the subject. “You might have to come over here to look at it. I can’t move.”

Tyrande was already coming over. “No problem. I’ll help you down to the infirmary. I can’t do a thing for it here.” At that, Tyrande reached down and pulled Sandy to her feet and supported her bad foot side with her shoulder.

“Wow! You’re pretty strong. I don’t suppose there’s a gym in here too?” Sandy joked.

“Actually, yes. I use it to burn stress and I need to be strong to move some of the equipment in here when I am not in my suit.” Tyrande replied, not seeing the joke.

Sandy laughed, and said, “Well, it certainly is nice to meet you, Tyrande—again I mean.” She looked around, noticing that Ace was missing, “Hey where are Ace and Demona?”

Tyrande turned down a corridor that went by a water-supply tank and stopped. There was Ace and Demona, trying to fish a golden carp out of the tank. “WHAT THE F****K IS GOING ON?!! First portals, then my missiles are launched at the White House, Demona in an air-vent, you in the air-vent and your little fox, NOW FISH IN THE DRINKING WATER SUPPLY?! WHAT NEXT, A PORTAL TO ANOTHER WORLD IN MY WEIGHT ROOM?!!” Tyrande was blowing her head off in frustration.

Sandy winced and plugged her ears. Then said, “Well, maybe we had better check the weight room. After all, anything is possible nowadays… WAIT A MINUTE! That was YOUR missile at the White House?? How interesting. It seems, Tyrande, that I have much to learn from you.” She then prepared to be shouted at.

Tyrande only groaned. “Those missiles were an accident. The computers went haywire and did on its own. Wait a minute, I gotta get that carp out. You know, it looks like that Magikarp from Pokemon. Maybe my new balls will work on it. Oh, here is one for Ace.” After giving Sandy a ball, she tossed one at the golden carp. It worked perfectly.

“Now to fix that ankle. The infirmary is the next door down. Demona!” Tyrande called as they continued down the hall.

“Come on, Ace!” called Sandy.


One Day Later…


Tyrande had just finished making some modifications to a suit she had designed to work in space and in deep ocean waters to be used for going through a portal like the ones her computer was now almost constantly detecting. Sandy’s ankle was better already and they were taking a break in the weight room.

Suddenly, there was an alarm, for about the sixteenth time that day. And just like every single time that it happened, Sandy jumped three feet into the air, Ace and Demona growled, and Tyrande cursed. Oh, and Athena the Magikarp flopped in her fish-bowl too.

BREEEE! BREEE! Portal Detected! Portal Detected!

Tyrande was getting up to turn off the alarms, when a large, window-like object appeared in front of Sandy who screamed in fright. (She’s not used to it yet, you know.)

Tyrande stared at the portal, muttered something about quantum foam and physics which made absolutely no sense to anyone else who heard her. She barked at the computer to turn off the alarm and in a smooth motion, recalled both Demona and Athena into their balls.

“Sandy, you may want to recall Ace now. We’re gonna go on a little trip. You know, I seem to remember yelling something about portals in my weight room, but I didn’t mean seriously!”

“You should remember to be careful what you yell about. Hey, wait, where are we going?” Sandy asked confused as she recalled Ace.

Tyrande had already pulled out her newly modified suit and the bags of equipment she had put together just in case this exact opportunity arose. The suit itself was designed as armor complete with helm. The whole thing was originally built for use in space, particularly for work on satellites outside the safety of the shuttle with out the typical bulk of other suites. Then she had the brilliant idea of adapting for deep sea work, she even went as far as ensuring that it could withstand the crushing water pressure of the bottom of the Marianas Trench, an underwater canyon so deep that Mt. Everest could fit in it and its peak would barely come close to the surface.

“We are going to see where these portals are coming from and see what’s causing them. Lets see… quantum field is stabilized… analyzing the terrain on other side… looks good…” Tyrande muttered as she suited up and monitored the equipment she had set up around the portal. You had to learn how to efficiently multitask when you were a solo mad scientist.

Tyrande finished suiting up and turned to Sandy with a grin. She had anticipated that her new friend would be reluctant to go. She move forward and swept up the bags of gear in smooth motion that maneuvered Sandy closer to the portal and so that she was immediately between Tyrande and the portal.

“Um… I guess that sounds fun.. but how do we get back? And what a bout your lab…” Sandy asked nervously.

“That’s not a thing you should worry about. Here, catch!” Tyrande called as she hurled the bags at Sandy who overbalanced and fell backwards through the portal as she overbalanced in an attempt to catch the bags.

Tyrande held back a small chuckle as she grabbed her helm and checked where her friend would be arriving. It was a decent sized island to the South west of a landmass that appeared to be split down the middle by a river.

A tropical island… Sandy should be thanking me. Tyrande thought. Well, now its my turn.

“Computer! Initiate security mode 3 until my return, and also monitor all suspicious news that may relate to the monitor appearances or anything else out of the ordinary and have it ready for video feedback.” Tyrande put on her helm and leapt for the portal. The last thing she saw before she entered the wormhole to another world was that the position had shifted a mile out to sea.

Oh shi-

DA: Dangit, why do I have to be the one dumped in the ocean? Oh, wait, that’s the way I wrote it…. Eheheh… (Minions!)


11th November 2005, 2:37 AM
KF: Well, since nobody seems to have reviewed as of yet, I will post the next chapter, which we BOTH worked on TOGETHER!! *cough* together-ness-ness *cough*

Chapter 3: Hoenn Ahoy! (“Don’t HYPER BEAM ME AGAIN!”)

“Okay, so who else has an idea about the new League Championships?” said A young man with bright red spiky hair, addressing a large group of important looking people sitting on the beach. They did not seem to be listening to him, since they were actually watching the waves and thinking about what they would do as soon as the Dewford Conference was over.

The man’s name was Lance, and he was a dragon-master, not to mention the Elite Four Champion. Hopefully he would have a more successful championship year than the previous, what with Team Rocket attempting to steal Moltres a few years back, and a banquet gone awry the year after. Nobody but Brock should have cooked, and yet, he allowed his cousin, Claire of Blackthorn Gym to cater the event. He still hadn’t gotten the taste of burnt ice-cream out of his mouth. And how do you BURN ice-cream anyway?

Just as Lance was wishing for an interruption (as was everybody else) it literally fell out of the sky, and landed in a pile of large, bulky bags full of equipment right at the edge of the beach.

“Oww! TYRANDE!” shouted a muffled voice from within the heap. A blonde-haired girl heaved herself to her feet and looked around. “This has gotta be a joke... Who ever heard of a portal that goes to, like, anywhere but a shopping mall!?” she turned around, and then noticed a very large group of people staring at her like she was insane. “What? Haven’t you ever seen a girl fall out of the sky before? Oh... wait... Uh, hi?”

“Not really…. People falling out of the sky aren’t supposed to be normal, especially when they just appear out of thin air. And what do you mean by ‘Tyrande’?” asked a very perplexed Lance. Who was this girl?

“Tyrande is my friend. I don’t suppose she landed here yet, did she?” she then continued to mutter about paying attention in Science class.


“Great, Sandy gets to land on a beach, I land a mile out in the Ocean, get attacked by giant blue serpent monsters, what next?!”

Suffice to say, Tyrande was not happy. She was now covered from head to toe in muck from the ocean floor and entangled in at least three different breeds of seaweed and kelp. But on the positive side, according to her suites sensors, she was almost to shore, just another few feet and her head would breach the waves! She could almost smell the fresh air!

On the beach, sun bathers noticed a shadow in the water and began yelling as some thing started moving out of the water towards the shore. Screams ensued and panic spread.

“Monster! Monster in the water!”

Lance and Clair both reacted almost simultaneously. Lance called out his Dragonite and Clair her Dragonair. It was now almost entirely out of the water and some of the muck had washed off to reveal armor.

“Better finish this fast… HYPER BEAM!” Lance yelled at the same instant that Clair ordered her Pokemon to use Hyper Beam as well.

Both beams merged and collided with the monster at once. The monster held up its arms as if to stave off the assault. When the smoke cleared the armored figure was still standing and now appeared very angry judging by the way it started yelling.

“OKAY, I KNOW I WANTED TO FIELD TEST THIS SUIT, BUT THIS IS NOT WHAT I HAD IN MIND!!! Don’t HYPER BEAM ME AGAIN, or else I’ll put an ARMORED FIST in your FACE!” With that it marched up the beach and yanked the helm off its head to reveal another girl with sweaty black hair and blazing demonic amber eyes. It was safe to say that judging by the look on her face that she was quite angry.

“Omigosh!!” exclaimed Sandy, springing up from the sand. “Tyrande, where have you been?? I landed here with all of these nice people (and not to mention handsome men) and you decided to go waltzing off into the sea to scare people.”

“WALTZING OFF INTO THE SEA??!! I LANDED a mile out to sea, was attacked by crazy blue serpent Pokemon, fell down an underwater trench and had to climb back out of ten feet of muck while you are here FLIRTING?!” Tyrande roared and turned and glared at the assembly of gym leaders and members of the Elite Four. “What are you starring at?! What, you never seen an angry mad scientist before?!”

A swarthy man with dark hair stepped forward from the rest of the gym leaders. “You’ll have to excuse us, but I don’t think anyone is used to seeing suits of armor walking out of the ocean or girls just dropping out of the sky.”

“Falling out of the sky!?” said Sandy, “F.Y.I.: I fell out of a portal, thank you very much!!”

Tyrande held up an armored hand. “Actually, it was actually a abbreviation in the quantum foam causing a distortion in the space-time continuum, much like the effects of the event horizon in black holes, or in lay man’s terms, it was a wormhole.”

Everyone stared, completely unable understand a word she was saying, but Giovanni, the Viridian gym leader was paying close attention.

So, these girls are from another world… one without Pokemon judging by what she was saying about being attacked by a Gyarados. She didn’t know what it was… interesting. Giovanni thought.

Lance was just staring. Then something clicked. “Wait, are you saying you’re from another world? But what are you doing here?”

“I’m here to learn more about these worm holes that have been opening up all over our world, and we have some attacks by monsters, so I decided to track it to its source, here, in your world.” Tyrande replied. Then she shifted a bit. “Damn suit! I knew I should have put in a cooling system! Hang on a moment; I need to get out of this thing.”

Sandy, meanwhile, had just gotten up out of the pile of gear. She was not adequately prepared for such a journey, clothing wise. For example, her extremely-short-micro-mini-skirt was attracting the attention of at least two or three of the male gym leaders—including none other than Brock.

“So... Sandy, was it?” said a voice to her left.

Sandy stood up and looked at the person addressing her. “Yeah?”

“My Brock is name—I mean—My name is Brock! It must have been fate that brought you to this spot and—”

“I thought it was a portal...” Sandy interrupted.

“Hey there!” said another voice. “The name’s Brawly and I’m the local gym leader. Let me be the first to welcome you to Dewford Town!”

Sandy, who was used to this sort of thing, picked out the better of the two boys and said, “Hi there Brawly. Do you like the beach? I like the beach. It’s fun to surf and—”

“Whoa! Surfing and Pokemon battles are my life! Why don’t ya stop by the gym sometime and—”

“Uh, excuse me!” said Brock. “I believe I was the first one here, therefore I should—”

“I’d love to Brawly!”

And that was the end of that.

Meanwhile, the other leaders and Elite Four had wandered off now that the meeting was over. Lance however, was helping Tyrande out of her suit. He was taking note of the fact that she had a very strong body, not to mention good looking as well!

“Thanks for the help. I’m Tyrande by the way, what’s yours?” Tyrande asked offhand.

“Lance, Dragon master and Elite Four champ in Kanto and Johto. Hey, you have beautiful eyes, especially the amber color, just like mine!” Lace complimented her as he helped her remove the suit’s legs.

Tyrande looked up, surprised. Was he flirting with her? He wasn’t that bad looking, but… she still knew nothing about him.

Or maybe not… this is just like those Pokemon games I used to play… Wait a minuet, wasn’t Giovanni the leader of Team Rocket? Tyrande thought in alarm.

“Lance, who was that man who spoke up earlier, the one with the short, dark brown hair?” she asked.

“Hm? Oh, that’s Giovanni, the Viridian gym leader, and a close friend of mine. He helped me get to where I am today, and he still has good advice for me.” Lance replied without much thought.

“You don’t say…” Tyrande frowned.


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KF: Sorry about that. But is it MY fault you live far away??

DA: It’s not my fault either! Minions…. Especially uppity minions…

KF: Okay, okay... Did you just call me your minion AGAIN!?

DA: No… minion ;249-d;

KF: *sigh* Anyway, you’ll have noticed that we have set our characters up in a bit of paring and fluffiness, hm? Well, in Tyrande’s case it’s not fluffy... But anyhow, Sandy will be in the midst of a love triangle, and Tyrande will be... well... hard to get. Poor Lance. He’s in for a bumpy ride...

DA: Hard to get, you say? More like down right insane. Does anyone know if mad scientist pairings ever work out?

KF: Well, for Tyrande’s sake, let’s hope they do. (She is paired up with a rather good looking Dragon Master, after all...)

DA: *Pulls out Darth Vader Lightsaber* Careful girl… he’s taken.

KF: Uhhhhh... We’ll see you next Chappie everyone!! *takes out mallet* I’ve got some unfinished business to attend to. *whacks DA over the head* Mwahahah!

DA: Oro? Grrrr… *grabs sakabato* HYTEN MYTSARUGI RYU, KUZURYOSEN!!! ;249-d;

KF: Not the NINE HEADED DRAGON!?!? ACK!! *K.O.ed*

DA: Uwahaha MUWAHAHAHA! Score: DA: 1; KF: 1

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Dont worry, its comming soon.

Has anyone ever come up with a way to make a Magicarp with splash and tackle useful in a fanfic?
Well, just leave it to a mad scientist!



Firedance k'Treva
28th December 2005, 2:19 AM
Sorry for the double post, folks!


Chapter Four: The Trouncing… er… Training Begins

Inside the Dewford Gym there were no lights or windows. Brawly lit a tiki-torch and led Sandy down a long passageway to the main room. As they walked, Brawly struck up a conversation.

“So how long have you been surfing?” he asked her.

“Well, I don’t mean to brag,” Sandy began, giggling flirtatiously, “but I like to think that I could surf before I could walk. It’s a family sport, you know?”

“That’s awesome! The other trainers here at the Gym are kinda like a big family, so yeah! I guess you could say it’s the same for me too.” Brawly said with a grin.

Sandy nearly swooned... Brawly was perfect!

They headed down a long dark passageway and into the main training arena, where Brawly’s training partners and their own Pokemon were waiting for him.

One such trainer was Shauna, who went around saying that she was Brawly’s “one-and-only”--as long as he wasn’t present at the time. Shauna would also do whatever it took to keep the other girls out of her way when it came to her “boyfriend”. (It was said that she was shot down by Brawly on several occasions and was currently in denial.)

Shauna had been awaiting Brawly’s arrival, and kept opening the arena’s double entrance doors to peek at him as he was approaching. She had been very uptight lately, as she was preparing to ask Brawly out for the sixty-seventh time that week.

When Brawly’s torch-light could be seen from the end of the passageway, it was evident to all of the other trainers that Shauna would be in for a great deal of disappointment. However, at that moment, her approaching sadness would be replaced by utter jealousy, for she saw that Brawly was walking with another girl!

Her eyes, rather than filling with tears, were aflame with anger and hatred for a girl she did not even know!

But that didn’t seem to matter in Brawly’s eyes--nor in any of the other trainers’ for that matter. They were excited because they had acquired a new member of the Gym’s happy family.

While the other Gym trainers encircled the new arrival and their Leader, Shauna sulked in the corner, thinking of ways to thwart the plans of so-called “soul mate” of Brawly’s. Somehow Shauna had to make sure that this other girl would never get her hands on her Brawly. No way!


Drake was watching Lance with concerned eyes. That young man was starting to fall for that mad scientist girl. Great, now he would have to find a way to stop it before Lance wound up with a broken heart and seriously impacted battling skills. He still resented that some kid out ranked him, and was a Master in the Blackthorn Dragon Clan. But how to…

Then opportunity knocked. A young male trainer was watching Tyrande with rather a rather arrogant look in his eyes, a look that was clearly a challenge.

“Lance, we need to talk about that girl. I’ve noticed the way you’ve been watching her.” Drake said as he made his way over to the younger Dragon Master.

“And just what is wrong with the way I’m looking at her? She’s got smarts and looks!” Lance replied defensively.

“Firstly, she is a mad scientist, and mad scientists have only one passion, their science. Second, she’s not even from this world! Now I just want you to remember what happened after you found out that your last girlfriend was only in it for the fame. As I recall, your battling suffered quite a bit after that. I heard you even used Thunder on a ground type.” Drake chided him.

Lance glared at the older man, but before he could say anything, a young man strode abruptly over to Tyrande.

“So, you think you’re all that hanging out with all the big leagues, huh? A little, dumb girl like you should be back home playing with dolls!” He snapped as he strutted over to where Tyrande was sitting.

The poor fool had no idea that he had just signed his own death warrant, at least at first. When Tyrande stood up and stormed over, he got a better look at her muscular build. This was not your average girl.

“WHO ARE YOU CALLING DUMB?! I AM A MAD SCIENTIST AND NO DUMMY!! What do you want, a fight or something?!” Tyrande roared.

“Yeah, a Pokemon battle! Lets see if your as tough as you yell, little girl!” The boy, named Jared, shouted back.

That stopped Tyrande cold. A Pokemon battle? She had never had one before! Lance came over, intent on helping Tyrande.

“She’s never battled before, but…” He began but was cut off be Tyrande.

“If he wants a fight, he’s got one. Just reff or back off.” Tyrande growled.

Drake saw his golden opportunity. “Hey Lance! What do you say to making a wager on this match?”

“A wager? Sounds good, if she had more experience…”

“You have so little confidence in her. If she Loses, you put all thoughts of her out of your mind, and if she wins…”

“If she wins, you take cooking lessons with Clair.” Lance finished.

“Are you mad?! I’d get poisoned on the first day!” Drake snarled.

“Then you better hope she wins.” Lance smirked. He loved pulling fast ones on the old man. “Oh! Tyrande, do you have any Pokemon you can use?”

“A charmander and a carp. Lovely duo, eh? I hope you weren’t taking any bets.” Tyrande replied coolly. “By the way, what attacks does a Magikarp use?”

“Splash, which is useless, and tackle, which it will have trouble using on dry land… you sure you don’t need any help?” Lance was worried. He had heard Jared’s buddies talking about his Pokemon, a Poochyena and a Geodude. Bad news for Tyrande.

“Hey, no helping her! Its just me and her, got that? No sideline help. Just get a ref.” Jared snapped.

Lance groaned and turned to the one man here whom he trusted most, Giovanni. “I don’t suppose you would be willing to ref for this? I don’t trust Drake on this.”

“It would be a pleasure to do so. This match is between Jared and Tyrande with only two Pokemon each. Begin!” Giovanni motioned the match to begin.

Jared started strong with Poochyena and, to Lance’s dismay, Tyrande used her golden Magikarp.

“A Magikarp? Your kidding me, right? Lets end this fast with Poison Fang!” Jared sneered.

Tyrande’s eyes were already calculating everything they saw and held a surprising cold quality. She immediately ordered a splash and everyone watched as the golden carp flopped as high as it could. By the time the black pooch got across the field, the fish had flopped to a height of ten feet in the air. Without any hesitation Tyrande ordered the Magikarp a mid-air Tackle at the surprised Poochyena.

“As I said, I hope you weren’t tacking bets on him winning! Now, use splash again!” Tyrande growled.

The carp had hit the Poochyena head on and landed on its back, and then began splashing up and down on its foe’s back, knocking the air out of its lungs until it had enough, collapsing with swirly eyes.

“Damn! That was a lucky shot! Fine then, go Geodude!” Jared snarled.

“Humph, that wasn’t luck! Athena, that’s good, now its Demona’s turn!” Tyrande recalled her Magikarp and unleashed her golden fire lizard.

“Geodude, Use Mega Punch!”

The attack connected before the Charmander could react and sent Demona flying. Demona ordered a retaliatory Metal Claw which shattered the boulder Pokemon’s face. Jared ordered his enraged Geodude into a rollout attack. Demona dodged the first pass and on Tyrande’s orders, ran for the ocean. The geodude spun after it, looking for all the world like the flying legs of a cartoon roadrunner. However, the moment it hit the sand, it was halted and was spinning in one place kicking up sand. Jared was stunned.

“Good, now use Metal Claw on the water!”

Demona slammed her glowing claws into the water sending a wave of water at the hapless boulder Pokemon.

“What’s the matter, don’t like the water? Then let me dry you off… finish with Ember!” Tyrande smirked.

Demona spat forth a stream of red-hot embers at its swamped foe, sending steam hissing into the air. When it cleared, a very unhappy, fainted, and cracked Geodude was flopped over, face first into the sand. A baffled and furious Jared recalled his last Pokemon and stormed off in a huff, not wanting to look at Tyrande’s cold smirk.

“As I said, don’t call a mad scientist who has been designing weapons and matter converters since she was ten ‘stupid’!” she laughed at his receding back.

_-=-_ _-=-_

Shauna was getting pretty angry. Not only had her Brawly been stolen by some nobody, but that same nobody had stolen the attention that was rightfully Shauna’s.

And what’s more, Brawly actually liked this girl! It didn’t make sense! How could this be? Brawly was her property… well… sort of.

It suddenly occurred to Shauna that perhaps Brawly never paid any attention to her at all. She clenched her fists and gritted her teeth. There was only one way to settle this matter. And it required her Pokemon’s strength and abilities as well as her own.

Shauna knew that her Machoke, Michelle, would willingly help her friend. After all, Brawly’s Machamp was quite attractive to Michelle.

“--so then I said--”
“Hey, new girl!” Shauna shouted. “Hold that thought, because I challenge you to a Pokemon battle!”

“A what?” Sandy asked, confused. She had never used Ace in battle before.

“Hold on a sec, Shauna! How do you even know she has a Pokemon yet?” someone reproached her.

“Yeah, and you shouldn’t pick on newcomers either!” shouted another person.

Suddenly an argument broke out and there was a lot of shouting. Sandy couldn’t stand arguments, so she decided to get her humiliation over with.

“QUIET!!” she shrieked.

Everyone seemed to freeze. They had no idea that such a nice young lady could scream so loudly.

“F.Y.I. I have my own Pokemon anyway. I accept your challenge Shauna! May the best girl win.” Sandy said, releasing her Eevee, Ace. “Come on out!”

As soon as the Eevee was visible, a few people burst out laughing.

“You came in here with a Normal-type Pokemon knowing this is a Fighting-type Gym? Pathetic!” Shauna sneered.

“Yeah, well, let’s see who has the last laugh, Shauna.” Sandy replied.

“Actually, I never told her what type of Gym this was.” Brawly said. “But if she really wants to fight you, I’ve got no choice but to referee.”

“Michelle! Come out and stomp that cutesy little Eevee flatter than a pancake!”

“MACHOKE!!” roared Michelle as she emerged from her pokeball.

“Eevee?” Ace said. He tilted his head slightly to the left and awaited his partner’s commands. Then he noticed his other best friend--his tail! “EEVEE!” was the shrill cry of the playful puppy Pokemon as it began running circles around its adversary in order to catch its tail.
Sandy suddenly had an idea, “Keep it up Ace! Just like we’ve been practicing!”

“Eevee! Eevee! EEEEEVEE!”

Ace spun faster and faster until Michelle was so dizzy, that she could barely stand up straight.

Shauna, desperate to win, shouted, “Michelle! Cross-Chop now!”

But instead of chopping Ace, Michelle hit herself square between the eyes, instantly KO-ing herself. She flew backwards toward Shauna, he in turn fell flat on her back with her partner on to top of her.

“How—what—why!?” Shauna sputtered.

Ace, who had stopped spinning, now had captured his tail, which was now in his mouth let out a sharp squeal and ran to Sandy.

“Great job, Ace! I knew all that spinning had something special about it.” she giggled.

“Eevee!” said Ace, as he suddenly began to glow.

“What’s going on?” demanded a concerned Sandy.

“Your Eevee is evolving, Sandy.” Brawly said. “It’s up to you whether you want Ace to evolve or not, however.”

“Do you want to evolve, Ace?” Sandy questioned her partner.

“Eee!” Ace replied, nodding his head vigorously. His form suddenly changed to a sleeker, green catlike shape, and he purred loudly, as he discovered that he now had a longer, forked tail to chase. “Rrrrr!”

“Omigosh! Ace, you’re beautiful!” squealed a rather pleased Sandy, hugging her newly evolved Espeon.

“Congratulations Sandy!” exclaimed Brawly. “Oh, and better luck next time Sarah.”

“S-sarah!?” Shauna sputtered, crushed.

_-=-_ _-=-_
Authors’ Commentary:

KF: Wheeeeee!


KF: I’m chasing my tail! Wheeeeee!


KF: Yes, I do! *points to a fake tail tied around her waist* See?

DA: Oro? Ok, that enough nonsense, first. Your Pokemon Evolves, and my character just has to deal with a sexist bully? *Grabs Sakabato*

KF: Ohhhh no you don’t! *grabs mallet*

DA: You have a deformity, so allow me to remove it for you! *Flips blade*

KF: ACK!! What did you do to my TAIL!?

DA: I haven’t done anything… yet! HITEN MITSURUGI RYU-RYUTSUI!! *Jumps into Air and aims for tail*

KF: EEEEEEK!! *hides behind a couch* N-not the “DRAGON HAMMER STRIKE”!?

DA: *misses and crashes into ceiling because she jumped too high* Ororo?

KF: Heheheh… DA: 1. KF: 2! I WIN! Muahahahah!

DA: *dazedly* minions…… ugh…. I’ll get you next time you purple imp of perversity!

KF: Ooooo…kay! See you next time! *waves* Mya! *hits DA with the mallet to shut her up*


KF: *blasts off TR-style* Not the “DRAGON FLIGHT OF HEAVEN”!? Kewlio-Fa’shoolio is blasting off again!! *ding!*

DA: PAY BACK!! Hows that for the Hiten’s ultimate attack! DA: 2, KF: 2 WE ARE TIED AGAIN!!!

End of Commentary… Or is it?

KF: Oro?


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Sorry for the tripple post, but do to technical difficuties between the authors, this story is being suspended indefinately