View Full Version : The Mystery of Yuhsuke Takeyama

Sailor Universe
6th November 2005, 11:31 AM
When I read Shaman King volume 5 recently, I noticed something really strange. In the battle with Faust, you can see that there's names written on the gravestones. Well, that's not very strange. But there is a name that is written on almost every stone; Yuhsuke Takeyama. And on some of his stones there are small notes like "Only the good die young", "Greatest Aniki" (what's an aniki anyway?) and "Dreamcast". I even found several dates of death on them: 1975-1999, 1975-1996 and 1975-19XX.
So who is this Yuhsuke? I've searched on Google, I've searched on Wikipedia, I find no answers. Does any of you know who he is?

9th November 2005, 8:02 PM
The name is probably the name of the creator's editor or assistant. Many manga writers/artists throw themselves or their editors into their manga (like Toriyama did with himself and his editor in Dr. Slump).

Aniki can be in reference to someone somewhat older you hold respect for or an actual brother. It's basically another way of saying "older brother."