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Kawaii Kyuubi Kitsune
7th November 2005, 3:53 AM
Just as an opening statement: RaZoR LeAf gave me permission to do this.

This RPG is a private RPG with no sign up thread whatsoever, and character sheets will be posted in this thread whenever a new character comes up (Skipping all sections that the person doesn’t feel like doing, and lacking detail if they can’t be bothered). Only GoGoTenda, LadyUmbra, Tiana_M, indigestable_wad, Lonely Wanderer, PsiUmbreon, Raposa Daula and I may post in this RPG (Unless someone get permission from me to join via PM or over AIM/MSN and thus is added to the list), anyone else will be reported to a mod.

A brief background of the situation
People who are different than the majority are always either treated as inferior or treated with fear and hatred. It was no different when long ago in the world of pokemon some humans started developing supernatural powers and divulging into magic. Things were never too bad for those who had psychic gifts, as with the existence of psychic pokemon their powers weren’t too frightening… It was those who practised witchcraft and sorcery, those who mixed cast spell and mixed potions, who were demonised by society. There powers seemed to common people to go further than even the abilities of a pokemon could, though in reality the powers were merely different, not more powerful, with different limits normal people couldn’t understand.

These people were forced to leave humanity, as they knew it behind, many of them forming cults deep in the wilderness, far from humanity. There was one group that was different, it gradually grew larger as it moved even further from the villages of normal humans, even gathering a few normals and psychics as it went due to the nature of its goal… It was looking for a land that could belong to those with magic, a land to practise their skills in without being feared by other humans. It is not surprising that a few normals and psychics saw the benefits of going with them, for one thing medical technology in those days was nothing compared to what magic could do in the way of healing and curing disease.

Eventually they found what they were looking for. It didn’t take long for a flourishing kingdom to be created, one they named “G’nik”. Time went on, and as the rest of humanity worked on technology, the people of G’nik worked on perfecting the magic arts. From time to time travellers from far away found the kingdom, and from time to time a magic user headed off to see how the outside world was doing. Coming closer to modern times, those who left brought news that normal humans were becoming more accepting, and thus more magic users started to head out, though the more skilled and intelligent ones stayed in G’nik for the benefit of being able to learn from the mistakes of other powerful magic users.

That comes down to the current situation. Its all due to the fact G’nik is and always was a monarchy. From time to time the entire royal family had to be changed due to corruption, though more often just a lack of heirs to the throne. Such a time for such a replacement seems near once more. The current royal family (The Lebon family) is close to dying out. The queen recently feel ill with an unknown illness and her death seems near, the king took an oath to never love another woman and is surprisingly taking the oath seriously thus requested an alternative heir to be found. Both the king’s and queen’s families have long since faded from sight excluding themselves. It is known that they had a daughter, but she disappeared from public view about a month ago and no one in the royal court will discuss why or why she’s no longer considered next in line for the throne. Odd considering how open they are about the current situation with the king and queen.

The solution is the same as it has always been when deciding the next royal family. The first step is always search down those with instinctive knowledge of magic. Those with no magical training, yet being able to use magic like they had, are always the ones picked. Because all those with any magical potential in G’nik are trained in it from an early age, all of them are instantly eliminated from the list. Traditionally it went to the most suitable of those recently chased away from humanity that ended up at G’nik… Alas such people are becoming less common as time goes on, due to the numbers of magic users outside being low and the fact the fear of them is fading, causing a lot more work to be needed to be done.

This is not the first time people have been sent out to look for outsiders suitable. With a bit of spying those who look suitable are quickly given an invitation to compete for becoming the heir to the throne. With the offer of luxury accommodation for the duration of the event and permission to bring one other human as well, and all their pokemon, few can refuse the offer. It’s worth it for just the bragging rights of being in such an event, free accommodation, and a chance to mess with black magic.

Because of the size of the turn out, everyone is split into small groups, being grouped with others with similar abilities to themselves, each group getting a small mansion and its grounds to themselves (Excluding the people there to serve their needs). The plan is then to observe how they act and how they deal with magic once they are given scrolls that explain its use… The magic that is to be taught is not magic commonly taught (With the exception of a few basics) because of how it is easy to miss use and is most often used for evil, though it isn’t actually lethal, just cruel. All the time the people serving them will be doing their best to convince the participant that they are merely waiting for the competition to get to where they can enter.

This segment of the story starts with the smallest group, the one that all of them have is a certain ability not associated with noble bloodline (It’s rarely seen outside the G’nik farming community) and thus isn’t expected to do very well at all. In fact the group was only considered just to be the punishment to a person who chose the royal family the time before last and made a huge mistake in it (Nah, just a scape goat for the whole King Huxian incident… Don’t ask, you really do not want to know).

My Characters
Name: Lilac Blossom All-Weather
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Age: 10
Description: She looks like almost like a normal ten year old girl, except she is slightly more muscular though this is rarely noticed. Her green eyes sparkle like emeralds and with intelligence and her long black hair seems to never stay in the same place for long.
She wears a completely pink outfit that consisted of a long skirt, short-sleeved shirt, shoes, socks, and a wide brimmed hat, though the wide brimmed hat does have numerous holes in it that would seem to be from a carnivorous pokemon biting into it and there are burn marks around the area of the holes. She carries a completely pink tramping pack that looks like it should be a little too heavy for her to be comfortable wearing.

Name: Inari All-Weather
Gender: Female
Species: Deity pretending to be mortal
Age: pretending to be 7
Description: She looks like almost like an average seven year old girl, except she is slightly more muscular though this is rarely noticed. Her blue eyes sparkle with innocence and her long black hair has a health gloss to it.
She wears a completely white outfit that consisted of a long skirt, short-sleeved shirt, shoes, socks, and a wide brimmed hat.

Name: Kitsune
Species: Ninetales
Gender: Female
Description: Kitsune has pure white fur that never stains, even blood runs right off it, quite like her teeth except her teeth seem to always catch the light to make it absolutely clear that they are there and are sharp. Her pale blue eyes often always look like they are looking into the very soul of whoever she looks at; this is quite frightening for those who have anything to hide. Her over all appearance gives the impression that she should be drooling, which she probably would be if fire pokemon could.

Name: Biohazard
Species: Umbreon
Gender: Male
Description: Biohazard’s circles are a whitish blue colour, while the rest of his fur remains the usual black like most Umbreons, and his eyes are an emerald green. He seems a bit smaller than he should and his fur a bit thicker, almost like he isn’t fully grown as his overall body shape is more like that of an Eevee than a normal Umbreon, though few people would be able to notice such a small difference.
He wears a yellow bandana around his head, and on the front of it is the Biohazard (http://www.case-sensitive.co.uk/images/biohazard.jpg) symbol.

Name: Katar
Gender: Male
Species: Absol
Description: He looks like a perfectly normal Absol. His eyes are a not very unusual yellow, with black slits for pupils as one would expect a creature of the night walking around during the day to have.

Name: Omega
Gender: Male
Species: Mightyena
Description: Fiery orange eyes.

Name: Chu (Or Chew toy to Kitsune)
Gender: Unknown
Species: Pichu

Name: Ziggy (That’s the last time I let GoGo name one of my characters
Gender: Male
Species: Zigzagoon (What else could be called Ziggy?)

RPG Start Point
“…Are we there yet?” Inari had gone into a continuos loop of one set response, as she lay barely conscious across Kitsune’s back. Kitsune managed to ignore the young girls lightweight on her as she walked, with Lilac by her side.

“Yes, we’re finally here.” Lilac sighed, gazing up at the mansion before her. “Inari, it looks like your going to be introduced to what sort of accommodation our families wealth can get.”

It didn’t look too big, but it still had a feeling of class to it. It looked to a mere three stories tall, made of towering granite—not granite slabs, as there were no seams to suggest it being put together like that, but more like it had been carved out of huge a granite bolder— with some sort of metal trimming. Out around the building there were many outcroppings, many with gargoyle-like statues on them, also looking like they were carved out of the same block. Lilac gazed at the one above the door: It looked to be an aerodactyl in the middle of making a meal out of a— Lilac shivered.

I hope Kitsune is too busy with Inari to look up, she wouldn’t stop till she tracked down whoever designed this place and taught him a lesson… I’d also have to feel sorry for any aerodactyl in the area, if it wasn’t for the fact they’re extinct. Kitsune would love to use one to help prove the point. At least I can’t complain about the short soft grass and flat ground that’s all there is in this places grounds. Odd, the soft soil around here would mean the granite would have had to come a long way.

Lilac approached the door, noting how who ever build the place was smart enough to at least make the door hinges out of metal. On the door a piece of folded paper was stuck, and after Lilac tried the door handle, finding the door was locked, she grabbed the note so as to read it… It seemed impossible to remove it from the door without ripping it, so Lilac unfolded it where it was.

“Welcome guests,” The paper seemed to speak the words that were on it, glowing as it did so. “I am sorry that I have had to go collect a little something to help remove the exhaustion caused by using magic, and thus cannot be here when you arrive. I gave a key to the door to the chief and entertainer (Though people of that class would probably try picking the lock before trying the key), thus if the door is currently locked it will not stay that way for long. Inside, please use act civilised. Please remind the chief, entertainer, and that druid that’ll arrive, to enter via the servant’s entrance around the back. Once you do get inside there should be simple practise magic on a scroll (It’ll be labelled Prestidigitation) on the table of the room the front door leads into. Just place a hand on the scroll and try drawing the magic into your mind, and then you’ll be able to use it. Incarnations and hand gestures will enter your mind, and they are likely to be different for each person. After it is used, the spell will vanish from your mind draining energy with it… No, a pokemon will not be able to use this the same way, as it is designed for humans and pokemon can’t preform hand gestures or speak the incarnations.”

No name at the end and no obvious way to make it repeat. Odd.

“Are we leaving yet?” Inari’s new question got the response it deserves. Kitsune tipped her off onto the soft grass beside her, putting a delicate white ninetales paw quickly on her throat, and growled a threat about if she continued pointless questions.

OOC: Everyone’s first post should include them getting to the mansion for the first time, but I hold no rule on what they then can do. This RPG will be slack on the no killing another person’s character rule, as we are mature enough to handle it reasonably. If anything does go wrong, then remember one thing: Magic can fix anything, or make things ten times worse. I won’t tell you which.

As for rooms and layout of the mansion, whoever gets somewhere first decides it, others adding extra details as they see fit. And, no, the inside is unlikely to be completely granite, so don’t even think about it…

8th November 2005, 6:03 AM
"Ooooooh... cool!" Kyra spoke as she was able to see the mansion sitting on the hill from the vantage point of Vyle's shoulders. Vyle was exhausted, having to carry Kyra on his back half of the way there. And he was not happy about having to do that, either. After all, he was an assassin for hire, not a babysitter. Yet he was obligated to protect Kyra. Her life was in his hands, and if he let anything happen to her, there would be dire consequences for Vyle, both physical and spiritual.

Eventually Vyle trudged up to the mansion's doorstep, still bearing the weight of Kyra. He did not pay particular heed to the scuffle of the Ninetales and what seemed to be its trainer nearby. A note hung at the side of the door. Vyle tried to pull it out, but the paper resisted, and as a result, partially tore. He settled on reading it as it was attached to the doorstep:

“Welcome guests. I am sorry that I have had to go collect a little something to help remove the exhaustion caused by using magic, and thus cannot be here when you arrive. I gave a key to the door to the chief and entertainer (Though people of that class would probably try picking the lock before trying the key), thus if the door is currently locked it will not stay that way for long. Inside, please use act civilised. Please remind the chief, entertainer, and that druid that’ll arrive, to enter via the servant’s entrance around the back. Once you do get inside there should be simple practise magic on a scroll (It’ll be labelled Prestidigitation) on the table of the room the front door leads into. Just place a hand on the scroll and try drawing the magic into your mind, and then you’ll be able to use it. Incarnations and hand gestures will enter your mind, and they are likely to be different for each person. After it is used, the spell will vanish from your mind draining energy with it… No, a pokemon will not be able to use this the same way, as it is designed for humans and pokemon can’t preform hand gestures or speak the incarnations.”

The words shimmered as he read them. Vyle complained in a muttering voice, "So this means we'll have to go around the back?" Kyra was entranced by the shimmering and wanted to see the paper again, but the paper would not react as she reached over from Vyle's back and pulled at the paper, tearing it even more. She stopped pulling once she heard the rip.

Vyle apathetically began to make his way around the mansion, ignoring Kyra's comments of wonder at the gargoyles decorating the outside of the mansion. "She thinks this is just a game," he sighed to himself. Such ignorance, such innocence... she doesn't have a fear in the world about the intentions of some random person inviting her to a mansion. And of course, I had to be dragged along..." His thoughts echoed in his mind as he trudged, ignoring everything, not because he was unaware of his surroundings, but because at this moment he couldn't care less. Although the person being attacked by the Ninetales did look vaguely familiar to him, he did not care to investigate. He just wanted to make his way into the mansion so that he could begin his mission and get his reward. He knew that a difficult mission stood in front of him: to dispose of his target and to keep Kyra safe.

9th November 2005, 4:20 AM
I'll put up my characters' profile, considering no one has ever seen my characters and the story I'm making won't be up until I have time to write it so yeah.

Age: 17
Jordan has dyed blonde hair, but her natural hair color is a light brown or brunette color. She usually keeps it down sometimes in curls. Every once in a while she'll come up with some other hairstyle. Her eyes are of a deep, almost enchanting brown, but she covers them up with blue contacts even though she has close to perfect vision. She generally wears low cut jeans and tops ranging from skimpy to thickly covered. She is very self conscious about her appearance and tries to be the perfect shape and body. She goes out of her way to get to the guys. She is greedy to an extent and is just a brat sometimes.
History: She hates pokemon. Her mom was a pushy person and just made her whole childhood about pokemon. With her rebelious nature she grew to hate them. Adolescence just made it worse. She does have one pokemon though, because her mom made her.

Just a generic skitty. It's very similar to the one on the anime and is almost just as hyper. It's oblivious to Jordan's hatred and annoyance to it and just wants to play.

Jessica(Jess) Hawthorn
Age: 17
Jordan's best friend, she has been the yin to Jordan's yang. Or the yang to her yin. Either way. Without Jess, jordan would have left her mother's house and probably on the streets. Without her, Jordan would be left drunk at parties in a drunk sleep. Jess is the smart one and can weave her way out of tricky situations. She has brunette hair and hazel eyes and wears blue jeans and different t-shits.


Just a generic butterfree. For now.

Same as above

Same again. Anything to do with the pokemon will probably develop later.


"Wow, look at this place," Jess said as she gazed up at the granite building. "isn't it amazing?"

"It's made of rock," Jordan mumbled, "greay rock, so unoriginal."

Jess flinched. She was not very comftorable with the constant whinig remarks that Jordan had made on the trip there. It was always there's no boys or beer, it's boring. If Jordan hadn't invited her jordan probably would never have made it out of her house. Jess just wanted to put her stuff away and get away from it for a while. "Let's just go okay?"

They walked up the way to the mansion avoiding the few other people in the way. The walked up to the door to find a message torn almost to the point of falling off. Jordan reached to grab it when Jess yelled, "Stop!" But it didn't work. Jordan took hold of the paper and tore it off the magical tape it was stuck to.

"Whoops," Jordan said, though she clearly didn't mean it. She held it up to her face and read the paper to herself. She then let it fall to the ground and she turned around to watch the other people. "They look pretty boring," she mumbled to herself.

Jess frowned at Jordan. "Thanks a lot," she grumbled and she picked up the paper and read it. When she was finished she looked around to find Jordan in the same place she was when Jess started reading. Jordan was still looking at the other people and pokemon with the same bored expression. Jess walked up to her and asked, "So what do you think we should do? We can try to go around back and get inside or we can sit out here and mingle."

"I don't want to do anything."

"Fine, you can stay here and I'll go find the door out back," Jess said and she walked off around the building.

Raposa Dalua
9th November 2005, 5:53 AM
Name: Naomi Lament
Gender: Female
Age: 19
Species: Human, Druid Class

Description: Naomi is average sized for her age, standing at a good five foot eight. She has pale white skin, an indication that she either spends way too much time inside, or only goes out at night. Her pinkish-red hair hangs to about mid-back, with her grown out bangs cut off at shoulder length and shifted around to frame her face. Her eyes are a pistachio green color, and are strangely warm and inviting, despite her kind yet somehow cold attitude towards others. She's skinny at best, appearing rather frail looking. Despite this, she has surprisingly large amounts of energy and endurance, and it does hurt quite a bit when she whacks someone with the strange beaded staff she carries with her. Her main outfit consists of a black skirt, which is pointed around the edges. The points hang just below midthigh. Her shirt is sleeveless with straps that wrap around the back of her neck; it is also black in color. Over all this is a crimson hooded cloak, pinned together on her right shoulder by an onyx brooch outlined in silver. Her sandals are black, and they have thin black straps that wrap up and around her leg, reaching halfway up towards her knees.

Name: Cassandra
Gender: Female
Species: Espeon

Description: Cassy is a sleek, shimmering Espeon whose fur is a darker shade of purple than most Espeons' fur. Her eyes are a cold, pale blue color, that seem to spark with a hidden power that she only taps into when she really feels like it. Cassy has an opal to replace the normal red gem that is embedded into an Espeon's forehead. She is skinny and agile, capable of many acrobatic skills. Now, there isn't much to say about her physical strength, but her elemental powers are something to be feared.

Name: Furai
Gender: Male
Species: Shining Flygon

Description: Furai is a shining Flygon, thus having aqua replace the normal dark green and orange replace the normal red coloration of a normal Flygon. Coupled with this is a flurry of sparkles and stars that constantly dance around him. Furai has amazing physical prowess, and though he is rather slow on the ground his aerial speed is second to only a few other species. An apathetic aura emits from him at all times; even the sparkles that dance around him seem cold and lifeless. He has little care for what he eats as well, and the only reason he no longer feeds on humans is that Naomi had strictly ordered him not to. He will eat the pokemon of other trainers, however, as long as he can claim that he didn't know the pokemon belonged to someone else.

Name: Comet
Gender: Male
Species: Ninetails

Description: Comet is a bit taller than most normal Ninetails, though this is rarely recognized. His head and tails are usually hanging low, and his deep, emotionless purple eyes are downcast, as though he feels he has no right to look upon the wretched world he lives in. His fur is a glossy black color with random whiteish-blue streaks criss-crossing over it, earning him the nickname "Comet." He appears to be somewhat useless in battle, he barely moves and his attacks are half-hearted; he mostly waits to be defeated so he can curl up in his own little world again. Comet has a hefty curse placed upon him. Basically, anyone who gets near him, be it physically, spiritually, emotionally, or any other form of being close that you can think of, something bad will happen to that person. Now, this bad can be bad as in annoying, bad as in silly, bad as in physically/mentally harmful, and even bad as in death. This punishment for being near him is chosen at random. Also included in the curse is the inability to kill himself. This was included so that he must continue to make others suffer until someone else decides they need to kill him.


Naomi sighed as she padded on, lifting a pale white hand and running it through her hair so as to remove the offending locks that had been blown within her eyesight by the light breeze that wafted through the valley. The gnarled staff she used as a walking stick could simply be considered that, were it not for the odd symbols, beads, and pieces of fabric that hung from it, drifting to and fro with the wind. She now leaned on said staff for support, breathing lightly as she scanned the area. Her light green eyes swerved around, checking out the environment and finally landing upon her destination: the three-story mansion up ahead that seemed to be made of some sort of stone. Perhaps it was granite, but Naomi really couldn't care less, so long as the people who designed the building were smart enough to not make the door and window hinges out of stone as well. She leaned there for awhile yet, just absently staring at the area as though she were trying to comit it to memory.

After a good ten minutes or so, she felt a soft nudge at her side. Pistachio green eyes met icy blue eyes as her kindhearted Espeon companion stared up at her in concern, the opal embedded in her head glinting in the sunlight, sending out tiny little dots of multicolored light. Cassy tilted her head to the side slightly, her large ears flopping sideways and hanging at an odd angle. This action was enough to bring a grin to Naomi's face, coupled with a tiny chuckle. The pink-haired girl leaned down slightly, scratching the purple fox behind the hears.

"Thanks, I think I needed that. I was thinking too much again, huh?" she inquired.

The psychic creature only made a sort of shrugging motion, then continued on her way. Naomi shook her head, adjusted her staff, and started walking again. Once she got closer to the mansion itself, she saw several odd things. One was two young girls who couldn't be any older than ten, a completely white Ninetails, and two odd looking people who appeared to be sneaking around to the back entrance. She scratched the back of her head, not sure about which situation she should tackle first. This problem seemed to resolve itself, however, when the white Ninetails suddenly decided she'd rather not have a rider anymore. The young girl fell unceremoniously to the ground, and the fire fox proceeded to place a threatening paw on her neck and growled at her in an annoyed way.

"Man, we haven't been here for more than ten minutes or so and they're already trying to kill each other. I tell ya Cassy, this job so isn't worth what the master of this mansion is paying me..." she muttered as she watched the scene play out.

"But you aren't getting paid anything for being here."


Thinking quickly, Naomi's gaze snapped to her right, where her second traveling companion was sitting quietly, his amethyst eyes downcast. The sleek, black and white-streaked Ninetails was already blaming himself for Naomi's stroke of bad luck, and he was quite surprised when he heard her dish out his first real order for the day.

"Heya Comet, could you do me a favor and stop that white Ninetails over there from killing her companion? A light tackle should do the trick, eh?"

Comet seemed a little startled at first, and it seemed his already drooping tails sunk lower at the thought of intentionally causing harm to another creature. He looked hesitantly over at the human girl currently pinned to the ground, then stood up. He took off at a dash, becoming increasingly faster as he charged forward. His light paws made no sound as he ran. At the last minute he turned, slamming his side into the white Ninetails he had been ordered to attack. The white fox staggered away from the human she had been threatening to kill, nearly falling over in the process. Comet kept his ears low and refused to make eye contact with the now recovering Ninetails; he also avoided looking at her two female companions. He chose to stare at an oddly bent blade of grass that seemed to stick out from the rest. Gosh... this blade of grass sure was... interesting...

"I-I'm really sorry about that," he managed to stutter out in his own, quiet little voice, "I hope I didn't hurt you or anything... But it really looked like you were going to kill this girl and that couldn't happen, ya know, 'cause there's enough death in this world already and... I'm just really sorry..."

9th November 2005, 8:17 AM
Here're my Characters:

Name: Tiana Morenza
Age: 25
Gender: Female
Description: Tiana stands at 5ft 9in and is lean. Tiana’s hair is rich golden red in color and it flows down to her waist when let loose, but is most often worn in a ponytail. She wears a green blouse, blue-jeans, and soft, brown-leather boots. When in the kitchen, Tiana wears a white apron over her clothes so as not to completely ruin them while cooking. When traveling, she carries a canvas hiking pack that has no frame.
Personality: Tiana is very good-tempered and kind to any who enter her domain(this being the kitchen), without intentions to steal. Tiana is very good at telling moods and is always willing to lend a friendly ear, and usually is able to give fairly good advice if it is asked for. Tiana can also be quite cunning especially if she wants information.

Name: Kindle

Gender: Male

Species: a mix between a Flareon and an Espeon

Description: This magic-made mix has the usual orange body and fire-fur, neck-scruff of a flareon, but this particular flareon has a sapphire on his forehead and the last fourth of his fire-fur tail is split into two distinct parts.

Personality: Kindle is a mischievous pokemon who likes to use simple illusions to play tricks on people. But other than that he is nice and wouldn’t harm a fly (unless it was buzzing annoyingly around his head). He is also rather loyal to Tiana who is still not quite sure of the reasons why he stays with her.


Tiana stopped on the hill that overlooked the mansion in which she would be living and cooking for quite some time. She adjusted the pack on her back and observed the place. She thought that the place was certainly a marvel in it's own right being made completely of smooth granite. Tiana assumed this had been accomplished by some not too small magic and was impressed by the workmanship showed by one who could create such a place.
"So what do you think of our new abode, Kindle?" Tiana inquired of her pokemon. Kindle, who was always allowed free range, had stopped to sit just at her feet, he thought the mansion looked somewhat dull and boring but, since that was supposedly where they were going to stay he just shrugged in reply to Tiana's question.

"Hah! is that all? well in any case it looks like there are people waiting for us seeing as we've got the keys." Tiana remarked.
Kindle got up and moved sinuously towards the mansion and barked, "Flare re reon. Fla flareon flare."
Guessing that Kindle's reply had something to do with going on and getting there, Tiana nodded her head and said, "Right you are, Kindle let's go." She then resumed walking towards the mansion and reached it shortly. She nodded to those people that had gathered around the front of the place and who had been watching her, and after stepping on the note, she heard it crackle beneath her feet and looked down. She then picked it up and read it through carefully.

Tiana then used a small mending spell she knew on the paper and returned it to it's original state, taped to the door.
"Alrighty then," She turned and announced to the others, "It seems you've all been waiting for me, I'm Tiana the Cheif Cook around this place starting now, this fellow here is Kindle." She said as she indicated the Flareon-Espeon mix who had so far chosen not to leave Tiana's side. "Anyway, I've got the key to this place as the note said, so let's take a look at the inside of these walls shall we? I'll go around and come back through the house and open this front door for you all alright?" Tiana smiled around at the others a bit, nodded satisfactorily and walked around to the back of the mansion leaving the others to wait.

Tiana had gone around to the back and found a Hazel-eyed brunette just trying the door handle. Tiana chuckled and then said, "Hmm, I don't think you'll get in very easily that way, at least not without a key." She said as she brandished the key in her right hand after having pulled it out of her back pocket. "Hi, my name is Tiana and I'll be the one letting you and the others in. I'm also the Cheif Cook around here, and if you'll just stand aside a bit, I could get around to unlocking the place if you don't mind." The girl moved to the side and Tiana finished the rather one-sided converstion as she unlocked the door, "By the way that little mischief maker there is Kindle. I'll go through and open the front door for you all. See ya inside." Tiana nodded to the girl and slipped into the now open house.

Not too unsurprisingly she was in the kitchen. It was a well-sized kitchen with plenty of cupboards, a one-room pantry in the right-hand corner nearest the outside door, or in any case that was what she guessed that small room off in the corner was, two large wall ovens, an island with a rack of pots and pans hanging over it, a large sink, and more counter-space than she had ever seen in one kitchen. This room had two other doors and seeing as Tiana couldn't linger too long in the kitchen she set her pack down by the nearest counter and told Kindle, "You stay and guard this until I get back. It shouldn't take too long to open that front door." Kindle glared at Tiana but sat down by the pack thinking to himself, Guard it against what, rats? I would be much better off exploring this place. but, staying none-the-less. In any case Tiana had already dashed off thorugh the door near the left-hand corner of the far wall to go find and open the front door for the others.

Leaving the kitchen Tiana found herself in a rather large hall with a long table in the center. On the table was a small scroll. and at the other end of the hall was the large frame of the same large wooden front doors she had seen from the outside. Tiana didn't bother to touch the scroll on the table, knowing that it was likely that she already knew the prestidigitations it was made to teach. So she headed for the huge double doors and along the way noted that there were two grand staircases leading from either side of this large hall and two doors set fairly far apart on the wall behind her, the one farther to her left(as she's still facing away from them) being the one she had just come out of. As she continued down the hall she noticed two grand side doors that probably led to two side rooms or maybe a workshop or two.

Once she reached the double doors, she saw that the key for them was on the end of the table closest to her. She scooped up the key and swiftly unlocked the doors and slowly pushed one of them open. Then she said to them all as they came in, "Ok then, Dinner will be served promply at 6:30. Now, I need at least three people to come back to the kitchen in about an hour or so to help me with the cooking so, are there any volunteers or do I have to choose victims?" Tiana said this last with a twinkle in her eye and a small quirk of the mouth.

9th November 2005, 4:38 PM
Name: Di
Age: 8 / 12 when Karen
gender; female
Height: 5’5 while masquerading as Karen
Build: slim
Hair: deep red falling down to her waist
Eyes: light blue
clothes: Di wears pretty much anything, replicating whatever she sees and like when she transforms. Her favorite outfit is jeans and a tye dyed t-shirt
Distinguishing features: None
Personality: Di is an outgoing cheery person. A complete extrovert she’s very much a people person and likes to be involved in every conversation. Curious about the world she strives to learn about everything, from psychology, to physics battle strategy. Despite what she’s learned so far in the world Di is truly naive to the ways of the world and it often causes her trouble. on that note Di is often confused when the things she thinks she knows are of not true or of no help.

Dare: a Male police trained growlithe with mental problems
Bo: a female tangela who's rather snarky and xenophobic
Enigma: A pasifistic Voltorb.

9th November 2005, 7:47 PM
"Thank you soooo much for bringing me along, Ryan." The girl's blue eyes smiled as she wrapped her arms around him for the umpteenth time on their trek. Her light brown hair lay freely down her back and a few stray strands fluttered about in the gentle wind. Soft cotton from her red shirt brushed against his arm, which he put around her waist.

"For the last time, you're welcome, Kenni. It isn't that big of a deal for you to come with me." The boy, likewise, was a brunette, but his eyes were green with traces of both red and blue that seemed to float about. He wore a long-sleeved white shirt with a yellow fleece vest over it. Six Pokeballs were attached to a black leather belt at his waist, the belt itself being in the loops of a worn pair of blue jeans. “Shinu desperately wanted to me to take him, but I told him I’d rather go with you.”

“Aw, that’s so sweet of you.” Kenni giggled childishly before lightly putting her lips to the boy’s reddening cheek. She withdrew and returned to laughing at Ryan’s embarrassment. “You know, we’re probably going to be late if we don’t hurry. That’s the house, right?” The girl pointed a finger towards the magnificent mansion they were approaching.

“Wow…it’s even bigger than I suspected. Which means, yes, I think that’s the place. And we won’t be late; there are still people waiting outside.” He could just barely see the doors open with a woman behind them, obviously addressing the other guests. “Never mind, we might be late after all. I don’t see a reason why we should rush, though.”

“Ooh, so laid back? How very unlike you…is it just your Ditto Personality Dysfunction Syndrome acting up again?”

“…you just aren’t going to drop that, are you? I do not have DPDS; for a Ditto, I have a wonderful concept of self-identity. My personality won’t be fracturing anytime soon, thank you. Why would you even want that to happen?”

“I don’t. It’s just fun to say, that’s all. Ditto Personality Dysfunction Syndrome. Ditto Personality…” Kenni continued to repeat the disorder’s name, getting softer and softer each time. Ryan smiled despite himself; he shouldn’t have expected anything different. As they closed in on the mansion, Ryan took in the sights. Gargoyles decorated mansion, but one of an Aerodactyl caught his eye.

I’m never going to see a real Aerodactyl to get transformation intel from; this may be the next best thing. Wait, what is it eating? He nearly burst out laughing at the artist’s obviously uninformed opinion of Ninetales. No Ninetales I’ve ever met would be prey to an Aerodactyl. Especially not oh God, she’s here! Ryan suddenly stopped as the pure white Ninetales came into view. Kenni caught on the brink of tripping over the boy she was still clinging to.

“What’s wrong, Ryan? Is something bothering you?” Kenni traced her boyfriend’s line of sight and dropped her jaw. “Kitsune is here? Why would she be here? It doesn’t make sense.”

“Lilac’s here, so it makes perfect sense.” Ryan rubbed his temples in an attempt to ease a building headache. His dread for the coming days was too powerful to stem, so he stopped trying. Instead, he pushed forward with Kenni in tow. The two of them effectively ignored everyone else until they stood before Lilac. “Hello, Lilac. Hello, Kitsune.”

OOC: As I introduce new characters, I shall put up their forms. For now, there are only two.

Name: Ryan (last name changes depending on who asks)
Gender: Male (for most forms)
Species: Ditto (typically in a human form)
Age: Appears 16
Description: In his normal state, Ryan is a typical Ditto: Pink, gelatinous, and unimpressive. While taking on a human form, Ryan stands about 5’5”. He has brown hair that stands in short spikes, and green eyes with hints of blue and red intermixed. His skin is lightly tanned and his body is toned, but not muscular. Ryan wears a white, long-sleeved shirt with a fuzzy, yellow fleece vest over it. He also wears a pair of blue jeans and some generic sneakers. His human mimicry is so accurate that using the naked eye, it is impossible to detect that Ryan is not what he appears. Being able to shape change, Ryan can exaggerate/subdue details of his appearance while still appearing relatively human.

Name: Kenni Windsor
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Description: Kenni has light brown hair that hangs down to her back and is left hanging free. Her eyes are a piercing blue that stare into the beholder’s soul and past falsehoods. She stands at about 5’6” and wears a red tank top with blue shorts. Kenni also wears a pair of simple brown walking shoes.

Kawaii Kyuubi Kitsune
9th November 2005, 8:56 PM
OOC: Sorry, Tiana, but I decided it best to do my post as if GoGo’s was before your’s (Or more like at the same time, as my post makes it look like) as it made more sense. Not like it really makes much difference, but since I haven’t RPGed with you much I can’t be sure whether you are happy for things like this to happen. Also note, sometimes time in an RPG flows differently in two different places.
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Everyone: Lilac was the first to the first spell scroll, but she was unable to use it. If anyone thinks they can do better, then they’ll have to run into Lilac to attempt it.

Kitsune staggered a bit from the impact of the other ninetales. She had lost hold of her prey, which seemed more surprised about the attack than she had.

“Impressive skills,” She complimented the black ninetales with white streaks in his fur. Noticing how he was focused on a single blade of grass, she flicked her tails against each other to quickly form a will-o-wisp, making it float down and turn that blade of grass to ash. “You seem quite stealthy even with no cover to hide behind, and you must have been quick too for me to have not noticed you coming. But there is a little human phrase I’ve heard, ‘No good deed goes unpunished’… From what I’ve seen the humans were right about that, at least when the good deed involves a human.” Kitsune turned away, flicking a tail across the ninetales’ nose and started to walk off to Lilac.

Meanwhile Inari had managed to get to her feet. Then she pounced, “Yay, another ninetales!” She screamed out as she caught Comet round the neck with her arms, hugging him as tightly as she could… then there was a brief moment of hesitation. “… I could be imagining it, but your fur isn’t as clean as most ninetales keep theirs. Do you lack the self-esteem and confidence to regularly clean your fur or something? Oh, you’re a male ninetales too! You and Kitsune would make a great couple.” Inari’s hug tightened once more, and she seemed to start dozing off in the embrace.

“Hello, Lilac. Hello, Kitsune.”

Kitsune quickly jumped into the path of the speaker, Ryan. “It’s been a long time,” Kitsune growled, though her stance, with her rump and tail in hight the air, plus her front end low to the ground showed her true feelings. “I suppose you still aren’t too comfortable around me for no reason?” Kitsune leapt, deliberately missing Ryan and his mate, but landing behind them, a quick mid air turn due to her tails flicking kept her facing them. “First to turn around to look at me gets pounced on, same if you move at all.”

“Don’t mind Kitsune,” Lilac giggled, “She’d never really do anyone any real harm without a reason, I even trust her to take care of my little sister now—“ She noticed a certain flick of annoyance in the way Kitsune wagged her tails due to what she had said. “—Okay, I’m still not comfortable playing with her myself and seems to get on my nerves a lot of the time. It’s not like I’m delebratly putting her at risk or anything, Kitsune’s taught her a few survival skills too.”

All this time Lilac hadn’t been paying attention to what was happening with any of the other people, confident Kitsune’s sensitive hearing and impressive listening skills would pick up anything important…

… Still Inari shouting out, “I volunteer for it, and I volunteer this black and white ninetales for it too” was quite a shock, and certainly, since Inari was still hugging Comet, it would of hurt the poor creature’s ears. Still it made Lilac look towards the door and see it had been opened.

“Well, Ryan and Kenni, I’ll see you later, I’ve got to see about learning some magic.” Lilac turned and jogged towards the mansion and into it through the door, “Either one of you move and become a toy for Kitsune to play with for a while, or you could just wait for her to get jealous of whatever company I get inside."

Ignoring the rest of the entrance room, Lilac went straight to the table that had a spell scroll on it. Unrolling it, she could see it was covered with strange runes, things that looked like they were part of an ink blot test (Lilac had been through many of those since she left home, she never really saw much in them), and the word Prestidigitation at the top. Placing a hand on it she focused on drawing the magic out as she was instructed… She actually felt the magical energies flow towards her, but they stay just out of reach, and even after what seemed like an eternity she still failed to draw it completely to her.

Well, the was probably a good attempt for a beginner like me, though it’d be no surprise if either Twilight left some barrier in my mind to stop me using magic or that I’m just too weak in magical energies to use this spell… Well, no harm telling anyone till I’m sure why I can’t use it.

She let go of the scroll, sitting down on a chair that was next to the table, putting her bag down beside her after extracting four small but heavy objects to keep the scroll unrolled on the table. Then she sat, staring at it as if trying to make sense of the symbols, while still making it possible for someone else to make an attempt to use it.

Lonely Wanderer
10th November 2005, 1:01 AM
Name: Andixara Condilax

Gender: Female

Species: Mage

Age: Is unknown even for her, but she looks like in the age of 30 for humans

Description: An exotic woman, people could know straight off the bat that she is different from human. While her body is almost exactly like the shape and form of a human body, her skin is the color of pure white (meaning no color in her whatsoever), and her form is a little bit more triangular in shape; this could be mostly be known in the shape of her head. Her finger/toenails are also different, being a peach color rather than pink. Her hair is a faded black color, but when catching sunlight, it gives off a navy-blue shine, almost like an aura. It is also tied up in a rather-complex ball on the back of her head. Her amethyst eyes are full of mystery, giving no emotions—and yet power is also in them, making it seem she is a very known user of magic. She is usually seen wearing a unique dress; its fabric is mostly a mixture of violet and cerulean, while it’s decorated with silver lace. Around various spots on the dress are small jewels of amethysts, aquamarines, sapphires, and opals. Her feet are covered in a pair of black fur boots, though it is concealed mostly inside the dress. Usually, she carries around with her a long, skinny staff made of wood with crystal decorating along the pole. On the end of the staff were jewels of various colors, each one shining as Andizara's mood (such as red for anger, blue for sorrow, or plain gold if emotionless).

How odd this is for me becoming a teacher to unskilled magic-users? This echoed repeating in Andixara's mind as the mansion slowly came into her view. It seemed that she was exhausted from the long walk; crystal-clear sweat dripped from her forehead unto the ground. It's not like that she couldn't just use magic to get to the mansion immediately, but it was just the fact that she was going to have "visitors" (she prefers calling them "Unskilled-magic-users") at the mansion, and she had locked the main doorway with magic so the "visitors" couldn't get in without being watched. After all, she didn't want them wondering in a place that could injury them with certain objects...

...Then again, it might as well do good to let them get hurt to quickly so that fewer would get taught and it could end sooner, but it couldn't happen. Apparently, Andixara was only doing this "teaching" for one and only one reason. It wasn't because she wants the magic to be once again controlled by humans (Pokémon were an excuse for this, because it had never happened before in which Pokémon could use such magic), or because it was simply requested.

It was because of a punishment...

Around her shoulder was a single string of gold supporting what looked like a big emerald pouch, carrying something inside that must of been quite heavy. The end of a thick book of somekind stuck out of the end; a golden ribbon, representing a book marker, swayed light with each step of this rather mysterious mage. Ignoring the heavy weight of the pouch, Andixara paused in her spot. She was about a half-a-mile away from the mansion, but with a little help with some magic, her vision soon enhanced so it could see more clearly about the few people that were still wandering around the locked entrance.

She caught sight of a rather bored-looking girl with curls in her (was it like a mixture of blonde and a light-brown color?) hair. It seemed nothing interested her, not even the statue of the Aerodactyl eating the dead Ninetales. Andixara knew that this was probably the one called "Jordan". To tell the truth, Jordan was probably as interesting as the bored look she gave. Finished observing her, Andixara soon caught sight of the "Druid" that was to arrive. At first sight, the druid didn't look close enough to what Andixara would be imagining; then again, she'll have to do, since she was carrying a staff and her skin also made some sign of being rather "different". Two more people that were caught in her sight was a young man carrying around a girl on his back. Andixara could see that the man wasn't pleasant carrying the girl as they headed around to the back of the mansion. The girl seemed excited about being around the mansion. About the man...well, Andixara ignored him, since he probably wasn't going to bother to be taught magic. The group of people she saw so far wasn't the entire reason why she gave a disgusted look.

It was the last three that caused her to be more disdainful. One was a 16-year-old boy, looking like any normal boy...then again, there was something rather unusual about him, but Andixara ignored that. The girl that stood beside her was also like any normal 16-year-old girl, aside that her eyes were rather more piercing than most humans eyes. She was able to guess that the boy was Ryan, while the girl was Kenni-- or was it Kenny? Shaking her head slightly, it was the sight of two creatures with a 7-year-old girl that made her feel uneasy.

The two creatures were Ninetales, although one was pure white while the other was black with whitish-blue streaks randomly going along the fur. Andixara then cutted off the spell, and her eyesight fixed back to normal human sight. Andixara bit her lip angrily; she loathes Ninetales, and since there were going to be two, she might as well have every right of being grumpy. She did, after all, dislike most Pokémon, but the Pokémon she hates the most was Ninetales.

This will be quite fun... Andixara thought with sarcastic humor. I might as well prefer going to the mansion by magic rather than go up to those two-- beasts!

With that decision, Andixara closed her eyes, and summoned the magic to teleport herself to the kitchen in the mansion. For a moment, the sound of her surrounding was muted, and she felt a slight breeze circling around her. It was soon when the familiar scent of her mansion had filled her nostrils. Opening her eyes, she found herself looking at an open door in an empty room; Andixara wasn't surprised by this, though, for usually the mansion wasn't busy.

Going through the door, it wasn't long until she soon found herself at the servant's entrance room. Sitting on a chair next to the only table was a lonely 10-year-old girl, studying the scroll of Prestidigitation. The guess from the black-hair and her emerald eyes made sense that this was "Lilac". There was also hints in this because she wore entirely pink clothing, which only this girl could wear. Giving a generous smile, Andixara walked up to the girl, trying to look as pleasant as yet.

"Greetings, Lilac," Andixara said with a sweet voice; she sounded rather like a young, beautiful lady, although the appearance might disagree. "I am Andixara. I am rather sorry that I am late, but as the note said, I had to get some things to help us with this training of magic...I saw the others, and they should find their way soon. I expect the cook to arrive soon, hopefully to prepare us for supper..."

Andixara realized that the girl wasn't saying anything, so she said, "I would appreciate it very well if you spoke up immediately."

10th November 2005, 7:36 AM
OOC: Dag, I missed a lot I wanted to post about. Oh well, I think I can pick up where I left off.

IC: Jess had just layed her hand on the door handle when a woman with long red hair came up to her. "Hmm, I don't think you'll get in very easily that way, at least not without a key." Jess was a bit shocked at the sudden appearance of the person to talk right away. She also felt a bit shy too at seeing another person there. The lady flashed a key and stuck in in the lock. She then turned back to Jess and gave Jess proper greetings, "Hi, my name is Tiana and I'll be the one letting you and the others in. I'm also the Cheif Cook around here, and if you'll just stand aside a bit, I could get around to unlocking the place if you don't mind." Jess took no time in stepping aside. She grabbed her bags and shuffled her feet backwards out of the way. Tiana opened the door and stopped, "By the way that little mischief maker there is Kindle. I'll go through and open the front door for you all. See ya inside." She then walked into the doorway and closed the door behind her.

Jess felt sort of stupid now. She could have said something but something had held her back. She could have just said hi and given out her own name. She had always been a bit shy. Jess decided it was nothing and went back around to the front of the house.

Jordan was still bored. There was nothing fun to do. But she had spotted a cute boy in the midst of all the girls. Why were there so many girls? And ninetales. It sort of cripples the idea of having boys to myself. Wait a second... Jordan's face curled into one like the grinch might pull Competition. This will be interesting. She took a look around spied a boy with a girl attached to his arm with another girl nearby and a...ninetales. Great. Just great. Now I have to wait for the thing to go away.

Just then Jess came up behind Jordan and grabbed Jordan's shoulders and shoulted, "Boo!" Jess jumped up in fright and made a small shreik. Everybody around them took a glance in their direction and then went back to their own business.

Jordan's face turned scarlet. She turned around to face Jess, her face burning. "Why did you do that? I was thinking!"

Jess was doing all she could to keep herself from going into hysterics. If she opened her mouth she would start laughing hard. Jordan realized Jess would not be capable of giving a straight answer so she crossed her arms and turned around to look at the boy again.

Jess pulled herself together and said, still smiling, to jordan, "You should have seen your expression. It was priceless."

Jordan grew red in the face again and spun around so fast it was amazing she didn't fall over. "That was not funny. You made every single person look at me and think I'm a creep. Even that boy."

"You're so cute when you're angry," Jess said without realizing. She then pinched Jordan's cheek and wobbled it around. "So you like that boy over there? Let's go over there and say hi. It can't hurt, we're going to have to meet these people some time or another." Jordan mumbled something incomprehensible. "Oh come on Jordan, it's not that bad," and Jess pulled Jordan over to the exciting part of the front yard.

Jess propped Jordan in front of the boy and girl. "Hi, my name's Jess, and this is my friend Jordan." She didn't seem to realize that Ryan was in a corner and unable to make a move. Jordan just stood there silently, looking at Ryan, waiting for the right time to butt in. "I'm here with Jordan as guest. She's the one with magic and can talk to pokemon. Although she really doesn't want to. I'm just the dead weight," he boy and girl stayed rooted to the spot without moving or speaking. Jess's attention went over to the ninetails. "Hey cutie, what's your name?" she asked as she lifted her hand towards the creature's head.

OOC: oh, and just one more thing, wouldn't it be a nice idea if we turned off our sigs for this?

Kawaii Kyuubi Kitsune
10th November 2005, 10:12 PM
Which one will move first? It’d hardly be fair to just attack the one I most wish to attack, but this on the other hand is more fun and fair… It’s hard to tell which will move first too, Kenni is more impatient but Ryan is sick of my little games already. Neither of them will give up without a fight either.

Kitsune’s tails wagged in anticipation, ignoring the approach of two other human females… up to the part where one reached out to her and spoke “Hey cutie, what's your name?”

“My name is Kitsune,” She growled back, shifting her position slightly so as Jess would be easy for her to quickly pounce at. “I’m not sure how to translate your name to pokemon language, so I’ll just call you dinner for now”

Kitsune pounced, her front paws landing heavily on the female’s shoulders, knocking her to the ground. Kitsune let the momentum of the impact make her body take a laying down position on top of the girl, her jaws near the girl’s throat. It was then Kitsune’s tongue flicked out, licking the girl’s neck expecting a shiver of fear… All the while Kitsune’s tails wagged vicously.

"I would appreciate it very well if you spoke up immediately."

Lilac looked up from studying the scroll at the owner of the mansion, and smiled.

It’s so great that Kitsune isn’t with me, by now this person would have been down on the ground with Kitsune’s fangs in her neck for talking to me like that. Well, at least I’m not defenceless without Kitsune… Yes, I heard this kingdom doesn’t have pokeballs, I wonder how she’ll react to one.

“Sorry, I was just trying to figure out how this works,” Lilac spoke, reaching a hand into her pocket to grab a pokeball. “It looks a bit beyond me, so I think I’ll need a little help…”

The pokeball she had her hand on in her pocket burst open, and there was a faint red glow for the moment as a small average looking pichu materialized. Of course Chu didn’t materialize in line of sight of Andixara, Lilac released it behind her chair. Chu quickly dashed up the back of the chair and on to Lilac’s shoulder.

“This here is Chu,” Lilac giggled as Chu rubbed itself against her neck… It never seemed able to act normal, but this was a recent quirk. “Chu is certainly the most intelligent pichu around, and seems almost telepathic at times. I’m sure it’ll do better than me at figuring this scroll out.”

Chu jumped down onto the scroll and appeared to be studying it like Lilac was before.

… Well, Chu will figure it out, but Kitsune would have to translate the results for me…

“So what was it you wanted to talk to me about?”

11th November 2005, 6:25 AM
OOC: For a description of my two characters, please read Chapter 1 of my fic. (link is in sig). It's like, barely 3 pages on Word, so it shouldn't take very long at all. The little girl in the chapter is Kyra, FYI.

IC: Vyle made his way to the back of the mansion, ignoring everything, yet remaining subconsciously aware of his surroundings. It was sunset, and Vyle's black robe began to sway a bit in the breeze. Kyra picked a few of the flowers growing on the side of the mansion, next to the gargoyles, from atop Vyle's back.

As they rounded the back corner, Vyle instinctively peeked into the back windows to see what was inside. A lavish kitchen, with pots and pans hanging and a large amount of counter space, sparkling clean and with two rather large ovens greeted him. "Hmm... this is a nice house... might be able to swipe a few gems while I'm at it..." he thought to himself. Most notably, he was able to see something that resembled a Flareon, but wasn't quite it. This alarmed him slightly, but he reasoned with himself, "we're invited guests, so I guess they wouldn't mind us coming in through the back that much... plus, most wouldn't hurt someone with a little girl around."As he approached the back door, he let Kyra down off his back gently, and breathed a sigh of relief, as he no longer had to carry her.

"I can't wait for the party inside!" Kyra shouted excitedly. Vyle chose not to respond, leaving Kyra with the impression that she was being invited to a party. Kyra did not comprehend the gravity of the situation. Supposedly, a position of royalty was being offered. Vyle was suspicious of the motives behind the invitation, but he was only here to fulfill a contract. Once he had done his job, he planned to escape with Kyra, hopefully before they could do anything to her.

Vyle tried the back door, and to his surprise, it was left unlocked. Kyra excitedly strolled into the room, suddenly full of energy again after her incessant complaints of being tired on the way to the manor. The not-quite-a-Flareon thing looked at both of them cautiously.

"Ooh, how cute!" Kyra screamed, beginning to rush over to the Pokémon. But Vyle put his hand on her shoulder, holding her back.

"C'mon, we have to find the host," he spoke grimly.

11th November 2005, 8:50 AM
At the front door:
At Tiana's announcement about needing volunteers she heard someone yell out, "I volunteer for it, and I volunteer this black and white ninetales for it too.” The source of the voice was not hard to find, looking just a little beyond her feet Tiana saw a young girl hugging a somewhat bewildered looking ninetails. Tiana smiled as she took a step closer and squatted down to be nearer the girl's eye-level.
"So you want to help me huh? and you think this little fella can cook do you? Well, I guess we'll find out 'cause at the very least he'll be able to keep Kindle company hmm? Alright then, report to the kitchen in promptly 30 minutes and bring this little ruffian with you alright?" Tiana winked at the girl as she stood up to see if there would be any other volunteers or if she really would have to choose victims.

As she was standing though, Tiana spotted someone lying on the grass with a pokemon lying on top of them, through a few people's legs, whose backs were turned to her. She recognized the girl who had been at the back of the house with a white ninetails lying on her full body. Tiana couldn't see exactly what was going on down there so she slipped around the few people in front of her to have a better look. Tiana finally saw that the ninetails was licking the girl on the throat. Tiana rolled her eyes and grinned then, after clearing her throat she said loud and clear, hoping that everyone would hear her this time, "I will repeat myself once more and once more only. I need volunteers to help in the kitchen in about thirty minutes and if I don’t get them, I will choose victims!”

In the kitchen:
About three minutes after Tiana had left, Kindle heard wind but it wasn’t coming from outside. It was right next to him! When he looked there was suddenly a very strange-looking woman standing right in front of him! But she had her back turned to him and she ignored him completely and swept out of the room through the same door Tiana had used earlier. Not having had any time to react, Kindle ended up giving a feeble yip at the lady as she left in remonstration for having surprised him. He promised himself that she would get a surprise in her bedroom sooner or later as retribution. Until then he was willing to let it pass and he settled his head back down on his paws near the pack.

Kindle picked up the sound of footsteps outside about two minutes after this and so he had gone to the kitchen window to see who would be coming in the back door when the front one was open. When he looked he saw a cloaked, shady looking character dressed all in black that surprisingly had a small girl riding on it’s back. Kindle’s interest was immediately sparked. Hmm, time for a little fun. He thought to himself. It was as they were entering the door that Kindle remembered Tiana’s command to guard. He struggled with himself for the few seconds it took the boy (?) to reach and open the door then he decided that he would obey Tiana, but still have some fun. He watched them thoughtfully from a sitting position by the pack trying to decide what trick to play when the little girl began to rush towards him as she shrieked, “Ooh, how cute!” The other person held her back and said in a voice that was definitely a male human’s, “C’mon, we have to find the host.”

Kindle let them walk past him as he was still thinking about what prank to pull, when he noticed that the girl had a rather funny looking ball attached to a belt that was colored red and white. He wanted to examine the ball further so as they were leaving, through the door that neither Tiana nor the other lady had used, he snuck out behind them and made sure the door didn’t shut all the way so he’d be able to get back to the kitchen. He proceeded to sneak up to the girl and carfully took the ball between his teeth and stopped letting her keep going, hoping the ball would come free after a bit of a tug. Of course, it didn’t, so he kept his teeth on the ball and followed them, momentarily leaving the pack alone knowing that it was unlikely to be stolen or stolen from. He looked at the way the ball was attached to the belt and concentrated on imagining it unclipping itself, then time froze and he knew exactly how the catch released and how it worked. Time resumed and he was left behind standing there with a new play-thing that would hopefully keep him entertained for a while.

He padded back to the door, clawed at it until he could nudge it open and walked back to where he had left the pack to find it undisturbed. Satisfied with a job well done, he began to examine the small ball. He found that it had a tiny button on it so he lightly tapped the button with his nose. To his surprise and delight, the ball grew smaller. He tapped it again and it returned to it’s original size. He did this a few more times and on the last time, meaning to leave it at it’s original size, he tapped it harder than he had meant to and as well as changing back, it emitted a bright red light that surprised him so greatly that he closed his eyes tight and so he did not see it when the light coalesced and solidified into another pokemon. When he opened his eyes he was quite surprised at the fact that another pokemon had seemingly come out of nowhere. He looked around to see if he hadn’t heard the door open and try to catch it swing shut but no swinging door in sight. Just another pokemon standing right in front of him. “Where’d you come from?” he asked rather instinctively.

OOC:Sorry if Kyra doesn't have a belt Psi, but, you didn't give a description of her either here or in the fic and I really wanted Kindle to have something to do. And next time, if you don't want things like that to happen, put in a description!

11th November 2005, 7:06 PM
OOC: Just for future reference, Jess freezes up when in fear or some other emotional thing. And sorry Tiana but I have to change a scene just a tad to make more sense.

IC: Jess was not expecting this. Before she could lay her hand on the ninetails, it growled at her and shuffling slightly where she growled again, this time a little longer. Then she lunged forward. Jess did not know what to do, she froze fearing the worst. The ninetail's paws made contact with her shoulders and she toppled over. She closed her eyes and waited for impact with the ground, where imminent pain would soon be upon her.

Falling on dirt was one thing. Falling on stone, however, was another. Stone, concrete, and asphault do not feel good. Especially when you have a larger than normal ninetails on top of you.

Jess still had her eyes closed and was waiting for the ninetails to do something. All it did was lick her face. Jess breathed a sigh of relief. The sense of reality flowing back to her as her limbs gained movement again made her shiver slightly. She started to laugh. Luagh at herself and everything that had happened so far. She was silly to think another trainer's pokemon would ever try to kill her or anything of the like.

"Get off of her you beast!" Jordan yelled. Jordan was trying to pull the ninetails off of her friend but to no avail.

Jess stopped laughing and yelled at Jordan, "What are you talking about?" Jordan tried to say something but before she could a voice yelled out from above her.

"I will repeat myself once more and once more only. I need volunteers to help in the kitchen in about thirty minutes and if I don’t get them, I will choose victims!” It was the kitchen lady, the one who had told her not to go through the door out back. Jess pushed the ninetails off her. Having some similar experiences with jordan had strenthened her enough to make this a generally easy thing to do. The ninetails semed a bit suprized the skinny girl from beneath her was able to push her slightly into the air, but the expression had only been a flash, nothing too long to make sure of.

As soon as the ninetails was not blocking any of Jess's vision anymore, Jess leapt to her feet and ran towards the cook. She yelled, "My friend and I would love to! We volunteer!"

"What?!" Jordan barked.

Kawaii Kyuubi Kitsune
11th November 2005, 9:58 PM
A brief moment of fear and shock. That was all Kitsune got from her prey. The girl did not mind potentially lethal fangs in her face, and after a brief shiver the girl started to laugh. All the while another human female was trying to pull Kitsune off, the fun of struggling against being pulled off the girl was not enough to keep her tails wagging as they were and they slowed down a bit.

Certainly not how I planned it, but I can still try to freak her out.

Kitsune heard the humans speak, her mind skimmed though the meanings of the words, none of it seemed very important to her. She opened her jaw and prepared to grab Jess’s throat in her mouth… The sudden feeling of being lifted off the girl shocked her into stopping and she was quickly no longer holding the girl down at all. She hesitated for a moment while Jess volunteered to do the cooking.

“I’d love to say I’m impressed with how you lifted me,” Kitsune began to circle her prey, Jess, and her prey’s friend, Jordan, ignoring everything else. “But it’s happened a few times before. Usually my victims are a bit too scared to resist like that… I am surprised that you don’t consider me scary at all.”

Kitsune turned her attention to Jordan. She gazed right into the girl’s eyes, and lowered her front end, preparing to make another playful pounce.

“You are meant to understand pokemon, right?” Kitsune growled, her voice lacked the playful tone it had when she growled at Jess. “That means I can challenge you and your friend to a little fight, I’ll promise not to eat any of the pokemon you use till after I’ve defeated them all and that I won’t harm either of you two as you’ve both got things to do in a short while… Oh, in case you’re wondering, I do not have a pokeball and do not belong to anyone.”

True, I sort of broke the one Lilac caught me in and she never really owned me. Any trainer would be tempted, as I implied that I have no human without actually lying, but I’m completely safe. No way they have anything strong enough to beat me… I just hope that they understood me, if not I’ll just have to make me challenge clear by ripping a chunk out of one of them.

OOC: I know I could of also posted for Inari, but I think it’s best I wait for Raposa to post before then. It would have been a bit unfair to volunteer one of her characters for something, then not give her a chance to complain before Iari drags Comet to the kitchen (Assuming they don’t get lost on the way).

12th November 2005, 4:57 AM
Tiana watched the crowd and kept an eye on the girl who was still weighed down by the ninetails. Her friend ran up to try and pull the pokemon off of the girl but to no avail. It was amazing then when the girl seemingly effortlessly rolled out from underneath the pokemon. The girl quickly dashed the few paces between them yelling, "My friend and I would love to! We volunteer!" Tiana did not hear Jordan's retort and so she smiled at the girl, "Alright then, no need to yell. Can I get your names? I'm Tiana by the way."

12th November 2005, 5:33 AM
OOC: major apologies for not giving a description, I thought there was one in chapter 1 of my fic. Well, guess not, but I'm sure one is in Chapter 2 or 3. Since I'm kinda pressed for time right now, I don't have time to do a high-quality description, but I guess i can do a brief one for Kyra and her Pokémon. Vyle's Pokemon will be described as they come out.

A young girl about ten years old. She has on a pink sweater and blue jeans. Her hair is dark brown, almost black, and she has hazel eyes. She stands barely above 4 feet tall. As you have seen, she is mostly innocent and has no particular reason to mistrust people or Pokémon. One thing to note also is that Kyra is an orphan, and really, her only guardian is Vyle, who is basically bound by a magical oath to protect her. Although she may be small and young, watch out for her natural magical talents!

(yes, she does have a belt, and she owns only one Pokémon, an Eevee, given to her by her deceased parents)

The Eevee:
This Eevee, who Kyra hasn't named yet (mostly because I haven't thought of a good name for it ^_^;;; ) was given to her by her parents shortly before they died in a... tragedy (mentioned in Chapter 6 of my fic). Kyra keeps it neatly groomed and cared for, and gives it lots of attention. The Eevee loves attention, and will often just beg for it, even from strangers. However, around other Pokémon, he is much more apprehensive. He will instinctively try to defend himself or run away using Quick Attack, depending on the Pokémon threatening him. (yes, the Eevee is male)


Kyra was disappointed at the fact that she could not pet the Flareon-like thing, as Vyle had held her back. Disappointed, the two started to walk out of the kitchen and towards the front, looking for someone to ask as to where the host was. It was at that moment that Kyra felt a slight tug on her belt. Unsure what it was, she turned around and saw red blur dash behind the island.

"Hey, that cute thing just..." Kyra blurted out, unsure of what it had happened. She assumed it wanted to be petted.

"It did what?" Vyle asked harshly. He had had enough of Kyra's acting childish for one day.

"Umm... it pulled me... it pulled my belt..."

To ordinary people, this would not seem like a notable thing. But Vyle was a thief. He knew something was suspicious about it. "Check your belt, dear," he recommended to Kyra. It was at that moment that she noticed her Poké Ball missing.


The Flareon-like thing had caused the Eevee to materialize next to the pack in the corner of the kitchen. Eevee was surprised at being released from its ball so soon. He looked around, curious about his unfamiliar surroundings... only to see a large, intimidating Pokémon standing in front of it. It had orange, fluffy fur, and a sapphire gem in its head. It was looking at Eevee intently. Worse yet, he did not see his trainer nearby. Alarmed by this, the Eevee growled at the strange Pokémon, arching its back, ready to lunge at the enemy's throat.


"Where did you see that Pokémon go?" Vyle demanded. Kyra pointed behind them to the kitchen, behind the island. At that moment, Vyle ran back into the kitchen. He damn well wasn't going to just let something like that happen to Kyra. As much as he did not like to admit it, he felt a responsiblity for Kyra's safety and well-being, like a father figure. Kyra ran after Vyle. Vyle stopped as soon as he saw the Eevee and the Flareon-like figure in a confrontation with each other, his hand ready at his side to battle the creature with one of his own. Kyra stood behind Vyle, astonished.

Raposa Dalua
12th November 2005, 5:36 AM
Comet was mildly surprised when the white Ninetails didn't retaliate; she didn't strike him back or even call him harsh names. While this was a little disappointing (he'd been hoping to loose some blood today), it only got worse when the female human he had saved decided he was the top most huggable creature on the planet. While trying uselessly to struggle out of her grasp, he managed to overhear her volunteer him to help prepare the food in the kitchen. This was a more startling instruction than being ordered to tackle a fellow Ninetails. He flinched at the thought of attempting to cook the meals; most likely everyone would be dead before desert (if you'd like to imagine what he was imagining, then think of every single guest suddenly bursting into flame). He was surprised that nothing singularly bad had happened to the girl that was currently strangling him.

At the same time, Naomi was trying to find a way to get her fellow companion out of his predicament without completely and utterly insulting him. The aqua colored beads clicked against her staff as she came walking over, Cassy following with a rather amused grin on her face. By the time the pink-haired girl had gotten close enough to speak to Inari, Comet had managed to slowly wriggle out of her grasp. He bowed his head apologetically at the young girl and backed away from her, standing at a distance behind Naomi.

"I'm sorry about that, but Comet is a terribly shy fellow," Naomi apologized sincerely, nodding her head slightly, "That and he is a vegetarian, so he isn't the best help with cooking as our chef will probably be handling raw meat at some point. I'm quite sure that you all don't want a Ninetails being sick in the kitchens, m'yes?"

Cassy saw this particular moment as a chance to escape from all the drama currently taking place. She knew Naomi trusted her enough to not run off and get into trouble, and luckily for her human companion she didn't plan on doing that this time. She simply wanted to... volunteer her services. With a flick of her forked tail the psychic fox was off, searching for the human who insisted on needing help in the kitchens. She located the chef soon enough, the red-haired girl seemed to be out recruiting more helpers for in the kitchens. Tiana appeared to be speaking with two other girls at the time, and although Cassy didn't want to be rude and interrupt them, she felt she'd never get the chance to say anything unless she spoke up now. She nudged the back of the girl's leg to get her attention, and sent her a simple message via telepathy, all the while smiling brightly.

'I'd also like to help you prepare the meals, if that's alright with you of course. I enjoy a well prepared meal as much as the next person.'

12th November 2005, 6:46 AM
"My name is Jess, miss, and my freind here is Jordan," Jess jestured toward Jordan, who had the most bizarre expression on her face. Her jaw was hanging there like it had become numb and her eyes were just there, almost expressionless. Jess thought the expression was priceless and she let out a snort of laughter. Tiana simply stared politely at Jordan. Jordan turned back to Tiana and asked, "So when do we start?"

"Wait, Jess," Jordan was poking Jess in the shoulder, "it wants to fight with you." Jordan motioned toward the ninetails that was now circling them like a shark would circle its prey.

"What, 'it'?" Jess asked aprehensively, "you don't know it's name or gender yet?"

Jordan sneered, "Fine, her name is Kitsune. You happy now?"

"Okay then, where's her trainer?"

"Jeez, why do you always ask me these things?!" Jordan exclaimed, snapping her arms out into a W shape.

"Okay, fine," Jess said, starting to get annoyed, "Kitsune, I'd love to have a battle with you. Where's your trainer?"

Kawaii Kyuubi Kitsune
12th November 2005, 9:12 AM
How cute, he’s struggling. Inari thought as she just squeezed Comet tighter trying not to lose hold. They always do. He’ll break sooner or later, then he’ll be mine forever and ever. I shouldn’t need to have to do this; I am the deity of foxes after all, as well as a few other things too, but I can hardly be angry about that… This is too fun.

It wasn’t long before the ninetales broke free of her hold despite both her efforts and the usual physical weakness of the ninetales species. The black fox pokemon bowed his head as he backed away from her; his lack of confidence was clear as he avoided any eye contact.

“I'm sorry about that, but Comet is a terribly shy fellow,” A female human voice spoke; Inari didn’t bother looking at the talker as she continued to stare at Comet greedily. “That and he is a vegetarian, so he isn't the best help with cooking as our chef will probably be handling raw meat at some point. I'm quite sure that you all don't want a Ninetails being sick in the kitchens, m'yes?”

“I’m sorry for volunteering him without your permission,” Inari spoke, sounding too sincere for anyone, except someone who was paranoid or knew her. “He’s just so cute I wanted to hug him all day and night, plus to use him as a taste tester for my cooking… He’d still be willing to taste test anything that didn’t contain meat, right?”

Inari suddenly pounced on Comet once again, giving a loose hug while she whispered into his ear. “I’m off to explore the place, please make sure my sister Lilac doesn’t find out I’m off alone or she’ll overreact. I’ll have some special treats just for you at dinner time if you do”

Inari let go of Comet and dashed off. “Sorry, I’ve got to go arrange a few things to do with dinner before I can play some more.” She shouted out as she ran, stopping for a moment by the cook, “Hi, my name is Inari, and you’ll never guess the sorts of lists my name pops up on… Oh, and some of the info is inaccurate in most of the books.”

Inari then dashed inside, though the door, quickly ducking to the right to make sure Lilac didn’t spot her. From there she went deeper into the mansion…

Kitsune’s tails began to glow and stiffen.

So many questions, so little action. I need to be tired out to enjoy food the most, not bored to death.

Kitsune burst into a quick attack, racing between the two females, leaping a moment before reaching them so as to get the sharp tips of her tails at face height.

If I judged it right, a tip of one of my tails would of hit each of their cheeks, cutting into it a bit… Too bad I had to give it a little leeway so as to not risk seriously injuring them this early.

Kitsune spun in the air and skidded to a stop facing towards the two humans. Her eyesight was accurate enough to see if her tails sliced them, or how bad, as it was too soon for there to be enough blood for her to see. The wind wasn’t even blowing her way to allow her to pick up a scent of fresh blood if there was one.

“If you beat me, then you’ll be my trainer,” Kitsune’s tails started wagging again as they unstiffened, as the thoughts of how impossible them defeating her was filled her mind… Even if Lilac had threatened to allow other trainers to catch her when she pull tricks like this, and Lilac never made empty threats. “Not that you could manage that. Still if I enjoy this fight enough I won’t eat your pokemon, I might even be nice… Oh, any more pointless chatting and I’ll just rip out the throat of which ever of you two I consider the most annoying.”

OOC: It feels so wrong to type up thoughts of a mind as disturbed as Inari’s, so don’t expect too much from her in that way even if I type from her perspective a bit.

Tiana_M: Please do not do any more posts of that short length, it would be far better for the RPG if you merely waited till you had more to post about than to post at every possible opportunity.

Wad: Looks like this is likely to be your first real RPG battle sequence. These cannot be done without bunnying characters; otherwise it’d take forever. You know what Kitsune is capable of from my fic (Even if your characters don’t), so just bunny her as far as you think you can in your next post, though I do not really expect you to do the whole battle unless we discuss how it’d go over AIM.

12th November 2005, 11:41 PM
"Ow!" Jordan chirped, "that thing cut me!"

"Jess, What is she saying?" Jess out of the corner of her mouth.

"She's saying she wants to eat us," Jordan replied, still nursing her small cut, "unless you battle with it."

"What? Oh fine, I'll bettle with her," Jess grabbed a pokeball from her belt and enlarged it. "I still think it's wrong to battle a pokemon without it's trainer. Oh well, go Slide!" She threw the ball and a small blue four legged creature with a fin on its head appeared.

"Mudkip!" Slide squeaked enthusiastically. She noticed Kitsune and instanly seized up into a ready position for battle. She heard her trainer's voice and immediately knew what was going to happen. Slide imediately blocked out all sounds except for the sound of her trainer's voice which even then was like a distant echo in her mind. It was like she was in a different world. SHe heard her trainer call out something, signaling the start of the match. SHe instantly let loose a spurt of water straight at Kitsune. Kitsune dodged rather easily. The echo told her to keep the water gun up, and to follow the movements of her opponent. Slide did so willingly. She kept up her water gun enough to keep her opponent far enough away from herself to do much damage.

Jess was too focused intently on her battle to notice that Jordan was trying to slip away. Then jordan tripped over something she couldn't see when she was edging away from the scene. Jordan swore loudly and looked at what she tripped over. A skitty was running in circles around Jordan's legs. Jess grew annoyed, "What the hell are you doing out of your ball?" The skitty mewed cheerfully. Jordan returned it to its ball and she turned around. Most of the faces were staring at her. "What?" she snapped. All of the faces turned back to the battle. She returned to the crowd grouchily.

"Jordan, can I ask you a favor?" Jess asked, now realizing something that she had forgotten to do in the midst of the battle. Jordan replied with a grunt. Jess continued, "Can you go and find Kitsune's trainer for me? It's not logical that she's here as a wild pokemon for a couple of different reasons. She may seem to like to do things on her own but I think that's just the mark of a bad trainer. Since I can't leave this battle and you don't seem to want to stay here can you go find the trainer?"

Jordan replied with a higher pitched grunt than before which Jess assumed meant yes because Jordan dissapeared right away. I shouldn't have said bad trainer. If Jordan finds the trainer, which I'm sure it's not what she's doing, she's pobably looking for something interesting, but she always seems to find what she's not looking for. Anyways, if she finds the trainer, she'll probably say that I said that. "Now, Slide, use whirlpool around your own body!"

Slide was still pressing water gun against Kitsune. It had been difficult to hit Kistune, since she was so fast. Slide had only gotten a few small hits and skims on her opponent, and they didn't seem to be slowing it down. She had to rest. She couldn't keep this water gun up much longer. Slide stopped the water gun for a second to breathe. Kitsune took this chance to get close and pounce. Slide's second lasted a little too long. Kitsune moved in and out without time to even tell what happened. Slide was on the ground and her opponent was already out of reach. Slide got up once more. One more hit like that and it would be out of energy. Kitsune was closing in again. But Slide was ready this time. She let out a whirlpool around her own body before Kitsune came in contact with her again. It worked. Kitsune Jumped into the whirlpool and not only did it get damaged but also couldn't get close enough to Slide before it was thrown out of the whirlpool. Slide then used a water gun while it's opponent was on the ground. Slide's opponent got up quickly and said something, but slide did not listen to it. It didn't care about any sounds outside its trainer. Slide was now growing more and more confident. It let loose another water gun. Her opponent dodged easily and came straight for Slide. Slide tried to conduct another whirlpool in time but she did not do it fast enough. Kitsune tackled her. Slide tried to get up but it was no use.

"Okay Slide, you did your best, come on back," Jess recalled her pokemon and sent out another one, "go, Pixie!" A butterfree emerged from the ball ready to attack. "Okay Pixie, start it off with a sleep powder."

Pixie let loose a stream of yellow green spores. Kitsune dodged ealiy this time as wel, but she caught a few spores on her fur coat. Kitsune created a dark red colored ball that continued to grow and spin larger and larger. Pixie took this chance to release another sleep powder. The sleep power, however, was absorbed by the will-o-wisp. The will-o-wisp then charged straight toward Pixie.

Jordan was walking down through some stone rooms and halls. She was getting irritated by the continuingly olding pictures of bald men with grey hair. "Find this, do that. Why am I always stuck with the job of everything?" Jordan whined. "How am I supposed to find some thing's trainer? I don't even know what they look like." Just then she passed a girl of about ten years old and an older looking man talking. They both looked at Jordan. Jordan looked at them before she turned back to her walk and continued loudly, "What kind of name is kitsune, anyway? It's probably just a wild pokemon that named itself and just likes to have battles with people. Why else would it be having one right now?"

Pixie was not having an easy time. The will-o-whisp that he had recieved was not helping, in fact, it was slowing him down immensly. Kitsune hadn't even touched so far besides that one attack. It was just biding it's time, waiting for the curse to knock him out. THe voice of his trainer brought him back. He was told to make something better. He didn't have much energy left, but he obeyed anyway, hoping to get one last good attack in before he was knocked out. He started issuing a stun spore, but not at his opponent. This time he let it settle right in front of himself. He then started a whirlwind around the stun spore. He let it grow larger and larger until it was a small twister. Alone, a whirlwind does relatively nothing, but if you can get some kind of attack in it, it can do massive damage to it's opponent. Pixie let lease the stunspore twister straight at Kitsune. Kitsune may have been fast, but not even she could dodge a twister. The twister closed in on her. It was soon right on top of her. Each spore inside pounding hard on her, inferniating her lungs while the wind stung her skin and coat.

The whirlwind died down and both pokemon fell to the ground. The only difference was only one of them got up. Kitsune struggled up on to her legs. Pixie tried to flap his wings hard enough to get up off the ground, but he didn't have enough strength. Jordan called him back and released her third and last pokemon, a female Girafarig named Split.

Lonely Wanderer
13th November 2005, 9:19 PM
Andixara was somewhat curious—and disappointed—about this girl needing the help of a Pokémon to solve this scroll. After all, Andixara was expected for just the girl herself to solve this scroll without help of other living beings (especially Pokémon). Whilst Lilac did mention about her Pichu able to be telepathic almost all the time, Andixara had certain doubt that this Pokémon, a small Pichu, will be able to solve this scroll. It was, in fact, nigh impossible for a non-human to read—and most importantly figure out—this writing. However, Andixara didn’t want to be impolite on her guest (although she would strongly discourage for the Pokémon to be used in an aid such as this), and so she kept silent as the Pichu started to study the scroll.

Another thing that had her disappointed was the device that Lilac hold in her hand. It had the look of a metal sphere, half in which the top part it was shining red while the bottom half was white. The two colors were separated in a line of silver-like color, while a button was located right in the middle of the line. This object is where the Pichu came out of, that ball that Andixara knew only held the technology from humans.

It had no relationship with magic.

Then again, she felt something touching the consciousness of her mind, like an invisible force brushing her head lightly…

“So what was it you wanted to talk to me about?” Lilac said to her, making Andixara having to let the effect of the touch be ignored for now as she looked back at Lilac.

“Oh, well…” Andixara didn’t really thought of something to talk about, but then she felt something. She could detect people entering certain rooms, such as the secret study located deep in the mansion. She felt a soul go into the room, and Andixara tensed a little. Her secret study was one of the few rooms that were off-limits to anyone besides her, not to mention that there was some spells that protected people from going.

But this soul entered without any injuries, as she felt it. She knew that they person that just entered was either immune to the spell (which were only a few would could’ve been immune) or some magic user that knew a rare spell to dispel the bind. She knew she had to go looking for this person.

“…Actually, I thought that since you’re here, that you can make sure the other guests don’t wander off when they enter here,” Andixara said. “You see, I need to run off somewhere inside the mansion, sort of off-limits, so I will let you in charge of the scroll. Let the people figure out how to use it as soon as you and—your Pokémon—are finished. I shouldn’t be gone for long, and as soon as I’m finished, all of us should start our magic training or have supper.”

“Now, if you’ll excuse me…” Andixara slightly nodded before leaving the room. Closing the door, leaving Lilac and her Pichu alone, Andixara hastily hurried through the long halls. It wasn’t long before she reach the hall that was out-of-bounds; Three doors, one on each side of the hallway while the last was straight ahead, were shown, glowing with a faint aura light.

Andixara looked at the door straight ahead; this lead into the study, and she knew that the person was already inside. Nodding, she closed her eyes, standing still at her place. It was sudden that the image of her body drained away, leaving nothing there. However, Andixara was still in the spot; she just merely turned invisible. A few footsteps were heard in the hallway, before the door to the study slowly opened, letting Andixara inside to the study.

OOC: Just to say, she's still invisible as she is in the study. Sorry about not mentioning that. ><;

Kawaii Kyuubi Kitsune
13th November 2005, 10:24 PM
OOC:Warning, I am evil. If there was any doubt before, let there be none after this post.

“Sure, I will…” Lilac sighed, She’s certainly not the most polite host around, and I’m glad to be on her good side… I just hope neither Kitsune nor Inari do anything to change that. Not that it could be too bad, I’ve heard witches just turn those they don’t like into pokemon, I’ve always wondered what that would feel like…

The sound of Kitsune’s name broke her out of her daydream. She looked around to see the teenage girl who said it. The words that the teenage girl had said earlier, even if Lilac blocked them out, came flooding back into her mind. One of the advantages of being psychically violated regularly for ten years is that it leaves odd quirks like that.

“Hey!” Lilac called out, quickly putting knowledge of Kitsune’s behaviour together with what had been said to piece together the most probable situation. “I’m sort of Kitsune’s trainer, I’m sure she’s gotten into trouble again and she needs to learn a lesson this time. She goes around trying to trick people she’s wild so she can lure them into playing her sorts of game with her… Since you’re here, it’s clear that she didn’t trick whoever she tried to but there is still a battle, right?”

Lilac glanced back at Chu, who had pulled a pen and a sheet of paper from her bag. It bit the end off the pen, dipping its tail in the ink and started to draw symbols on the paper. Look’s like that Pichu has figured something out, I can’t exactly run off and leave Chu alone.

“Why don’t you watch my Pichu and my bag while I sort everything out?” Lilac turned and ran out the door without waiting for a response.

As soon as she got outside she saw the situation, Kitsune stumbling around weakened by paralysis and been beaten around by a Girafarig. Kitsune looked bad, managing to stand and fight back out of stubbornness… The Girafarig didn’t look much better, looking like it had been pummelled by iron tail quite a bit.

That Girafarig couldn’t of paralysed Kitsune, I guess it was more than one on one.

Lilac waited till Kitsune collapsed, which wasn’t long, to approach the trainer who was battling Kitsune. She instantly tossed a pokeball to re-catch Kitsune before saying a word.

“Kitsune is always doing that when left alone, one day she’ll lose against someone who actually believes she’s a wild pokemon,” Lilac said sombrely, picking up the ball as it beeped. “Her pokeballs don’t last long either, as neither of us like them to bind her… Would you like to help me teach her a lesson? Just pretend you caught her for a while, treating her like you did, so she begins to understand why she shouldn’t do such stupid things, okay?”

Lilac tosses the girl Kitsune’s pokeball.

“I’ll reimburse any loses she causes you too.”


There was only a slight tingle as Inari entered the room. The place was protected and for good reason, and the feeling of many failed magic experiments filled the air. Echoes of the logic behind those experiments were reachable, and the rules of spell creation drifted around freely. The room wasn’t too impressive in itself, furnished with just a chair, desk with many scrolls on it (Some of which were blank), and a bookshelf full of books.

“Perfect.” Inari squealed with delight, “This mage was more curious about magic than I thought, all the echoes I need to twist are already here. I won’t even need to search the books to make this work.”

She leapt on the chair and grabbed a blank scroll, pulling a pen from her pocket. She snapped it in half, drawing the magic from a spare predigitation scroll that was in the study to let

She turned to the bookshelf, more specifically the one labelled ‘Deities’. There are certain to be a lot of mistakes about me, if not someone more important. She snatched the book from the shelf, slamming it down on the desk, then flicking to a random page.

“Cerberus…” Inari read the page she initially opened to, looking at the picture of the three-headed houndoom… She pulled more ink out of the pen with her mind once more and began to make some corrections. “Cerberus cares far more about what others think of him than I do, so it’s best to fix it up for him first, even if he’s half mortal… lets see… the picture is completely wrong, he’s an arcanine and only has one head…”

Inari managed to scribble out the picture and draw a perfect one of quite a majestic looking arcanine in its place before she felt another presence enter the study.

“Don’t worry, the spell I’ve prepared doesn’t affect humans,” She said, knowing she couldn’t play innocent all the time, “Plus you’ve got some mistakes in some of your books that I’m starting to correct… Oh, and I don’t like your attitude towards ninetales, so don’t give me a reason to turn you into a fox treat.”

13th November 2005, 11:59 PM
"Kitsune's not doing too well, is she?" Kenni continued to watch the battle while she whispered into Ryan's ear. Her fingers began to twitch over the Pokeballs that decorated her belt; she was itching for a chance to show up Kitsune as well. "Who knew that a single well-timed Stun Spore could affect her so much?"

"Well, of course it would. Kitsune fights mostly through physical attacks; any movement restriction would be a terrible handicap for her to fight with. I'm not even surprised that she tried to scare those two trainers into thinking she'd eat their Pokemon. We need not worry, though; Lilac should be out any minute with Kitsune's ball. Let's go help in the kitchens, why don't we." Ryan smiled and led Kenni to the door. He opened it for her, bowed, and waved her in. Kenni merely giggled and pulled Ryan into the mansion behind her.

They wandered through the mansion until Kenni noticed what appeared to be a dining room. One of the doors out of the room led into the kitchen, which they entered quietly. "Excuse me, but we're here to help with the cooking." As Ryan spoke, he brushed against one of the counters and dropped a Pokeball. It opened, revealing a Meowth who mewed and then then scampered out of the kitchen. "...oops."

"You brought Zalin to a mansion? Ryyyyaaan, I thought you were smarter than that." Kenni playfully smacked Ryan in the back of the head before continuing to look for the head chef.

Zalin, meanwhile, had run through the dining room and back out into one of the hallways. He continued to dash across the floor, sticking his head into random rooms in search of anything he deemed interesting. The Meowth scurried down a few stairs and arrived at a room that seemed to resonate in his mind. There was a voice, too; a small girl's voice threatening someone else about fox transformation. He snuck a peek into the room and saw a pure white woman and a small girl bearing a heavy resemblance to Lilac. Who's that? And why is Inari here? Maybe I should go into the room and find out... Zalin padded into the room and nearly collapsed before his protection activated. Something tried to immobilize him, but Shinu's parting gift to him took effect. Runes glowed on the undersides of his paws, countering the spell.

He ran into the room and nimbly leapt onto a table top. The Meowth stepped around scrolls and closed books. His frayed tail brushed against Inari's arm, and then Zalin promptly sat down on the book she was working in. "Hi, Inari. Who's that?" He pointed at the woman. "What's this?" Zalin motioned at the book he was sitting on. "And what on Lugia's green Earth are you doing here?"

14th November 2005, 2:28 AM
OOC: Whoops, sorry Lonely Wanderer, I thought Andixara was male. Stupid lazy me.

IC: "Wa-Wa What? Jess fumbled as she tried to catch the pokeball that the girl had just thrown at her. She had been completely taken off guard by the sudden lack of need for their own pokemon of another trainer. She didn't even know if this little girl was the ninetail's trainer. Then again, pokemon acting out on their own was the mark of a bad trainer. Perhaps this little girl wasn't so much of a bad trainer, as just too young of one to raise their pokemon properly and needed some help. Well Jess wasn't the kind to give help when the other person needed to learn a lesson on their own but she would certainly give advice and secondhand help with a nidge in the right direction. Jess kneeled down to the younger girl's height and layed her hand on the girl's shoulder. "Okay sweetie, I know it may be hard raising a ninetails like this, but I can't raise it for you. You need to learn how to do that by yourself. And even if I did take kitsune for a while what would happen when I gave her back? How would I give her back? From what I hear she seems a bit vicious, even if she is bluffing most of the time. Then again that's only what my friend has told me and Kitsune might just be a cuddly little creature that just talks big. That and she woudl be prejudice against anything it said." She seemed to be struggling with what to do. Jess knew that the girl was a bit young but still, the girl needed to be tought a lesson that she shouldn't leave her pokemon around. "Oh, I'm sorry, I don't even know your name yet."

Jordan wasn't very happy. She had to babysit. With a pokemon on top of that. She sat down in front of Chu. Atleast it's not trying to ingage me in conversation or even look at me. She stared around the room for a while. She then grew bored of that and took a look at what the pichu was doing. SHe watched Chu dipping its tail in and out of ink and making strange symbols on a piece of paper.

"What's that?" Jordan asked rhetorically and moved her hand to pick up the paper. She tugged the paper out of Chu's grasp. It gave a small shower of sparks but she ignored it. She looked at the paper in her hand. IT was full of strange symbols and letters. She touched one of them. It seemed to sparkle in mer mind. She put her whole hand out on the paper and she felt the most amazing feeling in the world. It seemed as though something was coming towards her and when it connected with her she felt relt restored and invigorated. "Whoah, that was awesome!" She said and placed her hand on the paper again. The feeling rushed back to her and she felt tingly all over. The energy that was about to come to her again was interruped by a large pain and cramping feeling thoughout her body. SHe dropped the paper and saw that the pichu was using an electric attack on her. When it stopped she yelled, "Ow, what did you do that for?"

Raposa Dalua
14th November 2005, 7:39 AM
Naomi watched Inari run into the house with a mixture of confusion and paranoia. Was it just her, or did her sincere apology sound a little too sugary? The pink-haired girl shuddered off the effects, figuring that it had to be her mind playing tricks on her. She subconciously wrapped the edges of her cloak around herself and nodded towards Comet, indicating that he should follow her inside. The druid paused only to look up at the roof once, seeing a shadowed figure perched there. It seemed to shift slightly; she clicked her staff against the building in response. The shadow moved again, disappearing from view. Seeming satisfied, Naomi walked inside, passing through the kitches and into the main room. Seeing no one who was in any particular need of her services, she passed through the area and down through the halls, intending to explore the mansion and learn where the other rooms were (particularly the bedrooms and bathrooms).

Comet, however, was not as calm as his human companion. He had been assigned yet another task he knew he wouldn't be able to complete, and was absolutely sure that something horrible was going to happen to the nice little girl who dared to hug him. It was bad enough that he was endangering Naomi by being near her, but now that he was in this huge building with a decent amount of people, there was no telling what his curse could cause. Everyone could be decapitated in their sleep, or the house could burn down, or they could even be eaten alive by the Flygon that Naomi insisted was 'obedient and safe to be around.' He shook his head wearily, letting out a soft sigh. Upon completing this outburst of breath, he suddenly found himself unable to move forward. He noticed the odd blue glow surrounding his furry black form, and realized at once that some creature had a psychic hold on him. He glanced upward, seeing the not-so-innocent grin of Naomi's other companion, the Espeon.

"Ah, Miss Cassandra, did you want something?" he asked politely, choosing to sit as she released her grasp on him.

"Just wondering if you're okay," she replied, applying a coating of concern to her usual 'Yes I really am up to something' tone of voice, "That 'young child' seemed to have you pretty startled, the way she just up and hugged you like that."

"Oh, well, I thank you for your concern, but I do believe that I'll be okay," he cast his amethyst gaze to the side, "I'm more worried for her safety than I am my own."

"Always the saint, aren't you? I wonder if you would still act that way if the curse had never been placed upon you...?" he looked up at Cassy in confusion, but she just closed her eyes and laughed, "I don't think you'll need to worry too much about the girl's safety. However, if the suspense is killing you, then you should probably go and find her just to make sure. I think she went traveling in the halls, much like our own human companion. Oh, don't bother following Naomi's scent though, she went in a different direction."

With that being said, Cassy nodded in the direction of the hallways encouragingly, then turned her attention back to Tiana, who still had not responded to her offer. Comet let out another sigh, though this one was slightly quieter. With a sniff, he picked up the scent of the girl who had hugged him, and began to track her down. His tails dragged on the ground as he searched through the passages; the simply beauty of the mansion was lost upon him as he kept his nose to the ground, his breathing silent yet steady. The black, white-streaked Ninetails followed Inari's scent all the way to a room with the door cracked open. The strange room seemed to wreak of practices and experiments that were different from the spells Naomi could cast. He heard voices coming from the room, and though he had no intention to eavesdrop he listened in, trying to see if Inari was still in there. He heard a strange voice that seemed to hold a Meowth accent in it; the voice spoke out to Inari directly and thus confirmed Comet's suspicions. He lay down near the entrance, keeping a quiet watch on the fox deity from outside the room.

Kawaii Kyuubi Kitsune
14th November 2005, 8:53 AM
OOC: OMG in this post I gave Chu a gender… do not expect that gender to be a constant, as most of my other characters view Chu as the opposite. I’m also sorry about giving Lilac a monologue.

GoGo: Andixara is invisible at the moment. Sure, as most mages forget, Zalin would have smelt her presence and possibly been able to hear the heartbeat, but not seen her. As for entering the study, it is sort of powerplaying to give your characters those sorts of abilities without saying before hand.

“Kitty!” Inari screamed out as she pounced at the cute little meowth, deep inside she knew it was saying something, but she couldn’t stay focused on understanding such things while there was such a cutie around. She got a grip on him and squeezed him as tightly as she could, the little girl part of her wanting to hug him because he was cute, the deity part wanting to crush his bones for not being a fox pokemon. All in all, the hug was far too tight.

Something came to her mind, a presence she could feel. She quickly tossed Zalin at where the face of Andixara would have been if she wasn’t invisible, knowing full well how vicious meowths can be after being hugged then tossed and that her godly perceptions couldn’t be mislead that easily. “The traps on this study are dangerous!” She screamed, grapping the scroll she had written and running to the door. “I nearly lost a fox pokemon to these traps”

She burst out the door and threw her arms around Comet, the presence she had felt. “I guess you heard far too much,” She spoke softly, as she hugged him almost as tightly as she did Zalin, “Yes, I am the only deity with dominion over fox pokemon, thus making me the only god you could choose to serve. Now, we’re heading to the kitchen so you can taste test a little recipe I’ve made… Clearly you can’t be trusted to be off on your own as you nearly stumbled on some quite dangerous traps. Now are you coming willingly or do I have to pain myself by dragging you by your ear… or perhaps your tails?”

Inari let go of Comet, making a hand gesture that he should follow her as she began to walk.


“I don’t want you to raise her, she’s already fully grown and would probably be the same age as your grandmother,” Lilac muttered, before forcing herself to use a more cheerful voice. “Don’t worry, you won’t actually need to do much and it won’t be long. Just long enough for her to realise how much trouble being captured really is, certainly for no longer than breakfast tomorrow. My name is Lilac All-Weather if you must know.”

“I suppose she just talks big now I think of it, she’s never actually caused any real harm. Just be careful, as she does pounce on people and threaten to rip their throats out… She’s very good at being impossible; tricking her like this is the only way she learns. Rewarding good behaviour usually ends with her tearing apart my bag to get at the treats, punishing bad behaviour just gets her to actually bite. Some advice as to other alternatives would be nice too, but we’ll talk about that once this is done.”

“We better go get your friend that you sent to get me, I sort of left her with my least troublesome pokemon but I have a feeling there may still be trouble.”


Chu shocked Jordan, every volt of electricity contained the thoughts he wished to project to her. <That magic is not meant for humans> <That magic is to convert other magic for pokemon use> <You will only ruin your ability to use magic> Nothing seemed to be getting through to her, he couldn’t reach her. Just like he couldn’t reach anyone.

“Whoah, that was awesome!” Jordan spoke, though she didn’t need to. Chu could feel the magic working into her mind. Not once, but twice. Chu gave up trying to contact her and let out a full power shock. She dropped the paper with the spell on. “Ow, what did you do that for?”

A demonstration of what that is for might help.

Chu leapt to the floor, picking up the piece of paper, carrying it up to the top of the table as quickly as he could, placing it down he drew the magic into his mind. Then he dashed over to the other scroll, and draw in it’s magic…

Now, what can I possibly do? This isn’t big enough to do anything Kitsune would do with, but perhaps I know of a lesser thing, something more Biohazard’s style.

Looking towards the broken pen, Chu focused his mind. Ink flew out of it and into the air, where Chu quickly shaped it into a ball of black ink, then used the same forces to toss it… it was fast, and there was not chance for Jordan to stop it hitting her right in the face.

15th November 2005, 4:03 AM
"Well, okay," Jess said, coming to a conclusion in her mind. Ah, she's young, I guess it wouldn't hurt to help out a little bit. She stood up. "I think it would be best not to have you around when I let her out next, because she might either think something is up or that I'm somehow threating you. But I might want to learn a little more about her, so that I know how to act around her."

Jess looked around. THe small amount of people that had been around during the battle had dispursed and gone on with their usual business. Jess sighed, "Well, why don't we go mine and your friend? I think you're right, they probably are getting into trouble. Jordan plus anyone equals trouble." SHe giggled and put her arm on Lilac's choulder. THey started walking but Jordan paused in mid step. She turned to Lilac and said, "I'm sorry, but I still don't know your name yet."

Jordan watched as the pichu scampered away with the paper she had just been holding. She watched as it jumped up on the table and scurried back and forth across it. Then she watched as a big blob of ink rose up and streaked toward her.

"Augh!" Jordan closed her eyes and flung up her hands to sheild her from getting splatted in the face. She was a bit too late though, the blob hit her in the face splattering all over and staining her clothes before she had time to put her hands in the way of it. Jordan opened her eyes. She touched her face and pulled back her hand. She looked at her finger and saw ink all over it. "You little creep! I'm going to get you for this!" She extended her arms and dove for Chu. It dodged and ran away. "Rrrr...Get back here!" She started chasing it around the room.

The skitty from inside her ball appeared and mewed. It noticed Jordan and the pichu running around and licked its lips. It then joined in the chase after Jordan.

15th November 2005, 7:22 AM
OOC: Sorry ‘bout that I just didn’t want to have to make my post fit everyone else’s, but as I have to do so anyway, I promise not to do that again.

Just FYI to everyone: if I didn’t make it very clear in my description of Kindle, he is a mix of Flareon and Espeon.

In the kitchen:
Kindle was quite surprised by the reaction he got from the Eevee that he had accidentially released, it arched it’s back and growled at him rather menacingly. “Woah, calm down there buddy, I don’t want to fight you, I don’t even know where you came from, one minute I’m playing with this ball thing here,” Kindle indicates the red and white ball at his feet and continues talking, “then Whamo!” at which the Eevee jumps a bit, “a red light shines from it directly into my eyes and I close them right? Then when I open them again, the light’s gone and you’re stand— Hey wait a minute, you, you couldn’t have possibly come from inside that little thing did ya?”

Kindle cocked his head at the still silent Eevee, and out of the corner of his eye he sees a tall black figure and realizes that he and his Eevee companion are no longer alone. He looks up at the boy, behind whom the girl is hiding, and sees him fingering another red and white ball on a belt similar to the little girl’s. Kindle is not quite sure what to do about his situation, but he does remember that he is supposed to be guarding Tiana’s pack and he slowly took the few steps to put himself between the boy and the bag.

Tiana stored away both the names of the girls, Jess and Jordan who were going to be helping in the kitchen later. She stood for a bit more interested in the fight that seemed to have started between the white ninetails and Jess who was apparently not it’s trainer. Tiana then saw the little girl who had volunteered herself and the black and white ninetails for kitchen duty as she ran by and shouted, ““Hi, my name is Inari, and you’ll never guess the sorts of lists my name pops up on… Oh, and some of the info is inaccurate in most of the books.” Tiana was somewhat confused by this last tidbit of seemingly unrelated information and so she disregarded it for the time being.

As she turned to go back to the kitchen something sparked in her memory and she paused in the doorway to try and think where she had heard the name Inari before… but the information eluded her as she continued to pursue it and so she decided that it was not worth worrying about until her mind felt like pinpointing the information for her at a later time when she wasn’t thinking about it, which has happened to her before and was therefore not induced by any magical means.

It was during this moment of deep reflection that Tiana’s thoughts were interrupted by the announcement,
“I'd also like to help you prepare the meals, if that's alright with you of course. I enjoy a well prepared meal as much as the next person.” Since she had not felt the Espeon, whose voice this was, nudge her she looked around her in surprise but, seeing no one that seemed to have spoken to her, she ignored it as a trick her mind had played on her and continues on towards the kitchen not knowing the scene that awaited her there.

15th November 2005, 9:45 PM
OOC: Oops, I didn't realize she was still invisible ^^; I'm not going to change my last post unless you'd like me to, but this post will act like she is invisible. Sorry about the minor powerplaying, but it's much more fun when Zalin can get into things. I'll clear any other precast spells I may want with you via AIM, okay?


"Let go of me, harpy!" Zalin managed to squeak out his demand despite his rather constricted air supply. Much to his surprise, Inari seemed to listen, if throwing him towards the inivisible other in the room could be deemed a desired action. Which it wasn't. The Meowth twisted in mid-air to narrowly avoid the woman who he could sense, if not see. Sure, his claws were out in shock, and sure, he may have cut her a few times across the cheek as he flew by. Those facts, however, were none of his concern as he continued to soar through the air, eventually coming to a rest when he cleared the doorway and hit the wall in the hallway.

He bounced back from the wall, dazed and confused, and managed to land on the rapidly approaching floor with his back feet. Zalin then stumbled about the hallway, bumping into the walls and ornamental plants that seemed to block his way at every turn. Hazily, he saw Inari walking away from him, but he was blind to Comet until he feel face first against the fox's flank. That was the final collision before Zalin lay on the carpet, feebily attempting to keep the world from spinning. The runes on his pads flickered and faded away as Zalin struggled to keep his grasp on conciousness. "I...I hate Inari...she's not as nice as...as she should be." The words were heavy and slow, as if Zalin was drunk; he had probably even killed as many brain cells as if he'd gone on a drinking binge. Fortunately, or unfortunately depending on who you ask, Zalin had always been quick to recover. Soon enough, he would stand up and get Inari back. "But I think I'll just rest here awhile..."

"Hold on, I think I heard a Pokemon's voice." Ryan led Kenni through the kitchens, following the voice which he quickly recognized as canine of some sort. He caught sight of what had spoken, then openly gaped. "I've never seen a Pokemon like that..." Kenni pushed past him, knocking him into a counter as she did so.

"Like what? I want to see it!" She likewise saw the odd mix of Flareon and Espeon, not noticing the Eevee until afterwards. "It's so cool! I wonder how it got this way...do you think it was just a random mutation? Maybe it was created though some sort of splicing...or perhaps that 'magic'? I mean, I know true magic doesn't exist; just the transfer of energy and all that." Kenni jammered on about the possible other combinations of Eeveelutions, growing increasingly faster as she began branching out into related species.

"Kenni, I don't think this is the time to talk about that."

"-pensanewdoortosciencethepossibleoutcomesareinfin- What? Why would you say something like that?" Kenni looked up at Ryan, as she had quickly moved to kneel near the hybrid in order to examine it closer.

"Because there are other guests here, and I think they might want something." Ryan pointed towards the man and the girl that stood across from them. Kenni turned her eyes to them, then to the hybrid, back to Ryan, then to the hybrid again. "...Kenni...?"

"Grrrr...fine, I'll save it for later." She stood up, brushed herself off, and smiled to the two others. "Hello! I'm Kenni, and this is Ryan." Her arms pulled Ryan closer, "Are you two here to help with the kitchens, too?"

16th November 2005, 5:37 AM
It was possible to see the fear mixed with anger in the Eevee's eyes as he stared directly at Kindle. Eevee was good with people, but terrible around other Pokémon. Particularly other Pokémon that were larger than him. He listened to Kindle's speech with apathy as he prepared to lunge.

"Stop it, Eevee!" Kyra yelled out, interrupting the scene. Eevee suddenly froze; his glare of hostility towards Kindle had been replaced with a look of confusion before he realized his trainer was speaking. Eevee obediently rushed toward Kyra's side, and resumed glaring at Kindle.

"But... now we need the ball back..." Kyra spoke, disappointed. She began to approach the Pokémon with the intent of getting the ball back. But once again, Vyle stopped her. Vyle was not sure of the motives of that Pokémon.

"Hmm... it's in a position of guarding... it's possible that it has no intention of harming us... but then again, I can't really be sure..."

Vyle decided to wait and see what it would do. Kindle obviously heard what Kyra was after-the ball, so it was up to the Flareon hybrid to make the next move.

Kawaii Kyuubi Kitsune
16th November 2005, 8:57 AM
OOC: Yay, Tiana is back!
Since the second half of the post is from Lilac’s perspective I’ve had to type Chu as being female as that is how Lilac sees Chu… I wish that pichu were a little older so we could all be certain of its true gender (It’s probably possible to be certain even at that age with rodents, but Lilac is used to breeding eevees so she doesn’t know what to look for).

I really shouldn’t of thrown him like I did. Inari looked back to see the cute little meowth stumbling about, bumping into Comet. Too hard for him to be perfectly alright, too soft to of killed him. I better do something to fix this and fast.

“Um… Sorry about throwing you little meowth,” She apologised, droping to one knee, bowing her head, and putting a hand on the floor as she did. “I panicked when I sensed Comet almost walking into the magic traps. I’ll make some extra treats for your desert to make it up to you… Oh, and I guess Comet here will have to tend to your dizziness. I promise you he won’t try to eat you, as that would ruin his dinner. If you’re good he might share taste testing duties with you.”

Inari turned to walk off again. “Comet, I think I might be running a little late for kitchen duties and there is no way you will be able to keep up with me without dazing that meowth more. Just turn up to the kitchen as soon as you can, I really need a taste tester… If that meowth gives you the least bit of trouble, or resists you picking him up to take him somewhere quiet to recover, then take him straight to that white ninetales that’s around, as she’ll take care of him for you.”

Inari burst into a run.

It was not long, while she made numerous sharp turns through the corridors, that she made it to the kitchen. There seemed to be a little trouble between an eevee and a rare eeveelution variant. An urge rose in Inari’s mind to try hugging them both at the same time, but two logical reasons stopped her doing: one, they were to far apart for her to grab both in a single leap; two, it looked like bringing them closer together would result in a fight.

Which one should it be? I guess I do like fire types more, but they are more dangerous to hug without getting hurt. The eevee certainly should have softer fur, and be nicer to hug, but it looks far more aggressive than the other one.

Inari cautiously walked further into the room, unable to make a decision, and not noticing anyone other than the two pokemon in the room. She carefully crouched down, reacting into her pocket to pull out a bag that contained a few pink pokeblocks. She held one out in her hand, glancing at both pokemon.

“Which one of you two wants a treat?”


“Thank you,” Lilac bowed her head for a moment.

A flicker of yellow in the corner of her eye attracted her attention. She turned to where it was, looking into the mansion to see Jordan running, though even that was only for a moment… it the fact of the Skitty also running that panicked Lilac.

“This isn’t good,” Lilac dashed off and into the mansion, entering in time to see Chu notice what was chasing her. The pichu skidded to a stop and turned around. She charged. Electricity sparked into her as she drew energy back into his small electric sacs as she ran towards the skitty. Lilac shielded her eyes with an arm, as she quickly pulled out the pichu’s pokeball…

Not fast enough.

There was a bright white flash just before Lilac felt the pokeball call Chu back. Sharp pain ran up her arm as what remained of Chu’s electric attack discharged out of the ball, grounding itself through her. The skitty wasn’t moving. She couldn’t tell whether the skitty was not moving out of shock of being charged at by what it probably thought was prey, electric induced paralysis, or something worse.

“Is it okay?” Lilac rushed over to the skitty, barely noticing that the arm that was holding the pokeball had gone limp and thus dropped the ball. “I should have warned you Chu does that whenever she sees a skitty, I sure hope I called her back in time to prevent any serious harm… It’s odd, expect in the presence of skitty’s she’s barely even able to defend herself with her electricity.”

Lilac reached down with the one arm of hers that wasn’t paralysed to touch the skitty, while fearing the worst…

16th November 2005, 9:25 AM
In the kitchen:
Kindle was still staring at the boy when he heard two sets of other footsteps approaching from behind him. Then he heard a male voice say, "I've never seen a Pokemon like that..." and then a girl’s voice quickly followed, “Like what? I want to see it!" Up until this point he had only given the two the caution of pricking his left ear in their direction while keeping his gaze steadily on the boy and girl in front of him. At this point though he sat back on his haunches and craned his had as far back as it would go to get a good look at them, as he now figured that they were in his range of sight. The thing that most stood out about the boy was his bright yellow vest, and the fact that he didn’t smell completely like a human, there was a faint smell of… something else underneath the usual smells that came with humans.

Kindle then turned his attention to the girl not that he had much time to look at the boy in any case as she had knocked him out of the way and into a counter, he didn’t detect any strangeness of smell or otherwise in the girl’s appearance. Then, “It's so cool!” and the girl was kneeling right next to him, “I wonder how it got this way...do you think it was just a random mutation? Maybe it was created though some sort of splicing...or perhaps that 'magic'? I mean, I know true magic doesn't exist; just the transfer of energy and all that." As the girl kept speaking she grew more and more excited and talked faster and faster until he could barely understand a word she was saying except that, the one word he did catch that seemed to be a very large part of what she was babbling about was something called science, whatever that was.

~Ha, you think ‘true’ magic doesn’t exist then do you? I can’t wait until you see some of the stuff going on once the new mages start really learning their stuff. ~ He thought to himself as he listened to her continued rambling. At this point his neck had started to stiffen, so he stopped trying to look at the new strangers and shook his head a bit to loosen the muscles up and returned his attention to the boy cloaked in black, who looked much more likely to try and take Tiana’s bag than either of the rather brightly dressed strangers at his back, no matter how odd the boy at his back might smell.

Thankfully, the boy in the yellow vest cut his female friend off mid-babble and pointed out to her that there were two other humans in the room. The girl looked back and forth a bit between Kindle, the other strangers and the boy with whom she had come, as if to say, ‘but come on this is the most interesting pokemon I’ve ever seen, can’t I just look at it a little longer.’ Then the girl attempted a growl that was rather laughable and made Kindle turn his head again and grin. Finally, Kindle learned something about someone as the girl introduced herself as Kenni and the boy behind her as Ryan.

The small girl whose pokemon the Eevee was cried out at this point, “Stop it, Eevee!” for the smaller pokemon had not stopped growling and arching his back through the entire thing. The Eevee obediently ran to the girl and then directly resumed glaring at Kindle who was by this time rather annoyed by the youngster’s insolence. The girl stated that she needed her ball back. Why it would be needed was beyond Kindle unless the Eevee really had come from it, but since he was no longer alone or bored he figured that if the girl needed it then she could have it. So he looked over his shoulder to where the ball was, scooped it up in the handy “v” of his tail and tossed it over his shoulder towards the boy who looked more capable of being able to catch something that was thrown unexpectedly.

It was just after the ball was thrown that Tiana came in through the door and somewhat surprised that people had come to the kitchen so early said, “Hello, my name is Tiana, and I’m the head cook around here, is there anything I can help you all with?” As she said this she walked around the Island to see Kindle still guarding her pack and gave him a wave of the hand that he knew meant that he was done guarding. Kindle then went towards the young Eevee, but stayed just out of reach and said gently but still in a reproachful voice, “Listen to me youngling, I meant you nor your girl harm, so your actions towards me in the past ten minutes were just plain rude, but since I don’t know you, I’ll let it go this time, but the next time you growl at me without reason, I’ll give you a reason to growl and you won’t like it.” Lightening up a bit, and sitting back he said, “So since I forgive you your rudeness, I hope you don’t mind if we start over again? I’ll get us going; Hi, my name is Kindle.”

Just after he said this a young girl enterd the kitchen and when she saw the two pokemon she seemed to ignore the others in the room she asked if eaither wanted a treat, and Kindle at once replied, "No thank you I'm saving space for whatever Tiana is cooking tonight, but you could give it to this pup here, he sure could use something to sweeten him up." Not really expecting to be understood.

OOC:Sorry if I changed the situation a little Kawaii but I had just finished writting when I saw your post and I had already changed the post three times to accomodate new stuff so I just added you in last I hope that's ok.

Raposa Dalua
17th November 2005, 1:12 AM
Comet looked at Zalin, then in the direction Inari ran, and back to Zalin again. He let out a weary sigh, and cast his gaze towards the tannish cat that lay in a slump on the carpet. 'He'd be much safer if he wasn't near me at all... still, I can't just leave him lying there, that would be quite rude. And yet, it would be even more rude if I picked him up. The curse would hit him hard if I intentionally touched him... I'll just have to be quick about things.' The fire fox cast one last worried glance down the hallway, then used his tails to pick Zalin up off the floor and place him carefully upon his back. He took off at a frantic dash, wanting to get the Meowth away from himself as soon as possible. Fortunately, for him at least, Zalin got off his back much sooner than expected. Rather, Comet tripped up on a snag in the carpeting, causing him to arch back and accidentally throw the Meowth out through a conveniently placed window.

"Oh, you've got to be kidding me..."

The black, white streaked Ninetails let out a frantic yelp as he swivled around, leaping up and placing his paws on the window sill. His amethyst eyes searched to and fro, looking for some indication that Zalin was okay. However, he saw nothing on the ground not too far below (this was only the first floor after all).

"How could he have disappeared so quickly? Maybe... maybe hitting the ground caused him to awaken, and he scampered off before I could cause him more harm," he leapt off the windowsill, heading down the hall again, "At least, that's what I hope happened. I'd better check with Cassy, just to make sure. She's good at knowing that sort of thing.


Meanwhile, Cassy sat still, watching Tiana leave without responding to her. 'Now, I know she got that message... it was pretty easy to tell that she got wind of it, since she looked around wildly for the source of the telepathy. I even saw her look vaguely in my direction... she must be ignoring me,' the Espeon thought indignantly, her eyes taking on an angry sheen, 'Well, I certainly won't stand for anybody ignoring me, it's just plain rude.'

The psychic fox set off in a huff, following the head chef into the kitchen, where she arrived just in time to see her make some sort of hand motion towards what could only be called a firey, psychic freak. Some odd hybrid of an Espeon and a Flareon that she had never seen before. 'He must be a companion of hers... a good friend of sorts. He could be fun to talk to, I'd like to find out how he came to have a split evolution like that one...' her thoughts trailed off as her senses picked up on the cursed one running towards her. Any forms of malice her aura was generating were suddenly cut off, and a bright smile adorned her face. It seemed for all the world that nothing had gone horribly wrong yet as she went out into the opposing hall to meet him there, away from the loudness of the kitchen.

"Is something troubling you, Comet?" she asked kindly, her blue eyes sparkling.

"Ah, yes, there is," he stuttered out between breaths, "You see, there was a Meowth, I think Zalin was his name, and, well, he was riding on my back and fell out a window and-"

She held a paw into the air, cutting him off, "Ah, Zalin the Meowth," she concentrated for a moment, her eyes took on a white hue and the opal in her forehead started glowing faintly, "Yes... I've picked up on his aura. I cannot tell you where he is... but his physical condition is fine. He appears to be sleeping peacefully," the whitish glow faded away, "He has no trace of your curse on him. Is that what you needed to know?"

"Yes, yes, thank you," he bowed his head toward her, and, having become calm again, left to go down the halls and find Naomi.


There was a great flapping of wings, and the silent sound of a creature of great age, wisdom, and power flying through the clouds in the skies. Golden, apathetic eyes blinked down at the form of the Meowth he held in his arms; a Meowth that didn't appear to be concious at the time. The Flygon slowed to a halt, hovering in the air with only his wings to support him. When Zalin finally came to, the cold-hearted dragon had some harsh yet simple words for him.

"Now, don't even attempt to escape from here. Any movement you make, mine will be ten times quicker. Any magic you attempt to cast will fail; any attack easily blocked and countered. You are, from here on out, my meal, and are to act as such. Now, depending on what you tell me, you will have a choice in your death. If you tell the truth to me, I can make it so that you will not be dead for long. Your choices are temporary death, or permanent death. Now answer carefully, do you belong to a human or not?"

17th November 2005, 4:16 AM
OOC: Sorry for the short post and cut off but I can't really write much tonight.

IC: Jess hurried into the mansion after Lilac. She entered the doors to find Jordan standing over Lilac who seemed to be pressing her fingers against what seemed to be Jordan's skitty. "What happened?" Jordan asked to no one in particular.

Lilac looked up but Jordan was the first to answer. "The pichu shocked it." She looked blank and emotionless like usual, but there seemed to be a twinge of a smile on her face. And her eyes seemed wider and more awake than they normally did.

"What Pichu?" Jess couldn't see anything other than them in the room. Then she spooted a small yellow thing cuddled up against Lilac. Jess looked back up at Jordan, "what did you do this time Jordan?"

Jordan put on an expression of utmost annoyance, "It wasn't me! Look, I ran into this girl while I was walking down the hall and she asked me too look after her pichu and then the thing blasted me in the face with a blob of ink! What was I supposed to do?"

"Okay so let me get this straight," Jess siad, extending her pointer finger on one hand and counting off fingers on the other, "you babysat the little pichu, then you aggrivated it somehow to make it slap you in the face with a blob of ink, then you let out skitty? THere may be hope for you yet," Jess laughed.

Jordan's annoyance was bubbling into anger. "No, I didn't! It-" Suddenly skitty jumped up and started bouncing around Jordan. The pichu started sparking at hte sheeks and staring menacingly at Skitty.

Jess noticed this and told Jordan, "Jordan put skitty back in it's ball."

Jordan pulled out her ball and siad, "Best thing you've said all day."

Jess pretended like she didn't just hear this last comment. She pursed her lips and turned towards Lilac. "I'm sorry all this had to happen. Hopefully things will get better later." Jess checked her watch, "Well, Jordan and I have to get to the kitchen to help out, so we shall have to leave you two. We'll see you two later." Jess truned around and pushed Jordan towards the kitchens.

18th November 2005, 11:33 PM
OOC: Since Zalin is thankfully not cursed, let's see if this death can be avoided....


Ryan looked towards the newcomer, who introduced herself as Tiana. Following her inquiry as to why they were there, the Flareon mix spoke to the Eevee, which Ryan could hardly help but eavesdrop on. The Flaren/Espeon was named Kindle and wished to start over with the Eevee. I wonder what was going on before we got here... Rather than look to fill in holes in the information, Ryan turned towards the first goal; help the cook. "Tiana, my name is Ryan," he paused long enough to give a small, gentleman's bow, "and I'd like to help you in the kitchen whenever you need it, not just today."

"I'd also like to help with multiple meals." Kenni gave Tiana a smile, but refused to do something as formal as a bow. "My name is Kenni, so you know. Just between us, Ryan's not a very good cook. But my skill will cancel out his imperfections." She leaned towards Tiana and spoke behind behind her hand, which was mainly for show. Her voice was loud enough for Ryan to hear regardless.

"Hey, I'm a good cook!" Ryan stepped forward, obviously put-off by his girlfriend's half-joking statement.

"Then do you know how long to cook a steak to make it medium throughout?"

"No, of course not. I don't eat meat; I've been most every Pokemon that humans use for food."

"So you think that everyone here will be an ultra-vegan like you? Because that doesn't make you a good chef for the people you're serving. The answer was about 13 minutes, by the way."

"...fine, so I won't be as skilled with meat products. That doesn't mean I'm a bad chef, just one with particular specialties. Besides, I've cooked for carnivores before..." Ryan crossed his arms and looked hurt, drawing tiny giggles from Kenni. She stepped over and put an arm around him.

"It's okay, I'm sure Tiana can find something for you to do. You know I was only joking, right?" Kenni pulled him closer and watched him until Ryan reluctantly responded.

"Yeah, I know. But if you're going to mess with me, I'll just have to do the same to you later. Anyway, Tiana, could you please let us know what we should do?"

Zalin stared up at the Flygon without any apparent fear towards it or the situation. He had been threatened, no, challenged by the Flygon to attempt any kind of daring and perhaps suicidal escape he could think of. My magic will fail? I don't use magic, 'cept the ward that Shinu gave me. Attacks will be blocked and countered? I don't plan on attacking 'til I know I can get away. This sounds easy. The only thing difficult is that his movements will be 'ten times quicker'...as if. I'm a cat; ain't nothing faster or more flexible than me. Then the Flygon asked him a simple question which set something off in Zalin's mind.

"Did you just suggest that I might have a human, you foolish little dragon? Zalin belongs to no man; never have and never will!" Zalin thrust a paw into the air as he yelled, after which he quieted back down and returned to a resting position. "Why would you even want to eat me? I can't be filling, or even very apetizing. Look at me, all skin, bones, and fast-twitch muscle tissue." Zalin stretched out in the dragon's grasp, showing off his lithe body and lack of any substantial fat reserves. "You could easily find a much better meal than me, silly dragon. In fact, I could help you find one if you just put me down. Cat's honor, I won't run."

19th November 2005, 4:53 AM
As Vyle caught the ball that was unexpectantly tossed to him, he heard someone call out, “Hello, my name is Tiana, and I’m the head cook around here, is there anything I can help you all with?”. He was relieved at the fact that he had found someone that could answer his questions about this place. Vyle was the type to only talk when it was needed, so he didn't much like having to ask, but he felt it was necessary.

Kindle the Flareon fusion then walked closer to Kyra's Eevee. “Listen to me youngling, I meant you nor your girl harm, so your actions towards me in the past ten minutes were just plain rude, but since I don’t know you, I’ll let it go this time, but the next time you growl at me without reason, I’ll give you a reason to growl and you won’t like it.” It then paused after reprimanding the Eevee. “So since I forgive you your rudeness, I hope you don’t mind if we start over again? I’ll get us going; Hi, my name is Kindle.”

Eevee was taken aback by this sudden... friendliness. Mostly because he had not ever encountered any Pokémon that tried to be friendly with him before. He had totally forgotten that he was mad at Kindle, and barely managed to squeak out an embarrassed "hi" in Pokémon language.

Just then, a young girl, younger than Kyra even, wearing all white, came up to the two Eevee-related Pokémon. "Which one of you two wants a treat?" She spoke after walking up to them carefully. Eevee liked the sound of that, since he did not have an excuse to mistrust humans. Eevee walked over to Inari excitedly and looked up at Inari expectantly. Kindle had refused the treat, saying, "No thank you I'm saving space for whatever Tiana is cooking tonight, but you could give it to this pup here, he sure could use something to sweeten him up.".

Kyra chimed in. "You're giving my Eevee a treat? Thank you!" She exclaimed.

Vyle, on the other hand, was not as cheerful. He stopped. "Who are you?" He spoke in a low tone, his face being shadowed by the hood of his ragged black cloak. "Wait..." Vyle stopped. He recognized the girl from somewhere, but he wasn't quite sure yet. It was too late for Vyle to stop the Eevee from accepting the treat, as it already had happily gobbled the sweet Pokéblock down. Vyle turned around and pulled out a picture he had been carrying around in his pocket, careful to conceal it beneath his cloak as to not allow anyone else to see what he was looking at. Sure enough, the picture he had been given as part of his mission matched the profile of the person standing before him, offering Kyra's Eevee a treat. This was, of course, good news for Vyle. He had found his target. That meant he could get his job done quickly and escape with Kyra. All he needed now was to isolate her and wait for the perfect moment...

Kawaii Kyuubi Kitsune
19th November 2005, 8:53 PM
Inari giggled as the eevee licked the pokeblock from her hand. She could have easily grabbed it, but some how it didn’t seem right. Not here in the kitchen with so many people watching… Puzzling, I don’t remember when I noticed everyone, yet I just know there are people around me watching. Another problem of being a god, knowing things before one should… or perhaps a quirk of being human that means I notice things subconsciously.

“Here have another one,” Inari pulled out another sweet pokeblock and put it on the eevee’s nose, knowing it would just fall off when the eevee moved. She stood up and faced another young girl, sensing that the girl was the owner of the eevee. “Sweet little eevee you have. I’m sure you must love it a lot… Well, I suppose your not helping in the Kitchen like I am, so would you mind finding my sister and telling her where I am. I sort of ran off without telling her. She should be out near the front door, you’ll have no trouble finding her.”

Turning to the cook of the place, she smiled and tried to look innocent. “I’ll prepare some of the food, I’m good with making treats for pokemon and I did find a scroll on it too.” waving the scroll she had written earlier in front of her, “So can I make some pokemon treats to feed them after the meal? Personally my older sister and I see no harm in eating them ourselves, so the will be safe and tasty for human consumption too, it’s just that some people are uncomfortable eating the same things as pokemon.”

“… Well, I also can cook rice if you’re doing anything like that, also I’m good at any food classified as an aphrodisiac. Just don’t give me a meat cooking job, there are very few things I’m good at involving cooking meat.”


“Bye,” Lilac said, feeling how limb one of her arms was from paralysis.

At least one of those two seems nice enough for me to feel safe handing Kitsune to them, the other seems like the type who’d actually help teach Kitsune a lesson. I made the right choice about this, I just hope this gets through to her.

Lilac made her way back to the table, picking up the piece of paper Chu had drawn magic runes on… It didn’t help her understand magic, but perhaps it wasn’t meant to. Chu had a habit of putting other interests in front of Lilac’s.

“If I know Chu, then this one piece of paper could overthrow humanity somehow.” Lilac laughed, glad no human ears would hear her. “Well, I might as well talk to Andixara about it when she gets back here, it might be familiar to her… Not that it could be very many things, it was said pokemon couldn’t use magic, thus the only logical possibility is that this will make it possible.”

She put it down on the table as she sat down, pulling a rather large book dedicated entirely on ninetales from her bag, which was still neck to the chair. She opened it so as to read to pass the time till something happened…

20th November 2005, 3:54 AM
Jess was having a tough time getting Jordan to the kitchens. Jordan may have not been kicking and screaming like a child, even though Jess wouldn't have been suprized if she did, but Jordan was struggling and trying her hardest to move in the opposite direction Jess was pushing her. If anything, Jess would have actually preferred Jordan to be kicking and screaming. What Jordan was doing now was making moving her like trying to move a cross between a heavy statue and some constantly shifting blob. But still, Jess was stronger than Jordan, and was moving her inch by inch.

"Come on Jordan, it's not that bad. A little work won't hurt you," jess grunted.

"No!" Jordan yelled. Here was the little baby coming out now.

"Come on, it builds character. You're going to get there wether you like it you like it or not. You know I can push you all the way there. If you stop pushing so hard you won't be as tired out when you start on whatever we're supposed to do when we get there," Jess grunted back at her, still moving inch by inch, "and I won't be as tired either," she said more softly.

This isn't working. Jess thought. Let's try something else.

Jess stopped pushing. With sudden change in pressure against Jordan, Jordan's forward momentum kept her going in the same direction. She toppled over and onto Jess.

Jess looked around and said with an expressionless face, "Well, this is aquard." Jordan screamed and tried to run off but Jess pushed her up off of her own body and slung Jordan over her shoulder.

"Put me down!" Jordan screamed. She was howling now. She started to pound her fists on Jess's back.

Jess trudged off ignoring Jordan's screams. As they were near the kitchen door, jess sighed. "Jordan, look, if I take you in there with you howling like a maniac people will think you're a child. And if you want to win here I don't think they want to think you're immature."

Jordan stopped screaming. "*Sniff* What?"

"Okay, this thing is basically a competition, right? Well if you want to win and be crowned or whatever it is that they do I don't think it's a good idea to be acting like a two-year-old. These people won't want an almost fully grown woman that still acts like a baby." Jess cringed. The last thing Jordan should be was the ruler of a country. But for Jordan to shape up, there was no easier solution. "Okay, if I put you down, will you act like an adult?"

"Fine." Jordan's answer was short and sweet. Jess put Jordan down on the ground. Jordan did not run this time.

"You're not going to run off on me? Okay, good. Now open that door and go in first." Jordan obliged. She opened the door and drew a foot into the room. "By the way there's a bug in your hair."

Jordan screamed a blood curdling scream and started shaking and moving her hands throughout her hair. Jess pushed Jordan the rest of the way through the door and then entered herself. The door shut behind them. Jordan finally stopped screaming and flailing and looked up to see the entire room staring at her. "Oh shi-"

Jess had just pressed her hand to Jordan's mouth. "I'm sorry about that. We're here to help out with the setting up. What should we start on first?"

23rd November 2005, 5:58 AM
Just before the young girl came and offered them both a treat, the younger Eevee had managed to reply, in a rather small voice, “hi” and Kindle was rather surprised when went right up to the girl and was perfectly friendly with her. ~Hmm, What could have made it so that this pup would trust a human before trusting one of his own kind?~ Kindle thought to himself and then revised as he saw the split tip of his tail and remembered what he now was, ~Well, alright maybe not exactly his own kind but, another fox pokemon of the same basic evolution.~ Kindle gets somewhat lost in his thoughts and even though he is looking at the girl and the Eevee, he doesn’t really see them.

The boy to her left, in the yellow vest said, (as Tiana is now standing rather close to Kindle and her pack.) "Tiana, my name is Ryan," pausing to give a slight bow,"and I'd like to help you in the kitchen whenever you need it, not just today." ~I’ll remember this, just in case people end up not liking to help cook. "I'd also like to help with multiple meals." Said the girl next to Ryan with a smile,"My name is Kenni, so you know…” As the girl went on to make fun of her friend and engage him in a bit of friendly banter, Tiana thought, ~Alrighty then, I will definitely remember that these two want to cook, just in case...~ and Tiana’s thought was interrupted by something peculiar that Ryan said, “…I've been most every Pokemon that humans use for food." And Tiana’s interest was caught so she listened to the rest of the conversation trying to figure out whether Ryan meant he had shape-shifted magically or if it was a gift of his.

"So you think that everyone here will be an ultra-vegan like you? Because that doesn't make you a good chef for the people you're serving. The answer was about 13 minutes, by the way." Kenni told her friend, although what it was that took 13 minutes, Tiana was not too sure, but in any case that wasn’t what she was interested in learning.
"...fine, so I won't be as skilled with meat products. That doesn't mean I'm a bad chef, just one with particular specialties. Besides, I've cooked for carnivores before..." Ryan crossed his arms and looked hurt, drawing tiny giggles from Kenni. She stepped over and put an arm around him.
"It's okay, I'm sure Tiana can find something for you to do. You know I was only joking, right?" Kenni pulled him closer and watched him until Ryan reluctantly responded.

"Yeah, I know. But if you're going to mess with me, I'll just have to do the same to you later. Anyway, Tiana, could you please let us know what we should do?" Even though Tiana had learned nothing further about Ryan’s having been almost every pokemon people use for food, she was glad she had payed attention to the rest of this conversation because she was then able to respond fairly quickly, “Well, I haven’t been in this house much longer than any of you but I—,” At this point Tiana was interrupted by Inari.

Inari said, “I’ll prepare some of the food, I’m good with making treats for pokemon and I did find a scroll on it too.” waving a scroll in Tiana’s direction, “So can I make some pokemon treats to feed them after the meal? Personally my older sister and I see no harm in eating them ourselves, so they will be safe and tasty for human consumption too, it’s just that some people are uncomfortable eating the same things as pokemon… Well, I also can cook rice if you’re doing anything like that, also I’m good at any food classified as an aphrodisiac. Just don’t give me a meat cooking job, there are very few things I’m good at involving cooking meat.” The girl said this all rather fast, so Tiana didn’t get a chance to respond until after she had finished. But she hadn’t forgotten Ryan and Kenni nor the other two who had not yet introduced themselves.

“Yes alright, Inari, you may cook the pokemon’s food if you wish but I would like to take a look at that scroll just to make sure it’s not something bad for the pokemon before you start to actually cook anything if that’s alright with you?” Tiana said this assuming that the girl really had found it just lying around. Then she looked around the room to grab everyone’s attention and waited shortly to make sure she would have no interruptions before continuing on to say, “And, as I was saying earlier, I haven’t been in this house any longer than the rest of you so I don’t yet know where all the food stores and what-not are kept so, I would very much appreciate it, Kenni and Ryan if you two would go and search for them, I would suggest trying that door over there.” Tiana said as she caught their eyes and pointed a thumb over her shoulder at the door in the right-hand wall that as of yet has not been explored by anyone.

“I expect there will be a cold food closet, a pantry and a wine cellar, each should already be well stocked or in any case, I was told they would be before we got here.” Turning now to the boy in black and the girl in a pink dress she said, “I’m afraid I have already gotten enough volunteers for cooking dinner so you are free to go and see what the scroll in the front hall is all about if you wish. And, Inari,” Tiana said turning once more to the young girl, “I think that you and I had better stay here and get to exploring this kitchen to see where everything is hidden alright? But, before we do that, may I have a look at that scroll of yours?”

Lonely Wanderer
24th November 2005, 2:39 PM
Andixara stood still in the study, invisible, watching as she saw the 7-year-old girl write the corrections on the scroll. A feeling of anger and uneasiness was filling Andixara, and yet she managed to resist the urge to use magic on this girl who said that Cerberus is a nice Arcanine with one head. This confused Andixara; this girl was only 7, and yet, she believes in all this fantasy about nice spirits. Then again, fantasy could be real…if their was magic.

That’s when a Meowth suddenly dashed into the room, meowing to the girl. The girl cuddled with it before she yelled about traps in this room. After all, Andixara could admit that she was right; a few handy traps were in the study, traps that won’t activate if heading at Andixara. However, it seemed at the fact that the traps were not working; Andixara didn’t know why, but before she could think, the girl tossed the Meowth straight at her, not knowing Andixara was right there.

Andixara’s face barely missed the claws from the Meowth; she could actually felt the sharpness although it did not hit her, and a slight pain was felt on her cheek. Ignoring the fact that she nearly got hit, Andixara turned to see the girl hugging one of the Ninetales, the black to be specific. The next thing that the girl said had Andixara sort of stunned in her place.

“I guess you heard far too much. Yes, I am the only deity with dominion over fox Pok&#233;mon, thus making me the only god you could choose to serve.”

Andixara couldn’t believe her ears. She shook her head slightly in case maybe magic tampered with them.

This girl, a deity?! Andixara thought, amazed. This ca—This is impossible! How can a small girl like this be a deity, with knowledge of a little girl and a goddess?! Unless the writers were wrong about this, she might be lying. Then again…

Andixara did studied the girl just before she left. She did had something…strange about her. A feeling that wasn’t natural in humans. Could it be possible? If it was, then Andixara definitely had to talk to her and see if she could somehow force the magic without suspicion. She knew a way that a deity will grant one wish of a magic user, but only if it was in their power.

I could possibly…Andixara didn’t want to finish her thought. This might upset Tera, but it could be possible if I asked the girl for my one desirable wish…

It was then when Andixara realized that she stood in the study a little too long. Still invisible, Andixara hurried to where she last saw Lilac, not to make her seem that she disappeared forever. She happened to past by a few guests, such as the “deity” girl giving a treat to an Eevee, and by the kitchen, she managed to hear some talking, although she did not glimpse who.

It was finally when she spotted Lilac, reading a book that Andixara disliked a lot (which talked about Ninetales). Andixara stopped right behind the door leading to where she was, hoping that Lilac wouldn't noticed her appearing in midair. For a moment, she stood there still invisible, eyes closed. Then the magic was unleashed, and her image of herself was soon visible again by the naked eye. Giving a silent sigh, she walked into the room and approached Lilac reading.

"Hello again," She said with a polite voice. "I'm seem to be back from my duty, and I've noticed that the other guests have entered the mansion. I'm curious to know how the scroll went. Were you able to figure it out with your Pichu?"

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Kawaii Kyuubi Kitsune
24th November 2005, 9:59 PM
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Tiana: If your character can read magic scrolls well enough to recognise what the magic will do, then she’ll see that this one is rather for harmless fun than for making the food good. The plus side is it doesn’t affect humans and your character now can learn a new spell.

Lonely: I have no idea who the young lady you mean, as I read no such thing in recent posts.

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“Yay!” Inari yelped out, tossing the scroll to Tiana and dancing around the room. “Here’s the scroll, I’ll start preparing the food. Yay, I’m cooking for the pokemon!”

She spun around a few times, and then glanced around the room. The lack of anything to make the food with, berries in particular, made her stop in her tracks. Ryan was told to find the storeroom only a moment ago and thus hadn’t found it yet. She ran over to the bench to make a quick search, anything more would of given her away.

“There’s no food…” Inari sighed, “I may be a little girl with a good imagination but I still need food to cook with. Ryan hurry up and find some food or I’ll have to start telling everyone the stories Lilac told me about you.”

Turning towards Kindle she giggled. “Looks like you’re the only one not busy, so I guess you have to keep me entertained till my job becomes possible. Now what can we play?”

She crouched down, and shuffled closer to Kindle. She reached out with one hand as if about to pat Kindle… Then she pounced, hoping to catch him off guard with her tackle, throwing her arms around him. Off guard or not, pushing him over wasn’t very likely.


"I'm seem to be back from my duty, and I've noticed that the other guests have entered the mansion. I'm curious to know how the scroll went. Were you able to figure it out with your Pichu?"

“Well, it would help if Chu wasn’t mute.” Lilac giggled, putting down her book. “But I’m sure she figured it out perfectly and is just merely unable to tell me. She did write out something using similar symbols to the scroll, perhaps you could decipher it for me to see if it has any interesting insight…” She picks up the piece of paper Chu had used and hands it towards Andixara. “One day I’ll teach her to write in a language I can understand.”

Best to be honest considering she could be reading my mind. Now, I hope I get a straight answer about it.

Lilac puts the book back into her bag and gets to her feet. Chu scampers off towards the Andixara, dashing up the lady’s clothing and straight into a pouch, pulling out a small pink gemstone.

“Chu, put that back!” Lilac shouts, pulling out Chu’s ball to call him back. “Return” The gem slipped back into the pouch as Chu dematerialised into the ball. “… Sorry, she’s usually quite good. The sort of behaviour for her is almost as odd as someone walking around with a bag of gems for no reason.”

29th November 2005, 5:11 AM
When Inari tossed the scroll to Tiana, it came as a bit of surprise but thanks to quick reflexes she caught it before it fell to the floor. Tiana’s full attention was now on the scroll in her hands and as she looked at it she realized that what she was reading was a magic scroll. Tiana just darted a look at Inari, who at the moment had not yet tackled Kindle, to see if the girl had had any clue what she was giving Tiana, but the girl seemed oblivious to anything but wanting to cook for the moment, so Tiana turned her full attention back to the scroll. As she read she realized that it wasn’t really a recipe at all, but a magic scroll.

Kindle was still mulling over old thoughts and only really came out of them when he heard Inari say, “Now, what can we play?” it was then that he realized that he was the one she had been addressing because she had bent and held her hand out to him but, by that time it was too late, for while he was still coming out of his thoughts he was nearly tackled by her. He found himself in a literally breath-taking squeeze of a hug and his eyes went wide both in surprise and because the girl was so squeezing his throat so tightly that his air supply was cut off, “Ca-can’t… breath…” He spluttered and gasped as he tried in vain to wriggle free of the girl’s unusually strong grip. He was feeling rather trapped. Kindle hates feeling trapped and so he reacted badly and tried to use Ember on Inari to try and make her stop choking him.

The scroll held a spell that would change the personality of whoever ate the food it was applied to. Or in any case that was how Tiana deciphered it. It was hard to be sure that that was exactly what the spell did, since it was written completely in an ancient rune language that was fairly hard to decipher, but Tiana was fairly sure that a personality change was the main end goal of the spell. She was quite sure because she had been taught the basics of many languages by her mother who was a Bard and had always wanted Tiana to follow in her footsteps. In any case, Tiana was quite sure that even if it was only the pokemon Inari was cooking for, that for the most part, the pokemon’s trainers would not be ready for such an unusual change in their companions, especially since she didn’t know whether or not the person controlling the spell could choose what personality quirks to change. But, it was a new spell and Tiana was never one to pass up a chance to widen her inventory of spells, whether or not she would use them was another thing entirely.

So Tiana rolled the scroll back up and told Inari, “I’m sorry Inari, but the scroll you found was one that might cause a little bit too much trouble for now, so I’m not going to let you use it tonight, but if you let me keep the scroll for a little while, I would like to have a further inspection of it and maybe,” Here Tiana put a little extra emphasis on the word maybe to make sure the child understood that she was not promising to let her use it for sure, “once I am totally sure of the effects of this spell, I might let it be put to a good use.”

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2nd December 2005, 6:45 AM
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IC: Jordan looked around at the many faces looking at her. She had half a mind to run but what Jess had told her earlier about not loking ike a fool stuck in her mind. She also refrained from trying to bite Jess's hand to get it off her face. She strained to fight off any urges she had and remained still.

Jess's hand remained constant. The time in the room seemed to faulter for a few seconds that seemed to last forever to Jordan. Finally, Tiana Spoke. "Well I'm sorry but there is not much left to do. But, let me think a minute and see if there's anything you could do." She looked around the room at the other volunteers. "Jordan you can work with Inari over there," Tiana motioned towards small girl giving a tight grip to a starnge creature that looked like some eevee evolution in the corner. Jess wanted to know how it came about. "And if they'll let you, Jess you could go with Ryan and Kenni to search for the store rooms." Jess took a look away from the starnge creature and looked the old and rusty door that Tiana was motioning toward and came to the conclusion that the only thing that could keep it still up was of course, magic.

"Why do I have to work with the little girl? Why can't I go down and get whatever it is that's down there?" Jordan whined.

Jess smiled. Jess was glad Jordan had been placed with something she didn't want to do. The feeling was a cross between revenge and knowing it was good for Jordan. "Oh be quiet Jordan, doing chores builds character. Remember what we talked about?" Jordan shot a look at Jess but did not say anything.

While Jess thought about Jordan she noticed that there were two other people in the room. Why Tiana had not mentioned them made Jess wonder why they were there in the first place but she was sure Tiana had her reasons. Jess did not think they were there to help with the kitchen duties. THey seemed so out of place. One was wearing a cloak and the other was a girl only just older than the one Tiana had showed them in the corner. Jess turned her attention away from the two and walked over to Ryan and Kenni. "So we meet again. So your names are Ryan and Kenni? It's nice to meet you. If you've forgotten my name it's Jess. But I'm sure your memories are better than that." She giggled. "Shall we?" Jess motioned toward the old door.

As Jordan watched her friend leave with the tow other people, Tiana poked Jordan on the shoulder. Jordan looked up at her and Taina asked, "Would you be so kind as to go and help poor Kindle out of Inari's grip?" Jordan grumbled something and stuck her hands in her pockets.

Jordan then walked over to Inari and mumbled, "Well, I guess we'll be working together. That lady," Jordan pointed up at Tiana who was now rummagin through cabinets and cupboards and grabbing out different items, "said for you to let go of that thing." Jordan took a closer look at Kindle and said, "I think it's choking." Jordan shrugged and pulled her hands out of her pockets. She took a hold of each of Inari's arms and pulled feebly.

2nd December 2005, 8:54 AM
Tiana had begun to rummage through the cupboards and drawers of the kitchen as soon as Jordan was occupying Inari's attention and Kenni, Ryan and Jess had gone out through the room to find out if it really was a cellar store room. Tiana found that it didn’t seem as if things would need too much re-organizing but, she was sure to be putting a few certain items in other more convenient places once she had even a minute to herself. But until then she had decided that no matter what Kenni, Ryan and Jess found in the store-rooms that there was sure to be some basic items used to cook most anything and so she set out to find them.

Despite not really even having had a minute to look into the kitchen, Tiana had always been good at finding her own way in such a room because even if the arrangement of a room differed, the general area in which one put certain items always stayed fairly much the same. For example, where one kept boiling pots and large stirring utensils was generally near the stove-top, and one would usually keep pans for heating in the oven where else but somewhere near the ovens? Where you kept strainers and colanders is generally near the sink and the same went for towels and cleaning things like other cloths and soaps and other things like that.

In any case it didn’t take Tiana very long at all to find the things she had been looking for. She had found a large skillet and put it on the stove top, along with a large, but plain ceramic bowl, which went on the counter to the side, and a stirring spoon, which she set somewhere in between the two. Now, all that was left to do was to further investigate the drawers and cupboards and proceed to neatly re-arrange some of the drawers until the others came back or until the next person came and interrupted her. So she did just that.

Although she was beginning to wonder about where she was to sleep. Then she decided she would seek out the owner of the house and find out after the meal had been had and all the dishes washed clean... Thinking of which, she needed to claim some more volunteers or more likely victims for that task and then she decided that it was only fair that those who helped make a mess helped to clean it up as well. Tiana decided she would announce this before anyone got started cooking.

Raposa Dalua
8th December 2005, 4:14 AM
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Furai hovered in the air; his great, diamond shaped wings beating up and down to hold him in place as he listened to the cat go on and on about how he would never be owned by a human. Then he listened to him blather about finding him a more suitable meal. Just for a moment, Furai considered letting the cat lead him to this so called 'better meal' and then just devouring both of them, but by the time Zalin was done talking he had already decided that wasn't the best course of action, even if the cat did give his word that he wouldn't run off.

"I cannot trust you, or anything that you say. And, since you clearly don't have a human, you must be 'wild' and thus your life is considered forfeit. Pity," the Flygon stated, though his tone of voice indicated that he didn't really think it was much of a pity at all.

The sparks dancing around Furai's body seemed to dim and slow in motion as he lifted his right claw upwards and bashed it into the Meowth's skull, effectively killing him in one swift movement. Zalin's form went limp in his hands, and the loosened coin once attached to his head now slipped away, fell towards the ground, and shattered upon impact. The Flygon failed to notice the gold plate as it dropped; he was too busy devouring his latest meal.


Cassy turned back towards the kitchen, intending to try and learn more about the strange Eeveelution she had seen just moments before. However, the place seemed to be in pandemonium at the moment. 'I'll just have to try and talk to him later, he looks far too busy trying to deal with those girls. I doubt he needs one more crazy female to worry about right now,' she thought, an odd smile crossing her face as she backed away from the area. 'I suppose I should see how my other pal is doing, then.'

The psychic fox stopped in the middle of the hallway, the opal embedded in her forehead again taking on a blue sort of glow. After locating her next victim's aura, she disappeared. She instantly reappeared in a different location, high above the mansion. The sudden change in the amount of oxygen in the air made her pant slightly, but she soon regained her breath. She cast her blue eyed gaze around, enjoying the scene around her.

"Quite a view you've got up here, Furai. I had forgotten how great the gift of flight can be," she stated casually, as though a psychic fox suddenly appearing on the back of a large dragon was the most common thing in the world.

"What do you want, fox?" was his only reply.

"Straight to the point, hmm?" she rolled her eyes, "By the way, Naomi would go into coniptions if she found out you were eating the prized friend of a boy from down in the mansion. How are you going to explain this one?"

"He stated that he had nothing to do with humans, therefore, he must be wild. I am not held responsible for how he chooses to answer my questions."

"You asked him if he was 'owned' by a human, didn't you?"


"Right. Well, you can't eat the entire thing now that you know he sort of has a human. Best save the tail, at least, and I'll get it to Naomi, okay?"

Cassy's only response was a sudden thwack in the face. The tail Furai had ripped off and thrown at her now slid to his back, leaning slightly on her paws. She picked up the tail with a simple flick on her own forked tail; it hovered in the air beside her. She then teleported away, leaving Furai to himself again.