View Full Version : The MapleStory Club! (Psi Approved)

8th November 2005, 4:24 AM
Welcome one and all to:

The MapleStory Club!

Approved by the one and only PsiUmbreon!

This club is for people who like, and play the game MapleStory!

Sites for each MapleStory

Maple Global (http://www.mapleglobal.com) (must view in IE)

Maple S.E.A (http://www.maplesea.com)(South East Asia)

Maple Story Korea (http://www.maplestory.nexon.com)(must view in IE)

Maple Story Japan (http://gameweb.nexon.co.jp/maplestory)

Maple Story China (http://mxd.poptang.com/web2005/index.asp)

Maple Story Taiwan (http://www.maplestory.com.tw)


1.No Swearing or Bashing or break any Serebii rule.
2.NO bumping this club if it's empty for 30 days. I don't want this club to be closed again.
3. Have fun!

Note: Not taking any co-owners. Sorry!

Name on MapleStory:
Server(i.e Bera, Scania):
Game(i.e MapleGlobal, Maple S.E.A):