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Flying Tropius
9th November 2005, 12:43 AM
Heres another one of my horrible fics I thought up!
Enjoy the SPAM!
It is just so short.....
I just wrote it don't bash me so Hard like last time It was depressing you know!

But you can never blame a man for trying. >_o

this is just an idea it is not a great piece IT IS SCRAP!

in the pokemon world suring the night you can always see 8 bright stars east and beyond the horizon. This constellation is Solaris. It seems to always watch sunrise and then dissapear.
Legends holds that Solaris was once a very adamant Tropius. this Tropius always had one dream. He always seeked the secret of the Sun. He wanted to do what is the best for his people. He was satisfied and happy with being the Priest of the Sun in the Tropius Society. He was the first to unlocked the true power of Solarbeam, the most feared power among all grass pokemons. After all Tropius is the most superior grass type under Celebi. He had the highest power of all of the Tropius existed. For the Sun is their mother their source of existence. Many say that he has the ability speaks to the Sun itself. This power was envied by all the other grass types, especialy Venusaurs for they were the most superior grass type before any Tropius step their feet on to earth. But the Sun favored Solaris and his race the sun gave them the gift of flight! allowing them to conquer any grass type. The Sun even reveal the power of the true solar beam to Solaris. The true Solarbeam is not any Solarbeam. It is blessed by the power of the sun himself. It was only to be passed to the Sun Priests, but the power is only avillable to a person with high holiness.
Solaris of course is a rightful ruler and judge. He settled disputes between other grass types with peace.
Of course Sun was pleased with Solaris's ability to rule. yet.....Saturn was angry at the unbalance of power he sees Saturn the ruler of Ice and Darkness unleashed his priest Polaris an Absol. Polaris lead an army of Glaies and Umbreons against the Grass types. The sun was not pleased. He said to Solaris :" the army of Saturn rises to rebel, men to arms and we shall prevail!"
Solaris was not happy when he heard this. He didn't want war! His People are Bane to the power of Ice! But if the peoplr should live he has no choice.
Solaris tried to gather many other types for the war. Espeon the psychic types accepted to battle with the armies of Saturn although they were not happy to battle their brothers. The Espeons are a creature of the Sun they also have to protect his glory. There for the Espeons agreed to fight. Blasterion the Venusaur sees this as a time to gain fame for his people and gain the favor of the Sun so they didn't refuse to fight either.
At the end all grass type but the rogues Caturne who are traitors of both Saturn and Sun was involved with this war.
Polaris wasn't very lazy either. He prayed to Saturn who sent down Kyogre and Kyogre wrecked havoc among the grass types with his sheer cold power.
Solaris countered this with a prayer of his own. The Sun gave him Groundon who was a beast who used his drought to aid the Grass types in their war.
Polaris wasn't very happy to see this in fact he was infuriated to see Groundon. So he sent Kyogre to face him. They battled long and hard many land was destroyed. In fact this battle was so shaking it woke up Rayquazza!
Rayquazza flew up to the 2 of them and used Roar those pokemon then just disappeared. Rayquazza then flew to space and question tsun and Saturn. Rayquazza was infuriated with both. He said " What the heck do you dimwits think you're doing! I don't care how you fight a war but I will forbid that you will never use the power of those 2 creatures!" Solaris and Polaris was happy that the battle was over but the war was not! Polaris always seems wining. after all Tropius was bane to the power of ice. But then Sun and Saturn said you are to send all pokemon home except any Tropius or Absol.
Sun and Saturn's most powerful creation is now the only ones at war. The Battle of Fortrees was on the next day it was a bloody day. The 2 types started to just go all thrashing about. They all attack each other will such a zeal that even Rayquazza can not discribe. Solaris unleashed the Sacred power of TRUE SOLARBEAM! When he fired merely the shock wave around Solaris can faint a pokemon. The blast shot right through the enemy formation! It killed thousands! Polaris shot a Sacred Wind at the beam and cause a big explosion!
By the end of that day both leaders are dead and only few pkmn are left to wander around Fortree. Sun and Saturn saw the destruction. They lifted the body of Solaris and Polaris to the sky and it shot off! it then Explodes and became a constellation. Solaris is still faithful to the sun even today that is why it watches the east. And that is the story of Solaris.