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9th November 2005, 3:18 AM
In this preview, I'll give you some information on the main characters and the first paragraph of the first chapter.

Name: Daniel “Danny”
Age: 15
Guardian of: Time
Biography: Danny is your average teenage boy. He has his friends, his interests, his low popularity, and his sister. Little did he know, though, he had mysterious powers. He is the voice of reason between his friends and usually figures out the problems they face. His younger sister is Sam.
Appearance: He’s about at average height at 5’ 6” and is pretty thin. He has black hair that hangs down in his face and usually wears a shirt with flames and long, baggy pants. His is eyes are deep green in color.
Color: Whitish-gray
Powers: Chronos Blaster, Time Freeze, Time Reversal
Transformation Activator: Soul Crystal of Time

Name: Samantha “Sam”
Age: 14
Guardian of: Darkness
Biography: Sam’s the free-thinker of the group. She isn’t afraid to speak her mind and often seems like she is older than 14. She loves art, especially anime. She hopes to one day become an artist, that is if she survives being a Guardian. She always suspected she had special powers, she just never knew it. She’s skilled in the making of herbal remedies (which she says cleanses the mind) and loves mythology and reading books about magic. Her older brother is Danny.
Appearance: Sam’s the shortest of the four at 5’ 3”. She’s about as thin as her brother. She has long, flowing black hair down to her hips and usually wears darker clothes with designs on them, especially black. She usually wears contacts to make her eyes look purple, but her true eye color is green.
Color: Purple
Powers: Shadow Wave, Shadow Resurrection, Nocturne Sphere
Transformation Activator: Soul Crystal of Darkness

Name: Ty
Age: 15
Guardian of: Light
Biography: Ty is the laid-back, sports lover of the group. He is the star of the school soccer team and is often seen hanging around coffee shops. He's the only one of the group that doesn't enjoy being a Guardian (he says it cuts into his social life). His views are very stereotypical and often conflict with Sam's, which causes the two to fight.
Color: Gold
Appearance: Ty is the tallest of the four at 5’9”. He’s not as thin as the others, but that’s because he’s built better because of the sports he plays. He has long, blonde hair that is usually pulled back in a ponytail. His eyes are a golden brown and he usually wears clothes that reflect how he feels.
Powers: Heaven’s Arrow, Celestial Flare, Morning Sun Supernova
Transformation Activator: Soul Crystal of Light

Name: Chelsea
Age: 16
Guardian of: Spirit
Biography: Chelsea is your teen activist. She isn’t afraid to speak her mind about politics or compete in debates. She’s also an optimist. She’s always looking at the bright side of things and takes action in school activities. She is the oldest of the four and the leader.
Appearance: Chelsea’s height is about the same as Danny’s at 5’ 7” and is as thin as Danny. Chelsea usually has her brownish-red hair in a headband with some of her bangs hanging out. Her hair is hip length and she has two braids in front of each ear. Her clothes are usually floral print and bright colors. Her eyes are a beautiful hazel color.
Color: Orange
Powers: Spiritual Sovereign, Revelation of Spirits, Spirit Blast
Transformation Activator: Soul Crystal of Spirit

"Guys..guys. Guys! Can we get going? We're gonna be late!" yelled Danny. He was waiting for Chelsea to stop knocking on Ty's door. "We need to wait for Ty. He's new since he moved here this summer, and he'll need us to show him around." said Chelsea. "Can't he show himself around?" asked Sam. "I'd rather us guide him around. C'mon Ty! Get out here!" Chelsea said.