View Full Version : My new fic idea.

9th November 2005, 5:58 AM
After I finish The Chaos Emerald Frontier (Not done since it's a pretty long story) I was thinking of doing a fic based on war. I got into it after playing Battalion Wars lately...anyway this fic will be Pokemon, Sonic, and I guess Advance Wars based a little. The story will have lots of millatary talk, terms, and the such. It will be light and dark hearted and I figure the Pokemon world be the perfect place for it. I'll just say there is three armies, one being bad, one being good, and one being..well let's just say...I can't say since I don't want to reveal all. Anyway it'll be comedy, and serious based (More serious then my previus stories at least) on this and of the such. Does this sound interesting? Trust me once I'm done with my fic I'll reveal more interesting details and it'll be one very stratigical, funny, dead serious, one heck of a war fic!

9th November 2005, 6:06 AM
Hmmm is it a sequal to your other fics? Like the third installment?

Anyway I like the idea, knowing your writing style it would be really intreasting to see you write a war fic. Advance Wars would be simple since, its war, Sonic can work too since with the new Shadow the Hedgehog video game we can see the armies in the Sonic video games. And Pokemon no doubt would be cool to see in war. I'm definitly intreasted, Wes.

9th November 2005, 6:12 AM
Thanks. True but it's not going to be your average war fic. Let's just say it's based on Battalion Wars more. That game showed me that even in war....there can be a lot of comedy and drama involved in a war as well and I figure a lot of new people are going to have to join the millitary...it's complicated.....once my fic is finished it'll lead the way to this story which is much more serious. Let's just say....war fics will never be the same with mine! Plus new enemies will arrive...I'll just show a mystery pic of one of the supposed Leaders of a Federation...and prepare for war like never before! ^_^


And if you know who it is...please don't say it for people who don't know. I just want it all to be secret still.... ^_^.