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Yami Ryu
9th November 2005, 8:47 AM
And again, another song.


I stumble
I fall
I can't be perfect anyhow
And yet I strive
And I still try
To be seen that way in your eyes

I'm not the best
And you know that
I've failed many tests
But you've stayed there
Even when I thought you abandond me
You were there

I turn around
I look up
I breathe you in
I feel your love
Just waiting for me
Just waiting
For me to see
That you'll be there
For me

So I stumble
And I try
To do the right thing
Make you proud
Only human
But I try anyhow

I feel your love
I breathe it in
All around me
I feel safe from sin

I know I've failed many tests
I've tried and failed like many of the rest
And yet you still stay
Support me with your love
I cry sometimes
And thank you for sending me that love

When I needed you the most
When I thought I was lost
All I had to do
Was open my heart to the truth

And though I stumble
And sometimes fall
I will get up
I will move forward
For I don't want to fail you again

20th November 2005, 12:35 AM
Hello renegade!!!! just to let you know I was nice unlike a certain someone.... and rated it 2 stars

Yami Ryu
20th November 2005, 1:29 AM
Hello Renegade!!!! just to let you know I was nice unlike a certain someone.... and rated it 2 stars

Wow you picked the right day to act like a pisstard. Umbreon Lover, you need to crawl under a rock and die. So go do that. Right now.


Edit: I look for intelligient reviews and reviewers. Not one line crap from authors that have insulted me, or have ganged up upon me with others to flame me. Or even call me a guy when I have repeatedly stated, even when my user title stated I am Female, so the next time you review something, think better and don't. Because like Blingin G, you fail in that area.