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9th November 2005, 5:22 PM
Well i have a box full of my more 'Main' pkmn i plan to use. But a few are currently for boxes and weighted down by HMs. Which i will be removing and replacing soon. but anyways lets just get down to buisness.

;212; - Scizor Lv. 47

Steel Wing
Swords Dance
Double Team
Secret Power

Comment/Plans: Nothing in particular right now. I may end up getting ridd of secret power. But i have nothing in particular waiting.

;254; - Sceptile Lv. 53

Leaf Blade

Comment/Plans: Well either im going to replace leaf blade with Sunny Day, or get ridd of solarbeam for something else. Although im not too worried about sceptile for now.


;373; - Salamance Lv 52

Fire Blast

Comment/Plans: Absalutally nothing at the moment. I really just got him for pokedex reasons, But he is a valuable Pkmn. So i will most likely change almost all the moves. I could also use some help with that if anyone would like to offer any.


;028; - SandSlash Lv. 60

Defence Curl
Swords Dance

Comment/Plans: Ah My favourate pokemon Sandslash :). I think i did this one preety well. With me being told that defence curl doubles the power of rollout. Making swordsdance help twice as much for rollout. So after a swords dance and defence curl thats 4 attack levels up(plus any other sds i do) to add to rollout. And earthquake being there as a good move. but im not positive if defence curl doubles attack power.. Is this true??...


;026; - Raichu Lv. 53

Secret Power

Comment/Plans: Well i dont have too much thoughts going around my raichu at the moment. But it seems alright for the moment. I wouldent mind moving alot of these moves around. I might replace attract or flash with thunder wave. But for the moment im keeping it like it is. If anyone would like to comment well hey feel free. i need some advice for these :P.


;260; - Swampert Lv. 54


Comment/Plans: Absalutally worthless right now. I just finished my emerald version recently and used him for just about all my HMs. I 100% plan on getting ridd of all of them. So please dont yell at me or look at me stupid. Look at me as an impaitent guy that dosn't like having to carry around a tenticool to surf dive waterfall me around (x-p).


;076; - Golem Lv. 58 (IM WORKING ON THIS ONE NOW, Next being either Machamp, Alakasam, or Espeon.)

Rock Blast

Comments/Plans: My second fav. pkmn. Although i havn't put alot of effort into his moveset.. I have plans on changing it. Particularly strength... I can offord getting ridd of Explosion too :P. Any advice for golem would be appriciated.


;257; - Blaziken Lv. 53

Bulk Up
Fire Blast

Comments/Plans: Well right now it's a contest pokemon and not all that good a contester either. (haha) But i do have intentiens on fixing it up a little for battle frontier. Get ridd of overheat and fire blast. Getting Double kick and then something else back. Need some advice for this ones moveset.


;282; - Gardevoir Lv. 30

Double Team
Calm Mind

Comments/Plans: Well i actually just evolved it an hour ago. I dont have too much in mind for it right now and kind of a low level at the moment. Advice would help for this kind of pokemon.


;143; - Snorlax Lv. 30


Comments/Plans: Well i caught it a long time ago but i havn't touched it.


;131; - Lapras Lv. 5

Water Gun

Comments/Plans: Just hatched...


;378; - Regice Lv. 40

Icy Wind

Comments/Plans: Untouched...


;379; - Registeel Lv. 41

Metal Claw
Iron Defence
Ancient Power

Comment/Plans: Untouched...


;377; - Regirock Lv 40

Rock throw
Rock tomb
Ancient power

Comments/Plans: I used it in the tough contest. But iv'e already completally beaten it so i may go to the move relearner and re learn curse over rock tomb/throw.


;381; - Latios Lv. 40

Luster Purge

Comments/Plans: untouched...


;094; - Gengar Lv. 32

confuse Ray
Night Shade

Comments/Plans: alot of changing and move re learning but really i just kind of got it. lol. It hasn't been touched that much. so i may end up getting a new gastly then making anouther gengar.


;065; - Alakazam Lv. 35

Shadow Ball
Future Sight

Plans/comments: I dont remember teaching this Shadow ball... But anyways room for improvment and not really touched. Like alot of my reserved mains.


;169; - Crobat Lv. 35

Wing Attack
Confuse Ray
Secret Power
Air cutter

Comments/Plans: Well i just got this one recently. But as for all the secret powers that helped in training it form a low level. I may get ridd of it. I just kind of 'have' air cutter. Not sure what it dose.


;196; - Espeon Lv. 27

Tail Whip
Quick Attack
Sand Attack

Comments/plans: Well i just evolved him but i have some things i can do with it. For now it can just be there with my other reserves.


;068; - Machamp Lv. 35

Vital throw
Seismic toss

Comments/Plans: anouther Reserve.


Well thats it. Please help give advice on what to do with alot of them. I would had posted stats and natures and stuffs but this took long enough to write without having too.

9th November 2005, 5:54 PM

'rate my team'


'rate my box'

9th November 2005, 7:01 PM
This is my main Box. Basically all of my teams in one thread, No need to make 4 different threads about teams. This is preety much considared a battle frontier team.

≈*Virulent Tsunami*≈
9th November 2005, 10:56 PM
Three things:

Shadow Ball was wasted on Alakazam. Its Sp. Attack is 3x higher than its Attack, it doesn't take a genius to figure out which is better.

Leer on Machamp ._. What do you plan to accomplish with it?

Sand-Attack on Espeon ._. Same as above, only 2x as much of a question because if it doesn't work, Espeon dies.

There are so, so many more problems with this Box, but that's just three things that really stood out.

The 8th Champion

9th November 2005, 11:23 PM
Golden Groudon will kill a box of kittens when he sees this. :(

Why do you have Bulk Up on Blaziken when it has no physical moves (in which it needs sorely)?

10th November 2005, 1:54 AM
I thought i made it all clear lol. First of all, Espeon just evolved, untouched since then. As for blaziken it is at the moment it's a contest pokemon. And soon enough im going to change the moveset and get ridd of overheat and fire blast. Get double kick back or something. Leer with machamp, I havn't put alot of effort into his moveset quite yet... but i will mess with it. Plz read the comments/plans under the attacks.

ONE MORE THING. Please comment and point out errors in these pokemon even if they are so humiliatingly obvious to even me. This way i have a list of reminders once i get around to training them. Which by the way i am right now working on golem. So could i have some particular advice on golem please?..

10th November 2005, 3:26 PM
as i previously said