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10th November 2005, 2:20 AM
This isn't actually a fan fic, but an original story but I'm posting it anyway. It is very short, I know that, but I'm not much of a writer. That isn't really an excuse but please, read and reply, anything that might help me improve my writing style, or writing in general, would be nice. So crit your little hearts away ;)

A boy with ruffled black hair can be found sleeping peacefully in his bed on his parent's farm. His name is Adias and unbeknownst to him, today will be like no other in his life. The sixteen-year-old stirred and was slowly released from the grip of sleep. Looking around the room, Adias sat up and rubbed the excess sleep from his eyes, although he still looked rather tired. Today was the one day of the week where he had to travel to town for his lessons. The rest of the week he helped his parents around the farm, which he loved. They insisted he take his lessons, at least once a week, and he honoured that. Apart from reading, writing and math, Adias also had lessons in magic and swordplay. All the peoples in Erovana, apart from the reclusive Goblins that reside in their technologically advanced cities to the North, can learn magic. Some people and species, such as the dwindling Elves, are more attuned to it and therefore, make much better magicians. Adias is not one of these people, not even halfway decent at magic, only able to perform the most basic of spells. His swordplay is much better than this but he is nothing extraordinary, one of the top in his class but not the best ever seen. Adias didn't see the point in any of these subjects; he thought he would just grow up to be a farmer like his parents.

"Time to get up honey," a female voice rang though the house, "You have to walk to town today."

"Ok mum, I'll be right down." Adias yelled back.

Getting out of bed, the young man rubbed his brown eyes once more then got out of his sleepwear and into some normal clothes. He pulled a long-sleeved tunic of black cotton over his torso. It was embroidered with intricate patterns of leaves. He fastened a pair of cream wool trousers around his waist with a simple black belt and then proceeded to attach a blue cape upon his back. Now dressed, Adias made his way downstairs to bid his parents farewell before he left. He found his mother in the kitchen, cleaning up her and Adias' father's breakfast. She was wearing a white apron over a simple white dress with a floral design on it. She had already made her son a bowl of steaming hot porridge that was sitting on the bare kitchen table. Adias' family wasn't rich, but they survived fairly well with no complaints.

"Mornin' mum." Adias said cheerfully.

"Morning Adias. How did you sleep?" his mum asked with a smile.

"Oh, alright. Where's dad? On the farm?" he questioned as he sat at the table to eat breakfast.

"The potatoes are nearly ready to harvest so he went to check on them," she told him, also taking a seat at the table.

"Eleanor, Adias! Help me! Quickly, out by the potatoes!" a male voice came from outside.

"That's dad!" Adias yelled, his eyes scanning the room.

He watched as his mother rushed out the backdoor, screaming for her husband. She always was rather emotional. In any case, Adias spied his sword; unsheathing it he followed his mum out the backdoor.

"Hold on Eril!" Eleanor cried out, running across the farmyard.

Adias searched the farmland for any sign of his father or mother, who had disappeared also, or what they needed help for. He came up blank, nothing seemed out of the ordinary.

"Over here!" came his father's voice again.

Adias almost got whiplash he turned his head so quickly to the sound of his father's voice. It came from behind the barn. A sneaking tendril disappeared behind the barn and Adias broke into a sprint, following it. Rounding the corner, Adias was shocked at what he found. It was a potato plant, but it was alive. Not in the normal sense a plant is alive but like a creature or animal is alive. It had a root wrapped around his father's neck, slowly choking his to death. Another root was curled around his mother's stomach, impeding her breathing. It also covered her mouth, preventing her from screaming.

Rushing at the abnormal beast, Adias let out a yell, his sword above his head. The creature just flicked out another root, however, knocking the young hero to the ground. Retriving his sword, he rushed again, adrenaline rushing to every part of his body, but he had a plan to get to the beast this time. A root was flicked out once again but Adias hacked at it with his sword and sliced through it like a hot knife throught butter. An inhuman scream echoed throughout the farm. Dropping Eril, who collapsed to the ground gasping for air, the potato creature's remaining free root whipped around and wrapped itself around Adias' leg. Lifting him into the air, and therefore inverting him, the young man found himself disorientated. Not knowing exactly what to do, he widly swung his sword around, hoping to hit his captor. He did and another blood-curdling screa was released from the beast. Now only one root remained and it was turning his mother a sickly purple colour. Slashing at the root Adias freed his mother, or so he thought. The root was severed from the main part of the thing but it continued its stranglehold on Eleanor. As the young hero approached his dear old mother to cut her free, the root unfurled from her and struck the sixteen-year-old, sending him flying through the air. As he flew, he saw the detached root had used the last of its energy, lying limp on the ground. It could cause no harm to anyone now so Adias focused his attention on the remaining part of the beast. Rolling as he made impact to the ground, Adias made no hesitation as he charged forward, imbedding his sword into the center of the monster. A depressed sigh came from the inside the plant as it fell lifeless. Yanking his sword free, something else came from inside the abomination. It was like sliver dust, but Adias knew from his lessons that it was the essence of magic. Someone or something had enchanted the plant to become what it was. It was the least of his worries now, though. Turning back to his now unconscious father and his mother gasping for breath, he helped them back to the house.