View Full Version : Sonic Adventure 3 End of Humanity Disscuissoin

10th November 2005, 1:47 AM
So do you like it or what.

10th November 2005, 3:41 AM
One thing i've noticed is that the storyline is going way too fast. This concludes my rant.

Xeno Metal Knuckles
10th November 2005, 3:47 AM
So Dark ignores the fact that Blaze is on the ground unconcious right in front of him from fighting Dark Sonic...???? that just doesn't seem right???

10th November 2005, 3:51 AM
I'm talking about the fact some people are moving the story too fast. An actual RP is like it takes about a week to get one emerald, or like having an RP event where we go get the last piece which is hidden and is extremely hard to get to.

Xeno Metal Knuckles
10th November 2005, 3:55 AM
I know but still you went off looking for Sonic and Shadow and ignored that Blaze is on the ground unconcious and Dark doesn't even notice her. (Iam talking about the RPG)

I'll agree that the plot is moving too fast though

10th November 2005, 4:05 AM
I agree. But from the beginning i was gonna end up doing what i did in my storyline anyway. Plus I'm also basing my storyline about Fang being Evil. Hmmm.... Being evil sounds fun!

10th November 2005, 10:45 PM
yes i tried to stop that but im believe im ignored. These people thing there as common as apple trees

Xeno Metal Knuckles
11th November 2005, 10:25 PM
Ive been listening to you...I don't think the others are though...(I haven't even gone after a shard since the beginning)

13th November 2005, 8:55 PM
yeah you have listened and another problem is people want to find whole emeralds not shards.