View Full Version : Anyone up for some Peppershipping?

May Onaise
10th November 2005, 2:44 AM
For thsoe unfamiliar with the term, its basically pairing any hot, underage anime chick with the manly man known webwide as Brian Peppers. To quote the famous Keanu Reeves: "Brian Peppers is my dad, and he will slap up any b*tch who gets in his way."



On a side note, his unofficial YTMND (http://www.ytmnd.com) theme song is "Burn! Bobonga!" from the Chrono Trigger OST

As of now:

Maypepper shipping (May + Brian Peppers)
Hermpepper shipping (Hermoine Granger + Brian Peppers)
Mistpepper shipping (Misty + Brian Peppers)
Jovipepper (Jovi + Brian Peppers)
Culkinpepper (Mackaulay Culkin age 10 + Brian Peppers)
Culkinpepper Jackson (Mackaulay Culkin age 10 + Michael Jackson + Brian Peppers)

10th November 2005, 3:17 AM
i deem this so inappropriate..