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11th November 2005, 1:34 AM
Hello, I'm new to this forum, I am also at Pdream forum, and my own forum (in sig)

Hyper Chibi Absol
11th November 2005, 1:34 AM
Hi. I'm HCA! ^^ PM me if you need any help!

11th November 2005, 1:35 AM
Welcome, prove yourself in the forums if you want to be my 'buddy'.

11th November 2005, 1:39 AM
Thanks (that was fast). Also, my forum needs members so please click it. Ok, don't do that. It's against the rules.

11th November 2005, 1:40 AM
8. Do not make posts with the sole purpose of Advertising.Uggh, it sounds like I'm mini-modding :(

11th November 2005, 4:03 AM
OK hi plz PLZ read the rules PLEASE. welcome to the place and dont spam ok (look at the misc. disscusion so many closed threads its ****ing crazy) so im really, really not trying to be mean or anything like that i just really want more ppl to follow the rules ok. have a good time and if u need anything pm me ok thank u

11th November 2005, 4:07 AM
Welcome!Iam new too and u can PM me if u need help!

11th November 2005, 4:11 AM
hellow and welcom have fun make sher you read the rules.

11th November 2005, 4:19 AM
Hola. Enjoy it her. Also, this isn't in the rules, but to make sure you don't get humilated, make sure you go to RMT ingame before you go to CRMT. Well, enjoy.

11th November 2005, 11:17 AM
Hey. Don't really know what else to say *looks around*

11th November 2005, 11:29 AM
Hi i'm new here to :)

11th November 2005, 8:34 PM
Welcome have a cup of joe and enjoy.

11th November 2005, 8:37 PM
hello how do you like the website and the forum?