View Full Version : IN-GAME rates DO NOT BELONG HERE!!!

11th November 2005, 1:27 PM
Its been mentioned a lot

A lot of new members have made this mistake, but i just cant take it anymore! The in-game rate is just on top of this one and you guys are just posting stuff here that should belong there.

So please post your in-game teams there (which are teams that are in ur FR,LG,R,S,or E that are meant for trainers in that game, it doesn't include link battles sadly though)

Also I've recently seen a lot of threads having their teams set up like this

Pokemon Item
Nature and Evs
Set 1,2,3,4

Please don't set it up that way it hurts the eyes
Set it up like this

Move 1
Move 2
Move 3
Move 4

If the mods think this is SPAM close this please

11th November 2005, 1:49 PM
This has been mentioned like thousands of times, and its just inevitable.
People will always keep making the mistake of posting things here and well
if you want to do something then simply don't suggest for the team
who knows no one might actually respond and perhaps they'll learn a lesson. However otherwise, this is pointless..

11th November 2005, 3:11 PM
meh i thought so too.... anyways whats with the increase of these "mistakes" these days? and the increase of horrible raters?

Slack King
11th November 2005, 3:25 PM
do you really have room to talk on the issue of 'horrible' raters

Hey Micky!
11th November 2005, 5:18 PM