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Tales of Passion
A Trainers Passion [Rewrite 7.3]
By Yuugi's Black Magician

[Note Post may contain spoilers, if you please skip to next post]

Pokémon is ©Satoshi Tajiri and Game Freak.
Table of Contents

Volume I: the Birth of the Legend

Book I: The Golden Fellowship

A Word to the Wise
Character Biographies
Chapter 1: Pallet
Chapter 2: ViridianCity---General
Chapter 3: ViridianForest---Surge Shock
Chapter 4: PewterCity---Boulder
Chapter 5: Eastward---Cold (Part I)
Chapter 6: Eastward---Ryo (Part II)
Chapter 7: CeruleanCity—Recovery (Part I)
Chapter 8: CeruleanCity---Confrontation (Part II)

Book II: The Chronicles of Red

Chapter 9: CeruleanCity---Bubblebeam
Chapter 10: VermillionCity---Thunderbolt
Chapter 11: VermillionCity---S.S. Anne
Chapter 2: Porta Vista---Cap’n
Chapter 13: Porta Vista---Flare
Chapter 14: Porta Vista---Blend
Chapter 15: Porta Vista---Mask
Chapter 16: VermillionCity---Thunder
Chapter 17: CeruleanCity---Cascade
Chapter 18: Gray (Part I)
Chapter 19: Rise!!! (Part II)

Volume II: The Evils of Team Rocket

Book III: And Alone, OneTown’s Sin’s…

Chapter 20: LavenderTown (Part I)
Chapter 21: LavenderTown---Fuji-sama (Part II)
Chapter 22: LavenderTown---BlackTower (Part III)
Chapter 23: LavenderTown---Rockets?! (Part IV)
Chapter 24: LavenderTown---Re-Enter: Shogun (Part V)
Chapter 25: LavenderTown---And Alone, One Towns Sin’s… (Part VI)
Chapter 26: CeladonCity---Virtual (Part I)
Chapter 27: CeladonCity---Porygon (Part II)
Chapter 28: SaffronCity---Gatherings (Part I)
Chapter 29: SaffronCity---Ballroom (Part II)

Book IV: …And the Sweet Red Rose

Chapter 30: CeladonCity---Invasion?! (Part I)
Chapter 31: CeladonCity---Erika-sama’s Left Sleeve (Part II)
Chapter 32: CeladonCity---Retaliation (Part III)
Chapter 33: CeladonCity---Department Store (Part IV)
Chapter 34: CeladonCity---Rematch with Ryo (Part V)
Chapter 35: CeladonCity---Calm (Part VI)
Chapter 36: CeladonCity---Underground (Part VII)
Chapter 37: CeladonCity---Resurrection (Part VIII)
Chapter 38: CeladonCity---Outnumbered?! (Part IX)
Chapter 39: CeladonCity---Black Coffee That Stains the Carpet… (Part X)
Chapter 40: CeladonCity---…And the Sweet Red Rose (Part XI)

Volume III: Journey Bound Once More…

Book 5: The Path to Greatness

Chapter 41: Fly
Chapter 42: FuchsiaCity---Focus (Part I)
Chapter 43: FuchsiaCity---Soul (Part II)
Chapter 44: Safari Zone---Tauros
Chapter 45: CinnabarIsland---Kingler (Part I)
Chapter 46: CinnabarIsland---Volcano (Part II)
Chapter 47: SaffronCity---Siege! (Part I)
Chapter 48: SaffronCity---Gathering of the Tri-Trainers (Part II)

Book VI: Silph Co. Siege!

Chapter 49: SaffronCity---Barrier! (Part III)
Chapter 50: SaffronCity---Floor #1 (Part IV)
Chapter 51: SaffronCity---Floor #2 (Part V)
Chapter 52: SaffronCity---Floor #3 (Part VI)
Chapter 53: SaffronCity---Outside (Part VII)
Chapter 54: SaffronCity---Zombie (Part VIII)
Chapter 55: SaffronCity---Power & Ambition (Part IX)
Chapter 56: SaffronCity---Sixty Four Floors (Part X)
Chapter 57: SaffronCity---Mind Games (Part XI)
Chapter 58: SaffronCity---Sabrina (Part XII)

Volume IV: The Final Battle

Book VII: The Scotch That Stained the Carpet…

Chapter 59: SaffronCity---Marionette (Part XIII)
Chapter 60: SaffronCity---Betrayal & Redemption (Part XIV)
Chapter 61: SaffronCity---The Scotch That Stained the Carpet… (Part XV)
Chapter 62: SaffronCity---Kadabra (Part I)
Chapter 63: SaffronCity---Marsh (Part II)
Chapter 64: PalletTown---A Time to Breath
Chapter 65: ViridianCity---Hyper Battle (Part I)
Chapter 66: ViridianCity---Fissure (Part II)
Chapter 67: ViridianCity---Earth (Part III)
Chapter 68: ViridianCity---Giovanni’s Redemption (Part IV)
Chapter 69: PalletTown---The Poison Lords of Team Rocket (Part I)
Chapter 70: PalletTown---Ziggurat! (Part II)
Chapter 71: PalletTown---A General’s Death (Part III)

Book VIII: Locked in the Hoenn Paradise

Chapter 72: DewfordIsland---Epilogue (Part IV)
Chapter 73: PetalburgCity---Rebellion & Resistance (Part I)
Chapter 74: PetalburgCity---Hoenn’s War (Part II)
Chapter 75: FallarborTown---Meteor (Part I)
Chapter 76: FallarborTown---Battlefield (Part II)
Chapter 77: FallarborTown---Admiral (Part III)
Chapter 78: RustboroCity---Merits

Volume V: Trials of Hoenn

Book IX: Heart

Chapter 79: RustboroCity---Magma Stained Footstep (Part I)
Chapter 80: RustboroCity---Showdown (Part II)
Chapter 81: RustboroCity---Failure (Part III)
Chapter 82: LavaridgeTown---Overwhelmed (Part I)
Chapter 83: LavaridgeTown---Two Sides, One Coin (Part II)
Chapter 84: LavaridgeTown---Eruption?! (Part III)
Chapter 85: MauvilleCity---Pathway (Part I)
Chapter 86: MauvilleCity---Heart (Part II)

Book X: That Thin Line between Goals and Obsessions

Chapter 87: Route 118---Crossroads
Chapter 89: Route 119---Sean
Chapter 90: FortreeCity---Hold
Chapter 91: LilycoveCity---Headquarters (Part I)
Chapter 92: LilycoveCity---Juan (Part II)
Chapter 93: MossdeepCity---Armada (Part I)
Chapter 94: MossdeepCity---Shadows of an Old Foe (Part II)
Chapter 95: MossdeepCity---Shoal (Part III)
Chapter 96: SootopolisCity---Wallace (Part I)
Chapter 97: SootopolisCity---Origin (Part II)
Chapter 98: LilycoveCity---Mt.Pyre (Part III)
Chapter 99: SootopolisCity---Ruby & Sapphire (Part IV)
Chapter 100: SootopolisCity---Awakening (Part V)
Chapter 101: SootopolisCity---Groudon & Kyogre (Part VI)
Chapter 102: SootopolisCity---Tidal Wave (Part VII)
Chapter 103: Seafloor Cavern---That Thin Line between Goals & Obsessions
Chapter 104: Seafloor Cavern---Magma & Aqua (Part IX)
Chapter 105: Hoenn---Aftermath (Part X)

Volume VI: Reach for the Dream

Book XI: It Is Your Destiny…

Chapter 106: PalletTown---Home
Chapter 107: Victory Road---Run
Chapter 108: Indigo Plateau---Dreams (Part I)
Chapter 109: Indigo Plateau---Elimination (Part II)
Chapter 110: Indigo Plateau---Preliminaries (Part III)
Chapter 111: Indigo Plateau---Quarter-Finals (Part IV)
Chapter 112: Indigo Plateau---Grappler (Part V)
Chapter 113: Indigo Plateau---Semi-Finals (Part VI)
Chapter 114: Indigo Plateau---Tsunami (Part VII)
Chapter 115: Indigo Plateau---Final Round: Begin (Part I)
Chapter 116: Indigo Plateau---Zanzibar (Part II)
Chapter 117: Indigo Plateau---Intensity (Part III)
Chapter 118: Indigo Plateau---It Is Your Destiny… (Part IV)

Book XII: Potential

Chapter 119: PalletTown---Teamwork
Chapter 120: MountKobayashi---Nationals Caliber
Chapter 121: MountKobayashi---Golden Pair (Part I)
Chapter 122: MountKobayashi---Can’t Reach! (Part II)
Chapter 123: MountKobayashi---Everlasting Battle
Chapter 124: MountKobayashi---Defense
Chapter 125: MountKobayashi---Cruel Fates (Part I)
Chapter 126: MountKobayashi---Choices (Part II)
Chapter 127: MountKobayashi---Potential & Forgiveness (Part III)
Chapter 128: MountKobayashi---All-Japan Championship (Part I)

Volume VII: Seven Trials to Glory

Book XIII: The World Tournament

Chapter 129: MountKobayashi---All-Japan Champion (Part II)
Chapter 130: PalletTown---Limits
Chapter 131: Grand Coliseum---Trial One, Elimination Round
Chapter 132: Grand Coliseum---Trial Two, the Final 16
Chapter 133: Grand Coliseum---Trial Three, the Final 8
Chapter 134: Grand Coliseum---Trial Four, the Burn Master’s Scorch
Chapter 135: Grand Coliseum---Trial Five, the Shock Master’s Surge
Chapter 136: Grand Coliseum---Trial Six, the Freeze Master’s Cool
Chapter 137: Grand Coliseum---Face-off (Part I)
Chapter 138: Grand Coliseum---Growth (Part II)
Chapter 139: Grand Coliseum--- Trial Seven, the Match of the Millennia (Part III)

Book XIV: Crisis in Johto

Chapter 140: Pokémon League HQ---Crisis in Johto (Part I)
Chapter 141: New BarkTown---Infiltrate (Part II)
Chapter 142: CherrygroveCity---Captured (Part III)
Chapter 143: GoldenrodCity---Jailbreak (Part IV)
Chapter 144: GoldenrodCity---Golden Guard (Part I)
Chapter 145: GoldenrodCity---Cruelty (Part II)
Chapter 146: GoldenrodCity---Intolerable (Part III)
Chapter 147: GoldenrodCity---Setback (Part IV)
Chapter 148: EcruteakCity---Retraining
Chapter 149: EcruteakCity---Fog
Chapter 150: EcruteakCity---Intimidation

Volume VIII: Neo Rockets

Book XV: Why We Fall Down

Chapter 151: OlivineCity---Lighthouse
Chapter 152: CianwoodCity---Shuckle
Chapter 153: MahoganyTown---Glacier
Chapter 154: Lake of Rage---Red (Part I)
Chapter 155: MahoganyTown---Trey (Part II)
Chapter 156: GoldenrodCity---RadioTower (Part I)
Chapter 157: GoldenrodCity---Manager? (Part II)
Chapter 158: GoldenrodCity---Master of Illusion (Part III)
Chapter 159: GoldenrodCity---City Basement (Part IV)
Chapter 160: GoldenrodCity---Double-Cross (Part V)
Chapter 161: GoldenrodCity---Why We Fall Down (Part VI)

Book XVI: Last Remnants of Neo Rocket

Chapter 162: MountSilver---Last Remnants of Neo Rocket (Part I)
Chapter 163: MountSilver---Boss Rocket (Part II)
Chapter 164: MountSilver---Steel Master (Part III)
Chapter 165: MountSilver---Identity (Part IV)
Chapter 166: MountSilver---Father & Silver (Part V)
Chapter 167: MountSilver---Sun & Moon (Part VI)
Chapter 168: MountSilver---Destiny (Part VII)
Chapter 169: MountSilver---Nightmares End (Part VIII)

Volume IX: The Pokémon Masters

Book XVII: Elite Four Challenge

Chapter 170: Indigo Plateau---Queen of Ice (Part I)
Chapter 171: Indigo Plateau---Mist (Part II)
Chapter 172: Indigo Plateau---Brutal Combat (Part I)
Chapter 173: Indigo Plateau---Honorable Actions (Part II)
Chapter 174: Indigo Plateau---Agatha (Part I)
Chapter 175: Indigo Plateau---Sixth Sense (Part II)
Chapter 176: Indigo Plateau---Danny (Part III)
Chapter 177: Indigo Plateau---Dragon Tamer’s Merit (Part I)
Chapter 178: Indigo Plateau---Danny v. Red (Part II)
Chapter 179: Indigo Plateau---Chase v. Hajime (Part III)
Chapter 180: Indigo Plateau---The Pokémon Master (Part IV)

Book XVIII: Northern Lands

Chapter 181: Sea Cottage---Tempest
Chapter 182: GreenlynTown---Exploration (Part I)
Chapter 183: GreenlynTown---Exposed (Part II)
Chapter 184: GreenlynTown---Trouble (Part III)
Chapter 185: GreenlynTown---Interrogation (Part IV)
Chapter 186: GreenlynTown---March (Part V)
Chapter 187: GreenlynTown---Moments Peace (Part VI)

Volume X: Threat of the Tao Family

Book XIX: Commander Xiao’s Redwood City

Chapter 188: Redwood City---Alias
Chapter 189: Redwood City---Xiao
Chapter 190: Redwood City---Creed
Chapter 191: Redwood City---Move
Chapter 192: Redwood City---Kindling
Chapter 193: Redwood City---Experience
Chapter 194: Redwood City---Withdrawal & Escape

Book XX: Captain Xian’s Bluely Port

Chapter 195: Bluely Port---Shame & Forward
Chapter 196: Bluely Port---Xian
Chapter 197: Bluely Port---Obedience
Chapter 198: Bluely Port---Return It
Chapter 199: Bluely Port---Stirring
Chapter 200: Bluely Port---Waves
Chapter 201: Bluely Port---Grit

Volume XI: Imperial Flames

Book XXI: A Prince & His Pride

Chapter 202: TaoCastle---Prince Jin

Yuugis Black Magician
12th November 2005, 12:57 AM

Last updated: Friday October 28, 2005 3:11PM

Part I Influences

Tales of Passion really all started back in my seventh grade year, after sitting around with some friends of mine, they began to reveal that they [me not even knowing, because they were new that year] that they like the Pokémon video games. Now it had been many years since I had played my Red, Blue, Yellow, Gold, and Silver games, and after talking with them, I asked that Christmas for a Game Boy Advanced SP model, and a Ruby version. I was instantly got engulfed within the worlds of Pokémon again. After awhile, my being myself, I began to think about Pokémon non-stop. And then I began reading the Fan Fictions on www.Fanfiction.net (http://www.fanfiction.net/) [Mainly what Breezy had written] then I found out about www.Serebi.net (http://www.serebi.net/) and so on. When skimming through the Fan Fiction area of SPPf I came across Ross Ferguson’s [or, rFerguson, as he was called on SPPf] [now being retired, due to his university work and his true passion, film] “Journey of Champion: in Kanto,” Ross had infinitely changed my life. “Journey of Champion: in Kanto,” was like a malevolent renaissance for me, its classic theme of the underdog from Pallet Town, played by Ross Spear, struggling to keep up with his rival, played by Alexander Oak, was spectacular as the description continued to draw me in, as Ross met new friends and enemies like Team Rocket’s anti-JJ&M trio of Eric and Rachael and their evil Raticate—who spoke! Mister Ferguson has sense then, not returned to SPPf but I’ve managed to speak with him on several occasions about what had happened.

Part II First Steps

After days of work I have finally created the first draft of “Red & Green: A Trainers Passion,” which bombed. After several attempts, I tried writing at different parts of Jacob’s journey, first starting with his humble beginnings in Pallet Town, Kanto. After that I tried skipping ahead a year (which I changed to two years) to the after math of a terrible showdown with Team Rocket, where Jacob drifted off to Hoenn [of course though, this scenario will be retained, as it leads to plot and character development] but I found this didn’t work, so I went back to the beginning and rewrote the beginning , but when it was harshly scorned, I gave up for a while and put it on hiatus. With this version being [about] the sixth version, I’ve tried to make it more or so a mythology, if anything.

Part III the Time Line

With “Tales of Passion” being a collection of different stories all taking place in the same world (something being oblivious to many, seemingly) I’ve found it prudent to keep a time line of all the events happening in the world. So far I’ve only categorized Jacob’s tales so far, but very soon I may begin to work on the “Gold, Silver, and Crystal,” versions story. With Jacob’s tale being represented by “A Trainers Passion,” (which takes place in the time of Red version, I will not place my story in the timeline of Fire Red and Leaf Green, because the Sugimori art sucks badly and doesn’t convey my thoughts of the Pokémon world) I’ve been thinking about giving the Johto versions a couple volumes to show the background between the characters and their journeys, before they will have their already scheduled cameos in “A Trainers Passion.” For titles of said story, I’ve been leaning towards “Golden Sunset, Silver Moon,” I might even add a “and Crystal Dawn” at the end but I wouldn’t want to make it a long title.

Part IV Never Done…

Tales of Passion is a work in progress, it can never really be done, and I can always find some way to improve it. Much of my earlier content is quite ugly to look at and requires much tending to. Some day in the future I hope to continue working on improving what there is of it.

Part V the Tales Reborn!

Just this last month, August 2005, I’ve begun a radical rewrite of ‘A Trainers Passion’ this rewrite was started from scratch and so far has turned out good. In this rewrite Jacob Shogun is now know as Tezuka Daichi (eastern style) and Justin Oak is now Oak Kazu (again, eastern-style). Much of the world is now redefined; I hope this rewrite works out. I have also redone the Timeline.

Errata: As of October 28, 2005, I’ve renamed the characters Daichi Kurosaki, Kaz Oak, and Kazuya Oak for [Rewrite 7.2]

A Word to the Wise

Hello there, I am writing this volume of history for the future generations. By the time this book is published it will most certainly have been some time since it was originally written. On my travels I have been keeping a written record of my travels and the people I come across, but one boy, has most certainly caught my attention. His name Kaido Ichigo, family name first then given name mind you, a boy from the hamlet of the Pallet Peninsula on the southwest corner of the mightiest region in all the lands, as they say, Kantô.
While I continue to write this miniature log of progress of this bold young lad, be reminded, all facts are true to the very last word. For now I must make my self scarce, the enemy, the evil that has plagued the world, even in my day, is rising once more, I must make great haste, the evil is spreading like an ominous mist in the ocean. Good day.

Mister X
P.L.U. 1995
The Black Tower

[B]Character Biographies

Daichi Kurosaki
Birth: August 27, 1980
Height: 5’ 8’’
Weight: 123 lbs.
Hobbies: Pokémon Training; Watching Pokémon battles; Collecting and reading Manga; Watching and collecting Animé.
Appearances: A Trainers Passion (Main Character; Voiced by ???)

Kazuya Oak
Birth: August 22, 1980
Height 5’ 8’’
Weight: 115 lbs.
Hobbies: Pokémon Training; Traveling; Out doing his twin brother.
Appearances: A Trainers Passion (Guest Star; Voiced by???)

Yuugis Black Magician
12th November 2005, 12:59 AM
Book I
Chapter 1: Pallet

The Pallet Shire is known for its old-world settings. Many of its residents are old and simple. Pallet Town has less then three hundred residents, the majority of this population being old. But there is one thing that makes Pallet famous. Professor Samuel Oak, the leading professor in Pokémon studies in all of Kantô. Professor Oak was once just a farm boy, but after he left to begin a Pokémon Journey, and although he never ascended to the League Championship, Professor Oak became a popular figure in the Pokémon world and even a recognized Pokémon League Official.

When the good Professor returned from his journey in his thirties he was given a special grant and opened up the Oak Labs in southeast Pallet near the peninsula. Over the fourteen years Sam Oak studied and recorded his findings on Pokémon and mankind relationships, but his favorite part of the job came from a special system he had gained permission to adopt. Professor Samuel Oak would give out loyal starting Pokémon for Trainers who had just graduated from the academy. Professor Oak took great pride in his job, and many saw him a legend and others a middle-aged man with too much time on his hands, when he should be helping out in the fields.

One particular night about the time of sunset, the men who worked out in the fields and on the farms and ranches checked out and came to the local pub for a quick drink before dinner. The men of the small hamlet sat at they’re regular spots, lay back in their chairs and mingled with each other with the television set, behind the counter mind you, placed on the news channel. Calling for a refill old Bakers and his little pack discussed the latest happenings in the Kantô District.

“Looks like th’ Indigo Plateau Pokémon League Kantô District Tournament is gonna go to that Maroon guy this year, **** I had sixty bucks ridin’ on that son of a ***** Kikumaru Eiji. Stupid idiot! The kid uses water Pokémon an’ he still loosing th’ fight to that fancy pants moron Maroon,” wallowed old Bakers, “Boy I could’ve done better ‘en that.”

Snickering in the background was Pedals Yūsuke, the local florist, he owned just about the only greenhouse in the Pallet Shire, “C’mon ya’ know you can’t compete in th’ league, you’re only a farmer now an’ not even yer farm Pokémon are too strong. Besides, Kikumaru is a trained professional; he’s been fightin’ for years now.”

“Yeah well, you don’t gotta rub it in ya’ know.”

The Indigo Plateau was the location where every year the Kantô Regional Tournament was held. To qualify for such an event Trainers had to travel the vast lands on the Kantô region and seas, to collect the eight, or rather, seven Official Kantô Gym Leader Challenge badges. Originally there were eight badges, but due to an explosive revelation, the original eighth Gym Leader was killed and nobody ever volunteered to take over the Viridian City Gym, and the Elite Council never placed anyone in charge of it. It was an explosive revelation indeed.

Nineteen years ago a evil organization known as Team Blitzkrieg hijacked the Kantô region and held it hostage, the Elite Council at that time was very corrupt and was easily on the Blitzkrieg Gang’s payroll.

The evil Team Blitzkrieg had recruited some of the best Pokémon Trainers in all of the Kantô District to do heir dirty work. But champions rose and men and women like Lorelei and the recent District Champion, Lance pulled through and helped create a great resistance army. But once the leader of the evil Blitzkrieg Gang was revealed to be Richard Bing, the Viridian City Gym Leader of ground Pokémon, horror struck. The Black Age lasted for twelve months of constant battles, many humans and Pokémon died during that time.

Staring at the television screen another customer commented on the battle that was taking place. It was final match of the tournament, one to decide it all. Currently, Kikumaru’s fight against the cunning Giovanni was not going quite well. “Looks like that Kikumaru kid is in deep trouble, kind funny though…” the customer drifted off getting the attention of the other men. “…that a water Pokémon expert would be loosing to a Ground-type expert,” the other men agreed as they watched the battle in awe.

“Starmie blast that ****** Rhyhorn back into the Triassic era with your Hydro Pump!” the aggravated young Trainer shouted to his gray double layered star Pokémon over the television, at the Indigo Plateau. Kikumaru, or rather just Eiji was seventeen years old, and in the final fight of the biggest tournament he had ever been in. Originally from Cerulean City, Eiji, who was a legend there, was looking like a mediocre piece of trash all over national TV. Eiji wore sandals, brown shorts and a white T-shirt short sleeve, and a school sports jacket. Twirling his hair in his head as he calculated strategy, Eiji grunted and was angered when the water Pokémon’s attack was blasted back by a Thunderbolt. Smirking at the turn of events, Giovanni then ordered his Rhyhorn to use a Rock Blast attack.

Spreading his legs far apart Rhyhorn opening his mouth wide and began to hack up large boulders, one, two, three, four, then five, six, a seventh, even an eighth, and then a ninth and a tenth. Each boulder flew towards the weary and worn starfish, and things looked to grim for him…

“One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, and ten!” the locales at the pub counted in unison as they watched each and every large boulder smash right into the weakened Starmie. SLAM! BAM! BAM! By the time the ten boulders were finished, the grey starfish fell forward after putting up a great fight.

Over at the local drinking hole, Bakers slammed six bills on the table, “There you go Kent!” several others followed suit.

Several blocks down from the pub, a certain house hold was shaking with hysteria. The Usagi household was filled with excitement over the end off the Pokémon League. “Wow! That fight was incredible!” shouted Daichi, excited by the display of power Giovanni Maroon showed. He had won the whole fight with only one Pokémon, one ground Pokémon against six water types!

“Everybody will want to challenge him now!” Mister Usagi thought out loud, spread over the couch after a long day at work out on the farm. “If this guy could turn the top seed into pulp I’d hate to see what he will do at the All-Japan tournament.” Daichi agreed. “Hey look they’re broadcasting his news conference, wow even a few Gym Leaders are there!”

Over in the conference room Giovanni stood up to the podium cleared his throat, and then spoke, “Thank you all for coming here today. Entering the Regional tournament has helped me grow in many ways. For beginners, I’ve learned, don’t win every single one of your matches using only one Pokémon,” there was some laughter in the audience, “Because then it just makes you look like a jack***,” some more laughter followed, “A very strong jack*** at that,” the laughing continued.

“Boy don’t I look like a big boy, winning a major tournament in a fancy suit, but on a bigger note, I would like to announce that I will not be participating in the All-Japan tournament this fall, in fact I will be reopening the Viridian City Gym as its new Gym Leader.”

“The press will have a field day with this,” Misses Usagi muttered out loud as she sat down at her favorite spot of the couch, crushing Mister Usagi’s legs.

Over in the conference room news reports were busy asking questions of Giovanni.

“Maroon-sama, why Viridian City Gym?” one reporter asked.

Smiling Giovanni spoke into the microphone, “Because it is rich with the power of past Gym Leaders and I feel it can give me strength, that and, Kantô needs a final Gym once more. Traveling to the Far Lands is just too far to travel, and even they do not have a powerful enough chain of Gyms. I believe I can bring life to the Kantô Tournament once again.

“Ah man, this means I’ll have to fight him some day,” whined Daichi.
“Looks like it, that is if you ever get strong enough,” laughed Mister Usagi.

“Just wait, one year from now that’ll be me wining that trophy!” Daichi yelled back in defiance.

After the conference was over Daichi climbed the steps of his two story house and walked into his room, exhausted from the day. He had just passed the Trainers License test and was awaiting the next morning so that he might claim himself a starting Pokémon, one who would be loyal to him. Daichi already knew which Pokémon he wanted. When he had spent his days hanging out with Professor Oak’s grandsons, Kazuya and Kaz Oak he met a Charmander named Chase, and since the good Professor didn’t mind it, Daichi spent time with this Charmander and until they became pretty good friends. And since Charmander was going to be one of the Pokémon handed out for the day, Daichi knew he wanted pick that Charmander. Hopefully he would and nobody else who be picking it. You see, forty kids passed the qualification test this morning and so Daichi was really eager to grab Chase first.

Throwing his clothes on the ground, Daichi plopped down into bed, turned off his light and typed an IM to his friend, Kazuya Oak saying he couldn’t wait for the next day, and then he closed his laptop and went to sleep.

The Next morning Daichi awoke, it was ten thirty! Grabbing his cloths and throwing them on Daichi grabbed his brown backpack, filled with a Potion and a Town Map he had gotten from Kazuya’s older sister, and a sleeping bag, accompanied by a few cans of Pokémon food. Grabbing his red and white cap with the Earth Badge icon printed on the lower left corner, and his matching red and white jacket, Daichi was off.
Running down the stairs, Daichi stopped by the front door and petted the family Growlithe goodbye and confronted his parents.

“Well, today’s the day,” Daichi said, his hands shoved into his pockets.
The Usagi’s knew they’re son was going to be alright, he would have his Pokémon to guard him if anything should happen, intrusting their son in his Pokémon’s hands they bid they’re farewells.

“Goodbye Daichi-Chan, remember to call when you get the chance,” Misses Usagi said hugging her son goodbye.

“Don’t forget to call us when you win you’re first badge,” Mister Usagi reminded Daichi with a handshake.

“Yeah, I will,” Daichi spoke softly, turning to the door.
Twisting the door knob and letting himself out, Usagi Daichi made his first step into a new life…

Making the hike to Professor Oak’s Lab was by far no picnic in the park. The roads were long and the intense summer heat bounced right back and hit young Daichi leaving our hero in a state of utter ****. Feeling as if a volcano had spelt its flaming magma on his body not once, but twice over, Daichi reached for his canteen and began to drink from it. Luckily he had frozen the water inside overnight so it was refreshingly cool. Regain some of his strength, Daichi continued his hike southwest, near the outskirts of town and the dangerous Tango Peninsula where hundreds of annoying Tangela resided.

After about an hour of hiking, Daichi finally made it to the gates of Oak Labs. Daichi had been to the Labs several times before but never on a day like this one. The heat was utterly unbearable. It seemed as if the rays of light from the sun hit the metal gate, bounced back and hit Daichi, but multiplied. Pressing the talk button on the speaker phone, Daichi spoke into the phone, “Uh…hello…um…is Professor Oak here…um…I…am…uh here for my Pokémon…uh…yeah…” at first there was no reply, but then the voice of one of Professor Oak’s aid’s replied, “One moment please.”

A few seconds later the metal gates screamed and creak as they opened up, once they were fully opened Daichi broke into a run and followed the path way up to the large white mansion-like building. Coming up to the big white front doors Daichi hit a red button on the wall entitled open once and waited. Seconds later an aid came up to the door, opened it and allowed him in. The aid was Suzuki Kenji. Kenji was not only Professor Oak’s best aid, but was also winner of the Orange Cup two years consecutively. “Oh, hello Daichi-Chan, come on inside, the Professor and the others are waiting for you inside the Lab.
“Um…thanks,” Daichi, in public was very…anti-social, rarely did he ever speak, or start up any conversations. Even as the Captain of the academy’s Tennis team, Daichi mainly left the pep talks and such to Assistant-Captain Inui Sadaharu and enjoyed his own alone time. Although he looked and acted as a silent tough guy, and with his cool and calculating expressions, Daichi was a dreamer at heart.

Finishing his little walk to the main Lab, Daichi found the room to be filled with a couple dozen kids from school, all in they’re street cloths, many of which Daichi had not seen them in before, or just wasn’t used to seeing them in such cloths. Twenty-six boys and fourteen girls has assembled to gather they’re very own Pokémon, having gotten their own license cards the very day before. Professor Oak, just as he normally looked, was tall, five nine, maybe, and had grayish black hair, and as usual had not shaved in God knows how long, standing firm in his spot, the middle-aged man, forty-seven, if Daichi remembered correctly, and he hadn’t lost a step yet.

“Why thank you…” began the good Professor, “…For gracing us with an appearance today, Usagi-san,” the good Professor joked, sitting up straight from his position of sitting on the lab counter. “Now we may finally begin, right?” the Professor’s joking began to get old with Daichi, although some of the others found it amusing.

“Uh…yeah,” Daichi replied, nervously. “So, can I pick up my Pokémon now?”

Laughing the Professor replied, “Calm down, don’t be in such a rush. Now where was I? Oh yes!” Clearing his voice, the Professor began his speech. “Hello there! Welcome to the world of Pokémon! My name is Oak! People call me the Pokémon Prof! This world is inhabited by creatures called Pokémon! For some people, Pokémon are pets. Others use them for fights. Myself…I study Pokémon as a profession. So, what are your names? Oops, silly me I’ve got the list right here in my hand,” clearing his throat the Professor Oak continued. “Now I’ll read off your names and the Pokémon you ordered. Kaz Oak…”

“Figures the old man would choose his grandson,” muttered Daichi.

“Let’s seen now, hmm…so you ordered a Bulbasaur, huh? Well choose away,” Professor Oak smiled as his grandson reached into the cardboard box, pulling out a dark green colored sphere, both bottom and top of this sphere were a darks hade of green, smirking to himself, the brown haired lad minimized the Pokéball and placed it on his belt along with another occupied Pokéball.

“Kaz, your very own Pokémon legend is about to unfold! A world of dreams and adventures with Pokémon awaits!” smiling the good Professor called the next name, “Kazuya Oak, hmm…a Squirtle, huh?”
Kaz Oak is about the most obnoxious character you can think of, he picks on his twin brother, Kazuya, and Daichi, in fact he more or less steps on them, bad. But he didn’t always used to be this way. At one time in life he, Kazuya, and Daichi were all good friends. But, well the legendary legacy of the Oak family has pressured him to death. From the Monks of the Sprout Tower who prophesized his great achievements, to the investors of Professor Oak’s research, Kazuki Oak was raised to be the Legendary Champion of all Pokémon. One day, only a few months earlier, he seemingly cracked, his ego inflated and his arrogance expanded. But, Kaz Oak’s skills were far beyond elementary. One time, only a few weeks ago, he and Kazuya got into a big fight before school and decided to settle the score with a Pokémon battle.

When the Oak twins were born, Kaz was the first baby to be born, a minute later, Kazuya came out of nowhere, a real shocker to the doctors, even the parents but they didn’t care, they still loved them both. At the time, Daisy, the eldest of the Oak kids, was eight. And on this glorious day, the Warden of the Kantô District Safari Zone had been in town (turns out those scumbags at the Dentistry office in Fuchsia City were getting renovation done, so the old Warden came on over to Viridian City, funny thing was, he got a golden tooth that very same day, any who, the Warden met the Oak family in the lobby) and since he knew Sam Oak already, he gave the twins both a rare Pokémon from the Safari Zone, Kazuki, a Dratini, and a Scyther for Kazuya.

Because Kaz hadn’t actually ‘trained’ before all of the skill he posed was just natural talent, they say he is some sort of battling God, scientist calculated that if he refined his natural talents with some actual training, like what he had been planning to do while on his travels, he could very well become a League champion in a matter of two years, like Lance Morgan had. Before and after the days of Lance Morgan ‘The Dragon Tamer’ only adults, those who had trained Pokémon for years before, had claimed the championship, but now, it seemed Pokémon Training had become part of the genes of mankind.
“Kazuya, your very own Pokémon legend is about to unfold! A world of dreams and adventures with Pokémon waits!” the Professor recited. “Next up…”

Lost in thought over how he was going to begin his journey as a Pokémon Trainer, Daichi debated what he would do once he obtained the Charmander he most dearly craved for. Daichi had even been as specific as to right down the Charmander’s very code number next to the name.

As the number of Trainers left to choose a starting Pokémon dwindled down to five, Daichi closed his eyes and allowed himself only to hear, to see, the heartbeat of his fiery companion, waiting for him on the other side of the fence, the fence that separated the boys, from the Trainers.

“Usagi Daichi, Charmander…number three-nine-five? What ever you say chief,” Oak said, reaching into the near empty boxes containing the starting Pokémon, “Ah, here we go, you’re lucky the little guy didn’t get taken,” Oak said tossing a red sphere to the awaiting Trainer.
Holding the cold metallic sphere in his hands, Daichi nearly broke into tears. For fifteen long years Daichi had worked himself to death to qualify to obtain his very own Pokémon. But then, one day he met Chase, Charmander three-nine-five, and together they managed to help the hamlet of Pallet Town keep from being turned into a mini-mall, or shopping system. That was a long time ago, but since then Daichi had taken usual check-ups on the little guy.

“I finally did it,” Daichi spoke to himself. The designs on the Pokéballs differ from what normal Pokéballs looked like. Normally the top of the sphere would be red, while the bottom would be while, this sphere was pure red. The small activation trigger button was red as well. Hitting the trigger once would activate the opening mechanism and release the Pokémon occupying it. Holding down the button would minimize the Pokéball so it could fit on a belt, or it would just take up less room if you placed it in a pocket or bag.

Fingering the sphere a few times over Daichi began quivering with excitement.

“Don’t just stand there,” laughed Kazuya, “Open the blasted thing,” standing beside the boy was a small, tiny even, blue turtle Pokémon, known as a Squirtle. Squirtle were powerful water Pokémon, and being starting Pokémon made them even more versatile due to they’re complete loyalty. “Oh yeah, this is Squirt-Chan, say hi Squirt.”
Moving in an unsure way, the small Squirtle, still with one claw clinging on to the pants of his master, poked the behemoth he was supposed to make friendly gesture with. “H-hello, sir,” the small blue water monster spoke in its native tongue, luckily, Pokémon psychology was a mandatory class for students at the academy, so under standing the tongue of Pokémon was rather easy depending on the Pokémon’s current emotional situation.

“Hi there,” Daichi laughed bending down to the turtle’s level, intimidated by this the Squirtle ran behind his master and clung to his legs.

“Sheesh, if he can’t get used to you I don’t know how he’ll ever get used to Scyther.”

Laughing at Kazuya’s statement, Daichi stood up again and took another look at his red spherical Monster Ball. This Pokéball, by activating it alone, would forever change his life.

“Here goes nothing,” Daichi gulped, tossing the Pokéball to the ground. Landing on the trigger, the Pokéball cracked open with a red flash of light, slowly a red plasma began to ooze from the open sphere, pouring out was the energy Pokémon were configured into when they were sucked into Pokéballs, this technology allowed for the Pokémon to be harmlessly shrunk down, giving them the name, Pocket Monsters.
The red plasma now began to take a physical form, standing on two legs; the energy slowly began to form Pokémon 005 ‘Charmander’. His heart beating faster then ever, Daichi began trembling as the formation completed…

“Chase-kun?” asked Daichi as he stared at the Charmander that had taken form in front of him.

Shaking his head and rubbing his eyes clean, the orange lizard, a Charmander, stretched and wore a big grin on his face. “Yo!”

“Uh…good morning?” a puzzled Daichi replied. He and this Charmander had a rather strong, as they saw it, a bond that had taken them through many adventures. Now that they were legally Pokémon and Trainer, they’re lives would be changed.

“Well, um, Kazuya-kun, this is Chase-kun. Chase-kun this is Kazuya-kun,” Daichi introduced.

“Good morning,” Kazuya greeted, shoving his Squirtle Pokémon in front, “This is Squirt-Chan, say hi Squirt.”

“Um…yes, hello nii-sama,” the nervous turtle bowed.

“Oh! Um, no please, no need to be so polite,” the lizard replied in his native language.

“Oh! So sorry nii-sama, I mean Chase-san,” Squirtle stammered.

Stretching out a little bit, Daichi’s body creaked and screamed as he stood at full height once again. “Well, that’s it for introductions, I’m gonna go home an’ show m’ parents Chase-kun. Wanna come?”

Shaking his head in a ‘no’ Kazuya explained, “Sorry, but I’m going to say by to grandpa and get moving, we only had a year until the next Pokémon League so I’m gonna get moving.”

“Oh, yeah sure, cool, well, see you,” Daichi said taking his leave, little Chase running to catch up.

Most of the newbie Trainers had left already and had gone out side to show off their new Pokémon in battle, climbing down the stairs Daichi took a look at the front yard of the Oak Estate. It was filled with battling Pokémon.

“Charmander, Scratch attack!” one boy commanded of his Charmander, leaping forward the lizard thrusted its claw at a Bulbasaur, which easily dodged and then counterattacked with a powerful Tackle attack to the proclivity, the Charmander then was cataleptic.

“Good lord!” Chase exclaimed starring in disbelief, the Bulbasaur that had just won the battle with a Charmander was the Bulbasaur of Kazuki Oak, Daichi’s rival. “He just knocked out that Charmander with one blow!”

“Yeah, I know what you mean!” the shocked Usagi successor mumbled, “But I bet he won’t beat us, remember you already know a fire-elemental attack, I bet all of these guys here don’t know even ONE elemental attack. Come on let’s go fight.”

Nodding in agreement, Chase followed suit, “Hey there Kazuki. Wanna battle?”

“Me, battle you?” Kazuki began laughing out loud, drawing the attentions of many, “Sure, why not Usagi.”

“I’ll wipe that grin right off your face Kazuki. I’ll be using my Charmander and you…”

“…I’ll be using my Bulbasaur; I suppose I should go easy on you.”

The two Pokémon walked into the center, starring each other down. Bulbasaur was a large green four legged creature with a strange bulb on its back. Charmander was a lizard with a flame on its tail. Charmander had the advantage in battle.

Back in the lab, Professor Oak hit himself with his clip board; he forgot to hand out the Pokédex’s, “What could I have been thinking?!” Grabbing a box full of extra Pokéballs and Pokédex’s Professor Oak ran down stairs and out side the lab to find a horde of children rooting savagely.

“God ******!” expressed an enraged Daichi. He had been played for a fool, several burned spots of grass lay over the region, but that wasn’t the only thing. A puddle of blood and mucus laid in the middle, in it, Chase, beaten and bruised, Kazuki had brutally beaten the poor Charmander Pokémon within and inch of its life, blitzkrieg movements had left the Charmander unconscious.

“I guess we know who is stronger, come back when you’re better then m’.” snickered the snide Kazuki.

Professor Oak looked on with a tinge of pain in his eyes at the rotten acts his grandson had committed. Sighing, the Professor laid down the box and yelled at the group of Trainers, scolding them. “Now, before you all go, please take these extra Pokéballs and my latest invention, the Pokédex, a high-tech Pokémon Encyclopedia, it stores and records information you gather on Pokémon. It is currently updated with data from three-hundred and eighty-six Pokémon, your goal is the fill up your Pokédex with knowledge,” lining up in a single file order, the Trainers accepted their Pokédex’s and Pokéballs and went their own way. Once the line was gone all that was left was one set, looking at the fallen Usagi, Professor Oak walked over to the boy, holding his precious Charmander, and smiled, “Don’t worry, Charmander will recover,” taking a Potion from his lab coat pocket he sprayed it on the orange lizard and waited as it slowly recovered. “He just needs to sleep it off, now,” slipping the spare Pokéballs and Pokédex in to Daichi’s red jacket, Professor Oak returned to his lab to see off his two grandsons.

Returning home with Chase in his arms, Daichi showed his parents the orange lizard, reminding them of their days as Pokémon Trainers. Daichi also introduced Chase to Speedy, the family Growlithe and then let him rest in his Pokéball. Daichi spent the rest of the day studying in his old textbooks about Pokémon battling and such.

Daichi had learned a valuable lesson that day, he let his arrogance get in the way and blind him. He knew he had a lot of catching up to do before he could consider himself, a first-rate Trainer.

Yuugis Black Magician
12th November 2005, 1:00 AM
Chapter 2: General

The breeze was low and warm, and the sun heated the air. Angered by the heat that plagued Southwest Kantô, Usagi Daichi trudged through with the days training regimen. It was July the second and next years Pokémon League was just around the corner…well, for Usagi Daichi it was. Daichi was determined to improve his skill as a Pokémon Trainer, and soon.

After the humiliating loss he suffered just the other day, Daichi re-forged his iron-clad will to be a Pokémon Master. It was ten in them morning and having been training in the middle of Route 1 for the last few hours, Daichi felt sure he had learned at least a few new things. Recorded now in his Pokédex was the fact that he had now bear witness to a Pidgey, and Rattata, he had been battling, with Chase, wild Pokémon all morning long. According to the official Pokémon League experience counting system, Chase would be considered a level eight Pokémon as of that moment.

“Alright buddy, let’s take a quick brake,” Daichi yawned as he dug through his back-pack, “So, you want some food?” asked the novice Trainer, still getting use to speaking the Pokémon tongue more often.
“Okay,” the orange lizard replied, resisting against a nearby tree.
“So, Chase, how has traveling on the open road been like? I mean, what do you think?”

“It’s okay, but I’m not really use to all of the fighting, gets sort of tiring to hack away at rats and birds all day. I can’t wait until I’m a big strong Charizard and can BURN AWAY ALL MY ENEMIES!!” Chase began to laugh in a hysterical way, before being thumped on the head by Daichi.
“Shush…” Daichi whispered, a strange figure was several yards out from where the duo was resting.

Tall and proud looking bird wore each and every one of its scares with pride, particularly; there was a rather unnoticeable, yet noticeable slash across the birds face.

“Wow,” Daichi whispered, “It’s a Spearow,” taking his new Pokédex from his pocket he scanned the Pokémon.

[Spearow; Pokémon of the sky- Spearow are arrogant, but powerful flying type Pokémon, showing true loyalty and passion to its Trainer. Spearow are easily angered, and should not be taken lightly. Spearow evolves into Fearow.]

“Chase-kun, wanna fight?” asked Daichi, intrigued by the warrior like foe.

“You know it, he’d make a great addition to the team too,” Chase replied with a toothy grin.

Walking forwards toward the Spearow the duo stood firm in their place.
“Spearow, I challenge you to a battle, if I win, you will join my team? How does that sound?”

The young Spearow looked arrogant alright, with a large grin it dashed forward and peaked at Chase, barely able to dodge, then he threw his body at the off balanced Charmander and together they fell to the ground.

“Chase, char-grill that sucker!” an excited Daichi commanded.
Regaining his footing, Chase fired a fire ball at the arrogant bird but to no avail.

“Try to use another Ember attack!” yelled Daichi from afar, giving the two Pokémon room to battle.

With all his might the Charmander swung his tail and slashed the bird with the tip of his tail, leaving behind a blinded foe.

Recovering from the short blindness the Spearow unleashed a Fury Attack, a attack that rapidly pecks the foe.

Leaping out of the way, Chase fired off an Ember attack, hitting the bird Pokémon and sending him flying several feet back.

“Time for the Pokéball, go!” Daichi cried, unleashing a red and silver sphere from his hand. Dashing through the air the ball hit the Spearow, bounced off and landed next to the Pokémon. “What happened? Why did it not get sucked in?”

Checking with his Pokédex, the novice discovered terrible news.

[Pokémon is domesticated.]

“Ah, now what kind of crap is that?” the novice exclaimed.
The nearly unconscious Pokémon struggled to speak a few words, of which Daichi couldn’t understand.

“Chase-kun, what did he utter?” asked Daichi of his orange friend.
“Um…well, he said he agreed only because he thought he would win.”
Kicking the dirt in frustration, Daichi got out a Potion, sprayed it on the Pokémon, and then waited for the Spearow to speak up. “So uh…where is your Trainer?”

“He’s at home, in Viridian City,” the arrogant sounding Spearow huffed, standing up again.

“Oh, why are you out here alone then?” a quizzed Daichi asked.
“Morrid asked me to do my morning workout, he’s been real sick lately so he asked me to go on alone, but any way my name is General,” the Spearow replied turning Northward.

“Oh, um, hey…uh…do you mind showing us the way to…dog…I mean the way to town?” Daichi’s Pokémon got shaky when he was nervous, and nervous he was, for his social skills, in the nicest of words, sucked.
The Spearow Pokémon noticed, laughed a powerful laugh, and agreed. Taking flight, General began to lead the Pokémon Trainer (accompanied by his friend, Chase, who was released from his Pokéball) to the city northward of them. The hike took an hour, rummaging through the tall weeds and dead grass on Route 1, was a tricky task, but Daichi managed. The sun beat down hard on the trio, and as Daichi checked the Pokégear on his wrist, he discovered the temperature was that of 89şF. Soon, after overcoming a large hill, Daichi and Chase were dazzled by the massive that was, Viridian City.

The building looked to go on for miles, each climbing closer and closer to breaking through the clouds. Right near the town entrance, was a large red and white building, the Pokémon Center, not only a hospital for Pokémon, and Trainers, but also a gathering place for Trainers alike.
“Morrid lives at the northern edge of the city,” General breathed, landing on the sort grass.

“Yeah, um, I guess we’ll go there first,” Daichi struggled to pull himself away from the city.

After walking through the city the trio the Northern most tip of the town, a large wooden cabin stood with smoke coming out from the chimney. Stepping up to the door, Daichi knocked, waiting for a reply.
“You do not need to that,” General said, “Just open the door.”

Daichi reached for the door knob, but was stopped when the door opened, revealing a young lady, in her twenties with black hair pulled back, a vanilla colored sweater, and a pair of blue jeans on.

“Oh General, you’re back, and who’s this you brought with you?” asked the lady, a smile on her face.

“We’ll talk inside,” the bird Pokémon replied.

After making introductions, Daichi began to explain how he came to fighting Morrid’s Spearow.

“Ha, hah, hah!” the old man laughed, “You burned `em like a chicken, eh?”

“Yes sir,” replied the cautious Trainer. Morrid was, as Daichi could tell, a very nice man, living with his granddaughter, and General, Morrid made and sold the best coffee around.

“I love coffee, say sonny boy, you like coffee?” asked Morrid.

Stammering, Daichi replied in the affirmative.

“Oh shoot!” yelled Rain, over in the kitchen.

“What is it?” Morrid asked.

“Oh…I forgot the rice, now I’ll have to go into town and buy some.”

Remembering his manners Daichi sprang up, nervously he volunteered, “Please let me do it, it’s the least I can do.”

“Nah, you do have to, I can…” Rain was cut off.

“No, no, it’s ok,” assured Daichi, “Chase, stay here,” the boy didn’t have the heart to tear the Charmander from his fun with General, opening the door the boy exited and closed the door behind him.

“That boy,” Morrid began, refilling his cup of coffee, “One day we’ll be seeing him holding the Golden Trophy.”

“You sure?” asked Rain “He seemed a little odd…”

“He’ll do just fine; in fact, I think it would be best if General went with him…”

Sing once again with me, our strange duet; _______ my power over you, grows stronger yet!

Before Daichi had left for his Pokémon journey, he had, of course gone to school, but not all of his classes were about Pokémon, one, he had English, History, Math, and of course, the dreaded Science class. One of his elective classes, besides P.E. was Chorus; there they sang what Daichi regarded as, “Some opera song”.

Paying the clerk at the cashier checkout, (Daichi disliking the idea of self serving checkouts) Daichi exited the small store and looked around to get an idea of where he was. Finding himself in the southeast corner of the city, Daichi looked across the street to find a Pokémon Market, a store that sold Pokémon goods. Crossing the busy street, Daichi walked in through the sliding doors to find himself in the company of several shoppers, and the clerk. The newest Pokémon weekly was out, and after skimming through it, Daichi ventured to the aisle with the Pokéballs, picking out an extra Pokéball, three Potions, and half dozen of Antidotes.

“And your total is…” the clerk began, gendering at the screen, “Seventeen dollars.”

“That’s a little over half the money dad gave me,” muttered Daichi to himself.

Exiting the market with his goods, Daichi began his trek back to Morrid’s home, but he decided to take a quick look at the Viridian City Gym, now being renovated, as it hadn’t been in many years. Dozens of Machoke and Machop, along with humans were quickly building and repairing the broken down gym for the arrival of the new gym leader, Giovanni Maroon. Daichi, along with others wondered just how Giovanni was going to run a gym and a multi-billion dollar corporation.

Turning from the gym to continue his trek back to Morrid’s house, Daichi bumped right into a man wearing an expensive looking black suit, looking upward at the tall mans face, Daichi recognized him immediately, “Oh my God, Maroon-sempai!”

Looking down with a strangely wide grin on his face the man placed his hand on the boys head, “Don’t worry about it kid,” the Gym Leader laughed, “Just don’t bump into a car or something next time,” continuing on his course Giovanni pulled out a cigar, lit it, and then began to smoke it, as he pulled back his head, Daichi noticed his greased back black hair.

Waking quickly from his daze, pulling himself from Giovanni’s aura, Daichi ran the rest of the way back to Morrid’s home.

Giovanni opened the door to a large trailer, walked inside and then grabbed a chilled cup of coffee from the fridge, sitting down on the left side of the booth built into the wall of the trailer, Giovanni sipped his coffee.

“I never took you for a man of coffee, boss,” grinned a man sitting across the table from him, Giovanni didn’t even see him come in.

“I’m trying to ditch the bottle, if you know what I mean,” Giovanni replied, taking a puff of his cigar, “Know how to kill the habit?”

“Afraid not sir,” the man in black replied.

“Ah, it’s alright, so, what brings you to my humble…trailer?” asked Giovanni.

“You’re forgetful when your happy, boss,” laughed the man, opening his trench coat (of which was black, like all of the rest of his cloths), he pulled out a large orange envelope, “Here’s the latest data from our inside spies.”

“Ah yes, thank you very much Mister Ryo,” replied the happy Gym Leader.

“Sir, you also told me there was a task to be completed?” replied Ryo.

“Yes, yes I know, Mount Moon,” Giovanni tried to say, smoking and looking at the data he received, “I need you to memorize this data, then burn it,” Giovanni somewhat, asked.

“Will do…boss,” Ryo replied, scanning his new tasks information, he then pulled out a lighter and burned it.

“Good day,” Giovanni said, but not a soul was there to hear it.

Finally arriving back to Morrid’s home, Daichi ran inside and presented Rain with her goods. After being thanked, Daichi returned to Morrid and the two Pokémon.

“Ah, so you got to converse with the new Champion of Kanto, eh?” replied Morrid, drinking his coffee.

“Yeah, and what was strange though was how he seemed to be giving off some sort of aura, it was golden, maybe I’m just dreaming…” the boy trailed off.

“No, maybe not, they say that the greatest of Trainers can give off a aura so large that even novices can notice them, although maybe not read them. A strange world we live in, yes?”

Daichi found this information strange but with reasonable. Kazuya had once given off a bluish aura during their fight the previous day, so he found it quite possible. Checking the Pokégear on his wrist, Daichi came to find it was nearing dark, the sun was setting, and it was six o’ clock.
After, and during, dinner, (or what Rain titled dinner, deep down Daichi detested the cooking, needed more salt) Daichi and Morrid continued to speak about the greatest Pokémon League battles, and how Lance had one back his title as Champion long ago. Dragon Tamers, as Trainers were called when they trained Dragon-type Pokémon, were few in numbers, but each very powerful. Because of the rarity of Dragon-type Pokémon, and the ability it took to control them, they were most often seen as unbeatable, as powerful as the Legends of Old, the Zapdos, the Articuno, and even the Moltres, were said to pale in comparison to a well-Trained, or should I say, well-tamed Dragonite. Lance was said to know of this from his travels as much of his time was spent traveling the world before he settled down after the toppling of the Blitzkrieg Gang. Another thing that didn’t exactly draw in Trainers was the fact that Dragon Pokémon took a long time to level up, to evolve for that matter. Lance had been one of the few to actually evolve a Dratini into a full grown Dragonite.

Standing up, Daichi grabbed his bag, “Well, we should be off, we have some training to do before we hit the sack.”

“Please, not yet, why not stay over for the night,” Rain suggested.
“I don’t know, I mean, I’d like to but, I don’t think it would be a good idea.”

“I know how about we battle for it!” Morrid piped up, “If you win, you can go; if you lose you spend the night here.”

“What?!” exclaimed General, “We’d crush ‘em, no we’d beat ‘em to a bloody pulp!”

“YAY! A battle sounds fun,” Chase danced.

“Alright then, it is decided,” smiled Morrid.

“Alright…” agreed the novice Trainer, he didn’t like the odds, Morrid was an experienced Pokémon Trainer, even if General wasn’t that strong.

Taking their stands out in front of the cabin, Daichi discussed strategy with his fiery friend, “Remember, General is just a flying type Pokémon, by all rights, he should not have any projectile attacks so if we can hit him with a few Ember attacks he should go down pretty easily.”

“Are you ready?” asked Morrid, apparently ready for battle.

“Yes,” replied Daichi.

“Good, alright then…”


“We’ll start things off, General, use a Head Butt attack!” roared Morrid.
“Chase, dodge and then blasted his with an Ember!” exclaimed the confident novice.

Charging forward the winged Pokémon attempted to bash his opponent but could not make the hit as the salamander jumped from the attacks pathway at the last moment.

Opening his mouth, Chase was ready to belch out a fireball, but to his dismay his vision was blinded by the sand that had been kicked up due to the sudden stop, and skidding of his foe. Frantically looking around for his target Chase left his backside wide opening leading to a powerful Fury Attack straight to the spine. Mustering up all of his strength, the Charmander twisted his body around slammed his opponent with his flaming tail, knocking his straight to the ground, and then coughing forth three fireballs, each the size of a soccer ball.

“Gotcha!” exclaimed an excited Daichi.

“That’s what you think, lashed back the Spearow Pokémon as he leaped up, head butted Chase straight in the jaw, sending the Charmander several feet backward.

“No way!” shrieked Daichi, stunned and unable to move.

“Alright then, let’s finish this shall we General?” smiled Morrid, Daichi knew he must have been planning something big. “Go, Diving Javelin Tornado!”

Instantly the Spearow leaped into the air, lying as fast as he could to reach a safe altitude, then he began free-falling towards the ground, beak first, but that wasn’t even the half of it, he was turning his body until it looked like some sort of Tornado coming for the heavens and descending straight down on Chase.

“Oh crap!” Daichi realized, “Chase, quickly, fire as many Ember fireballs as you possibly can!”

Still unable to move the Charmander looked straight up into the sky from his position on the ground, with his back to the ground, Chase stared straight into the pinkish sky, illuminated by the setting sun. Will I ever be able to reach you, my sky, the great ocean above the seas, the lands…will I?


Quickly the Charmander realized what must be done, opening his mouth the widest he had ever done before he fired forth three basketball sized fireballs, each one a dark fiery red and crimson.
Diving right through the first fireball, thanks to the spinning of his body, General was able to withstand the heat, but the first was only a adder, and then came another, now, moving much slower, and losing spin, General was blasted hard by the crimson red fireballs, sending his flying upward, and then the third blasted his again, this time in the side, sending his rebounding onto the ground.

“Chase, we did it!” exclaimed Daichi who, picked up his orange friend, “Great job, here have a…” Chase was sound asleep.

“Hey, good work out there,” Morrid congratulated Daichi, as he tended to General’s burns.

“Uh…thanks, say…you mind if I take you up on that offer?” asked a shy Daichi.

“Sure thing,” Morrid replied, walking inside with Rain, carrying General.
As the Daichi entered, he laid Chase down by the fire so h would regain his strength. Asking the boy to enter the kitchen with him, Morrid, after filling up a cup of coffee, sat down and asked Daichi a life changing request.

“Daichi-chan,” began Morrid, “I ask of you, please…take General with you tomorrow.”

“What?!” asked Daichi, unable to believe what he just heard.

“General is young and full of life, he deserves better then what he can get here. He needs someone who can awaken his fullest potential, someone who can help him grow strong. I can not travel any more, I am too old, but you, you are still young enough. You can make him grow stronger. Please…”

“But…how will General feel about this? I know how much he cares of you, he may not want to leave,” Daichi was concerned the Spearow might not even listen to him.

“General will get over it in due time, but, he needs this, so please, take him with you on your journey.”

“I’ll try,” replied the modest Daichi.

“Good…you know…I first met General about a year ago, I was on one of my morning walks, and then I found him, he was in the middle of the road, beaten and bloody. When I took him here, to my home, he was defiant, even when he was half-dead, half-alive. But…as time went by he grew to like this place. I took him under my wing and Trainer him some, until I could find a real Trainer, one who could put time into the youngling, that Trainer is you.”

“I understand now,” Daichi replied.

“You’d better get some sleep, tomorrow you’ll need to be doing a lot of Training, eh?” asked Morrid.

“Yeah,” and with that Daichi went to sleep on the sofa.

The next morning Morrid said his goodbyes to General, who of course was not planning on going anywhere.

“Please General, he’ll be better for you, he can teach you more than I can in the long run,” pleaded Morrid.

“No! I won’t! This is my home, you are my family!” General began to shed tears, “I…can’t…”

“We still are your family, and this still is your home, but General, Daichi-chan here, he can make you stronger. He can help you achieve your goal of becoming Hall of Fame Pokémon, I can’t, and I’m just too old.”
General began to se the tears building up within Morrid’s eyes; this was just as hard for him too. Thinking about all the times they had had together, General looked at Daichi, along side Chase…they looked happy together, maybe this green kid could help him achieve his dream. Looking over what he had to do, General finally agreed.
“Ok then…but…old man…you’ve got to come and watch us win the Kanto title…” sniffling and whimpering the Spearow Pokémon turned to Chase, his friend, and his rival, “At least the company is good…”
Turning back to his old master and friend, General gave him a nod, and with a leap, landed on the right shoulder of Daichi, “We’d better get going…”

“Yeah,” replied Daichi.

Turning towards town, the trio embarked on the rest of their lives.
“I know that must have been really hard for you,” said Rain, putting a hand on Morrid’s shoulder, “But, I know he’ll be alright.”
“Yeah,” replied Morrid, “He will…”

20th November 2005, 4:23 AM
Who the hell gave this a one star rating. Seriously? This story is NOT a mere one star worth. It's better than that by far.

Now, I must admit, it is good, and I do believe I remember you, and this very story from a while ago. Anyway, it is good, but it is not without its flaws. The biggest one is paragraphing. Would it honestly hurt to hit enter an extra time after each paragraph? That basically is he biggest problem.

There were also a few spelling errors I noticed that you could correct.

Throwing his cloths on the ground, Daichi plopped down into bed, turned off his light and type an IM to his friend, Kazuya Oak saying he couldn’t wait for the next day, and then he closed his laptop and went to sleep.

It should by clothes and typed. Also, this sentence feels very run-on. Try saying it aloud. You may want to make it into two sentences. This story is actually good, so don't give up, just remember to double space after each paragraph.

Yuugis Black Magician
20th November 2005, 5:16 PM
Who the hell gave this a one star rating. Seriously? This story is NOT a mere one star worth. It's better than that by far.

Now, I must admit, it is good, and I do believe I remember you, and this very story from a while ago. Anyway, it is good, but it is not without its flaws. The biggest one is paragraphing. Would it honestly hurt to hit enter an extra time after each paragraph? That basically is he biggest problem.

There were also a few spelling errors I noticed that you could correct.

It should by clothes and typed. Also, this sentence feels very run-on. Try saying it aloud. You may want to make it into two sentences. This story is actually good, so don't give up, just remember to double space after each paragraph.

Holy crap, a review! Sweet Jesus!!

Thanks for reviewing, I'll be sure to fix that problem with the spelling, and the spacing. The reason why it is not spaced is becaue I write this book as if it were a novel, so, yeah, I've been meaning to space the paragraphs.

Honestly, I've been writing here for the past three years, and I think this is the only good review I've ever received, heck, *LOL*. I was just about to write a small rant in my signiture about being excluded from the FF community here, but now, I'm not sure I should...

By the way, I read your first Chapter of DtD, the rewritten version seems a lot more realistic then before, and not so Tim Burton-like.

Incase anyone cares, I'm currently working on Chapter 5: Cold (Part I), it'll introduce a new antagonist to the series. Once I complete work on the rest of Book I I'll release more chapters, but for now you must all wait in agony!


Magi of all
20th November 2005, 7:22 PM
Yuugis, I just read your signature and I am more that surprised. Although I have not read the stuff you wrote before, from what I have read now you have a lot of talent and skill when writing.


Your first chapter was pretty good. It was mostly original with parts that are similar to the basic introduction. Give one a sense of familiarity while introducing fresh ideas. Daichi’s really eliminates any ideas people had of him being a Gary-Stu. Also, Giovanni’s intro was a nice touch. Not that he may favorite gym leader or anything<_<

Second chapter was also good. No story other that the journey yet, but its only chapter 2. General is a good pokemon character, but his introduction seemed, weird for a lack of a better word. It’s probably just me though. One other thing, in the story, you use both the name Daichi and Ichigo. Unless I missed something this seems really random and confusing.

All in all, this fic is good. It has yet to achieve greatness, but its small now. This has the potential to grow into something great.

Yuugis Black Magician
21st November 2005, 10:44 PM
Yuugis, I just read your signature and I am more that surprised. Although I have not read the stuff you wrote before, from what I have read now you have a lot of talent and skill when writing.


Your first chapter was pretty good. It was mostly original with parts that are similar to the basic introduction. Give one a sense of familiarity while introducing fresh ideas. Daichi’s really eliminates any ideas people had of him being a Gary-Stu. Also, Giovanni’s intro was a nice touch. Not that he may favorite gym leader or anything<_<

Second chapter was also good. No story other that the journey yet, but its only chapter 2. General is a good pokemon character, but his introduction seemed, weird for a lack of a better word. It’s probably just me though. One other thing, in the story, you use both the name Daichi and Ichigo. Unless I missed something this seems really random and confusing.

All in all, this fic is good. It has yet to achieve greatness, but its small now. This has the potential to grow into something great.

LOL, yeah, oops, his name is Daichi, but I've gone over several names in the file I write in and I must have missed the changes, I'll get to those. As for General, LOL, yeah, he's a bit of an oddball, at times. I really was looking for an original character.

Dangit, I'll have to rewrite this thing again, chapters three and four seemed to rushed for my tastes...

And the signiture was a just little something for me to get of my chest. LOL

Yuugis Black Magician
27th November 2005, 4:56 PM
Chapter 3: Surge Shock

Deep within the Forest of Insects, Daichi hikes his way through the webs and the leaves of those past. It was July fifth, after traveling through the Viridian Forest for almost a complete twenty-four hours, Daichi stops to drink some water. Even at night, the forest captures its heat nicely, only to torture those who travel it. He had just finished training his Pokémon only a few hours ago, and was at this very moment looking for a nice place to settle down for the night. It had been two days since he had embarked from Morrid’s home, and now he had gotten to know General a little more. Just the day before, though, he had captured a Nidoran♂, which he had named Thor, the capture was bittersweet in the end, he found himself with a Pokémon who starved eternally of battle, of smelling the draw of blood from his opponents flesh.
Thor had not actually been the only capture of which Daichi had made, earlier that day he met a Metapod, or rather was attacked by the boomerang-like Pocket Monster and after having trounced it with the help of Spearow, he had made a pact with the green pod monster. Rum, the Metapod, wanted to become a Butterfree; he wanted to evolve into a more powerful state, where he could have self-confidence and no longer fear those who bullied him. Taking pity on the pod-like creature, Daichi promised to be his Trainer. He knew he wished he had someone who could have comforted him more often, even Kazuya and aspiring Trainer Van hadn’t been enough to comfort him during his days at the academy when Kaz and his cronies had joked about the five-foot eight novice, most times he’d have the whole school talking behind his back, but that is a novel for another time.
Reaching the small creek that was known to be in the Viridian Forest, Daichi breathed a sigh of relief, and he was getting tired and needed a refill of his water inventory. Checking his watch he found it was getting close to nine o’ clock at night. “Sure is getting hotter out here, I wonder why…” Daichi’s words trailed off as a loud shriek pieced the ears of oh so many residents of the Viridian Forest.
Reaching for his Pokéballs Daichi released his triad of monsters.
Wiping the sleep from his eyes Chase pondered what was going on. “Eh? What’s going on Daichi?”
“Yeah,” agreed General, “Fight time?”
“Maybe,” replied Daichi, on the tip of his toes. Reaching or cans of food for his Pokémon, Daichi, and this time his pocket friends heard a louder shriek; suddenly it was cool in the forest.
“Blood,” murmured Thor, General nodded in agreement.
“Come on,” motioned Daichi, placing the canned food back into his backpack, and stood up straight.
“I hope we don’t run into anything nasty out there,” mentioned Chase, scared of what horrible thing was out there.
“Me too,” replied a hardened Daichi.
“Ain’t cha gonna release the newbie?” asked General, perched on his Daichi’s shoulder.
“Not a good idea, he’s a sitting duck,” replied the boy.
“Oh yeah,” replied the young fowl.
After hiking northward for a few more minutes the boy and three Pokémon came across a wise and lengthy creek, no more then three feet deep. Laid down on its side laid a small red and white fish Pokémon Daichi remembered to be a Magikarp Pokémon, with a ripped open side. Something as paralyzed and then began to eat it alive. Evaluating the scene and allowing it to process for a few minutes, Daichi stood up, after having bent down to get a closer look, and began checking their surroundings.
“On guard boys,” he muttered in his signature cold voice, of which he had often used when at school, and wanted someone to leave him alone. Plucking his Pokédex from his pocket he began analyzing what Pokémon lived in this forest. He could tell the Magikarp had been paralyzed, it could have been a Butterfree, but then again, the fish was warm, and it had been eaten alive. “What kind of psychotic son of a…”
Before the young boy could finish he was suddenly struck in the back by an arrow of lighting. Shrieking in pain he hacked forth three squirts of blood before falling to the ground.
“What the **** was that thing?” cried General.
“Daichi, don’t worry!” Chase kneeled down and tried to help his friend.
“Any idea what we’re facing boss?” asked General, a worried look on his face.
“P…pi…Pikachu…” mumbled Daichi, numbly.
“What the **** is a Pikachu?” panicked Chase.
“Some sort of demon?” asked Thor, taking a moment from high-alert to ask his question.
“No…j…just a…r…”
“He’s getting worse **** it, Chase pull out some medicine!!” complained General jumping up and down on his masters gastronomies as he let spill foul words from his mouth.
Digging through Daichi’s backpack, Chase found several bottles, all of which he pulled out. “Which one is the medicine for paralysis?! I can’t read Kanji! Oh cripes!!”
“Shut the **** up and let me see those, Morrid taught me a little,” General replied angrily.
“Um…guys,” interfered Thor cautiously.
“What!” snapped the duo.
A large oak tree began to fill with electricity. It sparked and crackled until several sharp arrows sprung out and lashed General in the beak, sending him straight into the ground, shaken and injured.
His eyes narrowing, Thor barked to Chase, “Tend to them, I’ll take care of this *******!”
As the young Nidoran♂ leaped into the tree to begin fighting the unseen assassin, Chase tied to help General.
“Tell me, which is the medicine?”
“The…orange…one…” General, his body injured, passed out. “Don’t worry,” Chase said, “I’ll kick his butt.
Grabbing the orange bottle, Chase lifted it and then sprayed the mark of the electric arrow that had been left behind.
Relieved the spray seemed to be working Chase turned to see what was going on. Suddenly and explosion occurred, sending Thor flying from the tree.
“Oh no, if he falls from that height he’ll be seriously hurt!”
From out of nowhere a red beam struck forth, hitting Thor and turning him into red ooze that was instantly absorbed into a silver and red sphere held by a human hand.
Turning, Chase saw Daichi sitting up, huffing and puffing, but able to move. Returning General to his Pokéball, Daichi stood up and shoved everything back into his bag.
“Let’s kick his ***!” grinned Daichi, placing the bag back on his back.
“Right!” nodded Chase turning to the tree.
Almost as quick as light a yellow blur sprang from the tree and landed in front of the pair, it stood not to tall, maybe a foot, and it had two red dots on its face, each on a cheek, “Pikachu,” it squeak. Surprisingly it stood on its hind legs, looking as innocent as anything could.
“That’s our cold-blooded killer?” asked Chase, turning back to Daichi, but that was a mistake as the rodent suddenly turned and struck the Charmander with its tail, slicing through the skin of his right cheek, the cut would surely leave a scar. Turning to face the rodent again, Chase now wore a face twisted in anger.
Giving the two Pokémon space to duke it out, Daichi backed away a little. Swiftly the Pokémon began to belch out fire balls that forced the rodent of yellowness to back off, dodging each fire ball was difficult, but it managed.
“You’re fast for a LITTLE ORANGE DICK!” cackled the yellow rodent, unleashing a mighty arrow of lighting like before, this time though, it struck Chase, sending the Charmander flying right into his Trainer like a speeding bullet.
“Ouch…hey, you ok Chase?” asked Daichi as he stood up from being knocked down by the catapulted Charmander.
“Yeah, but that LITTLE YELLOW **** EATER can fight pretty well,” Chase replied rubbing his cuts.
Standing up the team got into battle position. Whoever this character was, this Pikachu Pokémon, he was mighty in power. Blindly overlooking the fact the rodent had unleashed a Thundershock that had hit him; Daichi knew he wanted to add the vermin to his fellowship. “Pikachu of Electricity, if I can defeat you in battle you’ll join my team, my fellowship,” Chase knew this was a long shot.
The Pikachu only laughed off the challenge, a sinister, tortured laugh was what it was; smiling, he decided to accept, he would love the thrill, the challenge.
“Seeing as how you’ve knocked out two of my Pokémon already, I’ll choose Chase, the strongest on my team,” sweat was being summoned forth.
“If the L.O.D. here is the mightiest of your Pocket Creatures, then you’ve no chance of defeating me.”
Checking his Pokédex, he found the truth behind this rodent, or at least some of it.
[Pikachu of Electricity-Pikachu are normally mild creatures. They hold in the sacks behind their red cheeks, electricity. Many Pikachu gathered together can make up 10,000 bolts of electricity. Pikachu is the evolved form of Pichu and evolves into Raichu. Pikachu are found in the Viridian Forest. Scanned Pikachu is level 30]
“Oh God,” muttered Daichi under his breath. He felt life slipping from him.
Squeezing his cheeks, Pikachu unleashed a Thundershock, several arrows sprang from him and each hitting a different object, where it was trees, rocks, or Chase. Luckily, the Charmander managed to dodge the blasts of lighting, and then countered with his own flame attack: Ember. Each of the four soccer balls sized fire balls missed their target, as the Pikachu danced away with grace. Firing more fire balls, Chase tried harder to hit his target, and succeeded once, as a fire ball hit the rodent smack-dab in the face, enraging it.
Two more arrows sprang forth at the yellow rodent, each one striking the Charmander, sending his body into a state of shock, literally as he was thrown back into a tree.
Laughing sinisterly the Pikachu fired two more large Thundershock arrows, each hitting the fallen Charmander in his back. Barely regaining his footing the Charmander charged without a thought for his own safety, he knew this rodent was a threat to his safety.
“Chase, use a barrage of Scratch attacks, then hit up-close with as many Ember attacks as possible.”
Doing just so, the Charmander placed all of his remaining power into his final stand against Pikachu.
Scratch! Scratch! Scratch! Scratch! Cut!! Cut!! Cut!! Smack!!!
Chase was smacked so hard by the Pikachu’s tail he dropped down to the ground almost dead, bleeding badly.
“Chase-kun!” unclipping the Charmander’s Pokéball from his belt he shot the red beam from the red and silver Pokéball. His eyes filled with tears, Daichi knew he was going to die here and there; at least his Pokémon might live if they could rest within the storage crystals within the Pokéballs. He had made a deal with the devil.
Before the red beam captured the Charmander and began to rearrange his molecules into the energy form of norm, he let out a small taunting fireball, no more then the size of a marble.
His eyes filled with rage at the gesture Pikachu unleashed an incredibly large amount of energy, “LITTLE ORANGE DICK!!!!!” he cried, filled with rage beyond rage. “Draw your next Pokémon or else I’ll turn this whole forest into ****!!!” Pikachu roared.
All Daichi had left was a Metapod, which even he knew could not win this battle. Reluctantly, he drew forth the boomerang like pod creature.
“Metapod, Tackle attack!” ordered Daichi, tears apparent on his face as he knew what this meant. Leaping forth the pod tried to tackle his foe but it leaped from the attack, turned, and then smacked the pod with his tail. Pikachu had sent the pod flying into a nearby tree, burned already by the Pikachu’s wrath. A Thundershock was then sent at the tree. Daichi was far to scared to do or say anything, he knew he was failing Rum, the Metapod he had promise to help make strong.
Earlier that morning, Daichi had been training with his Pokémon, namely General. General had been slicing through the population of bug-type Pokémon, because of his flying type attributes. And then they came across a Metapod who wouldn’t take no for an answer, however many times it fell, it got back up, struggling to become stronger. When Daichi had finally asked it its story, he was told by the Metapod that it, being a he, was on a mission to evolve into a Butterfree, to become stronger. Obviously sympathizing with the Metapod, Daichi agreed to becomes his trainer, naming the Metapod Rum.
BOOM!!! The powerful arrows of light struck Rum. As the smoke and dust cleared all that remained was a cracking shell, a pod.
“Rum…,” slamming his fists on the ground Daichi cried. He didn’t did deserve to live, but worst of all he didn’t deserve to be a License Pokémon Trainer. Letting his corpse fall to the ground at the hands of gravity, Daichi slowly felt himself passing; blood, tears, and the black stain of death.
And then it happened; a large flash of white light engulfed Rum’s corpse, and a new light filled Daichi with energy, life, and hope. Springing forth from the corpse was a large winged insect, a Butterfree, blue and purplish, the bug-type danced happily in the air.
“Rum…” muttered Daichi, still amazed.
Remembering from his studies that Metapod pods crack when under intense trauma, the novice smiled.
“I don’t have to fail yet.”
Reclaiming his footing the novice ordered an all out attack. “Poison that vermin son of a ***** with your best Poison Power! Then shove a many Confusion attacks in his face as possible!!”
The Poison Dance ceremony began as the butterfly danced and danced, spores being released, covering the rodent. Laughing, the novice unclipped another Pokéball, and empty one.
The Butterfree continued to slam the vermin rat with as many psychic attack waves as possible. Another BANG!
The last BANG sent the vermin straight into the tree.
“Great work, Butterfree. Pokéball, go!” throwing the silver and red orb, Daichi waited in utter excitement. The orb contacted with the body of the yellow rodent, it immediately opened a drained the Pikachu into its confines. Struggle not, Pikachu did.
It was finally over. Releasing Chase, General, and Thor, Daichi applied whatever medicines he had left to each of them. He then fed them, what he could.


YOu know, one of the many reasons I dislike this chapter is the fact that it is short, and rather ugly...sort of...

Yuugis Black Magician
27th November 2005, 4:59 PM
Chapter 4: Boulder

The Chambers of the Pokémon League Headquarters was warm and noisy. July Sixth, many chair members moaned and bawled as they took their seats in the large meeting chambers. The room was filled with air and energy as many discussed why President Morgan called for an emergency meeting.
“What the **** could be so ****** important that we had to get up and come here at three in the morning?” asked an angry Steven, rubbing his eyes as he complained to a fellow League member, William Syrus.
“I’m not sure,” Will replied, cleaning his glasses, “I doubt it was that Venusaur incident, Lance wouldn’t have called an emergency meeting for that would he?”
“I don’t know, the idiots never been straight with us.”
“Quit your bickering you stupid brat!” shouted a gruffer and older voice.
“Who the **** said that? Come on!” yelled Steven, standing up in his sweats pants and sweater. Not very many of the council members had bothered to dress up for the occasion, like usual.
“I did!” replied the gruff voice. Steven turned his head to the left to find Admiral Drake Chapman, head of the Hoenn District Navy sitting back in his chair with his hat over his eyes, as he tried to sleep.
“Oh, so it was you Admiral,” huffed the disappointed Steven, he was in the mood for a fight, but didn’t want to have an Admiral on his back.
Reading his expression the Admiral gave him a look, and said “Don’t be such a pain in the ***, kid.”
Steven’s face only grew redder.
The large doors to the chambers finally opened and in stepped President Lance Morgan, leader of the Pokémon League. Setting up his place at the speakers stand, Lance began. “Now, you all must be wondering why I called for this meeting so early in the morning, so I’ll get to the point. This midnight a Venusaur and its pack were found dead, as I’m sure you know,” Lance stopped to loosen is collar. “The cause of death is rather unknown; all we know is an ice Pokémon did them in.” There was some talking by the other members. “In relation to this I fear the rumors of an upraising of another organized gang maybe imminent. We’ve all heard the rumors, of the men in black with the blood red ‘R’s’ on their shirts, correct? Well, I do believe the rumors are true. Our worst fears could be coming true any time now.”
The Chamber quickly fell silent; Lance sat down in his chair and allowed for his co-worker to say her part. Standing up from her chair, Lorelei moved to the speakers’ podium. “Fellow League members, allow me to…”
The voice of the female Ice-type was drowned out of Will Syrus’ eyes by the whispering of Steven Stone. “I don’t like this,” he spoke softly, “I think I’m going to train after this meeting’s over and done with.”
“Me too,” replied the suspicious psychic. “I do wonder though why the sensei or I could not sense this coming. I’m feeling darkness approaching. I will return to Mistress Sabrina immediately and continue my training…”
After the conclusion of the meeting Steven maid his way to the Headquarters’ training room. Shuffling through his four Pokéballs he chose his Beldum, his first and favorite Pokémon, he knew he was going to have to train harder then ever if he wanted to fulfill commitment to the Pokémon League, and to the people of the world to keep it safe. Steven was only child when the Blitzkrieg Gang had been in its prime, but he remembered the chaos. His mother was caught in the chaos when she had attended a fashion seminar in Celadon City, and ultimately it took her life. Steven had made it his goal to keep the world safe after that incident, and so he trained his hardest from then on. Ever since he had joined the Pokémon League a year ago, and had become Hoenn’s Champion, Steven had had very little, next to none, time to train his Pokémon, now, more then ever he would have to focus his might on training. “Beldum,” he called, “Come on out.” The small teal Pokémon exploded from the Pokéball, revealing its small and steel form.
The sliding door of the elevator opened and into the room stepped Drake, his masculine and veteran body tense. “Steven-chan, up for a sparring battle?” asked the veteran trainer.
Steven disliked the way he was so belittled; this would be his chance to show up the veteran trainer. “Sure, Admiral Drake,” replied Steven, snidely.
Getting into their positions on battle field, Steven patted his Beldum on the head. “Full blast, Bryce,” the teal floating metal spiral replied with a squeaky noise, his way of saying “Right!”
“Shelton, I choose you!” shouted Drake, releasing his Shellgon. “Why don’t you start things of, kid?” smiled the gruff old man. Shellgon was a small, slow, and round Pokémon, akin to a dragon egg, only, it had four small clawed feet.
“Don’t mind if I do, go Take Down attack!” shouted the over anxious Trainer.
The small teal creature suddenly leaped towards his foe floating forward as fast as he could and then with a slam knocked back the creature a few feet. Shellgon retaliated by using Double-Edge, sending the teal youngster of steel back to his teachers feet. “Come on buddy, get up!” Steven pleaded.
“A Beldum alone is not going to be strong enough to take down an experienced Shellgon,” grinned Drake. “Now Shellgon, Ember!”
Stepping forward the round shielded Pokémon released a dozen fire balls from its mouth, all of which Beldum got up and managed to dodge, only to be blasted by a stream of white hot flame, sending the teal steel right into the wall behind his trainer. “**** it!” spat Steven, trying to help up his Pokémon.
“You sure you wanna go forward with this?” asked Drake, hungrily.
Looking down at his teal hunk of steel Pokémon, Beldum Steven asked his one eyed and burned friend what he wanted to do. Making one last squeaky noise the Pokémon nodded in agreement, and began to glow in a white light. The figure of Bryce began to change until it stopped glowing to reveal Metang, the evolved form of Beldum. “Oh my God,” muttered Steven, in disbelief. In all the time he had had Bryce, it was here now and here that he evolved into his second form. “Alright buddy, let’s do this.”
“Round two, eh?” laughed Drake. “Good, go Shelton, Flamethrower, Full power!” the old sea dog ordered.
Spreading his feet a part Shellgon took in a deep breath and then blew out a mighty stream of flame straight at his opponent. The newly evolved Bryce was faster then ever and dodged the blast easily.
“Metal Claw attack, Bryce!” Steven ordered. Charging forward the large teal creature slashed his opponent hard across the face. Shellgon wept in pain.
“Now this fight’s finally heating up, go, Dragon Claw!” ordered the grinning Admiral.
Pulling up his front right claw the Dragon-type Pokémon slashed it across the face of Metang while it was still close enough, and then released a Dragon Breath. A green gas spewed from the Dragon-type’s mouth, strong and pressurized enough to send it straight into the wall again.
“Metang?” Steven asked checking out his Pokémon. He was unable to fight any longer.
“Good battle, kid,” the old seas dog said putting out his hand.
Returning Metang to his Pokéball, Steven took the hand and shook it. “I guess I’ve still got a ways to go.”
“We all do, kid, we all do…”

* * * * *

His body sore, from all the running he’d done with his Pokémon, Daichi sat down, exhausted. Funny, not even twenty-four hours ago Daichi had battled the best fight of his short life, against a strange behaving Pikachu. After having captured the rodent Daichi soon found a strange collar around his neck. Unable to break it he resorted to running the rest of the way to Pewter City, hoping the medics there could help him.
Nearing the woods’ edge Daichi stumbled into Makoto Toriyama. Age thirteen and with one year of training experience, Makoto was from the Hoenn region. The two boys quickly acquainted and when revealing his team condition, Makoto thought best to speed things up, by showing the novice a shortcut to the city. Several hours of operation and healing machine usage revived Chase, General, Thor, Rum, and the new teammate Shocky. When the local Nurse Joy managed to free Shocky of the collar the yellow monsters personality changed dramatically. Unable to remember the events of the past few months the rodent seemed rather shy and docile. Daichi was relived, but the troubling thought of whom or what had equipped the Pikachu was a personality altercating device stirred Daichi.
Daichi and Makoto became quick friends and began to share stories with each other of the travels they had so far had. Makoto struck Daichi as annoyingly mean. Always poking fun at his weaknesses, but not as much as the others at school had. Only recently had Makoto come to Kantô from his travels elsewhere. He had hoped to battle in the first official mainstream tournament system ever in the Pokémon League, the Indigo Plateau.
Having spent the morning after training diligently with his Pokémon Daichi found himself in the Pokémon Center Lobby early night time, and getting a check-up for his partners. Earlier that afternoon when he was also training with his newfound friend Makoto, Daichi had challenged him to a small sparring match. It quickly turned ugly, and in the end he lost miserably against the boys Combusken and Mightyena duo. “Sorry, but they’re my hard hitters and you did say don’t hold back,” he had been trounced by someone younger then he.
“Thank you for your patience, we hope to see you again…but that doesn’t mean we want it because of your Pokémon being injured or anything like that.”
Daichi only wore a face of embarrassment.
Returning to his room at the Pokémon Center, of which he was sharing with Makoto, Daichi fell down on his bed and grabbed the TV remote. Flipping through the channels, Daichi finally found something he wanted to watch. Braking news revealed that a Venusaur and its pack were slain by some sort of ice-type Pokémon. No other information was yet available. Turning off the TV and hitting the lights he passed out on his bed, tomorrow he would try to obtain his very first Gym Badge.
Some time in the morning, only a few hours after he had fallen into slumber Daichi was abruptly awaken by the opening of the rooms’ door.
“Hey, won my first badge,” said a familiar voice. It was Makoto.
Not bothering to move much, Daichi threw up a thumbs-up, then let his arm drop down. Makoto then hopped onto the top of the bunk.
The later that morning Daichi awoke, ready for his chance at winning the local badge. Sitting up to rise from the bottom of the bunk, Daichi slammed his head right into the hood. The throbbing was mighty. “Ah, Jesus,” he moaned.
The gangs’ morning warm up was short, to conserve energy. Daichi knew he would only be allowed that of two Pokémon per challenge. He would have to choose carefully. Thankfully he had Butterfree, Rum, and Nidoran♂, or Thor. Butterfree’s Confusion attack would help chew up the team of rock and ground-type Pokémon held by the Gym Leader, Brock. Thor also had the Double Kick attack, a fighting move that would crush the rock Pokémon.
Pewter City was not very much to look, like say, Celadon City. It was a dusty, dirty, and smoky town due to the coal mining business. North and east, and even west, Pewter was surrounded by the mountains, filled with many Pokémon, and valuable rocks as well. The Pewter Gym was like many of the other buildings in the town, a large hunk o’ rock. All sorts of rocks made up the building, but Daichi could decode them all. Opening the large doors to the stone Gym he walked inside the lobby.
The lobby wasn’t filled with very many people, or decorations. There was a staircase directly in front of him so he took it. The stairs led him to the large Gym’s spectator stands. A battle was already engaged.
“Squirtle, Bubble attack!” cried the opposing challenger, a girl, in her late teens at least, with blonde hair.
Leaping into the air the bruised and beaten turtle belched forward half a dozen bubbles, but the popped before ever getting even half way across the battlefield.
“Geodude, Rollout attack!” ordered a confident eighteen-year old Brock “the Rock”.
Rolling itself into a ball the rock Pokémon dashed forward, slammed right through the bubbles and then slammed into the Squirtle Pokémon, knocking it straight into the stands behind its trainer.
Daichi grabbed his Pokédex and scanned the two Pokémon. Squirtle was only level fifteen while the Geodude was level twenty-two. Levels were based off of a system developed by the Pokémon League Association based off of experience and power. Returning his Geodude to his Pokéball Brock raised his hand for silence in the stands.
“Who dares challenge me?” asked the serious Gym Leader.
“Daichi Usagi of Pallet Town does.
“Oh, of the Usagi family, are we?” Brock seemingly had heard of his kin before.
“Yes, and I’m here to challenge you Rockwell-sama for the Boulder badge you seem to have not been giving out lately.”
“Very well, but first answer me this, how long have you been a Pokémon Trainer?” Brock’s face grew a grin.
“About a week, Rockwell-sama,” Daichi was beginning to get cold feet.
“A week?” laughed the usually serious Brock. “Then come back in three and I’ll battle you.”
“Hey, wait a second!” shouted back Daichi.
“What do you want?” Brock replied, a little inpatient.
“To have an official Gym battle with you, that’s what!” Daichi defined impatient, his face was red and he looked like he would explode.
“If you’re so ****ed set on it, then first you have to battle one of my students to test just how far you have advanced, agreed?” Brock wasn’t going to waste his time on someone who had not bothered to even train a little in advance before challenging him.
Jumping from the stands an into the challengers box on the west side of the field Daichi picked through his Pokéballs, looking for the best Pokémon. A boy, about the same age as Daichi took the east box.
Brock took the job of being the referee, “This will be a one-on-one battle. If the challenger can win, he will be granted a Gym battle with the Gym Leader. Begin.”
The student, Grant Night decided to pick first. “I choose Sandshrew!” throwing the Pokéball into the air, it orb cracked open at the hemisphere and the red energy slowly took form into that of a Sandshrew.
[Sandshrew of Earth-Sandshrew is the pre-evolved form of Sandslash. Sandshrew are known for their digging power and the speed at which they can move underground. Being ground Pokémon they are immune to electrical attacks but Grass, Water, Ice, and Psychic attacks have a strong effect.]
“In other words,” breathed Daichi, “Go with Butterfree…but he’s my ace for the Brock battle, so I’ll go with someone more or less more experienced.”
“Come on newbie, I ain’t got all day!” shouted Grant.
“I choose, General!” shouted back Daichi, throwing a Pokéball onto the field.
Brock looked intrigued at the Pokémon’s name of which he had chosen. General must have symbolized some Pokémon with a great power. When the red light finally turned into a solid form, Brock, and every other spectator was shocked at the choice of Daichi.
“Let’s get crazy!”

* * * * *

When Daichi’s friend Makoto had entered the spectator stands, he was amazed at what he saw. General was flying around his prey like a vulture, waiting to strike. Both Pokémon were covered in blood, the fight must have been going on for sometime now, and must had been very intense. Sandshrew, though, was breathing the heaviest of both the Pokémon; it looked as if it could barely stand.
“Use Diving Javelin Tornado, General!” shouted Daichi, using the special attack Morrid, General’s previous Trainer, and General had created together. It was really just a more powerful Drill Peck attack, but with a cooler name. Diving down on his prey in an intense dive General struck his foe. The powerful shockwave of the attack sent both Pokémon flying back to their Trainers. General was the only one to stand back up.
Brock declared General and Daichi the winners of the battle, allowing Daichi to battle the Rock Gym Leader.
“You get a five minute break,” said Brock, preparing for the battle.
“Good,” laughed Daichi, noticing Makoto in the stands.
“You did pretty go,” Makoto shouted out with a wave.
“Ha! Thanks…” replied a sarcastic Daichi, catching the put-down.

* * * * *

Miss Katori Yūko was busy away typing at her desk when suddenly the door of her employers’ office opened. “Sorry, Maroon-sama is out, do you have…” suddenly she recognized the cologne, and stood up, “Good morning Maroon-sama!” she energetically welcomed.
Walking up to his secretary’s desk, Giovanni laughed with a smile and replied “Thank you Yūko-san. Tell me, do I’ve any phones calls or messages since I’ve been out?” Giovanni Maroon stood about six-feet tall and wore namely black. With his jet black hair slicked back, he was charming to the female eye. “Oh, um…yes, Kuwabara-san has made contact; he’s arrived at the Caverns and begun research and such…and he’s wanted me to tell you that he, in his words ‘Hates this hellhole and never wants to come back,’”
“Ah,” Giovanni grinned, “Reliable Ryo-kun...”
Giving one last wave he entered his office, loosened his collar and sat down at his desk. Hitting a button on his desk an opera piece began playing smoothly in the background. Pouring himself coffee Giovanni grinned pleasingly. His plan was near completion. Soon he would reveal Phase One. Color Corp. was nearly ready to add Silph Co. to its name, and with it, the advanced technologies of many generations of development, including the newest Pokéball design his spies had discovered to be in the making. ‘With this’, Giovanni thought, ‘I could finally complete Project 150XM2…’ sipping his coffee Giovanni flipped through his folders and files, going over any and all data. The Gyms’ completion was near, he would soon begin to battle the worlds best up and coming Trainers, Trainers that could be recruited, and that would make an excellent addition to his team.

* * * * *
Geodude was a particularly rough Pokémon, bumpy and grey, cold and hard. Butterfree knew this, and Rum, didn’t like this fact. “Rum focus, try another Confusion!”
“Have you not thought I’d teach my Pokémon to defend themselves against a common strategy?” shouted Brock, aggravated at the boringness of a battle he had willingly accepted. The eighteen-year old was using a pair of Pokémon that were still young and relatively weak. Geodude, a Level twelve Pokémon, was turning his opponent into mush.
Daichi was rushed and panicking, he had not done much battling with Trainers yet, and so he had be the equivalent of an insect to Geodude and Brock Rockwell. Daichi was highly thinking of calling off the battle. He had bitten off more then he could chew.
Reading his master’s face, Rum knew what he was thinking, and he thought it best to reply, “…Then let me help chew too.” Summoning his final energies the blue and purplish bug began to glow a light blue color. The blue aura grew larger and larger, stunning the crowed that gazed at this majestic display of psychic energies. Using his mental energies, Rum lifted the Geodude from his standings and with a whoosh, threw the rock monster into the wall behind Brock. Pinned into the wall, Geodude was not able to evade the next flurry of attacks. Wave after blue wave of psychic energy pounded the grey armed rock creature until he no longer could fight back. Loosing his consciousness, the Geodude was enveloped by a mighty red light, returning him to the sealing crystal inside of the Pokéball.
“I’m slightly impressed,” laughed Brock. “But, I’m afraid you won’t win, not if that Butterfree of yours is your strongest Pokémon against my beasts of stone,” unclipping his second Pokéball from his belt, the masculine adult maximized the red and silver orb, and then threw it onto the field. Exploding open as usual, the red and silver orb unleashed a red energy that slowly shaped into the large snake of stone, Onix. Onix were powerful Pokémon, and wielded great power, and it took a great Trainer to wield one. “Onix, show me the fruits of our Training!”
“Round two, begin!” Grant shouted, obviously being the referee.
“Rum, Poison Powder!” commanded Daichi, knowing that his Butterfree was low on energy; he knew it would be best to hit his opponent with a long lasting effect. Performing his special dance sequence, Rum began to pouring out many sparkles and spores that would soon weaken his foe.
“Onix,” shouted Brock, “Avoid, then use Screech!”
Making his way around the spores, Onix opened his mouth widely, and then with a breath, unleashed an ungodly shriek that threatened to level the stone building. It sounded as if Daichi had entered the foulest of the flaming pits of Hades.
“Rum!” shouted Daichi, trying to regain his posture, “Confusion!”
Focusing under such an unbearable noise was impossible, especially for a weakened Pokémon who had not any one ounce of energy left. Losing his position in flight, Rum fell to the ground, unconscious.
“Butterfree is unable to battle, please select another Pokémon.”
“****,” muttered Daichi, plucking Rum’s ‘ball off of his belt and hitting the return trigger. With Rum resting in his Pokéball now, Daichi knew he would have to use his backup card, Thor, who he had thankfully been training to use Double Kick the past week. He felt himself an idiot for ever believing he could ever win a badge this early on. He had been a Trainer for a week, he had next to no experience at all, but most importantly, he had rushed. Most Trainers waited a year before taking the Gym Leader Challenge, but what had he done? Rushed into it, he could have waited a month or two, but not him, he just had to rush it, and in the process, cause his own Butterfree terrible pain. Looking up to Makoto in the stands, Daichi threw Rum’s Pokéball to the lad and asked him to take the insect monster to the Pokémon Center for treatment.
“I choose Thor!” cried the novice as he unleashed his final trump card. The small purple beast looked fierce and hungry for battle.
“Round three, begin!” Shouted Grant as acting referee.
“Thor, use Double Kick!”
So, the kid had a backup plan, eh?
Charging forward towards the stone snake, Thor leaped, and then turned, pulling back his feet, the purple creature kicked the monster twice, and hard, the beast of stone actually fell backwards due to the force of the kick.
“Incredible, how in the world…” stared an astounded Brock.
“This Nidoran♂ seems to adore battling, when we were working out in Viridian Forest he must have fought hundreds of bug Pokémon, and because of it, he grew into a strong Pokémon fast.”
“Hmm…” Brock grinned, calming down. “Onix, Tackle your opponent!”
“Oh crap,” Daichi realized his Pokémon would be squashed by such a large creature. “Dodge him!”
Dashing forward the stone snake tried to slam into the Nidoran♂, but to his great disappointment, he could not. Each time he tried to hit his foe the Pokémon would disappear in a purple blur, and the Onix would hit his head on the stone battlefield, causing much damage to not only the field, but the stone Pokémon as well.
“Quickly Onix, sweep the whole **** field if you must, just hit the stupid thing!” Brock had lost his cool and now he would pay for it.
Taking a position in the middle of the field, Onix began turning and twisting, knocking over each and every one of the boulders on the field, but not the purple Thor.
“Where is that piece of ****?” spat Brock, now enraged.
“Up there!” gleefully laughed Daichi.
Thor was standing atop Onix’s head continuously kicking the monster in the head. KLAK! KLAK! KLAK!! Thor kicked and kicked as the stone creature became a wobbling hunk of stone. Falling over, the stone snake looked defeated.
“Alright, great work!” congratulated Daichi, Thor didn’t seem to notice as it began to glow white, a bright aura consumed it like one had done to Rum not to long ago. Thor’s shape morphed and grew larger, and once the bright light disappeared, there stood Nidorino, proud and mighty.
“Oh…my…God….” The entire stadium muttered in disbelief.
Nidorino spoke in his native language, like all Pokémon do, but this didn’t sound like normal tongue, it sounded like some sort of battle roar. The Nidorino wasn’t ready to give up quite yet. He wanted more fighting, so he began to continue his assault on the fallen Onix. “Stop that you!” commanded Brock, but Thor did not listen. The cold stone Onix began to crack. “Onix, return!” Brock held out his Pokéball and shot the red beam at the stone snake, ensnaring him within its storing crystal.
“****…” Brock cursed as he witnessed the sheer brutality of the Pokémon. Nidorino bean thrashing and stomping around the battlefield, he was out of control; he was hungry for battle; he was hungry for blood.
“Thor return!” Daichi ordered, shooting the red beam towards Thor, but Thor didn’t want to return to the Pokéball, his wildness showed as he dodge the red beam, defiantly he snarled back at his Trainer. “What the heck had gotten into you?”
“Early evolution,” replied Makoto in the stands.
“He’s right,” began Brock, “Your Pokémon evolved a bit too early on, that and he’s a born killer, I’d have to say.”

* * * * *

Brock had offered to teach Daichi how to become a better Trainer, and how to best handle his Pokémon from then on, a sort of boot camp, you could say. But, it would be a two month long detour in Daichi’s journey, but he figured he could take the time to do so, if it would really help him grow stronger. That night, Daichi slept his last good nights sleep for many years to come.


Another Chapter that came across horribly weird...hmmm...I'll just have to go over it when I rewrite...again...

Magi of all
27th November 2005, 6:02 PM
I agree that chapter 4 came out kind of akward. The battles were OK, but some of the sentences were kind of chopy. My main point is here, when Daichi tells Brock about Thor.

he grew into a strong Pokémon fast.” This just does not flow well with me. Personally, I would have said very quickly insted of fast, but its your fic.

Story wise though things are going great. Is it just me or have a lot of fic recently been useing the whole insane Pikachu thing. I remember reading something like that somewhere before.

Lastly, there seems to be a lot more cursing that in the last few chapters. WTF mate?

Over all, nice job on these last chapters and good luck with the next

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Yuugis Black Magician
27th November 2005, 9:14 PM
I agree that chapter 4 came out kind of akward. The battles were OK, but some of the sentences were kind of chopy. My main point is here, when Daichi tells Brock about Thor.

he grew into a strong Pokémon fast.” This just does not flow well with me. Personally, I would have said very quickly insted of fast, but its your fic.

Story wise though things are going great. Is it just me or have a lot of fic recently been useing the whole insane Pikachu thing. I remember reading something like that somewhere before.

Lastly, there seems to be a lot more cursing that in the last few chapters. WTF mate?

Over all, nice job on these last chapters and good luck with the next

Magi of all

Yeah, LOL I uped the cussing kind of by accident. I got a lot of inspiratio nthough, form Journey of Champion: in Kanto [link in sig] though. I really hated those two chapters, and I wanted to rewrite them, but I'm just not too good at writing, at least not good enough to really make use of all my ideas. I should just hire someone to ghost write it for me, LOL.

Gag! The story hasn't even reached its peak of originality yet. I've got a years worth of timeline written (which reminds me, I really need to start adding to it again). If you take a gander at my ToC you'll notice how there's going to be a 15 part chapter, yeah, well, that'll be the high point of this here story...unless you count the Hoenn chapters and the Johto chapters...and the the world championship chapters, and can't forget about the Elite Four chapters...*cough*

Maybe I should be looking for a ghost writer...

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It's looking good. As stated above, the sentences flow a bit poorly, but other than that, a little revision should help things along. I noticed a few errors.

After the conclusion of the meeting Steven maid his way to the Headquarters’ training room

I don't find Stevey-boy dressed up in a french maid outfit all that appealing. You may want to fix the spelling.

Tell me, do I’ve any phones calls or messages since I’ve been out?

do and the first I've don't fit very well. 'Have I had' is proper and should be in place of 'do I've', unless Giovanni is meant to have an accent of sorts, I can't really tell, but I'm guessing this was simply a mess up.

Other than that, I stil have to say, I don't truly see why you're so unread. Don't give in though. They'll hopefully come around eventually.

Yuugis Black Magician
10th December 2005, 3:53 PM
It's looking good. As stated above, the sentences flow a bit poorly, but other than that, a little revision should help things along. I noticed a few errors.

I don't find Stevey-boy dressed up in a french maid outfit all that appealing. You may want to fix the spelling.

do and the first I've don't fit very well. 'Have I had' is proper and should be in place of 'do I've', unless Giovanni is meant to have an accent of sorts, I can't really tell, but I'm guessing this was simply a mess up.

Other than that, I stil have to say, I don't truly see why you're so unread. Don't give in though. They'll hopefully come around eventually.

Thanks Dilasc. Once I've finished Chapter Eight I'm gonna go and revise Book I, and I'll be sure to actually proof read from now on. LOL.

And dangit, I keep meaning to read Chapter 5 of DtD, but I just keep getting sidetracked....

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This is a great story i love it and i plan to keep on reading it and it should be rated more then a three maybe 4 or 5. I think this is going to become a really good fic and really long from what i can tell and i plan to read every chapter. Keep up the good work!!!!!