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Jay star
12th November 2005, 10:27 PM
i am writing a fan fic and i have narowed down the pokemon i want them to have to well less that it was at 1st and now i was wondering if i could get as many points of view as i can for each of the two main trainers please so i will give you a little info on characters and a list of the pokemon i want you to pick from.
Also remember to pick one of the starter pokemon there to be there starter.


here is the coordinator and hes sixteen just starting out and he has one pokemon (whatever starter you pick)
and i want you to pick his team of six out of the following pokemon, please take types into account cos he dose battle but not in gyms.

Torchic /
Bulbasaur / 2
Zigzagoon /
Taillow / 2
Squirtle /
Skitty /
Onix / 2
Growlithe / 2
Trapinch / 1
Larvitar / 1
Snorunt /
Lotad /
Totodile / 2
Pichu / 1
Mawile / 1

^_^please and thankyou ^_^


She is 18 and is on her second year of training and she has a marshtomp as her starter but she has no other pokemon because she left them all with her mum who is a pokemon ranger. she is competeing in the league and i want you to pick the best battle team of 5 out of the following pokemon please.

Poochyena / 1
Vulpix / 1
Baltoy / 1
Anorith /
Eevee (that will evolve into Umbreon) / 2
Dratini / 1
Bellsprout /
Ponyta / 1
Pidgey /
Spoink / 1
Ralts / 1
Makuhita / 1
Shroomish / 2
Geodude /
Zubat /

^_^please and thankyou^_^

12th November 2005, 10:40 PM
Yikes! If your grammar is like this in your story, then do yourself a favor, and don't write it. I seriously hope you use better grammar in your fic than you do in this preview.

Anyway, for your tam, don't be so picky, and use whichever Pokemon you feel you can work with the best of all. Personally, my votes would have to include underdogs like Totodile, Makuhita, and Onix, but this is your story, so you should write it your way.

Jay star
12th November 2005, 10:46 PM
well this isnt about taking a dig at my grammer
and anyway this is just a question to ask you to vote for what ones you want to be in the fan fic my grammer will be propper good in the fic aright lol
but thanks for posting ^_^

+Chaos Blade+
12th November 2005, 10:55 PM
Never ask someone to help with your teams. Only you can choose a varied team of personalities, as that is the main focus of it all. If you want me to choose, then...

Male Character

Steelix [Tough]
Flygon [Smart]
Swellow [Cute]
Arcanine [Cool]
Raichu [Beauty]

Female Character


Are my picks. Good luck.

+Chaos Blade+

Jay star
13th November 2005, 12:14 AM
thansk chaos blade for your pics but wel the beauty and tough isnt in it its liek tv contest so basically just appeals of what moves you use and im just asking for peoples help on picking teams so i can get more of a idea of what pokemon to give them and thansk for your ideas :)

Magi of all
13th November 2005, 12:44 AM
Not exactly sure but I think this type of thread is against the rules. If you need someone to determine the pokemon you use in a fic them you should take a long look at why your writing it.

Edit: Well, the rules actually say no threads about character creation, but I think this qualifies. It's up to Zephyr Flare, so pray for mercy

Jay star
13th November 2005, 1:03 AM
ok i will pray but til then im keeping it open cos im asking for matter of opinions on what pokemon to have to help me decide and to have it so more people will liek the teams in it rather than pcik crap onesl ike ill have gulpin, grimer and unkown and snuble for all i know people might hate all of them so im jus tseeing what the maajority of people like the most to take it into account

Magi of all
13th November 2005, 1:10 AM
You may have missed the point. It does not matter if a Pokemon is popular or not. If you really want to write, write about what you like. If its good, no one will care if the pokemon are unpopular or not.

Jay star
13th November 2005, 2:16 AM
yes i get that but i am just doing this cos i want them to have them pokemon and i decided to ask people what pokemon they want to see with them but its ok ill make it work my self then :) and thanks i guess cos i guess i now can start it sooner and pick what i want for them i warn you tho my ideas are good but getting them into words is hard for me

but thanks :)


ok so i end it with male coordinator having

and the female trainer having