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13th November 2005, 3:47 AM
I started this fic here long ago, but it bombed out. I continued and finished it in the Missingno. forums (link's in my sig, I'm an admin there!), and so here it is!

Chapter 1; setting off
Jason left the laborotory of Professor Oak, happily clutching a pokeball containing his brand-new Bulbasaur. Professor Oak was seeing him off. Jason was 14 years old, and just starting his journey. He had recieved 5 pokeballs and a Pokedex from Prof. Oak. He had also been told that recently, many pokemon from the Jhoto region have been arriving in Kanto for some strange reason. Jason walked into the grassy plains just outside of Pallet Town's gates. He then heard something behind him. He turned round, and saw a strange white dog, with brown markings, and a tail that ended in a paintbrush. He flipped out the pokedex; "Smeargle, the Painter Pokemon. Smeargle marks its territory using the paintlike fluid from its tail. It also uses it for its Sketch attack, in which it automatically learns the last move that hit it." said the pokedex. "Awesome!" shouted Jason, throwing his pokeball. "Bulbasaur, go!" Bulbasaur emerged from the ball, and faced the Smeargle. "Tackle attack!" commanded Jason. Bulbasaur slammed into Smeargle. Then, Smeargle aimed its tail at Bulbasaur. Paint sprayed from it like a fire hose. Amazingly, the paint then evaporated. Smeargle then slammed into Bulbasaur! "Of course! That was Sketch attack!" murmured Jason. He then threw a Pokeball at the Smeargle. The Smeargle started a Sketch attack, JUST AS THE POKEBALL HIT IT! It ws engulfed, then tugged into the Pokeball. It shook rapidly, then it stopped. "All right! I caught Smeargle!" cried Jason, picking up the Pokeball. He recalled Bulbasaur, and went on his way.

Later on, Jason saw a little bow with a white shirt, black shorts, he was wearing a straw hat, and held a butterfly net. He obviouly was a bug catcher. Jason yelled "I challenge you t oa battle! 2 Pokemon each okay?" The bug catcher yelled "Sure!" The battle started. First, Jason used Bulbasaur, and the bug catcher used Weedle. "Bulbasaur, Leech Seed!" yelled Jason. Bulbasuar shot a seed into Weedle's horn, and soon the Hairy Bug Pokemon was KOed. The trainer then sent out Butterfree. "Sleep Powder! Now!" Called the bug catcher. Bulbasaur was declared unable to battle. Jason was worried. "Return, Bulbasaur. Smeargle, I choose you!" Smeargle popped out. "Tackle!" yelled Jason. Smeargle ran towards Butterfree, but Butterfree dodged it. Smeargle then did something that amazed everyone. He swiped some faint from his tail into his right paw. The paint morphed to a Pokeball! Smeargle then tossed it at the Butterfree, and caught it!!! The bug catcher was appalled. "Wha- WHAAAAAAAT! My Butterfree! Tha-That's no ordinary Smeargle! I'm outta here!" and he ran off. Jason suddenly remembered that Smeargle jsed Sketch just as it was caught, and it must have copied the Pokeball's actions! Jason was amazed! Jason was staring at his Butterfree's Pokeball in awe, when a shady person stepped up. He spoke to Jason. "greetings. I am Giovanni, head of Team Rocket. I saw your whole battle, and am very impressed by your Smeargle. Would you consider Joining Team Rocket?". Jason stared. It had been his lifelong dream to be like Team Rocket. "Sure, I'll join!" he declared. "Wonderful" responded Giovanni. "Then, follow me to our main base in Viridian City."

Chapter Two; Meet Team Rocket

Jason followed Giovanni to a large building in Viridian. Gio motioned to the guards blocking the door, and they moved, letting him through, but barred Jason's way. "Back off! He's with me." Barked Giovanni. THe guards backed off, letting him through.

The building was impressive- there were cages with pokemon in them, but they seemed to be enjoying themselves; A Cloyster was happily Tackling a punching bag in one cage. A Golem was rolling around in another. Giovanni explained "these are some of my prized pokemon. They stay in these cages for training.". Then, they came to a door. Giovanni opened it, and they walked inside. There was a balcony, but it had a door to the left, and a lever in front. "This is the Viridian Gym, as well as Team Rocket's headquarters." explained Giovanni. "Any questions?"

Jason of course, had some questions. "When do I get a uniform? What's my first mission? Do I get any cool gadgets?" Giovanni chuckled. "Slow down. You get a uniform in a few minutes. I'll explain your first mission when you have your uniform on. We don't give rookies any cool gadgets, until they move up in rank, which is done by proving themselves. You do, however, get a hang glider, a cell phone, and a special pokedex. Which reminds me, can I see your pokedex?"
Jason handed over the pokedex. Giovanni put it on a table, and handed him a black pokedex with a red "R" on the front. Then, there was a knock on the door. Giovanni said "come in.". A rocket grunt walked in, handed some black clothes to Giovanni, and left without a word. "Ah, here's your uniform. Now, go get changed." said Giovanni. He then told Jason where the dressing room was. Jason eagerly ran off, and put on his uniform.

10 minutes later, Jason was dressed. Giovanni was saying to him "Now, some of the most powerful pokemon in the Kanto region belong to the other 7 Gym Leaders. I want you to go to each gym, and steal their most powerful pokemon. Here is a list of wht I expect you to steal." Jason read the list. It listed the following pokemon;

"go catch these. You can transfer them to me by pressing the white button on your new pokedex." said Giovanni. "Yes, sir!" responded Jason eagerly. And he set off. His first stop was Pewter city. He pulled out his hang glider, which was made to look like a Gligar. He soared over Viridian Forest, and arrived in Pewter City. The first thing Jason noticed as he put his hang glider away was that a boy with spiked hair was walking past him. Aside the boy was an Onix. Jason suddenly realized that the boy was Brock of Pewter Gym! "This is too easy" he thought, as he held out smeargle's Pokeball. The Painter Pokemon popped out, and eagerly greeted Jason. "Smeargle," instructed Jason. "steal that Onix!" Smeargle held out its paw, and swiped it with paint. A Pokeball materialized. Smeargle then tossed it at the Onix, catching it! Brock was startled! He then saw Jason, and ws angry.

"You're from Team Rocket!" he cried. "I'm calling the police!" Jason had forseen this. "Butterfree, Bulbasaur, go!" he cried. Both pokemon came out. "Sleep Powder!" Jason told Butterfree. Butterfree then scattered some spores around, and Brock fell asleep. "Bulbasaur, use Vine Whip. Carry Borck over and place him in those trees." Jason ordered. Finally, the deed was done. He got out the hang glider, and flew over Mt. Moon, to Cerulean City. This time, he saw nothing more than houses. Then, a big building caught his eye. It was the Cerulean Gym! Jason looked in the window, adn saw 2 trainers battling. One was a little boy, commanding his Bellsprout. the other was a young girl with orange hair in a ponytail, and she was yelling orders at her Starmie. The Starmie! Jason realized that that was the gym leader, and the Sarmie the boss wanted! He let out smeargle, and followed the same routine as last time, but included the boy in it, too. The boy was placed in a closet, and Misty in a tree, Starmie-less. Jason chuckled, then remembered that he still had to send them to the boss. He took out his pokedex, opened it up, and pushed the white button. The device said in Giovanni's voice; "Send which Pokemon?" Jason spoke out "Onix and Starmie." (he didn't steal the kid's Bellsprout). The 2 pokeballs disappeared from Jason's belt. Then, the phone rang. Jason answered it, and his conversation went something like this;

"Hello? Oh, hi, boss! Thank you. Yes, they DID belong to the Gym Leaders. A new record, huh? 2 Pokemon in 50 minutes? Well, thank you! Okay, bye!" He hung up. Giovanni had congradulated him for his great start! But in Viridian...

Prof. Oak was on the speakerphone with Nurse Joy. "Professor, I actually DID see Jason! But he was led into the Viridian Gym by a shady man!! And doesn't Team Rocket run the gym? That could've been the boss of Team Rocket!" Oak was worried. He said "okay, I'll phone the police."

Chapter 3; Growlithe, Farfetch'd, and Raichu!

Jason had just arrived in Vermilion City. The first thing he saw was a house with a sign in front. It read; "Farfetch'd up for trade! Will be exchanged for a Spearow!". Jason, confused, checked his pokedex. It spoke up in Giovanni's voice;

"Farfetch'd; the Wild Duck Pokemon. Farfetch'd is extremely rare, and uses the leek it carries as a sword."

Jason had an idea; "So, Farfetch'd is rare, is it?" he thought. "The boss would like a Farfetch'd, I'll bet." Just then, he saw a Spearow asleep in the bushes. "Aha! a Spearow! I'll catch it, then trade it for that Farfetch'd!" He thought. He tossed a pokeball, and the Spearow made no attempt to escape. He then picked up the pokeball, and entered the house, pulling a coat over his uniform, so nobody'd see he was from Team Rocket.

"Hello?" he called. "I'm here for the offer about that Farfetch'd!" Then, a little girl walked up to him. She shyly spoke; "So, can I see the Spearow?" Obligingly, Jason released the Spearow. It was still snoozing away. The girl happily replied "All right! Here, follow me to the trading machine!"

Jason followed the girl to a strange machine. The pokeballs were placed on the holes, and there was a flashing and whirring. Then, the girl handed Jason his pokeball. "Here you go! Here's Ch'Ding, my Farfetch'd!" Jason thanked her, and left. The next building he saw was a gym.

Jason crept up to the gym, looked in the window, and saw a big, muscular man telling his Raichu to use Mega Punch on a Weepinbell. The trainer of the Weepinbell was the same one from the Cerulean Gym! Jason released Smeargle, and well, I'm sure you can guess what happened by now.

After Bulbasaur hid the 2 people, Jason heard sirens. He quickly used his pokedex to transfer Farfetch'd and Raichu to Giovanni. He then faced the cops, and looked at Butterfree. "Sleep powder!" he commanded. All the police officers were asleep. Jason got out his Gligar Glider, when he saw the police cheif's Growlithe. He nodded at Smeargle, and he swiped paint in his paw, and threw the pokeball. Jason caught a Growlithe! He then had Bulbasaur hide the police. He was about to make Bulbasaur return, when suddenly, Bulbasaur started to glow...

Chapter 3; Twerp Confrontation

"Saur! Ivysaur!"
Jason gasped. Standing where his Bulbasaur just stood was an Ivysaur! He hugged it happily, then returned it to its pokeball.

Jason looked happily at the pokeball containing his new Growlithe. He then looked at the other pokeballs on his belt. "Oops! I still have to sent Farfetch'd and Raichu to the boss!" And so, he took out his pokedex, and pressed the white button, sending Raichu and Farfetch's to the boss. Moments later, his cell phone rang.

"Hello? Oh, hi boss! Yes, that was Lt. Surge's Raichu. The Farfetch'd? I got it in a trade. I heard it was rare and I thought you might like it. Okay, thanks! Alright, I'm on my way to Saffron. See ya!"

Jason set off to Saffron City. He was just leaving the Vermillion city limits, when he heard a voice cry out "Hey! You Stop right there!" Jason turned around fast, and saw the same boy from the past 2 gyms! He looked angry. "I know you've been stealing the gym leaders' pokemon! Now, give them back!" Jason chuckled at this little boy commanding him to do right.

"Not on your life, you twerp! I already sent them to the boss! Noy, I need to take care of you! Growlithe, go!" Jason threw the pokeball in the air, and the Puppy Pokemon appeared. "Grrowlithe!!" it cried. The boy said "If it's a battle you want, then it's a battle you get! Go, Poliwag!" The tadpole pokemon appeared in a flash of light. Jason was a bit worried; Poliwag had a type advantage! Besides, he didn't even know Growlithe's attacks! He then remembered his pokedex; he whipped it out, and aimed it at Growithe;

"Growlithe, the Puppy Pokemon. This particular Growlithe is capable of using the following moves; Flame Wheel, Bite, Roar, Hidden Power."

Jason thought for a moment. Then he yelled out "Alright, Growlithe, use Hidden Power!" The pokemon growled as white orbs o energy began encircling it. It then shot them at Poliwag, and they turned green just as it hit. THe pokedex spoke up; "That Hidden Power Attack was a Grass Type move".

Jason was amazed; that must've meant that Poliwag tooki serious damage from the attack! He looked up; Sure enough, Poliwag laid on the ground, unable to battle. Jason sneered happily as the kid recalled hs Poliwag. Jason called "Growlithe, chase him out!" The kid screamed as he was chased away by the Growlithe. He yelled "mark my words, we'll meet gain, or my name's not Matt Oak!"

Jason shrugged, recalled Growlithe, took out his Gligar glider, and flew into Saffron. He then noticed, among the numerous buildings, an odd cry; "Shell! Shell! Shellder!" He looked around, and saw the source of the sound; a Shellder, flopping around, tounge hanging out of it's bright yellow shell. Jason gasped; it was shiny! He took out a pokeball, and threw it. The Shellder was sucked inside, and the ball wobbled. Once. Twice. Three times. Then, a click. "All right!" exclaimed Jason. "I caught a shiny Shellder!"
Chapter 5; Fighting the Power!
Jason looked around the large metropolis that was Saffron City. He began to walk around. He saw the Silph building, which was 12 stories high, and he saw the Saffron Gym! "Yes! There's my target!" cheered Jason. He ran towards the gym, but slowed down when he noticed something odd; there were TWO gyms! "Huh" commented Jason. "That's weird. I thought each city only had 1 gym!" He then saw a sign next to the second gym. It read;
"This is the Saffron Fighting Dojo. The Saffron Gym is next door." Jason looked through the window of the dojo, and saw a karate instructor barking orders at 2 odd pokemon. One had legs that looked like they were made of springs. The other had massive red boxing gloves on its hands. Jason took out his pokedex. It spoke up; "Hitmonlee. The Kicking Pokemon. Hitmonlee can stretch its legs for great lenghs, which comes in handy when it is executing its kicking attacks. Hitmonchan. The Punching Pokemon. Hitmonchan looks as if it is wearing boxing gloves, when they are actually its well-developed fists. Hitmonchan can launch spectacular punching attacks." Jason was impressed. "Wow!" he exclaimed. "I gotta steal one of these for the boss!" So, he called the boss on the cell phone, and the conversation went like this;

"Yes. Hi, boss! I'm in Saffron City. Well, I'm near the gym, but there's also a fighting dojo next door. I wanted to ask you; would you prefer to have a Hitmonlee or a Hitmonchan? Both? Okay, I can do that! Expect them shortly! Okay! Bye!"

Jason wasted no time. He pulled 2 pokeballs off his belt, and tossed them up. Butterfree and Smeargle burst out of them, looking relaxed. Jason told them; "Alright, Butterfree, go through that window. Spread your Sleep Powder around, and put that karate dude and his pokemon to sleep. Smeargle, I want you to capture both of those pokemon. You have your orders. Now, GO!"

Butterfree flew in the window, and spread the blue spores around. The Karate guy commented; "Well, well! Where did you come from, little guy..." THen, he fell asleep,with his Hitmonlee and Hitmonchan snorng beside him. Smeargle then conjured up 2 pokeballs, and tossed them inside. The first one hit Hitmonlee, dead on, and pulled it inside. THe second one missed Hitmonchan by an inch. Jason quickly sent Hitmonlee to the boss, and pulled out a second pokeball. He released Ivysaur out of it. "Alright, Ivysaur! Grab that pokeball with your Vine Whip, and hit Hitmonchan with it!" Ivysaur quickly obliged, and soon, Hitmonchan was pulled inside. Ivysaur then tossed the karate dude in a closet and locked the door. Jason then sent Hitmonchan to the boss. He then walked away from the dojo, recalling the 3 pokemon, when his cell phone rang. He answered it;

"Hello? Hi, boss! I'm glad you like them! Yes, I'm on my way to the gym to steal Kadabra now! What's that? You mean, if I'm carrying 6 pokemon, any others I catch or steal automatcally get sent to you? Well, that's convenient! I'll remember that! Thanks! Bye!"

Jason approached the Saffron gym, and looked in the window. Not surprisingly, he saw the gym leader, Sabrina, battling Matt Oak from before. Her Kadabra just fired a Psybeam at his Poliwag, who dodged it. Jason tugged at the window, but it didn't open. He then remembered his new pokemon! "Shellder, I choose you!" he called. Shellder popped out, encircled by a pretty pattern of sparkles. Jason held it up, and told it to use Icicle Spear on that window. Frozen spikes of ice flew from the golden shell, and burst open the window. Jason also heard 2 thuds. He looked inside; the Icicle Spear attack had also knocked both trainers unconsious! So, he sent out his Smeargle, and it conjured up a pokeball, and threw it at Kadabra, who was busy trying to revive its unconsious trainer. Kadabra was instantly caught. Jason opened his pokedex, and pressed te white button. He sent Kadabra to the boss. Then, he sent out Ivysaur to hide the trainers in the bushes behind the gym. Having done that, he recalled Ivysaur, Smeargle, and Shellder. Then, the phone rang. Jason answered it instantly.

"Hello? No, this isn't Pizza Hut! You have the wrong number!"

Just as he hung up, it rang again.

"Hello? No, this isn't Pizza Hut! You still have the wrong number!"

And again;

"Hello? Okay, I'm getting sick of this! I keep telling you, you have the wrong number!"

And yet again;

"Look, buster! I told you, this isn't Pizza Hut! I- wha? Oh. Hi, boss. Sorry about that, I kept getting calls from this guy who thought he dialed the number for Pizza Hut! Happens to you all the time, huh? Oh, stealing the Kadabra? Yes, it was a piece of cake! I'm headed to Celadon now! Alright, bye!"

He then unfolded his Gligar Glider, and flew off. Celadon was just in sight, when suddenly, a Pidgey flew through the glider, breaking it! Jason screamed as he plummeted down towards Celadon's hard brick road.


Chapter 5; Feel the Gloom in the Air!
Jason was plummeting towards the ground at a very speedy rate. He was panicing like crazy. Then, he got an idea! He quicklt sent out Ivysaur, and screamed "VINE WHIP!" Ivysaur hit the ground, and sent up 2 vines, which grabbed Jason, and loweered him safely to the ground. Jason examined the Gligar Glider. "Completely busted." Jason thought sadly. He had no way of moving from city to city. He then remembered his mission. He marched off towards a gym- like building, only to discover that it was the game corner. He then saw a list of prizes. An Abra was first on the list. Jaosn slowly began to smile. He had a great idea! He just had to buy the Abra! But, it cost 150 coins, and game corner coins were something he didn't have. He then walked into the game corner. The manager saw him,and beconed him over in an ominous way. Jason suddenly realized that he hadn't pulled over his coat to disguise himself! He nervously walked up to the manager, and he whispered "You from Team Rocket. It's alright, I'm from Team Rocket, too! Here, all members that go in here get 150 free coins." Jason smiled. "Gee, thanks, mister!" The guy handed Jason a coin case, with 150 coins inside. Just enough to buy an Abra! Jason grinned, then ran next door to the prize house.

Jason walked over to the counter, and was asked by the attendant; "What do you want?" Jason hastily replied "An Abra!" and handed over his coin case. The man snatched the coins, and gave Jason a Poke'ball. Jason ran outside, and from there, saw the gym! He ran up to it, and released 3 pokemon; Abra, Smeargle, and Butterfree. He told Abra to Teleport them inside, Smeargle to catch Gloom, and Butterfree to use Sleep Powder on everyone there. Jason watched eagerly. The leader, and her opponent (Matt Oak with a Vulpix), were shocked at the presence. Each pokemon did their thing, and Abra took the others outside.

"Good work!" Jason congradulated his pokemon. He recalled Smeargle and Butterfree, when Gloom's Pokeball dissappeared! Jason was shocked, then remembered he now had 6 pokemon on him; extras were being shipped to Giovanni! Jason then told abra; "Alright, Abra, Teleport us to Fuscia City! Abra nodded, and glowed bright yellow. They dissappeared.

Chapter 6; Talkin' about some Evolutions!
Jason and Abra reappeared- inside the Celadon Department store! Jason sighed. "Abra, I told you to take us to Fuscia City." Abra mumbled a few grunts of apology. Then Jason shrugged, and figured he might as well buy something. He walked up to the clerk and said "1 fire stone and one water stone, please."

The clerk handed Jason a shiny, orange rock. Also, he handed him a shiny blue rock. Jason paid for them, then walked over to a corner, Aba following. Jason then told Abra; "Okay, Abra; FOCUS! Take us to Fuscia City. Abra concentrated hard, and they disappeared. When they reappeared, Jason found himself falling from 10 feet in the air! He landed in the middle of a large pond, and worse, he couldn't swim! Jason thought furiously, while trying desparately to stay afloat; then he had an idea!

"Shellder! *glub, glub* gasp- GO!" he yelled. Shellder came out of its pokeball in a dazzling flash of sparkles, then landed in the water. Jason then realized his mistake; Shellder was too small! Then, Jason remembered the Water Stone he just bought, and jerked it out of his pocket. He thrust it at Shellder, and it dissolved into the Bivalve Pokemon. Then, Shellder began to glow! Its shape started changing and growing, and finally, revealed itself as a Cloyster! Jason grabbed its large, blue shell, and Cloyster swam him to shore. Jason recalled Cloyster, then turned to Abra, who had gotten himself to shore somehow. Jason showed Abra a postcard from Fuschia City, then told him to take them there. Abre nodded, then they disappeared.

They reappeared, finally, in Fuschia City! Jason recalled Abra, then heard a familiar voice. He turned around and saw Matt Oak! Mat looked at him, his Poliwag by his side. Then, out of nowhere, Poliwag began to glow! They both gasped, as a Poliwhirl appeared before them. Matt then spoke up; "Okay, Team Rocket, your evil deeds end here! Poliwhirl, let's go!" Jason snickered, and grabbed a pokeball of his own. He threw it, and yelled "Ivysaur, come out!"

Chapter 7; Freeze!
Jason commanded Ivyasaur to use a Razor Leaf Attack. Ivysaur shot some razor-sharp leaves from its back. "Poliwhirl, Double Team!" shouted Matt. Poliwhirl leapt from side to side, expertly dodging all the leaves. Mat smirked. "Now use Ice Beam!" he shouted. Jason was dumbfounded. He never expected a Poliwhirl to learn Ice Beam! But Poliwhirl did indeed shoot a frozen blast from its belly. Ivysaur was also struck dumb by the command- and struck frozen from the attack! Jason shouted "NO!" as he saw his Ivysaur become encased in ice. He quickly whipped out its pokeball, and recalled Ivysaur. He then decided to fight fire with fire- or in this case, Ice with Ice! "Cloyster, I choose you! GO!" shouted Jason. The large Bivalve Pokemon emerged from its pokeball, sparkling beautifully. Matt was amazed at the sight of the shiny Cloyster. Jason seized his chance. "Icicle Spear!"

Cloyster shot large, frozen spikes from its shell, which Poliwhirl immediately countered with Water Gun. "Cloyster, Spike Cannon!" Jason yelled. Cloyster now fired normal spiked from its shell, which hit Poliwhirl dead on. Matt recalled his unconsious Poliwhirl. Then, Jason pointed at Matt. "Cloyster, use your Water Gun attack!" Cloyster's blast of water shot Matt clear out of the city, over the gatehouse, and onto Cycling Road. Jason smirked, recalled Cloyster, then turned round to see the Fuscia Gym! He then remembered his frozen Ivysaur. He started off towards the Pokemart, when he spotted a small green berry on the ground. A Lum Berry. He let out Ivysaur, stil encased in ice, and struck the ice with the hard berry. It shattered, but Ivysaur was still shaken up. Jason fed it the berry, and it returned to normal. Jason also let out Ivysaur, and Butterfree. Suddenly, an intimidating creature rushed before them! It was getting dark, so Jason didn't know what it was. Te creature reared up, but Ivysaur sprang forwards...
What's going on?! Read chapter 8 to find out!

Chapter 8; Muk-ing About!
Ivysaur shot a crystal blue powder from its bulb. THe creature settled down, and began to snore. Jason whipped out his pokedex. "Muk. THe Poison Gas Pokemon. Muk has been known to be very smelly when it feels opressed, and can even stink through a PokeBall. On a side note, your Ivysaur has recently learned Sleep Powder."

Jason was amazed. Suddenly, a streetlight came on, and Jason saw a man asleep next to the Muk! It was Koga, the Fuschia Gym Leader! Jason snickered, and nodded at Smeargle. Smeargle nodded back, and threw its "tail made" pokeball at the Muk, instantly catching it. THen, the pokeball vanished from view! Jason panicked, then remembered that he already had 6 pokemon. The phone then rang.

"Hello? YOU AGAIN! Listen, this is NOT PIZZA HUT! Do you comprehend the syllables that are pouring from my mouth, sir?! Apparently not! And by the way, Pizza Hut's not even open this late!"

The phone rang again;

"Hello? Hi, boss! Yes, That was Koga's Muk. What? It smells? You want a pokemon that knows Sweet Scent? Alright, lemme check to see if I have any...";
He openened his pokedex and used the "search by move" function. The only pokemon that came up under Sweet Scent was his Butterfree. He sadly spoke int the phone;
"just my Butterfree. You'll take good care of it? Um, alright. I *sniff* suppose..."
With that, Jason sent his Butterfree to the boss. He was very emotional over it. Butterfree was the very first pokemon that he stole. He remembered all the times that it used Sleep Powder to put the Gym Leaders's pokemon to sleep. Now he had Ivysaur for that, but it wasn't going to be the same. The boss then thanked him for Butterfree, and once more, promised to take VERY good care of it for him. Jason was still sad as he hung up the phone. He then checked the list of pokes to steal. The only one left was Magmar. Jason sent out Abra, and got a photo of Cinnibar Island out of his pack. He showed the photo to Abra, and the Psi pokemon understood. They disappeared, and reappeared on a tropical beach. Jason knew the Gym Leader must've been home for the night, so he decided to let his pokemon frolic a bit. He sent out Ivysaur, Growlithe, Cloyster, and Smeargle. They then went to sleep a few hours later.
Now what? Wait till chapter 9!

Chapter 9; The Missingno. Link!

Jason yawned as he woke up. He looked around him; the bright blue sky, his pokemon, all playing together, the large, ominous creature rising out of the ocean... Jason saw the creature, and nearly screamed!

Jason stared at the strange pokemon. It had to be AT LEAST 10 feet tall! It had strange purple, orange, and black markings all over it. It then opened its mouth and shot a Water Gun at Jason's Cloyster. "Hey!" Jason yelled! "All right, Cloyster! Icicle Spear attack!"

Cloyster shot a large barrage of icicles from its open shell. THey hit the pokemon, striking it back. It then started to glow a bright yellow, and rose up in the sky. Jason checked the Pokedex;
"Missingno.; the Unknown Pokemon. No further details".
THen, a slightly smaller copy of Missingno. rose out of the water, and growled. THe Pokedex spoke up again;
"M'; the Odd Pokemon. 'M has been known to evolve into Kangaskahn, however, such Kangaskahn are able to fly."
Jason then saw 'M glow white! It changed shape and sise until...


Jason was amazed! He threw a Pokeball at the Kangaskahn. Surprisingly, it went in and stayed in! He then used his Pokedex to send it to the boss. He then remembered the Missingno.....

Missingno. smashed into Cloyster, KOing it. Jason recalled it, and sentg out Smeargle. Missingno. geared up another Sky Attack. "Sketch it, Smeargle!" Jason yelled. Smeargle shot paint at the Missingno., which quickly dissolved. "Now, Sky Attack!" shouted Jason. Smeargle glowed yellow and followed Missingno.. The 2 pokemon collided in midair, and fell unconsious. Jason threw a pokeball at the Missingno., catching it! Then, the phone rang.

"Hello? Hi, boss. Why, yes, I did send you a Kangaskahn. No, it is NOT a Pidgey in disguise. It evolved from an 'M, that's why its flying. Yes, I DID see an 'M. It was slightly smaller than Missingno.. Yes, I saw Missingno., too! And I caught it! I can keep it? Thanks! Consider it a reward for the flying Kangaskahn? Okay, I will Thank you! Alright, bye!

Chapter 10; Mission #2
Jason walked across the island, until he saw a gym-like building-in front of a large volcano! Jason cautiously approched the gym, and looked in the window. He saw a bald man wearing sunglasses barking orders at his pokemon.

A Ninetales was spraying fire at leaves coming from a big machine. A Rhydon was lifting weights. And a Magmar was jogging around. Jason figured the 3 pokemon must've been in training, and the bald dude was Blaine, the Cinnibar Island Gym Leader. He then remembered his mission. He sent out Smeargle and Ivysaur, but they already started to do what they were supposed to be doing. Smeargle conjured up a pokeball, and threw it at Magmar through the window, catching it. Ivysaur then grabbed the pokeball with Vine Whip, and handed it to Jason. It immediately disappeared, but the deed was not done. Just then, a Hyper Beam blasted through the window. He looked through, and saw a very mad Blaine. Jason hissed "Sleep Powder!" to his Ivysaur, who happily obeyed. Blaine, Ninetales, and Rhydon were soon fast asleep. Jason walked off, when he heard some noise from through the nearby trees. He peered through, and saw Matt Oak, commanding his Ninetales to use Fire Blast on a Snorlax! Snorlax fell back, and Matt threw a Great Ball at it, catching it on the spot. Matt then saw Jason, and gasped. He decided to tell Oak personally about the situation. He sent threw a pokeball, releasing a Hoothoot. He then flew off, clinging to the legs of his amazingly strong Hoothoot, towards Pallet Town. Jason was angry. He threw his own pokeball. Out came Missingno.. Jason hopped on, and yelled "Missingno., follow that Hoothoot!"

Missingno. took off, and they soon caught up.Missingno. sprayed a Water Gun at Hoothoot, KOing it. Hoothoot and Matt fell and landed on a small island in betwern Cinnibar and Pallet. Jason directed Missingno. towards the Viridian Gym, and the gaurds immediatly got into intimidating positions. Jason boldly replyed "I'm here to see the boss!" THe gaurds then noticed his uniform, and let him through. Jason walked inside, and knocked on the door of his boss's gym platform. the door swung open, and Giovanni stepped out.

"Well done, Jason." he said. "I see you've collected all the gym leaders's best pokemon. Now, I heard about your glider, so I will give you a jet pack as a reward." And he handed Jason a Crobat Jet Pack. Jason was enthralled! He thanked the boss, and the boss held up his hand. "Now, here's your next mission, but its a small one. In the Johto region, there is a cave known as Mt. Silver. It is supposedly inhabited by wild Larvitars, which are the lowest evolvutionary stage of a Tyranitar, supposedly the most powerful pokemon in the world. Catch one for me, and evolve it into a Pupitar. THen evolve it into a Tyrainitar. However, you will need an upgrade on your Pokedex to recognize some of the pokemon there." He then gave Jason a small chip. Jason took out his pokedex. There was a small slot on the bottom. Giovannit told Jason to insert the chip in the slot. Jason did so, and the dex spoke up "Pokedex Upgrade Complete." Jason thenked Giovanni, and walked out of the building. He fired up the Crobat Jet Pack, and set off towards the Johto Region.

Chapter 11; Rocket Love

Jason was flying about, when he saw a large mountain. He pulled down in front of it, and landed. He then realizes he couldn't train a Larvitar if he already had 6 pokemon. 'Hmm..." he tought, "Ivysaur's too useful, Missingno.'s powerful, Smeargle's the whole reason I joined Team Rocket, Growlithe is loyal to its trainer- it could help me in certain situations, and I somehow don't trust Cloyster with the boss." THen he realized he didn't need his Abra anymore, now that he had Missingno., AND a jet pack. HE then remembered that Abra evolved into a powerful Psychic type (Alakazam). He flipped out his cell phone, and called the boss.

"Hi, boss! I'm at Mt. Silver, I think. Well, it's a huge mountain. I am? Alright. Listen, could you take care of my Abra for me while I raise a Larvitar for you? Alright- wha? A partner? Do I need one? Whaddaya mean Members above rookie level do?! I- I'm promoted to Grunt? Alright! Thanks, boss! She should be flying in on a Venomoth Glider? Alright. Bye."

Jason then got out his dex, and sent Abra to the boss. Just then, he heard a whooshing sound. He looked up, and saw someone flying in on what looked like a Venomoth. However, when Jason got a closer look, he realized that his new partner was THE MOST BEAUTIFUL GIRL HE HAD EVER SEEN!! Jason instantly fell in love, as she landed. "Hi." she said in a sweet voice. "I'm Jewel. You must be Jason. The boss told me a lot about you." Jason was too stunned by her to speak. All he could muster was "H-h-hi.." Jewel went on "Is it true you have a Smeargle that can steal other trainers' pokemon? Jason nodded weakly. "Can you show me?" asked Jewel. Jason took a pokeball from his belt and tossed it up. Smeargle burst out of the ball. Jewel studied it carefully. She then said "Well, this Smeargle looks pretty ordinary to me, but I'd still like to see it in action!" Just then, they saw a trainer, training his Pokemon. It was small and blue. Jason took out his pokedex.

"Pupitar, the Hard Shell Pokemon. Pupitar is the evolved form of a Larvitar, and the pre-evolved form of a Tyranitar."

"Hey! I'll steal that Pupitar!" said Jason. He then told Smeargle "Smeargle, capure that Pupitar!" Smeargle nodded. It then took its tail and swiped paint into its paw. The paint instantly formed a pokeball. Smeargle then threw it at the Pupitar, catching it on the spot. THe trainer was very angry. Jason reached for Ivysaur's pokeball, but Jewel had already thrown a pokeball of her own.

A dinosaur like pokemon appeared. It had a leaf on its head with a bite mark in it, and a dozen leaves circled its neck. Jason looked it up with his pokedex. "Bayleef, the leaf pokemon. Bayleef is only found in the Jhoto region. Itemits from its neck a scent that invigorates fighting spirit."

Jewel cried out "Bayleef, Sweet Scent!" Bayleef emitted a soothing aroma from the leaf on its head. The trainer stopped running towards them, and decided to sit down. Jewel released another pokemon, this time, one that Jason recognized; a Beedrill. "String Shot, now!" cried Jewel. Beedrill tied up the trainer in no time. Jason watched all this with a surprised expression. Jewel recalled her pokemon and turned to Jason. "I'm very impressed by your Smeargle. Anyway, what mission did the boss give you?" Jason said "The mission is to obtain a Tyranitar for him. It shouldn't be too hard, now; I just stole a Pupitar!" Jewel giggled. "That was smart of you!" she said. Jason felt as though he was about to faint; she COMPLIMENTED him!

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Chapter 12; La-Zee-Pupitar
Jewel was still talking to Jason. "I noticed you were about to pull out another Pokéball, just as I sent out Bayleef. What other Pokemon do you have?"

Jason shyly sent out Ivysaur, Cloyster (Da-Da-Ding!), Growlithe, and Missingno.. Jewel gasped in awe at the sight of the shiny Cloyster, and the Missingno.. "Oh, wow! A SHINY Cloyster?! You are so lucky! The only shiny Pokemon I have is..."
And she threw a Safari Ball, revealing a purple Nidorina that sparkled when let out. Jason liked it, but was still too shy to say so (or have any intelligent conversation with Jewel). Instead, he said "Wha-what other pokemon do you have?" Jewel smiled, and sent out a Clefable, and a pink heart shaped pokemon. Jason scanned the heart with his Pokedex;
"Luvdisc; the Rendevouz Pokemon. Luvdisc is said to be owned by smitten couples almost exclusively."

Jason got an idea; If he had a Luvdisc, Jewel might get the notion he loved her! THen, he snapped back into reality. "Nice Pokemon" he said. "Thanks!" said Jewel. There was a long pause. "Well," said Jason, "I think I better start training that Pupitar." He took out the Poke'Ball. "Pupitar, go!" he said, throwing the Poke'Ball. Pupitar came out, and fell asleep immediately. Jason knelt down to Pupitar, and shook him. "Come on, Pupitar, you need to train!" Pupiar slowly woke up, turned to face Jason.... and blasted him with a Sandstorm attack! Jason shook the sand out of his face. Jewel came over to help. "Oh, I can't believe a Pupitar would be that disobediant!" she said as she took out a handkercheif, and helped wipe the sand out of his face. Jason kept going over in his mind "don't pass out, don't pass out, don't pass out..."

Later, Jason tried again, but Pupitar just yawned. Jewel then piped up "I just remembered! I have a few rare candies in my pocket! THey're supposed to boost a Pokémon's experience level." She fed them to Pupitar, and the Hard Shell Pokemon immediately began to glow! It grew, and grew, and GREW, until it finally revealed itself as a mighty Tyranitar! "Yes!" cries Jason. "Thanks, Jewl! THe mission is complete! Alright, Tyranitar, return!" He held out the Pokeball, but Tyranitar dodged the beam! It then faced Jewel, and started up a Hyper Beam Attack! Jewel was too scared to move! Just as Tyranitar shot the attack at Jewel, Jason threw himself in the attack's path, yelling "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! !!!!!!"

CHAPTER 13; Is this the end?
The hyperbeam blasted Jason at full force. He was flung past Jewel, and into a tree. Tyranitar geared up for another hyper beam, but Jewel quickly grabbed Tyranitar's Pokéball, and recalled the beast. She then ran over to Jason, who was lying unconsious on the ground. She thought to herself "Jason risked his life to save mine. He must really like me! Which would be nmice, because I sorta like him, too!" She checked Jason's pulse. It seemed fine- for a moment. Then, it stopped altogether! Jewel started to cry. She hen reached into her pocket for a handkercheif- and pulled out a bag of sacred ash! Jewel had suddenly remembered; it was a gift for her 10th birthday! Supposedly, the sacred ash could revive the dead! She took a pinch of the ash out of the sack, and sprinkled it on Jason. She then felt his pulse. At first nothing. THen, all of a sudden, Jason came back to life! Jason slowly opened his eyes, and looked up at Jewel, and stuttered "Wha- what happened? I feel like I got hit with a Hyper Beam!" Jewel squealed happily, and yelled "You did! You jumped in front of Tyranitar's Hyper Beam to save my life, and you died, and I used some sacred ash to bring you back to life, and Jason.... Jason... I.. I.." Jewel was about to tell Jason she loved him, but she suddenly got struck with a wave of shyness. Jason sat up and asked "What? You what?" Jewel blushed. She took a deep breath, and said "Jason, I.. I l...

Chapter 14; Awwwwww....
"Jason, I... I love you!" blurted Jewel. Jason went wide-eyed, and said "I love you too, Jewel!! I never knew you loved me!" Jewel said "Well, me either, but I was able to tell by how you protected me from that Hyper Beam!" Jason suddenly remembered the mission! "I just remembered! We gotta get that Tyranitar to the boss!" Jason took out his Pokédex, and sent Tyranitar to the boss. "There. Now, let's get back to headquarters." Jewel got out her glider, and Jason got out his Jet pack. THey flew, side by side, to Viridian City.

When they got there, the guards stepped aside. Jason & Jewel held hands as they walked down the corridors of Team Rocket HQ. Jason turned to Jewel, and said "Well, this may be a bit soon, but I'm already thinking about... marriage....." Jewel giggled, and said "Well, I guess I've been thinking about marriage too, a little.." Jason then got down on one knee, pulled out of his pocket a ring (the stone was black with a little red "R" engraved on it), and siad "Jewel, will you marry me?" Jewel hopped up and down with joy, and squealed "YES! Yes, Jason, I will marry you!" And, without further ado, they kissed. THey kissed for so long, they never noticed Giovanni looming over them.

"a- HEM!" coughed Giovanni. Jason and Jewel snapped back to reality, and stood at attention. Giovanni smiled, and said "I heard everything. And I'd be glad to help out with the wedding. After you sent me that wonderously powerful Tyranitar, it's the least I could do." Jason responded "Thanks!" He turned to Jewel, and asked "So, when should the wedding be?" Jewel said "Any time's good with me!" Giovanni added "I can set up in a jiffy!" And so he did.

Within hours, the wedding was on. Every Rocket member attended. Jason could make out in the back row 2 grunts in white uniforms, with a Meowth next to them. It was time for the kiss. Giovanni asked Jewel if she would take Jason, and Jason if he would take Jewel. THey said "I do", and kissed. Jason and Jewel were married.

After the whole ceremony was done with, Giovanni turned to the newlyweds, and said "now, aince you just got married, you'll probably want a honeymoon. Well, I've arranged for you to take a secret flight to Ever Grande City in the Hoenn Region. It's rumored that a kid with a powerful Gardevoir lives there. I want that Gardevoir. Also, Ever Grande is very romantic." He then whispered to Jason "I happen to know your new wife has a Luvdisc. You can catch one, too, so your love will be sure to last. It's some old legend." After he walked off, a Butterfree flew out one of the doors into the hall. Upon spotting Jason, it almost immediately slammed into his face, squealing with glee. "Butterfree!" exclaimed Jason, "I missed you so much!" Jewel was impressed. I never knew you had a Butterfree!" Jason explained how it was the first Pokémon he ever stole, and how the Boss needed it to un-stink Muk. Giovanni reappeared, and chuckled. "I see you and Butterfree have been reunited. You know, I don't need it anymore; Muk is now much more tolerable. Jason held out Butterfree's old Pokéball, and butterfree went inside. The newlyweds then set off on their mission/honeymoon.

Chapter 15; Fishing and Battling
2 hours later, the plane landed in Ever Grande City. The attendant announced this, because Jason and jewel, who were smooching, didn't notice the landing. Jason heard the announcement, and said "Well, come on Jewel, we're here!" Jewel followed her husband off the plane, and they looked around. Ever Grande looked beautiful. It had flowers blooming everywhere. On one end of the city was a large cave. On the other side was a pond that lead to the ocean. Jason pulled out the Super Rod the boss had secretly given him, and said "Hey Jewel, I'm going to go fishing for a while, OK?" Jewel answered "Alright, I'm going to do some sightseeing!" Jason smiled, and cast his rod. Within minutes, he felt a rather large tug, and yanked on the rod. It took some struggling, but finally he surfaced whatever was on the other end. It wasn't a tiny Luvdisc, but a humungous creature! It was enormous and ball shaped. It was blue on top and beige on the bottom. it had blue fins on either side of it. Jason took out his pokedex and aimed it at the large pokemon.

"Wailmer, the Ball Whale Pokémon. Wailmer is known for spewing water through its nostrils, located on its head."

Jason then unattached the end of the fishing line, and let the Wailmer dive back down. He cast out again, and felt another tug. He pulled, and this one came easily. Jason saw none other than a Luvdisc at the end of his line! He quickly pulled out a Pokéball, and threw it at Luvdisc. The heart shaped pokemon entered it instantly. It wobbled around for a moment or 2, and then all went quiet. "Yes!" cried Jason. "I caught a Luvdisc!" However, the pokeball instantly disappeared! Jason panicked, then remembered that he already had 6 pokemon with him.

Jason then remembered the mission. He ran up to the cave, and saw inside, a boy with green hair, surrounded by 5 pokemon. Jason onlyrecognized one of them; a Magneton. The others he didn't know about. So he took out his pokedex and scanned them.

"Altaria, the Humming Pokemon. Altaria is a Dragon type that hums beautiful melodies while flying in the air."

"Delcatty, the Prim Pokemon. Delcatty does not have a set schedule for what it does each day. It is completely unpredictible."

"Roselia, the Thorn Pokemon. Roselia will savagely attack anyone who tries to steal the roses that are its hands."

"Gardevoir, the Embrace Pokemon. Gardevoir has amazing psychic powers, and is very protective of its trainer."

Jason smiled, and sent out Butterfree and Smeargle. He sent them into the cave, and in they went. However, Jason heard a command from the green haired kid "Roselia, Magical Leaf!" Smeargle was thrown form the cave. Jason called to Butterfree "Sleep Powder!" He looked in and saw Magneton and Roselia snoring on the ground. Delcatty then leapt at him, but Jason quickly sent out Growlithe, who countered with a Take Down. Growlithe then affectionately ran atround Jason, and a bright orange stone fell from his pocket. "The Fire Stone!" thought Jason. Growlithe then sniffed it, and began to glow! The stone dissolved into his body, as he grew a bit, then the glowing stopped to reveal an Arcanine!

Jason gasped happily, until his Arcanine then got knocked down by Delcatty. Jason then yelled "Arcanine, use Hidden Power!" The Legendary Pokemon launched a barrage of orbs filled with grass energy, KOing Delcatty. As a bonus, one of the orbs caught Altaria by surprise. Altaria turned around, and launched a Dragonbreath. "Arcanine, counter with Flame Wheel!" shouted Jason. Arcanine's blazing body tore past the Dragon Breath, and struck Altaria head-on, KOing it. All that was left was Gardevoir. Jason sent otu the rest of his pokemon, and they faced the Embrace Pokemon. Jason commanded Smeargle and Missingno. to use their Sky Attacks, which they began to do. Then came a Hidden Power from Arcanine, and a double Sleep Powder from Ivysaur and Butterfree. Some of the sleep powders hit the green haired kid, making him fall asleep next to his Gardevoir. Jason nodded at Smeargle, and it did its stuff. Jason then met Jewel, who was all ready to go back. Together, they took off on Jason's Crobat jet pack.

Chapter 16; Rocket Labs
When Jason and Jewel got back, the bss greeted them warmly. "You did a great job catching that Gardevoir. Now. before your next mission, I have a small favor. Follow me." Jason and Jewel followed the boss to a door marked "Rocket Labs". They entered, and saw a bunch of scientists working on complicated looking devices. Then, at a corner, Giovanni stopped. He said "Jason, Jewel, this is Jerry, head of Research and Development at Rocket Labs. He made that Crobat Jet Pack. He now has a bit of an expirament he's like you to help test." Jerry said "Hi, Jason, Jewel, I'm Jerry. Now, I've been specializing in Pokemon genetics, and I think I perfected a machine that can transfer unusual traits from one Pokemon to another, while the first pokemon still retains the trait." "Such as shinyness?" Jewel asked. "Sorry," said Jerry, "But we don't have the technology to force a Pokemon to be shiny. Now, if you'll follow me..." And they went through a door, and they saw a strange device.

The device consisted of 2 chairs, and a motor between them. Mext to the machine were the 2 grunts in white outfits Jason remembered from the wedding. In the chair was their Meowth. Then, wonder of wonders, the Meowth talked! "Finally, Jerry, you got some volunteers ta try out dis ting!" Jerry introduced Jewel and Jason to Jessie and James, and Jessie and James to Jewel and Jason. Jerry then said "Now, I need you to volunteer a pokemon of similar bone structure to this Meowth." Jason quickly reviewed their pokemon; Arcanine and Ivysaur walked on all 4s, so they were no good. Cloyster and Missingno. were complete skeletal mysteries. Butterfree was definitely too small. As for Jewel, Luvdisc was too small, Nidorina and Bayleef walked on all 4s, and Beedrill was too small. The only pokemon either of them had that was good enough was Smeargle. So Jason sent out Smeargle, and Jerry strapped it to a chair. He flipped a large switch, and the machine hummed. Then, there was a zapping noise and the whole lab shook! Finally, it was over, and Meowth and Smeargle were unstrapped. "Woah," said Smeargle, "Dat machine can take a lot outta you." He then looked; his trainer was staring at him. "Whaaat?" asked Smeargle. Jason stammered "You- you- yo- you're TALKING!" Smeargle retorted "Well, whad'ja expect that machine to do to me, make me grow a coin in my forehead?

Chapter 17; Safari!
It was 2 days after Jason had stolen the kid's Gardevoir. The boss had sent them on a mission to the Safari Zone to catch an elusive Chansey. Jason and Jewel were flying to Fuscia on Jason's Missingno.. Jewel was saying,

"Well, when I turned 10, my grandpa in Johto sent me a Chikorita as my starter. Then, I was headed toward the Viridian Forest, when this old dude, laying on the ground, beckoned toward me. I was a bit nervous, but I went towards him. He went 'Hey, kid.... YOu a rookie trainer?' I was, so I nodded. He then said 'Watch this.', and he shook the bush next to him. A Weedle fell out. The man then pulled a pokeball out of his coat, and caught the Weedle. He then said 'Y'know, that Weedle was weak. Other pokemon are stronger, so you'll neet to weaken 'em before tryin' to catch 'em. Yep, there are MUCH stronger pokemon out there. I once heard a tale... On Cinnibar Island, there live 2 species of wierd pokemon.... Missingno. and 'M, they're called. MUCH stronger than th' average wild pokemon... But I'm boring you, I bet. Here, take this Weedle. It'll give you a head start on yer journey'."

"And that's how I got Bayleef and Beedrill. My Luvdisc was a Christmas present that year. Now, my Nidorina has a fascinating story, involving the Safari Zone."

"I'm listening," said Jason.
"Well," said Jewel,

"One evening, I arrived at the Safari Zone, and paid to get in. But I didn't find a single Nidorina, my favorite pokemon. Disappointed, I left, then swam with my Luvdisc to Cinnibar Island. Then, the strangest thing happened. I saw all Pokemon from the safari zone on Cinnibar's beach! I then saw a drowning Nidorina, which was purple. I instantly threw a pokeball at it, catching it. I never believed the Missingno. thing, until I saw yours."

Jason smiled. "Well, now you know Missingno. is real."

Missingno. rumbled in agreement "Miss! Missingno.!"

A few minutes later, Missingno. touched down in front of the Safari Zone. Jason recalled it, and the couple walked into the building. They paid the attendant, then walked inside.

Jason gaped at the natural wonder that laid before him. He looked at the bag of Safari Balls he was given, then realized he was tired. He turned to Jewel. "Jewel, honey, I'm tired. Can we take a little nap?" Jewel nodded, suddenly sleepy. The two went inside the nearest rest house, and got in the only bed.

What happened between then and when they got to sleep, I'd rather not say, as little kids could be reading this.

When Jason and Jewel woke up, they saw th most amazing thing outside the rest house- a mob of Chansey! Jewel burst through the door, and immediately threw a Safari Ball at a Chansey, catching it. She took out her pokedex, and transferred it to the boss. Then, the couple walked out the Safari Zone.

The attendant greeted them "Welcome! Do you want to enter the Safari Zone?" Jason and Jewel exchanged confused glances, and said "Nnnnoooooo...." simultaneiusly. THey ran out the building.

"Man," said Jason. "That guy must not have had his morning coffee. He seems a bit confused."

They then saw the Fuscia City Zoo, and went in. Jason looked around, seeing a rare Omanyte in a tank of water. Jewel was observing a calm looking Voltorb behind a sturdy iron fence. They walked around for a little while, then they both heard a strange voice in their heads. "YOur time's up! TIme to leave the Safari Zone!" They looked at each other, then saw a door materialize. They held hands, and walked through it. And found themselves...

Inside the Safari Zone building! The attendant was asleep now. Jason and Jewel nervoudsly walked through the exit again, and.....

Chapter 18; Jealousy in Glitch City!
Jason and Jewel gasped at the sight that lay before them. They definitely were not in Fuscia City anymore! What lay before them looked like a jumble of bushes and buildings and other miscellanious objects! On a piece of fence, a sign read "Welcome to Glitch City!" Jason then heard a voice screaming "Help! Help! Over here!" Jason grabbed Jewel, and ran over.

A cave came into view. Stuck in the entranceway was a boy about Jason's age. Upon a closer look, he was none other than Matt Oak! He was dressed in a strange red uniform, though. He gasped when he got a good look at Jason and Jewel. "Team Rocket! Get away! Go! Now, or I'll..."
"You'll what?" inquired Jewel. "You seem to be stuck there." "Yes, I am!" said Matt. But that doesn't mean my Ninetales can't still whip your butts!" Jason and Jewel sighed, and pulled on his arms, freeing him. THey then walked away from the boy without a word. "Wait!" called Matt. Jason and Jewel turned around, and faced him expectantly. "I just want to say thank you for saving me. Especially you, miss," he directed at Jewel. "YOu're really pretty." Jason felt a pang of jealousy well up within him. He had to say something. "Yes, Jewel here is really pretty, which is one of the reasons I MARRIED her." Matt's face fell. "You two are married? Aww, I wanted to marry her, and have her run away with me and become a fellow Team Magma member." Jason and Jewel gasped "You're from Team Magma?!" Matt nodded. "Team Magma is dedicated to the expansion of the land and the destruction of Team Aqua." he said. "And now that you've freed me..." He pulled out a Pokeball. "Charizard, go!" he cried, releasing his pokemon. He got on Charizard's back, and flew away. Jason sent out Missingno., and he and Jewel followed Matt Oak.

Chapter 19; Continuing the chase!
When we last left our favorite villians, they were riding Missingno., pursuing Magma Grunt Matt, who was fleeing on his Charizard.

"CHarizard, wipe out that Missingno. using Blast Burn!" shouted Matt. Jewel, however, called out "Wait! If CHarizard fries Missingno., we'll both fall, and I'll be badly injured! And I KNOW you don't want that!"
"Oh, she's good!" remarked Smeargle.
Matt started to sputter incomprehebsibly "WHa- that smeargle- but Pokemon can't talk- and- I- Oh, all right. Charizard, hold your fire," he sadly mumbled to the Lizard Pokemon. CHarizard obeyed, and the air chase continued.

THe high-speed, high-altitude chase took ehtem back to the Hoenn region, where Jason saw a small island with a submarine next to it. Matt quickly landed, recalled CHarizard, and scrambled into the sub, which submerged in seconds.

Jewel began to cry. "Oh, no. Now we'll never catch that fiend!" Jason grinned. "Yes, we will, Jewel!" he said confiedntially. He then threw a Pokeball in the air, yelling "Cloyster, I choose you!" Cloyster leapt from its Pokeball, sparlkling in its usual fancy manner. "Dive!" said Jason. He, Jewel, and Smeargle grabbed a hold on the Cloyster. THe whole crew was then covered in an air bubble, and they went underwater.

Jewel liked the underwater. She took out her Pokedex, and pointed it at a clamshell-like object that didn't quite look like Shellder.

"Clamperl, the Bivalve Pokemon. When exposed to a Deepseatooth, Clamperl evolves into a Huntail. WHen exposed to a Deepseascale, it evolves into a Gorebyss."

THey then saw a cave. "All right, CLoyster! Into that cave!" shouted Jason. Jewel remarked "You know, I happen to have a deepseascale in my pocket right now! I could evolvve any of these-Oh, no!" she cried, for at that moment, her Deepseascale fell out of her pocked, squelched throught the air bubble (and strangely leaving it intact), and knocked a strange fang off of a rock and into the depths below. The scale then hit a sleeping Clamperl, waking it up. THe Bivalve Pokemon opened its shell and shot a Water Gun at the team. Jason quickly yelled "Smeargle, Sketch!" Smeargle nodded, and sprayed the paint onto Clamperl. "Now use your Water Gun!" Jasone continued. Smeargle prepared to shoot the clamperl with water, when it began to glow, along with the Deepseascale!

WHen the glowing ceased, THey were all staring at a long, pink, eel Pokemon. Jason checked it wth his Pokedex.

"Gorebyss, the South Sea Pokemon. Gorebyss are very beautiful, but they can also be very vicious. THey are easily offended."

Just then, a large blue eel Pokemon swam up from where the fang fell. Smeargle was shocked. "Dat must've been a Deepseatooth dat was knocked down!" Jason took out his Pokedex again.

"Huntail, the Deep Sea Pokemon. Huntail are even more easily offended than Gorebyss, and twice as vicious."

"Just our luck," grumbled smeargle. "Youse two gotta offend the most vicious of underwater Pokemon, don't ya?!" Jason and Jewel paid no attention to Smeargle, and each took out a Pokeball. THere was only one way to stop water type pokemon when underwater.

THey were going to catch Huntail and Gorebyss.

Chapter 20; Deep Sea Panic
Jason hurtled a Pokeball into the sea, releasing his Ivysaur, who was somehow able to breathe. Jewel threw her own Pokeball, releasing a Clefable. Jason started to battle Huntail, and Jewel battled Gorebyss. Jason commanded "Go Ivysaur, Razor Leaf!" THe Seed Pokemon obediently launched a barrage of leaves from the bud on its back. They struck Huntail, and it howled in pain. But then, Huntail retaliated by creating a whirlpool around Ivysaur! Jason was about to command a Vine Whip to pull Huntail into the vortex, when he saw a faint glowing from the inside of the whirlpool! It was growing, and growing, until finally, the whirlpool broke apart, revealing a Venusaur! Jason was amazed. He took out his Pokedex, and aimed it at Venusaur.

"Venusaur, the Seed Pokemon. THe evolved form of Ivysaur. Venusaur is very powerful, as well as able to use the Frenzy Plant Attack."

Jason didn't waste any time. "Go, Venusaur, Frenzy Plant!"

Venusaur shot from its flower a small beam of energy. It was absorbed by the ocean floor. Almost instantly, however, a large thorny root skyrocketed out of the ground, and kept swatting at Huntail. Finally, when the root dissolved, Huntail was unconscious. Jason heaved a Pokeball at the eel, cathing it instantly. It disappeared, as he already had 6 Pokemon. He then turned to Jewel.

Jewel screamed "Clefable, Metronome again!" THe Gorebyss looked a bit scorched. Jason guessed that Clefable had Metronomed a Will-O-Wisp attack earlier. Clefable waggled its finger, then shot a barrage of seeds from its mouth. A Bullet Seed Attack! Gorebyss was knocked out by the seeds. Jewel tossed a Pokeball, catching the South Sea Pokemon. THey then recalled Venusaur and Clefable, and continued on Cloyster's back into the cave. They entered and found a dead end, with a submarine in one corner.

Jason then noticed light filtering from above. He said to Cloyster "Go up here, Cloyster." Cloyster obediently rose up. When the team was safely on land, Jason used his Pokedex to swap Huntail with Cloyster, just for experience. THey walked a bit, and entered another chamber. Suddenly Smeargle shouted "Look! THere he is!" Jason and Jewel wheeled around, to see a bunch of Team Magma and Team Aqua members arguing. Jason recognized one of the Aqua Grunts as Phillip, his old friend from Pallet Town. He had picked a Squirtle from Prof. Oak. And Phil was arguing with none other than Magma Grunt Matt!

Chapter 21; Legendary Pokemon
Matt stopped arguing with phil when he saw Jason and Jewel. He smiled smugly. "Well, well. YOu two had the nerve to follow me to this undersea cavern. But you're too late! I've stolen the Blue Orb from Mt. Pyra and gave it to Maxie, the boss of Team Magma!" Phill butted in, saying "I think you're too late, Matt, cause I just gave the Red orb to Archie!" Jason had heard enough. He ran past the two teams, Jewel and Smeargle following close behind.

After a bit of running, Jason and Jewel found two men, both clearly from teams Aqua and Magma. THey had to be Archie and maxie, respectively. Archie held a reddish ball in front of him, clearly the Red Orb, and he was standing before a pool of water, containing a large whale-like Pokemon. Maxie held what had to be the Blue Orb, and stood before a pool of lava. Inside was a towering creature. Both Pokemon were asleep. Jason flipped out his Pokedex.
"Kyogre, the Sea Basin Pokemon, and Groudon, the Continent Pokemon. THese Pokemon were known in mythology for creating the world. Kyogre can control all water, and Groudon is master of the land."

Then, light poured from the two orbs. Kyogre was bathed in red light, and Groudon was bathed in blue light. THe two sleeping legends awoke. Maxie and Archie looked excited! Then, suddenly, they flew up, crashing through the cave roof!

"Holy sh1t!" exclaimed Smeargle. The two bosses wheeled around to see who had the foul-mouthed Smeargle "HEY!" yelled Smeargle to the narrator. "Just who are you calling foul-mouthed, anyway?!" Maxie and Archie grouwled, then pulled out a Pokeball each. THen, Archie's cell phone rang. He ansewred it, and the conversation went like this.

"Hm. Hello? Ah, Phil. YOu're outside? How's the weather? Rainy? Good. THis is how we planned it. Soon, Team Aqua will have expanded the sea! What? It's now extremely sunny?! YOu mean to tell me that this disaterous weather is alternating?! But Kyogre.... It's fighting with Groudon in Sootopolis City?! Holy sh*t! I'll be right there!"

Smeargle glared at the narrator. "And you didn't call HIM foul-mouthed?"

Alright, alright... THe foul-mouthed Archie ("THat's better," muttered Smeargle) ushed the whole group to the submarine. When theyh resurfaced, they saw a terrible sight.

Rain was gushing down crazily. THen, it suddenly changed. IT was now so sunny that the drenched group dried off instantaneously. The rain then started again, and so on and so forth. Jewel held Jason tightly. "I'm a bit scared," she whimpered. "Don't worry, Jewel," said Jason. We'll solve this somehow."

Maxie was pacing the small island they were on furiously. "THis is beyond belief. According to legend, the only Pokemon that could stop these Pokemon from fighting wasw Rayquaza, and we don't know where to find it. Come on, Archie. Maybe we can stop them!" THe two each sent out a Crobat, and flew to a large volcano.

Chapter 21; Sky, Sea, and Land
Jason was thinking about what Maxie had said about Rayquaza. He took out his Pokedex and looked it up.

"Rayquaza, the Sky High Pokemon. In mythology, Rayquaza is said to be the defender and creator of the sky. It supposedly lives in the Sky Pillar, and descends when Kyogre and Groudon are fighting."

"well," said Jason, "At least we know where to find this Rayquaza. We better hurry, before this weather gets any worse." No sooner than he said this than his cell phone rang.

"Hello? Hi, boss! Hmm? Yeah, the weather's pretty bad here. What?! It's spreading all over the world?!?! But that means that the whole earth is in grave danger! No, I can't talk now. Bye."

Jason sighed. "There's only one way we can get to the Sky Pillar quickly enough." And with that, he tossed a Pokeball, releasing Missingno.. "Come on, Missingno.!" exclaimed Jason as he, Jewel, and Smeargle got on the Data Pokemon's back. "Fly us to the top of the Sky Pillar!" Missingno. grunted and took off.

Ten minutes later, the two arrived at a strange tower. It looked very old and worn out. "THe Sky Pillar," murmured Jason. "TO the top, Missingno.!" Missingno. flew the team to the top of the Sky Pillar, where they saw a magnificent looking green Dragon Pokemon. Jason hopped off and approached it. THen, the Pokemon's eyes shot open! "Raaaaaayyy..." roared the dragon, taking off suddenly. Jewel was amazed at the sight of Rayquaza. Even Smeargle was impressed. Rayquaza then flew off towards the large volcano. The team got back on Missingno., and followed the Sky High Pokemon.

When they arrived, they could identify the volcano as Sootopolis city. And in the middle of the town's pond, which was now churning with rough waves, Kyogre and Groudon were fighting viciously. Groudon had raised a small piece of land which allowed it to fight on water. Jason, Jewel, and Smeargle all gasped in awe as Rayquaza descended upon the raging adversaries. It roared mightily. Kyogre and Groudon immediately stopped fighting and started slowly sinking beneath the water. WHen they were gone, Rayquaza took off for its home again. Jason and Jewel were glad the whole ordeal was over, so they had Missingno. fly them back to base.

Meanwhile, the SPD (Sootopolis Police Department) had gotten word of two Team Rocket members lurking about. The chief of police was in his office, about to take action.

"Go, Nincada!" he yelled, throwing a Pokeball. Out of the Pokeball came a greyish Bug Pokemon, with sharp claws as front legs, and was wearing a tiny police hat. "What you need, boss?" it asked. The other officers were shocked. They neer knew their chief owned a Nincada, let alone a talking one. THe chief ignored them and said to his talking bug "I need you to bring these criminals to justice." He held up pictures of Jason, Jewel, and Smeargle. "They were last seen flying to the Kanto Region on a Missingno.." "No problemo, boss!" exclaimed the eager Nincada, scuttling out the door.

Nincada got to the edge of the island, when he found he could go no further. He looked around ,and tapped a big blue object under the water. It rose, revealing itself as a Wailmer. The Nincada was undaunted. "Listen, senor, I need a ride into the Kanto Region." THe Wailmer asked gruffly in Pokemon Language "What's in it for me?" Nincada growled and drew a sword from a belt wrapped around its body. "I will spare your life if you ferry me to Kanto." Wailmer conceded; the sword looked very sharp.

Chapter 22; El Nincado
Jason stepped outside the Team Rocket HQ. Giovanni had configured his Pokeball system so he could carry 6 Pokemon, and still keep Smeargle, as he was now a member of the team. Jewel then sent her Luvdisc to the boss, because she had Gorebyss now. THen, Jason sent out Missingno., who was to fly them to Celadon City for their next mission; to steal a trainer's Dragonite. t was rumored he lived in Celadon CIty. They were about to take off, when a Nincada dropped from the tree above, and rose up on its rear legs. "Aha! Team Rocket, I presume. Pray for mercy, for I am El Nincado, the only talking Nincada on the police force!" With that, El Nincado drew a sharp sword, and lunged at Jason. Jewel instinctively tackled Jason, pushing him out of the way. Jason yelled "Missingno., stop that Nincada!" Missingno. loomed over Nincada, they squirted some water, knocking the sword out of its claw. El Nincado was defenseless. Jason picked up the now-harmless Nincada.

"Well, Smeargle, what do you think we should do with him?" asked Jason. "Smeargle responded "Well, I say we oughta take his own sword and give 'im what for! A little taste of his own medicine, if ya catch my drift." El Nincado sobbed "Oh, no, por favor! Please, Senor, don't do it! It was nothing personal, the chief of police back in Sootopolis city is paying me much to do this, and I need the money for my family!" Jason sighed. "Alright, you can go." He dropped the bug and walked off with Jewel and Smeargle. "Senor Jason, wait! I have misjudged you." said El Nincado humbly. It will be an honor for me to join the ranks of one the likes of you." With that, he tossed his police hat in a garbage bin nearby. Smeargle drawled "Sorry buddy, but the position of freaky talking Pokemon is filled here. C'mon, Jason." He then nticed that Jason was gazing at El Nincado, who was giving it an absolutely adorable look. Jewel went "Aaaaaaawwwwwww...." Smeargle groaned. "I could just throw up." Jason gently picked up the Nincada, and held out a Pokeball. El Nincado tapped the button, and was sucked inside. Jason, Jewel, and a sickened Smeargle got on board Missingno and flew off.

Chapter 23; El Ninja and El Shedinjo
Landing in Celadon City, Jason recalled his Data Pokemon. He then looked around the city for a boy who matched Giovanni's description; 5 foot 3, brown hair. He quickly found the boy, who was training his Dragonite. Except it wasn't orange like most Dragonites; it was coal black! Jason grinned. "So, we have to get a shiny Dragonite for the boss." THe boy heard Jason, and spun around. "Team Rocket! YOur evil deeds will soon come to an end. Dragonite, Flamethrower!" Smeargle quickly leapt in the line of fire and countered with a Water Gun. Jason then threw a Pokeball. "El Nincado, get ready for action!" El Nincado burst from the Pokeball, and yelled "En Garde!" He drew a sword, and lunged at Dragonite. Dragonite countered with a Dragon Claw attack, pushing the Nincasda backwards. El Nincado growled, then began to glow! Everybody gasped as El Nincad started changing shape. The glowing subsided, and a strange looking shell-like Pokemon was hovering before Jason. THen, another pokemon, this one resembling a wasp, climbed out of a hole in the back. Jason consulted his Pokedex.

"Ninjask, the Ninja Pokemon. Ninjask is the evolved form of a Nincada, and is the fastest Pokemon known. Shedinja, the Shed Pokemon. When a Nincada evolves into a Ninjask, it sheds its skin only once. This skin becomes the Bug and Ghost type Shedinja."

"Now," said the Ninjask "Pray for mercy from El Ninja," "And El Shedinjo!" Piped in the Shedinja. Both Pokemon were holding a sword. Jasin turned to Jewel. "You want to take El Shedinjo? I don't have any room left." "Sure!" exclaimed Jewel. THey then turned to face Dragonite, only to see a okeball resting on the ground, and Smeargle fending off the trainer. Jason said "El Ninja, run him through!" THe trainer screamed and ran off. THe Pokeball disappeared, going to the boss. Jason and Jewel recalled their sword-happy bug types. Jason then said to Jewel "THere's the Celadon Hotel. Wanna get a room for the night?" Jewel nodded. They held hands, and walked into the Hotel, where they got a room. THe ungracious man at the front desk pretended unconvincingly that they were booked solid. El Shedinjo soon changed his tune, however, when it loomed over the man.

Jason and Jewel got to their room, and got in the bed. And once again, I'll spare you the details of what happens next, as little kids could be reading this.

Chapter 24; Glitch Attack!
Jason opened his eyes, and looked around the room. Jewel had just woken up, too. She smiled.
"So, honey, what do you want to do today?" she asked Jason sweetly. Jason replied "I don't know. Why don't we check out and then we'll think about it." So they got dressed, and packed their things, and walked down to the front desk, Smeargle following them, and they checked out. They were about to leave, when the TV in the lobby, which was just showing a rerun of Gilligan's Island, sudenly blared

"We interrupt your bleak and meaningless lives for this special bulletin! 2 strange Pokemon are attacking Lavender Town citizens! One is said to be big, square, and purple, and the other is larger and rectangular, with purple and orange markings all over it! Both seem to be capable of hovering. More on this as it develops."

Jason and Jewel looked t each other, then raced out the door. Jason released Missingno. in an instant, and yelled to it "Missingno., fly us to Lavender Town!" THe purple and orange marked Pokemon nodded, and the team hopped on its back. "Wait a minute," remarked Smeargle. "Missingno. here got purple and orange markings, and dat TV said dat one of them Pokemon down there got purple and orange markings as well!" Jason wasn't worried. "It couldn't have been Missingno. here, that was a live report, and Missingno. was in its Pokeball the whole time." "Oh." said Smeargle, who was quiet the whole trip.

Missingno. touched down in a small town with a huge tower in the distance. However, in the opposite direction, there was a big commotion. Jason held out a red-and-white sphere, recalling his Missingno., then he, Jewel, and Smeargle all ran over to see what the ruckus was about.

There was a frightened crowd of townspeople, watching in horror two large Pokemon demolishing houses! One was square-ish and purple. It was about the size of an Electrode, maybe bigger. It sprouted a pair of holographic wings, and smashed them into a house, completely destroying it! It growled "Point fourrrrrrrrrr" as its "wings" disappeared. Jason held out his Pokedex.
".4, the Data Pokemon. No furthur data."

Jason then saw a larger Pokemon spraying a blast of water at a house. It roared "A! A!" as it proceded to use Tackle on another house. He consulted his Pokedex yet again.

"A, the Data Pokemon. No further data."

Jason and jewel drew a Pokeball each, planning to battle .4 and A.

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Chapter 25; Missingno. vs. .4!
Jason faced the small, square, purple Data Pokemon known as .4. He thought to himself "alright, I'll battle data Pokemon with data Pokemon!" He threw the Pokeball in his hand and yelled "Missingno., go!" Next to him, he saw Jewel releasing Bayleef to do battle with A. .4 growled, then a holographic hand appeared above his head. It was orangey-yellow, see-through, and three times the size of a Machamp's hand, which was just what is was shaped like. It raised the hand high, then brought it down fast upon Missingno.! Jason realized that .4 was capable of using Karate Chop! Jason then realized that since .4 was a data Pokemon, it could've upgraded his Pokedex with a list of attacks it could learn! So he took out his Pokedex in hopes of finding out .4's other attacks.

".4's attacks are as follows; Agility, Wing Attack, Cut, Karate Chop, Surf, TM28, TM05, TM09, TM34, Flash, TM11.

Jason was even more confused now than ever! "What the hell does an attack like TM05 do?!" he wondered out loud. He soon found out. THe Pokedex beeped;
"Wild .4 using TM05!"
Jason looked at .4- except he could barely see it! THe Pokedex spoke again;

"TM05; increases a Pokemon's evasion level my making them 98% invisible. Other TM attacks; TM28; User explodes hurting opponent badly, yet manages to survive blast. TM11; User glows red, yet has no effect. TM34; User glows blue, yet has no effect. TM09; User slaps opponent very hard, then faints." And the list was displayed on the screen for future reference.

Jason looked up; .4 was sprouting another holographic hand, only it was on the side of its body. Jason realized it might be using TM09! He got an idea. THe habd came towards Missingno. in a slapping motion. "Missignno., dodge it!" screamed Jason. Missingno. flew up, and the hand missed completely. "Just to make sure it's done, finish it off with a Sky Attack!" continued Jason. Missingno. glowed yellow as it slammed with rage into .4. It lay on the ground, unconscious. Jason, still excited, looked for an empty Pokeball, of which he had none. He then turned to Smeargle, who already understood. It took its tail, and swipew a glob of paint in its right paw, which became a PokéBall. He then threw it at the .4. THe data Pokemon was sucked inside the red-and-white sphere. It rattled once. Twice. Thrice. Then, "click!" It stopped rattling. Jason cheered "YES! I CAUGHT a .4!" He then turned to Jewel, who was commanding not Bayleef, but a largish green dinosaur with flower petals ringing its long neck. Jason took out his Pokedex.

"Meganium, the Herb Pokemon. Meganium is known for the wondrous fragrance that emits from its neck. Meganium evolves from Bayleef."

"So that's it!" thought Jason. "Jewel's Bayleef must've evolved!" Jewel yelled "Go, Meganium, use Razor Leaf!" Meganium nodded and shot several sharp leaves from the flower on its neck. A, who seemed to be already in bad shape, fainted from the assault. Jewel threw a Pokeball, capturing the A! t that moment, both .4's and A's Pokeballs disappeared, as Jason and Jewel both had 6 pokemon each. THe townsfolk cheered. Jewel slipped Jason a devilish grin. Clearly she had a plan up her sleeve. She adressed the townsfolk of Lavender Town.

"THank you, thank you, good people. Seriously, it was no problem ridding the town of .4 and A. Now, I'm assuming your Pokemon all fainted against those Data Pokemon, which is why none of you were attempting to battle it when we arrived." A murmur of agreement rose from the crowd. "Therefore," continued Jewel, "I'd like to do you all the favor of taking your Pokeballs to the Pokemon Center in Saffron, as I see the one here is *ahem* indisposed." She indicated toward the remains of the Pokemon Center, clearly demolished by a water attack, as it was all wet. THe townspeople gathered their Pokeballs in a big sack and handed them to Jewel. Jewel smiled, and recalled Meganium. Jason, Jewel and Smeargle boarded Missingno., then flew up high. Jewel shouted to the citizens of Lavened "Oh, and people, I have only one more thing to tell you before we fly off. ANd that is to prepare for trouble!" Jason piped in "Yeah, and make it double!" And they tore off their sweatshirts, revealing the rocket uniforms underneath! THe townsfolk all gasped. Jewel and Jason took turns reciting the motto they had come up with last night wihile doing... you know.... ANyway,
"To infect all people with fear and terror!"
"TO steal all Pokemon, for worse or for better!"
"Stealing Pokemon is our game!"
"Make sure you remember our name!"
"Team ROcket, stealing your Pokemon day and night!"
"Surrender now, or you'll still lose the fight!"
Smeargle then leapt up going "Smeargle, that's right"!

Then, they saw a Meowth-shaped hot-air balloon. In the basket were 2 people nd a Meowth. THe girl had long, red, curled hair. THe boy had straight blue hair. THey were Jessie and James! Jason remembered them from Rocket Labs, then from the wedding. Jessie was yelling "Hey, you! THat motto is copyrighted material!" Jewel shot back "I don't think so, Jessie! THat was our own motto!" James put in "Well, it still had the same concept!" Jason shook his head. "COme on, Missingno.," he said to the Data Pokemon who was tired of its owner and his wife standing on him.

As they were flying through the air, jewel's long blonde hair flying in the breeze, Jason's cell phone rang. He answered it.

"Hello? Oh, hi, boss! Yeah, we captured them. I took .4 and Jewel captured
A. ANd we're coming at you with all the Pokemon of the citizens of Lavender town! Alright, see ya then!"

Five minutes later, Missingno. touched down in the familiar setting of Viridian City. Jewel took out her Pokedex and selected the "Pokeball scan" option. She aimed it at the bag, and read the list aloud;

"LLet's see... The citizens of Lavender Town used to have these; Weedle, Metapod, Poliwag, ugh, no wonder they all lost! Let's see, Flareon, Victreebel, Chansey, Delcatty, Corsola, Shuppet, Ledian, Nidoqueen, Shiny Kadabra, Snorlax, Magikarp, Dusclps, Marowak, Politoed, Marowak again, three more Marowaks, Cubone, Haunter, 5 Gastlys, Diglett, Graveler, Hitmonchan, and Pinsir."

"Nice assortment." commented Jason.

THe two entered the Viridian Gym, which was a short walk from where they were. They entered Giovanni's office at the end of the long corridor, and presented their waiting boss with a bag of Pokeballs. Giovanni smiled. "You two have been such good members, I think you deserve a promotion! YOu both are now Rocket Executives! The executive's job is to take the top-danger missions the grunts can't handle, and to eriodically hold down the fort here for any reason- If I'm sick, on vacation, even Persian's vet appointments. For the first time, Jason noticed a Persian sleeping next to Giovanni's chair. "Now, come with me." continued Giovanni. "As new Rocket Executives, I have a few things for you."

Chapter 26; Executive Mission
Giovanni rose from his chair and motioned for Jason, Jewel, and Smeargle to follow him, which they did. He led them down the hallway, and into a door which read "Executives Only!" Jason and Jewel looked around; It was apparently some sort of lounge, there were 3 sofas , a refridgerator, a TV set and DVD player, and even a Pokemon Trading Machine in one corner! "Holy cr@p, this is luxurious!" gaped Smeargle. Giovanni said to them "THis is the Rocket Executive's Lounge. Cozy, isn't it? Of course, we only allow our Rocket Executives in here. Now, I think that with your new promotion, new gadgets are in order. FOllow me to the lab."

Jason, Jewel, Smeargle, and Giovanni walked through the familiar Rocket Labs, to the same door where Jerry's lab was, and opened it, going inside. Jerry seemed happy to see Jason and Jewel again. He walked up to Jason and went "Jason, my good man, how ya been?! And Jewel, it's always a pleasure to see you. And Smeargle! A product of my research!" Smeargle rolled his eyes. "Now, Jerry," said Giovanni, "I'd like to give our executives here some new gear." "Oh, of course, sir." said Jerry. "Please excuse me." And with that, he slipped out the door. Giovanni then said "Now then, first of all, I've come to realize that the two of you have been running into numerous Pokemon that your Pokedexes have no data on. Let me fix that now." He took Jason's and Jewel's Pokedexes and slipped a chip in each one. "THere," he said, handing back the dexes. "I've just upgraded your Pokedexes. You should be able to identify any Pokemon you run across. And here is a gadget called the Auto Abra 5000." THe gadget was shaped like a small Game Boy Advance SP, with an Abra decal on the front. Jason was reminded of something. "Sir," he spoke up, "I just remembered, how's my Abra?" Giovanni smiled. "Don't worry, your Abra's just fine. It really improved its teleportation skills, AND it recently evolved into a Kadabra. Now then, the Auto Abra 5000 is really nifty. Jason, all you have to do is push the button, and you and everyone who is in physical contact with you, Pokemon included, will be teleported to a small area in the Rocket Executive's Lounge." THanks, sir!" exclaimed Jason, taking the Auto Abra 5000. Giovanni then said "Give me your cell phones." Jason and Jewel forked over their phones, and Giovanni presented them with new ones. "THey're newer, sleeker, shinier, no static while going through a tunnel, and the number is nowhere near the number of Pizza Hut, Jason, so you shouldn't be getting those calls anymore." Jason and Jewel thanked Giovanni. Smeargle then spoke up "Hey, boss, whaddabout me?!" Giovanni sighed and handed Smeargle a cell phone. He then said "Well, that's everything for now. Now, your mission is-" But he was cut off, for at that moment, a loud alarm sounded, and red lights started flashing! Giovanni whipped out a walkie-talkie and bellowed into it "Intruder! Intruder! All Executives present in the building are to report, with their Pokemon, to my office!" HE then said to Jason and Jewel "You too, guys."
Wow! Team Rocket HQ has been broken in! Who's behind all this? And why? WHy am I asking you all these questions?!

Chapter 27; Battle Between Old "Friends"
Jason and Jewel, with Smeargle and Giovanni on their heels, raced to the office as fast as they could. When they got there, a handful of executives were already there. Giovanni adressed them all. "People, people, there's no nead to panic! It's just a break-in. Now then, Jason and Jewel, you go to the main entrance. ANd I want Mark blocking the back door...."

Jason and Jewel ran to the front entrance, just in time to see their intruder make a call on a cell phone. Smeargle whot a stream odf water from its mouth, knocking the intruder's cell phone away! THe intruder turned around and gasped, as did Jason. "Matt Oak!" exclaimed Jason. Matt chuckled. "I'm not alone this time." And he pointed to Jason's right. With that, Phil, Jason's old friend, came into view. Matt then said "Yes, we broke into Team ROcket's HQ. We want to stop Team Rocket once and for all, sine Teams Magma and Aqua broke up after the whole incident in Sootopolis. Now, if you want to get us ot, you'l have to do do it with a battle."

Jason, Jewel, Matt, and Phil pulled a Pokeball each frome their belts. Phil threw his, yelling "Go, Flareon!" The flame Pokemon appeared in a flash of light. Matt threw his Pokeball, releasing a Noctowl. "Each trainer will use six Pokemon!" confirmed Matt. Jason gulped. This could take a while.

Chapter 28; Fly like a Ninjask, sting like a Beedrill!
Jason threw a Pokeball, yelling "Get ready, El Ninja!" Out of the red-and-white sphere exploded El Ninja, Jason's Ninjask. Jewel threw her own Pokeball, releasing her Beedrill. Matt and Phil laughed at the Rocket Executives's choice of Pokemon. Matt managed to choke out "You- YOur bug-types- they-they're so weak against our Fi-fi-fire and flying types! Ahahahahahahahaha!" Phil managed to chuckle "We're gonna kick your aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahaha!" Jason and Jewel looked at each other. They knew their opportunity was now, while their opponents were laughing. Jason yelled "El Ninja, Slash attack! Aim for the Noctowl!" Matt and Phil stopped laughing immediately. Matt yelled out "Noctowl, dodge it!" Noctowl hooted shrilly, and flew straight up. Jason commanded El Ninja to follow Noctowl. El Ninja easily caught up with the Noctowl, and swiped it with his sword, shouting "En garde, you filthy bird!" Matt gasped "Did that Ninjask just TALK?!" Jason smiled and nodded smugly. Phil, who had been silent the whole time, piped up. "Flareon, Shadow Ball! Get that Beedrill!" Jewel immediately shouted "Beedrill, Double Team!" Beedrill quickly made holographic clones of itself, surrounding the Flareon. Flareon looked around, and wildly shot a ball of darkness at one of the Beedrills. Going right through it, the Shadow Ball proved that Flareon's target was a hologram. Jewel then commanded " Beedrill, now use Poison Sting!" All the Beedrills, holographic or otherwise, shot poisonous spikes at the Flareon. Phil got an idea. He yelled "Flareon, use Flamethrower! Shoot it in the direction in which the real stings are coming from, because the other poison spikes must be holographic!" Flareon immediately jerked its flaming head to the right, and shot a stream of flame out of its mouth, frying the Beedrill. The holograms dissolved immediately. An extra-crispy Beedrill fell to the ground, unconscious. Jewel looked very distraught, as she recalled the Poison Bee Pokemon. SHe then threw another Pokeball, releasing her Nidorina, which immediately sparkled with a flash of stars. Phil and Matt gasped in awe, then snapped back to reality. Phil yelled "Flareon, Tackle attack!" Jewel countered "Nidorina, Crunch!" Nidorina ruched at the speeding Flareon, and sunk its sharp teeth into Flareon's flesh. Flareon screamed in pain "Flaaaare!". Phil took to the situation immediately. "Flareon, Rage!" Flareon's eyes glowed red. It roared in a deep voice "Flaaaare!", as it rushed at Nidorina. Jewel quickly shouted "Nidorina, Counter Attack!" Nidorina emitted a soft red aura, which threw back the speeding Flareon. Flareon landed at Phil's feet, unconscious. Phil recalled the Flame Pokemon, and threw another Pokeball, releasing a hulking snake of iron. "Steeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeellix!" It bellowed mightily as it towered over the tiny Nidorina. THe Poison Pin Pokemon, however, didn't seem daunted. Jason thought this was because it knew Counter. THen, he heard a shrill hooting of pain, and snapped his head to see Noctowl falling down, unconscious. Ninjask fluttered down to Jason, and reported "The deed is done, Senor." Jason smiled. "THanks, El Ninja." Matt scowled, then threw a Pokeball, releasing an 8- foot- tall towering pillar of purple and orange markings. "An 'M!" exclaimed Jason. Matt smiled. "Yep, an 'M! 'M, go! Use your Sky Attack!" THe Data Pokemon hummed "mmmmm! Mmmmmm!" as it flew up in the air, and started to glow a bright yellow.

Phil shouted "Steelix, Rock Slide!" Steelix roared as it slammed its tail into the ground. A pile of rocks shot out of the surrounding ground, and hurled them at Nidorina. Nidorina dodged the attack, but got nicked by a rock. It then started to glow! It started growing in size and changing in shape, until..


Jewel gasped- before her stood a hulking, coal-black Nidoqueen! She thewn realized that the rock that nicked Nidorina was actually a Moon Stone!

Chapter 29; The battle continues!
Phil was astonished at the sight of the coal-black Nidoqueen that stood before his Steelix. He then shouted "Steelix, use your Earthquake!" Steelix slammed the ground with its tail again, this time shaking the ground intensely. Jewel shouted "Nidoqueen, Counter!" Nidoqueen glowed a soft red again, and the shaking immediately focused on Steelix. Thje Iron Snake Pokemon was shaking all over as a result of the intensified earthquake. I thten fell to the greound, unconscious, with an earth shattering THUD! Phil recalled Steelix, and threw another Pokeball, releasing a Glalie! He told it to use Icy Wind, and Nidoqueen countered with a Super Power attack. THe two attacks collided in midair, and the two Pokemon were found unconsious on the ground, along with El Ninja and 'M. All 4 trainers recalled their Pokemon, and sent out new ones. Jason sent out Arcanine, Jewel sent out El Shedinjo, Matt sent out a Snorlax, and Phil released a Scyther.

Jewel shouted "El Shedinjo, run Scyther through!" El Shedinjo cried out "En garde, you mantis pig!", and lunged at it with its sword. Scyther looked enraged, and swiped out a scythe. THe two pokemon then started fencing. Snorlax, meanwhile, seemed very resistant to Arcanine's repetative Flame Wheel attacks. Jason furiously changed tactics. "Arcanine, Extremespeed!" Arcanine raced at Snorlax with tremendous speed, knocking it backwards. It then fell asleep! Matt, however, simply said "Snorlax, use Snore!" Snorlax began snoring. Quietly at first, then the snoring became an earth-rumbling bellow! Arcanine howled in agony as it reeled from the sound waves, then fainted. Jason recalled Arcanine, then sent out Huntail. "Huntail, Crunch!" shouted Jason. THe teth seemed to hurt Snorlax badly. It fainted in its sleep. Matt then sent out a Victreebel! Huntail shot an ice beam at the Flycatcher Pokemon,

Chapter 30; Rival Battle!
Victreebel shrieked, as it bounced out of the way of the frozen blast of ice. THe Ice Beam missed completely, and hit a nearby tree, encasing it in thick, crystal blue ice. Matt smiled smugly, the continued to command Victreebel.

"Victreebel, use your Razor Leaf attack now!" he shouted. The Flycatching Pokemon shrieked again, this time as it thrust its leaflike arms toward Huntail, shooting razor-sarp leaves from them. Jason thought quickly.

"Huntail, Hydro Pump!"

Huntail opened its mouth wide, letting loose a powerful jet of water. Victreebel was pummeled by the blast, and fell down unconscious. Just then, Scyther was thrown right next to Victreebel, also unconscious. Jason looked to his left to see a very satisfied-looking Shedinja putting its sword away. Jewel smiled at El Shedinjo. Matt and Phil both recalled their fainted Pokemon, and sent out two identical pokemon, both looked blue and robotic. THey hovered in midair, and had 2 clawed arms each.

THey chanted "Metang!" in unison. Mtt and phil stared at eah other.

'You never told me YOU had a Metang!" they shouted at each other. THey then heard Jason command

"Huntail, Hydro Pump!"

Just as expected, one of the Metangs was blown backwards. Matt shouted to his Metang "Confusion!" The Metang nodded, and closed its eyes. Its body began to glow in a soft red. Phil then whispered something to his Metang. The Metang nodded, and flew up high. Huntail and El SHedinjo had become mesmerised by the glowing Metang, which at that moment, opened its eyes, and waved its arms around. El Shedinjo and Huntail were bathed in that same red glow! Then, Huntail was waved around wildly, smashing into the ground repetitively. Jewel smiled. She knew that El Shedinjo's Wonder Gaurd had stopped the Confusion from working on it. Jason gasped, then shouted out

"Huntail, Whirlpool!"

Huntail frantically shot out of its mouth a swirling cyclone of water, trying to aim properly. Just then, Phil's Metang soared down through the air at a mind-boggling speed! It whooshed past El Shedinjo, and slashed it hard. El Shedinjo fainted as a result of the attack. Jason was confused by now. He cried out

"Hey, how come El Shedinjo fainted to a Slash attack? Wonder Gaurd blocks that attack, too!" Phil retorted

"That wasn't slash! That was Aerial Ace! Metang doesn't even learn Slash, you moron!" Json indeed felt like an idiot. Jewel then recalled her unconsious Shed Pokemon, and threw another Pokeball, opening to reveal a pink Fairy Pokemon.

"Clefable!" it squeaked. Matt and Phil guffawed in laughter. Throught their laughter, however, they managed to choke out commands for their Metands to use Meteor Mash. THe Metangs, however, smply stared at each other. They then began to glow! THe two metangs fused together, and began to change in shape and in size. When the light cleared, Jason and Jewel were staring in awe at a huge, hulking Metagross! However, it still had Huntail under its spell, and made it "use" Double Edge on Clefable. Huntail was knocked out, but Clefable survived the attack. Jason recalled Huntail, and sent out his Butterfree. IT dquealed in happiness at being able to battle. Jewel then commanded Clefable to use Metronome. It began to waggle its finger. Jason then said

"Butterfree, use your Sleep Powder now!" Butterfree happily squealed as it flew towards the mighty metagross, and coated it in a Sleep Powder. It then fell asleep. Phil shouted "Metagross, Snore!" Jason was amazed that Phil had taught his Metang Snore Attack. However, at that moment, Clefable stopped waggling its finger, and immediately exploded! THe entire battle area was coated in a cloud of dust!

Jewel coughed "I think Clefable metronomed an Explosion attack!"

When the dust settled, Butterfree and Clefable were found on the ground, uncouscious. The blast, however only woke Metagross up! Jason and Jewel recalled their Pokemon, and sent out thir second to last Pokemon. Jason sent out Missingno., and Jewel sent out Gorebyss. Matt and Phil then shouted out "Double Hyper Beam!"

Metagross formed two orbs of energy in its mouth, and shot them at Missingno. and Gorebyss, and yet another explosion ensued! THis time, howeverm when the dust settled, Missingno. was unconcious, Gorebyss was unconscious, and Metagross... was in a Pokeball?! Jason looked at the Pokeball sitting where Metagross once was, and it then disappeared! He then turned to Smeargle, who was looking very pleased with itself. THey then each pulled out a Pokeball, and threw them simultaneously.

Out of Jason's Pokeball flew his mighty Venusaur.
Out of Matt's Pokeball emerged his fiery Charizard.
Out of Phil's Pokeball came his Blastoise.
And out of Jewel's Pokeball came her calm-looking Meganium.

Jewel made the first move. "Meganium, use Bullet Seed now! Aim for Blastoise!" Meganium shot a barrage of seeds from its mouth, which Blastoise quickly countered with a Hydro Cannon. The attacks flew past each other, hitting each Pokemon. Jason then told Venusaur to use Razor LEaf on Charizard. Matt smirked. "I don't think so. CHarizard, Heat Wave!" CHarizard roared mightily, when all of a sudden a heated haze flew from its mouth. Jewel quickly commanded a Light Screen, but it was too late! The attack got to Meganium's mind. THe Herb Pokemon swayed, then collapsed in a faint. Jewel recalled Meganium. Venusaur, however, was intaking the heat through its flower. Jason shouted "Now, Venusaur, Solar Beam!" Venusaur shouted "Saaaaur!" as it launched a solarbeam at Blastoise, knocking it out instantly. Phil recalled the Turtle Pokemon. now it was down to the wire. Starter vs. Starter. Rival against rival. Venusaur vs. Charizard.

Charizard flew at Venusaur, trying to use Fire Punch. Jason quickly commanded Venusaur to use Vine Whip to throw charizard. Venusaur sot two vines out of its back. They wrapped around Charizard, and tossed it to the ground. Charizard was far from done, though. THe two trainers then commanded their Pokemon to use their most powerful attacks.

"Franzy Plant!"
"Blast Burn!"

Venusaur, insteat of shooting a seed into the ground, shot a beam of energy and tree roots out of it flower at Charizard. Charizard shot an intensely hot fireball at Venusaur. THe attacks collided in midair, and exploded. Both trainers stepped back from the blast, each concerned about thir Pokemon.

When the dust cleared, Venusaur and Charizard were both still standing, but they looked shaky. Venusaur then reached out with a Vine Whip, a single vine, and tapped Charizard's belly. Charizard then fell over slowly, but unconscious. Matt recalled his Charizard, and turned to Phil. "Phil, old buddy... LET'S GET THE HELL OUTTA HERE!" bellowed Matt. He and Phil raced away from the rocket HQ. Jason recalled Venusaur, and he and Jewel walked back into the building, with Smeargle in tow.

Giovanni met the exectives in the hallwasy, and greeted them gratefully.

"Well done," he said. "We saw almost the whole thing on seurity camera. Apparently, Metang's Confusion reactivated that old thing. It hasn't worked in a while. Speaking of Metangs, I seem to have mysteriously acquired a Metagross..." Jason pointed at Smeargle, who was beaming in pride. Giovanni smiled. "Now then, you all would probably want your Pokemon healed. No problem. Come with me."

Chapter 31; Return to the Sky Pillar
Giovanni led the team to a machine similar to the ones in Pokemon Centers. He first took Jason's Pokeballs and placed them on the machine, healing them, then did the same thing with Jewel's. He gave them back their Pokeballs, and said to them

"Alright, now, you both have been doing a good job as members of Team Rocket, so far. Well, now, I'm going to put your abilities to the true test. In a place in Hoenn, known as the Sky Pillar, there is a legendary Dragon Pokemon resting on the top, known as Rayquaza. I'm sure you already know this, as I've heard about you stopping Kyogre and Groudon. You are to go to Rayquaza and capture him!"

Jason and Jewel exchanged surprised glances. Jason then said to the boss

"But sir, everybody knows it's absolutely impossible to capture a legendary Pokemon! They explode out of every kind of Pokeball you can throw at them! I heard this one kid tried to capture Articuno, and his Great Ball exploded, and one of the Great Ball fragments hit his head and gave him a concussion!" To that, Giovanni just smiled.

"You know what? That was a test. And you passed!"

Jason just stared blankny at him. Giovanni continued.

"I know Legendary Pokemon are uncapturable! The test was to see if you knew that! Every Team Rocket member needs to know their own boundaries! Your next mission is in the Sky Pillar, however. You are to scrape a scale off of Rayquaza, and bring it to me. I'm going to bring it to Rocket Labs and see if we could infuse the dragon DNA into other Pokemon."

Jason nodded, and said "Come on, guys. We got a scale to scrape!"

Jason, Jewel, and Smeargle walked outside, and Jason threw a Pokeball, sending out Missingno.. They got on Missingno.'s back, and with a cry of "Misss! Ingno.!!!", Missingno. flew off.

Ten minutes later, the familier Sky Pillar came into view. Missingno. landed on the top. Jason recalled Missingno., and walked carefully over to the Sky High Pokemon, who was in the same graceful sleeping position. Jason whispered

"I wonder exactly how we'll get one scale off of that thing?"

Just then, a Pokemon popped up in front of Jason, and cried out "Sable!" Jason staggered backward in surprise, to see a small, pruple Pokemon before him. It had diamonds as eyes, menacingly sharp teeth, and clawed hands, as well as a ruby and a sapphire encrusted in its body. Jason aimed the Pokedex at it.

"Sableye, the Darkness Pokemon. Sableye enjoy living in darkness, waiting for unsuspecting victims to come by. Sableye is the only Pokemon to sport both the Dark and Ghost types, giving it no weakness whatsoever."

Jason then looked at the Sableye's clawed hands, and got an idea. He bent down to Sableye and asked him

"Sableye, see that Dragon Pokemon over there? Could you use your claws to peel off one of its scales?" Sableye chirped "Sabe! Sableye!", nodded, and snuck over to Rayquaza. It rubbed its clawed hands together, and slowly peeled a green scale off of Rayquaza. Instantly, the dragon's eyes opened! It roared in anger and pain! It then saw Sableye give Jason the scale, and collected a ball of fire in its mouth. It was getting ready to use Outrage! A Dragon's most powerful attack! Thinking quickly, Jason picked an empty Pokeball off of the ground, and threw it at the cowering Sableye. Jason caught a Sableye! He then took out of his pocket the Auto Abra 5000, and jammed dwn the button. ZZZAP!

In an instant, the trio of thieves found themselves in the Rocket Executive lounge. They sat down in the nearest chair or sofa they could find.

"Whoo boy, that was something." commented Jason. Joust then, the door opened. It was Giovanni!

"I thought my radar sensed the Auto Abra going off. I assume you have the Rayquaza Scale?" Jason nodded, got up, and handed Giovanni the scale.

Giovanni smiled. "Jason, you have indeed been a wonderful Rocket member over the time you were here. In fact, I think you may even surpass me in greatness!" Jason was surprised. Was Giovanni saying that Jason was better than him?!

Giovanni continued, "Now, I only give my highest-ranking executives such an honor. Jason, I challenge you to a leadership battle! THe winner becomes or stays head of Team Rocket, and the loser becomes or stays a Rocket Executive." Jason quickly exclaimed "Of course I accept! When's the battle? How many Pokemon do we each use?" Giovanni said

"Calm down, calm down. To answer your questions, tomorrow and six. You may use any Pokemon you captured for yourself, and I will use only Pokemon you stole for me. By the way, a Sableye has appeared in my office. Is it for me?" Jason shook his head. "Sir, actually, that Sableye's mine." Giovanni smiled, and left the office. Jason then turned to Jewel.

"Well, I've got some preparing to do, don't I?"

Chapter 32; Jason vs. Giovanni
It was the next morning. Jason had been up all night in the Executive's lounge, getting his team ready. Giovanni had been busy as well. At 9:00 sharp, the two villians faced each other in the Viridian Gym. Jerry, from Rocket Labs, was to be the referee. He announced out loud

"Each trainer will use six Pokemon. No time limit." Jewel was cheering for Jason from the sidelines.

Jason plucked a Pokeball off his belt, and threw it in the air. It burst open to reveal a yellowish- brownish Pokemon. It held a spoon in each hand. "Alakazam," it rumbled in a deep voice. GIovanni was confused.

"But how did you evolve Kadabra?" he wondered out loud. Jason smiled. "It was simple; Kadabras evolve upon being traded, so I used the trading machine in the executive's lounge!" Giovanni had to admire his cleverness. He then plucked his own Pokeball, and tossed it into the air. "Muk, I choose you!" he shouted. The Sludge Pokemon sloshed on the ground, facing Alakazam.

"Bad choice," sneered Jason. "Muk's weak against Psychic-types. Go Alakazam, use Psybeam!" Alakazam fired from its mouth a rainbow-colored beam of psychic energy at Muk. Giovanni quickly countered "Muk, use Minimize!" Muk roared, as it started to shrink! Soon, it seemed as invisible as a .4 using TM05. The Psybeam had missed completely. Jason, however, was undaunted. He simple commanded Alakazam to use Shock Wave, which always hits its target. Alakazam shot a bolt of lightning from the spoon in its right hand. Like a heat-seeking missile, the bolt zeroed in on a tiny speck on the floor, which screeched in pain upon being hit. It grew back to a normal sized Muk, unconscious. Giovanni scowled, and recalled the pile of sludge. He then sent out a large, hulking, green Pokemon. "Tyranitar, use your Hyper Beam!" shouted Giovanni.

Tyranitar shot a Hyper Beam from its mouth, aiming right at Alakazam! Jason thought fast, then shouted "Alakazam, Teleport right behind Tyranitar, then use Ice Punch!" Alakazam vanished into thin air! Jason then saw it reappear behind the stunned Tyranitar's back, and strike it with an icy fist! Tyranitar wasn't badly hurt, but boy, was it angry! It roared in anger, thrashing about wildly. Giovanni coaxed it on "THat's it, Tyranitar! Thrash Attack!" THe THrash hit Alakazam, knocking it out. Jason recalled the unconscious Psi Pokemon, then threw another Pokeball into the air, releasing his newly-caught Sableye! Giovanni chuckled, as Sableye was about two feet tall, wheras his Tyranitar was almost touching the ceiling! Tyranitar's Thrash continued, but passed right through Sableye! Giovanni smacked his forehead.

"Of course!" he groaned. "Sableye's a ghost type! How could I have forgotten?! No matter, though. Tyranitar, Surf!" Tyranitar roared again, as it created a mighty tidal wave behind it. It then launched the wave at Sableye. Jason shouted out "Use Detect!", and Sableye got a glint in its daimond eyes. The surf washed over the Darkness Pokemon, but didn't seem to affect it at all! Jason seized his chance. "Now, Sableye, use your Focus Punch!" Sableye made a fist, which shined with bright light. TYranitar was about ready to launch another surf, when Sableye raged its fist into Tyranitar, shoving it backwards with tremendous force! Tyranitar fell to the ground with a mighty THUD!, unconscious.

Giovanni recalled Tyranitar, and sent out a Kangaskahn! Jason commanded another Focus Punch attack. As Sableye's fist was glowing, Kangaskahn started glowing! Jason knew that glow all too well. Giovanni commanded "Kangaskahn, Sky Attack!" Kangaskahn tackled Sableye with mighty skyborne power, knocking it out. Jason recalled the ghose, and thought very carefully. He then threw another pokeball into the air, releasing his Luvdisc! At this, Giovanni couldn't help himself. He laughed and laughed at the little heart-shaped Pokemon. Jason took this opportunity to have Luvdisc attack Kangaskahn (who had joined GIovanni in the laughter fest) with a Blizzard attack! The frozen wind knocked Kangaskahn out cold (get it? Blizzard? Cold? Ah, forget it.), and snapped Giovanni back into reality. He recalled the frozen marsupial, and sent out a Magmar!

Jason shouted "Luvdisc, use your Water Gun!" THe Rendevous Pokemon shot a stream of water out of its mouth, making Magmar stagger backwards in pain. Giovanni then commanded Magmar to use Fire Blast. A firey star flew from Magmar's mouth, scorching Luvdisc. Jason commanded another Water Gun, and Giovanni commanded a Metronome. Magmar began to waggle a clawed finger. Back and forth. Back and forth. THen, a bolt of lightning exploded from the finger, frying the mesmerized Luvdisc. It was a Thunder attack! Jason recalled the fried heart and threw a Pokeball. A flying, sword-toting bug exploded from the Pokeball, shouting "En Garde!"

Jason made the first move. "El Ninja, use Fury Cutter!" he shouted. El Ninja flew towards Magmar, swinging his sword dangerously. Giovanni quickly said "Magmar, Flamethrower!" Magmar erupted with a burst of flame, knocking El Ninja back. Jason didn't give up, though. "Go El Ninja, use Silver Wind!" El Ninja, slightly disappointed at having to use a move that doesn't require a sword, put his sword away, and flapped his wings hard. A silvery wind flew from the wings, striking Magmar hard. Jason was on a roll now. "Follow up with Hidden Power!" El Ninja shot a circle of energy orbs, hitting Magmar with them. Magmar howled in pain, as the Rock-type Hidden Power struck it. Jason made the final command. "Now, El Ninja, finish Magmar off with Fury Swipes!" El Ninja slashed at Magmar repetitively with a claw and a sword. MAgmar couldn't take it anymore, and fainted. Giovanni recalled Magmar, and threw another Pokeball into the air, releasing a Farfetch'd!

Giovanni commanded "Farfetch'd, use your Aerial Ace now!" Farfetch'd cawed as it zoomed toward El Ninja, who was waiting with a sword aimed at Farfetch'd. However, Farfetch'd evaded the sword, and slashed El Ninjo with its leek at a frightning speed, knocking out El Ninja. Jason recalled the sword-happy insect, and sent out his Venusaur! Jason commanded a Solar Beam, and the boss commanded a Mimic attack. Farfetch'd glowed bright yellow for a second, then its beak started glowing. It was using Solar Beam, too! THe attacks were fired simultaneously. Smeargle, whom had just come in after sleeping in, was surprised. Jewel was on her toes. Even Jerry looked tense. THe attacks met in midair, and created an ever-growing ball of energy, which suddenly exploded! Dust flew everywhere. When the dust cleared, Jerry ruled that both Pokemon were out of the fight. Sure enough, Farfetch'd and Venusaur were both uncouscious. THe trainers recalled their Pokemon, and each grabbed a Pokeball. THey were down to one Pokemon each now.

Jason threw his Pokeball, releasing his trusty Missingno.! Giovanni, however, released .4! Jason then remembered his Pokedex upgrade, and decided to re-scan .4.

".4, the Data Pokemon. .4 is usally calm, but when provoked, becomes angry enough to destroy a whole town. .4 are usually seen nesting with As."

Jason shouted to Missingno. "Use Mega Punch!". Missingno. created a holographic Hitmonchan's fist bouve its head, and flung it at .4. Giovanni quickly countered. ".4, use your TM05, now!" .4 instantly turned nearly invisible! The Mega Punch missed completely. Jason was not daunted, however. He said to Missingno. "Alright, Missingno., shoot a Water Gun in that general direction. Keep shooting until you hit .4." Missingno. nodded, and fired out of its mouth a jet of water. Missingno. kept moving it around, shooting different areas, when suddenly, a cry in "point! Fourrrr.." was heard, and .4 became visible. Giovanni then commanded ".4, use surf!" .4 created a wave behind it, much like Tyranitar had done, and launched it at Missingno.. Jason had Missingno. counter with Sky Attack. The glowing Missingno. dove into the wave, completely unharmed, then kept going and smashed into .4. It fell to the ground, and wobbled around disorientatedly. Giovanni shouted ".4! Get up! Use TM28!" .4 immediately exploded, sending dust and debris flying everywhere. Jason screamed "Missingno., Protect!"

Sure enough, as the dust cleared, Missingno. was completely unharmed. Jason thought it was about time to make the final blow. "Missingno., Take Down!" Missingno. tackled .4 recklessly, knocking out the Data Pokemon. Giovanni recalled .4, as Jerry screamed "JASON WINS! JASON WINS! JASON IS THE NEW BOSS OF TEAM ROCKET!". Jewel raced out onto the field and hugged her partner tightly. Smeargle gave him a thumbs up, which is pretty hard, considering Smeargle don't HAVE thumbs. Giovanni sighed, and said to Jason "Good job. I hope you'll be a great boss." Giovanni then slowly left the arean ato change into an Executive's uniform. Jason remembered the day that Giovanni had beckoned to him near Viridian City. Then, he had never expected to be where he is now.

Jason, Team Rocket Boss.
Epilouge; 10 years later
Jason woke up, and got up. Jewel called from the kitchen of the gym, saying breakfast was ready. Jason walked towards the kitchen, but stopped in tha baby room. He picked up little baby Raymond out of the crib, and the two went into the kitchen. Smeargle was asleep in the corner. Jewel took Raymond and fed him a bottle, and handed Jason a plate of bacon and pancakes, and kissed him. As Jason sat down, he remembered that 10 years ago, he was a beginning trainer with just a Bulbasaur. Now he had a wife, a baby, strong Pokemon, and was the boss of Team Rocket. Jason would never have guessed his life would turn out like this, and he liked how it did.

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