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13th November 2005, 4:56 AM
This is my current deck as of now for the Pokemon TCG League happening in the malls here in our country. Gives me a decent wins dpeending on the opponent. At least, if they aren't using Dark types combos and such.

Uuuh... Okay then, here goes the list:

Modified (RS-on)

9 Water Energy
9 Fire Energy

4 Bagon EX Dragon (3 Commons [Dragon Eye] and 1 Uncommon)
3 Shelgon (2 EX Dragon [Rare] and EX Deoxys)
2 Salamence EX Dragon (Rare)

3 Charmander EX FR/LG (Common [Headbutt, Slash])
2 Charmeleon EX FR/LG (Uncommon [Damage Burn])

3 Snorunt EX Hidden Legends (Common)
2 Galie EX Hidden Legends (Uncommon [Heavy Blizzard])

2 Qwilfish EX TRR (Rare)

3 Mary's Request
2 Bill's Maintenance
2 Wally's Training
2 Lady Outing
2 Pokenav
2 Strength Charm
2 Warp Point
1 Switch
1 Meteor Falls
1 High Pressure System
3 Life Herb

Energy - 18
Pokemon Cards - 21
Trainer Cards - 21

13th November 2005, 4:24 PM
unless "our country" is either brazil, france, portugal or spain this can not be a modified deck because you use cards from EX Dragon so next time please specify.
If you are from one of the above mentioned country's then it's a fun deck but without much strategy. I think you should put something in that can support your salamence instead of just dealing damage when you can't put up salamence. But that's just me.

15th November 2005, 12:26 PM
Uh, I'm tlaking about the Philippines. Apparently, they allow even the use of Type 1 decks in leagues, but not in tournaments. So, they also allow Modified RS on decks too...