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13th November 2005, 1:42 PM
Soul Journey

Chapter 1

It was nearing midnight, and a boy with a torn blue jacket and a scar running across his face with a redness that macthed the hottest lava appeared. The boy, Diamond, stood alone in the town, flames engulfing every building, twisting them into hellbent shapes. The sound was filled with the crashes of lifeless bodies crashing on the pavements, doused in blood.

Skeletons hung from the burning houses, melting into fine grains of dust being carried of by the wind. Cars laied scattered along the street, unsheltered from the elements and a line burning straight through the metal. leigons of ashes were now cloaking the body, only to help enhance the grusomness of the fallen town.

It felt that time itself had stopped, Diamond unable to break its barrier. He felt like a ghost, wanderring and whatching the wildfire comsume the buildings, scalding the surrounding area with a unberable heat, the torrent of bones homing in on any form of life and realeasing its wrath or the infected pokemon, shreadding and eradicating the lives of the innocent without a glint of mercy in their eyes. The thought of being helpless made him feel the legends were mocking him, forcing him to observe the living hell on earth but rendering him helpless.

Diamond was waiting for a signal from something, someone, just to confirm that his darkest fear was not a reality. A sweep of charcoal dust swept over him, Diamond shielding his eyes. The silence was worst than any type of torture, and between wondering when this wretched signal would appear, covering up the red moon, and trying to suppress the diabolical memories that would continue to haunt him, yet was his best and only comfort in times of doubt, there was not much room for anything else in his head. The voice of his father echoed through his head.

‘A grim mood has cast itself over Katisha,’ his father concluded, barely concealing his regret. And sadly the words he said had come into fruitation. Diamond felt it himself; people collapsing at the sight of shadows, and getting into brawls when someone else said a friendly hello.

The guy who said trust no one, was thinking of this occasion, Diamond thought. Even the hot, tropical climate of Katisha had changed suddenly. All this snow and mist bringing a sinister feel to the place in the middle of August… it just wasn’t normal. Diamond peered at his cracked pokegear, barely readable thanks to the dust. It read 11:50. Ten more minutes and there would be nothing left here worth saving, nothing worth salvaging. Nothing. The time of the free and fair was eternally fading, bringing rise to the rise of the evil and demonic.

Behind him he heard a faint sound of a Miltank in a nurse’s uniform, crawling out of the fallen pokemon center, which was nothing more than a magnified bonfire. Diamond dashed over to the Miltank’s aid. It stumbled and fell into Diamond arms, with a look of disgust on its face. The miltank uttered three moos, then reached out a hoove containing a pokeball. Diamond could fully understand pokemon, and he knew what the Miltank said.

“Get off of me, you pathetic human and take this capture device with you. You wretched humans will never learn, why did you relaese that abomination into the world.” With these last words from the cow’s mouth, it closed its eyes, as if expecting for it's life to be stripped from it. Diamond froze from what the miltank said, before wallowing in his own self pity, because deep down inside, she spoke the truth.Unexpectedly, a green beam mixed with red shot down from the sky as ferociously as a meteor and hit the Miltank, still in his arms, square in the space where her heart was.

Diamond narrowed his eyes in concentration, wondering how he could help the Miltank. He could try and get his pokemon to help, but if a pokemon with high defenses such as Miltank was withering in pain, like something was eating her from the inside, what chance did his have. After a moment, Diamond decided he couldn’t take it anymore. Too many lives had been claimed at the hands of this monster, and he wasn’t about to let him attain another one.

Not sure what he was doing, but being drawn into it, he slammed his left hand protectively around the miltank’s heart, which was now visible and vigorously beating like a drummer in a rock band. Diamond felt a surge of pain ascending throughout him, targeting his brain. The pain felt like hell was erupting inside of him, his blood screaming in agony to escape, and immediately he knew what this pain was. This beam had somehow gathered all the hatred and suffering of everybody involved in this war, and concentrated it into one, hellish power.

An almighty roar sounded from the red sky, retreating the beam from whence it came. The intense beating of miltank’s heart slowly faded away into nothing, taking the miltank into the deepest slumber imaginable, where it saw a green figure reach out to it…

An alarm echoed in the surrounding area coming from Diamond’s broken pokegear, and Diamond knew this meant one thing. 12:00. a signal was fired , but not his one. It was over. Tears gushing from his eyes, Diamond clutched the pokeball he had received and set off into the growing mist, leaving behind a trail of burned houses. Nothing worth saving, nothing worth salvaging. Nothing.

13th November 2005, 1:48 PM
*Thinks* The story is good and yet the grammer you tried using just didn't always work I found. The length is reasonable and you don't seem to have broken many rules ... don't use the word 'noob' and bear in mind that eBay probably doesn't exist in the Pokemon World. It doesn't really seem to grasp the reader and make them read on and on. To be honest I was bored within the first line.


13th November 2005, 3:18 PM
Hey, u made a new fic i see. Like spallding said, I don't think you should use the word "noob" either but if you're ggoing to use it I think it's spelt 'newb', but I'm not sure. But it is a nice tale so far and length is reasonable.

14th November 2005, 7:39 PM
spallding!:Ty for reveiw, took everthing into account and tried to make the beginning more gripping.

DKzMOmA:Nice to see your still reading, ty for positive comments.

Well here it is, the second chapter! Hope you all enjoy!

Soul Journey

Chapter 2

The once gentle sands of Katisha dessert swirled up in sync, creating a furious cyclone, scattering the native Trapinch and Baltoy like children from a firing gun. Above it, the same green figure that had reached out to the Miltank was plotting with another person cloaked by the sandstorm.

“Are you sure this will work? He doesn’t deserve death. He deserves the most brutal kind of torture imaginable, as I see your last effort was in vain.” The figure said, hatred and utter disgust came out of every word.

“It will, trust me. That insolent worm will be crushed for good” The green figure said, two wing sticking out of the side. A ball of sand came, enveloping it. The sand that was covering the being vanished as soon as it came.

Diamond stopped. It was early in the morning, with the first glimpses of the sun peeking out of the sky, with a half moon visible. He had been walking across the flat, unfamiliar territory of the Katisha dessert. Diamond had abandoned all complex functions, saving every last bit of energy to put one foot in front of the other. He was standing in front of a wooden pokecenter. Rusty, but still useable. It was also littered with graffiti, covering every inch of the center. But something on the center caught Diamond’s eye, two words in particular. Every time he came into contact with a building, it shortly shot into flames, and to indicate this, a mark on his arm seared with pain as if warning him. Suddenly Diamond became very cautious while entering the center, because terrible events happened after the sighting of those two words. Bad luck.

Diamond was waiting for the analysis of the pokeball he received from the miltank. He
had not been able to open it at all, and every time he came into contact with it, he heard a voice calling to him. He swirled his cappuccino, which was frothing, slowly, watching the swirls that formed when a pink, egg shaped pokemon tapped him on the back.

“Chansy, chan chan chansy!” the pink pokemon said excitedly while jumping up and down on the spot. Diamond glared at the chansy, which was frozen to the spot. Those hazel eyes gave the chansy the feeling that her flesh was going to rip itself from its body.

“Look you oversized Easter egg, if you don’t have anything better to do for me than jump around like a cheerleader reject out of the teletubbies, then I suggest, no, demand you to get out of my way before cracking you open and feeding you to the poor. Got it?” Diamond said forcibly.

The chansy scampered out of the room, with a stream of tears that would have rivaled Ash’s torkoal. Everyone in the room stared at Diamond, only to be responded with a flurry of daggers being shot at them before leaving with a gesture of his newly blooded hand.

Diamond exited the pokemon center, cursing the ball. After extensive tests including Diamond suggesting they should put Chaney’s egg up to it to draw it out , Nurse Joy and Eggy (The chansey which he had previously humiliated and what he called them anywhere, regarding them fit to only be used as basketballs) they still couldn’t open it! He kicked the pokemon center in rage and looked up, but was startled. The writing, bad luck had vanished completely. Strangly, all the other graffiti was unaltered. Another weird event. He decided to leave quickly, his shadow already bolting down the empty road, failing to notice the searing flames rising from the center…

The same mist and snow that was previously surrounded willowcove town had found its way over to the dessert, and combined with the continuous sandstorms that plague Katisha it would make for an impossible task, if Diamond had not come prepared.

“Come out, Pyroclasism! Diamond launched an ultra ball into the air, the white light revealing a black and beige volcano type pokemon with a blaze of fire raging from its back. Upon Typhlosion’s release, a shimmering heat haze encircled the dessert, drying up the snow and evaporating the mist. With the rising temperature, Diamond took off what was left of his navy blue jacket and wore it as a cape, revealing a circle with a three-pronged spear rising from it. It was then he heard a growl from behind.

“Hello?” he said, with cockiness transpiring from every sound of his voice.
For a brief moment he allowed himself the impossible thought that no one was there. However, a gust of wind swept over the dessert, with such power over nature only seen by Groudon, Kyogre and Rayquaza, shaping a tidal wave made entirely out of sand. The sand wave rose, Diamond rushing across the dessert to escape from it. The wave slammed down on him without mercy, crushing and trapping him and Pyroclasism in its immense power. The last thing he heard was his Typhlosion crying out to him, before being engulfed within the vicious sands.

PM me if you think you know what the creature is. Laterz

14th November 2005, 9:44 PM
Hmm, this fic is kind of good but needs improvement as well. First off, the story is very interesting and it is quite enjoying to read it and keeps me focused, but though it excels in the enjoyability department, it kind of lacks elsewhere. Probably the biggest problem with this fic that I see is that it is very confusing. All we really know is that there is a war going on in the Kenisha desert. You told us NOTHING about the charachter Diamond and nothing about whats going on and we have to use our imaginations (which can be good, but you dont want to keep your readers too in the dark). We're just seeing Diamond's actions but dont know the meaning or anything behind it. The descriptions ok, oh and try not to refer to anime (like Ash's torkoal) in a non anime related fic. Also the chapters need to be much longer. We expect around 4 pages each, so basically add more details and description.

Overall, its not bad but you need to make things more clear.


15th November 2005, 12:17 AM
Nice second chapter. You have obviously grown and improved from your last fic. It did keep me focused but like the above post said we know nothing about Diamond, unless that was intentional. Overall, I say you have improved but try making them longer(chapters)^^

17th November 2005, 7:19 PM
Trying desperatly to get chapter 3 up, but computer problems get in the way. In the mean time, here's something to tide you over.

10 minutes had passed after he crawled his way into the confines of the oil rig lab. He had ripped part of his cape of to make a bandage around himself, but he had to conserve his energy. Diamond was weaker than he had ever been, and the wrong move could see him sleeping with the fishes. The same snarling sound returned, sounding more venomous and closer than ever before. A rattling noise came from the ceiling, and from it came a creature covered by oil, but something was wrong. The look in this one’s eyes was not that of a normal or wild pokemon’s look. It was the look of a creature of whose very body structure had been tampered with, which was cleared from the zombie like way it walked. It was the look a human might have if its life was toyed with. It was an inhuman look.

And yes, it was intentional.

17th November 2005, 11:01 PM
After reading that I hope the next chapter comes out soon^^

19th November 2005, 6:48 PM
Okay. Here it is, chapter 3. Be warned though, this is a result of a tired mind at 11:30 in the night. You have been warned! Rated PG-13 for horror themes.

Soul Journey

Chapter 3

A tremor shook the entire area, causing objects to thrash around the place, free from restraints. Drops of oil flew wildly, falling into contact with 1 particular being, shaking the barrage of oil that had previously washed over him. He wandered aimlessly around the abandoned place, narrowly dogging a rusty pipe, crashing and shattering into a million pieces at his feet.

Oil stood out like blotches on a parchment, traveling along the pipes. The sense of fear swept over Diamond as he looked around the barren oil rig, more living evidence of what that thing had done. A gnashing sound emitted from a corner surrounded in darkness. The moment he laid his foot on the ground, the mist, this time raven black, appeared and within seconds had taken over the air around the rig. He reached for his belt which housed his pokeballs, but all he could feel was the empty gap were Pyroclasism’s ball would have rested.

A scraping sound was now heard, getting dangerously closer with every passing moment. The mark on his body erupted in pain, with such fury it seems the legends himself wanted Diamond dead. He stumbled to the floor, rolling and wincing in agony. It burnt into his flesh deeper, blood oozing out of every corner of the mark. A bad omen, but Diamond ignored it, crawling into the darkness just in time to escape a mountain of pipes falling on where the red liquid had dropped, making a skull on the floor.

10 minutes had passed since he crawled his way into the confines of the oil rig lab. He had ripped part of his cape of to make a bandage around himself, but he had to conserve his energy. Diamond was weaker than he had ever been, and the wrong move could see him sleeping with the fishes. The same snarling sound returned, sounding more venomous and closer than ever before. A rattling noise came from the ceiling, and from it came a creature covered by oil, but something was wrong. The look in this one’s eyes was not that of a normal or wild pokemon’s look. It was the look of a creature of whose very body structure had been tampered with, which was clear from the zombie like way it walked. It was the look a human might have if its life was toyed with. It was an inhuman look.

Diamond scuttled backwards like a mouse from a cat, the creature slowly advancing. Resorting to his last and only option, he took the remaining pokeball, the one the Miltank had burdened upon him, and tossed it in the air. The ball flew like a one winged bird and landed with a mighty ‘thud’ on the pokemon’s head.

It stood motionless for a moment, and then charged at full force at Diamond’s chest. It shredded his bandages like they were nothing while shooting Diamond with a murderous look. Diamond searched around for something that would help him when a spark landed on his arm. He held back his pain as he had never shown it to anybody and was not going to start with a mindless drone such as this thing that was attacking him. He turned his attention to the direction of the direction of the spark to see a fireplace still working and a metal pole. Mabye…

The creature positioned itself, ready for another strike, its crude claws glowing. It charged at full force again, leaping up into the air. It wanted this to end quickly. Then, in a flash, the creature, which was revealed to be a Kecleon, lay spidered on the floor. Unconscious, but not dead. Steam was rising from the pole, still extended in Diamond’s arm. He tossed it over to one side and let of an ear-splitting scream that made itself around the oil rig. He reached over to the pokeball, picked it up and continued through the broken door, his hand shaking. For the first time in his life, he was afraid.

Diamond felt a chill coming from the gap from the cracked windows around him, making the wounds sting. All that occupied his battered mind was the emotion he felt back at the previously. It preyed on his mind, reducing him to fall on the ground like a helpless infant. In the blackness of the corridor, Diamond felt the safest he had ever been. Some people think that darkness is evil, retched and the place were the damned call home. But in this case, it sheltered and disguised Diamond, building up a barricade to protect him.

Then they came back to him. The mental pain he was enduring was like a vortex, sucking all his past memories. This happened every time these visions sought and showed himself to Diamond. It was like someone hated him, loathed and despised him, for this was worst than death. When one of these evil dreams flashed themselves, a piece of his memory faded away and became nothing.

Surly this is worst than death, chipping away at someone’s memories until they become an empty shell of a person, Diamond thought, intense pain surging on his mind. A heavy weight came upon his eyelids, forcing them to close as another vision was shown….

A young version of Diamond, no younger than nine, crawled out of the charcoal-covered house, several strands of hair looked like they were twisted out with a hedge trimmer. He stood, bewildered by what had happened. A flock of Murcrows flew over him, releasing a torrent of black feathers upon him.

“Daddy?” Diamond cried, his head rotating around the area, searching for signs of life. A look of an abandoned child spread across his face. “Daddy, are you here?” Diamond called out, hoping for some response but the whisper of the wind being his answer. He climbed the staircase formed out of fallen house parts, following the direction that a shouting sound had previously come from. As he leaned over, he saw a glimpse of a crowd gathered around a fire. Diamond dashed over to that spot, in hope that someone could help him. How wrong he was.

Diamond stared at the objects in front of him, pinching himself. He was sure the image that was in front of him was a dream. A hologram some twisted soul had concocted. Though in his heart, he knew it was real. This twisted image was a reality.

He stared at the pole, repulsed at how these peasants, lowlife and scum could extract such pleasure out of someone’s death. Cries of pleas and pain steamed from his mouth, but to no effect. The scent of burning flesh slithered around the air, the intoxicating flames mesmerizing the townspeople.
His father was being burnt alive.

A red haired man approached Diamond, an evil smirk spreading across his face.
“Remember me?” He whispered into the young boy’s ear. Diamond looked up, all other feelings leaving him, to be replaced by pure rage, and glared at the man.

His anger was controlling him, manipulating him like a puppet as he reached down into his crimson red coat pocket, pulling out a pokeball and tossing it into the air, the red and white beams shooting down at the ground to reveal a black and beige fire mouse pokemon, flames searing on its back upon its release.

“Flamethrower, Cyndaquil.” Diamond said coldly. A blast of flames shot out of the Cyndaquil mouth extending themselves to the man’s face. The heat of a volcano poured onto his face, ripping the flesh from his bones. The look of a lion when its young had been attacked came over the red haired person, advancing menacing on Diamond.

“You think you can get away with this, you little worm? I’ll show you what happens when you cross the great Silver!” A Feraligatr emerged from the crowd, the same mark the older Diamond has printed on his arm was on this blue alligator’s face. “Slash, now before I tear you to pieces and destroy this insolent fool!

Silver was bathed in rage, fully aware that the seal’s power would channel this to his Feraligatr. The Feraligatr, a blue glow surrounding him, howled into the night sky, and then lunged forwards, it claws getting shaper and glowing with more power by the second, and struck the Cyndaquil.

It toppled onto the floor, trembling in fear. Diamond ran over to it, picked it up and rocked it gently in its arms like a baby. The Feraligatr seized this opportunity, as Diamond’s back was turned to it, and charged up a hyper beam in its mouth. The ball of energy soon expanded to the size of a large football and fired. In that moment, in the entire village, only one sound could be heard. Everything else came to a standstill, as if frozen in time. The only sound that escaped was a terrible cry of pain and the sound of a body being dropped on the floor.

Diamond lay motionless on the floor, still alive. As the blue beast charged up another hyper beam, he had made up his mind. He wanted to die, to be taken from this godforsaken world. There was nothing left for him, his mother, his father and all his friends and relatives gone. He shut his eyes, waiting for the beam to consume him. Death would be his escape.

The vision was cleared from his head, taking another helpless memory with it. Diamond stared at his hands, then slammed them on the wall. The ‘what if’ and ‘if only’ thoughts came into his head, filling him with woe. A stream of fire traveled down the spiral staircase that lay before him, and crashed into the wall, seriously blackening it. A hint of hope lighted inside Diamond, as there was only one pokemon he knew whose flamethrower was shaped like the same symbol on his arm. Quickly, he limped up the stairs to whatever awaited him.

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The next chapter will be a while and will also be different as it is from Pyroclasism's point of view. Probably be up by Friday at latest.

Aww, no reviews. Oh well.

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This is basicly a chapter to give you insite on what happened to Pyroclasism and this is taking place at the same time as Diamond's. So read and enjoy!

Soul Journey

Chapter 3 part 2


A light shone in my eyes, following me wherever I led my head. I was not sure if I had gone to the place of angels or if it was a trick the light on earth had cast on me. The sound of someone talking and a pen on a paper made its way into my ears, assuring me that I was still alive. My body was battered and bruised from the sandstorm; tearing away some of my fur to reveal a scar that was buried under the growing mass of my fur.

I tried desperately to ignite the flames on my back, to regain some sort of energy back into me, only in vain. So I went for a different approach, channeling the fiery heat into my bloodstream, reawakening me with every passing second. But as it reawakened me, it also set loose the pain that slept in my leg. My leg was now flopping around like a Magikarp on water. Maybe these humans would help me, I thought. As my eyes adjusted to the blazing light around the room, I saw something more horrible.

I was caged in a glass maze like a lab rat. My fear took over as I scrambled, examining the glass, trying to find its Achilles heel. After much searching, my body turned towards the men. They were wearing masks which I found odd as it wasn’t particularly hot or cold in this room. White lab coats covered their bodies with the same mist that had appeared to us many times before, obscuring their faces.

The fur on my back shot up, collecting the heat on the traveling air. The heat from my blood flow evaporated from it, instead forming it into a large, red bullet. My whole body glowed in a luminous red, growing in power until I felt the time was right, motivated to escape just by looking into the poisonous blue eyes of this doctor.

The overheat bullet soared through the air and hit the weak spot of the glass. The impact was incredible, sending legions of red sparks dancing in the sky. Gradually it died down, leaving my dumbstruck. The glass stood there with not one bit of damage inflicted upon it. The masked man simply laughed at my attempted, mocking me.

“Don’t worry little mouse, you wont escape from where you weak vermin. Now get running before my little friend comes along and makes mincemeat out of you.” He stated, keeping that mocking voice in his tone.

“What about this, you walking marshmallow stick. Get me out of this imprisonment and float back to your puffy friends in the sky before my trai-” I was cut short in my shout by an ear-splitting scream that made itself around the confines of the maze. At once I could recognize that cry, the same ones I had grown up with.

“Diamond! Were is he!” I blasted out of my mouth, filling the whole maze with my anger. I could not tell for sure, but I was sure a smile came out of that twisted, sick little man.

“I have no idea what rubbish blurted out of your mouth, but it sounds like my biggest thorn in my plan had just been cut down. And so will you, in a matter of seconds.” The masked man made his way over to a board filled with vast amounts of switches and buttons, and pressed the biggest, red button, making a platform rise from behind him.

“Have fun with your little playmate, mousey.” He laughed louder so he could make sure I could hear him, them marched from the room victoriously, the mist clearing up partly just enough for me to see a flicker of red hair.

Snarls and growls of the darkest kind came from behind me, so I turned round to see who dared to disturb me. Big mistake. A black creature that resembles to the dog in Greek legend, Cerberus. I knew her well, so knew what to expect when she got mad.

“Hello, Serenity, long time no see” I said nervously while backing away, her figure advancing on me. She did not answer me, simply rammed her devilish horns straight into my gut. A part of me wanted to attack my former girlfriend, to make her suffer for that brutal attack. I knew better, though. I will not hurt her, I can’t hurt her, I thought, tears of hurt rushing from my eyes.

“Get up, get up slime and fight me!” Serenity roared at my, her once blissful tone transformed to a low, gruff voice. Her once peaceful black eyes erupted with the fires of past scars. Panting for breath, I rose to my feet, able to brace myself with my arms so I wouldn’t fall over. My eyes met hers, and a brief moment of connection linked us together.

I will not hurt her, I will not hurt her. My thoughts were interrupted by a flash of fire heading straight towards me. In response, I unleashed a hyper beam to save what little of me I had left. A blinding light merged with smoke, obscuring our vision because of this blasted maze.

Another blast of fire came from the other side, Serenity charging forward until she was at least 5 meters away from me. I wondered what her next move would be, then she winked at me, smiling innocently. Infuriating thoughts of me and her filled my head, trying to take control. My mental side was at war with my feelings towards her. A warm and fuzzy feeling made its way onto me, and I knew the attract was winning.

My thoughts were once again disrupted by a jaw sinking deep into my fur. She had taken me by surprise and the result was blood escaping from me, seeing the crunch attack as a portal out of my body. I tried to get up, but sharp claws cadged me in.

“Why. She whispered this gently into my ear. Why did you desert me for a worthless ho-man? Why did you shatter me, break me into a million pieces for something that treats your worst than a slave. She bent her head closer to mine, so close I could hear her breath. Well, my ex, it all ends now. Your path of betrayal to me is extinguished.” Her claws swiped across my neck. It was done. Or so she thought.

I lunged up, Serenity in shock, and unleashed what I had left in me. The endure I cast inside of me while I was on the ground left me on the brink of fainting, and the fiery energy was wearing off, as the pain in my leg returned. Balls of infernos surrounded me, containing the last of my energy. They soared, homing in on Serenity. There was no escape. The impact shattered the glass maze, freeing me, and left a scar covered Houndoom lying on the floor. She was reduced to the same state of energy as me, thanks to that last attack.

“Well, aren’t you going to finish me off, dispose of me like you did all those years ago?” she shouted. Part of me wanted to go along with her request, finish her off and leave those memories on her grave. Part of me, however, still had feelings left for her that the attract awakened. I was struggling within myself, trying to find the solution.

“Sorry” I said gently, making my way over to her and kissing her softly on the cheek, then launched a flamethrower in the shape of the mark my trainer has at the door. It easily blasted open the door and traveled down the spiral staircase. Using my lasts bits of energy, it stepped onto the staircase before plummeting below.

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Okay. Chapter 4 up and please be as brutal as you want in reviewing this chapter as I don't think it's all that great. But if I could get some reviews, that would be good to.

Soul Journey

Chapter 4

Diamond limped up the spiral staircase, each footstep echoing through the air, mimicking the pant of the Keckleon that had previously tried to end his life. The scar still reeked of blood, running down his arm. He stumbled to the ground, and would haved dropped if not for one of his fingers gripping to the bent edge of the stair.

“To do list: Get these stupid visions out of my head. Kill that thing. Take all Kecleon’s and stick them on a dummy then use them as target practice.” He grumbled, hoisting himself upon two feet.

A feint sound emitted from the top of the staircase. A falling sound, bouncing off the walls and colliding with every stair. The sound traveled closer, until a figure was visible crashing down to his doom, inches from falling off…

“Pyroclasism!” Diamond lunged upwards, his hands extended to catch his beloved partner in his arms. The sheer weight of the impact slammed his arm into the edge of the step; his whole arm looking like someone had painted it red. Diamond slugged upwards, a burning passion ignited in him.

Fourteen minutes later…

Diamond fell, exhausted from the pressure of carrying Pyroclasism. Remains of shattered glass were scattered around the lab, with a Houndoom lying defeated on the ground. Guilt and helplessness had dealt him a double blow. It was a combination that would be hard to shake.

He stared back at his Typhlosion, and the feelings reached even deeper. Pyro had done so much for him, and here he was treating him like a slave. Diamond felt his way through the remains of his belt, pulling a pokeball out and retracting Pyroclasism with a flash of a red beam.

Diamond pulled himself up once more, making his way to the hallway, as its door had long eroded. Before he could make his way out, a claw scraped across the floor, splitting the glass into millions of tiny pieces. He turned round to find the Houndoom, barely standing, advancing on Diamond. Serenity’s eyes looked like they contained venom, her black fur bristling perniciously with every step towards him. The growls that came from her mouth became deeper and steamed with hatred.

<You, you creature! You snatched away everything from me! My boyfriend, corrupted. My life, ruined. And then you dare to show yourself in my presence? Filth like you are only mascots, manipulating others to do your bidding. Pyro and you are both *******!>

She sprang up in the air, putting every ounce of energy and soul within her into a final crunch attack, aimed to shatter the head. Diamond just smirked and revealed a pokeball from his pockets. Without looking, he threw it straight in the path of the oncoming Houndoom.

It landed square on Serenity’s forehead, sending it flying into the withering wall. Diamond walked over to her, and grasped her face tightly with his hands, his old nature beginning to surface.

“Listen, you sad, sad dog. Don’t you even begin to start on Pyroclasism. I sheltered him, rescued and strengthened him while you would have made him grovel at your feet. And for that remark about the mascot, at least I don’t have to dig graves for food and stick them on me because I’m so poor. With this, he tossed her back on the floor, allowing several glass pieces to penetrate her face while Diamond continued for the exit.
“Use no.1 for a broken pokeball: Good baseball” He muttered under his breath while tossing the ball up and down in the air.

A glimmer of light shone, temporarily blinding Diamond. When the light subsided, he found himself inside a charcoal black room. Three passageways led out of the room, connected by a bridge. Pillars stood in front of the doors, and a purple one stood before Diamond. Intrigued by how he got here from an oil rig, he proceeded to read the carvings on the pillar.

‘Here, brave challenger, three tasks lie in wait,
But defeating them might well not be your fate,
So, a riddle is set, to separate the boys from the men,
If you should fail you will return from whence you came,
Retrieve the orbs from the caverns last,
And laid before you will be the one, true path,
Use your lifetime experience from the crawling infant,
To the proud man standing tall and the old man on his cane.

###############, loyal subject of the legends.

Diamond found part of the message scratched out which made him wonder further. He glanced up beyond the walls to see three pokemon in line with the entrances of the caverns. On the first entrance, a Charizard stood, breathing a ball of fire. On the second entrance, an Espeon was feasting on a bit of grass. On the final entrance, a Dodrio was jumping over a hurdle of spikes.

Diamond knew what the riddle meant, but wondered if the pokemon themselves influenced what was inside the chamber. The uneasy feeling of danger, combined with the pain in the scar firing itself up again warned Diamond to expect the worst as he entered the cavern with the Espeon on top.

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27th November 2005, 8:06 PM
Here it is, chapter 5! Read and enjoy people.

Soul Journey

Chapter 5

Diamond moved on into the passageway, ancient Unown writing printed on the walls. The increasing darkness made him feel sure that he was getting closer to the heart of the cavern. As he strode along the passage, the walls closing in on him as he advanced, Diamond saw a flicker of light in what seemed to be an everlasting gateway. From his past training, he was taught to expect the unexpected and drew his pokeball, which held his most adept warrior, Ares.

The same mist was bathing the room in a purple mist; the only visible things were a shadow and several pictures of extinct pokemon. Diamond stepped into the room, giving a short but fierce ‘ow’ because of the pain from his leg.

The images on the walls burst into life, shooting themselves at Diamond. More pain erupted in his head every time they made impact with his body. He dashed at the exit, desperate to escape only to meet an invisible force that flung him back into the clutches of the creatures. Diamond could not take anymore. With every touch of their decayed, rotting bodies an unnatural chill swept over him.

<Get away from him! You’ve had your fun.> A voice from the mist roared. The beasts cowered at this sound and returned to their motionless homes. Diamond fell to the ground, elevating the pain in his leg, watching the movement from the mist. Emerging was a purple cat with two split ends at the end of its tail. It walked elegantly, the red jewel on its head shining on his forehead. The moment it came out of the fog, words like murderer and killer swam through Diamond’s head. He was staring with the very abomination that had killed his mother.

The Espeon spoke, in a deep, hoarse voice. <Welcome, human. I hope you will not end up like the rest before you.> Every fiber in Diamond’s body was restraining him from lashing out at the Espeon and tearing it to shreds. With more time looking upon it, more evil thoughts filled his head. He did not care; he just wanted the Espeon dead.

The Espeon ignored the look in Diamond’s eyes and stared him back with his long, ebony eyes. <Not much of a talker, eh? Anyways, welcome to the trail of blah blah blah, it is here you will encounter many blah blah blah>

“Get on with it, or do you want me to feed you some milk?” Diamond shouted out, the anger of the past fuelling his fires. A blue glow came over Diamond, lifting him up to the air. At the same time, the jewel on the sun pokemon radiating with a blue light.

<You may not pass unless you answer my riddle. Answer correctly, and you may proceed unscathed. Give me a wrong answer however, and you will know how the fish that are eaten feel.>

Diamond’s stomach sunk. He was never the thinking type, as his headstrong nature suggested, and if he failed, he would be barbecued alive.

“Fine” He said calmer than usual. “Let’s hear it then.” The Espeon sat down on the golden floor, and recited:

Pronounced as one letter,
and written with three,
Two letters there are,
And two only in me.
I'm double, I'm single,
I'm black, blue, and gray,
I'm read from both ends,
And the same either way.
What am I?

Diamond gasped at him, a broad grin emerging on his face. At this moment, he was released from his psychic prison but bringing him to a hard landing.

A bitter ‘next time, I’m packing pillows’ escaped his mouth, lifting himself upwards. Diamond cast his mind for the answer, taking each clue apart one by one. His first thought was me but quickly realized that me isn’t the same backwards. His thought was cut short by the words of the guardian.

<By the way, you only have a minute to figure it out before you go bye-bye. Have a nice day.> On cue, the ancient pokemon from the walls began to become full of life, slowly.
Diamond lunged at Espeon with all his might, determined to strangle every last breath out of him, only to be bounced back by another barrier.

Cursing the cat under his breath, Diamond reverted to solving the riddle. A whole host of things could be black, blue and grey.

<30 seconds left…>

Thinking back to the first four lines, he noticed that the only letter he could take was E…

<20 seconds left…>

An E could be black, blue or grey if the person writes it in those colors, and it can’t read…

<10 seconds left…>

He remembered some words his father had told him. Use all you’re given, leave out nothing. Diamond stared at the guardian, immersed in the countdown and freedom of the pokemon, staring him back with the ebony eyes.

Stop staring at me with those eye... Wait! A brainwave surged through him, giving him the answer. “Eye!” “The answer is eye!” Diamond shouted, interrupting the Espeon’s one count.

<Very impressive. You have passed the first trail. You may receive your prize now, or save it. Be warned, if you want it now, you must use it the moment you get it.>

The brainwave was still inside Diamond, forcing him to remember the earlier riddle.

“You think you’re all that don’t you. Save my prize, that way I can shove it in your face to taunt you whenever I’m bored.” He snapped back.

The barrier that was blocking his way subsided to reveal two doorways, one with a Charizard and the other one with a Dodrio.

Still not stumped by the riddle, Diamond headed towards the one with the Charizard but paused to say final words to the sin pokemon

“I haven’t forgotten what your kind did to her, and I swear on my father’s grave I will come back and destroy you.” With that he set off into the proceeding passageway.

27th November 2005, 8:59 PM
As requested, I have read.

Now, I say that it is good, but would it hurt you to use the edit button to correct things? You could do with changing any numeral into words. I notice you do this sometimes. Insted of 1, type out one, and so on.

Well, I think the other reviewers above state much of what else there is to be said, so Iwon't repeat them. Good luck.

10th December 2005, 1:17 PM
Just thought i'll give you all a preview of the next chapter, which will hopefully make a few things clear. Also, a little cristmas surprise might be coming your way.

Eventually it made its way onto passing life forms or ‘breeding grounds’. Depending on the organism, it would adopt one of three strategies. First of all, it would attach itself across your flesh, devouring it piece by piece. Flakes would fall off, the color grey because of the contamination it had also learned from the various illnesses the chemical had picked up from the human. The nails would start to retract into the skin, sinking in like razor-edged knifes and afflicting excruciating pain to your bones thus disabling your movement. The shreds of skin would expand in size, finally pulling themselves off you like an assassin taking the life of their target. The blood would flow, drowning the surrounding area with a flow of thick, red liquid and a shriveled corpse lying by the waste side with enough skin scattered around to create a kebab out of your flesh.

11th December 2005, 12:05 AM
Chapter 6

A skull fell to the floor with a mighty clatter. Rats fled from its dusty, dried bones already having feasted and devoured on the unfortunate victim’s flesh. Diamond sighed, before moving round the battlefield. And to think, this was only a month ago, Diamond thought with regret. His feet led him around the barren field, the soil failing to contain his weight and therefore collapsing, showing the grey form of the hidden ground.

Fragments of shattered pokeballs lay scattered on the ground, accompanied by the armour of fallen comrades. While examining the landscape, he stopped suddenly. Diamond’s heart accelerated, countless thoughts running through his mind. His body was rooted to the spot like a turnip to the ground. The palms of his hands turned numb and damp and his mouth was becoming like sandpaper. He tried to move himself, getting himself functioning again, but his body refused to cooperate.

Blood trickled down the pike, piercing the stomach of this unfortunate creature. The once proud teeth were ripped out, sticking to the bodies like needles. Decaying, crude needles. Its fur was now green from blossoming disease, spreading to the fully visible guts that were mangled and releasing the sickening green around the body.

One of the gaps where the eyeball should have rested was replaced with the vein connecting the sockets shooting out, the eyeball hanging on for dear life in the middle of the guts, always the first to receive the viscous green goop that geysered out, had now become a feasting home for maggots, several of which were rearing their heads from the black pupil. The other gap simply contained dark, stained blood, the consequence of that eye being plucked out by sharp, curved claws.

There were no words to describe the lower section, simply because there was none. It had been slashed off. Two words stood out on the belly of this devilish creature that imprinted themselves in Diamond’s mind. R.I.P Pyroclasism.

Diamond stared at his first pokemon’s corpse, a bewildered look on his face. The eye just stared at him before being burst by the ever growing maggot. The result was slimy, wretched guts spraying him. His rags swayed in the chilly air while his face was buried into the lifeless dirt. Diamond thrust himself up, only to be brought down by the sharp jolt in his leg. Minutes seemed to wither away like seconds while the suffocating taste of failure crawled into his mouth.

A wooziness began to settle at the end of his nerves, acting like a siren’s voice. It began to penetrate his brain, sending its cells into an uncontrolled frenzy. His eyelids were beginning to drop from the fatigue, the pain in his leg shooting up to a peppery stroke down his spine. The cold freeze of the blood retracted into the pale skin to serve a greater importance. Inside Diamond, the crazed cells surfed on the deceased remains of the inferior cells, the only command pushing them forward: Find the objects that keep a person from becoming an empty shell.

A tear ran down his face like a small river, providing the only moisture on this decayed land. He wanted it to stop; he wanted the sparaxix virus to stop plaguing and haunting him. Created from a single bacterium of bird flu, its structure was tampered with, merged with chemicals torn viciously from human sacrifices. This particular chemical controls the growth of the body, and multiplied can created strength rivaled by the legends themselves. It spread through the bacteria, erasing all means of intelligence from the life form apart from one, which was increased in spades. Anger. Nothing but a burning desire for death and extinction consumed the very soul of this creature. And it multiplied, passing these feelings, twice as powerful, onto its brethren.

Eventually it made its way onto passing life forms or ‘breeding grounds’. Depending on the organism, it would adopt one of three strategies. First of all, it would attach itself across your flesh, devouring it piece by piece. Flakes would fall off, the color grey because of the contamination it had also learned from the various illnesses the chemical had picked up from the human. The nails would start to retract into the skin, sinking in like razor-edged knifes and afflicting excruciating pain to your bones thus disabling your movement. The shreds of skin would expand in size, finally pulling themselves off you like an assassin taking the life of their target. The blood would flow, drowning the surrounding area with a flow of thick, red liquid and a shriveled corpse lying by the waste side.

The second and most frequent wave of attack was to attach to your skin and devour you in a plague of sparaxix cells, finding and altering your very DNA to erase all other functions apart from the evil and darkness that lays dormant inside every person and multiply it, taking over the host and becoming a living, breathing copy of the sparaxix virus but at a terrible price. Your body would be twisted and molded to become a hideous form of the ugliest evil inside of you. Sanity and all things of kindness were annihilated to the point of no return. Everything you saw was just another ‘breeding ground’, nothing more.

However, the third from of attack was the most deadly. It would enter you through any means necessary, reaching the ones who had suffered from heavy loses, or the ones who the virus felt had no relations or ways that the body would be missed. Usually disguised as a strange mist, enveloping and infecting everything trapped within it with the virus, or as a normal person, the very image of perfection, reaching out and befriending the target, lulling it into a false sense of security before penetrating their minds with the dreaded virus.

At this very moment, Diamond could feel his body’s energy fade from him, giving its power to the cells. As his mind was accessing one of his past memories, the cells were exiting his brain, erasing another part of him.

Diamond was examining his final opponent on his crusade through the Katisha elite four, the true champion. A girl around the age of 15 shook her ravenous, black hair from her face, revealing two hazel eyes staring back at him. Her rosy cheeks were being covered by the relentless sandstorm her Tyranitar had set loose earlier on. Her blue, peaceful Hawaiian shirt was a reflection of her carefree nature. Almost every boy in the Katisha region gawked over her whenever she walked by, calling her ‘heavenly angel’ and ‘radiant flower’. She moved with such grace when she battled it was like she was giving whoever was watching a free ballet show. The girl pulled out a pokeball from her hair, proudly showing it to Diamond.

“So, little bro, ready to give up yet or to you want to get embarrassed further by my ultimate weapon?” She remarked in a high, soft tone. A short blast of air shot at Diamond, causing his goggles to dance in the sky.

“Whatever. Just don’t cry too hard when I pry the trophy and the title of the youngest champion ever from your fingers, Pearl.” Diamond smirked, both trainers releasing their last pokemon into the air. From the light two figures stood, eyeing each other like their trainers had done.

The pokemon in Pearl’s corner was like a standing woodpecker without its wings. A long, silvery mane ran from its nose, creating a form of cape the longer it stretched. The pointy ears shot up to the stars, keeping a fixed base on the silver mane. The pokemon’s body was a larger chin, looking like it was made entirely of oak. Its foot was comprised of the same material, but was standing on a pair of short stilts. Two seeds connected to the mane held twigs, three grass green leaves flapping about in the sandstorm.

The pokemon on Diamond’s side however, was a cat ferret down on all fours. Two charcoal black claws were sinking into the sand, at the end of a red section on both its arms. A red thunderbolt was streaking across its belly, abruptly ending half-finished. The ear on the left was covered in red, another thunderbolt streaking through its left eye. The right ear, however, was thunderbolt free and a refreshing shade of white. A bushy tail split into two, flowing causally in the sandstorm.

“I’ll start things off. Tengu, Fake out!” The Shiftry nodded in response, before clutching its stomach tightly and threw itself onto the sand bed with such force that it created an eruption of sand, raining down and burring it in a pile of sand. All that was visible was a wooden nose sticking out of the sand. Ares, Diamond’s Zangoose, crawled with caution over to the pile of sand to see what had struck down the Shiftry, only to fall victim to a walking woodpecker leap out of the sands, complete with a fierce roar. Ares ambled backwards, still frightened by the shock Tengu had given him.

“Now, follow up with Aerial ace!” Pearl shouted at Shiftry. A barrier of air encircled Tengu while he raced across the sands, his stilts helping him to gather even more speed. A white glow surrounded his nose, turning it from a wooden point to a metal spike. He turned his head to one side, containing the power in his head, then thrust its head in a slashing motion, the sharpened nose easily reaching Ares. Because he was still recovering from that last attack, the Aerial ace impacted with a defenseless Zangoose.

Ares flew to the ground, panting for some of its breath. He felt the excitement of an epic battle running through him as he stood to a vertical base. “Ares, try a Toxic.” Diamond said calmly, unphazed by what just happened. Ares lifted up his eyebrow, revealing all of his eyes. They started to turn a sludge purple as his tail rose slowly upwards, the two tips pointing at Tengu. Normally this attack would hurt the pokemon using Toxic if he wasn’t a poison type, but thanks to his trait immunity, formed from the many decades of rivalry between Zangoose and Seviper, his body simply shrugged off the effects. His eyes started to close but quickly reopened, glowing a luminous yellow, the tips of the tail spouting a purple sludge on a collision course with Tengu.

“Counter with Leech seed!” The middle leaves disconnected from the twig arms and molded themselves into tiny beige balls. When the balls found the scent of the sludge, it sprang open to reveal 4 thorns that burst forward, intertwining themselves with the toxic material and drawing it into the hard shell of the balls. The moment they entered, the balls transformed into black, thorny seed that were traveling through the air like bullets.

“Use Swords dance, then slash the air!” Diamond bellowed at Ares, confused by the now destroyed composure of his trainer. Nevertheless, he was forced to obey. The four red marks on him sprang from their fur prison, now resembling various swords, one pointing in each direction. He crossed his arms in an X shape, and began to twirl within the limited space that the swords had sealed him in. With each passing second, the swords started to sink into his body, increasing the velocity in which he spun round. By the time the eighth and final sword had sunk in, he had created a cyclone which was sucking in the surrounding sand. A free and Herculean force.

Not even the thorny seed could escape its pull, and were drawn in to the very center along with Ares. The vortex rose rapidly to the center of the sky before ending the vicious spinning, sending the sand and seeds flying skywards. The Zangoose bent his right arm back, floating in mid-air, channeling its newly released power into his claws. They shone a dark blue, before slashing the air in front of him. The force the slash had behind it created a sonic highway path in the air, carrying anything crossing its path with a one-way trip to whatever lay on the other side, in this case, a bewildered and confused Shiftry.

As Ares started falling to meet the soft cushion of the sand below, the contents of the cyclone was falling in the pathway of the sonic highway. The result was a torrent of sand and the poisoned life suckers being sucked in, appearing a millisecond later in front of Tengu, barraging and toppling it with the sand first covering his sight, then the seeds impacting on his body, entangling him with vines sapping his life force away while pumping deadly poison into the body.

A wide smirk spread across Diamond’s face, building up to laughing at the Shiftry’s physical shape. “This is only the beginning, Pearl.”