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~Meitantei Starlight*~
13th November 2005, 5:18 PM
Hey all i'm about to make a new fic of mine called...*drumroll*

..*points to sig* XD

Heres the summary:

They grew up together..Lived togoether.

Shared meals together..slept together. They pratically did almost everything together.

But what would happen..If that was all changed? In that one fateful night..

All the Pokemon. Their worst dreams ever possible coming to life in an instant.

Now they must fight to survive in an unknown forest leading to an unknown region. To rescue their trainers from the evil clutches of an unknown organization.

Once and for all..

And while all thats happening they notice something..

They are being followed.

__________________________________________________ _____

Yeah, you can already guess what its about XD

It just came to mind one day. I noticed nobody else ever wrote fics like this (the ones i've read anyways) So I decided to give it a try X3

13th November 2005, 5:53 PM
It's not a bad idea, really. It's true: not a lot of people write stories that include Pokemon as the main characters. The engimaticy is a kewl thing...if you come up with a chapter or preview (morely preview), then you should post it so we have a better idea about what you're going to write. I find this idea intriguing myself...